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What is mcdonald's app? Get the app now to join MyMcDonald's Rewards and start earning points on your faves for free McDonald's. Plus, get exclusive deals and save time by ordering ahead in the app.*

Mobile Order & Pay
Get your faves fast with Mobile Order and Pay. Place your order and select your pickup option.*

MyMcDonald’s Rewards
Join MyMcDonald's Rewards in the app to start earning points on every purchase and redeem for free McDonald’s.*

Exclusive Deals and App Offers
Get exclusive deals on your McDonald’s favorites in the app with contactless Mobile Order & Pay* and convenient Drive Thru or Curbside pickup.

Now get your faves delivered, earn MyMcDonald’s Rewards points and track your order all with McDelivery in the app.

Save Your Favorites
No pickles? No problem. Customize and save your favorites to quickly reorder for your next visit.

Restaurant Locator
Open the map and find the nearest McDonald’s, along with store hours, and restaurant information.

Download the McDonald’s app today and enjoy access to exclusive deals, MyMcDonald’s Rewards and much more.

*McDelivery prices may be higher than at restaurants. Download and registration required. Data rates may apply. The McDonald's App is not currently compatible with smartwatches. Check for Terms and Conditions and more information. © 2023 McDonald’s

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App Name McDonald's
Category Food & Drink
Updated 21 March 2024, Thursday
File Size 257.06 MB

McDonald's Comments & Reviews 2024

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Non Existent App Support. Kind of funny how this app lets you store payment info and do transactions, but when something goes wrong, there is no support. Good way to steal your money. Their solution is to just contact your bank and dispute it with them. They’ll do the transactions and take your money, but they want no part in giving you customer service for refunds lol. Such a good joke from such a large company. I’ve done the order from app and skip the line and wait at the stall for them to bring out your order. At two different McDonald’s I had the same experience. No one wants to bring out the food because they are lazy or short staffed so you wait 30 mins to an hour for your food. But your food is made, it is just sitting there getting cold. You can call the number on the sign, but sometimes they won’t answer or they will say they are short staffed because no one wants to work at McDonald’s for such low pay and they will try to get it out. 30 mins later you get your order and it is hard cold almost inedible fries, and a completely old sandwich. That’s where the non existent app support comes in. What do you do if your food is cold and inedible? You get no help on the app for a refund. They just take your money and the McDonald’s that gave you the cold inedible food will say the app is separate and they don’t deal with it. So this is a good way to have your money stolen from McDonald’s.

Good luck getting a refund. A flaw with the app!!!!. A very bad experience... I ordered my food with the app, which is supposed to make it easy, but instead it was a pain! We made the order on the app and then chose curbside pick up. They don’t charge your card until you check in. So instead of saying, hey don’t charge the card because where the only McDonald’s in the world right now with NO ICE CREAM! They ran the card, made the food, and assumed having no ice cream was okay because our order was large. No it’s not and they should have came to our car before charging the card to inform us that our order would not be able to be completed as ordered. Instead they brought all the food out and asked if we wanted a shake or something instead. We asked for a refund instead and were told that since we did not pay at the store they could not refund us and we would have to call online to request a refund. We called online to request a refund and were told they they could not refund us our money and that we would have to call our bank and tell them the charge was not authorized. This was a horrible experience that will not be forgotten. This whole process was supposed to be easy and it was not. To top it all off they think a coupon for a $.50 ice cream was going to suffice when we called. How can you offer a shake but not have ice cream? Aren’t shakes made out of ice cream?

Dissatisfied with McDonald’s app. It use to be a good app I use for few years with no problems. Now it won’t allow me sign I already have a existing account but it keep saying at the top of screen there are some technical difficulties try again later or reset app. I use the same email address & password & won’t let me login this been happening this year when y’all had the J Balvin deal with BigMac, medium fries, & an Oreo cookies & cream McFlurry. I am very disappointed because I can’t even get the coupon deals on app any more like I use to before. I think it’s the updates the more the app being updated the more problems we run into. When I first use this app I sign in through google like always now it says google is canceled when I put email & password in. So please fix the login process I restart the app & even try to register again & change password it wouldn’t allow me to. Also now I don’t even see McDonald’s sending notifications of deals to email anymore. I’m just so disappointed because I liked this app in the beginning until it started messing up. I may just delete this app & be done with it.

Terribly designed app, many stores not fully trained for the app. For starters, I’m generally against fast food apps because it’s typically faster to just order it in the drive through but I thought I would give the McDonald’s app a shot since they have some pretty good deals. I just wish this app were designed a little better and the stores were a little better trained for mobile orders. One big problem I have is the unnecessary requirement to share your location. This just feels like a huge violation of privacy and for no gain. They want you to share your location and it actively uses it anytime you even open the app. I can kind of understand it so they can estimate when they need to prepare your order and I believe that is their reason, but; 1) if it already tracks your location why should you have to click in the app that you arrived at the restaurant? 2) since it is a fast food restaurant, most of the time your order should already be ready. I guess the app just guarantees it? The app actively tracks your location, and not request a location like it should if it wants that. The deals are kind of annoying because they cannot be combined and can only be used once per hour. Overall, the app just feels like a way for McDonald’s to steal your information and takes a lot of work to save $1. The app doesn’t even improve the ordering process because some stores will have problems finding your order

Worst app ever. Over engineered and poorly executed. Downloaded the app and placed my first order. We were good up to this point. After placing the order and paying with Apple Pay the app went to a page that told me I had to tell the app when I was close so that the order would be prepared. No option to simply say be ready in 30 minutes. My plan was to place the order and have someone else pick it up. Not happening if I have to tell it I am close using my phone. Drive to McDonald’s where the app tracked my location. It did not automatically submit the order for preparation when I was near so I am not sure why they needed to track my location. When I arrived I pressed the I am already here link in the app. It then popped over to a screen telling me I had to select my pickup option. Unfortunately the screen which I assume was supposed to have options was blank. The employees at McDonald’s had no idea what to do and didn’t really care either way. Restarted the app several time but always ended up on the same blank pickup options screen. I was able to cancel the order and reorder from the kiosk inside the store until that failed when I tried to pay at the kiosk. Took me twice as long to get lunch as it would have to just walk in and place my order at the counter. The reason I rated this app so poorly is not only that it failed to perform but that McDonald’s is capable of so much better than this.

Unfortunate.. Came here last night as well and everything went wrong. First of all they forgot half of the order, so I had to go into the restaurant (AND without a mask as I did not plan on going in) because I walked up to drive through and they told me to come in. So I go inside meanwhile carrying my son’s ice cream cone that was melting all over and garbage at that point pretty much… So she said she’ll get me a new one and throws the ice cream cone away and gets me my fries and the right sauce since I got that wrong to you for the nuggets….And I also ordered extra salt on every item that I ordered so they would hopefully remember to put salt packets in with the order so when I was inside having to get my order I asked them specifically if they remembered and put the salt in the first bag of food and they reassured me yes they did. So I leave, and of course they did not put salt in, and all the first food was of course COLD by then… but the worst part! I ordered 2 large fries and they barely out any in! Which happens ALL the time. And as expensive as the fries are… I expect them to at LEAST BE FULL ☹️ I was able to literally dump the two larges together and it made ONE large fry. Not two. So disappointing. Hopefully today is better. Otherwise it’s not worth the money that we don’t have. We rarely are able to even eat out.

This app is awful. I have spent the last several months trying to get this app to work. I have emailed at least six times and have only received a canned response that I may be entering my email wrong and that is why I get an error message stating that I need to enter a valid email to sign in. The automated response says to call if I continue to have trouble. I have done this. They take all my info and note the issue I am having. They say they will elevate to IT department. The only response I get is a confirmation email that they have noted my issue. This is ridiculous. If you can’t fix the issue say so. Just stop sending auto replies without helping. I can’t score points or use your app. I obviously have an account since you send me emails but I can’t sign and you never respond to me except for ads and generic auto replies when I contact customer service. Then I contact you by phone and they can’t figure out the problem and say someone will contact me. No one ever does. I have been doing this for nearly 2 years and nothing has ever been resolved. I have never been able to sign onto the app or add any points and you don’t seem to care that your customer service is inconsistent, unreliable and ineffective. You don’t care about losing a customer even though each one should matter. I don’t know why you keep emailing me when I can’t do anything with this. It’s a waste of my time and energy contacting you about this ongoing issue.

Beware of changes. The McDonald’s app has been great generally over the years. But when they change it you lose earned rewards. I’ve done so many times, the worst recentlyWhen they changed from my café rewards to the regular McDonald’s rewards. In the past for every five coffee drinks you bought you would get one free. I had bought coffee almost daily on my way to work and hardly ever redeemed them. At one time I had over 28 or 29 mccafé coffee’s to redeem. Even though the expiration date had passed one day I noticed seven or eight of them had disappeared. So I started using them. I built them up again and again and use them here and there. Maybe a month ago I had 22 Mccafé drinks and they change the app again to rewards instead of the café drinks. I checked the app and I were seven showing four or five of which had to be redeemed within a few days or they would disappear/expire. I didn’t have time to use the mall and ended up losing four or five of those. If you figure those drinks run an average of 4 to 5 dollars each and lost a couple hundred dollars and drinks over the years. And I bought a couple hundred coffees a year from McDonald’s. For many years... this has made me much less trusting of the McDonald’s app.

This App and McDonald’s is garbage. So I had a lovely experience with this app yet again but this one tops it all. I went to McDonald’s today. I ordered through the app because of the deals the app has. I went through the process and got to the screen where it says curbside. I selected number 3 for the third stop. I wait waited 20 minutes only to go through the drive through to have them tell me that there is no record of my order. I showed the rude manager my receipt on the app on my phone and showed my bank statement of the the exact moment when I bought food through their app. She refused to give me my order because she said if it is not in the system then it never existed. But having for forms of prove showing that I did proved her otherwise. She still would not give me my food. McDonald’s I not sure how you train your managers but maybe you need to go back and teach every single one about not just customer service but general manners. Also maybe teach them how to use the app because no one in the building of all of your excellent employees know how to use it. Lesson that I learned today. Your app is garbage, it glitches and when I have 2 forms of proof showing I purchased food at your establishment, please have your manager refrain from insulting my intelligence and when they are in the wrong to apologize and say they made a mistake. All I wanted was food and know you make me not want to every close back. Thank you.

Are millennial killing the fast food industry. No it’s just y’all are constantly ruining yourself. I use the app when I’m hungry to see if there’s good coupons out then you figured that it wasn’t right to have people scan coupons there so you made it a mobile order only option to use them, goodbye people who use cash cause they don’t want to use a card, and now I can only see them when I’m next to a McDonald’s you know the part where I’m ready to receive my order now I have to wait in line just to see if that good coupon is there and leave if it’s not wasting my time and confirming my suspicion that y’all aren’t gonna have any good coupons anyway. Not only is this coupon app gone bad but so have y’all employees they don’t know how to handle the mobile orders they lack the training and the amount of employees to handle moble order I shouldn’t have to tell them I made a moble order they should do it like all the other orders and just shout the number when it’s ready. I guess I’ll just use good old burger king who has better coupons that are in the app and, get this, on paper from the mail. Y’all lost the marketing competition fix it or pack it up and blame the millennials on your way out, your only saving grace is if you don’t have any competition on the block.

Poor connection protocol. About a month ago I began experiencing problems with my McDonald’s app. I was asked by the app to connect a credit card to the account which I had already done. Every time I tried to get in I was reminded to try to connect a credit card. After many attempts attempts to correct this I finally decided I would try to connect a card. Once I did that the app has gone into a new mode where every time I open it it wants to take me through several iterations I’m trying to sign in when before I was automatically signed in once I open the app. Now it takes 4 or 5 attempts to get through the “use PayPal,… use email” questions. Even when it opens up and asks for a fingerprint and accepts the fingerprint, it will still try take me through the “use …” steps. Once I try going through the steps it will cycle back around to the “use…” menu and the whole thing starts over again. I have deleted the app and reloaded it but it does the same thing. I have tried to get to a real customer support person but have been unable to find the link. I am about to delete my app and start over but am unsure what will happen to the points I have accumulated. Is there anyone I can talk to about this?

