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What is documents: file manager & docs app? Documents is the super app for iPhone & iPad. Read, listen, view and annotate almost anything you want on your iPad and iPhone. Files, documents, books, and any content is at home in Documents by Readdle.

The Documents app is the most capable application on your iOS device. It’s the hub for all your files. Our app replaces a document viewer, PDF reader, "read it later", music and video player, file downloader, cloud integrator, and other useful applications – in one elegant app experience.

Amazing attention to detail, unmatched stability and design differ Documents from any app you have on the iPhone or iPad. Use it for all of your needs at the home, office, university, or on the go every single day. Whether you need it to play audio, video, transfer files, edit PDFs or more, the Documents app has you covered.

An audio player, file or download manager and editor – all in one app. Our features bring you everything you need to get it all done. Just have a look at the shortlist of features that the Documents app allows you to do simply and conveniently.


• Listen to music online and offline with the Documents app
• Watch movies by importing them from your computer or online sources
• Get great and easy access to your photo and video library

• Manage your files and create folders for all of your needs
• Use features like zip/unzip, color tag, rename and others
• Easily share files with friends, colleagues, coworkers and others
• Drag and drop files across apps. Just open two Readdle apps in Split View on iPad* and simply move files between them

• All your cloud storage is placed in the “My Files” section
• Import files from your computer, cloud, WebDav, or any nearby devices
• With the Documents app, you can download files from the Web
• Store email attachments in a single place
• Easily save web pages to read them later

• Open Office files and eBooks with a few taps
• View and mark up PDFs right from Documents
• Modify PDF text and images with a few taps
• Manage pages in your PDFs for organized files
• Convert anything into a PDF easily

• Connect all cloud services to Documents and access your personal and business files anytime
• Work in iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, and other Services without downloading files
• Set up two-way sync to specific folders to automatically upload your files

• Our VPN encrypts your data to keep you safe from peering eyes
• Add a layer of additional protection to your files and information with a password

• Contextual recommendations that save your time, suggesting the best next action to take.

Documents won App Store Editors' Choice in 70+ countries

"It's a tool that will help you stay better organized." - The Verge
"The app is super quick, it looks good and options are easy to locate and use." - The Next Web
"A surprising versatile app for consumers and businesses alike." - USA Today

Documents is a must-have app for your iPhone and iPad!
If you choose to purchase Documents Plus, payment will be charged to your iTunes account, and your account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. Auto-renewal may be turned off at any time by going to your settings in the iTunes Store after purchase. Current Documents Plus subscription price starts at $12,49 USD/month. Prices are in US dollars, may vary in countries other than the US, and are subject to change without notice. If you don’t choose to purchase Documents Plus, you can simply continue using Documents for free. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when you purchase a subscription, where applicable.

Read more about our terms and conditions here:

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App Name Documents: File Manager & Docs
Category Productivity
Updated 22 May 2023, Monday
File Size 233.8 MB

Documents: File Manager & Docs Comments & Reviews 2023

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Great app... but terrifying upsale pricing. I've been using this app for years, and can safely expect to enjoy every interaction with it. (NOT a thing I say lightly - I used to suffer a significant anxiety disorder.) However, it seems Documents contains a most dire surprise for the unwary. Today the PDF viewer offered me a free trial of a Reader Mode. As expected, it looked excellent; I fully expect it would be a significant improvement to my reading experience. Nevertheless, prudence requires checking the actual price of a feature before trialling its use, and there I discovered the booby-trap under the seat: The iOS app store describes ten possible in-app purchases, at three price points... about $12-13; $50; and _$90_!!! Even stranger, three of the offered purchases are duplicates referencing a single other app by the same developers; while the remaining seven are duplicates of a single upgrade to something called “Documents Plus”, at - SOMEHOW - two very different price points. Now, I don't really care how awesome Documents Plus is. If only one feature, and a luxury _convenience_ at that, has induced me to even LOOK at the upgrade in the whole time I've used Documents... that is _not_ going to be worth $50 or $90 to me. What are you people even thinking?!

Oh god the massive icons. 2nd EDIT: I feel like I’ve been a bit harsh. Sorry devs, i know you work hard to make a great product. I just checked, and i first downloaded Documents (and also Scanner Pro) in 2010! That’s how long I’ve been on the Readdle train, and have been a happy customer the whole time. I still hope you give us the option to have small icons again though. :) EDIT: I appreciate the dev response, but it’s basically “You’ll get used to it”. I don’t use the grid view and I don’t want massive icons on my screen ok any view. I’m pretty sure this goes against Apple’s design guidelines (none of their apps use massive icons). Of course you can make your app how you want, but just in case you need an example that you are the anomaly. Please at least give us the option to resize. I don’t have a phablet-sized screen. ORIGINAL: Did you even do some UX testing, or just decide that you personally liked this better? My eyes are burning. Please follow Apple’s UI and UX guidelines. Or at least give us a “normal size” button so we can choose. Also, reading your reply to another review, I don’t want to see all this information the massive icons allow.

Absolutely love it. I absolutely love this! It’s a amazing app to use (I use it on IOS). I mostly use it so I can listen to songs or podcasts while I work on school homework. Now this is my complaint that I want to being up currently on some videos and some that I have already downloaded before that worked keep on saying “Service not Available”. Now I do it the same way as always do. Copy link for song (from the share button), paste it in the bar, press the arrow, download, and done. Now it’s just doing the no service thing. And when I listen to the music or podcasts while it’s closed it doesn’t go to the next automatically (that’s just a nitpick on that problem). However even with that it’s still and amazing app and I live using it so it still gets a 5 stars from me.

I am irritated by one slight change. The app used to be absolutely fantastic for file managing and such. Recently, I updated the app to gain access to some new features; I've been putting off installing the updates, due to the fact my fears might be realized (which they were). I'll just get straight to the point, because I want this fixed as soon as possible: I cannot download any jpgs/pngs directly to the app online anymore. I can only download them to my camera roll. I thought this might be a change in some sites I've been using for some time now, but not a single one works! I can only convert them into PDFs. I want there to be an option for BOTH. This is the biggest drawback to me, as I use this app almost exclusively for this purpose. I hope this issue is addressed soon, as this was a feature that I relied on heavily. This should not be something locked behind a subscription service (this is a basic function and should not be something I am charged for, the rest of the premium features I understand). Sincerely, Anna Kakomanolis

Great product!. I use this app for managing files & PDF’s across a lot of platforms. I actually use this to access DropBox, SharePoint & Google Drive docs w/o using the other apps. Everything in one location makes it easy. I work in new housing construction, and use the tools here do similar (light-weight comparatively of course) markups to what you can do in PlanGrid on house plans, but in a lot cheaper & more cohesive platform for small projects. I use my iPencil to take notes when reviewing building sites, and love that I can take pictures & drag them directly onto the plans. It is so easy to save docs/Pdf’s to SharePoint for the at-office team to see, or to iCloud to save space on my iPad. There are a lot of tools within Documents that make this my most used app on my iPad.

Just a couple hickups. I am a student of languages and use documents for all it's worth. I have hundreds of books. Some of which number in the thousands of pages including multivolume encyclopedias and dictionaries. It is absolutely excellent but there is room for improvement. I am using a 2020 iPad pro with 256GB of storage and 6gb memory, but it still fails to display covers of my books. This is seemingly random happening to some big books and other small documents. The covers still show up in apple files app. I use the apple pencil 2nd gen and sometimes the app does not reject my palm. It really struggles with notebooks imported from good notes in the PDF format. Sometimes my documents kick me out while Im reading them. Not sure if this is a readdle issue or an apple issue but it's really annoying when Im reading and it has to close, update, then I can reopen. For the time it saves me and the usefulness it is the best app out there, but there's still room for improvement. Hopefully my feedback doesn't fall on deaf ears.

Amazing app with one large flaw. This is my go to app to study on. The multiple tabs/windows that update each other instantly. The ability to have multiple highlighted quickly to access in the favorites toolbar. The only flaw i have found is with a missing tool. Switching from highlighter to non highlighter every time i want to define a word and then having to click the word and then the definition option slows down my workflow. This would definitely be a 5 star app if there was a tool I could add to my favorites bar that would let my click a word and its definition automatically popped up. Other than that this is an amazing app and definitely worth it’s subscription price. Thank you for this app!

Only one problem. Now, I love this app to death, in a lot of ways it’s superior to the stock files app, however theres only little problem I have with it. I make music, and when I finish it I usually like to download the file to my phone to see how it would sound on my airpods and if the mixing needs some polishing (because as you know, music tends to sound different according to the audio device its played on, one song may sound good on one device but bad on another if the mixing isnt perfect). I export them in ogg format and this app has support for that (which is great) so I play it through this. However the problem is the audio seems to play in mono, not stereo, which is not good for a stereo song playing on stereo earphones. I have looked into it to make sure the file itself is not in mono and no, it isn’t. Other than this very small and nitpicky issue though, this app is really good, and I appreciate how many files it supports.

*FIXED!* Why is everything suddenly HUGE?!. ***Update: Sanity has been restored; thanks for listening!*** The name of the app is “DOCUMENTS,” its stated purpose is to manage DOCUMENTS, its main utility is interacting with DOCUMENTS. Clearly the key functionality is DOCUMENTS — DOCUMENTS with an -S, as in plural, as in many. …so why on earth would you REDUCE the number of documents you can see on a screen?! Why would you make it take MORE TIME and MORE WORK to manage the same number of documents as before?! Why would you fill the document manager with giant icons, instead of, oh I don’t know, DOCUMENTS?! There’s a reason no other app has this awful formatting. Take a lesson from the native Files app — when you’re surpassing even Apple in putting form over function, you know you’ve gone off the deep end! Please return the icons to a normal human size — or at least provide the option to resize them.

Excellent file management system. As a new iPad user, I became rather frustrated over how locked down the iPad’s file system is, almost to the point where I wanted to take it back for a refund. It’s nearly impossible to move files around or open them up in other apps unless you hook up to iTunes via a desktop. I stumbled across this app by pure accident and it has completely changed the way I use my iPad for the better. I use it as my file system where I organize my files, and can easily open them between apps. I’ve connected my google drive and Dropbox for easy file access across my phone and pc without ever having to deal with iTunes. I’ve even been using it as my photo viewer and MP3 player. Overall this is an essential app that I would highly recommend using rather than subjecting yourself to Apple’s ridiculous file prison system they have in place.

They fixed it (kind of). So I reviewed this app half a year ago mentioning that the app works great for my use case, but every single time I want to download a file I find it almost impossible to select the file on the first try. The tiny button you have to push to open the share menu requires so much precision to press that it is always an annoyance. While the new redesign did not fix the button itself, it added a pop-up at the bottom of the app when you add a new file which allows you to access the share menu with a much bigger button. Not the fix I was expecting, but totally solved my problem. _______________________________________ Original review: The (...) button on each file is almost impossible to tap, at least on the iPhone 12 Mini. I have to try at least 6 times times every time I want to download a video, meanwhile the video will start up every time I miss the button by a few pixels. I don’t have thick fingers it’s just a really small area the button will accept a tap from. Please make it bigger.

