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From planning, to booking, to day of travel, we’ve got you covered.

On our app you can:
• look for flights across our global network and book them easily for yourself, or your friends and family
• check in for your flight and get your boarding pass before you get to the airport
• change seats, or flights, if something better becomes available
• make sure you’re prepared for your trip with our Travel-Ready Center
• add your bags, drop them at bag drop shortcut, and track them along your journey
• use our built-in terminal guide to find your gate and navigate the airport with ease
• watch movies, play games, and pay for inflight snacks and drinks while you’re in the air
• enroll in MileagePlus or manage your MileagePlus account and use your miles to book award travel in our app
• talk, text or video chat with an agent if you have any questions about your trip
• figure out your next move if your flight is delayed or cancelled

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App Name United Airlines
Category Travel
Updated 10 April 2024, Wednesday
File Size 384.03 MB

United Airlines Comments & Reviews 2024

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App Devs - Hope you read. I dislike leaving a “review” when I really need to submit a product complaint, but United leaves me no other obvious choice to submit feedback about the app. Overall, it’s a great app. But now that you must put in your card information into the app in order to make purchases on board, there’s a problem. I am NOT going to verify my card every time I check in for a flight. That’s just stupid. I do it once, and that should be it. I take at least two flights a week on United. So at least twice a week I’m being asked to verify a card that I verified less than 4 days ago. You may say that “we need to verify the card is still in your possession” or some other reason. Sorry. But that’s your problem. If you require us to use the app instead of presenting a card, then there are certain risks you accept. Sure. Some guy that flys once a year? Make him verify the card. Your Platinums? Stop hassling us. It’s easier for me to skip on board purchases than to have to go through a verification every time I check in. Especially since I have to click all the extra boxes now because some people are too stupid to know to not fly if they have Covid and that they have to wear a mask. I hate the dumbing down of America to its lowest common denominator. So ease up on the card verification or go back to taking cards in flight.

Internacional airlines. I leave from here on the September 18’2022. From EWR-CGK. From here EWR UA79 I know I’m in the economy the flight attendant so rude and treating so poorly I paid not free in that airlines and I changed from Japan to Indonesia which is different airlines operated by United airlines so differently super nice and respectful . And I coming back again OMG with same all flight attendants they should retired so old. One of the flight attendants I ask do you give it away the a kita (socks,toothbrush etc) and she said NO, and guess what she give it front of my chair that kit what I ask for and guess she say I heard don’t tell anyone I give it to you wow 😮. And I’ll try to different flight attendants and they say to me we don’t carried it. Seriously I apply with this explorer card I think they treated you respect I guess so poorly. Again they way the talk so super super RUDE and coming back to US same flight attendants omg UA 78 October’13 . I take this airlines international 3rd time I thought they will change flight attendants I guess same person different with other airlines they will give what the customer wants. Not only complain in the plains I see almost people in the plane say OMG they all so rude .

“We appreciate your business with us” said the pilot. I am a middle class person. I planned this vacation 3 months in advance. I looked for affordable tickets. And since I travel with a toddler my priority was to get a direct flight from Chicago to San Francisco, which I did. I picked the time of the day that would work for my son so by the time we make it to our vacation destination he would not be too tired. But United had a different plan for me… it informed me in the morning that my original flight was delayed by 2 hours. Not ideal, but not horrible. Then it texted me my flight got canceled and my new flight was to take off in 4 hours, would have a connection and yes we would be flight to Washington Dulles first and then to San Francisco. Our first flight was overbooked so my toddler’s seat was also somebody else’s seat. Then a flight attendant pulled my soft drink out of my hand since we were descending. On my flight from Washington our party of three had all different seat assignment. Mind you, my son is 4 years old. By that time, from exhaustion and helplessness tears were coming down my face. My 5 day vacation was shortened by one day. Not even a single apology. Everyone seems like that can’t stand you, that you’re there to complain and give trouble. I was too exhausted to do it during my departure flights. And it seems that it would get me nowhere anyway. That’s my impression anyway.

United doesn’t care about their customers.. I missed a connection due to a health condition, I informed Untied about thi and was told that my return flight would not be affected only to find out on the day of my return that my entered ticket was canceled. United charged me 300,00 dólar to “rebook” my flight. For 3 days prior to my flight I was receiving emails from United telling me that my flight was confirmed. When I called to add an extra bag on the day of my flight I was told that my return flights were canceled because I missed my last connection, when I was told that it wouldn’t be affected due to my health condition. One of their supervisors told me that if I didn’t pay the fee my seats would be sold for somebody else. How are they going to sell something that have already paid for to somebody else? It’s funny how they do everything to take your money but when the fault is on their end it’s ok. If I had known this was going to happen I would have boarded on the flight in the condition that I was at the moment and let them deal with it. United is the worst airline you can ever fly with. They don’t care about their customers and everybody gives different information about the same thing and in the end the customer is the one that gets screwed. Never will never fly with untied again and if I can give you an advice don’t fly with them either.

Incredibly frustrating experience!. Not sure why your app does not notify of changes to seats we’ve booked for months. Went to check in and saw my wife and I were separated by 12 rows AND on opposite sides of the 787, without any notification. This is unacceptable and too easy to remedy. A simple e-mail or text would suffice to let me know to work this issue, but no, you just separate us without a word! Then, spent 50 minutes on hold to change seats way back in economy and had to ask to get economy plus bundle refunded. Now on hold to talk to a supervisor because the representative is not authorized to do anything other than change seats and give us a refund of our bundle. Though she was very nice and efficient (after 50 minutes on hold) she was not authorized to do anything to bring me back as a customer. I am reconsidering United as my preferred airline. This has been incredibly frustrating. Oh, and to register a complaint, I have to go to your website and “fill out a form.” I would expect to be contacted by a customer service rep directly after this poor service. Sincerely, Thomas Lawhead

Terrible business 1st class experience from IAH to AUA back to IAH. Made reservations in November 2020 for June 2021 travel first class. Had 2A and B seats in first class together for both flights. Today when I checked in for our flight home, they separated us to 1E and 4F, 4 row apart sitting with strangers. Called to see if they could seat us together, as we booked and had the seats together before we left two weeks ago. Now, we have to go to the gate to see if we can sit together in first class. They blame on a plane change and computer. It is the same plane Id number. Very frustrating end to an already challenging trip to Aruba with all the restrictions and hoops you have to jump through. Makes you want to travel in the states by car as the United service agents can’t make any changes to correct the issues anymore. Travelers beware of last minute changes to your seats. F minus for customer service in Business first.

AMAZING Customer Service - George Guerrero. I was notified on August 7, 2022 that my Tampa flight to Newark, NJ was canceled due to severe weather and thunderstorms. The email was received only a few hours before the flight so I quickly searched for another option and chose an earlier flight for that day at 2:55pm. I get to the gate and was on standby along with 25 other frustrated travelers, especially when we couldn’t get on that flight either since this plane filled quickly. George Guerrero, a United employee, assisted the crowd by answering their questions in a calm and positive manner despite different negative attitudes. When my turn came, Mr. Guerrero, empathized that my original flight got canceled and the second one on standby did not work out. I was impressed by his professionalism, knowledge of the system in quickly providing me options and letting me know that he would monitor the next flight for a seat since it was already full. He also gave me advice for a local hotel stay, picking up my luggage and downloading the United app. Within a couple of hours, Mr. Guerrero confirmed a seat on flight for me and I was able to track everything on the app. Mr. Guerrero went above and beyond in deescalating other travelers. His charismatic personality is quite refreshing whereas we expect a robotic experience behind the counter. This gentleman helped me with ease, efficiency and a smile on his face. He is an asset to the company and an exemplary employee!

Experience. I purchase a flight in March 2022. I was suppose to leave this morning on a 9:44am flight to Santiago Dominican Republic with my family. I live in NC so there isn’t a direct flight from where I live. I had a family emergency in New Jersey which force me to call united and asked if there was anything they can do to change my layoff from Charlotte to Newark and bring me to Newark on Tuesday. I was very clear I was traveling with my family on Thursday morning and that for no reasons they should make any changes to my Newark to Santiago Dominican Republic trip. However they chose to cancel my flight for this morning and offer me 10 different other options of different flights that will cost me anything between $700 to $2500 more let’s not mention I had already pay $310 to make the changes to my Charlotte to Newark part of my trip. I spoke to 10plus different agents and management and not one of them fix there mistake. I been in customer service management for 20 plus years and have never experience such poor customer service. Little to say the first trip got cancelled 5 mins after I received it which force me to pack , get another ticket n be at airport within 4 hrs. By the way I’ll be leaving sometime tonight and getting to my six month plan family trip in the middle of the night. Thank you United.

An awesome time saver!. Access to my ‘ticket’ and flight information is so quickly is awesome! Wow, I remember having to go down to a ticket office(30 min) and spend an hour having someone else tell what they thought my flight options were (60min) and then having to print a ticket and keep up with it(never) and then strategically place the ticket where I can present it to 4 different people so I can make it through the airport including checking in for flight (60min+) then security, gate agent, and flight attendant all while stopping to check the board for which gate (15min) and any updates and heaven forbid I have a connecting flight and another flight coupon! Only complaint is I seem to have to closedown the app to get it to update added reservations - even if I made the reservation with the app. But maybe that is because I have gotten so used to having the information right away! It actually seems like the app, through notifications, gets the updated flight information quicker than the gate agents and flight crews! Makes me feel like a seasoned traveler - Well Done! Keep those updates coming.

Flight concerns. My flights are always changing without my knowledge and I have to wait for 72-hours or 7 business days to get my money back from a flight I purchased instead of them applying as a credit. I was stuck in Brazil and on my way home my flights were both delayed my layover that was only supposed to be one house turned into 5 hours and then was cancelled! I have travel credit and miles I cannnot use and was told I get a free first bag and I get a food voucher for my inconvenience, never got one! And this trip cost more than double what it should have. They make mistakes and then I have to wait for my money to come back to my account? And am left in a country where I arrived for work, don’t speak the language and my flight changes which changes my car rental the hotel room.. etc. Honestly I used to really like United Airline but in the past 3 years they have decreased in their ability to get you where you need to be on time ANYWHERE! I hope this doesn’t happen to anyone else! Also the app is not user friendly, I cannot find my travel credits and /or miles to use for anything that I can use them for. As a plus mileage member I am very disappointed

Decent, but changing flights super glitchy. Looking for my locator number, checking in, cancelling flights, and managing in-flight purchases is about all this app is good for. While that’s not nothing, hence the three-star review, the true nitty-gritty of booking comes to bear when changing an already booked (or more daunting still) already checked in flight. The potential for an iPhone app to streamline this process is enormous, and the United app as it currently functions (August 2023) fails abysmally on this measure. It fails to connect to the server, or hangs kid-process when changing flights. Also, the password entry requirement to sign into mileage plus every time the app is opened makes referring to my email account or using a web browser a more efficient option. The point of an iOS app is to make ALL functions so streamlined that more traditional and cumbersome platforms (web browser, email search, notes in iPhone, , switching between all the above and others) become unnecessary. This app isn’t there yet. United developers, please take a hard look at these issues, as the app has the potential to be FANTASTIC.

Carry-on bags Vs. Personal items. My ticket itinerary was not clear as to whether I was permitted to bring a "carry-on" (A small suitcase on wheels, that would fit in the overhead compartment.) Plus bring my "personal item", (my purse). I looked it up on your website, and it was no help either. Your vet age is very confusing! If I am not flying "First Class", and I sm not a United Airlines Credit Card Reward Member, am I flying "Economy" or "Basic Economy"? Is there a difference between the two? I had packed my small suitcase on telescopic wheels for my trip. But when I received my check-in notification the morning of my trip, it made it sound like I was NOT permitted to bring a carry-on item PLUS a personal item (my purse) or I would be forced to check my suitcase at the gate, pay the checked baggage fee PLUS a $25 fee. So I frantically unpacked my clothing from my larger size suitcase into a smaller one that would fit under the seat in front of me, with my purse inside, and all of my medications. I want you to know how inconvenient this was for me, not to mention that I only had room for three days of clothes, for my 14 day trip! When I arrived at my gate, I asked the gate agent to please clarify whether I was allowed a "carry-on" PLUS a "personal item". He said: "Oh, you're good with both." So I COULD have brought I enough clothes for my trip, and not have had to wash my clothes every three days of my 14 day trip! UGH!!!

