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wt360 Pro [Weather] App Description & Overview

Looking for an accurate weather forecast that goes out more than a week? WeatherTrends360 meteorologists use proprietary technology to create YEAR-AHEAD global weather predictions with 80% accuracy (independent auditor verified).
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-Global daily forecasts up to a year ahead (6.4 million locations)
-Instant access to current weather for your location
-Detailed daily global forecasts out 15 days
-Hourly forecasts out 7 days
-US Severe weather push notifications (user defined)
-Access to customizable email alert system for personalized weather alerts
- US Radar
-16 animated maps with 15-day forecasts for six global regions or zoom into your backyard using Interactive Maps.

Forecast Details
-Present weather conditions
-Max and Min Temperatures
-Wind Speed/Direction/Gusts
-Wind Chill and Heat Index
-Humidity and Precipitation Details
-Dew Point
-Pressure in inches or mb and Pressure Tendency
-UV Index
-Sunrise/Sunset and Moonrise/Moonset Times
-Moon Illumination Percent

15-Day Animated Maps Include: 
- Max/Min Temperatures
- Rain and Snowfall

- Real-time Lightning strikes
- UV Index
- Sunshine Hours
- Wind Speed and Direction
- Wave Heights
- Water Temperatures
- Real-time Severe Weather Watches/Warnings for the US
- Satellite
- Earthquakes
- Relative Humidity

Weather Trends International has received 12 business and technology awards and was listed #5 on Forbes’ list of America’s Most Promising Companies from a list of 10,000+. The company has clients such as Wal-Mart, Target, AutoZone, Anheuser-Busch, Johnson & Johnson, Coca-Cola and over a 100 more Fortune 1,000 companies. 

Press Coverage: FOX, Travel Channel, Gizmodo, Golf Digest, CNBC TV, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Philadelphia Inquirer, Chicago Tribune, Canadian National Post, Guardian and dozens more.

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wt360 Pro Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Minor bug fix.

wt360 Pro Comments & Reviews

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- Good app that will definitely improve

I also had the issue of my location not being picked up even with location services on, but I got a quick response from the CEO and the issue will likely be resolved soon!

- Buggy

Some strange bugs such as off the wall times showing up on radar imagery since last update. Otherwise a good app.

- Easy to use, dependable forecasts

Really nice app. Easy to use with lots of good information easily available. More importantly, the forecasts are really reliable. I’m so glad I chose this one.

- Needs to be Updated

iPhone 8 Plus, iOS 11: the app needs to be updated for the larger screen, can quit on launch on occasion.

- Weather Forecast 100% Wrong

As a weather forecasting app.. It is a total disservice to the public!

- Fantastic App

I have been using the app on a daily basis no matter where my travels have taken me. When on the road, the radar maps were great for keeping me in the loop on potential air travel delays. The new version adds regional radar maps and adds the ability to shink and stretch the maps for better visibility. For me, that's a great update. I keep the location services active for the application so no matter where I may be at the moment, I can view the local hourly and daily weather forecast without having to key in my current location. For home and family, we use the long range forecast feature to pick the best days for our family outings and the UV index forecast has been really helpful if we are planning outside activities like trips to the pool, fishing, or skate park. I'm sure we will be consulting the app before we plan our next family vacation. The latest version added Severe Weather Alerts and push notification of the alerts directly to my phone. For my needs, this was the last piece I needed for one single weather application that covers all my weather requirements. Now instead of 3 weather applications, I can just use wt360pro for everything. Can't wait to see what these weather gurus come up with for future versions.

- Very Helpful Planning Tool

I use this weather app for planning more than two weeks out as I think it has been accurate enough to be really useful. It also gives an estimated amount of precipitation up to two weeks out, providing you a better idea of just how much rain or snow you will likely get on a particular date than other weather apps. I find this app super useful for providing me with weather trends 1 to 2 months out from the present which helps me with when to shut down, start up, plant and/or harvest on land a few hours drive away. I also find this app to be a valuable crosscheck against other weather apps like weather underground and weatherbug giving me a much better idea of actual weather 24-72 hours out. The creators of this app & their website need to lauded for their efforts.

