Graphing Calculator Plus App Reviews


Graphing Calculator Plus App Description & Overview

What is graphing calculator plus app? Graphing Calculator has a formidable reputation of being the top alternative to heavy complex hardware calculators. It is suitable for all types of users, whether they are looking to carry out basic or advanced mathematics; Graphing Calculator has it all. It is equipped with a powerful MATH CORE advocated by MATH DISPLAY support, which increases its functionality by leaps and bounds, making it an ideal choice for engineers, math students etc. It comes with an in depth User Manual and Tutorial to answer any questions you have, regarding the app and to help you further understand the world of advanced mathematics.

▸ Basic General Calculation
▸ X & Y Calculation & Intersection of Functions
▸ Calculate Local Maxima, Minima...
▸ Statistics & Regression
▸ Solve Equations & Polynomial
▸ Calculate Integral Functions

▸ Universal Calculator App
▸ Mathematical Display
▸ Complex Number Calculation
▸ Equations Solver
▸ Edit & Export Expression/Result
▸ History Tape View
▸ Basic Calculations (+, -, x, ÷, ^, √,…)
▸ Advanced Functions (Sin,Cos,Ln,E,…)
▸ Y-Var & Customize Functions (F1, F2, F3)
▸ Unit Converter (50 Categories, 1000+ Units)
▸ Over 40 Common Constants
▸ Fraction and Degree/Angle Calculation
▸ Numeric Integral & Derivative Calculation
▸ Hardware Keyboard Support
▸ Dual Themes(Skin)

▸ Simultaneous Graph
▸ Smooth Zoom & Transformation
▸ Support Parametric, Polar & Sequences
▸ Intersections, Min, Max & Special Points TRACE
▸ Box Plot (STAT)

▸ Create/Edit Lists
▸ 1-Var, 2-Var Statistic
▸ Linear, Quadratic, Cubic Regression
▸ Logarithm, Exponential, Power,… Regression
▸ PropZ,T, SampZ,T, Chi, Interval… Test
▸ Dialog Wizard Setups

▸ Create/Edit Matrices
▸ Basic Matrix Functions (Det,Dim,Fill,…)
▸ Advanced Matrix Functions (Inv, Ref, RRef,…)

▸ Control Commands
▸ I/O Commands
▸ Example Source Codes Included

▸ 15 Different Bases
▸ Support Up to 64 Bits Integer
▸ Binary Operation (NOT, OR, XOR, 2’S,…)

▸ Financial Calculation (TVM Solver)
▸ Geometry & Chemistry App
▸ And more will be available in further update!


We love your feedback, Thanks a lot !
Please contact us for questions, bugs/crash reports, conversion requirements, etc…

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App Name Graphing Calculator Plus
Category Education
Updated 16 October 2023, Monday
File Size 10.87 MB

Graphing Calculator Plus Comments & Reviews 2024

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Good calculator app but not giving correct results. I tried to do y=x^2 and y=2x+3 graph it shows x^2 and y=x graph always doesn’t mater what I change. It might be a bug, I tried this with real ti-84ce it plots good. Don’t know how to trust other values if it fails for simple plot.

Great App!. It functions just like a graphing calculator and it is super convenient since it is on my phone. I’m being kind with giving 5 stars but I’d put 4.9 stars if I could because this app doesn’t have the ability to add/subtract/multiply/divide lists within the edit tab. Otherwise this is a great app!

This app works exactly as Ti-84 plus CE.. I am looking for this app for years. Now the search is over. This app worth every single penny and now I don’t have to put the big graphing calculator in my pocket or backpack anymore. Currently, I am using this app for Calculus III and other math classes and it works great. I am double check results between this app and my Ti-84 plus CE and so far everything are the same. I hope developers put an option to let the DEL button works like the delete or backspace buttons on Mac/pc keyboards. Add more skins, APPS.

