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What is glitché app? Glitché has topped App Store charts in 116 countries and counting. It's one of the most original, influential and inspiring editors for iPhone that celebrities and brands use and love.

Featured numerous times by Apple:
Best of the Year • App of the Day • App Culture • Get Inspired • Let's Create

Covered by HYPEBEAST, Complex, Wall Street Journal, The Huffpost, Fast Company, and many, many others.

• 40+ professional tools for digital glitches, datamoshing, 3D-transformations, color distortions, crusty VHS looks and more
• Real-time AR-filters and masks to bring the best out of your art
• Effect control during recording and editing
• Fonts generator, layers and blending modes
• Beautiful simple design
• Endless inspiration and creativity

Glitché is The Webby Awards Official Honoree in Experimental and Innovation nomination.

Eye-catching, stunning filters
— Apple

It’s easy to use

The app that I love
— Kylie Jenner

The best app in the world
— TM88

This app is reserved for only the coolest of people tbh. Anyone wearing a Supreme hoodie and a pair of Yeezys are bound to have 'Glitché' installed on their phone
— Capital FM

Glitch-face is the new selfie
— Fast Company

Glitché has taken the art of pixelation and distortion and put it in the palm of your hand.
— Complex

One of the best apps for creative people
— The Huffington Post

It's free to download compared to £300 per hour for a post-production suite
— Nick Knight

It's so special, it's so now
— Nicola Formichetti

Glitché is sick
— Lily Allen

We love Glitché
— The Glitch Mob

Yes, there are filters. And yes, the photos look ******* awesome
— BuzzFeed

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Unlimited Access Subscription
- You can subscribe for unlimited access to all features and content offered for purchase within Glitché.
- Subscriptions are billed monthly or annually at the rate selected depending on the subscription plan. Alternatively,​ a one-time payment plan is available (this is not a subscription).
- Subscriptions auto-renew at the cost of the chosen package, unless canceled 24-hours in advance prior to the end of the current period. The subscription fee is charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. You may manage your subscription and turn off auto-renewal by going to your Account Settings after purchase. Per Apple policy, no cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during the active subscription period. Once purchased, refunds will not be provided for any unused portion of the term.

- Terms of use:
- Privacy policy:

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Find this site the customer service details of Glitché. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

Glitché Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Glitché Version 2.2523 January 2022

• DATAMOSH on an iPhone. The unique effect that inspired artists like Kanye West or A$AP Mob to glitch their music videos is now available in Glitché. Decode up to three videos from your camera roll simultaneously or experiment with real-time recording. It's also a powerful crypto-art tool: the result of DATAMOSH is based on random data and cannot be recreated. • New PIXEL and SORT filters, complementing the set of irreplaceable Glitché effects. • Glitch text generator to randomly style each letter. Huge set of new fonts. Designed text can be copied and pasted into any other app (for example, to a TikTok profile or an Instagram comment). • New AR-mask in the shape of the Glitché logo. • Tons of improvements to filters and overall application performance. • Redesigned interface, animated toolbars and much more. Follow us on social media (as Travis Scott and Post Malone do). Tag @GlitcheApp so we can repost. If you can’t use or find in-app purchases that you bought, try to restore them with 'Restore purchases' button. Found a bug? Tell us: Thank you for being with us! Glitché Team.

Glitché Version 2.2420 December 2021

Knock, knock, Neo. The update of the year is here... • DATAMOSH on an iPhone. The unique effect that inspired artists like Kanye West or A$AP Mob to glitch their music videos is now available in Glitché. Decode up to three videos from your camera roll simultaneously or experiment with real-time recording. It's also a powerful crypto-art tool: the result of DATAMOSH is based on random data and cannot be recreated. • New PIXEL and SORT filters, complementing the set of irreplaceable Glitché effects. • Glitch text generator to randomly style each letter. Huge set of new fonts. Designed text can be copied and pasted into any other app (for example, to a TikTok profile or an Instagram comment). • New AR-mask in the shape of the Glitché logo. • Tons of improvements to filters and overall application performance. • Redesigned interface, animated toolbars and much more. Follow us on social media (as Travis Scott and Post Malone do). Tag @GlitcheApp in Stories so we can repost. Found a bug? Tell us: Thank you for being with us! Happy holidays! Glitché Team.

Glitché Version 2.2312 February 2020

Face filters are so last decade. It's time to change the game. • Use our new SCLPTRs in AR or mix them with your content to create outstanding TikTok and Instagram stories • Try brand new PHOTO filters with authentic hardcore glitches: JPG and PNG • Try new CAMERA section: hold the button to shoot a video or tap it to make a photo Thank you for supporting us. Don't forget to tag your art #Glitche to be featured. More to come soon!.

Glitché Comments & Reviews 2022

- Great app, but full-access costs $$

I was very disappointed to see that once I paid for the app, to unlock full-access, I would have to pay $9 more. It would be helpful if Glitché would make it implicit to their customers that this app will not permit full use of the filters when attempting to take a photo/video, and that this will only be used as an editing tool for photos/pictures in the iPhone photo library. I'm also not sure why I have to pay $2.99 to access "HD export" which, in all honesty, Glitché is charging me to use the full quality of the camera that is built into my phone. I already paid for the app, and an extra $2.99 for camera filter use. Why would the app block/downscale features that are native to my iPhone 7 Plus (such as HD picture/video quality)? It also charges extra to use the filters for videos in the camera roll. I'm a bit upset that I feel like I've been lied to by the app's developers in order for them to make a quick buck.

- Amazing Glitch Editor

I’m one of those people who doesn’t write reviews very often, but I felt I had to write a review for this app. This is some of the most advanced technology I think I’ve seen with any photo/video editing app in a long time. As a person who does deep editing myself, I know how much time it takes to make certain glitch effects come to life, nevertheless actually available as a preset for users to stick on to any photo or video. Such labor-some edits available at the press of a button isn’t something that should be taken for granted here folks...this is truly amazing stuff. Technology at its finest. The price may be a little costly, perhaps to some, but in comparison to the time, learning, and money you would have to spend to purchase the software to do some of this stuff yourself, it’s worth every penny - hands down. Put things into perspective. To the developer team; yes, it would’ve been nice to know the full price of things up front, but I also understand the psychology of marketing so that’s that. You guys have made an absolutely awesome app here and I look forward to using this for my creative purposes. Amazing work.

- Why are so many developers doing this?

They are undermining their success, ruining their reputation by alienating & angering a once loyal & dedicated customer user base. All to make a quick buck. Myself, like many other user-patrons, have long ago paid for premium services or to have ads removed. And then suddenly out rolls the latest update with its Subscription based services and all of those previous payments are negated. Now we have to pay again, and usually considerably more money for many of the features that we already paid for. Is this not fraud? Bait and Switch? False advertising? It wouldn't surprise me to see this eventually unfold into a class action lawsuit. Apple could be complicit as well for allowing it. I could be mistaken as I am not a lawyer, but even if what they are doing is legal, it still seems unethical and bad business. Come on Developers! Do the right thing! You had a fantastic app here with a base of users who would gladly pay for your next great app. Lose the subscription, give us back the original Glitch and roll out Glitch2. Make it bigger and better. You will have a lot of happy customers instead of ex-customers. I for one will applaud your efforts and gladly pay for another app; even for a Subscription.

