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What is green screen by do ink app? Green Screen by Do Ink makes it easy to create videos, images, and GIFs by combining visual elements such as photos, videos, text, drawings, animations, and the live camera. The #1 green screen app for education, it is used in classrooms and by individual creators around the world.

Green Screen by Do Ink goes beyond what traditional green screen and video editor apps can do. It lets you combine multiple image sources by selecting just the parts of each one that you want. It provides a rich set of tools, including chroma key (for the green screen effect), crop, mask brushes, magic wand, and even automatic person detection. You can customize your projects by adding text, original drawings and animations, and artwork from the Do Ink Prop Library. The app is easy for young students to start using quickly, but it packs plenty of features for power users too!


• Use the live video camera, or import prerecorded videos, photos, text, and custom artwork
• Add drawings and animations with the built-in drawing editor
• Import artwork from the Do Ink Prop Library
• Combine elements on up to 3 layers – great for "app-smashing"
• Move, scale, and rotate elements
• Chroma, crop, and mask tools to remove unwanted areas
• Automatic person masking removes the background from images and videos, with no green screen required (iOS 15 or greater)
• Record videos in high definition (up to 4K) or standard definition formats
• Capture still photos and save them to the camera roll
• Create and export GIFs
• Save videos and images to your Photo Library, or to iCloud, Google Drive, or Dropbox
• Export Green Screen project files for archiving or for sharing with others
• Built-in tutorials


Green Screen by Do Ink is a cross-curriculum tool with virtually unlimited uses and was created with input from teachers. Used in classrooms around the world, it is one of the most popular and highly recommended apps for education.

• 2019 Winner of the Best Apps for Teaching and Learning by the AASL (American Association of School Librarians)

• Featured in "Best New Apps in Education" in iTunes


“Green Screen by Do Ink is an easy-to-use iOS app…” – New York Times

“[An] app that can transform learning…” – TeacherCast Educational Network

“[A] versatile, easy-to-use movie maker yields great results” – Common Sense Education

"Green Screen makes learning fun…" – Teachers With Apps


Created by the team who also created the Animation and Drawing by Do Ink app for the iPad, featured in “App Store Essentials: Painting and Drawing” and recipient of the Editor's Choice Award from Children's Technology Review.

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Green Screen by Do Ink Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Green Screen by Do Ink Version 2022.211 July 2022

This release fixes a couple of bugs. And in case you missed it, the previous release introduced some great new features, including: • You can now create GIFs! • Automatic person masking tools let you remove the background from images and videos, with no green screen required! (iOS 15 or greater) • New built-in tutorials make learning how to use the app easier than ever! Please let us know what you think! Please write us at if you have feedback, comments, suggestions, questions, or issues. We truly value your input, so feel free to get in touch. And our usual friendly reminder… positive reviews in the App Store really help, so if you’re loving the app, please take a minute to let others know how you feel. We really appreciate your support..

Green Screen by Do Ink Comments & Reviews 2023

- Import Media Bug

I love this app; I use almost all the time, and it is my go-to app for chroma-keying green screens videos. However, about a month ago, I’ve recently experienced an issue out of nowhere where when I try to upload a video from my gallery, it shows videos jumbled out of order instead of most recent, and when I click on the video I am looking for, it actually is not that video. In fact, it is a different video from my gallery and it makes it frustrating to find the video I am looking for because the thumbnail and timestamp shows up as a different video than what it actually is after choosing it on the video timeline. I tried deleting the app and redownloading it, but the issue still persists. I don’t know if anyone else is experiencing this issue, but if we can get an fix for this bug as soon as possible, that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

- Please do a bug fix..

First I’m writing this comment as a complain I only rated this 4 stars because it would be the best app in the world only if it did not have the bugs. Second my iPad is fully updated and so is the app. Third is the real stuff...One day I used it for a movie I’m making and out of the blue it just kicked me out! I thought “okay...weird..” I thought so I came back in. It took a long time to load but was still okay. I went on it for at least 5 mins and it kicked me out again!! Annoyed I went back did the same thing over and over again! I still used it every day.. but it keeps kicking me out and taking long to load. And every day I check for a update- a bug update. After weeks of ‘suffering’ I saw the update!! I pushed update and waited for it to load (As before my iPad is fully updated so it went fast.) I finally loaded I went in super fast the fastest I had ever tapped before! I used it for 10 kicked me out....I went back didn’t even load before it kicked me did change but the only change was just worse. I looked back at the App Store and saw the only ‘fix’ was just you could add text...very mad and you should do the bug fix...:(

- Incredible App and Support!

