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Winning is quicker than ever, with Vegas just a tap away! Quick Hit brings all the classic lucky slots of Las Vegas, including the biggest Quick Hit casino hits, directly to you.
Quick Hit Slots brings you the real Vegas casino games with world famous classic slot games you’ve played in Vegas and fell in love with. You’ll find here every Quick Hit game you can think of, along with the brightest brands and slot machine games from the heart of Vegas! Free slot machine games and exciting free slot games for iPad are all waiting just for you to spin and win! Play any slots game, anytime, anywhere, as much as you like! The gaming giant SciPlay brings you the best free slots for iPhone and creates a gaming experience like no other.

There are so many awesome slots of Vegas you’ll find after downloading the Quick Hits slot games app. The free slot machine games include Quick Hit Platinum, Quickhit Playboy, Quick Hit Platinum Plus Triple Blazing 7s, Super Red Phoenix, Quick Hit Pro, Jackpot Empire, Dragon Spin, Lightning Jackpots, Buffalo Slots, Tetris Super Jackpot, and many other free slots. New Slots are added all the time! This wild classic slots casino offers fruit machines that will allow you to unlock slots bonus rounds and enjoy even more Vegas games.

We didn’t invent the wheel or the Vegas casino slots, but we brought all the fun of real Las Vegas slots to your mobile device. From now on, your favorite slot machine games are available in the slots app on your iPhone and iPad, ready to turn any boring moment into a thrilling and entertaining one with these amazing FREE slots games!

Ready to win BIG spinning hot Vegas slots? Collect your daily bonus, win lottery bonuses, double down to enjoy massive rewards, spin 777 slots to win mega prizes, and surprising gifts! Spin the wheel to win a HUGE casino bonus, hit the Jackpot and get FREE casino coins while you’re at it!

If you love a fast visit to the Vegas casino, you already know that casino slot machines are where everything happens! They shine brighter than any other casino game, including poker, Blackjack or roulette.. Take the best slot machines games, add to it the top Vegas slots and what do you get? The Quick Hit free casino slots! Play at home fun casino games for free and win big rewards. Join the slots mania and spin winning slots all you want!

This wonderful slots collection of hundreds of classic slots is available for you for free. Yes, these are free slot machines we’re talking about. To play casino slots free you don’t need to be rich and have plenty of cash, the games are free and the fun is real! Start spinning free casino slot machines to become a billionaire casino champion!

These wild slots not only represent the best free slots casino games out there, but they are proof that the hot slots of Vegas work incredibly well on mobile! You can enjoy free casino games at home and the experience will be just as fun, if not better. Free casino games for iPad and free slots for iPhone are a relaxing, yet entertaining way to spend quality time.

The games are intended for an adult audience (Aged 21 or older).
The games do not offer real money gambling or an opportunity to win real money or prizes. Practice or success at social casino gaming does not imply future success at real money gambling games.

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Quick Hit Slots - Casino Games Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Quick Hit Slots will make you jump for JOY! Special MINI-GAMES like our Memorial Day Shopping Spree! Surprise BONUS SLOTS opened every day! Trivia with MEGA RAFFLES giving away millions of coins! Unlocked Jackpot Slots with MASSIVE WINS! Fantastic CHALLENGES to keep a big smile on your face! DOWNLOAD & UPDATE to revel in all that Quick Hit Slots has to offer!

Quick Hit Slots - Casino Games Comments & Reviews

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- My favorite game !

A good option to have fun with out loosing money


Played free for the last week to see how things would go. Didn’t win anything substantial. Most of the time the daily bonus will give around 200,000 coins which don’t last very long. I finally gave in and spent 4.99 on a pack of 12M coins. That went faster than the free coins. Didn’t win jack after spending money and to think sites like this could program the algorithm to allow for some big wins if you spend money. NOT SO. In fact all these sites do the same thing. Don’t waste your time unless you are willing to play with the measly bonus coins they offer. Or if you have a huge hole in your pocket and money to burn

- Not enough coins

Love the slots that are available but the coins to purchase is ridiculous. You can play other slot apps and they give 5x-10x more for your money then this app. Very disappointing. End up using my coins from the free spin which is hardly anything and then playing other apps.

- upmobi.xyz!!(6306bf897c7485a7)(skype)

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- Missing money

Can someone tell me how to email these folk cause I paid 4.99 and I still have not got my coins Update I have spent 10 bucks to get coins and every time I have to email support to get them this makes the 3rd time I am having to do this can someone help me understand why and then when I try to email them it says my email can't be sent reaching out for help again

- Ripoff

Good graphics, they want your money quick, I know it’s a business but I’m not playing in Las Vegas.

