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What is ticketmaster-buy, sell tickets app? Ticketmaster gives you access to millions of live events and makes it easy to buy, sell, and get in - so you can get on with making memories that last.

We are the Official Ticketing Partner of the NFL, NBA, NHL, and USTA. Add in our exclusive partnerships with thousands of venues, artists, and theater tours and shopping with Ticketmaster gives you unparalleled access to the most memorable live events worldwide.

Ticket management at your fingertips. You’re always just a few clicks away from securing the perfect seats to the events you love.

- Search millions of events and get real-time updates as new listings go live.
- Use interactive 3-D venue maps and see your seat view before you buy.

- List your tickets on our trusted resale marketplace and sell to other fans.
- Transfer your seats to friends and family for free.

- Avoid forgeries “similar location” seats with Verified Tickets. The seats you buy the seats you’ll sit in and backed by our 100% guarantee.

- Scan into your events with the app or upload your seats to Apple Wallet (mobile-entry events only).
- See all your event info in one convenient place.

- Get alerts about your favorite events, artists, and venues.

Download the Ticketmaster app and go live.

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Ticketmaster-Buy, Sell Tickets Version 238.118 September 2022

We update our app often in order to make it easier than ever to bring you unforgettable moments. Live only happens once! Get the latest version to access all the available Ticketmaster features to buy, sell, and manage your tickets. This version includes performance improvements and bug fixes. Thank you for using Ticketmaster!.

Ticketmaster-Buy, Sell Tickets Comments & Reviews 2022

- Ticketmaster over everything! (as far as other apps claiming to have tickets available for purchase)

besides one other app, Ticketmaster is what I use for buying concert tickets whenever a favored musical act of mine is performing in town nearby where i live. Unlike other sites like live nation, Ticketmaster is trustworthy. It is easy to set up an account on the app as well as customizing made profiles. it is useful for storing purchased concert tickets as well as the receipt, not to mention listing all the updated health guidelines for certain venues due to COVID-19. Another thing about Ticketmaster that I think is pretty cool is the ability to leave a review on a certain music event that has previously been attended too. ive never had a bad experience w/ using the Ticketmaster app. i wish i would of known more about Ticketmaster back when i did have a bad experience with buying fake tickets and having to re-purchase valid ones. The only other pro i have left to add w/ the others ive mentioned already is that if subscribed to receive emails from Ticketmaster, the app is usually on point w/ updating accounts to notify signed up members about nearby shows depending on their profile’s saved locations as addresses on it there.

- App is Bad Website is Even Worse

So, I log onto Ticketmaster to purchase 2 tickets to an upcoming concert. Find the show no problem get the tickets I want no problem. When it comes to placing the order it says, you must log on to use express checkout payment method. Oops on me, forgot to log on. So I log back on and ‘Place Order’ and it tells me the same thing. Okay. Let me close the browser and delete all cookies because the website is dumb. Did all of that and try again. Sign into my account and go to ‘Place Order’ still the same error. Okay maybe I’m an idiot. Let’s try from the phone. Go go onto the app, where I’m signed into my account, see the show I want to purchase tickets for. What do you know?? Clicked the show I want and it just gives me a blank white screen for 15 minutes. Alright so know I have to attempt to speak to customer service. I click through everything and when I get to the Contact Us page there’s numerous ways to attempt to contact them, email, letter, live chat, numbers for already purchased tickets, and a Call Us section. Do you think they left their customer service number under the Call Is section??? Nope they did not. So onto of all the extra money I have to spend per ticket, their website and app does not function properly. If you can stay away from ever using this monopoly to purchase tickets. In the end I created a fake email so I could log on and purchase my 2 tickets. I guess if you want everything to work just keep making fake emails.

- Ticketmaster has always been oblivious

I wrote this review many years ago vvv, and it looks like Ticketmaster took my advice. I just bought Paul McCartney tix, and the process was easy and well explained. I’m so happy they have gotten with the program that I don’t care what the service charge is. Everybody has one, so what? I also like very much their attempt to keep the bots out. Bots are so unfair to everyone, I hope TM is successful! Thanks for hearing my plea, guys! [Many many years ago] The app works fine, but HOW you choose a seat is the problem. TM doesn't give you choices - they just give you a random seat. You can try to change seats, but then they give you another random seat. There is no ability to choose a section, much less choose specific seats that you like! Come on TM, you people are really stupid! My local art theater allows me to pick the exact seats I want! We have the technology! Get with the program, you numbskulls!

- Lost $500 to Ticketmaster, feel defrauded

So I'm traveling to Vegas for an anniversary with my wife. I booked tickets for a show in July. While I was attempting to check out, the Ticketmaster app had an issue with my use of a VPN on my phone. I shut off the VPN and went to check out. I purchased but then was surprised to discover that the date had changed to January. I don't know 100% if the VPN switching caused the dates to change or if I made an error on the month. In the end it really shouldn't matter. I immediately contacted customer service. That's when the nightmare began. First off, there is no number to call. Everything is via email or a chat that takes an average of three to six hours between responses. I was willing to purchase more expensive seats, I was willing to pay more for the same seats, but under no circumstances was I allowed to exchange for the correct date. I was told I should sell the tickets myself to someone else and then use that money to buy new tickets but that they weren't responsible if I didn't get paid. This was not an option for me since my travel for the event was the next day. I have never experienced such awful customer service nor had a worse customer outcome from a known company. I feel like I've been defrauded $500. I literally cannot believe this happened. I will never use Ticketmaster ever again. I cannot recommend that anyone else use it either.

- Glitch in App-Be Careful When Transferring Tickets

I purchased three tickets on one order plus 7 others on another for my family to see the tribute band No Duh at the OC Fair. I transferred 2 tickets to my daughters, two to my sisters, and one to my niece. The two to my sisters, and one to my niece worked fine as they had accepted the tickets before I entered the event. On the day of the event, I got to the fair and entered the gate about 6pm. They scanned the remaining tickets in the app (they couldn’t scan the two tickets for my daughters as they were in tranfer mode. We arrived at the venue at The Hangar at the OC Fair and scanned our tickets again. Two were still in my app but couldn’t be scanned as they were transferred to my daughters and were colored green. My daughters accepted the tickets when the concert started. They arrived at the OC Fair green gate and had their tickets scanned. They were told they had been scanned at 6pm. That was impossible as that was the time I entered the fair with my family and the tickets in transfer mode couldn’t be scanned as they were in green. My daughters missed the concert as I did too because I had to go to the entrance to try to resolve the situation. They were not allowed in. I am extremely furious about the situation. There must be a glitch in the transfer mode. I complained to Ticketmaster and they did nothing about it even though their app was at fault.

