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DisneyNOW – Episodes & Live TV App Description & Overview

What is disneynow – episodes & live tv app? - DISNEY JUNIOR MODE: Parents – Keep your preschooler entertained with Disney Junior shows, games & more by setting your profile to Disney Junior mode for a child-safe viewing experience.

- CURRENT SEASONS: Catch-up on the latest episodes of Disney Channel, Disney Junior and Disney XD shows including This Duckburg Life, Big City Greens, Puppy Dog Pals and Raven’s Home. Episodes without a key are available to start watching – no login required!

- ORIGINAL VIDEOS: Watch shorts, music videos and more from your favorite Disney shows. Check the app regularly to discover new videos – no login required!

- GAMES & ACTIVITIES: Choose from a collection of games from puzzles to racing featuring your favorite Disney characters.

- UNLOCK MORE: See keys throughout the app? Sign in with your TV provider** to unlock episodes, Disney Channel Original Movies and watch live tv.

- MOVIES: Watch new and classic Disney Channel Original Movies.

- WATCH LIVE: Don’t have access to a TV? Simply sign in with your TV provider to stream Disney Channel, Disney Junior & Disney XD live***

- MAKE IT YOURS: Personalize your experience with Disney Emojis, pick your faves & discover new Disney shows.

Download the DisneyNOW app and enjoy your favorite Disney shows including:

Big City Greens
Mickey Mouse: Mixed-Up Adventures
Mira, Royal Detective
Puppy Dog Pals
Raven’s Home
Sydney to the Max
This Duckburg Life

U.S. based Internet connection required. Parents: Before downloading this app, please note that it contains targeted advertising for The Walt Disney Company and some third parties. You can control this in your app settings.

This app may use the camera feature to allow sending and uploading photos for some game features.

This app may use the microphone to allow for recording messages for some game features.

This app may use storage to upload and save content from this app to the device.

Please note: This app features Nielsen’s proprietary measurement software which will allow you to contribute to market research, like Nielsen’s TV Ratings. Please see http://www.nielsen.com/digitalprivacy for more information.

*DisneyNOW games are optimized for iOS 11.0 or above. Games are not available on over-the-top devices.

**Signing in with your TV provider is easy! Tap on MORE, select your provider, and log in with your TV provider username and password. For more information about signing in, visit https://disneynow.go.com/help#faq-2_1.

***Content may be available in U.S. only and subject to additional restrictions. Live, on demand, and advance viewing content requires current verified subscription for the applicable programming network(s) with participating TV provider. Go to the DisneyNOW website for details.

Terms of Use: http://disneytermsofuse.com/
Privacy Policy: https://disneyprivacycenter.com
Your California Privacy Rights - https://privacy.thewaltdisneycompany.com/en/current-privacy-policy/your-california-privacy-rights/
Do Not Sell My Information - https://privacy.thewaltdisneycompany.com/en/dnsmi

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App Name DisneyNOW – Episodes & Live TV
Category Entertainment
Updated 15 February 2024, Thursday
File Size 434.98 MB

DisneyNOW – Episodes & Live TV Comments & Reviews 2024

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♥︎I love it but..♥︎. Dear creator, It has come to my senses, that you guys don’t give much love to the people who haven’t put their Wi-fi company. {I say this from experience} You guy’s give them 1 new episode each week, which is fine honestly! But..There are a few bugs, Like this Monday my 6 year-old sister was EXPECTING a new episode from ‘Mickey mouse club house’ but all she got was, 0 episodes, which really broke her heart. I am also a fan of DisneyNOW, and I was looking forward to a new episode of Ravens Home, Lab Rats, and many others. It also broke my heart to see I had 0 episodes open, this happened to my sister I mentioned once, which was today. But this happens to me EVERY week. So, even if you can’t fix the bugs, at least try and open more episodes for the ones that at least GIVE you episodes, I’m not trying to be mean..But this is very annoying, cause each Monday you think you’ll get a new episode of your favorite shows, but then it disappoints you. I hope you can at least TRY and do one of these options. Sincerely, Serena&Her heart broken sister

Great...... but.... So..... love the app, but..... the amount of content in this app is awesome. There are a variety of shows, movies and games to choose from. The one major drawback to this app is the lack of ability to block certain shows. My child is growing out out of the Disney jr. shows and getting more interested in the Disney Channel shows. The only options you have to choose from are either only Disney jr. shows or all Disney shows. At an ‘in between the two’ age, I feel there are some shows a little inappropriate. It would be nice to be able to block those out. I contacted the DisneyNOW app and they were super quick to respond (which was awesome! Kudos!). Their response was helpful, but also a little disappointing. There are only the two options when choosing content: Disney jr. or all Disney. And your cable provider determines what shows are available. Still, it would be really nice to be able to choose what content your child(ren) has access to.

Favorites bugging and shows worse. I loved Disney channel growing up and still do at a young child age and seeing the app would make me want to want to watch it a bit more and there is some problem the shows are getting worse which also goes with TV and when I open hearts the favorites it is there on the homepage even when I refresh the app the and also I DONT know why they are bringing back more show tat was old and already was a show and changing it a bit that is horrible !! Lastly the updates there is nothing good about them .. Just please make the show better like Andi Mack or a Jessie or like something fun and interesting not boring and rude actors for me to hate on them PLEASE Make Also DONT know why you Would Do THIS have Disney Junior and Disney Channel together WTH Disney Junior already HAS their own channel and please no BABY SHOWS in Disney channel like really big hero 6 omg and also like tangled like OmG why and why at like for me 6am in the morning Disney junior shows UGH WHHY they already have their OWN channel really connected OMG and make the actors better and not for me to hate on PLEASE OmG oR ELSE

Good but need some changes. So there was an update and I like how you can put in your birthday if you want and it’s easier to change your profile and stuff but why are there only like 10 emojis to pick from when there were like 30?. I’ll tell you the story so I was going to see what was new and I went on and then a thing appeared on the screen that said do you want to put in your birthday so I did and then it got to the part where you can like choose a video or something and I noticed that the profile was not at the top but at the bottom so I pressed it and then there were the emojis (I had a Moana one) and I accidentally pressed Mickey but I didn’t want a Mickey one so I looked for Moana but it wasn’t there so now it’s Ariel and I can’t get Moana back so please get the other emojis back. Sorry for the long story I didn’t think it would be this long but other then that good work and don’t stop I love DisneyNOW so sorry for the long review bye?

Overall great app. I think that this app is great but there are a few problems. You have to sign in with your tv provider to unlock all of the episodes. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, I was just confused at first and so was my brother. Also there aren’t any old episodes which is sort of annoying because then I have to go to a Disney+ or something like that to watch other episodes. When a season ends it’s only up for a few days, but then after that you can only watch 4 episodes or so. I get pretty frustrated about that. A really good thing about Disney Now is that is that whenever I’ve been watching a show lately and I want to see if there are new episodes I can just look and I can easily watch it. To everyone who has Disney+ you should know that the latest episodes of Disney Channel shows come onto Disney Now before they come onto Disney+. The games are fun, but they take a long time to load and half of the time they don’t work. I will say that when they do work they are super fun to play! There aren’t a lot of DCOMs on Disney Now but there are the newer ones. Overall this game is amazing! I really hope that you choose to get this game and have as much fun with it as I did!

Thanks for everything!!!. So for 2 years I’ve had this app and I literally loved it! Even though it didn’t had everything, it was still awesome. So, a few months after I got this app, I figured out Big City Greens (my favorite tv show on Disney) put out a collection of shorts that were parodies of most Disney channel songs like flesh and bone & Queen of mean. It was so cute! My little sister deleted the app because she deletes a lot of my fav apps for no reason. So I downloaded it on my iPad again only to find that my lil sis would delete it for the second time. After that, i downloaded it on my anti-sister phone and found the new bcg ( big city greens ) parody, stuck at home, it helped me a lot though quarantine. So did the black lives matter selection. Thanks so much for helping us through these times Disney, and remember people whom are reading this, we are in this together.

Needs lots of work. I think DisneyNOW is a great way to watch Disney shows. I only gave it two stars is because I have some problems with it that if the developers fixed it would make the app a lot better. My first problem is the ads. There are to many and the same ones every time. I went to play a game and there was like three ads. I know that the ads are getting a little better but think of some new ads please. My second problem is that the shows take a long time for new episodes. I am always waiting for a new episode. I know it might be hard but please this is one of my biggest problems. My third and final problem is that it always signs me out when I click the button to keep me signed in. I know that I said my third problem was my last one well I lied. My fourth problem is that it takes away shows. I know you can’t have to many but seriously it gets annoying. Also it takes away episodes so you have like episodes 1 7 and 10 this is just an example. It is really annoying when it takes episodes away cause sometimes I’m behind them I can’t even watch it. That is all I have right now but please fix these problems then maybe I would give DisneyNOW 5 stars.

My experience with a glitch and how to fix it. I got this app a few months ago and I loved it! I even entered in my tv provider. I received a notification for a update and was like, Wow this is gonna make it even better! Boy was I wrong! It took away all my favorite shows! Even though I entered my tv provider I only get 2-3 episodes😡 This is a huge disappointment when you are in the middle of a series,I was on season 3of Hannah Montana and I went to watch the next episode, it glitched, said #bummer so I restarted it. When I went back on it was no different! I may just have to delete the app and move on so please change it so I don’t have to. Maybe I willing write a better review once this is fixed, but until then, I am very upset and unimpressed😡 Edit: I found a way to fix that little glitch. You deleted the app then reinstall it. Now I actually get more Dcoms! I like the update now!

Good, but has many flaws. Great idea for an app, but it has some bummer factors. First off, it only has the latest shows. It adds some great, but it loses a show when it gains a show so there are only like 4 shows at a time on some. Some have a lot like Coop and Cami, but some like Sydney to the Max don’t. Second off, some of the shows( on top of there not being that many shows) don’t even play. They don’t work, so most of the new shows that I wait forever to finally come onto DisneyNOW don’t even work so I have to wait again and Sydney to the Max and Just Roll with It are a few examples of the very slow shows that take forever to get new ones. Pls try to increase the amounts of shows u have at once and not repeating so keeping shows not losing them or make it so that I can at least watch all the shows that are on DisneyNOW. Thank you for reading my review and I hope to see better results from DisneyNOW. I think DisneyNOW is good beyond that which has way more good then bad but this review is really long already so I will skip saying all the goods! :) A new thing that came up is the update on DisneyNOW, but it isn’t allowing me to update. It also says I cannot use the app until I update, which is annoying and sad, because I like this app, but I can’t use it.

