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What is quick hit slots - vegas casino app? Quick Hit Casino is ready to hit the town and give you hours of fun with major wins! If you love real casinos with endless slots and prizes, Quick Hit slots will hit it off! Install Quick Hit casino slots game and enjoy a whole new Vegas experience! The new version of our app enables you to enjoy the best casino slots with a brand-new look, and the same passion for authentic slot machines. Your favorite famous slot machine games made it all the way from the heart of Vegas to your phone. Discover the best slots of Vegas and leading casino games that are a hit with players everywhere. Quick Hit offers a variety of Ultimate Fire Link and Fireball slots. Free casino games turn every boring evening into a night on the casino floor with classic slots in our online casino!

Lots of Las Vegas slots! Miss spinning those MGM slots in Vegas? The casino apps experts at SciPlay built this app around real slots and with the notion of creating a live casino slot vibe filled with the world’s biggest titles. This app was created by the brilliant minds behind hit casino games for free, like Hot Shot Casino, Gold Fish Casino Slots, 88 Fortunes Slots, and Jackpot Party Casino.

You’ll find free Vegas slots like Fire Link, Zeus Slots, Dragon Spin, 777 slots, Monopoly Slots, Ultimate Fire Link slots, Fireball slots, MGM slots, Lock it Link, Cash Spin Slots, Quick Hit Platinum slot machine, and more. These slot games are the main reason why Quick Hit free slots are a smash hit. The slots mania begins here, so spin slots free of charge and hit every jackpot!
Love to spin free casino games and win? This free slots games app is just for you! Quick Hit casino is filled with fun special challenges and free casino slot games that are constantly added. Games like Ultimate Fire Link Glacier Gold and Ultimate Fire Link Route 66. Join our Vegas Venture, where you’ll be invited to complete daily missions that grant HUGE prizes. Win coin bonuses, key chips, wild balls, and so much more! Double down on the fun and get ready for a double win with every spin. The new slots era of 2023 casino games for free begins!

Our 2023 slots offer a unique experience to players. Get on a hot streak with games like ultimate fire link Glacier Gold and Ultimate Fire Link Route 66 slots free for iPad HD and iPhone, these slots casino free slot games are like nothing you’ve seen before. It’s time to spin and win! Our free slot games are fun to play. A huge casino deserves huge prizes to make it pop. These quick hits are a few of the biggest hits you’ll be able to enjoy:

It’s time to spin and win! Our free slot games are fun to play. After all, a huge casino deserves huge prizes to make it pop. These quick hits features are going to make you fall in love with slots all over again:
Earn Wild Balls: Spin online slots games for free and collect Wild Ball rewards that will maximize your huge win. Activate the timer and when the time’s up, the Wild Ball will open to reveal coins, bonuses, and key chips. These free slot machine games are wild!

Open The Vault: Quick Hit lucky slots just keep on giving! Collect key chips to crack open the special vaults within the free slot games. Massive casino slot games bonuses are waiting for lucky players who manage to open the Quick Hit Vault. Reach the Jumbo Vault for even greater rewards - think quick and spin our casino slot machines! SciPlay brings you your favorite Las Vegas-style games from Light & Wonder.

Let’s not forget about the Daily Bonus Wheel that will be waiting for you to spin every day! Earn extra coin rewards, boosters, key chips and play free slot machine games to have the time of your life.

The games are intended for an adult audience (Aged 21 or older).

The games do not offer real money gambling or an opportunity to win real money or prizes. Practice or success at social casino gaming does not imply future success at real money gambling games.

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App Name Quick Hit Slots - Vegas Casino
Category Games
Updated 07 February 2024, Wednesday
File Size 296.08 MB

Quick Hit Slots - Vegas Casino Comments & Reviews 2024

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Not a bad game but.... I have played these slots forever, however the ratio of payouts to coins needed to spin are quite disappointing. Daily and respin pay amounts are way less than it takes for a single spin. While some slots are 240 coins to spin, most are 1,000, 3,000, 15,000 or higher. The most I have ever received on a respin day was 4M; not even 1M on the daily spins most days and the Race to Glory payouts seem the same. I've been able to collect maybe 2 of the Quick Hit Collection card games before they time out. Multiple times I've had 60+ chances to open the vault and that didn't seem to be enough to do it. I have wasted hundreds of thousands of coins when switching games because the amount isn't set at the lowest amount and if you press spin without paying attention...well it's your loss. Wish they could set the payouts to align closer to the cost of coins to play. All that said, I still enjoy playing these slots.

Excellent Slots, Less Excellent Edges. This is a tough one because there are many excellent real slots in this game that are a lot of fun and are worth the time. The machines feel as tight as airport ones at times but not completely unfair. The faults however are in how behind the overall app feels compared to many other similar apps. Unless it’s not forward facing, there is no overall kickback for tossing some money the devs way outside of easy-come-easy-go chips, whereas other top competitors offer significant benefits to your account for supporting the game. Additionally, unlocking slots is an absolute chore with only around 10 of the absolute treasure trove they offer and one rotating featured game. Many of the most iconic licensed machines are way up there in leave requirements too, and just feels frustrating with no one-time unlock all purchase. They seem to do occasional events for an unlock all but it is only for a couple days, then they go right back to their steep level requirements that will require an absurd amount of chips played to put a dent in. Overall the actual slots gameplay itself is fantastic. There’s some top notch Bally machines in this that are worth some time when they’re featured for play without level requirement, but it just isn’t worth doing any microtransactions at this time with the overall service being subpar compared to some of their competition.

A fun port of some Vegas slots... (Mostly fun!). Most of these slots are either ports from actual slots or original slots. Some are rare and hard to find and others are only via the Quick Hit &/or Hot Shot apps. One of my biggest qualms is, they often times turn the winning percentages down so low, you're blowing through millions of coins/tokens way too quickly. And then, they offer you a sale to buy more. It's not so fun when you don't win at a decent (at least over half of the spins) rate. And then, there's the "Lost Connection" (or the you're logged in somewhere else, refresh the game to continue) screen that comes up when you do get a big win and then you don't get your credits. Otherwise, it's a nice and fun way to pass the time, if you have the coins/tokens.

Fun to Play…But … it’s gotten better. Update For the past month or so the game seems to be functioning much better. I actually won a really big jackpot which was a big help. And look forward to seeing the words LUCKY YOU. Usually that means I won lots of points. Also more opportunities to win power balls. It still freezes occasionally but not nearly as often as in the past. I now have several million points so hopefully won’t get back to zero again. When I get a losing streak I take a break. I usually play 2-4 times a day. But I still get the bonus round that pays very little at times. I expect to win at least a million with 20-25 spins but that doesn’t always happen. But I still enjoy playing this game. It’s lots of fun and relaxing. …. I really enjoy playing the FREE game. (This is my favorite game at a real casino). But for the past 2 weeks it’s become almost impossible to get ahead. I’ve gone down to zero points more than once, then work my way up again only to start the losing streak all over again. I get the bonus round more than once but only get a few thousand points, even with the 20 play round. I win a power ball only to win zero points for several rounds after. This wasn’t the case when I first started playing many months ago. Not sure what changed but something did. It’s still one of my favorite games to play, but not necessarily fun to lose all or most of my points every few days. Sadly it’s now just a way to kill time.

Charged twice for purchases. I like the games and usually I don’t have to purchase often in fact hardly at all but lately I’ve done it a lot with losing ALOT I’m getting frustrated with this because I’ve been noticing that they are double charging me for purchases or even I’ve gotten charged for Random purchases I’ve never made! Now that I’ve contacted my in app purchase providers and they are working on getting these reversed I’m losing big time again! To the point if I want to play I have to purchase! What the heck! I’m really beginning to feel like this site isn’t worth it anymore. And I’m afraid to make a purchase because I will just get double charged again! I’ve never had any other site do this to me! Watch out for this people!

Farce. I been telling myself as well as the owners that it’s high time that they see the errors of their ways. I paid for 2 sets of $100 (total $200) credits totaling 8 billion game credits. My bet was 25 million but the limit that came up was well over that amount but I didn’t want to spend it before I got into the bonus round. My bet was 5 million and I lost it all without even getting a bonus spin. It wasn’t until I reduced my bet to $1 million did I start winning anything but by that time my credits had diminished with no bonus spins. I’m currently at level 936 and have brought this to their attention. Their response was “always” it’s no different than any casinos you play at….FCOL!!! If I paid that much in the casino I’d walk out a millionaire or close to it. It’s time to fold and walk away …😤

New version. Enjoyed playing the past year or two. New update has been messing up and minimum bets increased. One game free game spin bonus still takes out your bet during each free games spin . I also have had connection lost in middle of spins. Had one slot lose connection then reconnect during the spin, the diffidence is it changed bet to extremely high amount over half of what was in my coin bank and of course didn’t win. Contacted app customer service and explained what happened which I got ”due to a variety of factors outside of our control, sometimes technical hiccups occur… “ continued to say they will not be able to give credits back because of this, which is frustrating and less enjoyable when errors on their side. Never had a issue with this on old version. Not bad to pass time using free coin credits but I’d recommend not to buy coin credits if they are not willing to correct coin balances when the app glitches.

The Big Bang Not the Earth Right Here. This Gold Bust Game is Really Cool if You Can Wait for a few Seconds after each Roll that’s Because Your Loosing Lots of Points and You Really Don’t want to be Loosing most of the time Millions in not waiting after each Pull You Do !!!!!!$!!!!!!! Because there really is So Many Roll Overs Your Missing by making it Spin Right After Each & Other Spin You Do !!! So Stand Fast pull your crank and wait a few Because at least every Five Pulls Really Fast Ones I’ll Betcha You Tossed A Good Million Plus Away !!! And Bet the Second from the Least You Can BET It Really Will Pay You Off Faster and Even More !!! Try It Now a if YOU did not read all this & to try all this Then I would say Looser to Y O U !! But Took the Time To ‘ &’ To Try It Your Total Wins Will Floor “YOU” “So Just Do It Now”

Here’s the TRUTH. While these are some of the best Free to play SLOTS with realism, nice graphics, and variety, they are also some of the “TIGHTEST”. Very hard to build up enough coin to keep playing free without purchasing. The BETTER slots are all HIGH ROLLER, HIGHER BET. By design it’s to make REAL money for the Owners/Developers (I get that) while the player uses fake coin amassed freely through winning, or using REAL money to buy fake coins of useless value. I rarely if ever “purchase” coins and if I do, it’s always the smallest denomination available. I have lost interest in this game after experiencing JUST how difficult they have made it to WIN and have FUN. This is a GAME APP, NOT A REAL ONLINE CASINO. You expect to win more often and hit more jackpots. Nope the Developers have geared it to be set like a REAL Casino slot with payouts that closely match the percentage of the Brick and Mortar casinos. There are much better free play slots that let you win more often and hold your interest. You can also choose to play the better and more exciting slots on other Apps by being able to play at a “lesser” bet platform. There’s no “EXCLUSIVE” Slots for the “High Roller” (high buyer) either. It’s more on the scale of Bet more, Win more!

