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• "Far and away the best language-learning app." — The Wall Street Journal

• "A single app for language skills, self-improvement and digital escape." - The New York Times

• "Duolingo may hold the secret to the future of education." — TIME Magazine

• "...Duolingo is cheerful, lighthearted and fun..." - Forbes

Duolingo is changing the way people learn languages using advanced technology to personalize every lesson for you. Practice reading, writing, speaking, listening and conversation with intelligent Chatbots. Track your progress, earn rewards, and join the world’s largest community of language learners.

We offer: Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Irish, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Turkish, Norwegian, Polish, Hebrew, Esperanto, Vietnamese, Ukrainian, Welsh, Greek, Hungarian, Romanian, and Swahili. Oh, and English too.


While all learning content in Duolingo is free, we do offer Duolingo Plus which removes ads and provides other helpful features. If you choose to purchase Duolingo Plus, payment will be charged to your iTunes account, and your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. Auto-renewal may be turned off at any time by going to your settings in the iTunes Store after purchase. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication, where applicable.

If you don’t choose to purchase Duolingo Plus, you can simply continue using Duolingo for free. Current Duolingo Plus subscription price starts at $9.99 USD/month.

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Duolingo App Description & Overview

The applications Duolingo was published in the category Education on 2012-11-13 and was developed by Duolingo. The file size is 109.87 MB. The current version is 6.23.0 and works well on 11.0 and high ios versions.

It's Duolingo’s 7th birthday! That's 7 years of making language education accessible to everyone. Thank you for sticking with us all this time!

Feel like celebrating? If you make Duo-themed cakes or cookies, send us photos on Twitter to @duolingo, and we'll share them!

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Duolingo Reviews


Please add Arabic!!  voga.rt  2 star

my mom wants to learn arabic. she speaks english, but the app only has it for the other eay around.


Good app  #fatasshustles  5 star

Seems to be working nicely .


Good AP to brush up on language  Viv_dog  4 star

Better if you have a basic understanding of the language- good repetition for memory- not so much teaching the structure of the language


Hearts  BabyCake4u  1 star

They take hearts away for the LITTLEST of mistakes. Especially for names. And take off hearts for things that are right like “Bonjour” which can mean good day, or good morning along with hello. But mark you wrong if you translate it as good morning and not hello... both answers should be accepted! And if you make one tiny type for a word like “ist” in German and have “is” they mark your WHOLE sentence wrong! And so many other minuscule thing they deduct hearts for especially for words we haven’t learned! Sick of it


Good for learning but...  Realist_Sock  2 star

I love using Duolingo, it is a great app for learning, however, I do not think that adding the heart system was a great idea, because of this, my friends and I are encouraged to stop playing due to how annoying this feature is because it stops us from doing our learning.


Spanish  aesthetically_erin  1 star

Duo please release my family 😳


just one thing  sksjdjddjdjd  4 star

it’s a really nice app, simple and to the point. i just wish there was a difficulty setting. i see that sometimes duo randomly gives you a hard course worth twice as much XP, and i wish i could get those all the time. maybe like an option in the settings where i can choose how hard i want my lessons to be (whether i get double XP or not doesn’t actually matter to me) a lot of the lessons are kind of boring because they become too simple after a while. even if i’m learning new words i usually just exit the lesson and try to find a different, more challenging one. yknow?


It’s great  yamatachi  5 star

They way you learn is fun an interesting and the ranks make me feel very competitive and want to learn more I just wish there was more things to do with the gems.

reeee god

Spanish or vanish  reeee god  5 star

I murders


SOOO GOOD! But.....  Stagflation  4 star

I really love duolingo and it’s helped me freshen up my French skills! (10 years of study just isn’t enough huh?) however the threats when I slipped up on my lessons became more and more dangerous. First it was just “hey don’t forget to do your lessons!” And those were nice. Soon it became more and more violent and the duolingo bird started to threaten my family...it wasn’t long that I had to go to the cops and find a different home. Luckily I had used duolingo and we moved to Paris France! “Qui n’avance pas, recule” - Tom


Great just one thing  PopStorm  4 star

I just need you to add Portugal Portuguese apart from that everything is fine


Meme  taken100millontimes  3 star



Really good but another language  sonicooo  4 star

This is the best language learning app ever I learnt heaps of languages from it. But please add the language Xhosa and isixhosa I would really like this.thank you.other than that really good.If you did this I would give you 5 stars!