Back from Covid and the road back to Global begins yet again. Despite the poor treatment by two folks on separate flights to see my daughter yesterday to celebrate my 52nd birthday with her (she’s attending college in California and I reside in the east coast/NYC area l) it’s nice to see that United is doing a better job providing for less human engagement for efficient travel booking. As a continuing loyal United traveler now that I’m back from a lot of no traveling during Covid - I was prior to Covid a Global Services Member for many years with 1K status now - I don’t let one travel experience decide my opinion on such an important loyalty program for someone like myself. United listens and it’s clear that your loyalty program with its nuances and need for better automation clearly to me has arrived. I was missing the Global Service staff but have found the app this time flying (been slowly back with January ringing the bell back to Global I’m sure in the foreseeable future) I am happy to be flying with United…again. Loyal flyer

Clunky. The problem with the United app is that it is not seamless for all the different things that happen in travel. An example is that I was just checking in my flight and it does not recognize that I have free baggage status plus a ticket that has free baggage. So when I checked in, I could not check in the baggage without paying a fee. Who wants to go through all that? Also, when somebody else buys you a ticket it’s haphazard to get that ticket into the United app. Another issue is the in-flight entertainment. I would say it’s hit and miss on working, but it’s way more missed than hit. It seems like a different reason every time it doesn’t work from no reason at all to the Wi-Fi is down to “I don’t know what’s happening”. And don’t get me started about flight delays, sometimes the app is timely, sometimes it’s on the airport schedule board first, sometimes announcements come out of nowhere that are on neither the board or in the app. If you’re going to have an app, integrate it with the status updates of your flights. Seems like one of the requirements you would have when you decided to put an app together.

Bad experience, good app. I flew United for the first time in a while and I found that, compared to other airline apps, their flight statuses were updated the most frequently/accurately. It told me about delays before the gate clerk even knew. As you could’ve guessed, this unfortunately means that I was on a delayed flight which caused me to miss my connection on the last flight out of Newark for the night. The app let me know right away when my connection took off, preventing the hassle of running to the gate to check, and immediately presented me with options for next steps. It provided the next United flight out of Newark and guaranteed me a seat, while also showing me flights out of nearby airports, like LaGuardia and JFK, in order to more accurately assess options and get to my destination as soon as possible. Thank you so much for alleviating the stress in a tough situation! I’ve never booked a flight using the app, so I cannot speak on that, but my experience was great.

So disappointed!!!!. I have been flying United overseas & across the U.S. for my Active Duty service and for personal, leisure travel and I have never been so disappointed with booking & travel services. Purchasing a ticket on Cheap-O-Air does not mean I am taken advantage of… No carry-on baggage when I am flying on military orders is absolutely unacceptable. When I am told I must check my government device…absolutely a breach of trust with the airline. I have never…I mean never been so demeaned and humiliated! I even had to try multiple times to add my Frequent Flyer number prior to the system recognizing and associating my number with this trip…do I not get credit for the travel either? Getting a supposed group-purchased ticket rate should not negate travel mile credit!!! After all the ticket was not FREE!!!! Fleecing of America…you want my business, but you don’t respect me as a customer! That is why we hesitate on being loyal to business’s…there is no appreciation & only a desire to increase the bottom line at the cost of the customer. UNACCEPTABLE!

Alienation. I understand the pain airlines have endured for the COVID crisis but they also got a lot of help from my tax money. I am stunned at the level of avarice United employs to extract money from their customers. Carry on luggage policy for instance. We do not have unlimited funds and it will cost me at least $86 x4 just to bring one standard carry-on bag each for our round trip; or, be restricted to a 9”x10”x17” personal bag. Do you have a concept of how small that is? If the crew decides I am carrying too large of an emergency delay bag (toiletries, change of underwear, a shirt, lots of medicines, phone charger, other flight delay or lost luggage essentials —yes, what do I need if my checked luggage gets lost?) they will charge $75 to take it from the gate to the plane’s hold. Times four? Plus, we purchased economy tickets but there are no open economy seats available. I now fully expect to be charged for an involuntary upgrade to economy plus. (That’s the extra $86 x 4 upgrade that allows a standard carry-on and you get an extra inch or so of leg room.) What more can an airline do to alienate potential “loyal” customers? Yes, I am a little heated at this moment. You have probably sucked the joy out of this trip because I’ll be stewing over this for weeks. Forgiveness will be extremely difficult to earn.

Awkward app on multiple fronts. It does get certain jobs done (check-in, give travel info etc.) — but there is lots of room for improvements. For instance, each time you want to go back to your reservation information, you have to re-type your confirmation number and last name, even within the same session, which is really awkward. When I scanned my passport, the app uploads it but then it complained that my name was incorrect — which was not true, but it did not get my middle name. There is no way to correct or add that. You can only cancel the process. So, the whole check-in process is cancelled because of this flaw. After I had checked in (without passport, which is possible) using the app said the boarding passes will be emailed. But they weren’t. I only got an email notification that my check-in had failed. So, what’s the point? Why not just say that in the app? Finally, today (Nov 3, 2021) the app tells me I cannot use the Travel-ready feature because my app needs to be updated first. This was RIGHT AFTER I had updated it. Helllooo??

Maybe it’s me..... I find this site extremely difficult to manage from my cell phone. Even when I’m able to sit and take my time, I cannot find the information I need. Sometimes I’ll try to check other flight options and I end up losing my original option. Trying to find an updated standby list while you’re in a hurry? forget it. Yesterday, my flight was canceled and the App did not update to show this for almost 2 hours after the cancellation. Today, I went to the gate listed on the app (as a hopeful standby passenger), when I got there the screen said “gate change, ask associate for details”. There were no “associates” to be found. The app still showed original gate. Finally found a monitor which showed new gate. It was .9 mile walk to new gate (literally, not exaggerating). Once at new gate, I asked where I can find the standby list (because I cannot find it on the app) They laughed at my unrealistic optimism and told me to check the app. So I used the archaic app to look for additional flight options. When I did this, I apparently removed my name from the existing standby list.... if I ever get home, I will make it a point to delete this app and go back to waiting 30 minutes to speak with a representative on the phone. The app is almost as bad as the airline, itself.

Total joke to checking in online. I always checkin 24 hours before departure on any flight. I purchased my ticket knowing I did not need to bring a carryon bag or check in anything. I do this because I like to go straight through security and have my boarding pass with me on my phone, and when I land head straight to my shuttle without waiting for baggage and head straight to work. However, trying to check in with United they say because I didn’t have a carryon or checked bag I need to see a ticket agent for my boarding pass! The whole point of basic economy was to not bringing anything to check in. So this forced me to purchase a carryon. So I do, and pay the extra $30, (which was the only charge the representative over the phone informed me of) and I will walk my carryon to the gate with me as I do with all other airlines. But, United says they will still force me to pay an extra $25 gate handling fee on top of the $30 to have them carry it from gate as I board to the plane. What is the definition of a carryon if I don’t carry it on and off myself!? Now I have to wait at baggage claim at my destination to get my carryon?! Ridiculous! Huge joke and will try my best to never fly United! Just another reason to fly a different airline. Thanks but no thanks! United I stand with all my family and friends to never fly United airlines with this experience.

Terrible (i.e. Lack of) Customer Service. My international flight left gate early. After taxiing, plane came back to the gate about 30 minutes later due mechanical problems. Flight got canceled 30 further minutes later because crew hours would exceed allowed limit. The only assistance we received was a phone number to call to rebook. Luggage did come, but 2 and 1/2 hours after we deplaned. United did not have a customer service person on site to assist with this extraordinary delay. The customer service phone number was difficult to navigate but did get someone to rebook. Unfortunately, the rebooked flight leaves 20 hours after our original flight was supposed to leave. Again, since there was no customer service rep on site, we had to ask the phone rep about food and a hotel. We were told that we would have to find a hotel on our own in a foreign city we were not familiar with. All the hotels we called were all booked and the taxi dispatcher could not do any better. So here I am sitting at the airport with my family without having slept for 26 hours and my rebooked flight isn’t for 15 more hours and no United service rep on-site to help.

Rebooking my canceled flight. In April I booked a round-trip non-refundable flight from Rochester, NY to Chicago, IL, but I had to cancel it because my husband had to have emergency surgery. I tried to rebook my flight online, but that didn't work out very well. I called the customer service number and was on hold for at least 20 minutes until I was finally able to speak with a customer service agent. Her name is Sid and she is in South Africa. Sid is the most delightful person that you could ever meet. We had an awesome conversation with much laughter. We probably spoke for at least 20 minutes about everything from the shape of the world to her story about her dog which was very sad. I had plenty of my own stories as well. She was extremely helpful and got my trip rebooked with no problem. She is a great asset to United Airlines and the world. A wonderful, sweet, caring lady. She was professional yet human and my experience couldn't have been more delightful. Thank you, Sid!🤗❤️

Big changes to flight without warning…. I have always enjoyed United when we have used this airline, but this time was very disappointing. Only 1 day before our trip, we had looked to see what size baggage we were allowed and came to find out—not only were we leaving and coming at different times—but our layovers had changed from around 1 hour to 5 HOURS— both ways—with our plane changes in a DIFFERENT CITY! The disrespectful part? WE WERE NEVER NOTIFIED BY THE AIRLINE. When we agreed to purchase these tickets with no refund—4 months before—paying close attention to the times & layovers, & committing to our purchase, we expected United to honor their end of the deal or, at the very least, let us know! These changes greatly affected our travel plans because we were visiting our elderly parents on the farm who needed to travel several hours to pick us up from the airport and take us back. Fortunately, my husband called & after several hours of being on hold, getting disconnected & so forth, the United representative helped us fix some of the bigger issues. And—I am grateful for that— but due to the unexpected changes & never being notified, I can only give United 3 stars this time around.

Disorganized, confusing and not convenient. This app is not only not user-friendly but it’s counterintuitive. Why do we have to search all over the app just to check in for our flight why do we have to type in our last name when we’re already signed into the app and why do we have to search everywhere to pull up our boarding pass, why do we have to click link after link in order to access the flight information - no one appreciates you rearranging everything every couple of months. This app is one of the worst flight apps I am a frequent flyer and this is by far the worst of all airline apps. How would you like it if somebody snuck into your room and rearranged everything and then you can’t find anything- well that’s exactly how it is every time I open this app and you’ve updated it. You still haven’t found an easy solution - there’s only three things we need from this app one, east check-in and easy access to a boarding pass. Two, easy access to the boarding times and to see flight information, standby information etc. And three, the information on where to go for our gate. Currently, the boarding pass doesn’t even have the gate information and there’s too many links and too many options. it’s unclear, unorganized and confusing. Whoever you hired to create this app was obviously an amateur.

Great when it works!. When this app works, it is great. It doesn’t always work. As a user of two+ years since switching to United, I have never been able to get a flight status. The app asks me to pick an airline, but the app’s drop down list is empty. Therefore, I can never pick and airline to remove the error message and I can never view a flight status. Yay for Flight Aware. I am also unable to buy a fare lock. The app gets “stuck” asking me to verify travelers and not allowing me to purchase. No error messages. Simply an agonizing and repetitive circle of pushing the “verify traveler” button. Finally, in flight entertainment is a random adventure. Sometimes I can connect and get movies. Sometimes I cannot. People around me are fine (same phones, different phones/tablets). I ensure VPN is off, reboot a few times, turn on/off internet, dance on one foot with a foil hat. Sometimes, such behavior fixes the issue! Sometimes, it doesn’t. I wish I had better data/science for this feedback. United is dedicated to the app with limited, useful customer service. Please help make the app work better. Thank you.

United customer service. Rick Clifton, the United Airlines gate person at gate A11 at the Seattle Washington airport, was spectacular in his service to us. Alaska Airlines had cancelled our flight and rebooked us with United Airlines on flight 529. We did not know where to go, much less how to get checked in. We were surely set up for a bad experience! But, then we met United Airlines person Rick Clifton. He not only helped us get checked in and made sure our luggage got transferred, but about two hours later Rick came and found us, as we were spending the night at the terminal loading gate A11 area and gave us our boarding passes. Rick truly went out of his way to make sure we were taken care of!! I am so thankful to him and to United Airlines!! We don’t fly very often and only flew on Alaskan Airlines due to the cruise line booked this flight and we had no choice. Trust me when I say, if I get to choose who I fly with, it will only be with United Airlines!! They truly are the friendly skies and folks like Rick Clifton go out of their way to make it so!! I can’t say enough how happy we are to have met Rick Clifton, as he turn a cancelled flight experience, which could have been a major negative, into not only a tolerable experience, but actually a positive experience!! If you have to fly, United Airlines is the only way to go!!