- Very low payouts and bonus

Getting tired of this game. Gives the lowest bonus every 2 hrs, gone in 30 seconds then they want you to buy chips. No payouts, This has been going on for several weeks. Don’t waste your time.

- Doesn’t Payout Often Enough

The real casino slots win far more often than these, it is very hard to play for a long time without paying real money which is probably what they hope you’ll do. This doesn’t make for a very fun experience where you rarely will ever win. Otherwise the slots are very accurate and there is a huge variety to play.

- Rating change

Payouts are really bad again. 3 days, $100MM and 2 bonuses that paid $3MM. That’s not bad luck. They just changed the odds to win. The best games are at unattainable levels unless you can afford to purchase coins. Like their Facebook page and they give away coins there. That’s the only plus. How people get trillions in a tournament is beyond me. I can’t even get a bonus after 300 spins. Just don’t spend your real money on this game.

- Quick hit slots

Love this game, lots of fun.

- Worse than a REAL Casino

You buy coins, and loose them quick. No payouts, no bonuses. Complete ripoff. Game should be removed from APP STORE!

- Quick Hits

Great game!! Just need better and more coins.

- Daily bonus

Daily bonus is different than other tablets. Bring back the older one. Don’t like the daily money one. Not getting perks like hourly bonus, extra games, 2x multiplier etc that used to get. Also never got the jack in box tournament like other tablets. Please fix.

- Love Quick-hit Slots but not in this game!

I have been playing this game for years! I have never ever received 9 quick hits, not sure about even getting 8! Finally reached my limit. Never ever pays out. Rip-off!

- Midnight snack

Instead of eating I play my favorite games thanks!!!!

- Super fun

Good payouts!

- I would love to play this game

But as soon as II bought 18 million in coins on my i-6 phone the game triggers a freeze. I know I could re install the app which would wipe clean my previous unused coin purchase Then rebuy coins which would trigger the freeze again. Ethically the worst game available.

- Boring

Played for 10 mins and broke too... Not fun

- Fun games, bonus wheel is annoying

Almost every time that bonus wheel spins, it stops in the same place. 216,000 or 220,000. Very rarely do I get a nice big spin and I’ve never gotten one with 6 zeros.

- Joke is Right!!!

If you like losing and losing and losing..... Just play this! If it wasn’t for the good games I wouldn’t even bother. Screwed out of coins, bonus wheels hardly ever gives you anything but the lowest amounts, same story every time I play. Bought coins a couple of times lost them right away, not bitter, just telling it like it is. You can tell this is rigged and they don’t even care to hide it!!!

- Just another rip off

These slots dont pay at all! I tried for months and nothing! Even tried buying coins and still nothing....stay away

- Level Up Feature

I love this game and all the games that it offers. But This game would be much more pleasing if you didn’t have a level up pop up after almost every other spin that you have to wait for it to complete before you can continue your game. Although it’s nice to get extra coins for free why does it have to interrupt your game?! Its annoying if you ask me. 👎🏼

- Excellent Slots

Great graphics and very fun, however when I spin the wheel and get my bonus the money doesn’t seem to add up in my balance. These slots are much like the actual casino slot but at the actual slots you do get big wins. This cite hardly ever allows you to get big hit. One of my favorite games is quick hit, however I have never received more than 6 quick hits and have never gotten more than 3 platinum quick hits. Definitely would consider spending money to buy extra coins but without getting any nice size hits I don’t think it’s worth any money. At one time this was the best cite for slots with the best graphics, but other cites have came out with just as good graphics and actually let you win something big from time to time. Hopefully you guys will change and start allowing people to hit nice size jackpots. Especially if the money I won on the wheel is not adding up in my balance this cite has become my least favorite

- upmobi.xyz!!Good aso service provider

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- Fun fun fun

Enjoying it so far.

- Bonus rip offs when doing good

Fun game except sometimes when you get a high pay out on the bonus after it’s all through and the pay out is suppose to come it never does still says same amount before bonus. Just happened to me. Landed bonus on 110 credits left and won 3.3million credits in bonus play but then no pay out after bonus round ended still said 110 credits

- The obvious.

So, I have been a fan of this specific app for years. When I first started playing I didn’t make any purchases for the first couple years because I was winning more then loosing. It became VeRY obvious to me that after I started making purchases I was on a straight loosing path! Very unhappy about that whole setup. I hate the fact that due to making purchases the wins die down dramatically. Like what the hell is up with that?!

