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What is the official fifa app app? The Official FIFA App is the world-class digital destination for supporters across the globe to engage, enjoy, and interact with the beautiful game.
• Stay up to date with trending football news, scores and match stats from your favourite teams.
• Challenge yourself and your friends with trivia and predictor games in the FIFA Play Zone.
• Stream 40,000 live matches per year from men’s, women’s and youth domestic leagues around the globe.

Get everything you need, all in one place with the Official FIFA App. Download now to start exploring!

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App Name The Official FIFA App
Category Sports
Updated 28 November 2023, Tuesday
File Size 168.94 MB

The Official FIFA App Comments & Reviews 2023

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Doesn't Load. Half the time it doesn't load and when it does it is difficult to maneuver through it and find anything!

Great app!. I’ve been using this app to stay on track with scores and player stats. I’ve had it since it was released on iOS. The 1 and only issue I’ve had is that ever since the latest update, every time I click on favorites it closes the app on its own. Not sure what the issue is there but I didn’t have it before. I delete the app and re-download it and it still has that problem occur. I’d appreciate it if you guys can fix it, other then that it’s a great app!

Ok but not great. First off they had many days to fix the bug which won't open the app but they still haven't fixed it. Rather than that the app is ok but it could be better. The app offers a cool tab for the World Cup which shows the play by play lineup ect but it is only for the World Cup not the women's World Cup, copa America and other tournaments. The overall thing I hate the most if the friendlies because it only shows the time and location of the stadium nothing else, no notification if anybody scored like the World Cup plus it takes days before it shows the final score. Overall the app is ok not great.

Best app I've ever used so far. Probably, the best app I have ever used from the UX part. It was fun to explore different areas of the app for information at first use. The accumulation of data and easiness of use are simply the best out of the apps I have used so far. Hats off to those who spent time on the planning of this app and its layouts, seems like you considered generic user's perspective. The dev team who built this, I wish I could buy you guys a round. The team behind this app, you guys won the Golden Ball in App Store. Cheers!

Match times shown needs to be improved. I use this app to watch the brackets and get match times. Only problem is, sometimes the match times are shown in my time zone, sometimes they aren’t with no way to know the which time zone it is. For instance, currently in the app it shows the match time for the Women’s final USA vs Netherlands as 8:00. There is no time zone info or AM or PM, just 8:00. I just now found out that the game time for me is actually 11:00 AM PST. At times the app has shown the match time in PST, which is my time zone, but other times it is ET. But I never know which it is because there is no time zone info presented with the time. A simple solution would be to add the time zone to the time shown, e.g. 8:00 AM ET, or 11:00 AM PST, because simply showing 8:00 is not enough information. I can figure out the time zone difference myself if needed, but in order to do that I need the time zone that matches the time to be shown as well. Other than that, I love the app.

This app is horribly managed. This app is going downhill with every update! This app use to be excellent before 2017. Ever since they have horrible updates and have horrible management. For example right now the international games are not being updated score-by-score. The user interface keeps getting more confusing rather than easier to manipulate. Also some buttons don't work and some features no longer exist. This app needs better management by a long shot and if this crap continues, I wouldn't doubt that "the score" will surpass this horrible, ugly, hideous, useless, pathetic excuse for an app that is "supposed to be" the central hub for all soccer and all soccer information, especially since this source receives everything first hand before any other news source or platform.

Mixed up dates and times. The app mixes up date and time in trying to show the matches in local time - creating major confusion. While times are shown in local times, dates remain that of the match venues making the schedule really inaccurate and confusing. No feature to set the times to match venues. Hope these are basic stuff for a global organization. This has been fixed now - thanks. It misses basic features like points table. Another basic feature!!

Frustrating user experience. In short, it’ll be easier just googling information on the World Cup instead of using this app. This app is incredibly frustrating to navigate. All of the most important information you want to view quickly is hidden in a seemingly endless scroll. You can’t filter the scores, or choose to view just matches for today, or upcoming matches. Moreover, when you tap on a game to see more info, there’s no back button! You literally have to tap on another tab, then back to the one you were on, scroll down again, etc. The group standings are buried beneath a ton of videos and content that you don’t care about. When you do find the standings, the information is basic for the table. For example, the app doesn’t call out teams that have already advanced or been eliminated, nor give you a sense of what results would be needed for those remaining to advance. From the teams tab, you can only select one team to follow. Just one. Overall the tab is useless and it would be helpful to use that shortcut space for something else (e.g. standings, brackets) Similarly, I think they could combine the highlights and main tab into one. Finally, the app has only sent me notifications about World Cup fantasy, which is also hidden a few taps deep from the main page. I haven’t gotten a single notification about the (one) team I follow, including whether they won or lost a match! If you want detailed and quick info on the World Cup, look elsewhere.

Love it!. People who hate this app have two reasons, 1: There is a glitch concerning their device. And that is unfortunate. 2: They are lacking intelligence. Claims that this app is "crap", indicate to me, that someone is too stupid to navigate an amazingly thought out application. I didn't know anything about the teams before this app and now I feel as if I have a way better understanding. Games can be followed with play by play updates as they happen! I love it! Bravo to those who spent their time creating such an entertaining program!

70% good, 30% bad. Most things are ok and easy to find but others, like groups and standings are impossible to find.

Terrible update!!. Updates are supposed to improve an app. This latest update is terrible!! Lost all the favorites I had and now I have to start all over again picking team by team, and favorite tournaments by Weiting The whole name! I doesn’t predict while you type. And it doesn’t even group them by “countries”, “clubs” or “Tournaments”. Before, you would look by country and it showed all the teams (nationals and clubs). If you press a flag, you cannot add that country or club to your favorites. The old version was a much, much better user friendly

Great Official App with one small nag. Official apps for major world events typically disappoint, but this one is well designed and really thought out. Bravo FIFA! I have one small issue, though. I live in China and when I check out the main schedule, it shows the matches in local Chinese time. This is awesome, but the date is wrong. For instance, the opening match is really 04:00 Friday June 13, but the app shows 04:00 Thursday June 12. This is solved when you go to an individual match's page but not for the overall schedule. Can this be addressed? I don't want to miss games by a full day!

Not impressed. The app doesn’t offer a “back” option after reading an article, and clicking on the main button at the bottom doesn’t put you back to the previous menu. Also doesn’t intuitively let one look up squads for the World Cup. Blends too much other international football and the World Cup, so one can’t use this effectively to look up WC matches and squads, even thought there’s a Qatar 22 tab at the bottom. One would think that isolates WC content, but no. Poorly organized.

difficult to navigate. No back button option on some screens - have to tap and tap to get to match times or bracket or anything you want to see. Disorganized really AND If I have music on or listening to audio from another app, I can usually keep listening whenever I open other apps. when I open this app, it cuts off whatever I’m listening to automatically. I feel that’s only okay if I were listening to a video in the fifa app but I just want to check stats or match times

Slow to update critical media and lacks some usability. The app has some basic usability flaws. For example, from the KO stage of the World Cup, it just shows blank against the two teams while almost every other app shows A1, B2, etc. to denote winner of Group A, Runner Up of Group B, etc. Secondly, Video Highlights and Summary are not loaded onto the app even 3 hours after the match had ended. The Japan-Columbia match ended more than 3 hours back but still these contents are empty. In this day and age, that’s unacceptable. Especially as FIFA cracks down heavily (and rightly so) on copyrighted highlights. Please fix these features ASAP.

