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What is fifa+ | your home for football app? FIFA+ is your home for football and the official World Cup™ app. From highlights and stats to a live World Cup blog, stay up to date on the game’s biggest tournament. Follow your favourite team and play the official World Cup fantasy game. Football is at your fingertips with FIFA+.

Your Home for the FIFA World Cup™
● Follow your team for upcoming fixtures and the latest news
● Recap each match day with highlights from every game
● Keep up to date on all the action with a live World Cup blog
● Get in the game with official World Cup fantasy and the official World Cup bracket challenge

Beyond the Tournament
● Go behind the scenes with spotlights on global football stars, fans and influencers
● The largest archive of international football with thousands of videos
● Original shows and exclusive documentaries telling the game’s greatest stories
● Stream live matches from around the globe

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FIFA+ | Your Home for Football Version 5.6.219 November 2022

Your Home for the FIFA World Cup™ ● Follow your team for upcoming fixtures and the latest news ● Recap each match day with highlights from every game ● Keep up to date on all the action with a live World Cup blog ● Get in the game with official World Cup fantasy and the official World Cup bracket challenge Beyond the Tournament ● Go behind the scenes with spotlights on global football stars, fans and influencers ● The largest archive of international football with thousands of videos ● Original shows and exclusive documentaries telling the game’s greatest stories ● Stream live matches from around the globe.

FIFA+ | Your Home for Football Comments & Reviews 2022

- Needs some consistency

It’s great to have this app to check a quick score or get the notifications to keep me updated on current games of my favorite clubs, but I mostly use the app to check standings. I feel like the EPL is the only spot I find true standings of a league, all other leagues I follow just show the recent matches played and the score. There’s no spot to view league points that every league has! I think it also be convenient to have the option for notifications on leagues you follow even if it just shows final score for your “non favorite teams.” Maybe add a widget for a quick few of favorite teams and their upcoming games?

- Needs improvement

First, the program is named FIFA WORLD CUP 2018, but after launching the App you must look for the World Cup matches and standings - they are hidden behind other pages. First you must discover one needs to choose the “more” option, in the bottom menu, for then being able to choose the FIFA World Cup games in yet another menu. Looks like the program named after the World Cup places the games itself in second or third pane. Now, you are at the Games, you choose Matches on the third menu that now appears at the top (so far, to reach the games, you go to bottom menu - ‘more’ - then, choose, World Cup, on list menu that appears, and finally the third menu which appears on top of screen. They could not have placed the matches on the homepage of the App...!?!). Now, once you click on the matches, the upper portion of the page (just some blue background coloring, good for nothing) keeps dropping down, covering the matches. So, you slide the upper blue section up, but it keeps on dropping down. Very annoying. Next, you click on Standings (top menu), but as you slide the menu left to reach Standings the menus also keep sliding back the other way... not the friendliest App to navigate. Very stubborn too.

- Match times shown needs to be improved

I use this app to watch the brackets and get match times. Only problem is, sometimes the match times are shown in my time zone, sometimes they aren’t with no way to know the which time zone it is. For instance, currently in the app it shows the match time for the Women’s final USA vs Netherlands as 8:00. There is no time zone info or AM or PM, just 8:00. I just now found out that the game time for me is actually 11:00 AM PST. At times the app has shown the match time in PST, which is my time zone, but other times it is ET. But I never know which it is because there is no time zone info presented with the time. A simple solution would be to add the time zone to the time shown, e.g. 8:00 AM ET, or 11:00 AM PST, because simply showing 8:00 is not enough information. I can figure out the time zone difference myself if needed, but in order to do that I need the time zone that matches the time to be shown as well. Other than that, I love the app.

- Doesn’t include women’s leagues and games

The only time I have ever seen scores for a women’s game was during the World Cup. As a huge fan of the women’s game this is very disappointing. Even big tournaments like the euro qualifiers that in the men’s game receive a lot of fanfare are not featured. As a whole, FIFA says that they are promoting the and growing the women’s game, and yet they don’t even feature the biggest, highest profile club teams. The app does include rankings for the women’s international teams, but it is updated much less than the men’s rankings. There are also a few news stories about women, and while they are nice they are solely related to the World Cup. In conclusion: if you area fan of the women’s game extending beyond just the World Cup once every four years, you will not be satisfied with the amount of content your favorite team receives (chances are it’s none). And if you think that women deserve equal pay, well this is an example of how little respect they have from a huge association like this that sets the pace for others to follow.