Can’t expect much. The app is pretty much made to entertain children it’s pretty good if you want something to keep your kids quiet it has little games cute profiles and many cartoons but I don’t like how much of the access is limited I also have Disney+ and compared to Disney now I think Disney+ may be the obvious winner in my opinion Disney+ doesn’t have games but it does have episodes you can actually watch because there’s this cartoon I can watch on both and most of the episodes were locked i honestly think that’s why Disney+ is a better app but it also needs Money for you to be able to watch anything and it has many movies and cartoons and series also there’s always something new on Disney now much of the episodes are locked and it’s the same things all the time. If you just want a nice app for your kids I recommend Disney now if you want an app with full access to everything and more movies with more mature themes I recommend Disney+

Don’t get this app!. What ever you do don’t get this app! When I have perfect WiFi and let’s say I wanna watch decandents because it is finally free and I can now watch it! When I’m so excited while watching the ad before it thinking, “omg I am actually gonna watch this!!” But turns out I watched the ad for no reason and it wouldn’t play all it showed me was pitch black and everyday or every minute I try watching it just shows me the same thing!”pitch black”. And I also have another problem, the ads are way to long! And when I write a review on the app instead of the AppStore like I’m doing now, when I submit my feedback it says, “thanks for your feed back we will reply to you with in 2 days!” LIE!! So cut the sheep dip and make your app better! I want to kill the person who made this app!!( I don’t mean it). How come when I am just trying to play a game and I have no more Windows’s and yet yeah this I stupid app can’t handle it and say memory almost full, make this game better!!! I get why no one likes this app. Im deleting this!! And you should too. Get this garbage to the “Worst games ever created trash can!”

This game is literally the best it’s like literally the best game. So first of all I just want to say I love this game because I almost watch Disney and I was bored and then I went to go to find a game and then I found this game and I saw all the good reviews so I decided to download it and it was so much fun so this game is perfect for teenagers and kids also my sister enjoys it she says she loves it and yeah also I need to update it that’s letting you know anyways I love your game so so much so can you make another app where it’s like this but a little different also I could give you some ideas so like can you make it like where you can pick your favorite game and stuff like that and also can you make all the videos unlocked because in this actual game they are kind of all locked up and can you also make a jack skeleton games because I love jack and also can you make like a Christmas update in that kind of game because I love Christmas and we all know that Christmas is almost coming

READ BEFORE DOWNLOADING. So this app is actually pretty good but it does have its flaws first the ads are a huge problem for me because when I was trying to watch a episode from a show I had to watch two ads for it then it finally ended so I was way more happy but then the intro song or theme song thing came on and I couldn’t skip it so I sat through it but then there was a whole other two ads i had to watch that was really annoying .For the second one it doesn’t always have all the episodes which I think is extremely frustrating because there are a bunch of shows that have episodes I want to watch and I don’t have Disney plus so I can’t watch it there and for my last flaw it’s very glitchy which is also very annoying cause I like to watch episodes when I’m in the shower and pretend I’m the characters and sometimes it will just like kick me out or say “sorry we are having technical difficulties blah blah blah “ but the thing is I like to listen to things in the shower because it helps me not be scared that something’s gonna happen to me and when it glitches then it’s stressful for me cause I have to use myself to keep noise .Besides all these flaws this app is great ..just please please fix these flaws please they are extremely annoying

Obsessin with this app. I love this app so many fun things to do! See what’s in live tv, play games, take quizzes, and watch the Disney Channel original movies! But what I would love is if they could air some of their old shows! Like: Shake it up, K.C undercover, and many more but as Sharpay says in HSM “Out with the old and in with the new” And also the live TV is a bit behind like when I go into the Channel on my TV it is fine but when I go into the app it is way behind Idk if that’s a “me” problem but it’s something that would be nice to know that it is caught up and I’m not missing anything and I have one recommendation, At the beginning when your making your account they ask for your b-day and it calculates how old you and by how many quarters you are and this might a big task but I think it’s that at the beginning too you put in your favorite Disney star and it’s like a little chart with The stars name and what show/ DCOM they are in and we get to pick three of our favorite stars and on our exact b-day one of our favorite stars says happy birthday or whatever now we could put a block for parents just in case they don’t want that but it’s something I just thought about or the app could say happy birthday to you but yeah just seems fun (JUST AN IDEA) besides that I love the Disney now app! It’s One of my most used apps! Fun exciting and the movies are the best keep doing what y’all are doing Disney now! ❤️

good app but can you please fix this issue🙏🏾. So this is a really good app I definitely recommend this but one problem why do we have to put in a tv provider I mean I’ve had this app for over two years and my mom has two put in the tv provider every single week sometimes it lasts for a long time and other times it just doesn’t even last for a week I mean one time I was waiting for the haileys on it episode great show by the way any ways the tv provider just pops up and when it does that it makes me very sad 😢 my mom is annoyed because she has to put it on my phone and I am mad because she has to do it every single time🙁 so I really don’t think we even need tv provider but I still really recommend this app and I hope you enjoy it because it’s actually really fun so please read this review editors have a nice day 🙂

I LOVE DISNEY NOW! But one thing I need to say.... DisneyNow is an amazing app where you can watch any episode anytime (with WiFi always of course XD ) I mean going on demand using your tv provider usually has its limitations to what you can watch so I prefer watching from DisneyNow. For some reason when the app updated something went wrong, It signed me out of DisneyNow and I thought “alright I’ll just uninstall and re-install” but when I got it back put all my “faves” and put m name it was fine, until I needed to sign in with my tv provider. I allowed access to my tv provider from settings, but it seems that it would load, then it just stops loading and doesn’t sign in. I’m not really sure what the problem is, I tried many times. AND! I repeated the same thing, over and over but it came out with the same results. Perhaps it’s my tv provider? Again, im not completely sure, just thought I should share this with you. ( just in case it really is the app )

New Ad behavior ruined bedtime routine. As parents to a 19-month-old, we have loved using the Disney Now app, and especially ad bedtime. The lullaby shorts are just so sweet, and it was one of the highlights of our evening, just watching the whole list, one after another, while our sweet girl settled down. These run generally 1min - 1.5mins each, so they were also manageable in case we needed to bail for whatever reason without it being jarring, which is important when our dynamic kiddo is finally getting calm. But then, for whatever reason, Disney has started running 30-second advertisements after every bit of content. Every. Single. One. And it’s always a high-energy ad for T.O.T.S. or Target, so it negates any of the calming effect the lullabies were having. I get that someone probably just made a blanket programming decision to play an ad after each viewing of chosen content, but 30 seconds of ads for every minute of content in this case is absolutely ridiculous. We’ve had to remove this section of our bedtime routine because of it, which was a huge bummer. And I can honestly say that we mostly had been using the app for this, so this development has crippled its functionality for us.

This is the best Disney app ever!! :D ❤️🐭. This. Is. The. Best. Thing. In. The. Entire. World AND MAYBE IN THE WHOLE REST O REALITY!!!!!!!!! But there are 3 minor problems though. Why do we have to sign in and get into drama like that? Why can’t we just do that whenever watching shows live? HUH? (Sorry I having a sugar rush today I ate a sugar daddy, a donut, a slice of cake and some M&M’s all of that with chocolate on the side) my other complaint is that you can’t fast forward or rewind. When I move the little bar to rewind It just moves back to where it was...then the vid keeps on playing. My other complaint is that when I go to watch things like Jessie and Bizzardvark, they got rid of a lot of the videos, leaving the ones I already saw and don’t want to watch. I check other shows and it does that too. Can you plz make an update to fix those plz? Other then that this is a great app I like watching Andi Mack, Walk The Prank and Descendants 2! 😍😇❤️🐭

Horrible. I’m sorry if my title comes off strong , but I don’t like the app anymore. When I first got it I thought it was cool that I could see all of my favorite shows from my childhood , but I recently started watching more frequently and all of a sudden I was about to watch the next episode and after the adds the screen just turned black. So I thought it was my phone so I closed out all of my apps and reopened the app to try again, but the same thing happened again. I wasn’t about to loose faith in the app so I powered off my phone still thinking that the problem was my phone, after turning back on my phone and opening up the app again the problem had not resolved. I decided that maybe It was the app so I deleted it and downloaded it again. When I opened the app after I had got it again and chose my shows again I went to the show I had been watching and there were only two episodes. That’s what made me really mad. So I decided to see what else I had lost in the app. I found one show that had all of the episodes, so I tried to watch it and after all that work and frustration it did the same thing that made me delete the app. That’s why my title stands as it is. This app still needs a lot of improvement.

I LOVE THIS APP. I love this app soooooo much ❤️ 💕 💗 it’s just I have one question y’all have to answer!!!!!! WHEN ARE YALL GETTING MIRE BIG CITY GREEN EPISODES I’VE WATCHED ALL IF THEM YALL HAVE BEEN ADDING MORE BUNK’D THAN BIG CITY GREENS!!!!The reason I asked is because Cricket asked a question to his father and it was “dad are we country folk living in the the city or city folk living in the country?” And his dad answered “well Cricket were the Greens.” And that is kind of like a question I asked my dad I asked “Dad are we country because of mom’s brother (I’m not naming) or was I born country?” And he said “well we are half country and one day we are going to buy a lot of land and own a farm but for now we stay in the house we live in.” So if you ever have a question like me and Cricket just know you are you and that’s ok even if people judge you for who you are and don’t change yourself Directors of Big City Greens i want to thank you for making this movie it reminds me so much of my life I love this show so please do not discontinue this show thank you for all you have done in this show have a nice day everyone who have read this -Love,EK

Good redesign, but buggy & missing shows. Downloaded this for Apple TV. I have never seen an app so sluggish as this one. Also, shows that are available for my daughter on Watch Disney Junior app are missing from this new all-in-one app (My Friends Tigger and Pooh?). Not that you can search for shows by name only by pictures with no text. If you don’t know the character you are out of luck. Also, you can setup profiles, but they don’t sync over iCloud between your iPhone or Apple TV(s). Very frustrating to go through the complex profile setup only to have to do it again. Moreover, after showing you ads on Apple TV it keeps the ad countdown at the top of the screen overlaid on your video even though it says your add will end in 00:00. Finally, upon first time opening the app it doesn’t let you switch the live TV feature on Apple TV between JR and XD AND DC. Only after you switch out of the app and then switch back will it work. Looking forward to some app updates. Right now this is a step backward. UPDATING TO 2 STARS: the iOS “TV” app is apparently able to find more shows through its search feature that are available through “Disney Now”. It says “Open in Disney Now...” for shows that are not otherwise listed by the app. iOS TV app also provides the missing search feature since shows in Disney Now are indexed through this search.

