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Welcome to the official NBA app and the ultimate home of NBA games!

Never miss a moment with the latest scores, highlights, stats and news. NBA League Pass is now better than ever, with access to live basketball games, on-demand videos, and much more.

All fans get access to:
- Official NBA schedule, scores and stats
- In-game and post game highlights
- Game previews and recaps
- Live access to select press conferences and events
- Personalized content about your favorite players and teams
- Editor’s picks for the hottest news and updates from around the league

Want even more? We’ve got you covered with NBA League Pass and NBA TV, now with more ways to watch NBA games than ever before.

NBA League Pass subscribers get access to:
- NBA games live and on demand*
- Multiple package options to match your personal preferences
- Mobile View game streams customized for phones and tablets
- More custom language streaming options
- Multiple condensed game formats
- Download games and other content to watch offline when you’re on the go
- NBA Archives: access to classic games, documentaries and more**

NBA TV includes a 24-hour live stream of exclusive features:***
- NBA TV live games
- Studio coverage and analysis
- Curated documentaries
- Select classic games available with NBA TV

* Blackouts and restrictions apply in the US and Canada.
** Available for select subscribers in select markets
***NBA TV is sold separately in the US. Not available in some markets, including Canada, China, Italy, Japan, and Spain

Current NBA League Pass and NBA TV subscribers can access their subscription by logging into the app.

Purchase NBA League Pass or NBA TV and you will be automatically billed through iTunes every 30 days (monthly packages) or every 365 days (annual packages) until you cancel your subscription. Refunds are not available after subscriptions have been activated.

Please visit to contact the support team if you are experiencing any issues.
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We’re getting ready for the upcoming NBA season. Download the updated NBA app to make sure you stay up to date. - Live coverage of the NBA Draft - Live game interactive features - New content formats for all the latest news from the league - Other bug fixes and improvements to performance

NBA: Live Games & Scores Comments & Reviews

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- App is fine except the sign in

I have to sign in every time I open the app, why? I pay for league pass and still have to sign in every time this better be fixed before the season because this is annoying. I tried deleting the app and reinstalling and it didn't work either.

- App is TRASH, original was better.

First off there’s no search bar so I have to scroll thru hundreds of players to find the one Im looking for, OR search by team. Problem is, when I search by team, I select my favorite teams and nothing happens for a moment then the app closes out not saving my teams. It’s been like this for two weeks now haven’t been able to save my favorite teams. Im really big into reading stats and even more irrelevant thing such as the players heights but they no longer show that for what ever reason, so I have to actually google a player to get their height which is defeating the purpose of the app which is supposed to provide all the information you need. Regardless, height is still relevant in the NBA weather other people care or not and if it is still featured on this app, I can’t find it. I liked it on the OTHER app when I could simply search a player and their height would be right there at the top. I also care about things such as draft year and pick number, again, things most people don’t care about but there are a select few who DO and I liked when ALL of that information was easily accessible and didn’t have to dig around for it!! This new app is more trouble than it’s worth and I may have to remove it from my iPhone dock because an app this crappy is no longer a priority app.

- Pretty but not an improvement

I hate that there’s no search or way to find players other than scrolling through the entire list of NBA players. How about at least an a-b-c on the right side? Especially during trade season, I want to look up players quickly & easily as they are added to my teams. I also hate the new player profile. I want to see height, weight, age, previous/college team, season stats on the first page, not click another button & then hunt through a bio to pick out what I was wondering. I’ll just google players in that case. The old layout was nearly perfect for looking up players. Stick with what works. I don’t like the new look of the standings, too much white space & not much to separate headings from teams plus so spread out. I’d like to see as many teams as possible on one screen. It’s the little things. Tighten it up. Maybe one tab for each conference instead of having to scroll through the eastern conference to get to the western.

- It’s good

I really like the new layout. I think it looks more polished/modern and runs smoother. I haven’t personally had any of the problems/errors so far that others have mentioned. Everything’s working as it should for me and I enjoy it. The only thing I’m not a big a fan of is the new lead tracker graphic for the games. I like that you can now scroll on it to find the specific plays but I wish that you could also just click on the graphic itself and it show a bigger graphic more similar to the old version. This version doesn’t have the grid lines with the numbers to really show how much a team is leading by. It also doesn’t say what the biggest lead was or how many lead changes and ties there were. In my opinion, it just doesn’t convey the match up between the teams as well as the old app’s “match up” tab did which is a bit disappointing since I really enjoyed viewing that tab every game. I would like to see that aspect get some improvements but overall this seems like a good app

- Much faster

I haven’t used it that much so far but I like this one a lot better than the old one already. With the old one my friends and I would always have a running joke about how it was possibly the worst made app of all time (not because the actual app itself was bad) but just because it had probably the slowest and most aggravating loading screens of all time😂😂. Like if I wasn’t on Wi-Fi and I clicked on the app to open it it would take a good 30 seconds sometimes to just open, this does not happen with the new one which is great.