Great Calculator for Students!. At my school we use the ti84 and it’s great to have the exact same interface with me without having to pay for the big clunky thing! A lot of reviews say that it got sine or tangent wrong but that is purely user error. These users are forgetting to set it to degree mode 😂. Easy investment that you should consider!

Where was this 5 years ago?. I've been looking for a TI-83 simulator for years. I wish I had this back in college, rather than carrying around an enormous graphing calculator from the 90s. Mind you, they wouldn't have let me bring an iPhone into the tests, but the point stands. 💯👍

Logs and multiplying exponents. The log is right but also not cause when you do log(value) there is supposed to be a slot after log and before the value (for example) log4(16) and also when you are SQUARE rooting negative numbers you are still getting a negative even though it’s supposed to be positive (for example) -6^2 is giving me -36 when I should be getting 36

What I wished I had earlier. This calculator is almost exactly what I’d imagine would be a tablet (and phone) based take on the advanced graphing calculator format. If Texas Instruments, Hp, or Casio etc came out with a calculator that was basically a modified small form factor tablet, this is what it would be. I only wish there was more UI customization (colors, button positions, function positions, etc).

Decent for what I need. I’m a student in school and have been looking for a graphing calculator similar to the ones in school. I stumble upon this and pay and it works just fine. The menus like when you do 2nd y= is very hard to track but everything else is ok. I would recommend this. However I would like an *EASY* way to back out of the y= area as of right now I don’t think there is so I have to close and reopen the application.

The best calculator!!!. This is actually what I need. It does everything. From equation solving to graphing and even units conversion. I also strongly recommend this app for general calculations with history section. Plus, the statistics features is very useful in case you want the sum things up to find mean or total. Last, this definitely a must have calculator if you’re a student or engineer. BIG thanks to developers!!!

Great.. This app is an exact copy of the Ti-84. This app is worth the money because I would not want to buy a $150+ calculator when there is an app for it. It really helps when I need a graphing calculator for my math homework so I don’t have to use the school’s calculator and risk being fined for small damages. If only my teacher allowed me to use this app in class.

Really awesome!. I needed a to-84 calculator in a pinch last night for my homework. I was so worried I’d have to go to the store and spend the insane amount these things cost. This was only $5 and trust me it’s completely worth it. It had the functions I needed therefore making my homework so much easier! So grateful for this.

Premium was worth it but..... Overall this is close as it can get to an actual graphing calculator but, Is there a way to get more apps in the calculator? Currently there is a few in there but the UI looks like it can fit more apps in there and to make the calculator more useful, more apps should be added for the user's choosing. Love the app saved me every time I can't find my real graphing calculator 😂😂😂 keep up the good work!!!

Great Savings $$, Great Product. Got this for an Algebra class and thought I’d only use it for that class, but I find myself using it more than my iPhone calculator because it lets you reference previous calculations by keeping them on the screen as you move on to your next problem. Love it!

How to exit “Y=“. First off, this app’s purpose is to replicate the graphing calculator and make it much much more cheaper, so if you search up “how to use the TI-84 Plus calculator”, you can use a lot of the search results for this app. It’s really efficient. That being said, you shouldn’t give less stars because you don’t know how to use this calculator. They even provided a user menu for you! Anyways, to exit “Y=“ tap on “2nd” and “MODE”. You can literally see the “Quit” word right above the “MODE” button. If you are too lazy to find the buttons, you can still search it up on the internet, but your laziness isn’t the developers’ fault.

The best calculator app. True to the TI84. Love that we can pin functions permanently on the top bar. I would really like a backspace key however. I know this is not present in that original 84 and the dev wants to stay true to that but perhaps a setting to change the del key to a backspace key would be nice

Best app ever!. Why spend $100 on a graphing calculator when you can get this app!! It is nearly identical to the one I use in school, the functions are the same and the buttons are in the same places. This is a high quality app for a great price, and I definitely recommend!

