Body Temperature App For Fever App Reviews


Body Temperature App For Fever App Description & Overview

What is body temperature app for fever app? Track your body temperature. Take care of yourself.
If you don't have a thermometer, our app will help you! Body Temperature app estimates if you have symptoms of a fever. Track your body with just a few steps on your mobile device, and export the reports for personal use.

With Body Temperature app, you can:

Track your body temperature;
Add your symptoms and meds;
Measure your temperature with Apple Watch S8 / Ultra and save your data in our app;
See the beautiful graphs and stats;
Export the status to PDF;

Check your temperature with your thermometer and and see detailed stats of the days you have a fever;
Learn how weather can affect your body temperature with our widget.

Simple beautiful app for your health!

Disclaimer: App measurements are just recommendations and can’t be used for diagnostics or medical purposes. Always seek a doctor's advice before making any medical decisions.

Terms of use:
Privacy policy:

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App Name Body Temperature App For Fever
Category Medical
Updated 20 September 2023, Wednesday
File Size 183.7 MB

Body Temperature App For Fever Comments & Reviews 2023

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Usefulness. This app is very useful. I just got it last night cuz I couldn’t find my thermometer. I used it 2 times every time I checked my temperature and Ig came back the same every time.

Not a good app.. I download this app for a couple of reason. 1) To take my body temperature 2) Supposedly free app. That is it. I do not need to put in any health information about me. Which this app was asking for. Why? It is only to be used as a body temperature gauge. That is it. I could not find where to take my temperature. But I could find where to paid for a upgrade. There are people out here that do look for the thermometer on this app. Like me. When you make it so hard to find it. But it is so easy to find the pay to upgrade. Kinda makes you wonder, what you are really going for. Money or a free app.

Taking Advantage of Emergencies…. It’s the middle of the night and my son’s temperature is worryingly high. We were using my thermometer to monitor when it decided to stop working out of nowhere. Thought I could download an app until we were able to get to a drug store, but it was like a $12 in-app purchase. They clearly are trying to take advantage of an emergency to make a quick buck. I also don’t want to track anything on my phone, I just need to know if I have to take my kid to the hospital. Also, the top reviews are obviously fake. Pathetic.

Seems to be accurate. I’m doing exactly as the app tells me and it seems accurate. This app is useful when you don’t have anything else. Thank you.

Very Accurate highly recommended. Easy to download user-friendly and it comes in handy especially when you’re out of town or simply don’t have a thermometer

Thermometer app.. Really relives anxiety. I don’t get sick often but when I do I’m completely Incapacitated. My panic attacks make me feel like there is more wrong than there really is. But with this app I can stand sit or lay down. Do my quick breathing exercise (5 breathes in big and slow, 5 breathes out long and slow) it’s used the flash to check your pulse and a tapping prompt on screen to calculate your inhale/ exhales). Then calculates your body temp. I think it’s $4.00 for a week or a month I can’t remember. 5 stars tho. Y’all stay safe and contact your primary care physician if you don’t trust the app. It works for me but I am not a doctor. It might be different for other people.

This is great. I decided to test it out and I bought a thermometer after I tried it. The first time around I’m like ok now for the second time around. I went to the store went to CVS and I sat in there and did it it was still around the same, and yes I had people staring at me if I was crazy. Then I bought a thermometer used the thermometer and it was around the other ones the app gave me. Then I tried the app right after, and when I say it worked I mean IT WORKED!!

NOT A THERMOMETER. this is just a place to log your temp it cannot TAKE your temperature. Just wanted to make that clear. that being said for just a place to log a temperature the app is fine but if you’re looking for something to take your temperature this is not it. (Just because I’ve seen other confused reviews on here)

Amazing app. Literally it measures your temperature pretty accurately and you don’t even have to have a thermometer it also measures your heart rate and your breathing rate. That’s pretty cool! I could do all of this through my phone.