- The New Layout is Awful

Prior to the update, the layout of the app was much better. While the new layout is more modern, the issue I have is with box scores and individual player stats. Everything in the box scores is enlarged now, so you have to really scroll (up&down/side to side) to see everything in the box score, whereas prior to the update everything was a lot more compact and easier to see without having to scroll around. As for individual player pages, all it shows is PPG APG RPG. You have to click on a different page in order to actually see all of the player’s statistics, which again is a more complicated way of seeing things that used to be quick and easy.

- This content is currently not available in your region, check your VPN

The new NBA app is apparently not compatible with VPN or smart DNS services. It took quite a bit of back and forth with NBA support, with lots of standard scripted (and time-wasting) support responses, to finally find someone knowledgeable there who revealed this. In my case, I was using a certain DNS app. With the WARP feature enabled, the app uses VPN, which is apparently no longer allowed. I had to disable the WARP function to get this new NBA app to work.

- More features please

Simple little request. Can you make it where everytime i go in the app, I don’t have to log in to my account every single time please.

- Great app but I haven’t been getting notifications

I was getting notifications in the old app but I can’t seem to get any in the new one. I’ve checked all the settings and they say they’re turned on. Is this an app issue or am I doing something wrong?

- Much lower quality than the old app

The new NBA app is pretty much the old app, but with less access too player information and stats. Before, it was quick and easy to find a player, check their detailed stats, and even make comparisons between their current season and career stats. Now it is much less informational, while still providing the same level of content and organization.


I’m not sure why there is a diff nba app for Canada when the USA one is so much better why can’t they just let Canadians have the same app ? Is it because they have to push raptors hard on Canadian Nba app ? It’s like NBATV it’s not the same in Canada they call it NBATV but it’s not the same games or programs that are on NBATV that’s on American cable channels. The NBATV Canada is all about the raptors should be called raptors TV not NBATV because it’s NOT NBATV it’s raptors TV. It’s like this app they have to change it for NO reason.


Overall really good app. I wish you would be able to watch one game per day for free. Also, there could be more features for an app that gets so much money but overall, an awesome application.

- Amazing

This app helps me keep up with my favorite sport of all time. It tells me the scores, the brackets, the matchups, and the stats. You could also follow some of your favorite players and more!!! I rate this app a 10/10

- My League Pass disappeared

My NBA Annual League Pass which renewed on 10/4, doesn’t show up in the new app, however the support from both NBA and Apple has been excellent — a resolution is in progress.

- Love the new look!

I'm a huge basketball fan and this app is really the next level. Can't wait until the season starts to renew my league pass membership!

- Not Available in Your Region!!!

I live in Yokosuka Japan on the military base (FPO/AP).. I purchased the NBA League Pass every year for the last 5 years. Once downloaded the disappointing new version I get the message "not available in your region".! So sad it would seem like the NBA would invest in an APP that works in all regions globally like the old version.. Looks like alot of missed revenue this season if cant get this app fixed!

- Not able to view any previously recorded games

With an NBA league pass subscription, I click a game I want to watch, the app tell me I have to subscribe first. I press the subscribe button, it tells me I’m already subscribed. Still no video. I talked to support, all they told me to do was uninstall that app and reset my phone (which I find laughable and frustrating at the same time).

- Games from the 16-17 season

I love how i can watch nba games from the 18-19 season and watch it again but I would really like if the app allowed to watch games from the 16-17 season

- Improvements

I wish that you could at least watch some games free

- Slow and glitchy!

This app is so buggy!!! Why do I have refresh every time when it say “content unavailable”? Also when I click on a news, coverage article it’s so slow when it loads up! Not really liking this app the old one was better!

- Thank you

The UI for the old app was not super great to look at. This new 2020 NBA app has such a better feel. Thank you for changing it. Keep up the great work!

- Fraud

I bought an annual pass for the old app and for some reason it doesn’t work on the new app. And when I try to file a complaint and get my money back they can’t seem to find my info. iTunes is doing the same. They are pretty much stealing my money which is like over $100. Is anyone else having this issue?

- The experience

It is a great app I love how I can watch my favorite team where ever and whenever I want to so shout out to the NBA for making this app five stars anytime👌🏾😃

- Connect?

App says “you’re offline right now it requires a connection to the internet. Please turn off airplane mode or connect via WiFi or your mobile network - reconnect” I’ve checked cellular data and background app fresh is on in app settings for my iPhone, deleted and reinstalled app, but same issue persists.

- Notifications

Love the new look but before the update I constantly have to go to the app and have to keep signing in to even receive notifications please fix

- Awesome Redesign

Great looking redesign of the app, looks great and it’s even easier to use now. Can’t ask for much more than that.

