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What is parking jam 3d app? Parking Jam 3D is one of the most downloaded Puzzle Board games with more than 50,000,000 installs.

Parking Jam is a fun and addictive puzzle board game. It’s more than just parking - it's a fun driving experience that'll take you to another level!

Jams in parking lots, challenging parking situations, angry grannies and much more. Experience one of the best parking board games, get rewarded and unlock skins, solve puzzles which get harder each level, choose which car to move so you can find smooth exits without hitting anything and anyone, build up properties, rent them and get "idle money" from them, complete levels without getting stuck, and more! Just make sure you don’t mess with Grandma...

In this funny and colorful game, you challenge your logic skills, critical thinking, and timing precision.

▶ PLAY the full Puzzle Board game experience offline and on the go.
▶ SWIPE to accept challenges, complete different levels and maps.
▶ GET more cars, skins and scenes.
▶ BUILD UP idle rental properties.
▶ EARN money by completing levels and collecting the rent.
▶ UNBLOCK the parking jam.

▶ RELIEVE your stress. Get out of the parking lot or just hit the cars without filing a claim or paying for repairs!
▶ LEVELS which get harder every time and require skills and critical thinking to be beaten.
▶ CUSTOMIZE cars by getting rewarded after challenging new levels and unlocking skins.
▶ CONSTRUCT HOUSES and collect the rent.
▶ LEARN how to unpark smoothly without hitting anything, just choose the right car to move.
▶ LAUGH WITH GRANNY observing how this little old lady ain't fooling anybody. She's a beast - flipping cars and throwing them in your face!


Slam the brakes! You’re in a Parking Jam!

It is time to leave the parking lot, but why are everyone else’s cars in the way? You need to move them … but hold on! It needs to be done in the right order, because these tight parking lots have tons of obstacles! Solve this tricky parking puzzle and get all the cars on the road!

In this fun and colorful game, you challenge your logic skills, critical thinking, and timing precision. It’s super satisfying to flip the cars on the road or into each other, if you pick them in the wrong order.

But the best is to try to hit granny: don’t even think about it!

What are you waiting for? Challenge your brain with this tricky game right now!

From the studio that brought you other free games like Pull the Pin, Paint Puzzle, Sandwich!, Clash of Blocks, Paint The Cube and more!


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Parking Jam 3D Version 154.0.219 January 2023

Bug fixes and performance improvements. Thank you for playing!.

Parking Jam 3D Version 149.0.213 November 2022

> Bugs fixes for undisturbed hours of fun. > Don't forget to leave us a review, we actually read them!.

Parking Jam 3D Comments & Reviews 2023

- Great game!!! But I’d like less ads…

Parking Jam is an amazing game. It’s got great graphics, cool vibrations and LOTS of events. However, I just reached level 100, and the levels aren’t very hard. I mean, yeah, they’re harder than level 1, but not as hard as they are in the ads for this game. Only the challenge levels are, which are my favorite part of the game. They are strict on mistakes, letting you only make 2 or 3, whereas the normal levels give you about 10 extra moves. And the challenge levels have timers, too, which I enjoy. The graphics are outstanding 👏👏👏. I have 3 things to say that I would change. 1: there are ads after about every other level. And the levels don’t last very long, so that is very annoying. But, they let you skip after about 10 seconds, so I guess I just don’t like ads in my face. 2: When you collect a puzzle piece, it doesn’t always go to the same puzzle. I probably have 10 different puzzles going on. This annoys me because I don’t know when I’m going to finish my puzzle. 3: There are too many events going on at a time. Races, puzzles, there’s a car building one and a Halloween one (this was written on October 25 of 2022) and a bunch of events. Events, events, events. But I really enjoyed this game and it’s a good mobile game, at least for my iPhone 11.

- Always glitchy - October 2021

New update and all my progress on the hard challenges has been lost. I’m not going to unlock and play the 200+ rounds all over again. They were annoying enough the first time around. Wow! Thanks parking jam. Do you delete all negative reviews after a while? We’ll see how long this one lasts since it’s not as negative as my origin review. I was enjoying this new update. I like that there are new harder challenge levels and the hearts/lives thing is pretty cool. What I don’t understand is the stupid time limit on the hard challenge level. Some of those levels take planning and you can’t do that in the insanely short time you give us. I had one level where I had to watch 4 ads to get an additional 15 seconds each. Especially since we have to wait until the pedestrian gets out of the way! That chews up time! Get rid of the stupid timer!!!!!! Also, what is the point of the building portion of the game other than to get coins? I don’t want a whole city of the same ugly gold building! I want to keep some of my buildings at a lower level and then move on to the next building, but you can’t! Every building has to be maxed out before you can build the next one. Then you can’t even edit a building. How ridiculous and boring! Not all houses are the same. That should be changed. There are still way too many ads. I don’t need an ad every two levels.

- Oddly satisfying - but need more levels

I am level 1252 and I have upgraded my city to the max and I have over 6 million coins with nothing to spend them on. And I can’t upgrade my city anymore… The sign says, “coming soon.“ I have also unlocked all of the content. I think it would be really cool to have multi level parking garages and maybe you build them with coins that you get from collecting from your city, and make them as ridiculously expensive as real parking garages are. And you flip up and down through the levels of the parking garage trying to find ways to get the cars out. The longer it takes to complete levels, the more coins you lose because of the cost of parking in the garage. I think it would also be cool to have more interesting obstacles, like those spike strips that pop up if you try to go the wrong way out of the rental car garage. Or other hazards, like parking lot fires that you need to avoid. Or, maybe put granny in a car behind the wheel and she is driving aimlessly and you need to avoid her. Because that’s real life! Just give me something to spend my coins because I’m starting to get a little bit bored, although I do enjoy the boss levels and the challenge levels. Thank you!

- Too many ads right off the bat

I wanted something to do when I was tired and wanted to wind down or de-stress. I was pre-pared to buy the ad-free version but wanted to make sure I would like it first. By level 4 there was an add between “levels” which was moving 3-7ish cars. They have “showed” Me it was a little hand on what to play at the beginning of the first three levels. I didn’t even have a chance to decide if I really liked it or not. The problem with the ads is that it took a while, and then to the Avenue didn’t have a way to get out of the ad. One of them I had to hit go like I was actually gonna partipate with the ad. The next one the only way to get out of it was a hit yes that I wanted to download it from the App Store and then I had to go through canceling that 4 times before it would let me back into the game and I said screw it. I was spending more time with ads than I was on the game and I had barely started it. So I deleted it. It bums me out because I think it may have been fun possibly, but no way to really tell without spending more time on ads than the game to even find out. It would be nice if the ads started out a little bit later, or maybe even if they were just shorter and you didn’t have to click a button to end, That I just automatically returned you to the game when it was done.

