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Watch thousands of LIVE sporting events on NBC, NBCSN, NBC Sports Gold, Golf Channel, Olympic Channel, Telemundo Deportes and more with the NBC Sports app!

• NBC Sports
• NBC Sports Gold
• Golf Channel
• Olympic Channel
Telemundo Deportes

• NFL Sunday Night Football
• NHL Regular Season and Stanley Cup Playoffs
• Premier League (soccer)
• NASCAR Monster Energy and Xfinity Series races
• French Open (tennis)
• Triple Crown (Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes and Belmont Stakes)

• PGA TOUR LIVE: PGA TOUR featured groups, integrated scoring

CYCLING PASS: Tour de France, Vuelta a España, Paris-Roubaix
• SUPERCROSS PASS: Monster Energy Supercross
• PRO MOTOCROSS PASS: Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship
• RUGBY PASS: Six Nations Championship, Premiership Rugby
• TRACK and FIELD PASS: USATF & IAAF Championships, U.S. Olympic Team Trials
• FIGURE SKATING PASS: ISU Grand Prix Series, U.S. Championships
• SPEED SKATING PASS: International competitions
• BLAZERS PASS: Trail Blazers games
• PHILLY PASS: Pregame, Postgame and Specials - Eagles, Sixers, Phillies & Flyers

• NFL: Eagles, Patriots, Ravens, Bears, 49ers, Raiders and Washington Football Team
NBA: 76ers, Bulls, Celtics, Kings, Trail Blazers, Warriors and Wizards
• NHL: Blackhawks, Capitals, Flyers and Sharks
• MLB: Athletics, Cubs, Giants, Mets, Phillies and White Sox
• MLS: Earthquakes and Revolution

• Live Events: watch marquee NBC Sports events LIVE!
• Video on Demand: access video clips, preview upcoming events and check out highlights from past events
• Full Event Replays: relive all the great moments with full event replays
• Push Notifications: receive reminder alerts for upcoming events
• Alternate camera angles, synchronized statistics and extra content available for some events

NBC Sports is proud to offer closed captioning support on shows with a “CC” icon in the player controls. Just touch to enable.

The vast majority of live streaming content on the NBC Sports app will only be available to authenticated cable, satellite and telco customers via TV Everywhere. Further instructions are provided in the app settings section.

NBC Sports Gold content is available without TV provider authentication. Terms and subscription fees apply. The Blazers Pass is only available to fans located in Blazers Territory, pursuant to NBA rules and agreements.  The Philly Pass is not available in the NBC Sports Philadelphia distribution territory.

NBC Sports video is only accessible in the USA and certain U.S. territories. The application requires a 3G, 4G, LTE or WiFi network data connection. Watching video over a 3G or 4G connection may affect your wireless data plan. Data charges may apply. The video quality will adapt based on your data connection.

This app features Nielsen proprietary measurement software which will allow you to contribute to market research, like Nielsen’s TV Ratings. To learn more about our digital measurement products and your choices in regard to them, please visit http://www.nielsen.com/digitalprivacy for more information.

NBC SPORTS TERMS OF USE: https://www.nbcsports.com/terms-use

NBC SPORTS PRIVACY POLICY: https://www.nbcuniversal.com/privacy?brandA=NBCSportsGroupOlympics&intake=NBCSportsGroupOlympics

NBC SPORTS DO NOT SELL MY PERSONAL INFORMATION: https://www.nbcuniversal.com/privacy/notrtoo?brandA=NBCSportsGroupOlympics&intake=NBCSportsGroupOlympics

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- Easy fix to the app

Call Netflix, ask to talk with the grand pooba/poobalina and tell them please by the grace of the maker and all that is cherished and good, take over the Nbc sports app, take 29% of the subscription cut and through modern capabilities alone, and not a dime of incremental marketing cost (probably starts at zero anyway) triple the number of subscribers through word of mouth alone. If on-demand had the powerful navi tools of Netflix, or even the brilliant Tablo box, consumption of sports broadcasts would blow through the ancient, artificial ceiling/limitations wrought by Paleotonic-era Hollywood types cheaping out by licensing the best their Commodore 64 software had to offer. The Broadcasts are top notch, world class gems piped through the fresh water conduits of Flint, Michigan. I.E., ...starts as the purest delicacy of fresh Great Lakes water and gathers human misery on the way to the hapless end-user. Call one of the big guys and get help with a contemporary streaming server and app. Pretty please?

- NBC should make improvements to the app and maybe don’t be too greedy

I’m ok with paying a fee for service, just like I do for Netflix or HBO GO, but personally I feel NBC is going a little far to charge a fee per sport/interest. Just have the fee for all-access to content like other services, instead of being locked out of all content but still being able to visually see it all. I don’t think anyone at NBC actually uses the App because long, long ago they would have desired to place the option to easily rewind/fast forward either in 15-30 second increments, or/and in using the app on the phone or through the T.V. allow the viewer to see content while in NBC’s version of “scrolling” through content to find the spot you are looking for. Old School VHS players rewind easier. The viewer is forced to sign in over and over again so the least NBC could do is actually remember where the user is in their personal content in one channel when switching from different devices. Netflix will remember where you currently are in their content with a multitude of shows, NBC can make the app remember where I am with my siphoned/filtered down content to one game on two personal devices. I appreciate that NBC has allowed me to watch Rugby in America, and I want to continue this relationship but possibly from your end (at NBC) continue to make the product work better for your users.

- NBC Sports app review

There are periods where you work and then an app update comes along and throws it all down the toilet again. As a customer all I want is a reliable way to watch the premier league and that is definitely not the case with your app. It's incredibly annoying to wake up early before the game only to realize the app is not working and you miss a significant chunk of the beginning. Then there's also the issue with the advertisements popping up randomly in the middle of the game or the app crashing and having to completely reload including the advertisements before I'm able to watch again. Been using the app for years and I don't understand how you keep messing it up. A more understandable issue is the delay from live TV. I can't tell you how many times I've gotten texts from friends about immediate results and goals prior to me seeing them. Like I said this one is understandable since its a stream. Test it before releasing please to ensure proper functionality. And then there's the issue of the gold membership locking out certain games for an extra monthly fee. I might have purchased it if I had any confidence in the app. At the time I'm writing this review, the average is 2.1 stars. Take the hint NBC Sports. Before exploiting fans, at least have a functional app. I'm currently streaming the game I want to watch using an illigitamate stream instead of yours. Hey at least no advertisements. 1 star!

- Infuriating!

Like so many other reviewers, I too am a cable cutter, and someone who has watched the Olympics ever since I was also that little 4 year old performing camel spins on the ice rink her dad built on the back patio every winter with dreams of Peggy Fleming, the 7 year old blazing down the mountains dreaming of Jean Claude Killi, the high school student cheering on Mark Spitz because one of his swim teammates attended my own school, and so on. The Olympics belongs to EVERYONE, not just cable subscribers! This app claims to give you full access...but does NOT tell you it's for a supposed 30 minute free trial per day, that's broadcasting 12 minutes of commercials. NBC bought the rights years ago - and standard broadcasts deliver content with the endless commercials to pay for the licensing. I'd put up with the commercials gladly, if I got to watch an entire curling match start to finish, a whole hockey game, a complete qualifying series for luge and skeleton and bobsled, the entire race for all the alpine skiers from gold medal to last place finishers - which is EXACTLY what those cable subscribers get. The enhanced coverage is very well done - but the teaser time limited amount is INFURIATING!!! My very cheapskate self would consent to paying for the app, if it actually allowed me to watch even the standard coverage,nor the full live streams and replays. I plan to delete this thing as soon as the Olympics are over...infuriating!

- Please Fix the Streaming Issues!!!

I have been a Supercross/Motocross fan for a very long time. I wasn’t thrilled about having to pay $75 for NBC Gold in order to see qualifying and all the races live. However, I talked myself through it and was ready to buy. I am very happy I did not! I decided to stream through the NBC Sports app for the first 2 rounds of the 2019 Supercross season. This app has a great layout and easy to navigate. So many good things to say about...oh wait...it doesn’t stream without continually shutting down due to app errors?!?! Isn’t that the primary function?!?! I tried on 3 different streaming devices and verified internet connections to rule out the “user error” tag. Then I read the reviews on NBC Sports and NBC Gold apps. Streaming, streaming, streaming!!! I feel for all the people who paid $75 and are dealing with streaming issues. I hope that NBC will stand behind their products and refund their $$ until they fix their apps. I have steamed Supercross the last 2 years through Fox Sports app and never had issues. This could be such a great app. I really do like the app layout. But if it doesn’t seamlessly do the job it was designed to do, it’s just a fancy background app. If you want my $75 NBC.. fix your app streaming issues!!

- It’s not you, it’s me

I have been happily subscribing to NBC Sports Gold for the Pro Motocross races for a few years now, with no complaints. So happy with it that I bought an AppleTV (4Gen) so that I could download the app, that wasn’t available through the Samsung Smart TV App Store, so that I could watch the SuperCross and Pro Motocross (subscription) on my tv rather that connecting my laptop to the tv to stream. Well, three races into having this AppleTV and everything works better than I could have expected except for NBC Gold. Oh wait, is it because you killed the Gold app and waited two weeks to send an email outlining the change? Maybe I missed the first one? Switch to NBC Sports app and login to my Gold profile, still doesn’t work. Maybe it’s me? Contact support, “Have you tried restarting the Apple TV or deleting and reinstalling the app?” How about yes, that’s why I’m now reaching out to you because the layman troubleshooting didn’t work, I need real support. “Well, all is fine here, why don’t you just return your AppleTV and get a Fire Stick. They seem to work much better.” Really? Does anyone give a **** about customer service? Are there still CSI scores? Does management know how poorly the product is being offered and supported?