Temperature. Very useful because I currently am covid 19 positive and have to keep checking my temperature and oxygen in my blood these reading are important to the medical personnel to know if I am improving or getting worse

Simple. I like it. I just wished you could edit the time of input for your data. Sometimes I forget to enter the entry and would love to be able to adjust time to data. Otherwise pretty straight forward. I would definitely recommend

Does not take your temperature. I have Covid and I could tell I have a fever. I don’t have a thermometer so I looked at this app to take the place of the thermometer. This app should have a free trial. I paid the $2.99 and it was then I found out that this is no where near being a thermometer . This is false advertising. In my opinion they don’t have a free trial because they know that many people won’t buy it once they see what it really is. Very disappointed. I will still have to send my husband to go get a thermometer …it will probably be close to the price of this one week subscription. 2.99 per week to use this?! Do yourself a favor and just buy a real thermometer!

Wow love the app. Even tho it’s not 100% accurate at least it tells me something like for example for one of the tests I got 100.4 and when I used a real thermometer I got 100.5 see it was only off by one this means this app is supper useful I would love to keep using this app until I die. And I would kindly love to share this with friends and family. Thanks for making this app your the best and you made a useful app for me. Theirs no other app for measuring my temperature better then this. Once again thank you. Have a great day.

My experience. I had quite a time with this app. It was a bit difficult because I didn’t know was it telling me that my temp was to high or low. That’s what I’m using it for, because I don’t have a temperature checker!

Temperature measuring section. The temperature measuring portion of the app is really very accurate! I have a thermometer and this app gets very close to my exact temperature! I like to track my temperature throughout the day for my general health, and this app is fast and easy to use!

Egregious UI choices. (This is an update of a previous review. Original and developer response below.) After participating in some free market research by answering questions about usage expectations, you’re greeted with an apparent paywall blocking any function. I re-downloaded to verify dev response… If you stare long enough at the light peach background, there’s a lighter ‘x’ that can be seen and clicked to get you past that hurdle. Next, you’ll meet the ole “this is a paid feature” hook when you start clicking around. I get the need to make money but delivery matters. Your UI choices can either make people want to pay you or feel choked into paying you. One of these options works better. I’ll add 3 stars for dev responsiveness. —————— Original… :: Scam :: There is absolutely zero function beyond splash screen without signing up for a paid subscription. i.e. This is not a free app with in app purchases, this is a paid app that tries to hide being a paid app to waste your time. Reported.

How good this app is.. I haves used this app and it really helps me when I feel sick and I don’t have a way too find my temperature, so this really helps because I have my phone on me at all times.

Zachloverfan. This app is very helpful because I was able to take my 6-year-old brother’s temperature and he said he was going to throw up and I stay home with my dad and I called my school and my brothers and my dad called his work

Not Free!. After you download the app, there is a monthly charge!!! The only way to access any features is to hit the continue button on the very first screen that prompts you to subscribe. So continue would mean you are subscribing to something, most likely a fee. Too ambiguous of a screen. I was not able to experience any feature before that screen appeared. So, closed the app and deleted it altogether.

Don’t do it!!. Horrible app! You will immediately be charged for the subscription, and when you get into the app, it doesn’t do what it claims. It does not take your temperature; you have to have another device, like a smart thermometer to connect to app, or an actual thermometer; it only allows you to log temperatures. I have some serious concerns about it connecting to my health app now. Very disappointed because there’s no option for refund and no contact info for support.

Really useful and I recommend it when your head hurts. My head felt really painful and I couldn’t find my thermometer so I searched body tempature apps, and I found this so I tried it, I’m glad I don’t need premium to use it, and I had a slight fever twice! I forget what the tempature was but this really helped, I 100% recommended this

Recommend. Love this app! Especially during the pandemic, helps me a lot with all the providing information that you won’t find on the Internet, and, of course, tracking your health. Definitely recommend !

Great when TTC. Using this app i can keep track of my BBT for my ovulation better then any other app. You are suppose to not move from bed to take your temperature, to get an accurate reading otherwise. So i did use a thermometer. So for TRYING TO CONCEIVE this works amazing for my needs

IT WORKS !!! Recommend. I'm currently having a fever but don't know my temperature. So I checked it through the app by following the steps. It says that I might have a fever, which is true. I also tested on a normal person, and it also says no fever. Worked perfectly ^^ The best if you don't have a thermometer lying around.

Useful for Travel. Recently on a trip I started feeling bad. There was no way for me to purchase a thermometer. This app came in handy and I was also able to to measure my heart rate too.