I cannot say enough about this app. The quality is superb. The keys are cleaner than what I get running Adobe Premiere Elements on my Mac. The ease of use could not be more easy and convenient - nearly intuitive. I did have a problem with not being able to export video I created on the timeline and contacted technical support. Melinda promptly replied via email and asked several questions to help ascertain the source of the issue. She expressed total commitment to their team’s willingness to get to the root of the problem. She maintained daily contact over the course of a full week they tried to duplicate the problem which showed up as Error 8, even going out and buying the same model phone I own with the identical configuration and service provider, which astounded me that they would do that considering the app cost $3!!!!!! Finally, today, after trying out one final suggestion we were able to determine the problem only occurred when I had Bluetooth turned on in conjunction with the app I use fir my bluetooth hearing aids. Kudos and thanks to Melinda and her team fot their outstanding help and for such a great app

- Good, but only for limited use.

I purchased this app for editing videos, that way, for instance, I could make a space show and not have to build any permanent sets. However, whilst testing it out, I found that you could not export a video. Like you cannot under any circumstances. Too if you are serious about doing a green screen, this app has some trouble filtering out the green tint around the edges. With very, very careful editing you can almost get rid of it, but it isn't likely you'll get a completely clear, unblemished video. I give this 3 stars as an app to jokingly prank your friends that you traveled somewhere or just as a little fun project, but I would say it is completely unusable for serious pursuits.

- As a video artist, this app is fantastic.

I stumbled upon this by chance because I needed a decent chroma key app for on-the-go video art. This app is a DREAM. I am giving 5 stars because this app needs love and it’s the only one in the App Store that does what it does so well. It does have some places it can improve but, you know, later version or something. I’m patient. What’s to love: HD export! Perfect. Work area is touch friendly. Three layers for video/images. Projects can be saved and loaded later. Chroma Key can be adjusted to any color/sensitivity. Interface is simple enough to use. Final result looks fantastic! (This depends on your source footage, of course) Fast! Relatively stable. What could use work: More adjustments for chroma key - edge blur maybe? Keyframes! I love how I can positing things in the editing window via touch. It would be even cooler if those things could change positions over the course of the video. With three layers, you could do a great parallax effect. A couple more editing buttons? Or at least a “split clip” option - “trim” only goes one way. Support for aspect ratios other than 16:9 On the whole, this is my favorite chroma key app on this platform. Definitely worth a try.

- Fix your app.

I have one too many problems. Basically, your app decides to crash, A LOT, but sometimes it’s worse than others. Best crash, keeps progress, doesn’t crash again. Bad crash, deletes half of your progress. WORST CRASH, IT DOESN’T EVEN LET YOU INTO YOUR OWN PROJECT. EVER. IT’S COMPLETELY GONE, AND YOU CAN’T BRING IT BACK, BECAUSE THERE’S NO WAY AROUND IT, AND ALL YOUR HARD WORK IS GONE. This happened to me numerous times, and it’s just getting out of hand. Fix your app. I swear, this is the worst. Just worked on a 12 second video for about an hour, and this is what you give me. Nuh uh, you ruined my experience, and I don’t care if I’m being harsh, you need to work on it if it’s meant for 3 minute green screen videos. I wasn’t even using that much, usually I use like 40 videos, but I put in like 14, and you decide to lock me out then? Imagine you worked all your energy and soul into your project, and it locks you out for no reason at all. Explain. FIX. IT. NOW. ALSO UNLOCK MY PROJECT SO I CAN FINALLY SAVE IT.

- Love the app!! Have a concern...

I use this app in my middle school classroom. We use it for our school news and our video production module, so it’s being used almost daily. Recently, in the last two months, we are having to reset the app more and more frequently. We film our news in segments. We film a segment with two students, then they switch out. In the past couple of months, once we film one segment and then step out of the video room to get our next group, set up the script and get ready to film, the app has gone dark. It almost looks like the lights in the room are off, but they are not. We have to completely close the app and start over. Any suggestions?

- The new update makes the app much harder to use.