- Pretty good but there are some bumps

You have to pay more than the original .99 cents to use this full of this app along with exporting full quality apparently. Up to $9 I believe which I was not personally thrilled about however I do enjoy all the features. I only have a few complaints. If you wish to add text there is only one font option and I can't seem to resize it or move it around the screen which kind of tilts me. Also with the video filter with the date, I can't move the date to a corner of the screen making it more like a recording anyway, it takes up the whole screen. Other than that I am relatively happy with it, and I hope they continue to update it added more effects and texts and such.

- Can’t restore purchases

I’m subscribed to the one month pro subscription. When I try to use pro functions it pops up the most annoying and frustrating pop up I’ve ever experience. “A go to for any modern professional photographer” and I bought it just so I didn’t have to hear that again. I was at 5 stars but until I can get what I’m currently and will be continuing to pay for (cause I’m an idiot and hopeful they will fix this soon) it’s gunna stay that way. If I could give it 0 stars for its current state I would. I love this app and am very displeased. I use it once in a blue moon, and although I’ve been paying for a year now. And maybe used it 20 or so times. I can’t. I haven’t used it in a long time and now I still can’t. Thanks for nothing (as of right now) Edit: it’s really tiny on the Glitché pro pop up on the bottom right corner. Super tiny. Super super tiny. Maybe I should have looked. Like stated above I’m an idiot.

- She said Hoopla

All the salt about the subscription thing aside, the app has just stopped working for me. It won’t render or export my videos properly. I figure this is to do with the new update and hope the people behind this will at least let us non-subscription plan money having people use some of the features, and FIX this. I mean this app used to be my go to and somehow since making this subscription thing it has just gone down the toilet. Don’t get me wrong, I understand the need to make money off your totally brilliant product but y’all were on one with this subscription plan hoopla and even further on one with the app imploding on top of that. Loyalty is two ways y’all, we can’t be expected to remain in this camp if you’re not keeping us warm. Like dang I can’t even use it without the subscription even though I was one of the early adopters to willingly shell out coin? Man. Saying goodbye to this might hurt but for sure it’ll hurt less than the ~$40 dollars for an apparently poorly functioning product, y’all are asking.

- Original but...

I discovered this app a while ago but didn't know if it was worth purchasing. After seeing that so many pictures I loved on Instagram were edited with this app, I decided to install it. After paying 0,99$, the app enables many editing features for the pictures in your camera roll but you need to pay extra in order to edit videos. After turning my picture into a little masterpiece, I saved it in my camera roll only to realize the quality downgraded A LOT. I thought it was a bug but saw that you need to pay 2,99$ to save the pictures in high resolution. I'm very disappointed with this app. It had so much potential and it should warn everyone that you need to pay a lot more if you want everything unlocked. I wish I could give it 3 and a half stars because it is still a very cool editing app but the fact that I have to pay extra for the quality of the final pic is simply outrageous.

- I would like a request for a refund

I have bought this App in the hope of paying another $2.99 for the In-App Purchase to get Hi-Res Export feature. I have a screenshot of App Information page on the App Store recorded January 6th, 2019 which shows that in the “Information  In-App Purchases” there is an $2.99 item for “Hi-Res Export”. However, inside the actual application you must pay for Glichè Pro Subscription to have such option and there is no Hi-Res Export option as In-App Purchase. And now when I checked the application information, officially, they have removed In-App Purchase and selling the Pro version with Subscription plan. This is a trick from the Developer giving wrong information and misleading the customer. I never bought the app if I was aware of the Subscription Plan or if there is not In-App Purchase option, proper information must be given in the Application Information. A lot of customers are having the same issue and they have reported. Now I am requesting for a refund.

- Changed my life

This app has many flaws, but the creativity it allows is mind-opening. First you must get passed the learning curve and the design issues with features like GIF creator. This app allows you to turn any image or video into a virtual glitch-filled wonderland. I look forward to taking pictures and editing them with this software. It’s changed my perspective on seemingly daunting effects. I find myself looking for artwork with glitches. Recently I’ve been using this app just as a creative outlet or to get a rough idea of how I’d like to edit an image in photoshop. My biggest issue is the reduced quality of images when exported. I can input a vector image with 300 ppi at HD resolution, yet when I export the image it is pixelated. This loss of quality limits the usage of this app.


I only wrote this 5 stars so somebody might actually see this, I really need help. I was able to edit one video and save it to my camera roll, now I can't even get to the saving option I edit the video fine, press next, press next again and it loads forever, like never finishes I sat there 2 hours it still was loading. Now you may think reset your phone turn it on and off again, so I did...multiple times, cleared it from my multi-tasking folder things it still doesn't seem to get to that save page anymore. I just bought it, and paid 2.99 extra used it all of one time! if this is a bug please, please, please fix it I really just want to use it. Any help or response would be greatly appreciated.

- I love this photo/video manipulator

This app, along with Decim8 are my go to photo manipulation apps. The photo and video editing effects are inspiring. I have never used the app for subtle editing so I can't comment on that, but if you are looking for glitchy, bold, creative effects, this is probably the app for you. You do have to pay for some of the features. To me, the images/videos I have been able to create with the app make it well worth the cost. It amazes me the number of people complaining about having to shell out some cash to use all the features. There are plenty of free, inferior apps out there if you don't want to pay. 20 years ago a program that does what this app is capable of would have cost a minimum of $50. Now get off my lawn!!!

- I want to give this app 5 stars...

This app is awesome The effects are unlike anything I’ve ever seen in any other app. I’ve been able to achieve some crazy visuals in less than 10 minutes. I use it a ton and it’s definitely worth the subscription in my opinion. The only problem I have is that this app still has so much potential to be even better. For one, the way you control the effects doesn’t seem like it had a ton of thought put into it, since it’s mostly just sliders that are too small to get things looking the way you want. I think that precision editing could be vastly improved especially on small screens like phones with just a little more thought into the design. Some of the other controls are unintuitive as well, especially with the Sphere effect. In general it’s really hard to control things precisely the way you want. If the Glitché team redesigned the app to make it easier to use, I would give this app five stars in a heartbeat. I really hope the developers see this because this app has so much potential to be perfect. Also, PLEASE make a macOS version. I would pay big bucks for that.

- I bought this app approximately 5 years ago

I originally paid around $12 total to unlock all of the features before they went to subscription based, so i’ve been grandfathered in to all of the features. But i still get pop ups if i try to trim the length of the video and when i first open it and try to use a ‘premium feature’ but once i close them i have full access. I really wish it would play the video’s sound while editing from the camera roll, i make visualizers for my music with this app, but i have to play the sound on a separate device and try to match the timing, which isn’t optimal. tl;dr Please let me hear the sound on video’s while I’m editing them 🥲

- A complaint about the subscription service

I bought all the features of this app shortly before the new subscription service rolled out so I don’t know how other people are affected by the new service. Let me just say Glitché is a fantastic photo editor, does so much stuff, absolutely love it, but the new subscription service is complete bs. I just gave you $10 and now you want $65? Oh please. Maybe I’m dreaming with this but why not have the people who gave you the original $10 just automatically upgrade to one-time purchase Pro without having to pay? Or maybe you could, I dunno, lower the price of the one-time purchase option that is restricting me from a total of 3 features to anything lower than sixty. five. dollars.

