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What is irs2go app? Check your refund status, make a payment, find free tax preparation assistance, sign up for helpful tax tips, and follow the latest news from the IRS - all in the latest version of IRS2Go.

Download IRS2Go and connect with the IRS whenever you want, wherever you are.

IRS2Go is the official app of the Internal Revenue Service.

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App Name IRS2Go
Category Finance
Updated 19 March 2024, Tuesday
File Size 8.87 MB

IRS2Go Comments & Reviews 2024

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Works good. I have no idea why are you people are having trouble with this game if you do it right there is no problem I have used it for years through Dhs providers app and it has always giving the correct information I wasn’t sure if I was even getting any money back and it let me know that I was missing one of my favorites it has done it in a timely fashion charge me nothing and I’ve always gotten everything from now on so give it a try don’t believe all the bull crap that people are saying because half the time they just didn’t know what they were doing

Doesn’t Work Anymore. When I first downloaded the app a couple years ago, it tracked my tax refund just fine. Now it is telling me my information is incorrect every time I put it in, and they say there’s no use in calling them to track my refund. Well it’s been 5 months since I was supposed to receive my refund and they said single taxpayers who had unemploynent assistance would receive their returns first, I haven’t received anything yet besides a measly $12 that was originally sent before they amended my return. Garbage app, and a waste of time.

It is running information from your phone. I used the app thinking it is a government app so it can have any malware, boy was I wrong. The app runs in the background ALL THE TIME. It drains your battery because it is running 19 hours a day. WHY? What is this app really collecting. I had no app other app that was closed and should not be tracking me, per apple’s new privacy settings, and yet here is the IRS app doing just that. The app did what I needed it to do, but it’s the extra that I would tell people to think twice about.

Convenient. I have been using this app for several years now. It is pretty accurate for receiving and approval of my tax refund. I have direct deposit with my bank which app also states when deposit has been made. Refund is usually 21 days but it gives you updated information in a timely manner. I think this is a great and convenient app to use.

Not user friendly. Where on this app can you update banking info to have your refund sent to? It only has information where you can upload banking info to pay to the IRS. Contradicts this statement from the IRS website under news release: “Get My Payment also allows people a chance to provide their bank information. People who did not use direct deposit on their last tax return will be able to input information to receive the payment by direct deposit into their bank account, expediting receipt”. Please fix this. Thank you!

Wayyyy better than calling or using the website. Ive been waiting on my returns forever and couldn’t figure out what was wrong after days of trying to call the irs and checking the website i finally downloaded the app and it was able to give me all the information i needed in seconds

It works... despite how the government does. Opened app. Put in info (3 things) and got an expected date and update of most current status. It’s exactly what I wanted and now to delete it until next year. If your a skeptic so am I, I wrote this for you.

Nice little app. Makes checking status of refund a little easier on the iPhone than using the web site. Same ID verification on both, but entering it via the app is easier because the fields are expecting numeric entry and automatically bring up the numeric keypad. Also the text is formatted for the mobile device so it's easier to read.

Easy to use app!. The app itself is well-designed and easy to use. I’ve never had any issues with it functioning as it should and providing me with the necessary information. The app isn’t supposed to provide any more information than the IRS page that provides the same purpose. I download this app each year after I submit my taxes!

Easy To Use. I’m not sure what app all these people are reviewing. I’ve been using the IRS2Go app for many years and have never had a problem. The main page automatically opens to the where’s my refund page and you simply input your refund info to find the status. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I think it’s low to attack the developers of this app because people dislike the IRS. They put hard work into it for all of you. Have some compassion.

Good app but confusing. This app is good but a little confusing because I put all my information correctly and it kept saying that something was wrong, and I got very aggravated with it. Then I realized what I was doing wrong. All you need is your SSN, your filing status and your tax federal refund. DO NOT add the state refund to your federal tax refund to find the status or it won’t work.

I’ll rate a 4 star personally. 4 stars because I personally have not had any problems (so far). I also received an email on one of my statuses so I’m happy with that. I ran out of daily limits to check my status because I really needed to know where I’m at with one of my returns. I would say remove the daily limit because it’s hard times for people. We need our money period. Other than that I am at a solid 4 star.