- Horrible updates!

This app had always been good not great but it used to get the job done! Now with this update that’s all over. At this point it’s just easier to google search games, scores and tables! The app is glitchy, super hard to navigate. You lose all and any saved data and info with every update. If a team scores an own goal it just doesn’t show up in the goals info. It’s literally just blank and you have to try and hunt it down by scrolling through the live updates. You can only see half of the table at a time (not just too half bottom half, that would be fine) the teams and positions on one half then you have to scroll over to see the points and goal differential. Making it really hard to find out which team has which amount of points. Whoever comes up with the designs for the updates should’ve been removed from their job a long time ago. Garbage!


SAUDI ARABIA AL-HILAL fans we lost 6 points and lost the champions cup that because saudi federation allow to register amateur players at the period is not legal to register in FIFA rules. we want our right we did many campaigns to let you see the Injustice and corruption has been in saudi federation. Also there are many officials has left their jobs because they are afraid to get problem you can check our recent decisions. Also the Saudi federation receive many protests but Saudi federation always refuses the protests and the management of Al Hilal Club has provided you with an inquiry about the validity of registration of the amateur player outside the allowed period and your reply was illegal to register amateur players outside allowed period. We wish to look in this issue and Intervention to resolve. SAUDI FEDERATION VIOLATE FIFA RULES

- This app is horribly managed

This app is going downhill with every update! This app use to be excellent before 2017. Ever since they have horrible updates and have horrible management. For example right now the international games are not being updated score-by-score. The user interface keeps getting more confusing rather than easier to manipulate. Also some buttons don't work and some features no longer exist. This app needs better management by a long shot and if this crap continues, I wouldn't doubt that "the score" will surpass this horrible, ugly, hideous, useless, pathetic excuse for an app that is "supposed to be" the central hub for all soccer and all soccer information, especially since this source receives everything first hand before any other news source or platform.

- Good, could improve

The app is great in the amount and variety of content: lives scores, commentary, videos, stats, player information, stories, news and much more. However, a few things need fixing for a better user experience - prevent live auto refresh from taking user to love scores when looking at standings or scores from previous phase (the app shouldn’t take me out of wherever I’m navigating.) Also, I have to restart the app sometimes because the graphical interface locks up.

- Very poorly designed

Is unbelievable that with all the money in the world and for the biggest sporting event in the world FIFA will not have a decent app. Is so hard to navigate. No back button or swipe. Information is there but is impossible to find. For example, there is no schedule option. The most basic thing someone will look for. If you want the schedule you have to look at scores, then you will see the upcoming games with not posted scores. Who designed this??? . To get to the groups is so complicated and so not intuitive, I am not going to get to it. Just game schedule, results and group standings. The rest is just extra. This apps has all the extras and none of the basics. Very poor job.

- Great app!

I’ve been using this app to stay on track with scores and player stats. I’ve had it since it was released on iOS. The 1 and only issue I’ve had is that ever since the latest update, every time I click on favorites it closes the app on its own. Not sure what the issue is there but I didn’t have it before. I delete the app and re-download it and it still has that problem occur. I’d appreciate it if you guys can fix it, other then that it’s a great app!

- Watching the World Cup is always fun

This app is good enough to tell you what is happening in the main World Cup. Even if it takes me to safari all the time too look at all the stuff I want to look at that has any info to the World Cup. It is in Russia and I don’t live there so I really didn’t go to it. But in the fan club they had tickets before it even started itself though. But I do always like it when world cups happen. Every 4 years there is a World Cup.

- Terrible update!!

Updates are supposed to improve an app. This latest update is terrible!! Lost all the favorites I had and now I have to start all over again picking team by team, and favorite tournaments by Weiting The whole name! I doesn’t predict while you type. And it doesn’t even group them by “countries”, “clubs” or “Tournaments”. Before, you would look by country and it showed all the teams (nationals and clubs). If you press a flag, you cannot add that country or club to your favorites. The old version was a much, much better user friendly

- Worst if following Women’s games

I’ve found that majority of the news and scores only pertain to the men’s games. I like to follow women’s football as well, and yet it is so difficult to find any scores or news relating to games or players unless you explicitly look for them (and even then it’s unavailable). I would like more features regarding women’s football in the app, and the ability to follow the scores during women’s games as it occurs - just like how it’s available for the men’s games.

