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We improved the process of entering your address for more streamlined shipping to the USA. ※ Update the app to its latest version for a stable app experience.

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- Weverse is wonderful!

It’s not perfect but I feel it is much better to buy from BTS official site than others. You know you are getting the real item, not some knock off. Things Weverse can’t control: Speed of delivery and cost of delivery. Yes, it’s pricey!! There is nothing you can do about it. Also because of COVID, they can’t even guarantee shipping date. It all depends on where it needs to be shipped. And if you buy the BTS Army membership, the kit will be sent at the very earliest, in the next quarter. For example: I bought the membership in May, so I can’t even look for it to be shipped until September but because shipping stopped early in the year, they are backlogged. So people buying their memberships in January, got them in June. So now, I’m guessing it will be October or November, barring any further COVID delays.

- Has some good and a lot of bad

There’s never been a time where I’ve had some particularly horrible experience trying to buy off of the Weverse Shop, but I’m definitely annoyed by it. The two things which concern me most are shipping costs and availability. First shipping is very expensive even to the US. For more expensive items such as the Learn Korean With BTS package it’s actually cheaper to order from the global shop than the US shop. The combination of $15 shipping for every order and hiked up prices makes me very reluctant to order merchandise. Secondly, half the time I can’t even order the merchandise that I want because it’s not available. For whatever reason restocks seem rare and random. I often miss an item I want getting restocked and then it’s sold out again before I can buy it. Finally, merchandise quality has been going down. I’ve felt this for a while but recently it’s become really apparent. There’s so many cheaply made items on here and I’m less likely to order because I don’t know whether I’ll receive a quality item or something thrown together. Please focus on the important pieces of merchandise and do away with all the extra tiny knickknacks which are low quality and diminish the reputation of your shop.

- Never had a problem.

I have purchased a lot of merch from this app. It will list the shipping dates for pre ordered items and they have arrived with in a two week window or less. Even with Covid making it harder to get things processed and shipped. It can be hard to track sometimes but that depends on the delivery service. DHL has made things arrive even faster. Yes shipping can cost a lot but from I live in the states so that is a long way to travel. Overall I am very satisfied.

- Great App for Official Merch!

Like with any live drops (concert tickets or merch), high volumes of online traffic is to be expected - especially considering the size of BTS’ fan base - so don’t assume there to be smooth operation on the app when merch and such goes live. Other than lagging/glitching when merch goes live - I love this app! Having an option between Global or US (now also Japan!) stores make it a lot more interesting to shop around for items since you have a backup store to fall back on when an item sells out in the other. That being said, you don’t really save a whole lot on shipping costs when buying from the Global over Korean store. I personally tend to default to the Korean store just for this very reason. The items are sometimes significantly cheaper on the Korean shop, such that even with double the cost in shipping, you’d still end up saving if you buy direct from Korea. High shipping costs is not new to any kpop merch buyer, so don’t expect that much of a difference here - but do expect a much smoother buying experience and confidence with payment transactions! Their customer service on the app is fairly quick and easy to communicate with and to be honest their shipping is fairly quick for overseas. I’ve never had a package take longer than a week and a half to arrive from Korea to California - and Weverse defaults to DHL for delivery service, which is a much more organized and worry-free delivery service than Fedex or UPS in my opinion. Overall, it’s great! Would love to see some restock of some of their older items, but the selection they have is still decent.

- minor complaints

Shipping is really pricey from global shop. I live internationally so it prevents me from getting some things I want. I understand why it can be pricey though. I would order some things from the global shop but I've seen/heard bad things about it such as damages products. I'm a little scared to try and order from it.

- Borahae

Never had a problem I love shopping here 💜

- Absolutely love this app!!

I discovered this app when I went on to the Bighit shop and saw that everything I wanted was sold out so I decided to download this app in the hope that it would still have some of things I wanted. Signing up is easy if you already have a Bighit shop account and your points will also be on the app. I was able to order 3 BTS albums, the 4th Munster and one TXT album for the the lovely price of $92 plus the $34 shipping, with a grand total of $125 for my order!! I received my merchandise within 10 days of placing my order. Everything is official and it came in good condition!! The app is constantly adding more merchandise so don’t fret if you don’t see something you want. As an international fan, this app is the best thing that could ever happen to me because I’m able to but official merchandise directly from Bighit!! I love supporting BTS and Bighit! Hwaiting💜💜

- Not too bad

I’ve been reading the many bad reviews this app has been getting and I’d like to say that personally, I haven’t had a bad experience. I’ve had the app for almost a year now and I have ordered a decent amount of merch. Usually I order something once a month depending on the new items that come out, and I haven’t had a single problem so far. I honestly don’t have a complaint about the shipping time. It is COVID world and so you do have to expect there could be delays. Also, when ordering from the Global shop, I do expect it to take longer as I’m from the USA and it is coming from overseas. I don’t know if maybe some of the items people have ordered that took months to arrive were actually preorders, because if they were preordered, they do not ship immediately. The shipping dates are posted in the announcements. I can agree, however, that the shipping costs are a bit high for shipping within the USA on the USA shop and that the price difference on items in to Global shop compared to the USA shop is sometimes a lot, and even with the higher shipping cost from global it can still sometimes be cheaper than ordering from USA. You just have to do your research and compare if you want the best price. I also read some people can only use won in the global shop, but there is a way to change that setting under more and then currency. As far as payment options go, even if you don’t have a paypal account you can use it to still make your purchases. It will have an option to pay with either debit or credit or as a guest rather than sign in. I haven’t had any problems doing that so far. As far as customer service goes, I do think there could be improvements made as far as specific responses go. It would be nice if they could elaborate more when explaining something rather than have a similar response to different questions. Anyways, overall I haven’t had a hard time with this app. I think it has been fairly successful.

- 😭😭

All the merch sold out please bring back to the shop please 😭😭😭😭

- Amazing!

Edit: idk how to make request so I’ll put one here! Please please please add TXT Japan albums on USA shop or at least allow us to buy it off of global 🙏🏻😭😭 BTS have their Japan albums on USA why can’t TXT have their Japan albums on USA too 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 Edit: they just updated it and the JP albums are on the shop!🥰🥰 will be making a purchase soon 😁 also my army kit still hasn’t arrived and it said it they would ship all the kits at the end of July another army who got the kit at the same time as me hasn’t received it either 🙁 but I’m patient so I’ll wait a bit more! 🙂 This app is amazing and love the fact that I’m able to buy things calmly knowing that it’s official and that I won’t get scammed...one thing though is that it’s taking forever for my army kit to arrive I ordered it on the 21 of February and it’s about to be May and I thought I’d have it by then but I don’t and I’m not sure why it’s taking so long to arrive but I’ll give it time. But overall this all is so good and I’m able to buy official goods from BTS and TXT I’m also so happy that they put a USA shop and shipping is now great, at first I didn’t want to buy anything cause the shipping was so expensive but know I can buy things and the shipping will be reasonably!! So happy and I really really love this app 💜😍😍

- Address Verification Failed

*UPDATE - Weverse responded and have fixed the address issue with their last update. Unfortunately, everything I wanted to buy was sold out. I’m glad they fixed it so I can make future purchases, but unhappy that I lost the opportunity to purchase merchandise. If I want those specific items - I now have to shop elsewhere. ORIGINAL POST: I’m extremely disappointed with how things have gone since the new USA shop opened - I’ve not been able to buy anything. Don’t get my wrong, I’m happy it exists, but they have added an auto-fill element that adds more to your address than necessary. I finally heard back from them, and Weverse said to contact PayPal, and I did. Everything looks good on PayPal’s end but due the fact that Weverse adds excess verbiage in my city line - it causes an error since it doesn’t 100% match my address on PayPal. I have made many purchases in the past and never had this issue, and looking at my old purchases (before the US shop opened)...it is the same address that’s on PayPal with no unnecessary language. Please fix this. I would like to buy something, but unfortunately I cannot due to your upgrade to verify addresses...the verification is a hindrance and not a helper. If this gets fixed - I’m happy to raise the rating, but I won’t highly rate something I’m not even allowed to use. This is so disappointing.