Given who developed it. Let’s be honest opinions on government and politics aside I actually had 0 issues with this app anytime I’ve ever used it in the past 3 years, which is absolutely crazy considering it’s developer lol either way credit where credits due I’ll give it 4 just because I haven’t needed to use all of its features but the features I have used were flawless

Did not work!. I know my last name and how to spell it. I know my Social Security number. Somehow, however, in entering this information three times and confirming its accuracy, the app said it was incorrect and would not let me proceed. First, it would say my last names didn’t match, and after a couple of times entering the same information, the app would say my social security numbers didn’t match. Then, after entering same numbers a couple of times, it say my last names didn’t match, starting the cycle over again. After three attempts, I gave up and will call the local IRS office in the morning.

Fast quick APP. Not just a “browser in a box” anymore. Easy to use, quick, and had all the info I needed right there. Works well. The only missing info is the ability to see transcripts. —Btw put “0” if you don’t know your refund or it’s negative I think the website says. Missing corona virus payment status but tell you specific dates for expecting your refund if via direct deposit and I’m guessing they may be done in one payment but haven’t gotten either refund or stimulus yet. I filed 4/20 and it says refund is to be deposited 4/29. Wasn’t “approved” until 4/25.

Tracking refund. I downloaded this app to be able to keep track of my refund and it worked good for the first few days and then it’s telling me that I have entered my SS# incorrect and then that there’s no tax return with my information. Tells me that I need to wait 24 hours after they’ve received my return (which it’s been 4 days). I got my email telling me that my tax return has been accepted but it doesn’t give me a chance to track my refund anymore. I have deleted the app and redownloaded it but it still doesn’t work. I’m not going to be trusting this app anymore

It works. I put in the basic information it asked for and it gave me a rundown of my return. Idk if everyone is doing it wrong but i’m a real person giving an honest review. Try it before you listen to what you see here.

Works as described!. I can easily check my status without having to load up the webpage. The other review says the full website doesn't ask for full refund amount, and that is simply incorrect. Thanks for the app!

Very helpful.. The app told me at first that the filing information was wrong and to retry. It’s because I had the wrong refund amount. I was a dollar off. People were probably not putting in the exact information. It works regardless of the shutdown. This isn’t a scam site.

Worked great!. I submitted my taxes not even two weeks ago. I owed the IRS a past debt of 800, this app went above and beyond to not only tell me that my return had been accepted but that my past debt was deducted from this year's return and that my remaining return would deposited to my bank. They gave me the exact date it would even be deposited. Way more information then I expected. I will definitely use this app next year.

Good app but basic features. The app showed an update when my taxes were accepted and a date payment will be received (I have direct deposit), but I had to go into it, no push notification is available. It also gives a decent description of why part of my return was not paid, and I expected this so no complaints. I do like that the information was provided along with the staus change. I haven't used the help much because I'd rather read all the instructions on a large monitor and not a small phone screen.

It's a pain. At first I had no problem signing in but a month after into it making another payment , I had to start all over again even with all of my same information I put in and it keeps saying error and it logs me out . This is such a waste of time and I have sent numerous of emails and it have yet to be fixed . Why have the app if they aren't following thru any ones questions let alone fix it ? It is so annoying to start all over again . I called and I have mention it to them and they can't give me a straight answer . Please fix this . It would be such a great app if they follow thru all the bugs and glitches .

Same information as the web version. I have been using the irs- “where’s my refund” web browser/site and downloaded this app at their suggestion. It doesn’t offer any additional information that the site does. I have filed my 2020 taxes with TurboTax Max because it was the first year I didn’t use an accountant. I filed in May and my refund is still processing. What a sucky year to have refunds delayed so astronomically. And the fact there is no successful way to contact the irs regarding concerns on submissions is frustrating.

What is the point of installing this?. I installed this app a few weeks ago to track my refund status. I checked early last week and it showed a status of “Return Received.” My refund was direct deposited that afternoon. Out of curiosity I opened it a week later and it now shows a status of “Refund Approved.” If the data lag between the IRS systems is this great then it fails in the single purpose the app exists. I will be deleting this app until such time as they can get their systems to communicate in a more timely fashion.

Browser in a box, but it works. This app makes things easier to access but it isn’t a fully integrated interface for managing taxes... it redirects you (inside the app though) to a browser window where you will handle most processes. But that’s ok. It makes it easier to open what I need. I just wish it could remember me and let me make payments without having to login and verify my identity every time... this is basically an app that gives you shortcuts to where you need to go. 3 stars for well done app, but not 5 stars because it doesn’t handle things in the app.. but what do we expect? This works better than most government “programs” ;)

Convenient and easy. I use this app to pay my taxes. I’ve used it a few times over the years and never have any issues. It doesn’t tell me what I owe but I don’t find that necessary because when I file my taxes, the preparer shows me what I owe. It’s very easy to use and secure. I prefer this method then going online.