Best app ever made!. Seriously, I have never before seen an app this well thought out and designed. Teams info/rankings, group standings, live score tracking in detail, world wide social media tracking of team support (you can vote for which team will win each game), updated and detailed World Cup news, beautiful layout, host country history and info, and more! Simply amazing. As perfect as an app can get. Thank you creators, thank you Fifa!

Horrible updates!. This app had always been good not great but it used to get the job done! Now with this update that’s all over. At this point it’s just easier to google search games, scores and tables! The app is glitchy, super hard to navigate. You lose all and any saved data and info with every update. If a team scores an own goal it just doesn’t show up in the goals info. It’s literally just blank and you have to try and hunt it down by scrolling through the live updates. You can only see half of the table at a time (not just too half bottom half, that would be fine) the teams and positions on one half then you have to scroll over to see the points and goal differential. Making it really hard to find out which team has which amount of points. Whoever comes up with the designs for the updates should’ve been removed from their job a long time ago. Garbage!

Needs some consistency. It’s great to have this app to check a quick score or get the notifications to keep me updated on current games of my favorite clubs, but I mostly use the app to check standings. I feel like the EPL is the only spot I find true standings of a league, all other leagues I follow just show the recent matches played and the score. There’s no spot to view league points that every league has! I think it also be convenient to have the option for notifications on leagues you follow even if it just shows final score for your “non favorite teams.” Maybe add a widget for a quick few of favorite teams and their upcoming games?

Some Parts Okay. A lot of the ideas for the app are good but they’re not implemented well. The “next matches” feature only shows one match at a time now (used to be great and show that days matches) and at times will only show the score from the last game played and nothing else so the user has to search around to find it. The games are fun but once you open the tab there’s no back button (that in could find) so closing and reopening is the only option to go between different options. Lastly, where are the group standings!!! One of the core aspects to any tournament and I can’t seem to find them. I could be missing them but if I am that just tells me that it’s not designed well. Again, with a little work it could have the features and be more user friendly and be great.

Needs work. Forget about trying to get any information out of this app if you’re not on WiFi. I’m AT the World Cup and out and about in the host cities seeing the sites. Can’t get anything to function while I’m in transit. Google works better for getting quick updates on scores.

WORST APP. Anyone who thinks this is a great app either doesn't use apps or they are working on a FIFA click-farm in Qatar. Trying to navigate the app is tricky, since navigation changes according to whether a match is on or not. Generally, the nav is designed to obscure and conceal the information you need, when you need it. Even the using sidebar navigation, which test after test have revealed to be unintelligible to most users. Iconography and other visual language doesn't help, often acerbating the problems of getting around the app. From a visual design standpoint, it's okay, standard last gen look, thankfully lacking the usual trappings of "web 2.0" but I wouldn't go so far as to say it's "good", or even on-brand, design.

Good, but definitely could be better. The app is very informative, but there are some small things that would make it a lot better. Editing leagues on your list of non-favorites would be a lot more user friendly, I'm sure a lot more people would look for BPL scores before those looking for Eredivisie. Navigation could use some work, just because it can be a tad difficult at times. Rosters would also be a great step up for the app. But all together, it's hopefully a great start to an amazing app.

Fix the times!. As other reviews have noted the match times are not accurate. The time is correct or the date is wrong. Or the date is correct and the time is wrong. Or maybe the date and time are wrong. Who knows. Because the whole reason I downloaded this was to know when matches are in my local time, and without BOTH of those bits of info being correct it’s literally useless. Also info could be arranged a little better. I shouldn’t have to scroll past like 8 pages of “content” to check the group standings…

Group Standings?. How does this app not have something as basic as the standing for the WORLD CUP?!

Updates have killed game. This game was awesome, sure the occasional technology issues, but overall pretty great. That is until they did all the FIFA updates now it is absolutely terrible, the only way to get ahead is to spend an abhorrent amount of money or waste hours of your life getting slaughtered by far superior teams to earn an occasional point of some sort to hopefully in 40 days get enough to put a mediocre squad together. May just have to move on.

Useful app for me. Overall, this is a useful app for me. I am able to see team stats and historical matches. I see three areas for improvement. Some quarter-final match times are missing in the scores tab; adding a back button to to the teams tab would make it easier to navigate multiple teams without having to leave the tab to return to the top of the section; the app takes over the audio channel of the phone when it launches.

App works great in general. The app is great I’m general and it lets you keep up with the World Cup pretty well! The intuitiveness of the app however seems to be a tad less than previous world cups as you had on those the groups point scores on one of the tabs and now you have to to scroll down quite a bit to see those, as well as checking a team’s page is great until you want to go back, which forces you back to another tab to reset. Formations also sued to be in the previous World Cup apps and this one just doesn’t go there; all in all however it is still informative and accessible! Btw, what is up with the other freaking reviews about the app? Talking about non-sense that doesn’t have anything to do with the app or the other one complaining that the women cup ain’t in here? Lady this is the app exclusive to the fifa World Cup, look for another app for that

Close to worthless. It’s literally better to just login online bc the app will still boot you out and send you to safari for most aspects where you then have to login again. I don’t review apps often but this one is so bad, I had to let people know. Not worth the space on your phone. Often times it doesn’t load. There isn’t a back button for reading articles. The “play” functionality is not usable within the app itself. You’d think that the likes of FIFA with all their money would be able to afford a better app.

Can't get match info. Whenever I tap a match on the home screen the app hangs infinitely on an empty page with a loading gif. There's no way to dismiss this screen. The app has to be force unloaded and reopened. Then the user has to endure the long splash screen again. I don't know if any features work because I don't have time to force-unload the app and wait for through the splash screen in order to try them all.

Where are the group standings?!. No groups standings?! That’s quite literally all anyone wants to see during the first half of the tournament. Renders the app just an aggregation of info from other news sources.

SAUDI FEDERATION VIOLATE FIFA RULES. SAUDI ARABIA AL-HILAL fans we lost 6 points and lost the champions cup that because saudi federation allow to register amateur players at the period is not legal to register in FIFA rules. we want our right we did many campaigns to let you see the Injustice and corruption has been in saudi federation. Also there are many officials has left their jobs because they are afraid to get problem you can check our recent decisions. Also the Saudi federation receive many protests but Saudi federation always refuses the protests and the management of Al Hilal Club has provided you with an inquiry about the validity of registration of the amateur player outside the allowed period and your reply was illegal to register amateur players outside allowed period. We wish to look in this issue and Intervention to resolve. SAUDI FEDERATION VIOLATE FIFA RULES

You had one job. I download this app every four years in the expectation that it will be my one source for World Cup news, scores, upcoming games and tables. And every year I'm terribly disappointed and go to other apps for info. Don't waste your time with this app. It only does well in one area. Live blogging during current games. Everything else it does terribly. Take upcoming games for example. Who is playing who in the quarter finals? Easy right? Wrong! I have to first go to scores tab, then it defaults to favorites who are already out. So I tap on matches tab and guess what I see? Upcoming World Cup matches? Nope. I see today's games in a bunch of country leagues I don't care about at all. Why am I even seeing these?! So I scroll and scroll hoping to get to a day where maybe the next World Cup games will be and there i see them. Barely. Thanks FIFA app. During the group stage I wanted to see tables and who plays who in the next round given current standings. Should be easy. Good luck finding it. It's buried half way down the page and all you get is the table. No next group games. No winner of the group plays second place in the other group. Nothing.