- Best update to an app I've ever seen!

The new features in this version 2.1 of wt360 pro are quite simply - perfect. And only 99 cents? Well worth the dollar! Some of the best bits and pieces include: (a) Hourly Weather Detail: Now when I'm looking at the hourly weather (VERY handy), I can tap the hour and see more details. One of the very cool ideas here is to include a Pressure Trend arrow. I can move hour by hour through the details and watch the Pressure Trend arrow show me which way (and how drastically) the pressure is changing. (b) Ten Day Forecast: Looking at ten days' worth of weather data at one is extremely useful. There is even a button to jump ahead or back ten days at a time as well. It's like Page Up and Page Down on my remote control to go through my TV guide. And, just like my previous comment, tapping any day in the forecast brings up the details for that day! (c) Severe Weather Alerts: Always wanted this, and I wondered why more apps don't do this. Very handy! (Wish I could register more than 1 location for this - wink, wink). (d) Little things, like Settings inside the app (Easy to change Metric/US now!), remembering previous locations and dates, and all the cool backgrounds! Keep up the good work!

- Great weather app

I love this app. It gives hourly view, which we used this year whenever we headed to the beach here in northeast. It also predicts the weather for few months down the line. I understand that it is not going to be accurate, but helps me understand the temperature range when planning for vacation with little kids. It would be nice to have home screen with multiple favorite cities, as I travel a lot. The last major update was a great improvement from previous version and it will be nice to have iPad version as well. It is still a great app and heading in the right direction. So I am giving you guys 5 stars. Cheers!

- Seriously cool weather intelligence and well beyond novelty!

Really enjoy the new enhancements to this update! Once again used this to successfully during the last week to find great weather for either hiking or the beach. The mountain weather looked much more friendly and stable all week long and into the weekend than did the beach weather! Needless to say our trip to the mountains was great, and so was the weather as accurately forecasted by this wonderful weather app! Keep it coming as this truly is an incredibly helpful and valuable planning tool, especially when weekend outdoor activity time is so precious!


There are dozens of weather apps for the iPhone, I've been using WeatherTrends360 Pro and the newest verion is great!! Wt360 has a completely different approach to weather information and forecasting. Rather than a standard 5 or ten day forecast, this app lets you look months or a year ahead. The forecasts anywhere worldwide, and is based on trends. In addition to the really long-range forecasts, the newest version of the app offers animated maps of recent lighting strikes, wind speeds, satellite images, even earthquake locations. This the app has lots of information that is useful on a daily basis. Great work wt360!!

- Just got my update - love it

I just got my update for v1.2 while I was traveling and see there is now 7 days worth of hourlies, a couple new maps and some new home screen images. For future versions it would be helpful to put the C/F conversion in the app itself. I did figure out I had to go to settings, find your app in the list and then click OFF to put the app in C units but I love this app. Each version gets better so can't wait to see what you guys have planned for v1.3 any date on that?

- Finally something past 10 days

Just used this app back in late July to pick the week to go to Bar Harbor, ME. It picked the best week, only rained 1 day and warm the other days. Then on the one day it rained it was the middle of the night and was able to easily check the radar to see when the storm would end. I tried the other "big name" weather app and their radar was 30 mins old! I'll stick with WT360, nice upgrade with this version.

- Great international features!

One of things I find lacking in many of the weather apps is the international features. WT360 PRO has it all figured out - no matter what timezone, or where you are on the planet, it finds me and has weather for me. The Severe Weather Alerts is a nice addition as well. This is probably the most useful 99 cent app I have ever purchased, because I use it several times a day.

- wt360 year-ahead weather app

I love this app!!! I travel all over the world and it's so hard to find international weather beyond 10 days so this is a very useful planning app that goes out almost 1 full year. Love the world globes too showing 15 day forecast movies. I've never seen lightning, waves, UV, sunshine hours, etc, all around the world so that's neat. Definitely my favorite app!

