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A MUST HAVE INTERVAL TIMER to maximize workouts. This high-intensity interval training timer is engineered to maximizes workouts. Tabata Pro is used by top professional fitness trainers, bodybuilders, physed departments, and athletes. Tabata Pro is designed for Tabata, HIIT, weight training, kettle bells, running, cycling, or any interval fitness training.

• Start and change music automatically with Workout DJ
• High-quality audio, visual, and voice alert system
• Fully customizable times, cycles, and tabatas
• Multiple quick-change presets
• Mute sound if needed
• Multitasking and split screen support
• Custom external display designed for large screen

• in-pocket as a personal audio coach using headphones
• main display for room and on fitness equipment
• external display for group training in the gym

Tabata Pro® and Workout DJ™ are trademarks of SIMPLETOUCH LLC, all rights reserved.

Tabata Pro HIIT Interval Timer App Description & Overview

The applications Tabata Pro HIIT Interval Timer was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2010-01-19 and was developed by SIMPLETOUCH LLC. The file size is 24.62 MB. The current version is 3.9.7 and works well on 10.3 and high ios versions.

Support for new screen sizes.

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Tabata Pro HIIT Interval Timer Reviews


So easy!  TarrinP  5 star

I write out my TABATA workouts depending on what I’m in the mood for and how long I want to work out, take 10 seconds to get the app set up with my desired cycles and TABATAs and off I go. So easy. Love it. Use it several times a week.

Tree Mack

Cool app  Tree Mack  5 star

Nice app. Super easy to use even when I’m hypoxic. Lol


Been using this Tabata time for many years  TrailPix  5 star

Highly customizable and a must have for me.

tabata over 50

Easy to read hear and set up  tabata over 50  5 star

Bold fonts and colors. Good sounds. Flashing helps in peripheral vision. Been using another one for months. Switched to this one.


That’s it!?!?  GiGi1203  1 star

I basically spent $4.00 for a glorified timer!?!? The old app by the same name had a variety of exercises for each tabata. Wished I had been paying attention.

chasing gains

I watch  chasing gains  4 star

Any chance you can make this work work Apple I watch?


No tiene donde poner nombre de los ejercicios es caro para lo que ofrece  MaxtoTL  1 star

Es caro para el servicio que ofrece


uses way too much battery if u dont close app in background  Jayjayjay12341234  1 star

please fix


Best of the best!  slvstorky2  5 star

There is no other app that comes close! Very easy to use!


So so  viclue21  1 star

Works... but having to pay for an app that’s NOT PROPERLY FUNCTIONAL is disappointing. Timer doesn’t show up on lock screen (even tho there is a switch that says “show on lock screen“, timer affects my Apple music (even with all the settings set off) if I push pause it pauses my music and if I close Apple Music and push play on the app it starts playing my music on its own, giant stop button is vibe killing. I sweat, if a drop of sweat falls on the stop button it stops the whole tabata routine. With the stop button being half the size of the screen it’s kinda hard to miss.... I wouldn’t buy this app again. I’d rather use a free one. Or a timer on my phone.


🙏🙏  Rommy86  5 star

Good apps

Olie n'Mum

Top Tabata  Olie n'Mum  5 star

Easy to use and customise - enough said when you’re exercising! Love the DJ music update!

julia and greta

Tabata  julia and greta  4 star

It’s awsome


Perfect  Ragu79  5 star

Does exactly what it is supposed to do perfectly!

Craving Lifestyle

Trading next level  Craving Lifestyle  5 star

One of the best interval training apps available, no more looking at the clock just head down and train hard. Think of a number now double it is the general rule. Then think why when halfway through and relies you could have been finished by now. Then you push knowing it will make you stronger, faster and then your done.


Completely inaccurate.  MLBBLITZ  1 star

Always completes the workout prematurely. Surely I’m not the only person to realise this.


Easy to use  Sorwilson  5 star

Great, free tabata app. Let’s you play music throughout and has an easy set up and countdown system. Works great for me!


Simple  CamaFlage  4 star

Easy to set up. Need to see a total timer somewhere. Please add this.

Wil MarMar

Awesome app  Wil MarMar  5 star

The best timer by far and tried several others


Love this app!  Toolakea  5 star

Makes out workouts so easy! Easy to use! 5 stars plus!!!!


Needs update  poots_mcgoots  3 star

Great app until now. For some reason on the iPhone X the app locks up. When you start the Tabata it’s smooth but if you end it then try to start it up again too quick it freezes for a few seconds and then starts. On my 6s it never did this. I think the app isn’t up to speed with the new technology of the phones. Fix this please by sending out an update!


Great app  Jyklle  5 star

This is a great app and the developers continue to keep it updated. Been using this app for years!!! The only feedback that I could see improving this is if they added a timer for AMRAP/EMOM. It's not really needed just a personal preference.


Customizable  Ghostpro49  1 star

Just sent an email to be reimbursed for this app. I need something that I can customize more. Example: I want to be able to have 3 Tabatas set up with different cycles and times in each. Tabata 1 4 cycles 45 sec work 15 sec rest Tabata 2 3 cycles 30 sec work 15 sec rest Tabata 3 2 cycles 15 sec work 15 sec rest With 60 recovery between tabatas. Is this possible? From what I can tell, no. If not I want my money back!


More music options please!  grobd33  4 star

Does exactly what it should timing wise as far as I can tell...met my needs anyways. However, I would LOVE to be able to play my Spotify account as the music source. Or I would even take pandora. Something other than what is downloaded to my phone which isn’t much because I don’t have a ton of storage space due to thousands of toddler pictures 😂


Nice  BRENOBTT  5 star

Easy to use

Amatuer Gamer

Great timer app  Amatuer Gamer  5 star

I know that I don’t use it as intended but this works great for circuits. You can have preset timers for different levels and it plays your music in the background.


Tabatha pro  DMo#64  5 star

Been a great workout partner - kettlebell routines, vigorous warmup, lifting with tempo/tension, wim hoff breathing routines, body weight routines. Thanks


My workout friend.  On2mambo  5 star

Keeps me on track and pushes me.


Good  VideoVader  5 star

Works well - simple easy effective


Best tabata app  Eric4041  5 star

Love it, worth the cost. No bugs, works with no issues and have been using for over a year now.

stephanie brennan

Like it a lot  stephanie brennan  4 star

Defo worth a download ...


AH  Gussy39  4 star

V easy to use and practical. Careful, 'cause it will become an irreplaceable part of your workouts!

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