6ix9ine Runner

6ix9ine Runner [Games] App Description & Overview

Tekashi 6ix9ine brings you 6ix9ine Beat Blade the best new music runner game that offers beautiful rainbow levels and 2020 hit songs from Tekashi 6ix9ine! 

Simply using one thumb to control the character, you can slash the blocks and dodge the traps, reaching the end of the color road.

How to play:
Choose your favorite song, hold and drag to move your saber and slash the rat traps on the beat. Do not Tap! This is not a Tap Tap game.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us at: hello@gamejam.co

Please note that our VIP Membership is an auto-renewing subscription!

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6ix9ine Runner Customer Service, Editor Notes:

More characters Bugs fixed

6ix9ine Runner Comments & Reviews

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- Awesome Game!

This new game 6ix9ine Runner , when I seen it on FYP of Tik Tok , I’m like now this is crazy mad dope and then I’m like I’m going to go download this and see how it is playing wise, graphics, ads, and it’s a fire game to play, one of the best running playing games on the app right now , whoever created this is very Creative and needs to make more, just one thing Ads can be paid to be removed once you buy the game or they still run because I want to purchase the game but I don’t want ads running on the game, it’s a little distracting once it comes to be very tease of the game and I don’t want to have to pause and wait for ads to resume the game just to be Aware that might mess up the game review a lot but overall I experience a great app game that All age can enjoy I think and would love this game . Want to Advertise it more I’ll be your guest to do it I’m already posting this game on my Tik Tok page Right now So people can know this game is good to play and sometimes difficult at times but that’s Ok!

- fun but with a lot of ads and bugs

game is fun. there are ads every level and for perks. nothing new for mobile games unfortunately . i like the music and rainbow colors. i was hoping for GOOBA but the song isn't on there. Can't start the next level unless you go back to the homescreen first or force close the app. The runner just freezes in place if you try just moving onto the next song at the end of a level. The skins and weapons don't seem to do anything. No upgrading system. Clears all your progress if you delete the app, even if you have it sync with Facebook.

- Best Game

No lie this is the best game I’ve ever downloaded so far 💯‼️ I need more levels and more music. All the music on there are my favorites 🤣 but I at least thought GOOBA would’ve been on there. I need it to be longer or something. I downloaded the game at like 10:00pm and I’ve been playing it since and it’s going on 12:30 🤣🤣. Amazing game amazing graphics. I love this game I don’t care what anyone has to say. 6ix9ine is the GOAT for this game. The man is smart 💯


69 is my favorite rapper and i looked through the App Store and this was the only 69 game I found I said why not give it a go so I did and I love it it’s so addicting but there’s one thing I suggest and that is if you could add more 69 songs to the game bc that would make me so happy and I love this game so that would help a lot and I think this game is by far one of the best beat saber type games I’ve ever played so good job!!

- Good but could be better

So the game is fun but it does have issues when you finish a level the next level doesn’t play it so I have to close the app the open it again to play the next level. Second the songs could be longer and not just his parts add the other people in the songs and finally to many ads I see ads a lot maybe less ads and the things I said and it would be hella good lol

- Thoughts to the core

Honestly the most intellectual game I’ve ever played the graphics are fined to the crisp and might I say the character development and weapons are created at such a variety that a player would be able to play for hours. Finally for a game with this many pros I might say there are a lot of ads but for good reason this game is incredible

- A big fan! Hope to meet you one day!

I’ve always been a big fan of 6ix9ine since 2017 when i first heard Gummo! I play this game to literally help him out. i don’t skip ads or none of that stuff. The plus of this game is being able to hear his music too. Not much to say but yeah. This was a good idea to make this game. It’s fun too

- Good but has a lot of bugs

First off everytime a ad comes on I loose all my money and still have the levels saved but not my money. Another is that I had purchased a skin the super 6ix9ine or something just for it to get replaced by another skin. It’s overall a good game good music but you guys have to fix this ASAP

- Seems Fun

Ok first off I’ve NEVER done a game review before , I’m not really a gamer but this one got my attention!! So the colors of the game overall and the character of 69 seems so fun but the runs are soooo short they should be longer and once you finished and want to move on to the next run there’s always a long add so that’s a bum !! This app has a lot of potential hopefully the makers and editors of this game will fix that !! Or add more to it because as of now honestly it’s Ok ,

- Glitches

This game is alright and fun to play when I’m bored. It just lags A LOT! I also had over 100,000 coins and when I got back on it was back down to 30,000 coins and I am not sure how? I did all the songs and I get back on to only two with points and the rest of the songs showing I have no played them. When I’m playing a song it just freezes on me and I have to get out of the whole app and get back in just to play again. This app needs to be fixed.