- Not impressed

The app doesn’t offer a “back” option after reading an article, and clicking on the main button at the bottom doesn’t put you back to the previous menu. Also doesn’t intuitively let one look up squads for the World Cup. Blends too much other international football and the World Cup, so one can’t use this effectively to look up WC matches and squads, even thought there’s a Qatar 22 tab at the bottom. One would think that isolates WC content, but no. Poorly organized.

- Cannot watch videos horizontally, please update!

Videos are currently available vertically full screen and small screen. The app is unable to play videos while horizontal which makes it very annoying to watch on an iPhone 13 pro max. This app prides itself on rewatching old glory, only if you prefer watching them at a distance (vertically) which given the amount of videos to chose from is unfortunate. I will change my review when the issue is solved.

- Avoiding it because of spoilers

I’m following the Women’s World Cup and would love to use this app to see the schedule, check out teams and such. But, I am completely avoiding opening the app so I don’t learn the score before getting home to watch the games. Why not have a setting to hide scores until I ask to see them? Frustrating. Also, more control over notifications would be great, again for avoiding spoilers.

- Most recent update

Please undo the recent update, where the whole was changed. This new version makes following tournaments and games harder, and you can tap on any teams to find out their recent matches or anything. The previous version was so much better.

- Buggy

I don’t understand this app. I have favorite teams and competitions but they don’t show in Favorites. When reading something on the app, and there are photos of that match in the article, swiping between these photos is a major pain. I also don’t like that when you read an article from two weeks ago and you exit the article, the app takes you back to the top instead of where you left off. It’s really dumb.

- From bad to worst

This app is getting worse every time. Now the matches don’t show results live, the search mechanic has become terrible and you cannot have only your favorites on the fixtures despite having it selected, I get a bunch of random leagues I don’t care. Honestly this app from being efficient has become a hassle to even look at, I loved the old interface, now we get a bunch of stuff we don’t care and fixtures are terrible organized. Deleting this app, it has lost it’s purpose.

- Profiles of players need more information

Overall, this is a great app, very intuitive in its layout and progresses logically and linearly. However the player profiles don’t give information about the players beyond (sometimes) the league that they play in at home. No team names, minimal league stats and sometimes the league is not even mentioned.

- unable to airplay to Apple TV

Love the App, the content is second to none BUT there is no airplay from iPhone/iPad to Apple TV. The airplay icon does not appear on the screen. I have troubleshooted extensively, including making sure both, are on the same wifi network, powering them down, double checked the settings, etc… Is there a solution here?

- The previous version was much better!

I don’t usually write reviews, but the latest version of this app is horrible. All of my settings and favorites have been lost, certain leagues I was following are no longer there, and there are multiple UI bugs. Most importantly, the app has become much less informative-you can’t quickly access the games of a certain team nor are you able to view team rosters. Very disappointed.

- Frustrating app…

It is not possible to view video in full screen when searching from Menu > Archive. I can view videos in full screen when I select in-progress videos through home page but there is no way to search the replays from there… I see regular updates but never addressing this. It is also actually difficult to view video in full screen on the website also. Very poor quality app from FIFA.

- Not user friendly

First weird thing is when opening the app it auto disconnects my AirPods and plays my music out loud. Second missing links/predictions on the match overview: wanting to know stats on who is supposed to win/what analysts are saying.

- Too many bugs

I am a big football fan and so I want to see scores but if the app just shows me when the game is played even though the game stated like 5 hours ago it still show me when it starts. And another thing is I like a lot of leagues and teams so I want to favorite the leagues but it doesn’t allow me to do so, and it favorited so I don’t even know and I can’t unfavorite them.

- No Frills, Just the Facts

This app gives you want you need to know in terms of who’s playing who and when. But the interface on the phone is cramped and the navigation is a bit slow. No player bios so all you get is name and position—nothing about what qualifies them to represent their countries, unless they’re already a superstar like Messi or Ronaldo. FIFA could look at the NBA app for inspiration.

- The new update S U C K S

I loved the FIFA app for its simplicity and easy to use/understand. Now I hate that its over complicated to understand and not friendly to use. I used to be able to look for future games so easily but this new update either removed the feature or is very well hidden. No one asked for a redesign but this is what we got 😒. Very disappointed.

