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Vudu - Movies & TV App Description & Overview

The applications Vudu - Movies & TV was published in the category Entertainment on 2012-01-06 and was developed by VUDU, Inc.. The file size is 103.16 MB. The current version is 7.0 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

• System displayed downloads: See and remove downloaded titles directly from System Storage on your device. Find them at General > iPhone Storage > Vudu
• Closed Caption Display: Closed Caption will now display in your default iOS font. Go to the app settings to customize. Change your settings at General > Accessibility > Subtitles and Captioning
• General bug fixes: We squished some bugs to improve overall performance.

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Happy picture lover

Love it!!  Happy picture lover  5 star

I uploaded it today and I absolutely love it I don’t even remember how I found it now I think I found it because I was searching for a particular movie and it showed that this app had the movie and I thought oh my and then I just loved it and it has a whole bunch of movies on and I’ve been wanting to say wow and I can do this while I am riding my exercise bike, cooking in the kitchen, having lunch out alone or just relaxing in bed. So excited

Robbie Duran

Love it  Robbie Duran  5 star



Movie lover.  TALL T A  5 star

Have enjoyed VUDU for many years. Since Man Of Steel release it has been enjoyable and easy to add titles. Their Free movies also offer some nice viewing, even with some short adds. Have taken advantage of offers about converting dvd to digital. Helps that Walmart has a nice relationship. You buy a movie and it downloads automatically if you have it set up through them.

AOE mom

Sorting options are disappointing  AOE mom  3 star

I love Vudu. We are trying to transfer our movie collection to be on it. I have used vudu through other platforms, and never been disappointed, (it would be nice if you could choose to resume or restart from the main collection instead of just the watch list) we recently bought an Apple TV, the other devices we have used allow us to filter our movie collection by category, or rating,or genre, etc. with our Apple devices this option isn’t there, which is frustrating. We liked being able to filter it so that only the movies rated PG and below are shown, because then our kids can pick from movies that are appropriate for them, since switching to the Apple platform we have to scroll through EVERY thing to find movies and it is hard to give visual aid to their choices because we can only sort alphabetically or by time added, and neither choice lumps them together. If this option was available for the Apple app also I would easily give a 5 star rating


SonicDash  dhhzhshxhxhbdhdb  5 star

I love sonic and he is very fast

Hna Katy

I love this app  Hna Katy  5 star

It let you watch for free

larry jackson halloway

Needs an update  larry jackson halloway  3 star

I like he app overall. The free content is great! However with most apps now utilize the Touch ID to stay logged in. It is very irritating to have to constantly log in over and over again .

Grandma's Mary Game

Mrs Mary Alvarez  Grandma's Mary Game  5 star

I love 💕 this app” they show Great 👍 Movie’s 🎥 🍿 I watch just about every nite. Great Thing I have ever gotten. Thank You Keep up you’ll doing the Greatest App ever!!!!👍👍👍👍👍

Hot tin lizzy

Ok, could be better  Hot tin lizzy  3 star

Good prices and vast selection. We enjoy it a lot. Some improvements would make it a five star app: It really needs the ability to sort your library into smaller libraries for different family members. Right now, if my 10 year old pulls the app up, Bridesmaids, is right there. The parental controls they have are really not thought out for how a family will need and use the app. Also, sometimes a movie I buy “disappears”, and it’s just not in my library. Usually resolves itself over time but frustrating when you want to watch immediately.


Liamsmema  liamsmema  5 star

Love this app. Easy to use!


For the love of movies.  QuinnR777111  5 star

One of the best app and movie service.

W. Turnbaugh

Vudu IS THE BEST!  W. Turnbaugh  5 star

When I first got Vudu I said to myself, “here goes another Netflix”...WRONG! VUDU blows NETFLIX out of the water! There is NO comparison. I immediately cancelled my subscription that I’ve had for 11 years with Netflix and joined the VUDU family. What a GREAT decision.


Full screen zoom in  Jfl188  2 star

Need a way to get upgrade to the newer 4K versions of the movies for free if you purchased Hdx versions of the movies also needs we also need better zooming infeatures for iPad and take take the movies out of the country


Cool app  opm209  5 star

Its cool


Horrible customer service  Bngbngshootshoot  1 star

I recently bought a movie at Walmart and it had a sticker on it saying that with purchase, you can “instantly watch it live on your vudu account”, I was actually excited about this. I got home and scanned my receipt and went to my vudu account on this app and it didn’t show. So I gave it time.. nothing! Then after I waited a day, it still wasn’t there, so I emailed customer service. They replied asking for a picture of the upc, front of the dvd case, back of the dvd case, the receipt, and the sticker. Luckily I still had all these things even though the sticker was on the clear plastic and not the case itself, so I sent all this to them and I got a reply that said “we will not be escalating this to a team that can resolve this”. I assumed it was a typo because I saw an obvious typo in that same email. However it’s now been over a week and I still don’t have this “instant” movie. And I haven’t heard back from them. I even replied asking if they meant “now” or if they really weren’t going to escalate it. Haven’t gotten a reply to that either. This Walmart owned app has just as bad customer service as Walmart has become! AVOID AT ALL COSTS!

sir Ky

VUDU is GREAT  sir Ky  5 star

VUDU gives me to view my favorite movies in High Definition wherever I go. I have gotten rid of my huge collection of discs that I had, I store my movie library online


Money  htx.mea  1 star

Ok so I am 13 and thought this was free no need to pay but u do this is wack

Nelson Sr.

Excellent  Nelson Sr.  5 star

Great app, easy to use


Disappointed  1eight8zero  1 star

This app would be great if AirPlay Mirroring was allowed. It's not easy to watch a full length film on a phone screen.


Ugh  808mamahina  2 star

I LOVE the fact I can put all my movies on a app that allows me to watch them all in the same place. However, I CANNOT purchase anything from them directly which is a pain in my butt. I’ve called and was told someone “higher up” would call me back but still nothing. Super frustrating

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