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Slacker Radio is the best-kept secret in music, giving you free access to highly curated music programming that you simply won’t find anywhere else—and you can customize it to fit your distinct tastes. Plus, Slacker provides more than the power to download and listen to your favorite stations. Our patented offline mode gives subscribers dynamic personalization while listening data-free.

• Free access to the music you love
• Hundreds of interactive and hand-crafted music stations
• Exclusive hosted music shows every week
• The power to create and share your own custom music stations
• Available on mobile, web, home and car platforms
• Unique interactive news and sports programming
• On-demand access to millions of songs with subscription
• Offline playback on mobile available with subscription

If you’re still wondering why you should download this app, here’s the answer: Slacker gets you. The very fact that you’ve found us indicates that you’re looking for something different. You could have just opted for a bigger brand, but you took the time to dig deeper…and that’s why we’re perfect for each other.

You’re going to find what you’re looking for because we’re different. Like you.

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Subscribe to Slacker Radio Plus
• Ad-free
• Maximum audio quality
• Unlimited skips
• Auto renews monthly at $3.99 USD

Subscribe to Slacker Premium
• All the benefits of Slacker Radio Plus
• Listen offline
• Play on demand
• Auto renews monthly at $9.99 USD

For all subscriptions, payment will be charged to your iTunes Account only after confirmation of purchase. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period with no change in price.
Your subscriptions may be managed and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to your iTunes Account Settings after purchase.

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Slacker Radio App Description & Overview

The applications Slacker Radio was published in the category Music on 2009-01-13 and was developed by Slacker, Inc.. The file size is 118.63 MB. The current version is 7.27.0 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

In this corner: SANTA

Santa doesn’t know what you want unless you hit the mall, sit on his lap, and read him your list. Santa only gives you presents if you are nice.

In this corner: SLACKER

Slacker knows what you want, and it’s on the HOME page: see artists we recommend based on your listening behavior, then tap on an artist circle to learn more or start a station. Slacker gives you music recommendations even if you’re naughty (actually…ESPECIALLY if you’re naughty).


Also: It’s a Christmas miracle! Some Premium users were unable to listen Offline in airplane mode, but that’s been fixed. Some other users were unable to add some songs to new playlists that were already added to other playlists, and that’s been fixed, too. Merry, merry.

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Slacker Radio Reviews


Think about it.  Pilebuck63  2 star

This app rapes you for 10 bucks a month. You make a favorites list and it adds crap you don’t want. No equalizer either. This app isn’t worth 10 bucks a month, 4 maybe but not 10.


Can’t uninstall  ftccrcc  1 star

Slacker keeps coming up on my sleep screen, & I can’t see my other notifications. No way to uninstall slacker once it’s downloaded?


Love hate relationship at this point  Ida78  3 star

I love the app but when I listen to my offline playlists the songs cut off at mid point. Why??? I pay for a service with unlimited skips and I still get cut off when I skip “too much”...that is what I pay for why does it do that?


Excellent  Lickitysplit11111  5 star

Slacker is my go to music app


Great app for music and news updates  instaaaa2555  5 star

This service is underrated. This service favors humans bringing you music rather than algorithms.


CUSTOMIZABLE PLAYLIST  DivinePower926Blvd  4 star

Great streaming service I love that I can make customizable playlist or if I want to listen to a particular artist I can.


70s Rock.  manhandy1  5 star



Awesome!  apolyon21th  5 star

Always there with good variety to enjoy.


Frustrating  Sgrhopearl  1 star

I’ve paid 9.99 to get the premium service, however, I’m still only getting access to Slacker Premium. I’ve cancelled the 3.99 subscription and will have no choice but to cancel the 9.99 option if no resolution is reached. My account is under my Facebook name Kim Mullen


Ad city  Skfoamsndjlfmrnwjdk  2 star

Absolutely riddled with ads.

Johnny Lachingas

Mistake  Johnny Lachingas  3 star


Argh iTunes and gimlet

Custom stations are great. Everything else is buggy  Argh iTunes and gimlet  2 star

I’m a premium $10 subscriber. I don’t care about the cost. I love the custom stations. But... Why do I have to turn the stupid host off on every station? Want to hear your speakers pop every time you switch playlists, switch stations, go back a song, pause, etc? Then slacker is for you! You can’t see upcoming songs, and going back to previous songs is impossible unless you exit your station and start a station of that one song. Searching for songs isn’t always easy. It plays weird versions of songs like instrumentals, and censored versions (even though I have censors turned off) I’m still trying to like it because of custom stations, but I’m pretty close to abandoning it.

Ghostly potato

Used to be good  Ghostly potato  1 star

Now it's 💩


What I’ve Been Looking For!!  fantastickkay  5 star

The one thing I miss with streaming music these days is the lack of news updates and little personal dj touches. I thought it was a pipe dream to have news included with music streaming but somehow I found the perfect app! Not only does it have an option to include news updates, it has amazing curated stations for absolutely every mood. I have a spot in my heart for the 60s Deep Dive station. I paid for it for a while, which is great to curate your own stations, but now I use the free version which only adds adverts to my experience but I can still listen to the stations I created so it’s all the same to me!


Use to be great  NinjaPurgs  2 star

Slacker use to be awesome, until the last several updates brought more and more ads with each one. Sometimes it's so bad that I'll only be able to listen to one song before having to listen to two more commercials. They now have implemented full pop up ads that they make you watch if you want to switch stations. They've also completely screwed over their Plus members by taking away the offline feature, and now they're expecting you to pay $10 a month to get it back. Greed has ruined yet another great app. I will be searching for a replacement.


It’s been better  SaturnIonRedline  3 star

The app is great. It plays most of the songs I love I just have one gripe and that is; I hate them your skipping songs the app can’t keep up. So let’s say I’m listening to sorry not sorry by Demi lovado and skip a few tracks and it’s playing Nobody love by Tori Kelly the app is still playing sorry not sorry on top of nobody love. So still needs work. Other than that I love it sooooo much better than pandora.

no service at all

Go to streaming app  no service at all  4 star

I’ve made Slacker my default music app. I love the ‘My Favorites’ station. Evolving over time. Accumulating ‘liked’ songs, and songs of similar artist and genres. You truly create your own station. Perfect for my commute. The $25/year ad free version is a bargain compare to others I’ve tried. Give Slacker a try. I think be impressed.


Update screwed up slacker app completely  deathlygamerg  1 star

It will no longer even let me on to my account or even make one to listen to music anymore. Guess it’s time to move on to something that doesn’t waste my time.

peach kisses

Horrrrrrriiiibbblllllllleeeeeee 🤦🏻‍♀️  peach kisses  1 star

They take away songs for some reason I don’t know why but it’s getting annoying I really don’t recommend at all.

Heather Macnamara

Regions  Heather Macnamara  2 star

Ok, so I have only Music on my apple device. I move all around the world because I am a military child, right now I am not in the Us or Canada which is the only place where this app allows me to play music. And you have to pay to listen to music.

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