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Color Widgets [Utilities] App Description & Overview

Color Widgets lets you add stylish widgets directly onto your home screen! Choose from premade widget designs, or better yet, make your own. Color Widgets is perfect for customizing and styling your home screen.

There are hundreds of design options to make your best possible widget.

With Color Widgets, you can freely edit the widgets font, theme color, or even the background color.

Get your favorite widget up and running in seconds. Seriously!

Color Widgets work on all iOS/iPadOS devices with the only requirement being that it is running iOS 14+.

Color Widgets integrates with the Health app in order to collect and display health data from your iPhone or Apple Watch. The pedometer widget can display your daily step count.

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Color Widgets Customer Service, Editor Notes:

● New Analog & Digital Widgets ● More Countdowns ● New Designs ● Bug Fixes

Color Widgets Comments & Reviews

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- Amazing app!!

I really do happen to love Color Widgets. When I updated to iOS 14, I immediately looked for apps to go with it. By the way, if you didn’t update your device, you better!! iOS 14 is incredible! There’s so many more things! It’s overall an amazing update. Ok, so when I found Color Widgets, I downloaded it right away. It has good reviews and there’s so many option for the widget Home Screen. You can have different colors and styles for your personality to shine on your device. There will be a lot to choose from and it’s so easy to access. It works on all, iPads, iPods, as well as iPhones, which is great. It takes like seriously a second to download and a second to get on the Home Screen. This is overall an amazing app. It’s one of the only ones I’ve seen for iOS 14 but really amazing. There probably aren’t so many more apps for the update because it’s brand new. Hopefully there will be more creative apps for iOS 14. But for right now, I love this app so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will thank you a million times for Color Widgets!

- It’s AMAZING but...

Ok so I can start off by saying I don’t normally give apps 4-5 stars, I’m very serious when it comes to reviews but I can say that this app is so good that I’ll give it 4 stars, why not 5 you ask? Well there’s a tiny bug in the app. You see, the percentage of the battery shown on the widget doesn’t match the percentage of my phone. It would always be a few numbers off but that’s not TOO bad. To be honest other than that, it’s probs one of the best apps I got on my phone. Now, if I have the app developers attention I’d like to make a suggestion. Ok so every one of my friends are theming their phones and decorating it. My theme on my phone is neon lights. So it would be so cool if you can have a feature where you can change the style and make the words go neon or even change color!! I think that would be so cool and all my friends would ask how I do it, then BOOM that’s about 10 more users of the app. Obviously it’s just a suggestion and I think if it does make it and you guys end up doing it, I will definitely change my rating but it’s totally ok if you don’t. As I said I don’t normally give apps these types of ratings so 4 stars is very lucky! Ok and to any people who want to get the app for the new iOS, I ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND IT TO YOU, enjoy the app and have a great day.

- Great app but slight issue.

This app is all around a great app. First time I downloaded it, just a few days ago, I did notice that the battery percentage wouldn’t always reflect the same number as my phones actual battery percentage, it would always be a few numbers off. The recent update to the app, that has improved, but have noticed a few times, the percentage on the widget has been about a number off, from the phones battery percentage, maybe because it just needs a few minutes to update? Maybe that can be permanently fixed in another update¯\_(ツ)_/¯, other than that, the app is great! Update: i did notice that the widget causes my weather and the color widgets to flicker when I update this specific app, turning off my phone doesn’t help. I have to remove the widget from my Home Screen and add it back to the flickering to stop. I’m sure it’s another bug, but anyone else using this app, doesn’t seem to have that problem, I’ve asked a group I’m in, and it seems like it’s just me. I hope it can be fixed because I doubt it’s my device or firmware update causing the issue as I’ve already factory reset my phone and the issue didn’t go away.

- Needs work

I like the simplicity of it, but like other reviewers experiences...time, dates, and calendar sometimes don’t update. I actually paid for the pro version and I wanted to use the calendar widget provided, but it’s still stuck on last month. I too wish it had more editing options and widgets with different analog clocks, the ability to rename the widgets, change and move around specific text/fonts, ability to change colors of text in widget with personal photo as background, and more. I would also like to be able to scroll through all my widgets created when adding a widget into me Home Screen. I’m not sure if that’s already an option, but in my case I can only see 3 widget options I created. This would take away the extra step of having to press down on the widget (once added), selecting edit and selecting (more like GUESSING because we can’t rename them ie, widget 1,2,3....) the widget I want to add. This app is good and according to reviews in comparison to other widget apps, so far the best available to us with ease of use. This app has the potential to be great and maybe be the best custom widget maker.

- Good so far, but it needs some work

I love the concept of this app. It’s simple to use and it adds a nice flair to a widget that lets you match up your background and theme to with the new iPhone update. However, it’s quite restricted. I can’t seem to change the font color if I add a background picture to it; not sure if that’s a glitch as I can select colors for the text but nothing changes, but it looks like from the preset ones that it might be the case of only being able to have white for the text. I also can’t seem to adjust the position of the text, or change what information is included in the display (I.e. only having the time show and not the date). I know this is also more in line with the script of the app, but I’d love to be able to rename it so that it doesn’t say “Color Widget” beneath it (maybe no app name at all, if only!). While I’m not sure if the last idea is possible, I think I’d really love this app a lot more if it has more flexibility in its customization of the widgets—especially if you’re really picky like I am, haha! Until then, it is a nice, simple tool to add a little more customization to your Home Screen for the time being.


This is the best widget app in the world. I love how if you want the layout like the one selected, but you do not like the color you can change it. I’ve downloaded probably 3 widget customizer app and all of them you have to pay for everything! Besides this one! There are a few things you can buy, but I think they’re totally worth it! My screens look absolutely STUNNING thanks to this app. When I saw the reviews, I saw they said there was some sort of glitch, and that’s not happened to me! One thing I suggest though is how to add multiple widget and change them. Like how to put widget one or widget two and so on. I had to look it up, but I still figured out how to do it. Thank you soooooo much for making this great app. If you have any questions on what I’d like for you to change, feel free to email me😊✌🏽 -Olivia

- Love it but it wont work correctly

I love the idea behind this and would love to use it but I've been having an issue on my phone (iPhone X) where using a photo from my camera roll causes the widget to deteriorate over time and flash white and black and between the correct widget and the same widget from the last time it worked correct and then cause all my other widgets on the widget page to flash and do the same thing. Ive tried with the pre-made widgets and they don't seem to cause this and after removing the widget entirely it also seemed to fix. Its such a minor issue but because of it my phone battery has been dragged through the wringer and performance on my phone has dropped dramatically until the widget can catch up, to the point where i often cant look anything up, cant type correctly since its so far behind, and cant load any app not already in use. This bug has made my phone unusable until the widget can resolve itself which usually only takes about 10 seconds but has increased to anywhere from there to 5 minutes now over time. As much as i love this app it has become unusable and if theres any solution that could be done either on my end or bug fix-wise then I would love to know what can be done.

- Good, could use work.

So let me start off with saying this app is great and also has incredible potential for many more widgets that could compete with other apps. The wide variety of designs, fonts, and colors are very nice and could fit almost any theme on a phone. Sure, you could say it could use some more but for now it is enough for a person who wants to tinker with their design just enough to find out what they like. I know they could possibly add more designs and fonts in the future, but for now it is great for IOS 14 and to be distracted with it. I would say the only reason this has a 4 star is because it’s not choppy I would say, but kinda delayed. Since it looks very nice, minimalistic, and black and white with my phone theme; it blends in with everything else, and looks like it’s an apple widget. It’s great and everything you know? The only problem is it doesn’t update the battery much, so it’s bugging me. It’s annoying knowing your at 21% while the widget reports it’s at 17%. That’s literally my only complaint, everything else is good for now. Enough fonts and designs. So yes, I give this a 4 star review. Definitely has the hype around the update to be a mass used application for people, but it also needs small work to be improved and more updates to keep different type of people happy and also more things to interact with. Leaving on a good note, I know many people including me enjoy this app.

- Amazing appp

I saw all over tik Tok everybody was redoing their iOS 14. And I thought it looked really cool so I wanted to redo my screen. I knew how to change the apps but I didn’t know how to get the headers on top of your home screen. So I went to a tutorial and they said they downloaded color widget. So I downloaded it immediately. And I don’t regret downloading it for one second. I love this app so much and it makes my home screen look AMAZING!!!!You can choose from so many amazing designs I change mine every day to see if there are new designs. I love how you can also create your own widget with your own picture. This app should definitely be downloaded and I would def give it five stars out of five. I love it so much and will never delete it. Thank you download this app now.

- Looks great, rarely accurate

I usually like to try to go through tech support first before writing a review, but since I’ve looked through the app and can’t find a place to submit a support request — only suggestions or reviews — I guess I’ll just leave a review. I really like how this app looks with the new iOS 14 update. Unfortunately, the time and battery percentage are rarely ever accurate, which completely defeats the purpose of why I would use this app to begin with. If I had to guess, when I look at the time displayed on this app, it’s probably correct 30% of the time. Most times it’s only off by a few minutes, but that’s a pretty basic function. I had considered paying to unlock some of the other widgets available because they look great and would be useful, but if something as simple as time and battery aren’t reliable I wouldn’t pay for the privilege of experiencing more uncertainty.

