Parking Jam 3D

Parking Jam 3D [Games] App Description & Overview

Slam the breaks! You’re in a Parking Jam!

It is time to leave the parking lot, but why are everyone else’s cars in the way? You need to move them … but hold on! It needs to be done in the right order, because these tight parking lots have tons of obstacles! Can you solve this tricky parking puzzle and get all the cars on the road? 

In this fun and colorful game, you challenge your logic skills, critical thinking, and timing precision. There are tons of beautiful car colors and patterns to unlock, to keep you on your toes. It’s super satisfying to flip the cars on the road (or into each other, if you pick them in the wrong order!)

What are you waiting for? Challenge your brain with this tricky game right now!

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Parking Jam 3D Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Bug fixing + performance improvements! Thank you for playing!

Parking Jam 3D Comments & Reviews

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- “No Ads isn’t actually true”

I paid for no ads. However, once I complete a set of levels it offers me a new “skin.” But to get it, I have to watch a video. There are these houses you can buy to earn more money, but you have to watch ads to upgrade them. So the only thing no ads gives you is not having to watch ads in between levels.

- Commercials/Ads!

Some of them are 30+ seconds. Frustrating. Read a comment about paying to remove and it stopped working and he lost his $3.00.

- False Advertising

The ad with a large parking lot with many cars intricately parked drew my attention to this app. After playing hundreds of levels...and watching many ads later, no level as such to be found. Just another trashy game plaguing the app store.

- Parking

It the worst thing ever

- Ads

there are so many ads that you can't play the game

- Cars!!!

This game is awesome! It brings a sense of true joy to me when we are all struggling from the ramifications of Covid-19. This game is life changing and I am thankful to be able to play it on an hourly basis every day.

- Not hard at all

This game is very bad and has so many ads. The only thing that changes is having a grandma that walks across the parking lot that can throw your car across the parking lot. The game doesn’t change at all and is horrible all around. Do not download.

- Fun game!

It’s a fun game to kill time or smoke 💨 with! Only thing I would change is, the last car out should pick up granny! That’s just me 🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️

- hey be better a your job

this game is the least challenging thing I've ever seen, you should probably try a lil harder when you make your games. that way they'll be uhhhhhhhhhh good

- Good for kids

So easy why 12+ this is for kids under 7 years old. Every other time I play there’s a commercial it feels like.


Decided to try this game and WOW!! If you have a problem with the ADS you can remove them for $2.99 as worth it. I do not understand why the bad reviews. This is an AWESOME game and so much fun. I play several times a day. A big THANKS to the developer as keep up the good work. It keeps your mind busy.

- best game

this game is so fun and really relaxing.

- Difficulty does not increase

Level 10 is same difficulty as left 100. Different cars if you buy them and I guess the houses are just for extra coin generators. Deleting app.

- Way. To. Many. Ads

I thought this might be a fun brain teaser game. Undownloaded after a few rounds because there’s a 30 second ad after each round (occasionally every other round). It took me longer to get through an ad than the round itself. Very frustrating, otherwise may have been a good game.

- Never get challenging

I got sucked into downloading the game when they showed a giant lot with dozens of vehicles. Challenging, right? I have now played a couple hundred levels and there are never more than 10 or 12 cars. Total waste of time!

- If it didn’t have so many ads....

Look it is fun, but there is an ad after every level. I know that is why it is free but they don’t really need an ad after every level.

- hope you like ads!

Like all Popcore games, you'll be subjected to a litany of ads almost every level, prompting you to either buy the ad free version or delete the game entirely

- Not Challenging

This is a terrible game if you want to play a challenging game. I went through the levels so fast and it wasn’t very fun. There are also a lot of ads and I personally do not like to pay to remove ads. If you are not looking for any challenge at all this is the game to go.

- Annoying

Not challenging and there are SO MANY ADS. Like literally after every round and to do anything (like purchase “new skins”.) wanted a fun puzzle game and this is not it.

- Doesn’t advance

I have been playing everyday for over a week and still can’t get off of day one and the levels when it comes to adding buildings has not changed in the past 5 days I can’t increase any of my building not sure what is wrong with this app but it doesn’t let you advance like the puzzle but ready to leave because I can’t not advance

- Got old quick

I got this game because it looked like a fun twist on a familiar puzzle game. However, this app completely missed the idea of it being a puzzle.