Would recommend. It is accurate but not all the time but still a very good app when your sick and have no thermometer and need an idea of what your temperature is but as it says on the app it dose not give you a diagnoses and I love that I have been using the app and it’s been working great!:)

10 out of 10 totally recommend. This is a super good app. Because if you don’t have a thermometer you can literally just use this app it’s so good like you can use it while you’re at a store you can use it at school on the bus it’s really good to use wherever you go because if you feel really hot and nauseous or have any COVID-19 symptoms you can usually just use it after check your temperature if you have a fever or a cold I totally recommend this app you should so get it I would love for you guys to get it if you love this as much as I do please tell me in these reviews

Very helpful & reliable. When I don’t feel right, it’s pretty close accurate to a regular thermometer & handy to have until I have access to one

So Helpful ❤️✨☺️. This has really helped me keep track of my health and make sure i am still healthy. Now that Covid is starting up again, this app really helps look at my results and assures me im healthy

I’m not sure. It’s ok not sure if it’s accurate or not because it’s going to me having a 100.2 fever then like five minutes later I check it and it says 99.8 or something

Not As Bad As Everyone Makes It Seem. honestly it’s a decent app it does exactly what it says… (check your temperature). yeah it might be a little off but hay if you feel that way maybe you should have bought a thermometer?? 🤣

It measured my kids temperature and got it perfectly. Kinda crazy how this works. It reads your beats per minute and breaths. That’s how it determines your temperature. I already knew my kids was 100.7, so when it measured her temp at exactly that I was shocked. This isn’t a paid review or apart of a promotion. I literally just downloaded it, used it and it worked. Maybe it was a fluke? Idk. But I’ll take her temp tomorrow again with a thermometer and on here and see what happens then.

Do not get!!. I downloaded this without reading the reviews(big mistake I know) to check my temperature and the app says/advertises that it can check it. That is not the case!! Now I can’t figure out how to delete it before my card gets charged $20! At first I thought, oh $20 to check whenever. Not a bad deal! This is not the case. The app doesn’t have anywhere to contact anyone. I’m so frustrated.

Amazing!. This app helps me track my body temp even when I’m sick or just taking a well mesurement it always comes to the best temp! I highly recommend this app! 😃😃

Flu or Covid!. I had one the mama to my husband had that and my husband had Covid. No I was sick and I didn’t wanna take the thermometer from him because he used it this app was great great alternative so at least I know what a ballpark figure of what my temperature is thanks.

Read the disclaimer *** updated review. I have pneumonia and was away from a thermometer. I had checked it within the last hour and it was 102.8. I thought to try an app as it felt like I was much hotter. After purchasing the app, I didn’t read any of the disclaimer or some of the medical conditions that may influence your reading. So my reading wasn’t correct. Terrific quick support from the developers. I recommend this app.

ACCURATE AF WHATT. i got this app because i thought i had a fever and so i took the heart rate and breathing test and it said my temp was 100.6 and i was like no way this actually works and later on i got a thermometer took my temp and it was at 100.7 HOOWW IS THIS SO ACCURATE WHEN I ONLY GAVE YOU MY HEARTRATE AND BREATHING IT WAS ONLY .1 OFF?! thanks so much i’ll use this forever

I’ve been sick since Saturday. It’s now Tuesday.. I have been having a fever for a long time now and this app really helped me and was super fast to take my temperature! I don’t have a thermometer at home so this helps me a lot to see if I’m still sick.

Why I like it. I really like it but one thing I don’t know how many heart beats I have so that’s one things but I totally recommend it to everyone if you think it’s bad sorry for that then and I hope I stay healthy everyday

Simply Clever. Camera guided a load of extremely fact finding results that support previous diagnoses adding strategies and encouragement. Praise report to my employer for the opportunity to optimize non career benefits.

Seriously surprised very accurate. I’m a nurse couldn’t find a thermometer anywhere at the hotel. Tried this and was very surprised at how accurate it was. I know it was accurate because a relative came back from the store with a thermometer and I double checked spot on.

Easy to use and give quick results. Easy to use and give quick results

it look believable at first then confusing. So I downloaded this app today because i wanted to check my temperature of course. It started asking me if I know my normal temp end my bpm which i don't, and i understand this part of the app but it said if i had to get an accurate rating i would have to be over 18 which im not?? i would also have to have no asthma which either means like being diagnosed with asthma in general or maybe as like if i was having asthma like trouble breathing. But im not over 18😭😭?? Somebody kinda explain to me this app please, thank you!

