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Dofu Sportive Hub App Description & Overview

What is dofu sportive hub app? Sportive Hub is your ultimate app for staying up-to-date with the latest sports news and keeping track of live scores, odds, and betting tips. Whether you're a passionate fan or a seasoned bettor, this app is designed to enhance your sports experience.
Live Scores and Odds: Get real-time updates on live scores, match results, and odds for popular sports leagues including NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and NCAAF. Stay informed about every play, goal, touchdown, or basket as it happens.

Betting Tips: Gain an edge in your betting strategies with expertly curated betting tips. Our team of sports analysts provides valuable insights, predictions, and recommended bets to help you make informed decisions.

Standings and Last 5 Game Performance: Track the standings of your favorite teams and evaluate their recent performance. Get access to detailed statistics and analysis of the last five games, allowing you to assess their form and make smarter betting choices.

Injury Reports: Stay updated on the latest injury reports for key players in your favorite sports. Our app provides timely information on injuries, ensuring that you are well-informed before placing your bets.

Latest Sports News: Stay ahead of the game with our comprehensive coverage of the latest sports news. From transfer rumors to match previews, our app keeps you informed about all the happenings in the sports world.

Multi-Sport Support: Sports Companion caters to a wide range of sports enthusiasts, providing comprehensive coverage of NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and NCAAF. No matter which sport you follow, our app has you covered.

With Sportive Hub, you can elevate your sports experience, make informed betting decisions, and stay connected to the world of sports. Download now and embark on an exciting journey with your favorite teams and players.

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App Name Dofu Sportive Hub
Category Sports
Updated 12 October 2023, Thursday
File Size 55.9 MB

Dofu Sportive Hub Comments & Reviews 2024

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Ads. So we have to actually interact with the ads to close them now? It’s made worse by the fact that airplay basically no longer works and the YT feeds freeze up or get taken down, instantly so that it’s back to interacting with some crappy mobile game ad again. Get bent.

What happened. used to be a fire app but something changed everything freezes and crashes i can watch like 2 minutes tops before it crashes. That isnt even remotely worth it because the app itself makes you watch a 5 minute add before you can open the link lol. USED BE FIRE. WHAT HAPPENED

You’re better off watching the play by play on espn website. This app is so money hungry that they stop the streams so you have to go back to their app and watch 2 minute ads over and over. Can’t even watch 5 minutes of the game before they freeze it intentionally.

WOW!!!. Very impressive. Baseball streams working great! Can’t wait until NFL Sunday. Great App

App Review. Great app!! Definite must have for all sports fans!

Amazing. I am so thankful dofu introduced me to this one. Dofu is amazing too but alot of the times the links would not work. Even though it says Sportive is best for phone and tablets I currently use it on my macbook 💻 air M1 and it works flawlessly. I like to get the link on here instead of on my phone and airplay it to my tv fromt this device. I have used it to far already to watch good boxing matches and several baseball games and it is perfect. I cant wait to use it during football season as well since the performance is definitely there. Thank You Sportive, seriously a perfect and simple application to use across devices.

30 seconds max. No matter what video stream I click.. NFL, MLB, doesn’t matter.. I get MAX 30 seconds of video before I have to refresh. What a freaking joke

It needs more!!. It’s alright but it doesn’t have No college basketball, no mls.

If your a sports fan this app all you need and it’s free!. Download!

Good. Can y’all add women’s basketball college and pro

Needs to be updated. I love this app but I’m not able to airplay with the new update Apple has done. If they can please update this so we can stream it to our tv we would greatly appreciate it.

College Basketball. I enjoy the app but can y’all get college men and women basketball please?

Wish there was an alternative. This app used to be killer. Could dial it up on my iPad and cast it to my Apple TV. Now, it is a series of insufferable, one minute ads for the dumbest video games or services imaginable. After you suffer through the ad, you usually find a dead link. And the resulting video can no longer be cast to an Apple TV. You have to watch it on some type of handheld device.

Waste. I had this service because we’re always on the road. I had it when it was free, now I’m paying for awful service. I wish the service worked half as good as the endless commercials

Bad connection. Constantly goes out!!! Too many ads… can’t watch a game without lagging behind pausing etc…

BEST FREE OPTION. Love this app. It’s the most reliable source I’ve found for Sunday football!

Terrible. If you want an app that won’t connect over AirPlay, consistently loses connection and crashes - this is your app

Add NCAAM. We need college basketball I don’t always have the chance to watch cbb games so please add it

Why. Why is my card being charged when I was told it was for verification only?

Worst Update EVER‼️. This is the worst app ever. This new DofuSports app is a waste of time. The old app allows you to watch the games, this new one does nothing at all. It’s best to just download the espn app if you want sports updates.

Greed. This App works well. You can truly catch parts of your game. The bad part is they continue to end the stream riiiight before a score or during the best part of the game. They will do this 15+ times per even streamed making it difficult to truly enjoy the game. It appears that they are paid per click on the advertisements so the developers make it so that each person needs to go in and out of the app 15+ times. Let’s find another solution because this one is a waste of time and takes all of the joy out of the experience.

Stop the long ads. Some of these adds such as solitaire cash and the King royale, take every bit of 5 minutes total. It’s pretty ridiculous. Once you finally get to what you are trying to watch it is shut down for copyright claims within 2 minutes. I think I’m just gonna pay for the nfl network and nba.

