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• NBC Sports
• NBC Sports Gold
• Golf Channel
• Olympic Channel
• Telemundo Deportes

• NFL Sunday Night Football
• NHL Regular Season and Stanley Cup Playoffs
• Premier League (soccer)
• NASCAR Monster Energy and Xfinity Series races
• French Open (tennis)
• Triple Crown (Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes and Belmont Stakes)

• PGA TOUR LIVE: PGA TOUR featured groups, integrated scoring
• PREMIER LEAGUE PASS: Premier League matches and shows
• CYCLING PASS: Tour de France, Vuelta a España, Paris-Roubaix
• SUPERCROSS PASS: Monster Energy Supercross
• PRO MOTOCROSS PASS: Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship
• RUGBY PASS: Six Nations Championship, Premiership Rugby
• TRACK and FIELD PASS: USATF & IAAF Championships, Diamond League
• FIGURE SKATING PASS: ISU Grand Prix Series, U.S. Championships
• SPEED SKATING PASS: International competitions
• BLAZERS PASS: Trail Blazers games
• PHILLY PASS: Pregame, Postgame and Specials - Eagles, Sixers, Phillies & Flyers

• NFL: Eagles, Patriots, Redskins, Ravens, Bears, 49ers and Raiders
• NBA: 76ers, Bulls, Celtics, Kings, Trail Blazers, Warriors and Wizards
• NHL: Blackhawks, Capitals, Flyers and Sharks
• MLB: Athletics, Cubs, Giants, Mets, Phillies and White Sox
• MLS: Earthquakes and Revolution

• Live Events: watch marquee NBC Sports events LIVE!
• Video on Demand: access video clips, preview upcoming events and check out highlights from past events
• Full Event Replays: relive all the great moments with full event replays
• Push Notifications: receive reminder alerts for upcoming events
• Alternate camera angles, synchronized statistics and extra content available for some events

NBC Sports is proud to offer closed captioning support on shows with a “CC” icon in the player controls. Just touch to enable.

The vast majority of live streaming content on the NBC Sports app will only be available to authenticated cable, satellite and telco customers via TV Everywhere. Further instructions are provided in the app settings section.

NBC Sports Gold content is available without TV provider authentication. Terms and subscription fees apply. The Blazers Pass is only available to fans located in Blazers Territory, pursuant to NBA rules and agreements. The Philly Pass is not available in the NBC Sports Philadelphia distribution territory.

NBC Sports video is only accessible in the USA and certain U.S. territories. The application requires a 3G, 4G, LTE or WiFi network data connection. Watching video over a 3G or 4G connection may affect your wireless data plan. Data charges may apply. The video quality will adapt based on your data connection.

This app features Nielsen proprietary measurement software which will allow you to contribute to market research, like Nielsen’s TV Ratings. To learn more about our digital measurement products and your choices in regard to them, please visit http://www.nielsen.com/digitalprivacy for more information.

NBC SPORTS TERMS OF USE: https://www.nbcsports.com/terms-use

NBC SPORTS PRIVACY POLICY: https://www.nbcuniversal.com/privacy

NBC SPORTS DO NO SELL POLICY: https://www.nbcuniversal.com/privacy?brandA=NBCSportsGroupOlympics&intake=NBCSportsGroupOlympics

NBC Sports App Description & Overview

The applications NBC Sports was published in the category Sports on 2012-07-12 and was developed by NBCUniversal Media, LLC. This application file size is 182.22 MB. NBC Sports current version is 7.3 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

Bug fixes and enhancements.

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NBC Sports Comments & Reviews

Advertorial    5 star

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R&D Ranch   1 star

You’d think a corporation could afford a functioning App. App opens upside down (latest update & iOS). No way to watch in a window like the NHL App (I think this used to work, but I have other things to get accomplished while the game is on and I need my screen). Why are these things so hard?

Jlei4   1 star

PGA live. Often times the app will not load. It has problems with speed. Frequently I have to login and logout. It’s been a frustrating format

Stephen5011   1 star

It’s 2019. Fix your app.. It’s such a joke NBC still can’t get their App running smoothly. It’s a horrible feeling going to check who is covering the NHL game and seeing it’s NBC.

chsvajgl   1 star

Worst app ever. I miss over half the game because it goes to a commercial break and never comes back to the game. So annoying. You can be so much better than this. Very disappointing.