- Review update

So I still love the app and the improvements to it have been vast. It doesn’t crash anymore, you can easily layer your effects, and basically have loads of fun with it if you wish. Like many others however I find issue with the subscription payment. Even though I find the app useful I don’t use that much to garner the cost of a continuous fee. I’d gladly pay for the extra features if it was a one time payment, but since it’s not I’m just going to act like they don’t even exist. That said the app is still really wonderful even without the extra feature the subscription would provide you and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to experiment and have fun with their images.

- Lots of fun for this playful glitcher

I do still images, not video where I gather the developers nickel and dime you to death if I’m understanding others’ complaints. There are, naturally, things I wish this would do but I have really enjoyed the techniques I have figured out for myself. I confess that I often drag an image through three or five different apps to blend the effects, and FTM Image is my other favorite, quite different filters. Like others commenting before me, I absolutely LOATHE the subscription model for software. I like to buy it once and have it. Period.

- Very overrated. Wish I didn't buy.

Have seen some neat photos made with this app, so I bought it. I've been quite disappointed so far. Most features are still locked and need to be bought even AFTER you've paid a dollar for the app. A lot of these features should be included without extra charge, and there shouldn't be another fee just to download HD versions of your photos. What an absolute ripoff. Secondly, the app crashes so much that it's hardly useable. Only about five photo filters will work without issue, all the others cause the app to crash each and every time. To sum it up, don't spend your money on this app. The 99cents doesn't include most features that you'd assume wouldn't need to be extra $$. It's developed horribly meaning constant crashes and freezes. I use it on my iPod 5th gen, but it does the same on my friends iPhone 6. Other reviews for even newer devices have these problems too. Badly done app and too costly for what it does. If you own photoshop on your computer, you can get similar effects by downloading free ACTIONS, which are presets you install that enable you to choose a photo, press a button and boom, glitchy cool effects. Just google Glitch actions photoshop. Plenty out there.

- Already paid, not paying again

Those of us who paid $3 via IAP to unlock all features (when that was the highest-priced IAP at the time) should NOT have to pay again. If I had known the original purchase would be rendered worthless with a subscription plan I (and I'm sure almost everyone else) wouldn't have bought it to begin with. Why and how Apple allows this fraud in the App Store is beyond me, yet it has unfortunately become an ever-growing trend among greedy dev(il)s. At least give us old-time (pre-subscription) customers our money back since the features we paid for have ALL been unethically replaced with a subscription paywall and we now have no more access to the app's features than do those who haven't invested a penny (which is less than this fremium crapp is currently worth). This is unacceptable business.

- Premium Apps Come at Premium Prices

This review would be 5 stars, but a few filters in the app are buggy and don’t produce the preview when rendered to the final image/video you save. The pixel filter is one of them. Scaling a photo or video warps it in a way that doesn’t match the preview. The 3d feature is cool, I wish I could import my own model. Other than the above, the amount of power packed into this streamlined app is astounding. The premium features are a bit pricey, but given you could use this to create professional-quality videos, I think it’s worth it. If you’re new to it, familiarize yourself with the free features first. It’s pretty easy to use for beginners, but does have a decent learning curve and takes time to master.

- Awful update; app usability reduced

I’ve loved the app for years, and I’m completely baffled by the update. The UX/interface changes are horrible. The app's previous design felt perfect for the glitching aesthetic; the new design is indistinct and boring. It’s also less functional. Square photos previously took up all the screen, but now they are only a fraction of the screen. Please at least give an option to use the old interface. I can’t use the app as is on my iPhone 7. I understand the economics of a subscription but I’m baffled for the lack of a discount for anyone who currently purchased in app options. Or any alternative options to buy new features. I'd happily pay $3 bucks twice a year for a new feature set. But that much a month or $20/yr or $34 forever seems a little absurd for someone like me who has spend $12-15 on this app previously.

- I love this app

I use this app every single day. I love how I can create awesome content super fast. The extra charges were unexpected but so worth it. I can see how people would be turned off by all of the surprise paywalls, but I don’t mind paying it just because this app is simply fantastic. This is a MUST HAVE for anyone wanting to get into glitch art and don’t have the time to learn how to do all of these effects in photoshop or after effects. My favorite part of using this app is never knowing how the end product will turn out. I always surprise myself with what I create using this app. Now with all that being said I have a few suggestions to make the app experience better -more transparency with the extra in app purchases -landscape orientation -occasional crashing fix -when editing video I would like to be able to put one effect on a specific part in the video instead of having to put the effect on the entire video -masking fx layers to specific areas

- The celebrity promotion has gotten to their heads and now it costs even more

Part of why I loved Glitché is because it rejected the over-complication and cost of post-production suites. I think their rise to prominence has led them to reject the amazing accessibility their app had in order to more appeal to the celebrity audience they were trying to capture. I’m still going to use it. However $6-$9 is an expensive price for an app. Most people wouldn’t pay more than $2 upfront. $40 is simply ridiculous. The only thing that would make $40 reasonable would be a professional-grade desktop component to go along with the app. And as a 2 year customer I feel like that isn’t the direction this company/app should head in unless they’re willing to completely rebrand themselves.

- probably a good editor?

the effects they have on this app actually look really cool and interesting, and the photo editor works pretty well and i’m decently impressed with it. but I happen to want to use the video editor more than the photo one, and obviously there’s an option for that which would be great if I could figure out how to use it?? the video editor side of this app is unbelievably confusing and you cant really control any of the effects at all. sometimes the filters don’t even work. I was really excited about this since the photo editor part worked great and the filters looked really cool but it’s almost impossible to use when you try to edit a video. which is extremely frustrating.

- Do yourself a favor and buy this app

I dont really get why this app gets so much hate in the reviews other than the overpriced subscription fees. I can honestly say I love this app. I have been using it for over a year and a half and haven’t problem with it other than the occasional bug when I go back to editing after saving a photo, but even then the bugs make the photos look interesting! I do not recommend it to those who are unwilling to or can’t pay for the subscription, but I can confidently say that I have had so much fun experimenting with this app. Thank you Glitché :)

- If and when

...if and when it works, it’s great. Usually it works. But sometimes it just straight up breaks and this is, well it is not good. Must be difficult to keep up with Apple’s software, I’m certain, but when major basic functionalities break and stay broken for months on end, it makes me go elsewhere. Unfortunately there’s no other app as good as this one, so I keep coming back and dealing with the major and minor issues, hoping they’ll get it all locked down and stable. Currently video is broken. Just, doesn’t save. Nothing. This is not acceptable from a company I’ve paid for a working app and would gladly pay again for a newer more stable and more versatile version of the app.

- Too many hidden charges

The pay structure on this app really needs to be re-thought. I wanted to try this app out and happily paid the $0.99 initial fee, only to find out that I cannot use the grid and similar RGBD filters on videos without purchasing a reoccurring subscription! In fact, I cannot even demo these filters on video with some caveat like a watermark or no save function. The end result is that I didn’t purchase the upgrade. This app seems to have some very cool effects but the utility is just not worth paying what I do monthly to access a real productivity app (e.g., Adobe Photoshop), especially when I cannot even preview how well the filters work. As an iOS app developer, I fully sympathize with maximizing revenue but this scheme just turns people like me away.