Watching the World Cup is always fun. This app is good enough to tell you what is happening in the main World Cup. Even if it takes me to safari all the time too look at all the stuff I want to look at that has any info to the World Cup. It is in Russia and I don’t live there so I really didn’t go to it. But in the fan club they had tickets before it even started itself though. But I do always like it when world cups happen. Every 4 years there is a World Cup.

Awesome app. I don't usually review apps but this one is too good not to. This is likely the best app I've ever used. It is extremely well thought out, gives you just about everything you need and want to know. I've spent a lot of time on the FIFA World Cup website when at my desk and this app is as close to a true representation of that site as I've seen. Too bad it is only relevant for one month.

Whoever created this app, knows little about design and user experience. First of all, why in the world “Scores” tab does not actually have group scores and standings? It’s just a long list of matches played? And if you really want to get to standings and scores you have to scroll the main tab, wait until it loads three or four blocks of data (takes seconds) to find the standings block, which also loads only 4 groups by default.. I mean seriously?! Also why in the world the app won’t let you start it if there is an update on the store?! Let me decide when to update the app. I don’t want to wait minutes to update the app at the moment, just show me scores in groups right now.

Good, could improve. The app is great in the amount and variety of content: lives scores, commentary, videos, stats, player information, stories, news and much more. However, a few things need fixing for a better user experience - prevent live auto refresh from taking user to love scores when looking at standings or scores from previous phase (the app shouldn’t take me out of wherever I’m navigating.) Also, I have to restart the app sometimes because the graphical interface locks up.

Room to improve-Add free audio broadcast. It’s great to have a central app for the World Cup but the app is lacking some key features. This is a world competition, having an audio broadcast of the games would go a long way. Champions league app does an excellent job for this. Especially while trying to work during games but still share in the experience or people who may not have access to the games with their cable provider. The live updates are too delayed. An audio broadcast would fix this. A beautiful game on a global platform. Share the game with the world and watch it grow.

Doesn’t include women’s leagues and games. The only time I have ever seen scores for a women’s game was during the World Cup. As a huge fan of the women’s game this is very disappointing. Even big tournaments like the euro qualifiers that in the men’s game receive a lot of fanfare are not featured. As a whole, FIFA says that they are promoting the and growing the women’s game, and yet they don’t even feature the biggest, highest profile club teams. The app does include rankings for the women’s international teams, but it is updated much less than the men’s rankings. There are also a few news stories about women, and while they are nice they are solely related to the World Cup. In conclusion: if you area fan of the women’s game extending beyond just the World Cup once every four years, you will not be satisfied with the amount of content your favorite team receives (chances are it’s none). And if you think that women deserve equal pay, well this is an example of how little respect they have from a huge association like this that sets the pace for others to follow.

Needs Improvement. The layout is nice. Easy to look at and in my opinion looks better than the old one. However, some features have been removed or hard to work around. The assists table is no longer available for leagues even though it’s more important than who has the most cards in the league. Also, what happened to showing who and when scored at the top of the match data? Now I either have to look through the timeline or the line ups for simple info. You tried making the app more minimal but you didn’t do it right. However, the needs of the fans can be easily met if you TRIED.

Nothing but a logo graphic loop. I updated this app after it asked me to. Tried to open it, nothing but a Fifa logo graphic loop, over and over. Thought it to be a glitch, so I uninstalled it, re-installed it…..same thing! Useless

Very poorly designed. Is unbelievable that with all the money in the world and for the biggest sporting event in the world FIFA will not have a decent app. Is so hard to navigate. No back button or swipe. Information is there but is impossible to find. For example, there is no schedule option. The most basic thing someone will look for. If you want the schedule you have to look at scores, then you will see the upcoming games with not posted scores. Who designed this??? . To get to the groups is so complicated and so not intuitive, I am not going to get to it. Just game schedule, results and group standings. The rest is just extra. This apps has all the extras and none of the basics. Very poor job.

Great App. So I am a big soccer fan and I was eager to download this app because my schedule means I won’t be able to watch many games. I like the notification feature, one thing that would make this a 5 star app would be video highlights that come with the notification. So if a goal was scored, you could see it then instead of waiting for highlights to come out after the game. Otherwise, this is a great app!

Not good. Has a lot of issues. Like no back button. And the main WC icon/button doesn’t work all the time. Videos: Why can’t you watch video clips horizontally?! I turn my phone and the video won’t flip. Stuck watching it small. Schedule and score could be preset better. Also the team line up info isn’t deep. You should be able to click on each player and find out more about them, like what clubs they play for, age, goals etc. This could be much better. Please update!

Poorly executed. Takes a long time to download with all the unnecessary graphics that play twice before anything actually loads. Can’t find Group info, all the critical info like team and player stats, are buried in all kinds of other crap. And super slow to load. The UI was intended for marketing and not for actually use for anyone genuinely interested in the game - which makes it frustrating to use and makes it unusable. If you do an App search for Women’s World Cup, another app will come up with much more streamlined features. I recommend that one.

It wasn't broke until you decided to fix it!!!. This app was working perfectly before (it was the best app of its kind), but suddenly, it stopped working and a message kept coming up for ages, saying that the app is being worked on and it will come back new and improved (I was always skeptical, tbh - I was already satisfied with it from in the beginning)... After eons of waiting, the fix finally came (and suddenly too, since we weren't given a release date or anything), and what do you know? It stopped working altogether!.. So it went from working perfectly fine to broken and useless... What are you guys doing over there?!!! I'm waiting to see if it's going to take you guys another year to sort this mess out 😡

Just one question... It's an amazing app. Just what happened to the countdown. I know it's generally in two days. I simply can't find it. However, the app is still amazing! I can keep up with all the details and when matches are. I set it up to where the matches are on my calendar on my phone. The new update is great, just still wish I could find the countdown.

WOW!!. I usually don't review apps, but I've got to hand it to whomever wrote this app: IT'S GREAT!!! They actually put the time in to make a very comprehensive & well-flowing app. Probably the best sports app I've used. I'm constantly using it. And thank you for not ruining it by poorly-placed ads. You guys/gals should help ESPN, NFL, CBS Sports, etc. & all the other major sports apps to make great apps like this one. Thanks for making the World Cup an even more enjoyable experience.

Least intuitive app ever. Nightmare to follow the world cup through this app: 1) why are the group scores/rating so hard to get to? I have to scroll to oblivion to get to that part. Thats literally what people want to see. Once we get to brackets, it’s going to be the same story. The group stage info + brackets should have it’s own tab or be front and center on the home page. 2) Put ‘news’ and any articles on a different tab. Seriously. Homepage is way to cluttered with it. 2) why is the scores tab organized from oldest game to most recent. Again have to scroll to oblivion to see the games from today. Is it too hard to reverse the order in which they are shown or at least give a drop down to choose from dates? The only filter is…. Where to watch…? ANYTHING would be better. 3) no ‘back’ button so you have to go to other tabs and return to the tab you were on in order to get back 4) a five year old could have designed the teams tab but whatever. 5) does search even do anything? 6) any article on permutations or ‘what x team needs to do to make it through’ needs to be easy to find. Viewers want to know that stuff.

