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Check your refund status, make a payment, find free tax preparation assistance, sign up for helpful tax tips, generate a login security code, and follow the latest news from the IRS - all in the latest version of IRS2Go.

Download IRS2Go and connect with the IRS whenever you want, wherever you are.

IRS2Go is the official app of the Internal Revenue Service.

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IRS2Go Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Thanks for using IRS2Go! This version contains updates for the upcoming filing season & improvements to accessibility features like the VoiceOver screen reader.

IRS2Go Comments & Reviews

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- Browser in a box, but it works

This app makes things easier to access but it isn’t a fully integrated interface for managing taxes... it redirects you (inside the app though) to a browser window where you will handle most processes. But that’s ok. It makes it easier to open what I need. I just wish it could remember me and let me make payments without having to login and verify my identity every time... this is basically an app that gives you shortcuts to where you need to go. 3 stars for well done app, but not 5 stars because it doesn’t handle things in the app.. but what do we expect? This works better than most government “programs” ;)

- Fast quick APP

Not just a “browser in a box” anymore. Easy to use, quick, and had all the info I needed right there. Works well. The only missing info is the ability to see transcripts. —Btw put “0” if you don’t know your refund or it’s negative I think the website says. Missing corona virus payment status but tell you specific dates for expecting your refund if via direct deposit and I’m guessing they may be done in one payment but haven’t gotten either refund or stimulus yet. I filed 4/20 and it says refund is to be deposited 4/29. Wasn’t “approved” until 4/25.

- Its okay **2.5 Stars**

So the first time i tried it, it let me login but then I tried to log back in and it says error. I literally just put the same information in so I knew it wasn’t wrong and I couldn’t be wrong anyways because I know my SSN & amount i was accepted for from my actual tax papers. After it wouldn’t let me login in on app i decided to do it on the regular browser and it gave a totally different status than the app which confused me. I honestly feel you should just use browser because its literally the same thing.

- It's a pain

At first I had no problem signing in but a month after into it making another payment , I had to start all over again even with all of my same information I put in and it keeps saying error and it logs me out . This is such a waste of time and I have sent numerous of emails and it have yet to be fixed . Why have the app if they aren't following thru any ones questions let alone fix it ? It is so annoying to start all over again . I called and I have mention it to them and they can't give me a straight answer . Please fix this . It would be such a great app if they follow thru all the bugs and glitches .

- Worked great!

I submitted my taxes not even two weeks ago. I owed the IRS a past debt of 800, this app went above and beyond to not only tell me that my return had been accepted but that my past debt was deducted from this year's return and that my remaining return would deposited to my bank. They gave me the exact date it would even be deposited. Way more information then I expected. I will definitely use this app next year.

- Did not work!

I know my last name and how to spell it. I know my Social Security number. Somehow, however, in entering this information three times and confirming its accuracy, the app said it was incorrect and would not let me proceed. First, it would say my last names didn’t match, and after a couple of times entering the same information, the app would say my social security numbers didn’t match. Then, after entering same numbers a couple of times, it say my last names didn’t match, starting the cycle over again. After three attempts, I gave up and will call the local IRS office in the morning.

- Uhh

I owe money to the IRS so I was hoping this app would make making payments a lot easier but it doesn’t. Please add a feature for login access to your account so that you can see your balance. Also add saved payments option so that I can just enter the amount I want to pay and click submit. It could all be so simple BUT I have to type in my name, social, address, tax year, card info EVERY SINGLE MONTH! There has to be an easier way

- Easy to use app!

The app itself is well-designed and easy to use. I’ve never had any issues with it functioning as it should and providing me with the necessary information. The app isn’t supposed to provide any more information than the IRS page that provides the same purpose. I download this app each year after I submit my taxes!

- Not user friendly

Where on this app can you update banking info to have your refund sent to? It only has information where you can upload banking info to pay to the IRS. Contradicts this statement from the IRS website under news release: “Get My Payment also allows people a chance to provide their bank information. People who did not use direct deposit on their last tax return will be able to input information to receive the payment by direct deposit into their bank account, expediting receipt”. Please fix this. Thank you!