Super lucky first 2 day after that ZERO. I never really hated any slot until now. Losing repeadly over 20 plus times over and over with ZERO BONUS. I would have a complete fool to give any money to this company. They are definitely changing the odds. I am professional gambler and understand slots and other very well. After repeated zero win 25 times with one credit sign after shows I was rigged the first day to make me the slots giving lots winnings. Some not right about this game. Can’t go from winning millions every spin on every game to winning Zero or small amount on every spin on every game offered. Just retried it again, after the first luck was 100% opposite from the first day. Losing 120 million without a single basis shows something is up. After the first day there are now long periods 50 to 100 spins with zero bonuses. Very silent zero after zero strange. Can’t even play the side game with those special balls because you can’t win any. The day metal color ball every 15 minutes now ZERO ALL DAY.

Terrible Fake Slots. I’m level 1902 with everything unlocked and lost 10 trillion on one slot from fake progressions. Their terminology is “it may trigger the jackpot” so the progression “happens” but you never trigger any bonuses even after the 10 trillion I put in a slot and won nothing. Every increased bet gives you a different slot progression so no change of bets or it’s like going to a new slot machine. Each bet even on one slot has its own predetermined rolls which you can’t reset or change or try to randomize to try to win it’s just not possible because it’s fake slots. The purpose of the game is to take all your time and coins so it’ll make you feel like you should purchase coins with real money. But please don’t because it’s a scam, the slots aren’t random rolls and you’ll just be wasting your time continuing to play this game. Actually the worst type of people make games like these stop supporting these brain dead developers until they make something worth our time. Let them die as a company they are actually ****.

Stupid. Do you like getting cheated ??? How about throwing your money in the trash ??? If you answered yes to either of the questions , Then you will love Quick Hits Slots …. Cheating so obvious , it will make your head spin and if that wasn’t enough …. They Harass you for money all the time , barely give out any free chips …. The Dailey bonus wheel has given me 800,000 in chips for 40 days in a row … I think it’s safe to say , there’s no need for a wheel , y’all are just going to give the smallest amount y’all can … pretty sad but you can literally see the reals change rite before your eyes if you do actually land on something that pays out … wow I can’t believe nobody likes your customer loses 90 percent of the time policy… on a side note … I use to be addicted to playing these games at real casinos , but thanks to quick hits and this crappy app , I will probably never play another slot again …. I mean if they will go threw this much trouble to cheat on a app , you gotta figure …. I would have done 0 stars if I could have

Get ready to maybe win but definitely lose and lose and lose. I’ve been playing this game for years and usually you could at least play for awhile, hitting some jackpots along the way to allow you to keep playing. I stupidly spent $100 bucks because I had a rough day and was out of coins. I lost it all within 30 mins. Didn’t hit a single win that was 20 times my bet. Just lost and lost and lost. They also made the minimum bet for the triple jackpot higher so it’s impossible to play. The packages they have to buy are super expensive and don’t even give you enough coins to play for the triple jackpots. Their customer service is also terrible. They will respond quickly but give you a response that is completely irrelevant to what you messaged them about. It’s as if they know there are issues and rather than admitting it, give you info that you didn’t ask for.

Pay to Win. I really enjoy this app for the most part because they have a lot of the slots I play at the casino however you won’t be playing for too long. The daily and hourly bonuses in this game are so low that I’ll only be able to play for about 10 minutes at max unless I get super lucky in 20 spins (which is rare) or if I’m constantly opening the app through tout the day to collect my very small bonuses and save up enough just to play more than 20 spins. It’s very clear they want people to spend as much money as possible and if you don’t you either need to be very patient and collect your bonuses for a day or more or you’re out of luck. It makes the overall experience very poor and I’m sad to see how stingy this game is. If bonuses increase a bit more so I’m not logging in to play 15 spins at minimum bet that would be amazing but for now there are many other more generous slots games that will have you playing for hours.

Rip off - spent over thousands $ on this- game crashed. Contacted support..still no answers. I know I should have spent in the real casino. But it’s move convenient on the phone. I have played this for years and I am way over level 400 and free bonus at over 3 million when leveling up. 1st- They kept double sometimes triple charging me on the same purchase. 2nd - most importantly and most recently I couldn’t open the app without clicking “play as guest” or “connect with Facebook” - since the auto login failed I couldn’t click on either of these. I clicked on ”play as guest” last time - it erased all my play records losing billions of coins - were the coins I had purchased plus my winnings and by worst it went back to level one starting all over again from zero!!!!!!! Ridiculous!!!! I am still waiting for answers after days of contact! I need a resolution on this. If not, Apple should not allowed this scam business running !!!

Raised my minimum bet amounts. This used to be my favorite slots app. It has all of my favorite slots games and I really enjoyed being able to casually play a good bit every day without having to drop money on purchasing coins. Now all of the sudden my minimum bets have been raised and I get only about 10 spins every day depending on how many free coins I get from the wheel spin. Some games I can’t play at all as the minimum bet is 15 million coins. My only guess is that this is greedy developers trying to force me to buy coins to play. I’m so glad I haven’t spent any money on this app. Update: After resetting my account and experimenting a little it seems that the minimum bet is raised if you start betting high. On my first account I had accidentally played a 25 million spin and my minimum bets were raised the following day. After resetting and playing some 1 million bets my minimum bet was once again raised. My favorite game is Ultimate Fire Link and the minimum bet is normally 40k. Now it was raised to 240k.

Disappointing!. I’ve been playing this for a month and it’s so disappointing, unlike the “Cash Winner” Slots I enjoy playing! This game is a waste of time bc you have to collect balls, open, then wait 1+ hours to open it for more $, and it’s so very little $! I end up losing a lot of fake $ so it’s no fun! If you want to keep your players interested and Want to come back to play, you need to let them win more! Who wants to play when they lose EVERY SINGLE DAY? With the other slot game I’ve been playing the same time I got this one, i win every day! In fact, I have over $1,000,000,000,000! With this amount of $, I have no fear betting high and this $ has NEVER run out since the day I got it, making me want to play it daily! You need to listen to your players needs! I’m going to delete this app bc it doesn’t give me joy and I waste way too much time on this game bc it’s just stupid! I really hope you change your system and allow players to WIN! You want happy players, not frustrated ones!

Ok if you want to kill a little time. Fine if you want to kill some time. Not good if you’re a competitive player who likes to win. Buying coins basically guarantees you lose because they know you’ll buy more. They try to say it’s fair play and based on chance (I’m sure they will respond to this review with a similar comment) but if their algorithms could talk they’d call them liars. The side games are a bigger joke. They recently changed their vault game so that you have to use twice as many key chips to get the same amount of coins that you used to. And of course made the amount you could win on the regular vaults much smaller. Now you waste your chips trying for a vault that you’re very likely not going to win so win you get bumped back down to the regular vault you have no more key chips. Then you don’t win key chips for awhile so that you’re bumped back down to the smallest vault. Unless, of course, you’re willing to spend money. Then there’s the “collection” passes. LOL on these. They release news ones every few months. I play daily and have only completed one. All you get are duplicate cards that go towards a few key chips usually. And you need a lot of duplicates for that. Anywhere between 30-80 dupes… so like I said. Not bad if you want to kill time. Very bad if you want to win.

Minimum bet trap.. This game is so much fun at first and I loved playing at a lower player level. You could manage your bankroll and afford to play any game you wish. Once you really start to level up the gameplay changes for you if you don’t start pumping real money into it. Minimum bets and triple jackpots really force you out of playing the most interactive games. Not to mention higher wagers seem to reduce the chances of hitting bonus rounds. Don’t get me wrong, Quick Hit platinum and Quick Hit Fever are great games, I just can’t play them all the time. I would like to be able place under 100k bets on any game while I’m building back my bankroll. Normally I wouldn’t have an issue with paying game developers for a job well done, but I can’t risk real money to win fake money. Just can’t do it.

Disappointed. I’ve been playing Quick Hits slot app for awhile & liked it overall. Have purchased extra tokens along the way which I don’t normally do in most other apps because it was fun entertainment & fair play time on my investment until today. I played a game called Perfect Purple Jackpots & twice the spin wheel landed on the Grand Jackpot wedge, stopped & then jumped to the next wedge which was a much lower denomination. The first time it happened I thought it was just a glitch & continued to play. But, the second time it happened in the same game play session exactly the same way it did before…well, not a glitch but intentional. Obviously you can’t expect to win every bonus but when you pay real money to play a game you enjoy you shouldn’t be expected to accept being blatantly ripped off & denied fair play. I still love Quick Hits Slot app but will play differently in the future, as in earn free credits slowly to play & save my real $$$ for something else.

SciPlay and Light and Wonder. Quick hits is ran by Sci play who is a subsidiary of Light and Wonder. For the past week their main attraction Tourney Riches has been in effect and for the past week despite their announcement that everyone is eligible to play the admins of the app have turned this feature off for some players including myself. I have written them and their support team several times asking why. This is an FCC violation of unfair practices against the consumer who purchase their goods by denying the same treatment for all players. It is also false advertising when they announce events are in effect but are restricted to some people. Every letter but one has gone ignored and I believe the chief officer Joshua Wilson is unaware of the practices Quick Hits is engaging in by targeting reviewers that give a less than stellar review. I am no longer upset about the game I can sign up differently. I now take this personally. I have written to SciPlay and light and wonder as well. I invested a lot of money in this app and now my levels are falling and since I have never been abusive or shady with them, there is no reason to be that way with me because if an honest review. This is not a free play site they turn off features to force you to buy coins.

