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Want to learn a new language? It’s now fun, entertaining, and efficient to learn, right on your phone!

Trust Duolingo like 300 million other language learners, and find a program that works. The secret? Duolingo feels like a game and makes sure you stay motivated. Take 10 minutes a day, and you’ll surprise yourself with how well you can speak a new language 3 months from now!

Forget everything you knew about language learning. With Duolingo, you’ll practice with fun lessons that will leave you eager to learn more, and develop reading, writing, speaking, listening and conversation skills along the way! Track your progress, earn rewards, and most importantly: join the world’s largest community of language learners.

Over 30 languages to choose from - all completely free with our free version, which gives you access to all learning content!

• "Far and away the best language-learning app." — The Wall Street Journal

• "A single app for language skills, self-improvement and digital escape." - The New York Times

• "Duolingo may hold the secret to the future of education." — TIME Magazine

• "...Duolingo is cheerful, lighthearted and fun..." - Forbes

We offer Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Irish, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Turkish, Norwegian, Polish, Arabic, Latin, Hindi, Czech, Indonesian, Hebrew, Esperanto, Vietnamese, Ukrainian, Welsh, Greek, Hungarian, Romanian, Swahili and many more. Oh, and English too...


Discover Duolingo Plus! While all learning content in Duolingo is free, you can sign up and enjoy premium features such as:

No ads,
Offline courses, and
Progress quizzes to keep you on track!

If you choose to purchase Duolingo Plus, payment will be charged to your iTunes account, and your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. Auto-renewal may be turned off at any time by going to your settings in the iTunes Store after purchase. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication, where applicable.

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Terms of Service: https://www.duolingo.com/terms

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Duolingo - Language Lessons Comments & Reviews

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- Perfect app

I love it and so long i had no problem practicing it, its a few days that the voice has problem and doesn’t always read it in different devices of mine and my family’s with different id’s,.. it becomes useless when we cant hear some words or sentences, ill be thankful if I get the answer and hopefully the solution

- Sound problem

There’s a problem with sounds but other thing are okay I love this game it’s awesome 🌸❤️❤️❤️💖

- Great App

This presents a great way to learn a language. Daily reminders (which you can turn off), repetition but not boring, and what I like best is that it doesn’t teach through grammar like most high school and college classes do. I would recommend for faster learning to read the tips and use the other app by duolingo called Tinycards. I do have to say that I tried Spanish and then some other languages that probably aren’t as popular and the other languages weren’t as developed and updated as Spanish, but that’s to be expected I guess that all the languages (there’s a lot) would all not have the same level of effort. Bottom line, I would and have already recommended this app to several friends.

- Fun but flawed

App is fun but you'll get to a point were the hints they give you for a translation aren't selectable and they'll just say you're wrong and not why you are wrong. Its great for learning vocal but nothing too serious. You'll see what I'm talking about. It is really fun at times

- App is the worst

First it made me cry because it made you type to early and I am not a fast learner and it started good now it is tarabule never get it ever worst app ever I bet at lest hafe are bots who rate it high I think do not get it and I was in basics 1 I want you to get rid of the app forever.

- The hearts

Please take down the hearts, I just want to learn a language without worrying If I’m going to fail

- Learn another language

That’s an awesome application that help you to learn foreign languages whatever you like and it doesn’t let you down and made you to learn the word or whatever.

- Duolingo is fun

I love it teaches u all the languages from American to Portuguese

- Why

The heart sustem is annoying

- Best app

Great app

- Alphabet

This App is a truly amazing app that enriches your language-learning experience. I am currently learning Spanish and have learned more than 100 words and am learning to speak full sentences in Spanish. Amazing!!! But I wish that Duolingo would also teach you the alphabet of the language and how each letter is pronounced. I think it can help us learn how to understand others (especially native speakers) when they’re talking to us. But other than that, this app is amazing

- Cảm ơn

Đây là một ứng dụng học ngoại ngữ rất thú vị đối với tôi

- Language

I want to delete one language from my panel But I can’t, there’s no way to do that.

- I need Tagalog!

Just trying to learn Tagalog so I can eventually have a conversation with my Filipino side of the family. I guess I will forever be out of the gossip loop


so i look up memes of this app and most of them said you miss your *insert whatever The pore soul was Learning* you know what means dad: why is there a mafia at the door and where’s the dog and other stuff like that and I was like NOPE I AM DELETING THIS APP I HAVE HAD IT FOR 2 DAYS BUT TIME TO SAY BYE BYE TO THIS APP

- Best App for Learning

I love this app and I use it everyday to improve my Spanish. I’m grateful this app exists otherwise I wouldnt gain the extra practice I need. I imagine it’s great for kids and the app has small lessons when clicked on “tips” in each topic. So insightful!

- Swedish is a great distraction during these times

Duolingo is cool learning technology! We will see after a year! I have a 58 day streak going! Det är jättebra!

- Great app

Needs Albanian! I’ve been relearning Spanish and taking French courses, this app is great.

- Not great

20-60 minutes a day for 3 years and no where near fluency. Can’t reads French newspaper nor listen to a speaker. A lot of time for not enough result.

- It’s okay

The app was great until they added “lives”. You only get to make five mistakes in a level or you don’t get to learn anymore. This is frustrating especially for a language learner who is obviously going to make mistakes while being taught a whole new language that is completely foreign to them.

- Good overall

Good but needs dovahzul

- Not for serious learners

If you want to learn the very basics of a language then this is for you. If you are actually trying to learn a language then I suggest finding something else. It’s a freemium app, so unless you pay for it, you don’t get much out. Is $75/year worth it? Maybe, but there are plenty other resources you can use that don’t limit the amount you can use it in a day and are free.

- I absolutely adore this app

Duolingo has to be one of the only legitimate language learning apps available for free. Almost all of the other apps I’ve downloaded required a subscription or an in-app payment to unlock the rest of the material. This app has made language learning so fun and honestly so easy. Especially learning Spanish. The stories available for Spanish are funny and quite interesting. Although I do wish there were stories available for other languages. Keep doing what you do Duolingo!

- O.m.g

I love the app

- Sooooo addicting! Great game!😍😃👍

I’m learning Spanish and this is one of literally the best app to do it with! I like how you can claim and earn rewards for completing the lesson and learn how to speak and write in the language you are learning! Great game! Keep adding more brilliance to it!😍👌 👍

- Best learning app ever!

I started reading books in Spanish on day three! I did quite a few lessons and I got rewarded. The nice thing about Duolingo is u can learn a language in maybe even a month or so if u work hard. Developer Please respond. I have a lot of free time becuase of the corona virus and I thought it would be a great time to learn langouges.

- Great way to learn a new language!

This app is a good way to learn a new language especially in self isolation but I think you should make it easier to delete/reset languages ’cause I can’t really figure it out. It’d also be a good idea to have more stories for different languages.Overall it’s really good!

- Amazing

I live this app and am currently learning Spanish in school so I use the app to help me and I’m also learning French using the app. I just wish that Filipino/ Tagalog was a language option since it is my moms native language and she never taught it to me. I wish that it is added as a language option in the future.

- Dark mode

Please make dark mode option , I like to use duolingo before bed but I just can’t with the white wallpaper !!

- Duolingo!

Duolingo is okay. It has great features and has diverse languages. The good part is that they don’t have much ads. One thing I would change if I could is the number of languages. It should definitely have more languages. Another thing is that sometimes you do a lot of classes, you’re still learning THE SAME THING. For some people it may be a good feature, but to me it’s just annoying. Also, sometimes they teach you stuff that you don’t know yet. That’s super annoying. Other than that, it’s good!

- Gracias por existir

Señores de Duolingo quiero agradecerles por este maravillosa aplicación, pero en especial por el concepto de educación gratuita. Gracias por existir DOULINGO 👏👏👏👏

- Addicted!

Daily I look forward to my time with Duolingo to learn Spanish!

- Love it! But...

I love this app! Its great for helping me memorize Japanese characters but me being an immersive learner doesn’t really make the cramming of information in very helpful... id be amazing if it had not just the normal cramming but also an option where there are more interactive and more interesting takes on the educational experience. Of course not just me but many people have a hard time sitting and focusing on the same routine for days or even months so giving some the option to make it more fun and make it more helpful.

- best

the best app ever , u can learn fast and joyful

- Ich liebe Duolingo

This app is amazing! You can learn any language (including Hawaiian) for FREE (unless you get premium) here’s how it works: you pick a language you want to learn and you pick your fluency (beginner, intermediate, or advanced) and take a lesson for the language you chose. You can take as many lessons as you want in a day, but you have 5 hearts. So if you mess up, you lose a heart. If you make 5 mistakes in 1 lesson, the lesson ends and you have to wait a few hours for hearts..OR you can practice to earn hearts quickly. If you get premium, it doesn’t matter how many times you mess up because you get unlimited hearts. I highly recommend this app for any beginner, intermediate, or advanced speaker THANKSSS

- Spanish is Fun

Thank you Duolingo helping me thru this quarantine So thankful easy, cute creatures, uplifting colors, happy feed back faces, Spanish speakers excellent! Thank you helping me keep occupied and learning in a easy way! Thx thx

- Fun

Even as this app cannot be dependable to be the ONLY learning material, it is very entertaining and helpful! The in-app purchase options are not necessary either and don’t inhibit the regular experience Great tool!

- Bonjour!

This app is great. I already know enough in French to able to hold a basic conversation, and I’ve only been using this for about two weeks.

- Very good


- Nope

I do not like it, sorry I had a 5 star review but guess who got fed up and now dislikes Duolingo so much they wrote this review it was good but then you destroyed your own app don't get it if you want to actually learn a language

- A Freemium App

Duolingo has been becoming increasingly frustrating after the introduction of ‘hearts/lives’. This isn’t the only thing this game suffers from. This app focuses too much on oversimplifying things as well as the game aspect. Duolingo freakin’ loves throwing you for a loop when you make a mistake. Duolingo firmly believes that if you want to teach a kid how to swim you toss him/her in the water with very little instruction. The mistake can come off as obvious, dumb, or just ambiguous. There is literally nothing good that helps you learn why you got something wrong except for the meager and oversimplified tips and helpful community. Leagues and streaks are also another needless feature. Making people more concerned with farming XP and currency rather than learning the language is just plain dumb. Don’t download this app if you are a serious learner because I am telling you that you will see why it is so annoying as you continue learning on it. Now, let me elaborate on the heart idea as well. Hearts are a way of Duolingo punishing people for making a mistake. Mistakes are how we learn! How could you exploit something that makes us all human just so you can make us buy lives, waste time reviewing mastered material, or buy your premium upgrade? The premium upgrade is near useless for language learning because it serves only to remove the hearts at a horrible price and add these progress quizzes that only serve as practice. Please do yourself a favor and avoid Duolingo. It’s a free app and you’re getting what you are getting. If you are a causal language learner, then the app is somewhat for you. However, this app pales in comparison to superior language apps like Babbel and others.

