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Kik is way more than just messaging. It’s the easiest way to connect with your friends, stay in the loop, and explore – all through chat. No phone numbers, just pick a username.

• Choose who to chat with one-on-one and in groups
• Share pics, videos, gifs, games, and more
• Meet new friends with similar interests

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Kik App Description & Overview

The applications Kik was published in the category Social Networking on 2010-04-10 and was developed by Kik Interactive Inc.. The file size is 145.97 MB. The current version is 15.3.0 and works well on 8.1 and high ios versions.

• Fixed an issue where Kik would be stuck on Connecting...
• Fixed a crash that happened after receiving content in certain cases

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Kik Reviews


Problem with scanning kik code  Awdmib  4 star

App is good but having a problem scanning a friend’s kik code to find her. I thought it worked like Snapchat but. I can’t do it any ideas or suggestions?

Tio (120 Attack)

Inappropriate  Tio (120 Attack)  1 star

First day I downloaded this app, I got some dude sending me pictures of his weewee. I don’t want pictures of a dude’s weewee. Now I have to go to therapy. Thanks, Kik :(

Richard Talaga

Blocked  Richard Talaga  1 star

For no reason at all no bad words or nude pics


Getting get out of app  iDreaminq_Jada  3 star

Okay so I rate this app 3 stars because if I tap the group to see how many members are in the group it exits me out of the please fix this. If you know how to fix this pm me on kik my username is @Hawxtyy


the chat theme  bigbootybo  3 star

you see, the chats theme wont stay. every time i change the chat theme it changes back white. otherwise it’s good.

kalmw nxox

Blocking  kalmw nxox  3 star

I just realized that when I block someone that they can still see my profile picture, but once I block them I can no longer view their profile picture. Why is this? Why is my profile still visible to the person that I have blocked?


It’s ok now  BigE3615  3 star

They had a setting where you could meet new people and they took it away. It was really cool because I loved meeting people from all over the world.

milkshake smith

i use to like it  milkshake smith  3 star

no clue why but this is the only app i have that’s always crashing or having stupid things occur like glitching out of chats or messages not showing up no clue why


It’s okay  Galaxia42000  3 star

Used to use it a lot when I was younger to talk to friends, now it says I have it installed when I have since uninstalled it, won’t even let me open the app even tho I don’t have it installed on my phone due to the app saying it was corrupted.

bib ken

Review comment  bib ken  5 star

Good site


Connection problems. Please fix right now  Sonic50056  2 star

This app is great and all but recently I got a bug where I’m stuck on connecting. I know you guys fixed it and all but it just happened again. If you could fix it that would be great. Also if there’s an easy fix without logging out and logging back in or even re-installing it. That would be great also Until then. I will be finding other app just like Kik till this problem either fixes itself or a new update fixes this. Ima also just as this as well. When kik actually connects. It updates 1 chat. And goes back to connecting. Could you hurry and fix this. I don’t wanna keep my friends waiting


Can’t log in or create new account  Greatman64  1 star

Hi. I had connection issue with my account today so I deleted the app and tried to log in again. I kept getting a message saying it is taking too long try again a bit later. I then tried to create a new account and keep getting an error message saying network is not available make sure your device has an active connection and try again. Can you please assist ASAP as I need to get into my account and make contact with my friends. My son and partner also tried to create accounts and received the same error message about no connection make sure your device has an active connection and try again. There is nothing wrong with our connection as we are able to access Snapchat, instagram, etc. your urgent assistance would be greatly appreciated. Can anyone please help.


Very Disappointed!!!  Bailxz  1 star

Why can’t I log into kik? I’ve tried absolutely everything I know and advised and still can’t, do very disappointed as I’ve lost more than you’d know! 🤬👎💯


Frustrating  PortlysMum  3 star

Can be great, can be appalling. The number of times I am mid conversation and the “connecting” banner comes up. And stays up. Normally I would delete the app and start again but of course that means losing all the conversations. This problem was supposedly fixed three months ago but it only seems to have got worse. Other than that, it’s an ok messaging app so long as you aren’t sentimental and want to keep your messages.


