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The #1 Bingo Game

Pack your bag - you're going on a bingo journey!

That’s right - join Blitzy the Bingo cat on a magical, whirlwind round-the-world Bingo party!

Bingo Blitz is the FREE bingo game you need to play!
• Kickoff your bingo bash in sunny Catalina, and choose how many bingo live cards to play - play it safe with 1, or boost your bingo party with 4!
• Check the numbers called out during the bingo games - and daub away!
• Watch out for goodies! Hit the flashing bingo live Instant win to activate extra goodies - including early bingo wins, extra coins and extra power ups!
• Keep playing until ‘Bingo!’ is called..then discover which awesome items you've won, and level up!
• Get ready for the next a cool mini game to keep you entertained during the wait for the next free bingo round!

Join Blitzy & Candace Nelson at Blitzy’s Bakery!

Blitzy has moved on to his next culinary adventure! Blitzy charmed the Queen of Cupcakes herself, Candace Nelson, with his winning cupcake on her world-famous competitive baking show. Now they’ve joined forces to open Blitzy’s Bakery!
Play Bingo games in any room to collect ingredients and bake your way to delicious wins. Each pastry you bake brings you sweet rewards! Even sweeter still, are Candace Nelson’s Special Dishes that are featured on Blitzy’s Bakery Menu! Watch as your rewards and benefits rise like dough as you work your way up in the kitchen!

It’s absolute bingo heaven!

Get Social For an Epic Bingo Bash
Bingo Blitz is a bingo holiday like no other - and it's even better when you invite your friends to play in bingo heaven too!

• Get FREE BINGO GAMES BONUSES for inviting friends to play! Connect your Facebook to easily send invites and save your bingo games progress!
• Chat away before each free bingo game with your friends while you're waiting for the next bingo live round to play, and even trade cards!
• Share the love, share the free bingo game wins! This is a rewarding bingo bash with your friends!

Freebies and Fun Galore in Bingo Heaven!

What’s better than awesome bingo games? Rewarding, FREE bingo games!

• Receive FREE bingo games coins and DAILY CREDITS! Login every day for your free bingo live goodies - what’ll it be today?
• Go on epic quests for even MORE free bingo games credits! Complete awesome missions in each bingo holiday city for extra bonuses as you play!
• Join an epic free bingo tournament! Turn those lucky numbers into HUGE DAILY bingo party wins!
• Win even BIGGER prizes and other cool, free bingo bash rewards in the awesome seasonal and featured bingo rooms! Get playing these cool, limited-time games before they disappear!

PLUS: Complete your free bingo games collections in each city you visit for even more bingo prizes!

Get in touch! We would love to hear from you! You can reach us at

BINGO Blitz contains optional in-app purchases. This game is intended for an adult
audience (21+) for amusement purposes only and does not offer ‘real money’ gambling,
or an opportunity to win real money or prizes based on game play. Playing or success in
this game does not imply future success at ‘real money’ gambling.

Bingo Blitz™ - Bingo Games App Description & Overview

The applications Bingo Blitz™ - Bingo Games was published in the category Games on 2012-08-09 and was developed by Playtika Santa Monica, LLC. The file size is 190.29 MB. The current version is 4.14 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

Join Blitzy & Candace Nelson at Blitzy’s Bakery!
Blitzy has moved on to his next culinary adventure!

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Bingo Blitz™ - Bingo Games Reviews


Glitchy game  Missy21716  1 star

This game is fun but really glitchy. Anytime I reach out to support about missing coins they either say I’m wrong or never respond. Fun when it’s actually working.


Fun  GAW0815  5 star

Love the game

best grand mom ever

Great bingo ever  best grand mom ever  5 star

Having a great time


Me gusta mucho  Bussibussy  5 star

Es muy entretenido y yo soy una ganadora

michael killer

12 and over?  michael killer  2 star

What’s the point the game says 12 and older and my 4 year old brother can play it,sure it’s a fun game but I think the game is over exaggerating 12 and older no not for me


Love it, but we need a trading post!  Flashman75  4 star

I love BB. But it has a major drawback in that you have to add random people to your Facebook to send and receive gifts. If there were an in app trading post, it would be 5 stars. Other than that im addicted to BB 😄


I’m 60...  cyntoni  4 star

Gave bad reviews. Have to say it really is like CLASSIC indeed. But it goes too fast. Then again, im60..


Ok  memei34  3 star

I love playing this game but it always freezes on me and I lose my credits. 😡


Rating 2 stars  TabbieH  2 star

You don’t give enough of a chance to collect points. WAY too obvious you want people to have to by points to play. Not much fun in just dumping money in a game you get nothing back from.

Nana peaches

Bingo Blitz  Nana peaches  5 star

I want to play the quest I pay but it won’t let me it. Goes o zero and that as far as it goes can you fix this please also the first game that pops up always has an error when the free spots come up


Bingo blitz  Evan132  4 star

Good game give it a try


Awesome game.  tggfrgvv  5 star

Love the game


Great fun  Rachie1969  5 star

I have been playing for 6 years and love it!