- Where is the back button?

Tell your programmers to add a back button to your app. For example, when I dive into deeper analysis of the teams on the app, there is no way to backtrack to the previous menu. I have to choose another option in the app and then go back to the team section—a back option would alleviate this problem. 1 star until it’s fixed.

- Up date is a major leap backwards

The favorites were not transferred so all favorites have to be resubmitted. Menus won’t allow the user to go to individual team pages in the Champions League games for example. Favorites can be impossible to select because unfriendly menus. All around much more unfriendly support from this app that was already not totally working properly before the update.

- Best app

This season it give the results of matches second by second as I noticed! Thanks for your great and intelligence sharing. I was watching between Spain and Portugal I received goal notifications by seconds.

- FIFA Minus

Somehow have made a not great app worse with this FIFA Plus change. Matchday center is now harder to navigate, doesn’t default to my favorited leagues and teams. No I don’t want to scroll through the Guatemalan and Cyprus national leagues to see the score of Chelsea-Real Madrid. Doesn’t show aggregate scores from a previous leg. I don’t know what the developers were thinking when they made this change.

- V5.0.1 is horrible

Please revert back to the previous UI. It was so much easier to navigate, all the games were in chronological order, vertical scrolling, past present and future games were easily accessed. This update is a step back in usability. Phones have vertical screens It a design sin to make people scroll horizontally to see upcoming games. I only 1 upcoming games while following the Euro!!!

- Flakey

I have been greatly disappointed by the inconsistency with this App. I am an American visiting France for the World Cup and have been using this App to stay updated. Unfortunately this App cut out during the Norway/Australia game 😣. Plus it does not provide any live visual coverage which is very disappointing considering how much FIFA is profiting from the Women’s World Cup. Not like they pay the players their fair share 🤬

- Lack of Keyboard (iOS)

The app wants you to create a profile but does not provide access to a virtual keyboard to type in the information. I was forced to create a document on my laptop, type in the information, then scan it one piece at a time to finally log in to the app. 100% impractical.

- Poor app

You can navigate easily in the app, there's no back button, which means you need to start over every time you're looking for content. Slow performance. There's no additional info on players. Imagine the FIFA and Qatar with all the money making this trash of app, not recommended.

- Undo the update!!

This update is a horrible user experience. You should fire your design team today!! The keyboard covers up competitions when searching. Euro 2020 is not even showing up. So many other things that I could list. Graphics are nicer and cleaner, but the functionality and interface has completely ruined this app for me.

- Very slow and not functional

Very slow. Interface is not user friendly. Data heavy and rendered useless if you do not have powerful data signal strength. Everything on the app can be found online for free and faster. Nothing innovative in the app. Hope it gets fixed, but curious if they will even do anything during the World Cup.

- Worst app ever

This is literally the worst app I’ve ever used. Not at all user friendly, can’t find the groups or which teams have already played in a specific group or who they’ve played. But if you want a ton of articles about the game this is the app for you. This app has relatively little to do with the competition and lots to do with news.

- No “back” button

Has anyone ever seen an app that has no back button? Here it is!!! So every time you click on something and want to go back you have to start all over again from the beginning because, well, there’s no back button.

- Poor quality

App does have good navigation. I have to wait for content to load, even though I have gigabit service and other sites perform well. Some content does not load at all. Surprising that a big organization like FIFA does not do a better job with this app.

- This a poor app!

This app does not even hide the keyboard to let you select the competition you want to follow. The interface is boring and lack simple intuitive navigation to get the info you want to follow. This is app is poorly done. I cannot believe Fifa does not have the money to get a good programer/ designer . I will delete it after writing this review.

- Poor navigation, content hard to find

This app has all kinds of promotional and commentary at the forefront, and the menus are circular and often irrelevant. I’d like an official app to have an easily navegable section where one can find the entire existing schedule clearly laid out.

- The last update is awful

It’s almost impossible to work with the new updates. The previous version was so far simpler and practical. I don’t know why they changed it? The funny part is I still get notifications from my favorite teams but I can’t see them in my favorite list!

- Great app for soccer lovers

FIFA one of the best great organized ans professional app, give you all what you need times and updated scores and information, but need more to develop.

- What an Upgrade!!!