- I love the game but..

On higher bets there is a level up every 5 or 6 hits which can be annoying! It interrupts my flow 🤣

- Great outlet

Great during this stay at home...

- Great Games Poor payouts

I would give this a 5 if the payouts were decent. The games are great. I don’t care about paying a few bucks for some coins but the more you buy the less coins they offer for the same price. If the game would pay out better and games have very few bonus’ rounds. Daily bonus’ are small. Ok if you want to play for a very short time then go back. Don’t waste your money here.

- Pay it lose

Simple. Pay, lose quick until you pay. Pretty much describes this app

- Addictive

Fun to play this casino game! A very happy experience! Feel like you’re at the casino! Realistic games!

- Fun fun fun

I love playing these slots. Win some loose some. Very entertaining.

- Love these slots

I would love to hit bigger jackpots! But these are my favorite slots. My favorite slots at the casino”s.

- Just little #Tee

Hey just love it

- Okay

Never good wins keep dumping money just got win sometimes

- Terrible business

Its all about getting you to pay more thats by design

- Buying coins gets you nowhere

Some casino apps seem to appreciate when you buy coins and give you more wins and playtime - not this one. Also hate it when you just purchase a coin package, and then you get a pop-up offering twice the coins at half the price! Pretty stupid . That's supposed to make me want to buy more? No. It makes me hate them for trying to jerk me around. My advice- Play free here and then go and find better apps that are thankful for your patronage.

- I must be lucky!

There are many negative, though thoughtful comments. I have found it to be tons of fun and I don’t spend a lot on games...just now and then to show my appreciation. I really enjoy it!!!!

- The games are fun but payout too too low

I spent $100 bought 1,000,000,000 coins to play the games and done in 30 minutes, because no matter which game I played just no payout and free game. I deleted the app. Will never touch it. Worse than real casino.

- Bonus Wheel is a joke now

For the past 6 weeks, 95% of the time I spin the wheel I only get between $200,000 and $300,000 dollars. Before April 2019, I used to hit higher amounts on the wheel, but never the really big ones. Considering how long I’ve played this game you’d think I would’ve hit one of the bigger ones at least once. At the same time, they’ve raised the bet on many games to $40,000 up from $8100, which translates to between 5 and 6 free spins every 2 hours. They’re promoting donations to covid-19 relief. Apparently they’re getting the funds by making sure players aren’t benefitting from any promotion like the bonus wheel. In additional, they have upped the bet the game defaults to when you first open the game. It used to be 8100 if you had less than a million - now it’s 40,000. They’ve changed the design to make sure you lose your money even faster. All these terrible changes happened in April which coincided with coronavirus and people quarantining at home.

- Stealing games and Jackpots

Today I was featured game it was Red something won the jackpot and the game was snatched away with my jackpot in limbo saying choose your whatever

- Waste of Time

Little to no payout. Just a monetary bottomless pit

- Never win

Have better odds playing in Vegas then here

- Really fun to play

Really fun to play and customer service is really nice when issues arise. Thanks for the fun!

- Great game

This app has come a long way and is getting better all the time. Being now that the casinos are closed, this is the next best thing for now and I reach for it several times a day.

- Quick hits slots

I really love this game

- Absolute amazing!!

The best, period. Playboy quick hits, Better off Ed, fever games!! Can’t wait until company turns this into a real $🟩🟩🟩

- Getting irritated

Absolutely loved the game up until the new update. After updating now I can’t even open the app. Getting very irritated!!!

- Love & hate

Love playing but loose a lot! I paid $50 this am for 380m and lost it in less than an hour with 1 bonus for $12m. It’s low paying odds ridiculous....

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- Don’t don’t don’t fall for this game

Freebies always fun but you buy you lose lose lose. Not even fun. If only they would let you win just a bit. Nope. So never buy any coins at all.

- Jennifer Fill

Enjoy playing the slots

- Son of a Covid

This game is an awesome way to keep you sanity during this pandemic times

- Great games

Thank you

- Sunangel

Awesome slots !!!! So much fun ! Just wish it was easier to get coins ...super fun games !!

- Quickit.....

Awsome games.....

- Fun

Good clean fun not filled with commercials or other gimmicks

- Quick Hits

Lots of fun!

- Quick hit

Good games, reasonable pay-outs

- Mr K Dog

Best game experience!

- Lots of fun!

Great game! Lots of games

- It’s all about greed.