- It’s alright

The app works great and all, but what you see is what you get. The battery life, date, and time are the only things you can display. You can customize font, color, and background picture but other than that, that’s all that’s really to the app. It’s very easy to use but I’d love to see other options of display, like weather, moon phases, custom texts, just something that could really make the widget stand out a bit more. If you only want a simple widget then this the app for you, it’s easy to use and easy to have displayed on your phone. A personal gripe that I do have though is I can’t edit the background picture for the widget. It won’t let me size or edit how the picture will look in the widget. This isn’t usually a problem in the small and large sizes, but in the medium size you are at the mercy of how the picture will center.

- Great app for new iOS widget update!

Before I knew about this app I used Apple’s calendar, clock, and battery widgets all on the same page (I like to see them displayed bigger) but discovering this app was amazing! It combines all 3 of those widgets into one, and you can even customize the background, or colors, and fonts! But two things, it does take a little time for the battery to update but it’s accurate (right now my battery is 81% but it shows 82) and it’s be really nice to be able to save our own widget design edits, so if you want to change it, you can go back to one you edited before without having to recreate it. Thankfully, there’s a way to email suggestions to the app creators right in the app, so convenient 👍

- Great app! But..

I think the app’s design is overall amazing, but I found one small little thing that bugs me. When you go to the “ + “ symbol on jiggle mode, and you click on the app, (Color Widgets) it only allows you to use your first widget. This is how i got my widgets, (I just changed the photo on the widget that had the first widget’s image on it to another widget with the photo that I place.) but it takes a lot of time. This wasn’t such a big problem the day I did my widgets, because conveniently, I had a lot of time that day, but other people might not have that much time. Overall, I would give this a 5 1/2 stars, but I only have the option to do full stars, so 4 stars it is. I would appreciate it if you fixed this issue considering I would like to add more widgets to my home screen. - Sincerely, Maddie Dear💫✨

- Okay

I do like this app for its visual appeal and ability to customize its look. However, I have noticed that the time and battery don’t update on the widget if you’re on your phone. You have to lock the screen and then it’ll adjust. When you’re on the phone it will stay the time and battery of when you unlocked it without adjusting. It’s a bit annoying when it shows a different time and battery percentage than what it actually is and doesn’t match the phone. I also wish you could choose where the widget takes you when clicking it. Instead it’ll just open the app. I’d love for it to be a shortcut that’s functional. For example if I have the clock widget, I wish I could create a shortcut when I click it and it takes me to my clock app. Maybe wishful thinking but I think it’d be nice to have the widgets be functional too.

- This app is great, but I have a few complaints.

I love how this app makes your phone prettier and how it says how much battery there is left. I also like all the widget options. Although, I think there should be an option to make a custom widget where you could pick the background, a single color provided by the app or a picture from your photos, the font, and where the battery life icon is and what it looks like. It would make it much easier to design a matching aesthetic background (I also highly suggest using this and the shortcuts app to make your home screen unbelievably awesome looking) I also want to comment that this app drains your battery, so I would consider that before downloading, although I haven’t found it much of an issue. Thank you for your consideration.

- Great 👍

Hi developer I love your app!! I like the widgets you have put. I only wish there was a few different ones. I wish u could pick a different size. I would also really appreciate it if you could put other things on there other than the time and date. The ones you have so far are super detailed. If you could make them to where you could maybe 🤔 put a calendar 🗓 on the widget. I would also love if you could make it to where you could put reminders on the widget. Overall, this app is amazing 😻!! Not trying to show hate. I just really like to write. I definitely recommend you get this app it will help keep your homescreen look super organized and modern! I love this app. Right now my Home Screen looks dope!! Love it. Thanks so much for creating this app! Thanks for reading!

- widgets

the app is great and all but.... you can only have one widget made. or like “active “ widgets. you aren’t able to make different ones to add to you home screen. when you make a new one it automatically changes the new one you made to you home screen. which i find kinda dumb. i would like to have more than one widget made so i can have different widgets on my home screen. there are not many settings where you can change how you want you app to be set up. i would like it to be similar to wisgetsmith where you can have MANY widgets and you are able to choose which widget you want. though widgetsmith has flaws too i j like the way it is set up. i could use that app but i like how i can customize the background to ANY picture i want. but being able to have more than one widget would be more “effective” to me. :))

- Only issue

The app is awesome giving you a custom widget to display battery percentage and time. But my only issue is that there is no option on how transparent you can make the time and date font. I would like the font to be a big more visible to actually make use of that function. Or give the option to remove the time and just keep the date and day in the widget. Another suggestion is let us pick the color we want to font to be regardless what picture (add photo) we use. Because the white font doesn't work with all photos. Other than that. It a pretty sweet app that lets you show off your "home screen" background because in general all the app block the home screen background that's why I always leave my black. So this helps with that issue also.

- Love this widget!

My suggestion would be to have a feature that allows the font colors to be changed when using an image for the background. I wanted the background behind my image to be pure white but was unable to get that as it automatically darkened the white to a gray-ish color so that you could still see the time and date. Being able to change the font color would allow the colors of the image to remain true. Otherwise, great app! Can’t wait for future updates! 🌸 Also....I have noticed that that widget stops keeping correct time when in battery saving mode. My phone is almost ALWAYS in battery saving mode. Not sure if there is a way to make it keep current time when in or out of battery saving mode, but that would also be amazing!

- Need to be able to personalize!

Ok, so I got really excited when I saw the gold and white widget for the date and time. My problem with it is that I am a visual person. There is no green on my new screen. It’s all pink and gold. I don’t like the fact that it shows the percentage of my phone in green. It really bothers me. I wish there were some way that it could say what the percentage was but not in green for full or red for low. I wish that it were just written in the percentage in either gray or black. With out colors for full or low. We know if it’s full or low. Please change that. Other than that I love it, but if I’m gonna pay 6$ I wanna be able to change colors in it.

- Loved it in the beginning, now the greed’s kicking in...

When I upgraded to iOS 14, I was guided to this app by a YouTuber I watch. I loved this to bits and adored all the customization. But now I’m forced to write a review because I need to make aware the developer’s choice of monetizing. Important features, and features you can get free from iOS already (the current weather, as an example) are behind a pretty expensive pay wall, being $5.99. It’s understandable that the developer(s) want to make money off the hype, but please do so in a not so obviously greedy manner. Give the user features that would excite them, and make those paid, instead of blocking features you can get for free elsewhere. I’m not deleting it, but this should be a warning to those who see the potential in this. It’s a good source for a widget otherwise, even how simple it is. Just don’t expect anything mind blowing.

- Great app, but could use one thing

So this is such a great app for widjets and customizing them, you can chose fonts, pictures colors etc. But I am going to get straight to the point here. The only option you have is the date. In other widjets apps or the apple widjets, you have multiple options of what you want your widjets to display, such as weather, some even connected to apps so that your widjets can display stocks, fitness, battery level of all of your connected devices (such as air pods) however in this app date is the only option. Now I might be wrong, as I haven't taken too long to explore the app, so correct me if there are more options, but so far I see none. It would be great if we could have more options like this.

- It’s cool but

While this is cool... and gets better with each update... there’s this room for improvement. First, it’s weird that Pro widgets are listed under “Starters”. It’s either Pro or it’s a Starter. Can’t be both IMO. For customizations... Why can’t we choose time or calendars from within the edit widget menu. As it stands you have to first choose either a calendar widget OR a clock widget and then you customize the color and font. Seems like both features should just be available as customizable additions to a single widget template. I make a widget, then choose to add either the calendar or a clock with date. Same with the battery indicator. You either globally turn it on for all widgets or globally turn it off for all of them also. You can’t have battery 🔋 show differently on different widgets.