Finally an app for soccer fans. I’ve been waiting for something like this for years! Great work FIFA team!!!

- Can’t view video in full screen

Why they thought it was acceptable to not allow users to view video in full screen horizontally is beyond me

- Women’s$

How dare fifa only double women’s salaries ? 23 million people watched last years final. This year men did not even qualify for cup. Women DERSERVE SAME $ as men. You are to greasy for me- never watch a men’s match again. I middle aged MALE( big fat old men)

- Wish you had the actual lineups

When you go to a team and you go to lineups all you see is players scrambled in different orders they should be in their lineups

- Shockingly Bad

One can’t even get simple things from this like indication of Timezones or the ability to return the Home Screen or play a video in landscape. Some screens are coming up blank. Mind blowing. This is the World Cup! When an app is this bad then something is clearly wrong within the organization.

- Pretty good

I like it for information about the latest happenings. The one thing that drives me crazy is that the minute is not included in the notifications of game progress! When I see England-Spain 1-0, I want to know in what minute that score occurred!!!

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- No Chromecast or AirPlay

It would be nice to be able to cast videos onto my TV. It’s 2022 guys!!!

- Copa America is hard to find

Copa America is happening at the moment, and it is very difficult to find scores and info in the app because it is under the name Continental Final, and because another tournaments that I am not interested are highlighted by the app even whe they're are not in my favourites. What's the point of having a favourite list if at the end FIFA decides what info to show me. Fix the name of Copa America at least!

- First impressions

Was any user testing done before this was released? Doesn’t look like it. Team fixtures have the game time but not the date! And groups are hard to find - you need to go through team/fixture then find the dropdown and change it from bracket to group. Absurd. Looking forward to the update.

- Awful

This app is awful. Buggy, glitchy, and false advertising re fantasy - I can’t find a way to actually play it in the app. The only link to it takes you back to your browser anyway! It’s hard even to find simple things like World Cup fixtures. Disappointing

- Not even a back button

This truly has to be one of the worst applications I have ever used. This is the official app, by FIFA (whose revenue just hit $7.5 billion for this World Cup) does not even have proper navigation? There’s no back button? The contrast on the bottom navigation bar is so illegible, it would not pass any accessibility test. How embarrassing.

- Terrible

What a useless App. You would expect the official app to be pretty slick and useful, this is garbage! I want to see the drawer, I want to see predictions when I select expected outcomes is how to draw progresses, this provides nine of that. This piece of tripe has none of that. I’m unsure what the point this app is but it’s not for any football fan!

- Really disappointing

Always so hard to find details. Best example is the actual group lists for the upcoming World Cup. Can’t find them anywhere Think I’ll be trying other commercial Apps. This one just not good enough

- Poor

Surely a simple thing like, having the date of the game as well as the time, should be visible without having to click on the fixture. Has a horrible feel to it. Pages glitch when you change. Very poor to say this is the offical app.

- Necessary evil

Feel dirty having this on my phone, and I’ll delete it the moment the World Cup is over. So the least I can do is provide negative feedback every time I get the chance to do so on anything regarding this World Cup. Even by FIFA’s standards, the stench of corruption has gone too far this time.

- Apple TV version please

I love the contents os Fifa TV sometimes I need to switch to Apple TV to see the contents on the BIG please make an app for apple TV

- Thank you!

I like it. It covered almost everything in the 2018 World Cup. I really enjoyed while I was using it.

- New update

It’s terrible, can’t just tap on my leagues and see results like the old version. Lost all my favourites when it did update. It’s that bad that I want to delete the app and just use another app to get my football news. Fix it 😡

- Really bad app

This is the most difficult to navigate and nonsensical app ever. There’s no quick link to schedule or standings. Would have thought with all that Qatar corruption money they could have forked out for a decent app but I guess they pocketed that money as well.

- Useless App for me

I tried to contact support but no luck there. Hard to navigate but the biggest issue is that I can only get results for Asia and Africa qualifiers. I cannot see any others. I am in Australia. Is there something that is region restrictive?

- Every update you loose

App used to have previous World Cup full games, suddenly they disappeared after last “update” or should I say downdate? Also full screen videos only allo vertical view on IPhone…. Poor experience

- Wow so bad

This app is terrible. Hard to navigate, video highlights can’t be watched full screen or even landscape. No chrome cast option. Hard to believe this is the official app especially considering FIFA make so much money from a World Cup. Shoddy.