Was the best, not anymore with 7. I use this app everyday for PDF annotation with my apple pencil. Previously you could have 4 different pens saved with different colors, opacities, and thicknesses. Now you only get one and you have to manually change the settings every time you want to use a different color. The only way around this I can find is if you pay $50 a year to save different writing utensils in the favorites. I am extremely disappointed as I don't have the time to manually change the color and thickness every 30 seconds while I am switching back and forth for work. Also, before with the apple pencil, I could use the pencil once with one of the mark up tools and after that my finger would only scroll. Now each time I switch writing utensils, when I attempt to scroll with my finger, it writes instead of scrolling. Even when selecting the utensil with the pencil, it often requires me to select it several times before it will write. When switching between different lined pdf documents, the lines will often disappear and I will have to quit the app and restart it for the lines to come back. Used to be 5 stars, now down to 1 until they fix these issues. I am really disappointed, this was the most useful app and I loved everything about it, but this update has made me want to find a new app to replace this one.

Takes up over 15 GB??. I’ve been using this app for a year or two, and when I wanted to free up some space on my phone, I looked and saw that the app takes up 15 GB OF SPACE, depsite only having around 1-3 GB of files in the app. That’s more than my giant photos app of 10 GB! So either: A) It’s downloading all my photos again (I would have no idea why). I don’t think this is right, as deleting photos in the app deletes them also in the photos app. B) What the top review posted, which is the files aren’t deleting from the device. This makes sense, as I’ve had some fairly large files in the past. That’s a huge bummer because the rest of the app is pretty darn great and useful! Redownloading is just inconvenient and annoying, why is it cached or something?? Is it a data collection thing where they’re collecting user file data to “””improve the app””” (or sell to advertisers)? I have no idea, but the point is that this app unnecessarily hogs space on my phone (about 1/3 of the 64GB storage), and that’s not good. It might start out seeming small and harmless, but you’ll probably rack up a few GB over time, leading to a massive amount of randomly consumed storage, seemingly for no reason. Please fix this, it’s not helpful in any way. Or maybe I’m just doing something wrong. Maybe I have a random 12 GB file somewhere (although I’ve thoroughly checked). I dunno. Anyone other than me and the top review have this issue?

2 videos to camera roll & downloading issues. I’m not sure if maybe I haven’t figured it out yet but so far to my knowledge I can’t save only one video to my camera roll, I have to go through a process in which I have to copy the video to my iCloud, go allll the way over to my files app & click to save that one video because I have to save at least 2 videos to my camera roll if I only use this app. It’s frustrating because there’s videos I don’t want to save but end up saving just so I could download one. I also use this app to download twitter videos (mainly) & there are occasions I download a twitter video, it’s downloaded, shows a preview photo & everything but I come back a couple hours later & it says the file can not be played so that entire video is gone & I can’t find it again. It’s again very frustrating & confusing. But it’s a very useful app other than those problems I pointed out. If it’s a problem on my part I’d love to get feedback on how to fix it so I can change my review to 5 stars!

Always gettin better. Update: straight up proof imo that this has the best video player out there. I received a 4K hd clip recently and 3 of the top video players in AppStore I use do not match the resolution quality as the video player in Documents, plus that’s only a portion of the apps usefulness, too. The fact they can do it all so well while their country is under attack is amazing. Keep up the great work amidst the chaos over there. This app has been on my phone for a long time and it continues to get better. I use it everyday for multiple purposes, music player is really good too. A necessary app for every iPhone. I’d also like to add that the video player within this app is one of the best video media players out there. Trust me I’ve seen a lot over the years and most I deleted. The vertical full screen view capabilities this has is better than all the rest Imo.

Best App for Documents. I had tested a lot of apps and this one was by far the best! It opens really quickly and it’s very responsive and easy to edit. The printer also works really good on it. However it’s not 100% perfect right now. Hopefully my review may change that. When I want to create a new blank document. I have to first click on edit and then tap more and then tap create text icon. That is three steps which is very annoying when I’m creating several new documents a day. There should be a button that you just tap once or A double tap. That would literally saved me a lot of taps per month. But that is my only complaint and nothing is perfect in life. This app has save me so much time and has made it possible for me to get a lot of work done on my phone that I normally have to do on my desktop. Thanks again for creating a great reliable app

Liking & using more than expected!. Very nice app to help organize all the files as well as see them...and then do something with them as needed. It is an Efficient app and I use it a lot. But I do wish they would do a better job INTEGRATING their apps to work together much more efficiently, and auto magical...and not need to go searching through the next doc or pic managing app u need. Like the printer app they have should open automatically after u send a web doc or photo to it but you have to hunt for the app...THEN name and save the file or pic to manage the data! That’s very cumbersome. I also wish the printer app work with this app. I’d love for them to make an app that allows us to manage our photos and screen shots right away as we take the photo or screen capture. I have 1000s of screen shots in a mess even though I try to use photo folders. But they are too small of photos to see to do mass classification. I like this Doc app because u can tag things easily and also see them reasonably well (although I Wish there was a “space less” version that has the images as big as possible so we can see them and peg it with the correct tags when we are doing group classifications.

Works perfectly every time! Best app ever! 👍👍. Works perfectly and never fails. I can’t say that about any of the other apps that I have ever downloaded. Out of hundreds and hundreds of apps this one is my absolute favorite because it just does what it’s supposed to do and it was free. They don’t pester me to rate them or leave a review. There is not a constant barrage of annoying ads that forced me to waste 30 seconds of my life watching some annoying commercial for games that are going to make me a millionaire just for playing bingo. Nope, none of that and I greatly appreciate it and that’s why I’m leaving a review, because they didn’t ask me to. They earned a good review and rating. Spent their time making a quality product instead of begging for accolades or promising free stuff in return for a good review like so many other do. So thank you for making a app that I enjoy using just as much today as I did 5 years ago when I first downloaded it! 🙏

Love it, but problem of late. I wrote a review and gave 3 stars that I will leave intact in case someone else has the same problem I had. I was able to fix the issue myself with a soft reboot of my iPad Pro. I saw a review on another app that had an issue that was fixed this way so thought I would try it. It worked! In love with this app! This has been a WONDERFUL app, but in the last few days some of my PDF files are EMPTY! Working on an iPad Pro with everything updated. Readdle’s PDF Converter working great, but when I choose to open in Documents it’s EMPTY! Will open as a good PDF file just fine in Google Drive.I know you guys can fix this quickly. This is the FIRST problem I’ve had after years of using your app on my iPads. Ready to give 5 stars again as soon as it’s fixed. You guys have ALWAYS had a great app here ... it’s ALWAYS been my “go to” PDF app even with downloading and testing many others.

New update : Lost all downloads, files , videos. I opened the app this morning (on my phone ),after using it the previous night , it began to automatically update to I guess this new version...I went to play music files and video files I stored for months, now none of them play or open. Everything says unable to play file or open file ...I tried to see if I could share them to another file storer on my phone so I could open there but it said it couldn’t read the file to share it . What can be done to open the stored files , videos and music downloads to have them functioning again ? I was literally using this app every day/night . I would appreciate some assistance. Thanks .

My most used app but still confined to limited view options. Considering all of the features that make this app truly stand out from every other file organization app I am disappointed and very frustrated that it lacks the very basic ability to customize how files are sorted. Name, date and size are generally useless when working with images. I need to be able to group copies/revisions of the same image together and still view them as part of the full set as opposed to isolating them in a separate folder. Other than that lack of functionality and major inconvenience, Documents is perfect for a naturally very disorganized person like myself who has pieces parts of important files everywhere- multiple cloud storage accounts, multiple devices, and multiple people editing the documents.

Multitool of document apps. I have downloaded this app about a month ago, and during this time I have had no issues with it whatsoever. Obviously with more time I may find a bug or two, but not yet. The app itself has many features, not all of which I have needed to use, but cool ones which I was pleasantly surprised to learn about. This app features a built in VPN, although limited in the free version, is still useful as is, it has a browser within the app, along with all of the expected document managing features like cloud access and whatever it may be. There are for sure some features I don’t even know about. I have dropbox and apple’s files, and neither have as many features as this, I mean, theres only so much improvement you can do to a document app so this app is the same as the other plus more. The only thing that wasn’t optimal for me was during the initial launch where you have example files loaded which simply caused confusion on my part. I’d recommend this app 5/5

LACKING, PLEASE ADD THE FOLLOWING!!!. Your app is the one of best for all document and file manger apps, however it is lacking a few important items needed for a true document manager and editing app. It is strongly suggested that you add these capabilities before Apple develops a full file manager app that includes them and steal your competitive edge: 1. Ruler and protractor to draw curves for hand drawing and drafting capabilities. 2. Custom pdf importing where a user can import any size template he or she wants. For example, an engineering student can easily write engineering calculations with ease with a pen and a rule. IOS does this but lacks all the features in Documents. It is steps ahead but will lose ground if it does not evolve and adapt. Give it full writing, drawing and drafting capability as if it was pencil, mechanical pen or pen and paper and notepad. Keep it simple and treat a pdf as if it was a sheet of paper any size with any texture. Continue to make your app adaptable to the users needs instead of forcing the user to adapt your tools. Again, the best approach is to treat a pdf as a sheet of paper and giving flexibility. This app has potential to be the best but still is lacking. Once the app is like using real paper then it will be truly a 5 star app. I hope you act on my suggestions. AW

Can you access files on your device?. Hi. I got documents since I wanted a better file manager than the default iOS one that was kind of limited in features. So I went to Documents. Don’t get me wrong - this is an AMAZING app. The integrations, browser, free VPN, Siri Shortcuts, and so on make it a great choice for managing your files on iPad. But still am wondering something. Is there an option to browse through files already ON your device? For example, if I can see the content of my Google Drive in documents, can I view my iCloud Drive? There is an option in the sidebar for this, but yet, than only opens the Files app full screen to pick a file to preview in Documents. Can I browse through the files On my iPad and in iCloud Drive using the documents app and have the changes also apply in the Files app? This would allow me to work with the files already on my device using the amazing tools that Documents has. One feature I’m finding helpful is the ability to see how much storage space a folder takes up, since the Files app on iPadOS dosen’t have that by default. Is the Documents app supposed to be a separate file storage place than your device’s local storage, or can the two areas mix? So that’s what I’m wondering. But other than that, Documents is a great app!

Perfect File Management App. This is one of the rare app reviews I will actually take the time to write. Documents by Readdle is a file management app that iPhone lacked for as far as I can remember, with a convenient browser for downloads, a pdf reader, music and video player, and other file management capabilities. Files is child’s play in comparison. Documents is especially great for its convenient browser, which allows you to download content straight into the app, whereas with the Files app you have to make awkward downloads in Safari and switch to the comparatively crude Files app to access them. Documents has provided the integrated media access abilities that Apple itself failed to for so long that even now while Apple is catching up, Documents remains a clearly superior app. Looking to download & watch videos quickly and conveniently? Documents has got you covered Want to archive a webpage for safe keeping or viewing offline? Documents has your back Looking for a good way to organize your mp3 files and make playlists? Documents is here for you Want an app to both download & read pdfs with? What are you waiting for? Readdle could not be more generous in making this app free—I would pay good money for it if it weren’t Enjoy the integration, ease of use, and functionality that only Readdle’s Documents can provide.

Lagish Looks. It’s a great app, can’t complain there. Have enjoyed it since the day I started using it but the newest update are making it lag these days. If I open two tabs or switch between tabs or during when it rotates when using the browser is when the lags try to show up. And also, the last update, when I open more than two tab simultaneously, everything messes up. It gets stuck at tab switching and makes everything look funny. The main tab I was trying to view remains big but the other tabs show small at top and bottom like a single page with all the tabs previewed. Do I have to uninstall and reinstall the app? This uninstall and reinstalling apps after a major update is becoming to show more openly and I find that disturbing with this iPhone business these days

one of the best apps but recently it has gone down. Ive been using this app for years and never have i had this problem . I use this app for music and my unreleased music and i never had problems playing music continuously but now everytime the song ends and goes on to the next one , the song is playing but theres no sound and it will continue to do that for 3 or 4 songs and then another would play perfectly fine sound and all and then when goes to the next one theres no sound again . I really do love this app but this problem has start to become very annoying and unbearable . Just updated the app as well and it still continues to do it .

