Delicious McDonald’s deals are now more fun, more accessible, and better than ever. Slide and scroll your way through our newly designed App to experience weekly deals on tasty food, like All Day Breakfast and McCafé coffee. You can find nearby McDonald’s restaurants and even explore our delicious menu. Mobile Ordering will also be available in select markets. Download and register today. It’s the best way to start saving big!

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The applications McDonald's was published in the category Food & Drink on 2014-10-25 and was developed by McDonald's USA. The file size is 193.08 MB. The current version is 5.4.1 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

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Can't order from the app.  Megarover  1 star

Duh-duh-duh-duh-duh -- I HATED it!


Use this app  dls0817  5 star

This app works. Period. I get a free McCafe coffee every 6th one. Better than Sbux. And awesome food specials too. Soon mobile order mobile pay and loyalty. I'm in Mickey D's!


Usually cool  JordJP  1 star

My 4 McCafe points were erased! I'm so mad, it says it doesn't expire until December!


App is a fraud  Rescue323  1 star

They deleted all my purchases, they create this app to catfish you to purchasing coffee with the idea that you would be rewarded after X amount of coffee purchases. Perfect bait and switch here 👍🏼


McCafe Purchase gone!  Busymomto5  1 star

Had 4 purchases and now they are gone! Not happy about that.

Drains Apple Watch battery

Poor design  Drains Apple Watch battery  1 star

Downloaded the app to order. Placed my first order and it went well. Needed to order more food and guess what the app does not allow you to place more than 1 mobile order per day. Really...DELETING APP. ☹️


Clears McCafé "Punches"  ArmchairWarrior  1 star

After updating, your McCafé punches get cleared out. Twice now I have four punches that disappeared after updating.


Does not always work at all locations  JetTurbo  1 star

Have had app coupons refused twice, in two different locations. In both cases, the cashier agreed the order met the e-coupon requirements, but the register refused the coupon, so they would not honor it. Blamed it on McDonalds corporate and indicated there was nothing they could do, very frustrating.


In store WiFi  twister2578  4 star

Please add a toggle control to authorize/de-authorize automatic sign on and usage of in-store wifi while in range. My McDonald's is in a low reception area for my cellular service and it's a hassle to go through the sign on and authentication process when I want grab a quick bite and go.


Punch card issues....update  Jme077  1 star

After the last update my free Mc cafe beverage and punches disappeared. I do enjoy that I occasion get a coupon for my salad so, I went ahead and gave it 3 stars. Updated my review to lower to one star. After letting Mc d's know that the update took my free Mc Cafe away and punches, their solution was to send me a list of requirements they would require to resolve this. This list included receipts with dates, times, and locations of every time that I purchased a Mc Cafe drink. Seriously?! Who files their McDonald's receipts?? No one!! That's bad business!


Morgan Collins mc0llins14 3 star

Just puked in a McDonald's parking lot #ilmsorry


damianlee damianlee_ 3 star

@OG_Willy60 @D_Lang22 Oh CFA is the goat in that area but taste wise the t bell nuggets aren't as good as McDonald's IMO.


alex alexpin214 3 star

stop disrespecting McDonald's 🙄


Lack of customer satisfaction.  Ricansoul  1 star

Using this app for a long time. There was no connection at the store where I always use my app. And they couldn't honor the sale. AFTER ALL THE MONEY WE SPEND. deleting and staying with Burger King. They honor and give you free food for the inconvenience


Good app  Verityz  4 star

But could be better. The app does not show location times and the filters do not have a 24 hour location option. Please add the times for all of your locations and add a filter to show which locations are 24 hours.


Slow  Qvack  3 star

This app is almost unbearably slow, takes forever to load, almost as slow as your understaffed Fort Edward NY store(12828 is the zip), I worked at the original store in the seventies as well as the Rte 9 Queensbury store, if we were this slow we would have been gone in a New York minute. I realize that labor cost is a real problem for the franchise owners, so is lack of business, there have been times recently that I could have driven to Burger King in the next town and back before I received my food from my local McDs 1.5 miles from my home( BK is 6 miles round trip)! I have been a loyal McDs customer most of my life and have worked for McD at both the Ft Edward and Queensbury stores, when I was at Queensbury we made better food faster than today, way faster, whomever designed your current kitchen should be shot at dawn!

C A 0987654321

App works well, I always have updated coupons with me.  C A 0987654321  5 star

I think the app works well. I have had reasonably good luck using it but have to sometimes load it outside because of connectivity issues but I don't blame that on app. I have had 1 problem of Frappe not credited but they just gave me a small to compensate the next time I was in. I like the app.


Worthless!!  Aprilsfool57  1 star

Downloaded app & registered using FB. It won't let me sign in. Nothing about this app works how it's promoted! Deleting it


Worst App Ever!!!!  Commanderwolf0  1 star

I have emailed customer service once, and called customer service twice complaining about my McCafe punches. This is ridiculous they still have no solutions on solving the problem. I'm sure they get a of complaints because every time I mention it to the girls that wait on me everyday they say a lot people are having problems with it. I can't believe a billion dollar can't make an app that works right. I never have any problems other companies app. Quit spending time on making all the food and drink realistic, fresh , and steaming and get an app that actually work!!!!! It's a piece of crap and totally useless and frustrating !!!!

He'said, She'said

Bad reviews changed my mind about downloading this app  He'said, She'said  1 star

So many bad reviews. I've decide not to keep this app!


Should have more positive reviews  Slbrail87  5 star

So many free and discounted items. I'm lovin' it!


Long time to load  Pongo's  1 star

Great idea but it takes a long time to load or never loads. I have other apps for example 7-ELEVEN and it works great. McDonalds app needs to be improved or just take it off.

Music4free person

App has a weird bug  Music4free person  3 star

If you scroll to the QR code for the deal the screens brightness is automatically raised all the way up even if you have your brightness originally set at a lower setting.

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