Amazingly!!!. This is literally a life saver. Everything is exactly how it is on an actual TI 84!! Props to the creators. So useful to have this on me all the time for my class and this only costs $5 instead of $80!! Hands down best app ever. The only thing I wish this would do is give you a vibration or a taptic feed back when you hit the buttons, but that’s literally just me being anal.

Where is the zoom button ?. Overall the app is great and has helped me with my college statistics class, my only question is how do I find the Zoom button ?

THE BEST CALCULATOR ONLINE. Thank you to the people that created this app and for only $4.99 ???? What a STEAL! I’ve never taken the time to write a review for an app but this app saved me from having to purchase an actual TI-84 calculator that costs over $140. I needed it for my college STATS class and only for the remaining 3 weeks of class so this was the best investment I made. I didn’t have any problems with my answers being incorrect because my professor would show us how she got the answer on her calculator and I would try it and always accurate! If you’re a college student GET THIS it’s worth it i promise!!!!

Great Calculator. I love it! It is just like using my Ti-84, but all I would do is add some more skins; kind of like how the Ti-84 Plus CEs have several different color options, maybe add some of those (or similar ones) here? Just a tiny thing, without that, it’s definitely still worth the 5 stars!

Incorrect P-Values. I got this to try to do some of my statistics homework. I’m in the last week of class and was having difficulty figuring out p-values for goodness-of-fit tests, and this happens to be one of the last classes I need to get my Bachelor’s. This gave the incorrect p-value for every data set I entered. I ended up figuring out how to use excel instead. I would not recommend this for more advanced stat functions. Good thing I figured it out on excel before the final exam!

Great calculator but could use the medium better. I’ve been looking for a good calculator that evaluates expressions as they are shown. For example, with the otherwise-amazing PCalc, if you want to compute “sin(45)” (in deg mode) you type “45” then “sin”. In this app, it is how it *should* be! You write the expression you want and it calculates that!!! However, it is a graphing calculator to a fault. It doesn’t take advantage of the fact that it is an app and maintains the graphing calculator interface. Menus are hard to find, typing (while thankfully on a real keyboard) is one character at a time, and navigation is as clunky as on the real thing. Also, once I hit “Y=“ I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to get out. And if I wanted to program in it, I’d probably find some different apps to do it better. Same for plotting (where I’d use Pythonista to do it there). So, overall, it serves its purpose...almost too well. But if you’re looking for as-close-as-possible to the bona fide graphing calculator, this is it! Or if you’re just like me and want a traditional calculator expression evaluation.

Just like a TI-84. Does everything you want it to, and well. My only complaint is that the sound/haptic feedback happens when you release a key, not when you press it. Just feels laggy and as much as I would love the haptic feedback it bothers me so much I had to leave it off.

Very good but 1 thing less. So I downloaded this calculator for the purpose of 8th grade having use of calculators at school. But when we learn about solving equations we press, y=and we type the equation, then we press 2nd but after that we’re supposed to press (Trace) and there is not a button on the calculator for that. So ya I wish ya had trace on there.

Awesome App. This is by far my favorite calculator app. It functions exactly like the TI-84! My only piece of feedback. I wish the haptic buttons would work on depress as well as release. Or perhaps on press instead of release. But, it’s not worth taking a star away.

It does work very good, but.... In class I’m doing Average Rate of Change and when I click on the 2nd to last step to get my answer, the last step won’t pop up. It goes like this. I go to STAT, EDIT, enter my data in the columns, then click STAT again, go over to CALC, click choice 4, and then after choice four you’re supposed to have 5 different options, and the last one is supposed to be calculate, I can’t seem to find that and I feel like the answers I’m getting are wrong. Is this feature on the calculator? Am I just missing it?

Bugs. Yes, the app is very useful and convenient. Except for the fact that sometimes when you use specific functions etc, there would be bugs in which the answer would be invalid or incorrect. If that bug is fixed, this app would definitely be five star worthy.