- Literally the WORST company

I purchased tickets to the No Shame 5SOS tour that was supposed to be last month, but the tour got cancelled back in July. I got the email about the cancellation and they said I would automatically have a refund processed for my tickets because there was to be no event. Here it is 4 months later from July and a whole month after the event, with absolutely no communication from TM, no way to CONTACT TM, and surprise surprise no money back yet either. I am struggling so much right now because I can’t work due to COVID and I could seriously use the money and to my knowledge there was no reschedule of the event. I have been trying to contact TM on their site but every time I click anything like “contact us” I get redirected to the same BS articles answering questions that don’t help one bit. I am just so frustrated at the lack of communication and the utter disregard for their customers during this time right now. I would understand if there was a high volume of customers requesting refunds, I get it I work in customer service myself, but to not even provide any sort of updates! My account just has the event under “past events” with CANCELLED over it, but other than that absolutely no relevant information. I am out close to $500 and have nothing to even show for it at this point. Have some humility! I wouldn’t recommend Ticketmaster even if my life depended on it at this point.

- Rip off

Very very disappointed with Ticketmaster. I was looking for Coldplay tickets and signed up for the presale. Kept getting emails etc saying I may not get tickets and I have to hurry once it’s my turn and then once it was my turn in the presale a clock was running down and I had 1 minute or so to complete the order. The part that I’m annoyed with the absolute most is that this scam company didn’t open all the seats for sale. Only the expensive ones and grayed out the entire top section saying no tickets available indicating they are already sold out. Because I really wanted to see their concert I took the bait and bought tickets for $250 each thinking and believing them that tickets are almost sold out. A day later they opened up the general sale and to my surprise I saw that all the grayed out seats were now available for well below $100. Even the tickets next to the ones I bought were $70 cheaper. What the heck Ticketmaster!!!!! This is absolutely disgusting and I will never ever in my life buy tickets from you again. Telling me I have to act fast and lying that tickets aren’t available and the next day you sell thousands of them is not ok. Never felt so lied to and disappointed with a company ever before. All the joy of getting tickets went away and turned into anger. Thanks! You have lost a customer forever.

- Highway Robbery

I’ll say that again: Highway Robbery, best describes ticketmaster. I was attempting to buy tickets with the help of 3 other people, let me note. We were shoved into queue after we have checked into the “waiting room” way before start time. We get in and are told there are “2000+” infront of us. We sat there for 30 minutes with no movement and suddenly got in to pick tickets. I say that in a joking manner because buying tickets was IMPOSSIBLE at that time. We see tickets fading and coming back and we don’t even see that same tickets available for each of us when they do appear. We watched ticketmaster PRICE GOUGE THEIR OWN TICKETS. Due to high demand it’s okay to take tickets that were ~$60 and make them $3250?! What the actual…? Oh, and to make it even funnier: we all also tried buying tickets for different venues and guess what?! SAME STORY. Ticketmaster does NOT care about fans nor groups that they sell tickets for. They are greedy lowlifes who want to feed off of the desperation of fans. The groups and the fans deserve better. I have never wanted fans to band together and sue the pants off of someone more than I have today. Ticketmaster is being allowed to highjack money and tickets from fans for years and no one has done anything. I truly hope the people that work for ticketmaster can’t sleep at night.

- Broken Login

I have pretty much always detested TicketMaster. Their fees are outrageous, and their service is almost non-existent. I buy tickets through any other means when possible, and I have sometimes decided against buying tickets to shows I wanted to see when they were the only option. There was a show my husband really wanted to see on his birthday, so I just bought tickets from them for the first time in over a decade. It seems they have gotten even worse! Outrageous service fees, then even more outrageous fees if you want a physical ticket! I went with the "free" mobile option, now I find that I may not be able to use it, because I can't log in to their app! I have the same error message others are reporting that has apparently been going on for a long time. I am now in their customer service queue to try to resolve this by next week (lol!). Perhaps their response time is so backer's up because everyone is worried about having reliable access to their tickets? Yet it doesn't seem like fixing their app is a particularly high priority. The only way to do anything about this company's decades long disgraceful behavior is to complain about them directly to the shows that hire them (remember, these shoes are their real customers, not you... you don't have any leverage over them directly).

- Aggravated

First off I understand that every company is having staffing shortages. With that being said, I typed in Monster Jam into the search bar, it came up, I chose my seats, & paid. Immediately after I paid, it came up that I have my tickets for Monster Jam in Ohio. Ok, well…….. I live in Indiana. Yes, I chose the wrong event. I would think that if the same event, on the same day, & at the same time they would make sure you knew which event you had chosen instead of everything being in “fine print” until after you hit the purchase button. I even purchased the insurance. I immediately sent an email and pretty quickly received one back saying do not send another email because it will mess everything up and blah blah blah. So I wait two days and hear nothing on what I can do. So my only other option is to “sell” my tickets through Ticketmaster, hope someone purchases them as well as taking a “hit” on what I paid because Ticketmaster has to make more money off of me, & then purchase the correct tickets for where I live because the event is in 2 days and I have to make sure I have tickets to this event. There’s no phone number to Ticketmaster. Everything has to be done over email and then it’s just a waiting game. So so so AGGRAVATED!!!!!!

- Worst ticketing app ever!!!!!! SCAM !!!!! DON’T USE UNLESS YOU WANT TO BE DISAPPOINTED

From the ticketing process to the actions of the company, everything is horrible!!! They have a official platinum policy mean after a current time if the tickets is in high demand ticket from ticket master themself, not even resell of stupid scalpers, the price go up 3 times it’s original price !!! So dumb only trying to make money not trying to connect fans with artists!!! They are also very bad with select fans to buy ticket, giving scalpers ammo to sell tickets for crazy prices!!! Their resell platform is also terrible, without many rules reseller are selling tickets 10 times the price legally just because they are using this horrible company!!!!! Using twice as a example many real couldn’t get in to buy tickets but scalpers just show got many tickets to sell for unreasonable prices and when you do get in official platinum prices are just crazy though the roof like 500 plus dollar for nosebleed and 1k plus dollar for floor seats in what world is this justified!! After a while they have official resell also selling for crazy prices, like what is this? DON’T EVER USE THIS COMPANY UNLESS YOU WANT DISAPPOINTMENT !!! -to Ticketmaster : not everyone is made out of money at try to connect fans to artists and not trying make as much as you want!!!!

- I wish the artists I love didn’t use this app

It is painstakingly difficult for me and so many other people I have spoken to to get tickets on this app/website. Recently, I registered for verified fan presale for a show, I was one of the first in line, and the app took my money and gave it back saying it crashed and I couldn’t purchase the tickets. Then, we got booted back to the start of the queue. Finally, we get back in, and now it won’t let us purchase tickets that they say are available but then aren’t for some reason after we press next to continue with the purchase. So that’s frustrating in and of itself. But it certainly doesn’t help that the customer service is one of the most if not the most horrible customer service experience I have ever had. They don’t have their phone number listed online, and after we finally found the phone number, they won’t let us speak to a representative. They redirected us to the help section of their website which is useless and doesn’t have a way to message anybody that works there. Overall, the experience with this website is beyond unbearable, and it is so sad that they are leeching off of and stealing from teenagers that just want to see their favorite artists in concert. I’m very disappointed.