App stops working, have to delete and download every time I want to use it. I love this app when it’s working, because it’s so much easier for me to order everything, earn points and use rewards or deals. It’s super cool. But about 3 or 4 months ago the app stopped working properly. I’ll go to order something and add it to my “bag” and it never appears in the corner. It never gets added to the bag. I try to view it to pay/keeping adding things to it and it never appears. So I stopped using it. A week ago I decided to try it again. It was doing the same thing. So I deleted the app, downloaded it again and it worked! I chalked it up to it “must’ve been my phone,” but fast forward to today. Went to use it to order my kids Happy Meals after work and it’s going the same thing again. Order something, add it to the bag and the bag doesn’t exist. Never appears so you can’t pay/can’t order anything. Didn’t get to use the app today either. For kicks I deleted it and downloaded it again for a second time. Added something to the bag and it works. I shouldn’t have to delete an app and download it again every single time I want to use it. I hope you guys can get this solved! I love the app, but this is a minor inconvenience I wish I could avoid. Thanks!

“Upgraded” but still far from perfect. It’s mind-boggling how an app is promoted for a fast food joint but yet not have everything on the App Menu as the “restaurant” would. I searched through the app, through the “deals” and it was simply not there. I go to the “restaurant” and it’s available as an option. The two need to be synced for optimal experience for the user. Update (1) - now when you Checkout and state you are at the location for pickup, it wouldn’t allow for me to select an option of how I want to pick up (curbside, drive-thru, etc.). Small item as such needs to be fixed. Update (2) - now it seems the Meals are “synced” along with the option of how to pick up BUT one outstanding issue still remains - When the location is to make the food. It won’t allow you to do it while on route or close by. Nope. You have to select it while you are in the parking lot of the location. Why is that bad? Because when you select to pick up in store, the food is still not ready. At times, the folks on the line get their food first still. Pickup for Drive-thru…well you would have to wait if there is a long line (still!). “Curbside” - similar issue as pick-up in-store option. Food is not yet ready. Another main competitor allows for the food to be made ahead of time - when the user selects it. Make that happen and you may just get a 5-star rating. Until then. There are still better apps out there.

Prepay makes it so much worse. For drive through they used to charge when you gave your number at the line. Recently they moved to instantly charge. Most of the time the app changes to your closest location so I started to trust it. Sometimes though at one mcdonalds in particular it won’t update my location or will say it changed locations but doesn’t change it to the nearest one I’m looking at. I’m not connected to their wifi or any public wifi ever. So if I checkout my choices are drive across town to pickup, lose money, or wait a week to contest it. Worst was today when the app again crashed when going to the ba da .. screen. Charged my credit card, shows the order in my history, and my items are still in my bag and I can’t checkout because I already used the deal. They couldn’t help at the mcdonalds which I understand but it is very inconvenient. So now I wait a few days to dispute it with my ccard which hopefully I can remember to do. If you didn’t charge up front both of these issues and more would be non events but now I just don’t want to use the unstable and unreliable app at all. Since you overcharge to order in person to make up for the deals ordering in person is out.

Awful. Doesn’t work.. I’ve had this app for a bit now, and I keep trying to order from it, and it doesn’t even give you an option to pay. I’ve asked many individuals to have a look at the app with me, to see if there is just something that I’m missing, and everyone of us have concluded that this app just doesn’t give you the option to pay. The idea of deals are nice, but if the app doesn’t have an option to pay, and you can’t actually use the deal, what does it matter? Also, the app is constantly glitching. Trying to swipe from menu to menu, they just stay blacked out, and nothing pops up in general, a lot of the time. It’s an extremely buggy app, it doesn’t let you pay a lot of the time, and I’ve had people tell me that they paid for their order, got to McDonald’s, and it doesn’t show anywhere that they actually ordered anything, so then they get screwed out of a meal, and don’t even get their money back. The deals are nice, but the hassle that comes with this isn’t worth it. Because you can’t actually obtain any of the food or the deals anyway. I’m honestly extremely irritated. I went to go order food this morning, just hoping that it would work, and again it did not. I’m done with this. I’m hungry, and I’m done. I never go to McDonald’s otherwise, because the prices have gone up ridiculous amounts. I’m just done with McDonald’s at this point.

Terrible. Slower to order than drive thru. This is my 2nd time using the app to make an order and both times was a absolutely terrible experience. Much worse than ordering in person. The app like Starbucks app should speed the service. I should be able to place my order and then have it ready. In both cases, the order did not get executed. So I paid twice the first time. I am way too busy to recoup a 5 dollar charge. The second time, the restaurant didnt get the order until 5 minutes after I was waiting in the restaurant. The app hung and then would say I wasnt close enough even when I was standing there. Finally the order goes through and I end up taking 10 more minutes than if I simply went to the drive through. It was HORRIBLE. I ended up getting to my daughters piano class late. We go to McDonalds on the way to class every single Sunday. I decided to use the app to redeem points and it was by far one of the worst experiences. Its 2022 - if McDonalds want to have an app that is like Starbucks and it just works and people are happy, hire a tech team that can execute. Do it seriously or dont have an app at all.

No Good Deals. This review is long overdue and after not being able to use the only good coupon I have got on this app in months because my McDonald’s that I always go to is no longer a “participating location,” I finally feel the need to write this review. This app used to be SPECTACULAR and there were always plenty of coupons I could use daily and they were very good deals too! I was able to purchase food for myself and my family without breaking the bank too much. Then randomly one day they changed the entire app and removed all of the good coupons. Now there is one coupon daily (If I’m lucky two) and it can hardly be considered a “deal” as I’m saving like 30¢ rather than the $3-4 I used to save from a coupon. You can also get a coupon from this Plinko style game that you sometimes have to play a few times to even land something in the bag. From my experience you can play until you win however the $1 off coupon you receive after is normally never for anything I want so it’s hardly worth it. Not to mention it seems you have to use this coupon while ordering through the app and sitting in the parking lot, which is not my preferred way to eat at McDonald’s. They should bring this app back to its former glory so that it may have a purpose again because it’s current state is trash and I don’t even feel the need to open it as I wait in line at McDonald’s since I already know there will be no coupons worthwhile.

10-11am is a disaster. At about 10:15am I was thinking to go to McDonald's for breakfast. There is always the question of when breakfast is no longer served - app said 11am for my McDonald's. Great! I have more than enough time. So I get there at about 10:25 and try to place my order via the app. I get an error that certain items are no longer available and those are removed. Darn, I'll need to select something else. I go back to the menu and it's the same menu with all the items available. Try to order again, unavailable. I kill the app and reopen it to try to "refresh" the available items. Same menu, and trying to order many of these items still gave me the same "unavailable" message. At this point I am very frustrated and go to the nearby Starbucks instead. I assume what happened is that perhaps there is a more limited breakfast menu from 10:30-11:00 even though 1) it said breakfast until 11, and 2) the app was giving me the same full breakfast menu even at 10:35. What's frustrating is that the app has the ability to understand the item availability since it errored during checkout, but apparently this information is not incorporated when "building" the menu that is shown. So it's basically trial-and-error to find something available. Perhaps the app should lock down from 10-11am daily if it's not possible to serve an accurate menu during that time.

Steals your money! Don’t use!!. I used this app on multiple occasions and it was usually pretty good. But the last time I used the app it took my order, charged my bank, and the McDonald’s location I was at told me they had no record of my order. I told them it was processed but they just told me to refresh the app and that the bank charge was just a hold that would go away. He was wrong. No I’m out over $18. DO NOT USE this app. If you do, they can charge you however they want and you’ll be screwed out of funds. I contacted customer services and they just told me to contact my bank or change my password like it was a fraudulent charge. That’s not what happened, I ordered food, they didn’t give me anything, I’m out of money. Other places like Wendy’s, Burger King, and more have apps that won’t do this to their customers. Use them instead. The worst part about having an experience like the one I had is that any customer care or app developer support will all say the same thing “Sorry, please call this number.” I spent 30 minutes at the curbside spot waiting and no one came. I then got in the drive thru lane and waited 10-15 min to be told they didn’t have my order even though I had a confirmation order email and bank charge. So now I have to waste MORE of my time to fix THEIR issue?? It’s like you get punished for their mistake. Absolutely unacceptable.

Bad UX. Slow to respond. Frequently get interrupted with up-sell offers, many of them popping up while you are trying to pick menu items, so you end up clicking on them without wanting to. If the restaurant forgets to close out your order it’s a PITA to manually remove the prior order items when starting a new order. The point system is pretty useless as using a “deal” does not allow you to apply points to the same order (the 20-30% discount is the only redeeming aspect of the app, hence the two stars). I often try to use curbside pickup but if the store is short staffed they usually do not offer it, so I’ve waited curbside many times for too long before going in and getting the order, which had been ready, and is now cold. There’s a lot of nonintuitive crap, like forcing you to select sauce options (or no sauce) with chicken nuggets, but no indication from the app that a selection is required. The app either relies too much of faulty geolocation or has a bug, as I’ve been parked in the lot a number of times but cannot select “I am here” as it thinks I’m not. At Chick-fil-a allows you to specify that youre there before you are, which makes timely pickup much easier. Finally, there is no in app feedback - directs you to a McDonald’s web page which is not set up for app feedback where you have to re-enter all your info, including order info, that could have easily been pulled from the app.

DO NOT DOWNLOAD. I’d give negative 5 stars if I could. The app is more trouble than it’s worth. The past three times I’ve used it, at three different locations, I’ve had problems. First, ordered breakfast and parked (Lbg, NC) to wait for it to be walked out to me. Every car after me, got their food before me. After I asked if I was next, they took my name and order and came back with it saying I was skipped. The second time (Raeford, NC) ordered online, got to the speaker, they had no cups. The drinks our car ordered couldn’t be filled. They gave us orange juice… The app gives NO options to change or refund your order once it’s been processed. I deleted the app after that, said I was done. However, last night, I left the gym at 2:45am and McDonalds is the only thing open. Or so I thought… Took a chance and downloaded the app. Ordered, processed it, app took my money, drove up to the speaker… “Sorry, we don’t open until 5am.” AFTER HAVING ALREADY PAID. I told them at the speaker that the app took my money and no one said anything back. Searched the app for any kind of direction to find help… NOTHING. Pulled to the window, was told “we have nothing to do with the app. You’d have to call customer service.” Asked for a number, they didn’t have one. Again, the app is ZERO help at all. No way to get any issues resolved. I WILL NEVER USE THIS APP AGAIN. Idc how hungry I am.

The 15 Minute Review.. The McDonald’s app was a source of joy in my life, I would log on each day collecting points. Getting new deals. But one day someone at McDonald’s decided it would be a good idea to ruin it. Every time I come to a McDonald’s location without fail the McDonald’s app has an issue. How am I supposed to put credit card information on an app I can’t even trust will process my order. Aside from that inconvenience almost every-time I go to place a mobile order I click drive-thru on accident. User mistake yes I’ll admit, but when I go to remove said deal and re-add to the mobile order I’m dreaded to discover I have to wait a painful 15 minutes. Now 15 minutes may not sound that bad but think of all the things you can accomplish in 15 minutes, on top of that think of how that may affect people with limited time. Say someone working at the McDonald’s facility’s has a 15 minute break, but they only have enough cash if they use there deal. Now you see where the issue with app lies. It hooks its consumers into almost always using it, but it has a critical flaw. When I think 15 minutes I think of the possibles, I think of the wasted time I’m forced to sit at the McDonald’s location in pure anger. When you have 15 minutes you can accomplish so, so, much. Even this very long and critical review.

Feels like corporate demons made this app. While the UI of the McDonald’s app and the polish on it are very nice, it looks very well presented, it has so many issues. General lagginess but when you finally submit an order, there’s so many more problems. I can’t cancel an order?? Why is that? I can’t change the location? Sometimes, I’m not even able to re-open in order. I have not finished. There are a few more things that I can’t think of at the moment, but I also know they have removed plenty of their deals. I don’t see why you would add one deal and then switch it specifically with the french fries you got one large fry french fry a day where are the two dollar purchase and they switched it to a medium for no reason other than to make it a smaller size. Also, you can’t use all of your own points in one sitting. I understand one deal at a time, but I should be able to use a deal and Annie if not all of the points I have available in my bank should I choose. It’s ridiculous that they hold back from us. I also feel that one dollar per hundred points is way out of proportion. You look at some of the prices in the points and I’m paying I’m paying five dollars for a large fry when it’s not even listed at five dollars? The app isn’t terrible, but corporate demons have definitely got their grubby mitts all in it.