- Greed ruining a great sport

NBC is a joke. Their coverage of the Premier League is shameful. Lets not forget sports are for fan enjoyment and for the regular working class person to enjoy , not to be exploited and squeezed for every cent possible. They are very much “american-izing” this game by making it persistently more and more costly. Pay a premium to watch 4 games blocked out of your favorite team. Then the website doesnt even consistently work so you miss parts of the game and in some instances, the end and crucial part of the game. Pay the extra premium and you cant even watch the games until on the west coast , 6 pm , when it airs from 4 am to 12 pm that day. Their excuse for this rate is all the extra garbage content like men in blazers and the side show called the fan fest. I feel sorry for the 2 robbies being caught up in the ridiculous side show antics. I dont feel sorry for kyle because he has no soul clearly. Rebecca, sigh. 65$ to watch games late and try to avoid spoilers all day, and to simply see 4 games of your team the block for more money, and to add insult to injury , the content freezes and cuts off at the designated end of game time regardless of how much of the game is left. Shameful quality and conduct ruining this sport in the US.

- The worst

Every time this app updates I get some hope. But I’m rarely home so I depend on it to watch Stanley cup playoffs and I can always count on the app to freeze multiple times during the game, which forces me to force quit and restart the app, which is when the app then forces me to watch an ad as if I hadn’t missed enough of the game. I’m getting 250mbps downloads and yet somehow I’m minutes behind in my games while streaming. It will also randomly skip a good 30 seconds backwards in a game leaving me that much more behind. The user interface is awful on Apple TV and makes it difficult to select what I want to watch. When selecting a game on my Apple TV they will first play an advertisement which promptly freezes. If I’m lucky, I can hit the play button and finish the ad, most of the time I’m not lucky. If there were any other way to watch the Stanley cup playoffs I would gladly delete this app and never download it again. Oh, and if that’s not bad enough, nearly once a week I’m told that I’m not paying for the content I’m attempting to stream and then I’m forced to log out and then back into the app to get it to work. Thanks for nothing NBC. P.S. All of the NHL announcers for NBC are horrid. Yes. All of them. #FirePierre

- Could be so much better

It’s a shame that a major broadcast company that has been such a big part of American sports and entertainment can’t figure out how to innovate at a high level in the new world of digital viewing... I’ve stopped keeping track of the frustrating things about this app and just tried to deal with it in order to watch Premier League matches... the most recent frustration is that purchasing the NBC Sports Gold package for premier league only gets you the matches that are designated “gold”... in any other world it would give access to the “gold matches” in addition to the regular NBCSports app matches... I was planning on being able to watch all the premier league matches without cable... but because of the way it’s set up, I had to have cable to watch the matches on the regular NBCSports app... not very golden... also, if coverage of a match hasn’t started or has finished, then don’t have it in the selection line up... or at least list the start time and then pull it out of “Live & Upcoming” as soon as the coverage ends... just do better... start with listening to the viewers...

- Horrible for sports

I’ve used this app over the past 4 years and am highly disappointed how buggy it is. The app will close out on you forcing you to restart the app to watch the 30 second Honda ad over and over again. I’m always unable to watch a full segment of the game because I’m either being interrupted by the closing out of the app or while watching the game it gets stuck in this 10 second loop. Even when you hit the live button it will refresh then go back to another 10 second loop of sports action forcing me to close out of the app; once again making me miss the action of the game because I’m forced to watch another 30 second ad. By the time it starts working again they’ve gone to commercials. Then you better hope the app doesn’t get buggy on that part because you’ll be stuck in this constant loop of watching the game 3 minutes at a time, closing out of the app, watch the same 30 second Honda ad over again, being stuck in the 10 second game action loop. The cycle never ends and it is frustrating especially when you want to watch your favorite sports team play. The app is absolute garbage!

- Only Option

Really your only option to see any sport beyond figure skating as it seems NBC now wants you to buy into all of their paid channels. Miss the days of seeing a constant feed of Olympic sports on the local NBC channel, especially those that aren’t broadcast between the Olympic breaks. Disappointing to think of the many people missing out on all of the coverage. It is 2018 and it seems we’ve taken 20 steps backwards. The app also inserts random ads right in the middle of competition without pausing the feed. I’ve missed so many final runs, big jumps, and more because of these interruptions. There seems to be about 5 ads they continuously interrupt, I can’t stand seeing the same ad over and over again. I know every business needs funding to operate, but figure out how to strategically place advertising without forcing viewers to miss key times in these events. The live feed also buffers about every 30-60 seconds, I have to hit play on my Apple TV remote for the hope it will start the feed again and I won’t miss anything. Often it will buffer in fast forward to catch up after pausing and again, I miss key times in events.

- Awful

This app claims it works with chromecast it doesn’t. No one at this company actually cares about the user experience. This is the only app that disconnects from my cast ever 10 minutes. In order to start watching the game again I have to disconnect my cast, closet out of the app reconnect the cast and watch your ad all over again missing 2 minutes of the game. This is the only app that doesn’t stay connect to my chromecast. Keep in mind I have my chromecast hardwired into my router with Fiber optic internet. I have zero connectivity issues with anything. Yet this app always losses the game when I am casting. So instead of being able to watch my team play on my 55” tv I have to watch it on my tiny 5” screen. They take weeks to respond to your email. In hopes you forget about the issue! And of course they made it so they are the only way to watch the premier league! Now they can charge whatever they want for a broken product! They claim to be sport fans but if this was true they would have an app that actually worked! With the amount of money they make it should be flawless! At the very least should always be improving!

- Australian cycling pass ??

I haven’t cut the cable yet so I can watch most nbc content on directv. But I did get the cycling pass to watch things others than the TDF and to watch it ad-free. No offense to the knowledgeable Aussie fellows who prattle on continually in the ad-free version but I was hoping for Bob Roll and Phil Liggett, et al. It seems stupid (and perhaps a bit misleading?) on nbc’s part to pay another set on commentators when they could just have other content or vignettes during the commercials. My hat is off to the aussies who can keep up a conversation for 3 to 4 hours though. I guess millennials like that stuff. The TV feed comes from the one source anyway and anyone can add commentary. We’ll see when the spring classics get here but I’m not sure I’ll be renewing this. As to the app working, it does most of the time but sometimes goes walkabout or does not connect the first time. But if you are casting to a tv realize that google or Samsung are probably sending your content to their servers to spy on you. Or maybe google is piping it to China for free! 😏

- Wake Up!

Come on NBC, it’s 2019! Wake up from your slumber. I can’t imagine how any TV channel as big as this can have so many bad reviews, and yet nothing is being done to resolve any of these complaints. I have been watching the English premier league for years now. Waking up at 4am to watch the PL games on the weekend has been my ritual for quite some time. I even subscribed to NBC sports Gold so I don’t miss any of my games but it looks like these guys only care about the money and care less about their customers. How can you have a 2.1 rating and boast of being America’s biggest sports tv channel??? You are a joke and a huge disgrace. The management team should wake up and stop ignoring all of these negative reviews. It means you have a lot of unhappy customers. Now I can’t sign in on my Roku app, even though my subscription is still very much active. The merge between the nbc sports app and the gold app is totally unnecessary. Rather than fixing one problem, you decided to merge two inferior products together. What a DISASTER of a company. I am utterly disappointed!!! That is why tv channels like FuboTV is going to sweep you off the market very soon. WAKE UP!!!

- Injustice for American F1 fans

I rate NBCSN due to the fact cable and satellite are high in price,just to watch my favorite sport. But it comes with the territory,I'm sure I speak for all F1 fans,that we want to see the live broadcasts of free practice 1-3,I'd also like to see all the qualifying sessions live and delayed. The app is my biggest disappointment,I don't want to see the commercials when I'm watching the replay of race,I'm so tired of Verizon that I'm switching carriers,im so tired of Chevrolet commercials as well,I'll buy something else. The app is saturated with commercials. And you cant fast forward them. I'd really rather not see any commercials on the app when watching a replay,cuz I had to work and couldn't see the programs live. Also bring back Bob Varsha to commentate PLEASE along side Hobbs and Matchett,no offense but Diffy is boring,bland unexcitng, seems to not know anything of G1 nor racing in general,his research is an insult to the sport and fans. I'd also like to see all of the after race and weekly media buzz feed of F1 as well. Speed was so great at this,but now NBCSN HS the rights,but dont seem to care about F1.

- Olympics 2018!Viewing

App just updated 20 hours ago in time for the Olympics and is still very buggy with videos that don’t load, error messages and so forth, especially when trying to use Chromecast. In addition, this app can be vastly improved upon for the Olympics 2018 viewing by being much more versatile. Eg 1) It would be nice if videos that pertain to the host country, it’s people, it’s culture, history, the venue, etc could be viewable on the app and separated out from the sports videos into a category of its own. Right now there are only two categories, sports and athletes, but I often like the ones about the host country even better. 2) I think it would be nice if we could view ANY event, including the opening and closing ceremonies, via video rather than only certain ones being viewable and these being viewable only after the event has aired on TV. Some of us don’t have TV viewing any more and won’t be able to watch the opening and closing ceremonies when NBC wants to air them.

- Pretty goo for me

I like others have not had any major issues, it does not log me out when watching, recently when I want to watch my sport, (by the way I’ve only subscribed to the cycling pass) it shows me logged in when I’m not, I just simply log out and back in and I’m good, the streaming for me has been very good, no issues there, I usually stream to my TV from my iPad via google chrome and it’s very good quality, I’ve been using this app for 3 years now without nagging issues other than the one I mentioned, NBC sports gold is now simply NBC sports, all sports in one app, the layout is very good and simple to use, I also like the fact that I can rewatch replays of my races when I want as many times as I want up to when it recycles the program which is about one year, yes I would recommend this app to those who like myself are cycling fans, bottom like I love this app.....