- I finally bought the Duolingo premium app

I have downloaded many many Spanish learning APPS over the past few years. A few of them I actually purchased their premium version and a few of them I had to pay to use their APP at all. The main problem I had and still have is knowing what Spanish country the APP is teaching you. I could be Spain, South America, any one of the Central America countries or Mexico itself. I am a United States American caucasian who needs to learn the Mexican version only. I substitute teach in elementary schools in our County Public School system and we have alot of mexican students whose parents came to our atea as seasonal workers for our apple orchard business. I found out that the student's parent's usually don't speak English and learn it from their children who attend our schools . Therefore, that is why it is imperative that I learn the Mexican version. Some of the newer students don't speak any English at all either. Pros: 1)That said,I find Duolingo the easiest for me to learn Spanish. I like the fact that if you keep missing how to write the sentence in Spanish they have you keep doing that sentence until you do spell it correctly. 2)I am thankful also that this app has a free version that allows me to see if this is the best APP for me to learn Spanish. 3) I like it also because there is a section where you can say I spelled this correctly or this sentence is missing something,etc. 4)I really like it that they have a section where people can discuss why one person's Spanish word is accepted and another is not and then they explain completely the WHY it is accepted or not. Cons: 1) As stated above I have the premium version, but there is nowhere I can add my questions about a sentence that I got wrong, like I see other users asking questions in the conversation section and someone answers their question. What is the point of having Premium if I can't interject in the conversations? 2) The dinging sound every time you finish a sentence really aggravates me. I have to turn my sound completely off while using the app and then I FORGET to turn it back on afterwards and I have missed alot of important calls because of it. 3) That owl cartoon really needs to leave as it is frustrating to have to wait for the APP to open because of it.

- Beware advertisements in this app

I’m putting this on here to warn parents. This app is good for teaching however they DO NOT care who advertises on this app. Many of the ads are not suitable for children. Further more when I reported to them this issue. I RECEIVED ZERO replies and They DID NOT solve the issue. As a woman and in this time of inclusivity...I’m appalled at their lack of concern, care and flat out disrespect to larger pool of potential customers.

- Fictional Languages

The app is absolute amazing and has helped me achieve so many of my goals for learning a new language. I only have a few complaints. My main one is that to get the streak you have to complete a lesson, sometimes I get stuck and cannot complete a certain question so I can’t keep my streak. Another thing is just something that I would love to be added is that if fictional languages like Klingon or ones from the Star Wars universe and more. As I said before this app is amazing and those were some things to improve it.

- Amazing Job!!!

First of all, I would like to say good job and thank you for this app! It has taught me so much of my foreign language in the past 2 days! I would even like to recommend this app to anyone who wants to learn a new language!!! But there is one thing I would like to ask about in the merchandise section, could you probably make your duo owl plushies available to the public because I really would like to get one because he is so cute! So if you could I would love that!!! But I still rate this a 5 star app! Best app ever for learning and education. I can moss was even say words I never thought I would have learned!!!

- Great Job

I love this app it’s super fun and it helps me learn new languages!

- Could you make this app more accessible for those with learning challenges?

I love this app. Because of it, I have learned a lot of Russian in just 3 months without being enrolled in a class. However, what would be very helpful for me is if there could be a voice reading all the english words out loud as well as the words in the language I’m learning. I have a reading disability and sometimes I get questions wrong because I misread the english content, I put the english translation words in the wrong order, or chose the wrong english translation word without realizing it. Would it be possible for you to add accommodations for people who have reading disabilities so that they can learn new languages? One accommodation that would be especially helpful would be if all the english words in the exercises could read out loud so that people with reading disabilities don’t mess up questions because they misread stuff in english.

- Hi

Great app and a ton of different languages but didn’t have ASL or any sigh language as a matter of fact.

- Please help

I have forgotten to learn Turkish for a month now and my family is all gone I have lost my mom and dad and my siblings and right now I am hiding from it oh no he is Hi this is duo I took care of him

- Never Get This App

I never complete a level because I keep running out of hearts .The hearts are ridiculous.

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- Hate the hearts!

I was a huge fan of Duolingo and promoted it to many people...until this unnecessary hearts system was introduced. It discourages and stunts learning, what are you thinking? Oh yeah💰(hint...make the money from your advertisers, I’ll watch the occasional advert) Punishment for making mistakes or forcing people to pay for this ‘free’ language tool has turned me off Duolingo. 😠I have deleted the app and will only return when this ridiculous heart system has been removed. In the meantime I will be using the free language learning tool provided on my public library’s website! Hasta Luego Duolingo!👋

- Not bad ............

This game is pretty good with a reasonable amount of ads but the reason I gave this 3 stars is because they tell you words you don’t need to get

- Lives still ruin the fun

I get it, having a life system means people will pay for more, but it takes away everything they’re trying to get and accomplish. This app should be about getting you to learn more, not “aw you ran out of lives so forget everything for one day while we get you some more lives.” I used to try and use the app as much as possible, and coming back to it I can see that I’d made a mistake. There are other ways that you can earn money, not just by implementing lives, but by using banner ads, which help a lot more. People are starting to dislike learning because of the wait period. Please help us learn by getting rid of lives for the better of us and you

- Lives....

How are we gonna learn if there’s lives and every time we got it wrong you lose one out of the 5 lives you’re given.

- I want to learn

That one star means one heart in Duolingo. remove the health system!

- This is very helpful

I can now speak German to my German friend!

- Hearts completely ruin it

This is an amazing app. It makes learning a language a piece of cake... until you make a couple mistakes. Then guess what, it TOTALLY makes sense to wait 5 hours (not kidding) to get a single heart back, which lets you make one mistake and kicks you out of the lesson unless you spend money. GET RID OF HEARTS!!!!!!

- Help

I didn’t do my Duolingo yesterday and lost my daily streak.. woke up the next morning with a message from Duolingo... it said... I had to take your family so you can get better in French. I walked out into the kitchen thinking it was all a joke but no one was home. There was a trail of green feathers leading to the door and stoped at were a car was parked.. please I love the app I rated it five stars I would do anything to get my family back.


It is easy to learn, and efficient. It makes you motivated and I absolutely love it! 10/10 recommend 👍👍😆😊

- Pratique mais chiant

Pas satisfaite, quand j’ai installé l’application je réussissais à “réviser” pour gagner des vies mais maintenant cela ne marche plus donc je suis obliger de attendre des heures pour pourvoir apprendre de nouveau car je ne peu pas non plus payer malgré que j’ai assez de gemmes (pourquoi, je ne sais pas) et je perd toute mes vies car quand je écris s’il le clavier des fois j’accroche le bouton et sa me fais rater. Bref peut être le changer de place pourrais être une bonne idée

- Nearly Incredible, Get Rid of the Dang Dinging!

Great app, if it wasn’t so annoying. Every answer you get right dings VERY loudly, but turning down the volume means I can’t hear the words either. Let us mute that stupid noise please and this app would be a solid 5 stars. I’m sick of the constant DING DING DING DING DING when I’m going through lessons. Seriously. It gives me a headache and makes me not want to continue using the app. Please fix this, or at least give us the option to mute the dinging, for those of us who don’t enjoy it.

- Don’t get this app

There are so. Many mistakes in the questions

- Great App with A Great Problem

Great App and it helps with different languages but.... Whenever I get a question wrong and I look at the correct answer.... I do it again and it says it is still wrong. I wrote the correct answer of a piece of paper and it still did not work. Check if the correction system needs some updating or needs to be cleaned.

- Super!

J’adore vraiment cette app. Elle m’a permis d’apprendre l’anglais et l’espagnol à une vitesse incroyable. Mais ce serait bien d’avoir un peu plus de diversité dans les phrases.

- Duolingo

The lifeline makes it so I cannot learn a language. That would make it much harder for someone that needs to learn not want to or make it was harder. I hate this app now

- Adding

My opinion is that… IT’S AWESOME!!! If no one except 5 people see this I’m fine with that. I’m fine with that because I don’t mind if Duolingo adds these or not, anyways… -Take away health bar or put more lives -Put more people -If you get everything correct in the whole thing (like foods)then you get no health bar for a week! -If you get a Streak for 20 days you get 10 Hearts on health bar for 5 days -put an emoji on the Correct! Sign Thanks!

- Stories

Some of the stories are based on religious beliefs and practices. Like the ouija board and not all celebrate birthdays. But you’re not able to skip it on the free one. 😔

- Great, if you love a pay wall

This used to be a fantastic app. Now, there’s no learning from your mistakes because 5 wrong answers in a day, and you’re waiting 5 hours before you can attempt again. So stupid. Get rid of the heart system!!

- Was fun

I loved Duolingo I practised French every day but now with the life mechanism it limits your learning and it doesn’t encouraging mistakes instead it punishes you

- The health bar is a waste of time

I like this app, I’m currently learning Spanish and find using Duolingo is a fun way of doing it, however I think this app would be greatly improved without the health bar. It makes the learning experience less enjoyable and once you run out of lives you have to wait hours before you can do anything. The health bar defies the purpose of the app.

- No pattern recognition

I’m a natural user of Chinese and Dutch languages - having them spoken in my house when I was small. Still the way it being taught without explaining its pattern is difficulty as language pattern is not the same and can’t be simply translated

- App seems designed to malfunction

After using the free version for about a week, it will not accept any voice answers which I know are correct because my wife is Chinese and verified. This is super frustrating because it wastes hearts and then you have to watch more stupid ads. I suspect that the developer has done this on purpose to force users to buy the paid version. Very disappointing as this is a good app. I can’t reward this kind of underhanded deceitful business practice so I will not be using your app anymore and searching for an honest app developer who doesn’t play games with its users. You already have ad revenue, paid subscriptions is a bonus.

- Tips

Used to love doing the tips and get the 10xp now they aren’t working and will no longer let me do them. I click them and they just go straight to being completed. So disappointing. Lost over 100xp trying to figure it out and still nothing

- It used to be great

There used to be no hearts, so you could learn from mistakes instead of being punished. Why would that be a feature? It seems pointless, unless of course you spend money. Remove the hearts. It’s stupid.

- Dark mode

Please add dark mode.

- Love it!

Fun, modern, with extra features, many choices to keep it going. Really good way to keep you busy with learning languages. I recommend ❤️

- Amazing!

Everything is amazing! Just a suggestion is that could you add dark mode please?

- Find a new app

The new update added health which is a pay wall for your learning. It’s sad because before you were able to learn for free with just a few adds. Now they just want your money. Would recommend spending your money on a better program, was worth when it was free. Very disappointed

- Why hearts??

Duolingo was super effective and I really enjoyed learning on it, but what’s the point of hearts? There never used to be and when learning a new language it’s super defeating when you run out. The health bar is unnecessary and should be taken off. I no longer find duolingo motivating to learn.

- So im an idiot

I need help canceling my duo plus lmao someone tell me how


How many reviews will it take for you dumb developers to fix the hearts?!? It limits our learning, and you already have enough bad reviews!! Do everyone a favour and FIX IT!!!

- Eh.

This app is ok because there are two things that I hate: the health bar and the typing!!! Why I hate the health bar is because when you run out of hearts you can’t learn. I think if you have a health bar you are putting a restriction on our learning. Why I hate all the typing is because your fingers get soooo sore after typing in all those Spanish words.( I learn Spanish ) but that’s why I hate those two things. 😡The rest is awesome!!!☺️

- It’s good but..

