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Magisto is a Video Maker and Smart Video Editor that creates outstanding videos in minutes perfect for sharing on social media. Grab attention by transforming your photos and video clips into eye catching videos with Magisto’s powerful filmmaker.
Magisto is the best video editor for people on the move and for those who don’t have formal video editing skills. No video clips on your phone? No problem. Magisto smart video maker can help you create a slideshow or video collage that feels like a true video using only photos.
Magisto video app has over 90 million users. Chosen as the #1 video editing app by Consumer Reports in 2017.
***** “Magisto movie maker can help you create a mini movie in just a few minutes.” - PC Magazine
***** "Magisto turns idle video into something share worthy without a painful editing process." - USA Today

◆ How To Be A Video “Superhero”
Magisto’s intelligent video editor is powered by A.I. which makes video editing semi-automatic. Magisto combines video clips, photos, music, text, video effects and video filters to help you tell your video story.

◆ Make Outstanding Videos - 3 Easy Steps
1 - Choose Smart Video Editing Style
Pick a video editing style that fits your needs and the story you want to convey, from birthday videos to video marketing on social media or even video ads.
2 - Choose Video Clips & Photos
Select photos and video clips from your gallery for video editing.
3 - Chose Music For Video
Magisto video maker has a library of commercially licensed songs from rock to cinematic. Or use your personal music collection.

◆ The Smart Video Editor & How It Works
Magisto video maker uses sophisticated A.I. to find the best parts of your footage.. Magisto intelligently applies video editing techniques including stabilization, facial recognition, video filters, video effects, and auto video crop to create eye catching videos that outshine the average slideshow or video collage.

◆ Supercharged Social Sharing In A Tap
Easily share your head turning videos in one tap directly from Magisto to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google+, Twitter, Whatsapp, Vimeo, email, messaging, websites, & blogs.

Magisto is a free video editing service, our Premium & Professional subscriptions offer additional powerful capabilities for even better video storytelling.

Magisto Premium Features:
◦ Create longer movies
◦ Upload 30 photos per movie
◦ Use 25 min of footage
◦ Premium editing styles
◦ Unlimited movie downloads

Magisto Professional Features:
◦ All Premium Features
◦ Unique professional Styles
◦ Commercially licensed music
◦ Add your logo and captions
◦ Edit and reorder scenes
◦ Create longer movies
◦ Use 80 photos per movie
◦ HD movie downloads

Subscription options:
◦ Magisto Premium $6.99 monthly / $29.99 yearly
◦ Magisto Professional $29.99 monthly / $89.99 yearly

The professional features are available via subscription which you can purchase and try for a trial period. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication, where applicable. Purchase of an additional subscription during the trial period will forfeit the remaining portion of said period.

Magisto Premium and Professional add the great features above and are available through an auto-renewing subscription. Subscriptions will be charged to your credit card through your iTunes account. Your subscription will automatically renew unless cancelled at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. You will not be able to cancel a subscription during the active period. Manage your subscriptions in your account.

Magisto uses FFmpeg ( licensed under the LGPLv.2.1 or later (
Privacy Policy:
Terms of Use:

Magisto Video Editor & Maker App Description & Overview

The applications Magisto Video Editor & Maker was published in the category Photo & Video on 2012-01-08 and was developed by Magisto Ltd. The file size is 148.83 MB. The current version is 4.30.0 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

Minor bug fixes and performance enhancements.

We're always open for new ideas and suggestions and would greatly appreciate your constructive feedback; let us know what you think, here on the App Store or via the 'Contact support' link under the app's Settings menu.

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Magisto Video Editor & Maker Reviews


Not enough options  Fipiiiii  2 star

Besides constant ads for upgrading the app, there are no enough options like cutting the part of the song that you wanna put in the video.


AMAZING  nubeeeditor  5 star

I am making a video for my boyfriend containing a ton of pictures from our first year together. I tried iMovie and it was a NIGHTMARE, at least on iPhone. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to find another good editing software. At first glance, I didn’t like how this app seemed to do everything for you, but I went ahead and put the pictures in and put a couple random settings real quick, just to see if it was something I wanted to put more time into. The result was almost exactly what I was looking to make! With just a couple minor tweaks, my finished product will be ready! I am so very impressed and surprised in the best way! The only thing I would change is the fact that you can’t put over 100 pictures in one video, but the rest of this app was so incredible that I will work with that and it will still end up being the best video I’ve ever made! 100% would recommend!

upset g

Trash, $30 a month required.  upset g  1 star

Not worth it. Just go buy a decent editing software for your PC. Don’t get this app.