- Can’t move

The let me play one level but the the rest of the levels I’m just running in place and am going no where then I went back to the first level and it did the same thing I kept running in place not moving. so some one should fix that bug

- The game that changed my life

I was scrolling through snapchat one day when I came across an add for Tekashi 6ix9ine Runner. 69 being my favorite rapper I had to download the game. Once I downloaded it I had a completely different outlook on life. My whole identity changed. Thank you. Also, add my favorite song gooba to the game.

- Jokes aside, great mobile game

These exaggerated reviews are good fun, but yes I will admit this is a surprisingly solid mobile game. There are an appropriate amount of ads, and the core gameplay is fun and a healthy dose of addictive. Did not expect to be enjoying this when I’m bored, but next time I’m on a bus or something this will probably be my go to.

- Overall good

At first I thought that it was annoying with the ads but I was able to skip them after like 5 seconds and the game overall is good I just wish there was more songs but overall it’s a good game and I’m going to be playing this a lot

- So hot

I love this game.. BUT- I had a costume of 69 that I had saved up to with coins but earlier when I checked it was not there- the whole costume just vanished. Me and my sisters love 69. So we all play 69 runner, but my sisters were telling me that all their coins just went away.. so besides these bugs, I think it’s a really good game! I wish his new album was on it but unfortunately it’s not. 🥺

- Good.

Hello, fellow players. This game, is the best release that has ever came out in the entire world, There is no point of buying a car if you have this game. Don’t buy food, other games, a house, a phone, iPad, Shoes. You really do NOT need any of it. 6ix9ine is the biggest rat out there also. Happy 6ix9nineing!

- It’s the bomb! 💣

This game is so fun and addicting and plays six nine songs each time u play! It is great if you love 69 like me and each level is different and fun the only thing is there is a good amount of ads in between but it seems like that’s every app nowadays.. great game none the less!

- Game to relax and not be stressed

I recently just broke off my relationship and we was together for 7 years and my friends recommended me this game to unwind and I’m a big fan on tekashi so I decided to take a chance and I love this game I feel better lol I highly recommend this game 💥

- 6ix9ine

This game is fire and I would love it more if it had all him albums but overall it’s a good game probably ganna be my fav game and I think you should download it and start and at the start I hate the adds but you can skip them in 5 seconds and have a blessed day

- Great Game...Kinda Buggy

Really fun! Addicting and satisfying to play. My only complaints are that I wish there were more songs and it is a bit buggy (music not playing, level not actually starting and running forever)

- I love the game but not as much.

I love the game and all that but you need to fix the ads, because every other music level will just have an ad and when i play the next music level, my game freezes so yeah can you plz fix it.I love 6ix9ine, but its the game is kinda bad like when i leave the game when the game freezes, i loose all my money and is so annoying! So yeah fix it PLZ!

- Best game ever!

I like the game but please but gooba and also fix the bugs please im pretty sure everyone is having that problem so please fix them and also i’ve been thinking to put a gun as a weapen and a america outfitjust saying but its fine if no but love the game!༒

- Great game

This game is pretty phenomenal and I love to play it but there’s is one bug where after I completed a song and go to play another one I have to restart the app Because the little 6 mont move he is just running in place like the game froze.

- Its fun but needs way more work!!

The games fun and there’s not to many ads. The characters are funny, but there needs to be features and full songs is what I don’t enjoy about it. Also there should be like a maturity mode in the setting and get a disclaimer, so we can hear the full song with the cussing and what not that’s my personal opinion on it.

