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Check your refund status, make a payment, find free tax preparation assistance, sign up for helpful tax tips, generate a login security code, and follow the latest news from the IRS - all in the latest version of IRS2Go.

Download IRS2Go and connect with the IRS whenever you want, wherever you are.

IRS2Go is the official app of the Internal Revenue Service.

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IRS2Go Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Thanks for using IRS2Go! This update contains improvements to better support new iOS and iPadOS versions and accessibility features like the VoiceOver screen reader.

IRS2Go Comments & Reviews

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- Works great!

Works great, easy to use.

- Didn’t work

Basic app that only returns an error for me, telling me that my information doesn’t match. Not very useful.

- Not accurate

Every time I check the app and put all correct information it still says the same thing that my refund is still being processed ! This is bs

- Garabage

E-filed almost 30 days ago. Still just says processing. The IRS is the worst.

- It Does Work . . .

I think people may be putting in their refund amount and not their actual direct deposit amount. If you paid a tax professional to do your taxes, you will need to put the direct deposit amount in. Example: Tax refund amount is $1000 Tax preparer fees is $200 Direct deposit amount is $800 (this is the number you would use to get your refund status) Hope that helps!

- Not working

I enter my information and there’s a error Information doesn’t match ..... Ridiculous ok, why this too, I hit send and it says enter nickname and will put next to any comments. I enter my name, Nope can’t that’s taken.

- Refund

All I seem to be able to get from the Ap is that the form I mailed over 2 months ago was received. I have tried every phone number from any Ap source and all I can get is that same answer. I can't find a option to speak with a person even though I see online where others are doing so. I have never had to go through this amount of waiting before. I usually have my payment within about 3 weeks. There is no sense in this delay or the lack of access from this Ap.

- Rarely works

I have only been able to get my refund status twice in all of the times I’ve used this app. I took the information from the account I have set up, verbatim, and put it into the status fields. It still says the information doesn’t match.

- IRS App

Works great the first time

- Not working

Not able login my information please fix it

- Error

So disappointed because it keep saying your info doesn’t match blah blah! Y’all gotta fixed this error message goin on!!

- Doesn’t work

The app did not work it said my returns was received but never approved. I went online it told me approved. This app doesn’t keep you updated on your taxes.

- Jedimaster

Crappy app, kept crashing the government, took my money, not with it. 0/10 would not recommend

- What is the point of installing this?

I installed this app a few weeks ago to track my refund status. I checked early last week and it showed a status of “Return Received.” My refund was direct deposited that afternoon. Out of curiosity I opened it a week later and it now shows a status of “Refund Approved.” If the data lag between the IRS systems is this great then it fails in the single purpose the app exists. I will be deleting this app until such time as they can get their systems to communicate in a more timely fashion.

- Can’t seem to log in

I have verified that my info is correct but I keep getting an error that it isn’t. I can’t check the status of my refund if I can log in.

- No me gusto

Hace un año funcionó más pero este año no más no me deja entrar no se si se necesita que la actualicen

- Doesn’t work

I’m definitely typing in all my information correctly and it keeps saying “information doesn’t match try again.” It’s annoying and I refuse to wait on hold for a hour or more just to ask why they app isn’t working

- Why??

The app keeps telling me that my information is wrong

- A Joke

I know my full name, social, & refund amount, yet it tells me “information doesn’t match” every time I put my information in. This app is a joke & it’s not worth downloading & taking up space on your phone. The IRS website is basically the same thing. You’d be better off calling the IRS yourself & being on hold for 45 mins & then speaking with a representative.

- Status bar

This app started with a status bar on top and disappeared a couple of weeks ago. Last year a received my refund before the app updated my status.

- Don’t ever Download waste of time 😡

I went to the app thinking it was faster but it’s not . It won’t even let me login I know my ssn and how much I will get back but it’s says it don’t match . I was doing this for basically 10 min. I even tried to delete the app and redownload it .I even restarted my phone it’s still the same .This app is trash just go online to the its way faster and better any way.

- Error

It keeps telling me the information doesn’t match. I’ve used this site for a few years and haven’t had any problems until now.

- Just like anything else the government does

I have been using this for two years and it never gives current information. It’s information is updated after the fact! Example shows return being processed. I get my return and then the information is updated at a later time. Tell me again what this application is supposed to be be for?? Deleting it now!