Love it.. Got this app in a pinch three years ago, and since then, I rarely use my actual Ti-84 calculator. The pinch to zoom when graphing is way faster and more convenient then how you’d do it on the physical calculator. A must have for students on the go. 10/10 would recommend.

Many years of use. I love this app and I’ve used it for years. Sometimes the tiny buttons frustrate me when I misclick but this is the perfect calculator to have in your pocket. I’ve never encountered any glitches with the app and it has been incredible to me for many years of both high school and college math/chemistry/calculus/etc.

Best of its kind. I’ve been a TI Calc fan back to the SR-50 of the mid 70’s, and this mostly faithful rendering (with tons of enhancements) of the TI 84 is the top one on IOS. Works smoothly, and the developer releases frequent updates. Hope the graphical plotting functions get a bit more attention, but overall I would recommend this highly to anyone.

Great calculator, a cosmetic update would be welcome. I use this all the time for my algebra 2 with integrated geometry course! While the $6 upgrade from the free counterpart is totally worth it, I would have expected an improved user interface since it is still a little crowded like the free version. Overall, great app, but it could use some visual renovations.

Amazing. This is by far the best calculator on the App Store. Worth the price, and I love how the buttons are positioned identically to those that we have used very often. *cough cough* T.I. I would only suggest that, if possible, they increase the vibration sensitivity since I don’t really feel the vibration when I’m typing against he table. Great app 👍🏼

Technical issue. When I get this scientific calculator app for free at the App Store. I wasn’t able to do much with, like graphing, Regression functions etc. it was asking for an upgrade in order to use it. I end up paying to get access otherwise it has no use for me. How ever when ever I press for an answer an error message pop on the screen consistently. I must close that for me to proceed to see the answer. This is not right at all. I mean what can I do?

Updated Icon? Great App! Amazing functionality! Download!. This is an amazing app with amazing functionality and help. UI Looks great on IOS 13, but can we get an updated icon? I’d love to display it loud and proud on my default home screen and the current icon looks like a 1st gen iPhone app icon.

Buy if you need a Ti-84 !. Have Financial Statistics for my first year of college, of course when they told me to buy a Ti-84 (upwards to about 140$) I was extremely reluctant and wanted to find a more affordable option. I downloaded their Ti-84x (the free version) , but it sadly didn’t come with all the formulas I needed. So I forced my bf to by me this one, and it’s absolutely amazing !! I understand that you may look at this and go “5 dollars, heck no” but trust me, spending these 5 dollars is way better than spending 140$ for a calculator you’ll never use again outside the class. There was only one instance where I had trouble, but before I figured it out myself, I contacted their Help Center, asking for assistance. Afterwards I was able to clear the error myself, but their help center reached out to me, giving me instructions on how to rightly input the formula. Took less then a day to contact me back, and they were extremely helpful ! Great app, great staff, and overall absolute perfection !

Graphing issues. When graphing an inequality such as Y=(0

Errors. 3^2(-1) makes syntax error 5*10^-4 gets a syntax error. Cannot handle negative exponents Not able to scroll back and forth through equation with arrows right. Clear and delete not working. Not quite sure how to edit an equation. I keep having to start typing everything over! That’s frustrating. Limited documentation! No obvious manual on how to use it. The help (?) button doesn’t have a lot of help!

Horrible at graphing. I would love to give this calculator a higher rating but the graphing kills me. I have done everything possible but it just makes it impossible to graph. After putting in points, I can’t access them anymore. It is really frustrating. I’ve not even used the calculator for long and I’m already frustrated. Only God knows how much more frustrating it’ll get

Graphing function error. I appreciate the cheap and accessible graphing calculator. My only complaint - often times, after plugging my function into the “Y= “ panel and then using the “graph” button to view the functions graph nothing appears! The graphing function usually works but when nothing appears, this can be pretty frustrating during calculus class

Fully replaces TI-84. This app emulates the TI-84 calculator on your iPhone; all functions are provided. The display interface is native and integrates with the iPhone display. The key functions are the same as the physical calculator plus touch screen function! The graph shows fullscreen. The developer is active in support emails and replied to my support request on their website within minutes! My issue was successfully resolved. This app saved me $100! Made in Vietnam, 2018. #14 in Apple’s Education apps chart!