It needs more shows movie and games. DisneyNOW has always been my favorite app to play with but when I went to look and hart my favorite show the shows had not all the seasons and if there were seasons there was one that could of been 1,2,3,4,5 and only one of those seasons and the episodes there was probably may be 1or2,3 that was it so add more to the shows and I will 💕 it now with the games the selection is very low and some of those games are not fun to play with there not Really any older kid games like add more of those but also it takes up a lot of battery and I don’t play with it as much one because of that reason so please just make a few updates and I’m sure a lot of people will play with it keep up the good work and you got this okay you got this Disney now good job 👍🏼🤗😀

TV Provider infinite loading screen.. So it’s been a while since I used the Disney app since I’m able to watch most of the Cartoons, Movies and TV Shows on my TV. Since I heard they were doing Live TV now on the app (which that could’ve always been a thing i dont know why I’m just finding out about it now) I got extremely excited and wanted to try it out immediately. Since it’s been so long since I used the app I was asked to sign into my TV Provider, not a big deal at all I was fine with doing it. So I use Directv as my TV Provider and once I put all of my account information in it continuously loads, I put my Directv email and password in but it says “verifying” so I wait and guess what? Its still “verifying” after me waiting patiently for 20 minutes. I didn’t exit out of the app at all and don’t let my phone turn off then I wait 30 minutes the next time and guess what? Still “verifying” it’s extremely annoying I was just wanting to test out the Live TV function, new or not i had never seen this function but I might never if this continues. Please fix I know it’s not a big deal since I have Live TV on my Provider but I just want to see it.

Okay very flawed. This app never works and is very bad. The person who made this is smart… if only he had had the brains to make it work. It can only be used on WiFi that many people don’t have. It is an okay app but it could be a lot better then what it is. Also I have to make a new profile every time I open the app so now I rarely want to even go through the trouble of doing it when I can go watch Disney+. Oh wait I can do that whenever I want to in my private movie theater in my multi-million dollar penthouse in upstate New York right across the street from Central Park. Also I have a private jet a butler and a trampoline bed. I have a snowcone machine and millions of video games. So when I can do whatever I want to… who needs this stupid app. Also I have an ice skating rink in my rec room. Any lady from13-14 years of age come on over and hang I have a hot tub in a heated room so we will not get cold so bring your swim suits and ask the door man for the Bradshaw’s penthouse. Btw I am kinda just like Luke Ross so if ya like him ya gonna love this hippie

Serious functionality issues.... With how buggy and just flat out weird this app is, I thought it was brand new (I know that seems crazy, I’m just not really in the loop about these sorts of things). It SHOCKS me to learn that this app is a year old! It has none of the functionality of other streaming apps. You can’t skip ahead or go back 10 sec/30 sec. It has a bar to see the progress in the episode and you can move it back and forth, but when you do NOTHING HAPPENS. It just brings you back to where you were. It auto plays episode but not in order?? Why??? and you can’t pick up a show where you left off. You have to scroll through all of the episodes to find the one you’re on. Very disappointed in the lack of functionality this app provides, not to mention how slow it is! The only reason it gets two stars instead of one star is because I am finally able to watch Phineas and Ferb again. If it weren’t for that I would likely delete the app. It has some great shows but unless there are any in particular you really want to watch, I don’t recommend it.

Some of the games are way too hard for small children. We have not had this game for very long so I can’t say much about a a lot of the games on here. I got it for my four-year-old daughter to play the games suited for her age. The hidden Mickey game is unbelievably hard...For so many reasons. First of all you have to move the screen all around to find things; some things are hidden behind other things instead of just drawn into the picture; Some of the things you’re searching for are so very similar to the item you’re searching for with maybe one little thing being different than the one you were supposed to find. We were supposed to find ten outlines of Mickey’s head and we only found four and that is with me doing it for 10 minutes myself. She and I both like to find hidden picture games together, but this one was a big letdown, disappointment and frustration. She gave up pretty quickly and lost interest and was frustrated. C’mon people! This is supposed to be fun for our children. Not so challenging that it leaves them frustrated!

I Guess it’s Good-ish. Well I am older 🧠 now so I am not as childish like my old review so I am not as mad. Okay so here is the problem when they are unlocked 🔐 it doesn’t have that I am not in America 🇺🇸thing anymore, but it still won’t let me watch stuff. Like for example when I tried to watch “Secrets of Sulphur Springs” it said that I STILL couldn’t watch it ☹️and I wouldn’t be as well mad as I am now if the show wasn’t this new because it’s not really on Disney+ I have only watched it up to episode 9 on Disney+ and I really want to watch the rest. And it’s not just that I really miss watching stuff on DisneyNOW and I know that this app is still great and it got rid of the I am not America 🇺🇸thing but it still really needs a few little we’ll tweaks. Also last thing DisneyNOW only has the latest things and not a lot of the old stuff like the “Descendants” that’s not even on the “Descendants” page thing but I am not really mad but could you please put the older movies 🎥 in there pages because if it says the title of the movie 🍿 and doesn’t even have it, it just doesn’t make sense.

AMAZING APP! But.... :(. so first off it’s a great app!!!! I love the shows and it gets me so exited that a new episode so coming out each week on some of the shows... For some shows like there are a lot of episodes but you have to wait a few months to watch them and I don’t like that. And I got the thing where you ask a parent to sign in thing and it ✌🏻 unlocked all the shows ✌🏻 ya well it doesn’t... I tried watching the shows that was locked and I was jumping for joy I was so excited that I could watch theme and watch the movies will it didn’t work.... and I was trying agin and agin but it didn’t work so I just gave up on that, and I still use it and if you ask me I would say to change a few things First. More episodes sooner like 2 every week Secant. More movies cus I am never able to watch the movies it’s all was locked. Thirdly. Let us watch live tv on it. And the games are outstanding the games are really fun and awesome, but I would say make some games for older ppl like teens and tweens. THANK YOU! #LoveThisApp!

Why?. First of all the app takes forever to open anything and whenever I try to play a game it just says memory is full and once I press OK it just takes me out of the game and I try it again and again and again again and again.! But no it’s always going to kick me out please someone right back to me and tell me how to get out of this whole thing like it says close other apps and try again and I do but it just doesn’t work so please report it right back to me also I don’t have any trouble with the locks because I can’t get in but seriously do you have to lock that much stuff I’m disappointed in this app there are really terrible downsides about this app please fix.👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾😷🙄🥺😫😡🤬😒I I will all of this and I am someone that hates to be negative. Hey can y’all come and fix this please I don’t want to get to negative. One last thing why when we tap onto shows sometimes there’s only shorts and no episode like what’s the point of the whole meaning “we give you episodes on this app “when some of our favorite shows there is zero episodes

My Review. So I’d like to start off with saying, really nice app but the app has a lot of issues such as Having to connect to the internet see I guess it’s only fun when you have internet connection but I’d still love to watch a movie even if the power goes off or if we have internet issues. Second A lot of ads so every time you start a show: ad. When you start a game: ad. In random parts of movies: ads. And sometimes the ad has 3 ads and it’s very annoying . Third it has to ask for your tv provider and I always have to ask my dad after a month or so it would be really nice if you type it in it stays like that forever. Fourth: having to only have the most recent or whatever shows/movies to where it only has like 5 movies I want it to be like Disney+ with unlimited movies. Fifth: I want there to have 2-10 accounts because My sisters phone is broken and that’s all she has and we have to share accounts and and we like different things so it is difficult to watch smth when your sister wants to watch something else. That’s all please fix all these issues.

Not too good..... I’ve had this app for a long time and to this day, I’m giving it a 2 star rating. I find it horrible that we have to be signed in in order to watch most of the episodes that most of us actually wanna watch! Because of that, there really is no point. I’m very angry that you took away “That’s So Raven” from the app and then another thing is that there really isn’t that much shows to watch on Disney channel anymore! This app is very disappointing to me and lots of others. I suggest you listen to what we have to say because it’ll probably make the app much better and get the app to a much higher rating and much better reviews. There are some people who are actually new who would love to download this, but once they see the reviews they’ll just be disappointed in the what they’ve seen. But, I will give this app a chance and see what new updates it’ll have in order for this app to become a much better change. I have some things in mind. How about you make every free. Bring back the classics. Those are the only things I can think of but listen to the others for more ideas.

Stop recreating the original Disney movies.. This app is really great to use when you want to watch some Disney shows and movies. They have all sorts of channels that you would have to wait to come on on the original Disney channel on cable. You can easily just click on a image of a show on the Disney now app and start watching for FREE. All you have to do is connect your T.V too the app and you can watch all of the shows. I don't have a cable T.V. so it makes it hard to watch all the shows that deem "locked", with a little blue 🔒 on the bottom. But, that is totally fine because I can still watch some of the shows when they unlock. This is a really good app and I do recommend it to the people who are thinking into download this. But, Disney, stop recreating the orginal movies. Like the lion King and beauty and the beast. I mean the shows you are recreating are great and all, but then everyone wants to watch that instead and it just takes away the whole orginal Disney movie purpose. So, sure re-create the lion movie but, just stop please. Not cool for the feature generation. And we only need one version of those movies. -User

Kinda good. I love the game but it asks for tv provider and only has movies and TV shows from Disney channel like zombies 2 ,descendants ,and other stuff when I downloaded this app I was expecting like all the Disney movies and wish all movies and TV shows were free AND when u want to watch a TV show it only shows 1 season of the whole thing and not only that it only shows like 2 or three episodes and when I play the games if something interrupts the game it completely freezes the game like I can’t do anything it completely freezes so you have to restart THE WHILE THING!!!!!😒 why does that happen all the time in your next update please take away that and take away all the bugs😔 and make everything free please do and why in the ad breaks why do you have to put so many ads in them because sometimes I get five ads and I don’t like that and sometimes if I want to skip a part it won’t let me so please add some things that you can skip a few seconds because if I try to skip some parts it won’t let me images rewind all the way back

is good but 2 iuuses. ok so i love this app, but there is 2 iuuses so first when i am trying to watch like all the seasons it only shows the latest seasons so i really like big city greens my teacher also likes it so S4 is the latest so there's like only 6 eps for me to watch for that season but is really anynoying for them to do that no i would like for them to change it 2 senod reason is beacause so i had disney now for 1 year and i love it but there's a problem so,for the people that have it so i don't think most people relate but anyways so i don't think that we have to put are tv think on it is really anynoeing because that gives you access to watch what on there like was on the tv and i have it for disney junior and disney channel and disney XD so is always on haley's on it and i don't like that but i just go on that for big city greens so i want them to change it we're where we can choose what we want to watch on what's on now so like we can see was ep and seasons the chanel name is on if that makes sense but anyways i think you should get it and is good

Will only show seasons that have new episodes. This app is great for watching a lot of your favorite Disney shows but you can’t watch old seasons. I watch a lot of the owl house and amphibia but I can’t watch season one of either of the shows because there hasn’t been a new episode to them. I understand that if every episode was on this app then it would be a huge app but they should at least keep the popular shows on. Gravity falls ended before this came out so the only thing you can watch is the shorts. Gravity falls is a very popular show and people would love to be able to see it. Although, let’s take something like bazaardvark as an example. It isn’t a very popular show anymore, and it hasn't had any new episodes, so it shouldn’t be showed anymore. Idk I’m just writing this in hope of seeing season one of both amphibia and the owl house as well as season two of amphibia because it will stop being shown soon too.

