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LockWidget - LockScreen Themes App Description & Overview

What is lockwidget - lockscreen themes app? Fancy a new set of iOS 16 widgets on the Lock Screen ?

LockWidget provides a vast collection of lock screen widgets: weather, lock launcher, contact launcher, quotes, health, photos, clock, time, calendar, moon phase, countdown, year process and more. You can custom redirect URL, edit fonts, change theme styles and even background opacity to fine-tune them in line with your preference.

# Pixel Pet Widgets:

Get a pixel pet on your lock screen. You can feed & play with your pet.

# Widgets for Friends:

Set a widget on both of your and friend’s on the lock screen. Confirm the days to o go to the next anniversary, and count up the days you’ve been together.

# All Widgets You Need Are Here :

- Battery percentage on lock screen.
- Couple Widget on lock screen. Send secret notes your partner's lock screen, share status, and say " I miss you" with each other.
- Weather on lock screen.
- Live Widgets : set GIFs with dynamic effect on lock screen.
- Photos Widget on lock screen : including bit-icons, emoji icons, pixel art, emoticons, stylish symbols and more...
- App Launcher : quick launch your favorite Games and Apps on lock screen without redirecting.
- Quotes on lock screen : personalize your text on lock screen with tons of fancy fonts.
- Countdown on lock screen : countdown Christmas, birthday and your customized big days.
- Calendar on lock screen : Moon Phase and Lunar Calendar
- To-do-list
- Health widgets: Steps, Sleep and Kcal tracker on lock screen.
- World clock on lock screen.

#HD Lock Screen Wallpapers :

- High-quality wallpapers for both iPhone and iPad devices
- All wallpapers perfectly fit Depth Effect
- Unique 4K wallpapers with multiple styles

LockWidget also provide well-designed home screen widgets, themes, app icon changer and useful tools for iOS16 .

Come and customize your own home screen and lock screen aesthetic with LockWidget Now!

More surprises waiting for you to explore...


LockWidget optionally integrates with Apple Health. This data is used to display your step and activity if you select one of those widget types. Permission for LockWidget to access this data is controlled through the Apple Health app.


LockWidget optionally integrates with Apple Health. This data is used to display your step and activity if you select one of those widget types. Permission for LockWidget to access this data is controlled through the Apple Health app.

LockWidget has the following subscriptions:
$4.99/ week,
$9.99 / year.

Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account after purchase. Subscription automatically renews 24 hours before the end of the subscription period. Subscription types and prices remain the same. If you do not want to automatically renew your subscription, be sure to cancel your subscription at least 24-hours before it expires. After purchase, you can manually turn off auto-renewal in iTunes/Apple ID Settings Manager.

Term of use: https://d1swygfq48i87z.cloudfront.net/term.html

Privacy Policy : https://d1swygfq48i87z.cloudfront.net/privacy-1.html

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App Name LockWidget - LockScreen Themes
Category Graphics & Design
Updated 30 March 2024, Saturday
File Size 241.1 MB

LockWidget - LockScreen Themes Comments & Reviews 2024

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DO NOT DOWNLOAD. i HATE this app. it made my phone glitch. i was on call with my friend and i set my phone down for a SECOND and my phone started swiping left and right left and right on my home screen and opening other apps and completely made my phone spazz out. it powered off. do not recommend unless you want your phone “hacked”!

Love it. I love this app it helps me make all me lock screens better for different events or very helpful with steps and time tracking

Was Hopeful. A few friends use it, and it seemed like a cute way for my girlfriend and I to go along with our matching lock screens. Hers worked fine! Mine didn’t. The FQA said to uninstall it and reinstall it, which I tried, but it wants me to pay the subscription just to redownload it, not allowing me to use the free version. Seems ridiculous to me to have a built in subscription service, but still charge the user to download it from ICloud. Hopefully this is just a back end bug, and not some cleaver way for the developer to trap people to paying for something they didn’t want to pay for.

5 stars. I love this app it made my phone look so good but one part I don’t like is the ads but that’s really all I suggest getting this app

Great App, But Still Plenty To Add. App is great, especially if you have iOS 16, but there is room for much more widgets and wallpapers, which are going to come for sure. Overall, really good app for customizing you device.