No customer service. I recently had COVID & woke up one night burning up, I decided to download this app for the 3 day trial & I cancelled on the last day. I am still being charged & there’s no way for me to cancel this $22/mo subscription for an entire year?? No customer service email or number in sight. Please respond with a customer service email or phone number so I can get this figured out. Thank you.

Nowhere to Cancel Trial Before Being Charged. This app did not work for me. I just downloaded it, used it, and am trying to cancel the free trial. There is nowhere in the app to cancel the subscription. Extremely concerning as you have no way of knowing this before agreeing to the trial. Wrote to the email listed in response to the other comments mentioning this same issue, and will update this review if it’s ever resolved.

I Love this app!. I tried this app once bc I didn’t want to get up to get a thermometer. 😊😊 It said I was 102.5. When I felt like getting up, I checked on an actual thermometer and it said I was 102.7. Very accurate!!!

Great app!. This app is amazing! It lets you keep track of your heart rate & your breathing rate. Plus it shows you if you have a fever or not. Which right now, I am sick. And I do not have a thermometer🤒. And this app is completely free!! You can buy some things in the app but other than that it’s free! The last temperature 🤒 I had was 102.2 so now I know that I have a little bit of a high temp. So please this is and amazing app, again so if you don’t know if you have a fever 🤒 download this app. It helps so much Sincerely, Emery Jones

4 degrees off vs a Regular Thermometer. I downloaded this at 3am and it said my temperature was 102.6 and caused a panic. The next day we went and got a normal thermometer and monitored both results and this app always was 4 degrees higher in comparison when testing laying down, sitting and standing up. It’s a temporary substitute but not for the serious moments especially with the new strain of covid. I hope they work it out moving forward

5 out of 5. Okay so the first time you use this app, it will ask you a few questions such as “what’s you regular temperature?” Or “what type of thermometer do you have?” Once you answer, to take your temperature it’s surprisingly 100% accurate, as long as you measure your breathing correctly, it should be accurate. And it does link to the health app, which means it’s legit. It also was the exact same when I tried it with my thermometer!

NO. I purchased the “take my temperature” part in hopes to use as a thermometer in my class for when students aren’t feeling well. After paying it, within 2 minutes I realized that I had just wasted that money, because the app does not actually take your temperature. It checks your heart rate and breathing, and then gives you an “estimated” temperature. Is there anyway I can get my payment back? Because obviously the subscription was immediately cancelled, and the app will be deleted.

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Clever app. This is a very clever app for sickness or if you feel hotter than usual

Bad. Not useful

Can I get a refund??. I don’t wanna buy it. And I didn’t put auout my account details!! But pay. My kid did it. This is a fraud. I really wanna get beck my money!!

Temperature app. As I’m in covid isolation due to testing positive it’s easy to take my temperature and keep notes on how I am feeling each day

Amazing. It told the right temperature like an thermometer first I tested this app to check my body temperature it was ~ 36.5 and when I checked it with the real thermometer it was the same.

Bluetooth failed connect. Doesn’t work in my apple watch. I’m trying to connect the bluetooth to my watch but it keeps loading then failed to connect. So I uninstalled it.

Amoozing!. This app is fantastic and it's so spectacular that Al least the basic features are for free! Tysm for making this app!

How can cancel this app. How can I cancel this app

Body temperature - easy to use. User friendly app that makes taking your body temperature easy. I also like the save feature which keeps a record of your temperatures

Useless. How do I cancel my subscription

surprise. great app and accurate

Very accurate. Love this app it’s very accurate

Rubbish. This is a joke! Don’t waste your time and money on this app!

Apps a scam. Don’t bother using the app, it doesn’t even scan your body temp. You have to go down to the shops and buy one. Absolute scam.

Useless - readings are so wrong it’s funny. What rubbish. Please don’t buy this app. The body temperature methodology is complete rubbish and cannot be relied upon. It is beyond flawed. Complete waste of money.

Arrogant Americans. It’s in the american system useless for the rest of the world

Not Free. Download is free but to use will cost you. Typical App marketing campaign.