- Hard to use

This app is really hard to use. The navigation is confusing and makes it difficult to find the information I'm looking for. When I do eventually find it, it's hidden layers deep inside the app and I can't remember how I got there

- FIFA 2022 official app

Just downloaded this - not very impressed so far: cant switch between teams, and there is an article about a Tunisian player in the Australian team page .....

- Not user friendly

Who designed this app? So hard to even find world cup matches, groups, standings, news etc. pretty unintuitive app

- The worst update

After the update I can see anything about my favorite team or even the tournament. Is copa america play at the moment and I can see the timetable as before

- Stops background music

Why would the app stop my phone’s background music when there is not even any app music? Poorly designed.

- Content Not Available - app is useless in Australia

There was an issue loading video content, playback unavailable. No where able to sign into Australian TV providers

- Sorry, not for me

I wanted access to world cup scores and tables, especially for England. Couldn’t find them. It insisted on giving me access to women’s football, youth football and other things which are of zero interest. Could they not have got input from a real fan as to what fans do and do not want? The only way forward was a rapid deletion.

- Signing up

Every time i put in my email to sign in and verify it, once i do everything right it doesnt let me in

- Dreadful app

How many screens and clicks to select your team and see the group standings?’?!? Surely that should be a main setting?

- Needs Apple TV App

Needs Apple TV app or airplay

- Amateurish app

Terribly designed, glitchy, slow, not intuitive. I was actually amazed at just how bad this app is. Feels like it was developed by a high school kid

- Why do you need my search history?

Looks like a data mining app. I can get World Cup info elsewhere

- Visible match results 👎🏼🤯

Fear of spoliers is ruining my app experience. FIFA please update immediately- match results should be hidden. Selective viewing of results increases app use and enjoyment of the WWC.

- So bad

Like sooo bad, don’t even get how this app could be so useless. Layout terrible, navigation terrible

- Good contents but poorly executed app

No ‘Back’ function

- Disappointed

2022 World Cup begins and I can’t see any teams in the app. Very poor FIFA.

- Where are the tables?

This is an OK app but I am having one BIG problem. I just can't work out where to find the tables with the current points (win, draw, lose; who is going through to next round). Am I being dense, or is it not there? Seriously FIFA, that is the most interesting part of the World Cup. I have had to use a different app to satisfy my curiousity so I will be deleting this one.

- Crappy app

App as crappy as the country hosting the games..

- Very nice design/concept but flawed

I liked the clean visual layout and found it to be simple and user friendly. I'd have expected a better functioning app, though, seeing as it is the official FIFA app. The match times listed are correct timezone-wise (AEST) but the dates are a day behind which is a shame really. Also when I try to add multiple matches to my calendar, only one match is added. Overall, the app's functionality could be improved a lot more.


This app offers everything I need to know to be honest. Standings, live coverage of matches and time schedules for future games, what else would you need? Design is very user friendly and players' profiles is on point. The app also offers current positions for players and sends you alerts when there are crucial moments in games. This app is overall amazing, great job guys.

- The best

I love this app because it gives me the information I need I have never missed a game because of it and I would recommend it to anyone who wants a app that tells you football news every leagues fixtures and table and a bunch of other stuff 👌

- Great, but errors remain.

This app is fantastic. But I noticed a few errors; most concerning is the dates of the matches. Being in Australia, we are a day in front of the official match date, but the app doesn't recognise it when converting the schedule to local time. Hoping this gets patched in time for kickoff as it's a big deal. Also the Australia team bio is horrendously outdated!

- Watching videos

When you try to watch a video it crashes instantly, this is super annoying and needs to be fixed immediately.

- Great app But

Great app, thank you. But every time I go to sync all the games on my calendar it just syncs one game only even though it asks me if I want all fixtures sent to my calendar. Otherwise, very useful app. Once again thank you.

- Polished, high class and very functional

Especially like the detailed analysis within each Live game, using posts/blogs of every incident/snapshot photos~ great UI. Room for improvement in schedules to be in my local time(+1)of day of week- most of us live on the other side of the world.