- Slider bar is TERRIBLE

Really? A slider bar to select the day? You couldn't think of any other way to select 1 day out of an entire year the to use a ridiculously sensitive slider bar? I wanted to know the weather for July 19th but I spent 5 minutes trying to get the slider bar to land on the correct day. The closest I got was the 20th. As soon as my finger lets up it switches days and I tried holding my finger on the correct day and simultaneously selecting go- doesn't work. This completely defeats the purpose of the app and I am highly disappointed. Don't buy this until they fix it. Ps I don't have fat fingers.

- Check out the LIGHTNING!

I don't generally like paying for apps ... As the matter of fact this is only the second app I have ever paid for. But I will say that I am very impressed with this app in particular. I travel a lot so this should allow me to pick travel dates that will yield me good weather theoretically. If for nothing else I must say that just watching the live graphics of lightning striking was all worth the 0.99 cents ... Seriously that is fascinating, I didn't know that was possible ... Found out there are certain regions of the world I'm not sure I would ever want to go to! Great appl very impressed!

- Amazing proactive response!

I noticed that my area wasn't listed as a location, but a ghost town several miles away was MY location. Dropped a note to them and within an hour or so, BANG! They had updated the DB with my location. Pretty amazing in this day and age. AND using the app to look a few days ahead, and then waiting to see, this magic little app is close enough to dead-on as its possible to get. This is a real Crystal Ball. They've pulled together so many different sources for Wx information, its just amazing they could do this and offer it at such a low price. I'm a VERY happy user.

- KUDO'S from a recent Biggest Loser!!!

Down 181 lbs from being on NBC's Biggest Loser Season 11, it feels so great to be a runner. And with this app I'll know way in advance the best days, times and places to walk, run or hike. I love how easy it is to see in an instant what the weather will be where I live, or even in Timbuktu. - Jay Jacobs Biggest Loser, Final 4, Green Team, Season 11

- Great way to plan my fitness events!

Awesome application! Clean, simple, and easy to use! You can even change the background! Finally a way to plan my daily exercise and upcoming fitness events based on what the weather will be like even weeks and months into the future! LOVE IT!

- Trends

I have used this app since 2010. The trends are very accurate. I have used it for vacations in Europe, Australia, the Caribbean and the USA including Alaska & Hawaii. Re member these are trends not forecasts. However the rain has always been with in 12 to 24 hours of the suggested trend. This app delivers accurate trends. :)

- Time will tell

I took a screen shot of the forecast for Jan 1, 2015 and will update this app as to how accurate the future predictions are. I like it enough to give it 5 stars as it has plenty of info in a well laid out easy to navigate app.

- Delighted

This site just keeps getting better.......looking forward to planning my next Southern California trip in February! Guess i should have mentioned first that my daughter (newly engaged) is perusing dates next summer for the wedding....outdoor of course!

- Junk

Just bought this app. Crashes every time you press GO.

- Best Weather Info

I've tried other weather apps & much prefer this one. UI is easy to understand, data loads fast, & I love getting detailed info at-a-glance. Very glad I bought this app.

- Awesome App

I use this app before I plan anything! Weekend trips, travel plans, anything really. I love that I can check the weather so far in advance and so far so good with it's predictions. Def worth the purchase!!

- Awesome & Accurate

We had planned a vacation around this app with a 4 week time frame!! The weather was exactly as it said it would be 4 weeks earlier!!

- 2.0 did it right

Love all the new changes and additions. Enough to rate it an easy 5 stars. Thanks for listening and going beyond with this 2.0 update.

- Not worth a buck

Bought this app yesterday after viewing their site. This morning at 5:30 it was pouring out. I checked the app only to find it said it was sunny. I checked the radar, same thing. I tried my Weather Channel app and was 100% accurate, heavy rain with nickel size hail. Accuracy in weather is important. Apparently the designers if this app dont think so.

- Might be accurate 1 year out, but isn't accurate today...

My location and current temperature are accurate, but all of the temperatures for the hourly 'today' are nearly 10 degrees celsius off. The hourly predictions are what I was really looking for with this app, will have to keep looking.

- Doesn't show a full year!

I bought this app to check the weather for my wedding date next June. To my disappointment it only shows up to May 26, 2012! That's less than 11 months from today. What's the deal? It doesn't even add a day to the end each day...just always shows up to May 26. Not cool. Waste of money.