- Worst experience

Well I enter my information but I tells me it’s not put in correctly but it’s doesn’t even let do anything about it even tho am putting it right

- Works just fine for checking refund status!

App was very easy to use to track refund status. Found my status very easily and quickly. Can’t speak for any other use of the app.

- Super unhelpful

It seems easy but still not giving me the information i need saying that my information doesn’t match . I know my information matches ! i bet if i owe them some money they would contact me but since they owe me some can’t talk to anyone about this problem .

- App doesn't work

I was not able to log in at first, and when I finally got in, the app gave me an error. very dissapointed

- Issues with app and website

For days this app has not properly worked. We can’t enter anything. It says wrong information entered. Same info we’ve been entering just all of a sudden as of yesterday it’s wrong. I’ve sent emails, tried contacting you. Nothing works. How are we supposed to check on anything when nothings properly working?

- Worked now not

Worked for the first week then it decided I didn’t know my ssn or my file status or my refund amount even the IRS website has the same issue. Maybe the government doesn't want to pay back our “loans” we gave them.

- Faster then the irs website

Having problem work getting the message “ IS NOW SAYING REFUND ERROR INFORMATION DOES NOT MATCH” but it isn’t the app website also says the same thing so it’s something on there irs side hopefully. Because less then 24hrs ago it told me my refund should be there in a couple days

- Error

Says status error no matter what I do. I’ve filed two weeks ago. I also tried using this app last year and I went through the same thing. Please fix it already!

- Refund tracking app ... LOVE IT!

I got this app strictly to track the process of my refund. It provided simple & precise information. I’m glad it’s available.

- Doesn’t work

I’ve been trying this app for 2 days and it can’t provide me with any info on my return even though i filed weeks ago.

- Useless

Keeps saying my informations wrong, waste of time.

- If I could pick a zero I would.

Out of date, not consistent at all, has all these options to not help, the older this app is the very worse it gets. 0-5 stars? I give a 1/2 star just because it was successfully created but that’s the only thing they have going for this app right now.

- Its okay **2.5 Stars**

So the first time i tried it, it let me login but then I tried to log back in and it says error. I literally just put the same information in so I knew it wasn’t wrong and I couldn’t be wrong anyways because I know my SSN & amount i was accepted for from my actual tax papers. After it wouldn’t let me login in on app i decided to do it on the regular browser and it gave a totally different status than the app which confused me. I honestly feel you should just use browser because its literally the same thing.

- We have received your refund and it’s being processed

That’s all you’re going to get. No further information. Totally useless/pointless/waste of time. Thanks US government!

- Garbage

It keeps on saying my info doesn’t match, even though it is. Great job guys, you are the dullest crayons in the box.

- This app is meh

Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t, also they don’t give you much information on the status of your income tax return.

- Smh...

Waste of time. Doesn’t really tell the exact date/status of your refund amount.

- Useless, useless, USELESS.

This app is NOT helpful at all. DO NOT DOWNLOAD.

- It’s says it gives dates? LIES!

Yea I downloaded this app cuz I read it gave dates about when it your refund would arrive after it was on the processing stage. Well that’s a lie, this app is similar same as the Don’t give no dates it does have helpful information.

- Taxation

Taxation is theft.

- Garbage

App is telling me “Refund status error. Information does not match. Renter your information. All the info I have IS correct

- Thanks great APP

This is easy to access. U just need to know your SSN/TIN, Statues Single/Married/HH and the amount$$$ you’re getting (no comma/no space) And tadaah!!! It will show you... But if it took a long time and over 21-30 days. That means you’re tax returns might be in the middle of investigations (either you owe/child support/thief/etc.) Or U can call them ASAP 1-800-829-1040

- IRS2Go app

Every time I enter my info it will say I’ve entered the wrong info. Why is my app not working?


So I’ve been using this app for yrs and never had a issue and a few days ago everything was fine now it has no status bar and it’s not giving accurate information, for example checked my daughters refund status using the app and it said still processing but I got an alert from the bank that refund was deposited. PLEASE FIX THE DANG ON APP & WEBSITE. We want accurate information

- Trash App

If I could leave the stars blank I would (meaning ZERO). No point in having it if keeps saying “NETWORK UNREACHABLE” this has been going on for 3 weeks now

- Worthless

Simply doesn’t work at all.

- New Updates not so great

The app recently updated and now it doesn’t show my status in that bar at the top, the bar is actually gone now.