Convenient. Only rating it for refund status, which is the only feature I’ve used. Makes it easy to check. PSA: I e-filed in early March and didn’t get approved until yesterday - almost 3 months later. Seems they’re further behind than ever in processing returns this year.

Info was matching at first, now all the sudden it says it doesn’t match!!!. I’ve been looking up the status of my return the last few days, information that I was inputting was working just fine. Allowing me to see the status, last time I was able to access my return, I saw that my refund was approved and I had a deposit date. Now all of the sudden when I try to check on my status, it tells me my information doesn’t match. What gives????

So frustrating!. I have called the IRS, and been on the website been dealing with this for 2+ years trying to receive my 2018 refund. I get no where. No one can help everything is automated. When I went on the website to check for my status there was never a 2018 option. Why and where is my refund this is like a chase game, that’s so frustrating to make ppl just give up! Where is a number to speak to an actual person? All I want is the refund, if it was the other way around it would be different :(

Looks Good. This app functions as advertised. It provides immediate access to refund status without diving into the IRS website. It does ask for the same information as the website, including the expected refund amount. But that is not a shortcoming because IRS needs some sort of specific marker to know what year one is inquiring about.

Worked great. Was able to track my refund from start to finish. It take 24 hours or so after the IRS gets your refund before you can check your status. Status updates happen once a day.

Shut out. I been trying to get a hold of you guys for months. You guys have been shutting me out. Each time I tell you guys I am deaf and I use a interpreter, you guys shut me out and said pay you guys. I have 3 kids to support and bills up my eye balls. You guys did not call me back or allow me to get a appointment. I am very disappointed. I am about to be homeless and no income to support my children.

My money. I have a job (the pay is okay for now) and my wife did MLM last year (she didnt make much last year/most dont). We live in our manufactured home with 4 kids (9 yr old twins, 5 yr old, and a 3 yr old).I have Crohn’s disease (alota blood and not eating), asthma, and a bunch of other ailments from the sandbox. After giving your app all of my info minus my blood type I found out my tax return went from $7096 to $2896. YOU did not send me a letter like you said you would. If it were just me I wouldn’t be upset but you are taking from my kids. I am unfortunately at your mercy. Begging ya pardon me lord but could you please give me my schillings for me toil? My wee babes are in need of more than a meager meal. By all means screw me over later in life but please dont take food/money from my kids. I truly in my heart of hearts hope someone from the IRS reads this.

It would be nice if you could actually talk to someone.. We have been waiting over 16 weeks to get my sons tax return. We can’t go to a local office because there isn’t any nearby. Can’t reach anyone on the phone it’s too busy. I have no idea if they even received it or not. Very irritating. As for my taxes it was easy this app, super simple totally liked it. But for your child this is awful. Not a good set up or user-friendly for parents helping their minor children file their taxes

Glitchy gives you an ID error after awhile. It works for few a times and then gives you as message that your information is an accurate even though you put it multiple times correctly. I am not the only person having this problem. It seems like they have not fixed this problem in a very long time. I guess this is not high on their list of priorities but for us it is important to know where our money is and when it is being sent.

STOP complaining. I was actually one of those who were complaining about getting error messages on their searching information, I looked deep into it and found out that IRS are have not accepted anything yet till February 12, I think patients needed this year! Y’all stop complaining if y’all are not following on their updates info

Its okay **2.5 Stars**. So the first time i tried it, it let me login but then I tried to log back in and it says error. I literally just put the same information in so I knew it wasn’t wrong and I couldn’t be wrong anyways because I know my SSN & amount i was accepted for from my actual tax papers. After it wouldn’t let me login in on app i decided to do it on the regular browser and it gave a totally different status than the app which confused me. I honestly feel you should just use browser because its literally the same thing.

Don’t expect much. Confusing. How to get payment?. I downloaded the ap so I could see where my Civid19 stimulus check is and enter my bank information to expedite the payment. Not saying it can’t be done, but if it can I could not find it. Although it was plenty easy enough to set up a payment to them...and you may think it’s the same information...and maybe it is, but doesn’t say so. Unfortunately, the ap perpetuates the stereotype that the IRS is about their needs and not ours. Don’t waste your time with the ap. Or, try it and I wish you luck.