- Clunky

This is not an improvement from the previous app. More difficult to navigate. Click on a player and have to hunt for personal info. Only THREE clicks way from finding out. It’s like they are trying to find it. No thank you.

- Great!

This is a great sports app. I’ve always been a fan of the nba, and this app really works. It runs smooth, and is just great overall

- Great Update but Problems

Great layout better then the last app everything looks nice but rosters haven’t been updated and hard to find players please add a search bar.

- I have the new app. Why are you still asking me to download it

I have downloaded the “new” app three times and signed. A few days later it asked me again. Three times so far. C’mon Man!!

- Yes one thing though

The nba app is greate but on Apple Watch it dose not work other than that it is a good way to get in to basketball

- Fantastic!

Really excited for season to start back up

- Something wrong

Every time I go in to the app it signs me out please help and fix this

- It good

I would give this app 5 stars but u have to re-download it every season

- Must-have app

Love the new design, content looks sharper than ever

- Not working

App keeps showing “You’re off-Line right now. It requires a connection to the internet.” I tried with cellular data and with wifi and nothing happens. Please fix the issue, don’t want an automatic respond!!

- Why make a new one?

It keeps logging me outs and the other one was perfectly fine.

- Waste my time, why?

I have never seen an app discontinued like this. Why can’t the old one update? Can I keep both in parallel?

- Content not available in region

With latest version

- I LOVE it

This is really cool and this is better than the old one 5 stars

- Doesn’t work

Every since the update my app has not worked. I tried deleting the app and that didn’t work. Now it doesn’t do anything. It tells me that I’m offline line and I’m not . Very disappointing 😡

- Basiru Jabbi

NBA always delivered great app update looking forward to the new season Kawhi and the Clippers time is up Clip City Champions

- Horrible

I downloaded the new app and it says airplane mode is on, I’m offline and I need to connect to my network or WiFi. There’s obviously nothing wrong with my connection as I’m leaving this review. Please repair or replace your app again.

- Stinks

This is simply the web with a button called an app. Horrible. Plus it does not rotate to portrait mode. Really? This is the best you can do? Given the way the season went, I guess this is really no surprise though.

- Great App for NBA fans

This App has everything I could have ever it!!!!

- Start the season!!!!

Start the season please!!!!

- App doesn’t work

The app doesn’t pick up my subscription, crashed, and won’t let me log in. Huge step backwards. Last years app was bad but at least it worked.

- Fix notifications.

The notifications for this app DOES NOT WORK. Also, why am I always getting signed out whenever I close the app? The 2019 app was much better than what this crap is now.

- Layout is great!

I can’t sign in to my TV Subscriber

- Not working

Every time I open the app it says I have no internet connection immediately. Even if I connect to wifi it’s still messed up

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- AMAZING app, but just one small request...

Perfect app for streaming the NBA live and on-demand. Great for keeping up-to-date with the latest news and players best moments. The only thing is that sometimes I want to know why a player is out and when he comes back, so having a ‘injury status’ tab for injured players in the ‘More’ section would be helpful and much more convenient rather than having to surf the web to find out. Other than that suggestion, the app is smooth, and definitely worth your download if you’re into the NBA.

- Recent changes make the app really inconsistent?

I don’t know what changed in the last month, but it’s become so difficult to scroll through players stats when looking at the games. It often doesn’t let me scroll all the way across to see FG%, PF’s, TO’s etc. additionally it doesn’t easily let me scroll downward either to see more than 5-6 players who have played in a game. Also, why would you reset the screen rotation, to normal portrait when the phone is upside down? If the game is being watched in landscape, whilst also being on the top-side screen facing downward, the app simply just resets to portrait mode (normal side up) - which then becomes upside down. The example would be lying in bed, lying on my side watching the game in landscape, and also the top of my phone being upside down, and the app forces the game to rotate to normal portrait mode - so annoying!

- Lagging screens

Since recently I found when I check the standings based on league conference the results are mixed up and I cannot scroll down to view the western conference results as it takes me back to eastern conference. The new look is amazing

- Good app but too much focus on childish stuff

It’s great for watching games and the coverage is spot on, but it’s completely ruined by annoying pop ups asking childish questions such as what a player’s favourite breakfast cereal is...not quite that bad but you get the idea. I want to watch the game, not have pop ups every few minutes - it’s annoying when browsing the internet and just as annoying in an app. You can turn this off but then turn off some stats as well. Avoid the app and use desktop version is likely easier, which is a shame.

- Horrible service

1. They charge for the subscription and then you have to wait a day to get your game credits and blame it on “Apple process time” while also tell you to contact Apple yourself to sort it out. 2. If you have 8 game credits saved like I did, the season is almost done and you stop the subscription - THEY TAKE THE CREDITS AWAY !!! Basically they love your money but will not improve their product or let you watch the games you paid for because you are not subscribed. This is like the baker coming over to take back the bread you bought from him because you did not eat it in time.

