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Duolingo is changing the way people learn languages using advanced technology to personalize every lesson for you. Practice reading, writing, speaking, listening and conversation with intelligent Chatbots. Track your progress, earn rewards, and join the world’s largest community of language learners.

We offer: Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Irish, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Turkish, Norwegian, Polish, Hebrew, Esperanto, Vietnamese, Ukrainian, Welsh, Greek, Hungarian, Romanian, and Swahili. Oh, and English too.


While all learning content in Duolingo is free, we do offer Duolingo Plus which removes ads and provides other helpful features. If you choose to purchase Duolingo Plus, payment will be charged to your iTunes account, and your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. Auto-renewal may be turned off at any time by going to your settings in the iTunes Store after purchase.

If you don’t choose to purchase Duolingo Plus, you can simply continue using Duolingo for free. Current Duolingo Plus subscription price starts at $9.99 USD/month. Prices are in U.S. dollars, may vary in countries other than the U.S. and are subject to change without notice.

Duolingo App Description & Overview

The applications Duolingo was published in the category Education on 2012-11-13 and was developed by Duolingo. The file size is 102.30 MB. The current version is 5.2.36 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

New feature! Learn faster by 'testing out' of a skill level. Tap the key icon in any skill to 'test out' to the next level and reach more difficult content.

Want to learn more about Crown Levels and why it's better for learning? Read our latest blog post on making.duolingo.com

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Duolingo Reviews


Best free app to learn languages  5v7v4  5 star

The exercises start off easy and get harder as you go on. By the time that you finish all the subjects in a language, you can speak intermediate level of that language. This is the best free app to learn languages.


Tremendously fun and a welcome distraction  Dr_Mary_Crowell  5 star

It’s an intuitive interface, and I’ve relearned so much of the German that I had forgotten. I think the best part though is that when I go to my phone to distract myself while I’m bored, I use Duolingo instead of Twitter. So I stay in a better mood.


👍🏼! But one problem.  Chloe_in_the_desert  4 star

This app has increased my Spanish speaking incredibly! But one problem. When I speak the right answer into the microphone, it types in the wrong words.I would also love some updates. so that you can speak and correct it after.I use this app daily and I love it ! I use it at school on a daily schedule, but I still don't enjoy having it not type in the right thing.I used this in third grade, and I'm going into fourth this year! And me AND my classmates would love to get the answers right the first time. I would DEFINITELY recommend this app!


It's pretty good  🍒🍑🍭🍦  5 star

I tried the Spanish course, but I was disappointed that the language I wanted to learn when I downloaded this app wasn't available as a course for English speakers. I wanted to learn Arabic. Thankfully though, they do have a lot of options for English speakers.


languages  Troop13  4 star

I think that Croatian should be on there it is a wonderful app I learned a lot of german on there but I would like it to expand to some other languages


“Health” feature of iOS version is INFURIATING  Zsalo  2 star

I give this two stars because Duolingo for iOS is a great product that is hobbled by an infuriating feature called “health,” which is a feature that appears on the iOS version of Duolingo, and *only* the iOS version. You start with five slices of health. Every question you get wrong in a lesson loses you a slice of health. Once you lose all five slices of health, you have to abandon the lesson and get more health to start again. There are three options to gain health: (1) “practice” to earn one, and only one, slice of health; (2) buy health with gems you’ve already earned or purchased with real money; or (3) wait five (!!) hours for each slice of health to return, one by one - so 25 hours for full health. “Practice” doesn’t focus on whatever you got wrong in the lesson, so even if you go through the lesson-length practice session, you won’t be any closer to understanding whatever you got wrong in the first place. So when you go back to restart the lesson with the ONE slice of health you’ve earned, you’ll likely just lose it when you re-encounter whatever you got wrong in the first place. So for me I spent an hour last night before bed trying to make it through a lesson to no avail, and in the morning, I had a paltry two slices of health that had accrued overnight. It was another forty minute of “practice” before I made it through the lesson. On the very next lesson, a new word was introduced and when I got the answer wrong, I was out of health again. I said thanks, but no thanks, and am done with this app.

