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Save time & money! Track your MILEAGE and EXPENSES with the most powerful expense app available! A comprehensive, full featured app that's easy to use and extends to your desktop. XpenseTracker has been a customer favorite on the App Store since 2008.

*March 2017- "BEST FINANCE APP" http://www.creditdonkey.com/finance-apps.html

*XpenseTracker named "must have tax app" by
H & R Block** http://tinyurl.com/HRBlockLovesXT

*EventJuice UK declares "must download app"

*TabletPCReview.com rated XpenseTracker "Best Personal Finance App for iPad" - http://tinyurl.com/bestfinanceapp


XpenseTracker is a comprehensive expense tracking and reporting application for anyone wishing to track their expenses and/or mileage. It's ease of use, full features and great interface make it an essential tool for every iPhone/iPad user. It's power even extends to the desktop by allowing emailing or exporting of the expense reports and accompanying photo receipts directly to the desktop. It will save you time and money.


Features include:

* Records all of your expenses and provides a running total for each log
* Completely customize categories, sub-categories and payment types
* Completely customizable fields you choose to use or not. Unused fields are hidden when adding new expenses
* Sort expenses by "Date" , "Category", "Payment Type" or "Client."
* For each category, the last payment type is remembered further simplifying data entry
* Keeps a frequently used list for appropriate fields like description
* Mark a log as "reimbursed" or "submitted"

* Easy mileage tracking with MANY different options:
+ Enter total distance or start/stop odometer reading (remembers last stop reading)
+ Enter start/stop addresses (app will calculate distance)
+ Enter more than one destination in a single entry if desired (loved by real estate agents)
+ Use GPS to track distances - just tell the app when you leave and arrive
+ Optional AutoTrack feature for TOTALLY automatic mileage tracking.

* Supports ALL major currencies
* Downloads daily exchange rates
* Many user defined preferences
* Extensive support for VAT

* Email your expense reports in comma delimited (CSV) format for easy import to Excel or Numbers. Photo receipts are also emailed as JPEG attachments
* Support for Quickbooks (IIF) format
* Export your reports directly to your Mac or PC via Wi-Fi connection and have your file immediately appear on your desktop. This CSV file can be easily imported into Excel or Numbers.
* Specify the fields to be exported for CSV reports
* Over a dozen PDF templates for creating beautiful, finished PDF format reports.
* Includes client field and support for sorting and exporting by client.

* Using the iPhone’s built-in camera, take snapshots of your receipts
* Capture multiple images per expense

* Automatically backup your data to iCloud
* Set Password or use TouchID

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life

Optional Subscriptions

The app offers an two OPTIONAL subscriptions, AutoTrack and Human Scan. AutoTrack is a feature that will automatically track your drives. All you need to do is carry your device with you. Human Scan will allow you to take a picture of a receipt and have an actual human extract the key information and update your expense entry. You do NOT need this add-on if you simply want to take photos of your receipt as the app already has that built-in.

Subscription Details:
* Payment charged to iTunes account at confirmation of purchase
* Automatically renews unless cancelled at least 24-hours before the end of the current period
* Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period
* AutoTrack can be subscribed on monthly or a yearly basis.
* Human Scan can be subscribed on a monthly basis.


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XpenseTracker Customer Service, Editor Notes:

*** New in Version 10.83 *** (Late September 2020) * Fixes issue of display of Date and Time Wheels when run on iOS 14. We are always updating and improving XpenseTracker. XpenseTracker is now in its 12th year. Thanks to all the users who sent in their feedback, suggestions and bug reports. Version 10.8 has many of those suggestions. *** New in Version 10.82 *** (Late September 2020) * Added support for iOS 14 Location privacy changes. If you are using the optional AutoTrack feature you will be informed when you have not enabled "Precise" accuracy as it is required to properly track your drives. "Always" permission to your Location continues to be required as well. * Various minor bug fixes. *** New in Version 10.81 *** (Early September 2020) * Fixes an issue with app not allowing adding multiple photos attached to an entry. * Fixes a bug when sometimes previewing a report. * Fixes a bug when sometimes adding a photo *** New in Version 10.80 *** (Late August 2020) * Various user interface enhancements. * Improvements throughout the app. * Enhancements to optional AutoTrack feature. * Many new PDF report templates. * Minor bug fixes. If you ever have any comments, complaints or compliments, please go into the Prefs screen within the app and tap the "Email the Author" field. Or you can always emails us at info@silverwaresoftware.com. And please remember, if you like the app we would very much appreciate it if you post a written review in the App Store.

XpenseTracker Comments & Reviews

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- Love it - and the support is phenomenal!

April 2019 - I have been using this app since 2013 when I had just started a business. I use it to record both personal and business expenses, and truly rely on it. It’s intuitive, clear, and provides whatever I need. I get the sense that, if I were to become a more savvy user, this app would be able to do whatever I might want it to do. It’s very customizable. And what I love about that is that I don’t have to figure out all the bells and whistles - I just have to know how to use the ones I WANT to use. And it doesn’t feel difficult or complicated. Love it. And I have to applaud the support - the few times I’ve had a question or issue (usually user error:)), I’ve written them a note and the app author himself has responded. Scott is always helpful and clear about how to do what I’m trying to do (creating a specific report, etc.). I don’t feel like I’m left to struggle on my own. Knowing they are there to answer questions (and cheerfully!) makes me so happy to use this app. Thank you, and please keep up the great work!!

- Still my Fave and I recommend it often

July 2017: This makes my expense and Mileage tracking SO SO efficient! My business taxes this year were So much simpler and faster with all of the categories plainly and easily added up and given to my CPA. The amount of customization that you can do in the tracking logs seems infinite-- I am sure I don't even use half of what this app is capable of doing. The support team seems always willing to Help and has written a custom formula for me to track a specific item. My teenagers easily navigate this app to record my business mileage and expenses and even ask to help bc they like to use the app!! Love it! As a self-employed Direct Sales Mom - this App is the BEST!!! An update has let me consolidate my business mileage and expenses into monthly reports and a recent appeal to the Developers for an edit or hint to print my reports exactly as my CPA needs -- was answered an solved within 24 hours!!!! Grab this App!!!

