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What is clrs.helper app? Refer to The third edition of the book, covering content:
2. Getting Started: Insertion sort, Merge sort;
4. Divide-and-Conquer: Maximum-subarray, Matrix Multiplication[normal, recursive, Strassen’s algorithm];
6. Heapsort: Heapsort[max-heap, min-heap];
7. Quicksort: Quicksort;
8. Sorting in Linear Time: Counting sort;
12. Binary Search Trees: Binary search tree[Inorder Walk, Search Recursive, Search Iterative, Minimum Iterative, Maximum Iterative, Successor, Predecessor, Insert, Delete];
13. Red-Black Trees: Red Black Tree[Insert, Delete];
15. Dynamic Programming: Rod cutting[Recursive, Top_down, Bottom_up, Print],Longest common subsequence;
16. Greedy Algorithms: Acitivity selection[Recursive, Iterative],Huffman codes;
22. Elementary Graph: Breadth-first search, Depth-first search, Topological sort, Strongly connected components;
23. Minimum Spanning Trees: Minimum spanning tree[Kruskal’s algorithm,Prim’s algorithm];
24. Single-Source Shortest Paths: The Bellman-Ford algorithm,DAG algorithm,Dijkstra’s algorithm;
25. All-pairs Shortest Paths: All-pairs Shortest paths algorithms[Slow,Faster,The Floyd-Warshall algorithm];
26. Maximum Flow: The Ford-Fulkerson algorithm;
Addition: Tower of Hanoi,N Queens Problem,Comparison of sorting algorithms;

The primary features:
You can run the pseudo-code single step or continuous, observe the change of parameters and data structures,it can help you to understand the design thought of the algorithm;
You can set breakpoints in program and ovserve the status of breakpoint, it can help you to understand why this algorithm is corrcet by using loop invariants;
With running-time function stacks and the returning positions,you can track the running process of recursive functions easily, and understand the operation mechanism of computer programs;
By recording the performed times of the pseudo-codes can help you to understand the running time of algorithms;

I wish this app can be helpful to you;

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CLRS.Helper Customer Service, Editor Notes:

CLRS.Helper Version 1.719 February 2022

Fixed: Ch15-Longest common subsequence,crash-error caused by rotating screen; Fixed: Ch25-The Floyd-Warshall algorithm,π matrix got wrong value; Improved: simplify operations;.

CLRS.Helper Version 1.415 September 2021

Added: Ch06-Min Heap; Added: Ch15-Longest comman subsequence; Added: Ch16-Huffman codes;.

CLRS.Helper Version 1.316 August 2021

Added: Ch04-Matrix Multiplication[normal, recursive, Strassen]; Improved: Support to set breakpoints in programs;.

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CLRS.Helper iphone images
CLRS.Helper iphone images
CLRS.Helper iphone images
CLRS.Helper iphone images
CLRS.Helper iphone images
CLRS.Helper iphone images
CLRS.Helper iphone images
CLRS.Helper iphone images
CLRS.Helper iphone images
CLRS.Helper iphone images
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The applications CLRS.Helper was published in the category Education on 2021-04-23 and was developed by 巍 顾 [Developer ID: 1368599824]. This application file size is 42.34 MB. CLRS.Helper - Education app posted on 2022-02-19 current version is 1.7 and works well on IOS 13.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: WeiGu.CLRS-Helper