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Graphing Calculator has a formidable reputation of being the top alternative to heavy complex hardware calculators. It is suitable for all types of users, whether they are looking to carry out basic or advanced mathematics; Graphing Calculator has it all. It is equipped with a powerful MATH CORE advocated by MATH DISPLAY support, which increases its functionality by leaps and bounds, making it an ideal choice for engineers, math students etc. It comes with an in depth User Manual and Tutorial to answer any questions you have, regarding the app and to help you further understand the world of advanced mathematics.

▸ Basic General Calculation
▸ X & Y Calculation & Intersection of Functions
▸ Calculate Local Maxima, Minima...
▸ Statistics & Regression
▸ Solve Equations & Polynomial
▸ Calculate Integral Functions

▸ Universal Calculator App
▸ Mathematical Display
▸ Complex Number Calculation
▸ Equations Solver
▸ Edit & Export Expression/Result
▸ History Tape View
▸ Basic Calculations (+, -, x, ÷, ^, √,…)
▸ Advanced Functions (Sin,Cos,Ln,E,…)
▸ Y-Var & Customize Functions (F1, F2, F3)
▸ Unit Converter (50 Categories, 1000+ Units)
▸ Over 40 Common Constants
▸ Fraction and Degree/Angle Calculation
▸ Numeric Integral & Derivative Calculation
▸ Dual Themes(Skin)

▸ Simultaneous Graph
▸ Smooth Zoom & Transformation
▸ Support Parametric, Polar & Sequences
▸ Intersections, Min, Max & Special Points TRACE

▸ Create/Edit Lists
▸ 1-Var, 2-Var Statistic
▸ Linear, Quadratic, Cubic Regression
▸ Logarithm, Exponential, Power,… Regression
▸ PropZ,T, SampZ,T, Chi, Interval… Test

▸ Create/Edit Matrices
▸ Basic Matrix Functions (Det,Dim,Fill,…)
▸ Advanced Matrix Functions (Inv, Ref, RRef,…)

▸ Control Commands
▸ I/O Commands
▸ Example Source Codes Included

▸ 15 Different Bases
▸ Support Up to 64 Bits Integer
▸ Binary Operation (NOT, OR, XOR, 2’S,…)

▸ Financial Calculation (TVM Solver)
▸ Geometry & Chemistry App
▸ And more will be available in further update!


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Graphing Calculator Plus App Description & Overview

The applications Graphing Calculator Plus was published in the category Education on 2017-10-02 and was developed by Incpt.Mobis. The file size is 14.89 MB. The current version is 2.3 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

▸ URL Scheme Support
▸ Stability Improvement & Enhancement
▸ Bug Fixes.

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Graphing Calculator Plus Reviews

king garfielf

Programs don’t work  king garfielf  3 star

This is honestly a great calculator simulation. It has good pricing and works well. But one time I tried to write a program. I wrote just 5 lines of code and all of it was correctly done. But then I got error messages (datatype, syntax, etc). I checked what I did and it was all correct. I even checked my program on my actual physical Ti 84 plus and it worked like it should. Please fix this problem.


Good overall  Arshad1  5 star

Good overall, but could make some of the UI elements more consistent


The best calculator app  Plasticin  5 star

True to the TI84. Love that we can pin functions permanently on the top bar. I would really like a backspace key however. I know this is not present in that original 84 and the dev wants to stay true to that but perhaps a setting to change the del key to a backspace key would be nice

IBM360 Model 50

Still Learning How  IBM360 Model 50  5 star

Still learning how to use it, but it works great!!!


Programs  Carewsssssss  3 star

This app works great for a calculator but the program feature does not. I had a program on my TI-84 CE that I put on the app and it will not display my answer, instead it just says “done.” The only programs I am able to make work are the ones that the app comes with


Just like the TI-84  GooseHonkMan20  5 star

As long as you spend 5 bucks on this app, it works really well!Just like a TI-84 calculator


Best app ever!  Catattack13  5 star

Why spend $100 on a graphing calculator when you can get this app!! It is nearly identical to the one I use in school, the functions are the same and the buttons are in the same places. This is a high quality app for a great price, and I definitely recommend!

Teacher math and programming

Solver  Teacher math and programming  2 star

It doesn’t work like the regular TI 84.


Best I’ve Found On iOS  expensive_news  4 star

This is a really good calculator app, the best I’ve found on iOS. It works almost exactly like the TI 84. My biggest problem with it is that the Del button deletes the thing in front of the cursor, not behind it, like it does on the calculator. And while I think it might benefit the UI to make it look more like a physical calculator, there are notable improvements/ differences that the developers made to this app, like the graphing screen and when typing letters, with mixed success. In the end while I would still prefer a direct emulator like Wabbitemu on Android, this is the best calculator app I’ve found on iOS.


Good app  Scientistevan  4 star

Very good app. Similar to ti-84. I would recommend adding a way to access calculations like intersects and Max and mins. I have desmos when I want to figure that out.


How To Graph Box Plot?  Topbridge  4 star

I went to “Stat Plot” but there no option to graph a Plot Box?


Sharing option on graph crashes  MacJohnMcC  3 star

I am trying to share a graph and the app keeps crashing. On iPad Pro 9.7 with iOS 11.2.5

Jonny Faz

Great!  Jonny Faz  5 star

Great app and very user friendly. I didn’t want to have to spend $100+ on a TI-84 calculator and this $5 app is perfect for my College Algebra class - and it has saved me at least $95!!! I’m very satisfied with it!

The guy who wrote this rating.

Amazing  The guy who wrote this rating.  5 star

Perfect for my 7th grade math class.

Nguyen Texas

This app works exactly as Ti-84 plus CE.  Nguyen Texas  5 star

I am looking for this app for years. Now the search is over. This app worth every single penny and now I don’t have to put the big graphing calculator in my pocket or backpack anymore. Currently, I am using this app for Calculus III and other math classes and it works great. I am double check results between this app and my Ti-84 plus CE and so far everything are the same. I hope developers put an option to let the DEL button works like the delete or backspace buttons on Mac/pc keyboards. Add more skins, APPS.


Gr8  Jaymann915  5 star

Let’s me calculate bofa so easily!!!


Please Fix  N.P.X  1 star

The calculator cannot properly do reduced row echelon form for matrices nor can entries within the matrix be transformed into a fraction.


marvelous!!  blue97  5 star

This App does all the calculations I need


Saved me a lot of money  ed__gar  5 star

Great especially since professors let me use it in class


The best  Shayotas  5 star

Best calculator ever

Graphing Calculator Plus Comments

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