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What is united airlines app? Say hello to our redesigned United app.

With our everchanging environment and the need more than ever to empower our customers with more ability to self-serve and stay informed, we’ve worked to enhance our United app to deliver information more consistently, timelier and easier than before for all users – all while keeping many of the same features you know and love.

The app is your all-in-one travel partner
- Our redesigned app will now deliver information you need more consistently than ever before with improved navigation for a more seamless experience. The design updates also serve as a complement to our enhanced accessibility support for screen readers.
- During your trip, our app home screen gives you quick access to important details by opening to the most useful and relevant information, for all users whether you’re signed in or not. When it’s time to travel, check in for your flights on the home screen and view real-time updates. See what amenities are on your flights and your position on the upgrade and standby lists. While at the airport, explore interactive airport maps to find a United Club location near you and stay up to date on your flight status through our push notifications delivered directly to your inbox.

Manage your MileagePlus® account
- Enroll in MileagePlus and check out our newly envisioned “My account” experience. You can also earn miles with MileagePlus programs and use these miles to book award travel on the app, too.

Search for flights and book travel
- Look for flights across our global network. When you find one that’s right, book it on the app using money, award miles or even your electronic travel certificates.

Easily manage your reservations on the app
- View and change your seat assignments, or enhance your trips by adding Economy Plus® seating, Premier Access®, United Club℠ passes, travel bundles and more. You can also change, cancel or rebook your flights right on the app, all through the “My trips” section.

Continue using the app in the air
- With United Private Screening on select flights, watch TV shows and movies on your own device. Plus, track the status of your checked bags and see which gate you’ll arrive to once you land.

Travel-Ready Center
- Use our Travel-Ready Center to navigate everything needed for travel. Learn about COVID-19 travel requirements and upload the necessary test results, vaccine documentation, and destination entry forms. It even integrates with Apple Health, allowing you to seamlessly provide your proof of vaccination.

Have questions?
- Message our contact center directly through the Contact Us section in the app.

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How to contact United Airlines (United Airlines)?
Find this site the customer service details of United Airlines. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company. https://appsupports.co/449945214/united-airlines/contact

United Airlines Customer Service, Editor Notes:

United Airlines Version 4.1.5429 June 2022

We continue to make enhancements to ensure your travels are made more seamless through the United app. Improvements in this release include new categories in our Help Center to help answer more of your commonly asked questions..

United Airlines Version 4.1.4921 April 2022

Got what it takes to pilot one of our planes? We’ll find out! In this release, we have a brand new game launching called “Flight simulator” that puts you to the test on how well you can land a Dreamliner. Try it once, try it twice. Don’t worry--we won’t tell..

United Airlines Version 4.1.4328 February 2022

We heard your feedback! With this release, you’ll be able to use international credit cards for contactless payment purchases inflight (if you’re interested in buying a snackbox, drink and more). Just add it to your Wallet and you’ll be good to go. In addition, also in this release is the ability to get pre-cleared if you’re traveling to Hawaii through Agent on Demand. You’ll be able to do this via the app starting at 24 hours prior to departure..

United Airlines Comments & Reviews 2022

- An awesome time saver!

Access to my ‘ticket’ and flight information is so quickly is awesome! Wow, I remember having to go down to a ticket office(30 min) and spend an hour having someone else tell what they thought my flight options were (60min) and then having to print a ticket and keep up with it(never) and then strategically place the ticket where I can present it to 4 different people so I can make it through the airport including checking in for flight (60min+) then security, gate agent, and flight attendant all while stopping to check the board for which gate (15min) and any updates and heaven forbid I have a connecting flight and another flight coupon! Only complaint is I seem to have to closedown the app to get it to update added reservations - even if I made the reservation with the app. But maybe that is because I have gotten so used to having the information right away! It actually seems like the app, through notifications, gets the updated flight information quicker than the gate agents and flight crews! Makes me feel like a seasoned traveler - Well Done! Keep those updates coming.

- App Devs - Hope you read

I dislike leaving a “review” when I really need to submit a product complaint, but United leaves me no other obvious choice to submit feedback about the app. Overall, it’s a great app. But now that you must put in your card information into the app in order to make purchases on board, there’s a problem. I am NOT going to verify my card every time I check in for a flight. That’s just stupid. I do it once, and that should be it. I take at least two flights a week on United. So at least twice a week I’m being asked to verify a card that I verified less than 4 days ago. You may say that “we need to verify the card is still in your possession” or some other reason. Sorry. But that’s your problem. If you require us to use the app instead of presenting a card, then there are certain risks you accept. Sure. Some guy that flys once a year? Make him verify the card. Your Platinums? Stop hassling us. It’s easier for me to skip on board purchases than to have to go through a verification every time I check in. Especially since I have to click all the extra boxes now because some people are too stupid to know to not fly if they have Covid and that they have to wear a mask. I hate the dumbing down of America to its lowest common denominator. So ease up on the card verification or go back to taking cards in flight.

- Terrible detail on checked baggage and flight info

I arrived to Louisville international 55 mins before my flight. The line was busy and took 20 mins to get to the check in kiosk. When I went to check my bag, the computer said that I had to check my bag at least 45 mins before departure - see attendant. Normally the airlines attendant will work with you and say something like “let me call down and have a baggage person get your bag” or something like that. This United Airlines worker said - “You going to Houston? You’re wayyyy late.” - and I was like, I have over half an hour still? Anyway, ling story short, I’ve tried multiple options and nothing worked. I missed my flight and have to rebook two flights for later today. I feel as if United was not explicit at all with the hard 45 minute cut off. Normally I’m two hours early, but this is Louisville airport… and I’m TSA pre-checked. Has never taken more than a half hour to get to my gate, and all the other airlines have no issue with my check in. Sorely disappointed by United’s app, and customer service. Currently, I never would to fly United again. The way to turn this from a 1 star to a 5 star would be for United to refund my $600 for the flights I had to purchase for later today, and to update their app to be very clear that you have to be a MINIMUM 45 mins before departure, if you’re checking a bag. We’ll see if United notices! I would have arrived at least a half hour earlier, had I known.

- Big changes to flight without warning…

I have always enjoyed United when we have used this airline, but this time was very disappointing. Only 1 day before our trip, we had looked to see what size baggage we were allowed and came to find out—not only were we leaving and coming at different times—but our layovers had changed from around 1 hour to 5 HOURS— both ways—with our plane changes in a DIFFERENT CITY! The disrespectful part? WE WERE NEVER NOTIFIED BY THE AIRLINE. When we agreed to purchase these tickets with no refund—4 months before—paying close attention to the times & layovers, & committing to our purchase, we expected United to honor their end of the deal or, at the very least, let us know! These changes greatly affected our travel plans because we were visiting our elderly parents on the farm who needed to travel several hours to pick us up from the airport and take us back. Fortunately, my husband called & after several hours of being on hold, getting disconnected & so forth, the United representative helped us fix some of the bigger issues. And—I am grateful for that— but due to the unexpected changes & never being notified, I can only give United 3 stars this time around.