- Disappointing

I love getting BTS merchandise but my experience with this app has been so horrible. I was so excited to get a BTS membership only to find out I had to pay $41 for shipping ($11 more than the actual membership I was buying) We don’t get an option to track down the box and it took FOREVER to get to my house. Then I was disappointed again because they didn’t translate the book. (I know they are Korean but can’t they get a translator since most of their fans are international?) I know a lot of people complain about that issue and they still haven’t done anything about it. Once I heard they are going to have the USA weverse shop I was beyond thrilled but that quickly went away. Weverse up the price for the items and lower the price for shipping making it a little cheaper. But for some items, it’s cheaper to buy from global. And what really put me on edge was when the MOTS7 tour merchandise was released. I had everything in my cart 7 minutes after it was released. They told me they had no more version 1 hoodies, so I got rid of it and they took everything else out of my cart. I had to quickly put everything back in my cart. About 30 minutes later they restocked the hoodie?? I had to pay another $15 dollars for shipping. Overall, I never had a good experience buying stuff here. This is my first time making a bad review. I love BTS but I hate this app.


this app is pretty good with getting merch and being able to access all of the old and new albums and BT21 stuff, however they do need a bit of improvements. one thing i wish they would change is when new merch comes in they should give you a notification saying that new merch has arrived. another thing would be too not have certain items to have weverse/army membership like MOTS 7 merch because so many other armys didn’t get any of the merch. another thing would be too have a time limit of buying items like 2-3 minutes to shop for other items that way merch won’t sell out as quickly and everyone can get whatever they need. another thing would be regarding notifications when an item has sold out or is no longer in stock. also the app has been glitching recently especially when i tried looking at the 5th Muster Magic Shop box thing on the USA site. i understand that weverse shop is a new app and is still working out the kinks and everything, but i feel this would make the app even better just because it would make shopping on this app much easier than it is now. i hope the weverse company can make these improvements and it would be much appreciated by armys and other fandoms that have groupserch in weverse shops!!❤️

- great smooth app, but i have a few complaints

i LOVE how smooth & easy to navigate this app is. it’s all organized very very well. the app it’s self is great, modern. provides all the info & pictures of the products very well & high quality. my only complaints are there aren’t many size options with the clothes, at least not yet. i am a tall American & i like to wear my clothes oversized. i would love to buy American sized XL or XXL. i would also love to see items restocked, but i understand why they’re not, most the items i was ready to buy were sold out. i also have some friendly suggestions!! I think a wishlist option would be cool. & also an option to turn notifications on for when specific items are restocked. thank you so much to bighit, bts, weverse, & whoever else for making an effort to make it easier & safer to buy official merch. ami really appreciates it !! 💜💜 EDIT: i lowered my review a star after reading other people’s reviews. why does the US shop not have the same options as global? & why is shipping so expensive, often more than the product itself? please work on these issues. thank you for reading!!

- Not good for anything but it’s what BTS uses for merch

The customer service for this app is terrible, which is odd seeing as they sell goods worth more than $100+ sometimes. They don’t answer your questions and they take forever to mail out anything. The ARMY kit is just a way to take your money; it is not translated and only in Korean and the actual kit I haven’t even received and it’s been a year since buying it. And now they are already offering a new kit that is even more exuberant in price. Every time you send a customer service inquiry it is only a one message chat then you have to make another to go to another random rep who won’t be able to help. There is no conversation between the consumer and the seller. It’s odd seeing the lack of communication and delivery of goods when you also can’t get into contact with anyone to figure out what is going on with your order. Unfortunately, this is the only place to buy BTS merch so if you want the merch you have to deal with potentially waiting months for your merch, not getting your answers resolved through customer service and essentially being in the dark about everything.

- long story short.... I was robbed of $140

i’ve ordered from them in the past and never had a problem until now. however, shipping prices are outrageous, and you have to be present at your home in order to receive your order. shipping also takes about 2 weeks. the last time i ordered (dec 2019) i ordered over $200 worth of product. i was sent three albums i did not order, and was missing 7 items from my order. after three months of going back and forth with customer service (their reply took about 2 weeks each time) it has not been resolved. they most recently told me after three months of working on the issue, that there was not an issue with my order even though there clearly is. i have done everything they have asked of me to prove my order was incorrect, but yet nothing. i am not able to even get refunded for it. so needless to say i will not be ordering from them again. i recommend ordering from big hit shop usa, shipping is cheaper, you don’t have to be present at home to get your package, and they count for billboard charts unlike weverse shop (weply). i’ve never had a problem with them.

- 💜💜💜

I have ordered from here so many times. I personally never had a problem with ordering or shipping. I love that I can track my order and it has alway arrived on time. I order from here when app was first released. Didn’t have an issue. There has been so many changes and updates because I feel like bighit really listens to our concerns with the app and try to fix the situation. I have contact customer service twice and they have gotten back to me like 2-3 days after messaging them on the app. All in all, I really enjoy this app, even tho shipping is insane. But if I had a huge problem with it I wouldn’t of had purchase so many times from here 😁 I usually don’t buy more than 3 items in one order. And if the item is around $30 and over and I know shipping going to be expensive. I only stick to that one item.

- Lots wrong, little right

There’s way too many cons to overlook. Every large merch drop the app slows down to a snails speed, and this last order took nearly a month to ship out. Despite claims it would ship first week of May, when it was originally April 23rd, it didn’t ship until the 13th. Customer service is nearly useless. It takes nearly a week to hear anything back, if they’re willing to help you at all. I’ve had items arrive damaged with no resolution to fix it with replacements or refunds. Next time I’ll just file a claim with PayPal. And their packaging is abysmal, one layer of bubble wrap for 7 items together. International shipping is expensive, but they have no control over that. Only good things I can say is the app itself is relatively easy to navigate, and I like the cash back program they have. I had previously amazing experiences with the Bighit USA shop website; fast customer service responses, issues were fixed no questions asked. This is a huge downgrade in nearly every way from then.

- Love it but notifications don’t work!

The app is very easy to use and the shipping price is so much better than before! This app makes it so much easier for international fans to get oficial merchandise that other wise we tend to get it via other methods and end up paying more than triple the original price if we are lucky. I really like this app. BUT! I don’t get any notifications! They don’t work! I’m 200% sure to have notifications ON inside the app as well as on my phone settings (iPhone) I even deleted the app and downloaded it again but still nothing! Please fix it! I miss every time you restock an item or any new announcements. I end up learning about these things because people talk about it on Twitter and social media. -_- PLEASE FIX IT!!!


Don’t get me wrong. I love love love love this app. The problem is when you get to checking out. I did not have a problem when I first purchased my ARMY kit and used my address. Check out went great. This was last year. The issue was when Weverse came through with the USA shop. Ever since “county” and town names were added to shipping address, it has not allowed me to purchase anything. That part does not really matter in the US. Please get rid of the autofill option because it won’t allow many to erase and fix it. Autofill just adds extra things that are not used here, since it can cause confusion occasionally when delivering a package. Sadly autofill does not allow you to manually enter your address to fix it. This is a big problem and issue for some people. PLEASE FIND A WAY TO FIX THIS. Because “address verification failed” keeps popping up this does not allow me to shop on the app when I would really like too. This will hurt business for the groups when many greatly want to support!

- Great app! But one problem- I think

The app is amazing and has good prices, BUT. I just have one question! Why don’t I get any notifications???? Did I not do something? I have my notifications turned on and I never get any. Should I? Cuz I really want an Army Bomb and I check each day to see if it’s restocked and it never is! It’s not just the ArmyBomb it’s other things like AirPod cases, L holders, and “The Most Beautiful Moment In Life” books. Is it normal to not get notifications? I don’t think so

- I don’t get it...

Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge ARMY and I love 방탄 and their music, and this would be a great and amazing app...if I lived in Korea. However, I can’t help but notice the differences of prices and treatment for the Global Shop compared to the USA shop. I don’t understand why the prices for individual items such as albums and now the Map of the Soul tour merch pieces are so much lower on the Global shop compared to the USA shop. Though I can try to justify the semi-high shipping price ($15) to my house on the USA shop because yes, it is coming from halfway across the world, I can’t see why an ARMY BOMB would cost $29 USD on the global shop, but $57 USD in the USA shop (that’s $28 more)plus I have to pay the $15 shipping price... Then when I try to buy on the Global shop to get a better price, I can’t because of the currency. I just would like some sort of explanation for this...