- Used to be great, sold out big time!!

I had downloaded this app a couple of years ago and at one point even paid for some features. I don’t remember exactly what price etc but all was well and good for a while. I stopped using the app for a while as my arts output decreased and when I went back SO MUCH HAD CHANGED and not at all for the it’s a blown out shell of its former self, demanding over $60 for full access? C’mon, I already bought the app a year or so back! I’m glad the apps following built and gained traction but to capitalize on that is really indicative of the publisher/developers intentions. I’d much rather get a work in progress digital manipulation app from a dev that genuinely enjoys digital art, not a money hungry trend-monger. While I’m not even very surprised I am substantially let down.

- What were they thinking?

This used to be a good app. But they didn’t realize that a celebrity using your app is not an excuse for paying $20 for full access. Not only that, but they stripped Hi-Res Export from people that PAID for it. You can probably see that their review score has been dropping. There is no way that any sane person would pay $20 for an app that... 1: It’s an app. If this was ported to a desktop environment with a decent UI, maybe people would buy it. Not to mention that this app has been worsening every update, which leaves people no choice but to “upgrade”. 2. This app already costs a dollar. Many people don’t purchase apps in the first place. What makes you think that they’ll purchase MORE of your app? I can understand 1-3 dollars, but definitely not $20. 3. Subscription model. I don’t even know where to start with this. Most people just forget about subscription models anyways. Additionally, it gives an excuse to mark up the price of the full version. I’ve given up on writing this review. If there’s one thing you should take away from this rage-fueled rant I wrote at 1 in the morning, it’s that you should stay away from this app.

- The EA/T2 love child of expensive for no reason

If battlefront 2 and gta 5 got together and had a baby this is what it would be. The fact that there is a subscription feature is blatant greediness, for people who can’t afford a $65 app they must pay to rent which in turn costs even more in the long run. It’s a your way or the highway type deal and tbh it’s a great app but it’s not close to being worth $65 plus all the other in-explicitly locked features I’ve read about. Seems like the price was ONLY hiked up bc a couple big time celebrities used this app so you think $65 won’t matter to a millionaire well I’m sure even if they spend $200 on lobster they’ll still find a $65 app ridiculous. They’re the 1% and we’re the 99% so start being smart with your business practices and play fair before you go broke.


You only get like 2 features and have to buy a subscription if you want to use any features at all AFTER YOU ALREADY JUST PAYED THEM. DONT BUY THIS IS JUST A CASH GRAB. even for like the most basic features such as a vhs effect or something related you have to pay them a subscription. do not buy this is the most stupidest app and they try to make it all cool like this has crazy features and look at all the cool things you can do with this but all they really want is your money. If you want to just edit a clip for a atheistic video your going to end up having to not only buy the app but also pay for a subscription too (you mine as well just make the app free because the features you get for the app without a subscription is NOTHING) This app is trash don’t buy 👎.

- Brilliant little camera, smart interface

I was, of course, impressed with the quality of the different effects, but the way it uses your accelerometer and orientation values to influence the glitch behavior, I have to give credit where credit is due. I know it's nothing terribly new, it was just the delight of experiencing lateral thinking without making a fuss over it. If you're looking for a gimmick camera, you may be disappointed after paying all the in-app, but if you love clever camera apps, it's very much worth it.

- What did I buy?

The app does have cool features, probably some of the best I've seen come from a glitch app BUT I was under the impression that by buying the app, I was...well...buying the app. As it turns out I'm just buying some filters to put on photos, but if I want to film or shoot photos from the app and use the really cool effects, then I have to pay $20 just to have it for a year. I'm not here to argue that this price is unreasonable, I'm simply saying that if you are going to put a price on the lite version of the app, you should put the word 'lite' in the title or something because you're fooling a lot of people into buying something they didn't expect. For this reason I give two stars until they change this.

- LOVE this app but HATE latest update.

I LOVE this app. It’s game changing in what you can do with photos and video. It’s almost PC level software right on your phone. It was well worth the cost and you could lose hours creating gifs and manipulating your library. With that said, the latest update has butchered one of the most pertinent features. Now EVERYTHING has to be gif’d whereas you could previously create short video clips that were looped. AND, I’m assuming it’s a bug, the gif feature doesn’t currently even safe as a gif. It shows how it should appear in your library before you save, but once it’s saved, it doesn’t move. HORRID update. Please fix.

- Fallen titan

I’ve been using Glitché for a few years now. It has amazing features and I use it regularly. But unfortunately it has completely fallen from glory. It started with the new payment plans. This was already a fairly expensive app. But the new pro prices are absolutely inexcusable and ridiculous. Listen—it doesn’t matter what famous people bought your app. You can’t completely spit on the fans that made your app what it is in the beginning without expecting some kind of backlash. Secondly, the app currently doesn’t work. Period. I haven’t been able to save a picture or video for the past several days. Often I can’t even add more effects. Basically none of the features work at all. The app gets one star from me until that’s fixed. If it is, I’ll give it 2/5, but honestly, it doesn’t deserve anything until it fixes its slimy price changes. I realize my poor review doesn’t threaten them much. But if you are a glitché fan, I encourage you to leave a bad review of your own. Behavior like this is shameful, and I would like to see some developers actually walking back their mistakes for once.

- Nice update but..

I guess that now that celebrities and musicians are using the app, they want to charge celebrity prices! The app update notes mention you can use all features for under $2. What it doesn’t mention is that there’s now subscription tiers, so that’s under $2 PER MONTH. It’ll cost you almost $35 (!!!) to unlock this “pro” tier permanently as a one-time cost. Update at your own risk. I will admit that some of the old filters got a nice upgrade, like the gradient filter. Ability to import gifs is nice too. Just a little let down that after I’ve spent like $9 to unlock “everything” it’s no longer “everything.”


I would love to rate this app 5 stars, but if I have to open the app and listen to that 6x9 song blast through my phone speakers again (even when my phone is on mute), I may just delete the app. It’s been over 2 months, and it’s the most annoying ad I’ve ever encountered. It’s the first thing you hear when you try to make an edit and it’s super loud. I get it - ads help with costs but I only want to hear that song once if I have to hear it at all! Decim8 is silent thank the lord. I suggest that app, or learn photoshop or another, cheap editing app like photofox if you, like me, are getting really really tired.

- Love the app but...

I feel the UI could offer more control over filters like “GDNT” where the color are chosen based on where you touch the screen. Other than I love the app it doesn’t really lower the quality of my video post edit and my devices have enough space it runs smoothly even after I’ve layed 2-3 filters onto one video. I admit to unlock it is a bit steep but used correctly and that’s a good investment considering it’s one of the better video apps I’ve come across for the specific need.

- Change of rate ruins trust and overall experience

So awhile ago when I first purchased this app (when it was on sale for 99¢ ) I loved it. I didn’t have access to the video editing stuff but that was ok because I liked it for post production photo editing. But recently they changed their rates and now I don’t even get what I originally paid for! They have severely limited the effects that I could once use and put them behind a pay wall. Very disappointing. I would be okay if for example they added new effects that were behind a pay wall but not ones I previously had access to!