- Not challenged

Daily gift not working. Been on day 1 for a week. Opened all cars and locals by level 100 (day 1). Levels do not get harder. I’ve unlocked every decoration in the bonus land. I cannot warm more stars therefore I cannot level up, which is how I’m assuming I unlock the ‘coming soon’ extension. I rate this game five stars for potential, but only one star for its challenge level. I expected a better challenge due to the 12+ rating. Suggestions: **Increase the daily goals as players pass certain levels. **Remove random rewards and use an algorithm. (Each car with clean exit is $3, but each bump prior to exit is -$1.) **Build in more opportunities to fail beyond just hitting the old lady. X number is bumps and you have to start over. Decrease X as player increases levels. **Build in occasional challenges, such as removing blue car before red car OR clear the lot in X seconds. **Coming Soon extension opens a countdown timer after a certain number of stars accumulated. Can have a second ‘unlocking’ message once all decorations are purchased.

- What’s the point?

I thought this game would get harder.... I’m on level 612 and am sad to report that the game has not gotten harder. Such a disappointing waste of time... I will be deleting this game in a few minutes

- Awful full of adds! Every 2 games!

Do not download waste of time every 2 games it has a longer add! Awful!!!!! Even my toddler hate it!

- Always easy

The levels are wayyy too easy. I played a couple hundred levels and it wasn’t challenging at all. All the levels are the same basically. You will never get stuck or have to think. Way too boring.

- My dog could play this game.

Pretty sure this is the easiest game ever invented. Makes it dull as can be. With an ad every other level or $3 to remove them, just not worth it.

- Conspiracy 🤔

I think that they have adds every second so that people could pay not only that adds make money for the company like 2 cents an ad So when they make u pay 3 dollars then later scam you they are stealing just to make money let alone over charging u!

- NoT 5 stars

I think it’s a waste of time and the ad isn’t the same thing omg I gonnna delete it and it takes up so much space .

- Not challenging

I thought this game was going to be way more challenging than it actually is. This game is way to easy.

- Garbage

Absolutely garbage worst game I ever play i rather do my abcs then play this.This isn’t the only thing I could say 🤬🤬🤬

- This game is stupidly

It is so easy

- Fun little game

Lil mind challenging game, way too many ads popping between every 2 levels achieved

- Waiting for bigger grids

This game is fun and I paid to get the ads removed but would love to see bigger grids with more cars and bigger challenges. Otherwise it’s a good de-stresser.

- Hard but fun

I don’t like that sometimes you have to get in a car crash to win but it’s fun

- Ad too much

When i play like 2-3yime they have ad show u

- Coming soon?

I'm just waiting on the coming soon area to come already 🙄

- So amazing

This game is so fun and so challenging to but I like that there is not to many adds so I really recommend this game so go to the App Store and download it for free

- Pros and cons

So .... this as others have said has no challenge you can get stuck in a level if you move wrong and the grandma doesn’t move - but really that’s all. On the other hand, if you need something to tire out your eyes so you can fall asleep, this might be for you. I’m looking for something more challenging.

- Fun game, but ads are annoying

The game is fun and addicting. I’ve found a way to get rid of the ads. Put your phone on airplane mode before starting the game. It cuts off all internet connection, but it allows you to play without interruption of any ads. I’d give 5 stars if I didn’t have to deal with the ads.

- Fun to kill time

Very easy and simple game but good way to kill time.

- This gam is awesome

Is keeps me company

- Holy ads

So many....SO MANY ads. It’s ridiculous. Would not recommend this game for that reason alone.

- I love it

I love it so much it has a strategy I like because I have dislexea

- Finish developing this game!

I have been playing this game for weeks and have not been upgraded to any new towns cities or places. Stuck in the same parking lor as when the game began and for moths in the game it says new area coming soon! Foe Pete’s Sake when? Do not! Spend money until the finish developing the game because its obvious it was added before completion to mak a quick buck!

- Ugh

Cool game, Toooooooooooo many ads. Deleted

- Fun but....

It’s fun but the ads pop up at random times. I wouldn’t mind if they are set but they just happen out of the blue. But overall still fun.

- Way to many ads

Way to many ads

- Fahd wvenlsncb

Benefits of your videos are you loved and the best of your best friend and you loved ya ya know ya ya tyeo is the day I got all my grandma’s Christmas gift and gift card to you do you want me you know I’m not FaceTime you I know you have a lot going on I don’t know you have a lot of time and I’m sorry I can’t talk I’m going home now I have to a lot of love and to go to sleep I love you bye bye see ya ya hey bro

- Ads

Too many ads i just close the app and reopen donest count the add anymore

- Hmmmm.......??

