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Poshmark is the leading marketplace to buy and sell fashion.

***Shop over 9,000 brands in every size—including plus size, petites, and juniors—and score deals up to 70% off retail
***Sell and make money from home. List your items for free!

Shop. Sell. Style. Party.

Whatever you’re shopping for, Poshmark’s got it—for much less than discount clothing retailers and outlets like Nordstrom Rack and TJ Maxx. With $175 million worth of new and gently used merchandise added to the marketplace every week, you will find amazing deals and discounts on fashion and beauty from the hottest brands like Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors, MAC Cosmetics, Nike, Brandy Melville and more!

Do you have items in your closet that didn’t work out? Maybe a luxury handbag, statement shoes, or even your old wedding dress you wore once and won’t ever wear again? Poshmark is the #1 online consignment solution for anyone to sell their used clothes and make money for the new things they’re coveting, providing an alternative to Goodwill and other consignment stores like Buffalo Exchange. Over 60 million women and men across the United States and Canada are on Poshmark—join them today!

Need ideas for what to wear to your next date or that upcoming wedding? Do you hate getting dressed in the morning? Poshmark has millions of outfit ideas for you. Shop the personal style and closets of other Poshers today, or request to be styled by your favorite Stylist!

Party on the go, no matter where you’re at! Join the thousands of women and men who come together three times a day, seven days a week to participate in our themed virtual Posh Parties, featuring everything from loungewear to luxury. Create new listings, share and shop together! Have Tory Burch, Forever 21, or Zara on the brain? There’s a party for you.

“Poshmark is a great online resale platform.” —Vogue
“The social marketplace is great for hunting down a cult-loved item that's otherwise sold out everywhere as well as finding deals on popular brands like Lululemon, Free People, and Anthropologie.” —Popsugar
“Poshmark is a brilliant way to sell and buy clothing. This side hustle app (or for some people, their full-time job!) allows you to take a photo of something in your closet and upload it to your account in less than 60 seconds, all from your phone.” —Parade
“The marketplace that’s so posh that celebrities use it—especially to raise money for good causes, like DJ Khaled, Serena Williams, Katherine Heigl and Rachael Ray” —Buzzfeed

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Poshmark: Buy & Sell Fashion Comments & Reviews

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- Fantastic Customer Support

I have sold and bought now on Poshmark and the one thing they do incredibly well is their customer service. The response time is within the next day and they are so awesome in explaining and/or correcting problems. They have always corrected all the problems i have had and then some. Customer support is so important in an app like this where money and transactions are constantly involved. So kudos to the whole Poshmark team! Few suggestions: There are few things that would make the app better, nothing that would demote the 5 stars I think this app deserves. One would be to be able to pick the shipping weight. $7.11 flat shipping rate is a lot, especially when most of the buyers are buying single clothing items that do not cost the $7.11 to ship. It doesn't make much sense. And another thing would be to report users for manipulating tags. There are so many boutiques that add popular brand tags in their posts so when you search for that brand, all of that boutiques clothing is something you have to scroll through. Its fairly annoying, and its not right. These boutiques are taking away from us who are just trying to sell one thing at a time. The search feed becomes a mess from them. They shouldn't be able to spam every one of their posts with the tags.

- Great selling & buying platform

I’ve been a seller & buyer on Poshmark for about 2 years now. I’ve made many sales. It’s not my main source of income but I make lots of extra spending money! There are definitely some bad sellers out there as well as scamming buyers, but the ratio of good to bad is slim. Before purchasing, I always check for Love Notes (reviews), what their ship time avg is, and if they’ve been active recently. I’ve had nothing but good purchases from Doing so! Also if something ever goes wrong as far as not getting the right item or item is damaged, you can always open a case and return and/or get a refund. The one thing that ticks me off about posh is the amount of junk & replicas being sold when they are clearly either not allowed or illegal! And we as sellers/buyers are the ones who basically have to get them removed. I wish posh had more security and was able to instantly remove listings that are unallowed. This is a clothing/accessory/shoes/new, not swatched makeup platform ONLY. I wish they would do more to keep it so! Its also really frustrating when I’m trying to find something from a certain brand and there are so many items from a different brand mistagged for “exposure”. I could report them all, but that would take months! There are so many unallowed listings and rules being broken and they need to do something about it besides having us sort through them in our own time at no cost.

- Better for buyers

I buy and sell, and it’s def better for buyers than sellers. You can make offers and communicate easily with sellers. There are some great deals to be had. Just make sure you ask all your questions and request pics until you’re confident you want to buy since there are no returns (except when something has been blatantly misrepresented). Selling, on the other hand, has downsides that are the flip side of the same coin. People make ridiculous lowball offers. For example, say I’ve used a $200 handbag just a few times but then for whatever reason need some cash. I list for $100 which is a fair price and very good deal (keeping in mind I won’t be getting the full $100 anyway), and someone comes in offering $40. It’s just insulting and a waste of my time and I don’t even want to bother negotiating. This obv isn’t the app, but worth mentioning because it’s part of the overall Poshmark experience. I’d say the vast majority of buyers behave like this. Out of every 25 transactions, probably only 1 is a straight up purchase at listed price. Plus, you have to put a LOT of work into keeping your items visible and be super active on the app. But the worst part about selling is the 20% fee. I’ve ended up making $2 on an item before. The best part about selling is how the shipping label is just emailed to you so you can just pop the item into the drop box. Honestly not sure I would do this over again - I’d look into other apps for sure.

- Amazing app, but one little flaw.

I sell on this app and I have over 100 listings. I love it so much and it has only been 1 and a half months and I have already sold 10 things! (Considering that these are all my unworn clothes or slightly used clothes that I was going to give away) it was very impressing. I have all 5 star reviews! But, the one thing is Poshmarks fee is pretty high. If you sell something for $10 you only get $7.05. Or, $100 you only get $80. So it is a 20% fee. I have found other apps that don’t have a fee like this app Vinted, but when I sell something it wants my Social Security number, so don’t get that app by the way. However another thing Vinted has us where you can chose how heavy what you are shipping will be, so you don’t have to pay 6.99 for shipping after your first purchase. I think Sellers should be able to chose the weight so buyers don’t have to pay so much! But other than those two minor improvements Poshmark could make I absolutely love the app and highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in buying, or selling on this app. It is completely secure and doesn’t ask for you social like that Fraud app Vinted. And has a buyer return policy, so if you don’t get what you were supposed to then you get your money back! Anyways, definitely get this app and check it out!

- A Great App in My Experience

I love this app! I know there are always Pros and Cons to every App that people can buy & sell off of, but that’s the user’s choice to live with it or use another app. When you sign up for Poshmark, you know what the fees are and how much shipping will be. This isn’t a surprise or something you find out later on. I am a buyer and seller and have had no problems with the app or their Customer Service! I bought wholesale items from two different sellers that came damaged upon arrival and PM customer service has been great taking care of the problems. Poshmark is a great app to sell clothes you don’t wear anymore and don’t want to sell at a Yard Sale. Yes, you may get $2 for that item, but it beats $.25 at a Yard Sale! And you can always delete the listing and SELL them at a Yard Sale! As a seller, you decide what to sell items for. There will always be low ballers, but you can always deny the offer or counter the offer! I like the options you have as a buyer and seller. And if there’s something shady going on, you have the option to report it. I think Poshmark is great and getting better with every update. If you have a problem, let PM know. If you don’t like how they do things, that’s up to you to get another app to sell on. PM is a very good app and it’s been a great experience overall. 🙂

- My Favorite App

I started buying on poshmark back in February and then started selling on poshmark in May of this year. I don’t get on Instagram or Pinterest nearly as much because Poshmark has become my favorite app to use. It’s more of a community than you’d expect. It’s a positive place. If you have any issues you can contact posh support and they take care of you. And they’re fair about it. Never in a million years did I think I’d love selling clothes or even meet some of the greatest people, on a clothing application. It’s indescribable. It’s so much fun. It really is. You have to try it to believe it. It’s not complicated. It’s not overwhelming. You sell something and poshmark emails you the shipping label. You print the label slap it on the box and drop it at the post office. That’s it. How much easier can it get? And I’ve met more people on poshmark than instagram. It’s a positive environment. I remember getting my first package from my first purchase and inside the box there was a thank you note from the seller. Something that simple made the whole experience feel like I was getting something from a friend. Not a stranger. I’m not the clothing app kind of person. I never would have thought I’d enjoy something like this over my social media apps. But I do. I love it! Just try it. You’ll see what I mean.

- Amazing Women with Great taste and eager to help!

I joined Posh when the App first started, I thought great idea I was working Retail Management and found the discount and appeal to such a service just Devine! Unfortunately I was in a catastrophic roll over. Many surgeries later and lots of tears And hiding from life I was deleting apps from my cell. Honestly finding Posh again opening the App I started crying such growth in the business so many people all the New information. I have been addicted admiring, shopping and making plans on how to really clean my closet So all my beautiful things can get some love. Thank you to all the Amazing full of ideas and such sweet women. May this App continue to inspire and give back to all of the wonderful ladies who strive so hard to be the best part of Great Women at every corner. Mom’s, CEO’s, Wife’s,Business owners we ladies own this spectrum. Remember every piece that is put out for us was once a special item that was needed or admired or a must have for an occasion. A lot of times these very items carry great memories and even shoppers remorse. Not anymore those items will live on and actually give back a second time and we super women can keep dressing and doing all that makes us the best and know down deep there is a posher Waiting to share in your new purchase!!

- Fee and shipping rates are too high.

I initially thought Posh was a fun way to sell on line but the high fees and shipping rates are a problem. I have literally received 5 cents from selling items for $3. Once the item is below $10 then the minimum Posh fee of $2.95 becomes greater than 20%. Additionally, it’s hardly worth paying $6.49 in shipping fees for inexpensive lightweight items. I think this structure needs to be revised. As a seller, I basically give away stuff; regardless of how low I price merchandise, the offers come in ridiculously (insultingly) lower where I often prefer not to sell. As a buyer, the items I like are marked up above what I see in retail (or they are not bargain shoppers and grossly over paid from the start). The constant promotions just encourage us to continue marking stuff down with no benefits. I don’t think the application is easy to use as I would like to be able to look at the sellers stats before a purchase to assure quality. I did appreciate the free authentication of items above $500. Additionally, sellers must stay alert to constant scammers. I don’t think I will continue to do this much longer. There should be more avenues to provide feedback, like themes for Posh parties like: White Party Attire (all white items), Game Day (jerseys and sports paraphernalia), Plus size parties, High Cotton (only 100% cotton), etc. I think requiring the fabrication as listed on labels is important.

- Love This App

I absolutely love this app! I have sold way more than I ever would’ve sold on Etsy, offerup, or macari... there are also greater finds here. It’s like walking in to a high end thrift shop but brands like Coach and Louis Vuton are much more worth the purchase as the prices are Dropped! Only thing I would change is it’s very hard to navigate between your offers/bundles/likes/shares/sales/follows... they said they changed that so it be easier in the last update however I don’t think it was made for an iPhone sxmax or an iPad 6 yet. Posh Ambassador program is cool I just wish we took on more responsibility with Posh after all we worked our tail off to get here we obviously love Posh! Also Customer Support is very much slow, as a seller with someone who already placed an order and the buyers shipping label won’t print cause their address is wrong, and you keep loosing out on selling! I think there should be some sort of direct contact with Posh Support like a number or something for customer service... because the longer we wait to ship our shipping rating goes down, and that is just not cool! Other than that I absolutely am in love with Poshmark and highly recommend it for both people who love to shop and for people who love to sell! I highly recommend this app!!!

- I'm addicted!

I had a ton of clothes just sitting in my closet. I gave lots away and still had three closets full. A friend told me about POSHMARK a year ago and I just never followed up. I was going to have a yard sale, but so many of my clothes still had tags and I wouldn't get 2.00 for them, so she happened to mention POSH again and I downloaded the app on August 30 and began posting. It's so easy to use. Very user friendly. There are no hidden "fees", it actually tells you what your take will be as you list it. I do think 20% is a bit high, but they do process the payments, send the shipping labels etc... there's not much the user has to do but share, share, share. It can be a little overwhelming at first on all the sharing and getting followers, but it's also very addictive. I also think the shipping is a bit high for some items as well, but I also get that for priority shipping, it's a certain amount. So pros and cons to everything, but they seem to be listening and making it better for everyone. I did have the app crash a few times but other than that, I'd totally recommend it, if you want to spend the time sharing your items so that they can be seen by literally hundreds of thousands of people. It's your own boutique!

- Yikes.

The app seems to work fine but I had to offload it because of business structure vs functionality. Here’s what I don’t like: T huge majority of these sellers are ridiculous. I’ve had one trying to sell me the same already worn dress for $40 that I could’ve bought new, at Macy’s, on clearance, for $40 plus tax which would be less than her used $40 dress with shipping. Second- the emails and alerts and reminders are overwhelming. I don’t really need or want a bazillion of them every day. If sellers were encouraged to price things to move, they wouldn’t be barraging buyers with repeated discount offers, clogging up my email and my phones CPU. They’d actually sell items. Poshmark could fix this problem by suggesting 75% off price originally paid (who pays full retail upfront anyway? No one.) and higher based on age of item and condition. Shoes aren’t posh if the heels are worn to nubs. Also- I’m not buying a damaged “designer” item at any discount once there’s a hole in it, it doesn’t matter what the label says. No one sees the label. They see the hole. That’s what Goodwill is for. There are a ton of items that are listed but no longer for sale, and it’s not obvious- Poshmark should have a time limit for sellers which would encourage them to price things to move and bonus- not frustrate buyers looking at a coat that someone couldn’t sell last year for $50 so they donated it and never deleted the listing.