This is a simple and fantastic app.. This app isn’t fancy, it’s not going to impress you with an awesome interface, but it does it’s job well, and that is what matters most. I have been using it since it came out, and just realized how much I like it when I decided I couldn’t delete it from my phone even tho tax season is still at least two months away. Lord help me, I’m a nerd.

Unable to Print. The app worked fine for making a payment but will not print. There was a Print button on the bottom of the confirmation page but nothing happens. I can print from Apple Mail & Safari but not from this app. App worked fine for me otherwise.

CPA perspective - the app is convenient. I tested the app to check my refund and it was super fast told me the exact day it was direct deposited. What to do if I didn’t receive it. The free file information is super helpful. Payment information is easy for users to use. I think it’s very convenient for mid year items. Estimated payments and refund status.

Wrong wrong wrong!. Check it out. I tried to check On the status of my tax return and it worked one time. Not even one time actually because when I logged in, it said that I was missing 3000 due to someone’s social security and name was invalid. What? Last time I checked we were all born here in the United States with legal names I know is on our birth certificates. So why am I missing money? Turns out the app is just stupid. I found out after panicking for the last 3 hours trying to find out what went wrong. After all that it decided it didn’t want to work anymore. Ever. For 3 weeks. Good job guys.

Distraction!!!. This app is merely a distraction to keep you from accessing the info you really need! I understand we’re in a new world where personal touch means speaking to a bot, but this is,”in my opinion,” unacceptable! I’ve reached out to the irs using their system and still can’t get the information I need or at least speak with someone regarding me receiving my income tax return! I’m seriously thinking about writing congress to see what can be done. Although I remember at committee hearing in which the then fed chair was Ben Berneke; when asked where’s the $9billion that was mysteriously lost in Iraq, and some other hard knock questions, he simply replied,” we DON’T answer to you congressman,” and simply said,”what’s the next question?” Lol! So, I don’t think the federal reserve or the irs regard us in any way because they both are fraud & illegal institutions in this corporation…I mean country!! Sorry! Lol!

Doesn’t work. So I launch the IRS2GO app on my iPad running the latest iOS version. I click on the Refund status icon, I enter SSN , filing status and exact refund amount. It comes back with ‘Refund Status Error’. I try several times, same result. Now what? I took the info right off my duplicate tax return. I had mailed in the return first week of April. Not a trace of my refund, did they even receive my return? I’ll have to call them, groan. Hope you have better luck, you’re going to need it.

Refund. All I seem to be able to get from the Ap is that the form I mailed over 2 months ago was received. I have tried every phone number from any Ap source and all I can get is that same answer. I can't find a option to speak with a person even though I see online where others are doing so. I have never had to go through this amount of waiting before. I usually have my payment within about 3 weeks. There is no sense in this delay or the lack of access from this Ap.

One of the best app ever. I love using this app for a long time and I have been using it to get the information from the IRS all the time and it’s been useful since I i downloaded in my phone and I do recommend it to everyone to use it

Uhh. I owe money to the IRS so I was hoping this app would make making payments a lot easier but it doesn’t. Please add a feature for login access to your account so that you can see your balance. Also add saved payments option so that I can just enter the amount I want to pay and click submit. It could all be so simple BUT I have to type in my name, social, address, tax year, card info EVERY SINGLE MONTH! There has to be an easier way

Useful Tool!. I’ve used this app to track my refunds for 6 cycles now, and I’ve never had issues with accuracy. One thing to remember is when it asks for you expected return, make sure you ONLY enter your Federal amount! Every year I login for the first time, enter my total return including State, sit there reflecting and wondering if I’ve somehow managed to forget my SSN, and then it hits me - every single year 😂 Overall, does what it needs to, is very secure, and I would recommend especially for those who don’t pay someone to prepare their taxes.

This app is horrible. I downloaded this app to check the status of my return and it worked fine for a few weeks. After the refund approval status the app began displaying an error message stating that my information does not match. I’m not sure why this is happening because my information was entered correctly every time. It appears that other people are having the same problem but no one from the IRS nor the app developer are doing anything to fix the problems.