- Need Accessible Seating? Shop elsewhere.

Ticketmaster does the BARE minimum it must to accommodate customers who need accommodations brood a disability or handicap. The website and app both are egregiously different to use for this purpose, and even when you do manage to find out what the seating will be like and what accommodations are available, my mother and I once arrived at the “accessible” entrance to an event we’d purchased accessible seating at only to learn that the only way to enter without taking a substantial flight of steps was to use a wheelchair lift. My mother doesn’t use a wheelchair, but she can’t easily take a large flight of stairs, either. Then our accessible seats were exactly opposite the accessible entrance, so after wearing herself out climbing stair with considerable assistance, she had to walk halfway around the coliseum to reach her seat. After one or two other debacles using this app, I finally drove from Cincinnati to Columbus and back again just to walk up to a ticket window and purchase tickets in person rather than pay a fee to Ticketmaster for the frustration and inconvenience of being treated badly for seeking an accommodation. I know I’ll have to use this app again some day, and I dread it, because I never want to give them another cent for treating my mother so badly.

- Buy tickets somewhere else. PLEASE.

Horrible app. Horrible website. Horrible company. Every time I’ve attempted getting tickets from TicketMaster, buying said tickets has been the worst experience ever. And if you ever get put into a waiting room of any kind? Sorry, there’s a VERY good chance you’re not getting tickets. Think you got tickets and are ready for purchase? Sorry, someone else had the same tickets as you and happened to click that buy button just one second faster. Well, there are resell tickets, right? Sure there are! But every single one was bought by a person looking to make a quick buck (and was for some [frequently changing] reason allowed to buy tickets before the public sale), and said tickets are now thousands of dollars over the original price! And it gets even better! These resellers are never gonna get punished for this or forced to lower their prices because TicketMaster got the money that they wanted and never cared! And if you try to complain or say anything negative? Surprise! You’re going to be ignored, and nothing will happen. Again. Horrible app. Horrible website. Horrible company. If you have the opportunity to buy tickets literally anywhere else, DO SO and save your money and mental state.

- Monopolizing Costs with Treachery

I downloaded this app, just briefly, the day before I would need it to purchase tickets for a major, very popular, music event. I attempted to login to my account on my PC separately the next day in order to update my payment information before the queue would open but conveniently could not because they were having ‘technical difficulties’ and many others online were also complaining of being unable to log into their accounts. So, I was unable to streamline my future purchasing process but that was shown to be irrelevant as I will reveal thusly. Later, after waiting in queue for a half hour the tickets that were shown as available could not be purchased when selected. Later that day, many more tickets were available but only about a third of them were listed as a ‘verified’ reselling of the ticket but the rest didn’t say they weren’t new, while all the tickets were 3-4 times the price of the original. At the same time the band appeared to believe that all the tickets were sold out to all their events and had set the prices for their own event to be between $59-$200. So, in conclusion Ticketmaster is a scam making millions off of the deception of their hosts and customers.

- Do NOT use app for popular events!!

Let me save you all from getting screwed out of those hard-to-get tickets at initial sale time: DO NOT USE THE APP!! Let me explain what will happen to you using my own experience. One hour before the start of the sale, the app put me in a virtual “queue.” When the sale started, it showed me where I was at in line, real-time. I was “2000+” behind which I learned the hard way is the maximum the app will display. As you wait it will give you minute by minute updates of how all of the good seats are selling out while your place in line continues to be “2000+.” I thought I should wait because every time I called the number it was busy. Finally, after 39 minutes and all the good seats were sold, I was still 2000+ in line and it looked like it would be at least another hour before I get to the front of the queue. In desperation, I called and the line was no longer busy! I was able to cut in front of everyone in the queue with that call and purchase the tickets. Word to the wise - do not use this app if they put you in a queue longer than 50 people. It’s a total joke and you’re better off just trying to call. By the way, as I write this I am still in the queue. Horrible experience. I’ll try to enjoy my mediocre tickets.

- App doesn’t work

Tried to purchase some tickets to see dead and co at citi field. As I’ve done for the past 5 years, I was 15 minutes early to presale and waited in queue to get my tickets. Here I am up next and I choose General Admission, which I also get each year, and put in my card info and click buy. A few minutes go by and it says “application error” so I use Apple Pay and it says “payment confirmed. Please sit tight while we get your verified tickets”. I’m waiting, and waiting, a few minutes go by and I’m still waiting. Meanwhile, the timer to buy my tickets keeps on ticking. I keep waiting and next thing I know the timer runs out. “Your window to purchase tickets has expired and your tickets have been released”... I try again to get the tickets. I get back in queue and it says “it’s your turn! Redirecting you to seat map” and that’s all it does. Contacting Ticketmaster is simply not possible so they couldn’t help me. I had to go to another device to get the tickets and by time I got to the device the only General Admission tickets left were VIP packages that cost double the price. Now I’m stuck way in the back even though I was 15 minutes early to presale all because Ticketmaster’s app doesn’t work

- Ticketmaster SCAM PLEASE READ

Tickets for any concert are all worth EXACTLY the same. But because of “popularity” ticket prices fluctuates. Ticketmaster likes to use this to advantage to scam more than what it’s worth on everyone buying tickets. The concert I was going to had seats ranging from $50-$300 nosebleeds to floor seats. But because tickets were not selling as quickly in a timely manner as TM has hoped. They dropped all seat prices to $20, equalizing nosebleeds, mid seats, and floor seats to “$20”. I already purchased two tickets days before for $50 ea. Not including tax and service fees. I’m paying $150 for crappy seats. When floor seats are now ONLY $20!!! I can’t even get the difference in money back because of their “agree to no refund” BS policy. Everyone going now gets the pay only $20 for ANY seats now. I paid 7x the price that people are getting for a fraction of what it was originally sold for. Ticketmaster monopolized and control ticket prices whenever they want and I think someone needs to stand up against this giant business because they are seizing money and making up “agreements” to trap everyone into paying their outrageous prices. I’ll be writing to the Better Business Bureau BBB and contacting my credit card to dispute this problem. Ticketmaster is trash 🗑

- Convenient app (when it works) but the fees are outrageous

Unfortunately sometimes/often TM is the only option, so the frustrations with the app don’t really matter in most cases. When it works, it’s super convenient to have the tickets on your phone, but I’ve had the app crash on me several times at events which leaves me scrambling to get my ticket somehow pulled up (sometimes switching to the browser site works) which is stressful when you’re stuck outside of your section for restroom breaks or concessions runs. We’ve had issues transferring tickets to others via the app too so whoever bought them is sometimes stuck running out with anyone else in the group who needs a break or lending them their phone. They also jack up the fees on the tickets so that they’re often 25% of the total cost—I understand that they deserve a cut for handling the transactions, but I hate that a 1/4 of what I pay goes to them instead of the artist or the crews doing the actual work to make the show happen. It is what it is, though. Can’t say other ticket apps are much better.