This game is to easy and there are no challenges. I thought as you go up the levels there would be harder challenges but no. It’s a bit fun but it’s just pointless

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- Parking Jam

There are too many ads between each level

- Adds

Too much adds too often

- Fun but challenging


- 5 stars for the ads

If you enjoy ads with brief interruptions of a game than this app is for you

- Annoying adds

If you don’t have enough money to run an app! Don’t waste people’s time with annoying adds

- Too easy

Not very challenging at all, even at the higher levels.

- Too many ads

Too many ads

- Could be fun

The game seems fun but so many ads you barely get any time to play

- I luv it

I’m freaking obsessed 😍😍😍🤪🤪

- Ads

Simple and fun but way too many ads. You can only play two levels between ads, gets annoying.

- Too many adds

It’s fun but there are way too many adds it’s not even worth playing you spend more time watching adds then actually playing the game

- Not good

+12? More for 11 months old! Not challenging and lots of ads!!

- Adds out of control

Game is ok But the adds 🤬🤬🤬

- Meh

Ok game but gets really repetitive. Levels don’t get harder so it’s just the same over and over. Lots of ads

- Not at all challenging

I figured it would become more like the adds the farther into the game you got, to the point where it actually seems like a challenge to get 50+ cars out of one tiny area. I stand corrected. No matter how far into the game you get, the levels never get harder. They’re all just as easy as level 1, AKA literally everything. Theres no challenge at all. It’s boring.

- Way to many ads

There is a ad video after every level. Way to many!! Can’t even get into playing it cause you have To stop every time.

- Boring

Same thing over and over again, it’s boring and none of the levels are difficult

- Every level you must watch adds!??

Poor designer... You get this game to watch their adds only... rest nothing! A waste of time!

- Null_explanition


- Stupid

For every minute of play you have to watch 2 minutes of stupid ads. Not free.

- Too many ads plus

Too many ads it’s annoying every two games plus the game is good but so easy it makes it so boring on level 100 and I could solve it with my eyes closed

- Boring

Great game but so boring. Not difficult at all.

- Ads

There are too many ads. Every level you pass is an ad

- Fun game

Its a fun game but it’s to easy and way to many adds I get an add every 2 levels it’s so annoying!!!!!!🙄🙄!!!!!

- Lots and lots of ads

If you like ads this is the game for you

- Too much adds and videos

A 30 seconds video/adds plays every 2 turns or level change.

- Good

Very relaxing

- Too easy

This isn’t a game of puzzle where you have to think it’s just boring.

- Boring

Too basic with too many ads

- Over the ads.

I’ve reached over 200 levels but there is no challenge to the puzzles what so ever. And ads play every two puzzles, which is exactly why the puzzles are so easy this is clearly just a way to create ad revenue for the maker of this dumb game.And the sound control is garbage. I turn off sound in settings and the only sounds that stop are during the actual puzzle. All the ads still play and every other screen on the game makes noise.

- Leah

My little 5 years old loves it and she always happy when she won and that’s help her with the strategies to get out of the parking I love it

- Nice game

Too many adds

- Game

Good game. Not many ads. Not very challenging though. Still will play though!

- Too easy

I am at level 253 and it’s literally just as easy as level 1. Instagram had me intrigued by how hard it looked & in reality it’s nothing of the sort. Every 2 levels I get hit with an add. Not fun at all and 100% not worth it to pay for the add blocker.

- Pubs

Bcp pubs cher enlever

- Way toooo many ads, play twice , then ad...

Fun but not the amount of ads

- SO ... MANY ... ADSSSSSsss

Cute, fun game. But holy crap on a cracker the ads.... It’s not worth the $4 for the ad blocker

- Easy but very boring

After 115 levels I thought it would be much harder than it was. Showed an advertisement sometimes two every level so it’s not hard to guess what this app’s company is focusing on.

- Many adds

Way to many adds, that destroy all game and experience

- Boring with too many ads

It doesn’t get anymore difficult, I unlocked almost all skins (which weren’t interesting) and I’m already at level 100. Took me maybe 20 minutes

- Amazing

I am only 9 years old and I cannot stop

- Boring

First few levels are fun, but it doesn’t get any harder or more challenging.

- Very nice

Very nice game , when the other level is available?

- Not a good game

I thought the point was not to hit the other cars while moving them but it literally has you do that

- Too many ads

Literally more time is spent watching ads than playing the game.