- My experience w United

I flew in from EWR to GDL and the my one suitcase WAS NOT PUT ON THE PLANE from Houston to GDL. I was told that I am to wait for my luggage and that it would arrive sometime the next day. When I tried to phone United and gain information where is my suitcase and when it will arrive, I was transferred to a company in India and the horrible experience continued. Hours of waiting to speak to a person, lies over lies and promises to attend to my issue that were not meant to be kept. At that point I lost my trust and asked to leave the suitcase in the airport and I will pick it up by myself. I was promised that my suitcase will wait for me in the airport. The next day I drive an hour to the airport to find out that my luggage is on the United truck and the driver is in front of my rented accommodation, with no one to receive my suitcase. The company in India promised I will be able to get my suitcase in the airport and they lied again. At this point me and my suitcase were in limbo. I am a long time United/Continental customer and I was VERY DISAPPOINTED with the way this was handled. It costed me TWO days of my precious vacation. Rivka Soloway

- Disorganized, confusing and not convenient

This app is not only not user-friendly but it’s counterintuitive. Why do we have to search all over the app just to check in for our flight why do we have to type in our last name when we’re already signed into the app and why do we have to search everywhere to pull up our boarding pass, why do we have to click link after link in order to access the flight information - no one appreciates you rearranging everything every couple of months. This app is one of the worst flight apps I am a frequent flyer and this is by far the worst of all airline apps. How would you like it if somebody snuck into your room and rearranged everything and then you can’t find anything- well that’s exactly how it is every time I open this app and you’ve updated it. You still haven’t found an easy solution - there’s only three things we need from this app one, east check-in and easy access to a boarding pass. Two, easy access to the boarding times and to see flight information, standby information etc. And three, the information on where to go for our gate. Currently, the boarding pass doesn’t even have the gate information and there’s too many links and too many options. it’s unclear, unorganized and confusing. Whoever you hired to create this app was obviously an amateur.

- Total joke to checking in online

I always checkin 24 hours before departure on any flight. I purchased my ticket knowing I did not need to bring a carryon bag or check in anything. I do this because I like to go straight through security and have my boarding pass with me on my phone, and when I land head straight to my shuttle without waiting for baggage and head straight to work. However, trying to check in with United they say because I didn’t have a carryon or checked bag I need to see a ticket agent for my boarding pass! The whole point of basic economy was to not bringing anything to check in. So this forced me to purchase a carryon. So I do, and pay the extra $30, (which was the only charge the representative over the phone informed me of) and I will walk my carryon to the gate with me as I do with all other airlines. But, United says they will still force me to pay an extra $25 gate handling fee on top of the $30 to have them carry it from gate as I board to the plane. What is the definition of a carryon if I don’t carry it on and off myself!? Now I have to wait at baggage claim at my destination to get my carryon?! Ridiculous! Huge joke and will try my best to never fly United! Just another reason to fly a different airline. Thanks but no thanks! United I stand with all my family and friends to never fly United airlines with this experience.

- Alienation

I understand the pain airlines have endured for the COVID crisis but they also got a lot of help from my tax money. I am stunned at the level of avarice United employs to extract money from their customers. Carry on luggage policy for instance. We do not have unlimited funds and it will cost me at least $86 x4 just to bring one standard carry-on bag each for our round trip; or, be restricted to a 9”x10”x17” personal bag. Do you have a concept of how small that is? If the crew decides I am carrying too large of an emergency delay bag (toiletries, change of underwear, a shirt, lots of medicines, phone charger, other flight delay or lost luggage essentials —yes, what do I need if my checked luggage gets lost?) they will charge $75 to take it from the gate to the plane’s hold. Times four? Plus, we purchased economy tickets but there are no open economy seats available. I now fully expect to be charged for an involuntary upgrade to economy plus. (That’s the extra $86 x 4 upgrade that allows a standard carry-on and you get an extra inch or so of leg room.) What more can an airline do to alienate potential “loyal” customers? Yes, I am a little heated at this moment. You have probably sucked the joy out of this trip because I’ll be stewing over this for weeks. Forgiveness will be extremely difficult to earn.

- Poor experience on my recent flight- Expected better service for Premium Golda

Had booked a round trip from EWR to Delhi. While the flight to Delhi was smooth, the return flight (August 11) was delayed by over 18 hours. After haggling with a United representative on the phone for over 45mins I was told that I could only be given a flight back option from Mumbai if I made my own arrangements to fly to Mumbai. I needed to get back to Newark by Sunday and did not have many options, I was finally given an option to fly via Munich with about a 4-5hours layover in Munich. While I my original booking was on ‘Premium Economy’ my booking on Lufthansa was done on a regular coach class and was given a middle seat to travel overnight. At Munich I went to the Miles and More lounge and presented my United Club pass (knowing that they are part of Star Alliance), however, they said that the United Club pass is not acceptable at their lounges. So I had to sit around the Munich airport for the next 4-5hours. Overall, was a painful experience and I expected better service for a Premium Gold member.

- Maybe it’s me....

I find this site extremely difficult to manage from my cell phone. Even when I’m able to sit and take my time, I cannot find the information I need. Sometimes I’ll try to check other flight options and I end up losing my original option. Trying to find an updated standby list while you’re in a hurry? forget it. Yesterday, my flight was canceled and the App did not update to show this for almost 2 hours after the cancellation. Today, I went to the gate listed on the app (as a hopeful standby passenger), when I got there the screen said “gate change, ask associate for details”. There were no “associates” to be found. The app still showed original gate. Finally found a monitor which showed new gate. It was .9 mile walk to new gate (literally, not exaggerating). Once at new gate, I asked where I can find the standby list (because I cannot find it on the app) They laughed at my unrealistic optimism and told me to check the app. So I used the archaic app to look for additional flight options. When I did this, I apparently removed my name from the existing standby list.... if I ever get home, I will make it a point to delete this app and go back to waiting 30 minutes to speak with a representative on the phone. The app is almost as bad as the airline, itself.

- Review

I’ve been using the app since about September. Worked great. Like everything about it. The last 2-3 weeks it seems to not work correctly. I had flights canceled then rescheduled and seem not to be able to use the app. When the flight is done it should get off the app. No need to see my flight from yesterday. I’m now trying to check in and it shows my flights from yesterday and today, even the canceled one. It needs to clear out. I have shut the app down cleared it from history. Sign in and same thing. How am I supposed to check on flights this way. I then tried to put in my reservation number and name and have to tap the screen several times and wait. I know it’s not my phone because if I tap “search” once it tells me I have to put a reservation number and name. Duh! I’m trying but it won’t let me unless I tap my screen 20-50 times. Then I have to go through the same tapping for my name. Very frustrating. This needs to be fixed asap. I gave it a 4 star because when it’s working I really don’t have any complaints. I like it better than American Airlines app.

- In flight entertainment

Overall a good app from a developer’s perspective. There are a few improvements to make with in flight wifi entertainment. 1. Navigating to the in flight entertainment was tricky. The menu option is tucked away under “more options” and the instructions do not point the user there. My guess is it was supposed to auto detect that you are connected to a united wifi access point and show you in flight options on the dashboard and that didn't work. If that’s not an existing feature, it may be a good feature to add (rather easy to implement). 2. I wasn't able to continue watching the movie I started a few hours ago on my first flight. Ford v Ferrari disappeared. However, i noticed it does take me back to where I left off during the same flight (but sort of flakey and may need additional testing there). 3 Lastly, i kept being disconnected from the access point every few minutes. This is most likely the cause of the router and not the app.

- App so Good I started flying United again

I love this app. It’s like Fedex plus Amtrak. Thank you United for making a quality product that actually helps me. I don’t ordinarily even leave reviews, but I fly a lot and I truly appreciate that this app makes flying more convenient. Dear people who made this thank you for adding all of those seamless features. And thank you for the in airport texts and updates too. Thanks to your app, instead of having a hair-pulling experience due to holiday traffic surrounding the airport, I was able to rebook my flight from the uber, eat a leisurely enjoyable dinner in the airport while charging my phone and taking a conference call, purchase a couple of magazines, and stroll happily to the correct gate with a confident awareness of the flight status. I had important things in my checked bags, so when I arrived I didn’t stress when the bags took a while to come out at baggage claim because I checked the app and knew they had arrived and were on their way to me. In conclusion, I love you.