Beware! No cancellations or refunds!. I accidentally ordered from the wrong location because there were two restaurants relatively close by on the same street, except one was in the opposite direction of where I was going. I didn’t realize what I had done until I got to the restaurant I intended to order from. They told me they couldn’t transfer my order or cancel it, and that I had to cancel through the app. Well as it turns out, even though the other store hadn’t made my order yet, and they wouldn’t until I arrived, there is no option to cancel an order once it is placed! I tried contacting the other location for a refund per the app’s instructions, and they told me they didn’t have access to app orders, and they had no way of canceling or refunding my money. So basically if you make a mistake, your only options are to drive out of your way, or eat the cost of the order. I find this practice to be highly suspect, and I’m not sure how it’s even legal. How can they charge someone for something you didn’t receive, and don’t provide any option for a cancellation or refund? Again, they don’t make the food until you arrive, so it’s not like they’re wasting product by allowing you to cancel. Makes no sense and is definitely shady. One final note, they also don’t allow you to register their own McDonald’s gift cards as a payment option.

Great when it works, trouble when it doesn’t. Update: A helpful McDonalds local manager called and arranged for me to get a refund by coming back to a store in-person. So I have now paid only once for my meal instead of twice. This is good, and I am raising my rating to three stars from two. However, the initial process was frustrating and took multiple rounds of communication in order to get the issue addressed, and ultimately the resolution doesn’t leave me with any more confidence in using the glitchy app. But at least I feel good about going back to the Golden Arches for a meal now. Original review: I’ve used the app several times successfully to order ahead for pickup at the counter. Yesterday, however, the app charged my credit card via Apple Pay and then returned an error message on the order itself — the order disappeared, so I had to go into the store and order and pay at the counter without the app discount. I submitted a help ticket with McDonald’s customer service. But I notice today that the app now shows the order as completed. So if the CS folks are obstinate and insist that the order went through normally, then McDonalds will have not only provided a frustrating experience but will have stolen my money on top of everything. Let’s see what happens.

App occasionally sends order to wrong location. Rating 3 stars because when it works it works. But on multiple occasions this app tends to override or just outright send the order to the incorrect McDonald’s location. Worst case was when I was in the parking lot of a location near my house, put in an order after making sure the app was showing the menu for the location I was at, but suddenly AFTER submitting my order it told me the order got submitted to a McDonald’s location all the way across town. If I could cancel the order in the app within five minutes in order to correct this error it wouldn’t have been a problem, but the app says you have to call the location itself in order to do that. Very annoying when an app made for convenience ends up doing the opposite. I had to drive across town in 5:00 traffic in order to get my food because I sure as heck wasn’t going to waste my money on an error I didn’t make myself. So yeah whoever is in charge of working on this app, please add the ability to cancel orders within at least five minutes after sending it if the customer suddenly notices the app made a mistake, or at least fix the way the app interacts with the phone gps tracker so it doesn’t send orders to wrong locations.

Last thing you want. Me writing a review of this app would be almost as bad as you asking me to review the quality of service at your store in Moorestown NJ. Both are equally as bad. I've found countless stores that get everything right all the time but never one like mine. How is it possible to screw up one customers order ten times in a row? Statistically with all the other customers it is impossible. Just like it should be impossible for the app to fail loading every time I try to use the deals section at prime hours but it does. And only then. Works just fine at two in the morning or ten at night. Go figure. But like I said you don't really want to hear all that from me. You need to wipe that location off the map and start with a new store. Building and all cause it must be cursed. And I've written to HQ and to the actually owner plus the manager for luck. Never heard back which really disappointed me. So now instead of going there several times a week I go to Wendy's or Burger King. And on special occasions I will go to McDonald's but after the attitude the woman gave me at Moorestown I'll probably stop doing that. I broke a cardinal rule. I asked for tenders after nine at night. I once asked at eleven and thought the guy was going to hit me. You'd think if something is that popular you'd order enough to cover the entire day. I guess McDonald's isn't smart enough. Cause that isn't a Moorestown issue. That happens at all of them.

Robbed me of my points and customer support is of no help. This app and customer support are the worst! I received an email to add a new device, but it wasn’t me attempting to log in with a new device. I did not click the link. I went to log in to the app again because I was logged out, which I assume is due to someone trying to access my account. It prompted me to create a new account. There is a link in the email to “contact us” if you did not request this. I did that and got an email stating reply back or call for additional assistance. I called customer service and they were useless, as usual. The rep kept saying that there was no account associated with my email and asked if I could use a different email or login option. I have YEARS of order confirmations to the email she couldn’t find, so I’m certain it was not user error. Then she suggested I delete and reinstall the app. Like have some common sense, what will that do if you can’t find me on the backend. I signed up with my existing email and all my points are gone! You supposedly can’t change your email associated to your account, so I can only guess they deleted my account. I have the most current version of the app and it won’t even pull up my profile when I click on that option under settings. They have to have a way to fix these things. There’s no way 7+ years of history just vanished.

Absolutely worthless. I’ve now attempted to use this 4 times. The order goes through fine, so maybe it’s actually just the employees in my town, managers included. The first time I used it, they said they didn’t have my order, and then charged my card 2 hours later for the mobile order, after I had already placed and paid for a new order at the store. I tried a different location, the first time the manager told me I had failed to pay for my order so I needed to drive back around to the first window and pay. There is NO OPTION but to make payment in app. The third time, not quite as bad, I had to drive up to the window and tell them my order so they could find it. Third time? I was told repeatedly they didn’t have any mobile orders, I had to go inside to straighten it out. Understand, THERE IS NO WAY TO CHECK IN UNTIL YOU ARE AT THE STORE. It uses GPS to track your location and it won’t check you in until you are almost in the parking lot. I know, I’ve tried. You literally cannot order from the wrong location, so THEY HAVE TO HAVE YOUR ORDER IF YOU CHECK IN. Even now as I type this, they don’t show my order as complete. I picked up my order 22 mins ago, according to my receipt, yet the blue bar at the top of my screen tells me they are still tracking my location! Seriously, if you are going to put the time and effort into making an app, take the time and effort to train the employees how to operate the system.

App is VERY buggy/ rant abt Reward System. At times, the sale wont go through but this is like once every month or two. (I buy large McDonald's orders $60+ almost daily) I cant use the 20% deal in store anymore because they changed it to online only. I have enough money to buy my meal so why won't it go through? It says to speak with an employee but that doesn't work either. It's not that they didn't know (the manager person with white shirt was trying her best to help) but that the app is very buggy. Also, normally when i add something to cart, it shows how many items you have at the bottom. For me, that tab is invisible. To access it i need to go to a specific section i.e- the Deals, Sandwiches & Meals, etc. The app is also very slow. I click on a tab, and takes a good 3-5 seconds to load. I have an iPhone 11 with pretty good wifi and my Xbox One installs and boots up GTAV faster than i can order my food off the McDonald's app. Another complaint i have, i have over 100k reward points. But i cant use them bc you can only use 1 deal per order. Why are my reward points considered a deal??? I earned those. Why can't i get a meal for myself WITH the 20% off Deal and get a Big Mac for my mom via the Reward Points? Because that's considered a deal too. Anyway, just fix the bugs please. That whole Reward Points considered as a deal was just a rant. Please fix the bugs or make the 20% usable in store!!!

Waste Of Time. I wasted time setting up an accout. I wasted time trying to set up an order. It goes as far as letting you fill out all your info, but won’t let you enter a card to pay for it. I tried 2 different cards, but the ‘save’ button stays grayed out. I tried placing an order which it allowed me to do. But again, I couldn’t pay, as it wouldn’t allow me to save the card info. I hit ‘place order’ figuring I’d just pay cash when I got there. The app said the order was placed. Gave me an order # and all, so I figured everything was good to go. It (the app) said they would start the order when I got there and hit ‘Check In’. The only thing that came close to ‘check In’ was a button that said ‘I’m Already Here’. I pulled in to the parking lot and hit that button cuz nothing changed and it was the only option. Well... Of course the app is now saying It doesn’t have my order or maybe I’m not close enough OR talk to a crew member. I ended up having to go inside and place a whole new order which I was trying to avoid! Then it STILL took forever for these people to understand what I’m trying to explain what happened! It was so aggravating, the whole thing! Then I have to put up with their condescending attitudes... Unbelievable... And of course there’s no one around to help figure out the problem. So that’s the last time I’ll be going to McDonald’s any more. Who needs the aggravation?

It’s coming along. Regular updates actually do make improvements to ordering (really glad to see drinks ordered by type in the latest update instead of a ten page long menu of every drink in every size), and the CS team was responsive the one time I contacted them. The sheer scale of McDonald’s locations almost makes a single app a foolhardy idea, but this one works a lot of the time. When it does, it’s fantastic - I like being able to see what’s on a sandwich and specify no (or extra) of a topping, and the Deals are often really good. I also love being able to park in a curbside spot and wait with my radio and AC, rather than wait in the store or at the drive thru lane. The problem is the menu in the app, which appears to cover all markets and includes items my local stores don't offer. Sometimes it stops you before you place the order, and other times the order just errors out with no explanation. So be wary of ordering any items you wouldn't see on the store's displayed menu, like Sweet Chili or Szechuan dipping sauces, or the Oreo Frappe, which is in there even though my local stores act like it doesn't exist. (And come on, just make me a Mocha Frappe and sprinkle some Oreo crumbs from the Flurry station in it. It's not like the ice cream machine is working today anyway.)

Center St Manchester, CT worse experience ever. I order and pay with app when I get to pick up from the Center st location in Manchester, CT I was told they couldn’t give me what I ordered unless I paid more. Really???? Why did the app allow me to choose the options I did if it wasn’t going to go through at pick up. The manager told me he will refund which will take 3 days and I had to pay AGAIN right now for my order eventhough my “correct” order was less then what I originally paid. Doesn’t make sense AT ALL. I feel it was no way my fault the mobile and pick up locations does not do things the same way and “the manager” couldn’t honor my Mobile order the company would be losing too much seriously $2-3 is too much to honor. Complete BS. The manager then refunded me before even coming to an agreement on if I wanted my order or not but get this he only partially refunded what I paid I had to waste my time go back again to get him to do it correct. What a waste of my time kids at that point was upset all they wanted was their ice cream but instead they end up with a ruin night. Needless to say I did not order there or will ever again. It’s a shame especially when we order from that location at least once a week and well over $20 each time. Over bad management and the ability to make a regular customer wanting to return next time. Def will not be using Mobile order again don’t want another ruin night!!!!!!!

Recent Bug Broke Ordering. Update from below - been at 3 weeks and the app is still broken with a cart that cant be cleared, making ordering impossible. Doesnt seem like they will fix this bug. Not worth the download. Usually an okay app. However, you may want to fix the recent bug that has prevented ordering through the app. The cart doesnt allow resetting the cart. So all you can do is remove individual items. However recently it has locked expired coupons. So I’m unable to order anything because a coupon from several weeks ago is locked in my cart. I’ve tried logging out and reinstalling the app, but neither does anything. I’m not sure why a store with a location- and time-specific menu would make it so difficult to clear the cart - but you may want to fix this. And, it would make more sense if the cart also cleared after an order was completed. For some reason all of the items just stay in the cart, as if someone wants to keep reordering the same items by default. And you’ve also made it next to impossible to give feedback about the app in the app - not an order in the app. So that seems poorly thought out.

Unable to Even Use the App. I don’t even know what more to do about this app... I guess I just won’t ever get to use the daily deals or use a mobile order since it has NEVER worked on my phone. I have an IPhone 12 Pro that has the newest software update and have tried over and over again to delete the app and re download without any success. Even before I got the 12 Pro I had the X and for over a year now I’ve always gotten a message when I tried logging in that said “Critical Error has Occurred, App needs to restart.” I tried logging into an existing account that I had created a few years back and got this message every single time so I tried signing up for a new account and still received this message. I contacted McDonald’s via phone and someone in their IT department said they would “pass along the information to their developers and hopefully with the next update it would be fixed.” Today I tried to re download the app again since it’s $1 fries for mobile users and I thought just maybe today it will work for me... nope! So now when I download the app it just completely crashed and doesn’t even load. I have missed out on so many deals and feel beyond frustrated that I can’t even do a mobile order for pickup. I researched online and other people have had this same issue without getting it resolved. You would think that with McDonald’s being one of the largest corporations in the world that they would have figured out all these bugs and issues by now. So disappointed 😡

Zero customer service. I used this app quite often. One day I ordered some food on the app as usual. When I was driving into my McDonald’s parking lot, the blue tracking disappeared. I did not think much as I was going through the drive through, the person said they could not find my mobile order. So I had to order food on the spot. A few days later, I saw in my banking app, I got charged for my disappeared mobile order. So I try to contact the McDonald’s to get a refund. Took me a long time to find one phone number, the mobile app support line. The person who answered my phone was polite but useless. They could not do anything to issue a refund. And could not tell me what I could do or call to solve the issue. All they could do is to get my feedback on my app experience. There is no channel for me to dispute the order and get a refund. Then I found the receipt for that order in my email, they sent my order to a random restaurant in Chicago which is more than a thousand miles away from me! I call the restaurant with the number on the receipt, the person who answered me was so rude and basically laughed at me for getting a refund for an order from a couple days ago. So this is absurd. The mobile app wrongfully sent my order to a random restaurant, I got charged for things I did not get. And there is no way for me to resolve this issue! What a joke!