- Oh my gods

So addictive even my son enjoyed playing with me

- Very amazing game give 5 stars my addiction to this game😍


- Not worth money

There are too many ads and it’s fairly pricey to upgrade to no ads. It’s not challenging at all, the instagram made it look very difficult, but after more then 80 levels I’m not finding having it grow in difficulty

- Hey

Follow me on tiktok @richierichmovie

- Lame

Too easy and too many adds

- 5/5

I just started and I love it it help people when there mad sow I say ... 5/5

- idk

just wish there wasn’t so many ads

- Too much advertisement

Good game but advertisement every minutes Too much

- Parking

Good game, however even though I paid to remove ads I keep getting them, very inconvenient and waste or money.

- Garbage

Levels are so easy, when will they get more difficult? At level 60 and feels like could still be level 5. So boring, and there is an ad after every level. Waste of time.

- Great fun... for a 3 year old.

So I downloaded this after seeing it pop up somewhere. The add I saw showed about 40-50 cars on the lot. I’m on level 550 now - thanks to my 3 year old! And still only 8ish cars each level. Incredibly easy & my 3 year old nails every level then claps & cheers. Definitely not a good game for anyone above preschool age as there is zero challenge to it. Also incredibly advertisement heavy. Each level, even at level 550, takes about 10-15 seconds. And there is an ad after every 2-3 levels. You spend as much time on ads as you do playing. You can pay to have ads removed... but for such a terrible game, why bother?

- Too many ads!

Too many ads that last 30seconds

- No

Pathetic amount of adds, at least 2 in between each level. Ruined a good game.

- Not moving

I’m playing this game every day & it doesn’t give you any daily rewards - it stuck on day one - very frustrating

- To many adds

As the title says. Every time you finish a level you get an add

- Goes no where

Quite different from your ad that I saw. Constantly the same puzzles, doesn’t go anywhere, haven’t had daily coins for 4 days now. Good to fill in some time but that’s it. Sorry guys.

- Aaarrggghhh

The ads are killing me. Seriously I can’t stand them after every movement you have to watch one. There are more ads that there is game.

- Could be more addictive

Concept is cute, strategy could be more complex/difficulties and love that you can also work on a lil town too. I understand and don’t mind purposeful ads - watch ads to double coins, get skins, etc. but also having an add every 3 games just ruins the experience and isn’t worth paying for. Sad to say I’ll probably end up deleting this

- Too many ads

Way too many ads. To remove is $4.49.

- Wow it’s free

With unlimited ads!

- Fun game ruined by wayyyyy too many ads!

I’d love to write a proper review but I honestly have spent the last half an hour watching more freaking ads than getting any actual game play!! Reduce the number of ads and then I might give it another go. At the moment, the ads are way too frequent and a complete overkill. Don’t waste tour time downloading this - it’s constant ads with little gameplay in between

- Too many ads.

Good game. But there is a 30 ad after every level and if you try and close the app to not watch it you have to do the level again. Will even give you the option for an ad to gain something. Even if you press no there is still an ad.

- Way too many ads.

It’s a cute little game but the ads are long and there are too many to make the game enjoyable.

- Where’s my daily gifts

Its a good game but whats going in with changes and moving on within the game No daily prizes Only 4 houses and a tram but nothing else Lets get an upgrade moving

- Cars

So much fun

- Disappointing

Great time wasting game if you like watching ads and repeating the same thing over & over. Persevered to level 250 and still no more than 11 cars in the lot and super easy

- Honestly so awesome

This app is so awesome because it lives up the ads for it. By level 30 I was actively trying to run everyone over, bang my head with bricks, and just wanting to play chicken with a speeding freight train. Just like how the ads made me feel, especially in game when they were popping up after each level. And then having to play an ad to get a reward you earned. Freaking awesome app. Everyone should play it, at least once before they fling themselves from a cliff.

- Not what it promised

Too easy and too many ads

- Over it

I was enjoying it as a harmless time filler though I don’t get the point of the town. Anyway, I got to level 200 and something and the game design changed. Now at the end of the level you get points out of 100 and then supposedly get different things. This digression has slowed the flow of levels (which is already slow due to adds after every 2 levels) and doesn’t add anything to the enjoyment of the game. Will probably delete game now.

- Good Fun but...

It’s good fun but it’s really easy make the levels more difficult cause it can get repetitive and boring

- Fun but gets repetitive

Was fun for the first 100 rounds, anything after that it just felt like you were doing the same thing over and over again. Wish the maps and challenges got bigger and wish there were more skins than what they are. Looks nothing compared to the ad that I watched for it. Speaking of ads, there’s usually one after every single round.