- Annoyed

Really annoyed with the constant message coming up that I have to many streaming devices when I watch every 2 minutes. It says you are allowed up to 5 devices logged in and watching at a time and all I have is me and my mate and we are constantly pressing continue on the too many devices pop up, wish with all the time and effort you put into this app which is awesome that you’d fix something like that that is part of what people actually pay for?

- Non responsive

second year as a league pass subscriber and there are still some basic issues with it. Once you play. A broadcast there are still issues with the app responding to touch on an iPad. You’re stuck. Can’t skip forward, pause, stop, get out of the game. Sometimes you can’t even select full screen. Another issue is with Apple TV. When you fast forward using the voice command it just goes back to the beginning of the broadcast, every time!!

- How to mess up a great app

NBA are so obsessed with adding “value” that it now blocks enjoyment of the app. Constant in-game trivia quizzes, often repeated (Where do you think GSW will end up this year?) I’ve answered that one about 5 times DURING GAMEPLAY. Why not during the breaks?... or not at all. Pop-ups during the game directing me to some highlight from another game obscuring my view of the actual game I’m watching! C’mon guys! The amount of times I have inadvertently hit view on these pop-ups taking me away from the game I’m watching... .I’ve lost count... and I have all the notifications toggles off in settings, and I still get the above. It just makes me want to switch to my laptop to stop the madness.

- Good update

The latest update looks awesome, app works great, I’d like the auto play turned off though. I’d like to click on a game and view box scores without the live feed starting (like it used to be before the update). I’m trying to watch these games at work and the volume of the feed auto playing is gonna get me busted 😂

- Not great

Scores don’t update fast at all. I have to manually refresh them so they can update . Pathetic. PLEASE fix this issue. If I’m following a match and I re enter the app every 5 minutes or so, I have the manually refresh at times for scores to refresh. Disappointing the devs don’t show attention to detail. If you re enter the app even more frequently, say every 2-3 minutes , they don’t update automatically. Once I manually refresh, that’s when they all update promptly.

- Needs a start from beginning option.

When you can’t get to a live game on the exact tip off time and you want to watch it from the beginning there is no option for this while it’s playing live. It’s frustrating because you don’t want to watch a game half way through. I’m using it on the mobile app.

- PIP View & Chromecast

I can’t seem to use chromecast feature anymore on the app- it seems completely replaced with airplay. Not cool, as it requires me to use another device just to watch games on my tv now. This existed throughout the season and suddenly it has been missing for the last few months. Support for PiP view for new iOS update would be great.

- Great app for basically anything nba related

Great app. Really happy with installing it. Everything is easy to find and easy to use. Also great to see when games are to live-stream. Keep up the great work! 10/10

- The app works fine but a few things would make it better

1. The home page is a waste of time. Just send us straight to the game scores. 2. If there is a way to get player stats, I haven’t found it. If you click on a player name, you get videos. Videos, videos, videos. I want to know stats if I click a guy’s name.

- What happened to Points?

The new app version is disappointing. Unless I've been unable to find it, where is the Player Point Total column in Stats? It exists in Team Stats, but it's gone in Player Stats. Also, when you tilt the phone to see Full Standing Stats, it goes by default to League, not Conference. Furthermore, Standings jumps up and down scrolling by itself. I regret having updated the app.

- Freezing

Since the new look update, the app has been extremely difficult to use. It signs me out every time I close and open the app, and when I go to the sign in screen it completely freezes. I also have had trouble scrolling down on boxscores and stats whilst watching any games.

- Loading up 👎🏻

Once again, this app has stopped loading up. Gets to the title page loads up, about 1/5 of the way and then sits there. Stopped playing the last two seasons for the same reason. I have now missed three days of the all-star campaign as well. Disappointing, they still can’t get it right. I also checked with friends and loaded on to other devices. Same thing is happening to them

- It’s not got better

It’s really hard to select the channel I want to watch, the pop up quiz is a terrible idea in every sense, the home page is a silly waste of time: there is a lot they could have improved, such as the replay 30 second thing, but they didn’t. So now there is even more they can improve. I really hate crappy upgrades, and this is a bad upgrade. It would be better if they just hadn’t bothered.

- Unable to watch games

I’ve recently purchased the 1 year subscription, but in the app it still prompts that I’ve not paid for subscription

- Was better before

Before the last update this app was the best source for NBA news in Australia! Now I’m left with Sportscentre (we all know what a joke that show is). Where is the direct feed into news stories. Finding out what Terrence Ferguson had for breakfast is not news. Get your act together, outside of the USA you’re probably the only news source we have. We depend on this app.