I used this app for editing and even some animation (moving a green screen model every few nanoseconds to create motion) but the new update has made that a lot harder, the new interface is much harder to use and the precise trimming of the previous versions is gone meaning the animation is a lot choppier and harder to use. This app is a lot less convenient now and while the snipping feature is a nice addition. Its still an overall bad update to the interface and some previously usable tools. (I’ve also noticed that sometimes png images have a white background in the new update while they didn't before, this is a huge inconvenience). The app is still pretty cool for what it was, but the new update really makes it a pain to use.

- Ok...not awesome

To be honest this was not a good app, it has a lot of annoying glitches ( like braking down) and stupid setup errors like not being able to delete a project... also the quality of the images is absolutely TERRIBLE, seriously I film stuff in HD yet end up with literally 240p ( that’s if I’m lucky). And you only get like 3 or 4 tools to work with. But all in all, it does the job. If I were you I would only get this if it’s free, if you’re only doing simple things and don’t care about the quality, or if you’re desperate. If not don’t bother getting this app, you’ll only get frustrated.

- It works great

But where the splitting tool? I can’t split clips. It would be cool if I could move a item around the screen using this app. Animation would be well worth. It’s gonna take a while to trim each clip instead of the typical split. I actually don’t know if I can do it but there’s no way to know otherwise because I can’t export clips with truly transparent backgrounds. They just turn up as black instead of tranparent. If I knew how to do this assuming it’s possible then this would be the easiest 5 star of my life. Because then in other apps I could manage moving objects around the screen that are already composited I guess.

- Great after doing research

I am updating my review from 2 to 4 stars. It took a day but I was able to download on my iPad with no extra cost. After doing my own research and watching a video session from an online conference I was able to create some pictures. I just wish they offered more helpful tutorials on the app. Original review-It is not super user friendly. The tutorial helps only slightly. It is very difficult to use on the iPhone. I thought I could redownload it onto my iPad. Nope. I would have to pay to get it on my iPad. Waste of money, and extremely frustrating.

- Easy to use

I teach Art K-5. Currently, my 5th graders are using this app for their project on futurism. They take several photos of themselves in front of the green screen and layer them into a background they have created with colored pencil and then altered with various photo editing apps. Gorgeous. The only thing we all forget to do before we save is to switch from video to image, but that’s a user problem—not you! The students find it very easy to use and combine with other apps. Thank you for a great teaching tool that still works on my dinosaur iPads!

- I accept

This app is absolutely phenomenal. I am a LEGO stop motion movie animator, and I find this app to be very useful when shooting a film. The only reason I am giving this app four stars is because I really wish that there was a blue screen option. Granted, the app is called green screen, it would be nice to have blue screen, because sometimes I shoot minifigures and vehicles with green elements in them up against the green screen, which then messes with the final shot. If you could insert a blue screen option, that would be fantastic, but if you cannot, I totally understand. Keep up the great work!

- Best green screen app I've used

I use the app in a workshop for youth and found that it's not only the most intuitive app for kids and adults alike, it's also the most sophisticated for experiential production work and it's the first I've discovered that lets you load prerecorded videos into its 3 track editor. Phenomenal! BTW - animation by do ink is also phenomenal! Update-the latest update has broken the app. It no longer opens on my iphone SE and the camera crashes it on 2018 iPads. Please fix! Camp is starting next week!

- Problem with being able to see the person with the background still lit up and good

I like this app sometimes because sometimes everything is awesome and other times the app is weird and the picture will be fine but the back ground is to dark and will turn into the green screen and when I try to fix it then the person is see through and that won’t work that well on making it look real. Pls respond as fast as possible on a fix or if I’m doing something wrong.

- Great App

Love this app! I had no problems saving to my camera roll, and exporting...don’t know where these reports are coming from. As long as you record in a well lit area (which is just good practice...) the result is amazing. I think people who are bashing this app aren’t taking the time to understand it, and think it’s a magic bullet for sloppy camera work. As with all good recording, make sure you are in a well lit area and definitely use a tripod. Sky is the limit!

- Your Not “Do ink” anything about this common problem!!!

So, I logged into Green Screen. I played it. I made two videos. I’m making a third one for my friends when IT KICKED ME OUT! I was so upset, I started crying. I am also experiencing a problem where it lags like crazy. I can’t even play my videos, at least not in app! I had worked so hard on my movie. At least it saved my progress, but what is the point if you can’t watch your creation? If you don’t fix this I am deleting the app. For now, I’ll just export my movie and move to KineMaster for ALL movie making. (Hope it has a green screen thing!) I am rating this app 4 stars, because it was really great before it started to kick me out. Please fix this glitch. To anyone buying this works. For like 10 minutes. To Do Ink...please fix this lag! It’s REALLY annoying. Your very sad friend, Me.