For all the updates they do…. …it seems that both this program and PDF Expert share the same flaw: they will both crash in the background unexpectedly, especially when music or video is playing in the background. I cannot tell you how many times I am doing something in Documents or PDF, minimize the app to go to a different one, come back, and am greeted with the app restarting itself over and over again. It is especially annoying when I am listening to music or a video and the sound goes dead because guess what! The app crashed AGAIN. This app has all the potential in the world, especially for one that’s been around for so long, but what exactly are all these updates you’re pumping out doing if I am still experiencing crashes upon crashes upon crashes besides making the in-app icons needlessly huge with no option to make them as small as they were again? Do better. EDIT: Oh, and by the way? Putting what used to be a FREE FEATURE (MP3 extraction from videos) behind a subscription service paywall? Real classy, guys. It pays for all the super cool updates we get? What’s the point of those updates IF THEY DON’T EVEN WORK? This sounds more like a really sleazy way to force people to sign up since PDF editing tools and VPN weren’t cutting it and if it weren’t for the fact that I still have use for this app, I would kick it to the curb for practices like this.

So much better than the Files app. This app is a real Finder, letting you organize files any way you want to instead of only separated by app. You can set apps such as Pages to use Documents as their default storage area for new files. (Unfortunately there are permission errors trying to move or copy existing documents from app-specific storage so you have to share/open in Documents from the app the first time.) Documents uses the exact same interface for local documents, photos, and multiple cloud storage services. It has full text indexing and many other features Files lacks. With one glaring exception it uses screen real estate more intelligently - the exception being the big floating plus sign (and occasionally media player) that covers up part of the file list and individual file controls.

Player list editing is broken. When songs are deleted from PLAYER tab list or rearranged there, they keep coming back and/or returning to their old positions. After several weeks of using app, I still cannot figure out a way to delete songs that would reliably delete them, which means that my player queue keeps growing, and all attempts to rearrange it in proper order are failing, too. This is extremely annoying - there are some songs that I had deleted dozens of times, and still they keep coming back as soon as something else is imported from browser download folder - even though these songs have been long deleted from that browser folder, too. And of course, it means that this player list keeps growing no matter what I do - I'm seriously thinking about using delete app and reinstall as the only way to clear it available to me, even though I'll have to recreate it from scratch after that.

Great for music. The app is great and allows you to download your music offline for free. It does take some of your space, however. But with hundreds of files easily stored in one app makes the app convenient. In my documents, I mainly use it for downloading music offline. However, the controls the app allows you when listening to music hasn’t been working very well for me. The music that I first play works. But when moving on to the next song, It usually freezes. The play/pause buttons on Bluetooth headphones and so on do not play the song when facing the issue. So it becomes a pain to open your phone in order for a single song to play, especially when working out. Despite the control issues with music, it’s a great app which allows you to do so much more!

THE Most used app on my iPhone!. I use this app for everything from my class materials, keeping important correspondence and storing copies of important pictures and sound files, song lyrics, webpages, business documents-you name it! The ONLY other app I use close to D is Keep-which I use for quick notes and often store a copy in D. Being able to back everything up to Dropbox, Box or iCloud with just a tap or two has been a LIFE(Work)-SAVER! When I get a new iPad every year or so, this is the first app I install and organize. The utility of this app is unmatched and I can’t remember EVER having any glitches! As an older person, taking classes despite my age & severe ADD; I desperately need things to keep me organized, make sure I have doubles & triplets in some cases, and a self-explanatory GUI-Documents provides it ALL AND MORE! THANK YOU!

Serious Search Function Issue. I’m using version 7.0.2 on an iPad air2 running OS 13.2. The search function is critical for me. I search hundreds of documents at a time for key words then copy and past paragraphs containing those key words into a Pages file. Once the search has been performed, if you stay within Documents it will hold the search results. The moment you leave Documents to go to Pages and then return to Documents the search data is gone and the search has to be performed again. Effectively, I can no longer use Documents for searching, ever so unfortunately. There are also multiple other smaller annoying bugs to deal with. My advice, re-release the last version 6...... before version 7.0 and work out the bugs before putting out a product that is not up to the usual Documents high standards.

Can’t say enough good things!!! ❤️💙💚💛🧡. There are literally a hundred reasons to download this app!! It has turned my mobile devices into full fledged computers and allows me flexibility I can’t find with any other app or combination of apps. You can use it as an eReader for books (it’s great!), you can listen to music, you can file your documents, you can listen to audiobooks, you can seamlessly interface with iCloud, you can mark up PDFs—you can do almost ANYTHING with this app!! I downloaded this app for a single use, and I now use it for too many things to count. I LOVE IT!! Readdle, you guys are completely amazing and have transformed my mobile experience. Keep up the amazing innovation and interoperability! 💖

Can’t search all files, unable to search by file extension. Edit: ALL the most recent reviews here have a developer response… except mine I downloaded this so I can search for files by extension STORED ON MY IPAD. —this app does not have that capability. Also I want to search for a folder by name, but it can’t do that either. I also want to see all the file extensions for all my files in one place while I am browsing and navigating the files stored on my device. Again, no function for this on this app. This app can’t navigate your files! All it does is forward you to the basic iPadOS Files app which doesn’t have any of these search functions. What is the point of this app if I can’t search and navigate my files from within it? I have a browser, a pdf app, a music player etc, I do not need any of that, this supposed to be a file manager but it can’t do basic functions for actual file management or searches.

DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!!!! SCAM WARNING!!!!!!!!. I am a long time explorer of documents (this app) I do a lot of changing like mov to mp4 but over time I realized I wanted to use mod for Minecraft (I’m 12) so I used documents changed it to Mc pack and..... bingo it worked. But a update came along and I decided to update the app. I load in because I need to do pdf editing and boom. It hit me. 50 dollars a year just for a simple pdf and .file editor wow. This app has just baited and switched us they wanted to make us pay money to use a small editor. Kids have small Standards but this is unreasonable people have things to pay for I can just use google docs for free. And on top of that I clicked the x on the top left and it said starting subscription... done! Like why? It billed 50$ then I clicked cancel and it taxed another 50$ and said after the next payment it would cancel but oh guess what it never canceled! So I contacted apple and they said it was canceled. So they have been taxing us! So my mom cancel her credit card. And the app said unable to pay. And the costumer service hung up. So DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT IS A SCAM!!!

Mediocre music player. The app is very nice, very clean design and easy to use, however I only ever used it for music and the music player was fine at first, it did its job. However as I used it more, it started to be more and more unreliable, I would play songs in my car and when it went to the next song, it’d play for one second and then just pause. I had to manually play the next song, every time. I eventually got used to it, but then it got even worse somehow. Songs would randomly skip to the next song in the middle of one and if I tried to play it back, it would proceed to skip to the next one at the exact same time. At this point, I had stopped using documents as a music player, and tried it again at the time of this review but not even using it in my car, instead just my phone and with headphones. Somehow, the same problem is occurring. Songs would actually seamlessly play after the other, but the songs still skip in the middle of one, which is purely unusable. All in all, very good file system management app, buggy unreliable music player.

Excellent capabilities, one minor request. Handles various file types unlike any other iOS app I have tried. My only complaint is the accessibility of short (~15 sec) jumps. I can do this by bumping left and right on the cover art in the player but that’s it. The forward/backward buttons (on screen) only skip to the previous/next TRACK. Ideally, I would like to have the option to toggle this to previous/next ~15 seconds, like the functionality in some popular audiobook apps. On a related note, I have become accustomed to two and three taps to headphone controls performing the same short (~15 second) jumps forward and backward, respectively, but Documents responds to this (headphone) input by jumping forward and backward an entire TRACK. This is most useful for files with longer tracks, e.g. audiobooks.

5 Stars Well Deserved. I don’t write reviews at all. In fact, I may have only written two or three in the past six years; but I love this app so much that it seemed unfair not to write one. It has made my life so much easier! I have had it for so many years, since I had a 5S. I was looking for an app to transfer data to my phone without having to sync it with iTunes, which was a nightmare. I googled and found Documents. Oh, how much I love this app! It was my download manager way before Safari added the option, and the fact that the downloads run in the background means that I can use other apps at the same time. (Some users don’t know what a huge help this is.) I use it to play music, movies (it freaking supports the MKV format, you guys are dope!), and so much more. I just wanted to thank the team for making such a great and smooth app! Well done. Greetings from Iran.

Amazing but things come to a end. I love this music it download my needs and so on well I don’t know why or what’s the reason but I recently play music that’s allready downloaded I never had a problem.. and now it plays but pauses for some odd reason and I need it play on my playlist in order... and like freezez and .. so I would allways open the app play music download any music that comes out without a problem so I play it and then close it when this issue am having is it plays but it starts playing 15-20 seconds in the song it it repeats over and over and then stops playing and have to press play and does the same thing over and over again.. I download over 200 songs and I don’t want to delete this amazing app..please fix this issue! And for anyone downloaded it it’s perfect very smooth but for some reason it stops playing and this is the past 2 days

Excellent File Manager with Extraordinary Functionality. This is by far the best file manager I have ever used. Documents supports practically every file type you can think of, and allows you to view them with almost zero compatibility issues. One of the things I like about this app the most is the ability to unzip files, which is often hard to find in other iOS applications. Even though this app is called “Documents” the capabilities are far beyond just reading and saving documents. There is a built in media player, photo library, and excellent cloud storage integration. I highly recommend this app for anyone who is looking for a way to keep all of their files, photos, etc. all in one place.

Best app. I've been using this app for quite some time and it is AMAZING. It is as close to the Finder in the Mac as you can get on iOS. Being able to manage documents, download files from websites and even zip and unzip documents. I thought the Files app in iOS 11 would destroy this Documents app in iOS 11, but find I'm using Documents still. It's just so far ahead of anything else out there right now, and if you use Scanner Pro and PDF Expert they work seamlessly together. I love this app and use it on a daily basis. Also they recently added support for playing different video types, which has basically eliminated the use for VLC player app as well. Very happy with the app and would highly recommend, plus it's free! Which is even more amazing. Good job Readdle.

It’s a great app but lately.... I’ve been using this app for a little over a year now and there was never really any problems. I use Documents to download all of my music since I can’t use the common app for music on my phone. It’s been working fine until now. It would work fine but after a couple of songs, one song would come up and I would listen to it for around 1 minute, then suddenly it stops and skips over to the next song. It’s not just one specific song but it happens to other songs too. One time it skipped two songs right in the middle. I’ve tried replying the same song and refreshing the page but it still does the same thing. I even went and updated it to the recent version but the issue still appears. It’s really frustrating. Now I use the common app but I can only listen to one artist a time, so when I want to listen to another artist song, I have to stop what I’m doing and search for the artist. Documents is the only app I can use for my music that gives me everything I want without making it complicated. Overall, it’s a good app to use with no fuss.