- Amazing updates

I just wanted to start off by saying that since this app blown up on tiktok I had wrote the makers and creators an email complimenting them on such a great app but also with that I suggested more options such as the calendar which surprisingly a lot of apps charge for and some of us, me being one can’t afford it. Well I just figured I’d write this excellent review on the recent update. I had just opened up this app and to my surprise there are a ton of new features which you can choose from. This made me so happy. I love the fact you can edit photos, colors ... etc. My overall favorite app to use. I am so excited to have a customized fall calendar now and I couldn’t be more happier how the calendar tells you the day, date, month and even your battery percentage on the side! Whhhaatt! Thank you so much! Keep up the great work! It really is the little things for me. Greatly appreciated. (IF YOU CAN CAN DO ANOTHER UPDATE AND PUT FREE WEATHER WIDGETS ON YOUR APP FOR US TO USE... I WILL SERIOUSLY DELETE ALL THE OTHER APPS AND WIDGETS ON MY PHONE AND USE YOURS ONLY) 😁 Thank you 🙏🏻 HOPEFULLY MORE AMAZING REVIEWS TO COME

- Super good but only one issue

I recently downloaded this app after getting iOS 14 and I absolutely love it! You can customize your Home Screen with as many different widgets as you want. Only some themes are not free but everything else is mostly free of charge. However, I have one suggestion for it. You can’t change the words on the widgets. You can only say if you want the date and time on it or if you want it to be an “only photo widget.” I don’t know if this changes if you get Color Widgets Pro but it would be nice to have the ability to change the words on your widgets. Otherwise, I love this app and I’m looking forward to seeing how it grows😊

- Fiercely subpar and scam App

Firstly this app pond itself off as a free app that was the first issue wants they start bombarding the app with an app purchases. 1. The app changes daily it seems - and so none of your widgets you set actually ever stick or remain the same if you want them to. 2. All of the things were free at first, and now everything is behind some weird pay wall but they keep changing the app so often you don’t know what you’re actually paying for. 3. You set widget, add it to the widgets that you want to keep, and next thing you know it’ll be changed in looks and format - to something completely different because what you set up isn’t available anymore or is behind a pay wall now i.e. adding pictures to your widgets It all seems like a pretty big scam for some pretty weak widgets. They offer all of these additional features that they keep updating, but they will be free at first-but then if you use it they put it behind a pay wall. This app is pretty much useless unless you’re paying an absorbent amount of cash for it. I am reporting this app to Apple for their behavior, as I believe their behavior is against apples policy, and some even may be illegal. But I am gonna find out. And to put it all in a box, this app isn’t that good at all anyway. Very subpar

- Awesome app to customize your📱

Color Widgets is the perfect app for AWESOME widgets for your Home Screen. I installed the app and literally in 30 secs I already had the widgets working on my home screen. The widget are perfect because not only does it make my home screen look nice, but it also gives back valuable info. I don’t need to swipe the control center anymore just to see my battery, and the date and time are also on this widget. When I tell you it looks AMAZING I really mean it! Also the app is nice and simple when it comes to changing the design of your widget. I change my widget often so this is very useful. Would highly recommend Color Widgets to everyone!!

- overloading my phone??

so i have no idea why it’s doing this, but since i’ve made my new home screen layout, my widget has glitched out itself and the two other widgets on my home screen. what i mean by this is it starts to flash black, and eventually it just turns all the widgets black. each time this happens, i have to restart my phone, delete ALL of my widgets from my home screen, and re-format my home screen. since two days ago, the widget i usually set hasn’t been working, even with a different widget background. not only does this happen, but the variety of customization is really slim. the images are cute for a basic app, but they could definitely add more as well; also fonts! the lack of font choices is definitely disappointing. in short, y’all could do better but you don’t hear that from me

- Great but would be better if things were added

Hi. I personally love this app, but I just thought that including a few different ways to customize the widgets would make it even better, like having the option of not including date or time and just having the option where you could choose to only put a photo as a widget, or even adding weather, letting us type words of our choice on the widget, have the option to separate things and make one with just the time, then a different one with a date, basically being able to put more than one widgets. Thanks :)

- What a waste of time

I downloaded color widget and widget smith and invested a lot of time into adding pictures to both. Just to customize my Home Screen, To my liking. A couple days later. My pictures, clock, and weather all are rebooted as if i never added anything there. The widget is still showing. But it all shows the same picture of a clock with a date. All of my pictures vanished. Which means I would have to go back in. And put all of my pictures back in. And add my weather and time again. This is very annoying. I tried everything possible except for signing out of my iCloud, or removing the color widget app to bring everything back but nothing is working. I feel very upset that I invested my time to customizing my Home Screen widget, only for it to last a couple of days then vanish!

- Very nice, but needs some work.

This app is super nice and is one of my go to widget options! It is very organized and easy to use. I recently bought the pro version of the app, and I wish there were more options available, especially when your paying $6. For example, I wish there were more widgets (like tides, sunsets, daily outlook, etc) and I also wish there were more customization options (like more text options and layouts). There is also a small bug. Some of the widgets don’t update well (the battery percentage isn’t always accurate and the reminders app doesn’t update for me) Otherwise I love the aesthetic of the widgets, they are really cute and look amazing.

- Read if you want app/and for others

This is an amazing app you can change the screen to one of your folder screens and let’s say it’s a picture of a dog and then you can pop a picture of a dog in there it’s just amazing but personally for me I would really like if you guys had all of the pictures because you have to pay for some of them and I personally don’t pay for apps but if you don’t wanna pay and you want to customize your own it is an amazing app for that but you can only put one in for starters this would be an amazing app if you want a really huge customization and you don’t wanna pay wouldn’t recommend this but still an amazing app for me personally

- Wish there was more

First of all, I just want to say the layout given for this app is absolutely stunning. I love the format of it and the ability to put photos as backdrops and still have information such the date, time, and battery percentage on the widget with it is a lifesaver. However, I just wish there were more options because I can only use this app as one of my widgets. What if some widgets had other information present on it? Or the ability to add your own text? Even if there was a way to separate the date, time, and battery into different formats then I’d at least be able to use this app more. I just hate seeing something so potentially useful like this only have the use for a one time thing. :/

- love it so much!!!!! but...

there are some things that i think could use improvements. for one, i think the premium features on the app are a little bit annoying. yes, i understand that the app creators have to make money, but with both widgetsmith and color widgets you have to spend money to get all of the features, which i think should be changed. there are also a few glitches in my phone and bugs that should be changed. whenever i wake up in the morning after i haven’t been on my phone for a few hours, my widget is just back to the regular starter and all my changes are gone. other than those two things, i really love this app and it has made my home screen look so amazing! it takes like one second to download and it’s very easy to understand where to go to make and customize your own widgets! they are very easy to get onto your home screen and i love the different options that you have to pick from!

- Not so satisfied with my results

I thought this would be a nice widget app and easy to use but apparently I thought wrong. It didn’t let me use my own custom widget that I wanted and made and when I used a normal widget and decided to delete it and put it on a different page it deleted a WHOLE page of my apps and now every time I wanna use one of those apps I have to go search it up. The apps it got rid of were my most important ones too. It had my VPN, my video editing app, my WeChat (Only way for me to contact my relatives in China) etc. It made it harder to get to those apps and it’s annoying because now I have to remember to search it up and not just use a click of a finger to get into it. The color widget didn’t even look as good too so I’m not satisfied with my results.

- Could be five stars

I really like this app. REALLY like it. Except it doesn’t update when your phone is on low battery mode. And I practically keep my phone on low battery mode all the time. And after midnight, the time is displayed as “12:...”which is a bummer for night owls. I’m a fan of military time, except midnight should be displayed as “00:00” not “12:XX” Also, the black background isn’t very dark. But that was fixed by using a truly black photo as a custom background. I like being able to choose the font type for the day, but why not have the option of a custom font for the time and date as well? Overall, I like it. If the low battery flaw was fixed, I’d absolutely recommend this time/date widget.

- Premium

The app is awesome and I really really love it but the one thing I don’t like about it is the premium part you always leave the best parts for the premium almost every single app has a premium for example I KineMaster is premium and you have to pay for the premium and a lot of other apps have premium but the thing is that a lot of people don’t agree with apps having premium in that I am part off I was thinking that to you should erase premium and just leave the people be no you wanna earn money but the thing is that it’s hard for people to waste their money on widgets when they don’t really need it so I need it so if you could please fix that premium problem that we have for four people in your research premium that would be very kind of you thank you

- Amazing app but could use just a bit of work !

This is an amazing app for the new ios 14 update ! It’s very simple and easy to use and i love how there’s different fonts and themes to choose from and makes everything look organized ! My only problem with it is it doesn’t update the time or battery to its current state and it would stay the same and not update until i reset the widget. if the developer(s) could just fix that one little problem i would be completely happy!! but other than that , i would totally recommend this app :).


Hi!! Please read this!! Anyways I love this app!! It’s super amazing and very fun to have the widgets on my phone. I think my favorite pre made one is the countdown. I have a few suggestions tho. One, y’all should definitely include an option for a widget that is just text and you can type what you want on it. I was looking for one earlier and I didn’t see one. It would be nice to just have a little friendly custom reminder or encouragement or something like that without having to put it in calendar and adding that widget. Anyway that’s it. Bye thanks for reading this!!

- definitely recommend!!

i really enjoyed using this app to customize my phone! the idea is really amazing and you can totally customize it with pictures and everything for the backgrounds as well! they also don’t have many things that you have to purchase. i believe there’s only two theme backgrounds that need purchase, and the rest are totally free and customizable! the only thing i would suggest is to add more font varieties, but i really can’t complain because they already have quite a few 🙃😛. Amazing app! Would definitely recommend!

- Pretty awesome!