Look forward ✅. Hi! If yоu want to рlay in thе bеst online саsino, install the "Plimko Smаsh" aрp, all nеwbies get a bоnus with their first dероsit, i’ve alrеady withdrawn $1468... As for qick hit Not sure why all the negаtive reviews. I play this at a "reаl" casino and it's mу favorite there and online. I love this game and think pаyouts are fair. Addеndum: For the first time I purchased coins.....$4.99 and when I returned to game they hаd changed my minimum bet to thе maximum and did not notice for several spins and lost almost all my purchase. Feel like I have bеen scammed. They increase my bets all the time and did not think they would scаm me out of my purchase. Still my favоrite game. No lоnger 5 stars. Dropping down another star. I think it’s great to introduce new games and have a contest to pick the favorite but then after rеally enjoying a new game, they take it away like the triple cash wheel. It feels like a bait and switch. If it wаs so popular, why not make it a separate app? I would even purchase this game. Addendum: why bother tо call this game “Quick Hits.” Most of the games are padlocked. This is ridiculоus. Players cannot evеn choose a game they like. Until a lot more games are unlocked, I am moving on to other games even though Quick Hits Triple Hits Cash Wheel is my favorite but it is always locked. No other app does this....having so few choices. One Star is all I would give this.

Years of playing time to delete. If you leave a review that isn’t in their favor you get this response below , what they don’t add is, each slot has features that you will rarely get, when the bonus finally hits it pays nothing , you barely get enough coins for 5 spins, when it pays a large amount you will not win anything no matter what you bet or game you play until it drains the winnings within the 1st 5 min after getting it. All the free coins you get on socials won’t last you more than one minute. It takes more time to load the app, pick a slot to play then actual play time. The minimum bets have gotten beyond ridiculous! Anywhere from 3 million to 15 million a spin. If you purchase coins they will last just as long as the free ones 5 minutes. Which is why I stopped purchasing coins. I’ve been playing this for many years and it used to be fun . Also the level up bar takes months to fill now -also never used to be this bad and take that long to fill . So it’s time to delete this game. With all the real casino apps out there now if I’m going to spend money might as well spend it on a possible win. You spend money on this and you can’t even stay entertained longer than 5 min which defeats the purpose “Each slot has features such as bonus rounds or free spins that can reward you with a large coin payout to help offset those cold streaks. Also, be sure you are taking advantage of the free coins offered on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages.”

My experience. This app runs smoothly, has recent games that are in casinos, has no ads, and when you run out of money you can get unlimited 45k coin increments after going through two prompts. The slots are pretty tight but that’s what makes it fun when you hit a bonus, it feels like real casino odds and you rarely are going to hit a major jackpot. The money making scheme, which is fair, is when you reach level 60 the minimum bet is 240k on most games. There are a choice few less exciting games that you can play for 40k a spin. This is where they want to get you paying. I’ve had around 200 million and without fail you are going to hit 0 dollars. You don’t control the odds, slots are not a winning game. They also make some of the popular games very expensive. 3 million a spin, that’s like 68 cents a spin if you are buying coins at the lowest tier and not in a deal phase. Some games minimum bet is 20 million a spin! I paid 5 dollars just to support because there is no ads. This game becomes a grind to just play the game that you want to play. You have to win a big bonus on the older boring games and hope you can win another bonus on the game you want actually want to play just so you can spin for awhile. Overall fun

No response from QuickHit about account issue. The games are great. Really great. My issue is that I bought a new iPhone and my account information ~points, history etc did not transfer to my new phone. ALL other casino games, word games etc transferred perfectly without losing any history or info. When I clicked on app after getting the phone it treated me as a brand new customer. I’ve repeatedly emailed their support email with no response. My points represented a couple hundred bucks. I am not happy. I’ve been a consistent player of this app for a couple years, with a lot of money thrown at it. I’m very upset that I’ve gotten zero response.

I’m done with this app. I’ve been playing this app since last October (2017) and enjoying it until recently. As another review pointed out, many times I would make a bet and it would pause and say “bet refunded”. This started happening to me recently where it hadn’t done it before. When I updated the app recently, I was severely angered to find all my previous winnings and credits had disappeared, and the app had reset itself as if I’d never played before. It asked me to sign in or play as a guest. That was my first clue that something was wrong. When I finally got into the game to play, it was back to square one. All my previous efforts. GONE! All my credits (45 MILLION!!). GONE! So, guess what? Me? I’m GONE TOO!!! 🤬🤬🤬🤬

Designed to waste your coins!. I thoroughly enjoy playing this game and would consider it a 5-star game, except for one glaring issue of greed. Instead of saving your most recently bet amount, the amount is set to an extremely high amount whenever you first open a slot. Eager to start playing again, I tap the spin button…and then an amount that has taken me several days (or longer) to accumulate is gone in an instant. I know this and usually adjust the bet before starting but sometimes I forget. The goal is to ‘encourage’ the purchase of more coins, which I understand. My only wish is to take the higher risk when I choose. Just something to be aware of.

Confused. Not sure why all the negative reviews. I play this at a "real" casino and it's my favorite there and online. I love this game and think payouts are fair. Addendum: For the first time I purchased coins.....$4.99 and when I returned to game they had changed my minimum bet to the maximum and did not notice for several spins and lost almost all my purchase. Feel like I have been scammed. They increase my bets all the time and did not think they would scam me out of my purchase. Still my favorite game. No longer 5 stars. Dropping down another star. I think it’s great to introduce new games and have a contest to pick the favorite but then after really enjoying a new game, they take it away like the triple cash wheel. It feels like a bait and switch. If it was so popular, why not make it a separate app? I would even purchase this game. Addendum: why bother to call this game “Quick Hits.” Most of the games are padlocked. This is ridiculous. Players cannot even choose a game they like. Until a lot more games are unlocked, I am moving on to other games even though Quick Hits Triple Hits Cash Wheel is my favorite but it is always locked. No other app does this....having so few choices. One Star is all I would give this.

Good game but starting to seem like a scam. I’ve been playing quick hits for a while.. as well as hotshot casino(associated w/quick hits) I would say about the past 1-2 months there have either been a lot of glitches or it’s turning into a scam. I will win a decent amount of money and a few spins later it says bet refunded and takes all my coins. Also, on their fb page they offer free coins which 9 out of 10 times don’t work. I’ve complained several times and they said no one else is having these issues so I screen shot their fb comments because they are the same complaints as mine and they don’t say or do anything. I also contacted customer service recently about my 600k coins getting taken away and they never responded. It’s almost like they closed the ticket because I received a follow up email from quick hits asking if I had a good or bad experience from the complaint I had. It’s starting to get extremely frustrating and if it continues I’m going to make sure this company reimburses everyone !

I’ve lost the love. At first, I really enjoyed this app. But as I’ve played for several months, I’ve come to realize it’s not so hot. Payouts are once in a blue moon. If you find a favorite game, it goes away for a while or minimum bet it $15,000,000 (yes millions). When I buy coins (stupid me) it goes so fast, slots get tighter, can’t even play a few hours. Minimum bets are way too high at 240,000 but only on some slots, many are much higher up to 15,000,000. When I first started minimum was 24,000 or 48,000 but no more. Once I made a purchase, minimum went up. App does not give enough free play to keep me satisfied. I sign in every day for my free play but maybe get 10 or so spins a day, and wins to keep me going for a while are rare. Graphics are great and it feels just like a real casino machine, but unfortunately it takes my real money just like a real casino machine. I don’t mind paying a little for play (I know the point is making $$$), but this is a phone app so be realistic. If it weren’t so tight with such high minimums I might feel better about “pay to play” but honestly I feel like I just get cheated out of my purchases and get very little action in return. Why should I give your app daily activity? You don’t give me enough to stay. Not worth my time anymore.

Sorry, it’s a rip off.. I hate to admit that I’ve probably spent $100-$200 plus on this app for coins because it’s fun and the slots are decent. The problem is it seemed that the more I spent, the less I won. Very rare bonus plays, low pay outs, etc. Every now and again you’d hit a big score, but it’s only followed by about an hour of constant loss no matter what slot. For instance, I took advantage of the 3x coin sale for 7.5 million for $4.99. I did this three times within 30 minutes, losing everything at around $120,000. That equals out to about 187 spins. How many spins did I do? 226. Seriously. So out of 22.5 million coins I won only enough for an extra 39 spins. How many bonus spins did I trigger? 0. Not to mention earlier this week was on a typical dry spell, and I finally won a decent amount of 7.7 million on a great spin. But nope! A box pops up telling me my bet amount was refunded, and I won nothing. Bunch of BS. It’s rigged to earn your money. Congrats, you snaked mine, but no more. I’m done.

😖😖 😔 VERY Disappointing 🤬🤬🤬. I used to enjoy playing all of the QuickHit slots until very recently. Recently however, while playing, for no reason what-so-ever, my points are taken away! This morning I spun the wheel and got 35,000 points - played QuickHit Triple Play Moon Princess and won several jackpots which took me over 250,000. I was betting the lowest amount of 8100. I was able to have 8 spins and all of the sudden I see that the page pops up telling me to buy more points and I see my points have gone down to 7000 something. What the heck you guys...???!!!!!! And this is just 1 example of the past couple months. JBut now I’m fed up!!!!!! I suggest you boycott the quick hit games until they get their stuff together. Libby1957And AGAIN - I have 20,844,180 points and get a notice that I’ve leveled up and receive 500 and some change. When o go back to my game, I have 2,844,180. WTH??!!!! You TAKE AWAY 18,000,000 points ???