Very poor application. The most important “component” of the WC are the players. Statistics pre tournament, bios, etc. This app offers zero information, or if it does, it has been impossible to find. Better off going to WhoScored for player ranking and much more. (Update on the tournament 7th day) found something positive about the app, unbelievable right? The stats on each match, when comes to possession time, FIFA has introduced “in contest” —or something similar—a welcome and fresh to stats. The rest of the app still lacks many essentials, so not changing the star rating

Best Sports App ever made!!!!. This fifa app is really amazing. The only sports app that comes even within a mile close, for me, is bleacherreport. And that app can often be bland, or not smooth and dysfunctional. This app presents itself with a nice slick modern look, with the right mix of color. It is smith and transistion between pages is great. The home screen of the World Cup leaves a bunch of pages you can side scroll through, to see heaps of good information on latest matches

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NOT IN EU PORTUGUESE !. It’s says Portuguese, buts it’s actually Brazilian and impossible to understand it !! What the hell is Copa? None of the 9 countries in the world that speak Portuguese say Copa, neither assessar , nor assistir! Mostly sends you to a web browser !

So bad. Every time I try to access this app for women's workd cup info, it’s not available, app opens message says ’shoot somethings wrong refresh app’, have tried every time but doesn’t refresh. This has been through most of tournament. Really disappointing and poor on their front!

Stupid idea. Really happy that I was forced to download 2 apps to get access to my tickets for the World Cup!!! Not, seriously whoevers idea that was should be fired. Send them over email like everyone else. Never gonna open this dumb app again after the game so why make me jump through all these hoops and reset a password on an account i didn’t even know I had

It’s inoying. You can’t watch a full game live

Happy. Great app just it is the 18th today and my leaderboards for the international teams hasn't updated like it said it would on the 17th plz fix, 5 stars if I could just find out how my fave teams are ranked in the world😄

Almost there.. Good concept, Needs group table Needs to open the draw tab to current game, rather than scrolling Finals forecast table

First impressions. Was any user testing done before this was released? Doesn’t look like it. Team fixtures have the game time but not the date! And groups are hard to find - you need to go through team/fixture then find the dropdown and change it from bracket to group. Absurd. Looking forward to the update.

Problems loading videos. Not just buffering, not loading at all- then timing out. Same on two devices

Why are people rating so bad. I think that a lot of people are choosing to underrate this app because it's by fifa, which is understandable but this app keeps me updated to all the games

Great, but errors remain.. This app is fantastic. But I noticed a few errors; most concerning is the dates of the matches. Being in Australia, we are a day in front of the official match date, but the app doesn't recognise it when converting the schedule to local time. Hoping this gets patched in time for kickoff as it's a big deal. Also the Australia team bio is horrendously outdated!

No autorotate, highlights inadequate. C’mon FIFA, 2 minutes of highlights regardless of match quality and/or significance? You’ve gotta be joking! And the full-screen view doesn’t autorotate, which is really irritating and has to be a simple fix. Please attend to these things ASAP!

DK. Useless App …

Not designed with user in mind. This is a really, really disappointing app. It feels like they’ve tried to squeeze as much as they possibly could into this app, instead of doing some research into what people would actually use the app for. I can’t even find the group tables on the app, that tells you the types of oversights there are. Very disappointing, they need to delete this and start again. There’s probably better World Cup apps out there.

Rubbish. The usability of this app is complete rubbish. I expected way more from FIFA. Common guys, this really isn’t good enough.

Very nice design/concept but flawed. I liked the clean visual layout and found it to be simple and user friendly. I'd have expected a better functioning app, though, seeing as it is the official FIFA app. The match times listed are correct timezone-wise (AEST) but the dates are a day behind which is a shame really. Also when I try to add multiple matches to my calendar, only one match is added. Overall, the app's functionality could be improved a lot more.

Polished, high class and very functional. Especially like the detailed analysis within each Live game, using posts/blogs of every incident/snapshot photos~ great UI. Room for improvement in schedules to be in my local time(+1)of day of week- most of us live on the other side of the world.

Nope. Excrement.

Watching videos. When you try to watch a video it crashes instantly, this is super annoying and needs to be fixed immediately.

Cannot open app. For the last 12 hours, oh shoot,something went wrong, when I try to open the app to buy tickets. What should I do?

Slow, disorganised and not user friendly. I may be wrong here but this feels like the result of something we call “Designed by Committee”. Too many people with too many opinions, forcing their own agenda without actually design for the end-user and iterating after user testing. With the amount of money that probably went into this app, it’s very disappointing

Extremely poor. So I downloaded the app to stay up to date with the World Cup qualifications and updates but only get “sorry an error has occurred” this happens at all stages therefore unable to access anything. Have deleted and reinstalled app with now improvements regardless of the “updates” made on the sue. Far to poor an effort considering Russia is next year

Can’t get notifications. And viewing group and knockout stages is clunky and counter intuitive

Where are the tables?. This is an OK app but I am having one BIG problem. I just can't work out where to find the tables with the current points (win, draw, lose; who is going through to next round). Am I being dense, or is it not there? Seriously FIFA, that is the most interesting part of the World Cup. I have had to use a different app to satisfy my curiousity so I will be deleting this one.

The best. I love this app because it gives me the information I need I have never missed a game because of it and I would recommend it to anyone who wants a app that tells you football news every leagues fixtures and table and a bunch of other stuff 👌

So underwhelming. Seems this app has more fifa corruption written all over it. Seriously, how much do you think went into the development of this app??!! …. And to say it’s clunky at very least is an understatement. I bet it’s the same old fifa people giving their pals the contract for the app …. Very very basic and I user friendly. Try using google instead …. At least you’ll come across the info you are after faster and in a more straight forward manner.

Unfortunately the design is let down by the practicality. Like most apps, it looks fancy. But unfortunately the design is let down by the practicality. No where is there quick access to the groups or matches. You have to go into the highlights tab and scroll down till you find the groups. For individual matches you have to choose a team first and then it only shows you that teams scheduled matches. Each stat in the stats section is so big that you shave to scroll forever to look through them all (should have been done in a simple table like all other sporting apps). It’s all just a bit of a shambles really. Could have been designed much better for user interaction.

Never have I ever…. been so disappointed by an app I didn’t install or bother using. Total rubbish. FIFA should be ashamed of their corrupt past.

Very good. I’m not gonna lie I enjoy using this app to see the scores when I busy and I don’t know why this app gets so much hate it’s so useful, but I reckon it does have some areas that could be fixed

Copa America is hard to find. Copa America is happening at the moment, and it is very difficult to find scores and info in the app because it is under the name Continental Final, and because another tournaments that I am not interested are highlighted by the app even whe they're are not in my favourites. What's the point of having a favourite list if at the end FIFA decides what info to show me. Fix the name of Copa America at least!

Group Standings. Where are the Group Standings?

Rubbish app. This app shows how much FIFA don’t care. No points tables. Open the scores and it still defaults to the top (I don’t need to see the score between Qatar and Ecuador any more - I memorised it long ago). Highlights packages are so much better through the broadcaster - why there isn’t commentary is beyond me. And when you look at team lists, the listing and country take several clicks to line up properly. What a joke!

Laughable. Absolute joke of an app. How about a simple section showing the scores?? Just a pathetic woke joke of an app. Embarrassing stuff.

