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What is the language of letting go app? Find inspiration anywhere, at any time, with Hazelden Publishing’s Language of Letting Go app featuring all 366 daily meditations from the best-selling meditation book by popular self-help author Melody Beattie. These daily messages help those who struggle with the issue of codependency find inner peace and the strength to take care of themselves.

PRESS the “Today” button to access today’s message.
SWIPE forward or back to easily access more daily messages.
SHARE the daily messages with friends by e-mail or text.
BOOKMARK your favorite meditations (press the star in upper right-hand corner) and easily return to them (press the star in the bottom toolbar).
SEARCH all 366 daily messages.
RECEIVE a notification every day to remind you to read the daily message.
JUMP to a specific meditation using the calendar button.
SHAKE your device to bring up a random message of inspiration and support.
CUSTOMIZE the size of the font.

Codependency—the concept of losing oneself in the name of helping another—has rung true for millions around the globe, whether they have an ill parent, alcoholic spouse, or a sick child. By integrating her own life experiences and fundamental recovery reflections, Melody Beattie helps readers take responsibility for their own pain and self-care as she encourages them to remember that each day is an opportunity for growth and renewal.

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The Language of Letting Go Customer Service, Editor Notes:

The Language of Letting Go Version 2.2.808 May 2021

• Bug fixes.

The Language of Letting Go Version 2.2.730 October 2019

• Fixed a bug that was showing some users the wrong daily meditation when they opened the app..

The Language of Letting Go Comments & Reviews 2022

- Keeping me on track....

I was given this book from my 1st Sponsor.. oh back in 1990 😆...I keep reading it because it keeps me balanced💞= Spiraling Up❗️I have made notations in my book all through the years....Seeing my progress and sometimes regression. And as stated by many others " Hearing just what I need for the day!" In moving around the country through these years... I've noticed some places don't appreciate the books from Melody. I find that very sad😥. I for one look to the meditations daily! ( at this point I could probably recite the words) Knowing what it means just for the day....yet I still consistently read it daily! Sometimes I forward sharing the meditation to friends, family & sponsees😉. I am truly Grateful for this book.... Thankyou Melody... I wouldn't be the person I am today without it❣️ Blessings of Happiness, Joy & Laughter, you have helped me attain those💞 Margie

- As good today as it was when 1st published!

This book has been a life changer for me. I read it when it 1st came out and have given MANY copies away. I am reading again now as a refresher. I love the app version. I have it on my phone and it is convenient to have with me whenever I have the chance or need to read it. It helped me so much then in my 20s and continues to help me today, the person I am now at 50+. I often feel like Melodie is talking directly to me. I will continue to give this book for many years to come.

- Return again and again

I had the original book in paperback for 10 years and now use the kindle version. Whenever I feel my codependency "buttons" being pushed I return to this book to help steady my walk and give me daily guidance in taking responsibility for my own life & maintaining appropriate boundaries with others. Highly recommended for its gentle yet direct language that speaks to the heart of those of us with codependent tendencies.

- Eliminate animation/transition (option)

Love having this on my mobile so I can read anytime/anywhere. That being said, can we get rid of the animation that appears upon opening (the slow fade in/fade out appearance). The slow transitions are annoying, especially if I have to leave the app and return, as it doesn’t stay active in the background for any period of time at all. The display settings don’t appear to be updated for the new larger iOS devices either and instead appear magnified.

- Daily Tool in Recovery

I absolutely love this app. I read it every morning to start my day. It seems to always give me some new insight or reminder that is exactly what I need at that moment . It’s uncanny. I recommend it often to friends and acquaintances. It is so practical and useable. My day would not be complete without my morning teading.

- Grateful Reader

This is a powerful daily read for anyone interested in changing their behavior in relationships. It gives examples of survival behaviors learned as a child that are repeated a life time unless a conscious effort is made to take the specific instructions outline in this book. Very positive affirmations that need to be practiced on a daily basis. A must read for anyone struggling with Co-dependency.

- Not just for people in recovery!

I’m not in recovery however this is a good reading for all especially spiritual people it applies good principles to every day life and if you are familiar at all with recovery it is in fact teaching you how to live by the principles that are in the Bible most days this is very applicable to every day life. I enjoyed very much❤️❤️❤️

- Love it!

Love that this book was made to be accessible as an app. Perfect for being able to read it at any time. Would recommend if you carry your phone around with you more than a book!

- Love the book Love the App

I love having the daily inspiration pop up on my phone screen, I don’t remember to look at the book daily but with the app the thought for the day pops up at the perfect time. Helps me refocus and stay on track!