- Very happy

I got this app because I was bored and I didn’t think it would be good but I end up using it three times a day. The only thing I would change is the in app purchases it was very frustrating getting done with the edits and then realizing I had to pay for it. But I know what your doing, making the app 3 dollars instead of 13 so that people will get it thinking it’s cheap but it’s not. But it’s still a shady thing to do so make your app 13 dollars or tell people who are buying it more openly that you have to pay another 9 dollars

- Cool but be aware

The concept of this app is really cool but to pay $10+ for it when it barley works 3/4 of the time is really frustrating. There’s a lot of kinks that need to be work out in the app like the screen going black after editing a video, not being able to go back from filters you picked and having to start all over if you don’t like the effect you picked and the once you’ve spent all of this time editing it the app will shut down out of no where. Just a little FYI I wouldn’t pay for the features that the app provides until they figure out the problems.

- It was totally amazing until this update

So I've literally used this app for all of my art pieces and projects. It's literally been my go to for all creation. There was a tool in there called "Liquify" which was one of the primary tools that I used, but ever since this new update, it's been removed. If you could please bring that tool back it would be an automatic 5 stars and would surely help many artists. Thanks again for making an amazing app. Wish there was more like this.

- A go to for every modern professional photographer or motion designer

A go to for every modern professional photographer or motion designer, a go to for every modern professional photographer or motion designer, a go to for every modern professional photographer or motion designer.... Ever since they implemented memberships I’ve been spammed with that. This app WAS amazing, but a lot of features I paid for were turned into a subscription. Still one of the best apps around but like the rest of the sheep they hopped on the subscription bandwagon. I get it, you have to make cash, but spamming the hell out of me with that video makes me never want to use it again.

- Cool features, extremely pricey

Almost every negative review here is in regards to the pricing model. I think the app is cool but I am a little annoyed that it costs money to download and then requires additional money to export your pictures to a decent resolution. I went ahead and paid for a year subscription but I am also very irritated that there doesn’t appear to be a save feature for your settings so you can modify them later. Also the annoying video ad still randomly plays even though I have a Pro membership. Can’t wait until a free alternative comes out.

- Great app, but too expensive

I find it completely ridiculous that once I pay for the app, I have to pay additionally for almost every single feature. There is only one available feature in this app that doesn’t require purchasing. The people who rated this app with 5 stars obviously just have too much money to spend. I would appreciate it so much more if all the features were free, since I already paid for the app. It’s unfair restrict almost every feature in the app when the user has already purchased it. Otherwise, the app definitely does what it says it does and I think it’s very intuitive and cool

- Getting Worse

This was my favorite app for a long time and I raved about it to friends - I loved playing around with it to make psychedelic art. But updates to the app never made it better, only bulkier and more expensive. I upgraded to the "pro" version years ago when it was like $2... and now the want you to pay $40 lol. Just stop while you're ahead, guys. Stop bogging down this wonderful app with useless add-ons, and stop trying to be a subscription service. Just sell a quirky app for $2!! and let HP try to harass people into enrolling in a doomed auto-pay business model

- Completely Ripped Off

It is unbelievable that customers that have ALREADY paid for all the features and high-quality downloads are expected to buy into a “subscription” now. That is completely disingenuous and fraud. At the VERY LEAST we should receive a refund for what we have paid for. To pay TWICE, and now indefinitely on a monthly basis, is absolutely ridiculous. I hope apple clamps down on this app and this deceptive business practice in general, because it is blatant abuse of customers. It’s truly disheartening because this app ranked among my absolute favorites, and have been a loyal user for years. But this bait and switch is completely unacceptable.

- Downgraded

This used to be one of my favorite apps. Others have complained about how they (mis)handled the switch to subscription, but along with that comes the endless pop up begging you to subscribe. Gee, I guess I changed my mind from 5 seconds ago...nope, I’m even less inclined to give money to a constant nag. Then they’ve buried the screenshot button. Such a basic operation shouldn’t require multiple steps. And could the interface be any uglier? Guess I shouldn’t ask. My actual screen is bigger but the app feels ever smaller and more cramped. Too bad an app that once was fun has turned into an aggravation.


i very much love this app. i haven't had any problems with the app crashing, so i would say it is very much worth the $.99. i dont notice a quality drop when saving images either. the only thing that bugs me is when i create a GIF with the filter i want and it looks cool, but once i press the ">" to go to save it the GIF's play speed speeds up like crazy and looks quite stupid compared to what i had. Please add the ability to adjust GIF playback speed and it will be a 5 star app for me.

- Best glitch editor on the App Store

Most glitch editors aren't nearly as robust as this one and they cost about the same to unlock all the features. This is very clearly a much more put-together app that legitimately does have amateur artists in mind when it comes to features. Yes, it costs a bit to unlock everything, but that's true of even bottom-of-the-barrel editing apps; this one is so far above those that the price is honestly justified.

- Ignore the fake reviews.

Seriously, if you are reading this app, then believe me when I say that this app is worth about 2 stars. The filters are great but this app is bogged down with sleazy schemes like blocking off the ability to continue editing and forcing you to abandon your project unless you upgrade to their completely absurd subscription plan. It's free but beware of voiced(even if your phone is silent) pop ups coming up whenever they feel like (which seems like every 9 seconds). I paid for the premium version of this app a while back and they bait and switched me into paying for their app AND pouring more ads than I've ever seen after the fact.

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- Helps me push my conceptual thinking but would benefit from offering basic editing too

I’ve loved this app since the day I found it when looking for a way to push my art making on an off day. I now use it in my visual design and art making as part of a cyclical analog-digital process. Sometimes the best way to think through a problem is to DO instead of think. Ive been using this over the past 3 years or so and I’ve recommended it to many of my creative peers and they’ve loved it too! While I love this app, I find I’m having to use 3 Different apps to get to the point I need given any basic photo editing and background removal, as I use this mostly on my iPhone. So if there was expansion to include the above, I’d just be very happy! I also feel it prudent to let you know how annoying it is when I accidentally tap “pro” and that voice comes on trying to sell me something I’ve already been subscribed to for years - perhaps this is best left to the Home Screen of the app. It also happens randomly too, which is a bit grating. Cheers for creating an app that does some heavy lifting when all the artistic juices are spent!!

- Not bad

I know this might not be a big problem but could you guys provide a free tab with all the free fliters etc, without having to purchase them because it gets annoying having to scroll through the many filters and see which one has a price tag and which one doesn't so it would be so helpful if you could just have the one tab with all the base filters that are for free for the app. That's all just a small suggestion that I thought would make it easier to navigate.

- Long time user against subs

I have used this app for 4 years now. It’s always been fun, great and challenging. I think going with subs is a bad way to go, your app is always too unstable and unreliable to ask for this kind of service. I would strongly recommend patreon instead and engaging with your users in a more direct way than this. Yes you sell a product for creatives but your product is constantly in beta, it’s almost never ever 100% stable and you can’t be asking people for a sub service when it crashes so often. Solid 3 - would be 5 if I could layer videos and it also not have the app crash

- pay to download and then pay more.

the editing tools the app provides are great and it’s a bargain for the price the app is. what is hidden is that this only unlocks editing photos through the camera roll. you have to pay another 15AUD to unlock the whole app. another issue is how complicated it is to edit a .gif and i think there should be a feature which can change the speed of the .gif. it’d also be good if the user had the ability to layer filters in-app. however, besides these recommendations, the main reason for the two stars is how much you have to pay to be able to unlock the app completely.