- Fun and entertaining

I thought this would be wack but it’s actually fun with little ads the music keeps u entertained but overall the game is better than the quick and small mobile games

- Fricken hilarious haha

I have never written a review and was tempted. If you have ever played Geometry Dash it gives me a slight mixture of that with Temple Run cause the run goes with the sounds. The runs just need to be longer and some of the songs felt cut short. Otherwise it was awesome!

- It’s cool Buut

The bugs in this game have to be fixed and add more songs. Like the concept with the songs and blocks being in tune with each other. When I play a third round it glitches and the blocks disappear along with the spheres and he runs in one spot. That blows me 😡😡. Fix the BUGS please 💪🏾💪🏾

- Dope, few recommendations

I wanna support my boi by buying the premium or whatever, but it takes the fun out of it when everything is unlocked and u can’t use the cash. Make a free run mode for max points. Add more stuff and songs. Overall awesome game

- Nice game but you need to fix a bug

It’s a nice game but every time I try to play another song 6nine is just running in place and the only way I’m able to play it again is if I swipe it out and then start it

- Perfect game but a bunch of bugs

When I updated the game I wanted to play a random song so i played Mala but it played fefe for some reason I played a different one but the same thing it’s very odd Fix it if you can

- Amazing!

Wow this game has changed my Life! Never thought I would be able to see after this game ! After level 1 I was able to hear clear again and after lever 5 I was levitating ! Recommend 100% or I mean 69% !!!

- Good game but need more songs

The game is supper fun and I wanna be able to ply this none stop with different songs playing not the same ones I played but anyways I’ma wait for the updates and hope new songs come out ima be playing some Tati Rn (rate 5stars)

- Dis game hard‼️

So I was just layin down and I’m lookin at the games page on the App Store. I see 6ix9ine runner and I’m like dang he got his own game now and I download dis. When I tell you I’m playing dis game allll day I am. I’m just not really a big fan of the ads but it’s still good

- Ad Problem....

I don’t want to see ads While I Play the Game. The ads make the Game Crash and not playable often. I really Love the Game but I want the issue resolved. Should also add more obstacles and power ups would be awesome.

- Great

The game is all great but need some more fixes i like the music but can you also add the outher people in the music also and also need to fix some lag cause for me it is lagging a lot and that is all thank you

- More songs plz

The game is great but it really needs more songs because it gets a little boring playing the same songs over and over again.


Personally hated playing this game and i still do . I downloaded it last night and cannot stop playing this game . I hate how when he hit the boxes they match the beat of the song absolutely ridiculous. Over Good Game 👍

- I can’t pass the first level

I love the game but when I bet the first level it goes to an add and when I get on the level there is no music playing and I’m just running in a straight line.

- Great but bugs. ಠ_ಠ

So when I downloaded the game I started playing it obviously and when I chose the first song it was lagging and I didn’t know why so I thought it was just my network, and I played 3 more guess what happened kept lagging and now I’m lagging while typing this, Is it my network or your game

- More

MOREEEE SONGS !!!!! This can get y’all in big places but at the point u guys will not because you guy don’t put more songs or make the longer I’m telling you this game might go number 1 in App Store add more songs

- Amazing

This game is extremely fun to play but it needs more songs and an option to turn on explicit version of songs the censoring just ain’t it but other than that it’s phenomenal

- SIX NINE💪🏾🌈🌈🤟🏾🖤

This game is actually very good I like the song and stuff and six nine you did your thing on this makin this game I wonder who is the prince of New York now😹😹😹 but six nine don’t listen to hater the if you don’t got hater that mean you not doing NOTHING but have a nice day byeee🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🧐🧐-

- Needs more songs!

Game is great but it’s very limited to songs. Needs way more better songs added and hopefully they can be longer!

- Takashi 69

The game is the best I like it because I like music and then I like that you have different characters it’s very unique it’s definitely different from most games and I like that he has a samurai sword it’s pretty lit

- This is the bomb 💣

It’s a really good game. I have a really fun time challenging friends . The only thing it needs is more song if it had more it would be 100 times better . But over a fun game .

- Download Now

Best idle game Ever!!!! Perfect song and it allows you to unlock other songs quickly which adds to the overall experience.