- Major lag??? (Not my internet or phone)

I was really enjoying this game, like seriously loving it, but I quickly noticed major lag. I’m not talking a few glitches, I mean almost completely crashing, screen entirely frozen, unable to even get out of the app, kind of lag. One of the “challenges” of the game is dodging pedestrians, usually it’s not big deal and super easy to get around, EXCEPT when the game lags so hard that when you swiped for the car to move it delays 5-10 seconds and makes you lose because you “hit” the pedestrian. Have lost several levels because of this. And no, it is not my internet, everything else in my home works great. And no, it’s not my phone because as soon as I manage to get out of the app the lag is completely gone and none of my other apps do this. I have no idea what’s wrong but it’s caused me to delete this game because of how incredibly laggy it is. On top of that after playing almost 100 levels I looked at the reviews and one caught my eye. Looks like I’m not the only one who noticed how the level difficulty doesn’t change after lvl 5. ??? What’s the point in continuing to play if there’s no challenge involved besides the incredibly awful lag. No thanks, I’ll pass. Glad I checked the reviews before wasting more of my time on this game, I hope mine saves another poor soul from wasting their time.

- Parking Jam

The wrench tool symbol takes up too much room on my phone screen and I literally cannot see the walls/exits in the game. The red exclamation is annoying. I completed the skin but it won’t turn off. It is very much ruining the game. Finally when I see Coming Soon sign I expect it to materialize but Soon has come and gone and so much more could be enhanced yet it remains grey. Otherwise it is a fun game. Please fix the tool symbol with exclamation mark going into the actual game - I cannot play it like this and I have no way of fixing it. I even completed the car & watched all the commercials and the exclamation mark is still there which makes no sense. I can’t play the game any more that’s not what you want is it? Sorry for my grumpiness I am in chronic pretty bad pain. I’ve been playing PJ to try to distract my mind from the pain and it’s yes oddly satisfying so I guess I get threatened when too much stuff on screen makes the game much harder to play. I like your game. Please fix the red exclamation marks to go off. They aren’t going off on the left side. It’s very distracting.


EDIT 2.0: I am incredibly impressed by how responsive the dev team was and by the game improvements in the last couple updates. The game play is near-flawless and I got my auto skin (although the beetles and buses are my jam). Thank you! Edit: I received a response from the developer and they state that they are aware and working to fix their bug issues. Upgrading to four stars for solid communication and ongoing fixes. Looking forward to bug-free game play and a full five star review. ORIGINAL: This is one of my go-to games for quick distraction between meetings and appointments. While it’s engaging, it’s not mind boggling or complex play - simple. However it is chockablock full of minor glitches that get incredibly frustrating. This latest “event” is what prompted me to finally write this review. Three days to “build” a new auto skin consisting of 14 pieces. I got to ten and was never offered to install another equipment item. I played about 150 levels over 24 hours yesterday and did not receive another option even once during that time. I’ll still play the game but player beware that this game is not as simple or relaxing as it’s promoted to be.

- Devs adding content!

Yo I downloaded this because it seemed the thing to do and it’s sat in my chill puzzle game folder for like two years now? Back before you had to complete a buildings evo line to move to the next idk. I loved how simple it was without any extra nonsense to it. Just get the cars out “Don’t hit people!”. I also bought the no ads bc i hate randomly getting them and i wanted to show extra interest in this little app. But the Devs have been adding extra content a little at a time and I love it. The daily’s the scavenger hunt, this put a car together? The skins?!! Even the challenge levels are fun. They’re a good brain buster without being impossible. Plus in game coins are easy to get, I with there was more to spend them on after buying all the purchasable skins but I’ll have a nice bank for if something more comes out for them! I don’t even mind watching ads for second chanced or to hurry along the check list. If you like puzzles and cute animations and sounds, and also hate how complex every app game has to be these days. This is the app you wanna check out.

- Fun but frustrating

I definitely enjoy playing this game. I love the challenges. The frustrating part are the levels. They don’t change. There is no challenge to them. You have to clear about 20 levels to play the challenging games. It is very boring to play those levels and it’s making me want to quit playing. It seems the levels should get more difficult too or at least chance the parking lot.!it’s the same screen over and over. They have great concept with this game it just needs some improvements. There are blinking exclamation points too that don’t go away. They want you to watch all the advertisements. Sometimes if I want to I do watch but most of the time I don’t. I am sick of them blinking at me telling me there’s something I need to do only to find out I need to watch 5-6 advertisements to get that to stop. No thanks! I don’t normally write reviews. This game has some really good parts. In this case I’m hoping the designers read the review and make some improvements, especially to the levels. If they don’t ever change I think eventually I will give up.

- Gets boring pretty quick

Game works well. But after 3 days Im bored. There are three basic levels- 1) small parking lot you can play for free. Really easy and gets boring quickly. You must clear a certain amount of these to progress to a challenge level. One challenge level for each 10-15 small parking lots. Challenge level Has a normal, which has about 70-80 cars and is not timed. The Hard level is timed and you have about a minute to clear 70- 80 cars. If you fail one of these levels you use “lives” and earn more lives by waiting, or watching videos. Occasionally there is a boss level, which has a lot of cars but ~10 minutes to clear them. There is also a the ability to customize the cars, and the setting for the small parking lots. These doesn't change the game play, and are meh. You earn these by watching more videos. Finally, there is a weird village that you must build buildings using the $ you earn in the parking lots. Each building gets upgraded until it looks like a stack of bit coin. Have no idea what this static land does, there is nothing to do but build buildings, and watch videos to add yard decor. Pass.

- What’s wrong with this app?

Now when I press on your icon it starts to load up but when the line is completed my screen goes back to my home page so I can’t play at all!! Is that your answer to my plea for help? Thanks a lot ! I really did like your game. I was looking forward to playing the big parking jams which I never got to, even after playing over 800 levels!!!!!!!!! Now I guess since you won’t or can’t fix it I’ll have to delete the game I liked best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the second time I’m writing a review! The same goes as in the first! I press on your icon and the white line shows up when it stops the game doesn’t show up my home page does!!! I did delete your game because of all the glitches now with the second game the glitches are happening again!!!!!! CAN YOU PLEASE FIX THIS GAME FOR ME SO I CAN PLAY AGAIN. I’ve been try for a few days now and haven’t been able to!!!!!!!! OR I’LL HAVE TO GET RID OF IT FOR GOOD!!!!!!!!!! I don’t want to but if you don’t fix it I won’t have a choice. It upsets me to the point that my blood pressure goes up! That I can’t play it!!!!!!!!