Too much glossy rubbish. Rubbish app, makes you watch that painful intro twice before the app opens. Too much faff, I wanna see results and have to scroll for ages to find them.

Not great. There’s no way to see who is where in the groups. Doesn’t seem to refresh unless you close the app. Like most other FIFA apps, it’s pretty useless

Great app But. Great app, thank you. But every time I go to sync all the games on my calendar it just syncs one game only even though it asks me if I want all fixtures sent to my calendar. Otherwise, very useful app. Once again thank you.

Poor UI. Very poor interface. Can’t even a list of goal scorers if more than one goal is scored.

Best app for football. Best app for knowing schedules and seeing live updates. I added Arsenal's season fixtures to my iCloud thought this app and it showed up on my iPad and computer instantly. I did the same for the upcoming World Cup fixtures! Can't miss a thing

Not even a back button. This truly has to be one of the worst applications I have ever used. This is the official app, by FIFA (whose revenue just hit $7.5 billion for this World Cup) does not even have proper navigation? There’s no back button? The contrast on the bottom navigation bar is so illegible, it would not pass any accessibility test. How embarrassing.

So, so bad!. The fact that I never bother to write reviews, but am compelled to for this atrocious app, should say something. Cannot find basic info (group tables anyone!?) and once you click on something, there’s no way to go back without restarting the whole user journey. Obviously ZERO user testing with anyone who actually follows the game. Appalling effort, but maybe I should expect that from FIFA!?

PERFECT. This app offers everything I need to know to be honest. Standings, live coverage of matches and time schedules for future games, what else would you need? Design is very user friendly and players' profiles is on point. The app also offers current positions for players and sends you alerts when there are crucial moments in games. This app is overall amazing, great job guys.

Shame on you FIFA. If the is the best you can offer then you’re in the wrong business. Absolutely pathetic App. Disgrace

Terrible app. Users want to know the scores and upcoming matches and see the progress of the tournament. This app is buggy, needs frequent updates requiring a new download, and makes finding the information you want difficult (and then crashes). For a global organisation, who does this every 4 years, this should be a great experience- but it is not.

Simply does not work. Sorry FIFA, but this app is useless to track results, group standings and any real relevant information for the Women’s World Cup! Not to mention that watching highlights is impossible as it simply won’t load!!! The app for Euros was amazing compared to this effort!!!!

Constant errors and failures. It would certainly be good to open this app and actually manage to get information about the World Cup rather than error messages saying something went wrong. It’s a strange desire to want to get the information I downloaded the app to get but hey, I’m weird like that. Maybe I need to make a ‘donation’ to the FIFA executives to get it to work…

Slow, unresponsive and painful to use.. Come on FIFA, get it together and pay someone to fix this disaster of an app. It’s so badly designed and painful to use. I’ve stopped watching the highlights (which are only offered as tiny 2m long snippets) on here and watch them elsewhere.

Completely useless. This app is little more than thin veneer over their completely useless website. Like the website it is a jumble of poorly organised pages, noisy and impossible to navigate. Disabled access is completely impossible. Finding information like what's happening about the tickets you bought likewise completely impossible. You can't even change the email address you use for your account. This, along with their site wins my prize for the worst design I have ever seen.

Hopeless. All those billions of $$$ in the FIFA bank and so little spent on creating a decent app for the Women’s World Cup. No timely updates, videos not found, little of use.

Awful. This app is awful. Buggy, glitchy, and false advertising re fantasy - I can’t find a way to actually play it in the app. The only link to it takes you back to your browser anyway! It’s hard even to find simple things like World Cup fixtures. Disappointing

Buggy function, poor design. Lots of spinning wheels and freezing — and it’s hard to find the information you expect from a tournament app. What’s the first thing you want to see? Maybe upcoming games. So ok, the one star I’m mandated to give (0 is impossible) can be for providing that up top. But when you tap on one of those games for more info, the app hangs. Next? Group standings, surely! But no, there’s no tab for that, and on the homepage you have to scroll past highlights, “latest news”, “video news”, “vibes from Down Under”, “play games”, “get to know the teams” and “live from the grounds”, before you find an INCOMPLETE list of group standings and it takes four taps of “load more” to see them all. What is FIFA actually spending all their money on? From memory this is marginally less terrible than their last men’s World Cup app. But it’s still embarrassing and near useless.

Cant even get past sign up. I downloaded, entered email, password, verified email, just loops through the whole thing again and again. Useless app

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No Group Standings. Terrible app, it has useless stuff on here but EVERYBODY following WC, is looking at standings n future scenarios, somebody needs to lose their job, total joke

Worst fifa appli 😩. 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

Terrible. Glitchy and poorly designed. Not as if they had 4 years to develop it, but definitely seems like it wasn’t user tested. Fundamentally, there’s no back button. I can’t watch several highlight clips without going back to the Home Screen first. And why isn’t there more detailed match info? They’re even missing games on the scores page! Awful.

Just highlights, scores, teams and a really poor blog. The title says it all. I’ve had parents text information on a game much more informative than the blog does.

FINALLY. It's great!

Disappointing. Not a great app. No group stage section and you keep having to scroll to get the most updated schedule. The app in the past was much better.

Garbage, don’t waste your time. This app is terrible. NO, you cannot select your favourite team/country. Constant error messages. Inability to sign in most of the time. And more problems but I’ve wasted enough time on this garbage app.

Very bad. Very very very bad

Design and update flaws. Useless features. Fantasy football doesn’t update properly. Please keep it simple.

Why can’t I Landscape Highlights?. Why can’t I Landscape Highlights? Why can’t I Landscape Highlights?? Why can’t I Landscape Highlights???

No tv version…. Really?! What’s the point of the app then!

Needs Serious Improvement. This is the best they could do for the official app of the World Cup? I have to spend way too much time scrolling through to find anything. So many functions from the regular FIFA app missing too.

No Day 4 for Round of 16…. STILL. Obviously missed the Dec 6 round of 16 games. Noticed this before the tournament started. It’s Dec 4 now and they still haven’t fixed it. So many other bad things. No tab for Tables?!…. the most obvious thing everybody wants to see. Whoever designed this app has never followed the World Cup. Whoever QC’ed and tested it did so with their eyes closed or took 10 seconds doing it. Things so easy to fix and weeks later ZERO updates. FIFA should be ashamed.

I love this app but I can't select my team. I love this app and all the special features they have took time to put in to it! My only negative point would be that I can't select my team. But overall this is a well crafted app

FIFA+. This app is extremely poorly designed and developed and could really use a major fix up

What’s the point?. It’s been said in other reviews, but honestly what’s the point of this app? No group tables or ability to choose favourite teams to follow? Ridiculous! Better off using TSN app here in Canada

Too plain. Where do I see group standings? Obvious miss. Scores … should they be listing in reverse order, Eg latest shown first? Designer of this app didn’t spend effort overall. And where is the schedule for Dec. 6?

Great app. FIFA went above and beyond expectations and crafted a beautiful app. Great job!

Never ending …… error. Error error error….. error.

Half an App…. The half that exists is slick, but there are some key features missing. There is no information on group table standings, no bracket showing the path for advancing teams, and some upcoming fixtures are missing from the Scores section. When I downloaded this app I expected it to be the only source of World Cup information I would need, but I find myself having to frequently search online sources to know which games are coming up and how the winning teams will advance.