Korean needs work...  Huskyloverlovexoxo  5 star

Hi! I love this app it helps me with my Italian but when I go onto Korean it says that 이 is “child” but then when it asks me to write child into Korean it says that 이아 is child? Please fix this!! But also.. I am learning Welsh because it was supposed to be my native language but my dad didn’t want me to learn it so when ever I go over to my Nyne and Tyde’ house (grandma and grandad) they speak Welsh and I cant understand them, but now with Duolingo it helps me sooooo much!


Duolingo Dud: fraud by app  anjel2569  2 star

This app was good for learning hiragana but not spoken Japanese which was what I was looking for. I was doing okay until the app started to offer multiple choice answers that were exactly the same but 1 was considered right and the other wrong. Guess wrong and it cost me hearts I was expected to buy back in order to continue. Fraud.


Subscription  Jenju84  1 star

Ok, so, I can’t play without the subscription, I don’t understand why. For duolingo you don’t need to subscribe to play, if I can play without a subscription please tell me!


Where has the practise gone?  iNay17  1 star

Not changing my review until you stop removing features from the app to try to force people to pay for premium

Wonder list

Duolingo  Wonder list  4 star

Would be better without all the gems, hearts, etc. not interested in those.


Great  Mogride  4 star

I love this app , it is so easy to learn and you feel like you want to do more every day!

leo the fortnite player

Please ad the Portuguese for Portugal  leo the fortnite player  4 star

Please ad the Portuguese for Portugal 🇵🇹


New tournament league is way too addictive  mcbobmcbob  5 star

Warning: this app to way too addictive. My wife and I have been very unproductive since they implemented the new tournament league. Bad enough that the app makes learning extremely easy. Now that they have “gamified” it (maybe too much), we are practicing/competing all of our free time. Sure, my wife may be learning English better/faster (me with Chinese), but there is no rest for us. We must ensure we keep our # 1 spot. If we did not need sleep ... A 2 and a 4 years old can fend for themselves, right? High to those freeloaders learn how to go grocery shopping and cook for themselves! Mom and dad are busy beating back those riff-raffs trying to take our 1st place.


The Absolute Best  CyonSilverveil  5 star

This is the best language learning app I have used. And I’ve tried nearly all of them on the AppStore. Absolutely amazing and always getting better. Bravo Duolingo!


Weird app, and maybe biased.  TakanashiSouta  1 star

I have to switch the app to chinese version to select english as the language to study, and I also need to provide my phone number or WeChat account to save my progress. I really don’t see the point here. Too many barriers set here in order to force user to provide their information, not good. I hope these weird requirements can be removed in the future...


Free education, yo!  ComposerLibrettist  5 star

This app should be in everyone’s device. I am an American, and like most Americans, I went through the American public school system. Meaning, I took two semesters of French and retained close to none of it. Two additional semesters of French in undergrad still didn’t have me at a level where I’d feel comfortable communicating in a French-speaking nation. I’m not saying this app replaces a formal education, but I’m definitely saying that I’ve learned more French just by the steady repetition of these fun challenges than I ever did sitting at a desk conjugating être. I’ve even picked up Japanese, which brings on a whole new set of challenges. As someone who both REALLY wants to visit Tokyo, and someone who REALLY doesn’t want to be *that* tacky American tourist who refuses to learn the local language before benefiting from the culture, I’m very very happy this app exists.


Awesome but hate the hearts  DaGamerPerson:3  4 star

This app is amazing, but the hearts basically restrict practice every day. And if you do one lesson but get one wrong at the end, it starts you all over.