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accurate. True to measurement

Doesn’t do what it says. Disappointed I spent 25$ for something that doesn’t work. I bought this app because I’m pregnant and I’m traveling some where hot for vacation with hot pools to swim in. I wanted to track outdoor weather, indoor weather like our camper, and more importantly my body temperature. I wanted to make sure I wouldn’t get too hot so I could keep me and baby safe. I read all thru this app and it also said it connected to the Apple Watch 8 series to read body temperature - it does not. It also did not read y body temperature accurately at all. It said I had a fever when I wasn’t even close. I am so so so disappointed the one time I actually buy an app - it doesn’t work at all. And it’s not cheap to get an app like this so I’m even more disappointed that this didn’t work out because now I have to go purchase a new one. I have been unable to get any kind of refund and I’ve only had it for 2 days.

Best app. This app is so real trust me this is not a click bate I measured my temperature from app and then measured by real temperature. Interesting fact both were same so don’t hesitate to download this app

Do not download. Garbage. I deleted the app from my phone and it’s still showing

Body temperature. Is a neat app at least. Quick tool to have and pretty accurate. At least my experience.

it worked!!!. I didn’t think this app would work but believe it or not it did. I’m not one to write reviews.

Works well and is accurate. I’ve tested it out and it is the same as my checks so it’s worth it.

Good. Very accurate

Easy to Use. During this time of uncertainty,I found it beneficial to me as I had a cold and was anxious to see if I had a fever. This app helped me answer that question. Thank you!

Happy with all. Helps me have a good idea of my body temperature and if I’m fevered

Pricing. I purchased this to try for the trial and then decide if I would keep it and pay, they charged me right away and now I’m stuck with a payment I didn’t realize I would be charged with. 3 day trial should just be that TRIAL, not charged right away.

useless. doesn't tell me anything i didn't already know and i got hit with a surprise monthly charge. avoid this app.

Perfect. Simple temperature log with no account needed. Easy to use and no ads. Perfect.

Review. Easy to use, very clear directions with good potential.

Thermometer. What’s thermometer mean?

Parfait. Parfait pour mon suivi de grossesse

Temperature. The App helps tell you how you are feeling with your help of your own knowledge for example if you smoke or not. Your own heart beat is measured from the App. I find it helpful.

Thermometer. What is the point of this app? I needed a body temp thermometer and this app asks ME what my temperature is??

Accuracy. Way more better accuracy in Celsius than Fahrenheit when matching with traditional thermometer Reply to Developer • Compare with underarm. There is still a difference of 0.30 with traditional thermometer. In Fahrenheit, the difference varies too much between 2 to 4. When I convert to Celsius, it seems that I have a high fever. When taken directly in Celsius, it is closer to what was taken

Doesn’t Work. There’s clearly an x if I don’t want or need a subscription, but i can’t press it! It’s annoying. I’m not paying 13.49 per month when i can get a real thermometer for a 1-time payment i for 1 DOLLLAR Like, I’m not an idiot.

PLEASE READ. An absolute waste of space. It says that you can’t take your temp if you are pregnant, have had anything to eat/drink within two hours, can’t be on any meds, can’t have asthma, can’t sunbathe just to name a few! Plus it won’t let you actually use it unless you pay for premium🙄🙄

Body temperature. Accurate enough!

Body Temperature. Seems pretty good for measuring my body Temperature

Temp. Checking your temp and heart rate to see if you have a fever is great when you’re unwell

Eloeppky. I really find this app very handy especially, in the time we are right now..where temperatures have to be up to the date all the time

Temperature tracking. Easy to use. Keeps notes on family during multiple times per day taking temperature. Never done that before but can see the changes. Where else are you going to keep notes on temperature for future use. It’s simple.

Cancer chemo temp tracking. I am currently in chemotherapy and I have to track my temperature every day in case of an infection that I’m on unaware of. The temperature is a sure way to let us know if something is happening that shouldn’t be. This app is great at helping me track. I’m able to just show the doctor put my daily numbers.

Scam. Costs 3.99 PER WEEK, and it hedges a bet that you won't notice there is no free trial like other legitimate apps. I paid 4$ to use this app once. Learned my lesson and am now on my way to the drug store to purchase a real thermometer with no suprises.