69vetteragtop   1 star

App opens and then crashes. I have used the app for a while, but now, every time I try to play a video of any type (live, clip, replay) it immediately crashes. I have removed and reinstalled the app, but same thing happens. Videos in all other apps play fine.

C6RAPTOR1   5 star

NASCAR NEWS. Keeping fans up on the inside news is what NBC SPORTS does well

djduchskdbfkx   1 star

Not good. I can view replays on my phone but not in my TV. Customer service says “they are aware of the problem”.

OutofPatience9999   1 star

Continually crashes. The app crashes every time i tried to watch a football game. Deleted the app since it provides no value.

Davidburnsred   2 star

Freezes when casting. I don’t write reviews often. But this app freezes every 20-30 minutes when casting when I have no issues with other apps or my internet. Ridiculous to constantly refresh the big game! Fix it please.

Mavsnumberonefan   1 star

Watch Free on NFL.com. Don’t pay for a free service you can literally get with an antenna. If the app doesn’t let you watch NFL games because NBC has the worst app of all the major networks go to NFL. Com and watch the game for free. This app is useless, why would I pay for each individual content when it’s free from the actual provider? NBC acts like this app is the only place you can watch it’s content. Welcome to the new age where everything NBC offers is free to watch legally online. Don’t waste your time downloading this app it really is useless.

fuballer 754   1 star

It works but not reliable. I try to watch premiere league it usually shows it but some tyms it skips a game for example man city v Liverpool literally chooses not to show that on nbc sports gold 😡 a decent app but have back up option because does not work some tyms

wantaaj25   1 star

Have to authenticate every time. Every time I open the Apple TV app...I have to reauthenticate with my provider. Cmon...getting really sick of it. Fix it.

TeamJacobFTW   1 star

Can’t authenticate TV provider in iPad OS. Ever since the upgrade to iPad OS, you cannot verify your cable provider. It opens your authentication portal in Safari outside the app, and after completing the authentication, it kicks you to the App Store, not to the app, so the authentication never completes. I’d like to be able to stream sports broadcasts on NBC. Please fix, this is pretty basic y’all.

Monica Garcia-Torres   1 star

You can’t see full replays the same day. It’s terrible you can’t see your games un replay the same day ,

mstrchristphr   1 star

Disappointed. I will only recommend people to stay away from this app. The biggest waste of time and money.

Whiteev1   1 star

Chrome cast Issue. This app constantly freezes during games when beaming to a google chrome cast. You have to disconnect, reload the game and then restream to the chromecast every 15 mins or so

ugaguy496   2 star

Casting is broken!. Intermittently it will show the nbc logo on the left side of the screen with a black background. The only way to fix it is to uncast it and then cast again... really annoying.

chloegurlcos   5 star

Love my nbc sports. Always readily available when I access

Nufcbuffalolad   1 star

Streams never work. Authentication error every time I try and watch a premier league match. Cable provider and gold account logged in as well.

Nate19   1 star

Greedy network produces a simply bad app.. Considering how many times I’m getting charged to simply watch ONE sport, you’d expect the stream quality to be better. And trying to cast using the app? AWFUL. Terrible. ESPN (and most others) app blows this one away. Oh, and it looks like they’re getting more and more restrictive. When I’m trying to use the app on my computer because my phone stream is so terrible, it blocks it. What a joke.

Carneas   1 star

Wi-fi need it. You guys are killing me, trying to watch one of the best games of the premier league while my wife does shopping and it doesn’t let me because it needs WiFi I am very upset

Ivory God   2 star

Inconsistent. Constantly signs me out unexpectedly and I have to repeatedly activate the same device. Its slow and not organized very well either.

dobbybouglas   1 star

IVE BEEN SCAMMED. I’ve wasted my money and my time this season. I’ve had problems with your app last season but the auto renewal made it so I purchased another season through you guys so I thought I’d stay positive and try to enjoy it. Of course everything goes wrong. I always get play back errors telling me to check my service provider or whatever. I’m trying to watch the most important match of the year for me, the whole reason why I had the app in the first place and of course there’s an authorization failure and I can’t even watch the game when I paid for the whole season!!!! This app is crap and honestly I don’t understand why I even thought it would be able to work better then before. I feel like I’ve been scammed especially because I was charged with an auto renewal, couldn’t watch any of the games on the actual app and had to down load the sling app because it actually let me watch a game! My experience with this app has been nothing but terrible. I literally feel like I’ve given you guys money for nothing