Terrible app!. So incomplete. Doesn’t even list all the upcoming games.

3rd Party App is simpler and better. Tried to pack in too much information, crowding out the basics. No Groups Table!!?

Super annoying. Full days of games missing, terrible layout, not user friendly…

Free Palestine. Free Palestine🇵🇸✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻

Poor app. Hard to find the group stage competitors. Biggest problem that I noticed early on is the the December 6 quarter finals (now know Portugal Switzerland) are not listed: I falsely assumed that an app update or data fix on the back end would be a high priority fix…

Very poor. Design is terrible; menu is hard to reach. Data keeps deleting. My entire fantasy squad just wiped - deleting everything from match day 1

Sucks. There’s no other work for it! Just go on google, you’ll have better info and much easier to use and understand !

Round of 16 missing matches. App is very slow. Round of 16 is missing matches from dec 6.

What happened to the app for 2022??. The app is garbage. You should not need to click this many times to view regular information like group standings or scroll past so many days to view specific match days. I guess the money going to the app was paid to another FIFA official who supported one person Over another (please see the Netflix documentary)

Very Poor Women’s World Cup App. Same complaint I had last year with this app. It’s really poor and not at all intuitive. The biggest miss to me is there are no Group Standings. Clearly the App Developer doesn’t pay attention to any useful feedback. Shameful product.

Horrible app. Absolutely terrible app. Nothing was thought about. Just a total waste. Super confusing menu. More than 40 different entry and exit pages. It’s a big mess, not fun at all. Do not try anything at all. Do not download anything from FIFA

Pure garbage. I have never taken the time to rate an app ever, but this deserves the extra time. This app is trash. Didn't realize they asked kindergarten kids to design this. Please fix it

Great App. Works fine.

Wonderful. Beautiful.. At last I got what I wanted. Superb app. Waited so long and it was worth waiting for. Looking forward for more features during the World Cup. Love the app.

Very poor compared to previous tournaments. Very poor app, no standings section, how do you following a tournament without a group standings section? And you have scroll down every time to look at todays games and forward. Previous apps also had a live online play by play you could follow. All this gone whats left a barebones useless app. They must farmed this out to a low cost provider

Garbage. Just like FIFA this app is pretty garbage. Landscape won’t work. What a joke.

Clunky. Not just that but, even when removed/deleted, it continues to track your location which is EXTREMELY ANNOYING and there’s no way you can remove that. A total joke.

👎🏻. This is the worst sports app I have ever seen

Fantasy Football Broken. Serbia vs Cameroon had S. Pavlović score at 45+1 of the first half, point haven’t been awarded why? No contact info to reach out.. Please update the app

Yikes. The worst thing about the app is it forces me to login each day. There’s so many glitches with. It seems like they needed to throw something together last minute but it just doesn’t work well. I do like the games but some of the processes don’t make sense.

Mindblowingly bad. I’m not adding anything new really - the other reviews say it all. It’s just wild how a massive, rich organization can have such a bad app. I’m deleting it after I write this review. I started checking scores on Google instead on the first day of the WC pretty much. And I only did my fantasy on the app when I was desperate and last minute - it’s just not user friendly, plus it signs me out all the time or resets my changes every minute. The EPL’s fantasy app would be something to learn from (if FIFA cared to put any of their corrupt money into the app in the future 🥰)

Terrible app for a great tournament. Worst designed app I’ve ever seen for a major sporting event. Can’t tap on players to get information (within squads). Have to keep logging back in. Many glitches. Missing matches. Counterintuitive navigation. Brutal.

Super slow, and too much information. For an organization as big as FIFA, a fan should expect an app that works smooth, is clear to navigate and shows all the stats in one place. This app is none of that, it’s slow to load, the group standings are hard to find, and there is too much useless information packed in there.

Terrible. Absolute garbage. No way to follow group standings, & the landscape mode doesn’t even work.

Useless. Unless you need to see the match schedule, you won’t find much else. Finding live updates takes a while and it’s very counterintuitive. Faster to google what you’re looking for.

The WORST WC app ever. The UI design is poor, the user experience is non existent. Lots of useless items cluttering the screen while the important Groups Tables are buried way down in the stack that many people can’t find it, took me many days until I accidentally stumbled upon it. There is no visible link to the Group Tables either. There is no info regarding the next rounds bracket, or if there is, it is probably similar to the Group’s info buried somewhere under a rock or something. Someone charged arms and legs to make this app but probably they never played or watched any sporting events.

Really bad app. It‘s really hard to find anything in the app. Not very intuitive UI. There‘s also information missing, such as entire matchdays. Also it‘s rather slow and feels clunky. Big L from Fifa.

Sucks!. If you want to see the group standings you need to navigate to different menus. This app is not designed in a logical way.

Apple TV version. Release one. February 2023 still no Apple TV version.

Not interactive. I want to know where I know the name of the player I am watching. So I hit the game, then I hit the team, then I hit squad, then I hit the player. But nothing not even a quick bio? What club he plays for? Age? I guess FIFA can’t afford it?

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Profiles of players need more information. Overall, this is a great app, very intuitive in its layout and progresses logically and linearly. However the player profiles don’t give information about the players beyond (sometimes) the league that they play in at home. No team names, minimal league stats and sometimes the league is not even mentioned.

Great Game. EA's got me totally addicted to this game. 2 problems though. One, I wish the tutorials were more elaborative, not having played FUT before on the console. Some elements are a bit confusing. Also, the post match evaluation thing if you're doing online league play is hot garbage. I was leading 4-0 in the 65th ish minute when this kid quit. The game ends obviously and I come to the result screen and I get a simulated 3-0 defeat.

Not user friendly. The navigation is clutter with extras and not user friendly for the average users. I only wanted to get the score, rankings and schedule, but the apps had to make user search around before locating those basic info. I have several teams that I want to keep track of, but the app forces user to pick a favorite team. In terms of being informative and keep things clean and simple, Google is a very good alternative and I don't ever need to download any app.

This app.... Was the eyes to the game for me. With no TV or friends interested in the beautiful game of soccer, this app was my bestfriend. And it did not disappoint! Everything I needed and more! So awesome. The pictures and videos and after news were just the things that made it go over the top! 6/5 if possible haha

Buggy. I don’t understand this app. I have favorite teams and competitions but they don’t show in Favorites. When reading something on the app, and there are photos of that match in the article, swiping between these photos is a major pain. I also don’t like that when you read an article from two weeks ago and you exit the article, the app takes you back to the top instead of where you left off. It’s really dumb.

Love it!!!. I was really excited that the World Cup is this year. I'm super stoked that y'all provided an app to keep up with!! It's a great app with minute to minute updates in every match!! Great news feed and pictures to give you a more in depth look into the World Cup. Highly recommend this to any footballer or soccer player or soccer fan!! USA!! USA!! USA!!

Great app !. It's the best app for the World Cup! It tells you when the games are played, the time, which teams are in what group! Keeps you up to date with everything that's going on with the teams. You can choose the team or teams you want more news about.

Exporting to calendar not working properly. Great app - no doubt about that. But I confirm what others have said - the feature to export all matches to your iOS Calendar does not work properly. It only exports one match. And later if you try to export another match, then it replaces the previous export. Please fix that. Other than that - no complaints.

