Real Thermometer

Real Thermometer [Weather] App Description & Overview

Do you still worry about not knowing the temperature index? This application can instantly turn your phone into a fine thermometer! Let you keep abreast of the ambient temperature, feels like and real-time weather conditions!
-Simple interface, vivid images
-Default GPS positioning the current location, but also manually select the other regions to see the weather and temperature
-Automatically show the whole day temperature, the current temperature, body temperature, no need to refresh
-Supports Fahrenheit temperature and Celsius temperature selection
-Support three skin options, there is always one you like
-Advertising support,can be upgraded to no ad version

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Real Thermometer Comments & Reviews

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- Decent

I am a weatherman and I thought having this app would be a little bit more helpful or fun. Some of the temperatures were off but mostly were correct, or the app said it was 89 when it was really 88 or 87. That’s not really a big deal though. Overall I really like this app!

- Misrepresents functionality, bombards users with ads to extort money.

If there were a number less than zero, this app would earn it. I just paid for the app to avoid the endless advertisements, only to learn that while it claims to measure ambient indoor temperature and even body temperature via the iPhone, its temperature reading always mirrors the temperature in the city in which I live, reading anyone with an iPhone can get for free, and in much greater detail, on the built-in weather app. My indoor thermostat tells me it’s 70° in here, but your app says it’s 63, which happens to be precisely the outdoor temperature. Coincidence? I don’t think so. Users beware. Don’t waste your money. The real purpose of this app is to bombard you with advertisements as a means of extorting money in exchange for relief.

- App hasn’t worked for months!

I loved this app last summer, til November then didn’t use it again until February. But, sometime between November & February it stopped working. There’s no ‘Refresh’ pull down & changing cities or from Celsius to Fahrenheit & back didn’t change anything. I sent a question/notification to designers a few weeks ago...still nothing; no response, no changes. So I have deleted the app. I live in a resort town with over 3 million foreign visitors—water & air temperatures are easiest & quickest understood in Celsius, but they like to see it in Fahrenheit also, so I need an app that WORKS. This one didn’t. 😞

- Useless app

Downloaded this due to its claim to be able to take body temp.. have a new puppy and didn’t have a thermometer. I found this app claiming it can take body temp. It’s not a thermometer. It doesn’t really do anything, but waste your time and phone memory. Do not waste your time by downloading this crappy app. It doesn’t work at all. I’ve downloaded bad apps before, but this one takes the cake. iTunes needs to start creating a system that you can give negative stars cause only being able to rate this app by giving it one star is one star too much.

- Terrible. Don’t pay for the commercial free option

The description says it will do mor than just show temperature. It does not. It doesn’t even give you a 7 day forecast. The weather app that comes with your iPhone already does this and more.

- Not an Indoor Thermometer

This app is BS and does not give you a reading for indoor temps as it states it does. Not even sure one exists or if the iPhone has that capability anyhow but this one says it can but it only tells you what the outside temp is in your location or other locations of your choosing so does exactly what the Weather Channel App does or any other weather app does so it’s pointless to download. If I’m wrong please tell me what button I’m suppose to push cuz there’s nothing to indicate anything about indoor temps.

- Display of Outside Temp & How it Feels

This app gives you a QUICK & EASY VIEW of real-time outside temperature and how it feels (which is what I was looking for). I have other weather apps to show more info (if needed), but for the quick view of how the temperature feels outside... this is it!

- Doesn’t do what it says

If you want info reported by the weather service (which is already available in the iPhone weather app), this app is fine... but if you want an indoor temperature reading, it doesn’t do that - which would be ok, except that the info misrepresents itself as something that does, and you have to watch ads every time you try to get a reading. Again, get the free Weather app and you’ll get the same info w/o having to watch ads.

- Zero stars as it doesn’t work

I have an iPhone and thankfully didn’t pay. I tested it out in several of rooms in my house, one of which had a portable AC unit blowing cold air into it, and no matter what room I was in it read 85* F (outside temperature was 100*). Pretty sure the room with the AC unit was not 85, also each room in the house (upstairs and downstairs) feels very different. I closed the app and opened in each room, still never changed. Junk app. Deleted it less than 5 mins after downloading it.