- This app is almost perfect

I have nothing bad to say about this app for the most part. It’s very easy to use and create with. The only improvement I wish they would make and future versions is to make it easier to scale images down and still keep the image level. I really hope the developers see this message because that is the one and only nerve-racking element of this app and the only reason I can’t give it five stars

- Suddenly Crashing

This app has been my favorite green screen editor for years, and one day it just started crashing every couple of minutes and working extremely slowly. I have all the updates and am frustrated by this because no other green screen editor has the options and effects this one does. It’s a fantastic app apart from this. Please fix these bugs.

- Finally! (Add one thing)

This is the app I’ve spent days and failed google searches for! Amazing for memeing. Can you add one thing? When editing a video (like trimming, cutting, pasting, etc.) Can you add a “split” option? So if I want to draw a green screen at a different place using the same video I wouldn’t have to go through and split it however many times myself. That would totally enhance the experience. Thanks!

- Almost too good!

I picked up this app for a quick project and am using it more and more for videos and photos. It’s so intuitive and the results look great, I especially like the ability to layer 3 images/videos/sounds! I keep showing my boyfriend “I did this on my phone!” He doesn’t care but I do it anyway. Intuitive and fast to use.

- Disappointed

I really wanted this to work, as I’ve spent hours searching for an app that would allow me to easily remove the background in my videos and save as transparent. The major downfall with this app is the Chromakey feature. There is no eye dropper to allow you to easily grab the color you wish to remove. I could tap my background, but it inevitably wiped out essentially all of my image.

- Ricky1

I guess I am the type of person that’s doesn’t like change. Even though I liked the old version of Green Screen. The new version is awesome. It just took me some time to get use to. It’s much better than before. The clarity is amazing! They added more tools for you to put your creativity to work. It’s just perfect!

- Have some issues

So I have been using this app for a long time and it’s been great until today. Let me explain, so the app updated and I was super excited but then I went into the app and tried to add a camera it kicked me out of the app! I tried at least 5 times AND I even deleted the app and downloaded it again. Please fix this problem because I really loved this app! 😕

- Green Screen by Do Ink

This app is easy to use and is a great addition to a classroom. I'm not sure why others complain about not being able to export to Photos. It's very easy; our second graders can do it. I save finished video clips to Photos and import them into iMovie and add transitions and titles to finish up our presentations.

- Love and hate relationship

Even with this 2019 update (which is a great improvement) I’ve notice some serious crashing with less than a 100 frames now. Use to get more frames than that before it crashed before; so I have to start a new project (to be safe) after 50+ frames or so. Very annoying for a great product. PLEASE FIX (w/o erasing everything like that last 3 updates or so).


This app is probably the best app I’ve ever downloaded EVER! I only have one con; and that is that when I layer two videos and it has audio that I have to line up accordingly, I can’t hear my first video when I do the second one! I wish there was a way to do that. Thanks.

- So much fun

Like any software you have to gain experience to appreciate all it can do. I’ve used it mostly to create teaching movies for my Sunday School class. I even used it to take portraits with different locations in the background. The best thing you can do is watch the tutorial and practice.

- Love it!

This app is THE BEST. In 2018 I was trying to find a good editing app that I could use to make videos and sketches. I came across this app and I got it did the tutorial and I was amazed! I love using this app and with a little practice and learning you can make something really cool!

- Super cool app⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The possibilities are endless! This app allows you to green screen anything! For those of you who don't know what that means... basically your able to create video or photo stickers (gifs), size, and rotate them in your videos😯👍 I'm super excited about using this in my upcoming videos!

- This app used to be 5 Stars but now I give it a 2 1/2-3 Stars

I used to adore this app because when filming it was the entire screen on my iPhone but there was an update & now for some reason I can’t get rid of all of the screen screen. I use the chrome key color wheel & you can still see a faint outline of The the green screen & it’s beyond frustrating

- Great app!

I learned this app at my school and thought this is so cool I need this at home. Next thing you know I have a green screen and this app! Also I love how you have 3 different slots instead of just having the green screen video and the video you want as your background

- Amazing!!!

This app is perfection, there is absolutely nothing wrong. There are so many people complaining about the fact that you can't export to the camera roll, when in fact you can — pay closer attention before complaining about nothing first.