Amazing for iPhone users. I’ve been using this app for a couple of years now and it’s made life genuinely better as an iPhone user. I use it to catalogue all sorts of files; including PDF’s, music, videos, and photos. It’s a fantastic tool for organizing your media library. I originally downloaded it for use as a music library, to circumvent the constraints of iOS with downloaded music files. In that regard it’s been very useful, however I have run into a couple of issues with music playback. As I’ve seen in several other reviews, I ran into an issue where sometimes a song would skip to the next in the middle of playback; and then it got to the point where some songs would permanently “auto-skip” and therefore became unplayable. I found my own workaround to this issue by using the VOX app as a sidekick. I download and store all my music files in the Documents app, and then share them with my VOX app for playback purposes. That did solve the issue with the skipping, however this has lead to the discovery of another problem… I have gone through all my previously downloaded music files and edited the metadata to include artist, album, year, etc. I still have no trouble playing these files through VOX, but now they’re ALL unplayable through the Documents app. More importantly, I am unable to share or email them now. Developers, do you have any suggestions for me here? Why is it that modifying the metadata is making my music files unplayable and unshareable?

The tool that overcomes the many shortcomings of the apple secure eco system. No one can deny how the sandbox approach that apple takes towards IOS security is super effective, and it has its own set backs and problems for power users. Documents is one tool that saves the day.. I am what you call an old school power user. I use plenty of devices . Without Documents ,my iPad would have been collecting dust.. I use it daily on a variety of tasks from exchanging documents to other devices , viewing PDFs , extracting archives etc.. In a nutshell ,it allows me to achieve 95% of my file management needs. The other 5% would only be achieved if apple dropped the sandbox approach and started using a secure central file storage system on the IOS eco system. Thank your Readdle.

I’ve had enough!. I have used Documents for years. I also use Spark and PDF Expert… for years. But today I needed to access a file that I have saved as a favorite and needed now for a business meeting. The reason you save it as a favorite is so it immediately opens, without the need to download. However, after the last iOS update, the favorite area is devoid of files. So, a file I needed to access immediately, was not there–I navigated to where it is on the iCloud drive and attempted to access it, but was notified that it needs to be downloaded. Problem is, Documents was also trying to download every other file on the iCloud drive. I could not stop all the other files, nor reorder a queue, so I am stuck red-faced in my meeting, wholly unable to access the file. I have used numerous Readdle apps without a thought for many, many years. However, I was just royally screwed by Documents. The morale is that this app is unreliable in a business context: the moment you don’t even consider that it may be unreliable, it will screw you over.

8.0 Docs X Update. Been having issues with my phone ever since it updated this app. Since I exceeded the allotted VPN time it’s been trying to reconnect to it constantly and is seemingly interfering with my ability to connect to cell service and wifi. I couldn’t understand what was going on until finally I went into the app settings and manually disabled the VPN and now everything is working again. Also, I don’t know why you decided to hide a lot the features that previously were on the bottom bar into sub-menus in the app. It was fine before. I liked having the computer connect button accessible. I had to look for 5 minutes just to find it. Now all the video files I send over to edit on my phone have no preview images and the font for the file names all cut off. In making things look all flashy, you took away from the simplicity that made the app easy to use. I’d probably have more issues if I used for more than 5 minutes but I haven’t received an email or text message or been able to connect to websites or refresh my social media feeds in 12 hours since it updated.

Cannot Permanently Delete Data. I have used the Documents app for some time now, but just recently became aware of the fact that I cannot permanently delete data I have removed from the app via the in app deletion tools. I have done the initial deletion, and then the secondary “permanent” deletion, but the data itself still remains somewhere in the iPad. Here is an example of what I mean. Recently I needed more space on my iPad. I checked how much storage the Documents app was taking up, noting the total being used was 6.98 gigs. After deleting several hundred megs worth of files (using the two step deletion process), I checked the storage situation again. The total storage being used by the app had increased to 7.05 gigs. (I also previously removed the Documents folder from the iOS Files app.) In short, I am being robbed of storage by the app. I don’t appreciate being robbed. Of course I could try and fully delete the app and see if that would solve my woes, but why should I have to? Why does the two step delete function not actually delete the files I want to delete? Uninstalling and reinstalling would mean I would have to move all my information back over and reorganize it as well. Why should I have to do that instead of simply being able to delete my files permanently?

Everything I want other pdf (and other file) apps to be. What can I say except that Documents is my go-to reading app for all pdfs, e-books, white papers, etc. Wonderful UI that just as easily gets out of your face and your reading experience. Intuitive highlighting, bookmarking with labels, the best navigation game in town, and readability options like the best dark mode of any reading app. Built-in file navigation that makes sense and even a built-in browser to find, read and convert webpages etc. I’m a published poet and very heavy reader and researcher and aside from handwritten note taking in other apps and word processors for typing, I use Documents for reading and annotating everything I can.

Great as an iCloud file manager. Serves as a great tool in general for viewing documents and managing your files in iCloud without having to go to the computer to do so, and I'd definitely recommend it to anyone who tends to listen to music on the go a lot (especially since this is the only iCloud music player that works and doesn't have popup ads) as I use it all the time to listen to covers. Although since I mainly use it for that I do have a few problems with it that make using it as an everyday application a little tricky and annoying, mainly being when you aren't inside the application and listen for longer than 1 minute it crashes, or the fact that it uses up quite a lot of battery, though that part is reasonable since it has to recognize and show all the files you have stored in the cloud. Overall, lovely app, great and accessible experience!

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Fantastic update with 1 small exception. This app is fantastic and i use it almost daily and the new update with the permanent side bar is AMAZING (and a surprisingly difficult feature to find) as you can now view the outline/bookmarks whilst scrolling through the documents. The only unfortunate oversight is there is no “expand/condense all” option which means that if you have a large document with several headings & subheadings you have to go through the entire document to expand/condense each heading/subheading individually. If there was an expand all / condense all option though this would be the perfect app!

Fix emailing of documents. Impossible to forward more than one document on same email. Why? The select icon in folder means nothing as nothing can be done with it. Should be able to select documents from same and different folders to email them Very frustrating Find the edit of PDF super clunky. In images or preferably in text editing should have drop down of common icons such as ticks, crosses, etc that are used on many types of forms that need to be sent

Feedback on recent upgrade. I have been using Documents for last 2years and excited with the upgrade. However, after the upgrade when I open earlier downloaded Video and Audio files, get an error “Unable to play current file”. Also when I select a file from download folder, it get a error “file cannot be accessed”. Wish there be a simple fix and it can be released quickly.

10 years good!. Congratulations for the 10 years. It seems that I must have been one of your first customers - as I got my first iPad in 2013. The very first file manager I tried was Documents, and stayed with it. I just wish it'd have also stayed as plain and simple it was 10 years ago. Without all the fancy new features. Certainly you must always come up with smtg. new to attract attention. But, would it be possible to come up with a basic, plain version again, of a file manager similar to what it was 10 years ago?? Thank you!

Please fix the problem soon.. As expected the more I update the more I'll be more disappointing. I just decided to update to fw 15.6.1 but just yesterday it was still on 13.5. Running document old design but perfect version. Look at this latest release supporr ios 16. Still haven't fix the issue where i put my phone landscape notch to the left and speaker to the right. When opening video and lanscape by default. Video is up side down and not facing the right direction to my eyes. I have to shake and turn my phone to make the video turn around to fit the direction of notch in the left and speaker to the right. That's not all problem. It took like more than 5 sec to make the video turn around. I'm on 15.6.1 iphone xs max.

Good app but continually crashes after 11.2 iPad update. App has worked well in the past but after the iPad 11.2 system update it now continually crashes and requires a restart to resolve ... before it does it again. Additionally I’d also like to see an option to have PDF files, where they’re sectioned in sections/subsections in bookmarks, to allow them to be fully expanded on opening rather than requiring me to find the section, then expand, find next sub-section, expand, etc (particularly annoying with looking up legislation and having to go through heading/sub-headings to find a section under an Act). If these were sorted it would clearly be 5 stars - well ahead of Good Reader!

Why the hell put VPN in a document app?. Super annoying side tab, i understand developer come up ideas to moneytise the app but it really is conterproductive. While we liked your app for its purpose (organise files), and even paid pdf pros and associated apps to support you, it is against our trust to develop features that are completely irrelevant and reduce efficiency. Feel free to suggest your VPN app in stand alone edition. Putting it inside this app is nothing other than annoying, not even to ,mention the price tag.

Great app. This app is easy to use. Great for university students. It allows me to create as many files and sub files as I need and import all my documents into it. I can highlight, underline, write notes on the documents. Recently it has been glitching slightly. Sometimes, when I import a document into the app it is I. The recent documents but you can’t find the location of it and have to reimport it in order to relocate it. Also I wish you could change the style of writhing (bold, italic etc) with in the a single textbox. But it only lets your write that whole text box in one style. This is slightly annoying when adding the references to my documents as I need to add another text box, space out the original text box and over lap the new text to make sure the italic sections sit where they need to be

I really like this app, but.... Under recent version I cannot directly transfer PDFs into Documents, from Chrome, the share options no longer show documents, and I have transfer the file via PDF expert, which is a pain. Can D9cuments be added back into the share menu as default? (I have moved away from safari to chrome because safari has started randomly dropping tabs, and apple refuses to acknowledge the problem.)

Paid for app mow subscription based not happy. Paid for app mow subscription based not happy.I have lost functionality I once had functionality that I purchased some time ago when this app was not subscription based. They have now switched to an expensive $149 a year subscription and removed functionality that had been previously paid for. What’s with that? Beware!

Incredibly useful. I don't know how I could do without this app. It opens almost any file type I can imagine, plays well with other apps when needed, syncs wirelessly and painlessly with my computer to send files. The ability to customise and organise files is impeccable. And all this for free? It almost seems too good to be true. Later on I decided to buy the PDF Expert app by Read le to pair with this app, and together they forms an even more powerful app (when it comes to reading and editing pdfs, at least.) A truly wonderful app, well worth having.

Great App With a few stability issues. Very useful app with no other free app offering the same amount of utility features and functions. My only issues for the app is that it is sometimes very unstable and files more that 100mb+ are slow and sometimes crash the app when dealing with folders containing many bigger files. Overall a great app and would 100% recommend to anyone looking for a file storage app on IOS. Keep on developing the app! Great Work!

Really great, works so well for everything. I've been using this app for almost four years now, and it has never disappointed. all the updates and stuff that have come over the years have only ever added more functionality, and there's never been any redesign that annoyed me, like the massive downgrade google drive had etc. I'd recommend this app to anyone, didn't regret getting it at all.

Latest update broke video download on lots of sites. Previously this app was awesome to visit sites and download video but after the last update that function has changed. Now a large portion of video sites now only gives option to download as PDF or if you select download page, it downloads the HTML rather than the video playing. Previously you could long hold on the play icon/button on the embedded video but now that doesn’t work and instead the only option is the above context menu which doesn’t ‘see’ the video and as such can’t download it. Was a 5 star app previously but now is effectively useless for my own use case. Shame.

Very receptive developers. I have been using this app for some time in a professional environment. In version 7 they removed a very handy feature. In annotation summaries, the removal of page numbers made referencing the original document hard; removing the context of the annotation. I’m happy to say, after being in contact with the developers, they added this feature back. Thank you!

Conway Beg, Architect Fiji. Seamless transition interface of various document types between laptop, iPad and iPhone. We manage our projects on the iPad concurrently which provides accessible editing, markups and sketching details on project sites, including reports. The ability to turn up on our various project sites paperless has been a revelation for our cosy design studio in the Pacific Islands. With the browser improvements has helped with direct download of researched documentation to our iPads. Working in a non Apple environment has allowed access and shared information without stress to other operating systems.