Ashlee Louise

Favourite Game  Ashlee Louise  5 star

This is my favourite bingo game and I’ve been playing for almost 10 years non stop!


Help!  Tjbjpjj  1 star

Hi I’ve been playing this game for years. Last few days cannot log in have ride reinstalling . Can’t contact support because you need to be logged into the game! Advice please

c fulffel

slots  c fulffel  3 star

is this game you whant bingo but insted you get a note saying play the slots play the slots when you are in the middell of a game you mite have a bingo but you miss the numder of your bingo decause of a note


Great game  Laughxxxxxx  1 star

Used to love game but since latest update cannot load game, connection problems with Facebook, have deleted and installed numerous times but still cannot play, please fix this issue


Bingo Blitz  CcChrissy  5 star

Why is BB Not loading on my iPad? It loads on my iPhone but not my iPad... HELP please


Bingo blitz  doos5  5 star

Bingo blitz is the only game we have trouble downloading. It happens regularly. What a pain


Guest  Annabell8  1 star

NOT HOW TO TREAT GUESTS. Have complained before but still unable to get bingo before time lapse to add insult to injury l had a late Call the same time I hit the button,this is CHEATING on your part. Not paying you any more. BET YOU WONT POST THIS


Good  Mindylu01  4 star

It’s fun to play now, but it used to be loads of fun. I like being. Now to gift and to get gifts, but it is incredibly frustrating to play.


FOR THE SECOND TIME  AllForLandon  4 star

I’ve written only one other review in life, so for me to write one it actually has meaning to me. I started playing this game when I was 9 months pregnant and off of work. I have continued to play now currently 10 weeks pp.... every single day whenever I can! The game is always changing and there are so many different challenges starting all the time which keeps the game incredibly interesting. I’ve never kept to a game for so long and am incredibly grateful that a game like this has been able to occupy my mind at tough times when I’ve needed it the most. One thing I would change however, during daily tournaments I would give more of a reward for so many bingos. Sometimes you can hit 3-4 bingos at a time and you get little to nothing in those rounds. If I was given more credits or ingredients I would love to continue playing even more!


Challenging!  antinni  5 star

New rooms, new games, bingo and slots. Add your friends or make new friends to trade with and level up. Good luck!


I love BB!  HeatherW30  5 star

I have been a member for over 7 years and play every single day. Most of that time I have been an Elite member. I would definitely recommend this game to everyone. I have belonged to other sites, however this is my true love.


Review  Shyk17  5 star

Addictive, but very fun. The game has no glitches in it and you don’t have to have a Facebook account to play, although it is better to have one, because you can play with friends.


Carrie  Gacmos  5 star

Super fun game to play!


Biggest Bingo Blitz fan Ever!!!!!  Westolivedeb  5 star

Thanks for making this game!! I absolutely LOVE playing it!! You have to pay attention to the board or you’ll miss out on your bingos very quick.. One thing I don’t like is when round is over you can’t collect the last number and sometimes you miss out on coins or a treasure chest, just doesn’t seem fair. Another glitch that should be fixed is when you get kicked out or game freezes before it’s finished, you have to almost beg to get your credits back! I live on social security and every credit I I purchase means a lot to me so when that happens (which isn’t very often) it upsets me. I for one would love to win a lot more coins and credits, I’m sure I’d play it even more!! Thanks again for one of my favorite games, good luck to everyone playing!!!


Great game  dananmail  5 star

This is a very fun bingo game. You get daily perks. If you follow on Facebook or Instagram you get credits.


Review on Bingo Blitz  LanaBlack  5 star

I love this game. I love the seasonal rooms and all of the opportunities to earn extra credits. I’ve only been playing for 6 months but I have enjoyed every single game. I’ve met a lot of neat people through the game also.


Been addicted for 10 years  Alexgranny  5 star

I hate loved this game for the last 10 years!!! The challenges and extras give me something to look forward to daily and the seasonal and bonus games are the best!!


Best bingo game  Disapointedhmmm  5 star

I’ve played for years and it’s my top game I play! I love the different challenges every week and seasonal rooms! It always surprises me and I look forward to playing every morning 😍


Credits  Jssjeje  1 star

Daily credits are a joke not next to near anough to get


Favourite Bingo game  melzerg  5 star

Love this bingo game so much enjoy playing it everyday 🥰🥰


BB  jmjr13  4 star

I love the game but find it really annoying that can never finish a room ...


BB.  Roccle  5 star

I love the game but I get irked by it at times cos it’s so hard to finish a room 🍀

Triple addict

Lose of game  Triple addict  4 star

Why wasn’t I notified that I need to renew the agreement before I could carry on playing.

Teresa M1

++  Teresa M1  5 star

Great game. 😊


Very good  Daz97  5 star

It's brilliant and so addictive


Completely rigged  Pebbles3692  1 star

Kicks you out during a game. Blatantly fixed. Uninstalling.


Awesome  Izzie2016  5 star

Great app, fun to play

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