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From the creators of the award winning "My PlayHome" series!

"My PlayHome Stores" allows your child to explore an open play world and play store without making a mess of your house! Take a walk down the street and look around 4 beautifully hand illustrated stores, all in stunning retina-display clarity.

Fancy a treat? Make yourself an ice cream and grab a slushie of your favorite color! Bored with your outfit? Choose a new one in the clothing store! Make yourself a juice drink at the fruit shop! Fill up a shopping cart in the supermarket and scan the items at the checkout!

"My PlayHome Stores" has no time limits, scores or power ups. Just free play that powers your child's imagination.

"My PlayHome Stores" is also fully integrated with all the "My PlayHome" series apps so you can bring everything back home!


"My four-year old would quite literally spend hours playing this if I were to let her..."

"5 out of 5" -




...Just hours of imagination driven play!


Clothing store music © Shtar -
Fruit store music © Sam Semple -

Shimon Young is a member of Moms with Apps, a collaborative group of family-friendly developers seeking to promote quality apps for kids and families.
Recommended Ages: 1-3, 4-7
Categories: Games, Creative Play


My PlayHome Stores App Description & Overview

The applications My PlayHome Stores was published in the category Entertainment on 2013-08-22 and was developed by PlayHome Software Ltd. The file size is 209.30 MB. The current version is 3.5.0 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

Added a pet dog!!!!!!!

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pocahontas www.Elena

Nice  pocahontas www.Elena  5 star

I love this game can you add a baby shop, and a earring shop where you can get your ears pierced


Refund  theriyonnaw  1 star

I want a refund


UPDATES 😊  👧🏽👏🏼👍🏼😍💜💓  5 star

*Coffee Shop *Bakery


Suggestions (which would be really cool)  AU-Phil  5 star

Basically everything everyone else said.


We need  FinallyMrsBMW  5 star

We need a town hall and a restaurant. That would be AWESOMENESS


Awesome  butterball🎺  5 star

I love this app it’s so fun I was so excited when I seen the dog but I was wondering if you could add more stores like pet shop with more dogs and resteraunts offices banks maybe add more houses and add more cars and I’m so sorry that I sound so demanding but I think theese would be excellent improvements thank you for your time


Please read  Wiggywonda  4 star

I need to ask when you updated the thing what said new pet dog where is the pet dog I really wanna find it and when I try to go into my other PlayHomes like the school or something it dose this sigh ⚠️ and I tap it... it said to update but there’s nothing to update this need to be a bug fix please and where you said new pet dog and you say where it is? Please do this cause I really wanna play with my older sister agein on this app. So please do bug fix! Ty.

how to get the code

Updates  how to get the code  5 star

Can you guys add a pet store

A player of your app

Love it  A player of your app  5 star

I love this app very much I play it every day, and every day I run over to the iPad and look for a update. Maybe you could add a school bus, more students, more cars more teachers and more updates. Thanks! Hope you do these things!


Ella’s shopping  Janiebug017  5 star

Ella goes to ice cream shop


Please read  jiinhniuibhu  5 star

Developers I need you to add a pet rat 🐀


Awesome But  HopeLuray  4 star

I love the my playhome series I just wish that you could make one more maybe something a little like my town who have 20 apps in their series also could you make teenagers and toddlers or are they meant to be toddlers anyway toddlers or babies.I hope you consider these ideas thanks bye.🙂😟 Also if you could maybe if you could add more shops to stores please thanks bye


Suggestions  AVALANCHE ANONYMOUS  4 star

You should add a mall with game stores clothes stores a indoor playground pet store food places (Subway). Or possibly a public pool. Here is my last idea. You should make it so that you can draw as a mini game with colours and stickers and then you can hang them on the wall. Hope you consider these ideas.


Awesome  Tillylovesmyplayhome  5 star

This app is great but if you can could you please add a few more things .horse stable farm .2nd house baby highchair .more cars .airport planes so they can travel to other countries .toy shop .pet shop .pool pool floaties .so the parents and kids can hold the baby like they are cuddling it .apartments .sleeping bags. I love playing my play home so thank you very much

Sam and Sophie

Love it but I wish  Sam and Sophie  5 star

I love the apps, but you should add; Pets Swimming pool Preschool Teenagers Music studio in the stores More characters Dress up costumes Otherwise I love the games and I hope you can add these features

bUbLe PiNcEsS

I got a request  bUbLe PiNcEsS  5 star

Can you please add these to the hole series... Where the hospital is turn and add 1 or 2 homes then on the other side a mansion with other cool places And if you do add more games please make em FREE it would mean heaps to me and my mum please. Stroller More 🚗 s A boot for the car/cars Pool Bathers Library 📚 Garage Movable furniture Furniture shop Grandparents houses Toy shop Pet shop Toddlers Teenagers Car shop Bigger car with 2 car seats 💺💺 and a third row of seats 💺💺 Let us have twins Theme park Bakery Pretty gardens at the front of the mansion Please let me know if that is to much.Please if you are going to make different games make it FREE it would mean heaps to me and my Mummy.NOT LITE please and thank you 😊


New shops  Melissafalla  5 star

I think this game is great but it should have more shops my ideas 💡 are pet store toy store furniture store and a cafe pretty please 🙏 from Emily 🦄❤️🌈


I love it  Em~is~sweet  5 star

I think you should add stuff to my play home like one more house or some more clothes in the shops

Jmac 1977

More places needed  Jmac 1977  5 star

I love the games but I really think you should add a swimming pool, movies, playground, cafe, water park, soccer oval, police station, fire station and need more classrooms at the school. I think there should be more stores and more houses. You should add some more grandparents and babies. You should add policemen and women