Unbelievable!. First I’d like to say I love Quick Hit machines and really enjoyed this app. Lately it’s been a tough one to keep on my phone. I haven’t hit any sizable pots for a couple weeks. I haven’t been able to open many new machines because the app looses track of my achievements. Also the bonus spins barely cover a spin or two on any given machine at times. Today I sat down to play for a minute and BOOM!! I hit a monster, I was smiling from ear to ear and showing off my win as it counted, and counted, and counted... I thought to myself “finally.. some chips to throw around and open some new machines.” But as it as it rolled over into the millions of chips.... it stopped and the sign covered my screen saying “sry we are going to refund your bet amount.. OK” WTH!?? Who’s job is it to take care these matters? This seems to happen quite often and truly needs addressed. Anyway sry for the long rant but WHEW!! Plz work to resolve this big spins payout and bonus spin robbery issue thank you

Probably one of the worst.. You’d think if you spend money on a game it’ll pay better, but that’s not the case here. The wheel spin at the start of everyday? A JOKE. The rewards. Even bigger joke. Don’t even let me get started on the prizes won. Overall great slots, but don’t waste your money on this app. I’m sure they’re better apps out there who won’t let you spend a crap ton of money for coins and don’t reward you with anything else. At least other games offer bundles. This game DOES NOT offer that. You’ll spend $20 on 400k coins and lose it within seconds and then they’ll automatically tell you you need to buy more coins. This game is terrible when it comes to stuff like that. I wish I could give it no stars lol. Plus I put my father in law onto the game cause he’s a big slot guy and he’s had money coins taken away, I mean he will wake up on day and the coins won’t be there anymore & it’s happened multiple times. Don’t waste your time, & thank you for hearing me out.

Disappointing. Great slots but level of winning and bonuses are little to none. The bonus wheel is a joke. As long as I have been playing these slots, I have never hit the largest amounts at ANY time. If I wanted real “Vegas” odds, I’d go to a real casino and win real money. This is for fun, let us have fun. I know it’s basically geared where we’ll spend real cash to play for fun (and I have on occasion spent a little) but just like the real deal, you’ll lose it all so you have to purchase more. Not! Also, give us the option of participating in the gimmicks you have going on weekly. I’d prefer not to but I have have to continually press the “X” in the corner to get the pop ups out of the way. And I’m sure most other apps are the same. I’m going to leave all of them alone.

Very few payouts. I have been playing these slots for several years. Compared to the cheesy slots online, these are the best. HOWEVER, expect to continually buy credits if you want to continue playing. The minimum bets (40,000) are so high and the payouts so low your money is gone. If you get a decent payout, don’t expect another until you give back all that you just won. I have counted up to 25-30 times until you get MORE than your current bet. Also after years, almost daily, I have never had a jackpot! I was informed by the customer service that “we attempt to make the slots comparable to Las Vegas “. Trust me, not even close! Most of the time I work with the tiny amount of freebies they give out. If the payouts were more I’d probably spend a little more. Otherwise it’s fun to kill time.

In-app purchase won't load. On December 24,2020 I made a holiday special purchase of 135,000,000 coins on the Quick Hits app. I received an email from Apple advising me that the purchase had completed along with the the order number. When I accessed the Quick Hits app to play the casino games, I discovered the 135,000,000 had not been loaded. I tried contacted Apple and was advised that I had to contact the app provider, Appchi Media Group, to clear up the matter or get a refund. So far I have not been successful to reach Appchi Media because customer service contact information is not available. Think twice before you make an in-app purchase because no party involved wants to take ownership for any glitch that may have occurred.

TRASH!!!. This app was so fun for the last couple months and they have drastically made a change in the app where you do not win at all!For example it used to be fun to complete your daily bonuses and build it up or to getting an emerald ball once you complete your challenges.I’ve noticed the last few weeks that all your daily challenges have continued to go down at once was 100 million for completing the harder challenges and is now at 12 million for the emerald ball it gave me 600,000 coins which is less than three spins on 90% of the games. Purchased for $10 the 90million coins and did not win one single bonus betting at 240,000 coins. This has been going on for a month now and the payouts become less and less and it is to the point now where it is not even fun this app is complete garbage and all they want is you to spend money on the coins and once you fall for it you will not win. TRUST ME!! Shame onThe manufacturers of the app for ruining it once really fun game

Not user friendly. The first day I played it seemed like it was playing well with a good amount of wins. But after that it all went down hill. Not only is the algorithm set for you to constantly have to up your bets in order to win. It also requires more spins to get a win the longer you play. They induce you with free coins but the coins they allot you and only to get you in a fever to purchase coins from them. This app does not offer any prizes other then more coins which they take away at a rapid pace after a days worth of playtime. The whole idea of an app that doesn’t offer real winnings in cash is to keep you wanting to play with the idea that your winning even though your only getting coins. This app is representative of any other addicting gambling site. They aren’t there to help with curbing a gambling addiction they only want your money. Why play for nothing when you can play on a gambling site with at least the possibility of winning real cash. Here your just giving your money away with no real compensation but gold coins. Failure.

Very Disappointed!!!!. This game is a joke! It either freezes up or if you win big it won't give it to you. I'm not able to go anywhere cause of my health and this use to pass the time. I'm gonna delete it cause every time you do an upgrade it messes up. And when you purchase coins it charges you double than you purchase. I’ve played this for a while and just today alone I’ve won 4 times large amounts and it doesn’t give them to me. Playing what I purchased then deleting this app. And Apple you really need to check into some of your apps and talk to the programmers. Don't waste your space on your phone or tablet with this game. What a joke!!! Not signing into Facebook every time to play. Not your business of my password on my account. Enjoyed cause disabled and can't do and go like I use to could. Of all the years playing this game won big one time and then you took it right back by the amount you was deleting with each spin. Again what a joke!!!

Not so good!. The only thing about this slot app is the modern games it lets you play. It takes way to long to unlock new games especially when you don't win much. You need to play to unlock games but your small winnings are quickly taken leaving players only a few minutes of play before they are out of coins. My father did win over a billion in the Xmas bonus game where you collect items for the tree but lost it all back in like 4 days. Not one good win playing with a billions of coins! Took it all! The amount of coins he had would have cost around $600. Had he bought them, imagine spending that kind of money just to play a fake slot with no chance of getting anything for it. There's too much risk for no reward! What a shame because the game are fun to play. I will never pay for coins on the site though! Trackercb

Fun for 3 minutes. Unless you want to spend a lot of money just to play a game for amusement, you won’t get to play much with this one. The game also freezes up regularly & cancels out winnings quite often, usually on big wins. It’s sad when you get excited to win 1/2 of what your bet is after spinning 5-10 times with no return. I’ve gone to the bonus round on here without winning anything... I mean come on, this isn’t a real slot machine, it’s entertainment. At least let people play for more than 5 mins. I haven’t bought any credits to play & the daily awarded credits usually only last a few mins before you’re broke & it’s giving you prices on coin packages. I’ve also read several reviews saying that people are charged multiple times for a single purchase, another reason I won’t enter my payment info on this site. If this were a machine in real life I’d report it to have the odds checked because there’s no way it’s within regulation.

Good, fun gameplay. Definitely pay 2 play. It’s a really fun game. I play all the time. Guess I’m one of the many suckers out there. But if you want to get consistent bigger wins you have to pay them. Not sure if it’s based on spins, amount won or time but you can definitely tell when you’ve worn out your money. You would think $25 in purchased coins would give you at least 24-48 hours of decent gameplay. Nope. Maybe an hour or so? In a lot of games you have mini, minor, major, grand and mega jackpots. They don’t give out the grand or mega ones and in almost 5 years of playing I have only seen 2 major ones. I’ve hit 3 major jackpots at my local casino in the last 2 years and this pretend casino is way tighter than a real casino. That’s the one thing about this game. It seems as if they believe the are losing real money if you hit major or higher jackpots. It’s a game, not real life. Lol.

Different games, same company…. All Sci games (Goldfish, 88 fortunes, Quick hit etc…) are meant to draw you in Day 1. Best bonuses and features magically appear on Day 1. Bonus are frequent and payouts are great. After playing for a week or so, you will discover they increase minimum bets on the better slots. Bonus frequency and results are trash. I have contacted customer service many times about feeling like I am getting acammed. They build too many “ways to get free coins” it impacts RNG frequency. Support - do not respond with your standard response as I have seen it many times. Apple should ban you and your company should be investigated. And don’t kid yourself, Ive been gambling for 40 years and if your games were a true depiction of casino play, I would have saved a ton iver the years. Y’all should be ashamed of yourselves. Ive tried all the games multiple times…same outcome. Win big in the beginning and lose all of it in 30 minutes.

Love Games but they’re slow to respond. I don’t understand why it takes so long to get the “spin” response after each spin is completed. I keep getting a low signal warning from the app, but this never happens with any of the other apps I use. I have a good modem with a booster which has no problem sending a signal out to my workshop (approximately 80 feet from the modem with two brick walls and four interior walls in between) where my computer, computerized sewing machine, and my grandson’s gaming computer are. These devices are in use everyday with no connectivity issues. While playing on the Quick Hits app I’m in the house, not more than 30 feet from my modem. If I was having trouble with any of the other slots apps I play I might wonder about my internet service, but since this is the only app giving me trouble I have to wonder. Is anyone else is having this problem?

Fun but has some glitches. I chose those game to download because it has a lot of similar games I like to play a the Hard Rock Casino. One game in particular is Terrific Tiger. The game is fun but I notice that when you get either of the blue, red or green coins .. not all the time does the pot get bigger. On 3 different occasions I’ve gotten the green token and my pot can’t get any bigger and it’s not allowing me to win . I will keep spinning and no matter how many green coins I get the pot stays the same. That’s disappointing. Also when I won the red pot which is Jackpot. I always get the mini. I’ve never gotten the Minor , major, or Grand. I think that’s not fair. There’s no way I’m randomly picking and always get mini. The other game with the 3 pigs. I’ve noticed that I’ve gotten the blue coin which is free games. I had 14 Free games, I got a blue coin and when it went inside the blue light bank it increase but my free games remained at 14. I wish you guys can fix these minor glitches .

Unfortunate. I’ve had this Game for a long time. I often spend a bit of money so that the developers get something. I enjoy it some of the time but for the most part it really is a waste of time. First, it takes forever to move up a level ( which is where you also get coins). So your on the screen playing it for a very long time before you see a new machine. Second, you also can play a very long time without hitting for anything significant ( more than you are betting ). For instance today I played 8 different slots and went through 39M without hitting one bonus or good slot. And I played each one for a bit ( I wasn’t betting a million a shot) last, when I do put money into it a slot will play for a few pulls but then take it all back. It’s supposed to be fun and encouraging to make you want to play longer but all it is is frustrating. And the slots lately have been jumping !! Or skipping. Anyway, I’m sure there are better slots out there.