Terrible. I filed with turbo tax and received an email from both them and the IRS saying my return had been filed and accepted along with the amounts from the stimulus I never received. I was told by the IRS, turbo tax, and credit karma (who sent me a net spend card where my return is supposed to be deposited) that I would receive my return within 21 days of my filing being accepted. It’s been almost 30 days which they said would only take that long for a mailed check. I checked the IRS tracker website and it said my return was en route and would arrive by the 17th then downloaded this app to check my return status and it says it is pending. That I will receive an estimated arrival time when it is accepted. I am very upset and don’t understand why this is happening.

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Not happy. Does not work. Very useless

Didn’t work.. Put my tax information in multiple times like asked and kept saying it was wrong. Completely useless tool

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It works... despite how the government does. Opened app. Put in info (3 things) and got an expected date and update of most current status. It’s exactly what I wanted and now to delete it until next year. If your a skeptic so am I, I wrote this for you.

Pathetic. Still waiting on my refund and they are horrible at giving information. They do not try to be helpful, they are impossible to reach or talk to. When you get to, usually you get boned and you get the line, there is no further information or there is nothing we can do for you. Really. What is the point of the IRS other than to hunt people down and play with out money. So over Illinois and this government being lazy.

Works fine. Works perfectly fine for me filed through turbo tax last night I got approved in the afternoon and it shows on the irs app

Works just fine for checking refund status!. App was very easy to use to track refund status. Found my status very easily and quickly. Can’t speak for any other use of the app.

What’s the point of this app?. I expected some notifications and tracking features, just like normal apps would do. Instead you have to manually input the info just like on the website and press the Get status button. The worst part is, it doesn’t save your input. You have to fill in the form again after you exit the app. Then why don’t I just visit the IRS site in my browser? Ridiculous

Wrong info. It keeps saying my info doesn’t match when I know it’s correct. Total waste of time and it’s been over 21 days. The IRS website even says 9 outta 10 people get their refunds within 21 days and they have my direct deposit info like they do every year (same bank info every year) but yet I’m consistently the 10th person and never get my refund that fast.

Irs is pitiful BELOW ZERO STARS. The irs is pitiful, the workers can’t get their jobs done, no phone support whatsoever!!! Whoever is running the IRS should be impeached immediately. Millions of Americans are desperately hurting out here in America financially and the irs can’t even give exceptional customer service , can’t answer the phones, the call volumes are always high, the call wait time is over 1 hour, can’t even depend on a government agency to do their job!!!! Zero STARS BELOW ZERO STARS!!!

Worked great. Was able to track my refund from start to finish. It take 24 hours or so after the IRS gets your refund before you can check your status. Status updates happen once a day.

Misleading. I used and checked this app 2-3 times daily. After 21 days from filing(has to be 21 days before you can call and ask about status) called and was told selected for identification verification. App didn't tell me that or that I have to make an appointment to go in and let them physically see that this is me. Then wait up to 9-------I said 9 weeks to get our return after. Why didn't the app at least say to contact office? Don't waste space with this app!

No better than the website. The app doesn’t tell you anything from the IRS other than what you already know or that they have no information for you. If you want something completely useless, install this app. It’s about as useless and a waste of time as calling the IRS trying to get ahold of a real person who is actually doing their job

Could not get status. I used the app to track my refund and it doesn’t work for me. I interned everything correctly and it’s saying that I have to check and reinter the correct information. And this has been over 2 months. So forget the 24hr submitted of refund.

Identity Verification. I have been trying to verify my identity for about 2 weeks now. Every time I call I get the same automated voice message saying it’s either not available or due to a high volume of calls we can’t complete the call. I’ve been on hold for almost a hour with my local tax office to set up an appointment, and whenever I try to use the online identity verification tool it says it’s not available for me to use. So how else am I supposed to resolve this?

Take my money. Hey, so what did you end up doing with the all the money I gave you? Because I know I could have used it really good, so I really hope you use in good health and to improve your lifestyle. Alright you have a good night.

What is going on...?!?. I’ve use this app for years now, and it has worked every single time until this year. I am currently getting the following message: “We cannot provide any information about your refund. If you electronically filed a complete and accurate tax return you should receive your refund in about 21 days from the received date.” Is anyone else out there dealing with the same issue? Please update...!

You can only make two estimated payments, you can’t set it up for the full year. And in addition to not being able to schedule more than two payments, you have to put your checking account information in every time you make a payment. That’s ridiculous.