- Too easy and too many ads

No where near as good as the ad for this game implied. And the sound effects do not match the different skins. And the little side game of houses is just boring. Basically, there are better games to spend time on.

- So many adds!

So many adds!

- Way to easy

Downloaded from an add that had a huge plot and looked like a challenge... 400 levels in and it’s still the same tiny way to easy plots. The game got way to boring way to quick.

- Good fun

Adds are annoying but the game is great.

- Too many ads

Every game u play finishing with ads so 10 games equals 10 ads bit much and not worth my time to play or pay to remove the ads.

- Far to easy

Enjoyable for about 20 levels but to east

- Average at best

The game is cool to waste time on, but the constant ads are annoying and i don’t want to pay to remove them when the game is so simple. Also, the game uses so much battery life on my phone, i played for an hour and i’m down 40% charge. The small vibrations the game causes with every movement of vehicles is probably the cause. I’d like to be able to turn that off somehow, please? Over all, not too bad but could be better.

- Don’t play unless u wanna watch 100 ads

This game has way to many ads.

- Easy and addictive

I downloaded it yesterday and I’m now on level 476, have all my townhouses at the highest upgrade, and have collected all the different skins. Would love something more from the town house situation, and for the lot to become as big as I saw it in the initial ad that made me download the app. I purchased the ad free version 10 levels in because the ads were too frequent. Overall, great app to kill time.

- Fake ad

Downloaded the app because i saw an ad with a big plot and hundreds of cars. Even after reaching level 205 did not get the one shown in the ad. Very disappointed. In reality its just fewer cars and a small plot.

- Sweet

Game is sweet, another that is far more difficult in the ad than reality. A shame really, great potential

- Adds

Nearly an add every second lvl, and they were decent lengthened adds, long than the actual lvls took.

- Too easy

Cute little game to just waste time, but waaaaay to easy. Every level is so simple. Would like it to be more challenging.

- Addictive

Entertaining and addictive

- Too many adds

Too many adds

- To many adds

To many adds it because a pain to play because all as you get is add after add


to many adds ... they pop up every 3 clicks .... very annoying, they expect you to pay to get rid of them, wouldn’t be as bad if they popped up every now and then but it’s 5 adds every minute

- Waste of time

Way too easy - advertised as difficult

- Jett Catt

Fun little game ideal for just wasting a few minutes

- Ads

To many ads

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- Worst game ever....only because of ads!!!!!!

The ads are so frequent and LONG in this game. Couldn’t even do 1 minute of actual playing without an ad that lasted 40 seconds even though the timer said 30 seconds

- Ugh

The game is great. Paid for no ads and they cone up constantly

- Won’t work

The daily rewards won’t work

- Too many ads

I understand developers should be properly paid. But this game has too many ads, almost one for every challenge. Mostly they are 30s long, you can fast forward it after 5 seconds or so, but you cannot close it without it prompt a download page in App Store. It’s really annoying to switch back and forth.

- Ads

To many ads

- 4 star

The Reason I give it a four is because nothing is perfect.

- The ads pause Spotify so I deleted the app

I love the game but this is a big dealbreaker for me.

- Adds too frequent

Super fun little game but WAY too many adds. I can only play it for a few levels before it gets too irritating.

- Ads

To many ads for other games

- Why the ads?!?

There are too many ads. I like the game but not all these ads. More ads than the game itself. 😡😡😡



- Commercials

Commercials, Commercials, Commercials, deleted, deleted, deleted.

- Add Trap!!!

Can’t play the game because there are way too many adds! Long adds! This game is not fun enough to deal with!

- Parking jam

Parking jam is a not of fun I can’t stop playing it daloawd this game its so fun😀LOL

- Not difficult enough

No brain game, entertaining, but nothing to it. Over 650 levels and no increase in difficulty. Have all skins, cars and house upgrades.

- Adds

To many adds

- Love it!

I love this game!!! It has a very simple objective, which makes the game fun but it’s also somewhat challenging and it’s great for all ages! It’s a puzzle type game so it is also good for brain! It’s very addictive!

- Not for adults

Gets old real quick around level 200

- Good Stress Relief Game

This is an ok game to play to relieve some stress. The daily rewards don’t work and it would be nice to have more of a challenge. More vehicle skins and scenery would be great even though I’m partial to the fire trucks.

- WeII I’m Adiccted

Dude I’m at IeveI 12354

- Boring, easy, full of ads.