ZERO CUSTOMER SUPPORT  scar7134  1 star

DO NOT GET THIS APP. I repeat, keep scrolling. I downloaded a week ago to try it out, I didn’t like it. I deleted it AND CANCELLED RENEWED SUBSCRIPTION through settings of Apple store. Yet I still got charged 7 days later. I emailed them, and NO HELP AT ALL. I ignored them and thankfully with the help of APPLE SUPPORT, I got refunded. Only because my bank didn’t approve it yet, or else it would’ve been a bigger longer issue to resolve. All I’m saying is, don’t even bother lol. Who wants to pay 30++ dollars for an app that has the same stuff a 2$ app has.

Hannah M W

SCAM SCAM SCAM  Hannah M W  1 star

Don’t even press download! Once it’s downloaded it’s all over. They charged me $31 after I downloaded it to see if they had a time-lapse, then deleted it. But it was too late. If you download it they inform you that after one month your subscription will start, giving you no other “free” option. Okay, fine. So you go to the in-app button that says cancel my subscription. Well guess what! That button does absolutely nothing and now you think you’ve unsubscribed, and time passes and now your free trial is over and they charge you the $31 that you will in no way shape or form are going to get back. You were supposed to go through ten steps in your settings to unsubscribe you dummy! Anyways I’m $31 dollars out because I downloaded an app for two seconds, deleted it and have never even touched it since. I begged and pleaded and threatened their customer support to no avail. They told me to screw off, it’s their money now. This is a way to trick all who download the app. It’s sickening. It’s evil and shameless. They’ll probably leave a comment saying to contact them. The ONLY way to contact them is through email and they say the same exact thing to everyone so it’s utterly pointless. I let them know that I need each and every dollar for all my bills and to feed my family and they didn’t care. I know it’s a money grab because of two simple facts. When your free trial is over they charge you $31. Most subscriptions to apps are anywhere from $1-$20. As well as the fact that they don’t give anyone at all their money back. Someone who cares about their company would have outstanding customer service. These people do not and only care about getting that $31 from each and everyone. Even if it’s just one time. Like I said, it’s evil and wrong. Shame on you, you’re disgusting.


CHILL  rghebrheisoajevr  5 star

This is pretty CHILL


Good but could be better  littlefox17  5 star

It’s a really good app I would recommend it to people but it’s mostly premium all I’ve been trying to do for several months is to make intro but also here’s a good thing you don’t need to make a intro the app dose it for u but u need premium to have more pictures in the video which is so stupid


Nope  Chellseaaaa  1 star

$30 a month. Week free trial only offers 5 minute video options. & you can’t cancel unless you log into iTunes from a desktop and manage your subscription settings. Get something else.

Animal Kingdom fan

Please cancel  Animal Kingdom fan  1 star

I don’t have the money. Please cancel


I just wanted a simple video  Cheshire23  1 star

This was just a waste of time and it wouldn’t even let me edit my own video. I didn’t like how it skipped all around. This app could be great, if you want to even pay to download the video.. All I wanted was to add a song to a video I already made.


The best app out there  Alicja83  5 star

Love love love


Beware  ggjcoll  1 star

I downloaded a free or trial version of this and never knowingly subscribed to anything. I never used it as it was not at all what I was looking for, but this is not my complaint. What has annoyed me is that I never shared any confidential payment details with them, yet they have removed €60 from my bank account. I missed the first €30 last month but spotted the second payment this week. Apple must have given them my confidential details to allow them to take payment. I have been in touch with Apple to get my money returned to me, but they have not responded. I have no doubt that Apple have done nothing illegal in this situation, they probably got my permission years ago without my knowing it. But it is morally highly questionable. I did not download a paid version, i did not use it, I did not ask to be entered in to a monthly subscription, and I received no notification that I had entered a subscription, or that a payment was about to be taken. Not happy at all.

Dolly Dotts

My favourite memory box  Dolly Dotts  5 star

This has to be my most favourite app I purchase it every year since it first came out, we’ve captured so many beautiful memories via Magisto


Happy  Olkaie  5 star

Bardzo bardzo uwielbiam magisto lepsze pamiatki niz same zdjecia🤗😍

prof blue

0/5  prof blue  1 star



Crap  Sessiondepression  1 star

Fair warning you’ve to buy everything

each cent counts

I like that👍  each cent counts  5 star

I like this app, it is more helpful for my business to create videos.

M O'Don

Simply crap crap crap  M O'Don  1 star

You have to buy premium and log into everything this app is a waste of @#*!ing money don’t buy it it’s so f ing stupid not worth it



Magisto is without doubt "Simply the Best" we love it and as a business user the profile our Rugby Club has been enhanced greatly with every video we make, it has become an essential tool for promoting our message through our Social Media platforms and our Website Thank You MAGISTO 😊👍


For €19.99 it's not worth it.  iloveapplesupport  1 star

This is a basic video editor which is charging €19.99 for basic features that other apps are allowing for free... I wouldn't recommend it to be honest.

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