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SkyDroid - Golf GPS gives you your distance to every green on the course and more. Golf GPS that is easy to use, has a beautiful design, and there are no subscription, usage or course download fees.

We have over 30,000 courses available, with new courses being added every day of the year. You can view the entire course list on our website:

Add new courses (if yours is missing) to our system using our web based Course Mapper tool (see for details and tutorial).

Feel free to contact us with questions ([email protected])

Note: See our usage note below for help on searching for courses.

• Clean and Clear design

• Distances to the front, center and back of every green on the course

• Distances to course features (water hazards, bunkers, target points)

• Satellite image of every green and course

• Shot Tracking: Track the distance of your drives!

• Find your distance to ANY point on the course.

• GPS Accuracy indicator (tap at anytime to find your exact accuracy)

• Distances in yards or meters

• Auto Hole advance

• Works Internationally!!

• Audio updates to the center of the green. A great hands-free way to use SkyDroid.

• Book discounted tee times directly through SkyDroid.

No other fees are involved, and you can download as many courses you want without any other charges.

With SkyDroid – Golf GPS, our simple-to-use design will have you spending your time on your golf game, not on clicking buttons.

View all our courses at

View our FAQ at


• SEARCHING for Courses: When searching for courses by name, you can just search for "Aug" instead of "Augusta National Golf Course" (leave out the quote marks).

• SEARCHING for Courses: Radar button will find Mapped courses within 25mi/40km of your current location.

• To save battery power, click your power button to turn off the screen when not in use.

• Set your GPS Keep Alive in the SkyDroid settings to control how long GPS stays active when SkyDroid is in the background. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

• GPS accuracy can vary over time (click the GPS signal strength icon at any time to see your accuracy).

• Before playing a course preview its mapping by clicking the link for the course name at (best done using a large screen). Let us know of any mapping issues, or make changes yourself.

• If we don’t have your course, you can add it as long as there is a satellite image of the course available in Course Mapper.

• Change distance measurement (yards/meters) in the app Settings available on the in-app Menu.

• While playing golf you will only incur data usage while using the Satellite View screen. Course downloads can be done at home over Wi-Fi and are small in size.

Enjoy your round!!

SkyDroid - Golf GPS App Description & Overview

The applications SkyDroid - Golf GPS was published in the category Sports on 2011-01-05 and was developed by Folla Media, LLC. The file size is 24.42 MB. The current version is 1.10.1 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

• iOS8 compatibility issues
• audio announcement & playback interruption bug fixes
• enlarge UI elements for larger devices
• other minor bug fixes

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Best GPS App  Preisendanz  5 star

Great way to get accurate yardages for less. Now with the update it will fit iPhone Plus models better. If your home course isn't in their database you can always map it yourself.


Excellent!!  JayK42  5 star

Best golf gps I have tried yet. Recent update just put it over the top!


Best Golf GPS App out there period  Damonjm  5 star

Clean interface Fast All the necessary features Does not beat you down with ads That's exactly what I was I looking for, keep up the great work!

Studying for JLPT N3 Aaron

Has ads on paid for app, also no score card functionality  Studying for JLPT N3 Aaron  1 star

Very disappointed that I had to pay but still get served ads. Also there is no score card functionality like in the Android version.


Better than a $300 sky caddie  Brg921  5 star

I play weekly with people who use sky caddies and I routinely have the same better distances to the green. All for a fraction of the cost! Great app that I've used it since it's inception. Thanks for the update!


No score keeper?  Dewman07  3 star

Great gps for 1.99 but I wish you could keep your score on it too. Works well on yardage and eaiser to use that sky caddie


Used to be great but...  BCLunacy  2 star

I have had this app for years and when I switched to Apple suddenly my scorecard and rounds were gone.... so much for the years of stats and tracking I had accrued across the country huh! I enjoyed the ability to track key items and being able to customize what stats to keep and which to exclude. I don't need all of the additional score functions but fairways, clubs, driving distance, and putts were VERY important to me. Now I can't view progress or weak game areas like before. My Garmin NeoX watch is a GPS and does what this does now and I don't have to pull a phone out to use it. Bring back the other features!!!