- Can’t move

The game it self is fun but after the first 3 levels you can’t do anything but run in place. No music no nothing so. And the ads are not unbearable considering you can skip them all but still 3 levels in and I can’t run??? Right when I’m getting to the best songs my mans got???

- Haven’t heard most of these songs

Tell me why this foos music sounds 10 times better while playing this Chet haha always making money moves

- Woww 😍😍

When I first downloaded this I was about to be like oh this game is trash but when I started playing you I was like oh my god this is neat andI was mad that I like it but I don’t hate on six nine I actually kind of am a fan so I’m like wow

- Tuffff

This game goes hard! Hitting the blocks matches with the music so ur bumping the whole game. My only complaint is that it should have better quality graphics but that’s it.

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- Good game

This game is actaully pretty fun and addictive, just hoping that some updates will be coming because I’ve already unlocked a lot of it. But overall a very good game!!!🔥

- Really bad

There are some really bad problems with this game. The graphics are so bad and make the game feel like one of those games that are filled with adds. You have just taken a game that has already been made and turned it into this six nine version that’s even worse than the original one. And the one thing that is really letting down this game is your music. Your music is so bad. Make some good music and maybe the game will be better. Besides from that it’s pretty bad. Nothing is good about this game

- Great game more songs

So basically I reckon this game is obviously a future but I reckon there should be more songs on it and they should go longer than it should be a little bit harder the game is great keep on adding stuff it’ll be better

- Game good

I’ve never ben in the presence of sutch a godly game, plaeing this has elevatid me to my max pouer it’s as if I’m going super say an. 3 minutes of playtime and I’m now levatataing and my cat is bouncing of the walls👍🤜😺

- Glitchy

Love this game. Super addictive. only problem is that it’s fairly glitchy. During the game as your characters running it glitches out during song. Pls fix thisss.

- 6ix9ine Runner

i personally love it! i’m hoping they add some more of his newer songs too 🥰🖤

- Review

Love that you can actually listen to the music 🎧

- Beast blicky UH

This is legitimately an awesome game idk if it’s licensed by 6ix9ine or not but someone needs to show him this game even he’d be impressed ahahaha so much fun

- More songs

There needs to be more to the game and can you add more rap songs like gooba but overall a good game

- Add new songs

Very nice game, but could have add his new song so plz add his new songs.👍

- 6ix9ine Runner

This is a very good game would recommended his fans getting the game

- Six nine

The game would be so much better if u added gummo

- Great game

Fun game but with the 6ix9ine addition makes it way better

- I’m was 14 year old driller

Now I’m a 12 year old white boy

- 5⭐️

I’m 21 an my 7 year old brother love this game 💯

- Its fire

Its actually quite good

- 6ix9ine Runner

This is the only game I play with sound!! 🔥😉😘😍🥰😲

- Good work man I’m a big fan of 6ix9ine


- Scum gang

I love the rat not much else to say

- please reply

can they add a setting where the songs have the swear words? good app tho

- Best game I’ve ever played Thankyou 26


- Add TUTU

I really enjoy this game but adding adding TUTU pull be a vibe!

- I hate it.

It was quite enjoyable but I am not a 6ix9ine fan and I hate his songs. Why would they make a game like this!

- :)

Not gonna lie I was hopping the FeFe was the nicki Minaj one.

- Alright game

Over all it’s an ok game, they just need to add a lot more songs to the game

- Pretty good, cool idea

I wish it was the whole songgggg I need my Nicki 😭😂

- Tekashi

It is the future of gaming

- epic

epic in future add gooba and stoopid my mum really likes gooba

- Awesome

Great game

- Very good just one thing


- Yes

Love epic victory royal

- Good as game

Good game !! 🧡💛💚💙💜

- Trash

I’m just agreeing with Beelinda666! This game is garbage 😾

- ummmm ok then

terrible just terrible why is this a game, bad app store 😾

- Fiddles






- The best game


- Rat

Rat rat rat rat rat

- Best game of all time!!

Not to be political or anything this game has officially changed my life forever!! 6ix9ine presences makes me horny when I play this game it makes me want to take my pants off and do a dance with no pants I love this game 6ix9ine has inspired to do so much in my life IDC what the haters say f the haters 6ix9ine can fix anything and stick a but plug in me at the same time I love 6ix9ine f u haters he is my inspiration.