It’s a great way to learn a language if you’re willing to pay, if your not willing to pay you can get 5 answers wrong a day until it tells you no more learning unless you pay, which is extremely frustrating. Everyone wants money....

- I love it! But....

It is so Quick and easy to lean a ton of different languages! However I do not like the adds nor the health. The health is quite annoying if you run out because then you have to wait a hole day to keep going! I also wish that they would take out the part where if you stop a activity then next time you do it you have to start again! Other than that it’s awesome and fun

- Get rid of the hearts

It’s pretty good and I find it very helpful but the hearts completely ruin it. They enrage me when I’m about to end a lesson and I run out and everything I did was trashed. Get rid of them, or at least add an option of watching a video at the end for one more heart. It’s so stupid

- Not fun

Why should i be penalized when you guys screw up. You say your objective is to make this free and fun well you failed

- Use to be the best app, but not anymore

This use to be the best apps for learning language and now with the ‘healt’ system is the worst app.

- it's fine

i don't like the health bar very much, and i'd absolutely LOVE if you guys could prpvide a sign language course! it would be so fun to learn sign language on duolingo and i'm sure other people would too...

- Suggestion

I would like an explanation of principles being taught or why things are wrong sometimes. Or the rules in a language. To help with understanding why plurals or gender are wrong for examlle


Good app but GET RID OF THE HEARTS!!!

- No practice mode

It won’t let me practice for hearts it says that a problem occurred and to contact services if issue occurs

- Language lover

I love this app, because if you want to have a basic chat with someone from another country, you will do just that!

- Awesome

I had a good time learning French but I think there should be Igbo

- Very good game!

This game is awesome! I can learn Русская for free! It has heart’s so one’s you fail you lose heart’s. It’s very easy to get heart’s back. Just answer some question’s and you got heart’s! I love this game so much🥰🥰🥰

- Bad

It’s hard to learn a new language when you only get 5 lives every 5 hours.

- checkpoint

This app is great for practicing but for those learning outside the app. I wish the checkpoint tests could be done multiple times to increase the difficulty of early lessons. as of now my Spanish is at intermediate level but the app is at beginner and honestly it makes the learning boring.

- Please add Finnish

This app is great, but it needs Finnish

- Stories

I like duo although I sometimes get tired of practicing the lessons so I really like the reading stories they give you. I am having an audio problem though. It used to be that when I spoke in the thing it could hear me just fine but now it doesn’t hear me at all. It doesn’t under the words I say to it and I end up getting the lesson wrong. I hope someone can fix this

- Duolingo and chill?

Hey Owl, how’s about you give us a break and give us unlimited hearts during the outbreak?

- Get rid of the hearts!

Love this app but get rid of the hearts!

- Not good changes

I used to be able to just keep going and watching the adds or what ever but now with the updates as soon I run out of hearts No more practicing it very annoying and I don’t like it

- Good

I have been using duo for a long time and have been reading reviews. Why would you slam duo for making a inconsistency. If you think it ramps up too hard on a language where you spend about 500 hours on English to Japanese, why destroy it. The most critical come down to it being a basic app. The heart system is annoying but it encourages you to practice. STOP SLAMMING THE POOR OWL FOR TRYING TO GET YOU TO PRACTICE WHAT YOU KNOW. Just practice instead of whining that you got a American spelling wrong.

- Learning French ! Love it

All I can say is that I’m extremely happy and pleased with this app for making learning a new language so much fun. 🤩🤩

- Fictional languages instead of real

It hurts me deeply that you guys have Klingon an high Valyrian instead of Afrikaans

- Great way to learn!

Love the format of Duolingo, it tests all proficiencies and earning gems make it more competitive too! Hoping my Spanish will be an alright level once I travel to South America!

- Unable to log in

I’m at home with my kids, trying to work from home and home school, the app has been updated, but I am no longer able to log in. Disappointed as continuing their Indonesian lessons via the app was an easy win for me during these crazy stay at home times. Please fix the issue.

- Amazing!

This is an amazing app, the best way to learn a language I think. It’s super easy with no commitment, but great at reminding you to practice. I will be checking my emails and find one from Duolingo asking me to practice. It also sends you notifications and banners which works really well too. I would recommend this app to anyone, no matter their age or experience, if they want to become bilingual, trilingual or more! It’s so easy and friendly, anyone can use it. Please, give it a go! For the creators: an update that would be extremely useful is a dictionary. By the app’s count, I have learnt 330 words in French. However, I think I only know about 300. A dictionary could allow you to search for a word in your current language or your course language and have the translation, definition and audio for the word. I think this would be an amazingly useful resource. Thanks!

- Bugs

I seem to be running in problems, just like I claim a chest or get a heart and then the screen turns grey. All in all it‘s good though.

- Can’t log in

I love the app. It’s great, but recently when I’ve been trying to log in on the mobile app, it comes up with a message saying that I can’t be logged in right now. After many reinstalls and restarts it’s still not working :( it’s very frustrating because I haven’t been able to continue my learning for a long time now.

- The hearts

Super annoying when you lose one over a typo!

- Very good app but a one thing needs to change

I love the app because it has given me more knowledge of Japanese than I have ever learned at school. I love learning on Duolingo but the only thing that stops me learning is the lives,but besides that it’s a really good app.

- One improvement

The UI is wonderful and it makes the novelty of learning a language so fun and rewarding. However, one feature that would be great in an update is to automatically be able to type on the next prompt on iPad with a keyboard connected. Currently, each time one wishes to answer, they must press the typing box before typing. Yet, it would be much more efficient to be able to immediately type without pressing for each answer. Thank you for bringing the app to life.

- Picky spelling takes the fun out of the French version

Been doing this for 6 months now and as someone who is well educated but not naturally good at spelling in my native English the constant fail due to very very minor spelling errors is demoralising. I hated French at school for this reason and for Duo to be so unforgiving makes the hard work unrewarding. Either improve the AI ability to recognise that I’m really close and deserve to progress, or I will find an alternative language app. It’s a pity because there are a lot of good things about this app.

- It’s now a paid app

After 5 errors it’s becomes a tedious slog to learn as it pressures you to buy the subscription. If you want to learn a language for free, go elsewhere. If you want to pay, this may be for you.

- Easy to learn

This app is quite good for leaning a language. It’s basic however effective. You can spend as little as 3 minutes a day and forget the long-process textbook work! Though, one thing that I must address is the lives. You get about 3 lives. For every question answers wrong, you lose that life. Once at zero, it’s goodbye, see you later. In other words, you have to wait until later in order to play again once that happens. I find this ridiculous and unnecessary. Suppose your teacher said “you got the answer wrong so go home!” Learning shouldn’t have disadvantages for making mistakes. Hell, it’s how we learn. Though this idea isn’t an advantage. It’s quite disappointing when you just get kicked out like that...

- Best free app

I am enjoying using Duolingo. It is motivating and I feel like I am learning a lot. I hope the pronunciation is accurate, but I haven’t had a chance to try it out on real language speakers yet.

- Changed my view entirely!!

I was never very good at language at school, no matter how hard I tried. I ended up dropping out of the language classes, and a few years later tried Duolingo. I have now learnt more in a few months than I did in 2 years. Thanks a lot!!

- I lost my family


- Get this app

You won’t even need a teacher if you get this app to learn a language

- Not the language I’m looking for

I’m looking to learn Finnish so I got this but it doesn’t have it :(

- Really good quality

When I tried duolingo, I did it because of the memes they’re quite funny and the second I saw the duolingo+ I thought oh god I’m going to have to pay to do anything aren’t I but surprisingly you can use basically every feature of duolingo without + another thing is that it rewards you for revising with the 5 levels even though you only need to get them all to level 1 to unlock the next sections, so yeah, I highly reccomend it

- allways loses hearts

this stupid thing makes us buy stuff all the time it is just weird


I’m recommending this app for my stage 3 ESL students, especially if our school is locked down. I put their first language on some school iPads, so this can work! Thanks so much Duo Lingo!

- The app that changed my life

Learning a new language has never been soo easy, fun and free.

- Good but would like feedback on when you get a answer wrong

Not sure but I feel like there could be a better way at helping when you get a question wrong

- It's AMAZING but one minor thing

I have had duolingo for two years and it has been fine but now on 19/03/20 it has been playing up such has: 1. Being on the loading screen for 10+ minutes. 2. The screen playing up and last but not least 3. Clicking the one under, above or next to the one I am trying to click. I hope you can fix this bug so I can do Duolingo again! kind regards

- This game is bad do not waste storage

This game constantly wants you to spend money just so it has infinite lives and that’s it

- I love it!

Duolingo, you great people! I have been trying to learn Chinese for a very long time, looking for good apps for language learning. Duolingo Is perfect! Please get this, it is free, And it’s not only Chinese!

- It works!

I used Duolingo for 6 months (fairly intensively) to learn Bahasa Indonesian. When we travelled there, we managed to make ourselves understood, and could read everything we needed to know! I’m really happy with Duolingo and could not recommend it more highly.

- Good fun

So . It’s good fun . You could learn a bit . Why not ?

- Hearts reck the game

Once you run out of hearts you either pay gems or wait, it’s stupid!

- Won’t get you to fluency, will help a lot

This app puts gamification of learning to excellent use, but be warned, if you worry too much about the game aspect you won’t learn as much. Users should concentrate on thinking through answers rather than going to hints too soon. Also look for something on Youtube to supplement your listening skills.

- Can we add a New Zealand language

My friend wants to get the app but she wants to learn Maori it’s a New Zealand language. Thanks!

- No longer subscribe

When they add Thai I’ll resubscribe... plenty asking for it and still fantasy languages are considered more important

- Surprisingly addictive

I was really surprised how much i am enjoying learning a new language. Spent an hour a day learning for the past two weeks and so much has already sunk in. Love the comment feature which lets you see where other went wrong with their translations and helps you understand your errors for next time. Such a comprehensive experience for a free app

- If you want too learn a language fast don’t use this

At the start it was easy. Then it just got crazy. It was teaching me some pretty unnecessary information as a beginner and it was making things hard. There’s barely any revision so you have to note down practically everything and the app expects that once you got the answer right you will forever remember it. I realised after using it for a week or so I was getting nowhere. Then I started downloading other apps and watching YouTube videos. I was doing some digging in and research as well. Then that’s when I knew if I solely relied on Duolingo, it would’ve taken me well over a year or so to completely talk and read fluently in the language I was learning. After a week of using other stuff to learn the language (research, other apps and videos), I could practically read anything (not entirely fluent or fast though but that’s only just a week). Overall, it’s an ok app for learning a language fast but if you have the time and dedication, this is for you. Tip: if you use Duolingo use it alongside another app or something like that.

- Enjoying it

It is a challenge I enjoy it, I find I can read it the best

- Duolingo

This app is awesome! It makes learning a language easy and fun, every day you learn more words it’s awesome

- Please bring back games

I started using Duolingo years ago and have just come back to it. I’m so disappointed they have removed the games! You used to be able to challenge other players or even a computer. Please bring this back! Also, new concepts are introduced but no explanation or background i fo is given. This would greatly improve learning. Other than these two things it’s a great app for improving vocab!

- Duolingo is great but...