- Good App - Terrible Company

What goodness does an app add if the “state of the art” Entertainment technology is useless when the plane WiFi does not work? Many upset customers, Bose and iPhones ready, asked the attendants if this was common. “It happens all the time”. Coast-to-Coast without Entertainment. What good is it to be able to “manage” your miles when United uses de PQM miles scam to credit miles (got less than 30% of my true miles credited, it will take me years to build enough miles to get a domestic free ticket)? But it won’t happen because I avoid United with passion and even cancelled their credit card. What’s the point? My problem with United is United, not the app. United has forgotten its customer focus and to reward loyalty. Forget even the flying experience, just take a European carrier and compare. United apps would be really useful if they were built on a platform of customer service, clearly what United is not about anymore. So I avoid United at all costs, gone to better carriers with more inferior apps.


I was prompted yesterday to go on another flight with no change fee. It wasn’t obvious that the flight options were for the *following* day. I selected, realized I made a mistake, and called right away to correct. I was then on hold more than a half hour, and two agents and an hour later I received no help. All after a day when i traveled to be at a funeral. Today, when I went to check in, the message was clearer that you were looking for people to change flights. I have been a customer and mileage plus customer for decades. Also a credit card holder. I am extremely disappointed in the service and considering canceling my card, and United as airline of choice. It’s clear United dramatically overbooked flights the entire weekend, which is irresponsible from my perspective. While I was on the phone with agents last night, I could hear other agents fighting with customers like me in the background. Please try to be better to customers in the future. Thank you

- Disappointing 1st flight in years!

I haven’t flown in 15 years, so I decided to take United after hearing good things about them. My experience was less than enjoyable. After deplaning in Houston and being unfamiliar with airport, I discovered my my next flight was leaving from a gate clear across the airport, so rushing through to arrive at my gate on time, I discovered the plane was delayed for over an hour due to bad weather in NJ. Then, they call us to board only to find out that there was a problem and we would be delayed another 15 minutes, not a huge deal. However, these delays continued for another 2 1/2 hours! We were given ridiculous excuses, one after the other, without a sincere apology or the truth. Perhaps the airline thought we should all understand and comply without a genuine explanation or compensation. They did allow us to watch a movie for free, but still charged for alcohol. When you have friends or family waiting for you at your final destination and it turns out to be 3:00 am, I think the responsibility lies with United to be sure everything is taken care of before asking passengers to board.

- Important features completely nonfunctional

I attempted to book an international flight today through the app, and I ended up having to go to the website, because the app demanded that I update my nationality and country of residence (neither of which has ever changed), and then provided no means for me to enter the information. I was sent to a page with a search blank, an apparently decorative search button, and an otherwise empty white screen, with no menu and no capability to manually enter the answers. The “search” button simply does not function, no matter what I type in the blank. At length, I booked the reservation and reentered my nationality and residence on the website, which indicated that the information would be saved to my profile. However, while the app now shows the reservation, it STILL won’t allow me to make any changes because it STILL demands I reenter my citizenship information in the app. Since, as indicated above, this quite literally cannot be done, the app is now useless for international travel, and I’m going to have to waste an additional hour standing in line to get my boarding pass on paper at the airport. Thanks so much!

- Terrible flight personnel

Asked to sit in emergency row and they asked to look at my ticket. After seeing my boarding pass they looked at my seating which was all the way in the back and one older lady insisted that I paid the least amount god my ticket and said it costs more to fit in the emergency seating because there is more leg room. As I let her know I may have paid less but it was only because I booked my flight much earlier $200 is not a cheap flight and I paid $700 for a flight for my son at the same time while only flying from Florida to Va 2 hour flight. To that I say she needs to find a new field that doesn't include customer service. She was down right rude and I am wondering as an after thought if it wasn't due to my darker skin color. (I am Hispanic and have been sun kissed due to my vacation for 30 days) The entire emergency seating row was empty with only one passenger seated on the left side of the aircraft. Everyone was already boarded. WILL NOT FLY WITH UNITED AGAIN! SHAME ON YOU! The female who was sitting in in emergency row was about 90 pounds soaking wet... I bet everyone on the flight felt real safe having to depend on someone of that stature sitting in the seat to help everyone.

- Bad experience, good app

I flew United for the first time in a while and I found that, compared to other airline apps, their flight statuses were updated the most frequently/accurately. It told me about delays before the gate clerk even knew. As you could’ve guessed, this unfortunately means that I was on a delayed flight which caused me to miss my connection on the last flight out of Newark for the night. The app let me know right away when my connection took off, preventing the hassle of running to the gate to check, and immediately presented me with options for next steps. It provided the next United flight out of Newark and guaranteed me a seat, while also showing me flights out of nearby airports, like LaGuardia and JFK, in order to more accurately assess options and get to my destination as soon as possible. Thank you so much for alleviating the stress in a tough situation! I’ve never booked a flight using the app, so I cannot speak on that, but my experience was great.

- Incoherent

Having already checked in on line I assumed the untied app would have that information but it did not. Then had to start “check-in” process on app to be recognized. That process then required I have the confirmation # ready available which has to be found in a previous email or paper document. Also, the mileage plus number in NEVER listed, save the last three digits. WHY! Working between the online platform and United app simply lacks any cohesion or friendly interface. While online “super security” is appreciated on the large scale, it, and other factors makes all of United’s user platforms feel clunky and unwelcoming. Final example: when checking in online it was nearly impossible to add Milage Plus numbers to get credit for this flight. My wife, Theresa Klein, had to go through a paper file we keep with travel records just to locate her MP # and mine could not be located so miles will be lost unless I take the time to sort through more papers or d emails to eventually find the number for Peter Klein...SO FRUSTRATING.

- Horrible Experience

If I could rate 0 stars I would. I sat in the smallest airport in Watertown, SD. My flight kept getting delayed by small increments because of a "windshield wiper" mechanical issue. After they said the wiper was fixed they stated a small amount of paper work needed to be filled out and that we would be in the air within 45 minutes; this was almost 2 hours after arrival at the airport. The next 4 hours there was no communication from the gate agents, flight crew, and the UA app still stated that our flight was on time! After 6 hours at the airport, the staff finally came out and said our flight was cancelled. It then took another 45 minutes just to rebook us on a new flight going out the next morning all the while listening to the gate crew complain that they have had such a long and stressful day. Also, while rebooking WE had to ask to be compensated for a meal for the night.... to me, that is the least that UA should be doing for us!

- Misinformation

This app is good for one thing, making you miss your flight. It will repeatedly fail to update you on flight changes, in my case it told me the incorrect gate, causing me to almost miss my flight. Unfortunately, United has also caused the most unforgivingly miserable and unprofessional flights of my life. My flight was supposed leave at 10:36pm, the time is important. Got delayed till 1:30am. I waited until 1:30, than I received the notice that the flight was delayed until 10:35 in the morning. The best part, 12 hours is a full refund. But because it's at 10:35 not 10:36, that one minute makes sure I don't get a refund. The result? Cozying up on the floor of LAX all night. The customer service will be sure to make your experience even more miserable. You can enjoy waiting for over an hour, to than be fed misinformation about upcoming flights, claiming there were no more flights headed to my destination. However, all morning I watched as people in the wait list slipped on to more flights, flights that customer service claimed didn’t exist. The bottom line is, this app is an impressive reflection of what flying United is like. You shouldn’t need this app, because you shouldn’t fly United.

- Great Customer Service

Just a note that one of the United employees at the Colorado Springs airport got me out of a jam regarding a “must get there” flight to a destination for medical appointment and treatment. The same great customer service at Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson. I happened to hit Hartsfield-Jackson when it snowed 2-3”. The airport closed the afternoon of my flight on another airline. The other airline told me next flight out would be three days out. United got me out of there first flight the next morning. If you fly a small airline with a bare bones fleet you are taking a risk. United has a large fleet and has capability to add planes when needed. As for Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson, I will never route through there again in the winter unless I absolutely have to. Hartsfield-Jacksion, the busiest airport in the world, can’t handle 3” of snow because executives cost cut and don’t have adequate de-icing or snowplow equipment. Yes I know the equipment is costly...but this is the busiest airport in the world.