- Only the current temperature

I downloaded this by accident as I was searching for an indoor thermometer. I have not deleted it because it gives a quick visual outside temp reading. AND THATS ALL! There is no other weather data with this app. I also have The Weather Channel app for forecasting....

- Thermometer Fixed - Thank you!

This thermometer is up and running again! Yes it does provide the outside temperature but does not include the windchill factor. However, I really like this thermometer and thank you for fixing it. Keep up the good work. :)

- Ads ads and more ads and no indoor temperature

I uninstalled this in seconds because first there was an ad at the bottom as a banner and then a screen popped up with an ad before I even got a chance to look at the options. So if there was a way to make it read indoor temperature and not just go off of my location maybe I would’ve kept it but I never got a chance before ads popped up!

- Requires microphone?

I downloaded it and when I enter it says “Microphone is not on go to settings to turn it on” well for one, why does it need the microphone? And secondly, I did this and there is no option to turn on the microphone, I can give apps permission to use it but this app doesn’t give me the option to give it permission to use the microphone and it seems to not work without it so one star until resolved.

- Handy, accurate, Clutter free

I like this app because it does just what it supposed to. You get the local temperature in a clear uncluttered way with one single tap and one single tap it’s gone. I

- Doesn't measure ambient temperature

If I don't enable location services, then the app doesn't function. So it doesn't measure ambient temperature. When location services aren't enabled, it requests access to the microphone, which makes no sense. If you click on "settings" at that time, it brings you to location services. I don't know how well it works for local weather, that's not what I got it for.

- It’s a thermometer

Well it does what it says on the label and tells me my local temperature, it’s helped me dress without going outside or opening my windows, and where I’m from that’s amazing, the weather here is crazy.

- Don’t bother

Advertises that it takes body temperature but doesn’t do anything remotely close to it. It won’t bring up any indoor temperature either. Complete utter waste of time. Don’t bother. The outdoor temperature is literally the same that google will give you. You’re better off doing that. If I could give less than 1 Star, I would. It’s obvious that all of the high ratings are from accounts made by the developer.

- Don’t be a fool.

This is why I encourage people to learn about the computers they buy. Your smartphone is a computer. Thus, if it is not equipped with an external thermometer it will not function as such. They cannot make a software app coincide with hardware that is not installed. Thus, this application is no more than a simplified version of any stock weather app reporting the temperature for your location.

- Works well

I live on the island of Oahu. I like to know the exact temperature since it fluctuates So much depending on what side you are on. I find it works very well. More exact than the Weather app. And it’s free.

- Scam

Does not tell any temperature other than outdoors of current location. NOT body temp NOT indoor temp as advertised. No one needs this. Weather app for free on phones gives much more info for outdoor weather. I find the positive reviews on here to be part of the scam. Who gets excited about an app that basically tells you nothing in comparison to free apps that give you accurate and through info?!

- Handy for on the go

My wife and I both enjoy the quick and accurate information

- Maybe need to try it rectally?

Doesn’t seem to work very well. Always says the same temperature within a degree or two.

- Really handy weather tool

The temperature app allows you to know the temperature immediately where ever you are . That allows you to dress appropriately for the weather conditions.

- Great app

Love this app, it is an almost immediate response to get current weather at my location. Have no negative comments to even mention

- False marketing!

This application is fake! It is not a thermometer. It desired my location (which I declined) and then the application malfunctioned. Thus it is not a thermometer, just a phony using the location to look up the temperature from a weather service (and who knows what else). Whilst failing to provide the indoor temperature (which may or may not be physically possible with this technology device).

- Accurate !!!

Doesn’t forecast but is at the moment accurate . Being air conditioning ... it’s easy to check the outside temperature .

- It wouldn’t change

I only had the app for 1 minute but I could it tell it wouldn’t work. The setting allowed to change from celsius to Fahrenheit. But when I did, never changed. There’s no refresh and I relaunched the app 5 times. It shows no numbers so I just look a colored tube and the location was correct. That’s it, didn’t expect much but boy...

- Good reviews are fake

The 5-star reviews must be fake. This app isn’t a thermometer at all. It gives you the outdoor temperature reported by the nearest weather station. That’s all. It’s less information than the Weather app, and riddled with full-screen ads that you have to click past to get even the slight amount of information it does provide. Horrible.

- Unsure

I thought I was getting a app that measured the temperature where I was at meaning whatever room I was in or where I was at the moment. Seems like this app measures By location. But I am not really sure because no instructions were ever given.