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- Don’t waste your time with this app

My bank knows when my refund is being deposited not this app. This app is a waste of time so don’t bother. Just call your financial institution they will know before this app will. This is just my experience with it. The bank told me exactly when it will be deposited while this app is stuck on return received.

- Error. Error. Error.

Keeps giving me an "Information does not match our records" error message even though it's exactly what's on my return.

- You really think this works?

Should’ve followed my gut and pass this one up. But against my better judgment I downloaded it anyway. Complete waste of time.

- Trash

The app keeps saying error when I’ve entered in all my info correctly and that’s not cool this app is worthless

- Cash Grab.

Used to be able to track my refund on turbo tax. They force you to use this app now. Just to give a generic time frame, and get that sweet download kickback.

- Doesn’t work

Says can’t find my info. Website works fine.

- Doesn’t work

It’s saying my information is invalid when it’s the information I used to turbo tax and the website says I have to wait till the IRS received my taxes which they did 13 days ago and got the confirmation email saying they’ve been accepted

- Idk

I enter my information to view the status of my taxes and it keeps saying my information is incorrect


I know for a fact that all my information is put in right. But it tells me that it’s not. I used this app last year (2019) and it worked well! I don’t know what bay happened then????? Ugh I have no choice but to delete it .

- Doesn’t Work at all

As others have said, it’s apparently broken. I entered all my information correctly and it says otherwise. App developer needs to get this fixed. In fact the website itself has the same error.

- Waste Of Time

I entered all my information CORRECTLY it will still tell me that information is wrong and to re-enter info. App use to be good years ago not any longer.

- My head is spinning

This app is Terrible, I gave it a 1 star only because I had to. It asks for your information then sends you to a redirect page that redirects you back to where I started.

- Worst

It doesn’t work at all.

- Does not work

App keeps telling me my info is incorrect and I know beyond any doubt that it is. I’ve used this app multiple times over the past few years and it worked fine but someone there has broken it. I even tried this app on Android. Same thing. Broken.

- Crap app

Filed on 5th at hrblock they say my stuff was excepted and irs working on refund but this app doesn’t tell me anything except error message 😡

- Trash.

Not accurate and doesn’t allow me access even after I’ve filled everything correctly for refund status. Ironic how the IRS takes notes of your faults but can’t fix their own.

- Lousy

Hasn’t worked at all. Useless. Error message every time I try to use it.

- Can’t figure app out

Can’t use it don’t know how

- Good

Every time I ask for when is going to come they always tell me the day

- Horrible

I am entering the correct information to check my return and it keeps saying it’s wrong!

- Hey this worked well.

All I needed it for so far was for the free tax filing lookup and it was awesome. Has several options and I chose TaxAct which went very smoothly. No probs

- Great for checking refund status.

This application is great for checking the status of your federal tax return refund. It is much quicker and easier than using the IRS website on your phone. I have not used or checked out any of the other services the app provides.

- Great app

everything works fine i use this every year to check the status on my taxes

- Prior year returns

You cannot check prior year returns. Meaning this is 2019 and I filed 2017 taxes. You cannot see the status of the 2017 tax returns on the app.

- This is a simple and fantastic app.

This app isn’t fancy, it’s not going to impress you with an awesome interface, but it does it’s job well, and that is what matters most. I have been using it since it came out, and just realized how much I like it when I decided I couldn’t delete it from my phone even tho tax season is still at least two months away. Lord help me, I’m a nerd.

- Terrible App

This app is awful. I downloaded it because the IRS wants a security code inputted from the 2go app, but I’m not getting the code. This app is useful and just makes the whole tax preparation process even more stressful. And of course there’s no number easily accessible to call about this.

- Did not work!

I know my last name and how to spell it. I know my Social Security number. Somehow, however, in entering this information three times and confirming its accuracy, the app said it was incorrect and would not let me proceed. First, it would say my last names didn’t match, and after a couple of times entering the same information, the app would say my social security numbers didn’t match. Then, after entering same numbers a couple of times, it say my last names didn’t match, starting the cycle over again. After three attempts, I gave up and will call the local IRS office in the morning.

- Uhh

I owe money to the IRS so I was hoping this app would make making payments a lot easier but it doesn’t. Please add a feature for login access to your account so that you can see your balance. Also add saved payments option so that I can just enter the amount I want to pay and click submit. It could all be so simple BUT I have to type in my name, social, address, tax year, card info EVERY SINGLE MONTH! There has to be an easier way

- Very few services through the app

Most links open in a browser window, which defeats the purpose of downloading the app. Web site says you can generate a login code through the app and this is not an available option.