- Thankful, but not like it used to be

I have found the posh community and customer service for the most part to be exceptional. Posh has been a good side gig with the added benefit of cleaning and decluttering my closets and I made anywhere from $300-$750 per month for the first year. However in years 2-3 posh raised its commission and ship rates twice. So now it’s hard to offer a good deal without basically giving stuff away. If you go under $10 on anything and count posh’s 20% commission plus a (usually expected since it’s almost $8) ship discount you are making only a buck or two. There are also a lot of people who think you should be thrilled to sell them a Gucci handbag for $15. I’ve literally received offers that ridiculous. And people who think you should post 19 extra pictures and 10 measurements on an item listed for 9 that they will offer you $5 on after you go back and do all of that. Finally, Posh is an app that expects you put in a LOT of time and effort to make any return. Not only with your own closet but others too. Engage engage and engage some more. So when I was making an average of $500 a month that was worth it but under $100, not so much. I started a different app last week that doesn’t take as much commission or require as much engagement and I have already made $300 there... in one week... So not feeling as great about Poshmark lately

- Steep commission, meh w/failed transactions

Poshmark is outstanding because of the inventory posted by the users/members. PM itself takes a hefty 20% Commission for the convenience of using its platform and its shipping/payment software. That’s some pretty light lifting by PM and not a whole lot of risk for 20% (the $500+ authentication service is worth it). Also, if a transaction goes bad, especially something as simple as a canceled sale, it takes Poshmark two full business days to return the funds... that are simply sitting in Poshmark’s accounts. If a buyer used redeemable funds (also sitting in Poshmark’s accounts), which were deducted from her/his available balance immediately at the time of the sale, a canceled sale (with no merchandise shipped) should result in immediate replenishment of those redeemable funds. The two day delay, especially in that scenario, makes no sense and probably doesn’t even benefit PM a whole lot because they hold the funds regardless of whether they are in “escrow” waiting for the sale to be completed or are assigned to an individual “redeemable funds” balance, earning whatever (overnight interest, etc.) they do on the “float.” Nevertheless, this is still the best option for finding fantastic, comprehensive, inventory and being able to negotiate price with the actual seller, so I’m in it until someone improves on the process or offers a more economical option for the users.

- Poshmark

Great place to sell, buy and meet new people from all over, I just bought a new home other wise my closet would be 10 times larger, Once I am finished with my move that’s when my closet will become a lot more items on My Poshmark closet, if fact at my new home I have 1 of my bedrooms I am turning into my Poshmark Room only, I will also have a personal model so I can sell my clothes a lot faster, people like to see the clothes on a person, much better than taking a photo on a hanger or lying on a bed, ect. I have turned Poshmark onto many friends, family, health aids, one of my friends is just starting her poshmark and with her Dad being a Multi millionaire she will have some beautiful clothing, boots, shoes, ect. even people I meet in stores,I tell them about Poshmark I have been in customer service and sales for over 38 yrs. I have even helped people on Poshmark sell there clothing, I also share every morning other posh people items, this one lady is looking for a specific Jacket I told her I would help her find one, POSHMARK will become one of the Largest App. In the U.S within 1-2 more years, if you think Poshmark is large now just wait and see, If only I could buy some STOCK in Poshmark I would. Yours truly Kathrine Gould

- Great App for grabbing deals!

I love this app I just wish there was better customer service...I don’t understand why there is no phone number to cal to speak directly to a human. You have to email only and await a reply. Also you cannot message sellers directly regarding an order you can only message them by commenting on their items or one you bought which means that the message can get lost in their feed and not received on time or possibly ever. And I think that giving buyers 3 whole days to decide is a long time to allow them to then return the item. I personally take photos as I’m packing, but I don’t know there’s any seller protection. I have to be honest here, I do think their selling fee is extremely high and do believe it’s higher than a lot of others. Plus they set your discounts you can offer and I’m unsure what their formula is exactly, but often times it seems too low. I guess maybe the shipping fee is good for some but I ship a lot of smaller items and it seems a lot of money with only a small amount of insurance and I cannot purchase further insurance myself. But there are lots of eager buyers on this app so if you want to sell to eager people at a serious discount this is the app for you!

- Welcome to high school, Poshmark academy of wanna be mean girls

I started on poshmark about 8 months ago, it was fun at first. I use many resale apps. And poshmark is the only app that allows its users to be closed circles, trashing each other sabotaging each other. Most resale apps, don’t even allow as much as a cuss word, much less allow another user to create a listing with all their personal information and photos of their children. Most apps have programs or real people who detect these problems and nip them in the bud, not Poshmark they make you wait 3 days, then they ask for a direct to the listing before they take it down. Also you ever felt unsafe about your home address being on the label you should, the user harrassing me. Tried to send the police to my home! This whole experience has been a nightmare Poshmark has let this user repeatedly invade my privacy. Kept me from making sales, and even after I sent Poshmark all the evidence they still have done nothing this user even posted gloating about the police reports. I did nothing to provoke this attack. And I have heard of similar stories of other users who are Poshmark ambassadors from hell! Preying on new users. What if this user had been successful or even worse made up some crazy scenario to get the police to come to my home. Trigger happy police all over what? A user with too much time on their hands? I am leaving this app, Poshmark provides no protection for its users. Poshmark where the pettiness is real

- Poshmark is great place to sell and buy clothing love!

I’ve been selling and buying on this platform for about a year and half andIt’s a great way to minimize unwanted clothing items and to purchase new or like new items and give them a new life at a great price too! Although shipping is a flat rate shipping you can offer reduce shipping it may be much for one item but the good thing is you can ship up to 5 pounds with one shipping label which is priority shipping as well and the person gets her item usually within 2 to 3 days and you get paid quicker which is a really good deal and still it’s cheaper than purchasing shipping on your own at the post office I saw another apps but I’ve sold the most this past year on Poshmark I’m trying to download size all of my items and this is helping me and helping me earn extra money to pay off bills at same time!Customer service is excellent they respond back right away even though it’s only through email I’ve never had a problem where they didn’t answer right away so if you’re thinking about clearing out your closet I want to earn some extra money while you do it download the Poshmark app do you won’t be sorry you did and it’s fun too 🤗🌸

- Cannot delete old offers and parties!

I've only bought a few things on here but I've received a whole lot of notifications for offers and parties. I've tried like crazy to delete the old offers and party notifications but Poshmark's website says there's no way to opt out of party invites and no way to delete all of the old offers and/or bundles, and also that you can't make any changes to your account online, only through the app, and that doesn't go far enough. When you click to only show active offers/bundles, it doesn't show the offers previously made cause they've since expired. I've tried to unlike items but the offers still show up so if I want to make a counter offer I have to check through all the old offers to find the one item. It's ridiculous. There's just garbage to look through. I don't want party invites and I want to delete my offers/bundles/party invites, and anything else that might come up. I've turned off all of the notifications but they're still there when I reopen the app and they pop up every time I'm in the app. In addition, I agree that the 20% cut and the high shipping costs hurt everyone. I've gotten offers with reduced shipping but when I try to accept an offer it says I'm going to be paying the normal $7.11, so I don't do it. Then when I want to make an offer, I factor in the $7.11 shipping costs and offer the difference to the seller. All of this is so annoying!

- Win Win

Poshmark has been very user friendly. I have made enough sales to keep it interesting. My “goal” is to sell items I have around that I think someone else would benefit from and put to good use, while I cash in on a few dollars. I have had most all good experiences with both buying & selling. My plan was to sell only and make a few dollars on items I may have donated. It is bothersome when people low ball offers. I have missed out on some offers because I truly feel the value of my item deserves more than their offer. Especially since Poshmark gets the first 20%! All in all I feel it is a “win win”. My first feedback I gave on a purchase the seller responded not very nice. I thought I was being kindly helpful....oops I was wrong! Lesson learned. The site is easy to navigate and the poshers I have dealt with seem to be very upfront & honest. I have actually qualified to be an Ambassador; however I have not elected to do so. Not ready to commit to the requirements. I am so far satisfied with my experience to date. I have learned in life to take one day at a time! Thank you for the opportunity to list, sell & buy. I like how well the site functions so far. Thank you for allowing this feedback.


Poshmark has SHADY refund practices and even shadier “members” “selling” their items on the app/site. Poshmark does NOTHING to weed out these “bad sales practice” users, and instead, punishes the buyer by taking WEEKS to return money for items that sellers never bothers to mail out. I purchased items TWICE (from different sellers) and BOTH times the sellers refused to mail my orders or even respond to my messages. I had already paid but Poshmark first made me wait about 10 days to request my money back. Once I requested my money back, it took Poshmark another 3 days to even acknowledge that I cancelled the order and wanted my money back. After that, it took them ANOTHER 15 days (and an angry email from me) to get them to finally release my money back to my bank account. The stress and hassle of Poshmark isn’t worth it and it’s not fair to have to wait almost a month to get money back from Poshmark which they received within a matter of seconds. They also need really need to be more strict with who they allow to sell on their app/site. When sellers REPEATEDLY have reports against them that say they reuse to mail out orders, those users need to be banned immediately and blocks should be made to try to stop them from creating a new account. There are just more bad apples than good ones on Poshmark so just make sure you are prepared for frustration, to have your money sitting in limbo for about a month and to be completely let down.

- Wonderful, with 1 flaw

I have been using Poshmark for a few weeks now. I have always wanted to get into selling online. I started with Mercari, but things were really slowing down on there. I had heard of Posh, and said, "why not give it a try." I posted my first item, and within hours, it sold! I was ecstatic. I went on a listing spree, and sold a couple more items over a 3 day span. I listed, shared, listed, shared. It worked. Since then, I have made 10 sales (which might not be that impressive but it was old stuff I wasn't using) and have made almost 120$!!!!!!! The customer service is extremely helpful. On Mercari, it is just automated. I like the vibe of Posh, where it really isn't just an utter flea market where everything happens at once. The parties are super creative and helpful. My listings get shared SO much!!! The community is so helpful on Poshmark and also Instagram. I would totally reccomwnd this to anyone. Whether it be for the community aspect, customer support, or quick sales, I reccomend this. The only negative thing is the fee. 20% is a LOT. I think 12-16% would be much better, as it can really eat into your margins. That is my only negative thing. Thanks for reading!!

- Real Thrift Experience in Virtual Form

I’ve been on Poshmark for a few months now and since then I’ve gotten Depop and thredUP, so l have apps to compare it to. Poshmark is like a virtual representation of the real thrifting experience; you have to rummage through a lot of crap to find the gems. Besides the sellers, it seems the app is trying to do a lot all at once, but instead of being invested in all that it has to offer I find myself craving the simple and clean aesthetic of the other apps. Posh-ambassadors? Boutiques versus closets? Events 4 times a day? Sharing as much as you possibly can so people will pay attention to your closet! Emojis emojis emojis! My head is spinning. It’s probably just me but it’s also really annoying how people (with no taste) seem to personalize (over personalize) their profiles and make (obvious) “rules” or “etiquette” for their pages. Oh joy more to look at... That being said I do like how some people (with taste) personalize their photos and put real thought into their profiles. Another huge plus is how super easy it is to send packages with Poshmark just emailing you the shipping label and allocating the money for shipping ahead of time. Makes the process a no brainer and why this review got 4 stars instead of the 3 the chaotic culture and style of the app deserves.

- Easy to use, but...

I signed up in early 2015, and I have to say this app is fantastically easy to use and I love it. I've done ok, selling-wise, gotten some great deals, as well as met (virtually, anyway) some great ladies. It’s wonderful! A few cons - I wish they had better filters when searching for items. As some reviewers have noted, "abandoned" closets or users who haven't signed on in months still have their items come up in search results. I also wish sellers had to ship faster - paying almost $7 for priority mail shipping is frustrating as you could wait up to 7 days for the seller to ship. At least PM follows up on day 4 now, but that doesn’t mean a seller will ship timely. I think you should be able to cancel your order on day 5 of waiting, if you don’t hear from your seller. Additionally in the last year, the site has focused a lot more on wholesale - there is a huge glut of cheap clothes that users buy from China wholesale sites and resell at steep markups. Everyone is selling the same crap, and it’s harder to find quality stuff. I also think they lack seller protections - sometimes users give you low ratings when items don't fit, and you get some canned response from PM that basically says "Oh well, take the good with the bad”

- Love for the MOST part

Poshmark is great and probably one of the better selling apps, but there’s constant issues with its offers and cancels. They state offers are “binding” for 24 hours, but take a few hours (heaven forbid working your day job) not on the app and the offer you received on an item 3 or 4 hours ago is now cancelled by the buyer. With no reason why, Poshmark has invalidated their policies, leaving their sellers without the sale and the buyer able to just “offer” fickly with no actual “binding” to them. When you want to reach out and contact Poshmark about these issues or anything really, there is no way to reach them. You select “contact support” within the app and nothing happens but a blank loading page never to be loaded (probably exactly what they want) so nothing get progressed. I even tried so much as to get onto the website version to try to contact support but that outcome was exactly the same. So, for selling a few things occasionally - it’s a great app! And you CAN sell your items fairly quick. For selling items regularly and throughout the year for extra money outside of work - I would just prepare to not always be able to accept every offer sent to you and to no have any conclusive reason why or to contact Poshmark with your issues.

- A few too many bad experiences

I want to start this by saying I think the idea of this app is amazing, and I loved it for a long time. However, I’ve recently encountered a couple poor experiences as a Poshmark seller. First, I sold a pair of jeans that were regular length, and I listed the inseam in the description. However, when the buyer received the jeans, she gave me a 1-star rating because the jeans were too long for her. I tried to fight the 1-star rating with Poshmark’s customer support, but they told me they couldn’t do anything to remove the unwarranted poor rating. More recently, I had a buyer purchase a bundle of 23 items from my closet, which I was really excited about. However, in order to mail the heavy box, I was going to have to purchase a shipping label that cost half of what my earnings would be. In turn, the buyer and I decided to cancel the transaction. But now, all 23 of those items are marked as “sold,” and can’t be purchased. The customer support team informed me that I would have to create new listings for each item. I guess the joke’s on me, though, because instead of making half the profit I originally would, those 23 items are going to Goodwill and I am closing my Poshmark account. Overall, it would be great to see the seller protected a little more on Poshmark!