- Frustrating in too many ways

My reviews were deleted three times c while I was writing them. I didn’t want to have mine deleted again, and the only solution I saw was to write it in my notes and copy and paste it into App Store. But besides that, I have plenty of complaints. First, what’s up with the challenge levels? Often when I try to take out a line of cars all at once, one or more will stop against a car that was long gone in the lanes. It uses moves, and especially in the hard levels when I have a limited amount of time, it’s very inconvenient. Second, there are way too many ads. After nearly every level, there’s an ad and even if I purposely quit a challenge level, an ad is there to say hello. And I’m definitely not paying for a mobile game I hardly play. Third, the people often pause when a car is still a good way away and wait for it to come to hit it. Finally, it’s not challenging enough. The normal levels only have a few cars to take out, and not even limited moves to do it. I can even just bump against cars and obstacles repeatedly to get coins from the missions. Adjustable difficulty would greatly improve this. That’s my review, Parking Jam. Maybe on the next update you can make this worth my minimal storage space.

- Could be great

This game could be great but as it is a 4 year old could master it. At level 900 the lots are the same as they were at level 1, 5-10 cars and no real thought to get them out. The challenge levels are fantastic, limited moves, tons of cars, takes some real thought to clear them.....only problem is you have to clear 30 mind numbing levels to get to them!! I have seen people complain about coins but if you build up the houses you get more coins than you could use!! By level 800 you have maxed out the houses, bought all the car packs, and earned all the sets, the only thing you’re still working on are the different people for your lots and those don’t cost coins just clearing so many challenges. The challenges cost coins to unlock but you should have more than enough to unlock them by the time you get to them. In the next update, if there is one, could you make the levels get increasingly harder to hold an interest between challenge levels!?! You could offer spare moves for coins or something just make it more difficult the further you go! This could easily be a 5 star game if the actual levels increased in difficulty the same as the challenge levels do!!

- Please add Dark Mode or a Dimmer (too bright).

Not a bad gaming app. I wish they had a dark mode or a screen color change option though. The white screen is so bright when you’re playing the game that it can be a bit distracting. A lot of other moving parts happening within the game too but unfortunately I don’t know what they’re suppose to do. There should be tutorials added for those other “in-game” side-game options along with the quests. I have a question I can’t complete because I have no idea what it’s referring to. Would also be nice if the ADs weren’t so long. 5-15 seconds should be max to keep the attention of the player. 1/2 minute (30-seconds), is just too long and makes me lose momentum to keep playing. I tend to just log off the app when I see a 30-second AD. Also the skins should have more variation. My options repeatedly are medieval, alien and castle. I rarely see anything else so I always decline the AD to add the skin. Also consider adding sound design to the skin so it it’s nature, let’s hear the birds chirping, etc. it could elevate the experience. Still not a bad gaming app but could use some improvements.

- Decent Game, I like it!

I’m a senior citizen and like to play games to pass the time. I see a lot of complaints about the ads on some of the reviews. I paid to remove the ads after I had played the game long enough to know I would not be deleting it right away. There are still options to watch ads for skins, but I never do it because I don’t care about them. The only time I watch an ad is when I want to, so at least it’s not forced. Yes, the regular levels are easy enough for a four year old, but the challenges are a bit more difficult. And there is always the option to play the hard levels but I don’t do that either because they are timed, and it’s aggravating! This is my go to game when I’ve exhausted my brain cells on all the other games I play and just want something to do without thinking too hard. I have to agree with others about the building development though. It makes no sense, and is so boring to say the least. There are a few glitches, but not enough to make me quit yet.

- So Many Ads

First let me say that I actually enjoy the game itself. The core mechanics are pretty fun albeit simple and easy to use. There are some graphic and gameplay glitches for example sometimes you can simply drive through a “grandma” and nothing happens. The biggest problem is the sheer number of ads - It’s truly a sight to behold. There are so many ads in this game that you have to watch in order to get something you unlocked and paying for an “ad free” game barely reduces the number of ads. The worst part is that some of the “boss levels” don’t give you enough moves to clear the board which forces you to watch ads for extra moves. Even if you get a car out with every move you still end up being forced into watching several ads just to gain enough turns to finish the level. I’m over level 100 now and even trying to avoid ads I still am forced to see them at least every few games and that’s with the “ad free” purchase. This game absolutely violates Apple’s acceptable use policy for advertising and it’s too bad because it would be a nice game if it weren’t for that. Avoid this game and find something else if you value your time and privacy.

- Could be awesome…bore quickly

Why is level 1 the same as level 300? Seems the levels should get more difficult or larger….more cars..something with each level. This makes it sooooo boring. The only thing I enjoy are the challenges, but you have to play 30 or so boring level 1 games to get a challenge. The cars bumping into imaginary things or supposively bumping into a car that has long past left the area is very annoying on the timed harder challenges. It slows you in being able to move cars as quickly as you could without that stupid glitch and takes away from your total moves. Also, why take a full life even if you beat the level. Seems beating a level should keep that life like any other game, but instead you take it win or lose? So,e of the harder challenges have far too little time and you have to watch like 5 ads just to pass them. This game could be super fun. I see everyone complaining about the same issues. This could be up there with games like candy crush, but the annoyances make people want to stop playing.

- Love the game but need more stuff to spend coins on

I love this game! The boss levels and challenge levels are my fav. I wish the regular levels got harder the more levels you compete. I’m on level 715 and the regular levels are basically the same as they were at the beginning. I also wish the skins and stuff could be bought with coins instead of having to watch ads. I paid for ad free, but still have to watch them to get new skins. The city is something to spend coins on, but again wish I could spend coins to upgrade the landscape instead of having to watch more ads. With the amount of time I spend on this game, I really don’t want to watch so many ads - especially after having paid to be ad free. If people haven’t bought ad free, then they can watch ads for new skins and stuff, but people that buy ad free should be able to use the thousands of coins we accumulate for something. I have so many coins and nothing to spend them on, so why bother having coins?

- Update

I like the game. The issue I have is when you play the ‘challenge’ puzzles, the wrong car goes sometimes. I have small/medium fingers & try to pick the correct car. Yet, half the time, the wrong car will go. There are not many extra turns, & bcuz of the wrong car issue, you can lose all your needed turns quite fast. Maybe instead of ‘sliding’ the cars, change it so we can just tap the top of the car, & it’ll go. That seems much easier & we can use a stylus too. Edit- finished all 35 challenge levels. Came back after a couple weeks to find the 35 levels were all cleared & I need to restart them. Why not just add to them? Update - they added a couple new events. One is cartoonish looking. I completed that last time when they had it. They brought it back, it was fun. Another event is collecting the car parts to unlock a new car theme to use. I made it to 11/14 parts the first day. Now have barely a day left and have not received any more parts at all. Been trying like crazy to get the last 3 parts and it doesn’t seem possible at all. I’ve played for hours each day, to no avail. What gives?