Havoc x Raptor

Good app! ...but needs work!  Havoc x Raptor  4 star

Great free app, very helpful and useful in learning new or refining old languages. However, it still needs work in my opinion. I am learning Spanish and I have learned a lot more than I already knew in a couple days... but there are times when using a proper word is necessary to succeed and move on, but I have to restart over and over again later (after practicing, to get health to play) ...because I picked the right term but wrong specific word and no explanation is given as to why. I.E: Yo (means I) has to be followed with an o in the use of words like como (eat) or bebo (drink) instead of come/comen/comes or bebe/beben/bebes (as I learned through searching), but no explanation is given as to why. It’s frustrating and infuriating. This needs to be explained and taught for proper teaching of other languages. Also, why does the asterisk above certain Spanish words apply but not on others? Learn it all or don’t even try I say! Finally, turn down the need for health as often, or turn up the regeneration rate. I read it was said that they are trying to make learning free. So do it more, please. Stop making me practice over and over again just to get 1 bar of health (works on only 1 mistake before failing) and have 1 measly chance at succeeding just to have to quit, practice, and start ALL OVER AGAIN; only to fail because I don’t understand what I did wrong! The ads are bad enough and should be sufficient... but then there’s this! Please fix!

Go back 76

My bots!!! 💔  Go back 76  4 star

I love it it’s so helpful and fun and the only thing I have to say is that i loves the bots and I want them back💔😭 plz gimme the bots back 🙏🏼 Thank You so much, Nadia D.


A God Amongst Men  Big-Boy$  5 star

Downloaded the app, started learning Spanish, with diligent practice I learned much. Then I went down to Central America, the women would hear me speak and throw themselves at my feet. They erected a statue in my honor at the Balding Resort in La Fortuna, Costa Rica. Well worth it.


Great app but desktop version is better  ___Siege  5 star

The app is great but the desktop version is superior because it forces you to use your keyboard and does not baby you with a word bank. The desktop version also has a discussion board and the app does not. Please make the keyboard and discussion boards available on the app. Also please make the gems more useful they’re pretty pointless in my opinion other than streaks.

Krooked sk8boards

Amazing  Krooked sk8boards  5 star

Amazingly fun, easy and interesting af. Feels so easy to learn a new language.


Health rating in iPhone is terrible  khgtjud  1 star

The loss of health when you make a mistake is frustrating, discouraging and you can’t learn anything effectively. The lessons are actually really cool but the health aspect ruins it completely. Really disappointing. Definitely deleting.


3 language titan  xXLOOZARFACEZzxX  5 star

I like the fact that ads are not very intrusive during the lessons and that you don’t pay for education as some other apps make you pay to continue after the first few lessons. Good app highly recommend to anyone!


Learning is fun  Dabissness  5 star

This is making learning Spanish fun! I’m loving it.


5.2.36 states it has test out feature with key - it isn’t there!!!  LukeinOz  1 star

I had version 5.2.35 - I was using the test out feature after the recent changes to the Spanish Tree (lost my owl), just regained it. The test out keys were available to allow me to level up on subjects I had completed - but was set back to level 0 - all good. I update to 5.2.36 - which in the release notes states it is the test out key feature - and now not ONE level has a key icon?!?! I’m sick of the A/B testing Duolingo do - I’m a PLUS subscriber - I should get ALL the latest features - but get a substandard version of the app - I will NEVER subscribe again!


Expensive as still requires payment above subscription  WGE-HRE  2 star

I have a paid subscription to Duolingo and it all works well progressing through the various stages of learning. The biggest frustration is getting kicked off after making a few minor errors despite paying for the service !

Shame on you Kayla

Great  Shame on you Kayla  5 star

Love it

Johnson great kommah

Add indonesian bahassa plz  Johnson great kommah  4 star

This is a great app but its missing some good languiges like balineise and bahassa


lives for learning?  peter_pan_  1 star

how can an educational app punish wrong answers? stupid. personally, I would avoid unless this gets fixed.