Hi there! Here is my two cents! I L💖VE this app because it is so much MORE than an app! I joined the Poshmark Community just three short months ago, to do as so many others’ are doing here: making Closet space, and passing on items than no longer fit/Never did fit🤓/ or that you simply do not wear any longer. Poshmark is great for that! Not an auction but rather a truly online store. I have made several purchases along the way, all of which I am very pleased with. And I have made a good deal of money selling my own personal items that I’ve never worn. I am mostly a shoe/Jewelry-obsessed kinda girl, so it’s been very easy to sell. You get a pre-paid postage label, SUPER-Convenient! I get my supplies online as well, I only pay for my actual “presentation” which for me is a handwritten Thank You, and various sizes of colorful pouches that I Package my jewelry items in. I also would like to mention that if you seek and find a “Share” Buddy, it becomes even easier. I have one remarkable Sharer, who always helps me at Every Party! And I have several more Share Buddies that do the same. It is truly a community of Buyers, Sellers, and Friends! Try it for your self!!! Thanks! SAMLOVESLIFE

- Incredible

If I could give this app more then 5 stars, I would. I am a college student and the only way to make money is to sell my clothes and things I don’t use anymore. Poshmark makes it so easy and simple to buy and sell items. The shipping is quick and easy. The fact that they create the shipping label for you is so convenient and timeless. I recently had a poor experience with a seller who was selling a Fjallraven Kanken backpack (something I’ve been looking for and wanting for a long time.) It was in the color I wanted and everything. They offered me a good price so I purchased! I got it in the mail and it was, indeed a fake product. Immediately I was let down and upset as well as out a lot of money. Just a little bit more than what I paid the seller I could have gotten a brand new one from Urban Outfitters. Anyways, I contacted Posh instantly and they replied within a few hours. They were super cooperative and understanding. They offered me the x amount of what I paid back to my account which was so sweet of them. I’ve never worked with a company that was so understanding and easy to work with. I love this app and the people who run it.

- Ehh.

Sales are great, but forget getting any support. I’ve had far too many issues that have left me unable to reach anyone in PM support for assistance. They don’t offer any real methods for sellers to protect themselves from unfair or incorrect ratings or reviews, and the returns process is a nightmare for both parties involved. As a seller, I recently had an issue with a large boutique order, in which the buyer ripped two pieces in trying them on. She submitted a return request to PM, stating that the items were ripped when she bought them, which wasn’t the case. It was evident in the photos that she provided that the items were stretched which is what caused them to tear. Regardless, her return was approved and she received a full refund, though I only received part of the order back. It’s been a nightmare trying to get PM to help me, as I’m out nearly $60 in product, and this particular customer received two free tops. The customer service has been atrocious; every time I receive an email response (for the times they actually do respond), I get the same automated message to contact someone from support via the app. It’s like an endless loop that does me absolutely no good. SELLER BEWARE. If you’re planning on selling on this platform, be prepared to be screwed out of your merchandise, as PM is clearly more invested in protecting fraudulent buyers than they are in protecting their sellers from said fraudulent transactions.

- Love hate relationship

I listed a few things on poshmark on a whim because I got tired of taking things to consignment shops and only getting a small amount back. I like poshmark because it's easy. One major downside is the commission fee. Poshmark keeps 20%. It may not sound like much but it adds up. The lower you list your items, the less you get. It gets to the point that they're not even worth listing if you're only going to get $2 back. This also goes for expensive items and you'll notice a lot of sellers commenting that their items are listed elsewhere for a cheaper price. Another issue is low ballers. People want you to go out and spend your hard earned money on expensive items and they only want to pay $5-$10 for them and it's ridiculous. Buyers have the option of "bundling" items and sellers have the option to offer discounts on bundles. I've had someone bundle about 8 items that came out to $120, with the discount it came out to $100 and she offered me $60 and I would have only gotten $48 after the poshmark fees. Sorry but I'm not just going to give items away. This happens daily. I agree with others that the cost of shipping is a problem as well. People shouldn't have to pay $6 or $7 for small items like jewelry to be shipped.

- Not worth the time

I agree with the other reviews stating that Poshmark protects buyers but not sellers. Also, the fact that they conduct all “support” through email is a hassle, as sometimes it’s easier to get to the point through a phone call with a live person. I sold a pair of shoes that were clearly stated as worn on the listing, only to have the buyer comment to cancel the order after the transaction had gone through and order was shipped. Once they received the order, they opened a case stating the item wasn’t as advertised and was stained. Poshmark approved their “case” with no approval from me or even asking me for further detail, and closed the case saying the shoes were being sent back. I recently had moved and updated my address in the app but the shoes were returned to the old address, despite me changing it in the app and Poshmark stated this was an “approved” return on my part to that address. Now I’m waiting to see if USPS will even return my package to the correct package, or it’s just going to be lost and I’ll lose the money from the sale too because the buyer changed their mind and opened a case just to protect themselves. Strongly thinking about deleting this app in entirety as they DO NOT PROTECT THEIR SELLERS and it took me 2 emails just to get a useless answer from support. It’s not worth the time or money once something goes wrong. “Happy Poshing!”......yeah right.

- I’m loving Poshmark!!!

I became a posher almost a year ago, but didn’t start listing until almost a month later. My very first sale was shortly thereafter and was full price! That doesn’t always happen, but it sure feels good when it does. My closet has been closed for almost half that time because I’ve been away several times, but I’ve still done quite well with sales,. It’s a lot of fun being creative with your ads with settings, words, props, etc, I’d wanted to be a clothing designer since I was eleven. It didn’t happen, but I get such a thrill searching for fashionable and sometimes unique things I think my customers and followers will love! I really enjoy the posh parties. Meeting other pushers to share each other’s listings with their followers really helps expand your sales and exposure. It’s a great pass time-Id rather do this than be on social media or watch a movie ( I sometimes find myself joining a party or searching for new poshers to follow instead of giving my all to the movie.) 😃. I can’t wait to see what next year will bring! Oh, and the crew at Posh are great at helping answer any questions you may have.

- Worst Service I’ve ever had

SAY AWAY AT ALL COST! YOU WILL WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY!! This was literally my worst purchasing experience in my adult life. After finding an item I’d been looking for for ages for a gift, I purchased it and got a confirmation email. 5 days later, I realize I haven’t received an email saying the item was shipped. I try to make an account to check my order, but the website keeps saying there was an error, with no other info. I reach out to customer service and explain the problem, who tells me I need to register to do an ID check even though I JUST told them I can’t register!! And they tell me they cancelled my order without me ever asking to. Afraid that someone might order my item in the meantime, I start the process again with a different card and different email address only FOR THE SAME EXACT THING TO HAPPEN!!! I’ve lost a dozen hours trying to get this item, and since the custom service is a “no reply” address I’ve had to go through they’re request system 3 times, and have gotten the same exact generic email 3 times with a 72 hour delay each time, completely ignoring what my problem was. Moral of the story, my purchase has been cancelled again, I’ve lost so much time and money (processing fee for every “cancelled” purchase) and won’t have a gift on time for Christmas because I’ve been dealing with this stuff for two weeks now!!!


Poshmark is a horrible app and has disgusting business practices! They charge all buyers a flat $7 shippping fee even on a super cheap and light weight items that are only costing them $3 to ship. Then they take 20 percent of the sale when apps like Mercari only take 10 percent! DO NOT USE THIS SITE. Use Mercari instead, it’s way easier to sell and navigate and use and you will make way more money! Poshmark feels like a 10 year old Facebook page. The only reason I’m using it is because I already have 2 Mercari accounts and I wanted to sell my shoes on a different account to separate the types of items I sell. I’ll probably just end up creating a third Mercari account because Poshmark is so bad. **UPDATE: Poshmark replied to my review claiming that most of the 20% selling fee goes towards credit card processing fees, insurance for packages and customer support NOT towards profit. That is a complete lie. Mercari, eBay and OfferUp have a 10-13% selling fee and offer all of these same exact things. That extra 10% that Poshmark takes over countless other apps is getting turned into profit for the rich business owners who would never in their life buy something used or from a third party seller. I’m deleting my account now and you should too. Please just go download Mercari and use that. You will sell your stuff 5x as fast and you’ll get way more money.

- Refunding to bank takes way too long

I shop and sell on this app. I like it and hate it at the same time. Once I’m done selling my items I’m done with Posh. When canceling an order or returning a damaged item, I understand having to wait for the refund until the item is returned, however, for the funds to be deposited back in my bank to take 10-14 days is ridiculous! Poshmark blames the bank, but it is NOT the bank. Mercari and Vinted with a cancel or return the money is deposited back into my account in 2 days. Another issue is the shipping cost. A single small item costing almost $7 to ship is horrible. Posh needs to have different shipping rates for less than 5lb packages like Mercari and Vinted. The supposed fast shipping isn’t even fast when tons of sellers will wait till 5 days to ship the item. I’ve waited over 7 days as well. Some items after waiting for them to finally be shipped, I receive them and their stained or have holes. The 20% Posh also takes from each sell and $2.95 for anything under $10 is horrible. I can rarely make a sell unless I discount items or bundles crazy low. So I’m barely making anything. I’ve made some money on this app, but I’ve lost a ton too. Lost more than I’ve made. Not worth it to me.

- Horrific customer service

(Update) In response to the “developer response”: Over the past three weeks I have sent seven emails to the exact email you provided. I did not receive a single response. It’s insulting you would ask me to send another one knowing it will go unanswered. No thanks. I’ve wasted enough of my time. After spending over $1500 in the past three weeks I will be cancelling my account. I am certain Poshmark will roll their eyes out of lack of concern because that’s the treatment I have received after THREE issues in the short time I’ve used Poshmark. I was charged shipping over $500 (even though it states free), I was sent a Louis Vuitton bag I did not even purchase, and received no courtesy response to a Louis Vuitton bag I paid for but received damaged. I was more insulted that I received quick attention in regards to a bag their employee sent me on accident but I received ZERO response for the help I requested regarding the damaged bag in over three weeks of waiting. It’s evident Poshmark is not concerned with customer service or having their platform run smoothly. I made four high end transactions and there were way too many issues regarding the overcharging and receiving of those items. It’s too risky to buy luxury items with them. Many sellers have their merchandise available on Mercari and I will be using their services from now on.

- Simplify Your Closet With Posh!

Poshmark has helped me sort through my closet and keep the items that I really want to wear - if I don’t absolutely love it, I should sell it! After 2+ years, I’ve now sold over 100 items, simplified my closet and outfit choices, and purchased new items that fit in “my style” (that Poshmark has undoubtedly helped me define). Yes, you’ll get lowball offers - take them as opportunity to make an appropriate compromise or just pass them up, no stress! Yes, there’s a 20% commission that Posh takes, but that’s an acceptable cost to use their great system (and as the seller, not have to deal with shipping rates or undersupported customer service). Yes, you’ll buy things that don’t fit perfectly, but you can resell them! I often shop for items I’m already looking for (size, shape, brand) to avoid purchasing something that might not fit. Overall, as a buyer and seller, this app is so great! It will help you remove items from your closet that don’t get a lot of wear or that you don’t absolutely love, and in return, have credit (or cash) toward new items that fit your style! Watch out - you’ll get hooked!

- Love the concept, however..

Let me start by saying I love Poshmark and it’s changed my life. I’ve got so many clothes, lightly used, and at a fraction of the retail price. I’ve sold some pieces too. The one thing that’s bothering me more and more are all the “Posh Embassadors”. They’ve got enormous closets full of stuff they collect at thrift and consignment shops, then list the prices based on the brands. The sellers I prefer to shop from are just regular people with regular closets who have a few things they’d like to clear out, so they list them for a greatly discounted price, just to get rid of them. That’s not the case with the Posh Embassadors. They’re looking to only make money, not to clear out their current closet, so they price everything very high. For example, not a lot of people want to pay $80 for a 20-year-old Ralph Lauren sweater. If I wanted that, I’d go to Goodwill and buy it for $8. My point is, Poshmark was a place I’d go to get great deals while helping people like me clear out their closets. Now it’s just an expensive retail boutique where everything is priced higher than it should be, considering its used condition. Sorry for such a long rant, I’m just tired of all the posh Embassadors lol.

- Religious Discrimination

One of our Christian posts with a simple Bible verse was recently flagged and deleted (we lost all data/ interaction, etc.) for being offensive. Poshmark’s current policy is to allow any user to do this and then place a restriction on a whole account pending suspension. The mediation policy that significantly causes loss of business without a prior right of notification and due process including corroborated evidence is unconstitutional on several accounts. It is good they added the clause of severability as their policies, especially in regards to moderation, are extremely far reaching and yes, unconstitutional. We have lost many followers and interactivity due to this recourse, during this interim, with no evidence provided, no vetting, etc. Under their process, please note, we are stated as guilty until Poshmark reads the email and hopefully thinks otherwise, only at their discretion. We are deeply and justifiably concerned with how their policies allow for discrimination and negatively affecting business over fellow posher’s whims, whether that be for religious discrimination or competitive reasons as well. We have also never received any type of actionable mediation from Poshmark, but rather pre-programmed responses until we tire out. We’re tired of making them money (20% of our work) only for them to act so hurtfully and morally deficient in this and many other cases.

- Poshmark is for Everyone

It took me a little while to fully understand how to buy & sell on Poshmark! But everyone was so kind & helpful. Read all they have on buying & selling before you do either, it will help you be a better buyer. I love Posh because we all work together to help each other. Every other selling app is the opposite. I love that I can help other moms have great clothes at amazing prices. And all the amazing sellers who really want to see you love your purchase. I take great pride in my reviews! I package each order with tissue, thank you card and a free gift. I do this because I love receiving my orders this way. I have a bunch of return customers because of the extras. If you have not given Poshmark a try you are truly missing out. I use to love consignment store shopping. I have not gone in over a year because Poshmark is just better. If your a deal hunter Poshmark is for you! If your into high end items Poshmark is for you! If your looking for something unique Poshmark is for you! You get my message!!! Poshmark is all about working together and helping each other!!! Buying for a Social Media World!