- Good game and time passer

I like this game, but there are a few problems. Number 1: Getting the building to max level takes a while and I wish it only went to 15, but it’s something to spend your in-game currency on after buying all the skins for cars and buying challenge levels. Number 2: The challenge and boss levels are glitchy. To go more in depth, when the timer hits zero it doesn’t say you failed this level because you ran out of time. And your cars will sometimes go right through people and the pop-up won’t come up saying do not hit people! Now, these glitches don’t matter much to me because it makes it easier to complete the level with these glitches, but I figured people who want a challenge would want to know. Sorry this is so long but I like to read a couple of reviews before downloading the game. These are just minor things, but there is nothing big that I have seen so far. Overall great game, would recommend for puzzle solvers.

- Not Quite What I’d Hoped

Tl;dr: Mostly easy levels. Many ads. Sometimes the game pretends to give you the option of whether to watch an ad (for collectibles or help). More often than not, it does the opposite of what you choose. Detailed review: At most, a quarter of the levels are as challenging as what we see in the ads (challenge levels and boss levels). The rest are easy and repetitive. This game often shows ads. Sometimes it shows an ad for itself. At times, the game appears to give you the option of whether to watch an ad (for additional collectibles or help). But it either ignores or deliberately does the opposite of what you choose. For example: if you hit someone during a boss level, you have the options to retry in exchange for watching an ad, or to give up. If I choose to retry, the game frequently says that I’m not connected to wifi (I check the phone’s connection when this happens and it says it’s connected to the wifi). Then, when I choose to five up, the game shows me an ad. This has happened several times. How long I wait or how many times I hit retry doesn’t seem to make a difference. I really hope the game developers fix this.

- Get the game it is the best

First of all I love this game it is so fun and relaxing but all the levels until 100 are so boring and all the adds get annoying and there have been a lot of glitches one of the glitches That happens to me was when I was playing it would just turn off and it would not save my progress in the game and the cars would not move and when I would log off the game and then log Back on it would start me at level one but I have been in love with the game ever since I got it and my whole family loves it to and because we it is such a fun game we started a parking jam war and the person that is on the higher level wins and gets a chocolate covered ice cream cone with all the toppings you want (for me it is all of the toppings you can fit LOL) over all I give this game four stars because of all the ads that bother me and all of the other little glitches that have happened to me while I played the game in the past but other wise I would highly recommend this game.😉🙂

- Awesome but needs a couple improvements

I absolutely love this game. There’s all kinds of things to do so I don’t get bored. My favorite levels are the hard ones cause the regular levels are incredibly easy. There are two BIG issues though which is why I couldn’t give it a 5 star. The amount of ads is absolutely ridiculous. It’s one thing to have ads every so often to support the free game, BUT, this game not only has ads after almost everything you do, but it also has ads if you want to get an extra award or retry a level and permanent ads either on the top or the bottom of the screen. Also, in the hard levels the cars are so tiny that my finger constantly touches the wrong cars and I lose because it moves a car that I didn’t want it to. These 2 problems are VERY frustrating and make what’s supposed to be a stress relieving game to a stressful one. Please fix the game! Thanks!

- Decent time killer but nothing more

It’s far to simple for the massive amounts of ads it shows. The ads also tend to cause delays in gameplay and other bugs such as make the audio skip or shut off altogether. Far to often I was having to force close the app and restart just to get it to stop freezing on me. The coins are absolutely pointless after the 1st day of gameplay and the island buildings are all the same so 0 creativity. I would expect if you were going to push that many ads, you’d at least make the game either more challenging or less simplistic in general both visually and in skill required . I finally decided after 1000+ levels it was just not worth keeping. I found it insanely frustrating that my internet connection never interrupts forced ads but when it came to optional ads that gave rewards it was suddenly unable to produce an ad so I’d hit continue instead just for it to immediately show a forced ad. I can’t see the logic there but whatever I guess. If you are looking for a mind numbing way to pass the time it’s not bad there but overall it’s just not for me.

- Most adsy ad simulator I have ever played!

This ad simulator is really full of all sorts of interesting ads. The really fun thing is that you can play ads in every part of this simulator. I mean this beats all of the others hands down! Want to get double coins? Watch an ad. Want to spin the wheel for a puzzle piece? Watch an ad. Want more time? Watch an ad. Don’t like the daily challenges? Watch an ad. You liked the daily challenges and want more? Watch an ad! You can watch an unlimited number of ads within a single game level since you can spin the gumball machine endlessly! But this game has the hallmark of all great ad simulators. It even shows you ads for this very same game within the game! Oh and occasionally you can move the parked cars too. And don’t hit grandma. And sort of build your casino looking high rise buildings to get extra coins that you can’t spend because you got everything the first few times you played.

- Hostile Design but On Purpose

Game is great fun, but there’s way too many ads, given how many bugs the game has: It’s entirely possible to accidentally double spend stamina to replay challenge levels. If you’re too fast moving cars around, the cars will crash into phantom cars and stop, using precious moves. Ads will frequently crash your game. Sometimes the game just moves cars random directions, once again, using precious moves. And so much more. Convenient that all these bugs just result in you watching more ads to give the developer money. Yawn. Hard Challenge trophies are not score based and are based entirely on RNG. I’ll play a challenge super terrible and get told “wow, you did better than 100% of all players, you get a gold!” And there’ll be other challenges where I’ll play my heart out and get told “you did better than 12% of all players, no trophy for you”. This is to, again, get you to watch more ads to beat a made up number. YAWN. I’m going to go out of my way to make a clone of this with zero ads and zero hostile design because the core design is fun but the implementation here is downright malicious. Trust the negative reviews here. Say no to hostile games.

- Disruptive Ads

While the game itself is fine, I guess, it doesn’t take no for an answer when it asks you if you want to watch an ad for double the rewards. If you click to just continue, it will give you an ad anyways. Every time. On top of this, the extra coins aren’t really worth wasting 30 to 45 seconds for (depending on the ad), because, for the most part, they’re only really used to buy skins to change what the cars look like. Every time you start a new zone, the starter puzzles are the same solution every time. No one is blocking anyone the first two puzzles of every zone, puzzles don’t get harder as you level up, and sometimes you’ll randomly get an ad anyways. I understand the developers need to make money to continue producing games, so it’s not the fact that it has ads that’s the problem. I will literally close out and reopen the game to continue playing rather then watching the ad if I didn’t agree to watch it. This last part is kinda nitpicky, but I’m disappointed that the penguins aren’t animated on the ice map. They look like a bundle of garden gnomes, haha.