Yawn-inducing. Simple. Ads every other level. Deleted it after Level 10. Better options available.

- Ad machine

More ad time than gameplay

- Great


- Fun

I njoy playing

- Amazing

I quite frankly have nothing bad to say. I mean it’s a good game easy to wake you up in the morning. I haven’t once ran that little grandma over I got the Jurassic period on this game but there was no dinosaurs I thought that the cars would turn to dinosaurs but they didn’t and I thought that the grandma would turn to a dinosaur too. I would love the game more if that would happen. Sincerely. B

- Addictive But...

Hi Guys! I love this app! I’ve been playing this for quite a while now. I love it. But... when I kept continuing... I felt like this game wasn’t challenging to me anymore. Let me show you why. I’m on a high level right now. I thought it was gonna be hard. But no. I completed it right away. In my mind, I was like, “Wow, that was easy.” I didn’t get it. High level and it’s was easy!? Impossible. Like I said before, it’s addicting! But I’ll only give you guys 4 full stars because I love this app. And one empty star for the “Not challenging enough” issue. Thank you guys for you hard work!

- Boring

There’s no challenge. No rules. There aren’t any penalties for crashing. No move counter or objectives. It doesn’t matter what you do so who cares.

- Best game ever

The game is pretty challenging but not to hard at all, it is a great destressing game

- 💯✌️💜🙏🏼😁


- It’s too easy,needs to be harder

So at first it was kinda hard. Then it got too easy,a few days ago my baby cousins came over I let one borrow my tablet the other one my piano. Later I found out he wasn’t using the app I told him to play,HE WAS PLAYING THIS. He played it like it wasn’t even hard and I didn’t even show him how to play. And he’s not even my age.

- Too many ads

Seriously do we have anad avery single turn!?

- Disappointed

Unable to collect my daily rewards

- Too much ad every 2 plays

Deleted the game! Too much ads!

- Waaaaay too many advertisements 🙄

You can only play one or two levels at a time. Then you have really long adds that you cannot skip. It’s really annoying and not fun

- Ok

Game is fun but you spend more time watching ads for other games

- Parking jam


- Parking jam is my jam

This game is only number two it should be number 1.

- New game

This game is not very challenging!

- Love this game!!!

Definitely a 5 star game! I would recommend this game to anyone!

- A walking piece of crap

Just like every other mobile game this one is jam packed full of adds, it’s like “oh I’m sorry did you say you wanted to play the next round, TOO BAD YOU GOT TO WATCH AN ADD” For real I’m pretty sure I’ve spent at least 1/20 of my life watching adds, and no I’m addicted to my phone. Ok maybe a little bit... anyways here’s a tip to these mobile game companies, If you actually want people to play your game, drop the adds, and make a decent game!

- Too easy

The ad shows dozens of cars, but there’s never that many and it never gets harder.

- JewGipsey21

So I downloaded the game through Facebook on my moms iPhone 5s. It said $3 for no ads I clicked it and it automatically purchased it without a fingerprint! So right now my moms all out of toilet paper cheddR. Please can you mail me my check thank you .

- Ads

Long ads often

- Waste of time for me

I downloaded this from an ad of a huge board with over 50 cars that needed to be cleared. I’m over 250 levels in and have solved all the “level up” advantages. And still the same board over and over again with 8 cars max. It never grew. And after reading reviews, people are over 1000 levels in and haven’t had the change either. Going to uninstall. I wanted the big board to move. This is false advertising. If you enjoy something just to do, this would be fine but it is a small board and nothing changes after you reach a certain point.

- I like the game but...

There are to many ads. After every level there is an ad. Sorry but I am deleting it. I know you can pay to not have the ads but EVERY game wants you to do this and I can’t pay for them all.

- Parking jam is the best game ever

I’m only on level 11 but I still love this game tomorrow I’m going to convince my whole family to get this game

- Best game ever had on my phone

Gah hotdog’s FM cycling

- Love this easy game

I have some games that are very challenging and frustrating, but once in awhile I just want to play something easy. This is fun and cute and lets me win when I’m constantly losing on others or have to wait hours or days for more “lives”!

- Boring....

Zero increase in difficulty from level to level. No level increases. Daily rewards don’t work. Good concept. Poor execution. The Ad showed a huge board with tons of items to be moved. False advertising. Avoid. Two thumbs waaaay down.

- Too Easy!

I’m on level 65 and it still only takes me 10 seconds to solve levels! Waste of time!

- Boop here’s a noop

This games cause me to road rage 😡

- Adds

To much add.