Amazing even with ads!. You have to watch adds to “activate” widgets, but they are much much nicer to have than the stock iOS ones!

This is a great app!. This app works great although kinda sad we have to pay for some stuff however it works amazingly and it brings a great aesthetic to my Home Screen!

I can’t figure out how to get it on my Lock Screen so that’s kinda a bummer. I can’t get it on my lock screen

Cute but confused. I can’t change the weather at all. The widget shows up on my Lock Screen however it stays in Celsius although I’ve switched to Fahrenheit. I also can’t seem to change the location AT ALL to my current location instead of the pre set location. Hoping for more nature wallpaper choices as well.

Impressed. I didn't have many expectations getting into this app because there aren't many reviews or downloads- HOWEVER, after playing around with it a bit and figuring out how to add/customize the widgets I can honestly say I am pretty impressed! The widgets are so cute on my lock screen! I think I will be keeping this one :) thank you Dev!!!

I am getting random people on my notes for lockscreen. I downloaded this for me and my boyfriend to send little notes on our lockscreens. But one day i woke up to find out that random people notes are showing up, and not my boyfriends. I deleted and reinstalled the app thinking it would work. But it is still happening, this is annoying and i may even delete the app all in all. Everything else is great about this app as it is what it advertised.

Dude I just set widget up in my Lock Screen and there was nothing!!!. This is stupid like this is almost the worst $#it app

Had Higher Expectations. I saw on TikTok that there were cool widgets i could set for my phone. Got the app to try it out, but was confused when the widgets weren’t changing on my lock screen. I can’t get it to edit the rectangular widget or save it onto my lock screen. Widgets still look cool though

Friend widgets. I downloaded the app to use with my boyfriend but the friend widgets will not work. We send each other the links but to no avail. It will not let us select eachother for the lockscreen widgets or be friends. It is very frustrating. I have tried everything but the links just lead me to an email that doesn’t work.

Alana. Thank you so much these wallpapers are really awesome I use this app so much because of these wallpapers. I told my sister to use this app, and she said thank you

Change. I think the app is great but everything should be available to everyone and there shouldn’t be ads or memberships

Best ever. Best ever Ever since I got it I was just wondering if you could come pick up the mail today for me please thanks for the help thanks for the update thanks for the help thanks for coming over today thanks for the

One word: AMAZING!!!. This app is amazing. You can get every single background for free and sometimes it’s only an ad. It is amazing that this app does not charge money and force you to pay money to use it even though it does suggest it is a very good app I recommend this to every person.

Good App But need some work. I tried a lot of different apps that can edit widgets and Lock Screen and I didn’t have any of them liked because of the ads or something but this app is pretty cool not to many ads and everything is free (need some improvements on the wallpapers) but still very good to use , try it 😉

Good overall. Could use a bit better information on how widgets work exactly. And maybe could be a little cheaper for the pro version.

App. I tried adding my girlfriend so she can see my status but it wasn’t working, we both tried adding the thing so we can share statuses but it still won’t work. A little sad

Best lock screen widgets. I love this app. There's so many lock screen widgets to choose from and have ones for every lock screen theme. There are 3 different subscription plans you can choose from including a lifetime plan. The other features you get with this app is wallpapers, live activities, and home screen widgets.

Love. I love this app, but I personally think that the gifs are a bit slow. I say this since sometimes they don’t do the animations or it seems like it lagging.

Tutorial is useless.. I already know how to add widgets to iOS 16 Lock Screen and I know how to find this app when doing so, but when I add a widget from this app it only gives me one option something I don’t even have on my phone like TikTok. When configuring the quotes part to add at the very top it says add first then click and that’s what ends up there, rather than the quotes configured earlier. Stupid.

Great but has some issues. Love the app & the fact that I can create my own quotes to put in my Lock Screen, but it has the option to change quotes every so often (10min, 1hr, 2hr, etc.) but I want it to shuffle between my chosen quotes, not random quotes they choose….is there a way I can do that? Because I haven’t been able to figure that out.