- Some bugs in recent version. Using iOS 13

App works as intended before but just recent update breaks the scrolling of the box score. I'm not 100% sure but it seems to break scrolling other tabs where it will scroll a little and then jumps back on top. iPhone 7 Plus iOS 13.

- Problem

I have an account with the league pass, but for some reason it says I haven’t got the league pass even though I do.

- NBA subscription problems

The app seems good but I am having trouble with the subscription. It won’t let me buy it, because it keeps bringing me a page to download the app with a message when I have already downloaded it. Please can someone tell me why this is, thanks

- Apple TV app

How can you get it so right on the app for mobile devices but the Apple TV app is just poo. It stinks! I know Apple would probably have a lot to do with it but come on just fix it please. Xx


I am so annoyed at these pointless and stupid polls and quizzes, ESPECIALLY WHILE THE GAME IS ON! Please give us the option to disable them or at the very least have it disappear after 5 seconds. Sometimes I may be doing something where my hands are occupied so I cannot close the window myself. Please please give this option to your users and improve the user experience

- Good and bad

Hi NBA, Just wanted to say all the news and things are great and i really enjoy them. The only problem with it thought is that, i bought this app to watch the actual full length games but instead i have to pay money. But all the other stuff is really great. Keep up the Good Job. 👌

- Poor

Glitchy and poorly designed. When streaming game will sometimes pause and become delayed. This is not due to my internet as my internet speed is very fast. Sometimes app will become unresponsive but as this is the only way to watch every nba game I have no choice but to use this poorly designed app.

- Extremely poor redesign of stats while streaming

New design is terrible for watching games on mobile... rather than the neat little row of headshots along the bottom with the players on the court’s key stats, the overlay of stats on the screen is a big box that now takes up 3/4 of the screen making the game literally unwatchable and rendering this feature completely useless

- Player stats

I would like to be able to access player stats/ season averages when I click on their player page.


One of the best apps ive used, gives me news feeds, lets me see box scores on my favourite players stats and lets me see my actual favourite players stats and just wanna of the best apps for basketball

- Stupid questions

It is so frustrating when you pay so much for a league pass and then the games are constantly interrupted by stupid questions that you can not disable. Especially now during the playoffs, if I want to answer stupid questions I’ll do it in my own time and not have half my screen covered while I’m trying to watch the game.

- PIP and Chromecast option not working with IPad Os 14

As the title says, PIP and chromecast no longer work since updating my iPad. The chromecast button no longer appears as an option. **Found the fix for chromecast. iPad OS 14 Must change some permissions. On your iPad go to settings then privacy then local network. Enable the NBA app and chromecast should be available again.

- New update is horrible

The app is great for checking scores, box scores and player stats but the new update where they changed the ‘latest’ interface was really bad. I used to read articles that I was interested in but now I’m only able to read articles that editors want me to read.

- Great app

I love that there is games available to watch on demand for ALL teams, as sometimes I want to watch pacers games instead of other games (as I am a diehard Indiana Pacers fan.)

- Mobile still annoying

So the app on iOS iPhone has no feature to watch live stream from the beginning, or to use fwd or rwd. So u can only watch from the start after the game is over, or on a desktop comp.

- Volume levelling and picture-in-picture

Please implement these features. We pay a premium for league pass and cannot get these features.

- Box Score

Can’t check the full box score at the moment which is really annoying. When I try to scroll down on a team’s box score it doesn’t let me and I am only able to see the first 5 starters and 6th man. Please fix!

- Dime

Looking forward to watching live ball again🙏🏼. Hope the NBA will do the right thing by fans when it comes to league pass subscriptions. Stay safe everybody.

- Good app but does not chrome cast well

I love the NBA app the only issue I have is when you chrome cast it to your TV there is some sort of foreign text across the score section of the coverage

- NBA app

Great gives you everything you need and shows you the injuries and the stats of the players

- Status bar

The status bar doesn’t disappear when watching games in full screen

- Money problems

It’s an amazing app don’t get me wrong but I can’t pay for the league pass to watch my hometown team okc

- Casting issues

Was previously able to cast perfectly fine to Chromecast but now the cast icon has simply disappeared & there’s absolutely nowhere to help troubleshoot the problem. Fix it immediately, you charge to much for your services to have them not working effectively. The solutions offered had no effect unfortunately.

- Streaming

Been having problems watching my team through Chromecast with constant stopping but otherwise fine.


It’s good and has up to date info. But the live scores are a bit slow.

- App keeps crashing

Have had to delete and re-download app several times. It freezes and crashes when trying to start up.