The app is quicker than the web version but lacks some functionality (in particular forum comments and feedback). Also this version occasionally stalls on a grey screen when loading. The only solution I’ve found is to power down and reboot the phone.

- Fun and Educational

Easy to pick up hard to put down. I’ve never had so much fun whilst learning before

- French, Spanish, and Swahili

I am disappointed with Duolingo taking down the listening lessons from French module. I was looking forward to doing them once I went past the 2nd check point, but now I cannot do it. I am also disappointed with how they took away 5 min conversation with Spanish tutors. I am also disappointed how ‘tips’ don’t show up on my app for learning Swahili. Please fix this issue as soon as possible. I have been using Duolingo plus for about 8 months now, but I’m thinking of cancelling the plus, as it doesn’t really offer much benefits. Please consider of adding more features for plus members

- So worth it

I have learned so much Spanish from this app. I can’t fault it at all. And it’s free!

- Why

Duolingo is just why. It never helped me! My Japanese is still the same!!!!

- Spanish with Duolingo

I am really enjoying learning Spanish with this app. It is important to do it every day. It may seem repetitious but it does help to remember vocabulary and where those accents go. A knowledge of Latin and French also helps.

- The words are wrong

I was learning Swedish and my friend from Sweden said that lots of the word aren’t what they mean

- Good app

Very good app

- Good but one thing.....

I love duolingo but my friends have a button that shows what legue they are on. Imdont have that button, (upset 😭)! Please fix this. Also, I learn Russian, Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese and only Portuguese and Spanish have the books, also fix this. Overall Great App! 👍👍👍

- Great but heart system is a money making scheme.

Don’t know why they added hearts, discourages people from using the app. Statistics even show that failure decreases motivation

- Trash!

I lose my life’s every time!

Payoneer 💰

Wondering how you could earn $25 by just signing up? Earn $25 for free by joining Payoneer. Sign Up!

- Inappropriate ads

Y’all need to use more discression with the companies you allow to advertise. ABC Mouse, great! A bra company with nearly naked women? Come on.

- Problem

Seems like a good app but I have an iPhone Xs and it doesn't play the pronunciations on my phone! The only sound I hear from this app is when I guess something correct. So unfortunately I can't use it cuz how can you learn a new word without knowing how to pronounce it☹️

- Really good app, but more explanation would be helpful

It’s a great app and offers an easy way to start learning fast, but it would be nice if they offered conjugation charts. This would help understand why the verbs change and which nouns they change for. Though overall it is a great place to start and the app does well in making it fun to learn.

- Good app, but needs some changes

It’s a really good app. I’m currently learning German, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Hawaiian, Hindi, and Arabic through it. My only complaint is that it depends too much on multiple-choice. There is no true learning going on when there is multiple-choice because the answer is sitting right there in front of you. This app should force the learner to type in the answers from scratch.

- Duolingo is a great and free language learning app!

One suggestion: Since you guys offer High Valyrian and Klingon, I thought about how awesome it would be to offer a course on Simlish, the fictional language from the video game series “The Sims.” Please make it happen!

- Why don’t you have Tagalog???

No Filipino language? Why?

- Best Language learning game I’ve ever experienced!

The game is super amazing for me. I’ve been in Quarantine doing nothing and I thought to my self “Hey how about you learn something today!” So this app is a recommend and it is really amazing and you guys should try it :)!

- Frustrated but enjoy

Like learning however: My native Spanish teacher taught words as accurately Spanish that are not accepted by DL, cuartos.= room even in DL drop down box but DL will not accept, other examples but little room to explain. Very Important to new subscribers, always look at and learn tips. Found out about them last night and need all past tips, hints ... I can not always tell an accent form a dotted I or see it as they are very small, sometime dark green on light green and not visible to me, even in the reminder to check the accents. There are a few more but spell check tries to change every Spanish word I type to explain what is going on. I may try another language or return to Spanish in a month. This is a good app but has made afraid to use what I have been taught. Thank you, DL, tonight was just frustrating. Will try again.

- Where is my plus?

I sent duolingo to a friend, they now use the app. I was told it would give me free plus for a week, where is that? Overall its a good app though.

- Keeps lowering the rewards

I really loved the older version. Now you lose a heart every time you make a mistake. Kinda takes the fun out of it. Also they've lowered the reward for completing a lesson or story. Now its more like class than a fun way to learn.

- Bad not terrible

This just doesn’t reach my level. How am I supposed to know what pan is when I never heard of it!!! Maybe they should put short videos explaining new words they will show later, or they could do a review clip. Please fix this - unhappy client

- Why are there hearts

So I think it’s supposed to keep it one lesson a day (the heart thing), but personally, I don’t feel it makes much sense because normal schooling doesn’t have hearts, and if you get a question wrong, you loose a heart, because if it did, I’d probably be expelled already, so I was thinking maybe that instead of hearts, it’d be like sometime around midday to have a lesson, so that way, if you loose all your ‘hearts’, you could still finish your lesson because I lost all my hearts, and had to stop half way through my lesson because of it I don’t know if this made much sense, but hopefully it’s possible to put this into perspective and see what I’m saying if my words don’t make much sense, heh. Adios! -SkyKat365

- Punished for Mistakes

Inventing the “hearts” idea is the worst mistake a language app could make. New learners of a language SHOULD NOT BE PUNISHED for making a mistake because that is how you learn! Losing a heart with each mistake and then being cut off when you run out of all 5 makes learners less motivated to want to try and learn. Terrible app nowadays.



- Super awesome

BUT add Icelandic! And lessons that are strictly pronunciation would be fantastic. Can we get more stuff to spend jewels on? Seems pointless to earn so many jewels and have nothing to spend them on

- Hummm!!!!

I think the app is very annoying with the hearts and the adds. I’m doing Chinese and when is time to repeat a sentence they speak so fast it’s basically impossible to repeat. They should the turtle for that practice. I also notice that the male voice sounds very different from the female. The show the letters but but the translation.

- This app is the best thing that’s ever happened to me!!!

I love this app sooooooooooooooo much! It started to encourage me to learn different languages when I thought it was a waste of time. Well, now with this app, it’s not.

- Awesome language app

Very great app to learn a new language. Lots of lessons and they are detailed. Plus the stories help understand real life situations. Plenty of different languages as well and you can learn more than one at a time if u want to.

- Not Free

In app purchases require payments after just 7 days. And they don’t tell you that until after they have harvested your email address. I felt used.

- Extraordinario.

Excelente manera de aprender nuevos idiomas.


This app would be perfect if the spoken word portions would actually enunciate. How the hell am I supposed to spell something correctly if I can’t hear half the letters in a word where the language has no silent letters?!

- Great app

I’m learning so many languages especially German love it.

- :)

I love this app, but I think Tagalog should be on here too!

- Never again hate it. 😡

Awful Awful Awful I got so frustrated brushing up on my Spanish that I threw my iPad and cracked my screen!😡 I will never ever never ever again use this app!😡😠😤👎🏻

- So far I love it.

With my job, I really need to know how to speak Spanish. I have a hard time with Spanish but I’m really enjoying it. However one thing I wish there was, is a log of the words we learn. For instance, I couldn’t remember what fish was and I wasn’t able to go back to look.

- Ok for practice, lacks much actual teaching.

This app is decent for exercises and practice, but is mostly rubbish for actual teaching or explaining anything about the language (German in my case) in any real depth. Grammar intricacies are are barely grazed by the “tips” for each lesson. Fundamentally it tries to teach solely by giving the student quizzes.

- It’s perfect

It’s perfect app but the sound doesn’t work . Can you help me to fix it ? Tnx for this perfect app



- Deleted all my work

I had previously had an account on here and then I had gotten this app again to learn a new language and I didn’t put in my email. A week later and when I tried to click on the next lesson It didn’t let me unless I put in my email so I did. Then I deleted all my hard work that I was proud of. Now I’m really mad and sad because I have to start all over again. Not happy.

- Duolingo

Très magnifique!

- Love love love!

This app very good for beginners and very helpful love it

- One of the Best

This platform is by far one of the best ways to learn another language. I tried Rosetta Stone almost over a decade ago only to realize that I couldn’t stick with it. This app makes the process very enjoyable by constantly changing translations back and forth, using pictures, stories and the like. I originally downloaded this application in 2014 and I’m surprised as to the developments over the years. The stories are great at judging your comprehension of the language after you have learned several of the lessons. The constant notifications keep you on track so you never miss a day. The leaderboards incentivize using the app more to surpass your daily goals. And the regular downgrade from gold badges is a great tool to keep you reviewing older material so you don’t just focus on the newest lesson. Overall I am very satisfied with this app but feel that I should note my minor suggestions. I would really like to see not only what languages friends are learning but also what level they are at in those languages (think of it as a way of competing not just with total daily xp, but rather as progress within the language). Also a while back they had an AI chat that I thought was a fantastic idea if not a bit quirky in practice. The idea was that you could hold conversations with this AI (who would message back) to practice a more conversational form of the language. I must say that I was a little disappointed to see that this was no longer apart of this recent update. Finally I think that chat or messages portion within the friends list (both users are friends with each other) would also be a great tool. Similar to the AI chat this could give actual conversational experience to those that really want to take advantage of what this application could offer. Along with my first suggestion you could practice with people that have a similar or better understanding of the language and choose to teach those at a lower level. Either way I look forward to seeing other updates to the app and what the developers with think to add in the future.

- Ok

This is great for learning languages but when I tried to to get the plus version it took our money charged us and didn’t give me the plus features. I tried to do it again and it wouldn’t let us. Without duolingo plus you run out of hearts extremely easily and and it stops your learning process.

- Good

I like the app

- Arabic lessons

I am not receiving further Arabic lessons. I do not know the reason for it. There is the picture of Owl with spread wings. It has been three days now and i am flabbergasted. Please help

- I hate it

I hate this app so much. Some of the language is not even correct and a add for Duolingo plus comes up after every lesson so its super ridiculous

- Amazing app

Love how you guys are supporting free education with the adds. I’ve been on the app for half an hour and I already know a little bit of german. Whoever made this app is remarkable. Thank you.

- Awesome app 👏

This is a great app to learn a language. It’s soooo much better than those cheesy ‘Learn Languages.’ Apps. This has made me fluent in Spanish, and I only had to do it 4 times a week! 🙀🙀 I learned fluent Spanish in less than a year using this app. Real nice job duolingo! 👏 I love 💗 all things about this app! And I strongly recommend it. Nice job Duolingo!!😸😸

- Jay

I want do do my Spanish lesson but is not letting me go in to the app very scary😖😖😖😖😬😬

- Great app

Awesome it tought me lots of Spanish you should get it

- A fun way to competitively learn!

Great way to quickly and competitively learn an additional language. 5 stars all day!

- Suggestion

I know this would be very hard to do, but I would love it I could learn ASL in Duolingo. There is a deaf kid at my school who needs a teacher to translate for her, and I would love to be able to talk to her without the teacher needing to be there.

- Great language learning app!

This little green bird motivates me much more than I ever thought it would. I’ve put in over 5 hours and I still feel like I’m playing a game!