Ella's world

Please add please  Ella's world  5 star

Dear my play home app makers please add a pool and swimming clothes and please make the hair straight when they go out of the water From ella

yaheiness pup star

Update  yaheiness pup star  5 star

Add cake mix and more houses and more food in super markets and add like more food and more stuff to do for the kids and like fair or park that it 👌


Updates  jellybean14763  4 star

I love your game. It is really fun to play. I wish you would add more games. Like a family restaurant or a fancy restaurant. I would also like a house with a pool. I would like to be able to have more than three kids. It would be fun. I want some pets two. I think you should add some stores too. Your game is fun just make some changes

Cool Kid G

Suggestions  Cool Kid G  5 star

I have only a few suggestions, teens please everyone has asked for them so please, more rooms, toddlers, and in the houses more bed rooms because I play with two boys and a girl and there isn’t enough bedrooms/beds for them so if you could put two beds in each kids room that would be great! 😃


New  absmith623  5 star

Please add some new thinks 😁


Games  pinkmaddnes22  5 star

Please put a new bedroom in the BIGGER house, add SHOES to the store and etc


More rooms and places PLEASE!!!!  Docdaizy  5 star

Hi I am a middle school girl I have played these games since I was 7 and I still play them I have a few ideas for the app. I agree with Cute466 there should be more stores. I would like to see a pet store I think it would be very cool. I also would like to see more classrooms. The two classrooms are hard to work with and I would like to see something more fun in the new house backyard not just a fountain and a grill I mean what is up with that I love your guys games they are fun and exciting to play I have a wild imagination and I need to use it up. Please make more games like a movie theater. Oh and maybe even add emotions so then instead of smiling all day and night they can be angry or sad or surprised or laughing or scared and much more. That would be really exciting to see and I would also like to see a amusement park or a water park maybe even a pool or a beach you don't have to do all of these ideas but PLEASE do the pet store one I am a animal lover. Maybe you could also add a toy store would be fun too.Thanks By, middleschoolanimallover P.s. I think u should do almost one of everyone's ideas they all are very good and I think it would boost up population with your games please accept my offer.I really would like to see a pet store with outfits for all the animals, vet and groomer in another area, and horse classes horse care and much more please please PLEASE make this happen if you do you would make me the happiest girl in the world!#AnimalLover


Updates  buckster888  4 star

Will you please add more buildings! These games are so much fun, but what would make them better is more houses and bigger ones with more bedrooms, stores, airport, business offices, restaurants, and more people. Any of these would be great and any other buildings you could think of!👍


Love!  ShrimpySausage  5 star

These thread of games are so amazing! Everyone requests more things and of course that would be amazing. No one really gives you guys credit for updating small stuff but I think you guys are truly doing your best to make this game great and make everyone happy at the same time. You’re only doing as much as you can at once. We’ve really come a long way from the beginning. Thank you for what you’ve done right now, you guys should get a break every now and then. Thank you so much for these amazing games and keeping it updated!!


I have some suggestions!  Bacon76  5 star

I think that you guys should add a fabric store!! That would be so cool. You should have a whole bunch of different fabrics, sewing needles, sewing machines, etc. It would be so cool if you could actually see stuff!! I love these games and it would be so fun if you could add this stuff.


My play home needs update please  Alsud  5 star

I like all of my play home version but if u plz can add in my play store shoes for evrey age and for my play home add new home for kids grandparents and parents and for hospital plz make it real pregnancy and more rooms and plz for school make more student and teenagers and toddlers. And make them all togather and play safley

Me the bee cheel

Brilliant  Me the bee cheel  4 star

Its great but it would be nice to put in a restaurant where you can cook yourself too. Thanks


Amazing game, but....  Sillychap  5 star

I love this game so much but, can you please make it so the store clerks can change clothes. Also can you add a restaurant and an airport with a holiday home place. Otherwise, I absolutely love this game and I definitely recommend it.


For the next update you should..........  FudgePugs161  5 star

You should make a restaurant,some dinners or a vacation app


More updates  ukkpower  5 star

I love this game but I think it should have more houses and more shops and even more clothes and the door in the sitting room of my playhome that you can't go trough I think you should have a garage there


😍😍  Sophierules12  5 star

It's the best. If you get My PlayHome and My PlayHome School you'll have a blast.


YA a swimming pool!😃  Hollie96874  5 star

If u do add a swimming pool (Which would be AWSOME!) could u add swimming clothes like a bikini for the girls and the boys swimming shorts for the boys + can u make a new game with a shopping centre with Claire's accessories and next and lifestyle sports! Cause that would be SOO GOOD!!😜

A Little Bit Perfect

BRILLENT :  A Little Bit Perfect  5 star

I really enjoy this game. I find it very interesting. To make it better ye should add a swimming pool. That would make it so much fun!!

ASB and Helen

MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  ASB and Helen  4 star

More shops !!!!!!!!! I will delete it if you don't make an update Is That Ok?


Definitely Worth It  Fortysixtyegualsninety3  5 star

Everything awesome, but please could you make baby clothes, perhaps just a few more outfits, and maybe add a toy shop or a cake shop? An idea would be to make pet shop? Otherwise one of my fave apps :D also a swimming pool, or a pet shop, that would be awesome. And a playground would be appreciated. I know I am asking a lot, but a small riding school, with just a few stalls, would not go unnoticed. Thank you so much, I am hoping to buy the school soon. Oh, and you could make a hospital, with loads of beds, and you could make their noses go red, but back to normal if they drink a special drink, and you could make broken legs and stuff with nurses and thermometers ^_^


Thx so much but  Sarahmolloy9  5 star

Thx so much when I went onto the all it says a new app called my playhome school is coming out thx but can you not just add it to the stores one because I have no money left on my iTunes card

My PlayHome Stores Comments

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