Total rip-off. This game was fun at first, lots of games, quick to level up. Once I had gotten to a certain level and made the mistake of paying for coins minimum bet changed from 40k to 240k or 1 million on the majority of machines (all the machines I had been playing on minimum bet increased). Also games I had been playing on that I had unlocked by levelling up all vanished or became locked again; Zeus, Kronan, etc… Unlike most gaming apps the more you play and more you pay the worse it gets, you win less, you lose game options, you have to bet more, etc… All they are doing is trying to squeeze more money out of you, anytime I submitted a complaint about what was happening they would send me maybe 500k to make up for it, hey thanks for the 2 bets that got me, that makes up for everything, NOT! I will be deleting this app immediately, I was a sucker for 2 weeks longer than I should have been, (I have had the app for maybe 3 weeks FYI).

Best slot app out there. Nothing really compares in my opinion. I’ve been playing on this app for years and have never had to buy any coins. Although, I absolutely would if you could win real money. There are so many credit giveaways and even if you run out they give you unlimited free spins albeit at a very low denomination. The only downside is some of the newer games require huge wagers so I don’t bother with them. The classics with bonus rounds are the most fun for me and every once in a while I find a game in Reno or Vegas that I’m familiar with because of this app. Can’t wait for legalized online gaming to hit California. These guys will have a huge head start on any competition.

Worst Slot Game ever. This app has the best looking slots… but the worst winning percentage and payout of the 9 games we tried. With a winning percentage of 1.23%, this game is fun for about 3 minutes and then they stick their hand out for money. If you hit any size jackpot larger than your bet (which is rare), you will not hit another on the same game until you’ve spent all that you won. Your best bet is to immediately switch to a different slot. Even then it is rare to hit again quickly. We tested with paying as well. After spending $100 to buy chips at various times, we finally got a large jackpot of over $1 billion, but didn’t hit another jackpot at all until that was gone… playing 1 million bets. Lotsa Slots and several others are way more fun. Btw we messaged the company before we posted a review, they did give us $50 million in chips and said that they were trying to provide a “casino like experience”. FYI most casino slots hit at a 2.75% average. It’s sad that well made games can’t be fun due to the greed of these companies.

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Cool game.... Haven’t been playing long enough to make a proper decision

No good. The worse pokie game on the App Store. If you want to kill some time, go spend $20 in the real pokies, you’ll be less disappointed.

Poor changes. Used to be a really good and fun game to play. But the recent change of all the slots with jackpots being a minimum bet of 240k (some have minimums a lot higher than this) has really caused this game to fall. Now there are only a very select few games with the lowest possible minimum of 40k, which is needed when the free coins is only a dismal amount! You need to drop the minimum for the jackpot games back to 40k. I don’t see why it matters when you can’t even win the jackpot on the 240k bets anyway!!

Fantastic. Awesome games it’s great that you open up games that are locked every once in a while keep it up

Great game. I find this is one of my go too games now. Great graphics and prizes.

Poor. What’s the point in this game ? Doesn’t let you win anything it’s a joke of a game, may as well delete it

Love it. Every day make my day so much fun

The game is fantastic👍. Very happy

Andy. I just started playing and I must say I’m enjoying it a lot

Unless you want to spend real money don’t bother. Trying to get a win to build a balance is impossible, unless you buy their coins through the App Store with real money. Which also means you can’t really increase your bet because you can’t win enough for the balance to go up. It’s a shame because it’s a good game but it’s just more aimed at getting you to buy their coins!

Club games without losing money. Great variety, very impressive so far

Rigged game. This game don't want you to win it wants you to top up coin loose and waste your money i waste a lot in top up coin so please don’t download this game purely rigged game

Very exciting. The sounds noise and wins are so enjoyable

Easy to play. Easy to play reasonable win loss ratio good graphics

Slots. Fun to play.

WORST SLOTS GAME I EVER PLAYED. the game not smooth to play and when you level up there always notifications come up. 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

Game to win. May I get a really money out of this game? I am sick I'm looking for money I mean real money

Love it. Thank for this game,it’s very enjoyable and fair

Waste of Space... Very Slow gameplay... Average graphics.. average games... really poor returns ( 40mill spent with no major wins and lost in less than 2 hours at avg bet of 128k) in my short experience with this waste of time!!! It is definitely amongst the worst of pokies gaming apps... wish I could get back that 2 hours!!!

Great games lots of fun. Great games lots of fun

Great game. Having slots of fun haha

Great games. Thanks

Terrible pay outs. Go and play somewhere else. These machines are tighter than the real thing. Have one star which still was being generous.

Love the games. I find the games very exciting & relaxing to play

Dont buy chips. No matter what you do this will eat your chips.... When the algorithm moves to lose mode you lose no matter how much money you have spent on coins or how you got your coins. If you are good at patterns you can see the algorithm change. Only use the free coins there is nothing to be won by investing money.

Love it. It’s full of non stop bonuses that make playing enjoyable

Bad update / after your money. Was a good fair game before they updated it the minimum bets way to high Basically just pushing you into buying coins Your bonus means you’ll basically get 2 spins then you’ll be out of coins and that’s if your lucky Get it together guys and change it back to 40k minimum bets, be fair

Help. Good fun to stop wasting real money I feel like I’m rich in real life if you want to stop spending money gambling get this game

Great games. Great graphics and sounds and features

Quick hit slots. I am impressed by the constant variety provided. The best slots I e played. Always something different and rotation is great too.

Terrible. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME AND MAKE A PURCHASE FOR EXTRA COINS!!! Bought 40mil of coins for $8 and played the minimum bet of 240k and didn’t get a single feature!! Can’t even have fun when you don’t get any feature! ABSOLUTE JOKE OF A GAME!!!!!!!

😝. Great colour etc, but some boring games, some don’t pay much, so u run out of $$$ very fast

No free games. Like really? 18 mil and not one bonus or free games.??!!!! I know it’s luck of the draw but be for real here and there for sure not all the time just one on every game

Money Losses. Why can’t these pokie apps give us the giant wins like the major or grand once in a while?!?! ITS FAKE MONEY, let us feel like we’re winners! Every time it’s the free money spin wheels… always most likely to get the lowest number on the wheel!!

❤️. By far, the best slot game I’ve come across. ❤️ it.

Having a ball. The his is a wonderful game, thank you

Must play. So fun

Love it. But how do you add and remove Favourite Games?

Quick hit your phone…. You have better chances actually winning with the real life versions of these games than you do with the in your pocket app version this app provides. Chews through your coins and gives you nothing back. Only gets 2 stars because the games are not cheap rip off versions and there are variety, but don’t waste any actual money

Worst app ever. Don’t even bother downloading it. You get one feature every two weeks.

Good Game. Good game but when you purchases credits, the win rate is very low, and very disappointing.

Fun game. Lots of fun, loose sometimes but win a lot

Pokie one. Having fun. But wouldn't buy coin to play.

So bad. Just a no good game for what you pay to play. They don’t give you a go when you pay 💰. I’m deleting. You loose no more $$$$. Delete delete

I can’t bet low anymore. Was fun when I was betting 40k per spin , now the minimum bet is 3 mil? How is this fun to play when they give you 1 million to play once a day??? Basically I can’t low bet anymore and can’t find a way to change it back. If I’m going to pay to play I might as well play the real thing than this

bad app deleted after 2 days. jackpot payouts are horrible normal payouts are way worse just eats whatever coins you have i suggest everyone not pay to play or play it at all its that bad this game its by one of the worst slot apps and should be taken of the app store everyone who spent money should be refunded all there micro transactions because by far i thin this app is a scam just lick lightning link casino you got more of a chance winning on the real slots not these fake A.I generated slots with horrible win rates and even worse payouts

Best App I’ve played to date. There no other slot app that comes even close to the realism, fun, quality of actual real games you would find in casinos :).

No good. Has no games advertised and only can play one slot. Dumb people play this game. Didn’t even spin once it looked that bad

Expensive to play. Great graphics and game concepts, BUT coin packages are not the best value for money. Even at the lowest purchase money gone . Please fix this and some added play time too would be just the thing for five stars!

Needs huge changes. Features don’t even exist No double up feature -red or black The daily and 5 dating are ridiculous. No matter how long you’ve been playing you NEVER hit 50 mill and the 5 days spin you always get the x2 multiply. Reallycrap indeed. Takes months to save credits to use them in 5 mins cause you never get features

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Best game. So fun and entertaining

Jennifer Fill. Enjoying the slots!

Fun. Spin and enjoy

One game I would NEVER RECOMMEND. I have been playing this game for a few Days and it Give a Low amount of coins and ended up with my losing my entire amount of coins!!!

Thankful. Awesome game thankful

Enjoying. Awesome game

Jackpots are weak. You get your bonus then spin get a jackpot that either puts you back where you started or gives you a little extra then try something else and no jackpots are given. Constant battle of bonus/spin/small win/lose it all. I get it that’s gambling but the ads act like you are going to hit big but you never do. Never.

Not worth the time. It was good in the beginning. You win in the beginning then you lose everything and they force you to buy coins and you will never win big if you don’t spend real money

👍👍👍👍👍. 👍👍👍👍👍

Completely Froze My iPad 😡. Managed about 10 minutes of play before it completely froze my iPad. First black screen of death I’ve ever had on it. It wouldn’t let me power off or anything. Had to plug it in to get the window back so I could exit out of this horrible app. Suffice to say I’m uninstalling as we speak. 😡😡

Nice. Good app love it

Fun. It is fun to play and not have to spend money

Quick hits. Like the game but ultra vaults are useless and annoying

So much fun!!. This game is so much fun. So many slots to choose from.

Fun time. Fun winning without loosing your shirt😆😆😆

Fantastic fun. Awesome site one of the best ever

Great game. Fun game,lots of wins

Good. Nice

Fun. Fun slot game, but I ran into a problem quite a way into the game, stuck in high slots, and I can’t return the bet amount to the lower amount I’m forced to bet 250,000 minimum

Quick Hit Platinum. Awesome!!! Always New Games and bonuses.

Almost real!. Almost!!

Fun, fun. Love playing the games…great way to pass time and it is free…just wish I could actually cash in my winning…that would be awesome!

No wins but also no ads. No ads which is great, but also very little wins. It does make sense since there’s no ads, they need to make money off purchases instead. I went from $1,000,000,000 to $0 from doing $3M auto spins across several machines and lost it all.