- So disappointed!!!!

I have been flying United overseas & across the U.S. for my Active Duty service and for personal, leisure travel and I have never been so disappointed with booking & travel services. Purchasing a ticket on Cheap-O-Air does not mean I am taken advantage of… No carry-on baggage when I am flying on military orders is absolutely unacceptable. When I am told I must check my government device…absolutely a breach of trust with the airline. I have never…I mean never been so demeaned and humiliated! I even had to try multiple times to add my Frequent Flyer number prior to the system recognizing and associating my number with this trip…do I not get credit for the travel either? Getting a supposed group-purchased ticket rate should not negate travel mile credit!!! After all the ticket was not FREE!!!! Fleecing of America…you want my business, but you don’t respect me as a customer! That is why we hesitate on being loyal to business’s…there is no appreciation & only a desire to increase the bottom line at the cost of the customer. UNACCEPTABLE!

- Frustrating finding flight info or progress to premier

I travel for my job, basically every week. When you have multiple flights booked, the app makes it very difficult to find the info on your later flights until your current flight has landed. You have to go into your profile and do a roundabout process in order to locate the info on your other flights, or even to check in for your return flight (which is very frustrating if you fly in/out of a city in the same day). Also, in order to see my progress towards premier, I have to click the link in the app which takes me to an external site where I enter my login info again. This is annoying bc I can’t remember my rewards number, so I end up getting locked out after multiple attempts and need to change my password. Another thing that I just noticed is annoying when trying to submit this review is that I have to enter a nickname for myself when submitting. I’ve now tried 8 iterations of my name but all have been previously taken, so apparently I cannot submit a review without a unique nickname. This is ridiculous.

- Flight delay.

Our flight was delayed by two hours. We luckily had two club passes but it really should have been comped. On flight could not watch movies because my adobe player on my Apple laptop is too new so only could read what I had already downloaded. Food in club was cold and mediocre compared to our delta club experience. Definitely not worth how much a day pass would cost. Also the day passes expire which is annoying when you often do not have time to utilize the club. Overall very disappointed in my United experience. We will now have to Uber home which will cost us $80 since our daughter now can’t pick us up. Flight attendants were very nice and seats comfortable as a small positive. Other airlines use the go app making it easy to use the entertainment especially since no screens on planes anymore. You need to make it easier for your customers. Will think twice about using United in the future since this was the second trip in a row with problems and my daughter just had a bad experience with plane problems and no email about flight being cancelled. Sincerely, F. Spokane

- Flight delayed

Our flight was delayed and would not be able to make connecting flight. Was notified (TG I was still awake) at 10:30 pm for a 7:45 am flight which was an hour travel time to airport. Was just getting ready to go to bed when i noticed the text. had to RE-book another flight at later time into an airport further away from original one. instead of getting picked up by a friend (Couldn’t ask them to drive over an hour and a half to pick us up.) We had to take a bus from NJ to NY and then the train from grand central station. This was an ordeal for me being that I am slightly handicapped. Originally purchased front row seats (which I did receive a refund for) but seats on second flight was almost all the way in back of plane which was difficult for me also. Was us to 2 am night before making arrangements for new flight and had only 5 1/2 hrs sleep and a LONG travel day. Traveling is especially hard now with COVID and didn’t get any real satisfaction or compensation with United airlines on making my trip a bit easier

- Freezes, yet only way to buy food

A nonfunctional app would not be such a huge deal of it were not the only way United Airlines allows you to purchase food. They no longer accept cash, credit, or even other common and leading digital wallets. You have to use their app — or, like me, you can go for your whole coast to coast flight with no snacks because your app froze. I have a food allergy & the free snacks all contain an ingredient that causes a bad reaction for me. A flight attendant straight up refused to find any way for me to pay for a snack. There are so many reasons for this setup being a problem. For me the app froze. What if your phone dies? Or you failed to download the app before you were in the air? Do you have to buy wifi in order to then buy banana chips? What if the wifi cuts out as it often does on flights? What if you don’t have a phone? What if your phone is an older model? And you can’t argue that this is just for contactless payments. If it were, they would accept Apple & Samsung pay. It’s about forcing you to use this app when it’s clearly not ready for prime time. Any good reviews of this app must be fake.

- Awkward app on multiple fronts

It does get certain jobs done (check-in, give travel info etc.) — but there is lots of room for improvements. For instance, each time you want to go back to your reservation information, you have to re-type your confirmation number and last name, even within the same session, which is really awkward. When I scanned my passport, the app uploads it but then it complained that my name was incorrect — which was not true, but it did not get my middle name. There is no way to correct or add that. You can only cancel the process. So, the whole check-in process is cancelled because of this flaw. After I had checked in (without passport, which is possible) using the app said the boarding passes will be emailed. But they weren’t. I only got an email notification that my check-in had failed. So, what’s the point? Why not just say that in the app? Finally, today (Nov 3, 2021) the app tells me I cannot use the Travel-ready feature because my app needs to be updated first. This was RIGHT AFTER I had updated it. Helllooo??

- Great experience! 💝

I honestly don’t understand why there are so many bad reviews. United is at an affordable price, and it flew us where we needed to go with no hassle. Great airline, I would totally recommend. Got there a few hours before boarding, got through security, and then boarded. No issues with delays, or anything. We took off and then got to our location within 3 hours. It was really good because the flight attendants helped us with whatever we needed and provided food, drinks, blankets, and pillows for all passengers. It is also an awesome thing that they provide you with movies for entertainment, since there is no way to reach internet on an aircraft. The United Airlines app is very helpful with information. You can sign up for a text message subscription service and get new details about your flight 24/7. There should not be this many bad reviews because United Airlines gets you the best experience for the best price.

- Boarding process at gate

The boarding process at the United gate is very confusing which I think could be corrected with little effort, based on my experience at competing airlines and reviewing their processes. There are 4 boarding groups (at least 4 anyways as I was group 4) but only 2 roped off lines each being clearly labeled as line “1” and line “2”. Between the chaos of passengers hovered around ropes early and out of turn, and the loud speaker rapidly talking things like, “now group number three go through line number [and spit off some number other than three]” and repeat the process for 4. I don’t understand why the gate can’t be organized such that a group 4 passenger could get in a line that’s labeled #4. This is also extremely difficult, if not impossible, for a hearing impaired person to comply with the airlines instructions. I was not the only person having this issue on my recent flights.

- Difficult

For a very brief review: Our flight was delayed then cancelled when the incoming plane was diverted due to weather. United policy does not allow passengers to retrieve their bags without “special permission” which meant 4-7 hour wait after request. To find this out and ‘request’ our bags we (me, wife, 2 and 6 year old) had to stand in customer service line for 2 hours (no exaggeration). Could not get a flight until 2 days later. 2 days without bags when you have 2 small children is very difficult to say the least. Furthermore the “track your bag” option never updated and thus we had to wait on hold for bag service representative for 30 minutes to track. I feel if a flight is cancelled there HAS to be a viable option to retrieve your bags (that are AT the airport) while you make new travel arrangements. This now is glaringly evident when traveling with children that need (bottles, medications, etc). We did, as recommended, keep some of these necessities in our personal bags but we booked economy thus no larger overhead bags were allowed. We certainly didn’t entertain the prospect of 2 days without bags for such a simple direct 2 hr flight.

