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These high horsepower sideways sliding monsters are a thrill!
Challenge your skills to some of the most technical racing on mobile, these cars aren't for the faint of heart. Realistic looking venues and cars, immerse yourself in the stunning 3D graphics!

If you are a Dirt Track fan, this is the game you've been waiting for!

This App is NOT recommended for iPhone 4 or lower devices.

Game Features:
-Late Models, Modifieds, and Street Stocks
- Career Mode
- Car Customization for Late Models
- Real World Drivers
-Bobby Pierce
-Chris Ferguson
-Devin Moran
-Kent Robinson
-Bub McCool
-Stormy Scott
-Eddie Carrier Jr
-Morgan Bagley
-Frank Heckenast Jr
-Jackie Boggs
-Riley Hickman
-Dustin Linville
-Brandon Thirlby
-Chris Simpson
-Scott Bull
-Mike Spatola
-Timothy Culp
-Chase Junghans
-Chris Madden
-Jason Feger
-Delmas Conley

-Real World Modified Drivers
-Ricky Thornton Jr
-Mike Harrison
-Jeff Curl
-Mike McKinney
-Rodney Sanders
-Devin Gilpin
-Nick Hoffman

- 11 Tracks
-Lucas Oil Speedway
-Fairbury American Legion Speedway
-Brownstown Speedway
-Kentucky Lake Motor Speedway
-USA Raceway
-Atomic Speedway
-Portsmouth Raceway Park
-Gateway Dirt Nationals
-Floodplains Speedway (Fictional)
-Dirt Trackin' Motorplex (Fictional)
-Elbows Up Speedbowl (Fictional)

- Control the way you want: you can touch or tilt to steer
-Touch Arrows
-Virtual Touch Steering Wheel
-Tilt Steering
- Adjustable laps from 5 to 100
- Adjustable AI strength
- Eye catching laptime tracker at the top of the screen, always know how you match up
- Highly competitive AI
-8 Player Multiplayer

Dirt Trackin App Description & Overview

The applications Dirt Trackin was published in the category Games on 2014-11-18 and was developed by BENNETT RACING SIMULATIONS, LLC. The file size is 339.30 MB. The current version is 4.2.27 and works well on 6.0 and high ios versions.

Added 8 new drivers.

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Dirt Trackin Reviews


Update  dustinschultz4  5 star

More realistic damage, flags and more track options. Thank you


Make it a little better but still fun  morrison714🏁🏁🏁🏁  5 star

You need more tracks and if you play sign player you should be able to win money so you up grade your cars and add camping world truck series trucks and more dirt tracks for example eldora and other ones but please add the camping world truck series and eldora first please and thank you and can you put it so we have to qualify for the race and where we qualify is where you start thank you and if someone spins out and hit the wall can you make it so there is damage on the car


Great game  Carlynton59  4 star

The game is great, but can you go back to starting random places each race not being last all the time, and maybe add damage if that’s possible with tires blowing and spoilers ripping off.


DirtySouth7c  DirtySouth7c  4 star

Awesome game be pretty cool if we could have cautions if you spun or wrecked. It would be a lot cool if we could communicate online and be able to race and rub against each other online!!!


A lot of potential.....but frustrating  Zeppelin1972!  3 star

The game could be so good if.....one tap from an opponent in a corner didn't equal disaster and if they didn't simply drive through you to pass. There are some real drivers here, mostly from the Midwest, which is great. Bobby Pierce, Frank Hackenast and Feager to name a few. You can make custom late models but all other classes are predestined cars only. I'm impressed with the amount of real tracks, including one of my favorite local track, Fairbury, IL. However, some tracks, like Fairbury and the other small tracks feel like you can't win except on the easiest difficulty. Biggest issue is that the CPU cars have NO programming to avoid collisions at all so the simply run you over and a little touch will end your race. If they fixed just that, this would be great fun for dirt track fans.

Jug head jr

Needs a makeover  Jug head jr  3 star

Would love to see a create your own car option for all three classes and a setup option or upgrades and some physics work on how the cars handle and drive. And some realistic damage and graphics need to be updated that’s just my opinion


Waste of money  williams1233  1 star

I can’t select career or multiplayer


Excellent game  gokartracer112  5 star

Really great game just need to add some more options like practice and stuff and being able to change the wetness of the track and the in car camera with the wheel showing. The game would be even better if we got to stage in the pits and drive on to the track and have cautions and being able to go to the scales and weigh your car and being able to see the damage better like tires popping but over all it’s an excellent game


Dirt Trackin'  Rhino5772  5 star

Love the game. I have a problem with the custom skins. The numbers are not flush to the car and you can see through them as you turn. It may be a bug in the software, so I figured you would take a look at fixing it thanks.