This game caters to your wallet. To the extent it’s not even fun. They’ve taken a game with great machines... tightened it so much... they took all the fun out. So many ads to buy buy buy. It feels like if I bought anything... it would treat me the same way. Take everything. Make me buy more. Not fun. Sad... because people who aren’t that smart will buy and buy. Not realizing they get nothing out of it. Nothing. Go to a real casino folks. At least there you’ll have a chance a real money. Oh and to the programmers who always ask how happy I am after they’ve loosened the reigns on winning a bit... they clearly didn’t realized I went from 2 million to zero betting $40k and didn’t win once. Not once. Here’s you review. You’re welcome. Greedy. Just greedy.

- Awesome

Enjoy this game passes the time

- Quick Hits

Great way to have fun!!!! You can collect coins every 2 hours 😊 and a bonus coins every night for returning....lots of big pots can be won!!!! LOVE PLAYING!!!!! 😊😊😊😊

- Boomer4772

Keeps me challenged! You can't let down your guard, or you will loose a lot. Strategy......

- Too much fun

Fantastic game

- Hate this game

What a waste of time and battery

- Garbage


- Overcharged when you by coins!

People need to refrain from any in app purchases. You agree to one amount then your account is debited a much higher amount. When they are contacted, they either tell you to contact Apple or google or that it may be the exchange rate. Not sure how 4.99$ equals to 8.04$ to in any exchange but being someone who works in foreign exchange, something does not make sense. NOT IMPRESSED!!!

- Thor’s return not working

Thor’s return slots 🎰 not working on app !

- Having trouble getting it to download some of the games not sure what’s going on???????

Please help me

- Great games and graphics. Not enough payouts and low bonus amounts.

All in all pretty good.

- Quick hit slots

Really fun! And you can win!

- Great Slots

Fun to play and wins are good:)) Thanks

- Bonus Wheel

The bonus wheel ever seems to add credits. :(

- Forced to connect to Facebook and now my account is gone!

The app forced a connection to Facebook or to play as a guest and it won’t connect to Facebook. I have lost almost $400,000 in winnings and can’t seem to restore it. Either restore my game or I will delete the app. I’m not willing to start again. You also have failed to provide a contact for your players, or a least I couldn’t find one after an hour of searching. I’m angry! Fix it please!

- Quick Hit Slots

Fun Game Love It Lots Of Wins And Very Exciting❤️

- 😬



NO FUN *** NO PAYOUTS *** NO BONUS ROUNDS *** This site is the biggest waste of time ...

- Totally fun

Lots of fun. Great games

- Good game

Happy Time

- Awesome

Just like playing real slots

- Disappointed

RIP-OFF just a money grab!!!

- 😉


- Woo

Great game

- Fun

This game is a lot of fun

- Deceiving....very unhappy

Beware. Just purchase some credits from quick hit and the way the offer was written was very deceiving. 10000000 million credits times 2 should be 20000000 in my book . But no they said the multiplayer is displayed....scam. Don’t waste you time or money here.

- Not happy

This is the worst App, the advertise one price and charge another , low payouts and barley any bonus’s , this game is a rip off , they false advertise with there price

- The Best Slots Game App BY FAR!!!!

This slots game app is the best slots app I've played out of any others I have downloaded and tried, and trust me I have downloaded almost all of them!! I love to play slots, but hate to lose money, and this slots app fills my craving without emptying out my pockets lol .. love it!

- Great game!

Play everyday!

- Fun but could be better

Fun games but to hard (long) to advance to next machines.

- Slots

Love it!! Just like I'm at casino!!

- The real slot machine effect

I really enjoy playing this It has so many options and the levelling is easy to achieve with their promotional power ups and jackpot player bonus!

- Quick hit slots

Good game

- Nancy

Lots of fun

- Quick hit slots

This game absolutely sucks! Payouts are the worst I’ve seen on any online slot ever! Don’t recommend to anyone.

- Wins vs losses

No consistency. Went from huge bank to nothing without changing bet. It's obvious want you to buy credits. Games however are enjoyable if bank holds up

- Nice

Good app good games

- No keys for Brian Gambles

So I quickly accelerated past the first two levels of keys with the bonus day yesterday. The third level is 750 keys. I have played all day today and have scored easily over 200 scratch cards and NOT ONE SINGLE KEY. What the hell is going on? I have 750 keys left to win. Is this game rigged? I understand everyone can’t win a package but c’mon. If I am willing to play the game hard should I not be rewarded. I have bought chips. DON’T RIG THE GAME.

- Latest update

I recently updated to the latest version and my favourite slot was removed! Not too happy about that.

