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Pandora is the easiest way to find new music based on your favorites.

Pandora gives you a personalized music experience that continually evolves with your tastes. Create radio stations and playlists based from your favorite songs, artists or genres such as pop, rap, rock, EDM or country.

Want to control your music streaming experience? With Pandora Premium, search for songs or albums and stream with no ads. Create your own playlists or use Pandora's "Add Similar Songs" to finish it. Pandora Premium also lets you take your music offline. Choose the playlist, album, or song you want to download and listen anytime without Internet connectivity.

Pandora Premium™
Subscribe to enjoy personalized on-demand listening

• Search and play your favorite songs and albums on-demand
• Create playlists, not worklists - on your own or powered by Pandora
• Download the music you want and listen offline with our music app
• Unlimited skips and replays
• Higher quality audio
• Listen to music with no ads

Pandora Plus™
Subscribe to enjoy personalized radio with no ads

• Unlimited skips and replays
• Higher quality audio
• Offline listening for your favorite stations

Your Pandora Plus or Premium subscription will automatically renew each month and your credit card will be charged through your iTunes account. You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your iTunes account settings.

Terms and conditions:

Pandora Premium is only available for U.S. listeners on mobile devices. Replay and offline on Pandora Plus are only available in the U.S.

Some advertising exclusions apply. Skips, replays and offline features may be limited by certain licensing restrictions. Pandora may use large amounts of data, and carrier data charges may apply. For best results, we recommend you connect your device to trusted Wi-Fi networks when available.

Pandora Music App Description & Overview

The applications Pandora Music was published in the category Music on 2008-07-11 and was developed by Pandora Media, Inc.. The file size is 143.00 MB. The current version is 1710.1 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

Bug fixes and feature improvements to reduce crashes and improve your overall listening experience.

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Pandora Music Reviews

damon mathena

Disappointed  damon mathena  1 star

You guys need to step it up before I heart radio shuts you guys down, I have Business ideas I think could benefit your company substantially. I’m not trying to down you guys, I just feel my Ideas would benefit your company very well. My contact is 573-382-6675. My names Damon Mathena feel free to contact me if interested in my input.


How to make pandora perfect for me😀  clarkparadise5  3 star

Wish when I picked an Artist I could play from the list of songs. Instead you put the stations in and hoping to wait the song by the artist you're looking to hear will soon play. Choosing a song would make Pandora perfect.

Mr h-town

Review  Mr h-town  1 star

Plays the same songs over every time


App crashes every. Single. Time.  Whiiittt  1 star

Fix !!!!


Recent update crashes Pandora  Jordandav9  2 star

Since the last update the app been crashing everytime I tried to open it please fix this!


Continuous crashes  ruppa8a  2 star

Constantly crashes

Pandora is a rip

COST IS RIDICULOUS  Pandora is a rip  1 star

I like the pandora app but the price is outrageous. I will be canceling my subscription at the end of the month. I remember the 2.99 days.


Ya  campuon  5 star


grupo indio

Dame un beso y un adiós  grupo indio  5 star

Todas la viejitas pero bonitas

Tiffabobo I

I love you 😘  Tiffabobo I  5 star

I love you



【定期】PANDORA MUSIC CLUBは早稲田大学のV系専門バンドサークルです。当サークルでは随時サークル員を募集しております。興味がある方はお気軽にDM、リプください! #早稲田 #V系 #インカレ #バンドサークル


A.P. 0pril 3 star

Pandora #Music - Pandora Media, Inc.


Brittany BrittanyCozza 3 star

At the gym and Chicago came on my Pandora. I cut my teeth on this show and this music; I swear to you, if ANY...


Pandora  Xhaseb  5 star

Great app, have never had any trouble out of it. Has nearly every genre and nearly every musician I have ever wanted to create a station for!!!


Yeah I said it  GisaidIt  5 star

I don’t need music I got Pandora 😌

Amanda andPhillip

idea.  Amanda andPhillip  5 star

this app should let us choose the song we want to listen to instead of making us choose a channel with that song on it.


Thumbs up in lock screen  MikeAppRater  4 star

When an I going to be able to thumbs up/down a track from the lock screen?!?!? Pandora is seriously the best... I have like 30 different stations for all the different moods of my family; everything from Spanish kids music and Raffi to girly pop music for my wife and kids to 80s, classical, country, and sub genres for each. As long as you take the time to curate your stations, they will fit your various mood perfectly.


It is so awesome 😂😂💀  hb168416  5 star

It just has too many ads💀


Music that flows  RenoHeart  5 star

I love changing stations according to my moods. Seems the songs flow perfect to my choice. If I don't like something I just give it a thumbs down and never hear it again.


CRASH!!  YCJ16  3 star

Seems that this app is becoming very fickle. Crashes a lot these and repeating liked songs multiple times in an hour. Pandora used to be really good. Now it’s just ok because of the frequent crashes. Can we please get some help here?!

dj Pook

I'm a big fan of Pandora music  dj Pook  5 star

I love you so much pandora station


Pandora  peace1241  5 star

I have no complaints


Never opens?  Arandyl  1 star

“Love this app usually, and I find it an essential. However, the recent update causes the app to continue to crash. I'm very unhappy with this & just want the app to work...” I wrote that exact review a long time ago, and it got fixed shortly after. However, it happened again where the app will not work on my phone. I have the iPhone 6S with the newest iOS & enough storage as well. I just don’t understand. I’ve looked for updates on the app store for this app and there are none. I’ve gotten used to not using it though, so I’m no longer considering buying premium.

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