- LOVE this game!!

I absolutely love this game!! After I downloaded it, I couldn’t stop playing. I play it any chance that I have a free second, minute, hour, and after finally purchasing the No Ads option, it was even better. A lot of people do not like the property building but I don’t think they understand why it’s there. It is a money maker to be able to buy the other levels instead of playing the small levels over and over making 15-24$ at a time. I don’t know about anyone else but I like to play the bigger levels as soon as I can so I bought and upgraded property as quick as I could. I am at the point now where I have built all the property that I can, it now says “Coming Soon”, I am almost level 14, I have played all the easy and hard levels that are available. Will there be an update with more levels and property? I’d hate to hear that it ends here. I absolutely love this game.

- Vastly improved! Then they ruined it ;(

Update:What is the point of TEN MINUTE time limits? I was really enjoying the new Boss Levels, the hard challenges were hard, and suddenly all the challenge went out like a deflated balloon. (……last review:…) The addition of the “Boss Levels” improves this game a lot. Between the Boss Levels and the challenges, it keeps me coming back. But you have taken away the time factor from the hard challenges. 10 minutes to complete the hard challenge might as well be no time limit, makes it no different from the normal challenges. Often, I have had to play a hard challenge multiple times in order to beat it. I have played some as many as twenty times, and I just have to wait for the lives to refill. There have been only a few times where I was completely unable to meet the time limit. There have been a few where there were not enough moves to begin with. I can play it through with minimal errors, and still be as many as 10 moves short at the end. This isn’t fair, there should be more moves than cars.

- Good Game, Too Many Ads

The gameplay is fun, I do wish it were a bit more challenging though. The challenges are fun except for the fact I have to wait for all of the cars to get out of the way when they are driving because a car can easily bump into a car that’s waiting for other cars to pass and it wastes a turn. The fact that there is a coin system and a building aspect is nice. It’s a shame that is all you can do with the coins though. Most of the time spent in the app is ads, which is very unfortunate. I would have kept the game if ads weren’t played between almost every level, in order to collect skins, earn coins, upgrade the towers, and after every challenge level. It would be fine if they were all by choice but even with how much the game revolves around ads. But the issue is how it shows you it without asking first, and it’s necessary to the game. It feels like that’s the majority of the game. I uninstalled it due to this issue, even though it was rather fun. Quite a shame, honestly.

- Good but could be better

I really like this game. It has the potential to be much better. Here are some of the things that are causing me to play less. -Although the levels do increase in complexity, that eventually stops and the levels go on forever still being extremely easy to clear. The normal levels should eventually reach the same level of complexity as the challenges or at least somewhere in between. -You can only gain the additional skins, backgrounds, build towers for a while and then those options run out. After that you’re just collecting millions in coins with nothing to do with them. You’re eventually just playing one quick & easy level after another with no goals to work toward and they do not become anymore challenging. The Challenges that you can do from time to time do add a little excitement, but eventually they stop being challenging and you can easily clear those as well. Even when you do your prize is coins that you can’t use for anything.

- It is what it is

The best thing that I can say for it is that it actually is the puzzle game that it shows you in the ads. If that sounds obvious, then you haven’t seen the rash of ads for games that pretend to be puzzle games but are actually base building PVP games using the bait and switch lure of simple puzzles in the ads (I’m looking at you, Evony and all the ...Scape games). In any case the problem with this game is that there is zero difficulty to it and it never really gets harder. There’s nothing to strive for, and it is absolutely full of ads. I prefer ads over in-app purchases as a monetizing strategy in these free-to-download games, because the ad-based games aren’t engineered to frustrate us into spending money. So kudos for that. And you can even skip some of the ads that you’ve already seen a bunch of times, so even more kudos for that. But the game itself, while initially kind of satisfying in a mindless doodle sort of way quickly loses its allure. Toss in a 30-second ad every two levels and it just becomes tedious.

- Fair game with a few bugs

This is a relatively mindless game that is a nice break from the daily chaos. The challenges are really the only good part, and it’s nice that they can be replayed. A lot of people love the side game of building stuff, but that didn’t do much for me. In the beginning there were daily goals to earn a few coins, but those disappeared after about a week of play. I also noticed that the daily prizes for returning to the game still show up but stopped adding to the pot, so don’t count on them. Since they removed the daily goals and I can only get a few coins from each play (or by watching endless videos, too many of which are sexually explicit or inappropriate if your kids are nearby), there really isn’t much incentive to keep the game. The parking lot is the same two small, uncomplicated lots for each level of play, and that gets a little mind-numbing when you have to play 50 or 60 to earn a new competition. This could be better. That said, the graphics are excellent and at least they offer a good variety of vehicle styles for each game.

- Okay but there’s issues

This game is okay for what it is, pretty mindless… the issue is the game has glitches. A.LOT! Some I can over look, like sure it’s annoying, but oh well. But some of the newer glitches are frustrating. The newest one came when the “hard” challenge levels were added. I paid the coins to unlock the level, check what the reward is, and get to playing. I went through 5-6 challenges and realized I’m actually losing coins even though I’ve beat all the challenges to that point. So I test it out, paying more attention. I unlocked a level for around 800 coins, reward says it 1300. So if I win the level, my coin amount should grow by 500. I played and beat the level on the first try, the reward pops up and says I’ve won around 570 coins. Umm… that’s not 1300. So I look at my count total and sure enough I’m down around 730 coins from before I unlocked the level. I play those to win coins, not lose them! Sorry for long winded review but this is the newest of a long list of frustrating glitches. I’m getting to the point I no longer enjoy it because it glitches or sets me back :(

- Broken

There’s a lot of ads, whatever, it’s a “free” app, there’s one particular ad for one particular game that I think is absolutely vile and I really wish there was an option to say I don’t want to see that particular ad again, but I just kill the app when it comes up. That’s all par for the course in this kind of game, but now for some reason I can’t play the challenge level that I messed up on because if you mess up you can only get another chance if you watch an ad, and when I try to do that *only to redo that challenge* the game tells me I have no internet connection, even though I’m streaming a show on my computer, even though I can leave the game and check my mail, browse the internet, go from page to page online, even though I can play regular levels in this game and still get the random ads that it just shows you without asking or offering anything for. Clearly I’m online, but every time I try to replay that level it still says I’m not. Glad I haven’t had this long or invested much time into it. It was an okay time killer while it lasted but definitely not worth fighting with.

