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LiveXLive Powered by Slacker, formerly Slacker Radio, is a totally reimagined music streaming app that lets you listen to your favorite music and watch live streaming performances for free, all in one place.

With our global coverage and massive collection of music, you’ll get:

• Free access to the music and events you love
• Hundreds of interactive and hand-crafted music stations
• Music recommendations personalized just for you, so you can discover new favorites
• Live video streams of festivals and concerts from around the world
• Exclusive hosted audio and video shows every week
• The ability to easily collect and share your favorite songs
• The power to create your own stations and playlists
• Unique interactive news and sports programming
• On-demand access to millions of songs and albums with subscription
• Offline data-free listening on mobile with subscription

Check out and follow @livexlive on social media for announcements about upcoming events and exciting new features.

Want to get the most out of LiveXLive Powered by Slacker?

Subscribe to LiveXLive Plus:

• Ad-free listening
• Maximum audio quality
• Unlimited skips
• Auto renews monthly at $3.99 USD

Subscribe to LiveXLive Premium:
• All the benefits of LiveXLive Plus
• Listen offline
• Play millions of songs and albums on demand
• Create your own playlists and stations
• Auto renews monthly at $9.99 USD

For all subscriptions, payment will be charged to your iTunes Account only after confirmation of purchase. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period with no change in price.

Your subscriptions may be managed and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to your iTunes Account Settings after purchase.

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LiveXLive App Description & Overview

The applications LiveXLive was published in the category Music on 2009-01-13 and was developed by Slacker, Inc.. The file size is 133.06 MB. The current version is 8.1.1 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

• Some users reported startup issues, and those bugs should be squashed in this release.
• We heard you: the new heart color was REALLY hard to see. They’re filled in now, so yay!

IT’S HERE: Slacker Radio is now LiveXLive powered by Slacker.

LiveXLive brings you premium livestreams and on-demand music experiences from the world's top music festivals and concerts, including Rock in Rio, EDC Las Vegas, Hangout Music Festival, and tons more, and you’ll be able to experience it all inside the new LiveXLive powered by Slacker app.

Everything you love about Slacker is still there, but now you have even MORE to fall in love with:

• Global navigation so you can find what you’re looking for faster
• More personalized recommendations, so you can discover new content picked just for you
• Livestream performances and video on demand from the biggest artists on the planet
• Fresh music, comedy, and podcast stations (still curated by humans, of course!) will join the lineup of your Slacker faves

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LiveXLive Reviews


Bluetooth for RAM messed up  minkelingel  3 star

The newest update will not let Bluetooth playback with RAM. Truck plays all other music Bluetooth. You app works with just headphones but once’s switched to vehicle bluetooth will not play.


Countdown doesn't stay at spot and CarPlay bugs  Bluestreak4  2 star

Countdown won't stay at spot. CarPlay won't show now playing and won't show song


Loved Slacker, LiveXLive is buggy  777Ed777  2 star

I totally loved Slacker but this new version has been a disappointment with all of the bugs. I hope it is worked out soon. Every car I have with CarPlay is just about useless with LXL right now.


Horrible  Dave804  1 star

Slacker WAS a great app. You should’ve rolled LiveX whatever in to Slacker not Slacker in to this disaster. This is horrible branding. Not only that but they have needlessly complicated the UI. This was a huge mistake and it’s dropping like a rock in iPhone ratings list because people don’t like it. Look, we are your user base and we are telling you it’s a horrible experience next to the old Slacker because it is horrible. Video content is weak and should have been an add-on to Slacker not the main feature. MTV does music videos. We didn’t want that or we would’ve downloaded their app. We want to LISTEN to music in our cars, in the gym, at work, on a boat or at the beach not watch poorly filmed video clips with terrible audio. Horrible idea and you ruined Slacker in the process.


lol what is LiveXLive?  LOLZ ☠  1 star

that is the dumbest name ever, is it supposed to be live x live? or live by live? or live times live? anyway slacker was dookie before “LIVEXLIVE” took over, and i’m gonna keep the app so my rating stays 😴💤


Stupid name change  Chaos05  3 star

I’ve been using slacker for a long time and love it. Now I may delete it just because of the stupid name change. What idiot thought of the name LiveXLive?


The new LiveXLive app is messed up...  DSS001  5 star

The Slacker app was perfect but the new LiveXLive app is terrible. The connection cuts out all the time and at the beginning of EVERY song it hesitated and cuts out for the first few seconds.

!@# JOE $#@!