- Great

This does exactly what I want, easily. The screen can be changed from green to any color and at any level. The app does even more things that I haven’t even used yet. And I’ve had it for several years.

- A lot better than I expected.

Granted, it is not a high-end do-everything kind of app. But I have done green screen with it and the kids and they loved it. For more serious use, I start with this then move over to a more robust app to finish. I am very pleased with it.

- This is a great wedsite buttttt...

I love it but I was working on a project for about hours But it wouldn’t load it all And logged me out and it never worked it on wouldn’t even let me in Anna my other project I do not know what this is about but if the company who made this app could help me please

- ERROR 8?

This was a very useful app that I loved, perfect for any green screen work. Only problem is that the most recent update that came out 2 days ago, cause me to not be able to download what I make to my camera role. It makes the app pointless because it’s only saving to the app, please fix this and I’ll leave a better review

- This app it to thumbs up five stars!

I freaking love this app! It’s very user friendly. I wish there was a way you can switch The video right to left. Other than that , this app wins hands down!

- Volumn problem

When recording, the volumn of the video is not playing. I have the volumn all the way up on both the layer and my device. Is this intentional? It works when I press play but not when I record. I would love some advice?


I LOVE this app, and it's the only app I can find that supports Image format, AND Video format! All of the bad reviews are from years ago, and this app changed! I would recommend this to everyone who is reading this.

- Great app. Read this if you are having difficulties

Originally, I was confused about how to use this app. You need to put the background photo/video on the bottom, and the greenscreen photo/video on the top. Once figured that out, it worked great!

- Love the new update

Like the improved performance. Update makes the app more intuitive and the new chooser makes it easier to find my photos and videos. The addition of the props feature is a lot of fun.

- Add this feature

I really want to turn normal videos into a green screen video. This can be possible if there was a feature where you can erase the video for each frame and not the entire video

- Fantastic App!!!

In a sea of green screen turds, it should be noted that this app actually works and works well! I made the mistake of downloading two other well rated apps and they were utterly horrible. Please reward a solid engineering effort and buy this app. Bravo!!!

- Excellent App

Not only the App is fantastic, DoInk Support is superb!! Not only they answered my questions they sent me an excellent email with training links and number of useful tips. Thanks DoInk. Seriously you are a great example, and definitely you are full of best practices!

- What a rip off

You can not do anything with your project because the 3 options that developer mentioned before, not true. I never got those 3 options, I want to save it to my camera roll and it's impossible. The app work great, but when you are going to save it is a nightmare, the app create an extension to the file that's is unique ...doing something. I will contact apple to get a refund, don't waist your money but specially your time !

- Please fix your app

First off, this app SHOULD NOT be paid for even without the bugs and glitches. Second, your app deletes projects after they are left for a few minutes. You are scamming people out of there money and you should get your app working before you make people pay for it.

- Keeps Crashing

This seems like a great app that I would be able to use with my kinder students, especially now during remote learning. However, as I am creating projects, the app continues to crash. I tried resetting my phone and everything. It will not load anything in my project and as soon as it starts to, it crashes.

- Fix bugs please

I used this app now for about 10 months. Recently like 3-4 weeks ago it started just freezing and crashing. Sooo frustrating after spending hours on a project to just have to delete it and reload the app to have it do it all over. Considering moving on to another app for my green screen purposes. Please, please update.

- Awesome

Doink listen to me, do NOT change a single thing in your app it is awesome. I have one question though. How do you put your animation in the green screen app? Also lower the price it is worth it but a little pricey.

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- Dear green screen

I was so excited to start using this app but had no green surface so changed the colour to one I had and made me the image to not very happy at all please fix this urgently

- Great app, although I have one problem

I love everything about this app except the trimming tool. Although the trimming tool does work in the way it was intended to I think that a ‘split’ feature (like the one in iMovie) would be EXCELLENT. If I want to split anything I have to save to the camera roll and open it in iMovie, then go back. This is a bit of a hassle and a needless waste of time. I will leave a 5 star review if this feature gets implemented. Thanks DoINK!

- Excellent potential

This app is well put together and has excellent potential and I’ve used it for two years or more preparing weekly inspirational talks for social media. Melinda at Do Ink Support is very helpful and will reply to queries. On the basis of the app being thoughtfully put together and supportive backup, I have no hesitation in recommending this app.

