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Kik is way more than just messaging. It’s the easiest way to connect with your friends, stay in the loop, and explore – all through chat. No phone numbers, just pick a username.

• Choose who to chat with one-on-one and in groups
• Share pics, videos, gifs, games, and more
• Meet new friends with similar interests

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Kik App Description & Overview

The applications Kik was published in the category Social Networking on 2010-04-10 and was developed by Kik Interactive Inc.. The file size is 145.97 MB. The current version is 15.3.0 and works well on 8.1 and high ios versions.

• Fixed an issue where Kik would be stuck on Connecting...
• Fixed a crash that happened after receiving content in certain cases

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Kik need more options.  shivksa  4 star

I need the ability to delete the blocked contacts . Also although blocked contacts remain sometimes deleted ones disappear

Demons hart

I can’t remember my username not my password  Demons hart  2 star

You should have a forgot username and forgot password because I can’t get in to my account because I can’t remember my username but I still remember my password this seriously stinks


Broken  Savags18  1 star

This app is broken on the iPhone XS. Will not respond


Fix this!!!!  SoloDolo.Jaaay  1 star

It keeps on deleting my messages and I'm not even logged out 😤😤. My username is @solodolo.jaaay . Fix this kik


Random notifications  sam5epiol  3 star

When I log out of Kik I still receive notifications even though I’m logged out and have notifications turned off!!!!! If this bug isn’t fixed I’ll be deleting the app!


What about it  psychonwer  4 star

Kik used be so awesome but not anymore since some of the bots never works, they literally never respond, my fav bot was “kokobot” which is a community of people who you share your issues/problems anonymously with them and they would help you and you could help people too, ever since it stopped working i felt lost because helping people was part of my everyday routine, during work i just have half an hour break all i do is go to kik and then kokobot and literally help anyone and send them kind words and stuff, but now i just stay at my place when i have a break): i gave it 4 stars because I cannot forget about all the amazing friends i made over there it seriously helped me


Some trouble  umi-star  4 star

This app is good. Iv had it for a long time now. But recently. The rage bots are kicking me out of chats as soon as I join them.


Greatest app in the word  UNKNOWN550  5 star



Disgusting  bigggggestchef  1 star

Do NOT let any child use this app. It is FILLED with pedophiles and child predators. Plenty of public group chats with men in their 30s trading these appalling videos and photos. Absolutely disgusting.


Limited themes  NoireAir  3 star

Hey, I like Kik. I’ve used it for years, first on android then to iPhone. The app has changed a lot over the years, new things were added, old things were changed. I happen to like the new theme idea for the chats. The problem is android has way more themes than iPhone and apple products. Is there a way to add more themes? For now my rate will be 3 stars until that happens. Plus the app has moments where it stalls and lag and it can be annoying.


It’s all right  danii37  5 star

It’s all right


Good  Blaso10  4 star

Good app but needs some improvements

Grumpy Happy Scowl Joy

Kik: bug building 101 ✉️🐛  Grumpy Happy Scowl Joy  2 star

Been using Kik since 2012, so I know the delivery (S/D/R) status bug... and it’s back (connectivity issue?). Message says S(ent)... friend is already typing a response. Where is D(elivered) & R(ead)? Got eaten by bugs again 🦟🦗🐜🐛 Other silly things: • Time stamps for messages on iOS? Still not a thing • Wallpaper for iOS? Nope Kik stop being a dingus


temp ban  tinywiener1  1 star

i had my account hacked and it has been suspened by kik they wont even tell me how long the suspension is for so i can resett my passwords even though ive emailed help centre 3 times kik help centre your as much use as a chocalate fire place


never works  399059437354585493089805  1 star

the app hasnt worked for months


Crashes  liebeverona  2 star

Why does kik freeze up I am not getting any messages This was a good app now it’s just frustrating


Issue  JetGX  4 star

When I click out of the app I don’t receive notifications from people I’m having a private chat with but when I’m in a group chat I do receive the notifications


Who needs groups amirite!  Fierybutts  1 star

It was going fine. Until today. Today, I was refused entry to every group I tried to join, not because of some political or hierarchical snub, but because of inadequate technology. “Oops, something went wrong. Please give it another whirl” is the error message I constantly get. Well I have given it more whirls. I even uninstalled and reinstalled the app. I am tired beyond belief. I am ready to go to bed. I am exhausted. All from this group glitch. Please fix it. Until then, I will be encouraging everyone I know to leave a negative review of kik so that this issue can be resolved in a more timely manner.