- Shipping cost

i use this to both buy and sell clothing, and i can say that both sides has its perks and downfalls. biggest downfall for buying is the hefty shipping cost. they just updated their shipping rate and it’s now $7.11 for only up to 5 pounds which is ridiculous bc they promote bundling from the same seller if you like multiple items from them, but chances are the more you bundle the heavier the package will be and the seller is only covered for 5 pounds. back in 2014 when poshmark first started it was only $4.99 shipping. i miss those days. i sold something in january of this year and the shipping label i received said “priority mail 1 day”. just yesterday i sold something right after they updated the shipping rate and now it says “priority mail 3 day”. so now we’re paying more for longer shipping time? great. additionally they take 20% of all earnings if you sell something, which makes me conflicted as both a buyer and seller because i want to make as much as i can back, but understand that shipping is expensive for the buyer. i understand the 20% commissions when they first started but now they’re a really popular and well used app. they have plenty of sales and business. 10% seems more like a fair commission.

- Terrible terrible terrible

If you have an honest seller you're fine, but once you step on a deceptive landmine you're in for hell. While unlike most, I had a return approved, the email nightmare to (unsuccessfully ) return an over sized item was more stress than a bit of savings are worth. Sent a broken luggage set, I needed a heavy weight label. The normal returns only cover up to five pounds. There is no way to automate a request for a heavy label, so I had to email customer support. That alone took a day ( you get two to complete the return for your refund) and they gave a boiler plate answer with no large label. The next one did get me a label, but that was the evening of the end of the time period. I sent back a note asking if I could still return and they never responded. Two months later I decide to delete the account all together, and can't because they have a ticket still open. I email support and ask them to close the account. They ask me to ship the item first. I'm not bothering to return it at this point as I'm sure they won't return my money after such incompetence. I email back saying no, just delete my account. Then they send a threatening email saying I have 24 hours to ship the item. I tell customer support off. Doubt I'll get a response, but honestly, avoid this awful, insipid company.

- Good App! But could be even better

I really like this app. I’ve made quite a bit of money using it to sell my clothes, and its got some really great features that help you buy and sell quickly and easily. For example, they have a great categorization system for filtering items you want to see. I also like having the ability to comment on posts, because it keeps things more open and clear to all potential buyers. And I like having a profile I can customize with pictures and a bio. However there are some issues, like the size filter can be hard to make work when searching for clothes in my size, which is important. It overall could be made more user friendly. Also, and this is my biggest pet peeve about this app, they have to do away with the flat rate shipping cost. I personally use the app mainly to get good deals on cute clothes, so an unavoidable $7.11 shipping fee, though nice cause it’s expedited, typically isn’t something I want to have to pay. Mercari lets you enter a weight that helps determine shipping costs for your items, which I think is fantastic. Offerup does the same, to a more simplified degree. Other than that, it’s a good app.

- Love it!

This app has been so much fun. I got super sick of another famous resell company and payment taker out there (I won’t name names but I imagine you can guess) and all the scammers they allow to get away with things. It was awful. I was a great user of that company for almost 20 years! I’m done! I was so thankful when someone shared Poshmark with me. I’m in love. I’ve sold 45 items in about 2 weeks time. I love the ease of the app. It’s very user friendly and easy to understand. I like that Poshmark takes care of the shipping and you can use any usps priority box and print their label. There’s no reusing boxes or squeezing items in flat rate envelopes to save money- you can actually box things up nicely now!! They take the fees out so you don’t have to go back and pay them. And they hold on to your money before the buyer approves their purchase. Which I love so if I do ever have a mistake I don’t have to worry about spending the money too quickly and then having to refund when the money is spent. However I have yet to have any issues with buyers or the app at all. I’m hoping it stays this positive!

- Didn’t take care of buyer and bad response

***This is an UPDATE: after Poshmark read this they said to contact support Poshmark.... well, I did before giving this review and nothing happened. No explanation. No use in contact support Poshmark. This is also the 3rd time Poshmark decided on something and gave no explanations. I also sold an LV bag and buyer decided to return and gave no reason and Poshmark never answered. It was authenticated twice and passed by Poshmark. It contradicts the seller protection policy that you guys have. Complete waste of time. *** I opened a case after asking seller if it was ok because color was not what I wanted. And seller was ok, so we sent in pictures in natural sunlight and it was obvious that the color looks orange/pinkish not pure red. Poshmark closed the case and didn’t even notify me. To me, being with Poshmark ever since it started, this is very disappointing. Very unhappy with how they deal with buyers. There was no explanation whatsoever why it was denied a return. I’ve been with eBay and they were always helpful when buyer is not content with either color or condition and either a hole or stain. I don’t usual get caught up in this type of mess but OMG, they really screw me over this time. They didn’t even offer a partial refund or anything! Biased! Even Poshmark said to make sure buyer is happy in their guideline.....well I’m NOT HAPPY AT ALL.

- Pros and cons but great overall

Love this app. It helps sellers reach buyers in a quick and efficient manner. Prices are great for both the seller and buyer. I used to take my used clothes to places like Plato’s and get a measly 2% of the original price. This app allows sellers to make a good profit and buyers to get a great item for a percentage of the original cost. Some things aren’t so great; Sellers (like myself) can get conned out of their money and the item from a bad buyer. I had a very expensive dress bought from me and the buyer decided to “dirty it up” to get a full refund from poshmark and I never got the dress back. Plus poshmark has a pretty high commission rate compared to other apps like Mercari. They take a set percentage of your profit and that only makes sellers increase the price. Leading to less buyers etc etc. Buyers can also be in love with an item and purchase it, but the sellers haven’t used the app for an extended period of time. There needs to be a way to hide listings with sellers like that. There’s also an ungodly amount of “boutiques” that are full of overpriced cheap clothing from China. They tag their items as a specific brand (when it’s not). It’s pretty annoying to deal with.

- Be very careful

While most people have a good experience with Poshmark, always remember one thing, it is about making money! Poshmark is not going to make money if buyers don’t buy. So, they will side with the buyer! I had a great experience until this happened to me. A buyer bought a bag, opened it and filed a case she said,I put some kind of product on the bag to make it darker and the leather bag smelled rancid. She provided pictures that were not clear, not in natural light. Pictures were only of the front of the bag as well. I was stunned I never had anything like this happen while selling on Poshmark. I quickly demanded to see pictures in natural light of the whole bag. This bag I bought from another posher it was in fabulous condition. I only had it for a short time .Certainly no smells or odors. Support was useless!!! I wrote to them right away!They sided with her. That was three days ago still haven’t seen the bag and never did get the pictures Of the whole bag front and back in natural light like I requested. I get great reviews from other buyers, so this is not just complaining. This experience propelled me to write to say, remember selling on Poshmark is not about great customer service to both the buyer and the seller it is about making money for Poshmark first and foremost.

- Great for buyers, not great for sellers, search tools need improvement

Posh is great if you’re looking to buy cheap designer clothes, but they really do everything they can to gouge their sellers and don’t offer good support. They take as high a percentage of your earnings as eBay and also force you to pay for shipping discounts, even though I have had USPS workers comment on the number of small poshmark packages they see that have paid too much for shipping. I have had issues with requesting & receiving new labels (I travel a lot and have had to change my return address), which caused a delay on a recent shipment. Also, the search tools on the app leave a lot to be desired. On the website you can select multiple colors, brands etc, but on the app you have to search by individual brand and color, which is a serious hassle. Overall I like the idea and have found some great pieces here, but I am hesitant to continue selling, and I am seeing more and more users posting that their items are listed for cheaper on alternative platforms such as Mercari that can be easier to search, you can actually message people instead of having to comment publicly, and they don’t take such a big cut of your earnings.

- Good and bad

I like Poshmark to a degree. It has allowed me to get exposure to a wider buying audience. That’s nice. But the 20% fee taken out is too high for the lack of customer service. For example, I had a sale and I contacted customer service to ask about the buyer because I saw concerning comments on their profile by other sellers. 2 days and no reply. Yet you get 20% of my price? On another occasion a buyer ranked my item one star because it didn’t match the item she had at home. When I contacted PM to complain about it, they said they couldn’t do anything and issued me a $3 credit for me to use towards a purchase. That’s not sufficient. When it’s clear the review is unwarranted it should be removed by Poshmark. Taking a week or more to answer emails is ridiculous. When you take such a large cut of our sales, you need better service. One last thing that really bugs me is the date of the postage. Say an item sells in a Sunday. It’s postmarked for that day even though it can’t possibly be sent that day. It makes a buyer think we are sitting on their packages. At this point I am looking at other options. With buyers trying to haggle everything to less than $10 and your huge cut, it’s hardly worth it anymore.

- Great Experience, Possibly Better Return/Refund Service?

I’m a lonnnggg time Poshmark shopper. I’ve had GREAT experiences with the app. Up until recently, I’ve never had an issue. However, recently I bought an item (from a brand that I’ve purchased many things from before). However, when I received the item, it didn’t fit 😭. What I now hate about this company is that all sales are final, so if an item doesn’t fit, you don’t get your money back (which ends up being a lot because they OVERCHARGE shipping). The only way a refund is given is if an item isn’t shipped past 7 days or ordering it or other issues such as an item not being displayed correctly and so on (you can submit a case to Poshmark if these circumstances apply). This experience has really deterred me from using the app because I lost a bit of money on this item (not the sellers fault and not my fault, simply the cut of the item). I hope Poshmark can find a system to issue refunds for items that don’t fit! You never know how an item is going to fit when you receive it no matter how much info a seller gives you, and I feel Poshmark does not allow leeway for this.

- This app is horrible

They charge 20% fees to sell which really adds up and I think is excessive and shipping is fixed at 6.49 which is good for bigger, heavier items that would actually cost a lot to ship, but when I want to buy a single eyeshadow or something super light, I still have to pay the $6.49 and while it is priority mail, that service is only maybe a couple days faster than first class package and first class package is roughly $3.50 to ship one shadow and it’s a waste to get it MAYBE 2 days faster. No one actually seems to ship right away, I always have to wait several days for things to ship plus the actual shipping time and it ends up arriving about a full week after I purchased it due to delay in shipping by sellers. Poshmark support is extremely unhelpful with issues and there is a huge issue with inactive sellers (I’ve dealt with at least 2 selling the same vault for a great price that’s sold out and gouging prices on eBay). The users are rude and try to make beyond unfair offers on BRAND NEW items so I make like $4 for a 100% unused $20 retail shadow and that’s not OK. Just because items are unboxed doesn’t give people the right to basically try to steal it from you. Mercari is better, 10% is still a fair amount in fees, but people seem more respectful there and support is way more helpful.

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Use code 💗JOANNAW38 for $15💗 I have been using this app for almost five years now! Great place to buy second hand clothing from brands ranging from Michael kors, brandy Melville, Louis Vuitton, aritzia, and more. The costs are very affordable for the quality as well and it’s very easy to sell items on the app! Good way to make extra cash on the side!🥰

- Great

Great app to buy your dream items without maxing out your credit card.

- Great but could be better…

After its release in Canada, I quickly jumped on and added Poshmark to one of the many popular selling platforms (Instagram, Depop, Etsy, Craigslist, to name a few) I use regularly. However, the app could be better. While it is a breeze to post items for sale and shipping logistics are done on their end for you, the user interface and design can improve in quality, looks, and overall appeal. Closets show only 2 vertical rows while scrolling through, which makes it absolutely inconvenient to scroll through a closet with plenty of items (despite having and using search filters). This is where Instagram and Depop excel with 3 rows, allowing for a better overall view of posts (besides using a computer to go onto the Poshmark website). Moreover, just scrolling through your own closet just to add an item to a Party, refresh/reshare, edit or delete is time consuming. There needs to be an easier way to do this like a selection phase of items prior to x action performance. While I understand some Users/Sellers have the pleasure of reselling as a full time job, for most, this is not the case, and time is of the essence. Additionally, despite a younger 18-34 demographic presence, the design of this app seems to attract or target a more older demographic that does not always equate to a finer or trendier taste in fashion and style. Which is fine, there is something for everyone, and that is what Parties are for. However, there is no denying that Poshmark attracts a certain crowd and vibe, whether intentional or not. One can already tell with the amount of recent reviews here filled with self promo and app marketing in order to make some cash for shopping. Even Party Host Picks share bias as some host picks items do not tend to sell immediately or are of poor taste. These may be successful tactics, but it does not seem to help Users in the long run. The high costs that are taken from sales to run this app/company, and the quite high shipping fee (yes, shipping is still a tad bit too high at 99 cents more because taxes are added in these sale transactions) leads a Seller to less of a gain (sometimes not even break even profit) unless selling items of greater resell value due to popularity and/or demand. So not all things can sell or be of actual profit. Even popular or in demand items can’t sell if potential Buyers feel like the price is too steep when it is very much discounted from RRP already. This has lead to some Sellers deleting their closets and relying on other ways/platforms to sell their items. Which leads me to Poshmark’s overall in-your-face marketing. The seemingly often Closet Clear Outs look like a great way to make quick profit by Sellers having to drop prices equating to cheaper shipping for a few hours, but actually, it is a way to mainly benefit Poshmark by attracting more people to shop and make purchases. Sellers already drop their prices significantly just to make a sale. Also, I hope there is a possibility that blocking a User leads to them not viewing your Closet as a few rare Sellers do copy words or edits almost verbatim of other veteran Sellers (who spend a lot of time and effort perfecting their marketing) without their knowledge or consent, which happened in my case. A block to not share, interact, etc is not really enough. It is a rarity, but there are Sellers out there who are desperate enough to not be original and can at times, be outright harassing. I hope my review is taken into consideration. I look forward to a potential merge of Canadian and American markets for an increase in item variety and sales. As well, I hope Poshmark and their app developers make some changes and improvements besides adding new markets (like Home 👍🏼).

- It’s ok

Although the format and ease of use is really appealing there are a few areas I don’t like about using Poshmark. I don’t agree with having to offer reduced shipping when making an offer to a customer. That should be my choice not Poshmarks. I am already paying enough of my money to Poshmark in other fees. I also don’t agree with having to pay taxes on clothing that I have already paid taxes on when initially purchasing them from the store.

- Can’t change shipping country

I moved to Canada from the states a year ago. Found out Poshmark is in Canada but It won’t let me change my address from USA to Canada.