- This is a great app

I've had this app for years and it works well never have problems, with it like others I've downloaded and tried but deleted because this one has not failed me

- Nice app

I like this app because it’s great for school, fun and u can create ur own things. But needs improvement of how it looks. It looks a bit real but mostly real but u can always see green around the people. And the voice is out of time. Still great app

- Good but

It’s a good app but the controls are really weird and buggy and whenever i put a photo in it stretches it really long and i have to swipe for so long to get to the end then i need to hold it and drag it all the way over to the left so it trims back to the start which takes like 2 minutes fix this now

- New update looks SO much cleaner

Before the update the graphics were a bit tacky but after the new update, it looked absolutely AMAZING! Thank you SO much. It is also great for school projects!

- Great for school

I love this app and have used it many times in a grade 2 classroom. The kids can navigate it easily and make great little videos. Thanks.


Works so well with chroma key! Only thing I would suggest is add black and white to the color menu

- Helpful

Really helpful and useful once you start knowing how to use it

- One problem

Could you make it compatible with blue screen? For me blue screen does not work. Otherwise great app

- Glitching and .....

When I put a video are a photo with letters it always comes the other weird way and it is annoying me REALLY.

- Really Good 😄

It's really good for recording with green screens.

- ?

Why.. I'm just trying to use things that aren't green, but when I try to it glitches and makes everything black.. changing the sensitivity won't work. Plz fix this

- Stop glitching

I'm always almost done with a video and then it just randomly glitches all the time I want my money back unless you fix the glitch

- Crashing

I have bought this app, but it is constantly crashing, whenever I try to edit or save a video is just continuously crashes. It is a complete waste of money, I do not recommend it.

- Use to love it but now a problem

I used this app a lot of times but one day I made a green screen protect but when I try to open into it it just says waiting pls remove is

- Did not work 😠

App is not that good because I paid for it and everything and it was clutching! Total waste of money! 😔

- But...

Green Screen was so good, I loved using it. Until... every time I film, I don’t film for long but say in ten seconds or so the picture goes black, can you tell me how you fix it?

- Good app but..

Please make it cheaper and a bit more professional

- Very inappropriate rumours

Some rumours have gone through my school that green screen has a mode that can see through people’s clothes. Is that true??? ¿¿¿

- I love it

It helps me upload gatcha vids soon I’ll be amazed

- App

This is a terrible app. I am using this for school for my projects and it wont work. This is too confusing, this needs to be more simple. Don't waste your money on this. Get a better app..

- Crash! Crash Crash!

Don't waste your money if you are doing a proper greenscreen project. I have just wasted three hours to find the project crashes and can't be recovered. Waste of money!!!

- Don’t get this app

This app costs 8 dollars Aus and it’s not worth a cent. It doesn’t cooperate with modern software and glitches consistently. I can highly advise not getting this app

- Is this an in-app purchase

I downloaded this app by accident and would like to get my money back

- Crappy App

This stupid app won’t let me add most of my videos! When it crashes (it always does) it gets rid of most of my work?

- Terrible

Terrible, it only has doing-gs, no mp3 or mp4 or anything else, literally can’t share to anything else then the app itself

- Perfect

This is the perfect app for my school project

- Dishwashing liquid

You can't save to the camera roll anymore making it pointless. Good job

- Good app

Was working before, now asking for camera permission and it is enabled

- Keeps glitching me out.

Whenever I try to make a video, it glitches me out.

- Stop Crashing

Every thing l try to use over 30secs of footage it crash’s plz fix.

- app is currently broken

i can’t play or export projects. when i try, the app always crashes.

- Review

Good interface and functionality but has a terribly and annoying tutorial that in no way introduces you to any features or how to use them. Also has amazingly bad share/import features making it almost impossible to send the video to someone.


I was so close to getting my super long movie done but then THE WHOLE THING REVERSED INCLUDING THE ANIMATION. I recommend this app as a 1 star.


I have been on that thing all the time and I love it! BUT THE BAD THING IS THAT THIS APP CANT EVEN TAKE FRICKEN 9 second making VIDEO FIX THIS NOW

- Good

It good

- Awesomely Easy!

I have used this app many times and have had no problems at all. Even my class of 6 year olds can produce a green screen video. Not only is it easy to use but I get good results with a strip of cheap green cotton cloth, creases and all. No need for expensive paint or special cloth. Nicely done app. Very happy!