I really like this app it’s sooo satisfying to organize your phone!! The only thing I didn’t like is for my clock/battery percentage I had this cute black background with pinkish flowers and I LOVED it. It worked well with all of my pink customized apps, but they took it off!😢😢😢 there isn’t really one that’s as good that’s pink so I did a different style. They also made a pro section, and there are more options than before, both pro and non pro but I liked it better when they were all free and they still had the one I used. I basically matched my apps to the widget (that’s what they’re called) and I’d rather not have to redo it.

- Love it but missing an important feature

I wish i had an option to disable the time part of the widget because it blocks me from being able to fully enjoy the custom image i have selected. Like how we can disable the ability to see your battery percentage, Id love to see a feature where you can disable the Time as well so you would only see ( Day of the week, Month, and number day of month ) (Ex : Monday September 21) would be the only thing shown on the widget so i can fully enjoy my selected custom image. It would be an awesome feature for those who would prefer to only have said things shown.

- This is really good!

This app is really good, but there are minor issues that I have with it like when the time gets to a certain point it will completely take of the two numbers at the end ex: (10:10 - 10:..) ⬅️ that’s what it looks like. Another issue and this is just personal preference but I wish there was a way the make the background of the time (color of it) transparent so it could look nicer against my wallpaper. I also wish you could change the color on a color wheel. FYI sometimes the percent doesn’t always line up with the percent on the top of your screen but it’s fine for me.)

- Cute, but can’t keep time

When I saw how fun-looking this time, day, and date widget was - and the positive ratings - I downloaded it. I put a colorful small widget with the info at the top of my home screen. And then I watched the time fall behind. I deleted the widget and reinstalled it. The time was good. I picked up my phone after watching a show and the time was 11 minutes late. I waited to see if it caught up. It did about 5 minutes later. And then fell behind again. After waiting overnight in case there was an update I checked in the morning. Time was behind again by 9 minutes. It caught up about 10 minutes later. So the app is very cute and does most of what it says. But I want accurate time ALL the time so it’s a “delete” for me.

- Great app!

I love this app so helpful. I was looking for an app with something that could help me create a better Home Screen! I love it but I really wish it had MORE I want more! It needs to have backgrounds to match the widget. I want more creative widgets. Today I was trying to go through the app and find more the match with my widget I was disappointed when I found I could just do that. But overall this app is an amazing app. The widgets are good but we need more of them. I love the creativity put into the app. I hope this app grows and has more widgets and backgrounds to go with. OVERALL I LOVE THIS APP AND RECOMMEND IT TO EVERYONE!❤️ sincerly-app user!

- Almost There

Color Widgets is really good, I love the backgrounds and the design is similar to what you would see on an Apple Watch. The only thing is, sometimes the background or font on my widget will randomly change, and I have to go in and switch it back. I would love if I was able to make the font and background permanent, and only have them change when I manually go in and do so. Also, the time and battery percentage are sometimes a little behind, so I would like to see that fixed as well. If I see those changes made I will give 5 stars! Overall super great.

- Amazing app but big issue after updating

Before the newest update, everything was working properly and I love the options and arrangements that I can use. However, after I’ve updated the app, I’ve noticed that all of my widgets, even those outside Color Widgets, started glitching out like crazy. I’ve restarted my phone and it still was glitching, so I’ve decided to get rid of one and everything turned out fine. However, whenever I tried to add any kind of widget from this app, it just starts to glitch like crazy all over again. Again, great app but I really regret updating it and I hope that this can be fixed.

- Four stars

I like this app, it’s very good. I like how the battery percentage is displayed, but the percentage still doesn’t update and is still stuck unless you refresh the app. Also I like how the battery icon changes color based on percentage (80% or higher = green, between 10 and 79% = black, and < 10% = red). But I’d also like it better if we could have the battery icon in the widget change color depending on the battery level, with 5 colors (for example, 80% or higher is blue, 60-79% is green, 40-59% is yellow, 20-39% is orange, and < 20% is red), or something like that. Other than that, I like it!

- I love it

I been using this up since I got the update for the IOS 14. And not only can I see the month, date, time, battery, and what every image I choose for the background. I can have it just show my image just like Widgetsmith does. (I like color widgets more). Although we had just enter October and the one I described has October 1st but the calendar one, has the dates in the right order but in the background still says September. I just updated the app and it still say September instead of October. Can that be fix soon pls? That is my only problem with the app currently.

- Good idea, but all fonts block time on 2x2

Fonts for the day off the week are too big and always block the minutes on 2x2 widget. Too hard to read the time. Font size should be about 50-60% of current size and placed higher than it is, at the level where a line would be if it divided the upper and lower time numbers. This would make it much easier to read the whole time, hrs AND minutes. Also the time should be allowed to change to a different color than the day and date and change the transparency level, hard to read on many backgrounds other than a solid color.

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- Brilliant App

This is an amazing and well executed app for creating easy, stylish widgets. It has many different combinations to ‘spice up’ your Home Screen with an impressive level of control. I would love to set the widget so it can go into dark mode with the system settings, and after messaging the developers they were happy to consider it. Otherwise I really love this app and what it has brought to my Home Screen. Good work!

- Brilliantly crafted

I simply love the idea & how it is put together. The various fonts & the ability to choose numerous designs/colours & backgrounds has me changing my widget every so often as they are all so good, I can’t decide which one to stick with! But that’s a good thing. It keeps you playing around with various images as backgrounds & colour styles. The one thing I’d like to see is a reduction in the size of the numerals for the clock, so that the time isn’t divided into two lines on square widgets. Also, the ability to add your own text/emoji/or Memoji. That would really make the widget personal. I take my hat off to the developer, a good job so far! 👍🏻

- Great app, could we have APOD implementation?

Showing the APOD (Astronomy picture of the day, by NASA), along side the time would be really great feature for astronomy or NASA lovers like myself, and often just includes really cool or pretty space photos for those who don’t care about the specifics. If you implement this, I think many users would enjoy the widgets even more than they already do, as you’d be seeing a really cool different image every day! Alongside this, you could also implement normal NASA image of the day along side this, though those aren’t usually quite as visually appealing, which is why APOD should take priority.

- Kinda bad

When I first saw the app on app store I though ‘wow it looks so cool and fun’ but in reality, its not. The app has glitches and the actually good designs are the ones you have to pay for which is expensive. The only things the widgets can display is the time, date and your battery percentage so you can’t customise (for example) the weather, time, calendar etc. widgets. The app is very boring and I would recommend using ‘widget smith’ (the app) a lot more then colour widgets. Overall I think this app is boring and glitchy (and its not bc of my phone... my phone is new and updated so its 100% the app itself) Thanks for reading if you got to the end!

- Couple Glitches But Otherwise Great

I think this app is great. I love how there are many options to suit everyone. However, I have found that the time and battery isn’t always accurate. It’s like it has frozen and no matter what I do (remove and add widget again, reload the app, restart my phone etc.) the time and battery doesn’t change. It takes about fifteen minutes before it corrects itself to the right time. Hopefully this can be fixed in an update because I LOVE this app!

- My App Review

Love this app so much! It keeps up with trending themes like "power Puff girls" and you can edit the texts, colours and photos of how you want it to be. This app is aesthetically appealing to me and my friends, after I got the app they all got it straight after because of how good it was! I would definitely recommend this app for the new iOS 14 update it’s very pleasing and I’m very surprised that it’s free, everything in the app is completely free not trials or anything!


I legit love this app I was reading other reviews and they said they couldn’t get it on their Home Screen, I did it easily but maybe it has something to do with the ios14 update. The app is so cute and the different clock and date widgets are amazing there are pastel ones Halloween ones I think anything you could think of! I really recommend this app as my phone now looks quite decent 😂💖

- Please add choices

Latest update gave the ability to have photo only widgets and multiple widgets without being charged money for those features. Great work to the developers for listening to feedback. The clock is still out of sync a few minutes. If fixed and we had the ability to independently choose if day/date or clock are shown, as I’d prefer seperate widgets for date and time, then I would pay the premium price.

- Love it

I absolutely love this app it makes my home screen look amazing I literally have no words for it. But it would be really nice if we could have more than one widget operating at a time but still it's amazing. I wrote a suggestion yesterday night and I got a response and it made me so happy so here I am now writing a review to boost how amazing this app is and to persuade others to get it as it is amazing. Lexi

- The apps great 😇

This is okay because it’s useful and you can use your own photos to decorate and explore your creative side for your Home Screen. The things I want the app to do are have two different widgets with different backgrounds and to have live videos to watch and enjoy while having different photos not just only your memories because my photos aren’t the best so I want something different

- Simply Amazing, Totally Recommend

This is a gorgeous app, with a load of choices and amazing developers. I love how they responded after I left a suggestion. Lots of choices, as I already said, and a lot of creative widgets to choose from. I use it a lot! I recommend this if you want a nice, tidy and cool Home Screen ✨😄😄 Thanks for the app, and keep on being amazing.