- Customer service

Customer service experience this week was horrible. My flights were cancelled multiple times due to the typhoon in Japan, and the process to call Global Services to arrange new flights each time took both my husband and I hours. We spent well over 3 hours of our vacation waiting on hold just to try to speak to customer services. It’s unbelievable that Global Services customer service doesn’t have the basic telephone option to leave your phone number so a customer service representative can call you back when they are available, rather than sitting on hold on the phone for over an hour. In addition, once you finally reach a customer service rep, they don’t ask for a call back number in the case the call is disconnected. My husband spent over an hour on hold while we were trying to dine at a nice restaurant because another one of my flights got cancelled. After speaking with the customer service rep for a short period of time, the call disconnected. The customer service did not call my husband back, so he had to call back and wait another 30 minutes on hold to again reach someone.

- No reservation updates on app!!!

App has intermittently worked even after updates. Don’t get a check in email, app would show reservation but not allow me to check in - under boarding passes it kept saying I had no reservations, even though reservation section would show the reservation. Eventually had to call United and go through the automated prompter to check in. Only after checking in on the phone did I get an email with the link to my boarding passes and the app still didn’t recognize that I had checked in! Before I was able to obtain the boarding passes it asked me if I wanted to write a review and this is the review. Never had to do this for any of the other airlines Southwest, American or Delta. In this case the app that was designed for convenience was very inconvenient. I am now going to close out this review and hopefully obtain an actual boarding pass...

- Siva Made The Difference

When my flight got cancelled les than 24 hours before my scheduled departure I was pretty upset. I have a pretty tight schedule for the weekend and precious time with family planned. When I called I got in the queue and the recording said a 40-50 minute wait. I could feel most of my weekend slipping away and I was getting pretty upset. After about 15 or so minutes the phone rang and Siva greeted me and asked how she could help me. I explained my situation and the limits of my times when I could leave. She was very professional. Her voice was calm and reassuring and she went to work immediately helping me rebook flights that would work for my plans. The way she handled my call changed my distress to reassurance and I told her so. Siva represents United very well and she should be commended for regaining a happy customer. Thank you Siva. Btw the 4 stars is because of the circuitous phone system. Siva get 5 stars in my book.

- More user friendly, please

Hi - when I try to check in from the app link, it’s not intuitive that I have to scroll down to do when the reservation appears. The option should be visible on the first screen or when I tap the reservation to confirm. The app should know which flight I’m eligible to check in on— and it should know it’s me. Similarly, when I try to check in by opening the app (no link from my text), the app should know what flight I want when I press “check in”. Instead I’m queried for a confirmation number. I am doing this on the fly (so to speak ) and have no idea what the confirmation number is. Then I have to fumble around and find it or just give up and use paper. Very frustrating. (There are some fabulous things about your app, too, but you should get the basic stuff down pat.). Thanks for your consideration, from one of your million-mile members.

- Clunky

App is super clunky compared to other airlines. When I’m logged in, why do I have to put my confirmation number in for a flight to check in, you have that info, just bring up the flight that I am eligible to check in for automatically. Not in basic economy and trying to purchase early boarding and nothing happens when I click pay to purchase, finally gave up. Have you sold out of this feature or do I already have because I purchased a better seat location, a message would be nice. Also, once I purchase a better seat location for say like $33, I should have the option to upgrade that again to economy plus closer to the flight for the difference of my initial purchase and the cost of economy plus. And finally, when I have pre-paid for luggage, why do I still have to wait in line at kiosk, put my confirmation number in yet again ( could never get cc swipe to work) so that it prints behind the counter. At Delta, you go straight to luggage drop if you pre-paid and skip the kiosk. Systems just clunky and not user friendly

- Lost phone recovered!

During my travel, once I landed, I went to the rest room. While washing my hands I heard someone say the found a cell phone. Not really paying much mind to it, I continued my business. Before leaving the rest room I came to realize that it was my phone that was found. The attendant that took it was gone. I ran out looking for assistance and found a United attendant right outside the restroom. I told her what happened and she walked me to Customer service where it should of been dropped off. Knowing that my family was in there way to pick me up, I got anxious thinking that this could cause a damper in our plans. A minute later she came back and asked for my phone number. She called it and the attendant that picked it up answered. She told me her location, and I recovered my phone. Thank you so much! That was truly awesome. They turned a potentially negative situation- positive.

- Just read to understand

So I’m not to mad with the app but more angry at the airlines themselves. I had an extremely late flight back to where I live from a vacation I won’t say where I live or where I went. The first flight to the vacation spot was perfect considering that everything was recovered at the airport. The flight back is my issue. I had a pretty average flight back even though the ac wasn’t working so the flight was a sauna. The issue came when I wanted to get my bags back. Keep in mind this is at 11 at night and I need to drive back to my house which is one hour from the airport. My bags got left 3 states in a different airport. Said bag had my car keys, phone which I just bought and most of my belongings. The house keys I had where in my car which I had no keys for hence I have a phone with 20%, no keys, and hardly any belongings. I had to call an Uber from there and spend 300 dollars to drive to my house. I’m still waiting for my bags since this happened just yesterday but if I get my bags and something which makes up the fact that the airlines lost my bag.

- A complete non-caring disaster

Flying out from Madison, WI on New Years Day we encountered 3 United employees who worked hard to make out trip terrible. After arriving on time we had to wait in a line to use the kiosks. When we got one we were told that time had run out for checking bags. We had a choice: book another flight or just fly without the bag. What would happen to the bag? No idea was the reply. We decided to try our luck at the gate after going through security. They were gate checking strollers, and car seats but would not accept my bag. We returned to the check in to meet our third United friendly skies employee. He would not help us until all other passengers in were taken care off even if they came 30 minutes after we had been standing there. Our rescheduled flight left Madison 9 hours after our original flight and because of different connections we were13 hours later than expected originally. This was strictly meanness and not caring. We observed others who were in a similar situation get the okay to have their suitcase put on after the one hour cut off. Shameful United.

- Disappointed

I have been a United customer for over 20 years now. I have reached every level of status in my time with United except for global services. Year after year I have taken extra measures to maintain my 1k status only to realize that it has no significant meaning anymore. I find that especially this past year I am in economy plus on most flights. I am not getting upgraded like previous years. I’m treated just as poorly as everyone else. So I have decided not to participate anymore. I am buying a first class ticket on the cheapest Airline whatever it may be...Jet Blue, American, JetSuiteX, Delta.....etc. I just don’t care anymore. Unless you are Global Services.....you are just like everyone else....which means.....treated like cattle. Squashed into an uncomfortable space for hours and expected to accept it as if it was an amazing experience I didn’t even deserve to have. DONE.

- The contactless payment flow is broken

I downloaded the app before a flight to Hawaii and added my card info. It mentioned in hemisphere that there were extra steps to take but nothing i tried to do matched the instructions given. By the time the flight took off there was a short period of time to try and navigate through the app to get my payment info “verified or replaced” before we would be over the ocean without any internet. At some point i reached out to their support chat but that didn’t seem to have a path to get the issue resolved. If you’re logged into the app before you lose connection then you can still navigate to some of the features but if you log off, you’re not getting back on until you’ve got a connection, and the flight attendants can’t accept google or Apple Pay, which could have made this so much easier. I understand it’s a way to get people to download the app if that’s the only way that they can purchase snacks but the flow needs work

- Stranded again !