- Trash

Garbage app, 6m no features lol

- Scabby

The machines are nice but you buy coin packs and win nothing, and this process repeats. Not very fun at all!

- Dont buy chips

No matter what you do this will eat your chips.... When the algorithm moves to lose mode you lose no matter how much money you have spent on coins or how you got your coins. If you are good at patterns you can see the algorithm change. Only use the free coins there is nothing to be won by investing money.

- 😝

Great colour etc, but some boring games, some don’t pay much, so u run out of $$$ very fast

- Waste of Space..

Very Slow gameplay... Average graphics.. average games... really poor returns ( 40mill spent with no major wins and lost in less than 2 hours at avg bet of 128k) in my short experience with this waste of time!!! It is definitely amongst the worst of pokies gaming apps... wish I could get back that 2 hours!!!

- Great game

I find this is one of my go too games now. Great graphics and prizes.

- Cool game...

Haven’t been playing long enough to make a proper decision

- Great game

Love the game

- ❤️

By far, the best slot game I’ve come across. ❤️ it.

- Good game

Good game, fun and exciting.

- Pokie one

Having fun. But wouldn't buy coin to play.

- Great slots

Awesome slots app!!!

- Great!

Great time waster. Lots of fun!

- Expensive to play

Great graphics and game concepts, BUT coin packages are not the best value for money. Even at the lowest purchase money gone . Please fix this and some added play time too would be just the thing for five stars!

- 5star


- Slots

Very nice

- Good game

Could pay out more tho

- Quick hot shots

The games are great, very entertaining and fun. This app is worth 5 stars

- The best

The best slots game ever

- .?

Ridiculously Pathetic. Not one win with my first 62000 credits

- H


- Slots

Great way to pass time

- This is absolutely rigged!

The slots are great but the spins are rigged. I played the slots for a week now but never get more coins than I bet in a thousand spins. I would rate you a 0 if I could. But it has to be 1.

- Great


- Rubbish

Good graphics, but that is all you can say. Not enough credits to get first jackpot and not enough wins to even get close. Refuse to pay for credits until I can at least have a go at different levels.

- More coins


- Great

Love the game, but your hourly bonus could be more. 😀

- Nice

Nice and fun

- Great game but stingy

I really enjoy this series of slots but the game is really tight with it's bonus chips. I've even bought chips a few times to extend my game play but the purchases are quite expensive and doesn't really extend my gaming fun long enough to warrant the expense. With the free chips given the most game time I am likely to get is about 5 minutes.


Quite possibly the worst slots game I have ever played in my life. The payout system is a joke, the level and daily rewards are also a joke. Played it on 3 devices just to see if it's my luck, and it's all the same. Save yourself time, do not bother with this game.

- High bet rorts

I bet max bet on the havana slot and quite a few occasions it short chipped me. How do you bet 2,080,000 and get paid approx. 45,000 for a win? It was meant to pay 100 credits per 40 credit bet which is two and a half times the the bet I was betting. Instead of getting approx. 5 million I got paid a lousy 45,000. Even if I was to get 3 of a kind for any win it should pay me at the least 260,000 for a 5 credit win with a 40 credit bet. Do the maths people. How does a max bet on any slot pay you a one fiftieth pay for any win? Well just for a heads up people, do not bet max on the havana slot, matter of a fact for any of this apps slot. You has been warned =)

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- Just Starting

So Far.......So Good

- FUN!!!!

This game is super fun! I love it! I play it everyday. It’s so addictive!!! Thanks for such a fun and entertaining game.

- Winning

Winning is fun! Games pay 💰!

- No bonuses and misleading games

Bonuses are impossible IMPOSSIBLE to get and if you do happen to get one, the payouts are horrible. This is fake money and for entertainment. Not very entertaining.

- Not very good

Hard to win . Forces to buy coins. The free coins that are given goes fast. Without a win.

- Terrible

The slots in a casino pay out better than these, it’s a scam. Avoid.

- Fun with 1 fatal flaw..

Do not disrupt the calculation of a big win (or any win) as it is adding the coins won into your balance. I had a big win of 500,000 coins (small bet).. stopped the spinning numbers/winning coins calculating... and while the win showed as 500,000... my balance only showed the amount it was at when I stopped the win reels from spinning (coins won). It only gave me a credit of 128,000 coins. It did this every time I stopped the process midstream (of adding my coins won). Once I run out of my free coins I will delete the app. It’s fun but a flawed app.

- Quick hits

Awesome, relaxing

- Terrible Cheaters!!!