Login Issues. I’ve been using this app for a while and overall think it’s a great app to have. But there are some login issues. For starters they have personal accounts and that’s great, but there only on one device. You can’t sign into an account you can only create a new one. Also in order to access to full content you have to have a cable provider. Now that’s not so bad, but with the launch of Disney+ they should have some updates by now. Instead of just being able to sign in with your TV provider, you should also be able to sign in with your Disney+ membership. The app also doesn’t include a whole bunch of DCOMS. There is only one free movie on the whole site! Now let’s talk about the games. They are totally fun and vibrant. My only problem with the games is that they take up a lot of storage. Currently I only use 2 of five GB and the app still tells me to clean my phone. After that I decided to play a different game, I went back to the game with out clearing any of my storage and it said I could play. This makes me think that the app wants you to delete other apps on your phone so Disney now will be one of less than 10 apps on your phone and consume most of your time. But considering the app is 100% free to download and use I think this is an okay platform and will give it a 2 star review. (I was going to give it a 1 star review but my cousin really likes the app)

Glitchy. I like this app because it’s the only place I could find to watch the full seasons of Pokémon. However, it is extremely glitchy!!! I’m having to constantly login into my tv subscription account. It never saves my data so I have to scroll back down to the episode I was at. It will skip to the next episode like Netflix or whatever but sometimes it skips an episode or two so then I have to go back and choose the correct episode. It also jumps around while I’m trying to choose the correct episode. I’ll scroll down to whatever season I’m at, it takes me to the last episode in the season and most of the time, it won’t let me scroll to the other episodes, it will jump to another season. So then I have to go back to the correct season and wait for it to chill and see if it will let me get to the correct episode. UPDATE: I’ve been having even more issues since I wrote this initial review. It is constantly signing me out of my TV provider, sometimes saying “oh looks like you aren’t in the US” like what?? I’ve had to delete the app and redownload it 3 times TODAY because it logged me out of my tv provider and wouldn’t let me log back in. This app needs serious work.

3 stats aren’t a lie. ( READ UNTIL THE END!!). I love this app, but it shouldn’t ask for your TV provider. I put mines in, but the unlocked videos never worked. And, for shows like Sofia the First, it only has the latest season. Not any of the other ones. Plus, the locked video never unlock like on Coop and Cami. Whenever there are adds, that’s okay with me, but don’t put an add right in the middle of a song like in Zombies 2 because it just messes the whole thing up. I love the intro of the app, but it doesn’t work without internet connection. The favorites area is very glitchey as well. Another bad thing about this is that you can only create one account, and you can’t have multiple ones. I have it on my iPad, and my sister wants one too but her iPad is broken so we have to share accounts, which is bad because she likes different things. What happened to the old Disney app? I wanna know! The Dcom doesn’t have movies from like, 2 years ago, such as Zombies, only the latest ones. You might think that I don’t recommend this, but that’s wrong. I love this as well. I’m only explaining the bad things just so you’re notified. I love the sound it makes when you click on things, and the birthday surprise gets kids really engaged in the app. There are a variety of shows, and I love them! I just wish most of the videos weren’t locked. Anyway, I really hope this helps! 😁

LOOOOOVE DISNEYNOW. I loooove Disneynow 👍🏼🤗💗💗💗 I especially love how you can make your own profiles but there’s just one problem I’m having it’s the fact that you can’t choose only older kids shows when your going through the whole making a profile process. For my favorites I only picked the Disney channel category and it gets a little stressful trying to go through all those different shows that some I don’t even like just to find one episode of something! 😤 but other than that I like how you can choose your profile, you can pick your favorite Disney shows and as soon as you get to the disneynow home screen it will show all of them. I also like how when you’re watching a show you can exit out to go do something and you come back, what, an hour later and it has a whole section on the home screen that says continue watching and the show you were last watching will show up first and you can click on it and it will play starting where you left off last time. 🤗🤗🤗 I recommend this app to any Disney fan... GET DISNEYNOW!!!!

UPDATE! 2 stars back to 5!. UPDATE: Thank you Disney team for reaching out in a short amount of time! We are back to “regular programming,” and just in love with this app again. They gave us the exact steps we needed to take. Few ads, and we have access to all of our daughter’s favorite TV show episodes. AND so far no glitches have even popped up. Thank you!!! First review: We loved this app just a couple weeks ago. There have been a couple time where we would have to uninstall and reinstall just to get the glitches to stop. Our daughter loves Disney Junior so it’s a huge help whenever we have to do things around the the house or just need her distracted for a couple of minutes. However, recently, we haven’t been able to sign in to our TV Provider. It won’t even let us go to the sign in screen! It just does it its little Mickey loading thing and stops. I can clock sign in all I want, but it goes nowhere! She does have an iPad and it works but not everywhere we go has WiFi. Please fix this issue!

Major issues. My son loves watching Gigantosaurus which I can only access through the Disney Now app. At first, we didn’t really have any issues. I accepted that he would only get to watch a couple episodes for free and he liked that. Unfortunately, the app on our Apple TV started freezing and wouldn’t get beyond the red Disney Now screen. I had to delete the app in order to get it to work. After that it wouldn’t tell me what episodes I could watch for free and I had to sort through each episode, get told I couldn’t watch it then finally reach one that would play. I would accept this if it just happened once but the app freezing as become a regular occurrence. I can generally watch it only one night and then it’ll freeze the app and my whole Apple TV the next night. I downloaded the app on my phone in order to report the problem to Disney but unfortunately they app froze on my phone as well. Please fix your app and make Gigantosaurus available in other forms. I can’t buy it or watch it on Disney Plus. I’m thoroughly annoyed at this point.

Love it but play issues.. Don’t get me wrong I love the app good UX design however there are play back issues to the extreme nova major. Like it works pretty well some of the episodes that I cast to my television however a lot of the time I’ll press the cast button everything will be set and then I select the episode I want like DuckTales season two episode one and it won’t play on my TV and will just keep loading and loading and loading and loading but the sound will be on in the background and will play the episode but no picture will come up except the loading bar red screen that says “Disney now”. And once it finishes an episode I can’t select an episode right after it where it won’t play and I will just go black. Which is not a big deal I just turn off the TV and turn it back on again or close up the app completely as well it’s just annoying however I want to watch season two episode one of DuckTales and I cannot what is why am writing this review finally. However it’s a good app just fix some of those playback issues on the chrome cast. Also can’t there be a way to set the episodes on auto play? Like Netflix? I just Want to select episode one of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and just have it play through until I’m done watching it. Just a thought.

DisneyNOW. I like it because I don’t know if I’m games and videos and you can watch. I think DisneyNOW is a good idea if you all about it because there’s different games you can choose from there’s different channels and then you get to pick your character and there’s like an ask you I’d like the beginning like it’s easy to sign in and they ask you in the beginning like you have your same same stuff you like that’s on your regular TV but on here you get a pig all other stuff like you get b eager stuff for example like so like I said at the beginning there’s like a choose your favorite videos and stuff and I’m like I’m like that because it’s like really cool and I like really like that because you don’t have to keep going through and stuff and you can just up and does not answer thing and then you just tap on the one you like so yeah I think that’s a great idea

Really you need to look for your bugs. So my TVs haven’t been working except for the ones in my room. And when I am not in my room i usually get in DisneyNOW and get on what is on right then and now. So I unlocked it and it said I was ready to watch. So I watched what was on now on Disney channel and it worked. Then the next day I get on and watch it again and it wasn’t working it said I needed to re-authenticate the tv provider. So I sign out of it and sign back in and it still wasn’t working. I also think you shouldn’t ask for your tv provider bc some of the workers go go and log into it and use your account. But if you didn’t have to sign into anything and all the shows and episodes are free and don’t have locks on them then you would have a better rating. And if you go and search for the bugs every week and update the app also every week then there would be less bugs and the app would be in better condition. And also you need to have all the seasons and episodes on every show so then you have more choices and not just one measly season. Thanks.

You almost had me.., but then there was that slip. I was confused why Disney Channel doesn’t show their reruns anymore but then I remembered they had a app. So I thought to myself they would have their shows Young and old on there… Boy was I wrong they didn’t have Wizard of Waverly Place, Ant farm, Liv and Maddie, Austin and Ally, Dog with a Blog, Best Friends Whenever, Good luck Charlie, and Sonny with a chance. These are some good shows that many people want to see and if it’s not gonna be shown on Disney Channel at least need to be shown on their app. If the app had these shows I would’ve probably given this review a five but it doesn’t. One more thing I would like to talk about that isn’t really about the app but about the channel. Why have you guys stopped showing reruns of recent shows. For example K.C. Undercover, Stuck in the middle, and even Liv and Maddie. Dove Cameron is still doing descendants series and her show disappeared from the channel. I just find that a little disrespectful for other stars that are still working with Disney Channel but their shows aren’t even showing on it. Now even Gravity Falls and the whole Lab Rats series is gone. I know now there is Disney+ but not everyone what’s to pay. Anyway work on these five star you will have and many other views. bye sis 🖐🏾

A waste of data/storage. Terrible, this app refuses to function properly at least for my family. On all of our devices whether it be iPad, iPhone, etc it doesn’t work. We’ve updated every time when it’s required and we’ve uninstalled the app and reinstalled several times. My 2 year old daughter is obsessed with Mickey and the gang and it’s so unfortunate we can’t get this app to work with or without WiFi. Nick Jr. and other kid apps work perfectly so it’s not my devices. We have frontier and we’re CONSTANTLY being kicked off or logged out. Just got a notice to update from sep 26 (yeah we don’t even try to use this app anymore that’s why we’re late for the new update. Stupidly, I tried again and got my daughter so excited for nothing. I’m trying to read new terms and agreements and it starts to load and does nothing. Try’s to log in again, it does nothing, the page won’t even change. I’m over it. For the amount of money our family alone puts into Disney it’s a shame we can’t seem to access the mobile app. Uninstalling this app after this review, 2 years is a long time to wait for something to work properly. Anyways if anyone else is experiencing this I’ve been using noggin and nick jr app. It doesn’t have a live tv option (I think) but it works.