Lovveeee it but one thing!!!!  saviiking420  5 star

Greatest racing game but would love an update.... more showable damage and qualifying would be nice... maybe a couple more cars in the race... also cautions would be great it would be smart to limit the cautions that way the whole race wont consist of nothing but cautions.... awesome game alot more poeple would buy if it had a couple touch ups


Horsepower?  Brodstar44  3 star

Hey guys game is good but you really need to give these cars the horsepower they deserve. When sliding around the corner the car shouldn’t slow down and the engine die down you need to make the throttle touch so if you gun it too much you spin out so it’s like racing the real deal if you know what I mean. Other than that great game well done


Enquiry  Catslyf  4 star

Hey guys, just wanted too say the game right now is great and wanted too see if maybe in the future there would be a possibility of you guys adding in sprintcars, wingless sprints, midgets or something of that nature. And also if there could be some new tracks in the game both fictional and real tracks. Also wanted too say that late models here in Australia are getting massive and was going to see if you could add in some Australian tracks in the future because some of the tracks over here are really racey tracks eg, Sydney speedway, premier speedway, Murray bridge speedway, Perth motorplex, Bunbury speedway. Thank you very much for your time.

Blown vn

Awesome game  Blown vn  5 star

Awesome game so happy with it would be cool if you could do set up and stuff like that and also yellow flags of you spin out


racing  Parrie_15  5 star

when will Sprintcars be added?


Can't even play  Marvett46  1 star

everytime I load the game up it comes up with download the newest version and there is no way of getting rid of it


Great game  Rossi46162  4 star

Awesome game but it would be really cool if when u spun out u would go under yellow and rejoin the race :)


Dirt trackin  Brandoterro  4 star

This is an awesome games well worth the money. But really needs more updates to fit in with the technology today. It needs Sprintcars More clear graphics To be able to save videos to ipad / iPhone To have different sounds in the cars And more clear everything to fit in with the technology And really love the new update with rolling starts and thing and how you can dent panels and stuff good job with that


Modifides  Hammo2016  5 star

U can see throught the computer controlled Tyers But besides that it's a great game

jenny eveleigh

SO GOOD  jenny eveleigh  4 star

This is the best latemodel game ever it will be so good when career, sprintcar, touch arrow buttons, multiplayer and street stocks come out in future updates. One thing though when I play single player it glitches alot future updates may need a bug fix for this.


Brilliant  Jack#22  5 star

Best game money can by for iPhone.

nick carvelli

Two problems  nick carvelli  4 star

I think this game is pretty good but I don’t have multiplayer and career mode on mine and I know someone else with the game and they have those two so that’s the only complaint about this game

better late worse

Need better update  better late worse  1 star

You need at more cars to the racing. With only nine cars it gets boring after running so many laps cause you don’t have a hard racing and more cars to pass like you do it the sprint car racing game that I rather play more because of the car count and damages need be more realistic


What I would like to be added  imca66  4 star

Let people do career mode

Spencer Heupe

More Tracks and Drivers???  Spencer Heupe  5 star

I really love what this game has came to and I can’t wait to see it grow more, I love the sprint car game too but I just wish there were more selection of drivers like the big name guys and more real tracks around the US would be good like Eldora(Ohio), Knoxville(Iowa), Brown County Speedway(South Dakota), Humbolt Speedway(Kansas)...but overall I love this game and can’t wait to see you guys add more

#54 D.H

Great game  #54 D.H  5 star

Great game just wish it was more realistic, sponsors, Cautions, if u get into traffic u get wrecked most the time tires popping in car damage would be and also a great addition getting the scale your car and stuff like that would be cool to the career mode needs to have less races be nice if you could build your own car to

jc you

Good  jc you  5 star

Good except I can’t play career or online

i dont like guys

Great game for kids that love dirt track racing  i dont like guys  4 star

This is a really cool game to play. I play it all the time. I go to a lot of dirt track racing lose to where I live. And it would be so nice to have pits and people to change your tiers like they do at all the dirt track. Up date this game have sportsman, late models, pure stock, all American. Etc.😀 I love to watch dirt track races. And have people talk way u are races in real life. Just make it more real life

Update and allow

Awesome game need a quick fix to bugs  Update and allow  5 star

This is awesome game and I love playing it the new track has a bug where the cars flip over at the start other then that I have not much if you could add this track I94 speedway and more street stocks I have one driver if could add if you please #35 Corey pourrier a red and white car with a white star on the hood and add others if you could thank you


Qualifying  KHarvickFan1  5 star

The game is totally awesome don’t get me wrong but it would be a whole lot better if you could qualify. I hope you respond and answer my suggestion. Thank you, sighted your #1 fan.

Gabby 2013

Awesome game but...  Gabby 2013  1 star

I bought the game for iPad mini worked fine update before this one locked my online mode and career mode. Main reason I bought this game was to play online and I can’t. Please fix this or show me how???

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