- bad customer service & pricy

I’ve had this app for awhile and did not get anything until I decided to buy mots: 7 merch because I would be attending the tour. My items from the first release of the tour collection went smoothly but was still ‘shipping soon’ for a week and still did not ship yet. The 2nd restock however, I bought a hoodie using PayPal since I am an us army, got declined twice and I got charged 3 times for that item, I contacted them twice once a week ago and again today and I still didn’t get a response it’s really difficult the buy from them. They take advantage of international army’s so they inflate the prices knowing we will buy it to support them. NOTE: if you do want the official merch I recommend buying from trusted secondhand shop like cokodive & kpopusa I bought from both with no problems whatsoever

- A whole mess

I was super excited, at first, that I could order BTS items from a quick app but then things completely changed on me. My first order was wonderful. With all consideration that I would be seen as an International fan because I am in the US, I made an order, paid a wonderfully reasonable fee for shipping and received it in a week. Then, a couple weeks past and i wanted to make another order. Now, Apparently, i could ONLY use a Korean Credit Card to order specific items and the International fee has tripled. It is ridiculous and sadly, outrageous. The original website and the original format to the app with the original fees made me feel like I can purchase more items more frequently. However, Now, it will be a miracle trying to get one order in even if I wanted to.

- Great App but Customer Service Support

I love the app and the way it makes it easy to navigate the shop such as switching between global and other countries, switching between the different groups and purchasing the merchandise. What would make the experience even better is if there is a FAQ section. But my frustration with this app is Customer Service Support. It takes forever to hear back from CSS and once they reply, the thread is closed. There is no option to reply to CSS in the same thread. You have to start a whole new support thread which requires adding all the information from the prior thread for context. Please make contacting CSS friendlier.

- Horrible Customer Service/Tech Support

Live streaming event/account set up review: I purchased access to a concert that Weverse was live streaming through a partner site, Kiswe. You had to use your Weverse log in to sign in to the Kiswe website. I ran into the same issue others had(Google or scroll through reviews) - being told my “password doesn’t match”, attempting to reset the password, but being told the new “password doesn’t match” over and over, even though the new passwords followed the password criteria. I emailed Weverse customer service and Kiswe support and all they did was tell me to contact the other. At least Kiswe blew me off right away, Weverse didn’t bother to respond until after the concert was over. I tried to get help with this weeks ago and they blew me off then with a useless, copy and paste response.

- Bring Back the Big Hit Online Shop

Very dissatisfied. Tried purchasing merchandise & I could only pay through PayPal. It had me log into PayPal multiple times to complete my order but it would keep saying try again. Finally I gave up but after a couple minutes I was charged by PayPal but I never got an order confirmation & it’s not showing up in my orders. I was charged 2 more times a couple hours later. So now I’ve been charged 3 total times & have no order in place. I’m still waiting for someone to contact me back through the 1:1 customer support on the app. I emailed them & they said it should be resolved & it’s still not. Waiting for someone to email me back again before I file a dispute with PayPal. Probably never going to use this app again & will order from 3rd party sites instead.

- Shipping

I ordered ARMY membership kit back in January, and it finally went on shipping soon. It’s almost been 5 months since I ordered it. At least I might get it? Then again, the whole thing was $30 and shipping was $43. Um... what? That costed more than the membership itself. I’m genuinely shocked at the lack of customer support answers. I asked 5 different questions 5 different occasions, and almost all had the same reply. Overall, app functionality is ok, but the US shipping service is messed up. Keep that in mind before ordering something big. (Edit: many people were saying you can only buy in Korean Won in the Weverse Global shop, that is false. I was able to buy using USD. )

- Delayed shipping and customer service

This app so disappointing because they take so long to ship any items. I understand that the delivery will take a while since some items are shipped from Korea, but the actual process of shipping takes too long. I bought the army membership so I’ve been waiting for the kit. I knew it got delayed because of COVID but they said that they would ship them out in the end of July. When I inquired about my kit in the 20th of August they apologized and said that it would be shipped out soon. They changed my status to shipping out soon and up to date it still hasnt been shipped out. I hope they fix theyre shipping process since people spend so much money on their product one would expect that they have a faster shipping time.

- Customer Service is Horrible

BUYER BEWARE. The Weverse Shop provides one of the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced; the last time I’ve been this frustrated with customer service was when dealing with my cable company. Due to the app separating your shopping cart between buying from the “Global” and “US” stores, glitches occurring in purchasing. I experienced such a glitch when renewing my membership; my membership was cut short by 2 weeks, and I didn’t receive my Special Renewal Gift as a result. Customer service tried to spin the situation, saying I cancelled my membership. They do not care about customer satisfaction or even abiding by their own terms of purchase. BUYER BEWARE.

- Please restock more often.

I really love this app cause you can buy the official thing without thinking that you're getting scammed because this is the official bighit app but please restock more often i've been wanting to buy a lot of things especially the army bomb I've been waiting for 2 months for it to restock until now but still not available everything is good just please make more items available. Update: I've been waiting for 4 months yet still the army bombs are all sold put please please restock🙏🏻

- sksksks 🥴

Ktown4u had an army bomb but it was no longer in stock so I went to find other websites to find it and this app popped up so I ordered 3 things I’m currently waiting on my army bomb but they have good prices but sadly it’s only for bighit if you are a bts or txt fan :) for international armies it may be harder to order because they only accept PayPal . As being an international army I can’t go to concerts so I tried looking for merch and an Lightstick but it’s great overall , all official merch ! the downside to it is you can’t return it once you ordered it for international armies .

- Just bring the website back

Tried to order items but it wouldn’t process my PayPal.. by the time I got to enter a different card number, almost everything was sold out. I checked my bank account afterwards and they charged me for the original order that I tried to make but it never showed up in my “orders” tab. The company then basically told everyone that they couldn’t have their items since they were sold out..even though a lot of people tried to buy them before they sold out but the app wouldn’t let them. I sent a message to them days ago but they have yet to respond. They should’ve stuck to the website because this app is terrible

- What’s going on!?

So far everything has been great but lately when I order things like a TXT album things are MISSING I bought their first album recently and the poster is GONE it’s not there! Same thing when I bought one of the BTS graphic lyric books and the illustration card was also missing it’s also quite frustrating that it’s NOT translated at all it’s all in Korean even though I bought it off the USA shop but it didn’t stop me from buying all 5. Other than that everything is great!

- overall- just bad

first of all- the prices are outrageous. i saw a ring that was $70. really?? not even a ring set. a RING for $70. i could get a bunch of other merch from other websites with the same price as that ring. also, you guys aren’t even stocking up on anything! i checked your on the shop in june for an army bomb and it said that they were sold out. i checked it just now and it still says that it’s sold out. it’s like you aren’t even using this store anymore and you’re just taking people’s money. and it’s really upsetting that this is the only place we can buy things, because it seems like the weverse shop doesn’t give a crap about customer service.

- Love it!

On the BigHit website, when I tried to log in, it would ask for my password after I had put it in. The QR codes wouldn’t work and I couldn’t buy The Notes because it wouldn’t let me put in my address. This app is so easy to use! The QR codes work and I am satisfied with what I get. Can’t wait to scan my qr’s finally. Wish that there was an option for Merchandise, like for the Army bombs, shirts, accessories, etc. but other than that, I love it!

- Came Through With The TXT Merch~

Ordering from Weply was/is the best experience with online shopping I’ve ever had!~ I swear!~ •They restock quickly •They ship quickly •You receive your order quickly After I pre-ordered/bought the TXT Seasons Greetings pack (after they restocked), Hood Shirt/Cap~ The Hood Shirt I was able to watch it move from one place to the next with the tracking feature and it was so simple to follow. My cap was shipped a day or two after and it caught up so quickly with my hood. I got the shirt today and I expect to see the cap by Tomorrow . I like that it’s automatically priority mailing express,because this is mail that would normally take me 30 days and it got here in 4 (after the order was accepted). Thank You So Much Weply for making me a happier and even prouder MOA~💙💚💛

- Error prevention is horrible. I have to checkout 5 times to get it done

I love having an app to buy official BTS merchandise. However, whoever designed the checkout flow for domestic and international users did a horrible job of error prevention. I am a US user and had to restart the checkout process about 5-6 times from the beginning because the app failed to tell me at each step that I need to change/update a field or my order will fail... 1. I cannot use a credit card unless I am in Korea 2. I have to use PayPal or another method of payment if I an paying in US dollars Etc... All which could be corrected at each step of the entry form. So please change it. Make it so that when user is checking out, the app is verifying and validating at each step based on the user profile and guide user. Don’t block them 5 times from buying something. That defeats the whole point of this app. Thank you.