- Ticketmaster is pretty much a scam

I almost never write reviews but felt i have to because I always thought ticketmaster was the most reputable place to purchase tickets. I was wrong. Spent nearly $5,000 on concert tickets a month ago on ticket master and have no idea where they are it says they would be mailed between 10-14 business days of purchase. But my concert is in 9 days and i have 0 information on where my tickets are. Their only customer service option is email and live chat, live chat is entirely broken and will not connect you and email takes multiple days-weeks to get a response if youre lucky. I emailed once the timeframe of 10-14 business days passed and i hadnt recieved a shipped notification let alone the tickets and All i was told is we do not handel shipping or printing of tickets if they do not arrive within 48 hours of your event please change delivery method to will call. But how the heck can i trust a company that cant deliver tickets in a month and a half or respond to an email inquiry in less than a week to make proper arrangements in less than 48 hours. i will definitely be using stubhub for all of my future events and i encourage you to do the same

- It’s a scam w/ a side of atrocious customer service

0/10 would not recommend to anyone. I bought tickets to see my favorite band at Red Rocks back in February 2020. Got an email saying I didn’t have to do anything. My tickets would get delivered to me when the show got closer. Waited patiently til the show was merely 1 weeks away. Still no tickets. After my anxiety about having my tickets kept building and building, I wanted to talk with someone from Ticketmaster but it’s like detective work just trying to get in touch with them. They have no phone number, no live chat, and nonexistent management of their email support. I even reached to their support account on Twitter and even that didn’t work. If you google this problem you will see tons and tons of people sharing their awful experience with this company and how they failed to provide them with refunds, tickets etc. NEVER buying from them again. Horrible customer service. Even the box office at the venue told me I had been scammed when I arrived on the day of the show. I had to buy reseller tickets for over twice the cost from the parking lot of the event because my tickets from Ticketmaster never arrived.

- Terrible customer service. Awful app and website

Had bought one ticket for me to go to an event on the 12th of sept, only to have a change of plans and try finding away to get my money back. Was told to call the event center and received no help there I then reached out to Ticketmaster themselves and I’ve had one of the worst Customer Service experiences I’ve had in a long time. It’s infuriating, not only did they gave me typical and already tried troubleshooting suggestions they basically started to ignore me or did no longer reach out again to see if I needed further help. I have reached out many times recently again and again, and have not heard back from them. I then found out how to resell tickets and I’ve tried doing it in the app and on the website only to have no luck and nothing but errors occur every time I would try to list my ticket. On both the app and website it will not accept my bank credentials,cards (debit and credit) nothing. I’m basically stuck using another site hoping that somebody buys my ticket or I’m going to be out $110. Ticket cost 60 + 20 in fees. Said screw it lets make it 110 and got a souvenir ticket. Ridiculous.

- Waiting in a virtual line for nothing

Having a line for all of the traffic is great but why show tickets available only to then say they have already been sold to another fan. It’s disheartening after two days this week of trying to buy tickets and even longer today to have spent a half hour trying to purchase tickets that were probably never available to begin with and end up just buying lawn tickets in the end because that’s all that is left by the time you’re done clicking all of the facade options. Just say they aren’t available from the beginning and I think people will be less upset. Having signed on both days right at 10: Am to finish at 10:30 to only end up with GA because I feel like the time was just wasted clicking seats that were never available anyway is really annoying and kind of bait and switch.

- Irritating experience

The Ticketmaster site would not allow me to purchase my tickets using my home PC, even though I was logged into my Ticketmaster account. It kept giving me an error message telling me to purchase from a laptop or mobile device. The problem I have with ordering from my phone is that the mobile application does not allow you to select the specific seat location that you want. You have to take the 4 seats (or however many you are searching for) that the system finds for you. I was wanting our seats to start on an aisle and even though the website showed the aisle seat was available, the mobile system would only give me 4 seats beginning from inside & working out toward the aisle. So lame! I understand why they want to sell the tickets in that manner, but why not put the needs of your customers first & allow the customer to dictate what seats they buy? What is the point of leaving one aisle seat open? Don’t drive people to your mobile app, where the customer has less functionality (unable to choose seats).

- No way the service is 4.7 star worthy

I have dealt with Ticketmaster for years...it’s hard not to if you want to attend most events. This is my first and last app purchase. Monday I purchased tickets with insurance that wouldn’t store in my wallet. Okay np. I checked the app for confirmation; no record I bought tickets. Checked my bank account, funds immediately withdrawn. Emailed. No answer. Emailed insurance company who at least responded but still haven’t received any email acknowledging my purchase. 5 days later, still confirmation of purchased tickets. Still no response to my now 2nd email. Also, my tickets, my Exact Seats are still for sale?!?! So my money has been taken and the only proof provided are my screenshots and bank statement. Nice job. My fear is heading to the event with screenshots of tickets to be told it’s no go then Ticketmaster further declining to help because it’s past the event time to cancel. I should’ve sprung for the extra money to print or have the tickets mailed or maybe, just maybe a multi billion dollar company shouldn’t be shaking me down. Bad enough the cost increased by $60 after the “fees”. Don’t. Just don’t. Or, spring for the actual paper tickets like in the old day. #madaf

- eras tour

this was the worst experience of my entire life. website kept crashing and the queue kept getting “paused” but somehow every scalper or reseller got tickets. they didn’t plan it right at all. they sent out millions of codes for presale but they were surprised when they showed up. they aren’t doing anything to fix it and all they did was turn off/limit commenting because of all the people unhappy with this company. there is no reason it should be this hard. I understand Taylor swift is high demand but that is EXACTLY the reason they should have prepared better for this. I was a verified fan and cardholder but somehow didn’t get tickets for either. I’m trying to get tickets at the end of this week and if I can’t there is nothing I can do. im just really disappointed with ticketmaster and how poorly they did their job. trust me when I say I hope everyone gives this app a 1 star. I hope you get your crap together and become a good business for once. I hope everyone gets a fair shot at tickets next time and if not I will stop buying tickets through you completely. thank you for the horrible experience.

- Purchased tickets...NO SEATS upon arrival!

Last night Valentines Day at the Bocelli concert there was no seats nor even a row for the “floor” tickets I had purchased from Ticketmaster. I was sold 2 floor tickets by Ticketmaster and these were part of a wedding proposal. They included VIP lounge. When we arrived to the venue there was no Row 19 and we were told we would have to sit off the floor in a corner seat and that they could not guarantee we would sit together. This led to a very difficult situation and the romantic experience for the night was ruined. We never did get our seats. This is highly unethical and something must be done. Amalie Arena should also take some responsibility in this as they were to set the seating. We saw that duplicate seating had been set up for lower numbered rows and ours eliminated. The show was oversold at our expense. We expect compensation as this was obviously not a mistake. You charge more for floor tickets and this is the service you give your clients. It was certainly not the Valentines evening linked to proposal that I envisioned. It will be interesting to see if Ticketmaster provides a refund for this debacle? Buyer beware when ordering floor tickets.