- Living life

I have been reading this book since 1992. It has kept me alive and given me hope when I had nothing else to go on. I learn something from it everyday. Melody Beattie has saved my life over and over. I give it to all my clients as well.

- Exactly what I need

There are some days where it may not apply. And others where you just read the same day over and over again and it saves you just a little.

- To the point!

I really enjoy how direct these devotionals are, it says exactly what I need to hear, without saying too much! Only thing I find a little annoying is how every time you go to a different slide, it uses the "fade" effect... super minor detail but that's probably the one thing I would change. Great material!

- Readings I pass on to friends in recovery

Often I receive texts from friends asking if I have read "language of letting go" today... we read it in the morning, pass them on to friends in recover, and discuss.

- Lov it!

This app has really helped me. I read it everyday and reread the ones that really speak to me. It helps me feel better about where I am and keep me thoughts from going off in non-helpful directions. So glad I found it!!

- Must Have

I have been reading this book for 25 plus years. If your in some type of recovery this is a must have! In my personal top 10 collection. There is real help in this meditation book!

- Favorite meditation affirmation source

I am new to recovery and this was one of the books recommended. Two years later I am still sharing with friends and family the peace I've found in Letting Go.

- On Spot

This book of daily readings is an invaluable resource for anyone who is affected by codependency. Every reading provides a new perspective or a reminder of right thinking. I have gifted and/or recommended this book to many people!

- Convenience

There’s something to be said for the ease this app provides in finding daily support for recovery. I’ve used books but I don’t take them with me. I love having this app on my phone at all times. Thanks Hazelton Betty Ford.

- Gratitude

My God father gave me this book after ending my first major relationship. It was most timely. I recommend the simple and manageable structure. Just one simple read a day and the anxiety of not reading "enough" is poof gone. Many thanks. B.

- The best part of my day!

Couldn't make it through the day and would want to without this daily reading. Thank you for allowing me to bring it with me everywhere I go on my iPad!!

- Excellent daily boost for more optimistic approach to life

Mentions real human issues or mental struggles we all may have , and provides a gentle meditation of acceptance that will lead you to overcome mental obstacles. Beattie has lived co-depndency, has written THE books on co-dependency, and has THE app! Love it.

- Starts my day on the right foot!!

This daily reader is the way I start my day. It sets the tone and helps me focus on higher, more important issues than the things I my otherwise dwell on. I'm so grateful.

- Convenient!

Great to have this daily reader on my iPhone. Helps me focus on recovery. Just buy it. I bet within the first week it will pay for itself with a gold nugget of wisdom.

- Pertinent to everyday life

Makes me feel calm and ok. Speaks a language I can relate to while providing comfort and direction. This book has given me hope on a daily basis for many years.

- Insightful and meaningful.

Has been very insightful and has helped me to better handle daily life. I am looking at things in a whole new light. Sometimes I think that Melodie is speaking directly to ME!

- A great app

Been using it only a few weeks. I appreciate the messages themselves, the ease of using the app, it's features and the daily prompt.

- Part of my daily practice

Love the messages in this app and it's so easy to share with family and friends via email~much gratitude to the developers 🕉

- Daily message

Always has some helpful thought for the day and keeps me on track with my codependency.

- My recovery is better because of this app

Encouraging meditations that inspire me to continue with my recovery from codependency and to keep applying the principles I've learned. It is always a productive read.

- A good recovery tool

It is surprising how these daily reminders of recovery from old ways can help keep me on the path to an improved process of self care.

- Very helpful in daily recovery!

This is a very helpful book and especially helpful for those with codependency issues. A lot of pithy wisdom in short doses.

- Read it everyday

I'm always looking for the notification on my Apple Watch from this app.

- Love it!

My husband and I have been in the program for over 30 years. These readings help keep my mind healthy and encourage me every day!

- Favorite part of each day!

Daily topics apply to me so well that it almost feels like you are reading my mind. Great stuff!

- Useful

Some are a little long but overall I find the daily readings useful.

- Helpful and straightforward

Simple and straightforward daily reader. Search function and favorites are a nice way to get to what you need that day. The UI needs an update really badly.

- Simple. Effective. Thank you.

Easy to use with reminders if you want to set them.

- I'm better

This has been my morning go to for over two years. Love it!

- Very helpful

Every time I read this, I learn something valuable about myself. Thanks so much!

- Great app

Not only can you get today's message but it's easy to retrieve past days as well.