Used to be better. I have had the McDonald’s app since the beginning and always been an advocate and even encouraged my friends to get it. The thing is I don’t eat anything at McDonald’s besides fries and salads items, occasionally I may get a dessert or chicken item. In the beginning I was really able to take advantage of the $1 fry deals and the $3 off $10 or $1 off $7. As of recently, about 2 months, those deals are no longer there so I really no longer have anything to gain which is quite disappointing because I do love the app and have been such a fan. I just purchased some items that would have been $4 less had I still had my regular deals. If these new changes to the app will be permanent I only wish McDonald’s would consider deals that are frequented by consumers so that they can be tailored and continue to be taken advantage of. Also consider dietary needs and restrictions I used to have 10-20 deal to select from now I have 3-7 that I know I will not use. For example, I have a free any size soft beverage deal in my app right now, I can’t drink soda so I have no use for such a coupon. I have a $1 off a quarter pounder or Big Mac, also something I can’t have so it will go to waste. Then I have 2 others for a total of 4 deals that I cannot even take advantage of. Disappointing, especially because I know how great it used to be.

Infuriating. I really like McDonald’s food, but what I hate more than anything about McDonald’s is their stupid double lane drive-thrus that they seem to have built everywhere now. From drivers not knowing how to line up in a fair way, to drivers just being plain jerks and not letting you merge, to the store getting orders mixed up (I have inadvertently paid for someone else’s meal before realizing it). It’s a horrible experience that simply discourages me from going to McDonald’s. So I thought ordering through this new app would solve that whole debacle and make for a faster, more pleasant experience. Unfortunately, I have yet to be able to successfully order anything. I added one of the daily deals and then tried to order an additional burger along with it, but could only select from breakfast items (it was definitely past breakfast time), so I gave up for that day. A few days later, I tried ordering again, but when I tried to add a new deal, the app says I can only add one deal per order. Sure enough, the deal I had added before is still in my bag, but expired and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to delete it (I’ve since figured it out, but well after the fact). In addition, I could still only pick from breakfast items (again, it was definitely lunchtime) no matter what I tried to do. In short, this app has been completely unusable and I continue to not want to have anything to do with McDonald’s.

Good but could be better. I got the app during Covid and have used it a lot over time. However recently (this past year) the app has been so buggy. I put in an order and it changed my location to a McDonald’s on the opposite side of the city and I had to wait for it to automatically cancel and make an entirely new order at the McDonald’s and couldn’t use any of the deals. I will also try to put in an order on the app and when I try my pick up location it will load and give me an error on our end message no matter the pick up option. This has happened multiple times within the past few months so I stopped going to McDonald’s. Same issue occurred today so when I saw my order cancelled for the third time I just left out of annoyance (and felt that it was a sign to just not get any McDonald’s today) at the app not functioning. I only get drinks and use their deals, if the deals don’t work I’ll just go to a different company and get drinks. If they can get location to be changeable or have the locations sort it out and have the app not have issues after putting in the order the app could be at 5 stars. But its currently at best 3 stars. Also my name is completely different from my email and my actual name in the app and I can’t change it…

Worst. Support. Ever.. So, like others have pointed out, for no reason the app suddenly decided the closest location to me is one that was 95 miles away. Every time I tried to change it, it wouldn’t work. So I made the horrific mistake of signing out of the app after uninstalling and reinstalling it multiple times like the “developer” has advised. Now, I can’t sign in anymore and have talked with tech “support” for literally a week. After repeating myself about 20 times to them because god forbid they read a message they came to the conclusion that there’s nothing wrong. They haven’t even detected sign on attempts and so I need to find a different network. Apparently it’s my WiFi when literally everything else in my house is working fine except this stupid app. Go figure. So, for those of you having the, “sorry that did f work… there’s something wrong with your internet” problems, it’s not your internet, it’s their stupid app. They have a glitch that thousands of people are experiencing but it’s our internet. Couldn’t possibly be them. Seriously, the most incompetent, idiotic tech support I’ve ever experienced. So, when the “developer” inevitably responds saying something like they never want you to experience this and to talk to them here and provide the support link, don’t bother. Their incompetence will just make you more mad. Bottom line? Go to Wendy’s or Burger King or literally anywhere else because their apps actually work.

Nice exclusive deals but Payment Failures kill it. Overall I enjoyed the app where I could customized my order specifically how I wanted it and could clearly see the price increase for each option - who wouldn’t more pickles for free or a extra slice of cheese for 30 cents. Also there are daily app exclusive deals and coupons like buy one get one that are great and makes ordering tempting. However; the issue and an app killer for me is the payment system. Last 3 trips I ordered and set up for curbside delivery. A few minutes latter the app shows there’s been an error and I need to “go inside to see the cashier”, so in these social distancing days that means going through the drive through. When you pull up they can see your order but they say the Payment is still pending. Each time I check the app and it gives me no option to retry payment or other options. So i tell them at the window to cancel the order and end up leaving with no food. I have now discovered that the charge later went through and still showed up on my credit card statement. So now I have wasted time on trips to the restaurant, no food, and yet still get charged. Now I have to spend more time on phone with credit card disputing the charges. I will no longer use this faulty app. My advise is to save your time and money and shop elsewhere, unless you wanna go through the drive through and pay double the app price.

Can’t get it to work. I’ve used this app several times without success. There has always been a glitch of some sort. Twice at the Thousand Oaks branch where my order never arrived even though I had a confirmation and showed it to the attendant. Her manager couldn’t figure it out. He just said that they have nothing to do with the app. Two different departments. I had to call my credit card and get a refund on one and the other time my credit card company said it did not come through. But what a hassle. The other two times were at the Ventura branch on Telegraph Rd. There were items missing. The first time they saw the glitch and apologized that I had to return and compensated me with coupons. The second time I caught it on the confirmation that fries were missing so I had to go inside and wait in a line for a lengthy time. It was chaos behind the counter, kitchen and customers. On my last visit I placed a special deal order. Everything was fine until we got to the checkout. By the time I looked up my credit card information and went back to inputted the check out said my deal was no longer available. I had to delete it and start over again. So I did. When I did I noticed that the deal was still being advertised. So I hit the deal again and sure enough it worked out fine. But again there it was, another glitch that ate up my time.

(Updated). This app has come a long way and provides what you would expect from it. The deals are useful as well. My one-star off may be more of a problem with implementation on the restaurant level. The app doesn’t save a whole lot of time because you have to be next to the restaurant to check in anyway. I understand something could come up and prevent you from arriving to receive your order... but with the Starbucks App your order gets started right away (now that app has its own problems, half the time it can’t find the store I’m 2 blocks away from, but that’s another review). Because of this I find myself getting breakfast sandwiches at Starbucks more often even though I would prefer the fresh cracked eggs at McDonald’s. Maybe put a disclaimer box that people can confirm/check when they order that stipulates that if they are unable to pick up their order within 20 min it will be discarded with no refund offered. If you enter a busy McDonald’s nowadays it takes a whiiiile to get your food. Usually I’ll confirm that I’m at the restaurant on my app but then sit in my car for 10 min before going in -and sometimes end up waiting another 10 min anyway! Just can’t win. Maybe McDonald’s menu is just too big for them now.

Horrible service. I placed an order selected curbside waited like 20 mins no one comes out or says anything I started calling the drive thru person who finally looks across the lot and I tell him ive been here like 20 mins and no one has brought my food. He has like this shocked little on his face and another lady comes to the window and says can u get in the drive thru line (which by the way has at least 12 card in it). I said do you know how long that line is and I’ve already been waiting almost 20 mins then she said ok as soon as this car finishes I will bring you your food. So I wait and wait and wait. After the 6th car passes no one comes to the window or anything. I was so mad I drove around and got in the drive thru line which is wrapped around the building now. This is the worst customer service ever. You guys should be ashamed of yourself. If I could have gotten my money back from the app I would have left and went somewhere else. No one even apologized they just acted like nothing was wrong. It’s called fast food for a reason. I can’t believe I placed an order at 915 and still haven’t gotten my order as of 956. The building is locked so I can’t even go in and just ask for my money back. You guys have been in business long enough and should know how better to offer better customer service.

Do not use this app!. The reason I liked this app was the convenience of ordering food for my kids if they’re hungry and I’m at work. They can walk over and pick up their food, and I pay right from my phone. Convenient right? Nope! I ordered from work one day, it was a little confusing and I had to hit back a few times to get the location right, or so I thought... well my daughter walked over, I screenshot and sent her the order confirmation. She’s waiting and they say no order. So I check the order again and it said it was ordered at another McDonalds down the road and I KNOW I clicked the right McDonalds when I placed my order. Anyways I called both McDonalds to see if they can transfer the order and they were NO HELP! Told me I needed to call the contact number on the app, well I did and was told that the charges are pending but it won’t clear since I never picked up my order. Today I look and see the charges cleared for $20 worth of food that I never got and McDonalds knows it was never picked up and that I was totally scammed! I call again and I am told I need to dispute the charges with my bank. Are you kidding me? This app is a joke and so is McDonalds. Deleting and never using again! I’ve been using the Starbucks app for years and never had problems like this. McDonald’s ripped me off of $20! You’ve been warned, do not use this app because even if you don’t pick up your food, you’re charged and they don’t refund you.

Used to be great, but now sooooo slooow and very buggy. This started out as a great app, but now, no longer deserves 4-5 stars. They’ve done way too much to make it all fancy, that it makes the app work so slowly, when navigating between the different functions, especially when it first starts up. Also, annoying that certain deals are scan only, mobile only, deliver only...a deal is a deal. Why should it matter if we use it on the app, at the restaurant, or delivery? And stop the restrictions on using one deal for a certain amount of time!!! If I wanna use a deal, and get back to the end of the line to use another deal, I should be able to do so like the app allowed you to do originally! The new updates have not made anything better, but instead made it more buggy. I’ve never had to keep logging back into my account before, but now it seems like the app can’t remember my login, even if I had already logged in 10 minutes prior, which is very annoying when you’re already in line and waiting for the now slow app to load up and then show the deals, with people waiting behind you. There should be a face/finger ID or stay logged in option. And I agree with another user, if I make an order from my phone and want a friend/family member pick it up, there should be a way to do that. If a super basic Little Caesar’s App can do that, then why can’t this one?!!!

Sometimes works. sometimes works like it should, but it’s still buggy. And...I’ve experienced that the employees at various locations aren’t well trained with mobile ordering. On more than one occasion I’ve tried to pick up my order in the drive-thru, but the employee couldn’t close it out on their end. My card ends up getting charged several times, and I don’t get my food if I don’t have a way to pay for it on me. Therefore, I usually opt for curbside, which I don’t like doing either. I hate having the employees have to bring my food out to the mobile pickup if the weather is bad. Plus, if the order is wrong, then they have to go inside and come back out. One feature that is problematic with mobile ordering is that whatever phone you place the order from has to be the one arriving at the location because the app is tracking the phone. Almost all other mobile ordering apps don’t do that. For instance, if another family member is out and about and I’m sitting at home, I can’t order from the app and they pick it up. It tells me I’m not at the location. That’s annoying. Lastly, the coupon deals are clunky. The coupon codes differ for each location. Therefore, you have to make sure you have the right location selected to get the correct coupon. It’s cumbersome the way that works.