Rain, Wind and Canceled Flights. We set out for our trip to Florida for my brother’s wedding on Thursday, April 7th, for a 3:07 flight from Newark to Ft. Myers. We boarded hours late, un-boarded, boarded again, taxied out and sat there for hours while other planes came and went. We were told by our pilot that our plane could not handle or navigate the “cross winds” that had picked up at our airport. We are not surprised. The plane was like a sardine can with wings without even a plug for your devices. $500/person to fly 2.40 hours on a plane that can’t take off in wind. We taxied back in, unboarded and were dumped back in the airport without ONE uniformed United representative at the gate. The ground crew booked it out of there, heads’ down, and we were all left to figure things out for ourselves, which did not go well for anyone. Families stranded with children falling apart after, at least for our flight, ten hours of being in that airport. It is one thing to have cancelations due to weather. It is another to be so unprepared that you leave your customers without guidance, comfort or help. It was one of the worst customer service experiences we have ever encountered in any and all the traveling we have done over the years. It shakes our faith in United and in the airline industry as a whole. Going forward, we will be much less likely to book trips that require air travel. Oh, and we missed the wedding since we are still here in NJ waiting for a flight three days later.

Cancelations without notice. Between yesterday and today there have been two canceled flights neither of which were we provided notification even after installing your app. This forced us to stay at a hotel due to cancellations which costed us an additional $500 with no offer any vouchers or assistance to accommodate this inconvenience. Also the hotel we were forced to stay in was not near the caliber hotel we had booked in Michigan. My husband has a bad back and we had a jacuzzi and breakfast at our previously booked hotel. The hotel we had to stay in didn’t offer half the amenities that we had already paid for. Additionally the hotel that we had previously purchased a two day stay at we were unable to attend due to the cancellation. It is my hope that you would accommodate our hotel stay here and in Michigan for last night at least for this inconvenience and expense due to the fact that there was zero notification. Additionally we have made two separate trips to the airport to only find out that our flight was canceled once again with zero notice. Please call me asap to discuss how we can remedy this awful situation. Sincerely, Jennifer Johnston

Terrible flight personnel. Asked to sit in emergency row and they asked to look at my ticket. After seeing my boarding pass they looked at my seating which was all the way in the back and one older lady insisted that I paid the least amount god my ticket and said it costs more to fit in the emergency seating because there is more leg room. As I let her know I may have paid less but it was only because I booked my flight much earlier $200 is not a cheap flight and I paid $700 for a flight for my son at the same time while only flying from Florida to Va 2 hour flight. To that I say she needs to find a new field that doesn't include customer service. She was down right rude and I am wondering as an after thought if it wasn't due to my darker skin color. (I am Hispanic and have been sun kissed due to my vacation for 30 days) The entire emergency seating row was empty with only one passenger seated on the left side of the aircraft. Everyone was already boarded. WILL NOT FLY WITH UNITED AGAIN! SHAME ON YOU! The female who was sitting in in emergency row was about 90 pounds soaking wet... I bet everyone on the flight felt real safe having to depend on someone of that stature sitting in the seat to help everyone.

The Best. I love flying United Airlines. Their onboard service is excellent, their coffee is so good, and the app they’ve designed works the best of any airline and sets the standards for others to follow. It makes checking in so easy. I love they have a map that shows where you are in the airport and how to get to your next gate, and all of that is possible through intentional technological design that works seamlessly, due to conscientious testing, debugging, and thoughtful programming. In addition, they were the first major airline to implement a recycling program, and have set lofty goals for alternative fuels. And the company is innovative as well, creating their own training program called Aviate, and are recruiting women and people of color to the training school. Their safety record is excellent and they do such a great job training their pilots and flight attendants to give the customer is the safest flight possible. United is the best and I’m grateful I get to fly them.❤️❤️❤️

Poor experience on my recent flight- Expected better service for Premium Golda. Had booked a round trip from EWR to Delhi. While the flight to Delhi was smooth, the return flight (August 11) was delayed by over 18 hours. After haggling with a United representative on the phone for over 45mins I was told that I could only be given a flight back option from Mumbai if I made my own arrangements to fly to Mumbai. I needed to get back to Newark by Sunday and did not have many options, I was finally given an option to fly via Munich with about a 4-5hours layover in Munich. While I my original booking was on ‘Premium Economy’ my booking on Lufthansa was done on a regular coach class and was given a middle seat to travel overnight. At Munich I went to the Miles and More lounge and presented my United Club pass (knowing that they are part of Star Alliance), however, they said that the United Club pass is not acceptable at their lounges. So I had to sit around the Munich airport for the next 4-5hours. Overall, was a painful experience and I expected better service for a Premium Gold member.

Incoherent. Having already checked in on line I assumed the untied app would have that information but it did not. Then had to start “check-in” process on app to be recognized. That process then required I have the confirmation # ready available which has to be found in a previous email or paper document. Also, the mileage plus number in NEVER listed, save the last three digits. WHY! Working between the online platform and United app simply lacks any cohesion or friendly interface. While online “super security” is appreciated on the large scale, it, and other factors makes all of United’s user platforms feel clunky and unwelcoming. Final example: when checking in online it was nearly impossible to add Milage Plus numbers to get credit for this flight. My wife, Theresa Klein, had to go through a paper file we keep with travel records just to locate her MP # and mine could not be located so miles will be lost unless I take the time to sort through more papers or d emails to eventually find the number for Peter Klein...SO FRUSTRATING.

United Ticket agents. Horrible! My daughter lost her wedding bracelet on the plane to baggage. the United agents would not help her or us! Time matters. We had the Houston police department in the airport get my daughter back to the arrival gate 2 1/2 hours later. If the United agents would have help we possibly could have found her wedding bracelet. Again, time was of the essence, before the next flight left! United agents, didn’t care, sent us on goose chase. Go to lost and found, go talk to TSA! I finally went to the in-house police department who did United’s job. We will never forget the way she and I was handle. Karma happens. What goes around comes around. The 3 agents stood out side the front of check chatting with each other and not having any care or compassion. I saw them as they left their shifts 2 1/2 later so sad with United! Customer service stinks! All you carried about was chatting and getting off work. I would like to thank the TSA agent and the Houston Police chief for having compassion and care. United I will never forget this!! Premier K1 customer as well

Misinformation. This app is good for one thing, making you miss your flight. It will repeatedly fail to update you on flight changes, in my case it told me the incorrect gate, causing me to almost miss my flight. Unfortunately, United has also caused the most unforgivingly miserable and unprofessional flights of my life. My flight was supposed leave at 10:36pm, the time is important. Got delayed till 1:30am. I waited until 1:30, than I received the notice that the flight was delayed until 10:35 in the morning. The best part, 12 hours is a full refund. But because it's at 10:35 not 10:36, that one minute makes sure I don't get a refund. The result? Cozying up on the floor of LAX all night. The customer service will be sure to make your experience even more miserable. You can enjoy waiting for over an hour, to than be fed misinformation about upcoming flights, claiming there were no more flights headed to my destination. However, all morning I watched as people in the wait list slipped on to more flights, flights that customer service claimed didn’t exist. The bottom line is, this app is an impressive reflection of what flying United is like. You shouldn’t need this app, because you shouldn’t fly United.

Review. I’ve been using the app since about September. Worked great. Like everything about it. The last 2-3 weeks it seems to not work correctly. I had flights canceled then rescheduled and seem not to be able to use the app. When the flight is done it should get off the app. No need to see my flight from yesterday. I’m now trying to check in and it shows my flights from yesterday and today, even the canceled one. It needs to clear out. I have shut the app down cleared it from history. Sign in and same thing. How am I supposed to check on flights this way. I then tried to put in my reservation number and name and have to tap the screen several times and wait. I know it’s not my phone because if I tap “search” once it tells me I have to put a reservation number and name. Duh! I’m trying but it won’t let me unless I tap my screen 20-50 times. Then I have to go through the same tapping for my name. Very frustrating. This needs to be fixed asap. I gave it a 4 star because when it’s working I really don’t have any complaints. I like it better than American Airlines app.

Good App - Terrible Company. What goodness does an app add if the “state of the art” Entertainment technology is useless when the plane WiFi does not work? Many upset customers, Bose and iPhones ready, asked the attendants if this was common. “It happens all the time”. Coast-to-Coast without Entertainment. What good is it to be able to “manage” your miles when United uses de PQM miles scam to credit miles (got less than 30% of my true miles credited, it will take me years to build enough miles to get a domestic free ticket)? But it won’t happen because I avoid United with passion and even cancelled their credit card. What’s the point? My problem with United is United, not the app. United has forgotten its customer focus and to reward loyalty. Forget even the flying experience, just take a European carrier and compare. United apps would be really useful if they were built on a platform of customer service, clearly what United is not about anymore. So I avoid United at all costs, gone to better carriers with more inferior apps.

Worst app I've ever used. First a warning, after total frustration with the App, after many calls to United, someone thought to ask me my OS. Turns out the app United kept shunting me to when I tried to access UA on line was not designed for iOS. I wrote a complaint and later did find a differentiation meant to direct one to the correct app. Tried unsuccessfully to use it again today. I don't know if it has backslid and sent me to the wrong app again, but again it was determined not to recognized my info. Then it asks questions to determine if it's me, saying I won't have to enter this info again. But every single time in fact I have had to go through this same ritual. When I enter a confirmation # to find a flight, it says that the # cannot be found. Again, repeatedly. I got to the flight info I needed via the United Plus heading but couldn't find a way to change the flight. Then I couldn't find a ? to ask how to find a way cancel a flight. Finally I had to telephone, and they easily found the flight from the confirmation #. My conclusion is that the App doesn't have access to some of the United data it needs in order to accomplish what it should be able to do.

Great Agent Frustrating online system. And checking in I had two experiences: the first was online, and was extremely frustrating, and did not provide options, reflecting my personal circumstances. Additionally, I couldn’t find a phone number for customer service while I was trying to check in and encountering problems, me so I had to engage a separate search. The second experience wash great: with the help from your agent Gretchen. Gretchen positively delightful. I explained my handicap to her and she help me find appropriate accommodation. She however didn’t have authority to help me with the United online system failure regarding my baggage check. Luckily with her help and encouragement, iI reengaged the online check in. I want to make a special point of stating that with Gretchen’s help and courtesy, what seemed on the verge of becoming a very bad experience ruined to a satisfying one. She was very charming and polite and found creative way to sort out my personal problem. The problem she was not able to help me with, is my coming that comparing United economy class, to those of other airlines like Jet Blue, American Southwest Delta, and and all the international airlines I use. The best airlines (Southwest, Jet Blue, Jet Blue, for example allow economy customers one free, checked bag, and addition to the carry-on. Except for the lovely agent, Gretchen, I was very disappointed in United Airlines performance so far with regards to this flight.

Rudd people at the counter. I am going Home for Easter. My trip started in Merida MS. The plane left Meridian and made a stop in Hattisburg MS. We where delayed in Hattiesburg and 3 people where ask to get off the plane due to weight issues. We sat at the jetway for about 30 minutes and final toke off. We landed in Houston and sat at the jet way got anther 30 + minutes because there wasn’t anyone available to push out the stairs. My connecting flight had left we’ll before I got to the gate. The person at the gate told me to go to gate E20. She said there is a good chance I could get on that fight to SA. I ran all the way to gate E20. I walked up to the counter and I was talk to like a DOG. The msn behind the counter was very rude and the lady that was apparently trying to get people through to board the flight to SA. told the man that there would not get me on this flight. Snd here I sit waiting for 7:30 with hopes that I’ll make it to SA and then on to my Home in Hondo, Tx. United Airlines was once a good airline to fly with. I will never fly United again and I will let everyone I know to stay away from United Airlines. There the rudest people snd simple put, United Airlines has NO customer service. The days of the customer comes first are gone. Big business doesn’t care about the individual. They only care about the Money. And I almost forgot The Tran Stopped in the middle of nowhere and caused even more delays. Worst experience I have ever had with any airline. Ringtail

Consistent inconveniences, declining service. You’re using weather as an excuse to delay flights so you don’t have to pay for customers inconveniences or expenses. Checked the weather and there are no storms or lightening anywhere near the airport. Husband’s flight was redirected, delayed flight next day and missed connecting flight last week, this week my flight is delayed, missed connecting flight and I have to pay for hotel because I don’t get reimbursed because of “weather”. Even Houston locals are asking “what weather” when told my flight was delayed for that reason. Maybe you should ask airports in Florida how they handle storms so you can implement their protocols in Houston or you’re going to lose lots of 1K and other customers because you’re service is starting to look like American Airlines. I went to pick up my bags because I had rebooked my flight and the ladies said the ramp was closed and I had been lied to- so I was not getting my bags tonight- after 2 other employees had told me where to pick it up… let’s just say- This trip is a nightmare and United is leaving a really, really bad taste in my mouth. If this type of service continues, you will lose our business.