- Bad customer service

I made sure to check and see that my tickets were printable before I bought them because they were a gift for my parents. After I bought them it said digital only. I emailed customer service and explained the situation, they responded that I would get a email with a PDF within 48 hours. A week passes no email. I contact them again and am informed that the tickets would actually be mailed to me, expected within 10-14 business days. I wait 4 weeks and no tickets arrive. Contact them again and they tell me my tickets are actually printable not being mailed. I go to my account to print them and it says they are still being mailed. I contact them a fourth time about this. Their response is a generic email that my tickets are digital only. I explain the situation the same as I did the first time, even though this was now my FIFTH time contacting them. Their response was the EXACT same generic email that my tickets were digital only as the previous email. So hopefully I can find some way to make sure my parents get in the venue! Will not be ordering through Ticketmaster ever again.

- No help given

The app is good for the website. My review is about Ticketmaster themselves. I’ve never had an issue with the company until now. I bought tickets months ago and now that it’s about that time for the event they are NO WHEREA to be found. I have all the details about it (thank god for screenshots) and I was billed for it. But I do not have any sort of actual ticket. I have been trying to two days now to get a hold of someone for this. I have found one found number to call them which is not even on their website at all, I found it from an old email. But that brings you directly to an automated voice machine telling you to go online. But the only way they want to do to things to go to your orders and then email them which is great unless ITS NOT THERE!!!! I will never use this company again for anything since it has been more than difficult just to get a hold of an actual human being to get a hold of my tickets which were over $500 and I paid for insurance on them. I will also tell every single person I know this story and tell them why they shouldn’t use this company.

- 0007 error

Not only did I loose my sc tickets because my card was declined since my back blocked my purchase. But they failed to keep the tickets in the cart and allow me to purchase again with a different method. Then after that chaos every seat I picked was either already purchase or had an error. I spent 40 minutes clicking all over the map and nothing was available. Looks like Ticket master was filtering out seats as people were buying and their system didn’t filter them out quick enough so they would show as available when they really weren’t. Their whole system went down for a few hours no one could buy anything. They also filtered out sound check that was supposed to be available to a certain presale. And failed to clarify the limits wether they applied only to the presales or to the whole concert. Also season ticket holders got a hold of the sound check tickets which they will try to resale for thousands of dollars. When fans truly just want to see the loves of their life. I hope eventually a better system a petter company overtakes this massive scam of a system.

- They’re gonna steal your money

Before you’re gonna purchase anything from Ticketmaster, read my story FIRST. I’ve purchased tickets for Jim Jefferies like a Christmas gift and was really excited about it. I trusted Ticketmaster so what can go wrong, I’ve purchased before, but there wasn’t any problem before of course. Since the Covid started they cancelled more than half of their events, which is totally understandable. What’s not is that they WONT give you your money back! My tickets was for almost 300$ and with everything what was going on, business went down and I really needed my money back. When I was texting them, their customer service was the worst I’ve ever experienced. They told me that I didn’t purchase tickets through them even tho I obviously did! I’ve purchased numerous tickets before even was selling them myself. I even sent them screenshots and they told me they didn’t get any. So they basically stole 300 from twenty year old girl who was unemployed and in a really bad life situation. I’m very disappointed and sad that some business like this still working and earning money on people like me..maybe some day it can be you too.

- Great ticket app!

Ticketmaster has been my go-to place to get tickets since my first concert seeing Peter Frampton at 12 yrs old. The app is well organized, user friendly, has interactive seating charts, and each ticket shown on screen will have “standard ticket”, “verified resale”, “platinum”, “VIP Package”, “4-pack deal”. You can choose to add on parking for platinum seats and insurance. The insurance came in handy with The Eagles when I left my tickets at home and the venue happily reissued them before the show. Without it, I would’ve driven home and back in 2 hrs and miss half of the show. Now I get electronic tickets!! I just purchased tix for The Who (4th row!!) for Monday’s show in DC and it took 60 seconds after I identified where I wanted to sit by clicking on the section & choosing the set of seats. I love finding last minute ticket deals on Ticketmaster!

- Ticketmaster screws me again

I am a huge concert goer. I hate that I have to use TM for everything but no other options if I wanna go to shows. Got screwed this morning on the most frustrating ticket buying experience EVER for one of my favorite bands. One browser wouldn’t let me buy tickets - says to use another browser or app. Log into other browsers and app, they say can’t get in queue bc I’m still in queue in another browser and to return to that browser. Finally figure out to log out of original browser, and log into the app. Find some decent tickets 15 minutes into the sale (fans know that every minute is precious and I’m stressing out here). Won’t let me buy the tickets. Enter my card number over and over again. No error message, no anything - just says “please wait while processing”, then refreshes back to the card entry screen. Lost those tickets ultimately. I was finally able to buy some tickets 15 rows further back and just completed my transaction. This is 40 minutes into the process with lots of frustrated tears and yelling at my screen and now I just feel angry and unsatisfied. Thanks for nothing TM. 😡

- Unable to use my tickets due to website error

I buy two tickets for $120 but the day of the show I find out I’m unable to attend due to covid exposure so I list them for sale on Ticketmaster. An hour or two goes by and they don’t sell so I try to edit my listing to lower the price, I receive an error that says unable to edit listing. I try to cancel my listing but it says unable to cancel. I tried two different computers, different network, same error. I called Ticketmaster but get a recording saying their call center is closed, the recording gives their open times which informed me that they should have been open for another 4 hours. After multiple attempts to edit my listing, trying again hours later, and still receiving the errors, my tickets were left unusable because they were stuck as being for sale. I couldn’t even use them myself if I was able to attend because I couldn’t pull up the barcode or anything, they were stuck there, they just went to waste. Ticketmaster PLEASE fix this issue so others don’t loose their money like I did!

- Worst Experience Ever

Paid 1500 for two tickets for an NBA Finals game. Cannot login to TM to retrieve my tickets. Tried to call customer support but they are not taking calls. The automated message suggests a live chat. In order to chat you must select the tickets you want to chat about but the problem is that the tickets I want to chat about are not showing up in my account so I cannot chat with them. I tried to email them but got a response saying to wait 48-72 hrs for a response. They say if the event is happening tonight we suggest you use the chat feature but as mentioned above U can only use the chat feature if u can access your tickets. When I tried to call them, I used 6 different numbers I found. None of those numbers had a human on the other end. The message said to “try our chat feature”. As big a monopoly as this company is you would think you could talk to a real person——no, you cannot. It is best to buy directly from the event. TM charges about 15% thru fees. Just the most horrible service I have ever run across from such a well-known company.