- Have not received my payment

I am actually quite disappointed with the support I have received from Poshmark. Very minimal. I sold a pair of boots late September, and still have not received the deposit. It’s mid October. I followed up with Poshmark support, who responded once and heard nothing after that.

- messaging centre

Poshmark is a good app to buy used clothing, but I prefer to use apps such as Depop or Carousel as they have a feature where you can one on one message the seller or buyer. On poshmark it also includes a default shipping price which is $12.99, even though some things may be more or less than that. Poshmark should really update they’re app and create a messaging centre so I can communicate with other people privately, rather through public comments.


Nothing is new, everything is falsely advertised! And you can buy new for just about the prices. Kijiji is wayyyy better

- Payment pour les ventes effectuées....

The only way to get paid is by giving access to your bank account even if you see PayPal in choices to be paid...this is to be reviewed in my opinion specially with all the technology we have now! Not very happy about that. But the application is great!

- Do not trust

A girl sent a Chanel bag to a buyer and they returned it claiming it had a scratch on it but instead of returning the bag they put a role of tape in the box and shipped it to her. Poshmark has not done anything about this so now an honest young lady is out $1200 during COVID. Thanks Poshmark.


MY FRIEND WAS SCAMMED ON POSHMARK!!!! she sent a $1150 bag to someone who then said it was scratched and they “returned it”. inside the return box was a roll of tape. absolute garbage app and nobody should use it


Poshmark won’t issue your payment until buyer receives item. I sell on other platforms, and if you’re trying to make an extra income, I highly recommend Depop! I’ve shipped out items to buyers and NEVER received the payment. I’ve lost money through this platform.

- They will NEVER get back to you

For some unknown reason they randomly asked me to verify my payment method by scanning my passport or driver's license for them. No! I am very uncomfortable providing that information to a non- government agency especially as there is no reason to verify my payment method in the first place? I have repeatedly asked them to contact me (you know, the way people using fraudulent payment methods often do!) but to no avail. So, I can no longer purchase anything while I wait for a response that will never come. It’s really too bad because I loved the concept and really enjoyed having access to quality used goods. I didn’t even mind paying the high shipping costs. So...I have no other recourse, but to write a negative review- you know, the way people using fraudulent payment methods do. Aaaaargh!

- Broken and dirty

I received a broken and dirty jacket. I asked for the refund , I sent photos and a video and then they told me that I did not qualify for a refund because: Requested video was not submitted within alotted timeframe. 🤷🏼‍♀️Poshmark disappointed me.

- Wayyyytt over priced

For 90% of the products being sold on this app it would be cheaper to fly to the flagship store and buy it directly from the high fashion designer. People don’t seem to understand the fact the are selling used clothes, somehow they think the fact that they wore the item adds value?? I didn’t know that was a thing until now, don’t bother downloading, waste of time.

- Love this but shipping...

This app is awesome!! The products listed on here are crazy, with so much variety and at such good prices. My only complaint is shipping. If a product is a good price you have to add another $13 for the cost of shipping. In my opinion there’s a big difference between $30 and $43. I just find it frustrating because there are so many products I find absolutely amazing but will not buy because the shipping is not worth it. I hope that poshmark can change its shipping options. I don’t care if it takes longer to ship my product if it means I could pay under $10.

- Don’t ever sell anything on Poshmark

I sold a perfect cat ears on Poshmark. The buyer damaged it ( she break down everything for her project but failed ) and she asked to return it. I send Poshmark evidences but they don’t even read it, when I received the ears totally damaged, I opened the dispute but they don’t even read it again and let buyer win right next morning!!!!! They won’t reply your email, because with them sellers are nothing!!!! High fees+no sellers protection, don’t waste your time with them

- They will spam email you

Like junk mail? They will never stop spamming your email account. I’ve even blocked them. But it doesn’t work I get so many emails from them. Asked them to stop repeatedly

- Terrible Seller Experience

Absolutely no support, you send an email they will ignore. Yet they take 20% off all your sales. People are allowed to sell fake items, even when reported they do nothing about it as you still see the same fake/counterfeit items everyday. They cannot even identify authentic from fake.

- Terrible customer service. Money has not received after 2 weeks .

Their support system is terrible. I have sold an item through this application but the money that was paid by seller 2 weeks ago has not been received by me yet due to their terrible costumer service and negligence.

- Fees too high , but great selling platform

20% fees!! But great platform...lower your fees poshmark!!

- Shipping too expensive

Im sorry but 12.99$ CAD shipping on each order just doesn't make it worth it..

- Not worth it as a seller

As a buyer it’s okay, as a seller you will not sell a thing, unless it is really cheap, and then you make next to no $$.

- Scam

They do not protect the buyer! Do not use

- They don’t care if you get scammed

The creators/owners of this app DO NOT care if you get scammed and WILL NOT help you get back your money. There are many other platforms that are way better than Poshmark, I suggest you try some out. Lost $1500 because someone ‘returned’ an item yet instead they sent tape in a box, resulting in a loss of $1500. In order to correct this, Postmark was contacted, and they only thing they did was accuse the victim of being a liar and banned their account. Screw you, Poshmark!!

- Shit brand.

Horrible people, don’t do business with this app. SCAMMERS

- Deleting

Never using this app again after seeing that poor girl that was scammed. Always trust your sellers. Not worth the risk.

- Fraudulent

Easy to post your items and ship off, expect either no money in return or for the buyer to ship back an empty box? And posh mark did NOTHING except tell me to try and file a police report.. honestly your wasting your time, try depop or heck try Facebook marketplace or kijiji honestly ANYTHING is better than this garbage

- Unhelpful

Someone was scammed and they are calling her a liar and banned her from her account. Job not well don’t posh mark.


This app is the terrible people get scammed it’s not worth it

- Want out

I’ve tried numerous times to leave this site with no success!! Please stop sending emails

- Canadian Posh Major Glitches

Poshmark Canada has MAJOR issues when it comes to paying its sellers!!! There have been long delays in receiving our hard earned money 3x in the last 9 months! Lousy excuses like, “our banking partner limits us to 5000 payouts” or “due to a US holiday, payouts will be delayed” or even ZERO information or communication for up to 10 days is sent to us sellers who are owed money! So unprofessional and ridiculous. Change banking partners! If it’s Poshmark Canada, then guess what???? Bank with a Canadian bank!!! Disgusting business practices and incompetence.

- Horrible app

Pretty much a platform for people to sell and over charge for products that may or may not be fake. If I was going to buy full price, I’d hit up the stores

- I have not gotten my package

I am so disappointed. All the reviews were really good on this page. I have not recieved my package for over a week and it says it is already delivered. At this point no one is answering me.

- Total chaos

Don't bother selling. They lack respect for their sellers. I am an ambassador and I had a rating of one star because their app marked it as delivered before Canada post dropped it off - that was outside of my control. Poshmark refused to make it right, meanwhile my rating went down for something that had nothing to do with me.

- Terrible 🤦🏻‍♀️🙎🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♂️🙎🏼‍♂️🙅🏻‍♂️

It’s so terrible it doesn’t even work

- Stuff doesn’t sell, bad interface

Mainly, stuff doesn’t sell on Poshmark. But my main needs are the nonstop, useless notifications, the menu is very bad and not navigable, the supposed size filters don’t seem to be applied very well. It makes it hard to see anything you’d actually want. And there’s continuous pressure to lower your prices. Also the forced shipping discounts which come out of your earnings. I prefer eBay.

- Terrible customer service

Terrible customer service who don’t reply to emails and no phone number to contact them. This is just a resell app where people buy stuff from thrift stores to resell for profit. Customer service is non existent so don’t buy anything because you’ll be stuck with it

- Don’t order!

I ordered something that never came! Buyer beware!

- Good

All good. Easy to use. I don’t like that we can’t chose the shipping price though

- Buyer Beware!

I purchased a hoodie (size Men’s large) from someone on this platform. The ad specifically indicated that the hoodie was “in perfect condition”. It arrived substantially shrunk from it’s original size. In fact, it was so small that it fit my son who typically finds a men’s small too large. I requested a return from the company and was denied because it was a sizing issue and Poshmark said I should’ve asked more questions... yes, you read that correctly... it’s my fault that the Seller advertised the item “in perfect condition” and I didn’t question the accuracy of their ad... Bottom line, if you want to make a purchase don’t count on Poshmark to help you if you get duped by a deceptive Seller. You’re on your own!

- Cant get ahold of anyone

My account keeps getting “flagged” and every time it works for a few minutes then all of my items disappear and I can’t post. I emailed the team over 4 times and each time they said it is fixed. Now they aren’t replying to my emails.......

- doesn’t let me buy anything

literally won’t let me enter my postal code. my account is confirmed and set up but it literally just doesn’t let me type in the postal code bar???? so it’s impossible to buy anything????

- Fees

The 20% fee makes this app very unappealing as sellers price items much higher than necessary to accommodate for the fee which results in ultimately a loss for the seller, as well as unnecessarily high shipping prices. The app does make it very simple to sell by taking care of shipping labels and such which may counter out the negative fee for some sellers.

- Meh

It’s ok it takes a long time for ur items to get noticed which kinda sucks but y’all should check out my shop! It’s thebananashop

- Pm editor party popups/notifications 🤬

Please allow the ability to turn off all party pop ups and notifications from that pm editor account. They are SO annoying, i'm not interested in any of that, and it also keeps freezing my phone and crashing the app when those annoying party invites are about to pop up again. I even blocked that account and it is still a huge nuisance. 😪


Lots of FAKE items are allowed to sell and authentic ones are removed by their moderator. Also, they take a huge chunk in fees from every sale. There are better platforms out there. Scammers! Most 5 star reviews are from those who receive $15 coupons to use from sharing their codes 🤮

- The app constantly pests you into looking at stuff u don't need

All this app does is forcing everything it thinks u want but you don't actually need upon you: even after unfollowing the hundred something person it forced me to follow, i still cannot get a moment of peace from the feed: there is always something popping up for my attention but not relevant to what I want at all. And party invitation still pop up every now and then even after I have unselected "party invitation" in my notification setting. Adding to this annoyance is how their search engine is not nearly as comprehensive and functional as thredup, ebay, or etsy. I cannot sort my likes according to the type of product; i cannot search within a person's closet but only filter through very limited conditions; i cannot save a search but only follow a brand (who wants to be fed up with the thousandth irrelevant item from a brand when all you need is a very specific product???) It's just extremely unproductive and inefficient as a second hand platform.

- Still Doesn’t have Filter for Sales

Updated to latest version and my app still doesn’t offer the highly touted filters for purchases and sales. Ugh.

- Too many fake accounts

A lot of fake accounts. Poshmark ambassador status doesn’t mean anything when they make their own fake accounts to follow you. Totally a scam. Waiting for my last payout and I’m done with the app.

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- In addition

I just wrote a review but forgot to mention some things..I understand some people had bad experiences on the site but please remember it's a case by case basis when dealing with a seller. The majority of sellers are nice, fast shippers, give gifts with purchases and interact in a timely manner. There are a few bad apples but I don't see that as deserving of giving the entire app a one star. Also a lot complain of poshmark taking 20%. Yes I agree it adds up BUT there is nowhere else you can efficiently and quickly sell your clothes and shoes. And your stuff gets seen and shared by thousands and thousands of people so I think the fee is deserved because poshmark does what many others have, for me personally, failed in doing and that is getting my stuff seen and sold. Overall it's a great opportunity and I wish people would realize that just because they dealt with one unsavory experience doesn't mean they should bash the site as a whole. I feel like standing up for them because it's been such a great buying and selling experience for me time and time again.


Poshmark has become extremely poor lately. Most of the closets on there have been “abandoned” for years, meaning that the person has not deleted their account but no longer uses it. This means that you can still BUY ITEMS FROM PEOPLE WITH ABANDONED CLOSETS AND NEVER GET THEM. The order may eventually cancel and you can get your money back but it’s extremely frustrating seeing items listed you’ll never be able to buy. Poshmark has done nothing to minimize “abandoned closets”. This also means it’s extremely hard to sell items due to half of the users on the site being inactive. Secondly, the taking of over 20% from sellers is extreme. I make almost nothing on lower priced items and there’s no point. Lastly, their shipping is OUT OF THIS WORLD EXPENSIVE. I can buy a $50 pair of shoes and spend almost $10 in shipping getting them here. They offer shipping discounts sometimes, so they can control the shipping price but enjoy charging you $7 shipping on everything anyway. They must be making a profit from it or something because it isn’t even based on item size- the tiniest pair of earrings still costs $7 to ship as well as the fact they can “control the shipping price.” There’s even discrepancies between what’s on the website and the app. Absolute insanity and I will be switching to Mercari.


SCAMMERS! DO NOT TRUST! POSHMARK CANCELED MY ACCOUNT WHILE I HAD $300 dollars pending and now I have zero access to my account and funds. ZERO SELLER PROTECTION! POSHMARK CANCELED AND DELETED ALL 600 listings I took time out of my day to create because of ONE item they claim I did not shipped, the item was dropped off at the post office and now I'm ALSO OUT THAT FOUNDATION. Wich was another $30. I have been scammed SEVERAL times as a seller on posh!! For example: I sold a purple lipstick and the woman reported my listing as not matching the description, poshmark, without ever reaching out to me for my side of the case, approved the case in her favor and granted her a refund. She sent me back a completely different lipstick in a nude color!! Anyone can take a picture of something they already own and say it was something else! Completely ridiculous. They allowed her to steal my rare one of a kind sold out lipstick and gave her all of her money back, while I'm left with a random lipstick that I have no idea where it came from, if it's been used or not etc. and I can't make any money off of this random nude color. Also happened to me with a coach bag. The woman ripped all of my tags off and zipper details and sent the purse back. Now it is worth nothing because tags are missing and zipper closures. Posh did nothing to make this right for me. Not a happy customer or seller.

- My FAVORITE app!