- Best app for football

Best app for knowing schedules and seeing live updates. I added Arsenal's season fixtures to my iCloud thought this app and it showed up on my iPad and computer instantly. I did the same for the upcoming World Cup fixtures! Can't miss a thing

- Why are people rating so bad

I think that a lot of people are choosing to underrate this app because it's by fifa, which is understandable but this app keeps me updated to all the games

- Extremely poor

So I downloaded the app to stay up to date with the World Cup qualifications and updates but only get “sorry an error has occurred” this happens at all stages therefore unable to access anything. Have deleted and reinstalled app with now improvements regardless of the “updates” made on the sue. Far to poor an effort considering Russia is next year

- Happy

Great app just it is the 18th today and my leaderboards for the international teams hasn't updated like it said it would on the 17th plz fix, 5 stars if I could just find out how my fave teams are ranked in the world😄

- Fix the dates!

This app was working fine a few days ago, although the times are correct, the dates for matches are now a day early for us in Australia (GMT +10). Frustrating! If this was fixed, I'd give it 5 stars...

- Five stars

This app is a really good way to find out all the scores and updates of the soccer, anywhere, anytime six stars if possible

- Time zones

Great but can we get some dates and times that are accurate? We all live in different time zones and it'd be really handy if we could punch our time zone into the app and have the times change accordingly.

- Please do something

Fixed the bug where I can't register my country of residence. I scroll down to the country I'm looking for..

- Amazing app!

This app is really well made and has all the features and content any football fan needs! Cheers

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- Barely works

All the reviews are right about how buggy this app is and all the features that seem to be missing. The only good thing is being able to watch the highlights (if the video loads). Great potential, terrible execution.

- Apple TV version

Release one.

- No tv version…

Really?! What’s the point of the app then!

- Garbage, don’t waste your time

This app is terrible. NO, you cannot select your favourite team/country. Constant error messages. Inability to sign in most of the time. And more problems but I’ve wasted enough time on this garbage app.

- Terrible app

This app is a pile of garbage. Adds no value but has constant glitches and error messages. This app is a waste of space and time.

- Poor

Hangs frequently, No ‘schedule’ ??!!, I deleted it after two days.

- Ça fait pitié

Tout comme les administrateurs, l’application est d’une piètre utilité

- Doesn’t stream live World Cup matches

Doesn’t stream live World Cup matches. Only has live blog and box score

- Quite disappointing

For this day and age, such a buggy and underwhelming app for the “greatest event on earth”. Look for an alternative!

- FIFA app as disappointing as FIFA the organization.

App has no group chart. Navigation is terrible. No overview. The FIFA app was designed by the same group who awarded the tournament to Qatar. Nuff said.

- No option to navigate back

No option to navigate back

- Apps working just fine

Don’t know what everyone is complaining about.

- Where are the teams

Two places to view/select teams, both empty. How can the very basic info not be available.

- Sucks

Zero quality control - squads load for some countries only, fantasy is buggy, Tunisia is spelt Tunisa - look into contract for app development - probably corruption there as well

- Piece of crap app

Absolute junk. Doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do, for example, the highlight videos do not play. It’s more efficient to go see the highlight videos on YouTube!

- Terrible app

I am disappointed to see that the official app of the World Cup is so bad. For starters the navigation is awful. Then the app is very slow. The app is not keeping up with the live updates for the game. There are much better options out there.

- No back button

Most of the screens have no back button, which causes you to get stuck

- No day?

It would be nice to include the day of the week in date for the game schedule …

- Not very user friendly

Tried to set up a fantasy team 3 times, went through selection process but it just wasn’t happening. Wasn’t easy to find the group tables. Wouldn’t load a teams squad details. I’m deleting it and will look for another

- Bugs

Opened it and no content. Has this app been QC’d? I don’t think it’s ready for consumer use.

- Navigation is bulky and convoluted.

I was looking for the team rosters. After several attempts I found them. The next day, no clue how I got there and after 20 minutes stilll haven’t found that same info. Brutal navigation.

- Terrible

Not very intuitive. You can only follow one team. Like the choice of host countries the app was better for previous world cups.

- How is it THIS bad?

They have 4.5 years to debug this app and yet somehow it’s super glitchy, missing a ton of info, freezes up, and runs slow. Feels like an unprofessional dupe of what should be a good app.

- Live Activities support

It would be great if the app supported Live Activities so fans could get instant score updates live on their Lock Screen while the match is ongoing instead of being bombarded with notifications.