Decided because of flight times to fly united to Vermont from Savannah to celebrate our thirtieth wedding anniversary . We needed to be back early on Tuesday to accommodate pet sitter and husband’s call schedule. Both flights getting to Burlington were delayed. Now we are trying to get home and are stuck in the Washington/Dulles airport! Departing flight was delayed; surprise surprise! Landed concerned that we wouldn’t make the connection on time but no worries because they CANCELED THE FLIGHT due to CREW DISRUPTIONS !! We were supposed to leave at 12:30 pm and they very graciously (LOL) put us on a flight leaving at 5:10!!!!! WHAAATTT? And oh wait, they even have us a TEN DOLLAR voucher for airport food I imagine thinking we wanted gum and water for lunch!! And our seats, of course, are not together ! No big deal normally but since we are celebrating 30 years TOGETHER it would have been nice. My husband cut his hand in the airport and we thought no big deal, he’d have a colleague stitch it upon our 2:35 arrival in Savannah ; but now our 7:15 pm arrival will necessitate the wound being re-opened. The extra time and money this airline has cost us is mounting. So if you ask if we will use this airline again anytime in the near future I would answer with a resounding , “ when you know where freezes over !” Elizabeth and Tom Shook Savannah, Georgia

- App is winning me over

Remember that reviews are about the App, not the Airline. Just saying. I have to give United props here because they have responded to criticism and squashed a lot of the bugs and issues when this app was first released. I am very happy with the features and the performance of the app now. I especially like the instant mileage credit once the flight segment has been completed. Remind me why it used to take 2 days? Thank you for that! I use WiFi Every flight and I’m able to log in easily. I do not use the entertainment option often so I can’t comment on that, but I am able to browse the options fairly easily. I would like to see the ability to select Airline and Non-Airline activity in the account summary section. I fly a lot and scrolling though all the flight segments to get to hotel/dining point activity is cumbersome.

- Excellent customer service on phone but poor United waiver policy

For the last day, I had been calling United Gold service attempting to switch my Wednesday flight out of CHS to SFO in light of the pending hurricane. Only one agent -Nettie -worked today to get me switched onto a CHS to SFO flight tomorrow -the LAST available seat on any flight out with hurricane Florence approaching SC. Even though the SC governor had ordered an emergency evacuation order hours ago, United had not received the official waiver and the previous aGents with whom I spoke said I would have to pay full fare in the absence of an official United notice. Nettie, on the other hand, was very proactive and grabbed that very last seat out for me- and the official waiver came through just after she completed the change. A word to United management. When the governor of the state issues an emergency alert (as he did yesterday) United should have permitted their agents to switch my flight at no charge at that time. Even today, your waiver was issued a number of hours after the release of the governor’s evacuation order that is to start at noon tomorrow . I believe that your agents should have discretion to make even an exchange in light of the tremendous amount of publicity that warned about this hurricane. I just feel lucky that Nettie was able to find that last seat for me.

- Don’t do it, use southwest or anyone else

This is by far the worst airline there is, at least now. Download the app then PAY for WiFi that doesn’t work. I’m a die hard southwest person because it’s cheap with loads of features (free checked bag!) and actually consistently friendly staff. The forced in-person check-in for basic economy is insulting, pointless, and actually hurts their own efficiency. Every time I chance it I have a terrible experience. Broken, old equipment, late/cancelled flights, rude or inexperienced staff, terrible service and weird nickel-and-diming policies. As soon as anyone comes close to some of the exclusive routes they have, this airline is doomed. Go ahead remove this review if you must but I’ll still tell everyone I know and post to social media what a terrible experience I’ve had here every time I have to do it (with work, or whatever moronic business thing that uses them still for the stupid “perks” and miles stuff; stop it, rich finance guys. Use a real airline and help everyone out by letting united die by its own knife.)

- The worst customer service

Took 2 trips in United over the past month- one to LA California and other to San Diego California. Both from Newark No both first class. Let’s stRt with the flight attend not trained in first class customer service- compared to Delta and other airlines- the first class customer service was poor at best. It did not feel elevated special catered to... felt like we were on a city bus. Our seats were filthy- if there were an option to post the pics I took- I would....I mean filthy.. the seats themselves were ragged cloth- looked like a worn out couch the thousands of people had been in..., The food choices were kk It’s at best- serving only one choice unappetizing meal. I asked for a bottle of water specifically a bottle....the attendant told me no because they were short on water.,,, The first class bathroom.... all the amenities lotions, soaps, sprays....were empty- never refilled. Four hours into the flight I asked for another meal... thinking on a 5-6 hour flight to Dan Diego would provide food...,I was told there were no more meals- meals only on flights to LA not San Diego ...,I’m talking $3,000 first class tickets to San Diego. The attendant tried getting me an economy snack box- they were out of everything but candy.... The crew kept apologizing....said the ceo, and united Leadership was running the place into the ground..,

- Review comments — rocky at start, then way better

The booking and selection process was awful. I was confused. Am I working with United trying book a flight or am I trying to enroll in mileage plus. Of course, this comes with the drill of creating id’s and passwords. I pushed through a round trip booking and price. Here’s where I came to a full stop. My first box had a price and there were prices shown downstream. I read this as the price for my depart and then looked downstream and took this boxed price as my return. I was adding two boxes. Too expensive ! I jumped out. I went to train options. Google saw I was trouble. Gave me pop-up travel agent. This was a waste. It felt like fraud case. I got out and started at square one, with United. It was smooth — selection, booking, confirmation, eticket. All user friendly. Thanks

- Newark United Employee’s rudest in the country

I got dropped off by my shuttle service at the wrong terminal. I waited in line behind one person for 15 minutes and went up to the counter to find out if I was in the right area and the woman wanted me to wait in line behind the guy for another 20 minutes just to find out I was in the wrong terminal. Thank God the electronic sign changed above the counter and said transfer counter or I would have missed my flight. Thank you to the man driving a motor cart. Airport employee!! He told me to go to Terminal C we’re all of domestic united checks in. Then my bag was 1.5 pounds overweight and the lady wanted me to get to the back of the line to adjust my luggage. Once again I would’ve had to get in line behind 30 something people and probably missed my flight. United employees all over the world have been friendly and courteous except for Newark airport!! What a waste of money buying a first class ticket!

- Why I like flying United

My wife has been a loyal United customer for the last 35 years. When we met seven years ago she explained the reasons for that loyalty. First, they Always get her home even if a problem arises. Second, she receives economy plus status without asking, third, free baggage, and then there are the increased returns on miles accumulated. And of course the many warm smiles she has received over the years along with a level of kindness and civility not in much evidence these days on certain airlines. I have witnessed all this firsthand and my legs being much longer than the average person’s have come to appreciate the extra space United can provide for their longtime admirers. While airline profits have shrunk along with seat spaces, United still embraces the quaint notion that a smile is the shortest distance between airline employees on the front lines and their valued customers.

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- App brings customer service forward

This app was incredible when I recently had a flight cancelled half way through my trip due to weather. I got a notification from the app, asked for an alternative, accepted what was offered and had boarding passes before anyone else from the gate had found a customer service counter. You’ve aced it United. What a great tool across the board and it will make you just a better airline.

- Attendant arrogance and no free spirits on an international flight!

Well I was watching a movie . The food trolley arrived I did not notice the attendant waved her hand near my face . Great. That’s cool as I removed my earplug she said .” For the third time chicken or Pasta ?” Well how rude is that she is not my mum and required to treat me as a child I did not notice her or hear her I am also disappointed that too do not serve spirits for free in board like every other major airline how poor will be maybe my last united trip we travelled through USA using the airline a 2 1/2 hour delay in Boston to NYC the rest was fine check out you onboard staff and free spirits I may travel again regards Chris Mooney

- My flight to Palm Springs from Sydney

I’m so happy with JESS DEAN excellent customers service who understand I lost passport and Jess Dean help me to change ticket waive fees My travel insurance won’t help me. So united air help me more than travel insurance JESS DEAN IS 5 stars customers service I’m starting falling in love with united air xx xx xx xx 5 stars!!!!!!!!!!!