Paid version offers no benefit  Wikiverse  1 star

The paid version doesn’t remove the health function or the gems function. Both of these are designed to interrupt your learning and force you to pay just as much as someone who didn’t already pay for Duolingo plus. There is literally no benefit for your learning for paying for this app. You’re donating for the exact same learning functionality as the free version with just as many learning interruptions. You still need to watch ads to get health even after you have paid.


Quick way to learn languages  DC756  5 star

Duolingo has been such an easy app to use. I am using it to refresh my Spanish. It tests speaking, reading, listening and writing in the language. Great use of time!

Th Martian164960

Not the full package  Th Martian164960  3 star

TLDR: Duolingo is a fantastic SUPPLEMENT to full language courses, but it is impossible to learn a language without some outside help or knowledge of similar languages. Being able to learn languages for free sounds too good to be true, and in the case of Duolingo, that would be a correct assumption. A better way to describe Duolingo would be to say that it is a supplement to a normal programs, either through classes or paid software programs. Learning a completely new language is, in my opinion, impossible using Duolingo alone. Duolingo does not teach the grammar, tones (for tonal languages), or sentence structure that is vital to understanding a new language. I am a native English speaker, and I found that learning Vietnamese on Duolingo to be impossible for me because it is so different from English. With that being said, what Duolingo does, it does well. Duolingo is fantastic at helping you learn new words and improving your vocabulary. There are even options to learn idioms and other phrases that you might not learn otherwise, and which are extremely helpful when interacting with native speakers. I took a few years of high school French, and I found that since I already knew the rules of grammar, pronunciation, and sentence structure, that using Duolingo to continue my French learning was easy and fun! And with my knowledge of French and English, I found that I could learn similar languages like Spanish and Dutch on Duolingo without much difficulty. I would give Duolingo 5 stars if they only changed their description. After reading the app description, I went in with the expectation that I could learn any language I want using Duolingo, but that is sadly not the case. I would highly recommend using this in addition to a full course or program.


Can’t find how to practice earlier levels  hiwag49  5 star

Thank you duo lingo for this amazing language learning tool! I would like to be able to do off “health” review of previous levels for practice. When I use the practice icon I get a practice session that is for my current level and can find no way to do back review. I can also find no answer to this question in the help section and no way to contact to ask the question. Maybe I’m just overlooking something obvious but I scoured the help section and couldn’t find what I needed. Thank you! ¡Mucho gracias!

I UCA h many s act y kno it y

Add More Explanations!  I UCA h many s act y kno it y  2 star

I have recently started learning Spanish and was surprised when I found out that you can now get explanations for the rules of the language. I decided that it would be a good idea to use this app to keep practicing French after high school, but there are not explanations for the rules in this language. I would find this app more useful if it had explanations within the app.


Bots have taken over the competitive leaderboards.  garycamole  1 star

While the app itself is fun, some of the community features are broken due to bots. For example, you gain XP by practicing your new languages in a club -- which are usually littered with nonsensical sentences posted by markov chain chatbots to farm XP and rise to the top of the leaderboards, which is necessary to gain certain achievements. Sadly there are no options to report suspicious profile in this app so if you're trying to get the "get to the top of your club's weekly leaderboard" achievement, you WILL get beaten by bots who somehow gained over 6000 XP in three hours. Also, some of the profile pictures of the people in my club are very extremely questionable and could cause this app's age rating to be reconsidered since, again, there's no way to report these.

Reema aka りまさん

Best app ever  Reema aka りまさん  5 star

I am currently learning Japanese on Duolingo and I am enjoying it to the max. I can spend hours studying without getting bored. Additionally,the learning pace is fast. I definitely recommend the app to anyone who wants to learn a new language.😊😊😊


I love this app  Maddux2008  5 star

I use this app in conjunction with other apps and books I have to learn Portuguese. I enjoy the teaching style and progressiveness of the learning. An awesome app that is free of charge. A great way to get you started on your new language learning journey.


GET THIS APP!!!😁😁  Bella1523  5 star

Whether your learning any language, get this app. The good thing is that this app is free and you don’t have to pay for once a month type of thing. I personally needed to learn Spanish (Latin America) and this app definitely taught me some things I needed to know. This app is totally useful! Also if your friends have this app you can compete with them on the leaderboard! Thank you, Duolingo for this amazing app!