- Great For Business Travelers

Great expense tracking application with a lot of flexibility. I use this constantly for tracking my expenses and helping to prepare expense reports quickly for my boss. It is very beneficial for tracking an expense in the moment so it’s easier to complete an expense report at the end of the trip. I absolutely recommend the report add-on option that allows you to edit/create report formats by selecting the expense fields you want reported. This allows me to have an expense report in an almost completed stage before having to complete in my company required template. The only limitation is the ability to select different paper sizes (eg legal, A4, in creating the reports on screen). I recommend this app for anyone looking for a flexible and effective expense tracking app. Very easy to use.

- Loving it so far

**Update 4/6/18** Since I synced with my iPad, my new expense groups are not showing up in my Dropbox backup. Cannot save files to dropbox and download to expenses. HelpThe subjects neighborhood consist mostly of single family homes of mixed ages, design, quality, style and appeal. Most of which range from 19xx to new construction. Close to freeways, shopping, transit, services, schools and parks. I was looking for another app when I read the reviews for this one. I decided to take a chance on an app for $. So far, I love it. Can separate my personal expenses, like for charity work, and business. It calculates the mileage different for business than for charity as "thems the rules" from the IRS. It's easy and intuitive and if you spend a little time setting up categories and frequently used items, it's a snap to enter items. I've purchased the add on photo recognition receipt uploader and it gets it right most of thy time if there aren't too many numbers on the receipt. Dropbox integration is great too. All around happy with this purchase. I have nothing bad to say about it. Maybe one of the best purchased apps I have.

- You just can’t beat GREAT app support!!!

I’m new to this app so I can’t tell you it has saved me hours of time, or it has completely revolutionized my business life, or it has saved me thousands of dollars. I may be able to some time in the future - but not yet. But what I will tell you is that Scott’s app support is BAR NONE the most amazing I’ve ever encountered. He ROCKS!!! As noted above, I’m new to the app. I’ve barely figured out what goes where to document what I want. But I also made a big change shortly after I started using it that turned my life inside out. I got - not one, but two new cell phones. And I needed to make them as smart as my old one. Which meant I needed all of my info, apps, data and the rest to port over to the new phones. I have HOURS into what should be a simple ‘click’ project. Thirty-four-hundred Contacts became 127; 900-odd photos became a handful, etc. I was devastated...and still am attempting to recover. And XpenseTracker didn’t even show up on the to-do list. So I contacted the app developer. Scott replied overnight with good, clear instructions. I tried them. They didn’t work. I reached out again. And again, overnight, Scott responded with a different approach. And within five minutes that entire problem disappeared. Done. Fini! There’s no substitute for prompt, comprehensive and helpful solutions. Thanks!!!

- Well tested, proves useful and accurate even after 5 years of use.

I have used this app to track travel expenses since 2011. I use it to keep me on budget. Handles multiple customizable expense types and multiple currencies all within the same trip log. For recreational use, it makes a great travel journal! Details about where you stayed/ate/shopped what you bought, where, how much: complete with a personalized photo or photo of the receipt to add to log. And I can look back and see overall expenses to help me plan for the next trip's budget. 2018 update: still using it and loving it. My friends now consult me: “what was the name of that restaurant where we got the good ravioli?” “How much did we pay for that bottle at the winery?” “Was the hotel that expensive in 2015?”

- The Best

I have probably tried every expense, mileage (tax) tracker app on the market. This app beats them all. One of the first things that really stood out that I noticed was being able to save previous destinations. Not just originating destination, but final as well. None of the apps before would allow that. Even the ones you pay a recurring monthly fee. The app offers the most flexibility of any also. It allows you to create your own categories, and subcategories. I could go on for a long time. Believe me when I say if you are looking for an app to track mileage and expenses, look no further. This is the app that will take care of that and more. Customer service is top notch. I had an issue where I was trying to attach/save files from a Dropbox account to various transactions and couldn't figure out how. I emailed the developer and they responded quickly with a solution that worked. Since then, the developer is going to tweak this feature more which will make it even simpler to do this. I can’t say enough good things about the app and support. Don't take my word, try it out and see for yourself. You WON'T be disappointed!!

- OK app, BUT....

Many others have addressed this problem and I should have listened- this app randomly stops tracking your mileage. It skips entire days, leaving me to have to figure out what I drove and how far. I had a conversation with the app owner and he thinks it’s my fault. It’s not. I change nothing, and the app will or will not track my mileage. No rhyme or reason that I can decipher. I’m switching to another app and dropping my subscription. UPDATE: After the developer reached out, I decided to give the app more chances. I am sorry to say that, for all of its convenience it STILL does track everything every time I drive somewhere. Example: I drive over 100 miles a day for business. This app tracked Wednesday perfectly. Nothing recorded Thursday through Saturday. Sunday is great. None of the solutions suggested by anyone including the very polite developer worked. I NEED this app to work. I am very sad that I will be leaving my subscription behind in search of an app that actually works as advertised.

- New template just because I asked!

I don't normally write reviews but I can't get through my life without this app. Dramatic, right? No, seriously, I love this app. It has organized my life and my spending. I needed to print a report with my medical and transportation expenses but my transportation was via personal vehicle which is calculated by mileage and I also used car services and public transportation. There wasn't a template that fitted my needs so I wrote to the app creator. Scott responded right away and had me clarify what I needed. Instead of saying no can do. He created a template that made it work for me in just a few days. You can't get better customer service and it's directly from the app creator. Thanks again, Scott!!!

- Road warrior approved

I’ve been using this app for years and never reviewed it because, frankly, I’m irritated with all apps reminding me to review every other time I’ve used it. Anyhow, I realized tonight how much I have relied on this app for what has to be at least 5 years. I travel for work and having this app on my phone has made expense reports a simple task instead of 2 hours every Friday when I get home. I enter things as they happen, or while I’m waiting in the airport or sitting on a plane, and when I get home I either send myself a report or manually repeat the data into whatever expense application the client du jour uses. I went from 2 hours to 15 mins to do my expenses. Enough said.

- Great app for a small business

XpenseTracker is a great app for keeping my miriad of expenses organized and easily available on my ipad. It makes tax time far less stressful because all my expenses, income and mileage reporting is well organized and easily available. Having worked with several far more complicated and expensive softwares during my many years in business, I foud this app to be quite simple to understand, fun to operate, easily customizable and totally effective for all my needs. Customer support has always been availabe when needed. But the big PLUS is XpenseTracker makes the normally tedious task of record keeping easy and FUN and very affordable.