- My feelings

I love it sooo much

- Great app, just one little thing

This app is great for learning a language or just practicing a language. The variety of languages is great and the sentences are helpful. There’s only one issue. Every time you get a question wrong you lose a heart and you don’t get very many hearts to start out with. It’s very annoying and I don’t want to pay for the premium deal so I can get unlimited hearts. This is a problem especially if you are new to a language and are still learning. If you fixed that my rating would be up to 5 stars. I do suggest the app is you are only going to be playing 10 minutes a day though since you wouldn’t use too many hearts up.

- it’s a ok app

it’s kind of a good app, but whenever I typed the right thing it counted it wrong multiple times.

- Sure to be speaking fluently!

Trying to learn a language such as Japanese is hard. It’s very hard. But I think Duolingo really helps you with that. It’s quick, easy, and teaches you a lot you! I’d recommend this app for ANYONE trying to learn a language. My only complaint is they kind of pressure you to join Duolingo+, but you can’t really get away from those ads these days. Very thorough and I’d be surprised if you came out of it not knowing the language you were trying to learn!

- Learning is fun with DuoLingo!

I feel like I’m playing while I’m learning with all those cute graphics and animations. It also encourages you to keep learning, otherwise you lose whatever Level you earned and make you start over, I think is a good way to keep you focused. I recommend it to anyone who doesn’t have the time to take a formal class and who wants to do something useful while waiting for something.

- Ruined

Was fun for 86 days until they added the stars (life) now there is too much pressure and it is anxiety inducing. I gave up and no longer use it.

- Одлична апликација за учење језика.

Ова апликација ми је помогла да научим неки енглески тако да могу разговарати са својим пријатељем који говори само енглески и шпански. Пре него што сам набавио ову апликацију, нисам знао енглески тако да нисам могао да разговарам са својим најбољим пријатељем који је Американац. Препоручујем ову апликацију свима који желе да науче језик. И ја волим слатку маскоту сове ! Али волео бих да постоји начин да мој амерички пријатељ научи српски користећи ову апликацију тако да кад посети може да говори мој језик. Такође бих волела да можете научити тајландски с овом апликацијом, а не само тамо где Тајланђани могу да уче енглески. Али постоји много језика које можете научити помоћу ове апликације. И здраво Дуолинго Сова !

- I like Duolingo

I enjoy working my English and Spanish there.

- Divided

Any potential customers, please heed this. Duolingo, as of now, restricts your learning with this lives system. If you are okay with small amounts a day, learning slowly, go for it. If you want to work in big chunks, you need to pay for Duolingo Plus. This is how the app is structured, and I doubt that it will be changing too soon. I hope to see the developers of this app continue to make a great product, I just hope that they understand that labelling the whole app as a free app, normally would mean that any subscription is extra, not removing restrictions. But, if that is what they wish to do, that they make it clear. Its not a free app with a “plus” subscription, its a restricted app with a “unlock everything” subscription. Sorry if any of my grammar is off or anything, I’ve never been very good with formal writing. If this counts a formal writing at all.

- Sadly, 3 out of 5

It is completely amazing and I LOVE IT! BUT.....I have no idea why if you get an answer wrong they take away a “heart.” (Btw, it didn’t happen on the website program.) Then you have to wait 5 hrs to get the hearts back. Why do you have to include gems, and achievements, and LIVES???!! It makes it very pressurizing. PLEASE REMOVE THAT FEATURE!

- Bad

Was actually educational before you added hearts, and now it’s just stupid. Try to consider making the heart refill 30 minutes instead of 4 hours.

- Awful

This is the worst Language learning app I’ve ever used. When I use the app and put in my answers when it is right it says I’m wrong and then takes away health from the health bar so I can’t learn anymore. I thought the point of making mistakes was to learn from them, but I can’t do that if all my health is gone. There for this is the worst language learning app ever.

- Learning a language

I love this and I am grateful because I always wanted to learn a new language

- Terrible!

Do not download! If your un out of lives which happens really quick with beginners you have to wait hrs before you can try again. 👎

- Don’t trial unless you’re committed

The apps great so far don’t get me wrong, but I signed up for the 7 day free trial knowing well that I would be charged at the end of it. What I didn’t know was that I’d be charged an entire year subscription upfront with no refund. As I gathered up the last bits for my trip I was being charged $107 Canadian for an entire of a service I no longer need. I would have been fine with a month but now I’ve been royally effed out of money that I don’t have. Thanks Duolingo 🖕🏻

- hello

please remove the health system, all its doing is limiting users to learn and that completely counteracts the purpose of duolingo

- Système de vie

J’avais déjà auparavant utilisé duo lingo pour apprendre l’anglais. J’ai récemment voulu me mettre à l’allemand mais je trouve vraiment dommage l’implantions du système de vie. Cela limite grandement ce que nous pouvons apprendre. C’est selon moi seulement une tactique pour vous faire payer plus de 100$ pour leur version « plus ». L’application reste de très bonne qualité mais je crois que les pub et leur vies gâchent vraiment tout.

- Avis

Il y a quelques erreurs! Il serait intéressant de changer de vocabulaire! Ex. « Le menu est sur l’assiette » on le voit tres souvent. J’aimerais qu’il n’y ait pas de perte de vies! Sinon, c’est varié et accessible! Merci!


I can’t even do stuff for 5 minutes before all my hearts are gone

- A take away the health points!!

This app is really good it’s can teach you so much but the most annoying thing that ruins the whole app is the health that you need with the hearts. I want to buy the full thing but I don’t want to waste money on something that I don’t know works yet because of the membership or the full version whatever it is😫Overall this is a pretty good app and it has helped me with most of my languages!🤪😕

- Significant improvement over the years

I used to use this app for a little while and then give up. Mostly due to the lack of teaching grammar in a consolidated way. Recently, I gave the app another shot and the improvements were so significant that I decided to leave a 5 star rating and share my experience. Keep up the great work Duolingo!

- Effective language building

This application has a really effective approach to acquiring a new language. It’s thoughtfully structured and very easy to use. I recommend it highly, especially for challenging projects like Scots Gaelic

- Loved learning with Duo. Now not so much.

I was running Duolingowithdive languages, now that it has hearts, I can only work on one, this app has gone downhill fast, I might have been o lookelse wherefore help in learning languages. I have notices litigation complaint like mine. Duo is kicking their own Burt with this “fun” change.

- Hi, duo. It’s Cc.

I’m wondering. How do you go to the houses of people who failed tests just so you can take kids away? Do you have a sensor like baldi? You keep taking entire families at risk. And you keep separating every loved one. Keep up the streak. You have the worst punishments out of every language learning game. Kids dogs and parents gone, until people get the streak. Why is the mafia at jfk? I’m sure you might get coronavirus. You are watching every family, sending the owls to attack and stealing loved ones until they get the streak. Ironic. You can kidnap humans. But other owls can’t


Ok so I think that it is good too have a free app to learn languages. But I do not like the idea of whenever you make a mistake you lose a heart It is inevitable that you will make a mistake and when you make a mistake you have to stop learning until tomorrow! Which is outrages because you were being punished for making a mistake. Witch without failure you are not learning!

- Good but not perfect

Very good to learn the basics focusing on repetition, in a good approach. Very well done and interesting. Lacks some explanation and grammar rules when you make mistakes. There is actually none. So when a mistakes is reapeated and you can figure out why, you need to google it. Also I am at almost 1/3 of my spanish course and there is zero section on thé basic learnings of human body parts.. eyes nose hands legs etc.. i am doing past tense verbs but I cant tell what an arm is in spanish Althought, i learned so much more than i could expect in just 2 weeks with an average of 30-60 mins a day.

- Epic

Spanish or Vanish

- Take away the health bar!!

I used to prize this app above most on my phone, and would spend many hours learning new language every week. With the hearts system of reward and punshiment, learning is no longer fun nor FAR FROM FREE. If you’re considering this app, I’m sad to say please go elsewhere, or ‘wait’ until Duo fixes this glaring problem (cash grab)

- Could be better

I really wanted to learn Lithuanian:(

- Duo


- Julia

It is a fantastic app!! Learn in 2 weeks a whole college semester program with fun !!! Amazing!!! Worth every penny!! Love it

- Too many freaking ads.

I used to love this app and recommended it to everyone but now it is so full of ads unless you pay $13/month it’s not even useable. I’ll be looking for a different language resource.

- Super mais j’aimerais que vous rajoutiez le japonais dans la section francaise

J’aime beaucoup!! On peut apprendre facilement, rapidement et gratuitement. Mais j’aimerais bien pouvoir apprendre le japonais mais il n’est pas disponible en français😞 Donc j’aimerais que vous rajoutiez le japonais dans la section d’apprentissage en français! Merci! 😊

- add farsi

i’m tryna learn farsi, add

- Learning

This site is helpful and convenient to learn a language

- Great

This app is perfect

- I miss this app

I really miss this app I deleted it because got so scared .😓

- I’m really learning German

I’ve only been using Duolingo for less than a month and I’ve already picked up conjuration and simple sentences in German. Like anything you have to put your time in, but this is an amazing vessel to learn a new language.

- Granteoh Edits - Youtube

Ok this is really fun, I love this game so much and it helps me with basically anything. The only problem is I wish there was more languages.

- Hearts need to go

They say it’s a free learning app but some accounts have no hearts and some have them. Needs to be removed, or changed.

- Echo other reviews

Used to be the best app out there for learning, now it discourages me from wanting to continue to use more than one lesson a day with the heart system. Make it a flat out buy price not a monthly subscription at least—- who can afford 10$ a month forever.

- Grateful

This app is such a gift to anyone interested in learning a language. And it is generously offered free to anyone and everyone! It’s never boring. Fun and easy to work with. Thanks Duolingo 🥰 from a happy Canadian learning Spanish.

- Okay

Remove the dumbass health bar

- Was best app at a point in time/no SUCKS

Please don’t make any mistakes learning a language you don’t know. You’ll be locked out the app.

- Energy in a language learning app?

No thanks. This is ridiculous and completely counter-productive for a language learning app This went from my most recommended language app to an app I’ll never recommend ever again. Go check out Fluent Forever instead.

- V good app, more language courses?

I love this app,, please add an Estonian language course bc i’d love to learn the language 🥺🥺

- Learning new languages

I really enjoy this apt! I have learned a lot from it. Now I can say a few words to my son in-law in Spanish. He will be so proud of me. I recommend this apt to all my friends & family. It’s the best way to learn. Thank you

- Loading problems

Extremely annoying that I have to restart my phone on each day I want to learn on the app. Content won’t load

- Such a disappointment

I stopped using the app a short while ago because of the limitations of the language I was learning. I didn’t understand the syntax that much (it’s often the opposite of English,) and you can only really learn by example from the app. Regardless, I thought I’d pick up the app again. I’m a bit rusty, so I’m trying to push through the more basic lessons from where I had left off. I had finally almost completed one of the lessons, when I run out of “health.” I’m good, thanks Duolingo. You helped me start my journey, but now I’m actually willing to spend some money on some dictionaries and other resources to continue my learning where you failed.

- Duo lingo is fun

Most fun app I’ve ever bought. I can use it for 2 minutes or twenty. It stimulates my brain and challenges my memory as well. My use of social media has more than halved since I got it.