- Can’t Customise for iPad

You can only customise a widget for iPhone. On an iPad (what I’m using), you can only choose from a limited amount of widgets. Also the app is designed for a phone, therefore, it looks very weird on an iPad. We’d love if you could make an iPad version. 🤗 Other than that, this app is very aesthetic and helpful for quickly checking the time, day, date & battery. It’s accurate most of the time, however, the battery sometimes isn’t in sync. Thanks 😊

- Frustrating to set more than one widget

When you try to put for example 3 widgets down you can put the first one down really easy but with the other 2 I just don’t know what to do I definitely rate it 2 stars I am only ten but I love technology and I even know some more things then my dad and he fixes computers so I regret downloading this app and setting my widgets because it is a waste of time and a load of junk I give it one star for the work they did on it and a second star for the nice images

- READ THIS!!!!!!!

This app is overall amazing! You can pick a widget then style and edit it all your self! It’s such an amazing app that once I went in it gave me suggestions of different widgets i should use and they were so cool and pretty to wrap all of this up you should defenitely get this app it’s soo helpful get it now!

- Lagging

The time has been super laggy. It doesn’t change at all lately unless I turn my phone off and then back on where it would start changing as the original time changed before a few minutes it begins to lag. Can be up to a few minutes up to few hours behind. And battery percentage is wrong like other reviews I’ve seen of the battery problem. Please fix the bugs. Apart from that, I love how you can customise it with your own photo

- Good app

I love that you can customise the widget with photos from your camera roll! I find it doesn’t update the time a lot unless you go into the app and re-set the widget. Would love if we could choose font colour and the colour of the battery display though! Maybe even some more set up/format options would be nice along with being able to save the ones you’ve already customised/used.:)

- I love it!!

Ok so before they just had a few mistakes but now I really love the app! They give u a variety of colours and fonts and they added a new thing where you can changed the background with a picture!! I love this new update! Highly recommended if you want a cute home screen!

- Reasonably good app with true potential

Plenty of different options to choose from, but limited with what you can expect to use it for with other apps, ie “things”. Hopefully it will become a much better app to use for access to productivity apps, if the developers can get access. A potentially good app that would have to deserve 5*, if able to make full use of iOS.

- My personal statement

I thought by having the iOS 14 update that I would get the widgets automatically but ever since I found out that I hade to make my own widgets I thought it was going to be the hardest thing ever but this app is very easy to use and my iPhone looks a lot better BUT I would like my colour of my widget to stay the same

- Review

This app is amazing, So Aesthetic and Super cute, I love how u can choose different colours for it, or add a background image... but there is only one problem and that’s that all of the options have the battery percentage and they are delayed, say if the battery is 50% and it has been on charge, it will probably say 32% on the widget and that’s sooooooo annoying

- Amazingly AMAZING

If you have wanted to give your Home Screen a real touch up since the iOS 14 update, then this app is the app for you, I love this app, and I recommend you and other people get it too cuz my hone screen actually looks good and organised now

- Battery percentage

Love the widget, but I feel like after the latest updates the battery percentage is even less accurate than before - it consistently shows about 3% more than I actually have, and I’m forced to keep trying to recalibrate it by opening up the app and resetting the widget. Would really appreciate if this issue is fixed!

- Colour widgets review

I am very impressed with what the app can do, but all of a sudden 1 minute ago and is still happening, the widget started flashing and glitching and it won’t stop. I don’t know how to turn the widgets off. I’m not very happy with that.. 😐 people also say that it make their phone more glitchy and laggy and even sometimes slow. I’m starting to think so to.

- Aight

The app has such nice fonts and layout options but when you put the widget on your homepage for example I put one up with the time & date it doesn’t work. It doesn’t work as in the time and date don’t change, it’s just frozen in that one spot. That’s what annoys me the most, I really like the layout but it doesn’t function properly smh

- Colour widgets review

I think this app is extremely USEFUL!! One piece of feed back I wish for the ones you need to pay for you didn’t have to pay for. It’s just a little square with the date and time not to special but as I said useful just don’t think it’s need to be paid for.😁

- This app is good

This app is good but I wish u could do more than just have the time date and battery on one widget maybe u could also do weather ect. on different widgets. Also have the time date and battery also on different widgets. I can’t wait for the new update and I hope that this review has helped u make an even better app

- Amazing Looks! But...

I am a iOs14 widget passionate, I found this app and prettt much it full fills my expectations! Amazing look, the colour contrast is well-achieved! However I’ve noticed that although the timer updates with the system’s time The battery, on the other hand, does not change. If there is. solution please let me know! cheers!

- The best

I would rate this a five out of five starts Because it works really easily I would definitely recommend this!!!! But I have noticed that the battery is wrong If I turn my phone of it kinda resets the battery!

- This is the real mover and shaker widget app

Countless updates coming hard and fast, beautiful widgets with numerous options to make it your own. Clock, weather, pedometer, custom text, multiple fonts and tons of colour choice. And thank goodness, no subscriptions!!

- Amazing although.

It’s an amazing app! Although I can only use it for the time (which is amazing) although I would love if you could include some more because I only have one customised and the others are still blank!

- It’s good

It’s good I guess, there are quite a few options that you don’t have to pay for which is definitely a bonus. However, it is very limited and the only widget options are the day, date and time or just a photo which is pretty basic. So I’d like to see a wider range of widgets for me to give it a higher rating.

- LOVE this app

Brilliant App, nothing over the top or complicated like the other widgets apps. I love it so much I even purchased it and I’ve never purchased any apps since having a 3GS. I can’t wait to see what else comes from this app

- Really cute, but battery still incorrect

The app is so cute and I love what it adds to my home screen. Unfortunately my battery is still not matching my correct battery, but I’d love to also see an option where you can remove the battery percentage from the screen ☺️

- Update reset everything

I updated the app today, and now all my widgets have reset and I have to go back and create all my widgets again. I personalised all of them with my own pictures and now they are all basic white. Unimpressed and annoyed. Give me a reason to not delete this app and find another one, because if I have to do this with every update you can bet I’m deleting this app pronto. 1 star until further notice

- Great app but

This is a great app and a wonderful addition to your phone, but sometimes it freezes on say the time was 7:40 and sometimes it would say 7:20 or the battery is 80% but it says it’s 99%. But these are just minor problems and apart from that, this app is so cool and great! 🥰

- Widgets Glitching

At first the widgets looked great but after having them on my phone after a day I noticed each time I unlocked my phone the widgets from the app were glitching and appear faint on my phone. I’ve had to remove the widgets. Great app if they could fix this issue as well as add more widget options and font colour change.

- Pretty good

I really love the options and it’s really easy to edit and make widgets but the really annoying thing (which is why I gave it a 4 star not 5) was that if you didn’t pay for the premium then it wouldn’t let u put the widgets on your Home Screen.

- Battery Power Incorrect

Overall i would recommend but the only problem i have is that the battery power does not update itself.

- It needs work

This app won’t let me do more than one widget of my own photos I’m getting sick of it so please change it for me or us because probably that is annoying other people too but it is cool that you can make it in colour order so that is good my name is Emily Reeve please change it because I’m just eight years old ok bye bye 👋

- Great!

Its very pretty! And i like it a lot, the only thing is there is a limited colour option for the text and background. I suggested to maybe add a colour wheel to the app so that more colours are possibly made so hopefully someday it’ll be added ^^ other than that i see no problems with the app!

- I’m in love! ✨🦋

I love this app soo much! The widgets are so cute and colourful! I love how u can customise your own widgets and make them your style :) the only I think I suggest is to add a gradient fill so we can make our own ombré, but other than that the app is great!


This is certainly a great app for stylish widgets the fonts and layout are amazing but in all of the medium sizes it doesn’t say the number it puts a bunch of random dots there, the medium is probably my first go to but I’m sure this will be fixed, otherwise I suggest to all.

- But

i love this app a ton and i love the way it makes my home screen look, although i don’t know if anyone else has this problem but my calendar is stuck on september and i’m not sure if it’s my fault or the apps that i can’t change to october

- Ferdylyn

It’s a great app you can do so many cool things with it. You can also make your own design which is better. But the thing I don’t like abt this app is, you ave to write a review to get more access to ur settings

- Change your look

Love the fact that I can add a large clock to my Home Screen and it looks great but the battery charge amount not changing is a bit annoying

- Awsome but needs a few improvments

I thing its awsome! I love it, but it dosent give you much of a choice on what you want to colour so if the app could jave like quoyes and stuff other than just callenders and the time etc, it would be 10/10. But overal great app and i really recommend this app!

- Love the app just time is lagging

Love the app but the time isn’t matching with phone time it’s always about 10 minutes behind and my battery isn’t showing the same I’ve updated the app but it’s still not working properly

- The screen

The battery should change as the battery on your phone changes instead of having to refresh all the time

- It is ok

Colour widget is okay the only thing that annoys me is that you can’t do two different colour widgets I’ve been trying add it for like an hour now and I just don’t know yet if you can do it or not I think it would be helpful with more instructions

- Very slow/Wrong time & battery

I love the idea of this widget and I really like the designs/layouts of them but the time is constantly wrong, up to 12 minutes slow to update, as well as the battery being incorrect. Sometimes the time is even in the future.. Please fix this issue, it would make the app a 5! Thanks :)

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- battery percentage is off

nice app but the battery percentage is not accurate

- Doesn’t Change

My battery percent doesn’t change according to my phone and I don’t know how to fix it

- Calendar Support

My calendar didn't refresh to October so it just reset to September 1. Please fix this.

