Kindergarten math & reading learning kids games

Now with free printable worksheets, Money Monsters and new fun videos!

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Over 20,000,000 kids around the world get fun playing Kids Academy apps!

Based on tried-and-true approaches to preschool education, Kids Academy's Early Learning University is the best educational app for kids from 1 to 5. It develops reading, writing and math skills through fascinating games!

- Over 500 worksheets, games & activities
- Best educational TV shows
- Complete learning plan
- Classic children’s books
- New content added regularly

***designed by experts in early education

• Toddlers (ages 1-3)
• Preschool (ages 2-4)
• Kindergarten (ages 3-5)

Each stage of our carefully developed step-by-step curriculum is tailored towards a specific age group ensuring a natural learning curve. The learning process is based on proven methods approved by early childhood educators.

***Over 500 worksheets & activities

Kids Academy features various types of content focusing on different memory types (visual, audio, muscle, etc.) ensuring deeper understanding of the learning material.

• Worksheets & games
• Interactive books & songs
• Videos and educational shows
• New content added regularly


Kids Academy learning plan covers all aspects of preschool education ensuring that our young students have comprehensive knowledge, deep understanding and a set of skills that will help them excel in their further education.

• Reading
• Writing
• Math
• Spelling
• more...


A vast collection of the best educational videos for kids of all ages and interests. We have videos covering almost everything, from nursery rhymes to the history of dinosaurs and the structure of the universe.

- Educational videos
- Most valuable & popular shows
- Age-appropriate content only
- Never ending stream of learning fun


Kids Academy features a consistent motivational system that promotes and encourages learning. There’s no achievement too insignificant and no gain too small. Every step is encouraged and every little victory is proudly celebrated.

- Consistent encouragement
- Achievements
- Cups and awards


You can have peace of mind knowing your kids are safe while playing. Proven parental control and child protection tools ensure 100% safety for your kids.

- Age-appropriate content only
- 100% safe with parental control
- No third-party ads
- Strictly editorial control


Subscription details:

* While the app is free to download some of the content is only available as part of a yearly subscription-based membership.
* Membership costs $79.99/year and all payments are charged to your iTunes account.
* There’s a free 7 day trial that starts right after you confirm your purchase.
* Subscription is automatically renewed at the end of each billing period unless cancelled at least 24 hours before the end of the current billing period ends.
* Subscription can me managed and turned off at any time via your iTunes account.
* You can read our Privacy policy here:
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* If you have any questions regarding your subscription, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Enjoy watching your kids get ready for school and explore the world of education while having loads of fun on the way!

Kindergarten math & reading learning kids games App Description & Overview

The applications Kindergarten math & reading learning kids games was published in the category Education on 2013-03-12 and was developed by Kids Academy Co apps: Preschool & Kindergarten Learning Kids Games, Educational Books, Free Songs. The file size is 461.91 MB. The current version is 3.1.1 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

- New handpicked videos and educational shows
- Enhanced gameplay with more fancy rewards
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Kindergarten math & reading learning kids games Reviews

Mark Rh.

Great update  Mark Rh.  5 star

It keeps getting better. Keep up the good work! We have a bunch of your apps and the kids really enjoy all of them!


Wonderful app  Davidsimo42  5 star

My kids love to use this app. They are already quite skilled in all of the areas that this app provides, but they are becoming better still through this constant use of it.


Great app!  Ktsub  5 star

Totally 5 stars! My two kids love it! Lots of interesting, very entertaining and engaging content for both boys and girls


So Helpful  Tonenerish  5 star

Not only does this app let you practice math and reading, but you can also practice your writing. This is a skill many young people struggle with, but with practice they can become much better.


Attention-grabbing  peterharaguchi  5 star

My youngest son has autism, and has been mostly non responsive to his environment. However, when he uses this app he actually engages with it. The animals provide an attention-grabber, so he is learning a lot more than he would be otherwise.

Sergei Kovalenko

Fantastic app  Sergei Kovalenko  5 star

This is a fantastic app. My 5yo daughter loves it.


Good  voyeu1988  5 star

This app keeps my children's attention. It is the first of its kind that is capable of that. If they're paying attention, they will learn a lot more.


Learning app for kids  Alexey-Pavlov  5 star

Kids Academy keeps adding nice things into the app. Recommend this awesome app!


Don't work propetly  Y.EugL  1 star

The next five minutes after download it it was working perfectly after that the pag went with with, I will cancel the subcription, besides the price for month is to expensive, can't belive it.


LETTER-FOR-LETTER IDENTICAL  ptphong1980  5 star

My kids use this app every day. They enjoy it, and I know it's doing them some good as well! Good app.


FUNtastic!!  XenoRedOne1  5 star

Things me and my kids like about the app: > The use of cutesy visuals and animation are sure way to engage the kids in this fun and fascinating interactive learning environment. > Sounds are also top-notched. > The combination of visuals, words and speech to teach kids about math. > The app provides an interactive learning environment encouraging kids to participate and immerse themselves on the app


Awesome!!  Munia00  5 star

Best app for kids ever. Highly recommended


On-the-go learning!  jjjmedia  5 star

I love how each app from Eggroll Games pulls out different tricks to make learning fun! This app utilizes tracing games to help kids learn in a fun and engaging way. The production values are through the roof, too! Excellent job as always!


Very helpful !  bnnhoc  5 star

My son really enjoyed playing this game and he can play it all the day. This is one of the best learning game I have downloaded and keep my kids entertained and fun. This is very helpful education app to improve the abilities of kid. After few days using, my kid can know many words. Hope more cute and cool features in the next version.


Good game for kids  chandoian1  5 star

wow, this app is great. I felt it was really helpful for my son. My 5 year old son. he also loves this app, he likes learning about shapes, animals as well as the lessons to count. the early operations and much more. I believe this app can help my son develop and learned many new things. if you do not buy this app is also free 7-day trial. it is very great. Thanks the author.


Lovely app for kids  callling97  5 star

I have ever downloaded some applications in this kind for my kids, and this one is one of them. Indeed, it is very suitable for children and of course it is so effective to their studying. So I think that parents should regard this app for kids.


Great for Kids!  QueenShalyn  5 star

This app is such a great app for kids. It aids them in learning so much and it is fun too! My younger sister loves this app because the colors are so bright and the games are very fun for her so she always likes to play it. The games that they have on it are very fun and it makes the child feel like it's just a game and all the while they are learning!


Kindergarten can easy install, the theme is very good  thaibinhhaan3  5 star

Kindergarten can easy install, the theme is very good. It is very useful for my children. I will share this app to my friends.


Awesome app  phonghoa  5 star

This app deserves more than a 5 star rating but that's the best rating I could give. Awesome app!


Great app  vohuongtra  5 star

I think this game is wonderful cause it help you with your math problems. Its a very good app please download it. I love this app. App is so great for teaching math for the kids. As a special education teacher I am always looking for fun and easy to understand games help my kids learn! Thanks for making this app. Awesome!

Kindergarten math & reading learning kids games Comments

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