This app is addicting but well made - and has a large user base to show for it (which is what makes it work)! I love thrifting and I’ve been on Poshmark for years without a hitch. I love that I can thrift on the app late at night after work, when thrift stores are closed, and easily find what I’m looking for instead of hunting in several stores without luck. I love using EBay where I can (I find the prices can often be lower than here, especially with shipping) and Mercari also (for buying, same reason as above) - but neither of them seem to have the selection that Poshmark does. For every 1 item they have, Poshmark has 50 more (or more). I love that I can negotiate the price with sellers and that I can search by color, size, brand, etc. I also appreciate that if I’ve ever received an order as not described, Poshmark customer service has been quick to right the situation. The shipping fees are high, so the item you’re buying has to be worth it (or get the most bang for your buck and bundle) - but the selection and convenience just can’t be beat.


I have been using Poshmark for a couple of months now. The buying and selling are super fun and almost addictive but that's the only good thing about this app. I have sold AND purchased thousands of dollars of clothing (mostly men's lululemon)... I send out packages daily and receive packages daily! Poshmark takes out 20% of every sale and it goes straight to profit which is fair! What is NOT fair is that as a buyer, you can get totally screwed over and not compensated for. For the 4th time I have received a $50 article of clothing that is the WRONG SIZE! I provided pictures of measurements and a measurement chart to prove that it is a Large and not a Medium. Instead of any kind of apology or compensation, I received an automated message from poshmark that they will not accept a return because the product is "as described". You would think that they might take a second to look at my account and see that I'm a frequent user (not to mention I have and have given tons of 5 star ratings) and yet, they won't even take a second to help me out. This is the 4th time this has happened which is why I am deleting the app and leaving negative reviews everywhere I can to help others from having to deal with Poshmarks horrible customer service. Selling on poshmark is fun and easy, but DO NOT BUY ON POSHMARK !!!

- Great Side Hustle!

I have been a “Posher” since 2017 and just made it to Posh Ambassador! Initially I was nervous to use the app and the first two things that I listed and got offers on I canceled because I was afraid of getting bad reviews or messing up! After getting over my fear I finally shipped out that first item and I’ve been selling ever sense! From personal clothes over grown tired of, to things I’ve purchased to flip! I’ve made more money off of this app than any garage sale or eBay listing and now have a closet of over 600 items and sell items almost daily! Needing modes of income as a as a newly singled mother of three, it’s a wonderful way to make money from home and be home with my kids. It’s also fun! The Posh Amassador program is more than just for ratings and hype, once you have shown the effort and met the criteria for the program the minds behind Poshmark are really there to help you succeed as a seller. Through challenges, videos, articles, paid tasks and more, they step you through tactics and skills that make you progressively more successful!

- Worst app

I can’t believe this app has a 4.0 rating.... who are they paying to write these reviews. This is hands down the worse shopping/selling app I’ve ever had and I’ve tried a couple. It’s very hard to find what you’re looking for you’ll write brandy Melville tank top and it’ll give you cowboy boots or something. They take 20% of your selling which is by far the most any app takes. They’re shipping is set on priority mail (which is the most expensive mail) so if you wanted to buy stickers let’s say that can be send in a letter (costs 50 cents) you’d have to pay about 7$ because that’s the only shipping they accept. Let me give an example if you a shirt for 26$ (including shipping) the seller only gets 16$ because they take 20% and the buyer has to pay shipping for something that can be a lot cheaper. It’s a clothing app if it was a place where you buy heavy things like a textbook or candles or something that would make more sense to do priority shipping, but for like a clothes the most it should be is 3$. There’s also no way you can contact people (a buyer or seller) unless you comment on one of their posts..like what? I almost forgot hardly anyone will ever see what you posted because the app is so disorganized same goes for finding something. I can honesty go on forever.

- shipping too expensive

app would be great if shipping didn't cost so much & if posh didn't take 20% of your earnings! this causes a conflict with both the buyer and the seller! ex: a buyer (such as myself) wants to go lower with their offering price as they have the price of shipping in mind with their final charge. however, the seller wants to remain stiff with their asking price as Poshmark is going to take such a big chunk out of their earnings. The shipping is especially ridiculous because it makes it nearly impossible to buy small items. If i'm looking to buy a regular shirt that's listed for $10, the shipping alone adds an extra $6.49 to my charge which add about 3 more dollars and that's the price of the shirt! It turns a $10 purchase into practically a $20 one. (Which is so irritating to me!!!). And then if you try to work around it by offering a lower price on an item the seller wants to remain firm with their asking price as they don't want to lose even more money than poshmark is already taking from them. Shipping should be at most $3.00 & Poshmark should be taking at most 5% - 10% of people's earnings. It really is ridiculous & turns me away from what could be a great app.

- WORST experience ever.

I don’t say this as an exaggeration, but using Poshmark was the worst experience I have had as a consumer. A few weeks before Christmas, I started looking for a Patagonia jacket for my wife. This was going to be her “big present” for the year. I found one on Poshmark and bought it. When my package came in the mail, it was a leopard print blouse. The Seller acknowledged her mistake and figured out how to swap the blouse with person who got the jacket I ordered. The jacket arrived about 2 days before Christmas. I hurriedly wrapped it and stuck it under the tree. My wife opens the jacket only to find MULTIPLE stains on the jacket that were not identified in the sellers post. I would not have bought a stained jacket for my wife. After reaching out to the seller and sending pictures about the item that was not as described, she blocked me. Naturally. So I reach out to Poshmark. MULTIPLE TIMES. I was told they were updating their customer service email and that it could take a little longer than normal to get back to me. Here we are a few days short of an entire MONTH later, and have I heard from Poshmark? NOPE. And I’m out all the money I spent on a jacket the my wife can’t wear. Literally the worst experience and worst customer service I’ve ever encountered. If I could give negative stars, I would.

- Mediocre

While Poshmark does make selling items more simple, there are a few things that need improving. Firstly, there is very little seller protection. Buyers are able to rate their purchase, but if given negative feedback, the seller has no way to dispute the untrue comments. For example, I sold a vintage item and listed the physical measurements in the description. However, the buyer failed to read the description and stated the size was incorrect. I don’t really see how that is MY fault as I specially listed the waist dimensions as well as length. Second, Poshmark takes a whopping 20% commission off of your sale. If you sell your item for $5 or less, they take 50% commission. If you sell your item for $2 or less, you get $0.05 of the profit. Not sure how they can justify that, as they buyer pays shipping and the seller must provide all of the shipping supplies. They say the have 1-3 day expedited shipping, but it can take up to a week for the item to arrive at its destination. Something they need to address with USPS. Lastly, I have been harassed by other users. One lady felt it was her duty to comment bible versus on any article of clothing she deemed inappropriate. I reported her several times with no response from the Poshmark team. Use this app with caution.

- New additions, some good, some not

I love Poshmark for buying & selling, and I appreciate they’re making constant improvements. Some are great, some are not as great as they could be. For example, the new REPOSH feature is a very good idea, but I don’t like the name of the original closet being included in the description. If someone’s Reposhing something I sold them, it’s no one else’s business. It makes it seem like I’m selling undesirable items. And why would the Reposher want buyers to see how much they paid for it? I do a lot of Sourcing on Poshmark & I don’t need potential buyers knowing how much I paid for it. The new Copy this Listing feature is a game changer for me. I’ve been asking for this forever & it’s made listing so much easier! I haven’t tried the new Sell one like This feature, but it seems like a great idea, since I use that feature on EBay all the time. *Now, if I could just get the ability to (1) move Sold items to the bottom & (2) bulk edit items for Closet Clear Out, lowering & raising prices, then things would be even better. Thanks!

- Needs some improvements

Let me be the first to say I love Poshmark. It’s an excellent way to make some extra cash when you’re in a spot. But there are definitely some things that need improvement. One of the things is when there is a problem with an item, they typically do nothing. They usually compensate the buyer and the seller. For example, I received an item that was not even remotely close to what I ordered, but yet, I was refunded and the seller got paid. But when I filed a complaint against an item that was incorrectly sized, it took DAYS to accept my return and get my refund. Also, the shipping is insanely high. I’ve used other selling apps and the shipping rate for small items is significantly cheaper than poshmark. I understand covering cost of goods but at the point that you’re taking 20%, shipping for something that doesn’t even weigh a pound should not be $7. Please fix your system. If someone screws someone over, don’t compensate both parties, correct the mistake. That’s the purpose of the buyer protection that you guys put in place.

- Mostly good

I’ve been primarily selling (of course, I buy too) on Poshmark for about 6 months. I was turned on to it by a friend who had been selling successfully for over a year. I like the app- when compared to similar apps that don’t give you any indication of how much your items are seen, it’s really nice to know that your items are visible. I make every effort to be totally transparent about the things I sell, and I think that’s key to having a good experience as a seller. I also have taken the time to study the policies Poshmark has and the different functions within the app. With very little exception, I have had a great experience with the app and with Poshmark’s customer service. It’s also nice to have a little extra money. This is a review of the app, not some of the people on Poshmark. I would have some additional comments about some of the people...but I can say that pretty much anywhere there are people. It hasn’t been so bad that I consider it the norm, and Poshmark can’t necessarily control people’s crazy unless they do something against their policies. For me it’s been a very good experience.

- Mixed Review L@@K

There are pros and cons on any selling platform. Pros: on posh are the easy listing feature, the offer and counteroffer feature, and editing tools to existing listings, shipping labels are also a nice and easy to prepare. The cons: are the 20% posh takes off your sale is a big negative. For 20%, they should include the shipping for buyers; there’s enough profit on their end to cover that and make buyers and sellers happy with that one. I know as a seller that if the shipping were included bc of the 20% then it’s reasonable bc it’s priority shipping, but making the buyer pay too? Wow that’s greedy. Oh yea, and the low ball offers you get from idiots who think you are on the app to give stuff away; that’s annoying. Also, there is a ton of fakes on here, and sellers will even say faux, or replica etc. be weary of this. Eh: I’m mixed about having all your listings that have sold in the past available for people to see. What that does is show future customers that you are willing to go lower on items that you may have more of and try to list again. So forget on selling that same item at a higher price bc the potential buyer can see you sold the item before for cheaper.

- Great business but technology lacking

I have been on Posh since September 2018. Overall I’ve had a great experience both buying and selling. But most days I just shake my head at how low tech the app is ..considering the cut Posh takes I would think they would have invested in better technology. A few examples (unless I’m missing something): when you share your own closet there is no way to refresh to see the appearance of order of your items in your closet, you have to close out and re-enter. I’m sure there is some logical reason for this, but the only way you can re-order your closet is to share. It would be nice if it were easier to arrange and categorize your own closet. The filtering when shopping a party simply doesn’t work. I filter on size large yet I see many XS. Now they provide a ‘curated’ list of items the think you will like. But most of them aren’t in my size. When I click on the option to ‘update your size’ sure enough it is my size...so nothing to update. It really shouldn’t be that hard. It would be great if you could see at a high level, when someone shares your listing, if they are one of your followers. Some food for thought as you continue to improve...

- Everything WAS fine...

At first everything was fine and I had been doing sales and I had been also purchasing items without a problem. But recently I purchased an item from a seller at the same time another customer purchased a different item on September 13, 2018 and there was a mixup between orders. Today is September 27, 2018 and we are still having problems getting each other‘s packages. Every time I email they take more than 24 hours to answer but the answer email only says that they are having problems with the emails and for me to look at the help section in the app. That has become very frustrating and I usually don’t leave any negative feedback, but hopefully this way someone will reach out to me and to the seller and other customer about this problem. Update: Well I finally received my purchase and to my surprise Poshmark also returned my money, thank you Poshmark for coming thru, I almost lost hope and was going to leave the app for good but so happy to see that you do have my back❣️

- Dream come true!

I remember always wishing that I can work from home spend time with my family and still make a decent living, I didn’t realize it until my second month and I checked my balance and I could say this it was a little higher than a minimum wage job! Almost double actually. The company Poshmark does take 20% but what a lot of people don’t realize is #1 Poshmarks advertising is amazing your on google search! And there’s over 5million+ poshers within the community not including there in the top 3 mega selling platforms. People pay thousands for that kid of advertisement, Poshmark only takes 20% from basically close you wouldn’t of donated if you did not know about Poshmark? Please consider that. I can not speak highly enough about Poshmark and there’s not enough room lol but what I can tell you this, try it? It’s a free app and everyone has clothes, shoes and accessories laying around the house. And if you have a job then use it as some extra income! Either way you will make money from items you were giving away.

- Extremely Pleased With Business Practices; however, there is always room for improvement.

As both a buyer and seller on Poshmark, I am very satisfied with the fees and shipping costs. As a Seller, I package all of my orders with excellent packaging proven by my feedback. As a Buyer, I expect exceptional packaging as well...which makes the shipping cost a mute issue. I have been an online seller for many years and I can honestly say that I have had a great experience...fees are not outrageous, shipping is not a hassle and ratings are editable which allows a seller to fix a problem.I have found it difficult to communicate with the buyer/seller through the exposed tags' however, it does eliminate the liability of offline transactions. All in all...i am actually making a sizable profit for my small business that helps my family when otherwise I would be loosing money through every other platform. Btw-when you direct deposit your funds...no transaction fees nor a 5 to 7 day waiting period....you get your money instantly! Just my point of view.

- User Friendly - Great Response With A Lot Of Work!

Started as a seller and now find myself using my credit to purchase! Selling is made easy with shipping cost & label included. Your items must be in pristine condition as buyers are very particular due to the $6.50 postage they are charged. They will open a case for a refund if not. Take lots of pics and describe every detail you can. As a buyer, I find a lot of prices are too high and found them cheaper thru google. It is an unspoken rule that you must try for a reduced price so sellers are forced to start prices off higher. I found this out from being a seller. Even when I try to clear out designer items for $5, people still expect a discount! FYI, PM takes $2.75 for items selling under $15! I just ignore these requests.. do not be insulted when others do not respond back to your offers on either side. If you’re interested in an item place a “like” or “bundle” on it & the seller will usually offer a sale price. Keep in mind that it may get sold in the meantime. Overall, I like PM as it seems “classier” than other sites and it’s easy to navigate.