Great app! Until.... I've been using this app for 2 years and haven't been experiencing too many problems, except for one which has impeded my work. Whenever I download a video and try to "save" it, it redirects me to suggest getting NordVPN. I've reset the phone and reinstalled the app and still, nothing changed. I hope this error can be fixed otherwise work will be a lot harder without it. Thanks

There’s a bug. If you edit a text file, then either leave the app or change the window size (split view), the file reverts to its original state. If you just created the file, it will be deleted, presumably because it doesn’t get saved until you press the back button. This bug is frustrating because you could be writing a lot of stuff and then leave the app and it’s all gone. Please fix this.

No longer works reliably with iPadOS 13.2. Each day when I try to read files using Documents, I’m greeted with totally blank pages. The thumbnails show up just fine, but nothing on the opened pages. These are files I’ve regularly used for months with no problems. Also, when trying to import a file into the app, it puts up an error saying “file is corrupted” yet it opens fine in other PDF readers. If I restart my iPad the files’ contents reappear, but the next day, all has vanished again, until another restart. Very frustrating because I’ve tried to contact Readdle support but had no response. This problem also occurs with Readdle’s PDF Expert. It’s getting so annoying that I’m gradually shipping all my files to Foxit PDF reader just to be able to work.

The only file managing app you need. This file manager has everything that you need and has Touch ID lock. You can also have your own WebDAV to transfer documents or share your files with your other devices. You can also make a webpage as a PDF which can be so useful for different needs and people. Everything is a pleasure and customisable and it’s an absolute pleasure to use this app. Although I would still like pictures to fit in it’s width automatically. That would be awesome! I save a lot of art that are in different dimensions and doesn’t auto-fit in my screen.

All in one - must have app. Documents is easily my most used app on my iPad. It allows me to read and annotate all my elibrary documents. Too many features to list, but definitely a must have app if you have a digital library like me. My only criticism is that the search function is very slow, so I don’t use it. This might be due to the number and size of the documents in my library, but searches using Finder on my Mac are almost instantaneous on the same library.

NOT SURE. I have had this app installed for ages and I would love to use it as my only one but uneasy even though I know it is brilliant but they cancelled their printer pro app some time ago and for me, it was my best app I have on my devices and cannot live without it. Who is to say that won’t happen with this app. In saying that, their customer support is second to none and they were wonderful helping me get my printer pro back up and running after I deleted it. I do have other apps of theirs installed as well and love them . Please stay safe in Ukraine and we are thinking of you all with sadness

So far so great. I'm loving this app. I am a media teacher and often need to store and watch students work on my device. This is really handy for that but I have one feature request, the ability to bookmark it timestamp audio and or video in the player. At the moment the player recalls where I finished last time to continue playing but I'd like to be able to bookmark "moments" or "events" that I could list and recall. Other than that, fantastic app.

I wanna help you make this better. I love this app, I download all my shows on it and it plays them perfectly, I would like it if you took this feature in to the next update: make it so that we can speed up or slow down a video that we are watching. It would be an awesome feature and I would like it if you could try to reply to me about this comment. There would be one more feature I would love: background themes. If we could decorate our documents app with some cool themes it would look much better. Please take this advice into account and it would be awesome if these features were added. Please reply. and thank you for the updates.

Bad customer service + search function not working. Overall the product itself is good. However, the document search function doesn’t work for files stored in SharePoint or OneDrive. I’ve contacted their customer team but it’s just so hard to get a response from the team. We have gone back and forth a few times already and the issue still hasn’t been fixed. The bottom line is that it works good if you don’t have any problems. If you use SharePoint or OneDrive, you may have a problem with searching the documents in the app and it’s not easy to contact the customer service team to get it fixed.

Great for transferring files. It makes downloading and transferring files a lot easier, and the entire app is polished, easy to use, and overall fantastic. One of the best features it has would be the ability to transfer files from your mobile device to your computer without using a physical connection. The various functions and small details in the app lets the usage and managing of files very easy.

Amazing App. This is an amazing app. It’s file management is far better than that of the built in files app. The interface where you can simultaneously access the file manager and web browser is empowering. It also allows you to download videos is a great feature that is needed in all web browsers. The only critique I could make is that it would great to be able to edit script files directly on a FTP sever.

Uploading isn’t working. When I go to upload an audio file to garage band or anything for that matter it doesn’t work. I press upload and it comes up with a white screen with the words ‘upload to’ and ‘cancel’ at the top. It stays on that screen for how ever long I leave it there waiting for it to load. I left it there for 20 minutes waiting for it to load but it didn’t. I have an iPhone 7 Plus and it would be much appreciated if you could help me fix this problem. Other than that the app works great.

Essential for all Students. This app is honestly wonderful beyond description. It saved me during HSC and is now a huge help during Uni. I don't have to print anything anymore (and I get to skip the printing costs too) because this app makes highlighting, writing comments, and organising documents so so easy. The recent update which allows me to sync my google drive to this app has made it even better. I have no compaints

Was great before, now even better. I watch a lot of videos which are just people talking. Some of those people speak infuriatingly slowly. The new feature of being able to speed up videos (without changing the pitch if the audio) makes this much better. The rest of the document handling works very well too. I had originally just been looking for a media player, but it is nice to have a single app to have my ebooks and reference documents.

This is STILL happening! 😩. When I play a music video, and switch the screen off to listen to it as I’m walking or doing something, it only keeps playing audio for a little bit and then stops. I can see when I open my lock screen and look at the bar that the video keeps playing but the audio completely stops. I try pausing it and replaying and still no audio, it only comes back on when I unlock my phone and start watching the video again. Why does it stop all of a sudden? Are there settings to fix this? Please fix this! 😫

Makes my life easier. Excellent !!! I can access my files and cloud storage documents etc. update with text or drawing etc. and it will automatically save those changes to the source. My cloud storage is unable to do any annotation. I did make a mistake of syncing, not really knowing why I needed to and when I deleted a file it was totally deleted forever without recovery from both places. I have now unsynced. Besides silly me not really understanding the syncing, I LOVE the app. Thank you.

Really good. I really love this app. You can do basically store you whatever you want on this app. PDFs, MP3 files, whatever. But there’s something I wish I could do. You can’t change info for your mp3 files such as the artist or the cover page. Could you maybe add a option to change/add info to mp3, m4a and other music files? Otherwise perfect app! 10/10 recommend to use.

Small screen video playing issue has finally fixed!. As someone mentioned before that the continuing play of video in small screen was a major reason for me to use this app. iOS 11 broke this feature (for a long time). The iOS 12 has finally fixed this issue. The app has also been improved that the small screen size fits the aspect of the video now - well done, much appreciated.

Very good app but 1 Problem. When playing Mp4 Videos, the video is GREAT. But when you Change it to “Mkv and others”, the video starts to get Fuzzy or scratchy and also the audio too. The video or music video will start to play very bad, unless you change it into MP4, as in rename it or etc. Please fix it~ because I really want to watch it in Mkv or etc, so I can add Subtitles into it because Mp4 don’t allow it. Hope it get fixed Soon,

Constantly crashing is iOS 13 . . .. I love this program but since updating to apple ios 13 I can no longer play audio or video. As soon as I click on a video or audio from within a document it crashes, even after updating to the latest version. I am a teacher and we use the app on all our iPads and now none of them can use the app. Please help!

It ain’t the best but it is indeed good. There are always reasons why most people do not get a full fledged 5 star review. Of course calling Documents App the “perfect” app is an exaggeration. For example, when trying to skip a part of a song (mp3 file) by adjusting the slider from the beginning to the middle of the song- the app will simply refuse the input and just start back from the start of the song if that makes sense. I simply cannot skip but moving the time slider because the app just refuses. Overall the app is good, but it is the little things like this that disable it to have a 5 star review.

One of the best document and file app out there. This is one of the best open source app out there for files and documents opening and saving. The easy to use features, seamless integration of the use friendly interface, undoubtedly makes this app the star out the creme de la creme. Outstanding is the word I have for it. The only con I can say there is, is that it doesn't support the MacBook Pro or Air. I might be mistaken but I stand to be corrected. Highly recommended!✨✨✨✨✨

Excellent Offline Document Management & Text Editor. Thank goodness for Documents - they saved my skin when DropBox turned nasty & greedy! I can sync Documents with my iCloud and MS Outlook files to organise my stuff AND have offline access to documents when travelling. The other great aspect is their native plain text creator/editor that works PERFECTLY with the Windows notes program on my PC. Can’t live without it!

David. The best file storing and management app for the iPad. I use it all the time for all my important files. Use of folders, file management and ability to work with other apps is brilliant. Handles all kinds of files including video, music, photos, pdf, and many more. I first made this comment some years ago and since that time Documents has just kept getting better. These days it is my go-to app for just about everything.

A couple problems. I really enjoy using this app and primarily use it to listen to music, the only problems that I see with it is that every now and then I realise my music is paused and I have to unlock my phone and skip back a song and then skip to the song again to make it play and the second problem is that it feels like the shuffle play prioritises newer downloads and specific songs having them come up a lot more often then all of the other songs I have on the app which can be annoying. Overall though I must admit it is a very useful app and I do use it everyday but these are just some things I would like to see fixed

One major feature missing!. I love this app! So much that I’ve shared it with my friends and family. Unfortunately the only thing that makes it 4 not 5 stars is that it doesn’t remember where I’m up to in my audiobooks. If I am away from the app for a couple of hours, when I get back in I have no way of knowing what file I’m up to nor the time stamp. It just takes me to the menu and I need to fast forward through a book to see where I left it. Can you please fix this?

Problem found I think a bug. Plz fix it.. When you play a video of music for an example, the video of the music comes in the screen from a square. But when the song ends another song comes after that song but the video for the next song stops but I still can hear the music but no video playing on the screen. (iPad) Plz fix it and I also tried restarting my iPad few times and I checked if something did happen in the settings but I found nothing wrong. This started to happen straight after when the new update came out! Maybe a BUG??

What happened?. Was the by far the best document manager app. But once IOS 11 hit my phones and iPads the app just broke. I’ve contacted the support they tell me to do the same thing, restart your device and then reinstall the app. Which I have done many times. The app will work fine for about a week then I will begin having problems. A white screen, stuck on the documents icon. I know this isn’t just an issue on the beta version or just my phone because it works fine on my older iPhones (6s plus) but won’t work on my new iPhone X or my iPhone 7 Plus ( the phone with important things on it).

Genius apps from Readdle!. This app is the very best of all Readdle apps, however their other apps are just as good, it depends what you are working on. I have PDF converter and PDF expert, which are both brilliant and also from Readdle. The designers of Readdle apps have made them all so very easy to use, along with being able to do so much with each app in a little amount of time. I have searched and installed apps for Windows, however nothing is as good as Readdle, not even close.

Great For Musicians On The Go. Documents is handy for producers and composers because it’s compatible with almost every built-in app and external app. It allows me to move files in and around the internal hard drive fluidly. Great with emails and cloud services. I don’t just use it for my own audio files— PDF’s and word documents are easily editable on this app. I’ve been using it for a few years now and couldn’t speak more highly of it. Thanks

Great app but bad browser. I was trying to download a video but then I got into a screen saying my device was at high risk. Whenever I try download it goes to a lot of random tabs and ends up not downloading the video I wanted to download. I’m sure it was a scam but there needs to be an anti-malware filter in the browser. All I want to do is download videos so I can watch them on the go and I’ve been able to do it since September 2017.

Please add one more thing. It’s a great app but I’m disappointed that there’s still no way to rename a file while you’ve got it open. You still have to be in the folder view to do it. You have to tap ‘select’, then tick the box of the file you want to rename, then hit rename and do it there. I wrote to you guys with my feedback on this, suggesting that you add this feature. I told it would be passed on to the team. I guess no one thinks that feature is good enough to add? When a file is open, there are so many options in the top right corner: save copy, email, print, share etc. Why not just add in ‘rename’?