- Reads like a rough-draft, not a final copy

Most of the readings are just too drawn out. There’s a lot of talking in circles and word-redundancy. For example, if the topic is about problems, be prepared to read the word “problem” in every-other-sentence. Makes for a difficult read, especially if you’re reading to an audience.

- Perfect

Every time I open this app the reading is exactly what I need to see; it is either a prime need in my life or my sponsees'.

- The Language Of Letting Go

Great resource for working through codependency. Uncanny coincidence of messages that speak to ongoing issues in my life that day. Inspiring and uplifting.

- Great book.

Read it every morning. Share it a lot.

- Vital every day reading for anyone who struggles with relationships and staying healthy

Melody Beatty is a fount of wisdom and her daily insights lead me to living in healthier relationships with everyone in my life.

- Daily guidance

Great daily reminders of the direction I want to keep moving-towards recovery and away from codependency.

- I use this every day

This is the best app I've found to practice my tools of recovery every day.

- Recovery

If it wasn’t for the term “recovery” the AA philosophy would be quite useful. Do you have to be a victim or be trying to get over a major bad habit? What if you are looking simply for guidance, hope, and a deeper spirituality?

- Always just what I need to hear

One of the best daily meditation apps I've ever read

- A must have app!

Great for any one in recovery or just needing some encouragement or positive feedback on "growing up!" Let It Go people......

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- Powerful

Really powerful daily readings. My higher power is healing me each day. It’s very validating going through the process of meeting myself really for the first time I feel. I’ve stopped running and this literature is showing me more healthy ways to function in this life.

- Love this little book

I start each day by reading the daily reflection in this little book. It helps me to focus on my day and to travel much better in my recovery. I'm so grateful to Melody for writing the book and to Hazelden for making it so easy to incorporate into my day.

- Fantastic

I never forget to check it, and am much calmer and more reflective. Highly recommended.

- The best

This is the best book on codependence and how to care for oneself. Highly recommended.

- Loving it!

Such a great reminder of how Life can be better. This changes my life everyday.

- Soul Food - could be more searchable

The content is soul food for the hungry heart and super-fertiliser for those seeking to grow. Especially useful for those who have been brought up in a less than nurturing environment. My only suggestion for improvement is the searchability of the app. It would be nice to be able to access an index with topic headings and dates as well as the current word or phrase search tool that is a bit too random and comes up with too many options, and is a bit slow.

- .

Very thought provoking. I'm new to identifying with co-dependence and I find that the daily reflection helps to remind me that my old ways of coping and relating to others can be improved upon. The app's gentle reassurance is a lovely way to start (or restart) my day.

- Comforting food for thought

A gentle and direct message each day. Words to help shift thinking to self care. I Appreciate the simplicity of having this as an app.

- Language of letting go

Need it like I need oxygen!

- The language of letting go

Love it!!!

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- The Language of Letting Go

I have been reading this daily meditation book since 1995 (25 years). It helps me focus on my recovery behaviour. This is a must have. Margaret R

- FunkyM123

I read this almost daily to set my focus of self care.

- My Morning Mindset

The Language of Letting Go is an essential part of my morning routine. Right minded way to start my day. Grateful indeed.

- So helpful

This is such a wonderful resource. The daily readings are short but insightful. I love the Favourites feature to bookmark my favourite readings to pull up on bad days.

- Powerful!

The daily readings in Letting Go are profound. I read these each morning. And it's great that I can set the time for them to pop up each day. Also appreciate that I can highlight and make notes/journal as well as "favourite" relevant readings. Having Letting Go as an app on my phone ensures privacy regardless of where I read.

- Amazing

This App is absolutely breathtaking. It has helped me through my toughest days, yet also has taught me many new great perspectives to life. You must DL.

- Great way to start my day

Thought provoking, insightful, challenging, helpful. It has given me much to think about.

- Savior

The only app that I use daily and that helps me improve my life in every aspect

- Great app!

Really helpful!

- Melody Beattie

I love Melody. I have reading her reflections since 2005. She has made a profound influence in my life. I recommend her to everyone

- Inspiring & Supportive

Like a daily chat with your Mum over a glass of cold milk & warm chocolate chip cookies.

- Great app from a favourite book!

I still read my hard copy but this comes everywhere with me. Thank you!

- Wonderful app!!!

This app is great. I wake up each day with a new message that helps me get grounded for the day and reminds me to focus on myself.

- Can't live without

This book has been part of my morning routine for 10 years now and it NEVER gets old! I love it and I've passed it on to many friends on the "path."