Bonuses are so hard to come by. Delete this app. It’s a money grabber

Love it don’t change anything. As long as you don’t get rid of the James Bond games maybe get Zeus game fire free spins love it

I enjoy it. I like it

Hi. I love this game it’s so much fun

Quick Hits. I haven’t won any jackpots but the slots are keeping me alive & very thankful for that.

Coin purchase. Has a lot of problems with the special little tasks and now with buying coins says three times the amount and show the amount as single ???? Reported but no answer yet as to this date I still have no fix to problem and it seems no one is looking into it I am missing millions of coins not nice to do to a player

Jeu. S’est plaisant de jouer quand on n’est pas déranger par les Fenetre qui ferme

fun game. game is pretty fun to play i like how u can gamble and not lose real money

Love it. Great game

enjoy playing... great game for passing the time

Awesome. Love it I can play all day

Not enough wins. I like the slots offered and enjoy playing them. However the daily bonus is so minimal compared to the minimum bets on the slots along with the winning ratio. Disappointing because I really do enjoy the slots but my coins run out within 20 minutes not so much fun

Slots review. Amusing, fun and entertaining-all without having spent a cent! Thank you

Very addicting. Great especially on free time

Bonus. Very stingy on getting bonuses, just used 20million betting 140k and never got one bonus and when you do get a bonus it takes it all back, back to update, probably spun 40mil in coins on low bet with huff and puff and can’t trigger a bonus. This is why people delete these apps. Got lucky and won a billion coins and it literally took it all in 2 days and haven’t won anything sense. Played huff and puff, the cheaper one without the buzz saw, spun 80 spins at a million and no bonus. Can’t play majority of the games because minimum bet is way to high

Fun. Fun!

Fun fun fun. This game is totally addictive. It keeps you guessing and keeps you coming back. Lots of free coins. Love this game!

Good game. Lots of fun

Yea. Cool

Amazing Wins!. Recently won 400+++ free spins on Planet Moola game. Huge win!!! Great game!

Wrongly my game went back to start. I was so far in my game first thing last night my game started from the beginning I lost everything

Awesome. Games are exciting to play without costing a penny

Really enjoy this game. Really

Worst game!!. Honestly what intrigued me the most was the selection of games they have. However….. it’s by far the worst casino app at the store. You barely win and it extremely hard to land anything. It’s a fake game for goodness sake at least give one big win every 10pm but nothing this game can go 2 hours giving you absolutely nothing. It’s just a money grabber don’t fall for it!

Fun. Love this game

Cash. Make it so players can collect some real cash it’s really hard out here

Wow!. What can I say other spend your money at a real casino! Better odds. Don’t buy credits. Chances of maintaining credits is very low.

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Huff and More Puff. While the game itself is fun, this app completely obliterates any desire to continue playing! The pay outs are SO LOW that you can’t play more than 10 consecutive spins at ANY denom before you have to refill. Sure, the app gives $45K in free chips every time you are low but who wants to constantly keep refilling every 2 spins?? The pay outs are also horrendous. You practically have to get a full screen to get ahead. As someone who plays the actual slot all the time, granted it’s with real money, this app pay out is a rip off. As long as you just play and refill all the time, as annoying as it is, the game is what it is. Just DON’T waste your hard earned money buying tokens for this app!!

Watch out for this one. This game is not one of the best, far from it. It takes forever to get to a level where the really good machines are open. Payouts are minuscule compared to bets. Bonuses in any way are difficult to get, infrequent and payouts are generally very small. If you do win anything somewhat greater it will all be taken back very quickly, so do not raise your bets after a significant win. There are many games out there that are far superior to this one and a lot more fun and rewards are much better. Look for them.

Ripped me off. I had 95 million points, was on level 586, the other morning I brought up the game and it was all gone. Level 64 and a lousy 2,000 points. Who do I complain to in order to get my points and game level restored? Once in the past I bought coins and there was a problem and I didn’t get them, assumed I wouldn’t be charged so did it again and I was charged twice. Asked for my money back and never heard a word. I loved playing these slots in my down time but after this last loss I refuse to spend one more penny.

Hello. I’d just like to inform you, and say thank you, for any and all of the times that you’re app or website has taken my money without anything in return. It hasn’t happened that often, but this particular time, 3 minutes or so ago, I purchased 7 million 500 thousand coins for 4.99. You replied thank you for you’re purchase, and then I haven’t received anything. I restarted my iPad, thinking that it hadn’t gone through......and I just got screwed. Where did the money go, or my coins..? Can you help me? Let me know how I can get ahold of you if you could, if not through this way. Hey thanks.

Designed to waste your coins!. I thoroughly enjoy playing this game and would consider it a 5-star game, except for one glaring issue of greed. Instead of saving your most recently bet amount, the amount is set to an extremely high amount whenever you first open a slot. Eager to start playing again, I tap the spin button…and then an amount that has taken me several days (or longer) to accumulate is gone in an instant. I know this and usually adjust the bet before starting but sometimes I forget. The goal is to ‘encourage’ the purchase of more coins, which I understand. My only wish is to take the higher risk when I choose. Just something to be aware of.

Just a cash grab for the company who made this. I understand that actual casinos are trying to make money from you. This is a free to play game. Why is it that I’m penalized on my wildballs and daily spin winnings depending on how many coins I have? Yesterday I started at 200 million coins, and now I have to spin, wait for their “sale” pop up, get 45,000 coins, and repeat. Why am I going to spend my hard earned money on coins that literally has no return for me and I’m probably going to lose it immediately on a FREE TO PLAY game? Update: even with the free coins on their facebook, you can’t win and it’s just showing me it’s a cash grab. The “sales” are the same amount. 3 days in a row with hours of “sorry you ran out of coins, here’s some for free” and not winning. Again, it’s a free game. At least give some semblance of more winnings. From 2 stars to 1.

Wildball review. I enjoy playing the different games and the graphics are great. The only issue I have with these games is when you have four wildballs and you get another bonus sometimes you lose the next wildball because the time expires during the bonus. I lose sometimes three or four wildballs a month because of this. I try to keep track of the timers most of the time it works. That is the only issue I have with these games. Keep up the good work and thank you.

What a waste!. If you like generic games, and interruptions every few seconds, and not even being able to really play the games, then this is the app for you! Definitely designed to cheat you out of your money, false advertising used in the screenshots, overall arguably the worst Casino app I’ve had so far. I downloaded it for a specific slot, that slot is not even in the game as the screenshots would have you believe. The free chips don’t last at all, and I can’t go more than a few spins without it interrupting me to tell me I’m leveling up, or offering me to spin a stupid wheel, or letting me know about a sale, or trying to add a ball to my chest or some thing. Today I just want to play slots, I don’t care about the other fluff. I don’t think I played for even five minutes before I grew frustrated with it and deleted this app. What a waste!

Rip Off in a Major Way. It’s a fun game to play but, under the guise of “Bet Amount Refunded” it’s a RIP OFF! When you win a large amount the game pops up “Bet amount refunded “ and it takes the winnings away faster than it gave it to you. Betting $56k I won a $210,000 hit and immediately after it registered to my pool the Bet amount refunded screen popped up and the winnings were deducted faster than they had been credited. This is not the first time it has happened and it does not let you hit any substantial wins afterwards. It gives you little piddles until you either quit or the game eats your pool up leaving you nothing. Not making the mistake of buying coins again and deleting this game as soon as my pool is depleted. And now I’m having trouble leaving the review.

Good. I have been playing this game since 2015. These are the same slots that are at the casinos. Many of my favorite machines. I have purchased a few coin packages. Keeping in mind that I am paying for the casino experience. Not like going into a casino where I lose or win real money. The coin packages here are pricey. They used to have a lot of special deals. Not anymore. 2 or 3xs coins is the most. Nothing special. It is impossible to win a tournament. In the final seconds the bots take over. Thru the years I have had big wins and never placed on top 10. This is a good game if you want the real casino slot experience.

Fix this game. I used to look forward to playing this game but it’s starting to freeze up n doesn’t pay out big bonuses anymore/nothing really Not really nothing to look forward to anymore. You can’t ever win on reels on the right side ever ! If I had all the points/coins that WOULD’VE paid.... I’d be quite content. I don’t expect a reply as IVE READ ALL THE COMMENTS FROM 3 years ago..... n y’all haven’t replied not once. FYI..... I will be looking for another game similar to this one. And..... I wouldn’t waste my money buying coins (or watever u want to call them) w the way PEOPLE DONT WIN, OR losing by freezing up n increasing our bets .... yeah I noticed that long time ago , I always check that 1st ! Good luck w this game cuz u losing a lot of players since u don’t fix bugs.

I love this app!. I play this all the time! The only issue I have found is I cannot find where and how to submit a technical support request! Recently one of the daily challenges is to earn 7 packs which you normally earn by playing the slots, but today I have played almost all day. I earned 3 packs and then I cannot earn even one no matter what I do. I can only guess it’s a glitch, however, I cannot find any way to let someone know! Other than this, I love this app!

Best Slots Game. I am hooked on the new version of Quick Hits! The old version was great but, they really have made the new version even better! I’ve played many slot games but once I found Quick Hits, the rest don’t compare! Quick Hits makes you feel like you are in a casino, I love all the slots, though I have my favorites. Since I found Quick Hits, I don’t bother playing any other slots game, they are boring in comparison. Thank you Quick Hits for making the best even better! Y’all have really outdone yourselves on the new version! Yes I’m hooked!!

The absolute worst online slots. Don’t waste your time. I have been playing this for about 3-4 years and enjoyed it, however it has gotten so bad in the last few months. The bonuses rarely hit and when they do, the payout is minimal. It was not like this before. You would think they are paying out real money!!! I played the triple 7 game and literally counted how many spins it took to get the bonus - 347!!!!!! I have never had that happen on a real slot machine. I have deleted the app on my phone and just wanted to let you know to beware!!! This app is a joke.

Do not spend a dime on this slot machine game. While the slots games are great and a lot of fun, do not spend a dime of money on this game. Beside the coins being extremely overpriced, you don’t get much game time for the money you spend. Sciplay runs these slots tighter than actual slots in Vegas. I just spent $10 for 10 minutes of play, because I couldn’t win anything. I have better luck on machines that actually pay out. Even when you win a little of coins, they take it back incredibly fast, and you have to bet a high number of coins just to win anything. They are totally ripping people off, and they seem to forget this is a game. I realize I don’t have to play, and I will not spend a penny more with them. Just wanted to warn you, that spending money with this game will not get you any more play time, than when you don’t. Totally unethical company!