Why almost every TV Show cover has one face?!. Hi I’m a fan of the app but, I noticed that every tv show cover got changed into one face! For example after season 3 of Star Wars Rebels they kept Darth Maul’s face on there through to the final episode of season 4! And it is still there! When a tv show like Milo Murphy’s Law cover got changed back to showing him and his friends, it made me want to watch it! But when you showed only his face on the cover it looked dumb! Plus Lab Rats and Elite force got change into only faces! In my opinion Disney should have cool covers! Not 1 face taking up the entire cover! That is why I took away 1 star! For example Disney + is coming out soon and I would cry if it show the new series Loki or The Mandalorian has a cover only show there faces in the front cover! So I suggest they turn the faces for the tv shows on Disney Now into cool cover like the 2019 Kim Possible mood bee cover! For stuff like Lab Rats! Anyway hope you do that as a favor

Phone Screen. I love this app. It has tons of awesome games on it, lots of shows, and dress up games with realistic people!!!!! I'm crazy about your dress up game. But I came to tell you that whenever I go to one of the games, my screen becomes completely unresponsive. It doesn't even turn off. Nothing will work. So it might just be me, but bug fixes would be much appreciated. Thank you! Well, I’m back. Hello! I just wanted to say thanks for giving us Disney Now because the old one was really glitchy. But the thing is when I got Disney Now, my favorite mini game (wait is that what you call them?) disappeared. I know it was there before because I have pictures of it. It was the Descendants Create a character thing or something. You got to create a person and dress them up. I used it to try and make children of my favorite Disney characters. Where is it? Oh, and while I’m here, um Descendants 2 came out hello!!! What I mean by that is please give us some new Descendants 2 outfits for the Photo Shoot game. OMG what about Andi Mack outfits?!! But I’m getting ahead of myself. All I want right now is to get my create a Descendants game back. Thanks for listening!! ❤️

DisneyNOW is great but.... I love DisneyNOW so much and I can’t believe something so good is completely free. I really love it because there’s hardly any commercials and how you can pick what you want to watch. I used to love how it had old Disney shows like Jessie, Good Luck Charlie, Hannah Montana and more it also had the older Disney Channel Original Movies, but a few days ago all of them were gone. Now when I go to movies there is only a few ( mostly made up by Descendants and Chetah Girls). It’s really a great app but I used it mainly to watch the older shows but now there is only the new ones which are good but I definitely prefer the older ones better. I really hope this is just temporary or they change it back because I’ll probably get rid of it if not. I loved the app when it had the old shows but if your not looking for those or the movies you should totally get it because it’s worth it!!! Thanks, I REALLY hope that it goes back to how it was!❤️

Too Many Glitches I miss the old Disney App. This application isn’t terribly bad, and I like how it’s a collective of all Disney channel apps. But this DisneyNOW app has too many glitches with just trying to play one episode. It glitches up when you try to fast forward or rewind, and it’s always miraculous when I do that and the episode doesn’t freeze on me. It glitches up when I let my device go into sleep mode after I have an episode playing on Chromecast. Seriously it’s so bad I have to quit out the application every time that happens. Now its newest glitch is that it won’t even appear on Chromecast anymore. Every time I play something on this app on Chromecast all I get is a never ending loading screen but the audio still comes through, and even when I stop Chromecasting it, it then glitches up on the phone, and I have to quit out the app AGAIN! Seriously the old Disney Apps worked better than this! Fix your dang bugs! The only reason I don’t say it’s a completely horrible app is because when I don’t Chromecast and play it on the device I’m using, I never have any problems. Still has too many bugs though.

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My favorite shows weren’t on it. I specifically downloaded this app for shows like Lab Rats and Liv and Maddie. Liv and Maddie wasn’t on there but Lab Rats was. I usually watched that show on DisneyNOW. The next day I went on the app, I couldn’t find lab rats anywhere on my favorites. I thought I accidentally deleted it as my favorite so I decided to go on the search bar. When i search it up, it says no results found. I was very angry that I was at the point I was going to watch Netflix and the Cartoon Network app. It also didn’t have elite force on there! They took off one of my favorite shows on Disney XD. So I started to play games. My favorite game is be a Disney Star. The first time I played it, nothing happened. It just acted normal. The second time I played it took so long to load! It had been past 30 minutes and it still didn’t load. It stayed at a dark blue screen, and it yet stayed in that blue screen. Sorry DisneyNOW, but one star is what you deserve.

Account/Shows. I love this app because I can watch HSM and other movies I have been dying to see. One thing that bugs me though is that full seasons of shows aren’t on the app. For example, I want to watch Bunk’d from the beginning but none of the episodes from season 1 are on. Only something like season 2, ep. 17 is on. I want to watch all episodes from the beginning and catch up on latest ones, too. I hope there will be an update on this in the future. Another thing I don’t like is the account sign in. I always have to link my subscription to charter again and again if I delete the app. I have to start over everything by picking a new avatar, picking new shows and trying to find out where I left off on a show. Please, PLEASE, have an update where you don’t have to restart your account for this!!

Annoying (0/5 star rating). Honestly, the only reason i gave this app the one star is because i couldn’t give it no stars. i downloaded it about a year ago, and it had this problem where i would go to sign in with my tv provider and it would show that obnoxious loading screen and go back to the previous screen. honestly, it sounds like i’m being harsh, but there is nothing good to say about this app if you can’t watch anything. here’s my feedback: you are supposed to impress your costumers with an app at least a little bit, but not annoy them. also, your developer responses are clearly written by a computer. i love disney and disney world is my favorite place in the world and it is supposed to be the happiest place in the world. my question is why isn’t this app making me happy?! also, you are just clearly abandoning this app. you need to pay attenuation to your 3 STAR RATING YOU HAVE and fix these easy to fix bugs. until you respond to me with a HUMANS WORDS WHO HAVE CLEARLY TAKEN THE TIME TO READ MY REVIEW i will refuse to use this app.

Cameron Boyce. Last week was the worst week of my life. What the worst part is that no matter how many times I watch Jessie, descendants, hear him sing, watch him dance, and look at his sweet smile, it won’t bring him back. I wish that he lived longer to know that when he said he loved us, we loved him back. Whenever celebrities pass on, I get over it after a while, but this hit from home. I grew up watching him, and the worst part is that I never got to know him. I wish I did. When mom told me he died, my heart stop beating. I felt numbness had taken over my body. He will never have a wife, any kids, or sit on his porch watching his grandchildren running around and chasing each other. He was more than just an actor, he is one of God’s angels Rest in Cameron, Naima

Does Not Work and Is Just Disappointing. Ok so the pro is they upload episodes like right as they come out so you don’t have to wait a day or a week for the new episodes to come out. However, the app is really glitchy. The layout doesn’t really work well. But most importantly, the login feature simply does not work. In order to watch a new episode you have to log into your cable provider. Understandable, but when the log in button legit does not work. You press log in or “let’s go” and it simply does not pull up the screen to direct you to your cable log in. Even in the off chance that the log in button does work and you can enter your information you get back to the episode and it still says you need to log in. I thought that this was my iPad bugging out at first so I have constantly deleted and re downloaded the app but it’s just the app itself. Ok so now you’re probably thinking “oh the app is just buggy, I can go to the Disney Now website and log in through there. Right?” No. The website is also super buggy with most of the same problems. This time though, once you finally get logged in and the episode starts playing you can count on the episode crashing at least 3 times. It’s at the point where it’s just annoying now and it’s been like this for about half a year.

Losing things I signed up for. Hi, I like this app a lot. I use it a lot but there’s a major problem. What day I was going into the app and I realized all the stuff I signed up for the locked stuff it was gone! I tried signing back in but it wouldn’t let me every time I tapped it if it did the loading thing but it didn’t get me to the screen where I could sign back in this has happened until this day and I can’t get the stuff back even and the stuff I’m still watching there’s a locked one and I was watching it and it still wouldn’t let me get to it. Please do try and fix the problem. I need this app a lot because I have a little sibling who who gets the TV all the time and I need this to watch my shows.

TV Provider Problems. When I first go the app I thought that you got all the episodes for free and you could just watch them whenever but when I got the app it said that I had to sign in to my TV provider, and so I did but after watching one episode it said that I had to sign in to my tv provider to watch the next episode because the one I watched was where I had to sign in to my TV provider to watch the full season so I went to the next episode and it said I had to sign in again but it wouldn’t let me sign in. I was so confused. Hoping that you can fix this problem. I also have a request to make. I was wondering if you could make it to where you could sign in and out of your profile. That would be much obliged due to that every time you re Download the app you don’t have to recreate a profile each time. Thanks

Amazing but Bad (please read). When I found about this app I was thrilled I looked at all the stuff I could do like watch may fav movies, play games, tv series and so much more!! But there where a couple issues, you see I live in Spain but I am from America, I loved Zombies and had already watched the second but I am attending a sleepover soon and wanted to watch it with my English speaking friends I deleted storage (a lot) because it said that I needed to delete some stuff to play a game, I did it but it said to do MORE even though I had 10 out of 35 so I wanted to see if at least I could watch Zombies 2, but APPARENTLY I CANT because you can only watch it inside the US territory!!!😭😭😭 So if the creators see this I would really appreciate if you could change it so that international Disney fans could watch their fav movies and tv series. If you live in the US perfect 🙂

@ Emily/User...well said at the end.... You already bought Lucas Film...and every other thing in America practically...how much money is enough?? So recreating the lion king, Aladdin and yada yada omg!! We love the CAAAAAASSSHHHHHHHH! We don’t know where to put it all bc it’s breaking bad “bad” we are renting out all the storage shed units in the state...so make 1 movie the originals bc Even though I’m one person and you don’t care about me and if I go see Aladdin or not but I will never have my kids watch the new lion King or Aladdin or any of the other remakes. I want them to experience what I experience which was a magical movie...the originals! Star Wars, now that’s a whole nother ball game...”keep making those masterpieces omg yes lol”...Had it not been for you guys doing these last three movies or four if you wanna include solo, I probably wouldn’t turn my kids on to Disney until the live action calms down. But Star Wars keeps me from leaving completely...well played Walt well played!