- Just keeps getting better

It's the app I use everyday. I tried a couple of others in the past but this is by far the best and easiest to use. As a small business owner I don't think there is a better expense app out there. Scott is still and has been for years one of the best and most consistent coders of apps. He is always updating and is amazingly responsive to requests for help etc. All of his apps are excellent but if you are in business this one is a must have. Just to update. He has done some of the best apps from the beginning. He keeps updating and making me t better every time. By far the best app in its class.

- The best app on my phone

I have been using this app for years on a basic level. That is using the templates already installed. They are great. I recently changed jobs and they have strict reporting requirements. Scott has helped me in a timely manner with any questions I have had building a custom report. His directions are crystal clear and if I can follow them anyone can. I can’t express how much time this app saves me when doing expense reports. Thanks to Scott’s help I have gotten approval to use use this with my new company. Costumer support is important and I guarantee you that Scott will not let you down. Thank you Scott

- Excellent app, “Always Tracking” a real problem.

I really enjoy the app. A few things are a little superficial and not in-depth, but that’s ok and at most 1/2 star off of 5 for something that few Apps seem to get right. What really bothers me is that for tracking, they require you to set the tracking options to “Always tracking”. I don’t see how this needs to happen for the app to track my drives. It’s honestly a privacy concern because the thing is tracking 24/7. I don’t mind opening the app and having it track during use. An app like Maps can track me under that setting, so why can’t XpenseTracker do this? Furthermore, a quick search on their website shows that their privacy policy mentions nothing about location information. Even more, I pay for the tracking capabilities. This should be clearly stated. I’m keeping the App because it handles my needs well, but it’s tracking setting is an inconvenience, and even more, a privacy concern for me. Fix that and I’ll gladly up the stars to 5. But I feel that if people are going to pay for the App with the anticipation of using it for tracking mileage, they should see a review about the tracking and understand how it works.

- Don’t Buy an App You Can’t Try FIRST

The interface is very confusing and difficult to navigate when your moving at a fast pace (and when you’re sitting down focused on entering data). Also, my receipts copy and crop well inside the app but when they’re exported, they arrive in the email inbox looking like illegible black rectangles. So, that feature is not really even useful if you’re planning to report expenses. Automatic mileage tracking is not an “optional feature” of this app, it’s a subscription based feature in addition to the app purchase. The wording is shady in the app description and frankly, I’m sorry I paid any money for this app because I won’t be using it. It is really just too difficult to navigate. It’s a great concept, but not well-executed. Lesson learned. DON’T BUY BEFORE YOU TRY.

- Best Business Expense App for iphone

I've been using this app every year from 2010 to keep track of all my business expense. This app also allows you to take a snap shot of your receipts for paperless filing. There still are a few things that would make this app better but im skull happy with it. Whenever I have a problem, I email the app creator and he answers back within a day. Sometimes I find out the answers by searching on Google. You can also sync your info with a iPad tablet to make inputting data little easier due to larger size. I give it a rating of 5 STARS!!!!!

- JC

After searching for and using several personal and business expense apps, this one fits the bill! Some people whine about the cost, but seriously?! Come on! You'd spend more than $5 on one fast-food meal (which could be tracked on this app!😉). This app does it all. And if it doesn't, just send an email to the developer and he'll either help you find what the app already has that you couldn't find, or he'll adjust the app so it does what you need it to. Super powerful, yet easy-to-use. I unreservedly and wholeheartedly recommend this app to everyone. You can't lose!

- Wonderful

I’m not going to start by saying I’ve tried dozens of other apps before I found this one. I did spend a little time looking over the reviews before I chose this one. Long story short my sister and I were appointed administrators of our brothers estate. We lived 1000’s of miles apart and had to make several trips during this process. We both found this app very easy to use and share. The photo option of receipts was invaluable. This was so true of the ones that fade so quickly. With just a few clicks the process was very transparent.

- Great App! Great service!

I wanted to take the time to tell you how grateful I am for this App! I work for a nonprofit in Washington state and this is a lifesaver for tracking my mileage to and from clients. A ton of people in my office use it and the ability to export to excel allows me to track my mileage on the go and then seamlessly insert it into our employee mileage form at the office. I also greatly appreciated how quick Scott was in responding to a recent question that I had! He had the perfect answer and I was able to fix the problem immediately, great service! Thank you, thank you!!

- Depend on it

I’ve tried numerous expense tracking apps and all of them are a little complicated, at least those that can sort and summarize for business purposes. This one will also take some time to figure out and personalize, but once you do it saves an enormous amount of time and confusion (at least it does for me!). I snap a photo of a receipt, enter it with the info I’ve set as important, and at expense reporting or tax season I can send the summary and photo receipts with a couple of taps. Also syncs with Dropbox. I don’t know if other apps are way better, but I know they cast way more, and this one has worked perfectly.

- Best expense app ever!

Have been using this app since 2014! It is very easy to set up, easy to enter all expense information, numerous ways to sort all your data & gives you an up to date picture of your expenses. This app is essential for anyone trying to live within a budget. You can’t go wrong in using it! There are many extra features which I don’t use because I don’t have my own business or have out of pocket expenses connected with my job. But I can see how these would be helpful for year end info for doing your taxes.

- Outstanding app and support

I travel extensively for work and use XpenseTracker daily when I'm on the road. I recently had to switch phones, and thought I might have lost a month's worth of expense entries and receipts when I couldn't get the backup file to work. The developer responded to my question within 30 minutes and walked me through restoring from backups, and a few minutes later I was back in business, all items restored. This is the best expense app I've been able to find, and now I know the support is top-notch as well.

- Probably should charge more

This is an excellent tool for keeping track of expenses. Other apps with the same features charge a monthly subscription and/or do not have this full set of features. This app has some subscription options, but they are options, not critical features. Like others, I was a bit surprised when the developer responded to my feedback by email promptly, and helpfully. My only suggestion for improvement is to make it easier to import email receipts. This app is worth much more than the 4.99 price.

- XpenseTracker is the only Choice you should consider

This app is Nirvana! -It does what it’s supposed to but in case you only read the first few lines, I need to emphasize how responsive, Scott, the developer is! I’ve used this for years and recently found a cosmetic bug. Scott replied and took care it quickly. He was very thoughtful and followed up to make sure I was good. The kind of support you only dream about. And of course all the necessary functionality that you can juice up with detail should you need it. -You have flexibility in how much detail you need to track. -A font size that those of us who have entered our reading glasses phase - can so appreciate not being tortured with 7 point font. -Colorful icons make it easier to be quick about it. -OCR and now audited by actual individuals for less $ than what my son loses every month. -Lots of back-up options -Lots of scanning options On and on....