IDK. I love it, it’s honestly a great app, although I do wish it had like a sports option for people like me who do volleyball or others basketball, like a separate section from that but overall a great app

Omg. So I have an iPhone 6 and the phone tells me I’m up to date on updates but the app is telling me I have to update. Also there is no way to search for backgrounds which makes it impossible for me to do what I want, there is one thing I like though there are some supper cute backgrounds.

It actually works and it's so cute I wish u can change the color of the widget. Bye

Finding out how to use it. It is a lil confusing and it’s Hard to find out how to select the widgets

Not trying to spend money to make a free app function properly. I downloaded this app with one intention. I have an app that doesn’t have a widget available from the Lock Screen, and I wanted it to have one. I make it, and it doesn’t work half the time. Sometimes, I’d get directed to the lock widget app, then redirected. Most of the time, I’d get directed to the lock widget app and not get redirected. I know I didn’t spend money and that might change the outcome, I don’t know. But if so, I’m not spending my money for something to work right, and they don’t need my money with how many ads they riddled this app with.

Its great. I love it the only problem is that if you don’t have a subscription you have to watch ads for everything. It takes a very long time. One reason why I love it though is because it always makes it easy to download new wallpapers and icons.

Hello kitty. I found so many hello Kitty stuff. This is the best ever I ever witness keep going with your hard work. This is amazing at more than anything else but I want some hello Kitty stuff for my Home Screen

❤️. Amazing app I love it and it has like these gif things that move and you can put it on your lock screen ❤️❤️😍

Best widget app ever!. I love how this app makes you customize some of the widgets you want it to. Other than the way you have to pay to get make widgets, you can also watch the ads. I genuinely love this app and i recommend it for your home screen and lock screen. It counts down for Christmas and you can make your own special events. I absolutely love this app and you are able to add friends and send notes!! i thank this app for everything and i use it every day for my homescreen, lol. I love this app and keep it up!!!

Uninstall. App is okay i guess but i hate the fact that i cant customize my Home Screen with the widgets from this app… only the lock screen . Other apps you can do both

Absolutely love it. I really love this app. Lots of choice for Lock Screen widgets. Just one question, how can I change the weather degrees from Celsius to Fahrenheit? Thanks

New update glitch. Unable to back out to previous screen after selecting something after new update. Other than that this app is amazing and look forward to seeing what gets added in the future.

Cool app but. It’s seems like a good deal having all those options for widgets on your Lock Screen but the gifs never work, they’ll always be paused until you click on the widget itself. Then it redirects you back to the app and the gif widget will resume but it’ll only last a few minutes. Given it’s not a free app you’d at least expect the gifs to work.

There many options!. I worked very well!

Great app. It is really easy to use it has some adorable widgets and backgrounds 10/10 would recommend

Idk why i downloaded this. I am in ipad and if it worked i woild actually give it a true rating. But lol whatever it is a very good app anyways😆

Nice!. There’s a lot of ads obviously but I don’t really mind them because the cute widgets make up for it I love this app! Defo recommend this

Lots of chooses. Been using for a short time and everything I tried has worked as described. Lots of chooses and categories to choose from.

like it. it’s good but is anyone else having an issue having ANY widget app show up to use on your lock screen?

Some app launcher not working. iMessage app launcher isn’t working. It shows as set widget in the app but when you go to the customize the lockscreen it doesn’t appear. Also your app back button isn’t working. Have to close and reopen the app all the time

How to set home screen widgets?. The app overall is amazing, basically everything is free! But when I download a widget for my home screen I put down the “lock widgets” widget to then change it, but once I change it, it doesn’t show up? I wish you had a help section for home screen widgets.

Cute but need more options. I really like the GIFs and stickers but would love the see more as I like to change my screen all the time!

So far..it’s okay.. Just downloaded it .. and.. wellll..it’s okay. I will play around with the app a little more and I will update when I see more of what it gots and can do.

Everything I’ve wanted in an app!. Amazing app! The most lock screen widgets I’ve ever seen! This app is exactly what I’ve been searching for!