App so Good I started flying United again. I love this app. It’s like Fedex plus Amtrak. Thank you United for making a quality product that actually helps me. I don’t ordinarily even leave reviews, but I fly a lot and I truly appreciate that this app makes flying more convenient. Dear people who made this thank you for adding all of those seamless features. And thank you for the in airport texts and updates too. Thanks to your app, instead of having a hair-pulling experience due to holiday traffic surrounding the airport, I was able to rebook my flight from the uber, eat a leisurely enjoyable dinner in the airport while charging my phone and taking a conference call, purchase a couple of magazines, and stroll happily to the correct gate with a confident awareness of the flight status. I had important things in my checked bags, so when I arrived I didn’t stress when the bags took a while to come out at baggage claim because I checked the app and knew they had arrived and were on their way to me. In conclusion, I love you.

MKC. I was prompted yesterday to go on another flight with no change fee. It wasn’t obvious that the flight options were for the *following* day. I selected, realized I made a mistake, and called right away to correct. I was then on hold more than a half hour, and two agents and an hour later I received no help. All after a day when i traveled to be at a funeral. Today, when I went to check in, the message was clearer that you were looking for people to change flights. I have been a customer and mileage plus customer for decades. Also a credit card holder. I am extremely disappointed in the service and considering canceling my card, and United as airline of choice. It’s clear United dramatically overbooked flights the entire weekend, which is irresponsible from my perspective. While I was on the phone with agents last night, I could hear other agents fighting with customers like me in the background. Please try to be better to customers in the future. Thank you

In flight entertainment. Overall a good app from a developer’s perspective. There are a few improvements to make with in flight wifi entertainment. 1. Navigating to the in flight entertainment was tricky. The menu option is tucked away under “more options” and the instructions do not point the user there. My guess is it was supposed to auto detect that you are connected to a united wifi access point and show you in flight options on the dashboard and that didn't work. If that’s not an existing feature, it may be a good feature to add (rather easy to implement). 2. I wasn't able to continue watching the movie I started a few hours ago on my first flight. Ford v Ferrari disappeared. However, i noticed it does take me back to where I left off during the same flight (but sort of flakey and may need additional testing there). 3 Lastly, i kept being disconnected from the access point every few minutes. This is most likely the cause of the router and not the app.

Flight segment left off trip. I called a united agent to book a trip for my fiancé and I to Scottsdale with a return trip from Las Vegas. When checking in today our Scottsdale segment only had one traveler booked, leaving my fiancé without a seat and with only 3 of the four segments we booked and in our folio. With no options and no help from my premiere desk representative who told me “sorry, we are human and make mistakes but there is nothing I can do to help you” I was forced to use 53,300 miles to book a first class seat for a flight that when I booked cost $120 for a ticket that was never processed by United with a travel reward I was using from a covid canceled trip. This is unacceptable and a failure on the part of United customer service to complete my proper booking and leave me in an untenable situation and force me to spend 5x the value of my original ticket to book a first class seat. I am demanding my reward points be put back in my account since this was agent, not customer error.

Hawaiian trip #22. Wow I have been to Hawaii 22 times after living there 40 years ago and all are with continental airlines and when United took over well what can I say … when you’re good you’re good ! 🌺👍 I even traveled to Germany many times with United and I always had a great experience! Thanks for the good service I have received over the years and my new husband loves Hawaii… it’s his second time flying to the island with united airlines … last year we flew in 1st class and what an experience it was …. I was going to upgrade to 1st class again but all seats are already taken … oh well that’s the way it goes ! We both have birthdays, I just turned 78 years young and my husband of almost 5 years is going to be 80 in November! I just would like say how fortunate we are to have United as our airline and we are truly blessed with the service they provide every time I’m flying! No other airline will do ! Thanks 🙏! Ulla Langford

Warning about refundable tickets. This app, like the website, is horribly misleading regarding refundable tickets. If you book a flight originating internationally, they will offer you an “Economy (fully refundable)” fare that usually costs about 10-20% more than “Economy”. Well I booked the refundable option because I knew my plans were tentative, but when I went to cancel all they would give me is a flight credit. Well after an hour long chat with a United agent who assured me after looking at my flight that if I canceled and filled out their refund form I would get the fare price returned to my credit card, 2 days later I get an email saying it was denied because the flight originated internationally and those fares are not refundable. So why exactly did I pay extra for a “fully refundable” ticket if the fare is not actually refundable? The stupidity of the policy aside, if that is their policy “fully refundable” should not be offered as a fare option for internationally originating tickets. This is nothing short of theft, selling you a product they know they do not offer. I’ve seen a lot of bad business practices but this is one of the most egregious. I will not be flying United ever again.

abysmal customer service - do not fly. I have been a United Mileage Plus member for 6 years and flown almost exclusively United. Huge mistake. Due to a technical issue on a United Aircraft on Oct 6, 2019, I was stranded over night away from home. I spent two + hours on the phone with “customer care” and the best offer I received was that United Airlines the would “change the waive fee” for a flight the next day. No hotel, no offer to put me on a different airline, no compensation for Uber to and from the airport or meals. Nothing. Truly abysmal way to treat a long-time (now former) customer. Especially when I saw (on the same trip! on the way to my destination) a man get offered $500 in compensation to take the next flight out. At his convenience. When I was very much inconvenienced, at United’s pleasure, I was offered nothing, even upon request. My girlfriend was stranded the same day in another city on American Airlines and she was offered a hotel voucher, Uber voucher, and a meal. She didn’t even have to ask. FLY ANY OTHER AIRLINE!

Disappointing 1st flight in years!. I haven’t flown in 15 years, so I decided to take United after hearing good things about them. My experience was less than enjoyable. After deplaning in Houston and being unfamiliar with airport, I discovered my my next flight was leaving from a gate clear across the airport, so rushing through to arrive at my gate on time, I discovered the plane was delayed for over an hour due to bad weather in NJ. Then, they call us to board only to find out that there was a problem and we would be delayed another 15 minutes, not a huge deal. However, these delays continued for another 2 1/2 hours! We were given ridiculous excuses, one after the other, without a sincere apology or the truth. Perhaps the airline thought we should all understand and comply without a genuine explanation or compensation. They did allow us to watch a movie for free, but still charged for alcohol. When you have friends or family waiting for you at your final destination and it turns out to be 3:00 am, I think the responsibility lies with United to be sure everything is taken care of before asking passengers to board.

My experience w United. I flew in from EWR to GDL and the my one suitcase WAS NOT PUT ON THE PLANE from Houston to GDL. I was told that I am to wait for my luggage and that it would arrive sometime the next day. When I tried to phone United and gain information where is my suitcase and when it will arrive, I was transferred to a company in India and the horrible experience continued. Hours of waiting to speak to a person, lies over lies and promises to attend to my issue that were not meant to be kept. At that point I lost my trust and asked to leave the suitcase in the airport and I will pick it up by myself. I was promised that my suitcase will wait for me in the airport. The next day I drive an hour to the airport to find out that my luggage is on the United truck and the driver is in front of my rented accommodation, with no one to receive my suitcase. The company in India promised I will be able to get my suitcase in the airport and they lied again. At this point me and my suitcase were in limbo. I am a long time United/Continental customer and I was VERY DISAPPOINTED with the way this was handled. It costed me TWO days of my precious vacation. Rivka Soloway

The contactless payment flow is broken. I downloaded the app before a flight to Hawaii and added my card info. It mentioned in hemisphere that there were extra steps to take but nothing i tried to do matched the instructions given. By the time the flight took off there was a short period of time to try and navigate through the app to get my payment info “verified or replaced” before we would be over the ocean without any internet. At some point i reached out to their support chat but that didn’t seem to have a path to get the issue resolved. If you’re logged into the app before you lose connection then you can still navigate to some of the features but if you log off, you’re not getting back on until you’ve got a connection, and the flight attendants can’t accept google or Apple Pay, which could have made this so much easier. I understand it’s a way to get people to download the app if that’s the only way that they can purchase snacks but the flow needs work

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Why do you keep changing the seats we booked with our travel agent. I’m travelling with my wife and son and you split where we are sitting and changes the seats we carefully booked via our travel agent

Best airline app. I never leave app reviews but this app deserves one. Works great. Intuitive. All the info.

Their app needs work.. Seemed like the interface was good.... not hard to figure out... but let us scan all but 2 out of our 7 member party... so we have to go to airport anyway and check in... what’s the point

Excellent App. Rather best one. So easy to use and understand.

Fly with peace of mind. We have travelled on many flights over the past month and none have been anywhere near as accommodating and helpful as the staff of United - we had a terrible experience with Sky airlines where they changed flight times so we purchased another ticket to ensure we did t miss our international flight with United and they mistakenly checked us into the later flight and would not change it which resulted in us missing out United flight - we contacted United fearing we were stuck in Peru and within minutes they had us in the next flight out and only wanted to help us. We will always choose United from now on for that peace of mind. Thanks United

Easy checkin. United make it really easy to check in with the app on the mobile. Well done United👍

United App. The United App is great fast & convenient. Awesome! United airlines fantastic to travel with internationally & domestic. 🇳🇿Rob & Pam

App does not accept overseas credit card. Stupid app… will not accept foreign credit cards for baggage charge—even though we started trip in Australia and paid original ticket with foreign credit card… wake up United, not everyone lives/banks in USA

Issues. Unable to pay for seat upgrade in the app because my billing address is not in the US! Ehmm....This is an international airline isn’t it?

Only accepts US cards. This slow laggy app is appallingly bad. I couldn’t add bags during purchase (why?!?) so I had to add checked in bags at check in time, while I’m already travelling on my previous flight. The app doesn’t accept card outside the USA (or Guam or Puerto Rico) and Apple Pay doesn’t work. Frustrating experience to say the least!

App brings customer service forward. This app was incredible when I recently had a flight cancelled half way through my trip due to weather. I got a notification from the app, asked for an alternative, accepted what was offered and had boarding passes before anyone else from the gate had found a customer service counter. You’ve aced it United. What a great tool across the board and it will make you just a better airline.

Must use to support your easy travel. Great app that gives all the information you need to travel safe & sound with minimal fuss.

Ok. In general good but too many quirky things not working optimally. Dev team and UI team need to test more.

Carry on. Why is this the only United flight that doesn’t allow a carry on without a baggage fee plus $25?

Bad Customer Service. United Airlines have cancelled two of flights and I have not been notified about either of them. I found out they were canceled as I arrived at the airports.

Doesn’t accept my phone number .. Doesn’t accept my phone number .

Does not work. At all. I bought this ticket five months ago. And United wants me to jump through new hoops with nine days to flight?

Your baggage process is garbage (trash). I think you are about to rip me off, this looks like a commercial mugging! I somehow or other have booked an economy ticket, when I choose my bags per person for checked baggage I choose 1 each, then as I progress though I interpret your web pages to say I need to check my normal overhead bag as my ticket does not allow any normal carry on. When I go back to adjust my checked bag it will not update. So now it seems I am trapped in your money grab scam, what is going on?

My flight to Palm Springs from Sydney. I’m so happy with JESS DEAN excellent customers service who understand I lost passport and Jess Dean help me to change ticket waive fees My travel insurance won’t help me. So united air help me more than travel insurance JESS DEAN IS 5 stars customers service I’m starting falling in love with united air xx xx xx xx 5 stars!!!!!!!!!!!

Make your passport scanning work. Here’s an idea: don’t make customers’ ability to check in for their flights dependent on a passport-scanning software that doesn’t work at all. A high school student using OpenCV could write software that does this. Sincerely, a computer vision scientist who would like the last 20 minutes of her life back.

Great but.... I paid for baggage successfully but there is no option to say my card is from Australia or any other country aside from US Puerto Rico and Guam I think.

Will not accept international cards. Very disappointed with app. Wouldn’t accept my Australian credit card, had to use a friends. Ridiculous this day and age to have such a petty restriction.

Well designed and stress free. As an employee of an airline that likes to call itself world class, I can honestly say that United’s app is just amazing. Incredibly useful and a huge range of options for non-rev and regular passengers alike. I feel United have set a gold standard with their IT passenger facing systems.

angelo pasquale. really easy to use., and I am not the most savvy on line

Jayne Hrdlicka. Excellent app United. Love the real time bag tracking feature. And check-in is a breeze!