- Generally good, not for parking or special services.

Ticketmaster is great for the shows at local & smaller venues, & tickets are immediately sent to your email (for “go mobile” electronic tkts.) It stores your info so additional input is not required. The problem is, for larger, popular concerts, the app is waiting, waiting, “due to volume.” Many times, I’ve selected tickets, & proceeded to Payment, while waiting for the system to secure my tickets, after minutes, there’s an Error message & no luck. In addition, if prepaid parking is selected, concert tickets must be mailed along w/ parking pass (but this is NOT apparent,) the system just Will not Process your order. This also happened when I thought I purchased meet & greet tickets, waiting, waitinf, after 2 error messages, available tickets went from row C, to row V, so I saved $$ & bypassed the meet & greet, paid less & got front row tkts. I’ve also had the say that tkts were not available, I released tkts purchased new tkts, & ended up getting charged for both sets of tkts.

- Kicked from q once and the cart twice

I waited in the lobby for an hour before the presale, and it loaded into the que the first time. That was the only positive part of the experience. When the Que finally gets to the front of 2000+ I get an error Message and it reloaded back to the frickn beginning with 2000+ line again. I finally make it into the area to buy tickets it constantly errors out the tickets selections. The errors were hard to remove from the basket quickly, and I watched seats disappear as I struggled to clear my cart. I finally select tickets that don’t error out on the main screen, and then it errors out once I am in the basket after I select the payment method. I get terrified that this error will send me back to the end of the line again. After several buttons pushed I finally made back into the ticket selection. This happened again for the second time. The site had ten days from the announcement of the concert to prepare. They also had whatever time they had from when they got the contracts for this event to prepare as well.

- Lack of transparency frustrating

I think it goes without saying that when someone wants to buy something, they want to know the price of what they’re purchasing. As Ticketmaster has evolved their platform to keep up with the likes of StubHub and seat geek, hidden fees and the required analysis to understand the actual price when searching across sites has gotten increasingly cumbersome. Why does it have to take three clicks to be able to see the actual price I’m paying? Especially when the fees vary for verified resale and standard tickets, as a consumer youre left guessing what the price is until you reach the third or fourth screen in the process. It just makes it really difficult to compare prices, and it makes it that much harder to understand what you’re really paying per ticket. While Ticketmaster is clearly relevant as a gatekeeper to many of the events we all love and want to attend, and provides valuable service, I wish they would operate in a way that was more truthful and transparent.

- Awful experience, terrible customer service.

I purchased four tickets to an event for family and friends, and unfortunately two of them were unable to make it. “No problem, I’ll just sell them,” I thought. Enter Ticketmaster. After literally dozens of attempts to verify my account through email, I was continually met with “There was an unexpected error while processing your request. To continue, please try again.” And again. And again. And again. After days of this, I decided to call them. Of course, they’re “so glad we’re interested in seeing live events but are currently overwhelmed by the amount of callers,” which is strange because I was sent directly to voicemail with zero option to even be put on hold. Next, I tried the customer support page. After clicking link after link after link and navigating the maze that is FAQ, I was FINALLY able to contact customer support about my issue, only to be met days later with “Unfortunately we are not able to verify your account on your end, please try to clear your browsers history and cookies to try again.” Of course, this didn’t work, so now I’m down over $300 that I cannot afford to lose as I am a college student soon to be married, and every penny counts—these tickets were bought with the expectation of full reimbursement from family and friends, or the option to sell to strangers. Oh, I almost forgot the $200 in “fees” for four tickets. Don’t buy from this place. They do not care for their customers at all.


How is this even legal? Hands down the worst customer support/service I’ve ever dealt with. It’s not even existent. Bought 2 tickets priced on their website for 50 dollars a piece and somehow ended up paying 500 dollars. Then when I tried to accept the tickets through the email they send, the website viewed me as a bot and refused to let me do anything. I can’t even open the Ticketmaster page, I can’t do anything on the app, I can’t even use it on other computers. The cutesy messages they put in the wording also really add a mocking tone calling you a possible “evil bot grrr”. Would you like to call them? The phone number for their customer support takes you to a busy dial that hangs up after a few seconds and on the off chance it actually rings, it’ll ring for a few minutes and then someone answer just to immediately hang up. Want to use the live chat? Can’t do that because you need to log in to do that but that’s impossible when you can’t get past the home page. How is this legal? This is an absolute joke

- Captcha

I tried multiple times to buy my tickets through the Ticketmaster website using my home computer but every time I got the “pardon the interruption - adding captcha” notice and it NEVER WENT AWAY. I left my computer running for over an hour and it never loaded. Why are your systems so inept? For the service fees charged - your software system should be able to load the “captcha” software within seconds. Such a huge hassle to your customers who are trying to purchase tickets. I was only trying to purchase two tickets - not buying a large quantity for potential resale market. Again - a huge hassle to deal with your website. And - no customer service number to call and speak with a human about it. The only number shown is if you have an existing order - which I don’t have because of the captcha message.

- Lost good seats !!!

Signed into the app to purchase Kraftwerk tickets early for Amex cardholders. My Amex card info was already in the system but when I went to purchase tickets only visa and MasterCard showed up in the drop down menu. Every time I entered the Amex info it would not accept it. I tried six times to enter visa info including address info only to have the page reset to blank fields. The timer would run out and I would have to go back in to the ticket page. I was already signed in since the night before and checked and saw my name in my account. I had to make an inquiry into my account which brought up a webpage asking me to sign in, which i then did. After this I re-entered the app to try to purchase tickets and found I lost out on the seats I originally wanted. Only seats available were on the next mezzanine up. Selected some seats and look....Amex is now in the credit card drop down !!! I am so upset I want to smash my iPad into the wall !! Ridiculous to have to sign in twice, especially without any instruction to do so. Poorly constructed app, terrible service !


I signed up for fan verified presale, got in line 10 minutes before the on sale time, got in the q and it still took 42 minutes to get tickets. Every time I would select tickets the system would tell me another fan got them and then the system would offer me different seats. If I selected buy, I got this endless blue circle and then a pardon us a system error occurred message. This same situation occurred the last 3 times I went to buy tickets. When I purchased Elton John tickets the system told me an error occurred and my seats were released when in fact I was charged for them. I love going to see shows and Ticketmaster keeps installing new procedures to protect fans but it’s not working. I only purchase through Ticketmaster when I feel like I have to. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a good experience with TM.