- App stops casting to chrome cast

App constantly closes when using chrome cast Makes it exceptionally hard to watch a full game as you have to close app in phone re open re connect to chrome cast the find point in video you where up to and continue watching Unsure what is causing this

- Can no longer scroll down down through the box score

Latest update makes it glitchy to scroll to the bottom of the box score. Freezes on first six or so players on the box score. iPhone 6s

- Auto Play Video Streaming is Terrible

Latest update ruined a completely good app. Selecting any game, will auto start the video stream. Bad. If you’re watching the NBA on an Apple TV or a browser, it will stop because you’re prohibited from watching concurrent streams. Get rid of it please

- Bad for league pass

If you don’t have league pass this app is great, but league pass (which works fine on all other devices) is unusable. It buffers after a few seconds and then the app becomes unresponsive.

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- Great, easy to use

Love the nba, this is all things nba, match made in heaven.

- Great app for out of market games

Great subscription service I often enjoy watching games on this more then on the tv with the interactive scoreboard. Only thing missing is being able to download completed games to be able to watch off of a internet connection

- Does not work in Canada

Very disappointed. I signed up for this app, trying to watch the NBA Finals in Canada, after they took my $50, only to find out it doesn’t work in Canada. At all. Geo-blocking. I want my money back!!


great app but make a widget

- Great App for content

Loving the new app, great content and simple UI. Excited to use it when the new season starts.

- Purchased game gone

When I update the app the games I purchesed last season gone. Why?

- Love the update

Finally 😍

- RileyMaster on YouTube this app is good


- Dangerous app

Hey NBA, why you stealing my clipboard data?? BTW, they also have access to your Mac clipboard. Delete this app immediately.

- NBA league pass Canada

Don’t wait your money, far to many black out games. If you are a raptors fan you won’t be able to watch a single game.

- Not satisfactory

The scores don’t update in real time and there should be a score widget on iPadOS 14


Free Hong Kong

- Can’t Get Notifications

Great app but.... My notifications for the app is set to ”Allow” but your app keeps telling me to set them to “Allow” when I try to set notifications for a game.

- Terrible

It’s terrible u pay for nothing, over half the games are in black out areas, so what’s the point.... Hey NBA if u want us to watch and make money u should at least make it so we can watch it, Over half the damn games are in black out zones so this app ain’t worth it

- I can’t play pick em

Every time I try and make a selection for pick em or try to do the bracket challenge it makes me login again and once I log in it doesn’t register and does the same thing again and again.

- Can’t play Pick’em

It sends me to the NBA site for Pick’em and asks me to sign in I do but when I click on a pick’em choice it asks me to sign in again. I tried to do this on my phone and on my laptop but no luck. I know my account works so why doesn’t it allow me to play pick’em. I’m very disappointed with this app.

- Great app

I love the nba and yeah that’s all

- Great app

When’s the draft lottery?

- Bad

I whant to what nba games but it says it’s in a blacked out area I want my money back

- The worst

This app sucks balls

- No Raptors or

national games from Bell or Rogers? Ripoff. I pay for Rogers, never for Bell. MLB has a better arrangement; even if no Blue Jays, anymore. I still get every other team.

- Good

I like it alot

- It okay

I love this app i use it all the time i love the NBA just there is too many games that get blacked out

- Fix user interface

Come up with a better way to find games, and fix the user interface. Every time I try to skip ahead 10 seconds there's a second delay everytime. It should be way smoother. Also the constant trivia and questions that appear throughout games are just annoying.

- Can’t play pick em

Whenever I try to play nba pick em it asks for my email address and I type it in, but then it keeps asking for it every time I put in an awnser it asks for it again and never lets me awnser. I’m on iPhone 6 if that helps. Other than that great app to keep up with my team.

- Wasn’t able to view it in Canada

Still my card was billed.

- Really?

There are people who don’t have cable yanno? Only reason I got the league pass. Not worth it in Canada if you’re trynna watch the Raptors play, cuz u can’t watch em play.

- Absolute rip-off in Canada, Customer Service Refuses Refunds for

I bought this for my partner for Christmas so he could watch Raptors games, and EVERY SINGLE RAPTORS GAME has been blacked out for Canadian League Pass holders. Almost all other games have been blacked out, too. Basically useless unless you want to spend your life avoiding the internet and radio so you don’t see the score before the rebroadcast, this “pass” is NO ALTERNATIVE to TV or illegal live streams. Adding insult to injury, my partner had to take a three-week trip to the US and thought he could maybe watch Raptors games there and when he tried to, it seems the app is only usable in Canada. Except in Canada all the games are blacked out!!! An utterly useless app. I wish there was a way to get my money back!! Honestly, the NBA knows it has already sold exclusive broadcast rights—it’s a complete con job to sell this app as a way to watch live games online. And don’t believe the customer service responses on here telling people to change their reviews because they are cancelling and getting a refund. If you don’t realize you’ve been suckered within 7 days of purchase, you’re out of luck. expensive scam!!