More, I say!. Hi. I’m just making this review to ask you something. How come with shows like Gravity Falls (my favorite show on DisneyNOW, previously DisneyXD), you are only limited to about 2 episodes if you aren’t signed in, and 4 if you are? And how can a SVTFOE (Star VS. The Forces Of Evil) fan truly be a fan if they’re limited to 2 episodes of Season 3 every week? If you truly wanna make us happy, then give us the episodes from Season 1 and 2 too. I’m sure this isn’t a problem amongst most of my fellow owners, but I made this review, so I’m gonna finish it. To put it simply, we want more episodes. Thanks! Edit after response: Thanks for the update! I understand! (Note: The “K” in the first part was supposed to be “I”. Sorry for the confusion!)

This is TERRIBLE. While I agree, there are some wonderful shows on this app, some issues need to be addressed. First off, the show Andi Mack is a terrible show featuring gays, high school moms, and skateboarding. These are portrayed as ok and good to be, but these choices are terrible decisions to make and I won’t have my future children thinking that this is ok. Second, the lack of parental control is overwhelming and I highly disagree with this. Also, this “Disney Now, anywhere anytime” is completely inaccurate because I cannot watch any Disney shows in Europe, Asia, Africa, Antarctica, South America, Canada, or Mexico. This is a terrible idea and limits everything about Disney. Also, shows like Jessi and Bunk’d feature that parents can be out of the house for very long periods of time and their children will still love them but this is not the case. Parents are supposed to spend time with their children and be there when catastrophes occur. Y’all need to fix this app or I will altogether stop watching Disney, and I am sure speak for many people on this statement.

Could change some things. Disney Now is a great app but it has to stay up to date. Many shows are doing pretty good at keeping up, but some shows aren’t. Disney now should have every episode of a season if it’s still airing in Disney channel. Big city green has a little bit a of season 3 episodes. You should change the start up of the app too. It’s still outdated to old shows and movies. You should rebrand the app. It’s very possible that Disney Channel might rebrand this year, so I think it’s a good time to rebrand the app to fit the theme with Disney channel. You should do more games. Not every series has a new game. Especially the new shows. Disney Now should also get promoted more through Disney Channel. You should say things like catch up on new episodes. Disney Now is far from perfect, but it is doing fairly well.

I wish I didn’t get rid of everything. I’ve had this app for a few years now and as I’ve grown older I’ve slowly lost interest in it. I’m thirteen year olds and I love going back and watching shows I used to like when I was younger, which is rly the only reason I kept this. It used to be great! But now it literally only lets you watch zombies. I would definitely still love this app if I could watch Jessie, Austin and ally, the old seasons of bunkd, K.C undercover, and the other shows from my childhood. Instead you can only watch things that came out two or so years ago. Just be prepared before getting this, you’re not going be able to watch any of the actually good Disney channel shows. Plus it has a entire section for DCOM(Disney channel original movies) but does not let you watch ANY of them, honestly it’s pretty annoying and I haven’t used this app in years because of these reasons.

“It’s not what I expected!!”. I don’t like it very time something new is out it wants to act up when I try to watch descendants three it wouldn’t let me right off the bat it was saying I had problems and try again I know it wasn’t my problem I knew it was the app I’ve had these problems before and they weren’t as bad as this but this has taking it too far I have dealt it up more than three times and I reloaded it out even doing everything so please please please please do something about it to correct it because I am tired of wasting my time on doing it I am tired of putting on my energy into after doesn’t really work for me so can you guys fix that please get back to me a soon as possible but other than that it’s really nice really sweet I rather watch on TV to be honest because it is lagging and it’s not working so if you can get back to me I am hopefully you guys can fix it within the next month or so with an update!! Thanks.👌🏽❤️

Needs more work. Hey Disney now I like the app a lot but give me some more adjustments I’m so sorry for the way how people think it’s the app isn’t good at all but I think it’s perfect you just need to like bring your level up next level is where you should start and just bring it up I like it I like you a lot my problem is that I have the Disney app and it doesn’t work the same way like the old one you see the old one with just find the TV provider where my TV was inside me to watch live TV but now you have to do a whole bunch of other stuff that so complicated I was thinking if you guys can do it the same way with the DisneyNOW app OK see you I really want to get a report back

Crashes, disconnects, freezes. The Disney Junior app worked great. Then they forced this app that is extremely glitchy and wasn’t ready for market on us. This app signs me out, even though my kids use it very often, so I have to log in over and over again, which in itself is a trial because the app is so glitchy that it will freeze while you’re trying to sign in so you have to start all over again. It also will crash in the middle of a show which then prompts a large hassle with getting it to open again and actually being able to watch something. I just had to delete and redownload it to get it to get to even the opening screen and now (after taking 5+ minutes to finally sign in) I can’t get it to play anything, let me pick favorites, hell, I can’t even get it to show thumbprints of the episodes on the main page. I would hold off on downloading this app until they figure out how to fix all the glitches. AND, I just tried to submit feedback through the app, it told me it couldn’t submit it and DELETED EVERYTHING I HAD WRITTEN.

Quite Annoying!. The old app Disney Jr always had troubles loading, while loading it would freeze and I'd have to exit the app completely then try again, then while attempting to load either a game or episode the app would just completely close as if I had pressed the home button on the iPad in which I had Not. Today I delete the old and download the new Disney Now and come to see the same exact problem yet worse it took 6 tries to get one freaking game to load for my daughter to play. She gets really upset and then I have to deal with the complaints and I try to explain to her there's nothing I can do on my behalf so I'm really hoping and wishing Disney can fix this annoying issue and Soon!!! I recently had to download Nick Jr app and it does not have that problem thankfully...the only problem and it specifies its on my behalf is that the iPad has nearly no space left so certain games won't load to play however much better to deal with right now!

.... I really like DisneyNOW. It’s a good app for watching Disney shows, however there are simply two things I want changed: I want there to be full episodes and seasons of the shows you present. A few cartoons only have three episodes of an entire season, or even ONE episode presented, like Gravity Falls, and Wander over Yonder (two really great shows,BTW), which is disappointing when I want to watch the full show. I understand making room for all the new shows and cartoons, but I really want ALL the shows/cartoons back. Also, you shouldn’t have to ‘Unlock’ an episode and login to a TV provider. I feel this shouldn’t be a thing, as it seems really unnecessary. I do apologize if I am missing a point in your system of the app, and I’m sorry if I’m being rude in anyway. DisneyNOW is a great app overall, but with a few minor downsides.

Parental controls missing. With the demise of the Disney Junior app, there is no longer a way to control what kids will see in this app. We don’t allow our kids to watch the obnoxious tween shows on the other Disney channels. Most of them are inappropriate for a younger audience. So, we limit to Disney Jr shows that our kids love dearly ... with this app, there is no way for a parent to lock a profile so a kid cannot find a way to change their profile selection (which, honestly, isn’t a hard process ... even my 4-yo could do it). Show parents you care more about exposing their kids to things we don’t approve of and I’ll happily add this app for my kids. Until then, it stays on my phone only ... because it’s not appropriate. 😕 We’re sad to see Disney Jr. go. 😓 Edit after response: I have set up a profile for my child. But my children are saavy... they can edit their profile and select other than Disney Jr ... because there are no parental controls to lock out the profile info (like requiring a passcode to change the profile info). Please add them.

Pretty A.W.E.S.O.M.E!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️. So Disney now is a wonderful app! Now even though it is a wonderful app it does have some glitches! But they aren’t very big glitches! I haven’t seen one glitch in the tv shows! But in the games yeah definitely in the the games there are so problems! Notice I didn’t say glitches again! I’ve said it to many times 😂. And I love how you can search up a shows if you can’t find them!! But there is a problem with that also, you can’t search a full title just a bit of it. For example yesterday I wanted to find Amphibia, cause it’s a new show. So all I had to search was am. Cause if I searched Amphibia then it probably wouldn’t have come up!! So now you know why I love Disney now! But also the problems I experienced also in this app! Xoxo, KC STORM #44

Great but one slight issue. I’ve had this app for awhile now. I personally love it because it has my all - time favorite shows that do not air anymore on Disney Channel. For a example K.C Undercover and Jessie ( they do air Jessie but very early times which I’m not awake at or at school ). And I LOVE all the games. Especially Duckberg Quests. And it has surprisingly amazing quality. I thought it would have crappy low quality on shows. Anyways this is getting long so let me just address the problem. Whenever I try to replay a moment, it doesn’t always work. It just goes back to the same place I was at. Other than that, I highly recommend. (P.S I have a iPad 6th generation so I’m not sure if runs as smoothly as on other devices. But it also works on my moms iPhone 8 Plus.) Thanks for Reading!

Heartbroken. I loved Disney Now! Key word is “loved” in past tense. Was a little disappointed they didn’t have all series from the past with all there episodes on here, but I was content with what they had. Many great series I loved from the past, and ones I wanted to watch. I was watching Good Luck Charlie and got to the Season 3 finale where the was a cliff hanger. I got home from a rough day expecting to watch the next episode of Good Luck Charlie to relieve me of my stresses. I open the app, and Good Luck Charlie was removed along with many other shows I wanted to watch! I was heartbroken. I don’t think Disney understands that people don’t care to watch their new shows. The people only want the shows from the 2000s decade. They even want some from this decade. Disney just because it does not air anymore, please don’t take it off. I am asking and begging and pleading you to put these shows back on. It’s what the people want. Plus, I have a whole season of Good Luck Charlie to finish. If you do, I’ll give you 5 stars again.