- Useless

Navigation is terrible and trying to set alerts for your favorite team is nearly impossible. Waste of time.

- Worst World cup ever..


- Crappy app

When trying to do fantasy team it keeps removing all my selections when doing automatic selection when i almost finish the team i prepare.

- The old app was better

The new app is lacking a lot compared to the old one, I can’t even pick the Copa America competition from the search.

- Doesn't work

Fantasy part resets and quits every 39 seconds. Doesn't save your selections. So many bugs.

- Not working at all

What is going on?

- Fantasy World Cup broken

Bugs with sign in. Can sign in fine on website, app is buggy though.

- impossible to register

keeps sending the confirm email, and every time i try login in same thing, another email to confirm, useless app

- Not what you expect from one of the worlds richest organizations.

Basically what you can find from the fifa website, but worse. Horrible navigation, lack of content and not user friendly. It seems like fifa wants to start uploading stuff to this site/app instead of YouTube, while they don’t really want to make a UI and everything that is half as good as YouTube. Needs a lot of improvements but I do have hope for this to get better.

- Audio Hijack

Stop hijacking my audio when I open the app? I want to keep listening what I’m listening to while I browse

- No Live Games

They mention live games but I haven’t seen one yet. I seen online that other countries have them, but not here.


We need an Apple TV app please

- Not loading and a setting page

I updated the app and now some things don’t load please fix this issue the other thing I would like to see is a settings page where you can set app notifications I like the new look I’m super prized that the app doesn’t ask me for my location. Please fix the issue of some things not loading.

- Absolutely a waste of a download

I am 100% disappointed with this app… seriously FIFA as big as FIFA is this is the best they could come up with…?

- Useless

This app is basically useless now, the user interface is horrible it’s nearly impossible to find any matches, schedules and tables.

- What have you done !

The new release is so stupid ! Please bring back the old one ..

- Why

Why are green

- Zones And Qualifying Matches

Is one still able to view the full roster of World Cup Qualifying Matches from all zones?

- Needs work

While the new app has a more modern look, it strips away a lot of info the old one provided. It’s more difficult to find and add favourites, even so far as not being able to scroll down and see them all. Tables are not updated and match stats are really lacking. Developers took two steps forward and five steps back with this overhaul.

- Terrible update

All of my favorites got deleted. I jave trouble adding new favorite and looking for the info I want. WE NEED THE OLD VERSION BACK!!!

- Decent

Gets the job done,lots of way to improve tho,ok app overall but gives reliable scores and info,so ok i guess

- New update

The new format for looking at games and competitions is awful. Very hard to find things compared to the scroll page on the old version. Revert!

- So bad

The worst app I even used. The recent update it just get it even worse.

- New update

I like the aesthetic of the new update, however I find it kind of sad that you don’t even see the composition of the team anymore… I liked that option, instead it’s just show the result…

- Jun 24 2021 trying to follow Euros

Terrible update. Cant find anything, cant favourite teams, takes time to load anything. Just awful.

- Recent update is horrible

The new recent update for June 2021 is the worst update this app has seen. It has gone from a difficult format to use to an unbearable format. Before, I was at least able to see the games and their times but now I have no clue where to define anything. Nothing loads. It’s all dark and there is no instruction on anything. I don’t understand how this could happen to this app there was no need for an update at all let alone and extreme makeover. Very disappointed 1 star.

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FIFA+ | Your Home for Football 5.6.2 Screenshots & Images

FIFA+ | Your Home for Football iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

FIFA+ | Your Home for Football iphone images
FIFA+ | Your Home for Football iphone images
FIFA+ | Your Home for Football iphone images
FIFA+ | Your Home for Football iphone images
FIFA+ | Your Home for Football iphone images
FIFA+ | Your Home for Football iphone images
FIFA+ | Your Home for Football iphone images
FIFA+ | Your Home for Football iphone images
FIFA+ | Your Home for Football Sports application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

FIFA+ | Your Home for Football (Version 5.6.2) Install & Download

The applications FIFA+ | Your Home for Football was published in the category Sports on 2013-11-27 and was developed by FIFA [Developer ID: 375974040]. This application file size is 347.86 MB. FIFA+ | Your Home for Football - Sports app posted on 2022-11-19 current version is 5.6.2 and works well on IOS 13.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.fifa.fifaappiphone