- Good Content trapped poorly executed app

I get the Cycling Pass and the Snow Pass. Most of the content rates 3 stars which to me means that I get the content I anticipated for the price I paid: good video with adequate but- not-at-all-entertaining commentary for the bicycle races (except for the Tour De France coverage with Robby McCewen (sp?). Robby’s commentary is 5 star and the banter with his normally humdrum co-host pulls his co-host’s game up to 4 stars. Very sparse commentary for the snow pass but I don’t mind. The video is great and NBC delivers a million races for the price. BUT... all this applies only when the app allows me to access the content! The app freezes or fails to work entirely. Every time I enter the app I have to set my preferences. It would be really nice to have the option to jump back 10 or 15 seconds to repeat a segment of coverage I missed. I don’t want to bash the IT people. I don’t know their story. But I can only says that every aspect of these purchases over the past 3 years has been average or above, except the IT side of things. The IT drags the overall score down to 2 stars.

- Too many advertisements

Tried rewatching an Olympic event and all I got was commercial after commercial. The worst part is that it was the same commercial every time. Could not skip. This nbc app is pretty much the only way to watch the Olympics on your own time but you can’t even do that with ad after ad. Horrible experience. Edit: after an agonizing 3 hours spent trying to watch a 1.5 hour event, I have grown physically ill of this commercial. “Can’t” Samsung commercial has gotten me physically ill and wasted over an hour of my life. I will never buy a Samsung product ever again just because of this commercial. Also this app cuts the sound randomly so I was forced to watch part of the Olympic event without sound. And if I tried to rewind 10 seconds to try to get sound, I would get the Samsung commercial again and once again feel ill. I hold the NBCSN app responsible for my ailment and for my negative opinion of Samsung. Once again I would like to share how displeased and disappointed I am in this entire experience. It’s a shame this is the only way to watch all of the Olympic events.

- More garbage from NBC

It’s great that I can login and watch hockey games on my fire stick while I’m away from home....but...if I pause the app for five minutes because I have to take a phone call or something of that nature, why can I not then fast forward through the commercials. The commercials that NBC is making additional money on top of the commercials they air through cable. I pay my greedy cable provider for this channel...another channel that requires an above basic cable package and still has commercials. The least they could do is allow me to fast forward to live play after pausing. On top of that, half of the time the app claims that the game I want to watch is blacked out my area...even when I’m in Texas and want to watch the wings play the rangers. How is that blacked out in Texas. I try to watch it three more times and it finally decides to play...just another frustrating app developed by a company making millions and millions of dollars that couldn’t care less about their viewer satisfaction.

- Please fix Apple TV app

You get two stars because you offer F1. If it wasn't for F1 I'd delete the app ASAP. The reason.. your controls are horrible. Please fix the controls on Apple TV. Revert them to the native Apple pause/scrub and 10sec jump controls, yours don't work properly. First. When I touch the remote it jumps back to the last time I did a 10 second jump, meaning half way trough the program it might start back at the beginning. Then if I pause the program to scrub back or forth I have no idea at what time I pause it. (Hint: all of this can be fixed if you revert your controls back to the native Apple TV control) Second, why do I, the consumer, have to remember a differ interface (light touch as opposed to every other app with a button press for 10 second jump) and method of controlling my program than ALL the other apps out there? I have yet to find another app with different/worse controls that your app. All other apps seem to do fine with the native Apple controls. Please revert to them, yours are NOT good!

- Horrible app

I’m an avid race fan and haven’t missed a season of Supercross or motocross in years - till NBC sports took over with their “gold package”. Now I’m limited to streaming the race coverage from my cell phone/iPad which isn’t the greatest for streaming a live event because the picture constantly gets pixilated. Our smart TVs don’t have the option to download the sports gold app because it isn’t compatible with most smart TVs- answer I got was “go buy an Apple TV” so I could stream. I’ve still yet to find what additional coverage they offer other than qualifiers, and commercial breaks are typically a 5-10min break in coverage where you get a LIVE Birdseye view of the inside of the stadium with nothing else. At least when it wasn’t a “premium package” you had something to watch and we’d much rather view commercials than staring at a basically blank screen. I’ve experienced so much frustration with this horrible app and wish NBC would stop ruining the race coverage with their “premier app” that severely limits people’s viewing capabilities. I’d give ZERO stars if I had the option.

- Great view, app needs work

I purchased the NBC Sports Gold app today in order to primarily watch golf. The picture is great. The commentary is pretty good. The app itself needs improvement. I should be able to go back 15 seconds (using Roku). I also should be able to reverse, pause, and fast forward. Before I read the restrictions, I tried to watch 2 TVs in separate rooms. There is a restriction to a one user at a time viewing. When I try to login to the 2nd user (which isn’t allowed), there is a message saying that there was something wrong with my login/password and then I had to prove that I was not a robot. The correct message should have been related to only one user at a time is allowed, and not a login/password problem. If you know enough to give a message, give the correct message.

- Good app.. But LOTS of room for improvement.

Pay no attention to the people who say it flat out doesn't work. It works with a good internet connection just as all video apps do. Where this app is lacking is lack of Chomecast support and the custom video interface is designed such that they can still place their ads at the bottom. That space where the ads are is space that they could be showing more of the BPL game. I have watched other sports without issue as well. The use of non-standard video also prevents users from using the Picture in Picture feature to put the video in the corner to do something else while watching at the same time. The people want Chomecast!!!!! People want to be able to put the video into the corner and do other things (like text their friends to say "Did you see that play!" Without having to lose their video.. then have to start the video back up.. just poorly designed app).

- Buggy update

This app is now garbage. I use the NBC Sports app solely to access rugby on their Sports Gold channel. Navigation to my desired match used to be the biggest problem, but since the most recent update the app has become unusable. First, it doesn’t seem to keep me logged in. There seems to be some trick to navigating to the channel I want after I log in that will keep me logged in about half the time. The other half, or if I just click on the Rugby link, ultimately takes me to a home screen where I need to log in AGAIN. Second, even if I do manage to stay logged in, the app no longer plays replays. Once I find the match I want, multiple touches on the Play triangle do nothing except highlight the triangle. Eventually a touch will change the screen to a blank screen with an NBC Sports Gold banner at the top. And nothing else: no load screen, no replay, nothing. Touching the banner at the top takes me back to a home screen, where, if I’m lucky, I won’t have to log in again. This app should get zero stars and the development team should be fired.

- Does Not Meet Expectations

The service is very misleading. I have the Golf Gold Pass and the only thing you get access to with the PGA tournaments is featured groups and featured holes. You do not get to watch the tournament that comes on the local NBC channel nor get to watch even a replay of it. Once the last group finishes the last featured hole, your viewing is over. If NBC broadcasts on their national channel how is it your paid membership is not enough to be able to watch that through the app? Yes, I could go get an antenna to watch the local channels but I feel paying $70 for the Golf Gold pass should keep from having to do that. I also don’t believe that is too much to expect with a paid service. Also worth mentioning that it’s extremely greedy, in my opinion, to have to pay $70 per sport that you want to watch. I like several sports but hardly think it’s worth spending $210 a year, or whatever the price is. Hoped this review will save someone, with the same expectations, some money. I seriously doubt that I will renew my membership with Gold Pass.

- Don’t Believe The Hate

This app is definitely controversial. More 1 star ratings than 5? I’ll tell you why: User error. User error. And probably some content. Many complaints reference the EPL and other soccer leagues - perhaps those packages do have issues but those aren’t the only sports. And why do I think most complaints come from those using only free coverage? I got this for the PGA coverage. It’s flawless on my Roku. On my phone. On my tablet. On my desktop. Yes, even on my laptop. The features do exactly what they say they will and the extra golf coverage is a dream. Back to the hate. User Error 1: Bandwidth, bandwidth, bandwidth... Did you know apps use the internet? Did you know streaming apps use A LOT of internet? 9/10 streaming issues on any platform are with the end user connection speed and not the app performance. Make sure you have the juice... User Error 2: Comprehension. Reading reviews quickly shows that people have unrealistic expectations and ideas of what the app is supposed to do. Not saying every one who left a 1-star review can’t use their device but in my experience closer to 6/10 issues in platform steaming are user error. If you read this far you probably want this app and I’m here to say it works just fine for me.

- This is why we can’t have nice things…

I cut the cord with my cable company about six months ago and haven’t missed it at all. Until now. I really wanted to watch the Olympics. I was very excited when I saw that I would be able to watch through NBC. I have been a loyal NBC viewer for most of my life time starting in early high school when I watched the today show every morning. Fast forward to now and I am unable to watch more than 30 minutes of Olympic coverage on the NBCSports app without signing up for a cable contract. And apparently most of those minutes seem to be commercial breaks. I’m sorry, NBC. I have loved you for a long, long time. It makes me sad that you don’t love me back enough to let me watch the Olympics on my cell phone. I guess I just don’t understand why paying for my Internet connection is not enough, and apparently I should have to pay another 150+ dollars per month to a cable company. I would also just like to say that it was the first time that I have ever actually left a review for an app. That’s how mad I am.


I’ve wasted my money and my time this season. I’ve had problems with your app last season but the auto renewal made it so I purchased another season through you guys so I thought I’d stay positive and try to enjoy it. Of course everything goes wrong. I always get play back errors telling me to check my service provider or whatever. I’m trying to watch the most important match of the year for me, the whole reason why I had the app in the first place and of course there’s an authorization failure and I can’t even watch the game when I paid for the whole season!!!! This app is crap and honestly I don’t understand why I even thought it would be able to work better then before. I feel like I’ve been scammed especially because I was charged with an auto renewal, couldn’t watch any of the games on the actual app and had to down load the sling app because it actually let me watch a game! My experience with this app has been nothing but terrible. I literally feel like I’ve given you guys money for nothing

- Love the App but Please Add More Features

I appreciate that you combined NBC Gold with NBC Sports. I use the app on my iPad for the premium cycling and speed-skating passes. All in all, I love your app; however, I would love it more if you added a few extra features: Please add Youtube-style options of rewinding 10 seconds or so and fast-forwarding 10 seconds or so. So many times I want to rewatch a spectacular feat of athleticism and trying to press and drag that tiny, little dot thing is horrible and frustratingly difficult and never, ever moves even closely to where I want it. Also, will you please allow your app to sync with auxiliary keyboards that many of us use on our iPads. That way, we can hit the pause/play button and not struggle with getting our finger to line up at the bottom of the screen.