- An experience my cousin had

Basically, my cousin was buying Taylor Swift tickets for me, her, my brother, and her friend, and she did it from this platform. She got presale, and she reached to a point in which she was sixth in line to buy tickets, when it kicked her out. When she got back in line, and was about to buy tickets, she didn’t have the money on her and the stupid site kicked her out again, and by the time my dad convinced her dad to let her buy the tickets, there were no seats left when she was at the front. Apparently other people have been having this issue as well, so it seems as if Ticketmaster painfully underestimated its server capacity and how many people would show up. This happened to a PRESALE person, so Ticketmaster REALLY needed to be less stupid when giving out tickets. But sure, let the bots and the resellers get the best seats, but not my poor cousin, who spent her entire freaking (for the lack of a better word) school day on this stupid website? And yes, I downloaded this app just to review bomb it, is that a problem mods?

- Couldn’t Log in To my Account Therefore Couldn’t Buy Tickets

I don’t usually write reviews but as I’m sitting here after about 50 different tries to reset my password for Ticketmaster (WHICH I NEVER EVEN KNEW I SIGNED UP FOR). I can’t buy Olivia Rodrigo tickets now. I have done absolutely everything for the past two days trying to reset my password so I could buy tickets since I have to use the “verified” email I signed up to get notified about Olivia Rodrigo tickets for. I NEVER received a reset email and I requested them over 20 times. I can’t find a way to contact Ticketmaster so that’s out of the question. I have done everything from making a new account with my business email and tried changing it to my personal which was what I signed up for the ticket updates with. I feel like it’s rigged. I have done everything I can for two days! I have never bought concert tickets in my life and the one time I tried Ticketmaster was my problem. Wish I could rate this zero stars. I have never been so disappointed in an app.

- Did not get my order

We tried to order through the app which we have done many times. I accidentally input the incorrect expiration date for my debit card.... twice and it was declined twice. I get a call within moments from “Ticketmaster Help Line”. She “helped me” I put my information correctly and completed my order. The operator stated the rockers tickets would show in my app and I would get a confirmation email. We never for either. Tried to call the same number they are not taking any person to person calls. I went through all the channels to try and repost my issue - it kept telling me to reference my order in the app and click on chat. If the order never shows in your app how can you do that? So then I did the ole fill out the “complaint” form and they will contact me back. The respondents email states it could take up to 48 hours for them to make contact. Our event is in 4 hours ..... the money is still pending out of my account with no tickets and no way to contact anyone. I feel scammed HELP

- Ticket Master Review

It’s a pleasure working with Ticketmaster. One of the main reasons I appreciate Ticketmaster is that you can order your tickets in advance month prior to the scheduled events. Now on the other hand, I feel as though you shouldn’t have to get approved of the buy now pay later option. If you have a debit card, credit card or a checking account with the correct amount of funds in the account to cover the cost of the buy now pay later option then there shouldn’t be a problem. That is one thing I think should be reviewed by corporate because you can loose a lot of customers by limiting this option. Again Ticketmaster is a great option for purchasing tickets for concerts but they do have a few things they need to work on like the buy now pay later option.

- Annoyance Privacy Security Concerns

Ticketmaster asked my to change my password citing its a good idea to change your passwords every so often so being forced to which I complied, and unfortunately cannot change my password again to an older password which is frustrating and carries ADA legal compliance concerns with Americans with mental/memory limitations. Also I have concerns if my previously provided passwords are being stored somewhere (why remember my old ones?). Furthermore, the website, app, service requires a phone number prior to purchasing tickets and I am definitely not comfortable providing out my phone number to another organization whom may sell/share my personal information with other “partners” that may ultimately add to my spam/texts. Lastly, what if I didn’t have a phone number, does that mean I’m barred from all TicketMaster events? I don’t understand why this is all necessary to use their service and for that I guess I’ll have to find other means to attend these events, which tbh is ridiculous.

- No Customer Service Number

They refuse to pay people for phone call support obviously. This makes getting in touch with support so much harder because you have to wait hours before someone contacts you. God forbid someone get into an accident and need a refund, because then you’ll have to have bought the ticket insurance and then prove to them that you’ve been hurt. Only then are you given a refund. I hope no boomer uses this app because they certainly will not understand the terms and conditions for which they’ve signed up for. The amount of profit they make from up-selling tickets should be enough to pay for at least 100 people to answer calls for questions. If their automatic system was actually good, this wouldn’t be a problem.

- Worst App ever!

I bought 4 tickets months ago. I had opted for digital tickets. The day before the event, life happened, and we were not going to be able to go with the other couple. No, my friends did want to get the app for a “transfer.” I told them I’d see if I could print the tickets. I searched the app, and the notes looked fairly straight forward. WRONG!!! I had to hunt for each button, then it took me to a page with no buttons. NO BACK, NO NEXT, NOTHING! I had to start all over. When I finally got to the page (after 3 attempts) with the tickets, there was no “print” button. I tried to find it, and guess what, I had to start all over again - hunting for the right buttons, 4th attempt! After 45 minutes or so, I found the tickets again. This time I took a screen shot of each ticket. One of the instructions on the ticket said you must present the entire page. I printed them and now I am hoping our friends are able to enter the theater with these tickets. In the future, I will go directly to the box office, if possible, not Ticketmaster.

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- Additional fees

$16.75 “service fees” Then extra “additional fee” $6. Ish. What’s with all the extra fees?

- Extra fees

The extra fees are ridiculous.

- Un peu de simplicité, SVP!

Trop d’étapes. Courriel de rappel de mot de passe qui se fait attendre. Mauvaise expérience générale.

- Ridiculous fees

15$ fee per ticket, insane


Your fees are ludicrous

- Why No Refunds?

I don’t get it. All concerts are cancelled because of covid but you don’t give me a refund option? That’s just money sitting there. You guys also mentioned back than if a concert got postponed we’d get an option of a refund. Scam much? Nice joke.

- Applepay

Still no Apple Pay available as a payment method, other event ticket apps have ApplePay but for whatever reason you don’t provide. Plus, if you want add tickets to Apple's wallet you have to go to ticketmasters mobile website to add it to Apple wallet. So zero stars

- It keeps making me sign in

Every time I want to use the app, it makes me sign in again. This never used to be a problem and is very annoying. With the high demand of certain tickets for certain events, this could be the difference of getting the tickets you want vs not.

- Insurance

You offer insurance but don’t give price before you pay. I didn’t get insurance because of this and will expect you to still honour my tickets.

- No customer service

No customer service anymore - phone lines are shut down, chat is busy, and emails go unanswered. Avoid at all costs

- Terrible

Give me my refund

- Terrible service

Changes refund policy to ensure they don’t have to refund anyone after a pandemic and the event is cancelled. Nice job. No more sales for you.

- Selfish company

This company quietly removed the option of ticket refunds for postponed shows during the corona virus pandemic. Completely irresponsible and selfish.

- Getting my money back

Global pandemic is here, not a big deal if a concert is cancelled. But I paid to see a concert live and if I don't get that then I want my money back

- App is terrible

Trying to get tickets has been a nightmare, app is glitchy and unreliable. This “que” garbage just makes things that much worse.

- Hot garbage

You are hot garbage.