- Time saver

I have used XpenseTracker now for a good year and love it. It makes my life a lot easier, especially right now during tax time. No more looking for receipts and manually adding things up. Also I recently had a small issue with the app, which got solved within one day! I just emailed Scott and he was super responsive and was able to fix the problem pretty much immediately. Great customer service. I highly recommend this app. I actually told several friends about it and so far everyone loves it.

- Great app

This is a really good expense keeping app. It does a lot more than I need, but the parts that I do need work well enough that I can submit my expenses directly from the app straight to my company. It’s configurable enough to produce the exact expense reports that I need. One small bug I wish they’d address: when items are saved for frequent use, those items cannot be removed from the list - so if an item is accidentally added, you’ll have it there forever. Small issue. Rest of the app is great.

- Great App!! Wish reports were easier to setup

This is a great app that has saved me a lot of time. For example.. It has completely eliminated the time consuming task of keeping up with physical receipts. The only minor negative.. I wish the reports were easier to set up but it’s probably just a personal preference. In conclusion.. I’ve downloaded and tried at least ten different expense tracking apps. XpenseTracker is by far the best app for personal and business expense tracking. It will also track mileage if you need that type of tracking/documentation.

- Dreaded Expense Reports Are Simple Now!

I don't know about you, but I have always hated doing expense reports! I have used Concur in my previous corporate life and Certify as a consultant, but there nothing faster and easier than Expense Tracker. The other products were perpetually a work in progress and as such, things that worked before often either did not work the next time or it operated differently. It seemed like the users were the unpaid QA peeps. Expense Tracker is extremely intuitive and offers a logical user interface. No flaming hoops to jump through, and no decoder ring required to get your expenses done in a hurry and get back to your life. I had a few operational questions the first time I used it and the support response was fast, thorough, and helpful. It was a great customer experience that I wish other product owners would emulate. Tom McTom Atlanta

- Best App of its Type

I've used a variety of expense tracker apps and this one is the best in my opinion. It's customizable. It allows you to export and print expense reports. You can photo graph receipts if you want to. But best of all is that it operates all within the app. No need to sign in or create account or pay monthly fees. The reports are easy to read and look slick. For those of us who travel and want an easy but professional way to keep track of expenses on the road, I recommend this app.

- Simply Fantastic!

XpenseTracker is instrumental in tracking expenses while traveling with the ability to categorize and photo receipts on-the-fly. No worries of any lost receipts and travel reports take only seconds to compile and submit in various templates and formats requested by payroll. The App is so simple, versatile and customizable it’s used to account all expenses, invoices and details for several different business ventures! Furthermore, their support is responsive and professional.... Simply a Fantastic App and well worth the purchase and inApp add-one!

- Works well; easy to use; many useful options

This app is everything one could hope for; I rely on it and am very happy with it. It quickly and easily allows you to keep a thorough record of your expenses for different occasions. You can organize and sort elements in a variety of ways, then it also lets you forward a record onward via email. I wish other products would deliver their touted functionalities as well as this one does.

- Add ons reminders make me nut

Even those I paid for the app and went the add ons reminder I choose no thanks, it keep popping up 3 to 5 times a day. The second time, I mark the option " not show me this again" and it keep showing up more and more. This situation make me nut. Its ridiculous. If someone not interested in the others add ons you offered, the program should understand that and respect the decision. If someone decide later, then he/she will go to the menu and buy them. Gosh! Those pop up reminders are annoying!!!

- Captures cash transactions for upload into Quicken

I have 300+ apps and rate very few of them. I'm taking the time to rate this one because it works well. Once you define the categories and subcategories that you use in Quicken to the app, you have a quick and easy way to capture cash (and potentially other) transactions for batch upload into Quicken. The product has worked well with no issues for me and has fully met my expectations. If you ever used Pocket Quicken, know that this app can be configured to do the same thing.

- Best Expense App

This is the best, most extensive, easiest to use expensing app I've run across. Reports are easy to make by emailing to myself and putting into excel. Finishing a trip's expenses takes only about 10 minutes. There are a few minor bugs but I've contact the developer - he's responsive, kind, concerned and fixes things when asked. Great support; great software. Added January, 2020 Still the best darn app for tracking expenses. I can’t imagine living without it. Thank you!!!

- So useful and user friendly

I’m that guy with a Costanza wallet full of receipts. For my day job I have expenses that get reimbursed, and also keep track of expenses that do not. I’m a musician by night, earning cash that I’ll get taxed on later—receipts are essential. My wife does contract work, and together we own a rental home. It’s a mess. Or it was anyway! I can’t really believe how easy it is to keep track of my expenses with this app. I just create separate “logs” for each job or income. Within each I can customize expense categories, quickly adding expenses and snapping pictures of receipts. It even calculates mileage for me. When it comes to the reimbursable work stuff, I just export a pdf, and the program numbers the receipts to match the line items. This app is worth every penny and more. I’m SOOOOOO glad I found it.

- Incredible Tech Support!

I lost almost all of my data when my old iPhone malfunctioned. Although I had saved my info to the cloud, only 2/5 of it could be transferred to my new phone. I contacted Scott at Xpense Tracker, and, through multiple emails, he did the troubleshooting and walked me through the steps to retrieve the data. And poof! It was all on my new phone!! I was so relieved not to have to re-create 3/5 of my data!!! He was incredible! And I am so appreciative.

- Terrific app for tracking expenses

This app works great and automatically tracks you when you drive your car. This is indispensable when you use your car for personal use or for business use. You can keep track of who you went to see and you can write a note about the reason for the visit. You can export your data logs to pdf. There's a whole lot more this app can do, I haven't tried them all yet.

- Mostly Loving it for 13 years!

Love/ Hate Relationship! After using this app for 13 years of taxes, I find it simple. We were audited. I took the iPad to the IRS auditor, gave him a 2 minute tutorial on use and he went directly off what I had entered and the pictures. Worked great and saved ink and paper for hundreds of receipts. The feature that I don’t like is when needing to take multiple pictures there is no simple way. You have to push a minimum of 2 buttons and sometimes 3-4. I’ve also had the program crash after taking 14-20 pages of pictures.