- Fun but easy

Not very challenging

- No challenge

Not challenging at all. Gets boring when you reach higher levels 🤷🏻‍♀️

- Game

This is a ok game.there need to be more money 💰💸💵 and there is a home in it and they need to tell you that so we and me know.but otherwise it is a ok game. That’s all I have to say to day

- Too many ads

Person gets to play 2-3 levels and then gets hit with a 15+ second ad. Not worth the time watching ads

- Too easy too many ads

Fun game but need less ads, and it’s not difficult

- Too many adds

There’s to many adds and the game is pretty easy

- Boring

Very boring as the levels don’t get any harder as you go along. I hoped by level 400 it would be more complex and a challenge. It’s not, interest lost

- Ridicules adds

At first there are few adds, now around level 60, I get an add every single level. Furthermore there is no incentive to watch a 30 second add to play this barely a game. And on top of all of this, you can’t disable adds using data in the settings. To the dev. How dare you withhold me ability to disable data use.

- Little challenge

The concept is fun, but there’s no consequence for hitting other cars or anything. Where’s the challenge??

- Super fun adds

Super fun adds and every now and then they let you play the game.

- No adds!!!!!!!!!

I waited for 8 level s for an add

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- Nice game

Enjoying the game.

- Rubbish okay ads

Ads easy urrrrrrrrrrr

- Ok game

For people complaining about the ads, just turn your WiFi off. Done. No more ads.

- Too easy, amount of cars needs to increase per level.

After a few levels it becomes monotonous and boring. Needs more cars, bigger lots and harder levels. Would pass the time if it was improved.

- Too many adverts

Far too many adverts in this game and whilst playing a level it will open up the App Store multiple times!! Very annoying and really frustrating! If it wasn’t for the ridiculous adverts and constant app opening it would be an enjoyable game!

- I can not stop playing this game

I love this game so much

- Not what the advert showed

It seams really good at first but it is very easy and boring.Don’t get it.There’s no ambulance or anything that is in the advert.😤

- I give up , not getting anywhere .

I’ve had fun and got to level 1400 in less than 2 weeks but it’s too easy. I have all car sets and backgrounds and now nothing to do other than collect money so I quit . I can collect rent from houses but it says coming soon on bill board so can’t do anymore.

- Leaves app to open ad

I don’t mind ads on free apps - used to it and understandable. But this app (without any clicking) in the middle of gameplay leaves the app and opens App Store for different apps like BetFred? I did not know these “pop up ads” have now moved into apps

- 😬

When do we move to more cars on level 500 still only 10 or so cars annoying. Add more levels still stays on day one on bonus collection ?

- Rubbish

Far too many adverts...lost interest...deleted

- Boring

It’s just to easy and is very dull

- Adverts!!!,

Far too many adverts, I have deleted the game because of them. Otherwise, not a bad game, but if they want people to play this, just don’t put so many adverts in. Waiting for 20-30 seconds after playing a couple of games every time is infuriating

- Games okay but too many adverts!!

The game is enjoyable enough but there are WAY too many adverts. I’ve reached level 30 and my limit of adverts so I’m now deleting.

- Dumb game

This game is trash 🗑 I’m trying to get the level full of cars 🚘 and don’t waste your time on this game 😡

- Alright to pass the time BUT.. mentioned by other reviews, far too easy and yes far too many adverts. Managed to quickly get to level 250 to try to get the final set of cars but once getting those (having already got all the other sets of cars), getting all the environment, and all the houses that was it! No point in playing any more. It was fun for a while but way too easy.

- Great game but glitchy

My app keeps crashing and I don’t know why. Also my bonus daily coins won’t get past 2 days but I play everyday.


This game is awesome and helps you with the real parking!!

- Too many adverts

You spend more time watching adverts than actually playing the game. The game is good but too easy. Doesn’t seem to get any harder. Very repetitive.

- Okay

Well I downloaded this gain 5mins ahi already on level 100 . It is way to easy but it is also a fun game if you don’t think hard enough then it will be challenging but is just about really not thinking so it will be hard.

- Repetitive

No variety

- Advert Jam

Nice little game reminds me of rush hour I had as a kid But advert after every Jam for 30seconds everytime... toooooo much!

- Poo

This is horrible never ever down load it it is terrible the person who made this game has ask there family to do nice views so whatever you do don’t down load it

- Good game gone wrong

Thourouly enjoy this game which is spoilt by the regularity and length of time of the advertising!!!!!

- Boring to easy

It’s not like the add at all!