- Duolingo Spanish

Love Duolingo so far, BUT I would love to have the option to study European Spanish pronunciation!! In addition, many of the words used in Latin America Spanish are not commonly used in Spain. It would be a great help to have the choice between Spanish (Latin) or Spanish (European ie Spain). Thank you! :)

- Help....

I dident do duolingo and now he is kidnapping my family!!!! STOP IT DUO!!!

- Bad Update

Take away the health bar, I hate the bar so much that I recommend doing this on google or safari

- Très cool mais de langue en français

Je veux apprendre le japonais en français mais il ne l’a pas .

- Own language please!

I’m English but born in the Philippines so I want to learn Filipino but here isn’t any

- Why Duolingo plus?Microtransit actions annoyances

This app is the best free language learning app at most, it’s heart system where you lose a heart each time you fail a question and then a whole lesson.And the only solution to this problem for us is to buy Duolingo plus to have infinite hearts.This honestly sucks cause you have to pay for it monthly or whatever just to learn a proper language or wait a few hours every day to get one or two hearts.Thanks Duolingo

Libertex 📈

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- Ken

I love this App, the fact that it is free and the potential to bring people together from across the globe by breaking down language barriers. In love for you guys, I just have a few items of constructive feedback: points totals are not always updating, some of the Welsh pronunciation is a little off and it would be great if there was a way to message DuoLingo friends so we could arrange to practice our language skills through conversation on Skype/Zoom or a similar platform. Thanks guys, you rock!

- Amazing just something annoying

The best app ever and everything although I’m just annoyed that stories aren’t for other languages. I’m on my Japanese course and think stories are great ideas! Although there isn’t any for my language. This is picky but just try to update that because I think it sounds amazing! Other than that 100% recommend.

- Duolingo

It’s good at teaching you, but for the Spanish it teaches you Latin America Spanish instead of Spain Spanish. Also, the heart system that gives you 5 chances at getting something right is really bad, as it sometimes kicks you out of a lesson right at the end and you have to do a really easy and boring lesson to get 1 out of 5 lives back.

- i don’t like the hearts

the app is really good overall however i don’t like the hearts as when you run out you can’t carry on learning this seems to be beside the point of the app as it limits your learning

- Bad

So many emails even when you unsubscribe from them it doesn’t stop sending you them So many adds every 10 seconds it will give you adds and try get you to subscribe to its premium Doesn’t teach properly swapped round different stuff over and over again

- Ad heavy

Way too many ads; can go premium to get rid of them but even the free accounts shouldn’t be so bombarded by ads.

- Love the app

Just chose 1 star to get some attention idk if it'll work. Great app but I liked being able to see the specific xp I had in different languages.

- Offline lessons not working

I am an upgraded member and I am very annoyed that while on a plane most of the lessons didn’t work I pay for this reason so why wasn’t it working? If you don’t fix it soon I will un subscribe

- Great app

A very good app, however it was more convenient when the app changed the language of the keyboard for you, throughout the exercise. Nonetheless, I highly recommend this app.

- Excellent resource though the difficulty scaling is a bit random

I love this method of language learning and it is a very extensive resource.i am glad I paid for Plus so I can do as much as I want when I want without running out of ‘lives’. My main frustration is that it keep telling me the next lesson will be harder and willI accept the challenge - only to repeat what was I. The previous lesson, sometimes nearly word for word. A tip i didn’t find for some time: if it seems too easy, you can try the next level test by tapping the numbered Castle icon.if you pass, it unlocks the next section. Saves trawling through masses of repetitive stuff once you’ve fully grasped a level. Overall, I am very impressed - a large amount of content, a little bit of grammar and structure ( though barely enough) and ease of use. Dangle, Duo!

- Misleading advertisement

I love DuoLingo and have been using it for a while to learn new languages. I decided to subscribe to the monthly Plus Duolingo as the App advertised a monthly subscription cost. Which when compared to other options (such as Rosetta Stone which is considerably more expensive) seemed like a great affordable way to learn a language. No where did it state that this would be a one off payment and I woke up this morning to a £77.99 charge to my account, this is such a shame as they advertised themselves in a way that seemed affordable. The charge has left me completely out of pocket as I was expecting a charge under £10 for the month. Be careful when subscribing to the Plus features as you will be charged for the full year in one go. I also have yet to hear back from them regarding a refund for this charge.

- Predatory

They have started charging users to continue learning if you fail an X number of times. Predatory behaviour.

- Feedback

Not good unless you go premium which is too expensive

- More hearts

If you are meant to learn a language then why do you have hearts. If you make mistakes then you lose hearts. So if you make 1 or 2 mistakes then you can’t play so you’re not learning the Language. This app is bad, don’t waste you time to download it. I am a not an adult so I can’t pay for the Duolingo plus but if I could I probably would. Can you just maybe give people more hearts.


Absolutely best app to learn languages. I love the fact that if you don’t have premium, and get something wrong, it actually forces you to revise to keep learning. It’s also a very fun app, unlike other that I’ve tried which become really boring at some point. Been using this app for 2 days and I’m loving it! I just moved to Italy and In school they learn French, but I’ve never learnt it, so I had to find a way to get to the same level of knowledge the people in my class are, and this is the perfect app! 100% recommended ❤️

- Needs more options

A good app to learn, but there should be a difference between Latin American Spanish and Spanish from Spain. It’s hard to learn Spanish on this app because it teaches grammatical things/ pronunciation that I wouldn’t use!

- I don’t like it because......

I was trying to learn German but it was giving me words it had not given me yet, so I lost all of my lives and I couldn’t play it because I didn’t get them right...Which means I couldn’t learn.

- Ruined

This used to be a great app but with the stupid heart system you’ve made it difficult for people to actually LEARN which is what this app is supposed to be. Surely you make enough money from the constant ad pop-ups without forcing people to have to grind or essentially give you more money just to be able to do the actual sessions. This isn’t CandyCrush or some other cheap cash grab game, this is a learning tool. You already have ad revenue + a premium mode of the app. I have removed your app and will be looking for other tools to learn and study languages.

- Lives are disapointing

I would normally play online but I decided to use the app. I thought it was cool and well structured. However, that is when I realised the lives. I think this is a bad feature as it puts a limit on your learning especially if your trying to learn for a certain amount each day. So I am sticking with online.

- Stories!

I love Duo lingo!❤️🧡❤️ can you add stories for Italian! My lass has stories when she studies French and it looks so much fun!!!

- This used to be fun

Hearts in all three of my languages now: make five mistakes in a lesson and the lesson is over, go practice five completed sections to earn back those hearts and start the lesson over, no option to pick up from where you'd got to. No way to review vocab. Grammar tips only in some languages. Automatic enrolment in leagues, for extra pressure: can't turn them off from within the app. Diamond league had its demotion zone tripled last week; perfect, MORE stress right when I least need it, thanks Duo. And now, video ads: jarring and unpleasant, and forcing you to wait at least 5s before you can dismiss them. Duolingo Plus on a monthly contract costs more than Netflix! This used to be a fun way to keep my skills from growing rusty; now it's a stressful slog.

- Duo has unfortunately gone downhill.

I have been using Duolingo since 2013 and it used to be very much the go to app for learning a language. Unfortunately Duo has improved at a far lower rate than other apps and I currently find it just annoying rather than a good language learning tool. I am a Plus user and would consider the app unusable for people using the hearts system. There are no native speakers on the app which now makes it look antiquarian. Duo is very much resting on past laurels and the the competitive points leagues are just a distraction from the apps failings. Au revoir Duo et bonne chance.

- My review

Absolutely no need in the hearts. Would be a fantastic app if this element was not there

- 5 hearts equals 1 star

The love is lost with this new update. Always felt we had a good relationship DUO but now it’s all over! Hearts are broken and stars have disappeared also. Will be looking out for you policy reversal.

- Good app for learning

It’s a good app for learning a language, however, the lives are a real problem if you lose all 5 you either have to buy more (for an absurd amount of gems compared to what you receive per lesson) or wait about 24 to get the, back again.

- Unfit for purpose

So ive been using this for a while now so im gonna update my review for the last time. First of all you need to understand that humans learn by making mistakes. By limiting the amount of mistakes you can make, you are directly impacting and limiting the knowledge the person will can get. Just this makes it clear from the beginning we are dealing with a dishonest company here, as they claim their objective is to provide “free education” while it is clearly Profit. Also, they wont tel you they earn money by selling the translations you make. I personally dont have a problem with that as long as you give me a usable app in exchange not this. Its completely plagued with adds appearing constantly, and you can get a small nice silent banner for 5 seconds, or you can get a minutes long, full screen, max volume full blown commercial that will take control of your phone and you will be unable to cancel, mute or do anything else apart from force closing the app. Both are rewarded the same, 1 miserable “heart” that will allow you to kommit 1 miserable mistake more. Their price to make their app usable is a total scam. If you are really considering paying that high price then go for Babbel, Rosetta Stone or any other company that at least have the DECENCY of hiring Native Speakers to record the audio instead of forcing you to listen to a stupid text to speech robot that sounds like a broken old lady kitchen bot from Fallout 4. If you reall want a free learning all Just go for Memrise. It has thousands more courses, you can create your own courses, Adds arent intrusive, you have no limits in making mistakes, most courses have native speakers voiceover, and their premium subscription costs just a fraction than duoscam. The only redeeming quality and the reason it really reserves the 1 star given by default, is that the desktop version (accessed thru a computer, mobile devices will get nerfed and be extremely slow) is not that bad for being free and adblock gets rid of most the spam. However this is not a course, you wont be fluent on anything just by using this. But is kinda useful as a refresher or a compliment for your real language classes. This app was based on the Swedish from English course.

- NOT being mean

I am not being mean but it was a teribble option to have limited hearts now people spend less time learning languages I’ve talked to my friends and some of them spend lots of time in other countries but sometimes when they are studying the language that people spoke there and when they arrived them not knowing what to say!only knowing a quarter! And one of their moms told the people running the place that he was shy and wouldn’t talk Mutch (in Spanish) how embarrassing is that!!!

- Almost perfect for me

Hi creator I am writing because I want to learn 9 languages in my lifetime. All of the languages are there except for Serbian, why Serbian you ask, because Serbian is my father tongue and I’m desperate to learn it, so please make a course of Serbian and to me this app is five stars.

- Good but....

The Duolingo app is amazing but there is just one small thing: hearts. Every time I go to do a lesson or do a story it complains that I have no hearts. Then I end up spending all of my gems on new hearts. I really hope you could update it but otherwise it is a great app and I would definitely recommend it to all 🙂

- I loved it...

I really enjoyed using this app for work but now I can’t use it on my iPod ? It was working all the time and suddenly at the most crucial time of work it will not allow my device use this app. Please may you make it capable of my device. Thank you

- Wonderful app

I’m really enjoying learning Norwegian with Duolingo! I’m surprised at how quickly I’m picking up a language that feels very different to English. Perfect activity for these restricted times.

- Scam

Since they implemented the game giving you five lives and they don’t accept answers that are anyway correct this has become frustrating to use.. sorry but that’s my opinion... it was excellent before. Not anymore.