- Parking Jam - Ads

I enjoy this game and have played it every day for a while. But I will be forced to delete it if the developers don’t stop running unclose-able ads. This is absurd. After every portion of the game there’s a glossy ad that runs its course and won’t close: not at the end, not when you click through, and not even once you download or purchase the game or product it advertises. If Parking Jam and other apps/developers believe they will force me to purchase their game/app/product, or the No-ad option in this way, forget it. It’s a ransom: pay or we kill your fun. Either they offer a free game version or they don’t. Why deceive us? I won’t be held hostage or tortured into buying something I can’t afford or don’t want. I’m willing to watch some ads. I’m not willing to be strong armed into buying something. Capitalism/money corrupts everything eventually, but I don’t have to give into it at this level. Ban these types of ads. P. S. Some apps work so that these very same ads and same types of ads can be exited in the end. How are they different? IDK, but I’m much more likely to purchase from them, just because.

- Fun game but a bit buggy and still have to watch ads in the ad-free version

I bought the ad-free version because if not there are an insane amount of ads which is incredibly frustrating but I felt like it was kinda worth paying cause it’s a fun game. Even though I bought the ad-free version, I still find myself having to watch ads to participate in events and complete levels (there was a car event where you need to install 14 parts but have to watch an ad to “finish installing” each part… that is so many ads!!) the hard levels are also not really possible to complete with the given time and move limit- mostly because there is a bug where when the car has to go a long distance to leave the lot, it runs into an imaginary car and takes another move to get the car out. It would be more fair if you could use coins to buy more moves or time and not have ad-watching be the only option.. I paid for no ads so that I wouldn’t have to watch ads.

- Paid to remove adds but still have to watch

So I paid to remove adds due to the 10 seconds per playing level resulting in a 30 second adds between them. After I paid to remove the adds which was only a few dollars I found out that you still have to watch adds to get skins you earn when playing levels and adds to upgrade buildings you build (which have no point honestly) also it is constantly offering more and more “Rewards” for watching them. For the amount of content and no coin need other then to buy “Challenge” levels i fee like this is unfair. If you eat a new skin over the course of 10-15 levels then why do I have to watch a add to get it? If you don’t want to watch the add it resets your progress to 0 for said skin and will keep resetting till you FINALLY agree to watch a 40 second add. Overall the game ply is good and repetitive so it’s a fun game to kinda dull the boredom but just know that paying to remove the adds does NOT remove them completely

- Need to get rid of the boring regular levels!

One part of this game is fun - the challenges. You actually have to think to clear these puzzles and they’re fun to play. You have to do 30 of the regular levels for each challenge. The regular levels are 7-10 cars and can be completed by a three year old. I did several not looking and just swiping my finger around. It becomes extremely tedious to do these levels so you can play the challenges. There is also a side game where you build hotels and they earn coins for you. I don’t see the point of it as there’s nothing to do with the coins once you’ve built the maximum. I’ve completed 200 challenges and am topped out. I have about 4 million coins to do nothing with. No new updates for two weeks. I give the challenges 5 stars, everything else zero stars. If the game was just the parking lot and an additional car or obstruction was added every 10 levels or so I think this game would be much better. For now I’m done.

- This would be a 5s review

This game is so much fun when you play the “challenges” I find them to be simple and relaxing but still super fun and challenging on the timed version to try to not make any mistakes and still get the cars out in time. The only reason this is a 1s is because the stupid regular levels in between the challenge levels.. you have to play 30+ of them every time you want to play a challenge level and that is absurd. They’re not challenging at all ever.. it’s not even calming to do when you can’t lose so you can just throw the cars wherever you want and you also can clear the whole lot within 1-2 seconds because of how easy they are.. if the devs can read and speak English then I implore you to take out the extremely boring levels and only offer the challenge levels or at least make it to where you can play the challenge levels at any time and you don’t have to do anything special to unlock it.. it’s so frustrating to play the regular levels when they’re not fun or relaxing at all. It’s far too simple even a toddler could do those.. fix it please.

- Relaxing until it’s not...

There really is no point to the game outside of the challenges. The levels in between are just there to kill time. I don’t really mind that too much as it’s actually relaxing... until the bugs start setting in. I will complete a level and then once I hit continue it just freezes on a white loading screen and I have to force close the app. By the time I’ve done that and opened it again, it has me repeat the level I just did again... and again, and again until it randomly decides to let me move on. On top of that I have to watch an ad every single time before I start and even after before it glitches. It is taking way too long to get to the challenges because of this glitch and it’s been taking all of the enjoyment out of it entirely. I wish that each level actually got harder and were more like the challenges themselves... but I would settle for it as is if it weren’t for the constant glitches and ads.

- This is the perfect game

I never write reviews, ever, but I don’t want the negative nellys out there to convince them to change this game. I’ve been waiting for a game to come along that was part challenging and part mindless and this is it! The main levels don’t get harder and harder in an attempt to get you to buy power ups, they just cycle back and forth between easy and super easy for mindless fun that you can use like a fidget toy. The challenge levels DO get harder. Sometimes I wish there were more challenge levels, but then I just flip through a bunch of easy levels while I’m watching tv and BOOM there they are. I’m over level 3000 now and I haven’t deleted the game! Huge win! I did pay the $3 to remove the ads after each level and it was worth the money, so much better than a game that tries to get my $ at every level. Please don’t change!

- Editing my Rating!

I love playing this game. I’ve reach level 1715 and, thankfully, levels after about 1685 have the basic game alternating with those similar to Boss Level. Otherwise, I would have lost interest. These, by the way, are in addition to both Boss Levels and Challenges. I have built all the buildings available and have around 1,700,000 and no place to spend it. I only do the gumball machine to get additional time or moves for the challenge levels, as I’ve collected all options for pedestrians, landscape and cars. I hope there is something in the works that will offer more challenges and a way to spend my $. Other reviews are correct!! Don’t bother with the gumball machine if you are going for extra time or extra moves-they aren’t credited!!! You still have to watch the ads if you want the extras. I get that the designers need to make money on the app, but be fair!! Also, you should be able to spend your $ on extra moves or time. It could be expensive, but give us something to spend it on.

- This game is good but can use a lot of improvements

This game is a decent game to play when your bored and need something to do. Espically it’s more fun when you do the challenge levels. (Main reason why I play the game). Anyways let’s go over the cons. Every now and then you’ll have a granny walking around. Now it wouldn’t be that bad if it didn’t bug out time to time and waste one of your hearts if your on a challenge level. The granny sometimes will literally stop moving and stand there as you move your car. The next problem I have with the game is car collisions. When you move a car out of the parking lot and move another the same direction. Sometimes the car will literally crashed into thin air and wastes one of your moves on the challenge levels. This is the main reason why I wouldn’t up my review to a 4 star. Overall the game is alright and if you need something to rely on when your bored this is a decent game to play for a couple of minutes.