- <3

One of the best apps in the store since I was a teen! I’ve observed game changers within app and digital art development my whole life and this one actually stood out in its own category helped support and inspire a niche group of experimental artists; the glitch art community and boom with experience inspired many phoney/non sophisticated glitch or photo filter apps

- Was amazing in the past

I have used this app for years and like lots of other commenters am really disappointed with the direction it’s taken. The full price is absolutely hilarious given that the platform has barely changed or added filters for YEARS. It’s almost exactly the same app I was using when I first started. Makes you wonder why the crazy asking price now when all the hard work was already done years ago? The constant in-app marketing tells the story pretty easily - the developers are thirsty af for celebrity endorsements - and obviously cash - and that ethos spilt onto the product. Such a shame

- Dispointment to the changes on the app

Sadly, I just recently got back on it! I totally missed the old app when all has all the amazing features that are so amazing and fun to used at the same time but sadly the changes to it, just to make extra more dollars out Of people and money down the drain, It not about the debate about the agreement of the app it disappointing that they do a monthly subscription to used the app just because the kardashians make more money then everyone in this world, please bring back the old app again thanks you

- Stop changing the IAP’s

I’ve been using the app over a year now, already bought all the filters. Going on today I tried saving a photo and was hit with a low quality image and a $5 fee to make images HD. I already bought the app and all the filters, now I can’t even download pictures at a decent quality? Contacting Apple for a refund + all IAP’s refunded too, insane that you just add an IAP to download images at a decent quality, which is already part of a paid service before.

- Great, but...

Please please please remove the ridiculous music that begins to play when you’ve got the skull option open. It’s the first effect, and when you’re sitting in a quiet room editing your photos, it automatically starts playing (even if the phone is on silent) and it’s really distracting.

- Gooood app

Bit annoying that the filters have to be payed for but otherwise I've enjoyed it

- Was impressed...

I bought the app thinking I would have at least some cool filters to use, but sadly found out that a lot of the filter are locked behind seperate paywalls. It does make me regret buying the app in the first place. Yes, it is only $0.99, yes it did say in app purchases, but it didn't say how excessive the locked content were. I still like the app, don't get me wrong, I'm just angry that I paid a quarter of the app and a catalogue.

- It's a great app

I'm a little bit annoyed with the latest update though, as now you can't even see the whole image when editing it. The corners of the image are rounded off and the bottom 1/8th of the image is cut off by the filter selection menu. It's really annoying. Also portrait mode doesn't exist anymore /: please fix? Tyvm if you do, this app is actually pretty good despite the recent ui changes.

- What’s with all the IAPs

Sunk about $15 into this app over the past couple of years - which means nothing to me, the little extras I bought were literally the price of a cup of coffee but i got to keep them foreve-oh wait they just changed. What on earth is with the horribly expensive subscription that is constantly shoved in your face? Can I pay a dollar to get rid of all the ads for the app within the app?

- Love it

This app is great for photos, however I would love it if the filters were available for videos as well, (without paying) just to experiment with them! Besides that, it’s great!

- Pay to play

Cute app but you have to pay extra to use all the features you can honestly get by without paying though so no big deal

- this app should refund users

It is pathetic for an app that requires $15AUD to unlock its content to rescind users access only to ask for a bloated monthly subscription fee - this is not what I paid for! As it is, this app is nowhere near worth its cost as it is unstable and prone to crashes and glitching (and not the good kind). What’s to stop the now one-time access fee of $99 (!!!) from later being changed to an even more exorbitant price?

- I just get asked to pay more?

The app costs to download, so you would think they would give you at least a couple filters with the option to purchase more, right? Wrong. You don’t even get a proper preview of the filters without being told you have to purchase them first. I can’t even see what you’re asking me to buy! Save your money, such a waste.

- Terrible

I thought this app was going to be good didn’t think there would be so many in app purchases as I had the free version and to unlock these things I needed to download the full version which was only 99c so I was like ok that’s not bad and when I download it all the features except one cost money I have had apps in the past similar that were free that I think were a lot better

- Amazing but

I love this app however I think it needs some improvements such as having back button when using some of the effects like the liquify tool. And also it’d be great if there was a way of zooming in on the photo while editing so I can get more precision. 😊😊😊

- What a disappointment this app became

I BOUGHT this app years ago and used it all the time but it has gone off into complete scam territory by offering subscriptions and “PRO” features for insane prices. Seems way more concerned with showing off which cOoL iNfLuEnCeRs use it now than ever making the app stable and useful. What a pity, I hope someone got paid enough to run this once brilliant app into the ground.

- Good but frustrating

Love the results (sometimes) but it crashes a lot and 90% of the time it will unsync the audio and leave black video at the start or end making you have to edit the video in another application

- Most feature require additional purchase

After paying $1 I didn’t expect most features to be a additional charge, especially since I saw them in the preview video. Left a bad taste in my mouth and will look at competing apps instead. Should have just had the app at $5 and no iaps, I would have purchased that since the preview video was so compelling.

- Glitché for fun with a lover one or three!

Awesome fun game and some interesting games with your friends and you to show your own ideas for fun and games with friends

- You only get one filter, you have to pay for the others.

I brought this thinking it was awesome and cheap, little did I know I had to pay almost $5 to purchase each filter!!! Very disappointed might as well up the price of the whole app so people can enjoy each and every filter. What a scam to get money out of people.

- Pay twice for same product

Rly? Pay for the thing once but can only use it for photos. But other than that the photo part is rly good even tho the UI can be confusing at times

- Long time user

Long time user of the app, now with new subscription updates I feel locked out of the full power of the app I have already paid money for. Feel cheated, disappointing.

- Sick

I bought this ages ago and re-downloaded it and I don’t have to pay for sheit

- Pay

Amazing app but then you just pay then pay even more. Glitché Would be Way Way better if you don't just PAY!!. If at least Pay when you buy the app. And also just make it FREE!. So please just make everyone stop paying.

- Too dear

Cool effects, so much so I paid the $5 to unlock it. I then found out that was only 1 effect and I need to pay another $10 to unlock all the features. May have been my fault, but I reckon it was purposely unclear. Beware. Ultimately it's (way) too much money for what it is imo.

- I would give it 0 stars if that was an option

IbWould not have purchased this app if I was aware it would ask me for a subscription to use extra features. It is laggy and primitive, would not recommend. Disappointing to see this recommended by apple.

- Don’t buy. Worst glitch app there is.

I ended up spending $6 on an absolute garbage app. It doesn’t work half the one, the effects look horrible, it was overpriced, and over all wasn’t worth the money. You can find free apps that do the same thing but way better. Massive let down.

- Can I please open a photo?

Until buggy apps like this get fixed, don’t pay a cent for them. If I can’t even add a photo from my camera roll without issues then something’s wrong. Please fix.

- Hard to use

A lot of the controls don’t seem to have labels, and the amount of in-app purchases to properly use it is a bit intense.

- Great app.

Great app besides for being ripped off after purchasing the video editor, it doesn't work.

- My favourite app

Amazing effects, this is my favourite app for editing photos and videos

- Scammers

So i had to pay to download the app. After downloading the app, you can’t really do anything with it unless you subscribe to the services. So whats the point of making us pay to download the app? May as well make it free! What a scam. Absolute joke. Definitely DO NOT RECOMMEND.