- Blackout

I bought league pass, paying the same price as US people buying league pass. However, why there are some matches that are blackout. I am a Lakers fan and to be honest, I haven't watched live of lakers match for once.

- There’s a mistake in the French version

In the account section You guys wrote : Hitorique des vidéos regardées The right sentence should be : Historique des vidéos regardées

- App for firetv????


- Not Happy

A league pass subscriber here in Canada. A waste of money. There's a lot of blackout games. Not worth it. Adds more stress. Money wasted... Disappointed & Lots of Regret... Can i still have a refund? Rarely watched not blocked games, bad matchups. Good matchups are on blackout. Haven't used this app much. Refund pls... 🙁

- Great to watch games you have no interest in.....

If you want to watch your favourite teams... good luck, league pass is a joke. Any interesting games are blacked out and if you’re in Canada, I wouldn’t even buy this useless pass.. no refund, no playoffs, all star game... just blackout games.. (if you love seeing the blackout screen pop up on everything you try to watch, then this app is for you.)

- Not worth the money!!

Paid for the full season for every game and the games I can watch this works amazing, but way to many blackout games per season defiantly would never purchase again.

- amazing but.....

i love the app it’s amazing and it does not freeze unlike most apps i have used but i hate that canadians are not able to watch all games that’s not fair because americans pay the same price as canadians but canadians can’t watch every live game but americans can that not fair if we are paying the same price and we can’t watch live games cause of blackout that should not matter i really hope u guys fix this and let canadians watch live games without blackout

- Logos missing

Sorry for not specifying earlier but some of the logos aren’t showing up in the games tab, and is consistent throughout the season schedule shown.

- Canadians - DO NOT BUY

Update: The developers are aware of the blackout issues Canadians experience, yet have made no meaningful steps to (1) raise awareness of the known limitations to Canadians (2) adjust the dollar value of the available subscriptions given the known limitations (3) provide reasonable alternatives in lieu of addressing point 2. The lack of care and concern herein over Canadian viewership is highly disheartening given the NBA’s global status & recent massive uptick in Canadian popularity given Canada’s recent championship victory. Let’s see some action to make the value of these subscriptions reasonable to Canadian viewers, developers! These reviews come from a handful: how many other fans have been disappointed by this inattention? If this app is the best way to watch the NBA (and it should be), that’s what we want to be able to fully experience. Original review: The amount of blackout games (unavailable to Canadian viewers) is absolutely insane. Bought the full league pass to watch “as many games as you like,” which is maybe - MAYBE - 50% of all available games. It seems like it would be valuable, but you’re much better off spending your money elsewhere. It’s extremely disappointing that the league is unable to better support Canadian viewers.

- Always glitches

The app rarely ever works well. Always late. Always glitching always some connection error .. wouldn’t recommend. There are better apps to keep scores

- Canadian users will waste their money with this app.

I’ve bought a subscription with this app in hopes to be able to watch the raptors since I rarely get to see them because of no tv. I literally have not seen them once live from this app, which is the purpose of this app. It’s useless for Canadians even though they advertise to them. Very disappointed in the lack of action they have made to solve the problem for international viewers here even though “locals” are the ones who have rights for viewings. I wanted to host viewing parties and I can’t even do that. Wack.

- nba app

I’m wondering how can I cancel my automatic renewal for the nba app. plz get back to me Updated: The NBA app is good for people who aren’t in Canada. You can still watch NBA games but if it’s televised in Canada you’re unable watch the game. Would recommend the app for people who live elsewhere.

- Love the new look and feel of the app!

The new app looks and works very well.

- Don’t do it. This app is garbage

Majority of the games are blacked out.

- NBA tv

Says the games are on nba tv but you can’t watch them on the app

- App is great - blackouts not so much

I bought this hoping to cut the cord and get away from satellite tv. Disappointed in the number of blacked out games. It’s in the documentation, I just didn’t expect to not be able to watch so many games.

- Non-responsive Customer Support

I have been waiting to hear back regarding a refund for about a week now. My account has been charged and I do not see the app listed in my subscriptions. Customer support is non-responsive and now I am paying $150 for something I can’t use in Canada. Very concerning!

- Easy 5 star

If I were out of North America it would be a 6 star. Lots of games are blacked out here in Canada but I get them on TV or can listen to them on the League pass radio even if they are blacked out. So it’s not a big deal. I wish I knew all the key matchups would be blacked out and I would not have spent 149.99. They tell you “some games” not available but truth is it’s “most if not all” Big games not available due to it already being on TV. Which now I’ve bought TV service too. A tad misleading. But that’s what marketing and sale is about. Selling as much as they can to bone head like me that don’t do thorough research before buying. Such is life. I get it. 5 star app, 1 star in Canada. 2.5 is the real rating but I had bad customer service recently so I’m rounding down.