Can’t even watch anything. I downloaded this app on my tablet in 2018, thinking that it would be great to watch Disney on my tablet. Well, it is halfway through 2019, and I still have not gotten to watch one stinkin episode on this app. First, it said that I didn’t live in the US, which was false, because I do. Then, finally it stopped saying that, just to switch to saying there was a SSL connection error. And I’ve followed the steps for fixing ssl connection errors, but it’s still showing that message. Furthermore, I must have tried at least 20 times to login to my tv provider, but it always shows the little Mickey Mouse icon bobbing back and forth, butno login screen appears. And I found a review that had that same problem, and tried to follow the response. But still no login screen. I’m not deleting it for now in hopes that they will address these glitches but I might. P.S. I am truly sorry if this comes off as aggressive, but it’s just, right now, this app it a virtual paperweight on my tablet for me, and I’m just really aggravated.

Disney this is awesome but there is only one problem.. Hello, before I start this may only be happening to me, also no one think I’m hating. I love this it. First the pros: This app is great! You can watch up to 100 shows( and yes I counted) and there is great pickings. If I have to turn on a show for my sister Bam! Minnie is on without question, or I can just sit down and watch some of my favorite shows like Gravity Falls, Phineas and Ferb ,etc. the list goes on, and if I sign in I can have tons more. Now here comes the cons: It’s buggy, firstly for two days I haven’t been able to even play the app. Really kind of gets annoying over time, also I can start some show and then it buffers!even the shorts, For like 3 mins sometimes, but overall when it doesn’t do that then it’s awesome🤤😀. Plz fix that’s all folks!

Love this app. If u have chromecast u can cast which for me is the best thing about this app. I’ve had it for a few months and my 5 year old just had my phone all of the time playing the games and he loves those but I don’t love him having my phone all of the time. We got chromecast for his tv a few days ago and today I realized I could cast from this app. I never write reviews but was so excited about that feature I wanted to share. No issues so far with any features of the app and casting works very well so if u have kids that love Disney definitely worth getting this app. I have cable subscription so get full episodes but before I added it to the app my kiddo enjoyed the things the app offered.

It’s good but here are somethings to work on. Ok so I love Disney and its something I watch every night before bed but I run out of things to watch so quickly, you should try to get more episodes and more shows for Disney channel. Also the key appears on a show daily so I have to sign in everyday instead of already being signed in. I like this app a lot the commercials are always around 1 minute to 1 minute and 30 seconds, I know that’s short for commercials but I think you should shorten that time too. The variety of shows and episodes keeps getting smaller and smaller so I think you should keep adding more episodes and shows on here for example if I wanted to watch bizaardvark I wouldn’t be able to because they don’t have any episodes on here they only have shorts. Or if I wanted to watch Jessie I wouldn’t be able to because it’s not even on here. But I do love the app and it is good.

Disney CRAP. This app is the worst app i think I’ve ever used. Yes that’s right. After years of using apps this is the worst. I update it as needed my devices are also fully updated and frankly brand new. This app has so many glitches it’s not even worth the time and effort. Sadly my little one was already attached to the game and I just have to put up with troubleshooting it every 3 seconds. The app will crash, it will sign you out of your provider (at least 7 times a day), it will state your memory is full (what the hell is that?!). My child’s 128gb iPad has over 80% memory left and sense when has an app been able to tell me it can’t run due to memory issues. Being that Im pretty heavily tech savvy with apple and working for them for years it’s outlandish. I’ve had this app before Disney Plus came about. The ONLY upside is this app has some shows that aren’t on Disney plus yet. But then again they will randomly remove every show of a particular currently airing title and never replace again.. Less than one star.

GO BACK TO OLD VERSION PLEASE!!! Titles? (+ understandable ads). [Edit: I didn’t realize they replaced the previous only Disney channel app with this in the update!! I’m upset since I can’t go back now, while XD and Junior still have their own apps. I prefer the organization of the other app much better than Disney Now.] My only complaint is that they don’t show the show titles on the home page, only pictures, so it’s kinda annoying. In my experience there are more ads on this app than the Disney channel app, but since there are always commercials when watching live on tv, that’s expected. In case anyone is confused: this app doesn’t give you access to every show. It only gives you access to whatever your tv provider allows you to watch (if you dont have Disney XD for example, you can’t watch XD shows.). There are usually 1-2 free episodes for each show though which change from time to time, so unless you want to binge you should be fine.

Umm. Where are all the shows?. So... I like the idea of putting all of the channels in one place because before if I was watching Disney channel and decided to watch Disney XD then I would have to go to another app. The profile feature is cool too. But the problem is the playback issues. When an episode ends sometimes the screen will say that there was a playback error. I can always close the app and reopen it but it can get annoying. This happens on my phone and the TV. Also, if you’re going to put shows on the app then put all of the episodes. When I went to watch Zack and Cody, there were only two episodes available to watch! Same with the other show with the exception of the newer shows(Sydney to the max, Ravens home, coop and cami, etc.) which was very disappointing 😔 I tried closing Disney and reopening it again but that didn’t work.I’d appreciate it if you put all the episodes back. Have a good day.

Don’t see the point of downloading this if it keeps stopping.. Every time I click on and I Go to make my kids profile and every time I click on emoji and type in their name, it closes me out so I restarted my tablet and turned it back on, did the same thing this soon as I got to younger kids or for all kids, did the same thing so I have to reclosed it the 15th time and clicked on it again this time after clicking on the emoji their name and for all kids young and old and I go to click on their favorite shows and it closes me out of the app completely I have to restart each time it closes out I have to click on let’s go and reclick on an avatar, retype in their name and reclick all kids ages and it closes and I have to reopen it for the 20 millionth time and have to start all over on making her profile again. Fix this app please. This is like the 50th million time that I had to reopen it up & restart and it closing on me. Everytime. Not opening it nor reinstalling it till it’s fixed. Please fix. Please and thank you.

Cable situation. This app is super fun to watch Disney shows and movies but there was just one problem. My family had Optimum so I signed into the app with that cable company. Recently, we switched to Fios and now I can’t enter the app at all. I looked in settings, I tried resetting my iPad, but it still wouldn’t work. Now I can’t even open the app so I can’t watch Gabby Duran and the Unsitables, I can’t watch Coop and Cami ask the World, I can’t watch you a lot of other cool movies and shows. Other than this problem, when I used to have the app, every time I turned the app on, the intro animations would play for about 3 seconds, and when it ends it asks you to click the play button. After that it is supposed to let you in to start watching Disney. When I pressed the button, it wouldn’t let me in so I pressed about 10 more times and THEN it would let me in. Other than these problems, this is a cool app.

Please read!!. Ok. Over all this is a great app, although there is some things I would like them to change/fix. One of those things is having all of the seasons on the show. So I just got this app and I was super excited to watch every episode of my favorite shows, but, when I went to watch the first episode of one of the shows it only had season 3. I was really confused, sad, and angry at the same time. The other thing that needs to be changed is having movies AND shows. I have this on my TV and on my TV there was the new movie “Ralph Breaks the Internet” on there and that was one of the main reasons I got the app on my phone. But weirdly, when I searched it up, nothing popped up and I was really disappointed🙁. But other than those 2 flaws this is a wonderful app and I totally recommend to buying it 😁

Please read this all!. Why!? Ok please read this all so in the end of Star Wars rebels it’s wide open take this chance to make the viewers happy and make some quick bucks while your at it but this isn’t the only time this has happened lab rats elite force you made an episode and stopped also you have a lot of shows I know it gets crazy and you need to get rid of some stuff but Disney plus is your chance to bring our love able characters like Sabine and Asoka finding Ezra and bringing him home also maybe Kanen is not dead this is a great opportunity to bring back a popular series! This is your chance! Please Disney I also like the new Star Wars series but... it was disappointed when I found out that he wasn’t a Jedi and going to be like Ezra who is so powerful! Please read this 😭 and bring back my childhood!!! And you can say this was your idea not mine I promise I just really want these shows back!

Great user interface, horrible user experience.. This app is fine when all things work properly. Handshake between app and cable provider is so buggy, the app either freezes or crashes at least half the time. Everyone here complaining about the lack of legacy programming is correct, but maybe naive to the fact that everything Disney does is sales-driven. Older programming doesn’t sell. I would love to see shows from my childhood here, but I’m practically forced to find them through alternative means. My biggest complaints are for the most basic of features: 1) Sorting of clips/episodes. All the clips are shown in reverse-chronological order, which makes no sense. There is no way to reorder anything. 2) Queue. No way to preselect the next video to watch. 3) No auto-play. I understand that when forced ads are a “feature” of the platform, you can’t have auto play. My problem is when most of the videos are <4 minutes, it’s tedious to constantly go back to the app. This, more than anything else, makes me abandon the app for other on-demand video apps. In response to the forthcoming copy/paste response: devs and dev managers should be reading these comments to sort out their problems. Forcing users to jump through /any/ hoops to report issues is ridiculous.

where is it. I originally downloaded this app to watch The Suite Life ok Deck of Zack and Cody, i had noticed you had the original The Suite Life of Zack and Cody but i am very disappointed you don’t have the suite life on deck. How could you have the original and not the other you can’t expect people to watch one and not want to watch the other. i’ve searched the whole and looked for and nope it’s not there and i know there are plenty of good shows but i was looking forward to that on specifically so to find you don’t have im pretty up considering many people i know love that show and i’m sure others are disappointed as well. please add The Suite Life on Deck of Zack and Cody i know many people love that show and are disappointed they can’t watch it either.

DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS!. OK all right I love their videos how they make in a TV and videos but like TV I know dumb but they said we have to use the TV link but it’s so dumb because I don’t like this really like this TV like always shows up when I have to unlock it I’ve been waiting for new things to ice so can I not a market because I have to put a TV games that I hate it so I get it OK then I’ll just make your day worse or in Worchester and Worchester so just don’t do that OK it’s gonna make your day worse it and I know I am spelling things wrong spelling things wrongOK overall I love their videos how they make in a TV now like in videos but like TV I know dumb but they said we have to use the TV but you don’t take me wrong just don’t take me wrong Just please don’t take me wrong people it’s a very dumb app that you have to use your TV and like just don’t use it guys just don’t use it then I’ll just make your day bad and bad and you just don’t download it it

Doesn’t work a lot. We’ve had this app for a very long time and any more my kids struggle with getting it to actually work. It constantly does its little intro and then says try again, which we try over and over, which feels more like hitting an idiot button than anything. Sometimes we’ll clear out all open apps and try opening it again, occasionally that will work. But on average I would say we have trouble loading the app at least 75% of the time. My other complaint is that games won’t always work when the app actually is, it says the device is running out of space, which for an app that only works when connected to WiFi makes no sense to me. Lastly I really wish I could have a little more parental control, like instead of just being able to choose the one or two channel options, to be able to actually choose which shows. And to make it so that my child can’t just go and create another profile and choose whatever they want. On that part there is no actual parental control.