Don’t fly with United Airlines! Their service is not a) easy to access and b) friendly or useful. Crew and flight attendants are hit and miss with friendliness. When booking flights, United didn’t seem like a bad option but now, having flown a 16 hour flight with United, I would not recommend them in any way. The service on short flights was no different from that of longer flights, and one of my flights from San Fransisco to Honolulu was delayed for over 2 hours (some of which can’t be helped, but still interfered with our later plans). This airline is not one that I would recommend!!1 ( 0/10 from me )

- Your baggage process is garbage (trash)

I think you are about to rip me off, this looks like a commercial mugging! I somehow or other have booked an economy ticket, when I choose my bags per person for checked baggage I choose 1 each, then as I progress though I interpret your web pages to say I need to check my normal overhead bag as my ticket does not allow any normal carry on. When I go back to adjust my checked bag it will not update. So now it seems I am trapped in your money grab scam, what is going on?

- I rated this application 4.5 stars because it stopped working and I didn’t use it very often

I rate this app 4.5 stars because it stopped working at times because their connection and I didn’t use it very often

- Me Bruno Gargano

Extremely pleased with customer service support and assistance by Kay at United. Kay changed our flights with ease and at no additional cost to us. Thankyou very much Kay and United Airlines !

- Lost luggage

Unfortunately united lost my luggage containing all my ski clothes so was without it for a day... it did turn up next day but very much an inconvenience on a ski holiday.

- Easy checkin

United make it really easy to check in with the app on the mobile. Well done United👍

- Best Airline app

Much better than any other I have used.

- UA international flight

We were very disappointed with the service provided in economy plus. Service was quite abrupt and rather rude. We were not told that a meal was about to be served and bought some food in flight. Economy plus is not worth the extra fare.

- Great but...

I paid for baggage successfully but there is no option to say my card is from Australia or any other country aside from US Puerto Rico and Guam I think.

- Their app needs work.

Seemed like the interface was good.... not hard to figure out... but let us scan all but 2 out of our 7 member party... so we have to go to airport anyway and check in... what’s the point

- I’m a fan

The United app is one of the most efficient up to date real time flight apps a available. It is so user friendly and allows to to check on all flight related statuses such as luggage, delays, gate changes etc Love love love Kim from Australia

- Excellent App

Rather best one. So easy to use and understand.

- Can’t check-in

It keeps asking me to enter my last name but I already have! (Hint: it might have something to do with the fact that it has a space in the middle. The website accepted it, tho)

- Amazing

Complete check-in without the crowd and queue.

- Intl

Please add ability for intl customers to book revenue travel like AA DL etc

- United App

The United App is great fast & convenient. Awesome! United airlines fantastic to travel with internationally & domestic. 🇳🇿Rob & Pam

- Why do you keep changing the seats we booked with our travel agent

I’m travelling with my wife and son and you split where we are sitting and changes the seats we carefully booked via our travel agent

- Issues

Unable to pay for seat upgrade in the app because my billing address is not in the US! Ehmm....This is an international airline isn’t it?

- Will not accept international cards

Very disappointed with app. Wouldn’t accept my Australian credit card, had to use a friends. Ridiculous this day and age to have such a petty restriction.

- Impressive

First time flying UA and using the App. Very impressed!

- Non US

Purchase of bags not possible out of the US

- Good way to checkin


- Not for international travelers

Ion cannot select any upgrades without a us credit card. Not even Apple Pay works!!!

- Not possible to buy tickets in Australia

The app don’t allow me to buy tickets from Melbourne and there’s no way to change the currency to AUD....

- Screwed up credit card payment

Unable to do any upgrades as the app only accepts US cards

- Terrible site

It was horrible to navigate around

- Difficult for travellers not from USA

The app will not accept my address because it only gives me options of USA, Guam or Puerto RICO. I live in Australia.

- Andrew Okello

Best airliner, awesome services

- Terrible company

Honestly one of the worst companies in the world. The ceo should be ashamed of himself.


You guys are the best, it's so easily an quickly downloaded the same way you comfortably seat me, so little data is needed to download the same way you always make room for me on flights, the app is built greatly the same way your company and regulations are, United we are and United we stand!! keep up the great work!! I can't wait for my next flight with you guys!!

- Neat app but dates are wrong

The app has a bug with date of birth. I entered 2 August and the app recorded it as 1 August. I found no way to change this except the website which requires documentation! I tried creating a new account but had exactly the same problem. I'm in Australia, so perhaps the app is adjusting time zone where it shouldn't. It's especially concerning because if the date of birth for my flight doesn't match my passport, I could be refused entry. Expensive bug!


You guys are the best, it's so easily an quickly downloaded the same way you comfortably seat me, so little data is needed to download the same way you always make room for me on flights, the app is built greatly the same way your company and regulations are, United we are and United we stand!! keep up the great work!! I can't wait for my next flight with you guys!!

- Great app

Best application among the airline apps I used. Well done United. The others should learn from this app.

- Average

Allows you to check in, change seats & declare baggage. You would assume you would be able to select an option to make a mobile boarding pass when you get the option to print a boarding pass. You don't. Just gone on 9 total flights with united & not once has there been an option for mobile boarding pass. If that's the reason you download this app don't bother...

- Only good if you're okay being beaten unconscious.

If you have no problems being physically assaulted at any time, this is the app for you! Whilst clunky by any standard, the added threat of bodily harm should you actually be utilising United to get from point A to B faster than walking adds a unique sense of dread to opening up this app which has proven to be completely founded owing to the appalling mistreatment of anyone who mistakes this company as an airline, and not an exploitation ring operated by a bunch untamed dementors.

- Great app, offline too?

A great app. Using many airline apps, this is simple yet has everything. Only things I would change. 1. Make data available offline. 2. Improve the design to make it cleaner and sharper - see the Lufthansa or Swiss app.

- Usefull

Offline content would be good but still a handy app for travelling

- Bad app, Bad company

Even if someone paid me, I would never fly united airlines. The app has too many glitches too. If you want to be treated like a rag doll, I suggest going to United Airlines because obviously they don't care about their customers and overbook their flights. 👊🏻

- Worst airline company EVER!

If you don't wanna be discriminated against by this airline and chase out of the plane. Go ahead and buy ticket from this company. I will never buy any tickets from this company again due to how rude they treats their customers and how bad their resists' employees are.

- Needs more work

Can't understand why I had to Google to get United App. App Store didn't have it. Downloaded App off United website and it freezes on IPad

- Horrible

If you guys are a doctor with patients that might actually be dead by the time you get to work and if you like being beaten up and forcefully dragged out of the plane then this is the app for you!

- Wanna be beaten to a pulp?

This is the company for you. Not only will they not guarantee your place on a flight that you paid for, they won't even guarantee your physical safety. They will see to it that you are disrespected, trashed and physically abused at their own discretion.

- In flight entertainment upsetting

Unfortunately the in flight entertainment section of the app is too violent and realistic, even before the aircraft takes off.

- Buggy

Employee recognition crashes the app when selected from the more menu.

- Only if you want to be beaten up

They are paying customers and no one should be treated like that, its sick

- Terrible

Terrible app from a terrible company. I can't believe how poorly they treated that Asian man, physically assaulting him on that flight. I will never fly United!

- New feature

Drag and drop is now supported.

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- Please add Canadian credit card option please

This app still does not support Canadian credit card payment. How many flights are flying between US and Canada each day? There are many frequent flyers needing this feature. This is the most feedback topic. Please do something.

- Amazing Service


- Trouble seeing documents

Travel documents appear as ‘null’ and so I have to keep scanning them to proceed for check-in.

- Not helpful

I have a Canadian VISA credit card, but your stupid app only has the countries "United States", "Puerto Rico", and "Guam" listed as options. It canceled my transaction to pay for my bags twice before I said screw it. Not impressed.

- Credit Card

I am from Canada and when you try to pay for anything on the website it only accepts USA, Guam or Puerto Rico cards..... rather silly for an international airline. Somewhat surprising.