- Morning Temp

I get up every morning to go ride my horse. Checking the Temp allows me to quickly decide what to wear. It’s easy, fast, and accurate,

- Not a thermometer

This is only a weather temperature app. I thought it would give me my indoor temperature, but if you choose to not give your location it will do nothing. The reason it wants your location is because it will then give you the same weather temperature reading that Google would. Waste of time. Annoying ads.

- Outside Temperature

I really like this app. As soon as I open it I see the real temp & the feel temp together. I can tell if it’s real windy outside just by the difference in temperatures.

- Unable to see anything!

From the moment I downloaded this app i have never been able to see it. The screen is all distorted. I've got an older iOS (8.1.3) but this program says it should work with it. Could probably be fixed with different coding (at designer level) but unusable on my end at this point!

- Nice way to get a quick temp

Really nice app to have when you want a quick update on the temperature

- Not what I expected

I thought it would give the temperature off anywhere I am. Not just copying the local weather report. I wanted to know the temperature in certain rooms in the house. All This app does is give you the same temperature that comes with the IPhone app. Not impressed

- Does not work

The app is set to Fahrenheit end it shows Celsius without a number just a C. Tried to re-download it and restore purchase same results a waste of $.99 the free version was the same thing and I was hoping that would purchase it would work I write a motorcycle And I like to know what the feel like temperature is

- Room thermometer

All weather apps measure outside temps but this one measures where you are which comes in handy lots to time.

- Don’t get!

Just gives you a reading of outside temp. Don’t waste your time, also most of the reviews are below 3 stars yet somehow it’s average is higher which makes me question the validity of reviews now in general. Perhaps they pay a certain percentage more to increase their reviews to get ppl to acquire them.

- Unsure

I check the weather for current temperatures, and it seems that there are often discrepancies between local and your stated temperatures. I am not sure which one to trust, but when I go outside, I can feel how cold/ or warm it is. Your thermometer may be off.


I like this app, I wish it had the time and location stamp for when I take screenshots of the current temp

- Need same for indoors

Many times one can be indoors and think it feels cold/hot in here The thermostat doesn’t agree with one’s assessment Is the thermostat’s thermometer correct? An assessment tool will be helpful

- I Dunno what the temp is

The problem with this is that a good number of other weather apps and sites were identical as to what the local temperature is but this app had it 5 degrees different than all the others

- Junk

Doesn’t do as advertised. I wish people would spend less time trying to trick people into buying or download a piece of junk app that doesn’t do any good and spend more time putting forth time and energy into something that will bring people some kind of benefit.

- I like it because it’s quick and easy

I like it because it’s quick and easy

- this app is super pointless

Your phone already comes with a superior weather app - this app is NOT a thermometer, it uses GPS and weather data to guess the OUTSIDE temperature based on your location. it requires location access to work, there is literally no reason to install this.

- Misrepresented

I searched for temperature in room and this app came up. I mistakenly downloaded then was prompted to pay $0.99 to get rid of ads etc. After trying several things I realized this ONLY reads location NOT physical temperature. Totally don’t need this or what i searched for. Completely disappointed.

- Nice little app.

Handy when you want to know the current temperature outside

- Quick and simple

Quick and simple

- For your safety DO NOT INSTALL IT

this app is a kind of scam, first asks for your location, that’s ok but, ask for your microphone? the wheather app that comes whit the phone is much better and doesnt show to many ads. Then the app doesn't show up the icon on the Home Screen that make difficult to erase it up

- Thermostat

It is so accurate,it has 3 neon colors! Blue, Red and Green!! Easy to read! A joy to pull up fast on my phone. Thank you!

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- Quick to open & accurate

Great little app for quickly checking the temperature. It told me that it was 4C in my bedroom the other morning, so I felt justified staying in bed a bit longer.

- Doesn’t work

This app just gets the outside temperature and adds or takes a few degrees. I found it weird because I was trying it in a room where the ac was blasting and everyone was freezing (32 Celsius outside) and it gave me a 30 Celsius temperature. Then I came here and saw a review saying that it just fishes from the weather app so I decided to test it by not allowing the app to use my location. It’s been 3 days and it hasn’t given me any temperature. No number, just a loading sign. I’ve checked multiple times. Deleting the app.