- Where’s my status

It’s been 2 weeks since my taxes were filed online and I still cannot pull up a status. Nice work!

- Useless

Trying to track a refund from 2017 that had to be filed on paper. IRS won’t let you call. Want you to use an app when I can’t get 2018 accepted electronically until 2017 is accepted...

- I want my refund

I just downloaded the app and tried entering my info to find out my status and it keeps saying an error has occurred and to re-enter my info

- As useful as calling them...

Your tax dollars at work with this app, and if you can't access the information you need good luck calling the IRS "assistance" line. Be prepared to wait, be given an attitude by a rep and told they can't access your file either. Embarrassing.

- Not updated at all

The app and online site never once updated in the 3 months and 6 days we had to wait for our refund. We got the refund direct deposited into our account yesterday and the app still says our refund is being processed. We did get a little bit of interest since the funds were held for so long though

- Unable to Print

The app worked fine for making a payment but will not print. There was a Print button on the bottom of the confirmation page but nothing happens. I can print from Apple Mail & Safari but not from this app. App worked fine for me otherwise.

- Head’s spinning

All I want is to set up an online account to check my balance and be sure my last payment went through. I’m going around in circles with no results. Why is this So difficult! IRS site will not complete my online registration. I’ve tried many, many times. I give up!

- 🤦🏼‍♀️ basura garbage

does not work this app ..

- Pathetic

Still waiting on my refund and they are horrible at giving information. They do not try to be helpful, they are impossible to reach or talk to. When you get to, usually you get boned and you get the line, there is no further information or there is nothing we can do for you. Really. What is the point of the IRS other than to hunt people down and play with out money. So over Illinois and this government being lazy.

- Refund Status Error

It doesn’t let you access your info even when you put in everything correctly.

- Network unreachable

Won't show return, keeps saying network unreachable.

- Waste of time

App constantly tells me my information is wrong...I was in the military for 6 years...if there is one thing that I know for sure it’s my SSN

- Refund status error

This App is useless

- Refund

This app needs a contact us button to ask questions. You received my tax return March 7 and I have still not received it and it still says processing. What the what? I’ve never had a return take this long. That’s our government.

- Status Redund

This stupid thing without even open!

- Not cracked screen friendly

Set up horizontal mode

- I am over a week overdue

And the app keeps telling me the same thing. Being processed. You would think that after the 21 day or less expectation that the IRS gives for an electronic refund, they would have more to say.

- Always has errors.

Enter info and I get the mismatch error. All the info is correct. Got a refund already but this app never worked. Same issue with the website.

- Never

Not worth it doesn’t tell you anything just tells you to go to the website. Plus it doesn’t tell you exactly how many more days/weeks until your taxes arrive either. Again it tells you go to the site or it’s gonna tell you the same thing the tax people said to you at the end of your meeting.

- Needs work

Did not work. I put the correct info in and it came up with errors.

- It Doesn’t Work

I’ve attempted to enter in my information multiple times however there is an error message. I am positive all of the information entered is correct yet nothing. I will definitely be deleting the app. I have no use for it. I can’t track anything.

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@jmoneyjr215 Get the IRS2Go app. You should be able to track it by entering the info they ask for

Taxpayers can check the status of their refund on or the IRS2Go App

Dude fuck the irs, fuck IRS2Go app and especially fuck @IRStaxpros and @IRSnews, I was never the victim of identity…

I was sent this link, you can download an app called IRS2GO To track your check and more I'm about to use it

does the IRS2Go app work for this check ?or.......

@lucyegp We got it just over a week late! My husband owed taxes from 2017 so it took longer to process that and che…

🙄✌🏽....... #IRS2GO

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IRS2Go iphone images
IRS2Go iphone images
IRS2Go iphone images
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IRS2Go ipad images
IRS2Go ipad images
IRS2Go ipad images
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IRS2Go (Version 5.4.5) Install & Download

The applications IRS2Go was published in the category Finance on 2011-01-20 and was developed by Internal Revenue Service [Developer ID: 414113285]. This application file size is 14.67 MB. IRS2Go - Finance posted on 2019-12-15 current version is 5.4.5 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions.

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