Smart People Do It. McDonalds drive thru- let’s say it’s 10 cars deep. Karen and her 5 kids taking forever to pick food off the same menu they’ve been ordering off of since ‘95. You park in the takeout area. Submit your order. You just skipped 10 cars, Karen and her 5 kids. You’re welcomed. Conversely- You’re Karen. You have 5 kids. You don’t know what little Johnny Becky Chad Hunter and Sage want because at least one has allergies and you need to ask questions about the food you’ve been feeding the kid since 2010. You’re holding up the line like you do everywhere because you think the world revolves around you. Well Karen, it doesn’t revolve around you. But you can have it “your way” by loading an app, choosing in advance, and doing research on your own time. They will bring your food, you don’t have to come back and complain and you can speak to a manager from the comfort of your minivan. Stop lying to yourself Karen. Nobody thinks you’re the greatest mom ever. You’re holding up the entire world at the drive thru; including but not limited to McDonald’s, Wells Fargo and Walgreens. Get it together. This app is designed FOR YOU

WE ALL ❤️ MickyD’s. Even after the bad, awful, nasty and crazy experiences.. We’ve all seen, heard, experienced all the postives and negatives about McDonalds. However, mcdomalds is here, has so many family, community connections, connivence, opportunity for youth, adults and anyone with an opportunity for earning and learning. I’m just so happy I have so many Micky D’s memories with family whom are no longer here, my own family I created and even the newbies new little babies,Toddlers, fellow neighbors, consumers and many more. It’s not that healthy to eat ALL the time, but it’s affordable, convenient for busy families on game nights, nights after bible study, dance, music, swim, track, weightlifting, dance fit, traffic jams, emergencies or “THE CHEF” the cook of home is sick and has had enough. Kinda, great there are quite a few. I think one within most city limits. Near busy intersections, by schools, hospitals and malls, outlets and more Yup, we see McDonald and a lot of time it’s also a dollar general behind, beside, around the corner etc. SHOOT! Children and seniors love them for sure. GenZ,Y and the millennials ❤️ Mick D too. Now for me, I acknowledge they’re rather tasty and aid in me experiencing a burst of memories when I do eat and enjoy my McDonalds. All In all thank ya, bye and love ya

Stinks. This app is the worst, and they won’t fix it, despite the fact that they constantly ask for reviews after orders in app. It crashes frequently RIGHT as you’re checking out- conveniently (for them) this robs you of points. They don’t appear on the app, you don’t credit. In addition to that, when you go back into the app, the order is still sitting in the checkout tab- so if you get confused and go back in and check out, it will charge you twice. I’ve had it happen and also never received my refund several times now- reported it- which is a deliberately difficulty process, too- but no response and they never refunded me. I find it interesting that ALL their glitches are things that save them money. Words of advice: enable receipts sent to email, sometimes it’s the only way to know if you were charged in the above scenario. Also you’ll need your mobile order # and this will be on receipt in email. Watch the check out- it often has items sitting in there you will be charged for upon your next use if you don’t hit “remove” in check out. It’s awful- and I feel deliberate. But…here’s what they don’t think about, apparently. I frequently use other apps and do my business elsewhere since getting their app, more often than before. Wendy’s has some great deals and their app works and doesn’t cheat you out of money! So they created a problem that will bite them in the end.

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Highly recommended if you’re indecisive like me!. Just tried the app for the first time. I downloaded it earlier today to check out the deals I saw advertised on Facebook. It seemed awesome and looked simple. We had just eaten dinner so I didn’t plan to use it. 11:30 comes around and I’m craving something sweet and my husband wanted actual food. We got a Big Mac for $1.00 (it was an offer in the deals section)! That was amazing. Normally he just gets two McDoubles. I love the ability to customize without feeling like a burden. Checkout was easy. On the drive over I was looking to see how pickup worked. I saw that you could pick it up through the drive thru instead of making a worker walk out to you. It’s late the line wasn’t too bad. The window girl was nice. It was all around a surprisingly good experience. We go for late night apple pies quite often and are normally turned away due to it being late (meaning they aren’t making more), or we get them and they’re dried out and sticky. Tonight they were warm and presumably fresh and it was great. We will definitely use this again! It gives you the price as you go too. No surprises!

Great app but. The app seems to have no flaws or failings. Unfortunately, given its stated purpose (my reading: save time; order ahead; pay without having to make contact with other humans and save your frequently-ordered items to favorites for even greater time-savings all while earning free food with rewards) it isn’t going to blow the doors off for any end user with average expectations. You will wait. You won’t feel at all like you’re saving time and when you edit, “customize,” your items and the edits go unread, having no contact payment makes right human errors pretty much not worth correcting but then you e paid for something you’re not going to eat or drink. Anyway, the app can’t save you time when the restaurants are mostly under mediocre management and employees appearing like they would give anything to sit down on a lazy boy or text someone who is not a customer or employee of McDonald’s. With all that in mind, its world away from the catastrophe that is the Chic-fil-a and Wendy’s apps. It functions better than Dunkin’ or the chain restaurant apps, too.

Begging for review. Here's your review. Enjoy. *edit* Broken, won't finish the order and now won't connect blaming my internet. Pretty sure my internet works since I can post this. What do you think? How bout you fix this McGarbage. *EDIT* I contacted McDonalds through their website and provided ample information (Device, iOS, etc) and was told I need to waste my time by calling some number just so I can repeat all that information when clearly there are more people that are affected by this worthless app. How does a multi-billion $ company release garbage apps? This is unacceptable. Here's all the info you need; the app freezes after payment. Sometimes it charges me but doesn't submit my order, sometimes it doesn't charge me or submit my order. Still an issue on 7.3.2 (latest at time of this review May 30, 2022). McFix your McGarbage. Wow, it's finally fixed. Took long enough. Enjoy the review. *edit* more issues. Freezes when I tap finish and pay. Luckily, I'm not being charged…yet. This app is straight garbage. Devs should be ashamed. *edit reply to dev* Nope. Not uninstalling and reinstalling anymore. I've done that several times. Not wasting my time on an app that should just work from a multi billion dollar company. *editi* Finally can order without issues. I'll never give more stars. Enjoy your McStar there McGarbage.

Good luck getting a refund. A flaw with the app!!!!. A very bad experience... I ordered my food with the app, which is supposed to make it easy, but instead it was a pain! We made the order on the app and then chose curbside pick up. They don’t charge your card until you check in. So instead of saying, hey don’t charge the card because where the only McDonald’s in the world right now with NO ICE CREAM! They ran the card, made the food, and assumed having no ice cream was okay because our order was large. No it’s not and they should have came to our car before charging the card to inform us that our order would not be able to be completed as ordered. Instead they brought all the food out and asked if we wanted a shake or something instead. We asked for a refund instead and were told that since we did not pay at the store they could not refund us and we would have to call online to request a refund. We called online to request a refund and were told they they could not refund us our money and that we would have to call our bank and tell them the charge was not authorized. This was a horrible experience that will not be forgotten. This whole process was supposed to be easy and it was not. To top it all off they think a coupon for a $.50 ice cream was going to suffice when we called. How can you offer a shake but not have ice cream? Aren’t shakes made out of ice cream?

Can’t get the “bag” to show up most of the time.. 8 out of 10 times, the “bag” doesn’t show up so I can’t pay for my order. That would seem like a fundamental function of an app of this type…especially if you want people to easily pay for more product at your McDonald’s locations. You’re shooting yourselves in the foot otherwise, right? Folks, like me, get frustrated, drive off and go to Burger King instead…where their “bag” is available and you can pay for your meal. Might be reasonable to expect this automatic “bag” to fail to pop up 10% of the time but not an 80 to 90% failure rate. How did this app update make it out of the testing phase? If the app staff can’t get the automated “bag” to work 90% of the time, on commonly used mobile devices, OS and network environments (test your apps in the field!!), then just add a “Show Bag” button so people can see what’s in their bag and pay for their meal. “Just uninstall and reinstall the app.” isn’t a solution…especially when you’re in the drive through line with people waiting behind you. The current state of this app is not fair to those people, not fair to me as a customer and, frankly, not good for your business. You’ve definitely lost money from me because of it and, from other reviews, it looks like you’ve lost a lot more.

App is convenient but isn’t customer service oriented. I’ve use the app many times and four quick on the go ordering it is fine. I would even say convenient and useful. But I could not give it five stars or even three stars because the app lacks the ability to deal with customer service issues in anyway whatsoever. Once you pay and place your order, I have found frequently that the restaurant is out of stock or is delayed in placing my order in the queue even after I have gone through the drive-through window and the speaker to let them know I have an online order with the app. Employees have often said they have no to give me a refund once I don’t know if the app allows for it or not, which I’ve it is. I’ve been never been able to. Her or a district manager, or a regional manager. As a matter of twice now, the employees tell me an old does not even have those They only say that I can call the number that is printed on the drive-through window. Terrible customer service is no new thing. In this post Covid world we live in now. But we will have to get back to taking care of the customer for businesses once we tire of terrible service over and getting the items that we have requested.

Very disappointing. I REALLY want to like this app. The deals that are offered are great and I love the ease of being able to order and pay ahead, but often this app just falls way too short. For instance, the app is very bad about refreshing. There have been many times where I have wanted to get on the app to make an order and it is still trying to get me to pick up a completed order from weeks before. Even after closing the app entirely and logging back in it still will give me the prompt. It will also get stuck when it is tracking your location. I have had instances where it will not let me select that I am at the restaurant because the location tracking hasn’t refreshed and the override button wouldn’t work. Today, I arrived at a McDonalds with an order and a number, and despite saying on my phone that it was received the restaurant couldn’t find it anywhere. They stated that they had not received any training on the updated rewards app and that it could be glitchy sometimes. While annoying, it is understandable, but I figured I would report the problem to the app developers. I get entirely through writing up the problem and try to submit and it wouldn’t go through. Turns out, there is an empty drop down box that is required to fill out of the form, so there is no way to submit the problem. Figures.

They steal your money. I’ve used the app successfully for months, but a few days ago they ripped me off. The store I chose had decided to close early that night, without apparently notifying the company or whoever controls whether a store is closed on the app. I ordered before I got there, and when I arrived all the lights were on and there were cars in the parking lot- nothing to suggest from a distance that they were closed. So I notified the app I was there, which it acknowledged, and parked curbside. The app even notified me that they “saw” I was there and would be right out. We waited. After ten minutes we drove through the drive through, and only then saw the closed notice. When I complained to customer service, they didn’t respond for four days, and when they did respond, suggested it was my fault and that if I wanted to dispute the charge I could take it up with my bank. It didn’t seem to matter that they had emailed me a receipt for my money and that I never got any food. I’m still waiting for my money back. And now it looks like I’m going to have to either call or visit or something to resolve this- any convenience the app might provide has been eliminated. It’s just ridiculous considering they have records of all of this- they know they took my money, and they know the order wasn’t filled because the store was closed. Unbelievable.

Clunky. I enjoy using the app to order, but as another person noticed lately it is leaving my prior order in the cart instead of actually clearing it And there doesn’t seem to be a way to take a deal out. It will let me delete the food from my cart but Not the deal, so when I tried to add another deal it says there’s already one in my cart and I can’t use more than one. Even though the existing one is unavailable since I’ve already redeemed it. It’s just sitting there blocking my cart from being used for anything else and it’s completely annoying. The only other thing I would add is that drive-through staff severely need some training on how to treat app orders. Invariably they tried to hand me the food for the person behind me because they don’t apparently have a way of placing the app orders in Queue sequence With the orders being manually entered at the speaker. Depending on the location sometimes they even make me feel like a weird kind of zoo creature as if placing a mobile order is so rare and unusual that if it’s not ubereats they can’t fathom that I exist. So that’s kind of disconcerting as well.

There are serious problems ordering from the app. The app works great for finding deals and using coupons but mobile ordering needs work. I first tried it in May. Submitted my order, opened the app and indicated that I was at the restaurant and waited for my order. After some time I checked with staff and they didn’t receive the order. They were great and rushed to make my order for me, but the technology was an issue. I complained to McD just so they would know they had something to fix, and they acknowledged the problem and sent me free coupons. So I decided to try again, it’s gotta work great by now (Sep). Well, I was at a different location then my local one so I tried to set it to the restaurant I was at. It didn’t seem to want to, but eventually did. I placed the order and it charged my card, but said my order was being sent to the wrong restaurant. There was no way to cancel the order that I could find. I thought i could just order again but at this point it wouldn’t let me pick the restaurant and indicated the restaurant was not open even though I was standing in it :/ Well, there is a charge for the order, but if I go to my history of orders there is only the one from May and actually shows my items in the shopping cart! Ugh, I want this to work because some deals are only for mobile orders, but they really need to find these bugs in the system.