A bit broken. When I try to make a timer on countdown u can do the near the next 4 hrs u can set it and u need to wait until the hour/time you need

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Love ittttttt. This is literally the best free widget app, I’ve tried so many and most of them were fake and didn’t work good but this omg LOVE! Highly recommend you get this app ❤️❤️

Too much trouble. Bombarded by ads right at the start. Tried to get simple text quote to screen but had to buy app.

All widgets are in black and white. And most are premium too

It needs money it’s not for 4 and older. It’s a lie why would you lie about that the age 4+

More than half of the widgets need payment. Not loving how I have to pay for widgets?!!! I’m not spending my money on widgets just to make my phone prettier. I can’t even use half of the icons without paying. Not impressed.

So fun. Good

It’s a great app. It’s a good app

not worth it. just like all of these apps, cute themes but i’m not willing to pay $20 for it

Love this app. One beautiful app love it

Amazing app I like it. Xxxxxxxx

I don’t like you. I don’t like your up it’s fake advertising

Good. Fun

Love. Loveeeeee

Only one thing they need to change. One thing that I don’t like about it is when I go to set a timer it doesn’t let me go back to the time that I want

honestly. this app is very cute even without spending money it still provides the best and cutest widgets on the lockscreen i love it personally :))

Love. Budd❤️

No smaller widget options. Only have the option of adding rectangular widgets from this app :(

its good. its good

great. great

love it. hiii

Widget. This is great strongly recamend

Wouldn’t recommend. The widget options are cool however the FaceTime, call, message widgets don’t even work which is the only reason I downloaded the app in the first place. I wanted a quick way to be able to FaceTime my partner from my lock screen but when you click on the widget it just redirects you to the lock widgets app and doesn’t even call the contact you selected. The practical widgets don’t work which is quit disappointing.

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Best app. I like the app but I wish you didn’t have to pay to unlock all of the widgets but other than that I love this app just looking at the beautiful wall papers makes me happy

Random review. I like this app

the timer thing is not working continuously. that

it was good. 👍🏻

Don’t have an option to set an Lockwidget widget. Whenever I try to put a Lockwidget widget it won’t show in the apps selection for the widget, so I can’t use it, how do I fix?

XR. It dont work on a iphone XR…

Pub. Avec la version gratuite, c’est nuuul, trop de pub. Il y a une limite quand même, juste une choses à dire, ils sont pire que YouTube pour les pub

sucks. literally almost all of the good widgets cost money.. i aint paying money for a widget app?? 😂😂 do better

But need pay. (Best

Sooo bad. Tried a 1,000 times to make it work. Money wasted

Very bad. I saw my friend lock screen on his iphone, it had a widget on hit. I downloaded tge same app as him to have one too and I just saw that we have to pay. Come now, pay for a widget?

Not happy. I went to purchase this app and it said that it was $23 so no it is not free and as soon as I hit purchase it had a checkmark saying $41.79 that’s what I got charged this app is definitely not worth $41

Flower. 5/5

Mhm. Mhm

Stopped working. It was working for exactly 1 day then it stopped loading this morning. It just shows the default icon.

Works?!. Worked for a bit, but then just stopped working all of sudden hopefully it was just some bug but I deleted and redownloaded and it works again but if I need to do this every time then it’s horrible app

.. It is very good I like how most stuff is free

Amazing. I’ll love this app but the only bad thing is is that you have to pay for some of it but most of it is free

So cool 🤭. Best app for widgets

what what. good app but my timer keeps resetting by itself when it’s not supposed to 🤦‍♀️

App Store. ndndnsn

.. make it so you can add your own lockscreen widgets from your camera roll

Can’t even use the widget I want. So I payed the $12 for the yearly membership so I could have access to a few of the premium widgets. Except when I save the ones I want they dont show up in my widgets meaning I can’t even use them. ALSO I tried contacting through the app and it won’t let me because I don’t have the Mail app installed, and it won’t let me put in my own email so this is kind of my only option

Smart Pet Island. Can I suggest making the smart pet island widgets transparent? (:

it kinda Works. It’s not working on my iPad

Je ne comprend pas commen il faut faire. Je veut mettre un conte à rebours pour l’Halloween mais je ne comprend pas comment faire s’il vous plaît aider moi . Merci bonne soirée