Useless app. The app literally does nothing. Every time I’ve entered my information it won’t pull up my tax information. If I call no matter what menu I go through it still says it can’t find my tax info. I filed more than 30 days ago electronically and still haven’t got my refund and the app won’t give me any information in it. Don’t bother installing

The IRS is irresponsible and unreliable.. This organization is a joke. I filed early and concisely everything accordingly in Feb 2022. It’s Dec 27 and I still have not received my refund and from the 20 plus times I’ve tried to check online and over the phone I haven’t been given any information whatsoever. If I were to stop paying taxes my whole world would stop and I would be forced to pay immediately.

Terrible. App is completely useless. I only download it to track my refund. Now it just sits in received status, regardless of it’s actual status. The past few years it just stays like that even after my refund is deposited. Well, just fire up the chat feature…oh there isn’t one. Again, completely useless.

Waste.. Waste of time. Like many others, I downloaded this app to check the status of my tax refund. Much like the website, the app still says both mine and my husband’s info is incorrect (it’s not). So our taxes were mailed over 6 weeks ago and zero updates. Now I hear that if the IRS hasn’t processed your taxes for the year, you won’t get the stimulus check either. Absolutely useless!

The IRS needs to be held accountable. I’m pretty sick and tired of the fact that when U.S. Citizens owe you money, you will take it from them in any way possible. But when you owe us money, we just have to wait..... and wait.... and flipping wait! You don’t take phone calls and you expect forms to be mailed when we don’t get our money but then your forms take weeks for you to look at them. The IRS needs to stop screwing this country. You guys are terrible honestly.

Junk for non filers. Was directed to this app hoping to get an update on a non filers app submitted quickly found out it wasn’t worth the download. Non filers can’t do nothing useful here! I was hoping the majority of negative reviews here may have in some way been wrong and downloaded anyway hoping for the best and what do you know?! The reviews turns out 100% accurate this is junk I bet I’ll take heed to others experiences the next time! ☹️

Just as inaccurate as the website. App is just as worthless as the website. Was an estimated 21-28 days and have now been waiting almost 50 days. Information still says pending even though my accountant and the IRS initially said it had been accepted. Guess I shouldn’t have expected much to begin with. Just call the IRS and bother them since they can’t make a useful app either.

I didn't get my taxes refund from my workv. When I am getting my taxes refund from my work. Still wait since March

Was working now it stop. I like the app it’s lets me know when I’ll get my refund but for 2 days already it saying it can find any information on my refund even tho my ssn and the amount is right, And when I call irs of course it’s the run around,

Faster then the irs website. Having problem work getting the message “ IS NOW SAYING REFUND ERROR INFORMATION DOES NOT MATCH” but it isn’t the app website also says the same thing so it’s something on there irs side hopefully. Because less then 24hrs ago it told me my refund should be there in a couple days

App/Website isn’t working. App says I do not exist. Website says I have to wait 24 hours after I got an email my federal was accepted before I can see the information. I got an acceptance email over a week ago and I do exist. There is no web support to report to get it fixed. App and website are not reliable tools.

Great app. I used this app last year and didn't had any issues, this year I'm using it too, not having issues! Easy to navigate, just make sure you're putting the correct info!👍

TERRIBLE. So I’ve been using this app for yrs and never had a issue and a few days ago everything was fine now it has no status bar and it’s not giving accurate information, for example checked my daughters refund status using the app and it said still processing but I got an alert from the bank that refund was deposited. PLEASE FIX THE DANG ON APP & WEBSITE. We want accurate information

Great app. For those getting the "info not available at this time" message, make sure you type ".00" after you're whole dollar amount. This app does what it's supposed to.

Doesn’t work. So I launch the IRS2GO app on my iPad running the latest iOS version. I click on the Refund status icon, I enter SSN , filing status and exact refund amount. It comes back with ‘Refund Status Error’. I try several times, same result. Now what? I took the info right off my duplicate tax return. I had mailed in the return first week of April. Not a trace of my refund, did they even receive my return? I’ll have to call them, groan. Hope you have better luck, you’re going to need it.

2nd Year. This is the second time I am using this app and I have not problems with it. Better then having to get on the internet. Thank you

Zero Stars. The app doesn’t work. The website doesn’t work either. I get an error message saying info entered incorrectly but I know for a fact it’s right. Doesn’t matter if I use the .00 or not. You cannot track the status of your refund with this app. You cannot find out the date your refund will be issued to you with the app. This app is pointless and the IRS lied. Deleting.

Works for me.. I was hesitant to download the app due to the recent negative reviews. Downloaded any way to give it a shot and it worked just fine. I got the same response as I did online. Maybe remove the app and download again.