Getting boarding pass. Difficult to get boarding pass

Easy to navigate. Very easy to navigate

Detailed but use kilogram units !. Appreciate the detail. Comprehensive. But use kilogram units ! B

I rated this application 4.5 stars because it stopped working and I didn’t use it very often. I rate this app 4.5 stars because it stopped working at times because their connection and I didn’t use it very often

Can’t check-in. It keeps asking me to enter my last name but I already have! (Hint: it might have something to do with the fact that it has a space in the middle. The website accepted it, tho)

Non US. Purchase of bags not possible out of the US

PCR testing for international travellers. United’s arrangement with Safeway and CVS is fantastic. We were looking at PCR tests at US$350 each!!! It’s worth travelling United to the USA just for this arrangement!!

United is second to none. Thank you for the best, most reliable and affordable service. To this day the best airline that I’ve flown with.

I’m a fan. The United app is one of the most efficient up to date real time flight apps a available. It is so user friendly and allows to to check on all flight related statuses such as luggage, delays, gate changes etc Love love love Kim from Australia

Bag purchases. Tried purchasing bags 3 days before flight. Priced at $30 USD App would not let me complete purchase gave an error message. I wasted so much time over a couple of days re-trying with no success. Now less than 24 hours before flight I can purchase bags but they are now $35 USD. Disappointing that the app wouldn’t let me purchase several days ago and I have to pay an extra $25 for the provide of a poor customer experience.

Lost luggage. Unfortunately united lost my luggage containing all my ski clothes so was without it for a day... it did turn up next day but very much an inconvenience on a ski holiday.

Good but not great. Does save details Fir regular traveler's it’s a pain

UA international flight. We were very disappointed with the service provided in economy plus. Service was quite abrupt and rather rude. We were not told that a meal was about to be served and bought some food in flight. Economy plus is not worth the extra fare.

Checked bag scam. Trying to use flight credits for domestic checked bags soon found there’s a bait and switch scam at play. Thanks United, Our international flight to Peru from Australia via United early this year was the worse on our many years of flying and this domestic baggage scam just adds to our reason to avoid United in future travels.

Slow and Xenophobic. Had to enter info multiple times, did not like the fact I have overseas payment method. I’m American but live/work on Australia. Doesn’t seem to realize foreign travel goes back as far as Christopher Columbus.

Excellent all the way. No complaints at all with United. Excellent all the way 🔥🔥

Amazing. Complete check-in without the crowd and queue.

Mobile check in is easy. Great travel document verification process

Intl. Please add ability for intl customers to book revenue travel like AA DL etc

Impressed. We’re based outside usa and travel frequently. We have been very impressed with the United service both pre flight and in flight. Seems United has really lifted their game in recent years. Friendly staff and great service. Keep up the great work.

Your app is rubbish. I have input vaccination, Covid test and destination details multiple time as your app drops the information. Also my perfectly valid Aussie mobile number is apparently unacceptable.

Best Airline app. Much better than any other I have used.

Me Bruno Gargano. Extremely pleased with customer service support and assistance by Kay at United. Kay changed our flights with ease and at no additional cost to us. Thankyou very much Kay and United Airlines !

BAD APP AND BAD FLIGHT. Don’t fly with United Airlines! Their service is not a) easy to access and b) friendly or useful. Crew and flight attendants are hit and miss with friendliness. When booking flights, United didn’t seem like a bad option but now, having flown a 16 hour flight with United, I would not recommend them in any way. The service on short flights was no different from that of longer flights, and one of my flights from San Fransisco to Honolulu was delayed for over 2 hours (some of which can’t be helped, but still interfered with our later plans). This airline is not one that I would recommend!!1 ( 0/10 from me )

Nightmare to use for Australians. I can’t use Apple Pay as an Australian and there are consistent glitches when trying to pay by card

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Horrible app. Am Canadian. United will not accept Canadian credit cards to pay for seat upgrade.

Only US dollars. Good app but we can’t use it to purchase tickets because it only handles US dollars

Bagage buy. It’s been charged but not allowed me to checking bags

User Exp. My first names and last names were lower cased and merge together

Credit card no option for Alberta and I can't type below. Can't see

Thanks. Our trip with United was amazing!! The staff were super kind! Thank you for making our trip lovely. We’ll defusing your praises! Amber & John Eikelenboom

Trouble seeing documents. Travel documents appear as ‘null’ and so I have to keep scanning them to proceed for check-in.

Canadians can’t pay for luggage. Website not working for Canadians

Crashes on Seat Upgrades. Try to change a seat and the app crashes every time.

App sucks. United sucks. The app is brutal

Had to repeat the checking process. Had to repeat the checking process many times. Could not enter a canadian credit card to check in bagages as only US states were possible to select. terrible experience again with a airplane company app.

Check in on App. Would be much better if my previously entered information was stored as it indicates the app is supposed to do. In addition, my trusted traveller information is rarely entered on my boarding pass, despite being part of my United app documents.

Clunky!. Apparently you now need to download this app to make inflight purchases, the way they communicate this information is in a very unhelpful way, when you are about to take off, in between all the other things they are telling you and right before “put your phone on airplane mode”. Okay fine I’ll pay for internet and download the app and do it that way perhaps. Good luck, ether the on flight internet is a money grab or the app is outdated and far to clunky to be downloaded in flight or both. I feel someone may have had a good concept of a potentially good idea but the execution, and practicality of it is sad, disappointing, frustrating and leaves a lot to be desired! Look at the app update history over the last month they made 4 “upgrades” they all say the exact same thing word for word I’m paraphrasing but basically “we are making the app better” that’s a thought sell when it has to be upgraded 4 times in a month and it can be articulated how is any better then the last 3 times that month.

Terrible. The online check in on the website was not working, terrible. The app sucks just as bad

Buggy app. The QC on the app is poor, as an example it asks for a state or province when adding a credit card but not provinces available to select.

Private screening. Horrible .

Inefficient at best. I’ve had to try and check if more than three time before it partially works. The passport scanning portion doesn’t work as well as for other airlines. It applies new bag fees that were not in effect when tickets were purchased. Very disappointed in United with this new version of policies and app. I now want to avoid flying with them because they are making my life more complex, not simpler.

Almost perfect. Canada isn’t an option for saving credit card info. It doesn’t automatically pull my frequent number into my flight for check in. And I couldn’t figure out how to do that myself. I’ll guess just add it when I’m at the airport.

Not helpful. I have a Canadian VISA credit card, but your stupid app only has the countries "United States", "Puerto Rico", and "Guam" listed as options. It canceled my transaction to pay for my bags twice before I said screw it. Not impressed.

Easy check in. Simple and very easy to check in.

That was easy!. Great app! Quick and easy check-in. Thank you.

Worst app I’ve used. Compared to other major airlines such as Lufthansa, Air Canada and other star alliance members, united has the worst UI for their app. My boarding pass did not show up on the app even though I had a checked in, if you change a seat your boarding pass does not update right away (probably doesn’t update at all), it’s very slow and glitchy. I would not rely on the app for a digital boarding pass, it’s unreliable.

Frustrated Canadian. It is extremely frustrating that as a canadian I am not able to upgrade my seats in the app without a U.S. billing address.

Perfect. Service is getting better and better!

No Canadian Province offered …. In billing address

No Canadian option. When I go to purchase a bag the options do not include Canada - despite saying State/Province.

Troublesome passport scanning. The app seems to struggle scanning a canadian passport, not sure about others.

Check in. I am a Canadian resident, travelling through the United States, namely via Detroit,Michigan to get to my residence near Windsor Ontario. your app does not recognize that I am in transit unless I put in the US address. I have difficulties where my two pays for the check back, but your app does not recognize this.

Canadian citizen. Challenging to check in using this app for a Canadian

Missing functionality. A couple of functions are not working, for example, I was not able to check a bag in.

why I am not Premium Economy as I was told when I updated my seat class in Houston on Feb 14 2024. I upgraded our seat class in Houston on February 14 2024 pm flight from Houston to Lima. At that time I questioned the agent if we were Premium Economy on our return flight from Buenos Aires to Houston. She said not to worry, that we were Premium economy on that leg as well. To night I am unable to get help with the issue.

Could not use Canadian credit card.. Says state/province but no provinces

None of the add-ons worked. Tried multiple times to add options and always had an error pop-up

Doesn’t work. The United site said I have to use this app for check in, after downloading it and spending 2 hours uploading my families passports multiple times it finally seemed to work. Then I received the boarding passes by email, which all say ‘You do not have a boarding pass’. Now I’m concerned that we’ll lose our seats. Such an extremely frustrating start to a vacation. I hate United.

Check in. The original check in online process was very frustrating. Could United use an easier system to Scan passport. More information needed to know that you can use your computer camera. The follow up check into today was very seem-less.

Check in. Check in from the United States is difficult when you do not accept Canadian address and postal code on payment page. A Canadian citizen checking in from the States returning to Canada is unable to put accurate billing address.

Credit Cards only American. Cannot select province for Canadian CC

Mileage number. Wouldn’t accept my mileage number

Credit Card. I am from Canada and when you try to pay for anything on the website it only accepts USA, Guam or Puerto Rico cards..... rather silly for an international airline. Somewhat surprising.

No Canada listed or postal code. Tried to enter my province and postal code under the province and postal code section for the credit card bill to section but it doesn’t have any provinces listed, and when you click on postal code, it just has numbers to enter your ZIP Code….. ?????

Issues w I line checkin. The app would not let me select a Canadian province, even after I selected « not a US citizen » or whatever the option stated. Frustrating. Had to select « Arizona » just to complete the checkin, even though I live in the province of Quebec.

Please add Canadian credit card option please. This app still does not support Canadian credit card payment. How many flights are flying between US and Canada each day? There are many frequent flyers needing this feature. This is the most feedback topic. Please do something.

All good until the bags. Trying to check in and include checked bag. The billing section had no provinces to select in the State/province dropdown. Hope they won’t hike the fee when I pay at the airport!

Don’t forget Canada. When trying to pay very difficult to put in Canadian province and billing address

Worst App ever. Adding Credit Card no Canadian Provinces. Not clear

Check in united. The app doesn’t allow Canada address and it should be changed

Couldn’t confirm checked bags. Terrible user experience. Verified credit card. Tried to use apple pay but need US address. Then would not let me enter credit card info for CAN address. Always takes forever to try to checkin. Need now to pay for bags at airport.

Painful. Can’t use my Canadian credit cards, wants an American address even though we are flying through. Won’t let me scan all passports.

Covers the basics. It’s more convenient than dealing with paper boarding passes, but otherwise there’s nothing special about this app vs any other airline app. It’s a bit frustrating that you cannot use non-US credit cards in the app for upgrades, but the united website accepts them so there is a workaround.

I’m canadian. Don’t seem to have province and postal code

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United Entertainment - significant bug. I’m a 1K/million mile flyer with United. I use my iPad to access United Entertainment during a flight. That includes using my Steinhauser noise-cancellation headphones via Bluetooth. Prior to the start of a movie, a United commercial plays. Immediately, the phone call feature of my headphones is engaged by the app. This disengages the noise-cancelling feature. If I attempt to disengage the phone call feature, I lose all sound via the United movie. If I attempt to reset the phones, the United commercial starts again triggering the same cycle. What’s even more maddening: in the middle of the movie, the headphone’s phone call feature is unexpectedly engaged again by the United app. If I leave the United app to reset the headphone noise cancelling feature, once I return to the United app the movie starts over again beginning with the commercial, which once again cancels the noise-cancelling feature. Please fix this!

Never again on United Airlines. We will NEVER travel on United Airlines. We bought our tickets for this trip to celebrate our vow renewal in Hawaii last September. We wanted to be assured that we would all travel there. We bought first class tickets. The flight changed schedules three different times. We never asked for any changes. We were moved in the third change to the worst seats (that don’t recline) on the LAX to Honolulu leg of the trip. I was told on the phone : 1. That we asked for the schedule change.2. That the plane type caused us to get terrible seats ( in reality all 3 planes were the same). 3. That people that bought tickets after us could have our seats 2A and 2B. Now we’re going to celebrate our 50th Anniversary in seats in different rows. I took the bad seat that won’t recline because my husband has major back. No thank you, United Airlines 😡😡😡

Worst ever experience. Had the worse baggage check in experience of my life checking in at O Hare in Chicago. The woman who checked my bag (believe her name was Samantha) was rude, mean and abusive. I went to give her my bag to check in and she tells me to peal off the baggage tag. I go to do so and she tells me I did it wrong (I guess I pealed the opposite end) and then snatched it out of my hands. She then started yelling at me that “reading is fundamental “. As stunned as I was, I tried to talk and she went “Blah Blah Blah” or something to indicate that she wasn’t listening and that my words were worthless. She tried to humiliate me. There was absolutely no reason for this. I was stunned and took by bag to an adjacent kiosk and explained to two other attendants what happened. Samantha continued to yell at me from across her kiosk in front of them. I asked for a manager or someone to help and was told no one was around but that someone would explain what happened to a supervisor. I know in this day and age people complain of not getting good service but this was toxic and abusive and I feel punished for having chose to fly with United.