- The PERFECT time-waster

The game-like, quick and easy format makes this app the perfect cure for boredom! 💯👍🏾

- 12 months in

Very good but been slow spelling mistakes makes it very difficult

- Free but wanting payment further in

It says it’s for free then when I get so far in to it it’s not letting me go further wanting payment how can it be advertised as free if they want a payment I need to learn a language as part of my criminal law course anyone can help would be great full as this is a brill app but misleading on advertisement as free

- Use to be great

This app use to be great but since the heart system has been added it is terrible. Completely knocks confidence when learning when you can’t complete a lesson as you keep making mistakes (huge part of learning). They have the client base and now they are just trying to money grab as you get unlimited goes if you pay per month. They keep saying their goal is about getting people to learn. This is not true their goal is to try and make as much money off this app as they possibly can.

- Perfect

Perfect app. Please add a night/dark mode 😅

- Best app

Out of all the apps that are widely available to us, DuoLingo is BY FAR the best app. It’s not even a close second. I absolutely love it. It used to be completely free and now they’ve added a system to try and get you to upgrade. I WOULD upgrade but it is far too pricey considering Disney+ is £5.99 and Netflix is similar. If it was affordable, I’d be a Plus member for sure.

- Very much recommended

At first I wasn’t too keen on this app as it was slightly annoying that you couldn’t refill your hearts if you don’t have premium and you lose one each time you make a mistake! Given that you only start with five hearts, this is rather inconvenient!! HOWEVER, I have discovered that rather than waiting for the hearts to refill over time, you can do a quick practice round to earn them! I’ve been using this app for a couple of weeks now and I can honestly say it is the best for language learning! I highly recommend it!! P.S - I was learning a complete new language just for a bit of fun and you honestly don’t have to be a professional as the course takes you through all the basics!! 😁

- Doesn’t load! Extremely slow!

I’ve been wanting to use this app for over several days now but every night I try to load it and it just doesn’t move, it’s so slow I could sit for hours! So I try it delete the app and reinstall but it doesn’t help. I’ve attempted to contact Duolingo but no contacts for general queries just business related contacts. I’ve also checked thier stats as prompted to and it seems to be fine. So could it just be my app?

- Brilliant

Learning Norwegian faster than I did with learning Italian at college classes. And I’m 73!

- Best learning app

I’m in quarantine right now and I’ve learned more the last 3 days on dualingo than the last 2 years of school


do not use duolingo it’s so bad and difficult to use highly don’t recommend

- #1

Best language app I’ve ever used. I don’t usually, ever write reviews but it was on fair that I pay this app some homage, with the progress I’ve made using it. It uses repetition in a way that doesn’t feel repetitive. A must download!

- Good

I like that they’ve added Scottish Gaelic. They should let you hear every word and teach you all the words before they all you what they mean.

- Brilliant

A few years ago one of my friends recommended Duolingo as we were learning italian. I didn’t really wasn’t to as I couldn’t be bothered, but a week ago my teacher recommended it again and this time I listened! It is an amazing way to learn a new language and it makes it fun and easy. I particularly love the Tips section as it is really helpful and the rewards make it so much more fun! Recommend for kids and adults alike whether you are new to languages or have a bit of knowledge as you can take a test at the beginning and you can start at wherever you are most comfortable

- Gaelic!

Absolutely love my Gaelic course!

- Very good app

I’m learning Spanish with duolingo and it’s very good. One thing I don’t like is how they advertise duolingo plus so much and don’t tell us how much it is. I really want plus but I don’t know the price, other than that I really love the app 😊

- Really good

It really helps and is pretty fun There is a tone of story’s to If you don’t know a word u can tap on it and it translates it The only thing is that the lives can be a bit annoying but you can just do a test to get more if you run out.

- Subscription

I am very annoyed. I went to purchase the 6 month subscription as on the app it said it would be £7.49 a month and then once I clicked yes it had taken £44.99 out of my bank! That is completely the opposite to what I got offered on the app, and has left me with insufficient funds for other items as I believed it was going to only charge £7.49 like it said. (I can afford the monthly price each month just not the bulk!

- Fails you for using proper English

Grey is spelt grey in English, gray in American English. Failing people for using the correct English spelling rather than accepting both options is stupid.

- help he’s after me


- Please add Malay!

Please add Malay to your list of languages!

- No point now with the new system

I used to use Duolingo to learn Hebrew and was getting into a pattern before life got in the way and I stopped. I couldn’t fault the service at the time, but now I have returned only to find that I am now limited to 5 “lives” a day. Now, not only does that feel like a punishment for making mistakes, but it means I can’t keep learning until those lives refresh. It’s frustrating, especially when I set time aside to learn and now cant use it. This issue is enough to put me off the app and I won’t be using it anymore.


My mom is a Filipino but we don’t really get much time (mostly her) so I need you to add the Filipino language PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I BEG YOU or I will not give it a 5 star

- Better than Babbel

I have the very overpriced Babbel and Duolingo. Duolingo is better because it uses analytics to teach you what you did wrong in the following exercises, after a mistake. Babbel has no analytics whatsoever. However, Duolingo could much improved as the audio seems to be computer generated, for example it pronounces the common French work avec, as avec-u. Duolingo Gems need to be rethought to make them actually desirable for contest play or app use. Maybe an offer of one month free Duolingo Plus if you get enough, or some other better reward for accumulated gems (I have 10,000!). It uses American English, which is a shame because a lot of French words are almost indentical to British English, like a hotel reception etc. Audio stories are excellent and so is the podcast.

- Great app

Dulingo is a amazing app it helped me with my Hindi,I needed to learn Hindi because I’m from India but I live in a other country and dulingo helped me learn my basics for Hindi

- Amazing App!

I am currently learning Spanish on this game and it is awesome. You can do more than one course and it is the right amount of difficulty, (not to difficult but not to easy) and I love this fun way of learning a language and spelling it too! Best of all, it is free! I am so glad I got this app, as a friend recommended it to me! I just wanted to thank this amazing app by letting other people know my great experience!! ❤️❤️

- Got greedy with ads

The update brought new animations, but you will be watching ads now.

- not enough languages

disappointed that Afrikaans isn’t on there

- A good app

This app is perfect and amazing it really helped in school its really easy to learn what language you want and has many verities of languages to learn even some languages that are not even spoken anymore but I think the hearts are annoying and I can’t get duo plus well for reasons but I think just because you make a mistake it’s not fair that you get on 5 chances then you can’t practice ??

- Not Fair

How come Samsung can play for free with no lives yet apples have to play with hearts?!?!?! I also invited 2 people they downloaded the app and I never even received my week of free plus??? So silly in my opinion

- My review

It’s an excellent app, it covers so much yet at the same time it’s fun, a perfect way to learn. My only criticism, the Quiz tests on new words, which is not part of ones learning, then the words are not introduced again, other than this merci beaucoup

- Once pretty good, now insipid

Used this when I first started learning French, and through the website it was pretty good. It was clear that corners were being cut, many of the translations were totally incorrect either in the English or as translated, but thanks to the tireless work of unpaid moderators, things were kept afloat. They have now clearly withdrawn all support for the website - try using it through any iOS device and it will crash your browser, you are totally unable to write in or even read the question forums because it will not load and you will have to reload the entire Duolingo environment and start your exercise again. Your only option now is to use the app, which does not even offer the opportunity to write notes in the forum (despite promises from the Devs going back to 2014). So you are entirely shut out of the one bit of Duo that actually truly works. Attempts to contact the developers, either by email or through the online forum, are completely ignored. There are dozens of threads from users complaining about the lack of iOS support, as well as the microtransacrional nature of the app, whereby you are essentially punished for getting questions wrong, and forced to buy your way back in. The entire learning model is corrupt and ineffective, and not only are they not listening to requests but they don't even respond. If you are just starting out you may get something from this, but don't expect to learn useful phrases, or even correct grammar. For all the talk of 'keeping education free', they are actually all about 'keeping poor teaching with the minimum of effort, profitable'. I've given up on it. Advise you to avoid entirely.

- Review on Russian

I am a native Russian speaker but want to learn to type in Russian. I have found persistent errors in the speakers’ word stress patterns, e.g. the word еду, and some grammar errors. At the moment I am stuck on the plural of the verb in ‘ many people in Europe and America know about St Petersburg ‘. The plural of the verb знать here should be знают but the answer insists on знает, which is singular. ‘ People’ is plural. While Duolingo is undoubtedly a valuable program, and I am enjoying using it, it is extremely annoying that there seems to be no way to report problems. I do not know how to take a photo of the offending items, not who to send them to. Please take note of this review, as I mean it well. I do find other students making similar remarks but have no idea how they get through.

- Used to be a very good app.

Duolingo was for the longest time one of the best language learning apps. It was continuously improved for the better, with more challenging content and intuitive features. The introduction of the “Hearts” system has rendered the app joyless and frustrating to use. If Duolingo’s intention in implementing the “Hearts” system was to encourage people to use their app less, then they’ve certainly been successful in that regard in my case.

- i liked how it was before...

hey so i know it’s silly but can we also have back the sound effects and the little daily circle thingy...? come on i know y’all know what i’m talking about...lol anyways that’s pretty much it~

- Cool duo

VERY COOL 👍 is my opinion because Duolingo is fabulous! I loooove duo the vite bird flapping around me and sending me notifications.

- Buggy

- Language keyboard no long changes between each page (have to manually change it each time) - iOS swipe keyboard keeps doubling up words in between finishing the swipe and clicking submit button (could be duolingo code bug or iOS code bug. For examples, check my wrongly written answers) - audio has become very low (need iphone on highest volume to hear speech, when I normally listen to music on 1-2 iOS volume bars)

- Pls my family

I had been learning a bit that is why I didn’t give 1 star BUT I Missed my Spanish lesson and it sent a notification saying SPANISH OR VANISH I thought it was a joke then the next day I woke up and my family had vanished PLEASE GIVE ME MY FAMILY BACK

- Good

This app is good. I’m learning Spanish and I feel like without a teacher, I’m learning a lot. I just want more bonus skills to have. There is flirting and idioms but I want more. So English —> Spanish more bonus skills

- Freeze streak🌋🥶

Streaks do not save you from the demotion Zone 😡😡 WHY.

- Best language learning app ever!

This is the best app ever! I never skip a day because I look forward to learning it everyday! Super fun and super easy, it’s basically unlimited free education!! I recommend this 100%!

- Fabulous language learning tool!

I appreciate gamification for learning a language & Duolingo has without a doubt done it best. I recommend both premium/ free vision. The only thing I would like to see more of is Duolingo events in my City (Sydney, Australia). I applied to organise the French events but haven’t gotten a response. It would be amazing to meet with liked minded people who are looking to improve their languages skills. I would like to encourage the Duolingo staff to promote these events, and encourage people to join in.

- Overall pretty good but could do with some improvements.