- It’s a thermometer

It’s a thermometer & it tells me the current temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit. You have two colours choices to change the thermometer to. You’ll need to get the app to find out which two colours.

- What’s a cucumber

So, you see I went to the fridge I saw this green thing and be (being a cat) jumped. In later asked mg self why I had caught a couch 3 mounts ago. So to sum it up in a nutshell I lost my car

- Review

I like how it adapts to my location each log on! It’s pretty accurate too, compared to others!

- Excellent.

It is a quick reference point for me. I use it so much in the cooler weather. Always interested in what the temperature is.

- Nice little app it tells you an accurate temp for your area or any other

Great little app does what it says

- So great App

I use the wonderful App every morning before I go working. I can find the suitable cloth for me. It is not thick or thin.

- Mis leading

Seems to just sensationalise the current local temperature. (Always reads a couple degrees under what the local says, and a couple over) not as “true” reading, as never aligns with my actual in real life thermometers.

- Does what all weather apps do, but less

Not really a thermometer. Just gets your current location temperature. I wish it was possible to turn your mobile phone into an area thermometer. I wanna see how hot it actually is in my work place right now.

- Wow

It’s very good for you and me it is for the people on the go it is easy to work but is very accurate

- Vehicle for Dark Pattern Ads

Every opportunity you get prompted to click an ad which is cleverly disquised as an app button. Worse thing is. I couldnt even measure the ambient temperature of the room. Ie, it doesn’t actually work. As far as I can see it just displays public weather data.

- Very Accurate

Recommend. Very accurate thermometer.

- Apple, please remove this

This app is a scam, it just gets the temperature from the weather forecast. Alternatively, cong qi could rename the app and change the description so that it’s not misleading (don’t use the word “real” and have a disclaimer that it is actually the weather forecast.

- Bad

It asked me for location and I put it in and it just put the current temperature but exactly three off then my phone told me to buy a thing to stop hackers and I checked all of my personal stuff and it was hacked please delete it

- Scam app

Just tells you local temperature using internet and your location it said 36 degrees Celsius for my location in melbourne Australia which was true then I changed my locAtion to Alaska and it then said my house was -20 degrees Celsius. Delete app not worth the space

- Very handy.

What a simple program!!!

- Rubbish

As I assumed does not read a room temperature at all and unable to give any reading unless you provide a location. You were ripped off if you paid for this advertising platform

- Quick

Really fast at gathering info .. top marks guys and guyettes!

- 🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄😀😀😀

Great App, easy and quick to use. :-)

- Too many ads

Would be great if the ads disappeared. Don’t use it because of this

- Weather or thermometer?

Seemed to just give me the ‘feels like’ weather option not actually the temperature of the room the phone is in- which I believe is what a thermometer is meant to do

- Poor

Disappointing. This just tells you local weather report. It is not a thermometer as suggested. Don't bother. Also just another advertising app.

- Not worth it

Needs location to tell you your temperature so basically you could just look up on bureau of meteorology.

- Fast N Easy.

Love this app.

- Yeah nah, not a thermometer.

Just takes location temperature from other weather data, not even close to what it claims.

- Waste of money

Shouldn't need my location to tell me what my temperature in a room is. Didn't end up providing any temperature (was blank). Deleted it.

- Uses the location!

This app is rubbish! It uses location to get the weather report for temperature!

- Too vague

Doesn’t measure actual temperatures where you are, it just uses location to send forecasted temperatures for the general area..

- Does not work.

Worked for a week or so. Paid to get no ads and now it does nothing. Don’t bother with this

- Don’t bother

Waste of time. Only give you the weather of where you are..!

- Useless

This app just uses current position temperature. It does not give you real life ambient temperatures. Don’t load it it is useless!

- An odd app

Merely gives current temperature of closest meteorological site, but ‘pretending’ the device has a thermometer! Very strange.

- Useless App

Wants to access microphone and listen into convos. Spyware. Why does it want location to tell the temperature in my home?

- Useless offers nothing weatherzone doesn’t

Do not download scam app that does nothing special

- Fake app

Just display local temprature and lower few degree. Without location enable, nothing on display.

- Useless don’t bother

Just gets your temperature from local weather app.