- Fun But Still Too Easy…

In 5 days, I’ve advanced to Level 340… paid the $2.99 to remove the tedious ads - but you still need to review them to get extra moves, double coins etc… might want to fix/include that in the $2.99 to remove! The main levels are still quite easy - I mainly enjoy the challenges or boss levels where it takes a minute or 2 with limited moves. I want to point out also as I advance in the Challenges - when I go to move a car, it doesn’t always follow thru moving out of the lot. I have to get/use extra moves to complete what the car should have done when I first moved it. No there are no obstructions- tend to see this most when moving to the opposite end of the lot to get out, it’ll stop 3/4 the way over in dead open space. I enjoy the game, just wish it was harder all around as you advance. Tweak the ad removal purchase to include ALL ads.

- Great fun - with a huge downfall

I love this game!! It’s relaxing and I play it every night. I like the twist of avoiding different pedestrians during the challenges - there’s only 2 irritations that drive me nuts … 1) when you send a car across the lot and the pedestrian is ‘hit’ (actually, they hit the car), they are off to the side of the car so they shouldn’t be hit; 2) when you send a car across the entire lot to time it so the pedestrian is passed the target area, the pedestrian stops, turns towards the car, and “gets hit”! Haha so frustrating 🤪. But, I still think this is a great game! The only COMPLAINT I have (which stops me from giving it 5 ⭐️) —> is that I downloaded the game on my tablet but later, also wanted it on my phone so downloaded it there too. Unfortunately, it does NOT sync so it put me at Level 1 on my phone when I’m at Level 2800+ on my tablet!!! Please fix this so it syncs across the devices!

- Fun game but has flaws

This game helps you pass time, keeping your mind occupied, without being too difficult. I’ve only been playing for a day but am already annoyed by a few things: 1) frequently, I’ll be close to clearing a level and the game will suddenly stop responding to my touches. This happens most often in the challenges, which means you’re forced to watch an extra ad each time this happens. 2) You have to play through many overly simple levels in order to be challenged. For instance, I’ve played through 101 levels after just 1-2 hours and still haven’t reached a level that is remotely challenging. It would be nice if I could select my difficulty. 3) Too many ads. The number of ads in the free version is ridiculous. You spend more time on ads than playing. The paid version is much better but after paying, you still encounter ads at nearly every corner. If you pay for ad free, it should be ad free.

- Theres a game in your ad

Im not much of a player when it comes to mobile games but i sought out this game because it reminded of an older game i played when i was younger. The game is what i expected, clearing parking lots of jammed cars. I know there are going to be ads and such to get your money but holy crap there are SO MANY ads! I get an ad for almost EVERY level i clear! Surely you can make a system thats more fair to the players end besides just bombarding them with ads. No ones going to enjoy the ad when its shoved in the face and want to take interest. You should give an ad if the player is being rewarded something in return ONLY. Lots of people here just end up restarting the app so they can skip through a 30 unskippable ad. I really like the game and the hard levels and the normal levels are okayish but please listen to your fanbase and take into account about this. Im not the only one who is thinking this way. I really like this game and i don’t want to have to find another. Thank you for your time.

- Great game…horrible ads

This game is super fun…when you actually get to play the game itself. The amount of ads is insane…you’ll be playing and fail a level, which it’s designed to do, then you watch a 30 second ad, play about 15 more seconds, fail again as the game intended you to, watch another 30 second ad, fail again. This ruins the game altogether. I understand why designers have to have ads, but the ratio between playing time and ads is 100% backwards, especially when the game is designed to make you fail a level at least 3 times before you can move on. I find this happening across the board with almost every game I find fun and interesting. So sad that the designers have to shove so many pointless and fake game ads down our throats. And by fake I mean, the clips they show aren’t even in the games itself….false advertising I would say. I wish the games I love to play, that usually get deleted due to it being more of an advertisement than a game, were better at keeping the interest of the gamers than the owners of the ads…just saying.

- Fun idea, could be expanded

I have been playing this game for a few days now I reached level 400 and I have to say that it is a fun game but I have to agree with the other reviewers in this. I was also interested because of the ad of the huge parking lot and it looked unique and fun. Now that I am this far in there is no difference. It is basically the same 5 parking lots that have about 10 cars in them. As I increased in levels it’s still the same. The lots don’t get bigger like in the ad and aside from a old lady with a walker that sometimes appears there is nothing different between the beginning levels up to where I am now. It’s a shame because I feel this could be a great game but without the lots getting bigger and more cars to have to set free there’s really no challenge or goals and I feel there really is no point to continuing because there really is nothing to look forward to. Hopefully the developer will read these and update the game because I would definitely continue playing it if they gave us what the ad showed.

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- Cars and driving is my life

Less adds would b nice

- Not worth money

There are too many ads and it’s fairly pricey to upgrade to no ads. It’s not challenging at all, the instagram made it look very difficult, but after more then 80 levels I’m not finding having it grow in difficulty

- Super fun adds

Super fun adds and every now and then they let you play the game.

- Il y a tellement d’annonce, c’est déplaisant.

J’aime le jeu mais il y a tellement d’annonces, c’est déplaisant.

- Screwed

Paid to get no ads but the ads keep coming at dame pace. Keep away from this game.

- Lame

Too easy and too many adds

- Not worth it

The amount of ads make this game not worth getting at all.

- Ridicules adds

At first there are few adds, now around level 60, I get an add every single level. Furthermore there is no incentive to watch a 30 second add to play this barely a game. And on top of all of this, you can’t disable adds using data in the settings. To the dev. How dare you withhold me ability to disable data use.

- help

it won’t let me play the game it will just load the send me back to my home screen

- Boop here’s a noop

This games cause me to road rage 😡

- Why do you show exhaust gases ?

Showing exhaust gases does not add anything! It makes it look disgusting!

- Rip off!!!

They make levels where you have substantially fewer moves available than you have cars which means you can’t complete the levels without being forced to watch their commercials to gain only 3 moves when in some cases you have only 61 moves but 75 cars. Scammers

- Hint Button Location

Love the game, it’s a great time killer. My only complaint is the ‘hint’ button is directly over the cars sometimes. You can’t tap the car without hitting the button. Please relocate it to a spot that doesn’t interfere w the game. Thank you for coming to my Ted talk. 🙂

- Sympa mais ...