- Seemingly on a downward path

This might be the first and probably the most used app on my phone, but I might not keep it much longer with the current state as it’s getting to difficult to use consistently. Some issues I and friends have run into: - “Gold” games require an additional fee. I guess I can understand this, you can still usually see 50%+ of the games for free, so ok. Price is a bit high for what you get, in my opinion. - Inconsistent issues. Depending on the device, internet provider, and even just the day/time, you might not see a program at all, you might get an error message (for example, “you don’t have this channel, contact your provider” and your provider confirms you do have it), or you might have it fail to load with no explanation at all, just a spinning wheel or frozen screen. - use of old technology. I don’t think any other streaming site that I’m aware of still uses flash, which is being retired in a year, but this does. It prevents use on some devices and isn’t intuitive to use on those that can. - customer support. After fiddling with workarounds for a couple years I finally reached out to support, and after the initial “did you try turning it off and then on?”, my emails have not been returned. Problem is, over the past few months (after being a user for years), these issues have gotten noticeably worse, sometimes from week to week. Bummer to see one of my favorite apps headed in a bad direction.

- Not interactive at all

Used to be able to minimize the screen while stats on the side, rewind 10 sec, easily rewind/forward. For the 8/31 stage I could not even watch up until 9/1, for what ? Already Monday with a job and the new stage so it ruined my Sunday that was exclusively planned for a ride done early that morning and ready at 10 am to watch it avoiding to know the results. Or for example I’m the busiest at work up to 7:00 PST, between 7:00-8:00 I’m capable to have it on the side but it is either live or replay which I would prefer to rewind the live version but not watch the end then at home watch the end of it, but at home I already know the results . It removes the fun and at work I lost most of the detail as I am only watching at the background. Pretty much I get the same by just having the app at my phone with out paying the hold pass/ and both of the transmission at home or via my spectrum app that lets me watch the Chanel anyway You cannot study the course or see the team Jerseys and the team, etc.

- NBCSN Gold

What a terrible idea that’s a lose-lose for everyone who’s a Premier League fan. I didn’t realize that games shown live on the NBCSN channel would not be shown on GOLD. But there’s a single sentence lost in the middle of a paragraph in their FAQ section that states this. This means that anyone who is a top 4 team fan would not be able to watch their teams play live on the app, and fans of the rest of the pack have to pay $65 for the season just to watch their teams play. WHY NOT WRITE THAT ON YOUR FROMT PAGE, NBC! Personally, I stopped paying for cable at the end of last season because I don’t watch tv aside from the premier league. That saved us $50/mo for the cable package which included NBCSN. I was quite excited to just purchase the single thing I watch for the season. Unfortunately, it’s 2019 and the cable companies still control congress. Buying channels a la carte is still not here, and we’re forced to pay for packages that include 999 channels we don’t watch in order to get the single channel we do watch.

- Worst Sports Streaming App Out There

I so rarely take the time to review anything, but the NBC Sports app is so embarrassingly atrocious, I needed to vent. I’m a huge sports fan that pays an absurd cable bill every month in large part just to watch sports. I travel a bit, I have 3 little kids and am married to a non-sports fan, so it’s not unusual for me to need to watch something on my phone. ESPN’s not bad. TNT and Fox Sports - ok. CBS not terrible. NBC Sports however is a bad joke. It’s IMPOSSIBLE to watch a live event. Ad after ad before you get to your event. Once you get there, you’ll be about 5 minutes behind (if you’re very lucky). Your stream will then freeze. You’ll wait patiently while nothing happens. You’ll eventually click “Go Live” and you’ll get more ads - every single time. You’ll then either get an error or return to your event yet further behind. You’ll then jump to some more ads. Doesn’t Comcast own NBC? What a joke that they can’t stand up an app in 2018 that even approaches “functional.”

- NBC Doesn’t Get It

I most wholeheartedly agree with najii7, who reviewed the app just 17 hours ago and couldn’t have said it better myself. Americans want á la carte entertainment and news choices and they don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for them. There is a significant and rapidly growing contingent of us cable cutters who for many years haven’t felt cable to be worth our money. And just as much to the point, I refuse to be locked into America’s oligopoly of TV service providers. How long does it take for corporate America to come to this realization and do something concrete about it? Would I love to be able to stream the Olympics live (with replays due to time zone differences)? Yes! Would I pay $8 or maybe even $10 to do that? Yes I probably would, if it were void of commercials. Would I be willing to pay that much every month to live stream NBC programming? Not a chance. It just doesn’t make economic sense. I know Sling is advertising á la carte programming, but the last time I checked out their service, I was underwhelmed.

- Why am i not surprised

I have wanted to give a review to this app for so long but every time I thought i was the only one with issues so I don’t. Imagine the look on my face when i saw all these negative reviews. I’m like i have not been crazy at all. As a premier league fan i wish there were other networks that showed the premier league in the US so we can be done with this drama and bad broadcasting. Imagine waiting all day to see a game and in the middle of a soccer game these people bring on some random NBA or NHL game. I have had this experience many times than i can ever count. Its super frustrating and very sad because if you wanna be the only network that have rights to show these games please make it worth our money. I wish there were other options to watch the games but their monopoly allows them to do whatever they want and looking at these bad reviews and the bad state of the app i think they don’t even care enough to read these reviews and do something about it. What a shame.

- Never works

This app is total garbage, as was the NBC Sports gold app. If you buy a special pass that is not through a cable provider, such as the Supercross pass, it WILL NOT WORK ON THE APP most of the time. It HALFWAY worked on the gold app, but they shut that down. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. You cannot stream any special pass events on your phone or your Apple TV, only via a browser on an actual computer. Every update makes the app more useless. When I bought the pass on gold, they advertised that it worked on Apple TV. It only works if you screen mirror it from the computer. I expected the pass to work on all my Apple devices since I paid $80 and it was advertised that it would. I repeatedly emailed them asking them to fix it and only got a lame email response weeks later telling me I must be doing something wrong. So, if you have purchased a pass, don’t expect it to work on the app on any devices. It won’t. Please, Supercross, go back to Fox.

- Don't Use This App If You Want to Keep Watching Other Things

Why doesn't this iOS app just use the TV subscription authentication built into iOS? Instead it uses its own which keeps logging out. When I tried to log in it wouldn't accept my second attempt, because I typed it in wrong the first time, and it kept trying again on my old attempt. Eventually it got my account blocked from my TV Provider and now I not only have to create a new password, but I have to reconnect to every app I'm already connected to. Keep in mind that I was already connected to this app and if they just used the built in verification through iOS like some other apps do, like Fox Sports Go, it would all be current without having to block my account. Oh and after doing all of that NBC still can't get authentication right. So after changing my password I'm logged in the on other apps again but NBC's authentication takes me to my TV Provider account management page instead of authenticating me.

- Way too many ads

The app works well functionally. I like that I am able to watch Premier League soccer replays. Today I wanted to watch the second half of Arsenal-Tottenham. When the content loaded I waited through 4-5 minutes of ads. I then fast forwarded to where I thought halftime would be. I then sat through 4-5 minutes of the same exact ads. I fast forwarded again and sat through the ads again. I don’t mind watching the ads once but I should not have to watch them every time I fast forward or rewind. I already pay $200+/month for cable so I believe that I should not have to watch ads at all. I am really hoping that something is wrong with the algorithm that determines when a user has to watch ads. If it’s just pure greed that would be really disappointing. By the way, 5 minutes of the game elapsed while I wrote this review. I tried to rewind and guess what??!! I had to sit through the same ads again😤

- The APP works just fine

It seems like people are reviewing NBC policy or programming instead of this app. The app works just fine! I also cut the cord years ago, and wish all the Olympic events were on broadcast TV like that used to be, but I found a pretty cheap solution for this limited-time event. I signed up for Sling TV, which has no contract, and you can sign up and cancel anytime. It costs $25 plus tax per month, and it’s a legitimate provider, so once you have Sling TV set up, you can use it to log into this NBC Sports app and watch events on demand as well as live. I’ve had a few minor freezers when I’ve been watching, but they have all resolve themselves within a few seconds. I’ve been really happy with the app and all of viewing choices it offers.

- The Primary Sports App I use During Football Off Season

I love the Gold Package for golf coverage. Featured group coverage and the primary broadcast when it comes on tv. I wish “Gold Package” included coverage for more than one sporting event, however. Since it’s a monthly subscription, I feel like I should get access to golf, Tour De France and other special events. But you have to buy another subscription package for each event individually. I feel a little nickel and dimed, especially since I can flip over to cable to watch. I would stay on the app, over cable, bc commercials don’t seem to be as long but I’m not going to pay a Gold package subscription for every event, especially when I only care about the Tour De France as far as cycling is concerned. I have no desire to watch every cycling event. My $0.02

- barely works

This app technically lets you watch shows and sign into subscriptions. But it does nothing else. It doesn’t remember where you were in a video; not only cross-device but even single device if you exit and go back it restarts from the beginning. You can’t watch halfway through a video and then start casting, you will get an error in the cast and need to exit and restart (from the beginning of the event). You can scrub through an event but there aren’t back/forward 30 second controls so you basically can’t rewind to replay an exciting play (scrubbing is probably OK for shorter events but for 3-5 hour events you don’t have enough control). Sometimes when you pause and try to resume it doesn’t play again and you have to exit the video and restart (from the beginning). I’m glad I have an app that will let me watch cycling, but I can’t really recommend the app.

- Not user friendly for cord cutters

I’m blocked from viewing Tour de France on all the large monitors in my house because i have samsung tvs or an aging imac that buffers too much. In order to get around this I have to buy either a chromecast, fire stick or roku, that otherwise I have no need of, plus register for yet another account. In the case of roku, i have to surrender a payment account of some sort, just to use the device. That’s alot of trouble and extra expense to go to for a 3 week sporting event, even if it’s a favorite. I can watch it on my ipad or phone, so there is that. NBC sports programming is a joyless experience geared to send the message of powerlessness in the face of media monoliths. It’s as if they decided to torture the viewers of international sports events just because they can. If you’ve tried to watch Olympics, World Cup, you know what I mean. Only worthwhile experience so far is being able watch live stream ad free.