Great app but...  AppleBuddy22  5 star

It would be great if you added vocabulary on the app version. I know there's tiny cards but on the website it has far more detail like female/male, verb, pounce, etc. And the Spanish tree was changed so the tiny cards vocabulary possibly doesn't match up anymore.


Great but need more grammar teaching tools  Woabessi  3 star

The app is set up really well with practice makes perfect as their seeming philosophy, it would also help if they explained the basics of a language too. Like for Spanish, they don’t describe the conjugations of verbs, they just assume you are connecting the dots and understanding the underlining rules but really you are just memorizing things.


Great app  Kunmz  4 star

I love the app but I’m Having issues with the tests. It’s grading some answers wrongly while they’re correct.


Grading system  oorreeoolluuwwaa  4 star

The grading system is wack! I keep replaying and I don’t get my XP added. Anytime i Practice, I don’t get lives to play. It’s so annoying and it keeps taking me back to levels I have previously passed


Nice app  priyed  5 star

Really fantastic app

Divine gal

Syncing  Divine gal  2 star

There is no synchronization across different platforms. I get drawn back if I do exercises on the iPad or on android platform. Please work on this.


Fix the bug nowwwwww  adabel.so.drizzy  3 star

There is a serious issue with the grading system and it needs to be fixed. Every time it asks me a question I type the right word and it fails me. Other than that it is a great app. I would like the bug to be fixed immediately or else I will delete the app


I'm Addicted To Duolingo  Josh~Man  5 star

The best learning app I've used.


Great App  Kamarudeen  5 star

Great app

Alex 20389

That Review  Alex 20389  5 star

Very awesome. It's quite good and easy to use. I really appreciate this app. I only wish they started with basic vowels and letters.


Very helpful and persuasive  Mcalphie  5 star

It is the best and it's free


Disappearing club members  mexi705  5 star

So I rate this as one of the best apps I've ever used. However I just noticed something... so I created a club with about 6 members tracking our daily progress and some hours ago ... I noticed all members disappeared without them leaving the club... they are having to rejoin now ... I hope it doesn't happen again


I’m Trying To Learn Bulgarian So Can You Please Add It?  CrazyCrafter703  4 star

I Need Bulgarian


👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻  lenaseale18  5 star



It is great fun to learn new languages!  ELWgirl  5 star

It helps you to get to know the language that you want like Spanish, English, Russian, Turkish and more. I am 9 years of age and I am learning French and Spanish and Italian. Thank you for listening, I hope you get this app!


Preferred previous version  Jeancasedo  4 star

I preferred the previous version. I could go and review the specific activity of each section I wanted.

up shitcreek

Lost all my 19 day streak on two occasions  up shitcreek  1 star

Great app but after 19 days despite being registered and having received emails from Duolingo they now ask me to log in, even though I never logged out, they don’t recognize my user name, email address or password. This has happened twice when I am at level 5in Spanish. Is it just a way to make you pay? Why not be up front and state the fee, don’t pretend it’s entirety free when that is not the case. Disgusted that I have lost all my work and have invested so much time and effort for nothing .


Duolingo Review  Octopus432  5 star

I personally think Duolingo is a fun way for people to learn languages. It is good because people of all ages can use it to learn a language. It is an easy way to learn and I have definitely seen an improvement in my language skills since I started using the app. I especially think Duolingo is good to practice languages that you learn/ have learnt outside of the app to improve your skills. For example, I do languages in school and I use Duolingo to test my skills and also improve them.


Amazing  jessica39  5 star

This is an amazing app so easy to learn languages it is entertaining as we'll


Duolingo  dearbhla.122  5 star

Makes learning languages super easy and fun!!

Keih C

Glitchy  Keih C  3 star

I think it’s a well thought out fun to use learning app. However it is very glitchy, sometimes the playback takes up to minute, screens sometimes freeze, and the audio doesn’t always work. Ignoring the bugs, I really think this is a great app for learning.