- not worth the download

this app only has widgets for the date

- Battery

I wish the widgets could update with your battery

- I love it! But battery life doesn’t change

It’s super pretty and I love it very much! But the battery life doesn’t change at all. 🤷🏻‍♀️ otherwise than that, I recommend!

- Time is often incorrect

The time in the widget gets stuck and is often displaying the wrong time.

- Widget

Does not display the battery percentage correctly

- Like it but time is off

The time is often wrong by up to 8 minutes. How can that be?



- Really cool app

Love this app for making easy fun widgets. Would like to see widgets that adapt to day / night mode in future but this is a cool app that’s updated regularly by the developer. Lots of free content and some paid extras if wanted.

- The best widget to date

The best widget to date

- New update

I have to say the app itself is amazing. Not only is it easy to use, but the widgets themselves are useful, practical, and look great on your Home Screen. I particularly appreciate that they were able to come through with the request to create a widget for reminders.

- Oh oops

Nvm I get it now :)

- Suggestions

Please add widget that features all 3: date, time, temperature (high/low)

- V?

M’y V v

- V?

M’y V v

- Great app

Awesome app, would you be able to add Celsius to the weather ones please! Us Canadians would probably prefer it. Thank you!

- Um......ok....

It fine you can add a widget but it's only for the side of YOURE Screen and you can only add 1 widget not more so....Not as good.

- broken

stupid thing is broken christmas was yesterday DONT GET

- Erased Data

One day my widgets just started glitching. When I went to the app, all the widgets that I had created had been set to the default widget.

- Still needs work

Some of the apps work when they want to work. For example the step app will sometimes show my steps for the day but most of the time it sits at 0. I do like the look of the color widgets, but I do t think it’s worth the money unless they all work like they should. It would also be nice to have more options of widgets.

- Lol

Lowkey sucks

- It’s okay,,, but...

It serves it purpose very well with lighter coloured aesthetics! But it doesn’t do well with darker themes. I would like to be able to change text colour even if I choose an image as a background.


Ever since I updated the other day (October 18) it stopped changing the date and time so I opened the app and then my widget turned completely black. I tried deleting the app and redoing it but every time I add a widget now it is just black. It worked perfect before. Must be the update

- Love it

Love how easy it is to put on your Home Screen looks so good

- Kuhn y be n

N up .hnx do

- Widget is slow

Most times behind on time and battery life not usually accurate

- « TEEHEE421 »

Hi this app is great but it’s hard to figure out how to have a different picture on the widget and even when you look in the intrusions it is not very clear And if you do download this app it is not accurate on the battery % but only buy a few.. but what I like about the app is that it’s dosent have many flaws and it has REALY fun widgets that I find super cool for example one of the widgets is how many days left till Halloween 🎃 and it’s pretty good! One last thing that I like a lot is that you can email them your thots or ideas 💡 that you have for the app that they can have ! If I were you I would download if you do not mind the flaws wich I don’t and I have the app and I still love it 😊 but if there will come anything bad on this app I will come back and right an other review on how it goes with this caption « TEEHEE421 »

- I love Color widgets

Great app

- Color widget

Work with iphone well but doesn’t work with ipad!

- Great app!

Its really amazing that you put the instructions because I was really lost! and can you please do more quotes their all over my back groud ans i love them

- Only one widget

It’s super easy to use and the widgets look so aesthetic. But why am I only aloud to add one widget 😒

- Battery

I really like this app and it is cool that you can design the background but the battery is super off and inaccurate.

- Love it but it could have more

I love this app and how it makes my screen so aesthetic but I would love it if they would put more countdowns and different widgets to expand my variety.

- Help

How do I make more then one widget on my screen? Anything I try to put more than one widget it just makes the widget that’s already on my screen change! Please help me someone

- 🧻🦠the best🦠🧻

This app is so good I got it right as iOS 14 came out and it has a very limited options but he has completely grown and I’m very satisfied with the improvements that it has had within the past month I’m only expecting it to get better and better. really good app please get it it’s the best just hit the get button don’t even you don’t even have to read all the reviews just after reading this one just hit the get button it’s worth it.💯❤️🌶

- Okay

Wish there were more options other that date ones😕

- Colour app

I wish there was more to choose from for people that don’t pay. But overall I love the app

- Haha

It’s pretty good!

- Time is off

It seems that the time is always incorrect, and a temporary fix is to launch the app and re add the widget? It’s a pain and not worth using.

- Review

The app was ok,however,many of the good looking add ons are payed🤧😭😭

- Widgetsmith is the better app.

Downloaded this app for the clock and battery widget but the clock and battery percentage isn’t even accurate. It’s wrong most of the time. Not even a way to fix it. Cute widgets but would rather use widgetsmith cause it actually works.

- Hi


- Won't work

Love this app and all, but I'm following the steps to make multiple widgets, it doesn't work. Fix your app I just updated my phone to get Widgets.

- Needs better fonts

App is cool but please for the love of god add more fonts. All of them aren’t horrendous and certainly have great appeal and character but they’ve absolutely aged like milk and scream 2011 doodlebuddy for iOS 6. This current set needs to be scrapped, or built off upon with some more timeless and recent fonts.

- The time countdown time isn’t accurate!

You guys seriously need to fix the time because the time on my phone doesn’t match with the time on the widget. Also, I put a countdown to New Year’s eve with the most recent update, it claimed New Year’s Eve was 81 days yeah when I go on Google I put 81 days from now and it’s saying it was December 30, 2020. Whatever code you use to calculate the time or the countdown it’s not accurate and it needs to be fixed!

- Only one widget at the time lol

9 wasted dollars


where is the Canada setting!!!!!!

- Maybe something to add

When you change the background to a photo you can’t change the font color it just stays white which sucks if the photo you have blends in with it so you can’t see the writing

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- Good but got some suggestions if you want more downloads

It’s a great app you can make a widget with no problem. But there is a problem you have to pay for most of them which kinda makes me sad. This app would be better if we had more options when we want to customize a widget and the only widgets there is, is time and what day it is like we already have a clock on on phone corner no need for extra time telling things like what. But overall good app.

- Pretty good

I love the fact I can see the date, day, time and battery life all in one adorable widget that matches my wallpaper and icons. At time I’ve seen it flash between black and the picture like a strobe light then it would update, it usually happens when I’m changing my phone. Also the time and battery life doesn’t always match the real time or battery level, it would be nice if there was a refresh button on the widget we could click to make it update because otherwise it sits there way outdated for awhile. Otherwise it’s really cute and a great app

- A good app but could use some improvements

For the most part it does what it advertises, and that’s not a bad thing. I like the customization, but feel like there could be more. For example: - toggling the clock on/off - toggling the date on/off - being able to adjust the size of fonts or the clock The way the app works right now, there’s clutter if you decide to use your own image without being able to customize the other elements. Being able to toggle the battery on/off is already a very good thing. It just needs some more options.

- Almost perfect

Honestly I LOVED this app when it first came out but with the newest update the battery and time seem to be a little off. But as long as I have a general concept of my battery I’m good. HOWEVER.. the newest update has a bug in it where it goes black n flickers. I just tried to change it thinking maybe it’s the picture I’m using but even when I selected the ones that they come with it again went black n flickered. So hopefully an update fixes this cuz I love it but as of now the widget is off my screen cuz I can’t deal with the flickering

- Cute but wrong info

Love the way this app lets you customize the way it looks, but the information is wrong! I have 2 widgets setup and the clock one with the date is correct, showing the time and October 1. But the calendar widget is wrong. It has the correct calendar but it says September at the top instead of October and there is no way to change it. Also one of my widgets is showing my battery at 100% and the other one at 99%. Not a huge difference but it seems like they should both be pulling all their information from the same place. Needs some updating and I’m sure it will be great!

- Cute but wrong info

Love the way this app lets you customize the way it looks, but the information is wrong! I have 2 widgets setup and the clock one with the date is correct, showing the time and October 1. But the calendar widget is wrong. It has the correct calendar but it says September at the top instead of October and there is no way to change it. Also one of my widgets is showing my battery at 100% and the other one at 99%. Not a huge difference but it seems like they should both be pulling all their information from the same place. Needs some updating and I’m sure it will be great!