- Great way to document business expense easily.

Easy to enter mileage and expenses. Easy to modify descriptions, categories, mileage, and reports to suite your own needs. App has been improved several times to make it more user friendly and serviceable. One downside is there isn't much readily out there for training. Report printing and how to fill in each mileage log and expense, so the report is clear takes some trail and error.

- Fantastic App for Small Business!

As the owner of a mobile DJ entertainment company, I’m constantly on the move and seem to run my business from a smart phone. XpenseTracker is a terrific app that keeps my books and records organized and makes tax preparation much easier when April rolls around. The mileage tracker is an awesome feature for our business which involves frequent travel. The app is priced right. In summary, I can’t say enough great things about XpenseTracker!


Admittedly so, I am a small business owner and I am HORRIBLE at paperwork and tracking. This app makes it easy and CONVENIENT for me to use. When I buy something, I take pic of it right then, stick it in a category, and I’m down. All the categories are that easy. Now that it’s tax season, I simply click a single button to email or export it, and it automatically sends a complete report, with everything blocked in the categories that you need. Thx!!

- Extremely Helpful & User Friendly

I have been using this app for years. Unless something major goes wrong I will not change. It is very easy to use. I can keep up with my monthly business expenses for multiple categories and then email them, with photos of receipts, to our financial secretary for quick reimbursement. I have two businesses and can track my expenses for both very easily on this one app.

- Love it! Is really easy to use, and great support

I have been using this for a while to record personal expense, and now I have actually convinced the business to try it out. Quite easy to customize, and the support from the developers is great. The mileage calculation, and automatic exchange rate feed is really handy with international travels. Wish we could import pdf receipts from email, which will be handy for hotel, and airline receipts.

- Used this effectively for a number of years!

I am so happy with how Xpense Tracker has worked for me. Not only can I very specifically enter expenses and mileage but I can also sync it with my other devices - a 2nd iPad and iPhone. It makes handling my expense reports for certain clients totally verifiable because I can easily take pictures of the receipts and then send them along with the report. I’m very pleased with how this has worked for me.

- Amazing app

This is such a life saver and the categories make it so much easier to find what you are needing. Glad I came across this app and it saves me and my business so much time. Also it’s a great receipt saver as once you save it you can throw the hard copy away. Have a return? No problem, this app helped me with that as you can put in the description box what it is and it makes it easier to find later

- So handy

Appreciate the reports feature and ability to enter mileage. Perfect app for my needs and have recommended it to many other friends in my work group. *** Update: the app wasn't backing up to iCloud so I emailed them. They responded right away and helped me resolve it, when it was just that I had gotten a new phone and hadn't enabled iCloud yet. Couldn't be more pleased with the app and the people who support it! ***

- Need work

I would love to give 5 stars. Great app, but the auto mileage tracker has been very spotty since upgrading to iPhone X. Did not have these issues before. A bug fix is needed immediately. I just drove over 50 miles and the app only tracked 35 miles of the trip. I’ve made many short trips where my return home was recorded, but the trip there was omitted. If this is not fixed soon, I’ll be canceling my subscription. I would love to have feedback (more than the company line of check your settings. I’m not a new user.).

- Outstanding Customer Support

I was traveling in Thailand and had an issue that was resolved in an hour. I love this app. It makes it easy to keep track of and sort expenses. I don't always have my computer but I always have my phone. Worth 10 times the price. 3 years later and I still have found nothing better. Especially useful for international travel.

- Excellent Customer Service

I’ve used this app for several years and really appreciate its simplicity and functionality for keeping track of expenses, especially as I move between different currencies. Recently I encountered a problem with the ways that currencies were being converted and I contacted the developer who responded promptly with an answer that solved the problem. Gratitude for such responsiveness.

- Was good until...

I had to work for 2 hours to catch up on my receipts. Was very tired and I had to deal with the software trying to upsell me once and also asking 8 more times for reviews!!! In a 2 hour period. Are the programers that clueless? I do not appreciate something that annoys and interrupts my work continuously. Until now, you asked for a review every so often ( but once), and I don’t know which marketing genius thought it was a good idea to start harassing your customers. So, here is your review that you forced me to give! This is the last product I will buy from you!

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- Was good now better.

This upgrade has made the app visually easier and nicer to use. Also threre are many more ways to customise the app. I use it everyday and find it a great way to track expenses. The company behind this app are very resoponsive to suggestions and issues and I have found that they will try and rectify any short comings or issues, promptly.I would suggest to first time users to delve deeply under the prefs button to customise the app to your needs as it is quite versatile. New updates are fantastic. This app just keeps getting better. July 2016

- Love this app.. made me return back to iPhone after 3 months

Very good in calculating and keeping track of tax deductions! Gets used every day! impressed! Many years using now. Would love if it has a feature for custom logs that can be used for other non tax and financial purpose. Also the ability to delete categories with affecting past records Thank you and looking forward to future updates

- Review

Works great, so easy when I get my credit card statement to check the charges. Have recommended this program to a few friends, the last one downloaded it, as I demonstrated how to use it I noticed it didn’t have location on it, this location is very handy when identifying some of the expenses. Not sure why you no longer have it.

- Outstanding

I have been using this fiscal tracking app for years and am always impressed with it. The only thing which would make it 100% is a app on Windows so one could sync the two and print out various reports. CJM

- Brilliant App

After trying other apps, this application is everything I have been looking for in an expense tracker for my personal expenses. Plus the developer is very responsive to inquiries. Could not ask for more in an application and it’s support.

- It’s So easy

I have had a lot of trouble in the past doing my Tax and keeping accurate records of income and expenditure. This has been the easiest App even, and I did my tax in record time. I’m very happy with this app and its great for any one that is ”mathematically challeneded”

- Very Handy App Come Tax Time

I love this app. I've been using it for over 4 years now & it makes it so easy to keep track of my deductible expenses. All the receipts are saved as photos so you don't have to find them later on.

- Excellent

Has all the features you could wish for.

- My apps suddenly always dropped off when taking a photo

This is just recently happened, after the latest update I suppose. Hope this can reach anyone and make a necessary fix. Or, it might be happened to me only? Basically it wont taking pictures from camera anymore 😭 Thanks, Dan

- Great app - powerful but simple!

Great App. Simple to use & share with the other people in the business.