Waste of Time  [email protected]# JOE $#@!  1 star

I downloaded and gave it a try. I was happy for awhile. It stopped so I restarted the app. The navigation was completely different than what I first experienced. Horrible - not gonna play their games. Dumped it. Average Joe


Always a great streaming service  DTO328  5 star

You still get the best curated content Slacker provided but now even more live and on demand video. The audio quality is great! I’m always surprised why this isn’t rated higher.


Generally stable, but...  T0MWH0  3 star

The latest updates of the app are generally stable on my iPhone itself, but AirPlay streaming music will stop every minute or two. Also there are still issues with the app working at all with CarPlay.


Love the service, update for 2018 iPads  batsai  4 star

The service is great; I love the integration of ABC news into my radio stations, and the price is fantastic. Please update the iPad app for the new 2018 iPad Pro and it will be a five star app.


I wish it was better  Primpimono  2 star

Slacker should be the best music streaming app based on their amazing stations and custom content. But the app is so deficient, coupled with not having enough content rights to download songs, that I can’t justify paying anymore. The fact that something so simple as viewing offline content by artist is impossible shows that they are either incompetent or hamstrung by copyrights that it’s hard to justify keeping their service.

Brent Willingham

Better than Pandora  Brent Willingham  5 star

Slacker Radio is the answer to Pandora’s increasingly bad service. Like Pandora, Slacker Radio allows you to create custom radio stations with the ability to tell the station that you either like the current playing song or that you never want to play the current playing song again. However, Slacker Radio is better at this kind of service because it allows you to listen to original recordings that are not censored and it has better quality audio. I have tried Pandora and even paid a monthly subscription, but Pandora does not play original uncensored recordings despite the fact that I turned on explicit content. Perhaps some priggish Pandora users somehow caused Pandora to ban all explicit content? Or perhaps Pandora’s algorithm is mistakingly interpreting that I somehow don’t like explicit content, despite the fact that I turned on explicit content? I’m happy that Slacker does not have this problem and that it plays original uncensored music with high quality sound. Thanks for the great music, Slacker Radio, and keep the free-spirited uncensored music going—unhindered by the moralism that has apparently infected Pandora.


Not what I expected  tom8807  2 star

App looks nice and the controls are ok... I find it to be BS that I paid 9.99 for the premium subscription and it still plays random commercials, ya there’s no pop up ads but if you’re advertising no ads then there shouldn’t be any including the commercials. I think I’ll stick to pandora


Love!  Liyahhhlove  5 star

My mom & I have had this music app for about 8 years now & it’s my absolute favorite. We got rid of our premium account a few months ago to save money and that lasted 1 week.. premium is amazing.


So close to perfection.  LLoose494  4 star

I love Slacker. I actually used it religiously about 10 years ago. It has always done a great job of mixing old and new with my custom stations. I left Slacker long ago when they made all the huge interface changes. I subscribed to Pandora and never really looked back. Fast forward to this week. I decide to see what’s going on with Slacker. Plus I wanted to see if my old stations had any gems I forgot about. I downloaded the app and connected it to my car stereo. The first thing I noticed was the sound quality was way better. Everything sounded more full than my pandora music. 2nd is that unlike pandora, my phone didn’t got into “accessory mode” making it hard to control it the way I want. 3rd was the interface looks great! Much better than the old blue colors of pandora. My only thing with it is why is it so hard to get to my custom stations? I couldn’t care less about the premade stations, I want to see a list of mine the moment I open the app. Instead I have to go to my music, then scroll around until I find custom stations. It should either be there from the get go or one tap away. Another bonus that I never thought I would like... djs and little snippets of news in between songs. They are short and informative and really make it feel like a premium radio station. Remember the old XM radio? It’s similar to that. Now XM has mindless bla bla bla in between songs. This is different and they nailed it.

Jackfrancis 100

Good but  Jackfrancis 100  3 star

Good stations but music keeps stopping when connected with Airplay please fix


Video ad stops music!!  polishmiss  2 star

They’ll be a small video ad during the music playing that actually stops the music because of the video and it’s very annoying. Get rid of those video ads or fix it so it doesn’t stop the music.


News???  Wtatu  2 star

Why the [email protected]*# are you playing news on my paid music station!???? Guess I’ll be going back to Pandora.


Awful app  Kevin6812  1 star

I guess the dash radio stations fell through huh slacker.... slacker hates the metal community that’s why there’s only 9 stations... nothing updated same boring playlist on classic metal,,,, party metal not updated since 2008. Sudden loss of AOL radio... still upset over that. Very rude staff that needs retraining. Bring back the slacker forums... reddit slacker is a ghost town and the mod has a bad attitude. No fine tuning for offline mode.. staff told me it’s due to copyright...... bull crap... I will no longer be using slacker radio....

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