LOSER,LOSER,LOSER!! Part 2. My original review : Stay away from this game!!! ALL YOU DO IS LOSE,!!! The entire game is setup for you to buy credits and then you LOSE!! I’ll never play this game again! The developer responded with the fact that the game has large jackpots to offset the cool streaks as they said it. My Response to them: You’re missing the point. I have spent a little over $125 in the last two weeks alone. I lost that money so fast I feel like you owe me at least 50% of the money that I invested or give me several billion credits to offset the money spent on your game. The issue is your ALGORITHMS! The games are exciting and rich and done very well but you’ve got the algorithm to favor the house worse than any other slot game out on the market. By the way, look at all the other one star reviews. They are all saying the same thing as your algorithm, your rate of success, is the absolute worst, compared to the other slot game applications in the App Store. Five Billion credits should make it about right. I doubt that you will send me those credits and even if you did I would probably lose all of those credits in about two days or so. You people should be ashamed of yourself. But then again, it’s just business, right?

Quick hit slots. Seems like many of the quick hit slots are plagued with problems or just programmed to literally rob you. Multiple times I have won an excellent bonus and the the bonus is not paid, instead you get an “oops!” Your bet has been refunded. Tonight playing Tetris I hit over 12 million on a bonus and it did the same thing. This game has literally stolen millions of coins that I have actually bought and paid for. I’m going to try an find an online gaming authority which has some control of this industry and see what consumers can do about this type of activity.

No better no worse. It’s a business...its for entertainment. If you don’t like the movie ...do you expect to get a refund? No one is saying you have to play it. I too feel ripped off some days. But the thrill of maybe hitting a cool jackpot, keeps me playing. The key is to just play with the free coins they give you.... and to not invest as if you could really win real money. It’s supposed to be for thrill value... yes some days it pays nothing... then some days I cant loose. But with all casino (business run companies) you’ll loose your money. So if you want value for your buck... Play something else. I don’t go to the movies,,,,, so this is my movie fund. LOL

Too expensive to keep losing. I’ve played these games and they are great fun, but the amount for purchase has become too much for the points given, the bonus wheel is too low , the amount of points for the games for the most part are too high starting with and average 40k point per spin, the payouts don’t match the buy in .. I have spent quite a bit on this site but I think I’m done .. the bonus wheel should be every 30 minutes if the credits are this low. Now that I’ve purchased the $.99,1.99,and now the 2.99 nothing is less than $4.99 for days now .. it’s becoming less fun and more expensive .. I’ll be back for the daily spin that is it ..! Sorry and good bye ..🥴

Winning my life back. I played this game machine while I was in Wichita, Ks. I really needed to win my life back . When I got COVID on Jan. 3 ,2021. I lost everything : my 2020 Toyota sienna My job working as a Uber driver. Was going start a business. I almost died from Covid-19, With God as my witness. I deserve a better life. After my trials in life. 4 years old I fell face first into a 15 foot deep septic tank hole my father and brothers were digging . At 14 years old I was hit by a drunk driver while I was on one of my nieces road bike. Crossing the street just before an overpass , driver was speeding 30 miles over the speed limit, speed limit is 30 miles per hour. Then here comes COVID trying once again to take my life. While in the hospital I prayed that God would take me . So I could stop my suffering . This game made me feel alive again keeping occupied, I won $800 but kept playing and it all.

Sad & Disappointed. Have enjoyed playing Quick Hits for several years, with credits in the billions, but the past few days the app won't load unless an update is installed. Looks like the update now requires IOS 11, and my iPad is too old. Other apps and games allow you to use them without updating, and this has never been a problem before. Disappointed I will have to delete Quick Hits! A few days ago I'd have rated 5 stars, but now it only gets 1.

Avoid at all cost. By far the worst casino app! You have tons of other choices, please choose any other app besides this one. Unless you like losing and no bonuses, with constant spamming to make you spend money. Their support is even worse then the app, you will have games that crash or will not pay, even when you win. I’ve had free games that crashed, jackpots won, but never collected. Their tech support will say “sounds like a losing streak, keep spinning”. Please avoid at all cost, play any other casino app- if you do play this app, then DO NOT SPEND REAL MONEY! Once you do then your odds will go down significantly (they know you will pay money, so they will take it all from you). You can easily spin 200x and never win a single coin. I am writing this as a courtesy to mankind, please do not fall prey!

Winnings being refunded. This is my favorite game, I play it all the time. I buy packages all the time. I bet large amounts for bigger payouts. Then a month or so ago my screen started freezing messing up my spins. It also started refunding my bet. When it was a small win I didn’t care but when a few million was lost. On 1 occasion I lost a 36 million win and on the second it was a 16 million Win I lost. I also have been charged for 2 packages when I bought 1 and it was never corrected. Between my husband and I we’ve probably lost $25 at least. Like I said this was a 5 Star game for me now it’s a 2 Star game. Please fix it ASAP. I’ll really miss playing it. I’d also like credit for the wins I lost or at least a portion of it. Thank you for listening. 😒😪

BEWARE—- Purchased Points Lost with new phone. My husband and I upgraded our phones today. Wanted to relax and play some slots…Clicked on this app and everything was lost from purchased points, level status, unlocked games, etc. and returned us back to the beginning like we had just started using the app from day one. We have played this game for years and to lose everything NEEDLESS TO SAY IS VERY DISAPPOINTING!!! TRIED to locate a support or help option and nothing! If anyone has any option or support contact information to assist us, please share.

Good game but too many level ups. I enjoy the game and it works well but you are constantly “leveling up” and yes you get coins for it but it stops the slot you are playing and then this side bonus menu pops out and it stays there too long while your slot is still running. You can’t see what is going on. I don’t really care about the side menus and I don’t really play them. I want to watch what is happening on my slot machine. There are just so many interruptions during the game that it isn’t fun for me. Others might like it but it’s not for me. I want to play what I’m playing and not be interrupted.

No response from QuickHit about account issue. The games are great. Really great. My issue is that I bought a new iPhone and my account information ~points, history etc did not transfer to my new phone. ALL other casino games, word games etc transferred perfectly without losing any history or info. When I clicked on app after getting the phone it treated me as a brand new customer. I’ve repeatedly emailed their support email with no response. My points represented a couple hundred bucks. I am not happy. I’ve been a consistent player of this app for a couple years, with a lot of money thrown at it. I’m very upset that I’ve gotten zero response.

Don’t Buy Coins. This has always been my go to app for slots since I don’t have any casinos where I live and there is something about the noise of the slot machines that I really like, however I have made the mistake of buying some coins recently(not many) but ever since I have bought some coins you win nothing!! Your daily spins are always low, I very rarely win wild balls anymore and well to be honest it just stinks! I realize this is just a game for fun, no real money is won but sometimes it’s just my go to thang for a minute to myself. I’ve been playing this game for a couple years and it’s just going downhill quick!!

DISGUSTED. If you don’t like getting ripped off I would not download this game. I bought $50 of coins a little while ago. In the 30 minutes since then I’ve been ripped off 3 times. I won $6,000,000 first then $17,000,000 next and finally $3,000,000. All 3 times a pop up tells me my bet has been refunded. It takes away your winnings and gives you back your original bet, which for me was $256,000. And it’s not the first time this has happened. The thing is, this has never happened to me when I didn’t win anything. It always seems to happen after a big winning. I wasn’t going to write a review, but after the third time this happened in the span of 30 minutes I felt I should warn people that the makers of this game are a bunch of thieves. Play at your own risk.

Loved the version before the last upgrade. The app developers recently “upgraded” the app, while I appreciate the intent I’m frustrated with what I view as a money grab. I’ve sent numerous requests to customer service that have not been answered so I don’t think the developers are interested. The new version of the app spins so fast on auto spin that one cannot even see what was won or…lost. In the old version it would spin at a regular speed which was enjoyable. The hyper speed literally takes money so quickly that it really is a coin (money) grab. There are so many good slot apps out there that were not developed by this team that one would think they could implement a hyper spin mode for those that enjoyed this model or a more normal auto spin for those who want to enjoy the seeing the spins without hitting the button each time. It’s a shame because there are good things this app had to offer but without support, communication and a direct money grab it’s just not attractive. Sorry.

Love/Hate. Love the games, Hate that it takes me a week worth of collecting bonuses every two hours in order to get enough to play for a little while. The games generally take what I’ve accumulated way to quickly, and that’s betting mostly minimum bets. Which of course means very slow progress to unlock games. With the speed I consistently lose my coin I would never buy more with real money from this site, it would obviously be a waste at how rapid they would dissipate. That being said, in my opinion this site has the best and most enjoyable games of most any site I have played. That’s the only thing that keeps me from deleting the app and moving on. I just wish the games were a lil looser to extend my playtime before I head back to zero chips.

Seriously devs...get your stuff together. This has always been my favorite slot app by far, but like most other ppl I am tired of faithfully playing this game daily only to have my winnings taken away after winning big. Got my biggest win so far after months of playing, 4.6 mil on a 52,000 bet, and the next spin (the NEXT SPIN) it says "bet has been refunded" and my money goes back to what it was two spins earlier. But yet you want me to spend REAL money for more coins?! Why would anyone in their right mind do that when there is no guarantee for keeping the winnings you earn? This is an absolute joke until these problems are fixed...unfortunately, even if you DO fix them I won't know about it. You've lost a long time player and I strongly urge anyone else thinking about downloading this app to steer clear unless these problems are fixed.

They steal your credits. Loved playing these game but recently upon going to Auto Spin the bet was moved to the maximum bet if 7,999,999,950 and after 2 spins I went from over 20 billion credits to 3billion. I contacted support and got the same canned response from 4 representatives. They refused to return the credits putting the blame on me, the customer. I was playing 5 Spot and you don’t win anything sometimes unless you spin 100+ times so why would I bet 90% of my credits?? These people are truly scammers!

A money guzzler. Used to be fun . You would get to play for a while on a reasonable purchase of coins . Don’t know why here lately , it takes more of your money , has an awful return . Bonus play is few and far between and big hits are about twice a year ... I’ve been playing about a year ... I can see that you get less and less time on your money . It’s a waste of money ... find some other slots beside SciPlay slots ...I would like to think they would not be taking advantage of us since we’re all stuck in the house right now ... that would be a huge gouge ...