- Decent, still needs some updates

App gives you multiple options for fonts and styles, which makes creating your ideal look relatively easy. However, once loaded to the Home Screen, the widgets don’t update the time and battery life in real time. It’ll lag for several minutes, but when I click on the widget it opens the because app and refreshes the information. It would be great if the widgets were accurate on time down to the exact minute, like the real world clock app does. I’ll be looking forward to updates for the app

- I love this app but,

i think this app is amazing. i love how the widget looks on my screen! but there are two things i suggest. one, when the numbers on the clock are longer (ex: 10:10) the last 2 digits get cut off in the long sized widget, and it doesn’t look nice. two, i wish you could be able to customize your widget, like for instance take off the battery percentage. i like the battery percentage, but if someone else doesn’t like it, i think they should be able to remove it. besides all of this, i love the app and they should totally make more widget designs :)

- a few problems

I like it, but there are a few problems. First, when I added a photo background, it darkened the photo, and I’d like there to be an option to not have that? Also with the photo background the time and date are the same color (as opposed to the time being lighter than the date), which it doesn’t show in the app, so that makes it difficult to read both of them. My other issue is that when I added a photo background it seems like it put lines on it?? This is probably just a glitch but I’d love if they could fix it in the next update.

- Cool but limited

I decided to buy the pro version of this app because I liked the cool widgets it offers, but I didn’t realize until AFTER paying for the app that you can’t have multiple widgets for this app. You can’t have the calendar on one page, and then the weather on the other. Whatever design you choose will take over every widget. Can that be fixed? Edit: I stand corrected. You are able to set more than 1 widget at a time. After playing with the app I found how to accomplish this. My apologies to the Dev team. App is awesome!

- Ok app but...

I like how u can choose but I gets hard to understand sometimes like how the instructions disappear when u do it like three times and sometimes u can’t get it the size u want it so it’s a good game it helps u with iOS 14 update but it could use some work and the time is off sometimes u have to shut off ur phone to get it to get the time right so pls fix this color widget ppl oh and I hate how u have to pay for a lot of them like I pure on a water background and I can’t even match it🙄 I had to do just blue the point is the app needs some work so pls fix it color Widgets pls this gets on my nerves 😒

- Great but...

This is great since I get to see the time and day without needing to check the calendar app. The only issues I have are: 1. The battery percentage. It shows it yes but it's always a few numbers off. I have to go to the app and set it again to have it at the exact number which is irritating since I want an aesthetic phone background but it just ain't it. 2. I also was confused with the colors since I have an option to change it but it doesn't do anything. I hope in future updates, all that will be fixed.

- Looks cool on the surface, but...

Echoing what others have mentioned, the time and battery level doesn’t update dynamically with the phone. Even when I locked my screen and unlocked it again, the time in the widget was behind by three minutes. What good is a nice big clock display if it’s not always accurate? Also, I was really annoyed that I had to re-select the style, font, and background photo for the widget after I updated the app because the update erased everything and left me with a solid white box on my screen. Luckily there’s not much to it, but come on... this should not happen.

- So nearly perfect

I got this app because I wanted to add some nice looking widgets to my Home Screen. This app definitely provides. Before getting it I downloaded Widgetsmith, which had a wide range of different types of widget eg. Calendar, moon phases and tides. But the Widgets I made didn’t really look nice. Then I got this app which was the opposite way round! the widgets I made looked beautiful but there are only 2 options of type: time and battery or date. iOS 14 did only just come out, not leave app developers much time however. Hope to see more types of widget soon!

- Great potential

This is a new app, and it offered a section to suggest improvements. I decided to give a couple and was surprised that the developer wrote back to me thanking me. I saw that the suggestion I made was added as a new fix to the app as well, which was quick and really appreciated. This app has a lot of potential to be 5 stars once it fixes a few things so I am not ruling it out. I love the customization in colors and fonts. My Home Screen looks great now that I have this app’s widget on it! I recommend. Looking forward to seeing what comes next.

- Good game

This game is awesome for the new update on the apple iphone, but there is a few misconceptions. Why do you have to pay for everything? I know it is a good game and all, and it has amazing graphics and quality, but I would love this app even more if I didn’t have to pay. I know the companies trying to make money , but why can’t one apple app not have a freaking subscription you have to pay for. (It’s only one dollar and that’s not much) but I just want something cool to open up to when I come to my phone. Overall, it’s a great app.

- Decent

I installed Color Widget because I wanted a header widget that was more aesthetically pleasing than what I could make in Widgetsmith. I love that I can use my own picture and change the font, or select from premade options. My only gripes with the app are that there are only a few options to display (day, date, time, and battery) and that the clock seems to be slower than what’s in the system - there are times when I’ve found the widget is 5 minutes behind my phone clock, which is annoying. Other than that, not bad!

- It's Great minus two things

Overall, the color widget is amazing with the new iOS 14 update to the iPhone. It makes the background of the widget to whatever photo/color you want, and changes the font, which is a plus. The two downsides are that currently it only features the widget for the clock and day of the week and secondly, the time is 2 minutes behind the actual time. I'm not sure why it's like this, I even turned my phone off and on and it's still not up to date. It throws me off a little but it's too nice to take down.

- Great App, Good Free Options Translates to Purchase!

Other app developers should take a page out of these people's book. You offer an app. You do NOT bombard users with ads. You lock down some features, but you give users a reasonable amount of functionality without nagging them. What happens? User thinks "These people are decent human beings, the app is great, and it's not a subscription model IAP". That's what translates to a purchase to support the developers, even if I didn't get any Pro perks (you do). Well done! 👍🏻👍🏻

- Stunning

I absolutely LOVE Color Widgets!! The widgets you can add to your home screen being it such beauty and aesthetic. And being able to customize the widgets make it even better so you can have something truly unique. 5/5 stars because it’s perfect. I’m excited for the future updates to the app. It’ll make it THAT much better, such as including dark mode so the widgets changes based on the users preference or time of day. As well as adding new designs and fonts and functionality. :)

- This app is amazing!!

The app itself is all your looking for with the IOS 14, it gives a simple and pretty cool look to your home screen but also can you give you the option to make your own custom one which is pretty cool. One thing i wish it did was be consistently updating the battery percentage on the widget, i know is not a big deal but that will make it more cool and helpful since then you wouldn’t have to open the control center to look at the percentage.

- Please Read This WARNING!

Ok, so I downloaded the app, and it was great. The widgets were adorable and there were no problems. Then, the widgets started to flash white nonstop! I tried restarting my phone and everything but it didn’t go away. I found that the only way to fix this glitch is to delete the app. I reinstalled it after I deleted it, and now it works fine. I did have to remake all my widgets though. Can someone please fix this? It was really annoying! Thx 🙃

- Nice App with some flaws

I got this app and it was way easier to create a widget than with the WidgetSmith app. The widgets were cute but types of widgets (like a individual clock widget) was not available. On another note, sometimes the app felt confusing. BUT the reason i have this 2/5 is because I woke up one morning and all my widgets converted back to the default style. They also looked default in the app, but the pictures i used were still in my camera roll. It is just inconvenient to have to go back AGAIN to create the widgets all over. I really like the simplicity of making widgets with this app so i’m disappointed that it glitches like this.

- Great customization and potential

I had very high expectations after seeing this app on a lot of social media posts. I was very pleased with the customization aspect and overall aesthetic of the layout. I have noticed, after a week with the app, that some of the features do lag (ie. the time or battery percentage are off). I have to keep resetting the widget to fix the issue, but it’s a repeated process. If there is an update release to fix this, then I think this would be a really great app that I could recommend to others.

- Love this widget but there’s a bug that needs to be fixed

Love this widget so much!! But the battery percentage does not update with the phone and it’s kind of annoying😂once that is fixed this would be a five star app!! Also one suggestion I have would be to add more fonts and maybe a weather function on the largest widget. Also more custom color varieties instead of “light or dark” and maybe some photos from the camera roll as backgrounds instead!!

- Color Widget

I’m thoroughly enjoying this app! The one future change I hope for is being able to change the color behind the battery indicator. I select the small calendar with a white background; with the battery indicator background as black. I set the widget. But after awhile the battery indicator background changes back to green. The green, I feel takes away from my set aesthetics. Hope this can be changed/fixed. Thank you.

- Like the app! But what if there was more???

Great app, easy to use, pretty as well. I really like that the battery level is with the a laser as well!!! Maybe for the future there could be a setting to change the color of the fonts to work with the custom image you pick. There could be another setting to be able to change the position of the text from left, centered, right and even placement. Example for placement, you want the time to be on the left instead of the default right and you want the day of the week on the right side. Just an idea or two.

- Almost perfect

These are so pretty!! When the hour is in the double digits, it doesn’t fit on the widget, so you can’t see the minutes. Considering how often that happens, I’d really like to see that fixed. The battery is slightly inaccurate, and it crowds the time a bit too. Making it a little smaller would be perfect! I think it would be really cool to be able to customize fonts for the time and date as well, but that’s not as urgent of a need. Please fix the double-digit hour problem though, I’d really appreciate it!

- Love this app but...

love this app, it works super well most of the time and it fits in with my baby blue aesthetic! but when i powered my phone off (shut it down completely) and went back on it started glitching and i had to re-put up the widget bits it’s been fine since then. Also you can only put one up at a time but that doesn’t bother me really. Developer could you maybe take a look at this glitch? it was flashing in and out of my screen.