- Sickhouse

I’m proud to say I was using this great app before it was cool. Really glad to see this developer succeed! Keep it up!

- Pay for app promoting subscription

A dollar to unlock your subscription advertising basically. Filters and effects are low quality so why would anyone want a subscription for more? I’d rather get my money back.

- AMAZING but there’s one problem

It’s really helpful! But one thing is I don’t know how to save my videos 🤔😤 please make the saving video too, easier to find

- Very poor

Much promise, but it’s very slow when it loads. Crashes constantly. It’s almost impossible use. I couldn’t get a still image effect out of it without it crashing. Video effects cost another IAP. Very disappointing. Avoid.

- Good product

Good app - actually unlimited in terms of creativity. Price is crazy for a smartphone app - if you made it five bucks everyone would buy it.

- Dope

Very cool app. Could play on it for hours and easily annoy the heck out of my instagram feed-watchers with a veritable plethora of posts!

- App is ok but “subscription”

The app is good but as a pensioner I would never use it enough to warrant subscription Apps. I have made it a policy to stay away from subscription apps. There are enough apps around that are free or have a one off payment. Subscription is just a ripoff.

- Unstable after the last update.

I love this app and have purchased the filters but after the last update it crashes with video all the time.

- My aesthetic

I love this app it is really aesthetic I love using it for my instagram pictures.

- Shady

Shady business. Been supporting from the start. Then they auto update to a lesser version and want to charge a monthly fee. They /should/ have made a new product and I would have supported. This stunt is just lame rich kid bs.

- Waste of time

Paid $1 to download app and none of the filter work without having to pay an extra $4.99 to download each app. Such a waste of money and time- go spend your dollar else where.

- Best video and photo app

This is the best video and photo app I have ever tried it's a five star


Personally I was kinda annoyed as an editor to buy this app and have 2/3 of the main features cost money MONTHLY. Not worth the money as the app already has to be bought

- One Star

Paying $0.99c for a couple of features with a $60+ AU full purchase price is more criminal than the freenium way people are trying to catch us, should have read more reviews before wasting my money....

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- Price tag

Cool but the price tag is kinda confusing.

- Sneaky

This app tries to trick you into a subscription. When attempting to cancel it again attempts to initiate a subscription. Very sneaky UI placement.

- Don’t buy this unless you want a 99$ subscription

You pay 2$ to have an app that you literally cannot use unless you buy a subscription. This should be at the TOP of the description. Terrible.

- Destroyed by greed.

I’m sure this isn’t the first complaint but how does someone in sit down and think to change to a subscription based payment to access certain features AFTER charging former users money. But if you don't want a monthly subscription, just hand out over $90. Glitche Ltd, are you insane? I’d understand $20-$30 but you clearly don't want to make money or loyal customers. Not worth it.

- Unfair prices

I don’t think that it’s fare to ask to pay for the app in order to download it, and then limit the every single function. Why the hell should I pay 25$ just to be able to save my photos in the original resolution? That makes no sense!

- BEWARE!!! Hot Garbage! Developers are con artists!

Screw you, your app and kylee Jenner! I paid for all pro features already and now you decide that because a few famous people use your app you can bait and switch up on your original customers who already paid for pro by offering a new subscription model or pay $55 up front. Get bent you slimey star -uckers!

- Pay more for an app I already paid for.

I don't approve implementing new features way after the fact and then charging exorbitant amounts for access to them. I bought the pro version years ago and now they decide to smack a $90 price tag on new features making the money I already spent obsolete? Do yourself a favour don’t waste money on this garbage.

- Seriously?

You guys had a board meeting and came up with this ridiculous amount of money to pay for an app I already purchased? So let’s get this pay for the app but then you lock up everything behind a monthly fee? Horrible idea

- Potentially Malicious

TLDR: Pasting from clipboard after actions that shouldn’t result in that. Have had this app for a few years. Over my last few uses, specifically after updating to the most recent iOS version, I've begun to notice that certain actions, that have no business doing so, are telling me that Glitché has pasted something from my clipboard — meaning it’s potentially stealing your clipboard data. Thankfully, any time I’ve noticed this it’s been nothing of importance. Miscellaneous website links. However, this activity has been happening for at least 10 months at the time of this review — thats when the last update was released. Observed most when pressing the “+” button to add a 2nd effect on a photo. Between this, and the tricky UI and subscription, I can’t recommend this app for fear of other malicious activity that may still be undiscovered.

- This should be banned from the App Store

Total rip off.

- still has some kinks to work out

a good app! but anytime i want to edit a photo, i need to delete the app and then redownload it. Otherwise it won’t allow me to click on any options from the main menu. (i.e the photos, videos or camera option)

- Paid to own the app, now they want more money.

You pay to install the app but they want more money to let you use it.

- After I pay they want to charge me again

I already pay for the app on the pass and now they want to charge me again for subscription or for one time payment! I already restore my purchase but still charge me to go to pro! Such shame! Honestly I want my money back! 👎

- Freaking awesome!

Stayed up all night playing with it...wife PO because I was too tired to run in the morning! An app I always dreamed of...thanks!

- So much ads for subscription

I already paid. Build a new app if you’re going to advertise subscription every time I go into this app. Not great experience.

- a scam!

i wanted an app for editing & adding visual effects to videos, so i paid $1.12 CAD only to find out that i need a subscription to do so. i was under the impression that this was what i had just paid for, or i wouldn’t have paid. as a rule of thumb, it’s poor business practice to charge people for the privilege of viewing your subscription plans. i want my money back!!!!!! update: i decided to try and make the most of what i paid for and try out the photo editing but it won’t sync my camera roll properly (i had to dig through folders to find the most recent picture i had taken bc it wasnt under ‘everything’) and after playing around with some mediocre-at-best filters i came to discover that it doesn’t let you save your pictures so essentially i just paid for an app that does nothing. do yourself a favour and don’t waste your money like i did.

- Loved this app, but it’s driving away loyal customers

I upgraded to full one time purchase pro. That included video etc all in one price, not subscription. Subscription will be the death of apps, ordinary people can’t afford tons of subscriptions. UPDATE 2020 It won’t let me connect to FILES on iPhone 7 to upload max PNGs it says it does it directly in settings but it doesn’t- this app was great but between the sketchy subscription issues and constant bugs it’s so frustrating and it’s been important to my work. The resolution labels are mixed up if your original resolution was low. I think it used to out put larger files from smaller ones. If the original is large you seem to be able to export “max” renders, but only IF the original is large enough. It does seem that you can restore your purchases on a tiny tiny little clicker in the apps internal add. I still find the app useful, but annoying with so many problems.

- I bought it and it’s still asking for money

Needs a lot of work, I bought the app then it asked me to pay more monthly. There’s free apps that’s way better than this app

- Used to love it

Considering deleting too many money grabs trying to pull you into random subscriptions I used to pay for pro but since the update I have to pay and subscribe again at a different rate? Sounds like a con to me.

- Exciting,new, and fun app (thanks:)

Wonderfully easy and fun to use;Downloaded simple and easy, just drop : Pics, vids, and way you go.’

- Pay a subscription to use most of an already paid app?