BEWARE BEFORE LINKING PAYMENT INFO. Let me start by saying this app has been wonderful in the past. There are many deals available and they have been a wallet saver in the past. As someone who eats McDonald’s numerous times a week, the only available in the app discounts were amazing. Today I ordered breakfast and used the free hash brown with the purchase of at least a dollar like I do daily and was given a total. When I went through the drive thru, I was suddenly charged a different amount than I was originally given with no way to dispute it because my card was already charged. I was suddenly charged for the hash brown that was supposed to be free. I have to watch every penny I spend so it was an unnecessary expense I now have to factor into other things, which is completely inconvenient during this holiday season. I never had an issue before this, but since I’m limited on funds, I cannot use this app anymore since it’s possible to be charged for “deals” with no way to recover that money. Just beware that your order can change totals without your knowledge.

Sending my meal to a restaurant 7 hours away from me?. If I could give zero stars or even negative stars I would. Tell me why I wasted nearly $20 and sat in my car for an hour waiting for food that never came to me because the app changed the location of my pickup to a place in WISCONSIN? I live in MISSOURI. The maps literally said 7 HOURS AWAY. I couldn’t even cancel my order either, because up until I had checked the app after waiting for an hour, I had CONFIRMED I WAS AT THE LOCATION THAT I WAS ORIGINALLY SUPPOSED TO PICK UP AT. Therefore, it would not let me cancel my order afterwards. I have tried the ‘contact us’ to leave an official review twice now, only to finally receive an email. I’m still waiting on an actual response from a ‘team member’. I have even tried contacting someone through the direct messages of Twitter only to be told again to send the official review through the website. To be very clear, I have previous receipts in email form of past times I’ve ordered through the app in surrounding Missouri locations. I also have the receipt that was sent to the Wisconsin location, as well as the idiotic screenshot of the location my maps had shown up as 7 hours away. This review will not be changed until I get a refund. AND I WOULD LIKE TO NOT OPEN A DISPUTE WITH MY BANK. PLEASE TALK TO ME LIKE PROFESSIONALS SO WE CAN GET THIS SORTED OUT.

Nope. Never again.. Placed and paid for my order using the mobile app, but when I got to the drive thru was told they had my order but the payment didn’t go through. The app gave no indication that there was a problem with the order but the cashier insisted the payment wasn’t applied. So I gave her my bank card only to find out later I was double charged. I have my bank statement, the original receipt from the cashier and the history log on the app itself. My bank won’t help because this technically wasn’t a “fraudulent purchase” and the McDonald’s customer service line suggested I call or go to the location and speak to a manager. The manager wasn’t there when I called, but someone took a note down with my information. I called customer service again and a report was taken but no resolution yet. While everyone I spoke to was sympathetic and agreed it wasn’t right to pay twice for one order, they weren’t able to resolve the problem. Considering this issue, I’d like to delete my payment information from the app but there doesn’t seem to be a way to do so. This has been frustrating and I don’t see how it benefits McDonald’s to make issues like this so difficult and cumbersome to resolve. I’m not optimistic I’ll get my money back and it’s gonna be hard but I’m not buying another delicious McNugget until I do.

First problem with the app. I placed an order through the app, went through the checkout process, and was told to head to the location, which I did. When I arrived, I noticed the order number hadn’t changed, so I tried pressing “I’m already here” but the app then proceeded to tell me that I was at the wrong location. The screen still said the address I was currently at, but when I went through the order details, it had changed the location to one in the opposite direction of where I had just come from. I made sure when placing the order that it was at the one I go to regularly, but for some reason it changed the order location only in the details and not on the screen. I’m not sure what caused this, or how to fix it, because I’ve generally had good service on this app, but that’s a pretty major problem that I had to get fixed in store, which is kind of the point of using the app so you don’t have to deal with waiting as long. Some of us have places to be and can’t wait around for a solution to a problem like this in person, so we end up having to be late for something, or pay for something we never get to pick up because of a mistake we couldn’t control

Used once and done. I gave this 2 stars only because the app was easy to use, but if the app isn’t in synch with your chosen store, it’s a waste of time. I had ordered and paid on the app and noted I was picking up via drive thru. I do the same with another fast food app with ZERO issues. I pulled through and like the screen said, told them on the speaker I was there to pick up (and I gave the order number as the screen instructed). The cashier was like, “oh you’re an Uber driver, pull up to the 2nd window”. Well, I’m not Uber but I pulled up to the 2nd window getting wild eyes from the car ahead and behind me in line. At the window I tell the worker my order number and show her the screen and she did not have a clue what I meant or what to do. Obviously McDonalds doesn’t train employees on this app and how to work with it - at least not system wide. She asked me to pull forward at which time I sat waiting for them to prepare my order as 5 cars behind me in line passed through with their orders. It would have been faster if I had NOT used this app. Moral of this review? Just because there’s an app doesn’t mean your location will know how to work with it. Mine wasn’t rural either. It’s faster to just go through the drive through normal. I’ve deleted the app. 👎🏼👎🏼

Good try but some fatal flaws. I wanted to use this app every time I went to Mickey D’s but I won’t and can’t. I won’t because it does it save any time. There have been times that I’ve sat in the numbered parking space and watched people I would have been behind in the drive thru line exit the parking lot. Same when I’ve dined in. Are the people in the restaurant sandbagging because they don’t want to lose their job to a smart phone? Maybe but all I know is that it hasn’t saved me any time and usually cost me time. I won’t because my daughter is at the age where a 6 piece nugget happy meal is just right. Unfortunately, the app only has a 4 piece. I’ve sent feedback that the 6 piece is missing and was promised a response but it’s still not there a month later. I’m not sure why this is so difficult. Another reason is that I haven’t found a way to edit my cart or cancel my order. If I order something by accident, there’s no way to remove it. If I end up not completing my order one time and come back for a new order later, all the stuff I put in earlier is still there. In all, it’s a good concept but poorly executed. I’d love to use this app all the time but it’s relegated to a back folder on my phone. Hopefully, someone at McDonald’s will notice eventually.

App is great, store service is not the best. I like the app features. Especially now with COVID it is nice to be able to pay thru the app and not exchange cash or cards with an employee, one less point of contact. Being able to select food items at home I am able to casually get everyone’s order exactly as desired without feeling rushed at the drivethru speaker or deal with bad speaker communication. The app special deals are also nice. The problem I’ve experienced every time so far, about 10 visits using the app, every time I try to pickup my app order in the drive thru my local restaurant is unable to complete my order. They always tell me to pull in to curbside and change my pickup option in the app to curbside. I don’t know if this is an issue with employee training or if there is a problem with the app. I have not tried the drive thru pickup option at any location other than my local restaurant so I can’t say if the result would be different. The app is still great to have, just a minor annoyance to have this option not work. There are times when drive thru is empty but I still am not able to use that pickup option.

Don’t order ahead of time!. I placed an order and payed on the app and went to the location and they tell me you can only pay in cash. I tell them oh I have an order on the app that has already been payed for. They tell me they can’t bring up any mobile orders. I ask if there is a way to get a refund and they say they can’t do anything because the computers are down, not even a refund for the thing I was charged for. They told me to come again in half an hour. Not very convenient for a fast food place to wait half an hour when there is no one else ahead of you but okay. So I am still waiting so lets see if they actually fix it for me or even when there computers still come back up they can’t. My question is if the computers are down why have it on the app show up as a location? Okay so my order was canceled and I refunded on the app after their computers came online. I am still very mad at the fact I had to wait thirty minutes just to be told I got my refund. Not even from the store location but from the app itself. So I will sill not be ordering online again and not trusting the location now either because if there computers are down not everyone is caring cash on hand and in my case I paid ahead of time so why would I bring cash??

Loyalty points are useless. While the convenience of mobile ordering and the consistent deals are amazing. There is much to be desired when it comes to point redemption and the app connecting with the store. There has been at least 3 times where I have ordered something on the app and when I arrive to the restaurant they simply state we don’t have that item right now. They don’t offer any refund or substitution that’s simply all they say. Then I have to reach out to customer service myself to get a refund (the one time I did it) the other two times the order was less than 5 dollars so I just let it be. Also how limited the options are for redeeming points is ridiculous! It is simple to give every item on the menu a point value and also I should be able to use as many of the points that I have earned from spending money as I want in one order. I should NOT be limited to only one. That makes no sense once so ever when I spent the money to earn the points! If I have saved 20,000 points that’s my prerogative I shouldn’t be penalized for being a frequent customer I should be able to create and use those points on whatever I please off the menu.

Use to be better!. I have used the McDonald’s app sence it first came out, I have loved it and would even drive out of my way some times to get to it even if I was not planning on going just to get something they had on the app for a really good deal but in the last several weeks they have changed things on the app to having a lot more Mobil pay coupons and a lot less good at restaurant coupons. And even the at restaurant coupons have not been real good ones, used to have ones like buy one any size frappe got one any size frappe free, and you could buy a small one and get a large one for free and now the new coupons are get a dollar off of a large frappe, wow that is a big difference in coupons! Also they are only offering 3 dollars off so much of a order on the mobile pay, I have used that coupon several times when they had it as a at restaurant coupon but they took it away. Don’t know if they were loosing money by having all those good coupons but I would look at my at restaurant coupons about every day and was eating a lot of McDonald’s but now that it has changed it don’t go near as often. Please add all the good at restaurant coupons back!!!!

Getting better. I tried the app again and I will say it doesn’t feel broken anymore. It used to be nearly impossible to sign in. Sign in works better now. Payment is a lot better now too. I had to go to the web to really understand how to mobile order but I’ll say that workflow is pretty slick once you understand how it works. I think you could do better in the app to educate the user. Offer somewhere I. The app the opportunity to see a short video or walk through of steps from order to delivery. And then the one thing I would really like to see improved is the location selector. The problem with it is there are many McDonalds in my area and just seeing the street address isn’t enough so I always have to switch back and forth to the map. Easier would be let me pick a McDonalds off the map, favorite it, and give it a name that is meaningful to me. ‘By Office’, ‘By Home’, Woodinville, Redmond. Those all are more meaningful to me and faster for me to glance at the name and l is which McDonalds I am dealing with. Anyway great progress in the app. I am an older guy and have loved McDonalds my whole life so happy to see the modernization and convenience and always the fast and tasty food

Curbside pickup. Was not very happy with service. This store always has issues today I tried curbside. All my food was not there the large fries were only half full and there was no straws for our drinks. Young man who brought it out said he would get someone out to help me it took them 20 minutes to bring the rest of my food to me and the rest of our food was cold. What happened to your drive thru service whenever you go there they almost always want you to pull front and the people behind you in line gets their food first cause they give it out as they come out instead first in first out then they have to snoop in each bag to see which order is which then if things aren’t right you have to wait again. When they finally bring my food out and it is still not right. Really frustrating visit. I totally understand being short staff but when all you had to deal with is “drive thru” and online orders it has got to get better. Lines are horrible one day at 2:00 in the after there was 5 cars that pulled to the side most had 1 sack and a drink they said their timers keeps running if we set at window I don’t care about a timer if they would do service right there shouldn’t have to worry about timer and give better service and hotter food. Thanks for your time.

McDonald’s locations do not understand how the app works. At the drive-thru, they ask you if you’re using the app, but then they never hear you say “Yes,” so then you sit there awkwardly for several minutes until they say “Please order or leave.” As soon as I tell them I have a mobile order, they panic and tell me they can’t find the order, and offer to take my order again…however I’ve already paid using the app. If they take the order again, they have to charge you a second time. You can’t cancel the order on the mobile app once you’ve told it you’re at the McDonald’s location to pick it up. Since the app shows your order was picked up, you can’t get a refund for your non-existent order. Before they offer the mobile app and start insisting customers use it, they need to make sure their locations’ systems are compatible with it, and TRAIN YOUR EMPLOYEES on it! I have reported problems multiple times, and all that ever happens is that I receive a voicemail from a manager, but have never received even an offer of a refund for the multiple orders I’ve had to pay for two or three times. I can’t continue to keep having these problems and reporting them. McDonalds needs to have this figured out by now. I no longer visit McDonald’s and never will again.

Changing restaurant locations + advance order. If I go out of my way to download the app, it should be more convenient and saves time, but instead is a bigger hassle than ordering with the cashier. However, there are a couple of refinements that'll bring this up to 5 stars: 1: If I star a location, please use that as a default; the location chooser should have it as a drop-down menu of nearest store, starred store, and perhaps a "other" option at the bottom instead of showing the closest location and bringing up the map when you click on it... I get that you choose the geographically closer store, but it's out of my way, but I want the store that is 0.1 miles further but en route of my commute. In its current state, it's actually more tedious to select your starred restaurant. 2. I've emailed about it before; if I've gone through the hassle of mobile order, one perk should be that the food is ready by the time I walk in, especially if my end goal is to not have to wait. However, if I have to order ahead, then check in and wait (I can't check in from home a mile down the street), there is no incentive for me to actually order with the app since it's actually faster to place the order with the cashier.