Great App. I love this application.. i use it to measure my temperature and it works perfectly fine

Trial free, costs money. So as a surprise, I got charged right away for no valid reason. The app I thought was supposed to be for measuring body temperature, but it failed. Not only that, it failed in customer loyalty. Will never consider this app again👎

Cool. Pretty good

Keeping track of fever.. I use this app with my registered thermometer, I have frequent fluctuations in body temp due to autoimmune, this is an easier way to keep track of this symptom, and allows me to send this information to my doctor .

Amazing!!. This app was very helpful tracking my fever. Easy to use! Thanks

Unsubscribing. How do I unsubscribe

Doesn’t work. The app simply doesn’t work. The screen is frozen at the question what type of thermometer do I use…

It’s not a bad app but need for improvement. Actually they can estimate the body temperature... but I thin when an iPhone has infrared sensor for face id it can measure temperature in a good reliable estimate! Besides that, the app is OK the 13$ option is fair, of course any one can do all of this graphs for free himself but not everyone is mathematician!!!!

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Wonderful app!. I tried lots of apps to track my temperature, but that’s the best for me. No ads, simple and helpful. Now my health is under control.

Ok. Taking your temperature on the app can be off but, you can have a tracker to tell you if your fever is getting higher or lower you do need to pay for extra though all in all it’s a pretty good app

Great!. I use this app for whenever I don’t bring my temperature somewhere, it’s very accurate when you answer it correctly too. It’s such a good app!!

Just keeping track. I wouldn’t say this is 100% accurate and I’ll do it a few times to average out, however, It’s works for me.

Smart. I think given everything going on it’s important to have an app that lets you track your temp. As a nurse, I think it’s the responsible thing to do!

Handy. Very handy and convenient. It was more accurate than the one that we purchased.

Useful for Travel. Recently on a trip I started feeling bad. There was no way for me to purchase a thermometer. This app came in handy and I was also able to to measure my heart rate too.

Useful App. I’ve been monitoring my temp due to health concerns and this app has been very helpful. I’ve found that it’s been pretty accurate compared to my digital thermometer. This has been very helpful too me!

Great app. Really appreciate this app! I need to take my temperature three times a day for health reasons. This app logs all your temperatures and gives you an average. It’s exactly what I need!

15/10 AMAZING. This app saved my freakin life because i did not fell good at all so i measured by temp and it was 132 and i had a fever jt was a very bad one so i told someone and got sent to the hospital life saver

Simply incredible. We checked with a thermometer afterwards and I was spot on!!!!! The measuring your breathing seemed so accurate and very scientificall. I love this app. It has saved my life.

Amazing!. The app has no adds and works accurately. I definitely recommend it!

This app achieved all my needs!!. This app is amazing!!! My temperature was super accurate and very easy to use 😊 highly recommend.

Fake Temp. Read reviews and actually paid the 20. Assumed it actually used watch or biometrics from camera, both wrong - it uses a faulty math system to guess your temp. Heart rate plus breathing rate does NOT = your temperature accurately. Buyer or tester beware. If you need to know your temp for medical reasons this is not for you. They got my money but maybe I can save yours.

Quick way to check ur health .. For those who have trouble with normal treatments , or just want to have it done quickly. This app is fior u.

Life saver. This app was a life saver when I had a fever and had to have my temperature to show to my work place.

I’m not sure. It’s ok not sure if it’s accurate or not because it’s going to me having a 100.2 fever then like five minutes later I check it and it says 99.8 or something

Easy to use and give quick results. Easy to use and give quick results

From a accurate temperature. This app works! I even have a thermometer and I used the thermometer and than the app it had the same response!

Very helpful & reliable. When I don’t feel right, it’s pretty close accurate to a regular thermometer & handy to have until I have access to one

best app for sick people. My doctor told me to check my temperature twice per day so I found this app and track how I feel now. that's easy with reminders not to forget to track my fever

Momma saver. The details you’re able to write and add are the best for little ones when sick.

Definitely Recommend!. 10/10

Not accurate. This app is not accurate. I tried it several times and it was incorrect. It’s assuming it knows your temperature based on your heart rate and rate of respirations which could be completely different person to person regardless of their temperature. Very unreliable in my opinion.