- Works

I’ve used it for years. It works as advertised. You save a few seconds versus webpage. It doesn’t cure cancer. Half the complaints are from people who’ve had bogus returns filed under their SS#. Everyone should get an Identity protection number. Do the work one year and you’ll get the CP01A annually indefinitely. Or you can write negative reviews of convenient apps. To each his own.

- Looks Good

This app functions as advertised. It provides immediate access to refund status without diving into the IRS website. It does ask for the same information as the website, including the expected refund amount. But that is not a shortcoming because IRS needs some sort of specific marker to know what year one is inquiring about.

- Don’t expect much. Confusing. How to get payment?

I downloaded the ap so I could see where my Civid19 stimulus check is and enter my bank information to expedite the payment. Not saying it can’t be done, but if it can I could not find it. Although it was plenty easy enough to set up a payment to them...and you may think it’s the same information...and maybe it is, but doesn’t say so. Unfortunately, the ap perpetuates the stereotype that the IRS is about their needs and not ours. Don’t waste your time with the ap. Or, try it and I wish you luck.

- CPA perspective - the app is convenient

I tested the app to check my refund and it was super fast told me the exact day it was direct deposited. What to do if I didn’t receive it. The free file information is super helpful. Payment information is easy for users to use. I think it’s very convenient for mid year items. Estimated payments and refund status.

- Nice little app

Makes checking status of refund a little easier on the iPhone than using the web site. Same ID verification on both, but entering it via the app is easier because the fields are expecting numeric entry and automatically bring up the numeric keypad. Also the text is formatted for the mobile device so it's easier to read.

- This is a simple and fantastic app.

This app isn’t fancy, it’s not going to impress you with an awesome interface, but it does it’s job well, and that is what matters most. I have been using it since it came out, and just realized how much I like it when I decided I couldn’t delete it from my phone even tho tax season is still at least two months away. Lord help me, I’m a nerd.

- Refund

All I seem to be able to get from the Ap is that the form I mailed over 2 months ago was received. I have tried every phone number from any Ap source and all I can get is that same answer. I can't find a option to speak with a person even though I see online where others are doing so. I have never had to go through this amount of waiting before. I usually have my payment within about 3 weeks. There is no sense in this delay or the lack of access from this Ap.

- What is the point of installing this?

I installed this app a few weeks ago to track my refund status. I checked early last week and it showed a status of “Return Received.” My refund was direct deposited that afternoon. Out of curiosity I opened it a week later and it now shows a status of “Refund Approved.” If the data lag between the IRS systems is this great then it fails in the single purpose the app exists. I will be deleting this app until such time as they can get their systems to communicate in a more timely fashion.

- Very helpful.

The app told me at first that the filing information was wrong and to retry. It’s because I had the wrong refund amount. I was a dollar off. People were probably not putting in the exact information. It works regardless of the shutdown. This isn’t a scam site.

- Unable to Print

The app worked fine for making a payment but will not print. There was a Print button on the bottom of the confirmation page but nothing happens. I can print from Apple Mail & Safari but not from this app. App worked fine for me otherwise.

- Please help!

I had to resubmit my taxes due to an omission. Thought I would use the app to check on the progress and to be sure they received it. I keep getting the return error information. I used the suggestions from other reviews and still nothing I even entered the refund I already got and nothing! What am I doing wrong please help.

- Works as described!

I can easily check my status without having to load up the webpage. The other review says the full website doesn't ask for full refund amount, and that is simply incorrect. Thanks for the app!

- Doesn’t work

So I launch the IRS2GO app on my iPad running the latest iOS version. I click on the Refund status icon, I enter SSN , filing status and exact refund amount. It comes back with ‘Refund Status Error’. I try several times, same result. Now what? I took the info right off my duplicate tax return. I had mailed in the return first week of April. Not a trace of my refund, did they even receive my return? I’ll have to call them, groan. Hope you have better luck, you’re going to need it.