Excellent  2frax  5 star

I’m learning more in a few weeks than I did in 8 years of Primary school . I’m 49 yrs old


Afrikaans Please!  Welhelm-macnachdedain150404  4 star

I’m highly impressed in what this app has done across the world! Many of my friends have used this app to their benefit when moving over seas! This is a great way to learn a language spoken in a big number! I would only ask for one thing... That the duo team would please add Afrikaans on duo, for many of my friends, wanting to learn the language (in South Africa), don’t have Afrikaans on duo to learn. Many just resort to Dutch because they say it is similar enough but the further they’ve studied the more complications they’ve come across. I hope you take this point into consideration! Thanks!


Excelent app but....FFS  Jullietvictorventer5556  1 star

Why for the love of Pete did you introduce the health/gem system. You took a amazing app and made it into a money making scheme just like all the other shitty apps of buying coins and gems. Believe me i understand that a app of this caliber has to have a cash value and you as developers do want to be compensated for your hard work. That i totally understand and will pay or even donate to keep this app running but Why not rather change it into a monthly/yearly subscription fee instead of being money hungry dickheads with a shitty gem buying system And exploiting the fact that “when someone’s learning a new language that doesn’t con inside with their home language that it will become difficult and that they will definitely get it wrong and run out of health and having to pay for health at the end of the day is just low...really really low. But for what it’s worth. It is really a very user friendly application where a person can learn a other language very easily and fairly quickly but sometimes it jumps to quickly into a difficult and complex phrase and especially when having to translate and type in the word but over all a great app ,only the gem buying crap that kills it. From a very frustrated follower....

gabriella terblanche

Wonderful  gabriella terblanche  5 star

Duolingo is a wonderful app teaches you important things give you many options to choose from free and fair and it is patient with you. You learn a lot while having fun. Fun thing to do during a study break and very very very very useful so yeah that’s all I can possibly say I love duolingo

Luscious Elle

Close to Perfect  Luscious Elle  4 star

I absolutely LOVE Duolingo! It is a very effective app in mastering a new language. I would just like to ask the developers to consider including the rules when you make a mistake. If you understand the reason why something is a error, you could more easily correct it.

Pamela Artist

Greetings  Pamela Artist  3 star

I can’t seem to get to level 6 on the Chinese Greeting. Done practice on level 5 three times.

comet rain sky

Learning  comet rain sky  5 star

Duolingo helps you learn a lot


Bugs and Glitches  ronan2coel  4 star

Two issues - the game tells me my hearts have recharged and I go on the app and they haven’t even after 24hrs - I’ve added my email in the settings and it’s the correct one yet when I try “send feedback” the app request I add an email Besides this your app is wonderful but you need to focus on the finer details of you really want dedicated learners.

still owl

Addictive  still owl  5 star

I have never before enjoyed learning a new language. In fact, I think I am a little addicted. I have to get my daily fix of positive affirmation.


Great  sonika123  5 star

It’s an amazing app

Schultzie l182

Brilliant  Schultzie l182  5 star

Brilliant app!Easy to follow and learning fast. Why can’t all education apps be so well made.


Great App!  MAA2017  5 star

Duolingo is awesome! I love that New languages have been added.

Rick Asante

The best!  Rick Asante  5 star

Best language study app hands down! Although I’m not consistent with it, it’s helped me a lot with my German language.


Amazing!  Tell'em  5 star

How is this even possible? I can speak French now. Thank you Duolingo🙏🏽


Great App  OYEmama123654987  4 star

Great app by all standards

Nana Mikele

Great app!!  Nana Mikele  5 star

Best language app.


Brilliant  AbRaff23  4 star

Learning is so fun and challenging at the same time, thanks to Duolingo. Very helpful!


Perfectly perfect app ever  Collnyk  5 star

I didn't even know "Je" in French but Duolingo, the great app has taught me a lot and it's simply awesome and absolutely the BEST.


Great so far  Soniaok  4 star

Quite easy and fun. Reminders are quite aggressive though


Love it!  Msnyantakyi  5 star

I always wanted To pick up my Turkish again! Duolingo is perfect for it!!


Give it a shot  Evidence12  4 star

👍🏽Its been a handy asset so far. Got me picking up some french. Although a had a little background in basic school.

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