GT app. I’m verry grateful I have this app so every hour I can always keep track of my temperature it’s verry important every day I keep track 💫💫💫

This is a very good app. It gives me exactly what I want and I don’t even need to buy premium! it has been getting my temperature right every time. I would very much suggest this app.

Temperature. This app is amazing I was wondering if I had a fever used this app than said I was 102 and it was right than I found out I have Covid it’s amazing

Amazing. When downloading it asked for trial. Press the small X button on the top right! It is so accurate it was only 0.1 off my dads temp

very useful. I'm kind of person who always forget where are my belongings. I lost several thermometers before this app. Now I can measure my temperature at any time and that's very important today

Loved it. Very accurate works well I used it and a thermometer and they both read within 1 degree apart or less so very accurate.

Doesn’t work. I downloaded this to check my daughters temp- it said no fever. When I check w a thermometer she was at 104!!!!! Very dangerous and not accurate app. I canceled same day and asked for a refund due to it not being a thermometer as advertised and also not being accurate and was not able to get a refund.

Easy to use. It’s very easy to use and saves the record. And links with my iPhone’s health app.

Anxiety. I get really scared of being sick and most of the time I’m not but when I get that anxiety of being sick I go to this app and when it tells me it’s calculations I feel a lot better

Very useful. I don’t necessarily have a thermometer and when I’m on a trip or vacation and I don’t have a thermometer I just can go on the app it’s very useful time to time

My experience. I had quite a time with this app. It was a bit difficult because I didn’t know was it telling me that my temp was to high or low. That’s what I’m using it for, because I don’t have a temperature checker!

Amazing!. This app helps me track my body temp even when I’m sick or just taking a well mesurement it always comes to the best temp! I highly recommend this app! 😃😃

Fever App. I think that this is a quick and easy way to check your temp! I absolutely love this app! Great work and stay safe!

I enjoyed knowing about my heart rate and temperature.. I was lying down which together with the in-app temperature check. The numbers were so on point. This was incredible.

Very impressed. This is useful when you don’t have a thermometer, and it’s very accurate.

No customer service. I recently had COVID & woke up one night burning up, I decided to download this app for the 3 day trial & I cancelled on the last day. I am still being charged & there’s no way for me to cancel this $22/mo subscription for an entire year?? No customer service email or number in sight. Please respond with a customer service email or phone number so I can get this figured out. Thank you.

Love. It’s great and accurate we’ve compared to real thermometer that we borrowed while I’m sick and this app is just on point and I can save my temp logs to show the doctors and it’s amazing

Of course it doesn’t work. Follow your instinct. This does not work at all. It doesn’t even measure your temperature. It measures your heart rate and you have to put in your breathing rate, which is easily manipulated since you have to tap with each breath. It then guesses what your temp could be based on that info. It told me 101.1. I used a thermometer and it was 97.9. Don’t waste your time.

Good app. I wasn’t feeling good on a trip, so I got this app to text my temperature and it made me worry less about me not feeling the greatest. Turned out I just had a head cold so everything is fine.

Body temperature. I use this everyday to make sure I’m not sick. Cause I’ve been feeling sick but the app helps me a lot with my health.

Helpful. Very useful when I need to check my body temperature in urgent and cannot go outside. Thanks.

Even though I didn’t pay. I was able to check my heart rate and my temperature that is great

No way to cancel!. I purchased this app because I was traveling and thought that I may have contracted COVID-19 and I did not have a thermometer available. The app confirmed that I had a fever and I later tested positive for COVID-19. I no longer need the app, but cannot find any way to cancel the monthly charges. I have reached out to the support feature on the app, but have not received any reply.

IT WORKS. So when i was sick I couldn’t find a thommnater so I downloaded this app tried it and the got a thommnater and compared them. And it was only 1 off of my actual temperature 😷🤒😄😄😄😄

Doesn’t work!!!. This was so fake dude, just made me mad, doesn’t even check heart rate correct just goes up randomized numbers smh🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

Comes in handy. It’s a very quick way to reassure you on how you’re feeling. It’s been pretty accurate and easy to use.

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Body Temperature App For Fever App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Added instructions for setting wrist temperature. Bug fixes.

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