Love it. We’ve never had a problem with this app. Thanks for having it accessible for us!

Useless, waste of time. Just tells you “Tax return still being processed. A refund date will be provided when available”. I already know that. I want to know why it’s taking so long? What is the holdup? Am I missing any documents? Time estimate? Anything? It’s been 10 weeks since I faxed some forms that were missing from my initial submission. Still not sure if the forms were received/picked up or lying on the floor someplace.

What’s going on?!. It’s been over a week since I filed, even received e-mail confirmation that my federal had been excepted, yet it keeps telling me that I have to wait 24 hrs, after confirmation email or it’ll say my information does not match. What a bunch of bull. I hurried and got them done, since it’s hard to tell if the government will shut down again, after next week, and now I’m getting nowhere with the status of my return.

Convenient App. Works great! Not sure why some people have such a difficult time with this. Must be snowflakes that can't use their minds. Just think, these people actually drive!

Hope restored. After getting nothing but “ your information does not match our records” for almost 5 months, I finally got a message saying that it was being processed. I haven’t gotten it yet but at least it put my mind at ease a LITTLE bit.

A Joke. I know my full name, social, & refund amount, yet it tells me “information doesn’t match” every time I put my information in. This app is a joke & it’s not worth downloading & taking up space on your phone. The IRS website is basically the same thing. You’d be better off calling the IRS yourself & being on hold for 45 mins & then speaking with a representative.

Good for people who didn’t file online. It just says exactly what anything else says. I could just go where I filed my taxes or check the website for this info. But I guess for people who didn’t file online this would be helpful

Great for checking refund status.. This application is great for checking the status of your federal tax return refund. It is much quicker and easier than using the IRS website on your phone. I have not used or checked out any of the other services the app provides.

Easy and simple.. I’m not sure why this app has such a low rating? You’d have to be completely incompetent to not know how to use it or to expect more.

Please fix. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who can’t access my refund. I keep getting error messages when I put my personal info in. On the IRS website itself, it sends me in a loop. Very, very frustrating!!!! If the IRS doesn’t want to be bombarded answering calls about refunds, they probably should fix this issue. Just saying!!!!

Pointless. What’s the point of the app, it’s the same as the website. I was reading all these negative reviews and I was surely they would’ve fixed it by now. I just want some kind of update like when? But no my status is stuck on being processed for almost a month now. Idk what to do anymore. They really need to update everything in fact.

To everyone that says it’s not working. You have to type in your FEDERAL refund only- not your state. So just type in what you should be getting back from ONLY your federal refund. You’re welcome! :)

Love this app. It’s easy to use, understand and navigate. It definitely helps take the pain out of the guessing game when waiting for your refund during tax time.

Refund Status Error. All I get with this stupid app is the above error message followed by: “The information does not match. Please reenter your information. Really????? My social security number I have had for over 50 years??? No. My information is right. Your system is broken. Says the same thing on their website. I sent my tax return in mid March and I get this reply from the irs. Serenity now!!!

Needs fixing. I would be able to log in perfectly fine for days then yesterday it just kept saying error when I know I have all the information in there the right way, then I went online to do it and it wouldn’t say the same thing, which made me confused

It doesn’t work. App works far worse than the actual website, which is quite a feat (not really). Tried to test it out by getting the refund status of something I definitely received. Just threw an error, couldn’t give me any info. Didn’t work on the app, but it does give me info on the website. Disappointing but not surprising.

Please help!. I had to resubmit my taxes due to an omission. Thought I would use the app to check on the progress and to be sure they received it. I keep getting the return error information. I used the suggestions from other reviews and still nothing I even entered the refund I already got and nothing! What am I doing wrong please help.

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 17+ years and older
Current Version 5.6.3
Play Store gov.irs.IRS2Go
Compatibility iOS 11.0 or later

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The application IRS2Go was published in the category Finance on 20 January 2011, Thursday and was developed by Internal Revenue Service [Developer ID: 414113285]. This program file size is 8.87 MB. This app has been rated by 3,833 users and has a rating of 2.8 out of 5. IRS2Go - Finance app posted on 19 March 2024, Tuesday current version is 5.6.3 and works well on iOS 11.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: gov.irs.IRS2Go. Languages supported by the app:

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We've added under the "Tax Help" tab a link to the new Direct File website that will allow taxpayers in states that are eligible to file directly with the IRS for free.

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