SpykeDaddy   1 star

Application authentication keeps breaking. Honestly, who is their development team? Constant authentication issues. Successful authentication, then it flips back to the app and ignores the whole process. Repeat ad-nauseam. Dread the app updates because they constantly break what is working fine. Is it much to ask to have an application work consistently?

wyliespop   4 star

Great. And as GPass holder, don’t want to re-watch commercials b/c of glitch. Generally excellent, I am a EPL Gold Pass holder and my one annoyance is that occasionally I have to restart the app on my phone mid-match and when I do... I have to watch another commercial. I don’t want to do this and lose game time, because of a glitch on NBC’s side. Oh and hi — Harvey Weinstein’!

Jackawsome   2 star

Too many of the same commercials. Nice that live and replays are available, but too many commercials! Also, they make you watch the same 2 or 3 every time, then the app crashes and you have to watch more to restart.

n8gray   2 star

Decent app, idiotic content policies. Has most of the problems I outlined in my original review below, plus now the Premier League coverage has gone in the crapper. Most games are for-pay only, and the top games of the day aren’t posted until 6PM PST, so you’re stuck trying to avoid spoilers all day. No idea why they can’t add 15s ff/rew buttons. It’s really not rocket science. Original 3-star review: I use the app to watch Premier League soccer on my train commute. It's normally pretty good for that task. You can start a game, sit through some unskippable ads, and watch the match. Need to skip forward or backwards a minute or two? Sorry, you have to use the onscreen scrubber, which has terrible precision. Couldn't we have +/-15 sec buttons? Need to leave the app to take a call or send a quick email? Or did you accidentally hit the wrong button? Ooh, that's a shame. You'll be starting the whole game over, watching those exact same ads, and blind-scrubbing to try to figure out where you left off. Already seen the first half and need to start the match in the second? God help you. You're stuck watching about 10 minutes (no lie!!) of unskippable commercials. On the plus side, the app's giving me awesome EPL soccer matches to watch on my commute and the stream quality is quite good. If the devs would provide +/- 15sec buttons, add a "resume" feature for picking up where you left off in a game, and put a reasonable limit on the number of ads they make us watch it would be pretty good. Come on, devs, you can do it!

KhalDr0go   1 star

Stops casting randomly consistently. Can’t imagine that in 2019 this app cannot consistently cast. It stops casting every 5 min or so consistently despite watching a live stream and you have to go back to home screen, stop casting and recast for it to load again

Booyeah28173   1 star

Horrible app. One star is being generous. Unfortunate that I cannot rate it a zero. Audio is duplicated, it won’t respond to landscape mode, wouldn’t go full screen. Useless!!!

Aamir10   5 star

Awesome. Best app to watch premier league

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Jethro Hicktown   1 star

Not consistent.. Can’t keep anything playing. Always have to restart after commercials.

abigail2005   1 star

Disgraceful. It is hard to believe , All the others Sport app are so much better than NBC Sports. You watch the others like ( ABC , ESPN , CBS , FOX ) they all so much better than NBC. The Sunday night football is a nightmare to watch it is like every 2 to 3 minutes the video rewind by itself or froze !! Unbelievable , the worst ever

said love   5 star

Great. Professional

Jasonuxhsbwjs   1 star

Buggy. Videos won’t launch and if they do the sound plays multiple times with a slight delay on each one all overlapping.

tamia46   1 star

Useless app. Not friendly.

jneuen mad   1 star

Screwed. What the hell why won’t it let me watch racing ! Trying to make me pay now. !!

sep313   3 star

Needs better ⏪ and ⏩ !!. After forking out $200 for the Rugby Pass incl. the RWC, it’s a bit 💩 that there isn’t a function to rewind or forward a few seconds— only the clunky scroll bar at the bottom. For that sum I certainly expect better. While I did get the games, it’s a bit of a lazy app.

WerDNa617   1 star

Authentication error. I’m missing the game right now because of an authentication error. I have optimum, I’ve logged in many times, and still can’t watch the game with no resolve. Please fix this issue.


Anytime there’s an update, the app has issues. Read subject line. Anytime there’s an update, features don’t run

Tat2greg   1 star

Useless. This app is useless and hardly works.