Great app!!!!. I needed a ti-84 graphing calculator for school and since I didn’t want to buy a 170 dollar on I just downloaded this app. When I asked my mom said said “oof, that’s a lot for a calculator” but I said should you rather me buy one that’s 170 dollars and most likely never use it again or just spend 5 on this app and save 165 dollars very good app and for those who didn’t know how to get out of y= press the 2nd button then press clear twice it should get you back if not then press 2nd + 5 enter to clear your ram.

Great, but one major flaw. This thing is great. It’s almost exactly like the real calculator. But I have 1 complaint. The delete key works the wrong way compared to the actual calculator. The real one deletes to the left of the cursor, and this app only deletes to the right of the cursor. It’s VERY VERY hard to get used to, especially when you use the real thing often. It would be great to have a toggle to change the direction. Add that and you get 5 stars.

Same as GraphNCalc83. This app is basically the same as GraphNCalc83 which is free (possibly a GitHub open source project) another issue is that the fonts are to small GraphNCalc83 has larger fonts and is visually pleasing to your eyes other issues once downloaded I did not receive a receipt indicating I purchased the app which makes it difficult to refund and last it does not show up in my App Library on the device I’m not sure how or why this occurs but will consult with Apple on the issue.

Saved me over a hundred dollars for covid online classes!. Incredible! Saved my grades and saved my money! It’s likely i’ll still have to buy a physical one for in person classes but this is epic!!

Lacks statistical plotting functionality. This is a very worthwhile app that does ALMOST everything the TI 84 does. However, it lacks statistical plotting functionality (or the functionality is broken). For instance, it cannot produce an accurate histogram based on a list of data. If this is fixed, I’d give this app a 5 out of 5

Problems. I got the App. When I tried to use Solver, it indicated I needed the upgraded professional edition. I bought it. However, after bought it and getting the OPEN button, it won’t open. I have looked at it and after more than 20 minutes, it is still saying waiting as it is “loading”.

CHEAP & (only difference is: it is in your phone). What is there to argue why you shouldn't get the virtual calculator aside from teachers insisting ("physical calculator needed to prevent cheating") ?? You will save a lot of money going for this calculator.

Perfect. I was so stressed that I had forgotten to bring my actual calculator home but this literally has everything I need. I can graph and make tables, as well as find specific points/ intercepts on graphs (of parabolas and whatnot) easily because it has the same interface as the calculator I’m used to.

So much to love for a good price. 5/5! It is a must buy.. A couple of days ago I was struggling to complete homework for Math and when I had to work around it, my dad offered to buy this for me. I thanked him a ton and to this day, and hopefully for the rest of my life, I will cherish having this and be thankful this exists. It has all of the functions a graphing calculator has including converting a decimal of any kind to a fraction if possible, and a ton more things. I would recommend it to anybody who desperately needs a calculator for homework or work and it’s only 5 dollars and you will not regret buying this app.

Glad I bought it. I was skeptical at first, since I didn't want to waste 5 bucks on an app that didn't work right. However, this works just like a TI-84. I wish I could use it on tests, since it can do some functions my TI-83 can't. I prefer it over my actual calculator, and it's well worth the money.

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Excellent. Peut-être une suggestion d’amelioration, permettre d’afficher plus grand. Sinon c’est un outil puissant.

Some functions don’t work. This calculator gave me the wrong answers when I tried finding the area below a curve so that was when I used the functions sum(seq(...). It worked for smaller values but once I’d use it for values like 50+ it’d just be wrong. When I bought an actual graphing calculator and used the same functions I made sure I plugged in the same values as I did for this app and winded up getting the right answer on my calculator. A minor thing that I’m sure can be fixed.