- Finally!

This app is amazing, and it’s about time that something like it has arrived! Buying merch online has always been a bit of a hassle on the official Bighit website because it’s not completely suited for English speakers. It’s really difficult to sign in because my Bighit password doesn’t fit all of the “standards” they have (like special characters and numbers), so if they could fix that it would be great. It has a nice and simple layout and I assume that buying would be very easy, thank you!

- It’s Good but...

I’m a huge fan of BTS and back in February I got tickets to see them at The Cotton Bowl on May 10th but due to the whole virus situation it got pushed back. In April they released the merchandise but I was to slow to get some and I honestly don’t feel like waiting in the line when the tour actually comes but It has been two months and they still haven’t restocked any. I get it there is a virus but if you’re not going to sell anymore take it off of the shop, that’s what I don’t understand.

- Great idea, needs work...

The idea of this app is great! Being able to buy actual BTS merchandise is awesome since there is nothing near me in Dallas. However it would be nice if they would restock their items. I know it takes time to restock but they should tell us if they are at least working on getting the sold out items back in stock. I bought the membership when I first downloaded this app and even some of the membership items I can’t buy because you have to pick them up in Korea... If this gets solved the Weply app would be awesome

- ....?

First sad thing is that you don't even let people with shipping restrictions purchase items and then simply ship it out on a later date. Second is your customer service. I left an email in which I included both shipping restrictions and logo design error, but they only replied to logo error in the way that I should've known it was changed when I sent an email (04/27), but they posted about it on 04/30. Third are really absurd shipping prices. I find it easier to buy albums from resellers which come to my address in a span of two weeks and just buy lightsticks in front of stadiums. I can't even think about summer packages and similar :(

- More than willing to pay the price for official merch

It may be on the pricier side when it comes to shipping but it’s sooooo worth it to know I’m going to have 100% REAL MERCH for my faves and that price I’m willing to pay to have OFFICIAL merchandise. Thanks BigHit! 💜💜💜 *also, once you think about it, it is about the same as if you were going to buy it off a second hand shop or something, buying it from the source is the way to go for me and I’m glad it’s so much easier to do now 👍*

- Buying a membership and Bang Bang Con

My main issue actually came about recently, when trying to get a membership and a Bang Bang Con ticket. The only form of currency was won, I use usd. The won is fine because it can be calculated to know what i’m spending. However the only form of payment is Korean credit/debit card, Korean KakaoTalk account, PayPal ( which I don’t have ) , and toss. I was simply curious as to why all forms or a broader form of payment wasn’t optional. As an international fan from the states I feel I’m not being allowed to have the full experience

- The app crashes

Every time they release something the app won’t let me buy it yesterday I had to keep trying over and over again to pay because it kept saying “please try again” and before It would let me pay one of the items I wanted sold out and it also crashed the day of the OST release that day it wouldn’t let me look at what was in my cart and wouldn’t let me go to the checkout obviously the ost didn’t sell out but still the problem still there

- Not all items are available to ship everywhere

I understand that shipping to different locations in the world is difficult but I’m willing to pay the price. However, had I known I wouldn’t be able to buy things because they don’t ship to my area (LA/United States) I wouldn’t even have bothered downloading the app and getting my hopes up. It’s cool that this has made things available for purchase from the artists however my experience is obviously not the best considering I can’t even get anything. Maybe it’ll change if things become available but until then it’s disappointing and useless for me.

- i wish there were zero stars

i don’t want to say so, but i’m highly disappointed. you can only buy albums and cd’s in the us shop. i decided to check global, and there was so many other items i could buy! why aren’t army bombs and other merch on the us shop?! i’m pretty sure that us u.s army’s would like some official merch!! i didn’t think it could get any worse, but i wanted to see how much shipping was from the global shop. i put in all my info and had a total of 20 usd. why is the shipping more expensive than the actual item? the website was better, not only for the merch, but for the payment methods as well. please add other items to the u.s shop and look into other payment methods like apple pay. edit: now the army bombs are on sale on the global shop for preorder, they aren’t even shipping to the u.s!! edit #2: they’re now selling to the u.s shop but it’s more expensive than the global even with shipping! just get it on the global shop.

- um ...

ok don’t get me wrong i love the fact that i know i’m getting official mech, it’s not fake, and the prices to compare to other online shops is immaculate but the least you could do is send me an email about my package . it takes FOREVER to ship and to buy it from global it’s $30+ in shipping and i still have yet to know where the heck my package is. i also feel like they should have like idk free shipping if you pay x amount of money .but other than that it’s a pretty good app if you want verified merch

- It’s not too bad

I’ve ordered the mots army bomb, a few albums, and some books and the shipping costs a lot. I don’t really have a problem with anything but it’s just the shipping and I know that shipping is expensive but a little bit too expensive. The army was $35 and the shipping was $50 my question is can you make shipping a bit less expensive. Again I love everything but it’s just the shipping and I don’t get why we should pay that much for shipping.

- Horrible customer service

I ordered an army bomb and it was never delivered. It’s been two months since it’s scheduled delivery date. I tried contacting their customer service for a claim and was basically told it’s the fault of the delivery service and their responsibility to file a claim but it is actually WEPLY responsibility since they contracted the delivery service. You can only request one on one with customer service for a purchase ONCE after they respond they close your case. I was not able to get back in touch with them again. They stole $52 from me.

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- Need more options

I love the app and I enjoy buying directly from BigHit however has an international shopper who isn’t from America it is annoying to have to find out how much money that is for me as well as not having enough payment options if you could some more currencies and payment options it would be greatly appreciated


Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love weverse but this is an issue that needs to be addressed hence my rating + review. The shipping rates are ridiculous and something needs to be done about finding alternatives. There is no need for the cost to be that high. I strongly suggest having different shipping options, like express but also a cheaper option (could take longer) but definitely need a reduction in rates otherwise more often than not the shipping is higher than the product. Also, not shipping to Australia makes no sense we need some updates on our purchases... I would really like to order from weverse because there aren’t a lot of official merch places here but i’m afraid i’ll have to find alternative places if a) you don’t do something about the pricing b) you don’t start shipping to australia and other countries... armys are all across the world, not only in USA and Korea/Japan c) you have more reliable shipping (maybe not in these times but even before the pandemic the shipping took unnecessarily long) There are so many aussie fans please hear us and make the change! Also BTS come to Australia please we’re all waiting for you

- It was nice at first but eh

It was nice at first. I can buy membership. But time goes by that the quality of the merch goes deep south. I can buy on other S.Korea’s merch that can ship to Australia but Weverse is the only online shop that’s lazy enough to consider. They also cancelled the orders before the lockdown without reason even if I’ve been giving them POSSIBLE solutions. It’s all about money now and not client centred. Really bad customer service.

- Limited countries

Why is the shipping not available for Australian fans?

- Shipping is too expensive... and they’ve stopped shipping to many countries...

I understand with the way the world is right now that shipping had to stop for some time, but it has been nearly 6 months if not more since they stopped shipping to Australia, and they haven’t even provided an estimate to when it might start again. Frankly there is no reason why they can’t ship here (and if there is, they have not provided one and have ignored everyone who has asked). I have ordered multiple things online during this time from multiple different countries with zero problems. How come Weverse Shop seems to be the ONLY online shop that hasn’t resumed shipping? And speaking of shipping, the price is outrageous. More often than not it costs more than the product itself, and is no faster or more reliable than other shipping. The least that could be done is offering more than one shipping option, perhaps one that is cheaper but takes longer, or one that doesn’t provide tracking so it’s cheaper, but no, you have one option for shipping and that’s it. Shipping for one small item should NOT cost $20 USD. I have had to pay upwards of $50 USD on shipping on multiple occasions, and have had to pay as this is the only reliable way to purchase merch as Australia only stocks albums in store. Shipping should not cost this much, and I hate leaving bad reviews, but I will keep my 1-star review until it’s fixed.