Best golf app  Tenntom  5 star

Purchased this for $1.99. Tried golf gps navigator and golf logic. They were rip offs. This app exceeds and match most golf gps finders that cost $100.00 to $200.00 plus. Purchased the V1 Coaching app from this same developer and is a great teaching and training app.


Simple and Easy to Use  AZ IOS User  5 star

Very much like the simple and straightforward user interaction. Buttons are intuitively obvious and easy to move between holes and 9 hole segments. Like the way they have 3 "segments" for the 3 9's of our 27 hole course (other apps treat them as entirely separate courses). Nice zoom feature when you need it. Everything I need and none of the extra stuff that would just get in my way (I don't need scoring, tracking, etc as those apps require a lot of extra entry)

Never killary

Great app  Never killary  3 star

Great app but 3 stars until they add an Apple Watch app.


Good for view, not for yardage  evilgti  3 star

I have been playing about thirty rounds with people randomly that old to brand new laser yardage finders. I have found that this app is averaging 7-13 yards short of what laser finders are coming up with. All the laser finders are within 2 yards of each other. It's a nice app to use google maps and get a idea of the landing areas and bunkers on the hole. But as a yardage finder this is fairly inaccurate.



This is ridiculous. The real SKYDROID on droid has many many more more options on it. Marking courses, score keeping, I mean this is ridiculous.


Simply the Best!  carlind63  5 star

I have tried most of the GPS's available for the IPhone and SkyDroid is the quickest at updating and has a lot longer battery life. I also own a Skycaddie and a Garmin GPS and although they are very good they do not update the distances as quickly as SkyDroid does. SkyDroid also seems to have all the golf courses I need.


Simplistic design  DanD80  5 star

Extremely simple and intuitive design. You can leave this app running for the entire round and still have more than half your battery left over when you reach the clubhouse (assuming you lock your phone between views). Very accurate and beats all the competition on price. I recommend this app to all my friends.


Phenomenal  Macg1234  5 star

I've been using the sky droid app for about two years now. If you don't mind playing with your phone in your pocket, you'll love this APP. It's so easy to use and so convenient. Highly recommend for any skilled golfer. I'm a 15 HC, and I try to get out as much as possible. Distances are very accurate to the front, middle, and back of the green. I haven't really used the overview feature yet, but it seems to work well. Definitely worth the $1.99! Way better than spending hundreds on a range finder or other GPS device!!


Don't buy  Bpearles  2 star

This app only works half the time! It always has poor gps signal even though I'm at full 4g. Not happy with the purchase.


Two Years of Satisfaction  ANGCorsair  5 star

Simple, accurate and comprehensive. The only feature this lacks is a scorecard which to me is inconsequential. Distance accuracy is never more than +\- 5 yds from any other GPS device or yardage marker in the course. Usual variance is 0-2 yds and who's to say which device/mark is the correct one. The zoom feature is awesome. The only performance knock is that clouds will slow down position lock time. Nature of the business. It consumes 25-40% of my iPhone 4s battery over 18 holes dependent upon amount of "zoom" I use. Buy it. UPDATE - the zoom feature doesn't provide yardage to any spot on the course anymore. Is this a result of iOS 7?? I miss that feature immensely.

That Avid Golfer

Amazing App  That Avid Golfer  5 star

I use this when I'm unsure of the distance and when I am sure of the distance, I try it anyways to see if it's correct and it's spot on. It has all the courses you could imagine in your area and more and also gives different ranges depending on pin placement. I totally recommend this app even for the leisurely golfer.

Oyster river 24

Great Golf GPS  Oyster river 24  5 star

In the past , I have used other GPS devices on the golf course with varying degrees of success. This Skydroid unit is the best one thus far for a number of reasons. The courses are easily downloaded, yardage is accurate and the device is easy to use. another feature is the small amount of battery power it uses for an 18 hole round. And the best part is the $1.99 price I paid to iTunes for the app. Thanks for making my day on the course that much more fun.

Mountain Slicer

Did not download from I Tunes  Mountain Slicer  1 star

Couldn't say anything about, I couldn't get it to download

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