I woke up and I have been bad luck at quickie hits so spun the bonus wheel and nabbed myself a cool 270000 plus the daily I was ready to roll.. I jumped in my Phoenix game and hit 10 free games x3 and won 1.7 mill.. go me!?! Right? Nope immediately after all the spins it ‘refunded my bet’ and I was back at 200000 not 2 million. No explanation. Thanks, deleted, 1 star.

- Designed to take your real money

The slots on this app are great. The absurd leveling system and amount of credits it takes to unlock a fraction of the slots are horrible. I spent over $50 real money just getting from level 130-190 (out of over 850 levels which require increasingly higher bets to level) and only unlocking a handful of machines. To give a perfect example of how this app works I would have to spend $19.99 real money to receive 120 Million credits (special deal price) yet I still wouldn’t be able to afford just one qualifying spin for the Major Bonus which is 250 million. The app pushes you (by defaulting) into larger and larger bets that never pay out enough to justify. Your better off buying your own machine or playing a real casino.

- Winning

Not the greatest thou. Enough to keep playing

- Great games

Love this game. Great payouts so far. Nice pass time during the virus. Glad I down loaded it. 👍👍👍👍

- Quick Hit

Awesome app👍🏼👏 Keep up with every new game your adding . At times it's hard to keep your credits but these games will keep you going even if you loose😓stay with it I have and always look forward of getting a new update This app and graphics Awesome👌🤔 Don't give up, play and enjoy Have been playing the app for years and always enjoy the new games that get added. You may loose here and there but you always get back on track. Keep playing😜😅👍 and Stay Safe Rosie from Mass

- Poor payouts & bonus

The games are the best thing going for these site. However,payouts are poor and bonus almost non-existent. As a test at a chance at a bonus the averages 58 spins & at times the bonus amount comes out as $0 .

- Quick hit

Loads of fun

- Quick hit slots

Loads of graphics and enjoying the fun!

- Best games = Most Fun

Nuff said!

- Quick Hit Slots

This app is Amazing! I really enjoy playing.

- Double charges constantly!

I have spent so much money on this game and every time I make a purchase it double charges me and only gives me one charge worth of coins including just now!! I will play any other slot game besides this from now on so sick of my money being taken and I can't even contact support!!

- Nice Slots!

Great for the money!

- Waste of time app

This game is a joke I finally leveled up to play quick hit fever only to lose all tokens and never hit free spins just so they could offer me a package to purchase well if I can’t win playing on free tokens I’ll never purchase from these losers

- Great game

No complaints about the games.

- Awesome games

Good job on all the new games

- My View

I absolutely love all slots that are QUICK HIT slots. Very fun and engaging to play. They mix it up and there’s never a dull time playing

- Great Games

One of the better casino apps - real games and true-to-life game play. Graphics are excellent and rarely have I experienced freeze. If I could ask for one improvement it would be quicker level-ups on lower bets and less levels required to access additional games but I really enjoy playing here!

- Best slots ever

Just like the real casino slots

- Fun

Exciting Games! Big Wins! Love It!

- Red solo cup

This stupid cup thing. You can’t turn it off. I want to here the sounds of the slot I am playing. I want to hear the slot game, I don’t want to here a stupid swish pop after every time I gain a cup so I can play a stupid game to get a little coins. There should be an option to turn off. It interferes with the game. I am removing it from the ones I play until this is fixed.

- The Windsor Soso

The wins are not as Loose as they could be. For the price not so good.

- Fun Fun Fun

Lots of fun during Shelter in Place..when all the casinos are closed

- BOYCOTT Foreign Made Apps

They’re all ripping us off. They don’t deserve one penny of our hard earned income.

- Hey, it’s gambling!

OK - if you’re listening.....vast improvement over previous! Very realistic and incredible graphics! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Quick Hit Slots

Good game at times just started back winning again hope it last

- Rescued- now at Forty Million

I had been playing this game and enjoying it, especially when it gave me a good hit! Yesterday I hit update and my screen froze at 5%. It is still frozen today. I had 25,000,000 dollars. Is it gone forever. I played a lot to get that much. I am very upset. Is there any way I can retrieve that money? HELP! I wish I had read what others had said and not updated. Can anyone help me? Someone helped or the developers fixed the issue. This paragraph is written on day 3. Problem went away Day 2. Now have 40,000,000 dollars.🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑 I won’t update the first day of update again and will give time if problem exists. Don’t delete- give them a week.

- Love this app!!!!!!!!