Mange beaucoup la batterie en peu de temps

- Fun but easy

Not very challenging

- No challenge

Not challenging at all. Gets boring when you reach higher levels 🤷🏻‍♀️

- Too many ads

Person gets to play 2-3 levels and then gets hit with a 15+ second ad. Not worth the time watching ads

- Too many adds

There’s to many adds and the game is pretty easy

- Boring

Very boring as the levels don’t get any harder as you go along. I hoped by level 400 it would be more complex and a challenge. It’s not, interest lost

- KK

Only issue I have is when getting bonus points, the app freezes or tells me “no internet connection “. Or, takes me to an add site but nothing happens, especially with the “WAR” app. Can get frustrating! I’ve reached the 200 challenge. Apparently no more challenges? Is that it?

- Don’t like the changes

The new dailies and weeklies are spaced too far apart. Only get to play them once a day now. Boring.

- Not fun

After ever level, which has six cars to drive out so it literally takes seconds to complete, there is a 30 second advertisement which is so bad it’s unbearable to watch. I want to play the levels of 100 cars to get out but you have to save coins and buy those levels I guess. Not very fun.

- A great way to watch adds

Not worth your while. There is 30 seconds of adds after every puzzle trying to get you to download another game. Most of them are a scam based “make money by playing this game”. Oddly enough the most challenging puzzle is trying to figure out how to close the add

- too many ads ruins the game

way to many ads that they are forcing you to watch. useless!

- What a waste of time

This is ridiculous… you need to watch ads all the time and the game is stupid… would be perfect for someone with a very very low IQ such as Donald Trump…

- Glitchy

There are so many ads it’s hard to get into the game. The levels are very easy for at least 65 of them and there a :30-1:00 min ad after every :07 sec level. It makes everything glitch and it’s just not worth the constant ads. Even if you choose to watch an ad another one comes right away. Was hoping to play more but it works my phone too hard for a simple game.

- Best game ever

The first thing I did in the first year was make my hair grow out a lot and it was really good for my eyes and my skin so it was worth a shot and it really worked for my eyes etey wy what are you talking bout the rest I don’t care if you have the money I can get you the rest of your stuff and then I can pay for it I just don’t

- Disappointing

Too many adds. Nothing else to say.

- Unbelievable amount of ads

The find the item add on is unplayable due to so many ads, the parking lot game is notEngaging enough to deal with the ads

- Disappointing

Way too many ads. Deleted the game 10 minutes after I started playing😡

- Too many ads

This game is so much fun, but you ended watching ads half of the time. Not worth it

- Les publicités continuent malgré l’achat

J’ai payé pour enlever les publicités. Et bien elles sont encore aussi présentent et interrompent le jeu constamment.

- Enough with the ads!

Get rid of the ads or I’ll get rid of the game…. Period!

- Sans wifi

J’aime bien jouer à ce jeu, mais seulement sans wifi. Les pubs sont définitivement trop nombreuses. Au fait… à quoi sert l’argent qu’on accumule. C’est complètement inutile à mon avis

- Too many Ads

You spend a half of the time on ads

- Awesome game.

I play this game every time I get some free time. I like that I can shut off cellular data when I’m away from wifi. Considering buying the full game.

- hope you like ads

love this ad simulator fun game

- WAY too many ads

Fun game but way to many ads. Deleted

- Rip off

Paid for no adds, still get 30 seconds long adds between levels… gonna make sure I don’t download any other games from that developer.

- Annoying

It’s very annoying to have the ‘Hint’ and ‘Skip’ buttons covering the bottom of the game and interfering with game play. For this reason, I’m only giving it 2 stars. Also, I hoped it would increase in difficulty as the game progressed. The update didn’t fix this. Wish someone would get their finger out! >:(

- Don’t like the update

Used to be able to play a few smaller games and then choose to play the boss level. Now the boss level comes up all the time. It used to be optional and pay 250 points. Now you’re lucky to even get 20! You’ve wrecked the fun!

- J'adore!

Wow! Merci pour les nouveautés!

- Why the changes with no warning?

I’ve been playing the game daily and enjoying it for quite some time, especially the competitions. But the recent update threw everything off with no warning. In the comps, you used to get a boss level every 5th play, which was fine, but now it’s suddenly a boss level every second or third play making it a much longer comp. Also the way the comp progress slider now shows up on the screen while you’re competing cuts into the actual playing field and it’s very difficult to move cars on the outer edges without hitting “skip” or not being able to see if there is a gap the cars can go through. Not liking that at all. With so many more boss screens, which are larger with more cars, this is a frequent problem. Your devs should have checked this out before making the change. I don’t need to see comp progress while I’m moving cars, it’s just gets in the way. It was fine before.

- Fun game too many ads

You have to watch an ad after basically every round. Very annoying. It’s too bad because it’s actually a very fun game

- Don’t get this

If the boredom doesn’t kill you, for sure the ads will. The amount of ads in this game is ridiculous!

- Ad Nauseam Intense

Play 15 secs, watch a 30 sec ad, plus 5 extra secs before the X pop-up, plus needing to click the X, perhaps 2 or 3 times before you go back to the game. Win a level and want a bonus ? Watch an ad. Don’t want the bonus ? Watch an ad just the same. Play a level, watch an ad…. Do whatever, watch an ad… watch an ad….watch an ad. Ad ad ad…… Ad Nauseam Intense.

- not impressed

dont buy ad free. it doesnt mean ad free lol. worst 4 dollars ever spent. rather play with a broken pencil

- No way to spend coins earned

The game is fine as mindless entertainment but you lose interest easily because all new updates and additions to the game focus on giving you way to earn coins. This is completely pointless because there are no ways to be able to spend the coins once you’ve completed all the island buildings. It would be a lot more interesting if you could actually do something with the coins.

- Too many ads

Would be a good game if they let you play it. Unfortunately you’ll spend more time sitting through ads than playing…

- Too much ads

An ad every minut

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Parking Jam 3D 154.0.2 Screenshots & Images

Parking Jam 3D iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Parking Jam 3D iphone images
Parking Jam 3D iphone images
Parking Jam 3D iphone images
Parking Jam 3D iphone images
Parking Jam 3D iphone images

Parking Jam 3D (Version 154.0.2) Install & Download

The applications Parking Jam 3D was published in the category Games on 2020-02-08 and was developed by Popcore GmbH [Developer ID: 1375461777]. This application file size is 337.43 MB. Parking Jam 3D - Games app posted on 2023-01-19 current version is 154.0.2 and works well on IOS 12.5 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.uqxuwtxbbu.parkingjam