The Worst App of All Time Award Goes to…. I used this app ONCE - paid for a latte - got to the location where they said they had no lattes, and could not refund me either because “the app has nothing to do with us” (though they HAD received my order, somehow… hmmm). Took 20 minutes of searching to figure out how and where to contact anyone (in the location they were unable to provide me with a number), and once I finally called, was told someone would be in touch with me. Then got an email saying they were so sorry and thanking me for bringing this to their attention, we will improve our processes moving forward… NOT A WORD about refunding me the money I paid. I have since called 3 more times, and each time have been told someone would follow up with me again, but nothing. The last time (a couple weeks ago), the agent said she would “escalate” the ticket, but I heard nothing since then (again), so I called back today only to find out that the last person did NOT in fact escalate it, so I have zero reason to believe the person who told me again today she would do the same. As far as I’m concerned at this point, McDonald’s has stolen $5 from me. And all this effort due to an app that is supposed to be saving you time!! CONSUMER BEWARE - STAY FAR, FAR AWAY FROM THIS APP! Thieves and clowns, these folks.

Not bad, but not for me. I like the fact that there are awesome deals on the app. The app is user friendly, and I’ve only had a few issues with the map within the app detecting my location. My main issue with the app is that they won’t fix your food until you’re actually at the restaurant. That makes no sense to me at all. I am a very busy person, and using the app doesn’t save me time, and often times it can be pretty inconvenient to use. I was almost late to work the last time I used it because it took 10 min to bring my food out to me at curbside. I saw cars come and go. I saw walk-ins come and go as I waited on my app order. They were actually doing to go orders in the store. I would have rather done that, however, there was no option for to go orders on the app. Only curbside or drive thru were offered. ***In response to the developer’s response to my grievances with this app, I’d say that I still stand firm that the app needs work. It’s literally the slowest way to order at McDonald’s. There are MANY ways this could be rectified. For instance provide a tracker similar to Domino’s. You could also provide a tone block for the customer to pick up the food. OR you could allow a customer to check in if they are within a half mile or so to the restaurant. I could go on and on, but you get the drift.

Good for fast food apps but a few bugs.. This is clearly the best app I’ve used for any fast food restaurant. It works. And I don’t mean just the app on your device, but the back office operations that are required to fulfill your order. The worst bug I experience is after one picks up their food. A day or two may go by, and then when I open to use the app again it hasn’t cleared out my past fulfilled order, and it automatically reloads the past order into the cart. Then I have to go manually delete every item that I ordered before, so I can make a new order. Not a giant problem, more like just annoying. Not a formal bug, but a design error IMO, As I wish they made it easier to add condiments to an order. I think it should be the last thing selected before a person confirms their order. It’s easy to forget to add the condiments, then when I pick up my food I ask the personnel on duty for it, and although I get it, I can tell it’s a tiny annoyance for them - a break in their flow. Regardless, I’m impressed and happy with it. The formalized “menu hacks” feature to be released soon sounds awesome.

Never Ending Problems. There were many times using the app, that provided very good results. However, I’ve also had problems many times when I tried making use of the deals. I would get to the part that I choose the deal that I want. Then the app tells me that I already used a deal so I need to wait for so many minutes, close to an hour, in order to use the deal again. NOTE: I DIDN’T EVEN USE THE APP THAT DAY???????? So, I’d end up just not using the app for my order. I would mention it to the manager but was told that they couldn’t do anything for me. I’ve complained and even had contact with people from McDonald’s, but, nothing came out of it. I even received an email which said that the problem was solved. Well, it wasn’t solved for me. I got so frustrated that I stopped using the McDonalds app and started using the apps from Wendy’s and Jack-in-the-Box. Sometimes, the Wendy's app doesn’t work. So, I just go into Wendy’s and ask if I can still make use of the offer in the app even if it wasn’t working. To my surprise, they manually process it for me. Just want to mention that Wendy’s and Jack in the box have really good deals in their apps. Today, I thought that I’d try to give the McDonald’s app another chance. But guess what! I couldn’t use the deal again because the app stated that I already used the deal recently.

Fix the glitches.... I had to revise my review and subtract a star because for the past three weeks or so each time I’ve attempted to complete an order that included one of the app exclusive deals, an error message pops up saying that my transaction could not be completed because my device went offline, however the processing of the charge still went through. That’s not a huge deal as the charge gets refunded once I cancel the order but then I can’t access that deal again until the time restriction elapses...which still doesn’t matter because the same error message pops up without fail. I don’t know if this only happens when you try to use one of the deals because I only use the app when I want to use a deal, which was the entire incentive for me downloading the app to begin with. I’ve tried deleting the app and then downloading it again on two separate occasions to see if that fixes the problem but the issue still persists. Until it’s fixed I’ll just have to take my business to food chains who’s apps actually work

Use it every visit!. My kids LOVE McDonald’s and, like it or not, we are there at least once a week for one meal or another. It’s fast, convenient, clean, close to home, and all the employees are great. Plus the menu is consistent so we always know when traveling that everyone will be happy if we stop there. That being said, the app is AWESOME! There are always coupons and deals that change daily and weekly plus loyalty rewards for their McCafe beverages, which my husband and I order often. We have used the mobile ordering option a few times, mainly when traveling to locate the closest restaurant or when already at a busy resto to save time in line- either way, it’s efficient & nice that it offers 3 dif ways to pick up your order (drive-thru, inside counter, OR curbside delivery at designated parking spot). I check the app every time we order because even if we aren’t ordering a particular item that has a coupon, there is almost always a “dollar-off” coupon if your order is over a certain amount and as a family of 4, it’s usually a minimum of $20. Bottom line: get the app, it’s well worth it!

Borderline unusable. This app is so incredibly broken. More often than not, I add items to my cart but then the option to view my cart doesn’t appear at the bottom of the screen no matter what I do, so I am unable to place an order. I will restart the app and even reinstall it but it doesn’t help. It almost feels like a glitch when the app works as it’s designed to. I have also on multiple occasions been charged for items I did not order and was unable to edit my order when I got to the restaurant. I will pay with Apple Pay and it will show me the total and I will confirm that and finalize the payment. After I have already approved the purchase, the app will add a duplicate of one of my items and I will get a pop up that says my total was changed to the new amount despite the fact that it was added after I had confirmed my purchase. When I get to the store and ask them if they can refund me the money for the item I never ordered, they say that they are unable to edit prepaid transactions. The process of submitting a refund request through the app is incredibly complicated and time consuming and almost makes me just want to accept the cost of the item I was forced to by rather than deal with getting a refund. When the app works, it’s really convenient. It just works so rarely.

Extremely slow in everything - UPDATE: Improved after full reinstall.. UPDATE: It seems the app was collecting old cruft as one used it, always getting slower and slower. Updates didn’t help, but fully removing the app (delete all data) and reinstall brought it back to reasonable - 10 to 30 seconds to load instead of 2 to 5 minutes (on a top of the line at the time iPhone 13 Pro Max). The app still has too many animations (I can order faster in person at the drive through), so I’m not satisfied. I hope more recent versions fixed whatever caused it to keep getting slower and slower. Previous review: Always slow to load, with too many animations and transitions. I eat at the same location, same menu, similar items every time - why is it so slow? Often reports poor connectivity despite a 5G phone with good connection in every other app and >30Mbps. Maybe it’s the servers? Choosing order items often takes 2 to 5 minutes, trying my patience. On the other hand, there are excellent deals. Start up the app, go do something else (I’d say go get a coffee, but that’s one of the reasons I’m going to McDonald’s!), come back to the app to finish your order.

Was going to be 5 Stars but.... I had this app on my phone for well over a year. Hardly ever experienced any issues other than the occasional hiccup. Then out of nowhere a few months back it just stopped working. It signed me out and ever since then I have not been able to log back in. I’ve tried deleting the app and reinstalling- several times. I’ve checked all possible settings that could be interfering and no fix. It took the developer a good while to finally come out with an update- which I tried again last night since the update was 6 days previous to this post. As soon as I launch the app I get a “Application Initialization Critical Launch Error” message and however which way I try signing in from the options to choose from (Facebook, google, etc. ) I get a application login cancelled error. I can’t even hit reset my password without yet another error message stating they are having technical difficulties. I’ve missed out on so many free drinks and money saving coupons due to not being able to utilize this app, which has caused me to not give my business to McDonald’s as much especially when there are no issues with their competitors apps. I surely cannot be the only one experiencing this and would greatly appreciate it if the problem could get fixed.

Go somewhere else. A garbage app that makes it impossible to order garbage food or even have a decent order experience. Update: they responded with some empty ai sounding statement. Typical of some large faceless mega corporation that doesn’t actually care about their customers. Here’s an update to our order! So we get our order in on the app and show up to the store where there’s a 11 car line. I felt awful for the underpaid and overworked staff inside the store but they were doing the best they could. An option popped up for an alternative option to get our order instead of in the drive thru but a pickup spot with a number. We thought sure this would be easier and save space in the giant line we were and in that was still forming behind us. Instead we drive over to the spot out of line, put in the number for the drive up spot and then a screen appears that says our order is canceled. Then we have to repeat the process, put in a new order and go to the back of the line once it rolls past us. It took 40 minutes to get our food from the time we arrived. Never again. The food is boring and no longer do they have many options. They treat their employees badly and they can’t even get a basic order app functioning. Go to Wendy’s instead that’s what I’ll be doing.

App Finally Fixed. Finally, after eight months, and longer for may others, McDonalds finally fixed their app, which had been completely unusable. It boggles my mind how a multi-billion dollar company let this issue go on as long as it did. I, for one, refused to go to McDonalds if I could not order through the app. Since McDonalds only allows you to use their deals if you use the app, there’s no way I was going to pay more for something knowing it’s cheaper through the app. Even though the issue is fixed, I’m still leaving my rating at one star for now since this was an issue for so long. Also because this incident has illustrated just how bad McDonald’s customer support is. I called and emailed multiple times since the issue started and all they would tell me is that I should make sure I’m using the latest version of the app and iOS and to try uninstalling and reinstalling the app, which of course didn’t work. One supervisor I spoke to even told me it was an issue with my phone and that I needed to get a new one. Give me a break. They clearly knew about this issue but refused to be open about it, instead just blaming the customers. We’ll see if this fix lasts. Maybe in a few months if everything is still going well I’ll increase my rating.

Downgrading my review from “Meh” to “Completely unusable”. Update again: yep, scroll through 5 pages of “isn’t our update app great” only to get stuck on the last page of that with no way to actually access anything within the app. No menu, no orders, nothing! You would think that a company that WANTS YOU TO BUY FROM THEM WOUOD MAKE AN APP RHAT ALLOWS YOU TO BUY FROM THEM—but you would be wrong…so very wrong. Update: when it works, it works well. It’s very buggy though, and there are 3 main problems that I can see right now. - Doesn’t always restart after an order is complete. Sometimes I have to manually delete every individual item in order to place a new order because the previous order (which was completed) is still there - Coupons don’t always work. I just tried to use a coupon for the drink that I usually get, and have used successfully in the past, but right now it doesn’t work. Usually the drink comes up in the list for the coupon but for some reason it’s. It listed this time, although it has before and it fits the criteria - Contact Us isn’t working. That’s why I’m posting my complaints here There is no point in having an app that takes up space but doesn’t work. I wrote in about it, for the message that my complaint was received, and nothing after that

faster to order at restaurant. The app takes so long to enter in your order and then it forgets it sometimes after “paying” which can be stressful since it makes you you think you already got charged and thus need to waste more time wondering where it is and if you got charged. I just spent 20 minutes to get our order in for my husband to pick up only to find out that it isn’t saved in my account online but is only saved local my phone. Only my phone can check in to have the order started, not my account on my spouse’s phone. Also, if you accidentally log out on your phone your order gets deleted. When you log back in, the order is gone and not saved in the cart or in recents or favorites just deleted even after confirmation of receiving it. The deals are nice but with a big order it would be nice to have bigger savings. Since it takes so much time to use I only use the app maybe 20% of the time going to Mcdonald’s. I could have ordered, gotten my food and eaten it before the app order is processed.