- Lmao

Very pog champ

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- Honestly good

tbh it’s a nice game , talk all you want but the graphics are awesome , congrats , i got hooked :)

- 6ix9ine

I need that man back in jail

- Joe mama

😳😎😡 racist he said the n word

- Put him in jail

Y’all know this is the same man who had sex with a minor and filmed it and you are supporting him. Mans also says the n-word and he is Hispanic

- Rough


- Just don’t get this garbage

Worst rhythm game ever

- What is this $@&$

This game is horrible

- Decent game

Get some new songs and give Nicki some bars and moola. Also can we get an explicit version of the game?

- glitchy af

bruh the amount of ads are whack af and it lags sometimes after ads are done playing and i got to reset the whole app

- Zzz

This is fricken epic

- Yes

Love him or hate him I love the game

- 6ixnine game

Sick game can’t go wrong

- 🔥🔥

Love it

- This the bloods

We will find you, you elusive mouse

- No

If you likes this then shut up

- 🤟🏿🤟🏿🤟🏿

I have spent 53h 45 minutes on this game and finally unlocked all characters and songs. Boy oh boy was it worth it, I’m now a platinum lvl 78 with 15 gold stars. I have earned the respect of my peers

- Sick game and sick tunes

You play as anime clay art looking 6ix9ine and his popular tracks play in the background to set the mood for the intense gameplay where u runn and knock down these things wit a sword..its sick

- To 6ix9ine

I love this game so much and I’m A big fan and I love all your songs

- 👩‍🦼💨

I tell a 🤐 don't 🍆 ride, don't🍇 blick 😃ride Leave❗️ it to the double😎thick thighs👩‍🦼, twin👯‍♀️ sisters👩‍❤️‍👩 Drop⬇️ it down ⬇️and wobble🔛, wobble ⛪️up,🔝 mami 🤱🏻booted🦿 up☝️ She 👈get💋 down🧎🏻‍♀️ and gobble👄 gobble👅 up🧠'cause🤏 my money💶 up

- Lalala LOVES IT

Had to download this soon as I saw it advertise on Snapchat! Viva La 6ix9ine!!!😘😘😘💕

- Amazing

My idle is in a game now!

- Yep

U missed a lot of his songs

- 6ix9ine Read This.

Eh mankeep strong from the latest album sales, it’s really not that deep. Just please release music that was similar to your old “scream aggressive” style instead of forcing a melodic auto tune abused piece of trash. We love you keep your head up guy ❤️❤️❤️- your day1 fans❤️🌈🌈

- Besttt

Bruh best game i ever player

- The one thing this game needs

Is for this man to be back in ✨jail✨

- Decent

App was fun but anything you press it sends u into a 1 minute add u can’t skip at all. That’s the only bad thing

- Can’t even get on

I can’t ever get on the game 😕

- Mikie jr d

To many adds

- It’s Ight


- Really fun game surprisingly

Need a version that isn’t all bleeped out it sounds bad

- 6.9

Love it

- Fun

Lowkey fun af

- I love it

Best 6ix9ine songs in it and good gameplay

- This game saved my life

When I was a young lad I didn’t really like living then my best bud Juan introduced me to this work of art I began to play and I’ve never looked back since I don’t wanna die anymore thanks to 69 runner a true masterpiece

- Yes sirrrrr


- your my favourite Rapper

this game is really Fun I enjoyed playing it

- Yaaa

Dope frl

- Yeah

Dude I love this game already and I beat it and I just got it today

- Siick

Honestly sooo fun!!

- ezgetit

game is fire

- 😎

Great job Daniel

- Bruuh

Lmaoo he really made a game 😂😂

- Cool

69 is Really Cool

- Bugs and glitches

Please make the game run smoother, there’s glitches and bugs that are making the game run slow.

- Really good


- Great

This game is so fun. I really like it I think you should make a cardi b games like this and lots of games with rappers music in them.