- chemizer

Once again NBC screws the subscriber. I previous cancelled my Sports Gold subscription when they decided to get greedy and charge separately for each individual sport/interest. Wanting to watch the Golf Presidents Cub and not have to pay $20 more for a sports upgrade to Spectrum Cable (soon to be cancelled), I reluctantly paid $10 for a monthly subscription of PGA TOUR LIVE featured group coverage. I actually prefer this coverage so I don’t have listen to the Network hacks pontificate there worthless banter and actually watch the golf action shot by shot with intelligent commentary on what is taking place. Yesterday was good with 1st round coverage of Tiger’s round but when it was finished NBC pulled the plug. BLANK SCREEN. COVERAGE CONCLUDED!!! WHAT!!! Previously when one featured groups play concluded NBC would switch to another group until all play was concluded for the day. Not now. Glad I didn’t pay the annual subscription fee. Come on NBC. At least give us what we are paying for if your going rip us off.

- Needs work

When introduced, this was a great service which freed me to watch games live while on the go, above all English soccer. Between it and the DirecTV app, and my many extra sports channels, I could watch all my soccer and football teams on my phone anywhere. Then NBC introduced the paid Gold app. Too often now the free app throws error codes about my lack of rights to watch the game. Same with the DirecTV app. So although I’ve added around $30 in sports packages to my underlying tv service in the last year, my app access is now a fraction of what it was before. I’ve also noticed ad creep—the Southwest intro every time you tap in, a promo layer that didn’t used to be there at all, and Chevy ads ad nauseam.

- Terrible, horrible, awful app!

I pay for cable, and I use this app, signing in with my cable provide login, to watch streaming hockey games when I am away from home. Actually, I probably should say I try to watch hockey games. The streaming function is so horrible, it is rare that I get to actually watch a complete game. Between crashes, buffering problems, and commercials that pop up in the middle of the action, it is virtually impossible to watch anything without a great deal of frustration. And this is on a good Internet connection! I do not mind watching advertisements, but to have them pop up literally in the middle of the action, is really offensive. NBC seems to be doing whatever they can to make people hate them. Also, every time the app crashes, I have to watch the same minute or minute and a half of commercials again when the app restarts. Every time. If this is the best NBC can do, it is no wonder that network TV is dying.

- Horrendous

If I could rate on a scale from 1 to 100 this app is a 1/100!!!! I’ve never written a review. But this app deserves to be blasted. It frustrates me as a dinosaur cable subscriber, that despite paying thousands of dollars a year to have channels like nbc, I have to endure such a terrible streaming experience. From forced commercials that cut in over ever stream from their sponsors, to the simple fact that none of the streams ever work. You’re lucky if you get a segment without it cutting out completely. This is the most disappointing live streaming app in the market. No wonder so many people are cutting. I also pay thousands to have Verizon wireless. So my service provider is not the problem. This is a great example of a cable subscriber who gets porked for trying to stream something they already payed for. Why do I keep doing it? Well, there are great streams of live sports like NESN for example that works great. Which proves this app comes up short. 1/100 👎👎

- Best Between the Lines Reporting

I see that there are people reporting problems with it cutting out, perhaps they should check their internet connection because I've never had a single problem with the IPad or iPhone version. This App has the best up to date stories about every sport that means anything. Personally I play a lot of Fantasy Football and with this app at my side I have accurate prompt information about every QB battle or position struggle in camp or in the front office. This isn't just injury reports like Rotoworld but a much more in depth analysis of what is really going on both on the field and behind the scenes. A day doesn't go by without checking every article or new clip posted.

- Low value app

I was a subscriber for 3 years, specifically for the cycling ticket. Over that time I have found many audio issues, particularly with the smaller races. And it’s not a factor of the local feed, it’s NBC not mixing properly. You would think a broadcasting company in business for nearly 100 years would know how to do that Additionally, they have removed replay races before my subscription is up, which they used to not do. As a result I did not get to see the 2019 Tour of California, even though I am still a paid subscriber. The app itself also is poorly designed. As an example, there is no way to fast forward or rewind without just moving the slider. That might be ok for a short video, but cycle races can run 5hrs so even the smallest movement of my finger could be 15 minutes of video. I think this is my last year of giving NBC my hard earned money.

- NBC Olympics App Is Awful!

I hope you like commercials because you’re going to be watching a lot of them. Despite that when you aren’t watching commercials there will be a screen saver that says there are commercials on (?). I can’t imagine what commercials they are not showing me since I have not seen a single Olympic event yet. (Update hours later) The site crashes over and over again. As soon as you get done watching commercials and the program comes on, the site crashes, when it comes back on you get to watch more commercials. The sports event never comes on for more the a few moments. NBC should be ashamed since they’re the ones carrying the Olympics. Where are we supposed to get the information that is dependable if we can’t get it from this network. You should give the money back to all people who have paid for this. Oh and give the Olympic rights over to a channel or app that can handle it. GGRRRRRR!

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- Epic Fail : See update.

Version 5.13. iPad mini 4. Cellular. iOS 11.4.1 App freezes. Doesn’t delete ISP after deleting app. Reboot and reinstall doesn’t cure the problem. Somehow I’ve been lucky enough to get the app to function. However, after sleeping in the background, the app will stop functioning and the cycle of reboot/reinstall has to be performed. Prior to this struggle, I was nagged every day to authenticate. Wish I had a previous version. Update: The issues may be related to being signed into my ISP. I’ve not been able to recreate the issues previously described. While logged into my ISP, the app icon in the Dock is “blacked” out and doesn’t work, yet the app functions normally when started from the page. Cycle power, Dock app functions normally.

- Update is a giant leap backward

As usual, the update has left me worse off. 1. A lot of older content has disappeared. The back catalog of Tactical Analysis shows, the pieces on historical figures, games from earlier in the season. . . Pffftt. Didn’t you guys promise at the beginning of the season that ALL the games would be available throughout the season? 2. Formerly, while navigating the app, the distinction between NBCSN and NBCSN Gold was clear. No longer. 3. As I type, it is 12:30 pm on a Saturday. Today’s 7:30 am game is nowhere to be found. 4. The app is in General more difficult to navigate. And for some reason, I have remote/cursor issues with this app that I do not experience with any other app. The cursor does not respond well to the remote: overshoots/undershorts, is sluggish or non-responsive. Recharging the remote doesn’t help. And the behavior does not occur in any other app. 5. Why do I have to sign in every time I open this bloody app!!! And if I sign in to NBCSN, I still have to sign in to Gold. Finally found the list of networks all the way at the bottom of the home page. NBCSN, here’s a helpful hint: Hire some of the programmers at ESPN. They can teach you a few things about remembering your customers (reducing sign ins), and give you some pointers in layout and navigation.

- now runs fairly well

November, 2017 Update: they finally seem to have fixed the crashing!! Thank you NBC. (iPhone 7+ with iOS 10.3.3) So, my rating improves to three stars. Now, PLEASE give us skip-forward and backward controls on the iPhone. When watching a two-hour event, the tiny scrub bar is too difficult to use. My suggestion: Swipe right on the middle of the video display to skip ahead 30 seconds, and swipe left to skip back. June 1, 2017 (one star) Obviously we can't expect a tiny little company like NBC to be able to afford to hire a competent app programming company. The app still crashes at every commercial break, forcing us to start over again, again, again, again, again, and again. Read the reviews, it's been crashing for three years and they still haven't fixed it. When you have a monopoly on sporting events, you don't have to care about your customers, because there's absolutely nothing they can do except continue to pay the cable bills. The NBC advertisers can also rest assured I will be avoiding your products, after being sickened by watching the same commercials ad-nauseam when I have to restart the app 1 million times to get through a single event.

- No archive viewing!

I like the cycling app and the availability of watching cycling throughout the season! My biggest complaint is that by the end of the subscription year there are some bike races that are on the short end of being reviewed or watched at a more convenient time, say for instant Tour of California or the Paris Roubaix. Other apps have the ability to go into the archives and watch many of the races that have been missed or just haven’t had time to watch or want to see it again. If NBC app would add this feature to it’s subscription, it would deserve a much higher rating and probably more new, and renewal subscriptions as well!

- Terrible!

As an avid sports lover, I can’t stand this app! They do a horrible job of maintaining it and ensuring quality. The app will freeze and coverage is terrible when it comes to events...major events aren’t covered. I especially watch golf and the golf channel portion couldn’t be worse! The app will as stated, freeze during a commercial while the screen says “Coverage Will Resume Shortly”, so you wait thinking it’s coming back on when really it’s frozen. So you have to exit the show and reopen it and then it forces you to watch another ad! It’s ridiculous! Also, there’s no “Live” option. You have to choose between shows. So when a show is over you have to exit and choose a different show and sometimes they aren’t airing anything! I know Golf channel is on with something, but you can’t just select watch live! So stupid!

- Awful Awful NBC Sport App

I can't believe a big corporation (NBC) would create this awful app to watch sports, especially during the 2018 Olympic Games. This is the only way to see the Olympics live streaming and replays. However, NBC has made this the most frustrating way to see the Olympics with all these relented commercials that randomly pops up while watching an event, and it would be about 5 to 6 of them, then when the event comes back on, I've miss a section of the event because it's live. Also, after watching an event for 1 1/2 hours and I'm getting close to see the winner, the site would crash, which I would then reset the app, only to watch again a bunch of commercials, then the event would start from the beginning. I would have to try and forward where It crashed, to again see a bunch of commercials and the app crashing again. I believe NBC doesn't want or even cares for the American people to see and enjoy the Olympics. I wish for another network, like CBS or FOX Sports to have the rights to the next Olympics. NBC doesn't know the real meaning of live streaming or replays. I've read a lot of the reviews here and nothing has been done, so it clearly states, this app will never be fix. The powers to be (NBC) are not reading our concerns. Oh well. This is why I don't watch or like anything on NBC.