- The best way to track expenses

Great app, very impressed. So easy to use

- Great App

Because of this app I no longer keep and store receipts, brilliant!

- Great ! Yes

No doubt I enjoy it !!

- Works

This product works, I’m writing this review only because I was prompted to continuously. I am not passionate about recording expenses.


my husband and I used expense tracker for our wedding last year, to make sure we didn't go over budget and also for our 3-month long honeymoon using 5 different currencies, mostly on credit card, and we were able to keep track of every transaction to ensure we could see how much money in our own currency we spent (in AU$) - There were minor differences in the currency conversions but it was only minor and nothing significant to worry about - we balanced our credit card statements very easily. Now we use it for tracking our expenses on our credit card as we put everything on it and when it comes to statement time - all I have to do is export it to an excel document and check against the statement from the bank - simple.

- Brilliant Speedy Intuitive

This program works for you. Expenses are easily entered and recorded. With exchange rates and currency part of the program - accounting for overseas trips is easy. I had the old program when I was a Palm VX man but this program is much better - the ability to take photos of receipts and email logs provides a means to make sure nothing goes astray. I have found emailing copies of the logs easier than syncing it to my lap top but users can choose. As well as a great program the company offers great support. A question I emailed was answered carefully and correctly overnight. Well done!

- Love the app - highly recommend

Excellent, easy to use and comprehensive - I've had this app since January 2012 and use it daily just for my own personal use (so I can see where my money is going!!!). The ability to photograph receipts has actually been handy when I've been in a shop to enquire about an item I had bought there. I cannot recommend this app highly enough - I really like it and have found it very easy to use and even personalise.

- Great app and outstanding service

This clever app works well and does exactly what it says. Even better, the customer service is outstanding. Recently Yahoo changed the way they provide the exchange rate data and Xpense tracker wasn't providing daily exchange rates. When I discovered this, I emailed the author. Not only did he fix the issue within 24 hours, he sent a detailed, customer oriented letter and provided me with the prerelease update. What a brilliant response!

- Awesome

Use it all the time - it's great. Out of curiosity looked for alternatives but there's none better that I've found. The only thing that would give this 5 stars would be an accompanying MacOS version to sync to for proper processing of reports once back in the office which you captured on mobile while on the road. Other than that I can't really fault this app - easy to use, accurate, reliable, keeps my finance department happy!

- Does what it says, quite niftily

Perhaps the best indication of its strength is that there is so little more I might want to ask of it. Use is straightforward and the features quite sufficient. You do not want overkill when you are quickly recording expenses on the go. The one thing that bugs me is that it appears the only way to edit the Categories (in standard form it comes with too much detail and not enough breadth) is to start entering a dummy expense and then edit the category list from there.

- Super easy!

I have been using Expense Tracker for a few years now and my accountant loves me for it! I have always procrastinated preparing my tax return each year, but now it is so easy as I enter each item on the day it happens. It's fun and easy! I actually look forward to making entries and I can easily take a photo receipt and save it! At tax time, press a couple of buttons and it is emailed in a blink!

- Stupid update

After just getting multi currency conversion working today (had to manually enter conversion rates as Laos kip rates are all wrong online), I upgraded and now can no longer enter conversion rates manually... Why would you remove such an important feature?? When I convert cash, I know the rate I got it at & don't care about fluctuations until next time I convert... Please bring that feature back. Otherwise it's a great app - perfect for keeping track of holiday expenses.

- Very handy app

I've been using this app for about 10 or 12 months, to track my work expenses. As I pay for something, I can immediately take a photo and complete the log information. At the end of this month, I export and email to my boss to approve and reimburse. It's all too simple. I can highly recommend this app. I've suggested to my company that all iphone users utilise this app.

- Best app, can't live without it!

Hands down the best app for recording and keeping track of receipts and vehicle mileage! Scott the app author is a god sent! I had issues restoring data from a backup on Dropbox, scott went above the call of duty and fixed the problem in Dropbox. That's what I call service! If you need a reliable app that does everything and more, xpensetracker us for you!

- Great app

I travel extensively for business and I find that this app is great for tracking all expenses. Very easy to use and review. I use it regularly to track both reimbursable costs and incidentals. Also great for ensuring the claims are reimbursed and tracked. Only thing missing is a way to report against costs. Look forward to updates and improvements.

- Great App

I have used this App to track expenses whilst on holidays, this being the third time over the last couple of years. Works well, easy to use and reliable. Syncing to Dropbox was easy to set up and use. I enjoy using the App and would recommend it to those needing something to keep track of expenses.

- Fantastic for a touring holiday

This app is fantastic to keep track of expenses while on holiday. I have just been on a 6 week holiday and used it every day. it is easy and quick to use and great to manage travel spending. Be good if it had a journal to use as holiday diary and then it would be the perfect travel companion.

- Expense tracker

I travel for business for about 6 months out of each year & tracking my day to day expenses has always been an issue but since I bought Expense Tracker has become so much easier. I can now enter the expenses direct in the currency it was in & not have to worry about cumbersome spread sheets & exchange rates it is all automatic. A program worth the money.

- Saves a fortune in expense claims

Used it for years - it's simple and highly configurable. I use it to capture travel expenses, car expenses, other claimable expenses and just about everything. I tend not to use the photo option preferring to use my phone so so I can more easy crop the photo,

- Almost perfect app

Great app have inly been using it for a few days and its got 95% of everything i need, the cost is nothing compared to the time it saves in keeping you organised. Great features like. * PDF export of receipts combined in 1 PDF. * image export * csv export reports * import receipts from photos in you camera * GST/ tax tally * too many others to mention. To make this app even better would be the inclusion of a WebDAV client for those how don't want to use public service like drop box. Other than that its been a great experience so far.

- Xpense App In App disapointment

Love the app - great in every respect. Made a mistake purchasing the in app Sync feature though. Before I purchased the in app it did not tell you you needed to have a PC your iPhone and your iPad all operating on Wi-Fi before it will work - seems way to complicated plus I tether my iPad to my iPhone anyway so I think I wasted my money on this one.

- Great application

We loved the old electronic organizers for keeping track of our expenditure. This application is heaps better and has many more useful features. Couldn't live without it! We use it everyday for every expenditure.

- Self discipline required

The only problem with keeping track of your expenses is you get to see just how irresponsible you really are. But this app makes it easy to do if you have the discipline to enter the good bad and ugly. I like it.