Excellent: intuitive and versatile. I recently ‘found’ Documents as the change to iOS 11 made useless an excellent, old app that I used to store, manage and view image files of all types. I thought that this app, Zen Viewer, would be difficult to replace. How wrong I was. Documents does all that the old app did and more. It is intuitive to use, flexible and easy to move docs to and from my computer.

Remove VPN. I purchased Documents for its document management function. I do not appreciate you all the sudden cramming an unrelated VPN service into this application. I run my own Wireguard VPN server and have no need nor would I ever use this function in the application. Something you may not have considered is that you are also doing your company disservice by embedding the VPN functionality into this application. Companies who have strict device management and security policies will now be unable to allow this application due to the inclusion of a VPN service. Allowing Documents onto a corporate iPadOS device now means allowing an unapproved VPN client. This sells tactic has earned you a one star, which is a shame as its an otherwise decent application. Please remove this intrusive and undesired functionality. By all means create a VPN service, but jamming it into Documents is the wrong way to go about it.

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Best app ever made.. Complete control of all your files. Downloads are quick and easy. I have deleted my iTunes app and use this for all my audio and video. Can’t say enough good things about this app.

I was possibly being hacked. I’ve had the app for a while and the truth o have been rarely using it I only used to to go on save form to download videos and as fo recently when I when put the link in it would show the thumbnail of the videos and then quickly just clear and show a whole long page of random suff(writing) so I knew it was weird but ignored it. But today it tried it again and then the same thing happened and I got a notification from Apple saying that “ suspicious activity was detected on you smartphone please contact” and i don’t know exactly because you got so scared I quickly when to my home screen and deleted the app. And for some reason I never got that with any another app and it gave it to me when I’m on this specific app! And was suspicious because there were tabs that were open that I never did an stuff were written than I never wrote it’s like I felt mine someone had control over my things!! Could be me but I don’t think so... so you should be careful.

Be careful privacy breach. Right after downloading the app I noticed all my files from my phone were downloaded onto the app without asking for permission. All my bank statements and work documents in their database . DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP

Awful Documents update to 7. Before the new update the app was working fine and perfect, now this dark mode crap lags the crap out of my iPhone XR and any videos I try downloading says the file can’t be opened, find another application. Honestly should revert this new update cause everything was working fine before this.

amazing. I thought this was trash but this app is AMAZING for downloading videos and audios for edits

Fix updat. Worked great until update doesn’t let you open new files or anything

☹️. I can't download videos anymore.☹️☹️☹️

i mean-. i used this app to download audio files that i need for school, but i can’t seem to download/open those files with the new update??

A good media player. But unfortunately not all videos work with PIP automatically or Manually. Can this be fix with an update ?

Litty. Good for making edits

Amazing app!. Wish I could add a song art to each song though!

I use it daily. Music is a great way to use it if you don't wanna spend time listing to the ads on Spotify

Best File Manger Just One thing to Fix. I would like a feature that blocks certain websites and redirects so i don’t have to be abused. What i mean is a feature that blocks adult content redirects. My eyes do not need to be abused.

Bellissimo!. What a fantastic app! The layout is clean, the app runs very quickly, you can download videos from any website, and best of all it’s free! Never choose anything but this application for video downloading.

FIX PLEASE. You can’t download vids or sounds anymore!!!

The new update sucks. The new update ruined everything. When I open the app it's frozen I can't tap on anything, i miss the old documents

Love it!. I use this app to help me make video edits by downloading songs and using it:)

The best App to read !. I couldn't find Any flaws and l would say it's the best that came across.

Great app!. It does everything you could want from a file browser. It looks great too!

Fix downloading. No longer able to download audio files from browser.

No data or wifi required!. I appreciate this service as I don’t have to pay extra for data to listen to audio books from YouTube. No wifi or data required! Thank you Documents.

Great product, but the stance is wrong. Blocking from Russia, where does this end? If we get to a point where one needs to or DNA screening is a thing and you have historical linage…then what? Stop the segregation, it feeds all the narratives unless that is the intent. Maybe boycott Readelle?

Automatic play downloads. The app is great and all but I want my downloads to play automatically cause it kind of gets annoying to play my music manually so if they can put in the update to automatically play my downloads I'll be happy

Music player?. App has suddenly stopped playing my music in the built in music player. The app Sucks now

great app 🥰. it’s such an great app where i can download songs instead of buying those on itunes card, thank you for making this app! ( ˘ ³˘)♥

In app purchase equals total scam. The in app purchase is a $69 yearly subscription! Installs like a virus on to all your machines. Has to be deleted from each machine and it isn’t clear when you are finished. This app has no business on the App Store - extremely low value relative to the outrages yearly subscription fee. And the sticky install... a total marketing rip what probably has a few execs giggling at just how clever they think they are. I will never try anything associated with this company again. Oh yes the Documents app blow chunks as an app!

Can play music. Soooo, I have no data but I can download music perfectly fine and I can listen to music offline! I love it

Great app!!!. This app is great for long road trips or boat rides because you can listen to music without wifi. Definitely would recommend!!

Best i found. This is the best file manager, browser and viewer i have ever found never changing this app for another one and sorry for bad english im french


Update Sucks :/. This app used to be great; I could download pretty much any video/song I wanted plus watch/listen to it offline. But since the update, I’m unable to download anything. I don’t know what else I’m supposed to do with this app because the only reason I downloaded it in the first place was because it actually allowed me to download things. I would recommend changing the app or at least adding back the same download function as before because I think that was the primary reason most people had this app.

Worst update. I have been sticking with this app for 4 years to listen to music offline. suddenly, I can’t listen to my music (browser>YouTube convert>download) and it made music folders.

Unable to create file after the recent update. Hi, I am unable to create the files with in documents app, after the recent update.

Best app. Useful app

Need help. I can't move a picture/video to my camera roll

Dont understand how this app is free.. No ads, video download, free transfer over pc wifi. Pdf downloader, browser, files management. Did i already mention there r no ads on this app? How? Download now!! Must have app! Support their work! New features every once in a while!

new update sucks. ok so i use to use this app to download music and this morning when i tried to play some music it said that it wouldn’t work or something so i deleted the app and reinstalled and when i tried to download music it wouldnt work when i click on the file like it says i need to go to another app

why is there viruses on the app. okay, so i used to like this app for download music that’s basically why i downloaded it. but recently there have been viruses on the app and it’s not letting me download music anymore. please do something about it and take the virus or spam links away because i just want to listen to music please and thank you

New update legit sucks. So firstly when I had the app I useED this it to listen to music and watch videos offline but the update ruined everything. First of all the music doesn’t play automatically anymore and Whenever I download something it says “open in another app” and

Great app. The app is great for downloading documents, music, and videos.

Poor Taste, Good App. Not allowing Russian customers? This makes no sense. This is simply another display of juvenile behaviour with no positive impact on what’s actually happening in the world. You are punishing people like you and me when the real threat is at the government level - surely unaffected by the “stand with Ukraine” fad. Hating Russians does not help Ukraine or any other country. You can support Ukraine without this anti-Russian behaviour.

PERFECT. I've literally NEVER seen an app more perfect than this. I can download YouTube videos and songs to listen to offline. YOU GUYS ARE GENIUS AND THE BEST HUMANS TO EVER EXIST THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS APP YALL ARE GOD TIER.

App update. I used to like this app for downloading MV’s.....but since the new update I can’t access any of my downloaded video anymore 😢I can’t find a good website to download from since my old one doesn’t work anymore TT

1 star also uninstalled the app. No for support russia for hypocrisy behaviour

Music player. I've using this app for nearly 6 years now, i use it mainly to play my own music files (MP3..etc). Works perfectly! However i wish they would give me freedom of arranging files in certain sequence in each folder. Any sequence you use is being used in ALL folders. Simple tweak would make it more music player friendly.

Davood. Great app , love it!

Love it. Its so easy to download music which is the main reason I use it and It is basically my music player

no service to Russians?. seriously!? cancel culture, propaganda and wokisme is destroying mankind. I don’t stand with Readle.

Storage eater. I have 100 gb of data downloaded yet its taking over 200 gb of my storage :/

Then it changed.... It was perfect at first, played all my music, and now it won’t even let me download anything or play any of my files. The update changed my ability to do so.

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Update is a mixed bag. Love this app, especially as a music player. The best part of the update is being able to stream right from google drive without having to download the music first - however, uploading to google drive is very buggy. Instead of uploading a folder (as that quits immediately), you have to go in it and select the individual MP3s. Not the end of the world, but a minor annoyance. Also, the back button going to the previous track rather than the beginning of the current track needs to be fixed. Otherwise, it works well. Update: app is much improved since this review, but I’d LOVE to see CarPlay compatibility.

Fixed a bug I reported. I have been using Documents for years, and have found it to be a very useful tool with improvements all along the way. One update introduced a bug, could no longer view a synced Website, as a Website. It lost stylesheet, image, and hyperlink capabilities. This is a Website only synced on my Computer, iPhone, and iPad. Great way to have a development site with constant updates with me all the time. I reported the bug and they responded, and fixed it. Way to go team, you obviously care about your customers. 5 stars!

You Ruined This Application!. I don't like how big the icons are at all. They're laughably large, and here are the problems with it: - It makes it harder to see many files at once. I don't care about looking at file or music art. I use this mostly for music, and my files usually just use the pink icon. I'd rather see many files than see file icons. - It makes it harder to scroll through folders and files. I have a small phone (an iPhone 6s), and many, many songs in my playlists. I would much rather my view be compact. - It looks ugly, as if it's an app for a child who doesn't know how to press buttons, so he needs the buttons to be as big as possible. Using the box view is NOT a solution. For me, that's seeing 9 files instead of 6. That's not a huge improvement. Even worse, the box view structure changes whenever I change my folder and file structure (like adding or deleting songs or folders). That's very frustrating. THE CHANGE IS COMPLETELY UNECESSARY; IT WAS COMPLETELY PERFECT THE WAY IT WAS BEFORE. Please, please, PLEASE, change it back! (Or at least give users the option to turn this on or off!) Don't make uninstall the app and choose another one. I've used this app for years and have even recommended it to my friends.

Pretty straightforward, simple but great application.. I listen to music, alot… Almost every day, and the main problem I have with streaming media is that I hate ads. This app not only helped that problem, it also allowed me to download whatever I wanted to. Another great asset of this app is that if you downloaded music you can go offline and still listen to music. Minimal problems such as not having a button to make a folder is the only thing I have an issue with, other than that everything else has a pretty solid interface If I would grade this more accurately this would be a 4.8 stars. Would definitely recommend to anyone.

Great, But needs 3rd Party Keyboard support. This app is one of the best apps for managing files and downloading files directly to my iPhone without a laptop or iTunes. The only problem is that the app does not support 3rd Party Keyboards. I use Microsoft SwiftKey, because the default iPhone keyboard doesn't have a number row and scrolling through text by using 3D touch on the space bar doesn't work the way SwiftKey works. I have the SwiftKey keyboard set to full access and the default one comes up even with the SwiftKey application open and running in the background. I hope you take this into consideration and add support for 3rd party keyboards like Swype, Gboard and SwiftKey. Thanks!