Frustrated  ap071992  2 star

Since last update I haven’t been able to join any groups just keeps saying oops something went wrong please try again


Corrupted videos  Siver90  3 star

Since I last updated kik all the videos I’ve gotten have been corrected but all the videos I’ve sent have worked and the videos that I’ve gotten the person that sent them to me the videos still worked on there kik but not on mine they are connected to wifi as well but it still didn’t work


What’s going on ?  m.iracle  2 star

So we aren’t going to talk about all the sexual predators on here ? It’s disgusting. They don’t get banned and that’s not fair. There’s no way I should see someone I reported multiple times still texting on there even after a month.

kirin oliney

Kik  kirin oliney  5 star

I like this app because it makes me y’all to my freinds and video call them


Deleting my account  Marinecorp735  1 star

This has to be one of the hardest apps to actually delete your account without jumping through a wall of fire it seems. WHY CANT THEY HAVE A SIMPLE DELETE BUTTON????


Nice  Ric3567  5 star


Microscopic Moe

Font Size Too Small  Microscopic Moe  2 star

My biggest complaint with the app is that you can’t increase or enlarge the font size. Eye strain, even on my large iPhone, is the order of the day. The app developers candidly admit that there is no way to presently increase the font size of text in your messages. This is a deficiency that needs to be addressed.

snowman 64

Crashing and false notifications  snowman 64  3 star

I’ve been using this app and it’s been pretty good except it kicks me out every once in awhile but it has suddenly started making my notifications stay and not go away when I check them. It also kicks me back to the home screen every time someone texts me when I’m already on the chat screen with that person. I tried logging out but it didn’t help it.


Why do we have to buy it  Wareagles14  2 star

Why do we have to buy it I thought it was free


CAnnot join groups  OHYAHILUVIT  1 star

See above

Whip nae nae nae

This app is amazing  Whip nae nae nae  5 star

I’ve met so many people through this app and have received several “naughty” pictures through them. It’s awesome!


What’s wrong with kik??  Christopher2134  4 star

Kik isn’t working anymore it seems like every time I try to login in it say the connection is not working or it timed out. I tried resting my password multiple time but it say the say message. I’m not sure why but I’m starting to believe that kik is not working anymore because it will not work at all I wish the app would work like it did back then.


Can’t connect  Dk86irl  1 star

My KIK won’t connect and there is no response from the kik developers 😡😡


I have a problem with the new version  a23292929  1 star

I was using it for maybe 6 months, I uploaded it to the last version today, and it don't conect.I can search profiles and groups. But I can't recive or send messages. I tryed to reinstall etc but no solution


Excellent app  SPARTAN-047  5 star

Easy to use and chat with the people I need. A proper tablet version would be nice as I'm now using it on an iPad and it showed up a bit strangely. There's no iPad version so it had to be magnified like most iOS iPhone apps used on an iPad.


Ireland  paddy637588  1 star

The servers are down on the Emerald Isle so go fix them please


Great for meeting  Denisedbrazil  5 star

Kik is great for hooking up with like minded people


It has so many bugs and issues  💥🖕🏻💥  1 star

Its bad folks,dont get this app.Just being real.Ive been using this for 3 days and had encountered more than 4 bugs and problems.


Not working  ItsTotallyBecky  1 star

Won’t let me log in...


Bad connection  comecimoi  3 star

Kik keeps lagging. I’m in Ireland and it’s not connecting to the app at all. It’s also been cutting me off video chats. Doesn’t hold thread messages for too long and it would be great if you log out and log back in that all your messages were still there


Loosing messages  AthenaGds  4 star

I don’t like the way when the app is uninstalled and reinstalled you loose all the messages and pictures. Also messages are cleared at a certain point in messaging when scrolling up



I have been using kik for years and have never had an issue. The servers are not working in Ireland right now and nothing is being done to fix it. Kik have not announced anything or commented on the situation. The support team is all bots with generic answers that do not help! How long am I going to have to wait for the servers to be back up and running? I have a lot of work contacts on kik that I now can’t reach out to as the app is malfunctioning and the kik team are not fixing it, I don’t think they are even aware of it which is bad business on their part.

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