- Poor customer service, shipping prices outrageous and no stock available

While it started out great and I was very happy to use this as an international shopper. I received my first few orders no problems. But (and here’s the big one) one of my shipments never arrived. I read all that I need to do to wait on the times for it to arrive and still nothing. I then contacted 1:1 customer support for information. They directed me to contact my postal service (which I had already done) and that was that. I emails a 2nd time advising this and again was given the run around. After 4 emails and 6 weeks of waiting on this matter to be resolved (items now 12 weeks over due) I have just been told to “provide proof” I don’t have it and that the postal service doesn’t have my item and lost it!!!! How am I suppose to provide proof other than the tracking? There are items that have been out of stock since the first week the app was released and you can’t ask them when items are going to be restocked or you get a nasty replay!!!

- Being an Australian ARMY...

...I would love to obviously have the chance to buy Official BTS merch, and have AUD available because it can get quite annoying for me having to convert USD to AUD. That’s actually not the point, what I’m trying to get to is that they don’t ship to Australia, Australia has THOUSANDS of ARMYS! The fact they they haven’t came to Australia since 2017 and Bighit doesn’t even ship merch here kinda makes me think that they are kinda ignoring us?? If you know you know. Beside that I will forever Stan BTS till the day I die. 💜

- Shipping—

You should honestly take in consideration of other fans outside of America, Japan and South Korea, as there are many fans who cannot get in touch to official merch. For example, Australia, now, this country has a huge amount of fans surrounding the groups in this app and it’s disappointing that they have to go through all the hard work to try and receive merch without getting blackmailed etc. Although, we don’t know the reason of this happening, we’d like to hear why. I hope you reply towards this matter, thank you.

- Much better

Much better, cleaner, easier to use interface. Big improvement on old website (Bighit Shop). The shipping is still very expensive to Australia, I would suggest giving customers more choice for shipping options. I personally would prefer to wait longer to get the items for a cheaper shipping price

- Good

It’s runs smoothly and easy to navigate. The tracking on the package is also very accurate. Shipping is quick but very expensive (especially to Australia) and keeps on going up. It would be nice to have more then one option for shipping as I’m sure many people will gladly wait a month or two then spend 40 bucks on shipping.


I love the app it runs really smoothly and no glitches for me. One thing I would love to be added is more currency settings, because there are only USD and South Korean Won. I wish there be a AUD because I live in Australia as well as other currency around the world 😊

- A bit sad

I don’t know for the rest of the world that intent the US Japan & South Korea but I was a little disappointed that it couldn’t be shipped to my country of Australia. I get that Australia isn’t the biggest market you wanna aim at but there are a lot of K-Pop fans here and I really hope they can change it to be shipped here and other places with this problem.

- Shipping and price

Honesty you people should take consideration to Australia and other places since there are a lot of fans there. Like it stakes soooo long to get the merch to Australia and the price is just too much. Like my fiends lives in another count and she ordered merch and it didn’t cost much for shipping but when I ordered it took a very long time and the price was wayyyy more then her. So I suggest you make the prices a little lower and make it faster thank you

- The Payment

To be honest, I like the idea of an easier way of buying merch and this app is good but my only problem is the payment methods. Only credit/debit cards can be used for Korea and that saddens me because for international fans we must use things such as PayPal, but the problem is some of us don’t use it have PayPal and/or don’t trust that and that is me. I would love if they made it possible for international fans to be able to pay with a card.

- Finally

I have been an army for a long time and this is our much needed app for easier anything. The only problem is that it is always so old so please stock up.

- Australia

Please make it available to do delivery to Australia and have aud as a currency option :(

- Great app!

The last review didn’t read the announcement page. It is due to covid 19 that the global website does not ship to Australia and many other countries right now.

- 110%

Awesome app, only new so I can’t wait for more updates, definitely makes buying things from bighit easier thank youuuu

- small question~

if a product is sold out, does it come back in stock at all? I really want to get this txt hoodie but it’s sold out and yeah 😅but love the app ;)

- I actually really like it.

Easy to use and usually ships to Australia but obviously because of the Cvirus it can’t. It’s a great app!! Bitter people gotta get over themselves.

- Shipping

Before the virus situation the app didn’t have the region Australia or aud, even with the virus I cant find my region and it’s pretty upsetting, like having no concerts is one thing but the offical app not having our region is another. I hope u guys fix this problem

- Why don’t you ship to Australia

It’s very sad doesn’t able ship to Australia

- Awful customer service

Messaged them multiple times, always received the same unhelpful automated stock standard reply. Didn’t seem like they bothered actually reading my questions. They obviously don’t care about customer service at all

- Does not ship to any country other then America

I was going to pre-order Bts 5th Muster, and I was so happy about it but it’s not shipping to Australia and I tried using my relatives address that lives in other countries and it does not work, where the app says ship to every country!!

- Yes

Yes better for international fans and experience in general. Shipping is high but that can’t be helped 😞

- Shipping

The app is great in general and trust worthy but it is a total bummer that some things can not be shipped to Australia because most online shops send knock offs and they keep our money so it would be grea that In the future Weverse items could be shipped to Australia

- it’s good but

there is a serious problem with how expensive shipping is my dudes. can’t u make a promotion over $100 free shipping? or atleast 50% or SOMETHING it’s so expensive

- conversions

please make an aud option it is extremely annoying having to convert every time i want to buy something

- Shipping

As I was ready to purchase I found out that you don’t ship to Australia anymore and I would like to know as their are many fans in other countries and it not just USA, Japan and South Korea

- Please ship to Australia

When I downloaded it a few months ago I wanted to buy the Seasons Greetings and you were able to ship to Australia back then but now ? Why cant you ?

- ??

I love all the merch you can buy, but why don’t you ship to Australia anymore??? Decide to buy something but it doesn’t ship to Australia anymore ;-; why?

- Please ship to Australia

How disappointing , this app should be made for all international fans to use but are only given limited currency options and Dont ship to other countries like Australia.

- Please ship global

I just want shipping to Australia. As it says global. But then it says its not available in my country i don’t get it. Pleasee

- Australia

Like this, but I just wish that you could ship to Australia! Thank you 🙂

- Yassss

Very good app man. Recommended by my mate Anje. Luv u boi xx

- Big oof

I can’t even re-download the app the prices are in the roof you pay more for shipping then you do the item as well

- Ship to Australia please

I’m very disappointed it doesn’t ship to Australia . Pls make it able to ship it to Australia 😭😭😭😭😭😭

- Love it!


- don’t recommend

yes the shipping prices, and the current restrictions, are annoying but the customer service ... honestly go somewhere else, don’t buy from here.

- Four words + one more word an a emoji

Make a AUD option! plz.🥺

- Why it can’t be shipped to Australia

Plz tell us why can’t it be shipped to Australia

- Please send to Australia

There are many Australian fans! Please consider us

- australia wants merch!

please make it easier to ship to australia


Please make an Aus version


Please fix ASAP!!!!! Please!!!!!

- trash

i love bts, but weverse ain’t it. i ordered something like 6 months ago and it still hasn’t arrived. the customer service is also terrible. i contacted them, saying that my order still hadn’t arrived. they responded, closing the enquiry i’d opened, telling me that it hadn’t been shipped yet. for the incredibly expensive shipping price i paid, not sending an item after 6 months of payment is absolutely ridiculous. the problem with weverse is that it is bighit’s own child. therefore, they can take people’s money and not be held accountable for not delivering goods in a timely manor. if we were using ebay or amazon or LITERALLY ANY OTHER SHOPPING PLATFORM, they wouldn’t be able to get away with this. do yourself a favour, and don’t shop from weverse. please. i know it’s hard, i love bts merch too, but it really is a dreadful experience.

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- Almost perfect

Please fix it so Canadian Army’s can order again, also please find a cheaper shipping company if possible. Over all I have Bought a lot of Items and never really had a problem until now with not being able to order

- Membership Package Did Not Arrive

I’m sad to give this a 1 star but it’s been 7 months since and I haven’t receive it yet :(. I live in Canada, and I still haven’t receive any tracking number for my shipment order. Please help asap. Thank you and stay safe, God bless.