Review. This app sucks

A little help, please. Hello I’m new to using this calc. I’m wondering how do I graph my stat plot and how do I zoom in and out of the graph???!

Fantastic. This is the best calculator app I’ve found so far. It works on iPhone and iPad quite well and is well documented if you’re looking for a function you know should be there. The only thing I really want is having the math function history visible on the main screen on the iPhone like it is on the iPad for repetitive function inputs and maybe some different colour themes. I’d recommend this app to anybody even if they aren’t in a math course.

So happy to find this!. I was very happy to be able to buy this app instead of purchasing a $200+ calculator. But in trying to use the sigma Int function, it so far isn’t working. How can I fix it?

Worth the cash. Instead of buying a $100 calculator, I got this beast of a calculator for nothing. Does the same thing as expensive calculator.

Needs more work on current features. Graphing feature seems broken for me, also there seems to be no delete/back button aside from Undo at the top. For which the positioning is not ideal. Not to mention, this application needs some padding on the output screen, those are my recommendations, but either way I still tend to use a good-old fashion calculator.

It is great!. PLEASE update the GUI of infinity calculator. That app deserves to be as cool as this one.

Nice job.. This is an excellent calculator.

Un ordinateur. Ce programe me rapelle ma TI-83 sur l.aquelle j’ai appris a programmer en basic. J’adore ce programe de la Ti-84 qui me permetterais aussi de faire des programe basic interne. Ce programme remplace, en quelques sorte, la calculatrice...

Disregard my last review. This works great and has done everything I need it to. X and y intercepts as well as the vertex can be found by tapping the points on the graph.

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Binomial incorrect answers. The calculator was working fine until I wanted the correct answer for binomial work ( pdf & Cdf) Then I was getting the wrong answers. Needed help and am looking forward to hearing from the developer hopefully soon! Will be downloading another app to help ASAP. Then since I was rating this app 1 Star, it wouldn’t let me post it

Won’t even find quadratic or linear functions. Downloaded this to help with my algebra two class and it’s whole list are is broken. I spend about 20 minutes trying to get it to make a single function only for data errors to pop up and the help manual has nothing on how to do anything with the list menu.

Absolute must have!. Even better than a ti84! If you forgot your calculator at home, this is well worth the money.

I’m Very Satisfied. Absolutely amazing. I was freaking out because I don’t have a TI graphing calculator but then I found this, and only for $5! It works just like a TI-84. I was very familiar with everything on it. Very thankful for this. Worth the $5.

Love but Graphing window could use some work. I love this app it works exactly like the ti 84 but with a touchscreen but the only problem is that I can’t change the scale in the window tab while creating a histogram. That’s a huge downer for me.

DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP. This calculator was programmed wrong!! I’ve gotten so many questions wrong by using this calculator! DO NOT SPEND YOUR MONEY ON IT. I just did the same problem on the calculator, one gave me 9 as an answer and the other gave me 7.5 (the correct answer). I wish I could upload a picture on here to show what I am talking about. Y’ALL I REPEAT DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP!

Absolute Must Have For College-Level Statistics. This app is an essential program to have when taking college level statistics classes to help perform distribution functions. Easy to use and great value!

Doesn’t do basic root finding. I’m in college algebra and I have to find zeros, or roots all the time, this app for one doesn’t make it finding those very easy. So until they can implement a way to just find zeros or an intersect button like the TI-84 does, which I guess this app is supposed to replicate but can’t do something as simple as that. One star not worth the money, if it were possible I would give 0 stars

Revolutionized My Productivity.. Can’t even begin to share the happiness that this app has brought me. The only thing i ask is that the app icon be updated to something super sleek or something. THANK YOU!!!!

Could work better with Split View. The free version of the app works better with splitview, which is annoying for when I’m trying to do work and look at the calculator, having to swap apps.

One of my Top 5 apps. I really love this app and I buy this app for people who I know would use it all the time. The developer(s) deserve all the praise and business they can get. Thanks for making this.