Timezone adjustment and things. Starting off- Love the app, notifications, news, etc... It needs a few things for me though- 1) Time zone adjustments, because it is just annoying when I'm drunk to calculate. 2) Better layout, maybe I haven't used it enough, but getting around it a bit clunky and confusing. 3) Live audio commentary and/or video recaps and highlights

Tables. It absolutely boggles my mind that a page designated solely for Group Tables doesn’t appear anywhere. I did manage to see the tables on another page when I happen to scroll down quite a bit. It seems ridiculous that there is a link on the app for FIFA video game but not for an ongoing tournament data such as a Group table. To make matters worse, when one puts the word “Table” or “Tables” in the search bar, nothing comes up! Seriously folks, who puts this stuff together?? Are they football fans? Doubt it.

Only one thing..... Wonderful app. However the only downside is when you click the "x" to exit a story and return to the feed the app takes you all the way back up to the top again. So you can be half way down and have to scroll all the way back down again. Often losing your place. Just wish it would let you exit right where you entered.

Very poor application. The most important “component” of the WC are the players. Statistics pre tournament, bios, etc. This app offers zero information, or if it does, it has been impossible to find. Better off going to WhoScored for player ranking and much more. (Update on the tournament 7th day) found something positive about the app, unbelievable right? The stats on each match, when comes to possession time, FIFA has introduced “in contest” —or something similar—a welcome and fresh to stats. The rest of the app still lacks many essentials, so not changing the star rating

App poorly designed. Used the FIFA app during the Euro Cup last summer and it worked great. Easy to navigate, track scores, and look up standings and brackets. This app does not do any of these things. Extremely difficult to navigate and there doesn’t seem to be any functionality to look up brackets and standings. Development seems that it was more geared towards marketing and gimmicks then user experience.

Updates have killed game. This game was awesome, sure the occasional technology issues, but overall pretty great. That is until they did all the FIFA updates now it is absolutely terrible, the only way to get ahead is to spend an abhorrent amount of money or waste hours of your life getting slaughtered by far superior teams to earn an occasional point of some sort to hopefully in 40 days get enough to put a mediocre squad together. May just have to move on.

So many issues 😒. This app is not the easiest to navigate and there are so many issues… in the previous app you could select several teams to follow, only one on this one. The notifications aren’t working for game updates 70% of the time the live blogs for the games aren’t working. I’ll click on an upcoming game and it will just kick me back to the main page. Let’s get this together!

Unable to play videos. With the latest update to the app we are unable to watch any videos within the application. Please fix the bug or whatever is wrong with it. Overall the app is great. It's clean and easy to use. I'm giving it four stars due to inability to video playback with the latest update.

Woefully incomplete. A World Cup will occur in less than two weeks with no news on the official FIFA app. However, a separate tab and news regarding another World Cup that will take place in 2 years is prominently available. Additionally, if one does finally discover information regarding women's soccer there is some ludicrous game option then a few images 'discussing' what FIFA does for international women's soccer- clearly to NOT provide information regarding the women's World Cup, the schedules, the associated teams... The app is woefully incomplete and frankly useless for two more years. Unfortunately there was not a zero star option.

Worst if following Women’s games. I’ve found that majority of the news and scores only pertain to the men’s games. I like to follow women’s football as well, and yet it is so difficult to find any scores or news relating to games or players unless you explicitly look for them (and even then it’s unavailable). I would like more features regarding women’s football in the app, and the ability to follow the scores during women’s games as it occurs - just like how it’s available for the men’s games.

Good but needs a major feature. I love this app. All the leagues you could think of at your finger tips with detailed stats and alerts. My major gripe with this app though is it only allows you to have 3 favorite teams/ leagues selected for quick access at once. This needs to be expanded for those of us who watch multiple leagues and support more than just a select few teams. Please update the app to include this.

Security verification glitch. This is a great game, have loved building my ultimate team, however I have ran into a giant problem! EA FIFA 14 has put in a security verification process which shouldn't be a problem. The codes you must re-type are as follows: Ex. 68-30=38, seems simple enough, but the app doesn't allow for symbols to be entered such as - & = which is a HUGE problem and thus I can't even play with my ultimate team that I had spent time on to build. PLEASE fix this glitch EA!!!!!!

Needs WC improvements. In the World Cup Qualifier section, it would be nice to see green indicators similar to those seen in the EPL table for those who qualify for the next round. The top 4 teams have a green bar in the EPL to indicate their qualification for the Champions League if the results hold. Each Confederation for the WC has a different number of teams that could qualify so green bars could add clarity

Ok but not great. First off they had many days to fix the bug which won't open the app but they still haven't fixed it. Rather than that the app is ok but it could be better. The app offers a cool tab for the World Cup which shows the play by play lineup ect but it is only for the World Cup not the women's World Cup, copa America and other tournaments. The overall thing I hate the most if the friendlies because it only shows the time and location of the stadium nothing else, no notification if anybody scored like the World Cup plus it takes days before it shows the final score. Overall the app is ok not great.

Terrible coding. With all the money available to FIFA, one would think they could hire competent coders. This app is frustrating. The back arrows don’t work. If you’re following the live scores on two simultaneous matches and go to look at the schedule of future matches, you can’t go back to the live scores. You have to go to the menu screen & navigate back to the live games. I’ve given up on this app. I use Google to keep up with live scores & schedules.

Avoiding it because of spoilers. I’m following the Women’s World Cup and would love to use this app to see the schedule, check out teams and such. But, I am completely avoiding opening the app so I don’t learn the score before getting home to watch the games. Why not have a setting to hide scores until I ask to see them? Frustrating. Also, more control over notifications would be great, again for avoiding spoilers.

Breathtaking!. Unbelievable! The app is so clear and simple to use. No unnecesary images, adverts or hard-to-navigate menus. It's all brilliant and cleverly designed. I have removed ALL the other football apps because there is simply no need for them~ (FIFA, let us have push notifications for goals and match starts for our selected teams)

World Cup Only Please. Is there a separate app that just shows the World Cup scores? I don’t care about Super League or A Lyga right now! I just want to see the information about the countries/ players in World Cup. Yeah maybe I’m just being lazy that I have to scroll through these other scores to get to the World Cup info but isn’t that what apps are for? To make things easier. I find that just googling “2018 World Cup Standings” gives me information more direct than this app.

Need one time to be great. Works fantastic all the info I need is there. The only issue I find is when I try to save the events in my calendar as reminders I can only save one. When I try to save another event on a different day the old one gets overwrited with the new one and completely gone from my calendars. Other than I love it. Fix my only issue and I will rate 5 instead of 4.

Beautiful interface, but lacking features. The app looks pretty. I will not deny that. Why can't I get notifications about when my favorite teams are playing? Why can't I filter news on the app main screen to only show news from my favorite teams? Why am I limited to scores from previous matches when I also care about cards, when the goals were scored, time of possession, etc? Too many missing features.

The Impossible App. I literally try to find out the next games and it won’t always show the games. Sometimes you have to scroll for 5 years to find the right game. They have a stupid video showing the golden boot competitors but it’s hard to find the list of competitors. Is glitchy and slow, notifications are messed up, and it’s the hardest app on earth to navigate. I expect better of FIFA. Please change..? Everything??? Yeah. Who thought the biggest frustration of my life would be from this app.

