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Study smarter with the largest online library of course notes, flashcards, study guides, and homework help—available 24/7. Better grades guaranteed!

Unlock the exact course notes, study guides, and test prep you need from more than 10 million students and educators at 16,000 schools. Get step-by-step help from expert tutors anytime, anywhere. Create flashcards to master the course material and share with your friends!

Master Your Classes™
Earn better grades when you study with millions of course notes, flashcards, study guides, test prep, and more from students and educators at 16,000 schools for the 2017-2018 school year. Search for your school and course or get help from study resources at other schools. Once we learn about the subjects you’re studying and courses you’re following, we’ll even send notifications when we have new and helpful resources.

Homework Help
Need personalized homework help? Find answers to your questions with homework help from expert tutors who are available online 24/7. Message back and forth until you understand the material and get to the answers you need. Quality answers or your money back!

Flashcards are a simple yet effective way to learn new material and retain knowledge. Create flashcards or find existing flashcard sets to help you master material before your exams. Share flashcards with your friends and classmates for an effective and collaborative study experience.

Your Study Library
Save class notes, Q&As, flashcards, and more to your library to stay organized this year. Your library is organized by course and is accessible via the app and via the Course Hero site for free in your browser so you can always find what you’re looking for. Never misplace your study materials again!

TL;DR - With the Course Hero iPhone App you can:
-Maximize your study time and earn better grades!
-Study millions of course-specific documents: course notes, flashcards, and study guides.
-Get fast and detailed homework help from online tutors 24/7.
-Find existing flashcards or create your own to share with friends.
-Study right away or save materials to your library to read later.
-Have easy offline access to resources you’ve previously viewed via the app.
-Get notifications for new resources—based on your previous searches.

People without a Premier subscription will still be able to search, save, and view previews of more than 10 million course-specific documents: course notes, study guides, and Q&As. And they’ll be able to get homework help from Course Hero tutors and utilize all flashcard features. For full access to Course Hero’s high-quality study documents, users must upgrade to a Premier membership.

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Monthly - $38.99 billed every month
Quarterly - $54.99 billed every 3 months
Annual - $109.99 billed every 12 months

For Customer Support, please visit We’re happy to help!

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The applications Course Hero | Homework Help was published in the category Education on 2014-10-28 and was developed by Course Hero, Inc.. The file size is 87.63 MB. The current version is 1.8.21 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Hey folks! Just a couple of updates for iOS 11! Happy studying!

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Amazing  Lovin_life0628  5 star

This site has been wonderful for me. I swear it’s the only way I passed me Stats class. I did previously pay for a subscription, but now I just upload my schoolwork and I receive free document unlocks. I highly recommend this site!! It has helped me so much...sometimes it’s just looking at another students paper/work to understand the assignment. If I could give more than 5 stars, I would!! I’ve already told many coworkers, friends and fellow students that are in college right now about Course Hero!! Awesome site!! Thank you so much!!


Honestly  wkesete  5 star

Am very happy with your service I wish I can have you more than 5 star!! Quick response with the right help hope will continue like that.thanks again! Course hero for ever!


Top study app!  Shani1969  5 star

If you are struggling through a course, you are going to love this!


Great!  Tbg2012  5 star

This site truly helps prepare you for success! Love it!


Scandal  Reviews???  1 star

What a scam, I purchased the membership thinking it was going to cost 12.99 a month and come realize that they charged me $120.00 of my bank account????

Bogus App Avoid

Helpful for my online college  Bogus App Avoid  5 star

I find many of the required formats I need plus test question samples. Well worth the money if you know how to use it.


Course hero  breelot187  1 star

The site it self is very helpful but the “APP” is garbage. Every time tutor solve my questions and I tried to open them, the app automatically crash. What’s the point of having an app when you can’t view it


So helpful  MMMluvsapple!  5 star

Has literally so many resources and ways to ask questions


Good but can you guys make less expensive for us student plz  RaiguyPFC  5 star

Good product , helpful , but please make it more affordable to us poor students.


Life Safer  Ebusaf  5 star

Helps you understand different courses very easily. Getting A's every computer science class.


Love it and need it  Marajai  5 star

This app helps me to understand what my professors are asking for. It's awesome!!


Lpn to RN  Peypeyaunty  5 star

I love this app , it doesn't only give you the answers it also give you the rationales 👌🏾👍🏾


nice  Ynota1  4 star

Costs a bit, but certainly helpful.


Try Quizlet. For free.  KatieJTx  1 star

I'm not impressed. Quizlet has the same student based info...for free. Share knowledge. Don't charge for it.


Lvn program  Jenn23<3  5 star

Great for anything you meed. Really helped with my school and passing. Would definitely recommend

Help me1011223837374

Great app  Help me1011223837374  5 star

It's a really great app and it help me out a lot when I need it.


Very Poor App  bjmrat  1 star

This app is poorly designed. The service Coursehero provides is poorly designed! Please do not waste your money on this website tutoring service.



The site advertises a "free account." It tells you that to access the information you seek, you must sign up for "a free account." I went through the motions of opening that "free" account. This tome, when I went to access the information I wanted, I was told I had to pay. They wanted $10 to let me read the few paragraphs I needed. If you are going to charge people, at least be up front about it. Perhaps with a paid subscription, there are all kinds of wonderful things available here to help with one's schoolwork, and that's great. I just don't like the "bait and switch" tactic used by this website/app. The site actually reads, "To see this answer, open a free account," which absolutely suggests that one can access the info for free. I would be more likely to PAY, if I didn't feel like I was being swindled. Ridiculous.


5Star Hero  Dagos1234567890  5 star

By far the best informational study app!!!! Course Hero has been my saving grace with Anatomy and Physiology I & II!!!! The instructors and tutors are very helpful! Tech support is always there to aid in any way possible and very prompt in their response time!!! Thanks Course Hero!!!!

Klang08 KC girl

Grade saver  Klang08 KC girl  5 star

All of the tutors are very helpful and explain what you don't understand, in a way that is very fast and efficient. Thank you Course Hero!!!!!

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