- Glizzy gobbler

It’s kinda glitchy

- Awful can’t play without ads

And It costs 5 dollars a week to remove ads lmao

- 1st

We’re 1st also this is an awesome game well done

- Idk my bro just installed this

Idk My bro just installed this For some reason... But I need this guy back in jail we’re HE BELONGS. Oh ya and... Nicki Minaj wants her wig back.

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- Addition of new Character

I think it would be cool to see a Belle Delphine character in this game, but tweak her appearance a bit. I think it would be good for advertising, and getting your brand/ game out there to consumers. 🔴🟠🟡🟢🔵🟣

- A little bug

The game is great but there is a bug when the game starts you just stand there your character doesn’t move

- The games review

I really like it but if it was longer it would’ve been ALOT better and if you didn’t have to watch and add EVERY time you get a new song.

- Love this game

I’m a huge fan of 69 and his personality and when I found out he had a game based off him I had to play it I just listen to my favorite 6ix9ine tracks while I smash blocks as him lol

- Great simple fun game

Great quick time waster and ads are short. Enough things to earn to keep it interesting. I like how the runs get more challenging with song.

- Remove Censor

Please remove the censoring, make it so you can choose between clean or normal, the game is fun but the censoring ruins the experience for me, so please consider adding something like that, keep it up.

- Good

Is really fun game he just tryna make some money with them ads just turn off the WiFi and data is a good game to play while you wait on something


Ngl this kinda fire but is a lil annoying how there's ads every other screen. But it alaps, I would of purchase sum but everything is a subscription, make single purchase would slap more no cap🔥

- Bugs

I liked it but there’s still a bug it keeps freezing while I’m trying to get to the next song

- Cool but one thing

Everything is cool it’s just that when a add pops up and when it finishes it just freezes and the character runs in place

- I like lol

Its good but i guess you could add a difficulty thats harder because i beat all the songs on hard and it was pretty easy so yea and also add more songs

- I wish i could cook for you I’m from from the lower east side

Read my message I’m a fan word to every thing I grew up lower east side I’m 28 I’m a chef I wish we could meet and let me cook for you

- 🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁

Too many ads and if you subscribe it’s too expensive for something so repetitive and not many unlocking features. Should be a one time purchase to unlock everything. 10 levels for a subscription is lame.

- Amazing game!

Dude, this is the best game I’ve ever downloaded no cap💯. I first saw it on my FYP on TikTok and I was like I gotta download it also my brother told me to. Then when I did I fell in love with the game. This game hella fun dude. Recommend you play it 100%. 💯❗️

- Beautiful game I luv

This game has brought me hours of countless fun playing the entire songs all day can you please please add more songs I neeeeed to play please add mores song can’t stress it enough

- 6ix9ine runner

Other songs do not play or the boxes dosnt pop up but you can still run. Please fix soon, only the first song works

- 6ix9ine runner

I love the app but when I’m playing a song out of nowhere my character freezes fix this bug

- Its ight

Ive beaten all the levels the sound only works when ringer is on and i look at the high scores and wonder how people get that high of a score people obviously hack this game but overall it works fine

- Fire

This game is amazing but there’s one problem when I’m on billy it froze up and the song restarted and I couldn’t get past it. Please fix it

- This game is 🔥🔥🔥

I download the game to see what the game is about and I really like it and it really cool he should make another game where people can win at least real money


I saw a ad on this in tiktok and I was like, “😮 I gotta try that game it’s so cool!”. And when I tried it, it was freaking epic. Hope y’all keep up the good work and put more songs I really enjoy this game!

- Not bad.

I’m actually excited that someone(rapper) made an actual with THEIR music in it. I don’t really listen to al of his music & plus I’m a Crip too. Overall it’s not bad, need more artists & music(levels) added to the game.

- Best sound track

If there was any game to play with good music this would be it. The music makes the game that much better. Awesome all the way around.

- Amazing game but bugs

At the last level there is a but that does not let you finish it but other than that great game

- Thank finally

Hello this is just a person coming to leave a review, ANYWAYS ...... I love this games but when ever I leave the game it just resets I bought some things and now THEY GONE - _-

- 6ix9ine runner

This game is so good and gives that vibe feeling like your in the game I really would want to see other songs added to this game

- Fun need more songs !