United Lacks Basic Competency. This is less a reflection of the Application, which is okay, but it is a reflection of the abysmal service of United. Not only do they lack communication with their customers, but they also would not hold our connecting flight less than 30 minutes for our party of 15 after they delayed our first flight 2.5 hours, causing us to miss our connector. United however said they would book us a new connector, and when we arrived for the flight, the Airline said that United had not completed our Booking, causing us to have to run around the airport from one 400-person long United customer service line to another. After all of this, United lost our luggage, would not communicate where it was, and we eventually had to use another Airline (Ethiopian Airline, Which I highly recommend) to track it for us. Not only were we frustrated with United's terrible customer service and Lack of communication, But so were the other airlines! They themselves have said United are constantly causing them problems. United, Get better or get out of the sky!

Horrible airlines. Horrible airlines. Bought first class tickets for our group so we could travel together and avoid Covid contact due to personal health concerns and they split our group up and forced us to sit next to unmasked passengers who refused /choose not to wear a mask. Payed premium price. Service was horrible. Had to keep buzzing to get offered water of any beverage. Plastic cups bathroom was dirty and nasty. Totally gross. And the food was inedible. Will never fly on them again. The attendants were snarky and clearly favored and flirted with the two pilots that were taking a flight home. We found out later that one of our seats was given to one of those pilots. He “claimed” he needed a aisle seat due to health reasons but he first booked a window. Basically he wanted it his way. I wondered how he flys for United if he has to have a seat preference for “a medical condition”. He was eventually moved by United staff as he appeared to be lying about about the condition and was asked to sit in his original seat. Whole experience was awful and was on both departure and return flights . Never again!!!!!!!!

Lost phone recovered!. During my travel, once I landed, I went to the rest room. While washing my hands I heard someone say the found a cell phone. Not really paying much mind to it, I continued my business. Before leaving the rest room I came to realize that it was my phone that was found. The attendant that took it was gone. I ran out looking for assistance and found a United attendant right outside the restroom. I told her what happened and she walked me to Customer service where it should of been dropped off. Knowing that my family was in there way to pick me up, I got anxious thinking that this could cause a damper in our plans. A minute later she came back and asked for my phone number. She called it and the attendant that picked it up answered. She told me her location, and I recovered my phone. Thank you so much! That was truly awesome. They turned a potentially negative situation- positive.

CHANGED MY FLIGHT ON THE APP AND IT DIDNT PROCESS. I had my original flight back on June 12th and on Sunday June 11th I switched my flight to June 14th with 16$ difference . Same as my friend . When I checked on the app on Monday evening it had me as a cancelled / no show . And my changed flight didn’t show up anymore . Nor did I get an email of confirmation . I called customer service and the lady was able to get me a flight back on June 14th but didn’t mention I was going to get charged 219$ additionally . I got the email of confirmation saying I’m flying In Standard Economy I even have the screenshot of the email , saying I can pick my seat and comes w a carry on . I was checking in today prior to my flight in 3 hrs and it said im on Basic Economy . No carry on bag and I would have to pay additional 30-40$ . I called customer service and I HAD TO UPGRADE TO STANDARD ECONOMY . 49$ I paid additionally on top of the 219$ . The app is a glitch so make sure to call to confirm . It’s been a roller coaster ride . I will speak to a supervisor to get credit . UNBELIEVABLE . THis has never happened to me before . ALWAYS CALL TO CONFIRM

No reservation updates on app!!!. App has intermittently worked even after updates. Don’t get a check in email, app would show reservation but not allow me to check in - under boarding passes it kept saying I had no reservations, even though reservation section would show the reservation. Eventually had to call United and go through the automated prompter to check in. Only after checking in on the phone did I get an email with the link to my boarding passes and the app still didn’t recognize that I had checked in! Before I was able to obtain the boarding passes it asked me if I wanted to write a review and this is the review. Never had to do this for any of the other airlines Southwest, American or Delta. In this case the app that was designed for convenience was very inconvenient. I am now going to close out this review and hopefully obtain an actual boarding pass...

Freezes, yet only way to buy food. A nonfunctional app would not be such a huge deal of it were not the only way United Airlines allows you to purchase food. They no longer accept cash, credit, or even other common and leading digital wallets. You have to use their app — or, like me, you can go for your whole coast to coast flight with no snacks because your app froze. I have a food allergy & the free snacks all contain an ingredient that causes a bad reaction for me. A flight attendant straight up refused to find any way for me to pay for a snack. There are so many reasons for this setup being a problem. For me the app froze. What if your phone dies? Or you failed to download the app before you were in the air? Do you have to buy wifi in order to then buy banana chips? What if the wifi cuts out as it often does on flights? What if you don’t have a phone? What if your phone is an older model? And you can’t argue that this is just for contactless payments. If it were, they would accept Apple & Samsung pay. It’s about forcing you to use this app when it’s clearly not ready for prime time. Any good reviews of this app must be fake.

Excellent customer service on phone but poor United waiver policy. For the last day, I had been calling United Gold service attempting to switch my Wednesday flight out of CHS to SFO in light of the pending hurricane. Only one agent -Nettie -worked today to get me switched onto a CHS to SFO flight tomorrow -the LAST available seat on any flight out with hurricane Florence approaching SC. Even though the SC governor had ordered an emergency evacuation order hours ago, United had not received the official waiver and the previous aGents with whom I spoke said I would have to pay full fare in the absence of an official United notice. Nettie, on the other hand, was very proactive and grabbed that very last seat out for me- and the official waiver came through just after she completed the change. A word to United management. When the governor of the state issues an emergency alert (as he did yesterday) United should have permitted their agents to switch my flight at no charge at that time. Even today, your waiver was issued a number of hours after the release of the governor’s evacuation order that is to start at noon tomorrow . I believe that your agents should have discretion to make even an exchange in light of the tremendous amount of publicity that warned about this hurricane. I just feel lucky that Nettie was able to find that last seat for me.

App is winning me over. Remember that reviews are about the App, not the Airline. Just saying. I have to give United props here because they have responded to criticism and squashed a lot of the bugs and issues when this app was first released. I am very happy with the features and the performance of the app now. I especially like the instant mileage credit once the flight segment has been completed. Remind me why it used to take 2 days? Thank you for that! I use WiFi Every flight and I’m able to log in easily. I do not use the entertainment option often so I can’t comment on that, but I am able to browse the options fairly easily. I would like to see the ability to select Airline and Non-Airline activity in the account summary section. I fly a lot and scrolling though all the flight segments to get to hotel/dining point activity is cumbersome.

Nazi like flight attendants. The absolute worst mask nazis have only ever been on United. I was eating trail mix and he expected me to lift my mask back up in between bites. I was holding the cup in one hand and eating with the other and by the time I put my hand down into the cup I was ready for the next bite. It’s extremely unreasonable to expect me to put my useless mask up for all of half a second just to lower it back down. The same mask nazi stewardess told me to pull my mask up, my mask was already over my nose covering my nostrils but apparently still wasn’t high enough for him. These people won’t know what to do when this useless policy is over. On another flight, a nazi stewardess berated a passenger over whatever issue he has with him over the PA at the end of the flight. Extremely unprofessional. I can’t stand this airline but unfortunately I have no choice if they’re the only ones with available flights. Another issue I have is a sticker while entering the plane. “100% vaccinated” however forgot to mention that it required firing 38,000 employees to obtain that useless status… despicable. Especially when this vaccine doesn’t protect the person next to you and provides ZERO immunity and just as capable of getting or giving it. United you should be ashamed and tell your nazi staff to back off.

Great app but, has limits. I use my United app a lot! As a 1K flyer, I’m in it all the time and for pretty much everything, it’s really good but, it has limits. First, if you try to add the app to a widget - watch out!! You only can add the trip countdown feature and not the app. This will automatically launch you into the next coming trip, NOT your boarding pass or booking. This has caused me to remove the app from my easily accessed widget. I suggested United change back to allow the original app to be added to the widget. Second, if you book a flight with a United flight number but, it’s actually through a partner airline, you’ll get confused easily and not be able to check in or do other things you’d expect. This most often happens for international flight (like United sharing with Lufthansa). The app doesn’t tell you directly the flight is with a partner airline and you’ll end up calling United. Work around? Maybe but it can be complex. There should be a United confirmation number on your receipt AND a partner airline ticket number. Use that second confirmation number when calling the partner airline. The other option is to call United directly and ask them for the information. We can’t expect airlines to have their apps working together seamlessly (not yet, at least), but would be helpful if the United app had the information you needed right there and notified you of the second airline booking.

The United employee gave away my seat. I have finally had it with United. My flight from Panama City to Houston was delayed. The flight attendant in Panama City said she would hold my seat from houston to Denver on my original flight but put me on the wait list for the last flight out of Houston. I ran fast and made the gate C4 for my original booked flight 20 minutes before the gate closed. The attendant in Houston said the Panama City employee gave away my seat but don’t worry I am on the next flight. I have had it with united. I am canceling my mileage plus United credit card and my family will use up all the bonus miles and then we are DONE with united. I don’t care how crappy delta, southwest, American Airlines are from time to time. I am done with united. I have paid way too much money for united flights over the past 15 years and have received crappy service. No more

Missing boarding pass. First I would like to say that I don’t normally review apps or products, but United prompted me to review the app 5 times during the process of attempting to check into my flight which was very distracting and interruptive, so begins the bad review. Second, my boarding pass disappeared from the app completely. Thankfully I’m traveling with someone who could access my pass but I cannot find it on my own at all within the app. Had I not been traveling with someone I would have been left in the security line with no boarding pass to show. Third, it is ridiculous that United makes the seat selection such that even though we paid thousands of dollars to fly, we cannot sit together without paying extra. While this is not a problem with the app itself this is a grievance I have with United. I’m addition, the in flight entertainment on my trip was broken (both the seat back display and the personal device access entertainment). Again this is not an app issues specifically but I am unsure where else to submit my complaints.

App is fine but the airlines suuuuuuuuuuuuck. Went on an overseas trip. Had 2 legs each way. 3/4 flights were delayed. The delay going didn’t have a significant impact, but the delay coming back did. We missed the connecting flight because our plane landed right as the next flight was boarding, and we still had to go through immigration and customs. I had expressed concern twice when I first heard of the delay to two different agents and they brushed it off saying it has to be taken care at the next location. Other passengers were automatically booked on the next available flight. My friend and I weren’t so lucky and were booked on the last flight available. Having already flown for 10 hours and then missing the connecting flight due to their delay, we had to spend an 8 hours (and counting) in the airport, when it would’ve only been a 1.5 hour layover. It’s unclear whether we’ll even be able to make it home tonight. Extremely upset and I’ll be sure to never fly United again. But oh yeah, if you’re wondering how this app works, it’s fine.

Very disappointed. Very disappointed in United this trip. On our first leg of the journey the plane was late and we missed our connection. We missed our appointment in Kansas City since we arrived 5 hours past the initial time. We were also emailed food vouchers after we boarded the plane for Kansas City that expired the next day. They would have been nice the 4+hours while we waited for the new plane. On our return, our gate was changed 4 times. We were not notified of the last change. We did not receive a text, a phone call or an announcement over the intercom. We arrived at the new gate 10 minutes before takeoff and were refused entrance. We had to rebook to a different city, wait 8 more hours and then rent a car and drive two hours home. Very disappointed in the gate agents rudeness and unwillingness to help us as we were panicked and had children with us. The lack of professionalism from the agent was appalling. She would not answer any questions and just stated that she tried to notify us and we needed to talk to customer service. I then had to pay a higher fee so I could sit with my child, because the new plane we were seated apart. While waiting to board, we witnessed a couple run up to their gate with a different agent and beg to get in the plane with a time that was after the boarding closed and they were allowed to board. I have not flown United in some time and face it a try. I will no longer fly United and will go back to Delta.