- Useless

Shows location temperature that to not right, waste and useless app

- Good

It’s really good Spot on

- Not working

Not working at all, no temperature given. Waste of time and space

- Was a great ap.

It was a great ap..... but now you have ads before you get the temp. Sadly deleted

- Needs option to display both Celsius & Fahrenheit displayed together


- Pointless

Doesn’t do anything

- Rubbish

Simply based on your location. Why did I download it? Damned if I know! You need a probe to measure temperature!

- Scam

Did not work. Kept asking for microphone to be turned on?

- Not accurate

Not accurate at all!

- Doesn’t work at all!

Doesn’t work at all!

- Thermometer

Excellent Application.

- Not showing temperatures, so useless!

Gauge not showing temperature. Very hit and miss. Wouldn’t bother!

- Bad

It didn’t work at all for me

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- Great

Works great and just gives the temperature

- Two thumbs up!

There is no doubt about this fantastic thermometer!

- Not a Thermostat

This thing wants to record you like Alexa. Asks you to turn on microphone? Wants your location to tell you the temperature outside. Waste of time.

- Thermometer

Why would I need to turn on my microphone so that the thermometer would work? Do you need to turn on the dryer to operate the dishwasher?

- Not a thermometer

It’s an outside weather app NOT a thermostat!!! Deleted after one use.

- need your location

It can not measure your room temperature. For outside temperature, I can just check my weather app to know.

- Misleading

This is an outdoor temperature app.


I downloaded this app and got a very nice thermometer tube It lacked a base number or any number what so ever So temperature was irrelevant Deleted it after 1 use

- Thermomètre, fidèle à la température réelle...Bravo à l’équipe

Excellent, fidèle à la température réelle

- Not good

Never had the body temp included as an option

- evaluation simple et tres utile

.simple et utile

- A weather app, not a thermometer

What a joke

- Not a thermometer

This doesn’t actually measure temp like a thermometer. It just displays the current outdoor temp in your area from weather reports. So, quite misleading to say it ‘turns your phone into a thermometer’. It doesn’t.

- Meaningless crap

Just useless.

- Doesn’t measure anything

Waste of space and only reports what’s already on my home screen.

- Perfect


- Clean and easy

Well, I’d like it more if I could see both C and f Thanks

- Not good

The temp isn’t accurate!

- Temperature

Need app to tell temp in room one is in, inside of house, etc This app only tells you temp outside, I your community .... info easily attained, in detail, from several other excellent weather sites

- Just another weather app

Just another weather app

- Not a thermometer

Tells you what Google tells you: temperature in your city, not your room

- Not a Thermostat

Asks to turn on mic, why would you need that, so you can be recorded. No good at all !!!!

- Temp check!

It seems to have temp readings fairly close not sure on the hour or other, Instant reading very good!

- Handy

It’s handy. I like it.

- Not a thermometer

So this is a local temperature app. Not a thermometer. Put in your location it tells you outside temp

- Remove body temp from useage

Description lists body temp as a function Only tells current outside temps which you can get from any weather app

- Just plain thermomètre

One city st a time

- Bad App

All this does is give you the recorded temp in your area

- Can’t get it to work


- Useless

Can’t even use at the first time. App sucks as many review comments.

- Rip off

Does nothing. Thousands of ads

- Rip off. Doesn’t work. Ads constantly. I want a refund!

Don’t waste your money. It doesn’t work. Ads non-stop. I want a refund.

- Thermometer

Quick and easy way to check the temp.

- Très mauvais

Ne fonctionne pas du tout,!

- It shows your city temperature not your room

Rather use Qeather if it only shows city’s temperature

- Do not download this app!!

It asked me to turn on my location and give app access to the microphone. It would not show the temperature even then! I think its a scam. Not sure how this app has 4.3 stars

- Not a metre. Just tells you weather at location.

Any weather app is far better.

- Stupid app that just pull location température from web it is NOT* a thermometer

Stupid app that just pull location temperature from web it is NOT* a thermometer + intempestive publicity

- Didn’t work

The app didn’t even work, I don’t know if I did something wrong or something but it just didn’t work and it just kept giving me ads. Don’t install!

- Always wrong

This app has not been right yet. It is quite a bit off in its reading.

- Don’t download it

Total crap

- Useless

This app literally does nothing but serve ads.