- Great app but a couple problems

The first problem I am having is that the time is one off, and two it will just stop working and stay at one time until I remove the widget and put it back on (ex: it’ll be 2:30, and then the widget will still read 12:45). Second problem I am having is the battery bar. Yeah I could look at my actual battery on my phone, but I could also look at the widget. Overall great app due to you being able to customize the widget the way you want it.

- Pretty good, needs some work

I overall like this app, I think it’s nice to be able to have some customization for the widgets. I like that I can make it more me and help personalize my phone. The battery tracking definitely needs to be fixed though, it’s usually not accurate. I would also like to see more features added eventually, maybe something for weather and a way to display photos how other apps have it. Maybe other could add onto what else they’d be interested in seeing.

- Pretty nice

Thank you for all the improvements so far to this app! I can tell that you are listening to user feedback and are constantly trying to add more things. One thing that I would love to have added is an option for change in the color of text for the “colored” theme option. For the custom colors, the colors that I choose are sometimes too light for the white text, making it very hard to see. If I could change the color of the text, that would be great :)

- Cute but isn’t working properly

This app over all make your home screen super cute and saves me time by not having to go to my calendar app. I did run into some problems though. The battery percentage was never synced up with the month and day widget. It does let you take the percentage off so that fixed that I guess. Another problem is that the calendar widget won’t update. Instead of it being October 1st it just reset to September 1st. I tried deleted and re-downloading the app but that didn’t seem to work. Pretty disappointed. Maybe it’ll fix on its own.

- ❤️🧡💚💜💙

I absolutely love the app!! I was very excited for the new iOS 14 and wanted to see what other apps I can download and that’s when I came across color widget on Instagram and download this app to see what it’s all about and I love it! Just found out this app only came out a week ago. I hope they come out with more designs and options, more fonts, color changing fonts, different types of layouts and formats. Add calendar, weather, photo edits, etc.

- I have a question plz write a review

So I have a iPad mini and I have all the updates right? And I was driving home with my friend from softball and she’s on her phone and I looked at her phone and said what’s that and she said color widgets and cool and she showed me how to do it and I get home and download and I look at it and make a countdown to Halloween and I read the directions to add it to your screen and I did it but I had to scroll to my bar to add it and idk how to add it to my screen and again maybe it’s bc I have a iPad mini

- Cool app but few bugs

The app is really cool and I like the options you’re given considering you don’t have to pay for them. It’s fun to theme your Home Screen too! Seems pretty consistent across the board but I’ve run into a few bugs that cause my battery percentage on the widget to not match as well as the time. Sometimes if I have too many apps open, the time will be delayed about 10 minutes. Food for thought moving forward with big improvements but otherwise a great app!

- Great app. A few suggestions.

Really like the app. Very simple and easy to use. Also like that the developer has been engaged and continues to push out updates. A few suggestions. Allow users to customize the widget completely, similar to the Apple Watch Face interface. Start with a base config like time, and let the user decide if they want it to be digital/analog, if they want battery indicator to show/not show, if they want to pick what style of battery indicator, if they want the placement of certain components (i.e. battery indicator, or date) in a certain location, etc...). Basically allow the user to mix and match everything already put into the app at this point. Also, allow users to manually adjust photos because mine routinely don’t show the part of the photo I want to show in the widget. Great app. Keep it up.

- Aesthetically pleasing clock widget!

I love this clock widget! The layout of the day, time and battery is great, and I love having all that information in one spot. The battery is pretty accurate (only 1% off). I love being able to select a photo for my background! I gave it 4-stars because I’d like to create multiple widgets with different backgrounds. Right now you can only have one “active widget” at a time and if you change the background on it, it changes on all of them. Other than that, no real issues!

- Ummm

Ok, I don’t typically write reviews but I was kind of upset about this. I loved everything about your app, and just like many, I took quite a bit of time on making my homescreen look nice with your widgets. It was going okay until one day when I opened my phone and all of the photo widgets had disappeared showing only the time on the widgets. I didn’t even have the time on the widgets to begin with, just the photos. So now I’m not too sure if I want to use this app again if I’m going to have to constantly look for the photos all over again.

- Almost perfect

I love the look and amount of customization you get with this app but one problem I have is that the time and battery percentage stops updating itself. I would see the widget saying like 8:50 but look at my other times and seeing 8:04 kind of thing. I’ve deleted and downloaded it multiple times, turned my phone on and off but still have that issue. That that big of a deal since I can at the time at the top of the screen but it’s a little disappointing

- Best addition to iOS 14

I love color widgets it’s such a creative and fun way to implement the newly added widget feature for iOS 14. This app literally perfects the update by allowing you to customize widgets by color, font, and even the background of them! It is so easy to use and a very nice way to make your Home Screen look 10x better Than it already is. If you want either superhero or even aesthetic you can accomplish your awesome designs and ideas by downloading app. 💯😎

- Good app just a little more updates

I like the app. I wish there were more colors and options. For the smaller widget, the time would be nice if it was smaller and no so big and on top of each other and also more fonts. It would be cool if we can customize where the date and time goes on the widget and different fonts and colors on the same widget. Also maybe some moving widgets that we could customize as well.

- ✨💀✨

Hello creators of this app or others! I very much like this app but I think there are way to many things that you have to pay for. The more less things there more people want the apps for the stuff I think as a suggestion you should stop with the payment stuff and when then when there’s tons and millions people useing the app then start the payment stuff. But what can I say I didn’t create the app. Other than the payment issue I love the app keep doing what your doing. 🥳

- uhh....

so i’ve heard nothing but good stuff about this app. i decided I would check it out and try to use it. i made a basic widget and i liked how it looked, so I tried to put it on my home screen. but instead of the widget I made, what showed up was all black with nothing else. and keep in mind, i wasn’t even using the dark base. ive removed it and retried multiple times but it still doesnt work. im giving it 3 stars because it was good until it just didn’t work. if there is a solution to this please tell me, i just wanted to make a cool home screen :(

- Keep Em’ Comin’ Please!!!!

Thanks for the quick updates. You guys rock!!! Can we get a weather only widget that’s centered a bit better? Can we use a transparent background? Can we get a time only widget that’s centered? Date Only? The option not NOT have the background of your photo slightly darkened so it matches the wallpaper perfectly? How about the ability to lightly outline text when it’s on a light background? Thanks so much your app rocks!

- One thing...

I really enjoy this app and it works well! The time bother me a bit but it’s part of the app and I can’t change it. My main problem though is that you can only have one widget at a time. There are many widgets but it only allows to show one, I bought this because my other app only let me have three at a time or they would duplicate in a way. So if you want multiple widgets, than this app isn’t for you. If you can put multiple at a time, I can’t figure out how.

- Why it is a 4 star rating

I give most apps a 5 star rating but this one is different because most of the stuff you have to pay $5:99 and I am 12 so I can’t pay $5:99 every month but they have really cute widgets and you can make your own to but I know it is a new app so I know that apple will fix it on the way with the new update soon!That’s why you take in to consideration to if you want this app

- Having a slight problem

Hello so I have seen what this app can do and its amazing So yesterday I decided to download it so I did and then when I clicked set widget And then went to the + sign and the app didn’t show up on my widgets list its soo wierd i tried deleting it and downloading it again and it still didn’t work I am really sad and I already have ios 14 so its not that.I am not saying that its a problem with the app it maybe my phone but pls IF ANYONE KNOWS HOW TO FIX IT PLSS TELL ME

- Loving it so far!

Really liking the app so far and like all the designs they offer! I also like that you can put your own photo. My only complaint is that you can’t change the color of the font when you use your own photo, to my knowledge. So I have to find a dark picture to use because otherwise I can’t read the date or time. I also think that if you could adjust the part of the picture you want to show would be a good addition as well.


this app is great. i love the concept & what it does. the only issue i have with it is that sometimes my battery is wrong. in the top corner of the widget it shows ur battery, which i think is a great idea. i charged my phone last night & the battery was stuck on 100% for about an hour even tho my actual battery was on 80 something. then after it catching up, my battery got to 25% & it was stuck on 25 until my phone died. other than that it’s great.

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You can make your own widgets for your home screen!  Install Color Widgets:

Roscoe 🦋

@DiaryOfAri_ Omm! I had to take the Color Widgets one off. My phone was trippin


You can make your own widgets for your home screen!  Install Color Widgets:

Color Widgets 1.5.5 Screenshots & Images

Color Widgets iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Color Widgets iphone images
Color Widgets iphone images
Color Widgets iphone images
Color Widgets iphone images
Color Widgets iphone images

Color Widgets (Version 1.5.5) Install & Download

The applications Color Widgets was published in the category Utilities on 2020-09-17 and was developed by MM Apps, Inc. [Developer ID: 1415314982]. This application file size is 22.44 MB. Color Widgets - Utilities app posted on 2020-10-25 current version is 1.5.5 and works well on IOS 14.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.MMApps.WidgetsApp

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