Gg. Wonderful

Hi. For a theme lol

app good. just confusing

my bb man. Sleepy in ur arms everyday makes me feel like i'm in heaven, spending a day or and hour with seen u makes me sick, i never get sick cos u r my medecine every single day i love u my babe man nicson

Widget. Great app

It sucks. Honest opinion all the good wallpapers are locked and I’m not willing to pay just for a one time use

Update the football widget. It still say Croatia vs Brazil but that game happened yesterday

No work. Doesn’t work if I can I will do 0 stars but I can’t

Countdowns not working. I would give it 5 stars if the Halloween countdown worked properly

It won’t change my status. This sucks because I am unable to change it from rushing to any other status please fix the damn bug

Parental Controls. If your lid has parental controls, they can still use it even without safari and app store locked after downloading. Makes their phone look cute, Might even get for myself.

Love it. It’s free

doesnt let me put a hello kitty widget on my lock screen.. lol

MmmM. Nnnnn

LockWidget. Je peux même pas en mettre un il faut que je paye mais je ne veux pas payer et il n’a pas de forfait gratuit

It's bad. I wish some premium widgets were free tho...

App problem?. Each time I click an icon on the lockscreen, it open the original app before opening the app I want… It’s annoying.

Am confused and everything is for money. Please explain how to put widgets also put good widgets for free don’t have less things for free

Zannouche. Gafsa

Bajsn. Ajsmd d

Okay. I struggle to figure out the wigets and most is premium or adds otherwise good app

Amazing app buttttt…….. The app is amazing and it works on my phone but I can’t get it to work on my iPad

Love itt. Amazing!!

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It’s cool I guess.. Its okay because everything is not for free and I kinda wish that wasn’t there because they have ones I want for my phone but they need a subscription.

Home screen. Lock screen

Thank you for this amazing app. It really nice and athletic my friends are obsessed with it it really easy to set up

I love it!. I love each and every one of the cute little icons although I do think that they should add more, like a cross 😁

Uninstall. App is okay i guess but i hate the fact that i cant customize my Home Screen with the widgets from this app… only the lock screen . Other apps you can do both

9.99$ per year. I believe that if you reduce that price or make it 0 I would have a better time customizing my phone!

No.. Does not work bad quality.

Love. I love this app, but I personally think that the gifs are a bit slow. I say this since sometimes they don’t do the animations or it seems like it lagging.

Icons. We should be able to change colors onto icons so that maybe they can match Lock Screen images?

Love this app sm bro. I’ve been using it for months and never disappoints😝. I love how u can put images on ur Lock Screen😁

Good app. The app is good but I wanted the school countdown but it won’t let me change the time. Everytime I try to change it, it goes back to the time that it was already on. Pls fix this

This app is very gooddddddddd. I love this app so much it’s so creative and you have a lot of options

Read. 1 thing is this app is crazy about making you so excited about a v.i.p. thing 2 you have to watch an ad to get a wallpaper 3 most of the time you have to watch ads over and over so you can get the wallpaper Please read all the way through thank you

LOVE IT!. I love this app so much, it gives you everything you need! only request: add the settings app to the app list!!!

Amazing. So many different options and choices for free!

Widgets. I love this app it’s makes my phone look really cool!! 10/10 recommended

Good but... The contact launcher doesnt even work for the messages i put in the phone number and everything

Not worth it. Am I the only one having issues with this thing I’m putting the widgets on my Lock Screen and they are not showing up.. it’s blank. Uninstalled and reinstalled to see if that would work and it didn’t.

Premium. You need premium for way too many things

Finding out how to use it. It is a lil confusing and it’s Hard to find out how to select the widgets

Almost 4 stars. I love that you can select almost every app for a widget shortcut. To bad selecting the original icon to display doesn’t work.