- Businss focussed

Nice application targetted at those needing to track business expense and re-imbursement rather than personal spend management. Works well but easy to miss getting in and setting additional preferences to expose some of the more useful functionality as well as set the export options.

- Excellent

This is a great app. It's the only thing that has kept an absolute procrastinator on focus. I would be totally LOST without it. I certainly have recommended it to my friends many times over.

- Great App

I find this a very useful app to track my expenses when travelling. I like the categories, you can enter expenses in any currency and I have a photo of the receipt as back up if I lose the original.

- Terrific app!

Great app, much easier & more accurate for expense reporting than all the systems I've used over the years. Only slight issue was Dropbox integration did not get carried fwd on one of the upgrades - req'd repurchase. Support has been great. Thanks!

- Really useful App with great support

I have been using this App for several years, the developers continue to update the App and respond quickly to requests for help. I recommend it.

- Tax return made easy clam,clam & clam more

This app has helped me save tax dockets fast and quick. So get this app save your docket and get your money back at the end of the year. ATO should fear this App because people are going prove and clam more with this app

- Good support is gold

Very useful app, makes for easy expense reporting. I had an issue with emailing the receipt pictures from my phone - the back up support was prompt and very helpful - surprising for an app!!

- excellent

Working internationally in many currencies and multiple clients.... I just simply NEEDED this app to have been invented. I am so glad it was and I use it every day and am completely happy with it.

- wish there was better OCR

there's some good things but...... what isn't good is the OCR (optional character recognition) - I almost considered using my worldcard mobile card reader to do the job- I know receipts can be all over the place - but it would nice if there was more recognition - yes I took good photos in good light but doesn't cut the mustard.. maybe that could improve in the future

- Excellent and so well thought out

This is one of the best apps I have used. Export and report could use some attention but overall 5 stars.

- Easy, intuitive

Terrific app for travel expenses. Easy, intuitive, does all I want. Tried others, not as good for my purposes.

- Nice app

Purchased this app recently. It's quite nice but was expecting some inbuilt comparison chart like a bar chart to view which category I have spent the max. Also a manual of different functionalities would be a great thing. Thanks.

- Very good app

Simple, uncluttered and effective. Great for personal use. Occasionally freezes but it may be the iOS and not the app. Well thought out and intuitive app. Highly recommended.

- Works great

Easy to use saves so much time when doing your BAS and easy to see where your money is going

- I Love This App

Fantastic application, suits all my needs for business travel, and amazing back up from the designers, thank you

- Back in Business!

Good to see the QIF export option restored at customer request to this comprehensive, versatile and intuitive app.

- Happy

Great app easy to use. Only complaint is that retro entering becomes clunky with date resetting to today after every entry, otherwise fantastic.

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- Good reporting function

Like the app and all the reports. Used it for the first time to submit and it works excellent.

- XpenseTracker

App very comprehensive, user friendly, have downloaded several similar apps but none more better designed and executed than XpenseTracker

- Simple, Logical, Flexible

Being very particular about my business needs, I tried all the recommended expense apps. They all sucked...until I came across this one. If you need an effective, focused expense tracking tool, stop looking; this is the one. Nothing is perfect but this come close.

- Great App

I just needs a category in the expense input to cover credit card currency conversion rates.

- Great way to keep on track

I’ve used expense tracker for 3 years and have recorded every expense in that time. It has been a tremendous tool to keep up with expenses, do budget planning, and manage details easily for taxes and for work and personal expenses. So grateful for this app!

- Good App

I found entering my expenses easy. I really like the ability to customize categories and create sub-categories. I was disappointed that it does not create pie charts to show summaries of expenses.

- Excellent travel app

I’ve been using this app for 4-5 years to keep track of our travel expenses. We love that we can keep a separate log for each trip. Staying on budget is a breeze. Entering transactions could not be easier, even when using multiple currencies. We can easily sort by date, payment method, category, etc. to best see our spending trends. I can’t imagine traveling without this app now.

- Functional and Easy to Use

Great product. Makes tracking expenses and mileage easy

- No more end of year hassles!

I love this app, and have been using it for years. I used to wait till year end to add up all of my receipts. Now, I just record them on the go. I especially like that you can store a photo receipt as part of your entry. There are many more custom fields you can set up too. It’s easy to use and saves you hours and hours of hassle. Worth it!

- Export - Email

Currently not working. Worked when I first installed now it doesn’t. Would rate higher if issue was fixed

- Got me caught up!!

I was almost 6 months behind with my expenses, and I work in both the US and Canada, so I have expenses in 2 currencies. XpenseTracker allowed me to get caught up, complete with photos of all my receipts. I’ve printed off a few expense reports just to view formatting, and they are great. I recently added Dropbox backup (minimal cost), so that I don’t worry about losing my data. The App has lived up to all of its advance billing, and I strongly recommend it. The next real test will be what my CPA says, but the excellent flexibility of this App allows me to fix any of my mistakes. And I wrote Scott (developer) with a couple of questions - I received a prompt reply and he answered all of my queries. A big THANK YOU for XpenseTracker!!

- Great app.

No issues. Works perfectly. I have been using it for four years. Flawless.

- Great app improvements

Used this a couple years back but dropped because to cumbersome to enter mileage. Glad to see the addition of GPS, however if I don’t enter the address it has me land 4 houses down from mine. Other than that small learning, really love the improvements. John

- A great program

Amazing program. No problem in using. Well thought out to include any situation of business travelling and can be entered. Many currencies are included. I use them always. Easily take the photographs of the receipts and attach. You will never ever regret. If anyone has written a negative comments that means the person does not how to use computers and apps. After end of the journey I make reports that could be analyzed many different ways.

- Very good

Does most of want. Easily tracks expenses. I like the downloadable reports which makes tac season much easier. Categories are geared more to the business user not tradesman like me though.

- Can not email reports

I have tried to email my reports is various formats, however nothing works 😠

- Great, Fast, Convenient

Can't say enough good things about this. Saves me countless hours entering things into spreadsheets

- Great app

Easy to use- does what I need.

- Great app!

Easy to use, a bit of a learning curve at first but once you get it tracking mileage takes seconds. Only improvement is to allow for better formatting when exporting to PDF. Worth the price if you run your own business.

- Great App

Being using for many years now. It's a very convenient and great app for organizing and keeping track of expenses. Strongly recommend it

- Awesome app!! Easy way to organize all my receipts.