- Canadian payment

If you guys are from Canada, to purchase an item use the choice Eximby. It offers you the Canadian price and allows you to make payments with your cards.

- Everything is Expensive 😔

Broke army’s can’t afford 20$ shipping !!!! Also please add Canadain option

- Canada payment

Please add $CAD and Ships to Canada soon as possible please. Us Canadian Armys can’t buy anything. Also I want to buy the BangBangCon Tickets but can’t because I can’t use Canada Credit card,The only option I have is PayPal but I don’t have that.

- 🦋

Canadian armys rest assured that shipping is available now! :)

- 4.5/5 - please lower the shipping cost

I live in Canada and ever since Weverse returned their services here, they switched it from EMS to DHL. Now I understand if EMS doesn’t ship here anymore...BUT THEY DO. As of right now, EMS holds packages for two weeks before they ship it out. We should have been given the option to choose either DHL or EMS. DHL charges so much for customs fees whereas EMS doesn’t (based on experience). I would rather wait for two more weeks for my package than pay an additional $30-40 for customs fee.

- Shipping international

It says they ship international, but don’t even ship to Canada 😭😭😭 Please ship I really want to buy merch :((


I'm a canadian army and i really really want to buy merch that i know it official but i cannot since it doesnt offer to canada!! Please make it available in my country!!!

- Please ship to Canada

Please start shipping to Canada, it’s very hard to get merch that is 100% official. It would be a big help to all Canadian ARMY’s who would like to buy merch

- It great but please add Canada!

Please add Canadian shipping along with other currencies!!!


Why is it called global if it only Includes USD.


Please add shipping to canada with $CAD. I think this was repeated by almost everyone in the reviews.

- Other countries exist too!

The app is okay, but I find it really sad how k-armys and American armys are the only ones who can buy from this shop. Us Canadians wanna shop as well! Please add CAD. Also maybe add countries from maybe Europe, Africa, Oceania and other Asian countries. Us Canadian armys aren’t the only one with this problem. Also the shipping fee is waaay too high, we aren’t that rich.

- Canadian Shipping

Please open shipping to Canada. I want to buy merch that I know is official but nothing on Weverse Shop is available to Canada.

- Allow shipping to Canada

Please allow payment with visa and please add cad $ and shipping to canada. It’s impossible to find official merch here in Vancouver

- :/

it doesn’t ship to canada, please make changes.. us canadian armys want merch too

- Canadian

Pls add an option for EMS Canadian army cannot get any mercy because we live in Canada we will be fine waiting another 2 weeks thank you

- Add more shipping places.

Your shop is good but you should add more places to ship to. I’m from Canada and I want to buy some stuff and I can’t because you don’t ship to Canada. This is real lib inconvenient

- Not shipping to Canada

Awesome merch shipped to Canada last year but not anymore.

- Ridiculous

I should be able to order multiple things at a time and pay for shipping once. It’s unfair that I have to buy everything separately and pay shipping 6 different times. That’s ridiculous and way too expensive

- Can’t purchase anything

All of my information is correct but when I want to use PayPal to purchase my merchandise, it ends up in a never ending login loop where it constantly asks for my paypal information and then makes me check my address (which is 100% correct) and then login to PayPal again. I have yet to be able to make a single purchase. I am a Canadian buyer and due to this, the app says I can use PayPal as a method of payment, yet it won’t work!

- Only Credit Card Issued Within South Korea Will Be Accepted?

How can I purchase the membership or other products if ONLY credit card issued within South Korea will be accepted!!??????? Can you fix this problem please??

- Don’t Bother Shopping Here: Bad Customer Service and charging more for shipping

I accidentally bought the regular membership but I wanted the merch pack. I asked for a refund on the same day of purchase, they responded 4 days later to refuse providing a refund with no specific reason that applied to me. And then when I contacted again to follow up, they said the 7 days have passed to be able to cancel membership. This was my worst customer experience. I have contacted them before for other things, they give you the most generic answer and it can answer one part of your question but never satisfy as a whole. Also, Ever since they changed to DHL, I started paying ridiculous custom fees gay I never had to pay for before because DHL is legit a scam. Don’t bother purchasing stuff from here, just get it at KoreaTown.

- Beware of additional DHL charges

Please provide a choice to choose either EMS or DHL for shipping to Canada. I can’t continue ordering from Weverse if I need to pay a minimum of an additional $28 to DHL for each order.

- Please fix this issue

Ever since the update It doesn’t ship to Canada plz fix this problem we Canadian ARMY’s could really use some merch

- Shipping

Shipping is too expensive for poor people like us plzz.... 😓


Can you please put cad because us Canadian army can’t buy any merch so if you could please put a cad option that would be a life saver thanks!

- Canada

So happy you can now order to Canada again the 💜💜💜


ARMY from Canada cannot buy official merchandise . this is a huge issue! Us Canadian ARMY want to buy merchandise as-well and it is beyond difficult to get albums and any official merchandise, because you do not ship to Canada this really is an issue because I am not able to fully support BTS and Weverse as a whole . This is a enormous problem and effects me, please try to open to Canada. A small detail as well is in Canada it is extremely tough to get official merchandise here, please consider every detail I have said. thank you.

- Shipping to canada

Very expensive shipping fee. After paying 35usd they ask for another 20$ for tax and shipping. They didn’t inform. Just send 20$ after week after you place your order. Waited days for delivery but order is not complete with 1 product missing. Cannot contact costumer service. Super worst app. Never use again.

- (`_´)ゞ

Please ship to Canada us Canadian carats and other fans want our merch that is 100% official

- Ship to Canada

I want to be able to buy stuff please

- Payment method

Please add Visa/Mastercard payments

- Remember about covid

Not a review but everyone remember that shipping is delayed due to the virus!!! Ur item will take longer to come and they aren’t able to ship to some countries because of covid 19.

- No shipping to Canada!!!!

It doesn’t allow shipping to Canada. Please make changes!!!

- Completed my order but not arrive

I completed my order way back in January and still hasn't receive it yet. Did not receive any shipping information either. Customer service isn’t really helping either and would respond the same respond with “item is to be delivered within the next quarter” I’m pretty sure its been longer than that. The shipping is so expensive and this happened. I have ordered many things from outside Canada that arrived a month after and shipping is free.

- I love it

I really love that I can order any BTS merch on this app. Thank you for adding collaboration with other companies! I can’t wait to get my Fila merch. ***Shipping prices are high*** please try to lower it. Thank you 😊

- 💓

Amazing app I love it!


Not shipping to canada.

- Completed my order and receive nothing

I’m from canada, i purchased an army membership almost a month ago but still my order hasn’t arrived. I’m so dissapointed. I need a refund for this or else

- Canada

Would love it if Canada was available for shipping please make it happen 😭😭😭

- Posting

Lots of time we made a post and someone like and click cheers and also in comments wants to be cheer back It will be easier if you can hit reply and cheer back them, instead of copy their Id n find them n tag cheers

- Completed order with nothing

I ordered a membership kit and paid 30usd for shipping fee. I received nothing because EMS is not available in cad rn and they completed my order. Wtf St*pid and greed Kr company, shouldn’t be surprised🤪

- Canada exists

Why it isn’t shipping to Canada???? Y’all need to correct this

- seventeen 5th anniversary shirts

im a canadian carat and i cant get the upcoming seventeen t-shirts because of the shipping conditions💔 i hope you can fix this because it still ships to other countries but not here

- ship to Canada !!!

Why can’t Canadians get anything shipped to us

- ???

Why can't merch be shipped to canada?

- This needs to be fixed!