user 71706

They stole my family  user 71706  1 star

I got duolingo to help with my Spanish class since I’m horrible at Spanish. I eventually got busy and wasn’t able to complete my lessons every week. I started becoming monthly, until I just stopped using the app completely and still do lessons sometimes. I started getting messages from duo saying things like “hurry up and do your lesson!” Or “you’re running out of time!” It started as helpful reminders until I completely stopped using the app and I just didn’t have time anymore. I still kept the app on my phone since I was too lazy to un download it. I started getting more intimate messages like “you better do your lesson or else” or “hurry up and do your lesson or you’ll regret it” I discarded the message thinking that it wasn’t too serious and I went on with my day. A week later I receive a message saying “you have one hour until it’s time” this was the point when I was starting to get freaked out. I thought it was one of my friends playing a trick on me or someone just hacked the app. I called my friends asking them if they were pranking me and they all said no asking why. I responded with “well I keep getting weird notifications from duolingo saying things like “you have an hour” and “you better do your lesson”. All of my friends started getting worried for me saying “do your lesson!” Or “haven’t you heard the rumors?” Unfortunately, I didn’t listen to them and I wish I did. Later that evening, I heard strange noises coming from my front door. As I peak out the window to investigate, I am shocked to see duolingo standing there tying up my family. I panicked. I didn’t know if my eyes were playing tricks on me or if my friends were playing a prank on me. I ran to my room locked my door and waited in the dark. After what felt like an hour, I received a notification from duo. I freaked out and I instantly clicked it. It said “I know you’re hiding. You should’ve done your lesson. Now you see what I’m capable of. I’ll let you off with a warning. And remember, ALWAYS do your Spanish lesson.” I quickly start doing my Spanish lessons and duo released my family. Ever since that day, I’ve NEVER missed a lesson. Even to this day, I feel like duo is ALWAYS watching and waiting for me to do my lesson. I’ll never forget to do my lessons. I’m still going to therapy for this traumatizing incident. Please be carful. If this hasn’t happened to you yet, it will. Trust me. Please take my words into consideration. Thank you.


Glitches with latest update  parsleysage123  1 star

The latest update is so glitchy. Got stuck after multiple questions and kept having to close out of the app and lost my progress


Horrible  Lone_Wolf_17  1 star

I really don’t know why this app is critically acclaimed. It totally disrespect every region by not stating the purpose or rules of the language. It’s basically a memorization game. I would recommend this app only if you have already mastered a new language and want some practice because you are bored on a plane. Seriously stay away from this app and do your research to look for a real teaching outlet.


Great  GracieLoL20  5 star

It’s a easy way to learn in a effective way. I just wish they had sign language that would be very helpful!


Dilango  abdouninou  5 star

Very nice


€80 robbed!!  Jam_156  1 star

I got Duolingo Plus free for 1 week, then got charged 80 euro for a full year! 😣 I left it on automatic renewal. If It had charged me 1 month it would be ok, but leaving it to automatically charge a whole year is crazy. I contacted apple and they said it’s not refundable. I am upset with both apple and duolingo, especially since I am traveling and needed that 80euro to get a flight home. Bad buzz duo, won’t recommend you anymore...

Aisling May

Duolingo is great, but could be even better.  Aisling May  4 star

I think this is one of the best recourses for learning a language out there. I was very surprised to see the surplus of Languages (in comparison to other APPS) My problems with this are kinda small, but basically, some languages appear on certain devices while others don’t. This gets pretty frustrating to me, and I hope this is fixed. I was thrilled to see the Irish course on here, not many (credible) sites and apps have that, and I really appreciate it. But I also had a request. Since the language is dying, I think it would be very important to put Scottish Gàidhlig as a language you can learn on the app. I distinctly remember a screen that said something like “There are more people learning Irish on Duolingo then there are native speakers” So if you could please add the language, I would consider potentially getting a membership. Thank you so much for your app! ^^


Intrusive, not a great start to learn  Screak  2 star

The app is intrusive and very nagging. The selection of starting vocabulary is beyond my understanding and doesn’t help at all to get going. No software update information, just mindless meaningless “we made it better”.

Deenie Bop

Changes ruined Duolingo  Deenie Bop  2 star

I used to love Duolingo, I was using it to brush up on Spanish. There was a great sense of achievement in testing out and completing levels... then they changed it... As a once fluent speaker, having to either redo basic lessons or leave them incomplete is frustrating and has taking a lot of the joy out of Duolingo. Now I just mess around from time to time rather than using it daily. It became boring and just not enjoyable. If they went back to the previous version I would be so happy!!


Duolingo  feabhas  4 star

It makes learning Spanish enjoyable and easier that sitting at a desk in some education centre !


Ya  рewdiepie  5 star



Bag pula  gigiifishsv  1 star

Programa este cu dereglari uneori,ce te face sa ii futi telefonului un perete


Review  Kacyxcalla  4 star

I like this app overall I just think it should have lives


Brilliant language app  TreasaNiN  5 star

Duolingo is an amazing app that factors in listening and speaking skills in order to learn a second or third language. Developed by educators it allows the learner to learn at their own pace in their own environment. I highly recommend it.


Clubs  LexiLaughalot  4 star

I enjoy Duolingo but just as I get a message from a new club member, it shows that the clubs are gone. I am highly annoyed that I was never able to join a club in a WiFi zone and when I did have a connection he leaderboards would come up. Please bring back the clubs but also keep the leaderboards.

Duolingo Comments

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