Can’t change Lists. This is the only reason I got this was to use linreg for chemistry, but instead of having a screen that pops up and allows you to change which lists it inputs there’s nothing. This means that I can’t do many things a normal TI 84 can.

Val. This calculator app is awesome!! Takes hours and total frustration out of my homework, wish we were allowed to use calculators when I was in high school! Well worth the 5 to download the pro one! Amazing tool.

We need the equation solver app. Great app and the new chemistry app is fine but you are ignoring the most important one on TI-84 calculators. Please make the polynomial/simultaneous equations app available in the near future. Other than that a great app!

Matrix math in decimal form!. My car requires a 30% ethanol mixture. I quickly realized this was easily solvable using matrix RREF (s/o to my linear algebra prof.). This beats having to carry my TI-84 with me to the fuel pump. Also use to to calculate average octane in the fuel tank. Super handy!

Pretty good so far…. This app helped me so much in geometry and (as of right now) pre-calc! There are some things here and there but as if you need it for college. I’d get it!

Satisfactory. It has all the features of a ti83 and much more and it’s totally free. What more could you ask for?

Disappointing. Solve function doesn’t work as I thought. That was the main reason I bought this. I’m used to the TI-89 which I didn’t know the function “solve(“ is much more advanced on. It can actually solve an equation for a variable. Not just plug in number to an equation.

Saved me a lot of money. Great especially since professors let me use it in class

Can’t simplify some algebraic expressions. Comes up with a syntax error when trying to solve/simplifying algebraic expressions. I can enter it exactly as it is on paper and it can’t solve it. For $5 I expected better.

DOWNLOAD THIS !. Don’t buy a $200 + bulky one when you can have this amazing one on your phone and it does everything for just $4 ! This is saving me in college. Thank you!!

Good with errors. Product is fairly good, but does appear to have bugs. For example the rowreduce command on a 4x3 matrix crashes with a wrong dim error. But this was also a problem with the old ti-83 calculator

Calculator issues. It would make this be a better calculator if it showed you the answer to see how they did it so you can learn it.

The best!!. Totally worth whatever it cost. I haven’t taken math in years but I still use this everyday

Annoying advertising. I love the app but I don’t like the advertisements at the top bar when am trying to solve a problem. I bought the app don’t want to keep hitting upgrade just to get rid of them.

Great but needs 1 more feature. This is most likely the best calculator on iOS. But it needs the ability to paste into the app. Add that, tell me about it and you get 5 stars.

Confusing at first. It’s kind of hard to understand but once you get used to it it’s great

Excellent Calculator!. I would suggest only one thing, I would change the delete button so it works more like how it is on the actual calculator.

Good calculus. It’s really useful for high school calculus; further testing is required for other courses. Pro tip: using the trace tool will let you finds zeros extrema etc

Beautiful. I had the free version for a while, and because of the math class I’m in needed the full version. For $5 this graphing calculator is amazing! I’m doing the same things as my friends $200 TI-84!

Wouldn’t work but the same task on another app worked perfectly on 1st try. Tried my first assignment for class with this app, tried 8 times couldn’t get it to complete the task. I figured possible operator error. Went snd tried another calculator app and it worked on the first try. Waste of $5, oh and the other app was free skip this app

Only Good TI-84 Replacement App. This app has replaced the need for a physical TI-84 that costs a lot more. Although the button locations are somewhat different from the actually TI-84, all of the functions (as far as I can tell) are there.

Hands Down Best There Is. I’ve gone out of the way to write a review; not to mention, first ever review. This calculator is the best things to ever grace cellular phone tools...

Cal. I started a stats class in college and graphing calculator Is required, I was so downed because the ti-84 was very expensive and I couldn’t afford it at the time, then I found this app.. Simply the best!

awesome!. I am a high school student and we use TI-84 calculators in class but they are very expensive so I can’t afford to have one at home. This does everything the TI-84 calculator can do and it’s a fraction of the cost.