I will say this app is amazing, it has everything! But the shipping is so expensive, I had to pay $30 for it to come to Canada, SPEAKING OF CANADA- they’re not shipping to Canada anymore, which it’s only been since the update, it’s so annoying! I bought my army membership in January, exactly a 3 months ago and now I don’t know if I’ll actually get it! I also wanted to preorder the MOTS Tour merch and and now I can’t. THANK YOU BIGHIT! 🤦‍♀️


nothing can be shipped to Canada :(

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- Amazing

I just wanna say this app is amazing but the only problem I have is that you have to pay with PayPal and I don’t have that and they don’t have where you can pay with debit or credit and that the downside for me but other then that this app is amazing

- cumbersome fees and load times

Takes longer than any other app to load (except possibly weverse) never displays the information you actually need bc it’s too busy advertising merch. Missed out on presale because I only got notifications for merch and the seoul fan raffle. Even opened the app and scrolled through it a few times during the registration period and saw NOTHING. Also shipping within the app for any of the merch they prioritize is WILD. membership isn’t worth it- just follow the boys on twt and get fan merch 🙄

- PayPal

The app and design is amazing the only part that really hinders it is the payment if you’re a international fan the only way you can buy merchandise is if you have a PayPal and not everyone is exactly comfortable or well in the known of how to use one really. And when I tried to do the PayPal thing it wouldn’t let me connect it so I never got to get the album I wanted🙁🙁. But overall the app is great!!!

- Hi!

the app is pretty good, easily accessible and there’s no trouble in finding the things i want. However things run out fast and restocking takes ages, and the shipping price is way too much in my opinion. but other than that everything is okay! i would just work on those two issues, and maybe allow things to be shipped to more places so everyone can enjoy the items. thank you!

- Global Fanclub Membership

Hate to give this such a low review... I really want to order the latest Army Bomb through the US store, but you need to be a Fanclub member in order to purchase anything... so I’ve been trying to purchase the Global Fanclub Membership for BTS, but it seems you can only pay with Korean issued cards? Am I missing something? I thought I would be able to use PayPal... and because I cannot purchase the membership, I’m not able to purchase anything on the app.

- I just want to let you know.

I’m not writing a bad review, I’m just trying to help get some of the kinks out, seeing as this is a new app. Ok I have tried several times to purchase something on this app and it keep telling me that it can’t ship to The United States, seeing as International shipping was a big reason for this app you can see this is a big problem. Now as for everything else I Love it! The app visuals are great 🤗 Thank You.


l stumbled upon a problem while checking. Ever since Weverse shop USA has opened I haven't been able to check out because it says my "address verification failed". The autofill search for shipping address adds extra things such as 'county' even though we don't use that here in the US. (It also creates confusion when delivering a package) My friends have experienced this same problem. The autofill added 'LA county' and 'Bronx county' among other things. And they haven't been able to purchase anything. Can you please fix this issue? Please get rid of the autofill option and let us manually write our address and edit it. We want to continue using weverse shop and supporting the groups since bighit USA shop has closed but we can't do that if we can't purchase anything. Thank you.

- Developers need to fix a lot of things; ops also need to be addressed

The support feature within this app does not make sense. You can request 1 on 1 support, but that ticket closes as soon as they respond - there is no way to continue communicating on an issue. This has caused me to submit 3 tickets for the same issue so far. The support features and navigation in all are a mess and are not well thought through and frankly seem very amateur for a company that has the budget to do much better.

- Open it up to PC Users

It’s a nice shopping app but a little confusing since merch is restricted based on which regional shop you use and shipping is not forgiving to your wallet. Would like to see the shop be opened up to PC users like the fan club has. Also think the shop should be linked to their website and bts’ website be redesigned for better flow and overall look.

- So nice!!

They have great customer service and product quality. The shipping is pricey at times because it comes from so far away but I️ guess that’s just how it works. Everything I️ have ordered so far has come on time and nothing is missed. Love it!

- Good helping

I was messed up my address and really got panic. I have mo idea to do so I requested on Weply’s staff and they did it really quick. I was just got an announce about my problem was solved and I’m very touched about that. I want to say thank you for them to know how much I’m appreciate for them.

- Amazing

Everything is there for you at such an easy access. It makes it easier to buy things from both bts and txt especially for international fans

- Good app but way to expensive

Everything about the app is good as well as their products because everything is official but the prices for the shipping is way over priced for an item that’s likely more than 20 dollars usually shipping is more than 30 dollars and thats what I hate

- Zero stars really

Edit: Got through the hoops only to find if you don’t have a cell phone number you are SOL! This is THE WORST app/shop I have ever seen. In this day and age it’s ridiculous that there isn’t an easy to use website or way to pay that isn’t paypal. I’ve had to reinstall twice, reset my password twice and who knows what kind of trustfration next. If this wasn’t the only way to get a membership I’d forget the whole thing and stick with GOs & 3rd party sites.

- Terrible

Every time I try to purchase something off of Weply. I have trouble with Paypal. They would always tell me to put in my debit card number even though I already did. I would try refreshing the app and even going as far to deleting the app and downloading it again hoping it would solve my problem but it didn’t. Now I can’t even buy the BTS Army Membership thing because I’m having trouble when it comes to purchasing the actual item.

- Address verification fail

I have been trying to order some items but every time I try to make the order it says “address verification fail” I’m so disappointed and the thing is that I ordered many things before and I never had a problem. This address search needs to be fixed.

- Not allowed to purchase

I’ve logged in with two different emails. I’ve clicked everything on the screen. I’ve deleted and downloaded again trying everything I’ve done before and I’m still not allowed to purchase. I also tried contacting the creators through the app but haven’t received any response.

- and i oop-

i would actually put five stars if international fans could also use credit/ debit card and not only use paypal since some people, including myself, don’t have paypal. i would really like it if credit/ debit card was an option to everyone and not only South Korea.

- you can't get the army membership in the usa shop

I've been saving my money for the new lightstick and once you could pre-order it, you needed the ARMY membership. So, I tried getting it, but you could only get it in the global shop, and you have to pay with WON. Some people don't have won and like me, have been waiting for this lightstick. This is unfair for ARMYs who don't have lightsticks yet and who have been waiting for this lighstick to come out.

- Needs improvement

Customer service is the worst, you don’t hear anything back until a week. Recently shipping had been bad, takes up a month or more to get your items and delaying shipping on new items. App layout is the worst. They have sold out items and won’t remove them that have been there for a year.

- Lagging, Lagging and More Lagging!

Ok I’m not trying to be rude or ungrateful.. but give us the website back sigh... this app is driving most of us crazy! Whenever you drop something everything will lag and crash like how am I supposed to buy things when it’s gonna be sold out in minutes while I'm still waiting for it to respond! Secondly the payment methods... I can only use the PayPal it’s the only opened option for me but yet it won’t work! :(

- Login trouble

So I don’t know if anyone else is having this trouble but when I got to reset my password from my email it makes makes me open the App Store then i have to manually push the open app button but never leads me to reset my password on the app :( so I’m still unable to reset my password for my bighit login :/

- Only one thing

There is only one thing that the weverse shop is missing. I can’t ship things to Puerto Rico and it’s kind of annoying, but aside from that, everything else is amazing💜

- Good ig

I really like the app, I can buy official merch whenever I want and everything ships well. The only problem is that BTS/BT21 merch is sold out all the time and it takes forever to restock. A lot of items have been out of stock for a long time, and if you will not be selling an item anymore, please remove it altogether from store.

- creators please read !!

im writing this review in hopes that someone with influence will read it. weverse shop, i humbly ask that you give us the option to be notified when at item goes on sale. perhaps a push notification that you can enable by expressing interest in the item? i missed out on purchasing the notes and now it’s sold-out. when i saw that, all i thought was “if only i was notified as soon as it dropped”

- App is not working!

Absolutely love the app and has been working fine until the most recent iOS upgrade. Now app does not open. I purchased BTS Bomb several weeks and still have not received it yet. I need to contact vendor however without the app, I’m not even sure who to contact.

- Great for Intl Fans

So simple and easy to use. Has the option to set the language to English. No more google/Naver translate needed! Shipping is cheaper than expected. Can’t wait to purchase an item soon :)

- Customer service Needs improvement

Instead of requesting 1-on-1 support again, after getting a response back from the Weverse Shop customer service, I wish there was a way we can reply to their message directly. That would make it easier to see and keep track of im the inquiries we’ve made.

- Frustrating and sad

I cant pay for my ticket because I do not own PayPal. This is frustrating since on other platforms we can use our Americans express or things like that but on there you need to own PayPal. I am super sad that I cant attend the concert because it was canceled and this was the only way of going to a concert. Needs MAJOR MAJOR inprovement.