- Not working 

The app used to work for me and my husband but as of a few days ago it won't remember our location, instead it remembers KT, we're no where near KT, we uninstalled then reinstalled and it still won't load the weather. If this app no longer works we'd like our money back.

- Can't even predict one month out

I've had this app for two months now. It is BS. Save your money. Not accurate at all. Reading the good reviews makes me suspicious that they are all from the developer. Too much info in those reviews. Don't bother with this app. I wanted it to work but I don't trust the forecasts.

- You'd be better off…

You would be better off throwing darts at a weather map rather than using this app. When it rained in my area 3 days straight, this app continued to insist it was sunny with no rain. Yesterday, the forecast for noon was no clouds and the moon was out. A few days later, at midnight, it was forecasted to be sunny out.

- Buggy

I need to find a 3G signal for it to work right. If the signal is less than 3G or Wi-Fi, I just get wallpaper. When it does work, it very slow and not real easy to figure out. I had to work with it for a few minutes. This could be a great app, but it needs work.

- Limited in sow way

not being able to see weather in celsius is the biggest short come of this app

- Great

Could not get any better weather app.

- WeatherTrends

DOES NOT WORK. Did not even give my location. Could not find major cities typed into Search bar. Deleted app. Requested refund. If anyone knows of a free online weather longterm advanced forecast program that DOES work, please post a review. Hopefully the rating came up MINUS 5 or HATE IT.

- Disappointed.

First thing I noticed was that the daily high listed as 83, but the high for today as indicated in the hourly forecast was 87. Buggy.

- The company wrote all those positive reviews

Weathertrends360 is not even close to accurate mere 5 days out. See for yourself on its website. Amateurish UI. Further consider the positive reviews were very likely written by the company. Weathertrends360 is fraudulent.

- Very dissapointing

You can get everything this app shows and far more from websites like wunderground and many others. Very underwhelming app, don't waste your money.


Love it! For Just 99 cents! Why would anyone give this APP one star? Hmm? Check it out!

- Great new weather app

Weather hourly. What's not to love?

- Doesn't Work

Sounded good, but reliability has been hit-and-miss. After about 4 months it completely stopped working, except for the pictures.

- Becky Skrzat rules!

Becky Skrzat rules!

- No Good

Auto location function DOESN'T function. Lousy forecast info. Useless radar map-tiny with no zoom. Some of the free apps are far superior.

- Doesn't work at all!

Only city I've been able to access is New York City but I don't live there! Completely worthless!

- Absolutely horrible

Waste of time and money. Won't load and won't work. I've had a lot of apps but this is the worst.

- James jones

A sorry app. Can't get my city right from the first start. Will delete it.

- Buggy as hell

Dates slip and slide-won't hold Some European cities not recognized

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- Do not buy if not in us

Complete waste of money. Don't know why the word international is used in your title as this app doesn't work outside the US. Only gave it a star otherwise I couldn't review. Worst misleading app yet

- Not practical

Just downloaded it and had a quick try. Crashed on me twice in 2 minutes. Date hard to select with the slider.. Couldn't work out how to change it to celcius. It doesn't seem to allow you to save cities as favorites and you have to type them each time

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- Great app!

I really like this app a lot. Its the only one I have found that will give you weather predictions a whole year in advance! The developers are great too. I couldn't find a city I was looking for and they took the time to personally add it for me. It's definitely worth the .99 I highly recommended this app.

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wt360 Pro 2.78 Screenshots & Images

wt360 Pro iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

wt360 Pro iphone images
wt360 Pro iphone images
wt360 Pro iphone images
wt360 Pro iphone images
wt360 Pro iphone images

wt360 Pro (Version 2.78) Install & Download

The applications wt360 Pro was published in the category Weather on 2011-06-14 and was developed by Weather Trends International, Inc. [Developer ID: 442814226]. This application file size is 23.7 MB. wt360 Pro - Weather app posted on 2016-09-26 current version is 2.78 and works well on IOS 5.1.1 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.wxtrends.WxTrends360Pro

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