Recommend this app to any small business. I have been using this app since 2014 and love it!! So great how you keep a photo of your receipts and don't need to keep a paper copy any more. I am way more organized and my accountant is very happy!

- Good app

Just started using but like it so far.

- This is one of the best!

I tried many expense apps this by far is one if the best... Great job, worth every cent. Thanks

- XpenseTracker Pro the best

With XpenseTracker (pro version) I find I can make one entry for each item at a time that is convenient and it serves as my personal accounting software for the entire year. In other words I need only make one entry and at the end of the year all my expenses are recorded and finished. The program also includes great mileage tracking. No second entries, no extra work. Good program. I highly recommend it.

- Almost great - but needs Import ability

XpenseTracker is quite useful - the ability to customize fields and categories is great for small business owners and it handles VAT well. The one area that I find is a substantial problem is that one cannot import an updated report back into XpenseTracker from a spreadsheet application on another computer. Yes, you can "restore" a previously exported expense report but you cannot export a report, make some changes and then import it again. If you enter your receipts every day you should be fine. But if you fall behind a few days or weeks it becomes a substantial chore to type them all out on the iPhone keyboard. XpenseTracker would be much more useful if it allowed for easy import/export to CSV. I imagine this could also allow for easy standardization of the customizable fields across different users - which might translate into more users...

- Just Perfect

Everything you need to track your expenses is here. Look no further. I love this developer, bought all of his apps

- Assistant

My boss uses this app on his iPad to track his expenses and asked me to download it on my iPad so I can submit his business expenses to finance; however I cannot find how to login as him or alternatively see how he can share his expenses with me. Can you help me out.

- Excellent app!

You need this app. If you run a business or track expenses for an employer this app is a must. The support for this app should anything happen is amazing! You get a very fast response. Use it daily to track work expenses and mileage. Accountant loves the reports at tax time.

- So far so Great!

Great app for field technicians!

- Crashes

Cette application plante souvent. Avant il n'y avait pas de problème mais là.....

- Easy to work with

I've been using Expense Tracker for almost four years. Found the data input almost seamless and usually intuitive. The updates have been smoothing out some of the minor dough spots. The created spreadsheet is an asset to me and my accounts dept. I would suggest a pdf type scan for the receipts for clarity but overall I would certainly recommend this app to most small businesses.

- Brilliant

Just a fantastic app. Exceptionally flexible and well thought out. Heads and shoulders above the rest from a usability, feature and functionality perspective. I also love the fact that it is simply priced ($4.99) as opposed to monthly fee option that many others are offering.

- So far so good

This up meets expectations as far as categorizing expenses and entering them on and on going basis. For mileage, though, it would be nice if a person could just add odometer reading's manually instead, as an alternative to letting GPS tracking decide all the time. I am, though, able to add this information in the notes, which is a legal requirement for claiming vehicle expenses like this in some countries.

- Service is everything

I have been using this XpenseTracker for the last five years and have enjoyed the ease of saving all of my business and personal expenses as well as the ease of receiving all the reports (regardless of how detailed you need them). I recently ran into a problem with syncing from one device to another and contacted Scott S through email. He walk me through the number of procedures to determine what the problem was and was successful in helping me. The program is only as good as a service and tech-support it provides and for me that is everything, great job SCOTT and I recommend this program to everyone for personal use and even small medium size businesses.

- This app saves me a lot of time

Best expense tracking app I have used. Very intuitive and easy to use .

- Xpense tracker

This app is amazing. Also the support with any issues arising is incredible! I had trouble finding my backup and it was taken care of right away!

- Great App

My company uses this app for all our business expenses. It is great for keeping receipts organized and staying on track daily. Great job!

- Essentiel for Travel

This us an excellent app for international business. I've been using it for a while and i use it to keep track of every travel expense - business and personal. With the reporting, it makes my filling in expense reports easy, especially with pictures of the bills.

- Love love love it!

I have been using this app for approximately 3 years. I run two businesses and whenever I pay bills I enter my expenses into the app and whenever I have income I also submit that right away. I was a procrastinator and I don't like doing math. Now tax time is a breeze!

- Great app!!!

So easy to use!!! Love it

- Very good app - meets my needs

I don't have complicated needs and so I am happy with this app for tracking expenses. There is a good number of categories available, the layout is user-friendly and I have never had a performance issue with it. I suspect there is much more to be done with this app then what I do, but for simple expense tracking and reporting, it's great.

- Expense tracker

Handy to use. I use it on my IPad and have no problems.

- Great App

Performs exactly as described and as expected. Worth the few bucks to have it on hand.

- Indispensable!

This is a fantastic piece of software. A great usable interface, nice reporting, and tonnes of power-user functionality. It makes tracking my expenses so much less painful. Supported by a fantastic developer. The one time I needed some help I had a response within a couple hours! Thanks!

- Brilliant! Exactly what I needed

The best expense tracking app hands down. For something so inexpensive this app is mind blowing. It covers everything you need to simplify the process of tracking your expenses. Including The ability to use GPS to track your locations. A really amazing app. Just glad I found it

- Simply Fantastic!

This software is so amazingly friendly and complete: fantastic!

- Very good app!

Very good app, been using it for 3 years now. Great for keeping track of business expenses for tax purposes. Had an issue where the app kept locking up, but company resolved my issue within 8 hours. Great support!

- This is terrible.

What a rip off. Do not purchase. Nothing like described. Very disappointed

- Very handy!

XpenseTracker is the best budget/expense app I have used so far. I use it to keep track of monthly income and expenses

- Great App!

This app can't be beat. Worth the $! -easy to customize -generate and email reports simply -scan in receipts -clean and great layout -simply just works great!

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XpenseTracker app review: an effective and comprehensive tool for tracking your expenses and mileage @SilverwareSoft

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XpenseTracker iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

XpenseTracker iphone images
XpenseTracker iphone images
XpenseTracker iphone images
XpenseTracker iphone images
XpenseTracker iphone images

XpenseTracker (Version 10.83) Install & Download

The applications XpenseTracker was published in the category Finance on 2019-02-12 and was developed by Silverware Software, LLC [Developer ID: 284918924]. This application file size is 56.69 MB. XpenseTracker - Finance app posted on 2020-09-30 current version is 10.83 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.silverware.xpensetracker

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