Can’t Screen Mirror or use HDMI adapter while using App. Hello, I as well as many other parents probably have the same request! I bought the $50 Apple HDMI adapter that allows me to watch anything from my phone on my TV. I downloaded the App because my son loves Disney Junior and he loves Mickey Mouse. I have cable and can watch it any time but he is 6 months old and can’t hold a phone. So when I expected to be able to plug my phone into the tv so that my 6 month old could watch his favorite tv show while at his grandmas house, or wherever we may be, I was upset to find out that I could not use the device that paid $50 for. I’m not sure I understand the reasoning for this. I love the app other wise and rate it 3 stars. It would be 5 starts if I could use my HDMI adapter. Would love some feedback and other opinions on this issue.

Overall a great app. I love how they bundled Disney channel, Disney XD and Disney junior all in one so you don’t need three separate apps. The app mostly works great for me but it doesn’t Have some features that made the individual apps a little better. For example you can no longer see what shows are going to be on for the the next hour. By that I mean you do not have the ability to see what show is up next and also see the shows that follow. This is just something I think would improve the app. The only real problem I now have is for some reason, Disney XD has disappeared from my options to watch live. It used to be there. I even tried creating another profile and selected to be able to watch all channels, but it hasn’t worked. Other than this minor issue, I really like using this app to watch TV.😁

Have some problems. Hi, I use this app a lot. And when I say a lot I mean it, but every time I try to get on the app it says this ”an error has occurred. Please try again later.” Then I try again later and it says the same thing. And I know it’s not my WiFi because I always make sure I have all bars.I’ve done everything I can think of I’ve deleted the app and then got it again, I’ve restarted my iPad, and I’ve turned the power off on my iPad. But every thing I do it always ends up saying the same thing ”an error has occurred. Please try again later.” And another thing what happened to Liv and Maddie I can’t find it anywhere not even on Disney+. The only place I can find it on is Netflix but they don’t let me download it. So if you do end up reading this I would be really great full if you respond to this and try to fix my problem. Sincerely, Sadie

It ok I guess. So when I want to watch a movie with my sister we go on DisneyNOW but it always asks for a tv provider• WHATS UP WITH THAT?! And when I play games it always glitches and takes me out of the app! Again WHAT IS UP WITH THAT!? Also when I want to watch a show it’s locked and sometimes it’s not locked. And again WHAT IS UP WITH THAT?! And in a few weeks Bunk’n is coming with season three and I won’t be able to watch because it will be locked! So technically when there’s a new episode DisneyNOW locks for you. So yay. Please fix allllllllllll these problems. Thank you for the response now I understand but I am moving but everything is working although it is a little sluggish but it’s better. So now I can give you Five stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ thank you!!!!!!!! 😎💖👍🏼🦄🦊🦄😎💯💯💯💯😩💯

Terrible. So I got this app a few months ago because my friend was telling me that all the good Disney shows from our childhood were on it: Wizards of Waverly Place (my favorite), Hannah Montana, Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Kickin’ it, that’s so raven, and Shake it up. I was super excited and when I got the app only 2 episodes popped up for Wizards of Waverly Place and Shake it Up. Those are 2 of my favorites so I was very mad. So I was watching the other ones. Skip forward to now and I hadn’t been on the app in a while but I went on it today and all of those shows are gone except Kickin’ it. ALL OF THEM. Good Luck Charlie did get added which makes me happy except that it’s only in the web version and not the app. And it won’t let me watch it in the web version so I am getting very upset. I don’t understand why they would get rid of all of those shows when I know that people my age absolutely love them and would all get the app to watch them. Please bring them back and allow us to watch all the episodes. I WANT MY CHILDHOOD BACK!!

Good but then bad.... I kinda liked it in the start but the next day when I get in I can't log back into can't even go into the app anymore haven't even had it for that long :;(∩´﹏`∩);: went on another device and it works well for now... also I can't play multiple games is that only me ? But please fix those bugs (( if it's obviously not only for me )) it was really nice in the start on mobile my sister wants more emojis to choose from because on our tv there is WAY more so if you could add those on mobile that would be great c; - other wise pretty nice apps I'm great full that you can get newest episodes in a pretty short time ! I like how you guys do the birthday thing it's really sweet =D can't wait to binge watch more tv shows UPDATE : 1 star knowing that this happens to others is the worst for others who get bugs try going on Disney + or on demand if Disney now does not fix these bugs can't watch anything , ANYTHING!! And all the shows I love only have half a season thanks a lot...

Good app but I have some suggestions. I like how you can watch newer Disney shows early like that I mean before they are on Disney+. But let me give you some suggestions. 1, You should have something that tells you the days that episodes air like with miraculous Ladybug I’m always wondering when the newer episodes air so you could have a list of something that tells you when then episodes of what shows air. 2, you should have all seasons of shows, I saw a couple shows where it was only the latest season. 3, you should add the older Disney shows. 4, it would be great if there were no locked episodes. That’s all! I love the app so much and I hope you have a nice day, thanks for reading!

Extremely good but one glitch(?). Ok, so I’ve been using this app for a few weeks or so and I LOVE it! I was especially super happy that I saw Wizards of Waverly Place, it’s my absolute favorite show on Disney yet!~ The reason why I’m giving this a 4 Star though is because the app is stuck on Season 2 Episode 18 on Wizards of Waverly Place (Hugh's Not Normous), like, it’s stuck loading and won’t go to full screen. The bouncing Mickey Mouse head just kept... bouncing for a minute?? I thought it was my WiFi, so I turned it off for about 10 seconds because that usually gives it a boost and it usually works. Nothing. So I tried restarting my iPad because sometimes it’s just my iPad. Nothing... So I decided to try to click on Season 2 Episode 19 (Don’t Rain on Justin's Parade) and it immediately started playing... I don’t know if there’s a glitch orrrr...?? If you’re out there listening, that’d be awesome! Thanks in advance~

It was great but it got me frustrated. This app was ok it seems really fun at first and you can pick so much stuff to do! But there was one problem that got me frustrated If I wanted to watch a show it would say I need a tv producer and it would not work it’s kinda annoying when you can barely do anything with it but some people don’t have a problem like why can’t i watch it for free and even if you put it in it wouldn’t work and it would not unlock but there is a lot of fun stuff to do so sometimes it can get a little frustrating but either way it was pretty fun to play I enjoyed all of the games and how they have a lot of choices the app is really easy to figure out but I still enjoy it and it can be entertaining to watch all of the shows and it is very good for kids 👍

Torn. I love Disney Channel and I was so happy to find out that you could watch it mobile now! And games! I have the app on my iPad too, but there are some problems there. On the tablet, I can’t do all the games, like Descendants 3 stories and Be a Disney Channel Star! Also, why did you take out all the shows that have been canceled? Especially Jessie! It’s never on on regular TV, and when it is it’s on at like 1am so DisneyNOW was my chance to watch my favorite show! But I opened the app and looked at my favorites. Before: I had about 10, 11 favorites. After: 4 or 5. Upset. But otherwise, it’s pretty good! It should be able to go without WiFi though because what if your in the store and your bored or your on a plane? It’s annoying because it will tell me I can’t enter the game for no reason sometimes! I am very happy it’s all free though! Thanks for taking time to read my review! Please take my advice and bring back Jessie!

It fun but I have a few problems. Hi, this app is really cool. I have some improvements and some problems. First the internet is really slow I wished that the show that you are watching can just pop up and press play. Also there are a lot of advertisements. When there’s a music video or anything else that is less than a minute they always advertisements. Also when you watching a show on LIVE there should be a pause button just Incase you go somewhere and then you missed your show. And when you try to play the games it says the app is full. I really enjoy this but it need more improvement to make this 5 star app. I wish it had all the season not just one. For example in Raven home or in Gabby Duran these only one season, like season 3, or 1 it should have all of them. Thank you. I look forward for these changes

Would be great if it worked properly.. This app logs you out of your tv provider account constantly, then when you try to log back it, it won't do it. You tap "sign in," the Mickey head bounces like its thinking then disappears. Nothing happens. You are not logged in and it won't go past the bouncing Mickey head. My provider account has Disney NOW allowed in the settings and it still will not log in. UPDATE: I’ve changed my rating from one star to three because the developer response was helpful. They responded in about 24 hours and their idea worked. I’m not sure why it randomly stopped signing in with the provider account link, but regardless, it works now. I’m not giving it 5 stars because it does freeze and glitch a lot, but the content is great. A few tweaks of some bugs and it’ll definitely deserve 5 stars.

Y’all really had to ruin it.. Me and my friends are hardcore Phineas And Ferb fans. I was gonna go and watch it on DisneyNOW when I couldn’t find it in shows. I thought, “Ok, I’ll just watch the movie.” I looked in the DCOM section and I saw that they limited the amount to only 5 DCOMs. I thought, “Ok, might just be because I don’t have my provider, right?” I went ahead and connected my provider and guess what? I got sad. My friends can’t find it either. I know this is to probably promote Disney+, but most people on DisneyNOW are kids, and kids’ parents aren’t gonna go pay for Disney+ only because their kids can’t watch their favorite shows. I’m sure me and my friends are not the only ones disappointed by this. This would’ve been a 5-star review if you hadn’t done this small thing. Very disappointed. Edit: I got a developer review stating that this was a bug. This reply was probably mean’t for another review that wasn’t mine. However, If you want to get your favorite Disney shows, I suggest Disney+, though it costs money, it has no self-promoting ads and it’s really easy to use

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 10.40.0
Play Store com.disney.WATCHDisneyChannel
Compatibility iOS 14.0 or later

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The application DisneyNOW – Episodes & Live TV was published in the category Entertainment on 13 June 2012, Wednesday and was developed by Disney [Developer ID: 284888248]. This program file size is 434.98 MB. This app has been rated by 43,531 users and has a rating of 3.7 out of 5. DisneyNOW – Episodes & Live TV - Entertainment app posted on 15 February 2024, Thursday current version is 10.40.0 and works well on iOS 14.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.disney.WATCHDisneyChannel. Languages supported by the app:

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