- Eats your money, leaves you hungry

Too tight, no bonuses and no big wins Used to be much more winning. Especially if you made a small coin purchase. Not this week. No really, you need to be more generous, I’ve spent over $30 usd in the last 48 hr and still no big bonuses. I need relief from the Covid stress and this game has tightened its games . Bad news. DAFU is better and much more winning for very little purchases.

- Fun

Fun App - enjoyable

- Fun game.

This is a fun game that I don't play enough.

- Fun sort of

I’m having fun and like the daily challenges but it is soooo hard to win.

- Fun but a total ripoff!

Lots of fun games but low payouts very few bonuses. Daily bonus always on the low end @ 150 to 390 and my level is over800. I’ve purchased coins that disappear & does not add correctly. Forget contacting support. The only email reply with no remedy. Play but beware and DO NOT buy coins. Obvious offshore support staff that does nothing to satisfy the player.

- Quick Hits

My favorite game!

- A daily honey do list

Challenges to accomplish

- Garbage

Unless you wanna blow real money to win fake money this game isn’t for you and even if you spent real money it won’t last long ive been playing for a few months would get a decent win then nothing for days these pay to play games can eat a fat one

- Boring AF

Yawn!! Thought I would try for fun because I love quick hits. Ummm good luck winning! Free spin bonus gives me enough to play for 2 minutes if that. I have to laugh how they would expect anyone to invest money in this game. I’ve had game for over 2months now and have won nothing more than a few million. Which is peanuts because minimum bet is 40k. Haven’t even hit a minor award. Sorry game developers you won’t get a dime from me .. good luck ripping someone else off.

- Why even buy coins you don’t win??

Ever time you buy coins you stop winning. Clearly your app is a scam and when you buy coins all winning stops? Why is that?? Just want us to buy more within five minutes after a purchase.

- When you buy coins you stop winning!!!!!

Why is it when you buy coins you then don’t win at all!!!!?????? Just looking for us to buy more?

- Casino guy

Boring as heck, if you enjoy losing, this Casino’s for you.

- Don’t do it

I have been playing this app for free for over a year. You don’t get ahead very often but today I decided to buy some coins for the first time, 9$ for 72 million. It went faster than any free coins that I have had. Don’t purchase from this app!!!!

- Games

Excellent games

- Just killing time

At home and want to take my mind off things. This works well for that. :)

- This game is designed to do exactly this.

If you buy a coin pack, you are going to have an amazing time winning at an extraordinary rate. (For a limited time only) Started with initial coin purchase of 10 million dollars. Within two hours I grew it to 80 million betting around 80,000 per bet. After a couple of hours the game goes completed cold. With the same 80k bet I managed to lose the entire 80 million. Way less frequent jackpots. Watched my entire bankroll go to zero fairly quickly. Guess what happens next. A pop up to buy more coins. Oh yes almost forgot. That triple quick hit game with the cash spin bonus. There is a glitch that proves no matter what card you select, the win was already determined (esp if you were to get free spins, the game tells you already that you are going to select free spins) If you enjoy casino games, you’re better off looking at the higher rated ones because this game only wants you to spend more. I do NOT recommend.

- Addictive

Fun to play

- Really fun

Love it

- Hi

I love this game it’s so much fun

- Crap

Crap unless you wanna spend money!

- Great game

👍 fun

- Many new games

So much fun to play! 🥳


Fake reviews giving these crooks high ratings... Spin a million and get nothing hahahahahaha, these diks believe you people are duuuuuumb... I’ll go to a real casino before I give these jerks any REAL money.

- Games

Enjoyed playing.Let me win and play for a long time.Like the effects!

- Can be better

Takes forever to level up and the better games are far makes me bot want to play all the time and plus it cost lots to play the slots in this game

- Rip off

Spend real money. $20 and don’t win anything. What a rip off. Don’t waste ur time

- So much fun

Lots of fun. Love that you are given $3,000,000 to play with

- Quick Hits

Hey. Your site is good and the payouts are low-but marginally higher than an actual Casino. Still liking your games. Thanks Angelo says "cool". Kennedy says "pays cheap"

- Stop

Please stop showing the picture every time you open your IPad Very enoying and it’s detestable

- Great game

Love this game!

- Quick hit

Not too bad but not enough bonuses though

- Good


- fun

Enjoy playing. Pays decently. Graphics are great and games are fun to play.

- Too many pop ups

Garbage game with too many pop ups just to get started, app deleted

- Its fun

Its fun

- Joke shop!