- still a lot of problems with the app

one that is major for me is not being able to change my email, the email I used when signing up at bighit shop I no longer use and I’d like to update the email simply without having to make a whole new account and losing all my data and points. it shouldn’t be that difficult to want to change an email.

- Thank you!

Thank you for creating an App where fans can interact with their favorite group. It was hard for international ARMYs to understand Fan cafe. So, thank you for thinking on us.

- Kind of sad :(

I thought this app was supposed to make it easier for international fans to get official merch, but so far every time I try to order something it either doesn’t ship outside of South Korea or it doesn’t accept credit/debit cards as a payment option? Also things sell out super fast :( probably going to end up just deleting the app and buying from merch websites

- Customer Service - Feedback

The only thing I would suggest to Weverse is adding threads when it comes to 1-on-1 support. I want to keep replying to the same person when I have a problem and not keep requesting a new claim every time. It’s kind of frustrating.

- I’m a little upset

So I recently bought all 4 versions of a bts album and I was so excited once I opened it, none of them came with a clear photo picket or a poster and I’m just very upset :(. I hope Customer well answer me fast so we can fix this:(. But the album is beautiful and soft and welll treated.

- Mediocre

So basically at os great shipping fees are pretty pricey but I want to buy an army bomb but they’re always sold out and I’m panicking cause I have to go to a BTS concert in may and my army membership hasn’t even arrived even though I ordered it a month ago

- Serious log-in problem

I can’t even log in with my previous email which is my university email. What they show on the screen is the invalid email format? WTH!? Also, I don’t only complain this issue, but also the password requirement is terrible. It needs at less one upgrade and low grade alphabet? Have you really considered what kind of passwords that fans input? You don’t !

- Need to work a bit more

I’ve so frustrated and sad because you guys aren’t stocking up on stuff. I’ve been wanting an army bomb for so long now. The prices are good and all but please work on stocking up.

- shipping

I like the app itself, it’s easy to shop but the shipping is too extreme. I live in the US and I have to pay 21 dollars for it to ship. More expensive than the actual product sometimes.

- Weverse Shop

I love this app. I love all the merchandise, but it takes forever to send. Also with my txt albums that I pre-ordered AS SOON AS THEY CAME OUT and I still don’t have my posters. I am very disappointed that I didn’t get what I fully payed for.

- Bug with update

Contact Us form doesn’t have any options to select from in the Category drop down. Can’t file a claim for support without selecting a category.

- Fix the address verification failed

Im trying to make a purchase but address verification failed keeps popping up, and theres no way to edit the address, i've contacted costumer service and they are not helping, I know im not the only one having this issue, we are just trying to buy some merch and this is the only thing stopping us.

- Excellent service

I’m very satisfied for the process and the merch came on time. Weply it’s the easiest step to but official merch from BTS and TXT. But overall the shipping was a bit pricier but it was worth it thank you Weply :)

- Why can’t we pay for our merch in dollars from a credit/debit card??

Like I like this app, but I want to be able to buy my merch using a debit card without having to use paypal like I can’t even use it with the korean won because my address can’t be accepted 😒 it’s better that we can pay with a credit/debit card with US dollars as well not just Korean Won smh

- Price

The price’s for some things are understandable but the shipping price is so stupid, I would of bought so many things from weply but I haven’t because of the shipping, but a bunch of stuff is crazy expensive and you can only buy some if you like in Korea/ have membership it’s stupid

- Global shop is pointless

Every time there is something on the global shop I want to get ,like a ticket for Bang Bang Con ,I cant because there is no option for PayPal (even though there is for my friend). I contacted customer service who said I could pay using toss, however Toss is only in Korean with no English translation.

- Prices

I was disappointed when I found out that the albums are more expensive in the US than the Global albums. If you try to buy from the global you’ll end up paying more than what you’ll pay in the us because of shipping but you’ll still pay a lot because of the shipping in the US plus the albums

- I’m hungry

you know I’m really hungry but just let me tell you this app is awesome it really helps, even though the prices and shipping is expensive it’s cool if your rich like RJ🥴

- Payment

Ok so everything about this app is great... EXCEPT for the fact that if you don't live in Korea, you can't use your debit/credit card to pay. I was going to buy the Army Membership, but like in the reviews, you can only pay with PayPal... I'm really disappointed... I'm hoping they can fix it somehow?

- Don’t use

So if you want an album for 25 dollars , your shipping will be 15 dollars , if you want more than one thing , your shipping will be 20-40 dollars . The reviews were right . I wish the us bight shop was not closing . I’m not using this app , I rather just buy from someone on eBay and you can only use PayPal so good luck with this site . READ THE REVIEWS GUYS , don’t use this app

- Need South Korean credit card

For preorders or any videos in the global category ( which is most) you need a South Korean based credit card or bank account. Otherwise forget it. Very disappointing. No English translation available for payment process once you agree to pay with payco or a few other. Korean payment apps

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Have you pre ordered your Minisode1: BLUE HOUR yet??!! Weverse: US Official Shop: Amazon Music: Target: Bulk order for Indian MOAs: @TXT_members @TXT_bighit

hope⁷ is happy ^-^

yall i need to stay off the weverse shop... i bought the skool luv affair special edition album 😭 bts is making me more broke by the day znzjsjsjsj


i dont know how many times ive requested 1on1 support on weverse shop i hope they aint mad lmaaaooo

dina⁷✨ bIm 🏳️‍🌈

products and that battery fiasco from a while back, I just know quality isn't a guarantee. I'd much rather have less options if that means they can do quality checks. As it stands now, the only merch I would consider buying are albums and probably not through the weverse shop

bunni lani⁷𖧵²ˣ

@iljoonsm The Weverse shop will send you a notification that it has shipped. It depends on when you ordered it because they ship in quarters of the year. I ordered it in May so it came now in September.


@pjmnwap you're not getting them on weverse shop ??


📌 RE: Purchase Assistance (Weverse Shop) — If you didn’t receive any PA Order Number, please send us an email including the screenshot of your purchased items. SUBJECT: Purchase Assistance Send to: shop112th@gmail.com Thank you!

Red⁷ ⟭⟬ 🐋

@candidugh Yes omggggg it’s on weverse shop! 😆


buying from weverse shop always feels nerve-racking lmaodsjdkj it's probs just me because i dont always purchase directly idk but hhhh GOMs thank u for ur hard work


#半沢直樹で学ぶSEVENTEEN 💎「weverse shop め」



\/RMY⁷⟭⟬ ⟬⟭

@itsapjm @SLUTYJOON Wow is this weverse shop? But the hard copy and full of bts merch version.. wow how to you po.. huhu

radi⁷ ♡ DYNAMITE 2 WEEKS @ #1 📼🌈 AGUST D² ♡🦀🌱

@MicheBangtan I hope they’ll lift the shipping restrictions soon and possibly have a Europe based weverse shop (& other continents/countries), that would reduce the shipping price by a lot

SeoulscapePH ⁉️Can You Guess What's Next⁉️

#SeoulscapePH | NU'EST 💎Official from Weverse Shop 📦DOO: until supplies last 💸DP: 50% to secure 🌸Order Form: 🌸With freebies from us

gum | jasa co web kr

☁️ jasa co checkout web korea kr in usd $/ krw won ₩ ✨ bisa request web apa ajaa! [ tag : withdrama smtownandstore weverse shop interpark gmarket smartstore naver soundwave yes24 ygselect etc aladin ktown4u hottracks kyobo etc ] #testigum 58 - spao

Weverse Shop 1.4.0 Screenshots & Images

Weverse Shop iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Weverse Shop iphone images
Weverse Shop iphone images
Weverse Shop iphone images
Weverse Shop iphone images
Weverse Shop iphone images
Weverse Shop iphone images
Weverse Shop ipad images
Weverse Shop ipad images
Weverse Shop ipad images
Weverse Shop ipad images
Weverse Shop ipad images
Weverse Shop ipad images
Weverse Shop Shopping application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Weverse Shop Shopping application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Weverse Shop (Version 1.4.0) Install & Download

The applications Weverse Shop was published in the category Shopping on 2019-06-03 and was developed by BENX CO., Ltd. [Developer ID: 1456559071]. This application file size is 56.8 MB. Weverse Shop - Shopping posted on 2020-09-14 current version is 1.4.0 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: co.benx.weply

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