Not working  pleasechangeitup  2 star

Usually Kik works well but for the past few days I haven’t been able to log on my account. Maybe a bug issue or something? I’ll give a better review when the issues are fixed


Normally great but very buggy..  lozlovegood  3 star

I love the features offered on this app and when it runs smoothly it’s perfection. However it hasn’t run smoothly for me in months. 1. Extreme lag to the point where I can’t even toggle the caps button on as it doesn’t register the double tap quick enough. I could type a full sentence but it will take over a minute to appear on the screen with only one letter appearing every couple seconds. 2. Groups don’t update profile pics or names. 3. Lastly but the most recent and annoying.. constant “connecting..” so bad that I can’t load anything at all. It hasn’t changed for 3 hours now. I have tried wifi, mobile data, turning device off and on. I have groups to run and hundreds of people to answer to so if this get fixed sooner rather than later that would be great. I can deal with lag and glitching pics but what’s the point in ever having the app if I can’t talk to people on it?

Jazz - a limelight

Won’t let me download  Jazz - a limelight  1 star

I deleted the app by accident and now I can’t download it again?!!!!

tiger 1975

Download  tiger 1975  1 star

Have tried to download after it just shut down. Does not allow to load. Lost all contacts and friends.

small man zane

Miss zane  small man zane  5 star

Hi guys I really loved this slayyyyy xoxo

just me 1970-xxxxx

Just full off fake  just me 1970-xxxxx  1 star

90% fake profile


Review  DetroitGirl913  3 star

Function is good, would prefer to retain conversation and have options to delete.


Be prepared to lose everything  Someguy6347733  2 star

Occasionally logs me out and clears my entire chat history. It's bonkers. It's either one of the worst bugs I've ever seen or one of the worst choices I've ever seen. The only good thing about Kik is its groups. Otherwise AVOID it!!

Hub and tea

Not Updating  Hub and tea  2 star

My kik doesn’t even show that it is available for updates. It is literally impossible to update kik on my phone now and I don’t know why. The last update on the App Store made by kik says it was done three months ago. I can still use the app, but I’m missing out on tons of things and I can’t think of how to fix it


Keyboard  Chadwick333  1 star

It makes it so it can’t see messages while typing


Kik  kaaydaddy5  2 star

It won’t let me download the app , every single time it resets my kik and I can’t get into it I don’t kno what to do


The people  halogeminij  2 star

THE PEOPLE IN THIS WERE HORRIBLE IM 13 trying to make friends on a app since I’m a shy introvert,one girl blackmails me by saying she’ll put my face in porn cites,she makes me send nudes and now SHES POSTING IT ON CITES AND IS SENDING MY FAMILY A CD OF IT I regret going on this app


Slow as hell on iPhone 8  Nickynamed  1 star

I type a message and the letters take about 5 seconds each to appear on the screen. Sometimes I type an entire message and the app is not even ready to receive it, so what I typed is lost. This has been happening since I got iPhone 8, never happened with my iPhone 5 that I was using until a year ago.


Make it so that IOS users can buy chat themes too  likeaboss;)  4 star


gfhso dvhfibd

MARK DREW ruined my experience  gfhso dvhfibd  1 star

There is this one person that’s is mark drew and he made me delete this app cuz he was being a jerk he should be banned from kik cuz he ruined my experience


Worthless bot testesting  jsjajshsisnbsbsb  1 star

It’s annoying to being tested from being a bot every 5 minutes and it’s more annoying when it’s it’s multiple animals and if you miss 1/20 you gotta retake the whole thing all over


Cannot get in to chat people at all.  ballyboy50  2 star

Cannot get in to chat with people at all.

niamh dunai

Niamh Dubai  niamh dunai  5 star



Can’t connect  Dk86irl  1 star

My KIK won’t connect and there is no response from the kik developers 😡😡


I have a problem with the new version  a23292929  1 star

I was using it for maybe 6 months, I uploaded it to the last version today, and it don't conect.I can search profiles and groups. But I can't recive or send messages. I tryed to reinstall etc but no solution


Excellent app  SPARTAN-047  5 star

Easy to use and chat with the people I need. A proper tablet version would be nice as I'm now using it on an iPad and it showed up a bit strangely. There's no iPad version so it had to be magnified like most iOS iPhone apps used on an iPad.


Ireland  paddy637588  1 star

The servers are down on the Emerald Isle so go fix them please


Great for meeting  Denisedbrazil  5 star

Kik is great for hooking up with like minded people


It has so many bugs and issues  💥🖕🏻💥  1 star

Its bad folks,dont get this app.Just being real.Ive been using this for 3 days and had encountered more than 4 bugs and problems.


Not working  ItsTotallyBecky  1 star

Won’t let me log in...


Bad connection  comecimoi  3 star

Kik keeps lagging. I’m in Ireland and it’s not connecting to the app at all. It’s also been cutting me off video chats. Doesn’t hold thread messages for too long and it would be great if you log out and log back in that all your messages were still there

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