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Media Monster is a powerful camera app that gives you the ability to capture high-quality videos and photos while simultaneously playing and recording music from your iOS device. Bring your videos to life with the perfect soundtrack to remember them by. So if you are the type of person that likes to have total control over their camera, then this is the for you.

The most powerful video & music recorder in 1
Media Monster works with many music apps on your device so that any sound from your phone’s speakers is picked up and captured with the video you take. It is ideal for capturing the right party snaps, the perfect road trip footage, the perfect vacation videos. Yoga sessions. Camping trips. Workouts. Dance routines. The possibilities are endless. Just utilize one of the best background recorders and enjoy flawless video recording with music.

Record videos in 4k
In addition to capturing sound, we’ve built the camera app to provide the highest quality video your phone is capable of (supports 4k). No lag time. No distortion. Just seamless camera quality and sound integration. Your easy way to merge the highest quality videos and music into one!

Amazing video recording & editing
We’ve also built a ton of extra editing features to help make sure you get the right look every time. From auto-focus and stabilization to brightness and movement detection, you have the power to capture high-quality video in any setting. We also offer an added membership that provides backup storage so that you never have to worry about losing the memories you want to keep.

Camera & quality
Did you know you can record selfie videos at 60 frames per second? Choose different camera types and formats for both front and back camera.
Supported camera types depending on the device:
- True Depth
- Dual Camera
- Wide Angle
- Telephoto Camera

White balance, exposure & focus controls
Before or during a live shoot, you can control the exposure, focus and red, green and blue colors. This can also be set so that it is done automatically.

Edit photos or videos even if they were not captured with Media Monster.

Bluetooth & AUX
If you like to listen to music on Bluetooth devices or record sound with a microphone, Media Monster supports that. Most devices can be connected via Bluetooth. Bluetooth support has been added for when you are connected to an external device without having to experience any interruptions. Bluetooth remote controls can also be used to toggle recordings and capture photos.

Import raw audio and video files
Your integrated in-app music player supports the ability to play audio and video files which can be imported from your iCloud and Camera Roll. Video can be watched over the camera view while recording videos. They can also be hidden.

Apple Music & Spotify
Integrated in-app music player can be directly connected and controlled.

Browse Youtube, load a video, and record or capture photos while in the background.

Portrait & landscape orientation
Landscape is supported so that you can capture more area when taking photos or recording videos.

Other features include things such as long recordings, grid, editing, grid, fullscreen, autofocus, timer, merge, filter, delete and the ability to add music and background audio to videos.

You can enroll in a Media Monster Membership, which includes back up video storage and advanced features. Depending on the subscription option, it renews each month or year, depending on the billing cycle you choose. You can manage your subscription and turn off auto-renew at any time by going to your device's Account Settings after purchase. Your payments will be processed by iTunes within 24 hours of the end of the current monthly cycle. Unfortunately, refunds can't be provided for any unused portion of the term.
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Media Monster - Video camera App Description & Overview

The applications Media Monster - Video camera was published in the category Photo & Video on 2014-06-29 and was developed by Maroun Abi Ramia. The file size is 41.60 MB. The current version is 4.4.2 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

This update includes a new feature that lets you take control of your camera using the volume buttons and Bluetooth remote control. This feature can be enabled in settings and works with iOS-friendly remote controls. It will let you capture photos and toggle recordings.

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Media Monster - Video camera Reviews


False Description  ChadNash  1 star

This app doesn’t do exactly what it says... I purchased this app for the sole purpose of recording a video while simultaneously playing music so I can record dance routines but every time I try to either use songs that are on my phone or use YouTube to pick the same song and press record to start it up... it says ”Try again, could not create file output connection”... What a waste of money!


Meh  Moniquaaaaa  2 star

This app is great when it works. Unfortunately for me this app crashes more than it works. I’ll record videos that appear to be there and once I close the app the video is gone. It also drains the battery of my phone. I’ll go from 80% to 30% after less than 10 mins of using the app. I wouldn’t recommend this app to anyone personally. I’m upset I paid for it.