SORRY BUT APP IS HORRIBLE NOW... 😢. I've been using this app for a good while now and everything was completely fine and working pretty well. Had very minor issues. But now it's gotten bad. I use this app to hold all my purchased beats. And i had put them all into the downloads file that's on there automatically. And the file does in fact say '101 items'. But when i click on it, it's completely empty snd even says it's empty. And i even put some beats into the icloud folder that's available and they never get they always have to download/load themselves back up again in order to be playable. And now they have completely stopped downloading/loading so they aren't playable anymore.. thinking of downloading a completely new documents app if I can't find a solution. Update: NOW NOTHING IS WORKING AT ALL. Definitely deleting and not letting this continue being a waste of space on my phone.... enjoyed it while it lasted.

Nice but bugs. Super useful for school and downloading music and videos. However recently there’s an issue where when I press a song it starts playing a completely different song in a completely different place in the playlist, then when I press the rewind button it goes back to the song I pressed, and if I want to listen to the song before that song, it doesn’t work. I pressed player and I found that it makes a completely random “playlist” where it’s just a bunch of random songs from the playlist that I made of like 200 songs and none of them are in order or anything, just random songs. Please fix this bug

Incredible media player with pip. I was looking for a movie player that would play videos in a small box (picture in picture) so I could multitask and watch a show. Apple’s app is perfect except you can only play iTunes purchases. I looked all over until I saw on reddit someone mention this app. I works perfectly for what I needed it for plus. The interface is perfect for uploading videos to my iPad. I works perfectly with my Dropbox. A lot of others I try give me no description errors. This is a must have app. Especially for movies and tv shows. I have the Apple app, Plex, and this app on my dock permanently. The name of this app doesn’t do it justice because it’s far more then documents. Amazing job.

I only have one suggestion. This app is really good. I have tried many other file managers and this is the best one. My one suggestion would be to upgrade your sorting options. I use this app when I want to download music and I always sort it by size. However, when I add in the cover art, (I do this by using a music app that allows me to import through the files app and then sending it back to documents) each image is a different size which basically alters the file size of the song. Instead of messing with the file size, I think it would be a lot easier if you added a sort by duration option for sorting songs.

They in year 3000!!!. I don’t review....ever. They deserve this praise. I originally got this app to download videos and whatnot. Was very wrong, HOWEVER, I still use this app almost every day. You can do so much. It’s the little things you notice along they way that makes it just simpler to do everything through here. There’s ways to download videos btw they require going to separate sites to do it or something hella complicated. Too much work if you ask me. I have my own method for videos and they work flawlessly. I do not share my methods for privacy reasons...if I did, then everyone would do it and use it irresponsibly and create problems. Anyway, this app continues to amaze and surpass my expectations. Totally worth it, if you give it a chance.

I am not able to play this song next. I’ll cut to the chase, I downloaded this app because I like to listen to music and I’m able to download it and play it on the go. The reason to why I have given it four stars because I am not able to organize the music that I downloaded the way how I want it. There is a specific song that I would like to play next but I’m not able to do so simply because I’m not able to organize it in that order. I will at the very least acknowledge the ability of playing an MP3 audio off-line without any interruptions whatsoever. Perhaps on the next update, the person who has created this application will grant us, users, the ability to place downloadable content in order

Go to y2mate. To get music go to a search engine and type in y2mate type music or sound you want or put in link but if you type in what you want click the video and play so find out if it’s what you’re looking for but y2mate will Break and you wouldn’t able to play the video so just go to safari and type in and copy the words you put in to safari and paste into y2mate play the video in safari and then you know what the looks like and sounds like and the picture click it in y2mate and then press download I’d recommend MP3 for you I still don’t know what a music file should be Mp3 or Wav and that’s how you download music and sound goodbye

Thoughtfully-designed app for those who need it. If you’re someone who really wants certain features of this app, you’ll probably be happy with it because it is well-designed and easy to use. In my limited testing, the PDF editing seems quite good and the video player worked smoothly. The VPN functioned fine although the server selection was relatively small. Personally I don’t need any of the features to justify paying a monthly subscription but based on what I saw—and my experience as a long-time satisfied user of Readdle’s Spark email app—it’s probably a good choice for those who like the features offered.

Just A Little Issue. So I’ve been using this app for a little over 2 years now and I really love it. I use it to download music and videos that I could watch and listen to offline. I’ve had problems with it before but it never became too difficult since I would always find a way to fix it but just recently, I’ve tried to download a song I have been listening to and it downloaded like I expected. I looked at the cover and it did not show a picture but it did show a file on it and when I clicked on it, it would tell me that it could not open and I would have to open it from another page. I do not know how to fix it and I would really love a solution since this is my really all time favorite app and it’s currently the only one available for me to use freely how I wanted.

Deleting music queue. It’s a very brillant and would recommend best app when it comes to files and many incredible things it could also do but I mostly use them in playing songs and watching videos. But the keep lacking just one thing behind sometimes songs I left in the music queue will always automatically removed. You guys should really work on for example Like in Apple Music libraries if you playing a particular song already and you try to play another at same time they’d also if you would like to play the clicked song on your music queue. Please if you can work on that I’m rating the good app on 5. Thanks in advance when the next update solves mine and others using DocumentsbyReaddle…🙁

bring it back. document 5 was very like able for what?!!!! i tell you! there was an option that would allow you to access the music library on phone (( apple music)) and from there you were able to share your own music that you synced from iTunes to phone on whatsapp or telegram. unfortunately in documents 6 this ability has been removed!!!! so this app is like any other apps that work as File-manager. i contacted the support team but they didn't understand the point and guided me wrong about how to share music files. anyway i'll be glad to see that option back again.

My favorite app. I use this app for everything. I really don’t enjoy Apple Music it’s a mess and it’s expensive. I am a creator make a lot of my own audios/videos and documents is my go to. It has simple easy to use functionality and a simple filing system. A great reminder that computers were built they way they were for a reason. I also love being able to download from the internet and extract mp3’s from video files. I also find that I use this app more and more as more apps seem to loose basic functionality. Google drive no longer seem to be able to download images to photos but documents is always on the list so thank you!

Looking for a feature.... This app is awesome, hands down. There’s one thing I can’t figure out, though: I liked this app so much that I decided to give Spark email a try (also by Readdle) which is now my favorite email app ever. But the problem is that Documents 6 exports emails using the standard iOS email app, and there doesn’t seem to be a way to change the export settings to use Spark instead. I know that you can drag and drop items from Documents into Spark if using the split screen, but it should be easier than that. Especially now that Apple totally screwed up the split screen experience with the new iOS update. It would be so cool if the developers could make that Spark email export option happen!

Big help for students in this new generation. As we all know, the use of electronic gadgets in order to study is not uncommon. Anywhere, one could spot a student holding a tablet or a smart phone as he tries to read or study his lessons. This is because of the availability of study materials in “electronically-friendly” versions. As a medical student, this app has been a lot of help to me as I was able to not only highlight pdf files but also put notes on them. If you transfer this on to your computer, those notes remain and that’s really commendable. So, for students like me out there, this is a really good app to help us in studying especially in this very “techy” generation. 😉

Amazing app but, Needs fix one little issue.. The app is extremely helpful and useful. I’m thankful for you. But, I’m facing a serious issue when i play a music. While the screen is off for about 1 minute of playing music or video and then suddenly the issue stops the music or video. To keep the music or video playing, i had to keep the screen on all times to keep the playing music or video. I did update but nothing have changed. I had to format my iPhone. So the issue seems to be gone for a few weeks and then the same issue is back again. If you cloud please do something about that issue.

Readdle. I have been using Readdle for a few years now across all my devices. It allowed for easy sharing of documents, and supports any file type that I have thrown at it. Organization is very easy within the app, and the build in web browser is a must that this app handles seamlessly. I also love the fact that I can directly edits docs on the app without needing to export to a computer or outside of the application. At this point there is nothing I would change about the app as it’s perfect but all the updates are very much accepted. Thank you Readdle for making business management one step easier!!

My already music and video files won’t play anymore. I’ve already done 2 reviews on it , no update to solve it . This problem has been going since december 2019 now and i’ve had the app since 2018 and had no problem. Every time i open the app , the files shows downloading pending when they da already been . why? I can’t listen anymore to them . Only a bit of them will play. I used to listen to all my downloaded music With no problem . I saved them on documents cloud , verified if i had space ( yes , readdle documents take only 1.5gb out of 5gb) and i still don’t see the problem... Tried to save one music file to device, it worked by why not on cloud anymore , again i have a lot of space left! Update: tried their solutions by toggling off and on the cloud but nothing. Still the same problem. Update2: not once of their solutions worked and at the end , they said to record the screen and bla bla . So to redo everything again. Then they stopped reaching. I gave up and some weeks later , all my music files were somehow downloaded so playing again instead of some. However , after downloading 4 more music , the same problem came back . At this point , i might give up as i still have a lot of space and also for some reason , in the music file info , it shows that they have duplicated ( have 200 but it shows 400)...

glitches. Hi! This is one of my favorite apps. Lately, however, I’ve been having some minor issues with it. To be specific: I have a lot of files that I add to my “favorites” (when the star appears next to the file name). I do that to keep track of which files are important and which aren’t important. At one point, I was checking through the files, and all of my favorites were gone! The files were still there, but they were no longer labeled as favorites. I had to look through all of my files again to see which were the important ones. This has happened multiple times at random. I don’t know how to fix it :(

Good but loses formatting. It is nice to have all of my documents accessible in one place, and be able to drag and drop, but one thing I have found is that if you just tap a document to open it, it opens in the Readdle app and will lose formatting. For example, I have a Word document with columns and sections. When I tap it to open it in OneDrive, all of the formatting stays as it was in the original document. If I tap it while in Readdle Documents, it opens as a single column and the section dividers are lost too, which also puts things out of order. So only 3 stars, still it works well enough that I will leave it on my iPad Pro.

Great, but annoying advertisement with update.. I use this app for all my PDF files. I have an extensive library of manuals and this is great for searching, annotating, and bookmarking. I would consider it a five-star app if not for the issue below: However, after the last update, every time I open the thumbnail view of my PDFs, an advertisement to pay $90 a year for enhanced functionality appears. If I close the ad, select a page, and select thumbnail view again, the ad comes right back again. This is extremely annoying and reduces the functionality of the app that I’ve already paid for. I do not want the enhanced features and should not have to deal with this aggravation because I elect to not purchase a subscription. If this problem is not corrected I will be switching to another app for using my PDF library.

This app is priceless. Using the app to study, especially when different file types and media types are given as resources. This app ties it all up and makes it so easy and organized. I love this app. I personally don’t like cloud “big corporate” storage services like iCloud and Dropbox. Instead I use a Synology NAS to store all data and I use this app to organize and access all of that data. The developer is constantly updating and refining the app. This is one app that every update is more and more useful and great. I normally don’t like constantly updated apps that change/add too many “features” that end up useless to an end user but this developer never disappoints.

a must have. writing this on the one year aniversario of getting documents. wow this app blew me away, gotten me through some though situation. and it’s incredible how much of it is completely free, no ads (thank god). going on a trip ? wanting to conserve data ? this one room has bad connection ? dw just put whatever u need on documents. it’s so nice to use. i use it for all my books bc it’s just easier to save my place on here. i also will sometimes download videos and watch them on here JUST so i can have the mini player. this is a quintessential app for iphones.

Latest update really a downgrade. I have loved this app for a few years now, across all my devices, and have paid versions of four other Readdle products. How sad — and offensive — to see the mandatory advertising for an annual-charge PDF account. The features/options are deceptively included as if they are tools and actions included within the app. Only when trying to perform an action does one learn that an additional paid account is required. I purchased other Readdle PDF app thinking they worked together (they don’t!). As a side note, there seems to be no way to hide the PDF tools (highlight, underline, etc.) to reclaim obstructed reading space. Readdle, this is beneath you. Let us choose to subscribe to a service, or not. Stop the bait and switch tactic.