- Life on Poshmark ♥️

I love being onPoshmark so very much. It’s like a family to me and so many others. I enjoy the opportunity to meet so many amazing & talented people which share so much in common. I have found so many wonderful & beautiful items since joining and have begun to sell some of my own. I attended Posh Fest this past October in Phoenix. I learned so many things from a multitude of beautiful, talented & successful people. I hope to be able to attend again in the future as Posh and my business success grows. Dreams do come true! It was an amazing being around some of the most incredible people with humble beginnings as myself &many others. Beauty & Fashion mixed with so much diversity makes us all unique and perfect in an imperfect world. Posh brings us all together no matter what our individual backgrounds may consist of in our daily lives. We are all equal and let’s us share with the most influential people in the online industry in the world. I AM PROUD TO BE A PART OF THE POSH FAMILY AND THE GREATEST E COMMERCE OF SELLING/BUYING OF OUR FUTURE. Arlene Giltz (@COPPERGIRL101)

- You’ve been warned! Be careful with purchases!

The app is solemnly about the money they make. They show zero compassion & do not care under any circumstances about the satisfaction you receive with your purchase. Again this app is solemnly about making money therefore if you purchase something you are not happy with their attitude is “TOUGH FOR YOU.” In fact there is no customer service number for you to talk to a representative. When they say “tough” they prefer to do it through email & you’d think they would at least have the common courtesy to do it immediately NOPE. They send you an automated email saying they’ll address the issue within 24hours, it’s around 24hours but it’s clear that it’s when they feel like. It makes a lot of sense though why they don’t have a customer service number with representatives available because when they tell you “too bad, tough, oh well” it’s a lot easier & comfortable for them to do via email. It’s sad what corporate America has come to & Poshmark is a perfect example : ALL ABOUT THE MONEY.

- Horrible customer service

Update: it’s been a week and we’re still going in circles because Poshmark support is run by complete idiots. TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. I have sent the pictures of the knockoff I purchased multiple times now, I even labeled the problem area, and they are somehow Insufficient?! The support agent is rude and it takes at least 2 days for each response. I can’t wait for this to be over so I can delete the app and tell my friends who use the app about this horrible experience. I’ve been using this app for a long time. I’ve run into issues with people selling knockoff products a few times and having to return the item. My most recent experience is what lead me to write this review. First of all, it shouldn’t take 3 days to respond to a customer’s request if you’re quoting a “less than 24 hour” response time. Second, when a response does come in, they shouldn’t be so rude as if it’s the buyers fault for the issue. And lastly, they should be more responsive to reports of accounts that are selling knockoffs. It’s just bad business practice to take so long to resolve issues. Still trying to find a solution to my problem, and now we have to start from square one because they lost my original request. Very annoying.

- Used once, Coach purse

Not very happy about my purchase. The coach purse had a zipper on it that you have to connect like a jacket to zip! even when you unzip the purse the zipper does not stay connected. This was not shown in the pics. You could see the inside of the bag and tell it was a zipper but I’ve never seen a zipper on a purse like this! I emailed Poshmark and told them about the zipper and they told me how to open a case and choose the option “item not as described “. Well this upset the seller and she got upset with me but she’s the one who did not show full images. I guess I should have asked to see the full zipper🤷🏼‍♀️ but all the zippers I’ve seen on purse always connect. Guess she knew what she was doing when she listed it. No wonder she had it listed as “used once” Needless to say Poshmark took her side and I did not get my money back even though the lady misrepresented the coach purse! Lesson learned! If I ever decide to purchase another item from Poshmark app I will ask for many pictures of the item because Poshmark was no help!


Please IGNORE the young girls leaving poor reviews about commission and shipping. Poshmark offers a huge platform of buyers that you won’t find anywhere else! Value of items is much higher here than on eBay and the fees are nothing compared to what you’ll give a consignment shop! And the shipping price is amazing- anyone that’s an experienced seller who’s dealt with the PO knows that. Less than 7$ to ship a bundle of 4-5 pairs of jeans- where else can you find that!?!? And so easy- no paying up front for shipping costs- just print the label at home and your done! The only downside to Poshmark is they allow a ridiculous time frame of 7 days to ship items- and while most good sellers ship out same or next day, some of the young girls do wait for 7 days to ship. Just check a sellers shipping average before you buy!!! Also most sellers are willing to negotiate and understand that this is a part of buying and selling used items! 😊 love this site and the platform of buyers it has offered me, I’m happy to give the 20% it’s so worth it!

- Wrong

Poshmark fee for your sells are way to high. I have other accounts where I sell. Also I had a situation with a buyer I accidentally sent wrong item. I let them know before she received it and they said they had to wait for her to receive it and open a claim. I also notified the buyer and she said she would message Poshmark. They Took to long to respond. She received the item and put a claim had to wait. What happened is that they kept missing each other the buyer ran out of time and I got paid for something she didn’t buy. I had been in contact with seller the whole time and let Poshmark know. I told them I didn’t feel right and wanted to do what was right and asked for a shipping label to send correct item they basically told me it was to late and there was nothing I could do about it. This is wrong. I feel like they don’t care. I did end up getting the buyers address and mailed the correct item myself. I even kept the emails for proof. Also fake ratings from buyers I sold to someone mailed the same exact day she bought it and she said my shipping time could improve!! It doesn’t get any better than that!!! I did complain to customer service they said the couldn’t remove it and buyers don’t see those reviews but still its wrong.

- Best app

I love this app I made a lot of sale on this app now this is my source of income i’m a stay home Mother of two amazing babies so I need to earn a little to help my dear husband financially, and i’m so happy some of my buyers give me good feedback some are just keep you wait 3 days before they release your payment, not all the buyers are easy to please with some of them are trying to scam you I don’t blame the app I blame those people who is not afraid of doing bad things, you just need to be careful who you deal with I got scam twice it’s a lesson to learn, now there’s a lot of counterfeit sellers in this app I hope that this issue will be address now most of the user abusing the app reporting system they will report your item not knowing if its authentic or not they will report you Because you declined their offer or get jealous this app is amazing has an amazing support team to fix your issues and what can you ask for free authentication every item it is really for the buyer assurance just be kind to anyone highly recommended.

- Unacceptable

I’ve never written a review before. But I’ve also never experienced worse customer service. I do not recommend poshmark’s services and I highly encourage people to avoid this platform. I found a pair of shoes listed on their site. I submitted a bid for them. Within a minute I realized the seller had lied on the listing about the size of the shoes, so I immediately cancelled the order. When you cancel an order it disappears from your account. There is no record or proof provided when you cancel an order. Two days later I notice that I’ve been charged for the shoes and they’re being shipped. I immediately refuted the purchase. Poshmark’s support team has not responded or helped to resolve the issue. Venmo will not cancel the payment because poshmark does not send proof of cancellation. I was lied to and stolen from. And poshmark does nothing to protect the users of the platform. I have contacted the seller without response. I have contacted poshmark in every message platform they have without response as well. I find this to be incredibly unacceptable and unheard of for a company to be this negligent. I wouldn’t suggest anyone use this app. I again ask for poshmark to respond to my cancellation request which was shown to be successfully issued over a week ago.

- Here’s the deal

Poshmark is sometimes great, sometimes I get AMAZING deals and work with AMAZING sellers who are fair, fast shipping, negotiable, etc. however, there is a lot about the app that kind of ruins it. For one, the price gouging on sellers is horrible, as i’ll see individuals priced items a for MORE than the items sell for new. This is just disheartening, as some people may fall victim to someone’s cheap scam to make a few extra bucks. But, other times, I think due to Poshmarks 20% rule, they have to raise the price. 20% is an extremely large amount to take from sellers. And it’s a lose-lose scenario for buyers, as the shipping being 7 DOLLARS is absolutely absurd combined with a higher price. Poshmark should go back to $5 shipping and possibly take 10% from sellers, I feel like they would make more money just because people would feel more compelled to buy and sell on the app! Especially with COVID-19, it’s really sad to see companies not using their resources to help the people who make their company work. Without the sellers and buyers, there would be no Poshmark. I love the positive experiences I have received from the app; but it could be much much MUCH better :)

- The Concept is Great

The concept of Poshmark is great. I’ve sold a couple of my own items with no problem. The first purchase I ever made was for Apple air pods. I was happy, brand new Apple air pods, I paid 80$ for. I excepted it, not thinking anything of it. To realize almost 2 months later they are fake! I was upset! Poshmark of course didn’t have to credit me back anything but they did but I lost out because it was only in Poshmark credit not the actual money I spent. So like I said Poshmark is a great concept if people would abide by the rules. Not everyone follows the rules and it’s really unfair. People try to get you to email them and do off sale transactions all the time. There main reason for it because Poshmark charges too much to make profits off of brand new items. I wish people would respect more. And again, my disappointment is aimed at untrustworthy people. I don’t think I’ll buy anything from Poshmark again. I’ll continue to sell my items because I know I am an honest person and follow the rules. Also I’d like to add I agree the sale’s fee are really high.

- Best app and website!

My name is Tammy and I have been on poshmark for about 4 years now and love it. I love it because you get to see so many different fashions and styles. I also love it because you get to see and speak with so many different kinds of people which is a great idea. Poshmark is easy to sell your items and also buy different and unique items. Poshmark does take time to sell your items but what work doesn’t. In order to make money you have to put in the effort. Poshmark allows you to put your items in parties and other social media and that is great because it gets your products out there to the people that might not know what poshmark is. To me poshmark is one of the best websites and apps I have ever been on and I have learned a lot and have sold quite a bit which is made me proud to be with them and to make money. I appreciate the income tremendously and poshmark so much! 👗👚👖👒🛍 Thank you so much for the opportunity! I wish you guys the best and the wonderful success for years to come! Tammy Serea Roberts

- Doesn’t Protect Sellers only buyers

So I use Poshmark, Mercari, Depop, and Vinted to sell things on. For the longest time I preferred Poshmark as it was more reliable. But I have noticed that they have ZERO customer service and do nothing to protect the seller. Mercari on the other hand protect both the buyer and the seller while Poshmark sides with the buyer and says “sorry we believe the buyer”. I had read some reviews that despite photographing how items are packaged etc, that Posh still sided with the buyer on return cases even if it was the buyer who damaged the item. I can tell you from personal experience that it is true. The buyer even wrote a not saying how she stained the item so she could return it because it not fitting wasnt a reason to return it and Poshmark did nothing to protect me as a seller. All their customer service said even after video and picture evidence and the note she left was tell me was we looked at the stuff but she may not have damaged it even though she admitted it. Unbelievable so now im out the item and the money it cost me and I think personally I will only sell on Mercari because at least they protect sellers and shipping is cheaper and they only take 10% vs 20% not thought id say dont waste your time selling on posh but that time is here.

- Good, but hard to sell your unwanted items with boutiques being involved

I've been using Poshmark as a buyer for three years and a seller for only a few months, and here's my honest thoughts after doing both. I love selling my items and am grateful to every person who has bought an item from me, whether it's been a $5 shirt or $40 bundle. Here's the deal: It is is extremely difficult for us "little guys" who don't buy wholesale or boutique items to make it. I simply want to clear out my closet and earn some money to put toward school loans. That is hard to do with people who have 110K+ followers due to their boutique items and constant sharing games. I am sick of Poshmark being about how many followers you have and who can get the most likes. The 20% fee and high shipping cost is outrageous too ; should be based on weight instead. Pros? I enjoy making my buyers happy and selling my items. I'll keep selling on here to see how long I can handle it, but I'm not sure us small people can last.

- Terrible

I’ve experienced Poshmark’s services from both a buyer’s and seller’s perspective. I’ll start with my worst buying experience. I placed the order for the item and the funds were removed from my account. I waited and waited, but the seller never shipped the item nor did they communicate with me on when it would ship. In the end, I had to cancel and Poshmark took quite a while to give me my money back. As a seller, a buyer bought some of my items in a bundle and then claimed that they weren’t real and she paid too much for fake items and if they weren’t fake, then they were damaged.. She had over a 50% discount on each item and there were many clear pictures attached to the items to show they were heavily used, but real. Poshmark took weeks to solve the case and return my items and her money. Other buyers will send you a $5 offer on a $30 item that is already heavily discounted. As well as these things, Poshmark also takes quite a bit of money from the sales you make. Overall, as a buyer the experience is not too great, but as a seller, the experience is downright awful. Choosy beggars and horrible customer service is what gets Poshmark this one star rating. I will not be using this service again.


The POSHMARK COMMUNITY IS THE ALL TIME BEST!! You never feel like you can’t succeed in selling anything and everything. I love the idea of the CLOSET CONCEPT, daily POSH PARTIES, the opportunities to buy and sell wholesale, open and list wholesale items in your boutique and numerous tools to make sure you succeed. I started early February and already have 10,000 followers. So whenever I post another item for sale in my closet it takes ONE CLICK TO SHARE IT WITH ALL MY FOLLOWERS INSTANTLY!! POSHMARK did not leave out one single detail. They collect the money YOU DECIDE to sell your item for and they send you the link with a pre-paid address label including ways to order FREE BOXES FROM YOUR LOCAL POST OFFICE. The item is tracked immediately once received a post office and once the buyer receive the item your money is immediately released to your account. The cost for postage and their commission is really fair compared to other sites I’ve tried in the past. So many great things to say you just gotta try it for yourself.

- This App is absolutely Terrible!!!!!!

I didn’t last one day on it!!!! I couldn’t find where to message someone back. How about just simply putting a message tab for people to read and respond too!! Also, granted you can turn off your notifications but it was so incredibly irritating to constantly get notifications of people following you or Sharing your item. THEN, you have to share one of their items back..... is what you supposedly have to do and it’s several people Sharing your items so you will share there’s. I had to keep writing people just to ask how to read a message from someone!! You shouldn’t have to go into that person’s profile, click this or that just to respond to them. Lastly, this app charges WAY too much for shipping and on top of that they take a large percentage from something that you sell. I don’t agree with that at all! Posting an item also takes way to long and you don’t get enough room to type something..... you’re only allowed up to 20 letters or less. I don’t mind buying a purse that’s in good condition or nice jewelry, but to buy someone else’s clothing is just disgusting!!! Terrible Terrible App, the worst experience I’ve ever had on a app. They don’t even deserve one star!!!