Great app, could still use improvements  Jewfromanners  4 star

I purchased this app so I could record video and keep my music playing. For that purpose this app is as advertised. However, I’ve found that the app does not work with my Bluetooth shutter remote. Adding that functionality to the app would definitely earn it a 5th star


Please fix the bug!!!  RMJM23  1 star

I love the idea of it and it saved a video I recorded ONCE but now it NEVER saves anything I record. I get “error saving video” then it crashes. Please fix this, because I really did enjoy using it the one time I was able to. It’s a great tool!


Zoom Settings way too High / Sensitive  Czlifornia  1 star

like the title says if you barely zoom in while taking a video it goes to like 10000x magnified. fix zoom sensitivity and ill update my review :p


Record music? What a lie  userrkim  2 star

I’ve been toying with this app for around 20 minutes now, and despite having explored every nook and cranny of the software, my videos are NOT saving with the music I am playing. Yes, the videos do record while music plays, but I want my videos to record my music AS WELL. and that, simply put, is not happening. What a disappointment, especially after seeing a comment from the app’s producer recommending this app on a STEEZY video.


Mic  mihocube  3 star

Its good and i like it a lot, but only one thing need to be fix, when i record a song with extra bass the mic records the bass more than highs and the sound is very quiet not like original camera.


Video with Bluetooth  Ninjjja09  1 star

Thought this app would record my music while I wear my wireless headphones, but it is no different than if I did not download the app. Was hoping to use this for Fitness videos and having my music playing but does not do this.


Exactly what I was looking for!  Moglijuana  5 star

It’s almost 2019 and apple is still hindering your phone capabilities. This lets you do exactly what you want it to while playing music from the same phone. Boom. Worth every penny.


Very cool- 1 issue  8990jc  3 star

This application has a lot of promise, the only issue I have is that the microphone is extremely sensitive to any vibration of the users hand. As your shooting the video it can pick up slight movements of the user and won’t pick up the ambient music and leaving you with muffled sounds; ruining the point of this app which is to take video while hearing your music! Try after try despite my efforts it happens every time.


Simple  marcusatx  5 star

Works great. Quality is great.


Lost  tess7272  1 star

I have made so many videos with this app and every once in a while it works but most of the time everything’s lost and it doesn’t save. Tried to send the videos via email and that just sent a link back to the main app page .. not worth losing live videos. Maybe opt for a editor instead.


App isn’t working  ampaul10  1 star

Since updating how it saves videos, app says I have no space on my device, which I do, and then says send to your email or text it. When you try, it send a link that just opens a download in the App Store. Videos that I have recorded are now essentially gone. Really upset about this.


Videos won’t save  Aprilmay55  2 star

I would love this app if my videos would save. It always says I’m out of space but my phone still has 50g of space available. I can’t find a way to contact the app for support. Very frustrating.


Ok  HootyMcFly  1 star

Takes forever to save video since update. Edit 4/24: still takes forever for even short videos. And now it gives a device full message even though my device is nowhere near full. I really wish this app would work but it looks like I will have to resort to 2 devices to play music and record.

Angers user

Says device is full. I just downloaded this garbage  Angers user  1 star



File output errors, clunky UI to play Spotify  drewmakes2  1 star

I downloaded this app with the hope of being able to film certain movements in yoga series while listening to music on my earbuds and found that none of the video files were output to my library. Moreover, navigating playlists and selecting songs from the Spotify libraries was really difficult, slow, and buggy.

Julio gaydriguez

Storage full issue  Julio gaydriguez  1 star

When I record long videos, it tells me that my phone’s storage is full when I still have over 20 GB left. Maybe the recent update messed it up or something. I’ll change my review when they fix it. Though it’s a fantastic app when it does work


4K and recording music  Q.Y.L.  5 star

This app does all it says. I don't why people are complaining about not being able to record long videos when I just did in 4K at 60 frames per. Second while playing music. The time to save a video takes a while but it's a very long and high quality video. I would recommend this app to anyone looking to record high quality video and playing music


Incredibly Useful - Won’t Save Video  heavyd123_  1 star

Brand new completely unused iPhone, 128GB’s of space and media monster errors out every single one with a “Device is full” error and gives ZERO options for backing the video up, causing you to lose the video. I’ll change my rating if it gets fixed. I told the developer about the issue last week and see the app has since been updated, upon testing I discovered the issue was it fixed.

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