- Changing my life

I didn't know my life could change for the better, so quickly, and to such a degree. Inspirational readings that apply daily are giving me new found freedom.

- <3

Thank you

- Amazing messages!! (but...)

This book has completely changed my life! When i hit rock bottom, it virtually scooped me up off the floor, dusted me off and lovingly nursed my wounds until I was put back together again. I rarely go a day without turning to it for inspiration and guidance, and now i can do it on the go! The app capability leaves something to be desired but the content more than makes up for it.

- Language of Letting Go

There is no better way to start my day. The readings keep me willing and open and if I need to restart my day I can just pick up my phone read it again.

- Excellent

I just passed on my twenty year old book, to a friend, and I'm very pleased to have this app for my phone, as it has provided much food for thought, on a daily basis, over the years.

- Love this app!!!!!

This app is amazing I love having these messages always with me so I can read them daily and having it on my phone makes it do convenient. The messages always seem to be exactly what I need when I need it. Thank you for making this book so accessible. I don't know what I would do without it.

- I Love This! So Meaningful

I read this all the time. I love the portability of having it at my fingertips when I need it and how every single day I find something meaningful and pertinent in my life. I can always relate to it. It speaks to me.

- Language of letting go and letting God

This is truly a life saving app!!! It gives me freedom to love and be loved. To accept people, places and things exactly the way they are. To remind me on a daily basis that we are all Gods kids learning to play nice. Thanks

- The Language of Letting Go

It reminds me of who I am and helps me stay centered. It's been a life for 25 years.

- Let Go and Let God

Simple inspiration when you need it.

- Love it, need it, can't live with out it

It is an app the whole world needs.

- The Language Of Letting Go

I used this book early in recovery, always recommend it to people who are following the twelve step recovery programs. I find that now I have a downloadable version that I am discovering this book all over again. I find this ideal for traveling.

- Letting Go

This book has changed my life... With this app I can have the healing loving words of support with me all day.

- I just love it!

Very inspiring

- Love it!

It's so awesome to have this at my fingertips.

- Most Excellent!

I read this book everyday, and it is helping me reclaim my life!

- Excellent!

A timeless classic. Great to have on my phone for a reading in times of serenity and in times of stress!

- Pairs perfectly with a sunrise and a cup of coffee

I love this book!!! I have made a point to start my day in solitude and read the daily verse. It clears my head of the 'junk' and reminds me to live the day in a positive healthy manner. Just what the doctor ordered-seriously!!! I've recommended it to a good friend who loves it too!!!! Thanks for the inspiration to 'get it together' :)

- Love It

List of great things about it no more carrying round book when traveling it's always in my pocket no more missed reading thank you

- Language of Letting Go

It is fantastic to be able to have these readings literally in my pocket when ever I need them! Thank you Hazelden!

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We can help write that story by setting goals. - @MalibuMelB,The Language Of Letting Go. 6/6


We can help write that story by setting goals. -Melody Beattie, The Language of Letting Go

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The Language of Letting Go: Daily Meditations on Codependency (Hazelden Meditation Series)

Melody Beattie

A NEW Word Search #puzzle by #melodybeattie. No. 37 in the Language of Letting Go series. Think of them as mini #selfhelp manuals or cryptic #meditations. Whether for fun or for distraction, enjoy!

Joginder Tuteja

@Apurvasrani @IamKirtiKulhari @rohansippy Being a bundle of nerves to becoming so nice with all, and a doting mother to add, she ‘gets well’ by ‘letting go of medicines’ and come out of the ‘self doubt’. True progression with state of mind depicting everything, conveyed wonderfully through body language @IamKirtiKulhari!

𝒬𝓊𝒶𝓎𝒾𝒾𝓂 🌙

@_kaymelaninn The language of letting go - melody beattite the road less traveled - M. Scott peck you’re not lost - Maxie McCoy All about love - bell hooks The law of attraction- Esther Hicks These 2 as well. 👇🏼👇🏼


Been wanting the actual book of The Language of Letting Go😭😭😭 Where ba makaka-buy nonnn

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The Language of Letting Go iphone images
The Language of Letting Go iphone images
The Language of Letting Go iphone images
The Language of Letting Go iphone images
The Language of Letting Go iphone images
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The applications The Language of Letting Go was published in the category Book on 2011-03-29 and was developed by BookMobile [Developer ID: 389029537]. This application file size is 8.2 MB. The Language of Letting Go - Book app posted on 2021-05-08 current version is 2.2.8 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.bookmobile.iphone.lolg