- Buggy NBC sports app

Giving this one star for what it could have been. Please work on this app if you want people to use it. It buffers constantly which is highly annoying! Also NBC states on tv that we are able to watch the olympics on the app. I tried to watch a replay of an event but I'm still bombarded by commercials! Really?! It's not live! it's a replay & you have commercials in it?!! This app buffers... & keeps repeating same segment multiple times, & I cannot fast forward to parts I want to watch. NBC should broadcast the games on tv like it used to! Also not everyone has cable, nor internet access in order to use this app or see the olympics on a computer. Why did NBC buy the rights to telecast the olympics if it's not going to show it on regular tv. You're just showing some sports on prime time but everything else people are forced to watch the horrible coverage on the internet!!

- Disappointing

Downloaded this app since life won’t allow us to be able to stay up for the coverage for Olympics. I thought we could at least see some of the events we missed. Apparently us paying for a limited cable subscription that includes NBC (a FREE channel!) isn’t enough to allow us to watch anything beyond the prime time options. It’s wrong that people even have to have cable to watch this since NBC is supposed to be a public station. Not to mention- the app freezes and closes a lot and doesn’t save your place in whatever you are watching (so if you have to take a break and restart you have to spend 5 minutes trying to get to the spot and rewatch a bunch of commercials). Plus there are SOO many commercials. Too bad NBC cares more about money from the Olympics than making a way for people to be able to see what is happening.

- Support The Unable

The luxuries of watching the Olympics, live and full, on television, with big screen and stereo, is amazing. The experience is all worth it with either paid cable, paid satellite or free antenna. My family rarely uses television except for special occasions such as the Olympics, so an antenna is all that is necessary for us. However, in our hillside (and densely forested) area, NBC doesn't pick up on our end, so we turned to online, which is a far less glorious but nonetheless a potentially great way to still live feed on the Olympics. NBC, why do you now eliminate the only second option for those people who can't see it on TV? It isn't much of a sacrifice to your massive budget to provide to The People access to the Olympics. I don't want a TV provider, I just want to witness the world's capabilities. Thank you very much, I shall be more positive when a second option is once again possible.

- This is why no one is watching

With this on demand world NBC is missing a huge opportunity to do the right thing and make tons of money at the same time. Charge me $10 for the app and let me watch the games. Don’t force me to sign up for cable. Cable cutters are never going back you idiots. Come up with the times. I would happily pay for the app if it let me watch the games. Now I will go stream it from a torrent site for free and you get nothing. I do not know why I am even writing this because they will never even read it, look at all of the people that have left 1 star reviews and have all said the same thing. And for every one review left there are thousands of people who just deleted the app and never said a thing. If anyone rated or reviewed me at my job this poorly I would no have a job. But NBC you go on and keep ignoring the consumers it won’t be long. Have a great day.

- Worst app ever

Literally the worst app I’ve used in the last couple of years. The interface is awful. I tried to find an event I wanted and could not easily find it in search as results were littered with irrelevant clips. I finally found it after many search attempts and it wouldn’t play on chrome cast until the third try. However it was some terrible “interactive version” without a full screen image. I found the non interactive version but it wouldn’t let me tap on it. The video quality was worse than SD even after buffering for minutes. The touch controls also took 10s of seconds to respond in the app. Worse than useless and a complete waste of time. Apple should ban garbage like this from their store and NBC should be deeply ashamed at this piece of trash. I work in the tech industry making apps and I wouldn’t dare treat my users like this. Don’t waste your time.

- NBC Sports Gold is a good service, but the app needs better playback controls

I’m a big fan of the NBC Sports Gold service. I watch Motocross and Supercross and I like getting all the qualifying, heats, and main events in a separate service outside of my cable package. This means I don’t have to be raped by my cable provider for their most expensive package in order to get NBC Sports Network, and then still deal with only partial and delayed airing. With NBC Sports Gold, I can watch everything in real time. That said, the app experience is not great. Here are some of my complaints: 1. The app itself is too busy and confusing. It needs to be streamlined 2. No way to pause or restart live playback. If you want to watch a live event that already started, you have to sit around and wait for it to finish in order to play it back from the beginning 3. No jump ahead or back buttons. There needs to be buttons to jump forward or backward like 15 or 30 seconds. 4. Can’t pause from the space bar on an attached iPad keyboard. I’ll concede that this is probably an edge use case but still, it speaks to the overall immaturity of the playback controls being very basic.


This app somehow manages to work sometimes. Best case scenario - video streams work for 10 minutes at a time, then the app crashes. That would warrant 3 stars from me if it weren't a sports app and if it didn't play the same 30 second commercial every time you load a video. I'm reading other reviewers complain about despising these advertisers due to seeing the same 30 second commercial twenty five times per game. It does make me sort of happy that these one-percenter advertisers pay for each ad view, and then the oversaturation is making viewers grow an exponential distain for their company aka AT&T U-verse. They're paying the old white man at NBC hundreds of thousands of dollars to force tens of thousands of people to hate-watch their bad commercials thousands of times during hundreds of games and tens of Kings wins which gets you a 0 star rating. I love it when there's 14 seconds left in the 4th quarter and your team has the ball with no timeouts and the app crashes and you have to close it and re-open it and the initial ad overlay shows for 5 seconds and then you press play on the game and then they sing Happy Honda-days for 30 seconds then the stream plays and the delightful Kayte Christensen is starting the post-game interview. This app is digital oppression.

- Crash City USA

Although I appreciate the "access" to the matches and races this app attempts to provide, it continually fails to work. More often than not the footage fails to playback without repeatedly crashing and/or not being able to be played back at all. Attempts to contact support are met with either silence or generic, routine suggestions such as deleting and re-downloading the app (as though that's not one of the first things someone might try). Regrettably, this app may continue to take up space on my phone in the off chance they figure out how to actually make it work reliably. Accessing many of the events I am trying to watch is difficult and this seems to be the best option for the price (free). It feels more like a hostage situation rather than a service for that reason. Please figure out how to upload contact in a manor that improves your app...please.

- Too many inconsistent adds.

I understand and am ok with some adds. I am very disappointed with this app this year. I have it on my Apple TV so i can watch the Olympics, and i expect there to be adds; however, what i don’t appreciate is the inconsistency in the adds. There are times that adds are popping up in the middle of an individual event while the competitor is competing. I was watching slope style and Red Gerard was heading down the slope and an add pops up, return to viewing he’s at the bottom of the slope. Missed the entire run. Then i want to see his score, boom not 30 secs later another add. Back to view, the next competitor is up and i miss Red’s score. This is the most extreme instance. But what happens mostly is inconsistent adds while commentators are talking in between competitor’s runs and there will be only 1 minute in between adds. It’s annoying how many adds there are.

- NBC sports review

I like that they have a mobile app so you can watch your sports when out. I also like how they have replays. I love this because if you miss out one day and you really wanted to watch it, well here you go. Now let’s get to the reason why I put 3 stars, I put 3 stars because u have to pay gold to watch motorcross and I’m using motorcross for a example, but then pay again for super cross. Now if you don’t follow the dirt bike racing world. Motorcross and super cross and the same thing. Yes is different in a way but it’s basically the same thing. Also there’s this glitch were the audio just cuts out why I don’t know.

- Absolute furry

Okay I’m a premier league fan. I want to watch premier league right? I wanted to watch at least SOME games. Instead when I open the app it said “select cable provider.” I was FURIOUS. The whole reason I got NBC sports was to WATCH THE GAMES because I DON’T HAVE CABLE. It makes me question why anyone with cable would buy this thing because they can just watch it on TV! If NBC would fix that and I could watch the games then I would give them a great rating with all five stars but instead I have to spoon over $50 to get the premier league pass on NBCS gold!!!!!! NBC the only reason I’m giving you ANY stars is because I can watch highlights and previews but just like that other guy I just wanna watch the games!!!!! I would give you five stars but yeah, no

- Low functionality for the price for TdF coverage.

Paid $50 for the Tour de France. The APP seems to run an ad for a credit card from the NHL at every restart. When you are interrupted and pause a play back feature, the app starts all over. When you pause a Tour de France stage play play back, it is difficult drag the scroll bar point to within 5 minutes. I have three children who regularly ask me for help or for advice, and when I pause, I end up having to restart the whole app, scroll, and rewatch the preceding few minutes to get to where I left off. It is difficult and repetitive. I would prefer functionality over other bells and whistles and if there was another platform to watch the tour, I in the USA, I would use it. This is way too expensive for the limited quality.

- Disappointing

This app has been very disappointing. The old Gold app worked great and then it’s replaced by this... Controls are maybe too small because they are unresponsive half the time, streaming to a chromecast ends up just stopping two to three times during a day of watching the replay of The Tour de France. If I am able to get it to started playing again it restarts from the first and I have to use the terrible controls to find where it crashed. Often times that doesn’t help and I have to kill the app. It tends to work better if I leave the screen on while streaming to the Chromecast because if I don’t then it stops more often. Half of the time I just finish replaying from the iPad. A few times it’s told me that I need to buy the Gold plan to watch...which I already have...restarted the app. Definitely miss the Gold app.

- When it works, it’s good

I have had problems with this app on my smart TV. Hours after being notified on my phone that the replay is available, I find on my TV “Coverage has Concluded.” Or I might get the circle being drawn showing the TV is buffering information, forever. Twice my solution was to uninstall/reinstall the app. I also had a problem where if I quit watching a replay one day, the next day I had to finish watching that replay before it would let me make choices about what to watch. I enjoyed the coverage of the Tour de France and other bike races, but how it worked on my TV was spotty.