- Great App, Flawed Approach

The app itself is wonderful; easy to use and well organized. However, this is an app based on the buying of selling of clothes but it makes it quite difficult to actually sell your clothing. The issue lies with the “offer” option. I have clothing that I am listing well over 70-80% off, almost always new with tags or completely unworn, and other users are constantly placing offers that are almost insultingly low. I have many sold items, so I know where my prices should be, and I do not have unrealistic expectations. It is just simply that people feel they can offer whatever they want, because that option has been given to them. As a result, it is incredibly difficult to sell the clothes that I downloaded this app to sell. I wish there was some kind of app-based control over the offers, so that I wasn’t getting offers for $25 on a dress new with tags that cost me $175. I’ve raised this issue with other Poshmark users I know, and they’ve all said the same thing. It’s just been getting ridiculous and I think it might be time to take my listings to another clothes-selling platform. Unless Poshmark makes a change.

- Watch out for scammers

I’m highly disappointed with this application. When I “sold” my first item(pair of adidas shoes), I excitedly packaged the item and sent it out. However, when the person received my package, she claimed that I sent her “unauthentic item” and posted some pics of fake adidas shoes I’ve never seen. Poshmark “reviewed” the claim and decided to believe her and told me that I would be getting my items back. (So now I will have some fake adidas back). I can’t believe their review is based on “he said she said” and they simply decide to believe the scammer despite my claims that I had sent her what I had posted. Maybe I was too naive to think the buyer will simply take it but poshmark needs to do a better job 1. Warning first sellers like myself and how to protect sellers from scammers like the girl (perhaps videotape packaging the original item?) 2. Maybe have seller reviews or something because I do not trust to sell on this site anymore 3. Do a better job reviewing cases instead of going off of just blurry pics that claimer (scammer) sent and simply believing them without hearing my side( I even had receipts of actual purchased item) Definitely not a great app to use if you want to simply believe in decency of human. So disappointed

- Selling unsupported items

I have used Poshmark for year now. I have to give a negative review based off of the fact they are not monitoring what is being sold on their app. The past few years the items being sold are now becoming very random and just not what Poshmark is. I originally joined Poshmark to sell clothing and accessories, things to wear. Not items such as household supplies, computers, laptops, books, and so many other items that should not be sold on Poshmark. Poshmark, you’re not monitoring your app properly at all. I’ve reported items many times for being unsupported and they are still up on the site. I don’t understand what happened to your original idea of only selling clothes and accessories. I also have to give a poor review on how much you charge for shipping. Shipping is way overpriced. Seven dollars, where most other websites that have shipping prices only charge no more than three to four dollars. I could understand the seven dollars if it’s multiple items and the item is heavy, but not for light small items. You guys need to change your shipping price because it honestly comes off as you’re trying to gain extra money off your sellers.

- Love Hate Relationship

Love the concept of a social platform about fashion. Its an easy site to learn. They offer parties daily to increase the visibility of your items. There are many great deals and items for sale on this platform. Great place to shop if you want to save money especially since you can bundle many items so you only pay 1 shipping cost. Areas of improvement their support team. The support team only offers support via email and it seems most the time they only offer automated responses and do not take the time to actually read a email or complaint prior to their response. Consistency and clear guidelines are important to a businesses image but unfortunately editors and employees with closets do not always follow posh mark guidelines. Such as selling unsupported items like coffee tumblers, stickers, or cards which are all not compliant according to Posh Mark guidelines. When Posh Mark employees host parties they do not follow rules and select host picks from sellers with non compliant closets. Disappointed in your employees professionalism and lack of knowledge about the platforms guidelines. These situations look bad on your company.

- Unresolved issues with site

I was very happy with Poshmark until they recently updated it and now it loads very slow and is almost unusable. The problem is that the website now loads only eight items at a time. When you scroll down you get a message that says “loading more” and after a few seconds another eight items will load. The slowness is frustrating enough, but the biggest problem is that after so many scrolls and “loading more” messages the screen will go white and then throw you back at the top of your closet. You now have to start all over again. It’s very frustrating and has made browsing and sharing nearly impossible. I am now starting to list on other platforms because without being able to share my closet, my sales have dropped significantly. I wrote support multiple times. I normally received prewritten responses. I finally received a response from a developer and they temporarily changed things back, but after about a week it went back to the new system of loading only eight items a time. I loved Poshmark, but this system “update” has made it almost unusable from a sellers standpoint and has forced me to start listing on other sites. Very disappointed.

- Horrible customer service

I’ve been selling on this app for a few years without issue. I had to reach out to customer service last week as one of my shipped packages was returned to me. I’ve been going back and forth with them for over a week now, and not seeming to get any progress. I told them I just needed a new label and they said they reached out to the buyer for an updated address. After speaking to the buyer she hadn’t received any notification from them. I keep getting the same responses from them saying “let us know if you get the package back” even though they are well aware I have the package. Seems that customer service is outsourced, and are given a list of responses to choose from to send, considering their responses seem to be the same blurbs over and over again without answering my questions. Poshmark reached out to the buyer finally and asked for an updated address, while sending me another email saying my package was lost in the mail and they were releasing funds and refunding the buyer, knowing that I have the package! All I wanted was a new label, and it’s turned into a disaster. Don’t know that I can continue using this app if this is something I have to deal with again in the future.

- It’s a bad app.

Let’s be honest you’re cleaning out your closet at this moment to sell somethings and get some money for many reason like covid etc. This app might seem like a good idea at first glance but think again. It’s better for the buyer and not the seller alongside that there has been many many incidents where the buyer commits literal mail fraud and they do not do anything about it. They don’t care. They’re a money hungry corporation like every other corporation these days. It’s just so sad because some of these people that are trying to sell their clothing is to afford groceries, payments and/or stay afloat in this economy. Poshmark does not care about that, they won’t give the money back if anything happens like mail fraud. I do not recommend this app if you’re trying to sell your clothes. The seller is not protected and they do not give af about the seller. Yes, this world isn’t perfect and there will be many people doing crimes like mail fraud but it’s poshmark’s responsibility to protect the seller and give back the money if the fraud has happened. I’ve seen many cases about this and only in this app. Like i’ve said before, they just don’t care about it. So do yourself a favor a pick a different app to sell your clothes!

- Posh World

Poshmark started out as a means for me to downsize my life and rid my life of all unnecessary material things. It ended up becoming a second job for me, easily paying bills and contributing to vacation funds :) I have been on both a buyer and seller side, and Posh has protected me both times, once when I was sold a fake item that I paid a few hundred dollars for; and again when I sold an item in mint , accurately described condition and the buyer became upset that she didn’t read the description better after delivery. She then tried to blame it on me, despite Posh being able to see exactly what was sold, said and delivered. Poshmark representatives are always kind, informative and prompt when addressing issues as a seller and as a customer as well. I recommend Posh to any person I know, because it is a great community ! There are a few bad eggs, but nothing a block feature can’t fix. My ONLY complaint is how much Posh takes- but that’s how the cookie crumbles . Thanks for being rad Poshmark Team 💝

- New obsession

I have a renewed enthusiasm for Poshmark. I started out a couple of years ago just posting things i personally didn’t want to give away and I don’t trust consignment shops. (Bad experience) I am now on the reseller path and am loving it! Poshmark wants you to be successful and it’s a great community. One thing that I really wish we were able to do is have the ability to clean out our bundle lists, for sellers and buyers; Once an item is sold/I’m no longer interested in it/the person who likes my item hasn't purchased the item in months, I wish we could delete the entire bundle. Their like would still be on the item for in-listing offer to likers, but we can clean up our bundle lists. I can see that it’s good to have a bundle history bc of needing any communication between buyer and seller to be available if a case is opened or there is an issue, but if nothing was ever sold and the person just never made a move on an offer let’s be able to delete it! After a while you can’t see the offer history anyway. :)

- Stay away!

Poshmark is a bad app pretending to be good! It’s a terrible app with awful sellers & buyers! Like everywhere you go you will find great individuals, but overall it’s only a handful, and the worst part is that Poshmark let the people do what they want & the good people have to pay the consequences! I’m waiting to solve a bad incident by a seller that send me the wrong size dress, filthy & it took forever to ship it! I did not accept the item of course; I was so disappointed & frustrated, guess what? Poshmark just send me the return label saying that if I don’t return it in 2 DAYS they were going to cancel the return!!!! OMG I only had 2 days, the seller have all the time in the world plus I have to wait like 10 more business days to get my refund! This is the second time that happened to me! Plus few more terribleeeee incidents that I don’t going to get into details! Believe me you do not want to buy nir sell in this app, they keep a big % of your money & is not worth it! Ppl want everything so cheap that you end up loosing money! I do not have anything good to say about this app! Stay away! Use Mercari instead, that app is worth it! Better ppl & they don’t keep an huge % of your sales! Take my word, run as fast as you can! Thanks

- New wardrobe amazing style with “used” clothes!

I have had no shame in telling everyone I know about the Poshmark experience. To be very honest I was very skeptical about this whole “Poshing” thing and to my most pleasant surprise it completely changed my mind about purchasing someone else’s used clothes! I have revamped my whole wardrobe in the matter of a few months and the Poshmark experience has been a pleasure from the beginning!! I was slow to use it at first, not because the App was hard to learn or slow...no that was all me, I was timid at first but very quickly learned the Poshing way and became a Lion;). I have even sold a shirt using the App, it by the way has been the only thing I’ve tried to sell...so 100% ain’t too shabby?! All the clothing and shoes I have purchased have been high quality brands like, The Northface, Khul, PrAna, Teva, Keen, Ext...and most all the clothing and shoes have been in like new condition. This is the new way for all people in all walks of life to shop! Cheers, Peter M

- Many things are wrong but easily fixed

This app is okay it’s usable I believe that it can be a lot easier to use though especially for new users that haven’t downloaded the app. Being able to also re design how the app looks as a whole would be nice as well right now it looks fully outdated and looks like something out of 2010. Also for the amount of money you take from the sellers as a fee I would really expect this all to resolved or for you to have a team in making this app fell fresh and new every time I open the app I feel as if it is outdated and old. I believe that also the sellers fees are way to much being one of the most popular apps on the App Store lowering prices on fees would make your ratings sky rocket to a potential 5 stars. I’m trying to sell something right now that has a value of 200 and with all fees taken I only earn 150 that’s not even adding shipping costs and also people wanting a bigger discount as is. I understand making money is a priority but other apps competing have lower fees are easier to understand and have a bigger market place for having these things in place so please fix all of this island I guarantee your app will do better than it already is.

- Idea is Great, App is Messy

My BFF had been trying to get me on Poshmark for a while and I finally took the plunge. It’s great to make a little cash from stuff I don’t care to own anymore or still have with tags. I think Poshmark’s commission is a little high, I wish it was 10% or 15% but it is what it is. My concern is the app - it’s messy, unorganized, and support is no help. For example people appear on my feed all the time under “people I follow” - and I do NOT follow them. Never seen them before. When I click my list of people I follow on my profile, they’re not there, but I can’t get them out of my home page. People also make bundles and even if the item sold, can’t delete the bundle. I assume this is just as frustrating from the other end. Same thing if I make a bundle for someone to offer a discount, if they don’t accept, we are both stuck with the bundle. It’s a terribly messy trail and really with no reason. I also wish you could delete sold listings, for example if I sold something person X got me and I don’t want them to see I sold it. I don’t know why you couldn’t just delete the listing.

- Too many un needed notifications ruining the app

Every day or couple of days poshmark sends notifications to me (and everybody else I’ve seen wit the app) saying random inspirational messages like “you are good enough” or “today will be better than yesterday” and that might sound harmless. But there is so many of these and posh party notifications (I don’t know what those are but i don’t want notifications for them) and there’s no way to turn these unneeded notifications off, so the only way to fix it is to turn all notifications off. But then if you listed something you won’t ever know when someone bought it, and because of this 2 out of the 4 things I’ve bought on this app I never got a message back and never got them shipped and had to wait a whole week for my money to get back from the escrow. Turn the unneeded notifications off, half the people jus uninstall the app because of them and forget they ever listed something. I’ve never had anybody from any other selling app jus never reply back or never ship, so this has to be why I’ve only see it here

- Takes to much time

I have been on the app for a month and I have 1000 followers and I’m following about the same amount. I share a lot of people’s items and they are starting to share my items but I am on this app from 6 to 10 hours a day and I don’t have a sell yet. I have been sharing my items also, I have decent pics, prices are below average. but I read these comments and people are saying they sell a lot on here. I don’t understand. If it starts going better I will update but this has been a waste of time so far. Update: so as I was contacted by Poshmark with a possible “solution” to this issue. The solution was to share,follow more, spend more time on the app,(how long do they expect someone to be on this app?) “Did that work?” You ask. Refer to beginning of this review. All the “tips” they gave me are the same tips I have been following for over a month with 0 sales. My sales have went from 0 soaring to a astounding.......wait for it!!.....0 sales. It’s like ether they didn’t read my post or didn’t know what the article they referred me to said. The TV commercial portrays the app as a place anyone can sell, that’s just not true.

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Poshmark: Buy & Sell Fashion 4.32 Screenshots & Images

Poshmark: Buy & Sell Fashion iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Poshmark: Buy & Sell Fashion iphone images
Poshmark: Buy & Sell Fashion iphone images
Poshmark: Buy & Sell Fashion iphone images
Poshmark: Buy & Sell Fashion iphone images
Poshmark: Buy & Sell Fashion iphone images

Poshmark: Buy & Sell Fashion (Version 4.32) Install & Download

The applications Poshmark: Buy & Sell Fashion was published in the category Shopping on 2011-10-13 and was developed by Poshmark, Inc. [Developer ID: 470412290]. This application file size is 66.71 MB. Poshmark: Buy & Sell Fashion - Shopping app posted on 2020-12-14 current version is 4.32 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.poshmark.poshmark

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