Doesn’t work. In theory this is great only if it would work after 2 minutes of you watching the game

THE GOAT. The best Live Sports app on the app store and it isn’t even close!

Greed. App has become trash. Updated version works even less and is shut down more frequently all the while there’s more ads then ever before. You used to be able to just skip the ad almost immediately but now they’re full blown unskippable infomercials. Just buy IpTV over this garbage

Money. This app is clutch use it every week

Donation screen ruining app. I like this app, it does disconnect or freeze here and there especially when streaming to a tv but the thing that is killing this app now is the donation screen that blocks you from streaming. Basically holding you hostage for $$. Get rid of the donation screen, app is useless with it.

Inconsistent. This app can be really amazing and it also can be so bad that you can’t even open the app, trying to watch my team for free and the app doesn’t even open.. other then that it’s good

Amazing app for sports lover. This is such a good app for anyone who loves and loves watching sports thanks so much to the creators ❤️

I love dofu. This app is soo good, hands down. Has a few cons but you can’t beat them DOFU !!!

“Dofu” The worst app for sports. Whatever positive reviews you see on here are done by the people who made this app. Anyone else is lying to themselves. It use to be good for real but after the last update or two it has been trash.

Oriental ran theft app. I report every stream every chance I get. Hopefully rid this app from ever existing because you can’t watch anything anyways

Needs WNBA. First app was good now this update even better inly thing i would say it needs is to stream WNBA too

Update Notification. I’m not sure if it’s just me but why is it every time I get on the app it tells me to update. I click update, it takes me to the Apple Store, it’s already updated, then back to the app. Do I need to reinstall or something?

Update. The new update is upsetting I can’t watch one play without having to look for another link Then not all links work and these ads are getting worse to try and get out of them really liked the app before the update

SICK. I mean honestly, the updated version has worked so much better. Stronger connectivity, less laggy, clearer quality, easier to get in and out of ads. I rock with it. Unless someone got another downloadable app on here let me know but until then this supportive dofu has been great

Buffering at times. Overall it’s good.

Help. Does anyone know if you got to put card information out to use it. It says free but wants my card information. Please and thanks

Best free steaming app. This app is by far the best streaming app I have ever used. I’m a huge sports fan that doesn’t like to miss a second of my teams sports and with this app I don’t. It’s great when I’m out or at home watching out of market games. Must have for a sports fan!

Add NCAA Basketball. Loving the newer version less disconnects better quality only thing I would like to see is NCAA basketball added into the mix other than that loving the app!

Love the App. Love the app but the Apple Play will not work now with my phone and tv on this app. Used to but it will not any longer mirror to my tv. Why is this option no longer working or is it just my tv and phone that’s not working because anything else works fine.

Dofu update. This latest update ruined the app. It now contains several forced commercials about 3 min., then when the game comes on, you get it for about 1 min., and it freezes up and you have to reboot and go through the commercials all over. It’s a waste of time for me.

Add a charge🙂. $9.99 a month should keep this thing running nice. This app is nice!

Sportive. All of a sudden this app completely does not work in any of my iOS device. No matter if I delete and reload or power reset. Not a Wi-Fi or cell issue. Completely baffled

From good to garbage. App used to work great. Then, they changed it. Games now freeze & restart over & over and eventually crash. Now, app is basically unusable & I’m using same device, same TV, & same internet provider & speed I before.

Latest update needs a fix. I love this app and have been using it for years but the latest update made it where Apple AirPlay no longer works so I can no longer watch from my tv. This needs to be fixed asap please!

Cancel subscription. I started a free trial but want to cancel it before I’m charged and not sure where do I go to get this done? It’s not showing me anywhere

If you want to watch hockey don’t use this app. I have spent the past couple months ruffling to watch an months struggling to watch any form of hockey because of this app. They never have any ESPN+ streams as advertised, and rarely have more than one channel to watch a game, and the channel doesn’t work a majority of the time. I am a college kid trying to watch my favorite team without spending anything and somehow this app makes $11 a month look like it is worth it.

Worth 5⭐️. I don’t generally waste time getting anything recommended, but this app is worth every tap. Thank whomever created this brilliant idea, tool and application….5stars indeed

Add college basketball. I love Dofu everything about it is good and easy to use I just wish there was also womens/men’s college basketball that’s the only thing I would say to improve the app

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Hx. M3u18 isn’t working rn

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Falta un deporte. Deben de agregar la temporada de moto 🏍️ Gp para el público de la velocidad que nos encanta!!🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁

Need to fix bug for mirroring. It only airplay for the YouTube version but it crashes faster and often vs. the ghome version it won’t let you mirror to tv

Update made it worse. This was working great(4 star) until after update today, no link is working (1 star). Just the YouTube link works.

??. Why the heck would you show something just to keep stopping it or putting it on a platform like YouTube? Where you know it’s gonna only last a minute or two? one star for that buddy

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 17+ years and older
Current Version 1.1.24
Play Store
Compatibility iOS 11.0 or later

Dofu Sportive Hub (Versiyon 1.1.24) Install & Download

The application Dofu Sportive Hub was published in the category Sports on 21 June 2023, Wednesday and was developed by Tran Tien [Developer ID: 1694524225]. This program file size is 55.9 MB. This app has been rated by 1,813 users and has a rating of 4.5 out of 5. Dofu Sportive Hub - Sports app posted on 12 October 2023, Thursday current version is 1.1.24 and works well on iOS 11.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: Languages supported by the app:

EN Download & Install Now!
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