- Canada

Guess I’m a recent update I can’t even try to find flights on united as a Canadian. Wish they were not a part of Star Alliance.

- Prepayed baggage

The app will not allow for payment from canadian card

- Canadian Credit Cards...

Why are United not accepting them ? Really..

- No option for Canada in billing

This app is the worst

- Passport/document scanning

Extremely poor

- Registration

Thank you for making it so simple and efficient !!! J.Felix

- Canadian credit card

Still not excepting Canadian credit cards

- Great app

Love the UI. GREAT APP

- Easy checking process

Thanks United for making our check in process so easy

- Canadians

You can pay with a credit card. Zip code 12345 state Alabama country United States.

- Airline app

United Airlines offers the best and easiest app in the industry. Easy to navigate, easy to upgrade or change flights. I’m glad I found this app.

- Credit card

Your app does not let me process a Canadian credit card. So I cannot pay for my bag online. I am forced to wait for checking in at the counter.

- UA all the way

Courteous staff and accessible features both on board and at airports.

- Horrible App

I can’t even purchase a flight in this app, because when I comes to the credit card purchase, it asks which country I’m from and gives three options—USA, Puerto Rico and Guam. And I’m from Canada! So I can’t purchase a flight:/ Quite ridiculous right. Whoever made this app is not too smart me thinks

- Seats and checking in

Always have issues. Either can’t check in at all and/or select seat changes

- Change flights

Unable to change , why need to call customer care 🤬

- Payment for upgrades does not allow Canadian address information.

Payment information for Canadian addresses is unavailable when paying for upgrades.

- Poor

Bought internet to download the United app to watch free movies. Internet wasn’t good enough to download the app.. waste of money

- Payment

Trying to upgrade, wont accept Canadian credit cards - that is unacceptable

- us only


- Can’t purchase upgrade without US credit card?

Pretty big oversight. I want to give you money for upgraded seat and the app will not take my credit card or apple pay

- Issue

Hello, Went to check in bag with visa but couldn’t do it because it won’t allow CANADA info such as province & Country.

- Credit Card function doesn’t work

Trying to check a bag and pay but unable to. Only Countries I was able to select for my Credit Card were Guam, Puerto RICO or United States. So being from Canada I was unable to enter my address. Total waste of time

- No Canada on C Card info.

US or Puerto Rico. No Canada listed

- Need an american credit card

Not useful when not an american...

- Not good

Cannot put in anything from Canada. It says province but does not shpw up. FIX IT!!!

- Credit card doesn’t work for Canadian

I attempted to purchase an upgrade and the website wouldn’t allow a Canadian credit card. Lazy design. Also it won’t let you leave a comment unless you choose a unique user name. First year university design fail

- Does not support CDN credit card payments

I had to use the web to upgrade. Then check in via mobile app. I thought United was an international airline. Pathetic!

- Site

Great. However would like to upgrade my seats and pay with a Canadian credit card and unfortunately I’m not able to.

- credit card info

card enter my credit card info from Canada

- Needs work

How isn’t Canada an option for credit card payment?

- Ms zaya

I’ve been trying to check in for a half hour, I want to select 1 bag for check in - when reaching the payment section it does not have the option for Canada so my payment is not booked or my checked bag - going in circles I don’t understand

- Credit card issue

Wouldn’t accept my Canadian Credit card to pay for a checked bag. Took the better part of an hour to sort out.

- Doesn’t allow addresses from outside the US

They also messed up my reservation where I booked economy plus seats when I booked the flight and picked my seats, I just now had to pay an additional upgrade fee when checking in for middle seats in economy plus.

- App designed only for Americans.

When trying to pay for bags and seat upgrades you can only select US, Puerto Rico and Guam as territories. I’m from Canada but can’t pay for baggage and seats as there is no drop down for other countries under payments options. Frustrating for me and probably costing United Airlines revenue as I would have upgraded seats.

- Won’t let me pay for my bags

We are from Canada and have a Canadian credit card. The app will not allow for me to pay with it as Canada is not a country listed. Only Guam, United States and Puerto Rico are listed. Now I have to wait in line with a toddler to check our bags.. yay 😤

- So frustrating - trying to buy online

I can't figure out how to use a cdn MasterCard to buy a seat change online. Only offers me US, Puerto Rico and Guam as country choice for CC. First time I've encountered this. Very very annoying.

- Payment Method

You can’t add a payment method from another country than those three choices : US, Guam, Puerto Rico, if you want to pay for your baggage fee prior departure when doing your check-in.

- Can’t enter addresses outside USA

As a Canadian using the app to pay for seat upgrades or baggage fees, there is no option to select home country, province or postal code when entering personal information. The only options are Guam, Puerto Rico or United States.

- Credit card

It doesn’t accept non US credit cards to upgrade a flight

- Could not create an account

Could not create a MileagePlus account. App kept asking to try again..

- Issues with app

The buttons will not select no matter how many times I’m touched the screen or used different devices to try. Passport was very difficult to scan. And when I try to submit my review u ask for a nickname and every one I pick is used!! Goodness!

- Let me check in online

Stop forcing me To use th wapp

- Very easy to navigate!

Even for an old dame like me - it was easy to upload my passport and check in !

- Country options

When filling credit card information to pay for check in baggage, the app doesn’t have option to select countries other than US, Guam and Puerto Rico. Can’t make credit card payment if I can’t fill correct address associate with my card.

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Bald Headed Ho

i fucking HATE flying @united . they by far are the worst on my list of airlines .

LAX Flight Radar

United Airlines flight #UAL233 spotted at 25,675 feet!

LAX Flight Radar

United Airlines flight #UAL1534 spotted at 32,000 feet!

LAX Flight Radar

United Airlines flight #UAL1559 spotted at 26,350 feet!

LAX Flight Radar

United Airlines flight #UAL215 spotted at 4,025 feet!

Warren McKenney

@united Airlines can go fuck themselves.


United Airlines Cuts Cocktail Picks, Saves $80K/Year via @OneMileataTime

Kayla Fessler

All I’m saying is I think airlines should have a snitch line through their app for when people don’t have their masks pulled up 😅🤷🏼‍♀️ @Delta @united

Secret Flying

Non-stop from #EasternUSA to the Bahamas from only $250 roundtrip with @United #TravelTuesday (Feb-Mar dates) Booking link:


@Saxgod @melgreen74 @elizfulop @united No, don't be so obtuse. The rules are 2 and up for of the airlines, which means your hit your 2nd birthday and you are "2 & up." Besides, it's a legal standard anywhere that just bc you don't understand a law or the doesn't excuse you from breaking it

LAX Flight Radar

United Airlines flight #UAL1881 spotted at 36,975 feet!

LAX Flight Radar

United Airlines flight #UAL1653 spotted at 34,000 feet!

LAX Flight Radar

United Airlines flight #UAL1777 spotted at 34,000 feet!

LAX Flight Radar

United Airlines flight #UAL1925 spotted at 32,600 feet!

Matt Rembish

Still amazed that United Airlines got away with stripping us of our flight yesterday. What a way to put an end to our possible vacation #unitedairlines #vacationruined

United Airlines 4.1.54 Screenshots & Images

United Airlines iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

United Airlines iphone images
United Airlines iphone images
United Airlines iphone images
United Airlines iphone images
United Airlines iphone images
United Airlines Travel application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

United Airlines (Version 4.1.54) Install & Download

The applications United Airlines was published in the category Travel on 2011-07-20 and was developed by United Airlines [Developer ID: 449945217]. This application file size is 356.56 MB. United Airlines - Travel app posted on 2022-06-29 current version is 4.1.54 and works well on IOS 14.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.united.UnitedCustomerFacingIPhone