- It works... despite how the government does

Opened app. Put in info (3 things) and got an expected date and update of most current status. It’s exactly what I wanted and now to delete it until next year. If your a skeptic so am I, I wrote this for you.

- Worked great

Was able to track my refund from start to finish. It take 24 hours or so after the IRS gets your refund before you can check your status. Status updates happen once a day.

- Works for me.

I was hesitant to download the app due to the recent negative reviews. Downloaded any way to give it a shot and it worked just fine. I got the same response as I did online. Maybe remove the app and download again.

- Misleading

I used and checked this app 2-3 times daily. After 21 days from filing(has to be 21 days before you can call and ask about status) called and was told selected for identification verification. App didn't tell me that or that I have to make an appointment to go in and let them physically see that this is me. Then wait up to 9-------I said 9 weeks to get our return after. Why didn't the app at least say to contact office? Don't waste space with this app!

- Faster then the irs website

Having problem work getting the message “ IS NOW SAYING REFUND ERROR INFORMATION DOES NOT MATCH” but it isn’t the app website also says the same thing so it’s something on there irs side hopefully. Because less then 24hrs ago it told me my refund should be there in a couple days

- Works just fine for checking refund status!

App was very easy to use to track refund status. Found my status very easily and quickly. Can’t speak for any other use of the app.

- Great for checking refund status.

This application is great for checking the status of your federal tax return refund. It is much quicker and easier than using the IRS website on your phone. I have not used or checked out any of the other services the app provides.

- Great app

I used this app last year and didn't had any issues, this year I'm using it too, not having issues! Easy to navigate, just make sure you're putting the correct info!👍

- What is going on...?!?

I’ve use this app for years now, and it has worked every single time until this year. I am currently getting the following message: “We cannot provide any information about your refund. If you electronically filed a complete and accurate tax return you should receive your refund in about 21 days from the received date.” Is anyone else out there dealing with the same issue? Please update...!

- What’s going on?!

It’s been over a week since I filed, even received e-mail confirmation that my federal had been excepted, yet it keeps telling me that I have to wait 24 hrs, after confirmation email or it’ll say my information does not match. What a bunch of bull. I hurried and got them done, since it’s hard to tell if the government will shut down again, after next week, and now I’m getting nowhere with the status of my return.

- Great app

For those getting the "info not available at this time" message, make sure you type ".00" after you're whole dollar amount. This app does what it's supposed to.

- Pathetic

Still waiting on my refund and they are horrible at giving information. They do not try to be helpful, they are impossible to reach or talk to. When you get to, usually you get boned and you get the line, there is no further information or there is nothing we can do for you. Really. What is the point of the IRS other than to hunt people down and play with out money. So over Illinois and this government being lazy.

- Useless, waste of time

Just tells you “Tax return still being processed. A refund date will be provided when available”. I already know that. I want to know why it’s taking so long? What is the holdup? Am I missing any documents? Time estimate? Anything? It’s been 10 weeks since I faxed some forms that were missing from my initial submission. Still not sure if the forms were received/picked up or lying on the floor someplace.

- Junk for non filers

Was directed to this app hoping to get an update on a non filers app submitted quickly found out it wasn’t worth the download. Non filers can’t do nothing useful here! I was hoping the majority of negative reviews here may have in some way been wrong and downloaded anyway hoping for the best and what do you know?! The reviews turns out 100% accurate this is junk I bet I’ll take heed to others experiences the next time! ☹️

- Good for people who didn’t file online

It just says exactly what anything else says. I could just go where I filed my taxes or check the website for this info. But I guess for people who didn’t file online this would be helpful

- Convenient App

Works great! Not sure why some people have such a difficult time with this. Must be snowflakes that can't use their minds. Just think, these people actually drive!

- Love this app

It’s easy to use, understand and navigate. It definitely helps take the pain out of the guessing game when waiting for your refund during tax time.