Fonts too small in typing space Sometimes I’m outraged when I get something wrong because I think I’m right. Then I squint and see I’ve got a typo. This app needs a bigger font on the iPad. Plus they should at least allow you one chance to correct when typing complicated sentences by highlighting the incorrect part of the sentence. Sometimes it takes me two or three goes to get a complicated sentence right and it drains all the fun from it. I feel like I’m banging my head against a wall. Also, in the flash cards, it would be nice if they flashed up the words you get wrong at the end. Sometimes I get to the end, thinking I got 10 out of 10 only to see I made a mistake, but which? Learn failure. The weak point challenges need modifying. Currently they take all the exercises you’ve got wrong and dump them into one lesson from hell. It potentiates all your mistakes. Get it wrong. Get it wrong again. How about some sequential variations on the incorrect sentence to help learn the pattern? These challenges only occur in the free version so maybe they are designed to annoy you. The timed challenges are also ridiculous. I’ve only made it through one of five I’ve tried so far and mostly failed by a long shot. Instead of timing you and pushing you to go a little faster, they throw you in the deep end. Timed challenges are a great way to lose all your hearts. Again, only in the free version. Plus the fail challenge trumpet sound is truly infuriating. It would also be nice if the trophy changed each time you do all the lessons on one level. I was really disappointed when I go completed level 2 and the trophy didn’t change. Finally, this program may bill itself as an exercise in educational philanthropy but a major aspect of the gamification is to get you to subscribe. You’ll get stressed and annoyed as you lose hearts and try to earn them back again. Especially when the program doesn’t accept your equally valid translation of a phrase. I succumbed eventually and bought a subscription. It’s a lot less stressful. Those pesky timed challenges and weak point challenges disappeared too. I don’t mind a challenge, but they were way too demanding and were clearly designed to encourage you to subscribe. Unfortunately, once you do subscribe, you’ll find precious little to spend your hard-earned gemstones on. All they really do is buy hearts. For example, a new feature is the XP boost timed challenge. You cannot buy extra time with gems, you have to pay real money, even if you have a subscription. Worse still, I’ve answered between 10 and 18 questions correctly and have only ever received 10 points regardless of my score. I suspect the 40 points they dangle to entice you can only be acquired by paying cold hard cash. A feature of the subscription are daily challenges that allow you to monitor your progress. According to these, I’m going backwards. I know this is not true, so perhaps some adjustments are required there too. The graph is not colour coded according to the tier. The program is worth the price and much cheaper than its major competitor, Rosetta Stone. One gripe: it doesn’t allow family sharing of the subscription. Netflix is better value, although not as educational.

- Once great. Now terrible.

This used to be a great free app with the occasional add. I used to recommend it to everyone. With the introduction of the “hearts” and also the increase in adds it is no longer pleasant to use. It is no longer a viable app to teach you any thing. I can not recommend this app to anyone. It was once great. Now a terrible money grab.

- Love this app

So easy to use and lots of ways to learn a language.

- Plz fix

Very good app. Could you please have something in it that turns my autocorrect off bc ffs my phone keeps changing the Spanish words I write into English words and then the thing tells my I got it wrong but I actually wrote the right thing. Good app still tho

- Check your English!

Hi I think there’s quite a few mistakes with your accepted English sentences. Because both “We are strong together” and “Together we are strong” are correct and you costed me a life :(. However I do love your app

- Took money

While it’s a good app, when it offered the 7 days free trial I had to select out of the 3 options of prices, it saying it will charge me after 7 days if I haven’t subscribed I did the $9 something over 12 months but planning on cancelling instead it bust took $120 out of my account straight away, ripped me off



- Where’s the grammar at?

I really enjoyed this app for helping me start learning polish. But it gives NO help on understanding grammatical rules, which is essential for learning this language. I really think it needs an update!

- Garry

Amazing app. I started with face to face lessons and found it extremely daunting, however with Duolingo, I’m able to keep ahead of my classes and really understand what the lecturer is covering. Invaluable

- Not terrible but..

Could be better. I dislike the health system and the fact it’s like a game app where it encourages you to spend money to get gems and hearts. And it’s not a very efficient way to learn. It’s more like playing mahjong and trying to match similar phrases instead of actually teaching you a language.

- No title

The leagues are hard to go through it’s hard to keep a streak and u can’t do more than 1 of the sAme subject

- Only functional with a paid subscription

Duolingo states that memorization is better with only short lessons, so it has a health (hearts) system that limits progress if you make a mistake. Then it completely contradicts itself by offering unlimited progress potential to those that pay the subscription. Hearts regenerate at about 1 per 5 hours, but it only takes a small mistake to lose one. Mis-gendered an object in French? Lose a heart. Used the wrong tense for ‘eat’? Lose a heart. When you get to zero hearts, and you will often as you are learning, and you even lose all progress on that lesson. Understandable that the app needs a lot of updates to implement best practice learning techniques, however the subscription isn’t cheap either. Be prepared to pay; don’t bother with the free version.

- G

I love it, it has taught me a lot of things but I absolutely hate the hearts like I get it y’all need money but I just want to learn some Japanese for free not with this buy hearts to learn. Ever heard of free education.

- Good but...

Duolingo has become DuoAdvertiso. Soon it’ll play adds immediately when you open the app. Don’t destroy a great app with overkill on adds.

- It sounds good

It sounds good but is it really?

- Duolingo

The app doesn’t seem to open after the most recent update. It just seems to get stuck on a green screen with the owl and the title of the app.

- I’m mad

I love this app, although ever since they introduced the 5 hearts rule my activity on Duolingo has dropped significantly. I used to do Duolingo everyday, I was having fun and smashing through the levels and checkpoints, but since they updated the app I rarely go on Duolingo, I’ve stopped having fun, and I’m stuck on this stupid level. Now whenever I get a question wrong I get mad and pressured thinking “I’ve only got 4 lives left!” instead of “what did I get wrong?”. And after I run out of lives it makes me pay my gems for more lives, that was all fine at the start when I had plenty of gems to spare, but now I’m broke and don’t have any gems to spare. To get more gems I have to pay for pro, which I think is kinda stupid cause on their loading screen it says something like “a FREE and fun way to learn”!! Before the heart system I would have given this app a 6/5 but I can’t say that anymore! Don’t they want me to reach my maximum Duolingo learning potential?! Duolingo please read this. I’m mad.

- Love it!

I’m learning French and It’s working really well! Duo is SUPER cute 💕

- Where is Duo’s clothes?

Why did I buy a champagne tracksuit for this cute green owl? He’s still naked 🤨

- It works

I love the way they gamified the experience of learning a language. They actively encourage repetition of learning through leaderboards and the points you accrue to unlock additional lessons (like pick up lines). I’ve recommended it to all my friends and family :)

- Terrible for korean

The hearts system is incredibly frustrating, especially when your holding your phone to your ear to hear the difference between eu and eo. But it makes them money so it's never being fixed

- More stuff to learn in a language?

The reason I joined duolingo was to learn the languages I wanted to, and so far it’s working out fairly well. It is a very good app in most aspects, but there are a few things I’d like to detail: 1. Apparently with language learning apps like this, it’s impossible to become completely fluent with and I was saddened by this, is there any way that you can add more sentences and stuff in areas where you might not necessarily need, but will help lead you to becoming fully fluent? Because that would be incredibly useful for the people like me who wouldn’t know where to go next with hoped of becoming fully fluent in a language. 2. Sentence structure. It would be helpful to have some info saying how to structure a sentence, why to use different words, and teaching different forms of the language if it has more than one. For example, I have been learning Japanese since grade five (I’m in grade 10 now) and although it might sound like I’m fluent, it was a lot of repetition so I don’t actually know all that much. However, I do know all of the hiragana and almost katakana, and only recently started kanji. It would be useful for duolingo to tell you why these different language forms are used (but I know now that I looked it up). 3. I know this is a bit far fetched but I might as well try: for the languages that don’t use the same letters as the English language (mostly), for some lessons would you be able to add like a more interactive section where we learn how to write the different letters and things, and draw them on the screen? Because I think a lot of websites don’t really teach you that bit properly, and with how many people would speak different languages, surely we would learn how to write them too? Thank you for taking the time to listen to me if you did, if you didn’t that’s okay too it might be a bit much to read. If some of these were somehow implemented, I’m sure everyone using duolingo (including me) would be incredibly grateful, and probably a lot more people would start using the app to join the millions of people currently on here. Thanks, again! :)

- Learning a language? Much better than netflix

Better for concentration and focus. Who still needs movies?

- Learning tool, and a fun game!

I am a big fan of Duolingo, have been spending hours of time practicing my Russian. It is one of the best examples of game mechanics being integrated into an educational app. the leaderboards and progress rewards (such as leaning 50 new words) are a great way to reinforce progress in the user. lessons are laid out well, giving you flexibility to approach topics at your own pace, while encouraging you to move on if you spend to long on one topic, by removing the XP reward. I wrote this review after thinking back to the “touch typing games” i played as a child, they were never as engaging as they could have been. Congratulations to the Duolingo team for their fantastic work! There are some things i would like to see in the app in the near future, for example, being able to do specific exercises such as choosing to practicing specific words, which could be joined to the existing achievement system. Perhaps a button that will teach you three new words that refreshes every day? As well as that i hope to see the options for languages expanded, which i assume is a goal. my partners family is from former Yugoslavia and i would love to learn Serbian and Macedonian! again, thank you to your team for creating such a powerful learning tool. Language is the best way to learn about the world and its history, and this app is a great way to learn language!

- Simplest way to learn a language

Duo lingo is brilliant .. 10-15 minutes per day when you have time .. slowly but surely you improve . Great for pre travel .

- Pretty damn good for freee

Pretty damn good for free, health system encourages to get good, not to long of recharge. Excellent quizzes, really gets you to understand wonderfully. Me and my mum love this and are currently learning French!

عشان اعم الـ #فائدة جبت لكم برنامج رهيب لتعليم اللغات مجاني 😍 علمتني عليه اختي جربته لمدة اسبوع تقريبًا للي عجبني…

The Duolingo owl is going to be busy breaking into people's houses and yelling at them for not doing their language…

@babybunnyggu Here is the duolingo link for apple store

Day 86 of my German lessons on Duolingo. I am really enjoying it. Apparently I am mid table in the emerald league t…

@jaredbkeller Some nights yes...lots of law & order reruns play in the background. Working on Spanish lessons on he…

@falbas06: اللي حاب يستغل قعدة البيت ويتعلم لغة جديدة هذا أفضل تطبيق موجود، طورت لغتي الفرنسية منه

اللي حاب يستغل قعدة البيت ويتعلم لغة جديدة هذا أفضل تطبيق موجود، طورت لغتي الفرنسية منه

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Duolingo - Language Lessons 6.60.0 Screenshots & Images

Duolingo - Language Lessons iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Duolingo - Language Lessons iphone images
Duolingo - Language Lessons iphone images
Duolingo - Language Lessons iphone images
Duolingo - Language Lessons iphone images
Duolingo - Language Lessons iphone images
Duolingo - Language Lessons iphone images
Duolingo - Language Lessons ipad images
Duolingo - Language Lessons ipad images
Duolingo - Language Lessons ipad images
Duolingo - Language Lessons ipad images
Duolingo - Language Lessons ipad images
Duolingo - Language Lessons Education application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Duolingo - Language Lessons Education application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Duolingo - Language Lessons (Version 6.60.0) Install & Download

The applications Duolingo - Language Lessons was published in the category Education on 2012-11-13 and was developed by Duolingo [Developer ID: 570060151]. This application file size is 103.04 MB. Duolingo - Language Lessons - Education posted on 2020-03-23 current version is 6.60.0 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions.

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