How to start.. I bought this app and there is no way to learn how to use it. The web site says it comes with tutorial video, but I have not found it. There is a manual that gives guides to expressions but no information as to how to put them together. It talks about programs but no info as to how to do them.

Awesome App. This is by far my favorite calculator app. It functions exactly like the TI-84! My only piece of feedback. I wish the haptic buttons would work on depress as well as release. Or perhaps on press instead of release. But, it’s not worth taking a star away.

TI 84+ app. I am a math teacher and think that the app is very nice. Couple of thinks I am having problem with, I am having hard time in the mode to change to two decimals only, second is, under the TVM solver I cannot change the PMT from END to BEGIN. Any ideas?

Weak on graphing options. I bought this calculator for a stats class and we are required to graph box plots for most of our problems. I was really hoping that this app would come with that feature.

PLEASE FIX THIS ISSUE. It was great until some of functions stop working on the week of finals! I’ve been using the pro version for a few months & yesterday evening. The keyboard would not work for some functions on the calculator. Developer please fix this issue. My phone is updated as well.

It’s actually a calculator. So I saw a lot of fake apps that say it’s a calculator but it’s not. I read through all the reviews and this one seemed to be good. I left my calculator at school so I got this for hw. Not bad. Too bad it ain’t free

Share function doesn’t work. Critical!. I purchased this version to support my online teaching efforts as our school has adopted a distance learning model with the COVID19 virus pandemic. Unfortunately, EVERY time is tap on “Share” in the graph display, the app crashes. I’m on an iPad Pro with the latest version of iOS. I hope this bug can be sorted quickly.

Impressive. Does everything that the TI 85 can do and easy to use.

Delete Button Not Working. For some reason the delete button on the calculator is not working. It’s quite annoying please fix!

Center Line on graphs. This is the best calculator app I’ve used on an iOS device, hands down. What would make it a five star app for me would be the ability to remove the center line from graphs.

Good app. Very good quality app and inexpensive! Recommend buying! It’s worth it to save yourself from buying the $100 Ti-84 plus!

Not a fan. This is just too confusing, and not like the TI graphing calculator that I used. Currently I’m using the calculator for calculus, and the graphing is very frustrating. There also doesn’t seem to be a good manual available to understand the calculator better. I feel like I wasted my money. This is also not optimized for an iPad.

CHEAP & (only difference is: it is in your phone). What is there to argue why you shouldn't get the virtual calculator aside from teachers insisting ("physical calculator needed to prevent cheating") ?? You will save a lot of money going for this calculator.

Great!. Great app and very user friendly. I didn’t want to have to spend $100+ on a TI-84 calculator and this $5 app is perfect for my College Algebra class - and it has saved me at least $95!!! I’m very satisfied with it!

Programs. This app works great for a calculator but the program feature does not. I had a program on my TI-84 CE that I put on the app and it will not display my answer, instead it just says “done.” The only programs I am able to make work are the ones that the app comes with

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Graphing Calculator Plus 3.1.4 Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Rules

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Language English
Price $5.99
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 3.1.4
Play Store com.incpt.mobis.GraphingCalculator84UMPlus
Compatibility iOS 12.0 or later

Graphing Calculator Plus (Versiyon 3.1.4) Install & Download

The application Graphing Calculator Plus was published in the category Education on 02 October 2017, Monday and was developed by Incpt.Mobis [Developer ID: 445261166]. This program file size is 10.87 MB. This app has been rated by 11,174 users and has a rating of 4.6 out of 5. Graphing Calculator Plus - Education app posted on 16 October 2023, Monday current version is 3.1.4 and works well on iOS 12.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.incpt.mobis.GraphingCalculator84UMPlus. Languages supported by the app:

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Graphing Calculator Plus App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

▸ DRAW Menu in Graph ▸ Stability Improvements ▸ Minor Bug Fixes.

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