The previous version was much better!. I don’t usually write reviews, but the latest version of this app is horrible. All of my settings and favorites have been lost, certain leagues I was following are no longer there, and there are multiple UI bugs. Most importantly, the app has become much less informative-you can’t quickly access the games of a certain team nor are you able to view team rosters. Very disappointed.

Domestic Cup Support. I'm a Tottenham Hotspur and DC United fan. While trying to follow my teams I discovered there was no coverage for the US Open Cup, UEFA Europa League, The FA Cup and The Capital One Cup. There is also inaccurate coverage of the CONCACAF Champions League. I also wouldn't mind seeing coverage of second tier leagues in country's like Spain and England. I hope some of these issues are looked into. Thank You for reading my review.

Cannot watch videos horizontally, please update!. Videos are currently available vertically full screen and small screen. The app is unable to play videos while horizontal which makes it very annoying to watch on an iPhone 13 pro max. This app prides itself on rewatching old glory, only if you prefer watching them at a distance (vertically) which given the amount of videos to chose from is unfortunate. I will change my review when the issue is solved.

Difficult to navigate, no back button. Hopefully some of these get fixed in the next 4 years. No back button on pages, difficult to navigate. You cant go back to the gone page once you click on any of the stories or scores. Score page does not have most recent scores at the top. On 12/6 you could not see the scores from 12/6, it was missing scores and schedules. No visual brackets? Really?

Most recent update. Please undo the recent update, where the whole was changed. This new version makes following tournaments and games harder, and you can tap on any teams to find out their recent matches or anything. The previous version was so much better.

unable to airplay to Apple TV. Love the App, the content is second to none BUT there is no airplay from iPhone/iPad to Apple TV. The airplay icon does not appear on the screen. I have troubleshooted extensively, including making sure both, are on the same wifi network, powering them down, double checked the settings, etc… Is there a solution here?

Brilliant and friendly!. This application is very usefull, not only for the World Cup tournament, but throught all the year. It also contains educational content... But please, fix the videos in the Live-Feed and News-Feed sections. They're are not playing inside the app... When I click on a video, I'm being redirected to the FIFA mobile-site, which causes that I have to search the video and click play again...

Weak. Unbelievable that FIFA has such a lousy official app and worst during the World Cup. It lacks basic features, for example when you want to see the scores it wont scroll directly to the ongoing game or current date, you will have to scroll all the way to the current gane/date. Other is that there is not a straight forward way to access the group tables to see team positions within the groups, its actually kind if hidden.

Needs small tweaks. Overall the app is ok. Some small tweaks needed though for a great app. Player info. (like a bio with current team, league, and stats) for example, is not available in the app, which requires me to leave the app to find this. Also, navigation tab should have standings so it’s easier to navigate (or even the ability to customize). Scores and stats are good though.

Frustrating app…. It is not possible to view video in full screen when searching from Menu > Archive. I can view videos in full screen when I select in-progress videos through home page but there is no way to search the replays from there… I see regular updates but never addressing this. It is also actually difficult to view video in full screen on the website also. Very poor quality app from FIFA.

Just one question... It's an amazing app. Just what happened to the countdown. I know it's generally in two days. I simply can't find it. However, the app is still amazing! I can keep up with all the details and when matches are. I set it up to where the matches are on my calendar on my phone. The new update is great, just still wish I could find the countdown.

Does not cover what I got the app for. A very large number of stories are about women's soccer. It would be better if they created a FIFA sight for men and another for women. I am die hard fan and am interested in the highest level soccer. I have started to not use this app because I am just not interested in Womens soccer and every other story is a women's story. An occasional story especially during big tournaments maybe ok but I believe you will find the majority of hard core fans are not interested in this much coverage of women's soccer.

The best app for latest world cup fixes!. This app is so complete, simply best world cup app hands down, this has everything you This app is so complete, the best world cup app hands down, this has everything you need and its fast and smooth. Live match reports, alerts for your favorite teams, schedules, rankings, interviews, highlight videos and match reviews, and a lot more!

Worst sports app ever. When they were handing out intuitiveness and ease of use, the developers of this app took a personal day. I have been driving myself crazy trying to check scores, the brackets, schedules, and standings using this awful awful app. Things that should be up front, are hidden behind endless scrolls that take forever to load. As the official world cup app, this is laughably bad. I deleted the app after the group stage was over. I waited too long.

Hard to read date and times on schedule. Is there an option to change the text color or size for match day and time on the schedule pages ? Why does the text have to be gray on a white background in the smallest font size on the page? Very hard to read, especially outside.

Where are the women?. This app has very little coverage of women’s football, which is my primary interest. I couldn’t find my local professional league (WK League) or anything about the currently running AFC Women’s Cup. Especially disappointing considering FIFA’s alleged increasing focus on the women’s game. Also, another reviewer’s assertion that “every other story” in the news section is about women’s football is nonsense if you just look through the stories. There are many of us who are looking for those stories in any case. This app is useless to me. Will delete.

Inconsistent interface, missing features. The user interface is inconsistent to how app behave. No way to go back to where you came from. That is annoying as you have to start all over using the 4 menu buttons. There is no way to see the full schedule/bracket except the current day. The schedule interface sometimes shows date and sometimes time. The time is sometime local timezone and sometimes not. It might be useful to clearly state which timezone. Local time is the best. The video highlights are a great feature but just separating the current 2022 WC videos from past WC videos could be useful. The rest of the app is great. The 2 stars is primarily because it is really hard to use without having a way to go back. And some of the schedule issues.

Great app just needs a little more attention to detail. This app is very well put together. However, a lot of the stats and other things are wrong. An example; it says Aijen Robben of the Netherlands has one goal in the tournament. When, in fact, he had 2 in just the first game.

Disappointments. I am actually disappointed with this app. First of all everyone time I clear the tab on my phone I have to sign in again if I want to be on my account on the app again. Also if I want to go to a different part of the app and then come back I have to scroll all the way down to get to my place again. Other than that great app.

From bad to worst. This app is getting worse every time. Now the matches don’t show results live, the search mechanic has become terrible and you cannot have only your favorites on the fixtures despite having it selected, I get a bunch of random leagues I don’t care. Honestly this app from being efficient has become a hassle to even look at, I loved the old interface, now we get a bunch of stuff we don’t care and fixtures are terrible organized. Deleting this app, it has lost it’s purpose.

Good during last World Cup. Now? Not so much.. This used to be such a trusty app. I would get all my play-by-plays from here and keep up with the games I couldn't watch live. But now? I keep missing important plays from the World Cup qualifiers. Even when refreshing the app, the amount of information missing is too obvious. I've decided to delete the app because Google gives me more up-to-date scores. Sadly, I find myself quoting a favorite word of our current US president: "Pathetic". :T

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 6.0.3
Play Store com.fifa.fifaappiphone
Compatibility iOS 14.0 or later

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The application The Official FIFA App was published in the category Sports on 27 November 2013, Wednesday and was developed by FIFA [Developer ID: 375974040]. This program file size is 168.94 MB. This app has been rated by 77 users and has a rating of 3.2 out of 5. The Official FIFA App - Sports app posted on 28 November 2023, Tuesday current version is 6.0.3 and works well on iOS 14.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.fifa.fifaappiphone. Languages supported by the app:

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The Official FIFA App is the world-class digital destination for supporters across the globe to engage, enjoy, and interact with the beautiful game.

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