So I’ve been using this app for yrs and never had a issue and a few days ago everything was fine now it has no status bar and it’s not giving accurate information, for example checked my daughters refund status using the app and it said still processing but I got an alert from the bank that refund was deposited. PLEASE FIX THE DANG ON APP & WEBSITE. We want accurate information

- To everyone that says it’s not working

You have to type in your FEDERAL refund only- not your state. So just type in what you should be getting back from ONLY your federal refund. You’re welcome! :)

- Needs fixing

I would be able to log in perfectly fine for days then yesterday it just kept saying error when I know I have all the information in there the right way, then I went online to do it and it wouldn’t say the same thing, which made me confused

- Waste.

Waste of time. Like many others, I downloaded this app to check the status of my tax refund. Much like the website, the app still says both mine and my husband’s info is incorrect (it’s not). So our taxes were mailed over 6 weeks ago and zero updates. Now I hear that if the IRS hasn’t processed your taxes for the year, you won’t get the stimulus check either. Absolutely useless!

- Refund Status Error

All I get with this stupid app is the above error message followed by: “The information does not match. Please reenter your information. Really????? My social security number I have had for over 50 years??? No. My information is right. Your system is broken. Says the same thing on their website. I sent my tax return in mid March and I get this reply from the irs. Serenity now!!!

- A Joke

I know my full name, social, & refund amount, yet it tells me “information doesn’t match” every time I put my information in. This app is a joke & it’s not worth downloading & taking up space on your phone. The IRS website is basically the same thing. You’d be better off calling the IRS yourself & being on hold for 45 mins & then speaking with a representative.

- Zero Stars

The app doesn’t work. The website doesn’t work either. I get an error message saying info entered incorrectly but I know for a fact it’s right. Doesn’t matter if I use the .00 or not. You cannot track the status of your refund with this app. You cannot find out the date your refund will be issued to you with the app. This app is pointless and the IRS lied. Deleting.

- Social Security disability

The IRS recommended this App to find mine stimulus check this is app is completely useless for this Purpose. If you have social Security disability you don’t have tax information to enter. There’s no way to get past the request for tax information. Writing this review using voice you get kicked off every two words VERY IRRITATING. If I could give - stars I would.

- Issues with app and website

For days this app has not properly worked. We can’t enter anything. It says wrong information entered. Same info we’ve been entering just all of a sudden as of yesterday it’s wrong. I’ve sent emails, tried contacting you. Nothing works. How are we supposed to check on anything when nothings properly working?

- Don’t waste your time with this app

My bank knows when my refund is being deposited not this app. This app is a waste of time so don’t bother. Just call your financial institution they will know before this app will. This is just my experience with it. The bank told me exactly when it will be deposited while this app is stuck on return received.

- Not updated at all

The app and online site never once updated in the 3 months and 6 days we had to wait for our refund. We got the refund direct deposited into our account yesterday and the app still says our refund is being processed. We did get a little bit of interest since the funds were held for so long though

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- Doesn’t Work

Entered my info exactly as it is on my return to get the status of my refund and errors our saying my information doesn’t match....Useless app.

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The IRS Free File program, available only through or the IRS2Go app, offers brand-name tax preparation software packages at no cost. Read more 👉 #Irsproblem #Taxproblem #Irsfreshstart #ContinuedSocialDistancing


The IRS Free File program, available only through or the IRS2Go app, offers brand-name tax preparation software packages at no cost. Read more 👉 #Irsproblem #Taxproblem #Irsfreshstart #ContinuedSocialDistancing

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IRS2Go iphone images
IRS2Go iphone images
IRS2Go iphone images

IRS2Go (Version 5.4.7) Install & Download

The applications IRS2Go was published in the category Finance on 2011-01-20 and was developed by Internal Revenue Service [Developer ID: 414113285]. This application file size is 14.47 MB. IRS2Go - Finance app posted on 2020-12-27 current version is 5.4.7 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: gov.irs.IRS2Go

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