- Easy

Way to easy

- Don’t bother

Too easy! And way too many ads!

- False advertising?

I saw the advert of this game showing a huge car park full of cars. I paid to get rid of the adverts so I could quickly progress to that level, £2.99 so not much of a loss. I’m on level 1039 and witnessing a repeat of the first levels I played. There’s no level progression with this game, it’s too easy, and I’ve completed all the house building, got all the cars. It’s gone from a fun game to a boring one and a waste. I feel lied to and I feel that I was lured in by false advertising. I’m glad I paid as little as I did because the effort the makers have placed into this game is the bare minimal. I teach how to make games for a living, and a game like this is simple to make, the extra levels of progression are easy to make. Sort it out.

- Crap

To meany adds and the game bugs out

- Addictive

but how do you progress to the bigger levels?!

- To many adverts

To many pop ups makes you not wonna play

- No difficulty, no challenge

I played until level 110 because I wanted to really see if it would get some sort of challenge, but nothing. It’s always a 10 cars small parking with exits everywhere. I finish every level within 5 seconds. BORING. I think it’s just made to get money from the ads you get every two levels (=every 10/15 seconds). Please don’t waste your time downloading the game.

- You should get it

I think you should get it so then you will know how to do this in real life and it is increasing difficulty but it is hard on level 11 cause you just lose your mind and love it

- Adds

To many adds x

- Boring

It’s the same thing over and over

- B O R I N G

Wanted levels like the advert with loads of cars in. I’m on level 350 now and still only 8-10 cars!! Bored now!

- Amazing

One word. AMAZING

- You are the best


- Need more difficulty!

Good enough game, but seriously needs harder levels. After 300+ levels still nothing like the adverts... sort it out please!

- Disappointingly easy

Got many levels in and was expecting difficulty to increase but it just didn’t happen.

- Don’t know what to think of it

REALLY EASY if your bored I would recommend not using this game but for fun and for 9 year olds this maybe the game for you

- To easy

It’s a good game but I Downloaded this game because I seen an ad with about 30-40 cars as a puzzle I am on level 140 n still on got about 9-10 cars at most disappointed false advertising deleting this game

- progression

Want to progress to the puzzle indicated on the advert with around 20-30 vehicles and even though the advert shows levels around 15-27...I’m on level 130 and still too easy... when does it get like the advert?

- Its good but

Way too many adds literally pass any level and it goes to an add. Love the game but need way less adds, its getting really frustrating now as all i seem to be doing is watching ads rather than playing the game. If it doesn't change will delete.

- Parking jam

It is cool but frustration so it’s a bit like frustration

- Parking jam

This game is a amazing for young and older people it is just wow 🤩

- Game good but..

Fun game but it is easy and repetitive. I like the option of not collecting our data please.

- This game is good but....

This game is really addictive and fun but it’s just the same advert over and over again. Other than that I love this game!!

- The amazing game

It’s a good game because you can play a game and learn at the same time it’s making you focus

Parking jam 3D ok

【新作】ぎゅうぎゅうに停められた車を駐車場から出庫させる、パーキングパズルゲーム『Parking Jam 3D』のAndroid版が配信開始!

【新作】ぎゅうぎゅうに停められた車を駐車場から出庫させる、パーキングパズルゲーム『Parking Jam 3D』のiOS版が配信開始!

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Parking Jam 3D 1.4 Screenshots & Images

Parking Jam 3D iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Parking Jam 3D iphone images
Parking Jam 3D iphone images
Parking Jam 3D iphone images
Parking Jam 3D iphone images
Parking Jam 3D iphone images
Parking Jam 3D ipad images
Parking Jam 3D ipad images
Parking Jam 3D ipad images
Parking Jam 3D ipad images
Parking Jam 3D ipad images
Parking Jam 3D Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Parking Jam 3D Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Parking Jam 3D (Version 1.4) Install & Download

The applications Parking Jam 3D was published in the category Games on 2020-02-08 and was developed by Popcore GmbH [Developer ID: 1375461777]. This application file size is 269.85 MB. Parking Jam 3D - Games posted on 2020-03-25 current version is 1.4 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions.

Parking Jam 3D Advisories: Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence
Infrequent/Mild Mature/Suggestive Themes
Infrequent/Mild Alcohol, Tobacco, or Drug Use or References
Infrequent/Mild Sexual Content and Nudity
Infrequent/Mild Medical/Treatment Information
Infrequent/Mild Realistic Violence
Infrequent/Mild Horror/Fear Themes

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