- The most frustrating app I’ve ever used

I’ve never been more frustrated with an app than this one. I’ve had apps that are crashy and buggy, I’ve had games that abuse the use advertisements, this app however combines both of those. I’ve used it to stream the Olympics and it’s crashed or experienced interruptions more than any other service I’ve used. Maybe it’s the demand of people wanting to watch the Olympics but you would think NBC up their server capacity. If it’s not bugging or crashing I’m getting ads randomly during runs as well as the commercials between runs. I wouldnt recommend this app at all. The only reason I’ve given it 2 stars is because I’ve been able to actually watch things when it’s working but it’s a crap shoot if it’ll actually work.

- Too many bugs and errors, poor experience

I pay for gold and watch a lot of premier league and local basketball games. My stream constantly drops and I need to restart it. If I’m watching something I need a tv login in for it constantly says the package is not apart of my program which is okay once you get past logging in. But they show advertisements before non gold streams, and with the dropping of the stream I miss half the game watching commercials everytime I restart it. I try watch a basketball game and literally miss half of it and am stressed the whole time. When the app works it’s good but it’s incredibly frustrating. It does the same on iPads and computers. Great concept until you want to slam your phone through the wall watching your fifth Toyota commercial in 10 minutes and seeing about 40 seconds of a sporting event.

- Great app for watching commercials!!!!

This app is trash. Where do I even begin. If you enjoy watching commercials or a blank screen then this is the app for you. App constantly freezes and when you reboot it you have to watch the same 2-3 commercials you literally watched 5 mins earlier. By then you probably missed that great play of the game. With that said you should be happy you even got video because usually it’s just the screen that says ‘program will return shortly’ while the show is actually going on(I’ve compared it to watching a TV simultaneously factoring in that streaming has a slight time delay). If you’re lucky enough to get a video stream of an actual event fear not, at some point the audio will be out of sync or repeat, guaranteed. Get it to together NBC

- Lack of manners

I only watch cycling. The commentators are the worst part. Besides of having an on going dialogue portraying the race like they know really what the racers are thinking or planning which it turns to be upsetting and I turn the volume down. As well yesterday in La Vuelta there were two fans on the side of the road with dinosaurs customs and one of the commentators made a “put-down” to Alejandro Valverde, the world champion of road cycling for 2019, comparing it to him because he is 39 years of age. That is discrimination on the disguise of a joke of terrible taste. As well, their pronunciation of some of the spanish last names is so terrible and constant that it takes a while to realize about whom they are talking, like they don't know even by approximation how to pronounce Herrada, which is the last name of the winner of a stage this week. Next year I will not buy the cycling pass.

- Just a mess

I never write reviews but this app is so bad, I couldn’t help myself. I loved the previous NBC Sports Talk and was wary when it was shut down in favor of this “improved” version. In a classic case of over building, many new features were added that I’d never use and don’t need. Gone is what I loved most about the old Sports Talk app - a smooth scroll to catch up on the day in sports. The new version is so full of bugs and so poorly coded that the scroll is jaggy and painfully slow. There are so many bugs that just getting back to where you were in the scroll after reading a story is near impossible. I’d hate to give up on reading Sports Talk as I love the content but this bloated and bad means to deliver the content will likely make me do just that. Shame on you guys for taking an elegantly simple app and totally screwing it up.

- More Commercials than Sports

I never write reviews, but this app is so infuriating that it deserves one. I’ll watch baseball on this app when I am away from the house, or if I am out walking the dog and play the game from my phone. Open the app and turn on the game, and it doesn’t matter if the game is currently in play, boom 30 second Honda ad. Go to check a text from mom, or toggle to a new app during a commercial break, when you come back you get hit with the same 30 second Honda ad, then the full regular slate of commercials causing you to miss even more of the game. It’s very clear where Honda’s (I mean NBCs) priorities are. Not user friendly in the slightest and I strongly recommend using a different platform for streaming sports. Other streaming apps like ESPN, even if you toggle between apps, will not slap you in the face with commercials.

- Scrubber controls terrible, poor airplay support, bad UI

I wanted to love this app, but I’m beyond frustrated with it. I would be a paying customer if it worked, but the problem list is huge. First, it doesn’t provide any useful way to return to where you were. I’ve managed to spoil the end of events more often than not trying to fast forward with no markers and no previews. I also have to sit through countless ads every time I try to fast forward to my spot, even though I have seen less than 1 second of video when attempting to not forward too far. That leads to advancing past where you want too often, ruining the show. How can anyone be expected to pay for such an unusable interface? I hate to say it, but this is worse than cable tv. The content is good, but this app is terrible. Start over.

- Horrible viewing experience

I like to stream a game occasionally on my phone. But with this app, every time I open it, it's a 30 second ad. And if I switch between aps and come back, another 30 second ad. And if the app crashes and makes me restart (which happens far too often), another 30 second ad. It's horrible. And Honda, if you're reading this (I hope you are), this tarnishes your brand name. I now associate your brand with the dissatisfying feeling of waiting for an ad when I want to watch a stream of a sport. When I'm expecting an exciting play in a clutch moment of my sport game, and I have to wait 30 seconds and often miss it... This ap and the excessive ads and crashing is a horrible user experience, and I unfortunately now relate that experience to both NBC sports and Honda. I expect better of both of you...

- NBC, You are CANCELLED !

I know I’m being rude but wow ! NBC. I know you guys are making tons of money. I mean like you guys have the Olympics! Y’all are just being greedy and it’s pathetic. I understand you guys need your bills paid and you don’t care if I watch or not because I’m one person & I know I’m being disrespectful. However, it’s my review and this is ridiculous. You have to pay for different sports ? Seriously! I know I can just get cable but I been a cable cutter for a long time. Y’all are not considering the people who cannot afford these payments. This app is honestly for rich people. I can’t keep making payments just to see a different sport. You could make more money if you make it reasonable for the other group of people who can’t afford this!! The bad thing is , you are probably not going to see this or you don’t care !

- One of the few ways to watch Cycling

I am troubled by most of the issues found by other subscribers. But I must say that to me, the cost is worth it to be able to watch cycling in real time; especially “the Tour”. It makes July so much better. I have had trouble with streaming, and I can’t say I enjoy advertising. But the cost is not outrageous( but cheaper is always better) and the a la cart way of doing it is a drag if you want to add other sports, but I guess someone has to pay for the content so you can share it. So basically I’m a fan. But you only get 5 stars for awesome. And it’s just not awesome.

- Unpredictable

This app could be great, but for whatever reason, there are constantly streaming issues and you don’t have the choice to choose between SD or HD. If that wasn’t bad enough, EVERY time you open the app, it plays a 30 second commercial. Regardless if there’s live play or not. Even though I’m logged into my cable provider, whenever I switch out of the app to send a text, or to do anything for that matter, it plays a commercial when I switch back. Even during live play. Obviously this is incredibly annoying and frustrating, and I’ve missed many goals and key moments because of this. Moreover, any time I swipe down to open the brightness settings or check the time, it pauses the stream, and then resumes it in real time when I swipe back up. Please fix these glaring issues immediately.

- Issues with Playback Quality, Ad Timing

Watching Olympics coverage on this app using Fire Stick, there is a lot of buffering that I attribute to the app (not the Internet connection), and the playback sometimes gets scrambled, speeds up and then reverses and replays, but the picture and voiceovers don’t line up. Also, ads are inserted literally in the middle of the ice skating performances, which makes for a horrible viewing experience. We can’t skip the ads, so why not just place them between the performances and let us enjoy the competition? If regular network TV was showing replays of the best footage, I would opt for that, but they are only showing live coverage and many of the results aren’t shown until almost midnight, so I never get to see it, unless I use the app.

- Just turned off all notifications

This app is useful and general works well when I need to catch a live soccer match and am away from home. I also like getting score updates for live matches. However, I’ve just turned off a notifications due to the overuse of this privilege by NBC sports app. I don’t need pop ups to let me know what the highlights of a similar match two years ago were. I though the purpose of this app was to maximize utility of the NBC Sports network in my cable package. Now it seems the purpose is to try to maximize the time people spend viewing the app. Too annoying- you’re shut off at least until clueless Apple decides to turn you back on at 5am every morning.

- It’s almost funny how bad this app is

Downloaded it solely for watching the olympics. My biggest gripe is that if you’re trying to watch the replays and trying to skip around, you’ll be forced to watch a commercial (or more) every time you move that dial. For example, I just tried to watch the team figure skating event. I already saw part of it when it aired live on NBC. However, I didn’t get a chance to watch the pairs skating portion, so I figured I’d pull it up on the NBC app. Every single time I tried to skip and figure out where in the replay the pairs skating portion started, I got a freakin commercial. I resigned myself to watching the same United Healthcare ad every single time. Except, I just had to sit through 5 ads at the most recent time skip. Is this a joke? Literally just gave up and came here to write this review instead.


UPDATE - Do you realize that NBC will be showing the Super Bowl in a few weeks? Imagine trying to watch the game, just as you’ve done every year only to find that the app is pulling its same old BS. It’s hard to find the words. This app is useless. Many of us have downloaded it so that we can watch Sunday Night Football. Good luck with that. You can watch NASCAR, yet the NFL is out of reach. Log in/log out, uninstall/reinstall, set up location services. None of it matters. You just get a spinning signal for an indefinite amount of time. NBC likely doesn’t care. I hate this App. No stars. Negative stars.

- Nbcsn is a great app but nbcgold is a total rip off

Nbcsn works really well without any crashes. It used to offer you complete coverage of English premier league for last couple of years. But then people at NBC decided to become greedy. Now nbcsn app offers only the matches that are on nbcsn channel. And for other games, you have to download nbcgold and pay 50$ more; and nbcgold does not show you the games that are on nbcsn channel. I am fine paying the money but not twice! Either offer complete package through nbcgold or like how it used to be through nbcsn. I used to love this app and love nbc's coverage of English premier league, that feeling is not going to last for long time because of such shady practices by them.