Once again they have raised the minimum bet. I reiterate, this is the only slot game that I play that raises the minimum bet based on the amount you have accumulated. Trust me, this casino game isn’t anything special…certainly not worth having to purchase coins in order to play. I have two slot apps that I have played for over ten years (both free) where I still get to choose the minimum bet. Also, both allow access to ALL of the various games within the app. With Quick Hit, it takes forever to gradually unlock new games.

Paying customer. Fun slots but never buy the coins. Instead of being treated like a paying customer should be treated. ( Like royalty since there's no return on your money ) - once you make a purchase you immediately get a bullseye on your back ie the winning takes a distant second to being targeted for more purchases so you hardly win because if you lose you need to buy more coins right!!! But that's not all if you make a purchase then they want to upsell you so people who haven't ever made a purchase have the sweetest deals available. But loyal folks are not even offered the good deals because they bought it already. WTH

Loved it at first. This has some of my favorite games which I could play and I loved it at first. Then a couple days in, all the games except the lame ones were padlocked so couldn’t play the ones I wanted. I would pay to unpadlock individual games that I like but you can’t do that. Why would I want to play a bunch of games I don’t like over and over just to maybe some day get to the ones I do like? That isn’t any fun and I’m not spending lots of money to play games I don’t like. When you go to a casino they don’t padlock machines until you spend so much in their casino playing crappy games. Give me other options so I can pay to unpadlock the games I like or something. There are enough slot machine games in the App Store to play and let me play games I enjoy. Moving on to other games.

Missing Games and denominational changes. I have been playing this game for a couple of months now. I love playing Invaders from the Planet Moolah and Invaders Attack from the Planet Moolah which is the updated version. I went to go play them and they are no longer on the app. I just played them last night. Where did the games go? Also the denominational changes where you can’t play lower denominations. I started playing with 40,000 and 80,000. Now you can’t play under 240,000. I’m not a fan of that. Can other games be added, such as Stamped and Fairies Fortune? Both are Williams Gaming games that I used to playin the 2004 when I lived in Las Vegas.

Love their Slots HATE the APP!. Unfortunately for ppl who enjoy playing slots on their iPhone/iPads this App has the rights for some of the best & most current slots. Daily bonuses (aka free coins) are the lowest of the various slot apps in the App Store. If you link to FB your “friends” bonus is not enough to cover the lowest in game bet! Unlike other slot game apps their FB Page gives out additional “free coins” with no consistency. And when they do provide a link it’s for 173k coins. (How random is that number?) On average TOTAL Daily free coins is approx 275,000 per day. Payouts are so low... if you set to the lowest bet you will easily use up your “free” coins in approximately 3 minutes. My advise.... DON’T even download to save yourself the frustration. I personally use these types of apps as a form of entertainment and don’t mind paying for that entertainment. I HAVE NEVER purchased coins from this App nor would I ever. Payouts are way to low & bonus payouts even lower. If you do win “big” you will not win again with anything of significance until you are out of coins. The longest I’ve ever been able to play is about 15mins.

China River. Love the game but too hard to get bonus. Went thru millions of coins with not one bonus. Very frustrating. Then when I get a bonus, I don’t care if it’s 8 free spins or 78 free spins, I hardly get anything. Come on people, fix this game. I have gone from 65 million coins down to 41 with not one bonus. Listen to your customers before you lose all of us. Fix what is wrong with these machines. As for me, China River is the worst. I just had over 450,000 coins, betting the smallest amount and got 1 bonus round with 8 spins. I won 21,000. Come on people, do something!!! Listen to us and please fix this game... PLEASE FIX THIS GAME. ARE YOU LISTENING TO US? PLEASE!!! I play China River off and on. It’s the same ole thing. You can’t win. Loosen up the reels or do something. Hard to get a bonus, hard to win anything. PLEASE FIX TIS GAME!!!! Looks like everyone is saying the same thing about Quick Hit Slots. FIX THE PROBLEMS!!!!

Fun, but it’s being taken away.. I really enjoy this game, they have tons of real free slots and it’s been a lot of fun. However… I hate the “triple jackpot” feature happening right now. All of my favorite slots now cost 10x as many credits to play. When in these slots, suddenly my 40k minimum bet is now a million credits. I’ve been betting cautiously and enjoying my favorite slots but now I run the risk of bankrupting myself for a little bit of time played, and believe me I will never spend a penny on this game. If the “triple jackpot” feature doesn’t disappear soon I’ll just be deleting the app and moving onto the next slot game.

Exactly like the real slot machines. The only difference is seeing a window that appears which guarantees you're about to get all 3 Bonus symbols. If you don't see that window. You're NOT going to get a Bonus round. It tells you the more you bet, the better your odds are of winning. I call total BS and Lies. You're just going to lose faster. I've hit Hot Streaks and won a lot of "coins/points" but just like a real slot machine, it's going to take it all back....and then some. They're not going to change it. These people provide a game that's setup in THEIR favor. Unlike a Real casino or slot machine. You're never going to see your money again. There's no CashOut option. If you want to make these people richer. Have at it. I'm about to delete this piece of trash.

Recent Updates Don’t Let You Win on New Slots. For some reason in the past few weeks they’ve updated the odds on the Huff ‘N Puff and Huff ‘N More Puff slots, which are the main reason I used to like this app, and now you lose about 99% of the time and it is just frustrating. I had a balance of 40 billion coins 3 weeks ago and the games took it all by never hitting a bonus or a bonus good enough to earn a wild ball. It’s not fun playing the crap older slots, but that’s the only way to earn bonuses. I understand the app wants to earn money, but frustrating your users is not the way. If anything people will just move on to the next app. And these one line reviews were clearly paid for and shouldn’t be allowed by the App Store to up their rating.

Great for all!. I dont spend money on these apps and yet the play that i get is great jist the same! If you dont have a lot of money to spend they still have a few other ways to be able to keep playing regardless of your situation. I can imagine that spending jist fove dollars here and there would make it even more appealing. Either way the amount of games they have is from my experience far more than any of the other apps in the same category. I highly recommend!!!

Quick hits. Love the app and most games. Wonder how and why on free games you make less $$ than on almost any regular spin in regular game. Choice of games are great at times. Seems though that when you find a game or several, they close those game out and want you to play what they offer. Low pay and not much fun. After a week or two, they will offer one you like but no pay outs. Think it is the best selection there is though even if you are suppose to buy coins all the time. Go broke and switch to another sight for a few months and see how the other apps play. Some are quite fun too.

Horrible money hungry developers. This game is aimed at making people buy into a game that offers nothing. I tried this game out for about a month and I hate to say I’ve spent about 100 on something that is a complete waste of time. The games will not pay back enough to keep playing. It is full of in your face buy buy buy to keep playing. What a shame it’s good graphics and good games minus how tight the developers made the slots but the worst part is how money hungry greedy the developers are. I’m done with it and uninstalled it. I’ll never recommend this garbage to anyone and will tell people to stay away from it. SHAME ON THE DEVELOPERS. This should really be illegal even real casinos have to pay back a certain percentage while these people make 100% profit and offer garbage in return. Developers go @@@@ yourselves.

Babs. This was fun initially, good slot variety. Several daily ways to earn free coins. However, I see as the days go on and I play the slots more, the minimum bet level is going up on most of the slots to really high amounts. Obviously a tactic to get people to purchase, unless you wait for the daily free coins, which I get, but why would I spend money on a game that clearly isn’t going to payout. The bonuses and free spins don’t come up a lot, and it seems in the last few months it’s gotten worse. As soon as I win anything, it turns right around and I lose steadily till it’s gone. It’s been months since I’ve been able to accumulate enough coins to raise my bets

Tiny daily bonuses and few wins. First, if you are someone who actually pays money for this kind of nonsense, just stop. You are paying money for “coins” that have no value. If you run out of coins just delete the game and download a new slot game. Don’t complain that you paid money for coins and still lost. Of course your going to lose. The app is set up that way. Stop falling for it. As far as Quick Hit slots go, I do like the actual slots (visuals are true to what you’ll find in Vegas), but the similarities stop there. Winning is non-existent and game bonuses are just as rare. Nothing like the “payback” you’d see in Vegas. So, it’s not that much fun. Also, the daily bonuses are inconsequential. Very tiny. If you’re like me and would never spend a dime a actual cash on an app like this, just skip it.

Addicting but needs improvement. I really like the graphics of the slots in this app and it’s super addicting to play but I have a few cons which are pretty big ones. Whenever I’m on a winning streak I keep getting this message saying bet has been refunded and takes away my money. I can request for coins all day long but never technically receive them. The payouts are forever to gain and don’t care to spend a fortune on in app purchases for no real monetary value; if that were the case I’d head over to golden nugget and spend my money there.

Very disappointing and frustrating. I have spent so much money on these slots. Of course I did it b choice, but I kept thinking I have to win at some point. It is a shame that for something you are not winning real money on does not pay out. You can be more successful playing at a casino and the odds are so much better. Many of the games it is rare to get a bonus round. I wish the would reevaluate and provide more wins. I have played many other slot games and the odds are 100 times better, but I like these games.

Addictive Games but you have to pay to play. I’ve been playing this game for over a year. It has my favorite games and I’ve spent a small fortune. The bonus wheel has never given me more than 300k. The slots lock up and take my money. I was once refunded for one malfunction. Today was the last straw. I bought 4billion coins and about 5 spins later the game started freezing and the showed a loss of 4billion 200 million coins on one spin! $100 gone in 2 minutes. I feel robbed!! I am very disappointed because it’s time to delete this App. I’ll learn to enjoy the other slots that rarely require money to play.

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 17+ years and older
Current Version 3.00.45
Play Store com.ballytechnologies.quickhitslots
Compatibility iOS 12.0 or later

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The application Quick Hit Slots - Vegas Casino was published in the category Games on 18 September 2015, Friday and was developed by Appchi Media Ltd [Developer ID: 486692023]. This program file size is 296.08 MB. This app has been rated by 538,490 users and has a rating of 4.7 out of 5. Quick Hit Slots - Vegas Casino - Games app posted on 07 February 2024, Wednesday current version is 3.00.45 and works well on iOS 12.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.ballytechnologies.quickhitslots. Languages supported by the app:

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