- Why such bad reviews?

This app is amazing for a hand held device. It's not something you would use for cinema movies, it seems like people expect it to be used in the next blockbuster movie. It is amazing at what it was built for and that's what it should be rated on. Thanks devs, you did a good job

- Is there anything better?

Green Screen is one of my daily apps that I use for iMovies . Although there are a few problems here and there it is still amazing . To Star Wars movies to little baby shows Green Screen is in lots of commercials and movies. I find it good for kids to play with Thanks Green Screen A Lot!😘

- Great app!

This app is a very good green screen editing tool and I highly recommend it. Although there is just one thing, in the most recent update, when I try to export something the app crashes. I don't know what's wrong but I'm just hoping it can be fixed.

- Needs more features

Easy to use, great for kids, but needs a way to have save/have multiple projects and to export as video

- Needs filters

This app is amazing and is definitely worth the money, however, I think it needs to have filters for the layers eg. Saturation, Brightness, Contrast and so on

- Fantastic educational tool

This app is fantastic! It is an essential part of my classroom, particularly when combined with a cheap green screen kit from eBay and the ever awesome Do Ink Animation app.

- Audio

When you use the camera it doesn't record audio

- Why green

Green screen is great! But there is a problem. Why does the back ground have to be green?!? I really like this App! But we don't have a green back ground! Please fix😡

- Keeps crashing

Dear Do ink your app is awesome but every time I try to add a video as the background it keeps crashing please fix it

- Amazing!

I make lots of movies and I use this tool for all my background needs! Thanks!

- Needs Fixing

The app keeps shutting down, before I even have a chance to set up everything. I closed it via the home key and started again, but it shut down when I was fixing the colour.

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- …

I like it but I can’t put more than 3 pictures at once, which is annoying

- Love it

We use it in our class and at home. It’s easy to use and they have tutorials on YouTube. I would love to see it be able to switch between portrait and landscape mode for fun pictures.

- Could Have

They could have just put the two apps in one but you have to get two apps to make one work. So it’s really annoying that you need to get two apps to have fun with one app

- Doink Greenscreen

La meilleure appli pour l’écran vert, facile d’utilisation, sans fin. Paul C.

- Photos ?

I bought this app to do Green Screen photos. Seems, I cannot do just a photo and then output the result. I’m not interested in doing movies, just photos and the ability to export the photo in portraits or landscape. I wanted a simple app to do this. Maybe, I’m missing something here ?

- Big bug

I don’t know why, but it always kick me out.

- Easy to use Green Screen app

My students and I love how easy this app is to use and create with. Integrates well with our iPads and use what we create with other apps and platforms.

- Don’t waste your $$$


- Kid friendly

I used this app with my grandchildren and very young students and it was so easy for them to create exciting videos.

- Excellent

Bravo et bon travail

- Do not buy this app

This app is a waste of you money and is impossible to use.

- Amazing!

I absolutely love this app, it super easy to use and the videos and photos turn out great, such a cheap price to pay for such a helpful app! I definitely recommend this app if you want to edit your green screen footage

- Michel sauve toi!

Quand ça marche c extra Quand je veux faire un montage ça me kick pour rien Je conseille ça à personne sauf si tu es mal pris

- Not loving the new update

I've used this app the past few years with my elementary students for many projects and I was quite happy with it. I opened the app today after our summer break and I was disappointed with the new layout. The capture button at the top of the screen is awkward to use. I also noticed that my exported image had white on either side, though I think that may be something that can be fixed with some tinkering.

- Booo

This app sucks so bad I hate it and I hope it dies

- Crash

I have to use this app for school. I don’t know why but the app often crashes when I try to edit something.

- Camera Issue

I’ve just purchased this app on iOS 13.3 and there seems to be issues with the camera not working, nor importing. Until this is resolved, stick to iMovie.

- this ***** just scammed me it just puts a photo over everything don’t get this app


- It's crapy

It is a crapy app it dos not give u white and oronge I hate it Joke 👹💩👹💩👹💩👹

- Poor quality (as of July 20 2019)

I was doing great with this app until they updated it making video video quality way worse. The videos I make go from pixels you can’t see and won’t ever notice, to noticeable pixels that ruin the video. Edit: I can’t make YouTube video thumbnails anymore because any image I add on is made of huge pixels, and makes it look like a game from the 90s. Please change the app to how it was in 2017/18

- Une application de merde!