- Huge Disappointment

It is crazy to me that I have to watch every commercial break I have missed since the last time I watched a game. I switch to a different app at the end of the 4th inning and come back an hour later. It picks up right where I left off. Not sure why anyone would want to be an hour behind in a game but ok. When I pull it back up and hit the go live button, I have to watch literally 5 minutes of commercials before watching the game. I understand having to watch commercials but I mean cmon give me a break. Also, if I know that my team is reaching a main point in the game because of other outlets, I know I’m screwed from seeing the big play because I have to start off watching the game with two minutes of commercials.

- No more Mama Mia movie previews!!!!

I’m probably one of the few ppls that still has cable (Spectrum formerly Time Warner Cable) so I’m signed in while in the app. Trying to watch the entire broadcast replay (specifically Men’s Slopestyle Snowboarding) and right in the middle of the guy’s epic run and commentary...BOOM!!!! Darn preview of the Mama Mia movie pops up! I’m ok with watching some commercials, but then the commercials started to pop up during EVERY snowboarders’ run!!!! C’mon NBC, this is an event that happens only every 4 years! Can you please minimize the ads just this once?!?! And not during the competition?!?! Remember the “Triple Cast” back in the day? When the viewer had 3 channels to choose from to either watch the livestream or rewatch certain events?!?! Bring something like that back!!!! But since the 2018 Olympic games are already underway, PLEASE fix your current app!!!!

- Complete frustration

I’m a long-time subscriber to NBC Sports Gold Pro Cycling package. The app doesn’t remember the gold package you purchased so you’re spammed with sports you don’t care about every single time you use the AppleTV app. You have to go in and apply filters every single time to see just your paid/purchased content. Very frustrating. You can’t watch all past streams. For example if you missed the 2nd half of the Tour Down Under while on vacation and want to watch all the stages the following week? Sorry. You used to be able to scroll all the way down to last years Tour de France. The AppleTV app navigation is horrendous. You have to use 2 hands to swipe up and down way more than any other app to move focus around the various icons. How this passes Apples app review process I will never know. It’s almost unusable from your couch.... I mean turbo trainer. I have no clue why they crammed NBC Sports Gold into the main NBC Sports app. There is so much noise surrounding the content you paid for. These “improvements” are frustrating for watching only the sports you love/packages you paid for. Fortunately my frustration has led me to find their competitors like Fubo which I will be switching to.

- Quality & Interface Issues

I've been streaming NBC content for several years. I would've expected a better product by now. ESPN's platform seems to do this better. NBC needs to improve streaming quality, to reduce dropped frames, long freezes, and video delay. I'm basing this on my results streaming primarily on the website or iPhone app, but also to a lesser extent on Roku. As far as the delay goes, I believe there's typically a 20 second delay between the stream and what shows up on my cable TV channel, which in itself is not exactly live. Streaming of sports should never be this far behind the real event. As for the video player Interface (GUI), It really needs some basic controls that some competitors have and that DVR's have had for years. The one at the top of the list for me is the Skip-ahead/back-30-secs. Having to use the elapsed time slider bar to do this is extremely painful, and totally imprecise, Especially on a smaller screen like a phone. I'm sure there are there interface improvements to be suggested that I run out of time at the moment. Perhaps I'll come back and edit this later? ;)

- Premier league gold pass

When I saw this app I was really happy I could watch some of my favorite teams play so I paid the overpriced 65 dollars for the gold pass. Not to mention this is only for one sport. If I want to watch another sport I still have to pay another overpriced fee. Anyways I’m not with any tv provider and I thought that I could watch these matches live but I can’t. I wouldn’t suggest to buy the pass if your not gonna watch all premier league games or if your gonna watch just one team it’s a waste of money. If your not with cable your basically spending money to watch replays to which you probably already know the ending and scores and all the details which most of the fun out of it. I hope that one of you guys saw this and rethink your decision before you make the same mistake that I did.


This is the absolute worst most horrific coverage of the Olympics. Not only have you partnered with cable providers but you have made this an exclusive thing for very few people. The app 8 years ago made the Olympics available to everyone. You CANNOT use this app unless you have a cable provider. You are unable to actually watch anything on this. After confirmation of your cable 9 times you have some unable message. I am not longer even watching the Olympics you have actually ruined it this year I always look forward to it. The NBC network is worse cuts off coverage when there’s 3 athletes to finish. Split screen a finish it’s just horrible. As if they are actually running at the same time. Your exclusion of people able to share this is just unexplainable.

- Big disappointments here

Every couple weeks, the app requires you to sign in to your TV provider. Why won't it just stay signed in? The fact that one must have a TV provider just to use the app should only the ONLY reason for a one star rating for the app. Also, it requires location service to allowed otherwise it tells you to allow it every time you open the app if you chose not to use that feature. The app works ok, BUT you better like watching the same commercials over and over and over and over and over. The most disappointing part is that you cannot view side by side screen or "Non Stop" feature while the commercial are playing like it does while watching TV normally with your provider. I would much prefer to watch sporting evens on TV rather than the app.

- Worthless

First the PFT app is deprecated and I have to use NBC Sports Scores to see PFT articles. Then NBC Sports Scores is deprecated and now I have to use NBC Sports. This app is unusable to read PFT or any other sports media. If you are listening to audio like music or a podcast and want to read an article, the app stops what you are listening to, presumably to play thier own NBC tune when you open the app. Then when you go to the talk section it is clunky and slow. The comments section isn’t available, and it is formatted like a web browser instead of an app so you can’t easily scroll up and down. PFT has always been my one stop shop for NFL news but I might have to go Bleacher Report or something else to be able to quickly and easily flip through recent news articles of interest.

- Useless

It’s bad enough that Comcast refuses to provide NBC Sports Philadelphia feeds to satellite providers, forcing me to keep their service to watch local teams. But at least make an app that works. This app is a waste of time. The Phillies are playing, but when I click on the game in the app I sit through a ridiculous amount of commercials only to get a screen saying the game will begin shortly. Meanwhile in reality it’s the bottom of the 8th and I just wanted to watch the rest of the game. No dice. Try to click watch live and I get 15 seconds of live tv before it crashes. This company would be bankrupt if they had any competition in areas that they serve. I guess I expected too much from a company that thrives on overcharging customers for subpar service and buying up everything to force people to pay them. My mistake.

- What did I pay for

NBC sports is the only option for Americans to watch premier league. So I pay the $70 they want in order to watch the games, yet I have so far been unable to watch the vast majority of games from my favorite team, and also unable to watch almost every single big game in this league, including the Manchester Derby today. This is all despite nbc gold promising a huge number of games being unlocked by this paywall. The app allows you freely to stream just under 10 min of the nbc broadcast for some games in English, and sometimes longer in Spanish, which is a hundred times better than the mis-advertised service I am constantly disappointed and frustrated in. I will be trying for a refund and sticking to streaming one half of the games fans like me actually want to watch

- Missing what I would consider very basic features

I bought this to watch the Tour de France. The race broadcast starts at about 3:30AM local. I would like to be able to start watching the feed when I wake up around 7 or 8, but you can’t start the live feed at the beginning until it’s completely over, so I have to wait 4 or 5 hours every day until it’s listed under replays. If you stop watching for any reason, you can’t pick up where you left off. You must manually fast forward to where you stopped. If this were free it would be pretty disappointing. When we pay $55 to watch a three week race, it’s pretty ridiculous that they don’t have support for these basic things. There is no technical reason these things cannot be done, NBC has simply not implemented them.

- If you like broken apps this is the app for you!

Do you like live sports coverage streaming on your phone? Do you like dependable smooth video & audio with no shutdowns? Then look somewhere else, because this isn’t the place to find that. But if you like getting frustrated by a major tv network that can force you to use their app to stream live sports, only to get you caught in an endless loop of having to login with your service provider info, followed by launching the screen, teasing you that you’re going to get to watch the game you want, followed by getting kicked back to the main menu, you’re in luck because NBCSports app has you covered. All of the frustration of an app designed by elementary school children with none of the stupendous sports action you were hoping for.

- Embarrassing

I downloaded the original version of this app years ago, solely for PFT. The “updated” new app from 1-2 years ago was just AWFUL: almost every individual story that I clicked on would suddenly push me back to the menu to choose a new story. Just glitchy and awful performance. So when I saw a brand new app was replacing this a few weeks ago, I was excited, as I love me some PFT. Unfortunately this brand new app that just rolled out is just as crappy. I click on the story and it takes about five seconds for me to start scrolling down on that view. Then if I press back from a specific story to go to the menu of stories, the view is of the most recent stories, and not the one I just clicked on (which could be a couple of dozen posts from the newest one). And then probably my biggest pet peeve regarding all apps/internets viewing: there are apparently several auto play videos that keep popping up, when I just want to view the text of a story. For a huge major network, and for a site as awesome as PFT has been over the years, this is in an abomination. Florio: You are MUCH better than the horrible app interfaces NBC provides your content under!!

- Poor Everything!

Works properly about 20% of the time. When it actually connects to your cable credentials the connection is poor and the app usually needs to be refreshed multiple times to continue watching programming. Also most of the time after signing into the app it tells me I don’t have access to programs that are a part of my cable package. This is really inconvenient & frustrating. There is a new gold feature in the app where you pay for extra programming on top of what you have. I wouldn’t pay a dime for anything in this app when they can’t even connect properly to the programming included in my cable package. Any other sports programming app is better than this garbage. I would not recommend using this or their other MyTeams app if you don’t have to.

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NBC Sports 8.0.7 Screenshots & Images

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NBC Sports iphone images
NBC Sports iphone images
NBC Sports iphone images
NBC Sports iphone images
NBC Sports iphone images

NBC Sports (Version 8.0.7) Install & Download

The applications NBC Sports was published in the category Sports on 2012-07-12 and was developed by NBCUniversal Media, LLC [Developer ID: 303544359]. This application file size is 146.47 MB. NBC Sports - Sports app posted on 2020-08-11 current version is 8.0.7 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.nbcuni.com.nbcsports.liveextra

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