Don’t bother with this crap, also don’t belittle yourself by sharing this app with Facebook, you wouldn’t want your friends to know you actually downloaded this dead spin application 😂 look at the reviews by others who thought they were going to enjoy slots 😝 two 👎 👎

- Bonus round

My bonus spins in one game weren’t free. What’s with that?

- Games are great needs faster gameplay and bigger wins

Overall not to bad

- Quick hits

Fun!!! But need more winning🤔😂👍🏾🤷🏽‍♂️


The words “a bonus round cometh” flashed at the bottom while playing my game more than 50 times. After the 1st time it flashed i went through more than 14 million$ in credits at a 120,000$ bet, from level 25 to 37 and 45 min in time and GUESS WHAT? No bonus round cameth!!!! What a scam.

- Only one star because they make you

Mystery charges appeared on my iTunes account today. I have paid for chips in the past, but not recently. RIP OFF

- Great app

App is great looks and plays as it just like the real thing, however, I’ve found in a few occasions, it robs credits from you. In one recent occasion I had over $1M credits, I went out of the app came back 30min later and I had only just over 200k. Pls fix that Also would be cool if the outer box lit up when you win big. Other than that I love it

- gucci

awesome game

- A

Nice game

- Time wasted

Just deleted due to the amount of pop up adds on start up. 7-10 each time the app gets opened.

- Sick and tired of losing!

I'm so sick and tired of losing at this game, I'm going to uninstall it. The only time the company looks for feedback is after you win. The daily bonuses are way too small and 'hits' are few and far between. Thumbs WAY down!

- my review

the game is amazing

- Nice

Good app love it

- Rip off

What a rip off any time you get a big hit the game takes it away

- Great graphics

Relaxing fun

- Lots of fun!

Great selection of slots! Lots of bonuses!

- Thumbs down

When I won big it froze then told me my bet was refunded . It wasn’t and the big win was removed. No thank you!

- Love it

Nice quick hits game

- Bien

Beaucoup de choix

- Lots of slot fun

Love this game! 😃

- UPDATE! Bet amount refunded constantly

The recent update seems to have fixed this issue. Changed rating to 4 stars!!!

- Game on

Entertainment foresure

- Great times

Yeah yeah let's go!

- App is Good

Awesome app. Games that are in the Casinos, are on this app. Just can’t redeem any tickets. Only bad part about this app.

- Games

Great game love to play it

- Bad game feature!!!,!,!,!

Your game has a ridiculous feature that shows up whenever a high scoring bonus happens. “Your bet amount has been refunded” feature is robbery. It disallows any bonus coins earned to be added to the total. Shameful and not fun!

- Play it every day

Love it. Play it daily.

- Great

Gg I like it !!

- 5 Star

This game is awesome!!!

- Bet Refunded

Fun and all until you get a huge jackpot and they go “Bet refunded” and remove the money. After you proceed to never win a single dollar for the next 50 bets. GG scam.

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Quick Hit Slots - Casino Games v2.5.17 Screenshots & Images

Quick Hit Slots - Casino Games iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Quick Hit Slots - Casino Games iphone images
Quick Hit Slots - Casino Games iphone images
Quick Hit Slots - Casino Games iphone images
Quick Hit Slots - Casino Games iphone images
Quick Hit Slots - Casino Games iphone images
Quick Hit Slots - Casino Games iphone images
Quick Hit Slots - Casino Games iphone images
Quick Hit Slots - Casino Games iphone images
Quick Hit Slots - Casino Games iphone images
Quick Hit Slots - Casino Games iphone images
Quick Hit Slots - Casino Games ipad images
Quick Hit Slots - Casino Games ipad images
Quick Hit Slots - Casino Games ipad images
Quick Hit Slots - Casino Games ipad images
Quick Hit Slots - Casino Games ipad images
Quick Hit Slots - Casino Games ipad images
Quick Hit Slots - Casino Games ipad images
Quick Hit Slots - Casino Games ipad images
Quick Hit Slots - Casino Games ipad images
Quick Hit Slots - Casino Games Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Quick Hit Slots - Casino Games Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Quick Hit Slots - Casino Games (Version v2.5.17) Install & Download

The applications Quick Hit Slots - Casino Games was published in the category Games on 2015-09-18 and was developed by Appchi Media Ltd [Developer ID: 486692023]. This application file size is 207.35 MB. Quick Hit Slots - Casino Games - Games posted on 2020-05-29 current version is v2.5.17 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

Quick Hit Slots - Casino Games Advisories: Infrequent/Mild Mature/Suggestive Themes
Infrequent/Mild Horror/Fear Themes
Frequent/Intense Simulated Gambling
Gambling and Contests

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