Je met une étoile parce que je suis obligé de la motter mais cette application n’en mérite même pas une! Une fois, mon projet s’est auto effacer, une autre, je ne pouvais plus rentrer sur l’application: je cliquais dessus et elle me faisait retourner a l’écran principal. N’acheter surtout pas cette application! C’est de l’argent jeté aux poubelles!

- bad

I tried gifting to a friend and it charged me 10 dollars . I didn't buy it 2 times just once for a friend. Also, this app is glitching and I cannot use it. 4 dollars for nothing.

- Love it best green screen app I found

The app is really good and so much better than the other apps that I tried love it would definitely recommend. If you are having trouble understanding the app try watching the do ink walk through by teachers talking tech

- 🤷🏻‍♀️

Looks like it’s a great app but I haven’t been able to do much with it because it CONTINUOUSLY CRASHES! Please please please fix the bugs!

- ???

Very confusing

- Great but has some issues

Great app. I haven’t experienced any of the crashing issues that others have had and the quality of the green screen is pretty good. I like the timeline concept, kids catch on very quickly. The one thing that is annoying about this app is that you can’t edit a project that you create using a camera source. When you stop recording the video it goes straight to saving the video. What you have to do is shoot your green screen video then save it to disk. Then start a new project and import the video into the timeline. Hardly user friendly for kids.

- I like it! But it deletes my work sometimes

I love using this to make intros for my YouTube videos! But sometimes it Glitches and deletes my work....

- DOINK is amazing

It’s awesome to have croma key on I phone. 5 stars

- Okay.

For a five star rating, I wanna see one simple addition: feathering edges.

- Video and sound are not in sync

App is easy to use and works flawlessly, but one issue is that video and audio are not in sync. I’ve tried numerous options on my 10.5 IPad Pro and nothing. I had to use iMovie on my MacBook to get everything working properly.

- Great app

This is such a fun app and so easy to use. I love it. You can do lots of fun and create stuff. It's worth the 2.99 I would love to see this as a software for mac/pc

- Amazing for an IOS app

It's a great app and it's very useful

- Constant Freezing

This app freezes constantly. It is sooo frustrating! It takes me 15-20 tries to save a video. Hours wasted using this app!!!!

- Very good!

I love it!

- Great app.

PLEASE: make "animation and drawing by do ink" available for iPhone too.

- Meh

It's okay but it ALWAYS crashes whenever i try to open one of my projects! FIX IT

- Its pretty noiice!

It detects the unwanted areas a bit more accurately than other apps here. Something I am most especially impressed at is the ability to customize masking, size, layers and shape of an aspect. Its great for weird/fun videos. Because pf this specific feature i totally agree that this is the best green screen app in the app store so far👌👌


Simply awesome!!

- For a phone it's great

Does it's job better than other apps I've tried :>


this app is great for school projects but one thing you need to fix this crashing problem. I simply enter the app enter my project and it crashes


Don't work it's a peace of crap

- Green Screen glitches

Frustrated with app. Cannot save project to camera roll! Grrrrrrr.....

- Cool

This app is REALLY nice but there´s only three "green screen image" at the time... But exept that it's really nice It's a "To download"


Do not buy this

- mise à jour

Depuis la mise à jour, impossible d'ajouter vidéo ou photo sans que l'application ne se ferme.

- Great App

This is a great app. But can you add one thing? To be able to change the colour black into an image. That would be great.

- Please Fix Chroma Key!

The Chroma Key is not very accurate. I would really like to see it work better. Please fix it and keep updating the app because I want something even more amazing. Make my money worth it.

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Green Screen by Do Ink 2022.2 Screenshots & Images

Green Screen by Do Ink iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Green Screen by Do Ink iphone images
Green Screen by Do Ink iphone images
Green Screen by Do Ink iphone images
Green Screen by Do Ink iphone images
Green Screen by Do Ink iphone images
Green Screen by Do Ink iphone images
Green Screen by Do Ink iphone images
Green Screen by Do Ink iphone images

Green Screen by Do Ink (Version 2022.2) Install & Download

The applications Green Screen by Do Ink was published in the category Education on 2013-10-29 and was developed by DK Pictures, Inc. [Developer ID: 364762293]. This application file size is 56.5 MB. Green Screen by Do Ink - Education app posted on 2022-07-11 current version is 2022.2 and works well on IOS 13.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.doink.DKGreenScreen