On the fence…. I have only used the app a few times. Mostly good experiences and one bad, but todays incident really did it for me. 1) I don’t like how you have to be at the location to place your order, I could be 5 minutes away and it still won’t let me order ahead of time. I might as well order regularly at that point. 2) there are no alerts of whether a location does not have something in stock or can’t fulfill your order. This happened to me today. I ordered a large iced coffee and never got it. I went back and forth with the employees and a manager about an iced coffee that I had been charged for. Gave my order number and the manager refused to look it up even when I showed it on the app. I offered her to look at my phone because maybe she knew something I didn’t and she said oh idk how to work that phone (which at this point I’m holding up the line over a coffee and feeling embarrassed). She said I wasn’t charged for a coffee… Long story short, my order went through but the iced coffee flavor was out of stock so they did not fulfill it. The app just failed to say that in my receipt until several minutes later. I wasted my time and others in line because I didn’t want to be charged for something I ordered but didn’t get.

Charges your card and sends the order to eye wrong place. I would give them zero stars if I could. Ever since they updated the app so that it charges your card before you get to the restaurant I’ve had nothing but problems. There are three McDonald’s in our area, one of which is absolute garbage for some reason the app always wants to send you there even when you select one of the other two. It’s probably has something to do with their stupid location services. Tonight I didn’t check for finalizing the order. Because I already put in which restaurant I plan to order from. After checking out. I realized it was the one you don’t want to go to. However, you can’t cancel the order in the app and the instructions for canceling tell you to call the restaurant. This particular location never picks up the phone. So McDonald’s got my money but I’m not picking up the order from that location. It’s a health hazard and a pain in the neck every time you go there. I can’t even order again for the right location because it’s telling me to navigate to the location of the one I won’t eat at. Overall, horrible experience. McDonalds took an app that before worked decently and was easy to use and they screwed it up. I’m very frustrated and I feel that they stole my money.

Payment issues. This is unfortunate bc overall the app is so useful. I really want to take advantage of the deals - but this is the second time using it and the second time it said there was an issue with my payment method (nothing wrong with my card) so I had to pay at the register (with that card). I even tried adding another payment option on the fly at the store and the app said it couldn’t add my other card. (Visa and master card so shouldn’t be an issue) when I asked the manager if she ran into other customers who had the same issue she just shrugged her shoulders dismissively. I asked if she was familiar with the app and maybe knew of a solution I got same response. Add to this that a few months ago I had so much trouble just being able to use it bc it took ages for the app to send a confirmation email - I deleted the app twice bc of that. So I was excited this 3rd time when I was finally able to use it and now run into these types of issues. I would give a pass for a mom and pop store that had app issues but this is McDonald’s...awful..

Used to be good. I don’t understand how an app’s launch is infinitely more stable and usable than it is years down the line. When this first launched, it worked perfectly and quickly. Now every single time I use it boots me out and I have to sign in again. It takes over 5 attempts until the “sign back in” email link actually works. Then, I get to deal with the app freezing every time I try to scroll or open a new menu. (It is not my device.) You need to fire whatever current developer team is “working” on this because they are actively making it more unstable with every update. The only reason I’m giving two stars is because it does save me money, which is always good. Just stop making it so unusable and clunky. I don’t need fancy animations when I place an order, I want the app to work. There was also a bug that permanently put an order on my account that I already received and ate a week prior. I could not remove it nor could I make a new order. The only way I could fix it was, of course, signing out and then fighting it to sign back in.

So. Incredibly. Fed. Up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I’m so sick of this app and it’s glitches! Today was the last straw! Numerous times I’ve tried to order food in the past and McDonald’s either CANT SEE MY ORDER when I arrive, or I can’t even get the app to function TO BE ABLE to order!!! You place an order, pick it up… next time you go to place an order on the app, it will still show that you haven’t picked it up! Days, WEEKS later! I just had the issue again today. I got fed up and deleted the app and started fresh. Got to McDonald’s and they tell me it’s not going through, and I need to pay at the window. I use the app for free stuff and deals. They wanted $3 and some change for something that cost me $1 through the app. I left and told them to forget it. Other times the app says 90% of the stuff is unavailable OR it will say it’s breakfast time when it’s clearly not. You can’t get it to clear and you can’t order anything until you uninstall and reinstall. And it seems the people who make the app don’t care! Their response is “uninstall and reinstall”. SCREW THAT. I’m not doing that every time I order food. Not to mention I lost thousands of points today because of these glitches!!!!! THOUSANDS!!!!!! STOP MAKING EXCUSES AND FIX YOUR APP!!!!!! This app is TRASH! Absolutely pointless to have an app that DOESN’T EVER WORK!!!

Ordering. I gave used this app a total of two times the first time their system was down so it didn’t take my order. The second time (my most recent order) I don’t like the fact that you can’t add certain things to your meal it allows you to customize your sandwich but only certain things can be added, big Mac sauce is not one of the options. So that sucked. When I went to go pick it up I asked them if they can go ahead and add big Mac sauce onto the sandwich although they said yes they would it was not added. I also tried to order and have it paid for and have someone else go pick it up for me but that’s not an option as well you have to have your phone with you in order for your order to be turned in to them. Otherwise they can’t see it at all. I think online ordering through an app is convenient when you can order and have someone else pick it up for you because it’s already paid for on your end you don’t have to worry about giving them money. It’s also good when you place an order and your exact order is made exactly the way you place it, at this McDonald’s they couldn’t get it right I asked for a Dr Pepper and a Coke instead I got two cokes shouldn’t be that hard to read from the screen.

Lost reward points/ doesn’t post my review. Not surprisingly since I’m leaving a negative review for third time, every one that I posted before is not in the reviews. Had no choice but to do the mandatory update. Then I could not get past the accept the cookies/privacy policy. The accept button would not work. Last resort I uninstalled and reinstalled it. That did nothing except make me lose all my reward points. I was signed in with my Apple account so I know that’s correct. When it opens it tells me I have zero reward points. Seriously? Because I had over 3000. A complete waste of time (TRYING) to use this app. Before the update I was able to actually order (maybe) three out of five times it worked. lol. The other problem with the app like everybody else said they don’t prepare your food until you go and check in. What’s the point? I could just go in, order at the counter and it would be the same amount of time. So glad I went back to Burger King, the app works, their burgers are so much better and I love the chicken sandwich. The only thing I miss about McDonald’s is their fries, are better than Burger King,But I do like BK’S onion rings so it makes up for it! Lil father drive, But I will now stick with BurgerKing. Get your chit together, McDees cause you’re losing customers left and right

Poor customer support app isn’t working. I’ve enjoyed using the McDonald’s app for a couple of years now and usually have no problems. However, a month ago, I placed a curbside pickup order through the app and my order wouldn’t process. I kept getting error notifications that my order couldn’t be placed. So I gave up and went through the drive-thru and placed my order. I ended up getting charged for the curbside order that was never completed! So I contacted customer service through the app and explained that I had been double charged without receiving the curbside order. They opened a case number and said someone contact me. No one contacted me so I reached out again and was told I would be contacted for a refund. It’s been a month and no one has contacted me about a refund I called today and spoke to someone about it. They told me to contact my bank and that the only thing they could do was open another case file to say that no one has contacted me about the situation. Thank goodness I was only wrongfully charged a couple of dollars but I would be careful with this app. If it had been a larger order, I could have been out 20-30 bucks! Not a fan of these apps where there is zero help when they go wrong!

From great to un-useable. I was an early adopter of the app and greatly enjoyed the great deals offered. Deal “value” has greatly decreased, but more importantly, the app value guess sunk to delete level. The app no longer recognizes my credit card and tells store it is declined via the app. Weird since all other stores accept it. So I tried to load another card - no cards are accepted - including corporate cards, visa, MasterCard, credit nor debit. In short the app rejects all cards deemed functional by other stores as well as the issuing institution - so it isn’t a card issue. Four McDonalds locations have been tested and they see an app trend where cards are not accepted by the app and must manually run the cards through their system. So local managed stores recognize an issue, but McD’s app developers seem to miss it. I’ve seen increase in solutions on the web - turn off WiFi at store, turn on WiFi, delete and reload app, log out, delete app and reload app with new email and card. I’ve tried about everything -even loading my account on another phone, which still doesn’t allow me to use the app. So it has to be locked up in the app profile info somewhere. McD App developers need to fix it. For me for now, I’m done ordering and eating at McD’s. The app gets deleted today. Hello Chick-Fil-a. Their app works nicely.

Very useful and well maintained except.... I’ve had this app for about 3 years and it been helpful. There were some bugs at the beginning but that’s been fixed about about a year ago. This app does the things I need to do just fine. I always use the scannable coupons whenever I arrive at the restaurant they really help me out. Now the negative side of the app. I’m NOT a fan of mobile ordering, from my recent experience. When I tried it out, it worked just fine, the directions were easy to follow and payed for my food. But when I arrived at the restaurant my order didn’t exist. I showed them the order, location, online receipt, confirmation number, everything. The manager didn’t believe me that I can order on my phone and called it a scam. I couldn’t get my money back and just went home. I didn’t want to start a fight at a fast food restaurant for $7.41 (that embarrassing). I never used it again after that (mobile ordering). If you teach your employees the correct procedures and actually care how my money disappeared. I might give it a second try. But for now, I’ll stick with scanning barcodes.

Order number disappears. Honestly, I’ve given this app multiple tries. Every time I order, I go pick up my food and the order number is no where to be found on the app. Sometimes my order completely disappears and an employee has to now verify on their end(which they always seem confused)before preparing my meal and most times I now have to stand on line and re-order. So so frustrating. My reasoning for ordering ahead is for the convenience of walking in, grabbing my food and walking out fast(since I’m often alone with my kids). This app needs a better tracking system. Order number should stay on screen until order is picked up. Or an email should be sent to confirm that order went through. I’ve been charged double at times most times causing me to just walk out. It’s frustrating and such a long unnecessary process to pick up a fast food meal. Delete the app completely and just bring back more workers. I hate those kiosk, so dirty and take much longer to order than an actual person at the register.

Too smart for its own good. Used it for a couple months. Always had problems here and there but not too much trouble until tonight. Placed an order and noticed it auto selected the closest McDonald’s. Not terrible but I wanted to pick one a little further away because I knew the closest one was closed. Changed the location and it popped a warning that they ran out of milk for the Happymeal and I need to select another option. I thought that was great, it instantly told me what wasn’t available at the new location. Edited my more order and completed it. My wife thought it was weird that it didn’t give the drive thru option so she reviewed the order. Problem #1 apparently the app override my selected location and revert it back to the closest location. Problem #2 I went back to the app and there is no way to cancel the order. Problem #3 I noticed that it says they were preparing the order which confused me since it specifically doesn’t let the order through unless you were at the location. This threw me because previously I have been closer and it still wouldn’t let me place the order until I was right outside the store. I had been right across the street and it wouldn’t let me say I was there. My only course of action is to let the order sit and wait 3-5 days till the charge post to my card then dispute it.

Mobile ordering stole my money!. I’ve had nothing but issues with mobile ordering using the McDonald’s app. First of all it randomly keeps telling me I have internet connection issues when I don’t. Although I don’t know if that is an iOS issue or an app issue. Then it loves taking my money without me getting my food 😠 It’s done this around 3 times now and I’m told by McDonald’s employees to wait for the money to automatically return to my bank account which it never does. The latest time it took my money, I was at the “we see you’re here” alert and it had the normal option to select a pickup. I had to open another app real quick and when I went back to the McDonald’s app, the screen quickly changed to “Thanks for visiting! We hope you enjoyed your experience”. I never got to choose a pickup option and I was charged for the food that I never received. There was no order number either. That is not acceptable! The app should NOT automatically complete transactions for users and it should save the last position it was at and always allow pickup options. Horrible app programming/user experience. The app and systems need a major overhaul. I complained on the McDonald’s website and was asked to help troubleshoot the issue. I shouldn’t need to do that and I’m very tired of always having to help companies troubleshoot their issues.

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The application McDonald's was published in the category Food & Drink on 25 October 2014, Saturday and was developed by McDonald's USA [Developer ID: 703260918]. This program file size is 257.06 MB. This app has been rated by 3,957,313 users and has a rating of 4.8 out of 5. McDonald's - Food & Drink app posted on 21 March 2024, Thursday current version is 8.1.0 and works well on iOS 15.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: Languages supported by the app:

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