Marlborosim   1 star

Always an issue while casting. Everytime I close the app while casting or I leave the stream on for longer than 30 minutes the cast times out and I get the black NBCSN logo on my screen. Really inconvenient, plus casting won’t work on my smart TV. Wasn’t expecting anything less from this company quite honestly.

Benw05   1 star

Waste of money.. The app never works. Always get the “ exclamation pint when trying to watch a Premier league game.

jtusk   1 star

Playback broken. You can’t watch live sports anymore for a couple versions now because playback stops after 15 seconds and you have to back out and then restart only for the same thing to happen again. Don’t understand how such a critical bug can go on for so long. Feels like no one is maintaining the app.

Warmachine 5   1 star

Just awful. This app is almost entirely broken crashes all the time if snf is on forget about it working nbc needs to fix this

gines2015   3 star

Review. Site keeps pausing

RAJ4887   1 star

NBC should be ashamed. I have a cable subscription and I love English Premier league soccer. I travel a lot and like to use the app when I’m on the road. Because of the hours I work I am rarely awake for the matches. So up until this year I used the app to catch the replays. But now, those replays are now behind a paywall. The idea that now you want me to pay ON TOP OF WHAT I ALREADY PAY IS TOTALLY CRAP! Plus the app itself is buggy as hell! The streaming quality is terrible! I encourage people to find other ways to get the content they are after. I don’t want to but I may have to turn to more dubious ways to see the matches I want. Thanks for nothing nbc

Stuart of florida    1 star

Hopeless ap. Useless even with my gold pass impossible to get a feed to watch premier league on mobile!

swamp rider   1 star

Worst sports App out there. Terrible worst sports Ap . Would not recommend I have already deleted the app only Kept it 2 days

VstanLee   5 star

Great. It’s very good, but very biased commentating and the “Goal Zone” is just the Liverpool game again even when it’s one of the lowest scoring goals of the day. So stop that.

double 2b   1 star

Audio, No Video. Whenever I want to watch a game through my cable subscription on the app, it tells me I’m not a subscriber to this channel even if it’s the one on TV. It then goes on to play the audio, never allowing me to watch it.

thisappsucks58   1 star

Won’t even work. App literally does not work. Just a white screen that I can slide left and slide right but there’s nothing on it

Captain Aldin   1 star

Frustrating / Disaster. They play Commercials and turn off live commentators while you’re watching Premiere league soccer, live. How much fun is watching the game and while “listening” to endless commercials. Purposely ?? If you restart the app/reset it, doesn’t start and freezes. Prior to that, game starts but apps says Coverage will resume shortly, then you miss 10/12 m of the game, with commercials. Now 2nd half 13 minutes in, Local news is playing over the game. NBC, get your _ _ _ act together!!!!

liverpoolhaze   1 star

Constantly having to re-authorize this app?. I lobe the content but I’m constantly needing to reauthorize devices. Annoying!!!

JoeK5625   1 star

Ripoff. Not only did they start charging extra recently to watch all EPL games (used to get all games with basic NBC Sports subscription), but now they don’t even allow you to use your NBC Sports Gold subscription on Apple TV? What gives?? If I pay extra for the subscription, shouldn’t I be able to watch on all devices that have the NBC Sports app? Yet another way these studios stick it to their customer. Awful!

ywheidjdid   1 star

Sports Gold never works. Terrible

Joshuah Tatro   1 star

Premier League “Package”. How can you ask customers to pay for a premium package and then not include matches arbitrarily shown on CNBC - an NBC company?! It’s hard enough to watch most of my team’s matches across all competitions, but it’s absurdly unthoughtful to make customers hunt for the correct NBC sister affiliate to watch Premier League matches live. I paid for your service, just show me the matches! How is it that I have to ask for this?!

Fghzdgydgytdgyvuiq   1 star

Simply the worst app around. Truly incompetent attempt at a streaming app. First thing is it needs to not constantly drop out. I have fiber optic high capacity at home and NO other app of any sort does this. Pathetic

Conman485123   1 star

Solid one star. Terrible customer service. You pay for gold but then you don’t have access to non gold matches without a tv provider. You put in the tv provider “Authentication Error”. Just go to fubo tv at this rate

dawampus   5 star

Too much $$$ to not get great reviews. I just spent good quality money just to support my team so yeah you should have great service

Happy - MAGA   5 star

A +. A+

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