So, to use a large portion of this app, you need to pay. That wouldn't be bad if the app itself was free, but it isn't free. You need to pay to use a lot of the already paid app. I suggest you don't even bother with this. There's plenty of other apps that do similar, if not the same thing as this app without the pay to download+pay to use aspect of it.

- Quality

Like most decent photo apps these days, you download the app and subscribe for unlimited features. If you’re serious about good photos/videos and quality features then it’s worth the subscription. If paying .99 cents to get started is a real issue then this app isn’t for you. Lol

- Dope i hate it


- App isn’t working

The app is working .....

- Price difference

I paid for the pro a couple years ago and it was fun to play with. Now the pro doesn’t get you much and they want to charge me way more to use it like I used to?

- Disappointing Changes

I bought this app a while ago and now I can’t even use it! I bought almost all the purchases inside the app but then it was changed to subscription and I can’t use anything now other than preview what edited photos look like. Not good

- Not expected

1$ and now I have to pay for a subscription to even use the app.

- Bait and Switch

Buy the app once upon a time with some basic features. The updated version strips it of everything and hides it behind a pay wall. Classic bait and switch in this garbage app. Stay away.

- Overly expensive?

The 99cent version only has the photo editing part and doesn’t include the video and camera version... and the monthly subscription fee seems a bit too much

- Trash

Complete waste of money. A complete scam.

- Paid once but now it’s a subscription scheme

I go out of my way to write bad reviews. Can’t believe I come back to this app and it’s asking me to subscribe to a service I already paid for.

- Pro Version Vid Not Saving

Paid $25.99 for the Pro version and it does not give me any option to save/export/share the video. Total ripoff. I have tried editing the same video on multiple devices and absolutely nothing works. I want a refund!

- glitch

great app

- Keeps crashing

App keep crashing and is unusable. Plus I paid for this app and now that it became subscription based I cant access certain features anymore. Very disappointing. At least fix the app so it stop crashing. My IPhone 8 should handle this with ease.

- It’s okay but still kind of a scam and a ripoff.

I like the app but if you want to take a photo or video tape something using the app, you have to pay another $3.99 which kinda sucks. The app is good overall but the pro version thing🤦🏻‍♀️ I’m not going to pay about $100 for filters and camera use! It’s too expensive.

- why bother

Complete waste of good time and money ,You must have nothing else to do if you purchase this app

- Changes

App now offers a subscription model and locks away things I had thought was previously unlocked with a previous purchase. How can I get the money back for those purchases?

- Another app ruined by subscription madness.

Very limited usefulness without Pro, but that is Waaaayyy too expensive for what it does. There should at least be an inexpensive in-app to have full resolution saving of still images. Without that it isn’t worth playing with. Any app that can’t save a normal sized output without an expensive iap isn’t worth the time. How about eliminating the video stuff for a cheaper in-app. There really only. Couple of interesting effects. The rest are not useful at all.

- Don’t buy it, just don’t.

Don’t buy this app, they charge you for the app, and then after you buy this ridiculous app, they want to charge you a monthly fee afterwards. Like what’s the point? Why even charge people for these basic features and no one wants to pay a monthly fee for filters that are nearly all identical to each other anyways, seriously, what were the developers thinking? What was going through their minds when they made this? Did they think that their basic filters were worth that small amount and then ask up to $55 for a whole year just for similar ones, DONT BUY THIS APP, LOOK ELSE WHERE, IF YOU BUY THIS APP YOURE ONLY GETTING LIKE TEN FILTERS MAX, THE OTHER ONES YOU HAVE TO PAY A MONTHLY FEE FOR AFTER. THIS APP IS GARBAGE. You can get free apps that have more filters than this one, also they charge even less than what these devs want and you get more.

- feels deceitful

Paid a dollar to download an app that has barely any functions unless I then pay for a subscription? Boo.

- You can’t even look at it for a second without an ad popping up

I paid for the app and literally every 3 seconds a loud app pops up to tell me to upgrade to pro. I don’t even really know what the app does and now I’m getting harassed to spend more money Then it crashed my new phone. This app is a money grubbing disaster

- So my paid “Pro” upgrade is gone? Pay monthly or $89.99 now?

Glitché? More like “Glitchy”. I’ve had great fun with this app in the past, when it wasn’t freezing up on me. But now the “Pro” upgrade I paid for is replaced by monthly fees or a “Lifetime” “upgrade” at $89.99? How about just give us back the features we paid for already? What kind of twakked-out business model is developer going for? They just left a flaming bag of dog poop on users’ doorsteps. Shame on Apple for featuring this in “App of the Day” after it turned to garbage. They should at least have noticed reviews changing their tune.

- Over-hyped, over-priced

Who cares just because ‘celebs’ endorse, or even Apple for that matter. Apple has a conflict of interest really, since it stands to gain 30% of your over-priced SaaS fees. Worth the dollar just to state the obvious. App is difficult to navigate and the self-promoting soundtrack highly annoying. Clever ‘look what I can do’ coding, but the intent behind it clearly bursting with abundant arrogance. Less is more.

- Ruined. Pay for the privilege of paying again.

Sketchy, crash-prone, frustrating before, but sleazy developers replaced in-app purchases with monthly subscription, so old paid upgrades now require you to pay again and again for what you paid a one-time upgrade fee for. Obvious lack of testing... counterintuitive interface freezes or crashes more often than it works- but you can’t even access these features anymore without monthly fee. Shady developer hates you.

- Scam

This is probably the worst app I've ever spent 99 cents on, it's a complete ploy because the full app really costs 60-some dollars to own. You're able to look through the filters but every 5 seconds you have an ad for the full version popping up reminding you that Kylie Jenner recommended it once (totally an unpaid recommendation I'm sure) anyways, it's terrible, please don't waste your money.

- Waste of money

To be clear: to fully activate this app’s features they expect you to pay about $55 (or a monthly fee). What you buy initially is a crippled version that won’t let you save full-size photos or do anything with videos. I played around with it for 10 min then deleted it. Junk. What’s most disappointing is that this was recommended by the App Store as a “best of 2018” app.

- Bait and Switch Ripoff!

Thanks for burning $0.99 for a featureless demo. Pure and simple bait-and-switch!

- Money hungry lazy devs

They barely update the app, and you now have to pay more than $50 to have the useful features. Even after paying for pro.

- 😕

I like the photo bit of it but I downloaded it to edit my videos and I don’t want to pay more

- Crooks

It’s misleading to pay for an app thinking you’d have access to all video editing features, when in fact you only have access to limited photo editing. Want to actually USE the app? Pay $55. What a joke.

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Glitché 2.25 Screenshots & Images

Glitché iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Glitché iphone images
Glitché iphone images
Glitché iphone images
Glitché iphone images
Glitché iphone images
Glitché iphone images
Glitché iphone images
Glitché iphone images
Glitché iphone images
Glitché iphone images
Glitché Photo & Video application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

Glitché (Version 2.25) Install & Download

The applications Glitché was published in the category Photo & Video on 2013-04-18 and was developed by Glitche Ltd. [Developer ID: 1340656667]. This application file size is 31.29 MB. Glitché - Photo & Video app posted on 2022-01-23 current version is 2.25 and works well on IOS 11.3 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.glitche.ios.glitcheapp