Festini says it’s good. So it must be. For some reason I never looked at my iPad or my iPhone like a Windows device with folders because the iOS ecosystem has always been so shut off. I’ve recently learned to maneuver around inside of those folders and menus and having documents as a file explorer of sorts has really made it convenient. It has a beautiful user interface and easily synchronize across all of my devices. It would be nice if they had a Windows program so that I could treat it like I would want to. I suppose that would be easily solved if I just started using a Mac.

Great. Used it almost since its birth to listen to music offline, works amazing. Bless the devs for this app making my life so much easier when i live with v spotty wifi at times so documents helped me survive my teenage angst listening to music pre-spotify. New update though seems to not let you skip through music tracks at all? I try to fast forward 30 secs and it skips the entire track, which is annoying. Its happening only with downloads from last month onwards but prior ones work fine? Might be a glitch bc i tried different downloading sites and the result is the same..

Great app. Great app its intuitive, user friendly interface, easy interaction with other apps and my favorite part is the app’s ability to play videos saved on documents. The feature I would like to be implemented is the ability to continue playing videos in a playlist while the phone is turned off. I have to continuously have to turn the phone on and go into the app to play another video and then turn off the phone off again and repeat the process again to play the next video. Otherwise its an overall good app, it could be better if they added the feature I explained.

I love this app but.... I really truly love this app!!! I can listen to music anywhere without internet, it is amazing!!! When I leave the app the music is still able to play and will play the next song. But after the last few updates it doesn’t do that anymore. When I leave the app and let the music play it stops at the song I was listening to and doesn’t play the next. I thought there was something wrong with my settings but everything is the same as before it worked fine. Now when a song finishes it stops and when I press play from my home screen music from iTunes starts to play instead. Does anyone know what to do?

Update. This app is actually incredible, except the newest update is terrible. Not only has it not improved anything but has instead worsened the in-app experience. I’m not sure why the look was changed, but it is extremely inconvenient. The old look for the “lists” view appeared as a normal file list as it would on a computer. Organized, sharp and easy to read, taking up less space. The newest update at the end of 2022 changed the “List” view to massive icons that are just in the way. You now have to scroll much more through your files, and it completely defeats the purpose of the “Grid” view, by being the exact same thing, just linear. This was a terrible decision and has made this app much less enjoyable and inconvenient. Please fix this.

Great App!!!. So I got this app not too long ago, and so far it is EPIC!!! I can easily edit my files without any ads or subscription requirements, and the fact that it not only comes as a document reader, but a file editor, vpn, and web browser is awsome! I am very happy I got this app, and I love it so much ☻ ☻ ☻!!! I would like to thank this app for making not only my school essays easier, but my school work so much easier, since I can use the vpn for restricted sites, and the web browser to help me use Wikipedia and other websites without having to go to safari, or chrome, or different apps! I am very pleased with my experience ☻ !!!

Overall Pretty Awesome, Just One Thing…. All in all, this app is awesome for downloading stuff, this is where I keep all my music. The only thing I wish is that we could edit album covers! When you download an mp4, the “cover” or image that appears on the screen when you play the song is either the thumbnail of the video or just a colorful music note. Please let us change the cover images, and if not, then at least let us pick the color of the music note image please! I feel that this would make the app look a lot more legit on the Lock Screen when it’s in use, as well as in-app.

This app literally broke my phone. I have had this app for a while now and it worked great until recently. However, within the last month it has really gone downhill. You can’t do anything without 5 million apps popping up. It’s extremely irritating. After the latest update, I decided to give it another go and when I was searching for a website in the app, it redirected me 50 times and tried to get me to call this number that kept popping up on the screen repeatedly. It keeps coming up nonstop and I can’t get out of the app or even turn the phone off to try to reset it (I’m using my iPad for this). It’s from some kind of ad and I just can’t get it to go away. I am on my way to Apple tonight to get it fixed as I cannot be without a phone, but exercise extreme caution when using this app. Frustrated and annoyed is an understatement...

Need another update. I love this app for sure but now it’s like most of the people says in here we can’t open the App. In offline mode it says the app needed to verify and so on.... So I open data then I enter the app and then it crashed and disappear, same thing happened when I open with the wifi too. Now I even go to AppStore and tried to open but its open only the front page logo and then disappear but it’s always in the on the go app. Pls fix this, like everyone said this is a really great app. But if u guys provide with the update fix for the app crash, I am hesitating to make future updates. Because this kind of thing happened twice already. However it was a really great app, I wish to use in it great condition. Thanks.

Love the App...but. I have been using this app for years, and have loved it! I have recommended it to many friends and colleagues. However, as of late, I am having problems with syncing any of my SharePoint folders. Dropbox and Google Drive still work fine, but SharePoint does not. In the past, when syncs have stopped working, I would just delete and reinstall the app. That simple action would solve my problems. This time, unfortunately that hasn’t worked. I contacted support, and after a little bit of a wait, they responded saying they were able to recreate the problem. Here’s to hoping they fix it soon. I have trying to find some sort of replacement for Documents but unfortunately I haven’t found anything else at this time.

one of the best apps but recently it has gone down. Ive been using this app for years and never have i had this problem . I use this app for music and my unreleased music and i never had problems playing music continuously but now everytime the song ends and goes on to the next one , the song is playing but theres no sound and it will continue to do that for 3 or 4 songs and then another would play perfectly fine sound and all and then when goes to the next one theres no sound again . I really do love this app but this problem has start to become very annoying and unbearable . Just updated the app as well and it still continues to do it .

doing weird things.... I used to love this app, it’s very useful, but for some ODD reason, it keeps doing weird things. When I go on the browser to go on a website, sometimes it takes me to a random movie website. Then I try to exit out of it, and it takes me to another website. One time it took me to an inappropriate p*rn website and I got really scared. I had to loose all my data and delete the app. Today, I was trying to go on a website on the browser. Then it took me to the App Store to download Pokémon Go, then I saw “click to remove virus” but then it went to the App Store again. I don’t know what’s going on, but I really don’t want to have to loose all my data and redownload the app! It’s a really good app but it’s scaring me! please fix THIS!

Subscription is annoying.. I just find it annoying how the 'extract audio' feature, which I mostly used this app for, is now locked behind a paywall. Yet another app that used to be free now charging for a subscription fee. It's incredibly annoying and doesn't take into account its users. Why should I pay for a feature that I used to have access to for free? Why should I pay annually for essentially the same thing I used to have for free? I'm disappointed to say the least. This is one of my most used apps and I get no satisfaction out of tarnishing its pristine reviews, but this is ridiculous. If you are going to start charging, I'd be happy to consider paying for a one time purchase. I understand apps like these need to profit somehow. But Subscriptions are annoying.

Downloads have disappeared.. A great and supper efficient app that has a major problem. I was looking through the reviews of this app, and it seems im not the only one who had this problem as well. I downloaded maybe about 60+ mp3 files to the download folder, and when i was in the process of downloading a file, and checked the download folder where I expected it to be, the folder was completely empty. I’m not sure if i am able to recover the files at this point, and if i were to redownload them I don’t want to risk the chance of them disappearing once more. Again, your app is great, and extremely efficient, But please fix this.

This App Is A Lifesaver. Ive had to use this app for many different purposes. Sometimes it was to bypass my parents setting restrictions so I can do something for school, which was downloading a clip from a documentary for a project. And also for the the iCloud video download. Instead of being stuck on the "Your download is starting shortly...", I used this app and it absolutely was amazing with what I needed to get done. I love the fact that you are able to download files easily and securely. I think this app is absolutely wonderful for these kinds of things. Thank you to the developers for designing such a useful and easy application. Defiantly my most useful tool and most used tool I use. Thank you. 👍

Incredible, Been using it for years, but one weird change. I love this app. It’s easy and the best thing when it comes to having files on your phone. Media player works great and so does the Audio player. No complaints. However I must ask why did Readdle remove the option to directly save MP4 files to your photos app. This is such a weird change and a mild inconvenience for something that should have really never changed. Now I have to port it over to VLC and then port it to photos from there? Can we have the option to save videos to camera roll again? Other than that it’s perfect and I thank the developers for years of service.

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Love it, so helpful. If you’re fine with not being able to share files, I 10/10 recommend this amazing app. It has a browser extension from which you can download files and it will save it to the local storage. It has a nice look and honestly you can argue that the browser is even better than safari or google chrome. You can access your drive files from there, too. So easy to navigate and great for downloading + watching videos, because you can pretty much do anything by tapping and swiping or on your keyboard. So, again, if you’re not looking to share files, definitely use this over any other service! Keep it up!

Thanks!. This app is super helpful! Personally I don’t usually use files very often, and before downloading this app I was having a lot of trouble with the files I used. But after simply importing it and exporting it through here, the files were a lot easier to download, and I could actually move them without issues. I have no experience with creating and editing files so I honestly didn’t know what to expect, but even without knowing that much I was still able to use this to help me rename and move them. Thanks a lot!!

Readdle is Righteous. Update: Thank you, thank you, thank you for adding a recently deleted feature! I have a file in Documents that's over 100 GB, and I've long lived in fear of accidentally deleting it. You've made an already awesome app essentially perfect. Documents doesn't just play well with Dropbox; for me, they've become lovers. The ability to upload folders — folders! — is a game changer and by itself worth so much more than what Readdle charges. Most of you will hate me for saying this, but I sincerely hope Readde follows the trend and adopts a subscription model because I very much want these developers to stick around.

Please add this👌. Please add the ability to turn off autoplay for music (talking about music, not videos). Edit 1: I can’t wait! It would be really helpful for producers who have to look through tiny audio files. At the current moment, you have to loop the tiny audio files if we want to listen to it more than once and that could get irritating really quickly. But another request coming from a producer standpoint is to have the audio waveform show up instead of a cover image as an alternative. If these features were implemented I would drop AudioShare so quickly since it would be so much easier managing audio files within this app.

was a good app with bugs until update. i used documents pretty regularly for years before ios had a built-in file manager. when i looked at my storage recently i noticed it was taking up gigabytes of space, even though i had deleted just about everything in the app at his point, an issue both i and other users have dealt with. i just decided to delete it and redownload when i needed it since i assumed i had nothing to lose at this point. come to find out the only feature i used it for is now locked behind a paywall. i immediately deleted it. never plan on downloading this app again. the mp4 to mp3 conversion and familiarity was the only reason i continued using this over files, and now i have to pay extra for a feature that’s been free for years? what a joke. gg i’m not using this app again. maybe if it was a one-time payment but a subscription is just unnecessary. i thought it was enough when they did that with pdf tools. if you want to make money you should add more features users want instead of taking away ones that were free to begin with. would’ve been 4 stars

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 17+ years and older
Current Version 8.4.6
Play Store com.readdle.ReaddleDocsIPad
Compatibility iOS 14.0 or later

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The applications Documents: File Manager & Docs was published in the category Productivity on 2010-04-01 and was developed by Readdle Technologies Limited [Developer ID: 285035419]. This program file size is 233.8 MB. This app has been rated by 488,436 users and has a rating of 4.7 out of 5. Documents: File Manager & Docs - Productivity app posted on 2023-05-22 current version is 8.4.6 and works well on IOS 14.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.readdle.ReaddleDocsIPad. Languages supported by the app:

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Greetings from Ukraine! This week we’ve made a few minor improvements here and there, so you can enjoy your favorite Documents app. Thanks for your continuing feedback. We love hearing from you! If you need us, you can find us at

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