Cool game I can get by with all the ads main thing for me is add more of his songs off his new album and some more of his old hits

- Good game

It’s a good game. The ads was annoying but you could skip it quickly. There could have been more then 8 songs.

- Bruh

Ong this game is actually good, I beat it in both normal and hard. Pls add more levels and another difficulty. Normal, hard, extreme. Also more characters maybe some dlc characters Nicki Minaj and maybe Cardi b.

- Very wholesome game😇

I downloaded this game for my 5 year old nephew and he loves this game, the music, and everything about this game is so good and fun for the whole family❤️

- Awesome but...

Love this game it has cool characters and not a scam like the other game like this they say they have cool songs but they don’t but they need more songs that’s all download if you like rap music 😝🥳🤩👁👄👁

- Songs

There should be more songs because it’s a good game and all but there should be more free songs. I don’t think 3 songs is enough

- Hi

The only thing I would like in this game is a feature where you can make it explicit if that’s possible

- Overally good game

The game is very addicting. There is a game exactly like this without 6ix9ine but this game is fun. Amazing to see them turn something almost impossible to turn into a game into a game

- Sooo fun

This game is fun and addictive it was hard to stop playing I also like how little of ads there are but I really like gooba and think you should ad it

- King of New York

I love him so much, y’all need to not take him so seriously he’s just making music to get hype to not lyrical. I love you tekashi 🌈🌈🌈 the Mexicans claim and love you!!!! It’s a good app too I like his songs

- More SONGS

I love this game so much but if would of been a little better if there could be way More of his songs

- Door game

I love it!! Smaacking the boxes as the music plays and the characters are cool too. Just that there are times it freezes at the beginning.

- Perfection in a Phone Game

This is by far the best game I have ever in my entire life. I don’t know who would rather play any other game then 6ix9ine Runner period.

- Awesome game!!

Alright I love 6ix9ine I have all of his albums he’s a cool dude I honestly love his music, and hopefully one day I could meet him! This game is really fun all of his music are in these levels, so yea! Tysm 6ix9ine I <3 you!!

- Go offline for Zero ads (Voodoo games works as well)

overall games pretty fun wish there was more songs and (more songs) GUMMO for sure

- It’s actually fun

Needs some more songs but still recommend

- Amazing!!

I love this game and the colors the only issues is that the music won’t okay for mines like I have my volume all the way up and the I messed around with the sound buttons but songs still don’t play for mines.

- My review

The game is really good jus one thing when you watch a video to get 3000 dollars but when you close the app right after your coins are gone

- Remove so much ads

It has so much potential to be a good game a play a lot the but I’m 5min in the game and already had like 10 ads which was really annoying.

- Best game ever

My buddy told me about this so I had to see for myself. I don’t like the fact that you can only use Facebook or apple to sign in though or the fact that vip costs $100.

- It’s a good game

It’s a a very good game but it needs more things like skins, music, and pickaxes and it’s a big in the game where you’re playing it but there is no icon things to hit and you’re just running.

- Cured my annexoria

If I could give 6 starts I would I sued to be annorexic but now I have reason to live and eat again thank you 6ix9ine

- Glitch

Great. Game but once you get to the song billy it stops for some reason and won’t let you beat it idk if it’s just me but yeah

- I can’t get past billy the game just freezes right at the end of the level

The game just freezes at the end of the level but all in all it’s pretty good

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crit /\!\/¡/\

@jorgicle YOU HAD 6IX9INE RUNNER???


@TSM_Myth is this that new 6ix9ine runner game ive been hearing about


my teacher was playing 6ix9ine runner in class 🤣 unmute button go brrrrr. @6ix9ine

6ix9ine Runner 1.2.1 Screenshots & Images

6ix9ine Runner iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

6ix9ine Runner iphone images
6ix9ine Runner iphone images

6ix9ine Runner (Version 1.2.1) Install & Download

The applications 6ix9ine Runner was published in the category Games on 2020-09-03 and was developed by Gamejam Co. [Developer ID: 1439906403]. This application file size is 179.76 MB. 6ix9ine Runner - Games app posted on 2020-10-23 current version is 1.2.1 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.game.jam.beat.saber.six.nine.music

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