Random messages from people. Why am I starting to get random messages from other people good concept but the sustainability of it seems rather short term

Battery. When I put the bear battery on it was 2 above my actual percent I’m not mad nothings perfect I just wanted to see if that is for everybody else

Bad. When Everett said what add to get widget it would always say that the ad is not available and it would ask if you want to see their subscriptions for almost every single thing

It actually works and it's so cute I wish u can change the color of the widget. Bye

Not what I wanted. I downloaded this so that I could add the pixel pet but couldn’t find it anywhere!! I even paid for the subscription thinking it was behind a paywall or something but still nothing! I don’t even think I had anything added to the app since the purchase

So. I like it but hate the ads and wish I could put more on my locks Rene

GREAT. this had exactly what i was looking for in an app i just wish there where more free fonts for the quotes

Awesome widgets. It’s really easy to use but some of the stuff I want I have to buy other wise it really cute but needs an update

Review. So far I like this app a lot it’s a great app they have a lot of options and widgets to choose!

Cute but idk. Look the icons and widgets are cute but everytime I try to put it on my lock screen it tells me I have to pay. I press the x bc I don’t want to pay but then when I try again it tells me to pay again.

Lock Screen Widgets. When I try to put a hello kitty gif widget it will make me watch the adds over and over again and it still won’t let me download it

I love this app. It has reasonable prices and I like all the widgets And things I can put on my wallpaper/Home Screen.

Review. I wanted a certain wallpaper but when i clicked it it showed a different one 🙄 please fix that ☺️

Steps widget not working. Cool idea to show steps as a widget, but the widget is not stable and constantly showing 0 unless I open the app again to refresh. The widget will return to 0 again in just a few mins.

😭😭horrible. So when I downloaded it, I thought that it was going to work. I did everything that I was going to do and then I went to go put on the stuff and it was telling me that I don’t have the app and that you don’t have the sticker. Please fix.😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Timer. On the timer you have to set it to where it either the time at the moment or the future time before 12

Watch ads. Please add “watch ad to unlock“ feature

I love this app ngl. Idk what about this app but I love it, it makes my phone so much cooler and I think it's the best app I've downloaded

App. I tried adding my girlfriend so she can see my status but it wasn’t working, we both tried adding the thing so we can share statuses but it still won’t work. A little sad

Its fine. I like it but almost everything u have to pay for.. not everything has to cost money

Not Correct Battery Percentage on Lock Screen. Hey Developers- love the app but the battery percentage doesn’t match the actual battery percentage of my phone. I just updated the app today and I’m on iOS 16. Thanks!

getting random peoples messages bug. the widgets all worked great for me and my boyfriend for about a week until we both started getting random messages from random people. they’re funny but we no longer see our own widgets and they keep updating and it’s getting a bit annoying. please fix!

Could be better - to maker of this app. There are a lot of premium ones and not a lot of free. Sure u can get some with adds but not a lot of those. Could you guys please fix it.

4 stars. I love it and it’s good but the widgets aren’t working but if I keep trying it should. But it’s really good I would use this for my phone a lot

pretty good. I like it but the ads don’t be loading. Also could do with less ads.

Really nice to put timers or something. You can put timers for events or countdowns and all of those

This app is amazing. I love this app! There are many many wallpapers to choose from and they are amazing and very cool! The widgets are outstanding.

Dude I just set widget up in my Lock Screen and there was nothing!!!. This is stupid like this is almost the worst $#it app

Idk why i downloaded this. I am in ipad and if it worked i woild actually give it a true rating. But lol whatever it is a very good app anyways😆

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 2.1.1
Play Store com.lockscreenmaker.widget
Compatibility iOS 16.0 or later

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The application LockWidget - LockScreen Themes was published in the category Graphics & Design on 10 September 2022, Saturday and was developed by SoCloud Technology Co., Limited [Developer ID: 1517288550]. This program file size is 241.1 MB. This app has been rated by 20,462 users and has a rating of 4.5 out of 5. LockWidget - LockScreen Themes - Graphics & Design app posted on 30 March 2024, Saturday current version is 2.1.1 and works well on iOS 16.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.lockscreenmaker.widget. Languages supported by the app:

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DoorDash - Food Delivery 10 October 2013
Google 12 February 2019

Looking for comprehensive training in Google Analytics 4? We've compiled the top paid and free GA4 courses available in 2024.

Top Paid App List
App Name Released
Bloons TD 6 14 June 2018
HotSchedules 30 October 2008
The Past Within 02 November 2022
Minecraft 17 November 2011
Procreate Pocket 17 December 2014

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