DO NOT EVER FLY UNITED. NEVER flying United EVER AGAIN!!! I spent almost 12hours today, which is time I will never get back. Almost a full 3 of those hours was sitting on a plane on the runway just waiting! This was supposed to be a mental health getaway with my sister. She arrived in Atlanta fine. I on the other hand have been left with nothing. I lost money on parking, a rental car, a return flight, a hotel room and my bag somehow never made it to the carousel. I waited on line after line to be told nothing could be done. No flights out at a reasonable time tomorrow, no bag and no restitution. I am beside myself. My poor sister is now alone on a trip that we have been planning for months upon months. As I write this it is now the 2nd hour I have been on hold on the phone! You should be ashamed of yourselves. Charging what you do for airfare, nickel and dimeing us for everything. What’s next charges for air!!! How will I be compensated! My time is valuable. I should send you an invoice for an hourly rate up-charged for the peek hours I wasted. Where is the respect for the consumer! Shame on you!!! #unitedairlines #unitedistheworst #zerocustomerservice

bugs and poor battery performance. when our flight was canceled and rescheduled the app needed to be fiddled with to allow us to check in, and it wasn’t obvious how to check in. further, the app continued to report problems with our itinerary even after the flight had been rescheduled. there were no problems with the flights after we rescheduled. this is a pretty unacceptable bug, as these airline apps are best suited for reporting on flight status, very disconcerting. also, and possibly more importantly, the app takes up a significant portion of my battery, causing me to uninstall as soon as i no longer need the app. it goes without saying that it’s very important to conserve battery life when traveling. it also heats up my phone, especially with other services such as Maps running. as an app developer myself, this is unacceptable performance from an app that does not require constant background service. this will effect my decisions on future travel plans unless there is real change in app performance.

Awful Airline Experience. The major complaint is my first flight returning home from Europe-no fist leg WITHOUT notice ! At the beginning of my trip the ticket agent at the airport DFW said she fixed the first leg on the return, which was not showing on my ticket! Had I not gone to the airport a day before our flight was to begin return home I would not have known that flight had not been available for quite some time. It still showed up on my United app! So we had to return a day early to our first layover. I had already paid for one hotel room in the departure city, which I could not use and then had to reserve a room at the new city! See, we were forced to pay almost for one leg with the entire ticket cost originally. We were never notified about the cancel flight! Also not being able to carry on a carry on that’s a carry on on any other airline we have flown overseas. We are made to check it for a fee. These little things make a big difference to people that fly overseas! Very disappointed in United and my family will not fly United again.

Poor customer care experience. I recently started traveling for businesses and using United again. I had a unique situation crop up and wanted to get back home earlier than planned, due to a very close friend passing away. I called United but they wanted to charge me for either a change fee or a difference in fare, for an earlier flight, on the same day as the original day of travel. Same destination and same single stop. This was what is called a moment of truth in the customer care industry and United failed me. What ever happened to just doing the right thing over corporate greed. I have plenty of options for carriers to my business and personal destinations. Rest assured, United will be at the bottom of my preferred options. So short sided on their part. Yes maybe United can make more money booking another person over giving me the the seat for no difference in cost, but they sacrifice my future business.

Newark United Employee’s rudest in the country. I got dropped off by my shuttle service at the wrong terminal. I waited in line behind one person for 15 minutes and went up to the counter to find out if I was in the right area and the woman wanted me to wait in line behind the guy for another 20 minutes just to find out I was in the wrong terminal. Thank God the electronic sign changed above the counter and said transfer counter or I would have missed my flight. Thank you to the man driving a motor cart. Airport employee!! He told me to go to Terminal C we’re all of domestic united checks in. Then my bag was 1.5 pounds overweight and the lady wanted me to get to the back of the line to adjust my luggage. Once again I would’ve had to get in line behind 30 something people and probably missed my flight. United employees all over the world have been friendly and courteous except for Newark airport!! What a waste of money buying a first class ticket!

Siva Made The Difference. When my flight got cancelled les than 24 hours before my scheduled departure I was pretty upset. I have a pretty tight schedule for the weekend and precious time with family planned. When I called I got in the queue and the recording said a 40-50 minute wait. I could feel most of my weekend slipping away and I was getting pretty upset. After about 15 or so minutes the phone rang and Siva greeted me and asked how she could help me. I explained my situation and the limits of my times when I could leave. She was very professional. Her voice was calm and reassuring and she went to work immediately helping me rebook flights that would work for my plans. The way she handled my call changed my distress to reassurance and I told her so. Siva represents United very well and she should be commended for regaining a happy customer. Thank you Siva. Btw the 4 stars is because of the circuitous phone system. Siva get 5 stars in my book.

Boarding process at gate. The boarding process at the United gate is very confusing which I think could be corrected with little effort, based on my experience at competing airlines and reviewing their processes. There are 4 boarding groups (at least 4 anyways as I was group 4) but only 2 roped off lines each being clearly labeled as line “1” and line “2”. Between the chaos of passengers hovered around ropes early and out of turn, and the loud speaker rapidly talking things like, “now group number three go through line number [and spit off some number other than three]” and repeat the process for 4. I don’t understand why the gate can’t be organized such that a group 4 passenger could get in a line that’s labeled #4. This is also extremely difficult, if not impossible, for a hearing impaired person to comply with the airlines instructions. I was not the only person having this issue on my recent flights.

Don’t do it, use southwest or anyone else. This is by far the worst airline there is, at least now. Download the app then PAY for WiFi that doesn’t work. I’m a die hard southwest person because it’s cheap with loads of features (free checked bag!) and actually consistently friendly staff. The forced in-person check-in for basic economy is insulting, pointless, and actually hurts their own efficiency. Every time I chance it I have a terrible experience. Broken, old equipment, late/cancelled flights, rude or inexperienced staff, terrible service and weird nickel-and-diming policies. As soon as anyone comes close to some of the exclusive routes they have, this airline is doomed. Go ahead remove this review if you must but I’ll still tell everyone I know and post to social media what a terrible experience I’ve had here every time I have to do it (with work, or whatever moronic business thing that uses them still for the stupid “perks” and miles stuff; stop it, rich finance guys. Use a real airline and help everyone out by letting united die by its own knife.)

Stranded again !. Decided because of flight times to fly united to Vermont from Savannah to celebrate our thirtieth wedding anniversary . We needed to be back early on Tuesday to accommodate pet sitter and husband’s call schedule. Both flights getting to Burlington were delayed. Now we are trying to get home and are stuck in the Washington/Dulles airport! Departing flight was delayed; surprise surprise! Landed concerned that we wouldn’t make the connection on time but no worries because they CANCELED THE FLIGHT due to CREW DISRUPTIONS !! We were supposed to leave at 12:30 pm and they very graciously (LOL) put us on a flight leaving at 5:10!!!!! WHAAATTT? And oh wait, they even have us a TEN DOLLAR voucher for airport food I imagine thinking we wanted gum and water for lunch!! And our seats, of course, are not together ! No big deal normally but since we are celebrating 30 years TOGETHER it would have been nice. My husband cut his hand in the airport and we thought no big deal, he’d have a colleague stitch it upon our 2:35 arrival in Savannah ; but now our 7:15 pm arrival will necessitate the wound being re-opened. The extra time and money this airline has cost us is mounting. So if you ask if we will use this airline again anytime in the near future I would answer with a resounding , “ when you know where freezes over !” Elizabeth and Tom Shook Savannah, Georgia

Spectacular app.. The United app is by far more user friendly and useful than most airline apps. I’ve always enjoyed using this app since its original debut and seeing the updates that come with it. I do have one request I think would be helpful for many international United fliers. When I book an international flight one of my stops is using for example a flight operated by Brussels Airlines but still shares a UA flight number. For whatever reason on my round trip the flights that are operated by Brussels will not show up at all on the United app. This makes me have to use the Brussels app to see information on these flights and as terrible as their app is, I can use that 1 app and see my entire journey from it to include the flights operated by United. I really think this is something important for United to address so it truly can be a one stop app and give it that 5th star.

Flight delayed. Our flight was delayed and would not be able to make connecting flight. Was notified (TG I was still awake) at 10:30 pm for a 7:45 am flight which was an hour travel time to airport. Was just getting ready to go to bed when i noticed the text. had to RE-book another flight at later time into an airport further away from original one. instead of getting picked up by a friend (Couldn’t ask them to drive over an hour and a half to pick us up.) We had to take a bus from NJ to NY and then the train from grand central station. This was an ordeal for me being that I am slightly handicapped. Originally purchased front row seats (which I did receive a refund for) but seats on second flight was almost all the way in back of plane which was difficult for me also. Was us to 2 am night before making arrangements for new flight and had only 5 1/2 hrs sleep and a LONG travel day. Traveling is especially hard now with COVID and didn’t get any real satisfaction or compensation with United airlines on making my trip a bit easier

Phone service is useless. I phoned and talk to one of your service agents regarding this trip and specifically made the reservation in first class yet the first class was not relayed or not booked whatever and as a result we had a very uncomfortable flight sitting in the very back of the plane from Denver to Austin and here we are 34 days later and we still have not been confirmed first class returning to Great Falls text Patric groceries please the that’s great thanks the sorry gene anything else big spoon actually I don’t wanna by thinking it’s not spaghetti you’re good the very good English and was confused about what she was supposed to do and I called the second time and also got somebody in your overseas call-center who again text Patric groceries please the that’s great thanks the sorry gene anything else big spoon actually I don’t wanna by thinking it’s not spaghetti you’re good the agent did not speak very good English and was confused about what she was supposed to do and I called a second time and also got somebody in your overseas call-center who again could not get done what needed to be done

Clunky. App is super clunky compared to other airlines. When I’m logged in, why do I have to put my confirmation number in for a flight to check in, you have that info, just bring up the flight that I am eligible to check in for automatically. Not in basic economy and trying to purchase early boarding and nothing happens when I click pay to purchase, finally gave up. Have you sold out of this feature or do I already have because I purchased a better seat location, a message would be nice. Also, once I purchase a better seat location for say like $33, I should have the option to upgrade that again to economy plus closer to the flight for the difference of my initial purchase and the cost of economy plus. And finally, when I have pre-paid for luggage, why do I still have to wait in line at kiosk, put my confirmation number in yet again ( could never get cc swipe to work) so that it prints behind the counter. At Delta, you go straight to luggage drop if you pre-paid and skip the kiosk. Systems just clunky and not user friendly

Needs better support. The app itself for the most part is excellent in so many ways and has many features to help you along…..as long as you are not looking for your next flight! I’ve landed 25 minutes ago and the app won’t recognize time or location to update the info so I can see data on my connecting flight at a glance. It still tells me my last flight is landing soon and only give me info for an old flight. When I’m rushing down the terminal, trying to find where to go with bags it’s important to be able to look at the app and see data for the next flight, if I’m gonna miss it, if there’s a gate change, etc., but instead I have to stop go into the app search for the flight search for the connection and then get the data there. A bit disappointing.

So bad it must be intentional. This app is so horrible it must be by design. Everything i have experienced is more difficult than is should be, non sensical, unintuitive, or just plain doesn't work. Perfect examples, you will be logged into the app yet you have to manually enter your frequent flyer number through a series of difficult to find links. Why would it not autopopulate in every flight on the app when you are logged in? By design. Or today i tried to find a baggage receipt that i payed for on the app so i can get reimbursed by my employer, there is a page that asks for a confirmation number and last name for the flight, even though i am logged in and my flight history is right in the app! I mean, why bother being logged in at all if nothing autopopulates and flight history doesn't work. Then after i input a confirmation number and last name that i shouldn’t have to, what does the app do? Doesn’t even work “data service unavailable”. So now i cant get reimbursed for baggage. How in any universe is that going to work for business customers like me? Hey United, DO BETTER!

Frustrating finding flight info or progress to premier. I travel for my job, basically every week. When you have multiple flights booked, the app makes it very difficult to find the info on your later flights until your current flight has landed. You have to go into your profile and do a roundabout process in order to locate the info on your other flights, or even to check in for your return flight (which is very frustrating if you fly in/out of a city in the same day). Also, in order to see my progress towards premier, I have to click the link in the app which takes me to an external site where I enter my login info again. This is annoying bc I can’t remember my rewards number, so I end up getting locked out after multiple attempts and need to change my password. Another thing that I just noticed is annoying when trying to submit this review is that I have to enter a nickname for myself when submitting. I’ve now tried 8 iterations of my name but all have been previously taken, so apparently I cannot submit a review without a unique nickname. This is ridiculous.

Difficult. For a very brief review: Our flight was delayed then cancelled when the incoming plane was diverted due to weather. United policy does not allow passengers to retrieve their bags without “special permission” which meant 4-7 hour wait after request. To find this out and ‘request’ our bags we (me, wife, 2 and 6 year old) had to stand in customer service line for 2 hours (no exaggeration). Could not get a flight until 2 days later. 2 days without bags when you have 2 small children is very difficult to say the least. Furthermore the “track your bag” option never updated and thus we had to wait on hold for bag service representative for 30 minutes to track. I feel if a flight is cancelled there HAS to be a viable option to retrieve your bags (that are AT the airport) while you make new travel arrangements. This now is glaringly evident when traveling with children that need (bottles, medications, etc). We did, as recommended, keep some of these necessities in our personal bags but we booked economy thus no larger overhead bags were allowed. We certainly didn’t entertain the prospect of 2 days without bags for such a simple direct 2 hr flight.