- League pass

The app is great but the league pass is bad you can’t watch games if they’re live in your area even if you don’t have cable like me

- Don’t waste your money on this

If you live in Canada don’t get this app because a blackout will happen

- Cause of the blackout


- Blackout area???

I’m disappointed, I’m a big fan of NBA and all their teams especially the Raptors and I can’t watch any game live because this black out mode, since I live practically in Toronto where a Nba team plays

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- like it

One of my favorite apps of this season. Videos, teams, and the game schedule. .. Read all my reviews on ..

- Weird stuff when changing countries

For an app that takes so much money I expect more

- Disappointed

Doesn’t work for my phone keeps telling me to reconnect to the internet when I’m already on the internet

- Keeps saying reconnect

Keeps saying reconnect like I’m offline Edit: told me to update my review while you still haven’t fixed the problem

- Content not available in my Region????

I double checked my Phone configuration and the Country/Region is set to US. Interesting that was working before the update.... So 1 little tiny not shining star....

- Content not available

Why it shows " the content is currently not available in your region while I am in US and App Store ID in US too? Anybody helps me out please!

- App doesn’t work

I’m trying to connect to explore the app yet it doesn’t connect. Please fix it.

- Connection

Can’t access app keeps asking me to connect to wifi, or mobile network

- Keeps giving me “not available on my region”

I live on the east coast of the US. How is this not available? Won’t let me access any part of the app.

- New app who did

Uh apparently this is the new app 🤷‍♂️

- it’s not working

I downloaded and when try to open popup a error.. (The Content Is Currently Not Available In Your Region) and I’m on USA... Seriously!!!

- Way worse than old app

Awful, really slow and doesn’t work, last NBA app was way better.

- Awful

The videos under nbatv barely work. I’m subscribed and it still doesn’t work

- Woah

I’m not sure why they couldn’t update the existing app, but I can’t paste my password into this new app and it scrolls wonky too.

- Double Dribble

The app says I’m not connected to the internet to turn off airplane mode or connect to WiFi. Please fix NBA gracias.

- Love the new App

This app is amazing!

- Nothing!

Nothing happens except the trophy scene. I guess it crashed already.

- Unavailable in my region

Keep showing the error and say that unavailable in my region and im in US.

- The NBA App is the coolest

Five out of five flame emojis, I fave it.

- Not available in my region

It says it’s not available in my region

- New app

New design is sweet!!!

- Japan

Can’t use it in japan. The old app worked here. Smh fix it nba

- Not working

It’s not working. It’s telling me my region isn’t supported and I’m in the U.S

- 🤮🤮 👎🏼👎🏼

So much they update, just to Damage what was beautiful and correct!

- 😤

What ??? Why you close app for Iranian people? Not available for region????!!!!!

- Why is this software not supported in China

Why is this software not supported in China???

- Wow

Really just let me down

- LouWill

Lou Williams is the goat

- Trash

Won’t let me login to my TV provider (YouTube tv). The app is useless at this point.

- loss my account

With the new app i loss my account and nobody in development can activate my account.... I sent my receipt and today day nothing ...774221 my case number Update .... after 4 day a lady today fix my problem thanks I will be change from one star to 4 ....because 4 days to fix a problem is too much ....... now the new app is working perfect Another update.... after they sent me a code to reactivate my account Hitomi N sent another email to thank me for my positive revaluation and said me my subscription will be cancel in the end of this month ... conclusion i paid 29.99 for a anual service nba tv but she give 4 month of service...Do you believe that Last update, I hope Today Ryan C from Nba tv resolve my subscription problem and now i continue with my original subscription for 12 months..... I can’t put 5 star neither 4 for the lack of better customer service because if i provided the receipt i never understand why all this problem

- Good job

I love it very much.Thank you to all developers.

- No idea what happened

“Content is not available” I don’t know what happened to the team over on the NBA side but clearly something has gone wrong. Feels like I have an Android on the Google play store. Previous app has “moved” to an app that also does not work.

- Live

Non carica lo streaming per le partite live..speriamo in un aggiornamento prima dell'inizio della regoular season

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NBA: Live Games & Scores 2007.2 Screenshots & Images

NBA: Live Games & Scores iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

NBA: Live Games & Scores iphone images
NBA: Live Games & Scores iphone images
NBA: Live Games & Scores iphone images
NBA: Live Games & Scores iphone images
NBA: Live Games & Scores iphone images
NBA: Live Games & Scores iphone images

NBA: Live Games & Scores (Version 2007.2) Install & Download

The applications NBA: Live Games & Scores was published in the category Sports on 2020-10-27 and was developed by NBA MEDIA VENTURES, LLC [Developer ID: 1536087365]. This application file size is 188.26 MB. NBA: Live Games & Scores - Sports app posted on 2020-11-05 current version is 2007.2 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.nbaimd.gametime.universal

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