- Your system sucks

It kept gicving errors and now I’m in the nose bleeds

- Great site, too many bots

Is there any way you dudes could please reduce the number of vendors trying to buy and sell tickets so that fans (especially in the ever expensive Toronto) can SOMEWHAT afford tickets to their favourite artists?

- Terrible , faulty system



STOP with all the updates already!!! Every week....sometimes multiple times in the same week!!! Give me a break already or I’ll have no choice but to delete the app!!!

- Scammers

They own Stubhub and unload the best tickets first to be resold at higher profit margins.

- Corrupt

Massive fees, proven scalping and scamming of customers with no recourse on top of a complete unregulated monopoly of the system. Booo.

- Love the ease but dislike the high fees

Great app but the fees are too much considering it’s all electronic

- Ticket protector scam

When I checked out the system asked me if a I wanted my tickets protected. It did not tell me that I would be billed an additional $8 per ticket for this service or even what the service was. The button was preselected and I did not even think twice about continuing with e purchase. I really feel like TicketMaster ripped me off. This is a real scam they have going. Beware of the Ticket Protection Scam on Ticket Master

- Easy and convenient

Easy to use!!!

- App great but hidden charges...

App works just fine. Frustration around the service fee and “facility” fee. No idea what these are. Ticketmaster - just give us whole price and stop giving me checkout shock.

- Service fee too high


- Kids pricing

When putting in a promo code it automatically gives you the price for kids seats. Then charges you a $15.00 service fee per ticket.

- Very nice

I love buying tickets off the map. Great feature.

- A monopoly with contempt for its customers

Ticketmaster is a scam that held billions of dollars of customers who had purchased tickets for over 18000 events, that were cancelled due to Covid. They then rewrote their contracts to include a “pandemic” clause to continue to hold people’s money in perpetuity as long as the event was postponed and not cancelled. They are the only corporation who openly tried to take advantage of the pain and suffering of people in a unbelievably trying time for many. Only after an epic backlash online, did they agree to offer refunds to these people, but still only if you asked and never did they offer without a request. I will no longer purchase tickets through these people or this app.

- Service charges and scalping

This company is criminal and ticketmaster should be charged for the crap they pull with tickets. It’s gross. Professional scalping

- Not working anymore

When i want to open the app it tells me there's an update and there's none.

- concert tickets

Using the app is fast and convenient.

- Ticket master sucks

Made an error on my ticket purchase and ticket master won’t help me correct it.

- No phone contact for problems

I’m very happy to use an app for purchases but there still needs to be phone contact support. I’m trying to book tickets and the app is giving me an error code U201. I spoke with my credit card provider (who does have customer support) and they spent 30 minutes verifying that it is not an issue with my credit card. The Ticket Master app does not have a frequently asked question that fits this problem. I finally managed to send a message through the accessibility question and maybe a real person will get back to me in 12-24 hours? I am a frequent customer so I do know how to use the app.

- App great, fees terrible

App should have an option to include fees. $16 fee plus another $5 fee for a $95 ticket. Rip off!!!

- No way to sell an extra ticket

Bought 6 tickets but two of our party were not able to join the event. I new this 2 weeks before the event and tried to sell the extra tickets for an attractive price to save some money. Proved to be impossible as ticketmaster won’t allow you to sell for the price that is lower than your purchase price, so you just end up just loosing your money for unused tickets

- Friendly app

Easy to use and set up payments

- I hate Ticketmaster

I would do anything to stop using Ticketmaster to buy concert tickets. I would go back to lining up in person if I had to. If you are trying to get tickets to a show for an internationally touring artist with any kind of demand, it will be a brutal, exploitive, depressing, stressful experience to get tickets. Inflated service fees (for what? Where is the service?), site crashes, dynamic pricing and allowing ticket reselling for over the face value of the ticket has turned ticket buying into an online war between actual fans and scalpers/bots. And Ticketmaster/Live Nation encourage it because they get paid regardless of who buys the tickets (and get paid more with dynamic pricing if they can drive demand up), and if the ticket is resold through their platform - they get paid again. The whole experience leaves you feeling used and abused.

- #ticketmasterisoverparty

Screw this company. You’re SCAMMERS. y’all are gonna get what’s coming to you

- Watch out

I selected two tickets for evanescence in Montreal in March Long story short I got one ticket and yet after setting the filter to two tickets Every statement was plural ie got ‘‘em as in got them Only after the sale was complete and I checked my email did I realize that I had only purchased one ticket This is a Christmas present for my daughter and her girlfriend NOW WHAT can’t call them they don’t post a phone number WHAT A JOKE First time user blues


Over $60 in “service fees”… Gee wiz! Thanks for letting me pay wait in line for 5 hours whilst your website crashed for 3 hours and then pay through the nose for nosebleed seats because of your “dynamic pricing”! Some people paid just $150 for floor seats whereas I had to pay $120 for nosebleeds! Ticketmaster SUCKS!

- Can’t add ticket to wallet and cannot sign in

Worst app I’ve ever used.

- Incompetent

Really the title says it all. The incompetence of ticketmaster with today’s sale was probably the biggest screw up by any company ever. I had the presale code. I had my payment ready to go. I woke up and got into the waiting room at the time it said too. Then it got postponed then every time I got tickets in my cart it told me someone else already bought them. I’m so disgusted by how this was handled today.

- Taylor Swift

Multiple time Laina being kicked out of a waist list! Even after getting a code. Barely anything avaibke

- Banner ads in app after adding fees to all tickets

That's some real funny stuff ticketmaster!

- Easy

So easy! But I miss paper tickets! Real ticket stubs! Try to bring them back with the App.

- Robbery on the fees!

Come on, almost $30.00 in fees! This was for my daughters bday otherwise I wouldn’t book through ticketmaster - do the right thing and reimburse me for the fees

- App

Easy to use

- No service

No service , I juste paid 304$ for 2 tickets for an event for Saturday . Never receive my ticket , I can’t go into my account because it’s inexistant ??? But they take the money on my credit card . I can’t call no where . Seriously y’all better give back my money or my ticket . Really bad

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Ticketmaster-Buy, Sell Tickets iphone images
Ticketmaster-Buy, Sell Tickets iphone images
Ticketmaster-Buy, Sell Tickets iphone images
Ticketmaster-Buy, Sell Tickets iphone images
Ticketmaster-Buy, Sell Tickets iphone images
Ticketmaster-Buy, Sell Tickets iphone images
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Ticketmaster-Buy, Sell Tickets (Version 238.1) Install & Download

The applications Ticketmaster-Buy, Sell Tickets was published in the category Entertainment on 2012-02-23 and was developed by Ticketmaster [Developer ID: 500003568]. This application file size is 65.6 MB. Ticketmaster-Buy, Sell Tickets - Entertainment app posted on 2022-09-18 current version is 238.1 and works well on IOS 14.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.ticketmaster.ios.TicketmasterApp