The worst airline by far anywhere in the world. We missed our connection from Houston to Liberia Costa Rica because your flight from Dallas to Houston was delayed. You added insult to our injury by misplacing our three checked bags when we arrived in Liberia on Wednesday instead of Tuesday as scheduled. We repeatedly checked for the bags on United airlines apps and tried to contact United Airlines, local and US baggage lines and emails with no response to our inquiries. Our bags arrived in Liberia on Thursday, but were not delivered to our hotel till Saturday when we had to go personally paying an extra $208 for shuttle to retrieve them and bring them back to our hotel. We already paid $200 for our checked bags online through the app for both our flight from Dallas to Liberia and for the return to Dallas. The United Airlines app is now wanting us to pay an additional $115 for our checked bags from Liberia to Dallas. We intend to complain to the US Department of Transportation about your fraudulent business practices and treatment of customers who pay to fly your airline.

L Atteridge. I tried to fly American yesterday and it was a complete disaster. They had us all loaded on plane and it developed A malfunction of some kind so they unloaded the plane and let us sit in terminal for an hour or so only to tell us the flight would have to be cancelled. There was several people there including myself that had been dropped of for the flight from all over the region that had no way to even get a ride out. No other flights were offered, basically it was well your out of luck with American Airlines. They didn’t even have another plane at the airport. The plane we were on was a shabby looking plane as well, adding to my reservation about flying. Anyway I chose to fly united out of another airport having missed a very important meeting in Alabama on this day and so far the experience has been great. Hopefully I will get where I need to be tomorrow. Thanks United.

Customer service. Customer service experience this week was horrible. My flights were cancelled multiple times due to the typhoon in Japan, and the process to call Global Services to arrange new flights each time took both my husband and I hours. We spent well over 3 hours of our vacation waiting on hold just to try to speak to customer services. It’s unbelievable that Global Services customer service doesn’t have the basic telephone option to leave your phone number so a customer service representative can call you back when they are available, rather than sitting on hold on the phone for over an hour. In addition, once you finally reach a customer service rep, they don’t ask for a call back number in the case the call is disconnected. My husband spent over an hour on hold while we were trying to dine at a nice restaurant because another one of my flights got cancelled. After speaking with the customer service rep for a short period of time, the call disconnected. The customer service did not call my husband back, so he had to call back and wait another 30 minutes on hold to again reach someone.

Review. I am sure United is a great airline. I just wondered about the abilities of some staff members to help raise the standard United is endeavoring to achieve. I needed assistance recently and made pre-travel arrangements for wheelchair assistance. Upon deplaning no one was available to assist me so I had to brace myself and took a long and strenuous walk with the use of my cane to the luggage carousel, got help from other passengers in recovering my luggage. Another request was made to a staff member stationed nearby who sought help for me without success. The individual proceeded to get relief help from her post so she could walk alongside me while assisting with my luggage, got me to the C international terminal. That individual did not do a good job and didn’t seemed to care. I was upset then but have calmed down since. I do hope that my experience today on the 2nd leg of my 12 hours journey will not be a shared experience by others of the traveling public.

Great experience! 💝. I honestly don’t understand why there are so many bad reviews. United is at an affordable price, and it flew us where we needed to go with no hassle. Great airline, I would totally recommend. Got there a few hours before boarding, got through security, and then boarded. No issues with delays, or anything. We took off and then got to our location within 3 hours. It was really good because the flight attendants helped us with whatever we needed and provided food, drinks, blankets, and pillows for all passengers. It is also an awesome thing that they provide you with movies for entertainment, since there is no way to reach internet on an aircraft. The United Airlines app is very helpful with information. You can sign up for a text message subscription service and get new details about your flight 24/7. There should not be this many bad reviews because United Airlines gets you the best experience for the best price.

Horrible Experience. If I could rate 0 stars I would. I sat in the smallest airport in Watertown, SD. My flight kept getting delayed by small increments because of a "windshield wiper" mechanical issue. After they said the wiper was fixed they stated a small amount of paper work needed to be filled out and that we would be in the air within 45 minutes; this was almost 2 hours after arrival at the airport. The next 4 hours there was no communication from the gate agents, flight crew, and the UA app still stated that our flight was on time! After 6 hours at the airport, the staff finally came out and said our flight was cancelled. It then took another 45 minutes just to rebook us on a new flight going out the next morning all the while listening to the gate crew complain that they have had such a long and stressful day. Also, while rebooking WE had to ask to be compensated for a meal for the night.... to me, that is the least that UA should be doing for us!

Very disappointed. My flight was cancelled without notifying me and I only found out when I went to check in. This is a foreign country and I had to find some place to stay while I waited for my new flight. Because the times were different, the taxi cost was an additional 30 dollars to the airport at rush hour. I lost my window seat, and will probably have to get up repeatedly to allow the other passengers to use the rest room. Since I was originally arriving in the afternoon, I would have been able to pick up my medication, but now I will be one day without it. At my age I don’t need this stress, and as a widow, I have to deal with all this aggravation alone. I am a frequent United flyer and I detest the way I was treated. I asked the customer service representative for some accommodation and he was unwilling to be of any help. At least to move my seat forward for a bit more room.

Deborah Sniffen. Worst trip ever. Definitely worst customer service on ground in both Honolulu and San Francisco. Original flight was booked for 7.00 am April the 6th. Customer service couldn’t tag my lyggage because a machine broke down. After 35 minutes and still no luggage tags, the informed me that they would have to rebook my flight for the NEXT AFTERNOON. Arriving in San Francisco I found my connection to Las Vegas. After an hour standing in line for customer service, I got rebooked flights, again the NEXT AFTERNOON. I got a voucher for the Comfort Inn, but because the baggage retrieval was so long and disorganized I had to pay my own taxi to and from the motel. I was waiting for my luggage about an hour and a half. The woman working the counter kept raising her voice to me because after 50 mins I began inquiring what happened. ONLY TO FIND MY LUGGAGE WAS SITTING THERE, delivered to the wrong area. Did I mention I am 65 years old with HEART FAILURE? This morning waiting AGAIN TO CHECK IN, I am barely able to breathe. If they try to charge me baggage fees again my first stop when I FINALLY get home, 52 hours later, my first stop is an attorney

A complete non-caring disaster. Flying out from Madison, WI on New Years Day we encountered 3 United employees who worked hard to make out trip terrible. After arriving on time we had to wait in a line to use the kiosks. When we got one we were told that time had run out for checking bags. We had a choice: book another flight or just fly without the bag. What would happen to the bag? No idea was the reply. We decided to try our luck at the gate after going through security. They were gate checking strollers, and car seats but would not accept my bag. We returned to the check in to meet our third United friendly skies employee. He would not help us until all other passengers in were taken care off even if they came 30 minutes after we had been standing there. Our rescheduled flight left Madison 9 hours after our original flight and because of different connections we were13 hours later than expected originally. This was strictly meanness and not caring. We observed others who were in a similar situation get the okay to have their suitcase put on after the one hour cut off. Shameful United.

I issue. The customer service from every staff member was excellent. I do however have a beef with the United App in flight. On both arrival flights, I was not able to watch the “free” entertainment and was very disappointed. Moreover, the staff weren’t familiar with how to help me either. I asked the desk person before my second flight and two flight attendants how to get it operational- I got 3 different suggestions and none worked. The main problem was the App told me I “wasn’t connected to the internet” so no go. But, you can’t connect in airplane mode. When I called customer service, I was told that I had to purchase United WiFi on every flight I took for $8. That is NOT “free”. But I did try in flight and still could not do that because of the airplane mode factor. Very frustrated and hate it when I have a long flight and can’t enjoy screen entertainment.

Andy Sabin. I’ve been flying at least once/month since late 2020. Each trip always has multiple legs. Many of my flights have been delayed. Some cancelled. (My replacement flight for yesterday’s very delayed flight is now delayed… for instance.) Two questions or comments. Why do I lose all status on the flight that replaces my delayed flight? I realize beggers can’t be choosey, but can’t you adjust your algorithms so that I am not always sitting in the middle of a back row seat instead of 1st class? I always pay for your delay. Second. You need to do a better job of building your 50% (of all flights) delays into your business model. Staff up your customer service desks and expand the number of them. Please don’t continue to force your customers to suffer because of your delays. Delay needs to be a bigger cost center in your post-COVID businesses model.

They could have let me board the plane!. Due to my United flight departing out of Cincinnati sooooo late, I got to my connecting flight to McAllen, Texas in what would have been in the nick of time. The plane door was still open and the pilot even saw me through the window standing there. Through no fault of my own, I was denied boarding, even though the Gate Attendant and one of the Flight Crew kept going back & forth. With that time they spent doing that, they could have let me board the flight to MFE. I am very disappointed in United Airlines for not allowing me to board—-seeing the plane door still open and they knew my connecting flight was severely delayed. The Gate Attendant showed absolutely no compassion for me, the passenger—my family was waiting for me in McAllen for a very important family reunion—I haven’t been with my entire family in over 15 years. Shame on United Airlines for treating a paying customer this way.🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁

Why I like flying United. My wife has been a loyal United customer for the last 35 years. When we met seven years ago she explained the reasons for that loyalty. First, they Always get her home even if a problem arises. Second, she receives economy plus status without asking, third, free baggage, and then there are the increased returns on miles accumulated. And of course the many warm smiles she has received over the years along with a level of kindness and civility not in much evidence these days on certain airlines. I have witnessed all this firsthand and my legs being much longer than the average person’s have come to appreciate the extra space United can provide for their longtime admirers. While airline profits have shrunk along with seat spaces, United still embraces the quaint notion that a smile is the shortest distance between airline employees on the front lines and their valued customers.

Flight delay.. Our flight was delayed by two hours. We luckily had two club passes but it really should have been comped. On flight could not watch movies because my adobe player on my Apple laptop is too new so only could read what I had already downloaded. Food in club was cold and mediocre compared to our delta club experience. Definitely not worth how much a day pass would cost. Also the day passes expire which is annoying when you often do not have time to utilize the club. Overall very disappointed in my United experience. We will now have to Uber home which will cost us $80 since our daughter now can’t pick us up. Flight attendants were very nice and seats comfortable as a small positive. Other airlines use the go app making it easy to use the entertainment especially since no screens on planes anymore. You need to make it easier for your customers. Will think twice about using United in the future since this was the second trip in a row with problems and my daughter just had a bad experience with plane problems and no email about flight being cancelled. Sincerely, F. Spokane

The Gate Agent Mr Morales giving preferential treatment to Hispanic travelers. I was listed for a flight from SMF to SFO and on the standby list. The flight on June 12 left with (3) Three empty seats as I was informed and the Gate agent did not call me. When I asked why I was not called the Gate Agent Mr Morales said well you have to come up and tell me that your are on standby when on June 12 for flight UA 5519 I was not called and when I asked why Mr Morales became hostile and insisted I MUST always come up and tell him that I was on standby when there is a Internet and Computer system that tells you this. I have always been told NOT to bother the Gate Agent and to have a seat and wait. When I asked Mr. Morales when did this rule become in effect he insisted that he must always be told, that standby passengers must always tell HIM that you are a standby passenger. Mr Morales is lying become belligerent leaving no choice but leave the area to avoid a public conflict. It is my suggestion that at the very least Mr Morales receive new system training and customer service training and to treat Non Rev. and Retirees as passengers. This flight by Mr Morales own admission left with (3) Three empty seats.

Disappointed. I have been a United customer for over 20 years now. I have reached every level of status in my time with United except for global services. Year after year I have taken extra measures to maintain my 1k status only to realize that it has no significant meaning anymore. I find that especially this past year I am in economy plus on most flights. I am not getting upgraded like previous years. I’m treated just as poorly as everyone else. So I have decided not to participate anymore. I am buying a first class ticket on the cheapest Airline whatever it may be...Jet Blue, American, JetSuiteX, Delta.....etc. I just don’t care anymore. Unless you are Global Services.....you are just like everyone else....which means.....treated like cattle. Squashed into an uncomfortable space for hours and expected to accept it as if it was an amazing experience I didn’t even deserve to have. DONE.

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The application United Airlines was published in the category Travel on 20 July 2011, Wednesday and was developed by United Airlines [Developer ID: 449945217]. This program file size is 384.03 MB. This app has been rated by 6,097,943 users and has a rating of 4.7 out of 5. United Airlines - Travel app posted on 10 April 2024, Wednesday current version is 4.1.109 and works well on iOS 15.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.united.UnitedCustomerFacingIPhone. Languages supported by the app:

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