- Waste of space

It’s literally just your Weather app

- Garbage 0 stars


- Stupidiest app... doesn’t work at all... garbage

Remove your useless app

- Mauvaise application

Ne fonctionne pas!

- Not an indoor thermometer

Looked for an indoor thermometer and this app popped up. Charged me for removing annoying ads without warning. Total misrepresentation , don’t download

- No number of temperature shown up,

No number of temperature shown up, what is this apps function? Useless and waste time of watching other advertisements

- Crap

Absolute crap. I accidentally payed for no adds. This app does absolutely nothing. I think I should be payed back plus double for my time! How can this even be sold???!!! I’m can’t even send this review without giving it a star so I will just to send it!

- Doesn’t work

Total joke

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- Need just the temperature?

Quickly get the temperature and is more accurate than other apps I have use.

- Current temperature

Quick , fast, easy

- Not a thermometer

It downloads information from a weather source. Wanted to use it for a room thermometer (it came up when I used that specific search criteria) and inside a freezing a.c.’d building it was reading the outside temp of 96. Doesn’t appear to be an option to select inside or human temp.

- Doesn’t do anything that my phone can’t do without it

I downloaded thinking it would do inside temperature. It doesn’t. In fact if you turn off location it does nothing. So apparently it draws on “weather data” as opposed to taking a temperature read.

- No Temperature Reading

This is a nice application except that recently there have been no display of the temperature. Why is that? Can you fix it?

- How did they get the mercury inside?

Lol! I love technology!! The App is handy because I want and need to know what the temperature is. Thanx for the foresight!

- True Blue

This app turns your finger tip into a thermometer, once you have the blue touch, you cannot let go!

- Nice app

This is a good app for outside temp, wish they had a switch to read room temp where the phone is

- True temperature

It just keeps telling me it’s 90° in my room no matter how long I turned my air conditioner no matter what my air-conditioner says like now my air-conditioner thermostat says 73° is the mom at her says 90°

- Don’t !!

This is only a weather app , it gets your location and reports what you already know . The app page lies and most of the 4 &. 5 star reviews are unhappy customers who either voted wrong or the app is cheating there to . Fake fake fake and shame on you for lying

- So bad

I thought this was a real thermometer but it just works by your location. Another thing that bothers me is that every time you press something it shows an ad, that’s very annoying, I know you want money but the amount of ads it’s excessive

- So easy

Want to know the temperature out there? Just tap the thermometer and you have it. Easy Peasy!

- Nonfunctional - literally does nothing

The app literally does nothing. Occasionally, there’s an advertisement that doesn’t let you exit the screen regardless if minutes have passed. Exit the app and reopen and presto! Still nothing. These reviews must all be fake.

- Not a thermometer

Wants location to provide outdoor temperature, not what it is described as. If you turn off location services it will show blank because it is reader apple weather app. Also wants access to my microphone. If you want Sketchy this is the app for you.

- Doesn’t actually work

This app is good for people who just needs an approximate temperature but this only tells you the average temperature of your area so you can blast ac or turn the heater on but it will have no affect on the thermometer.

- This app is a scam

This is just a temperature app for cities. Claims to be able to read body temperature which is a lie. Also asks for your microphone. Why would it even need that?! You have to restart the app to get out of Settings. Just a well rounded crappy app! Zero stars if I could.

- Not a thermometer, ads have a hidden timer

The use of the word “thermometer” is a lie. This app is a poor display attached to a weather API. The ads are full-screen pop-ups and unclose-able banners. They have a timer that keeps them open for a set time but the timer is hidden.

- Spam app

I never got the temperature from this thing, but I got inundated with loud obnoxious ads, even after I’d paid them a buck to turn the ads off. It stayed on my phone all of 5 minutes. Gawdknows what would have happened if I’d shared my location with it.

- Not real thermometer

This is just like looking on a weather app to find the temperature for that city. Not actually the temperature of where you are. So, if you’re in a room that is heated to 100 degrees, but the temperature of that city which can be miles wide, is 70 degrees, then the thermometer will show 70 degrees. This is not useful.

- Sneaky new way to send you more spam email

This app set up an email account called “RedAlertEmergency.” Suddenly I was getting brand new spam emails on this account, that COULD NOT BE DELETED NORMALLY. The app sets up a profile, and you must delete both the app and the profile it installed to stop this. BEWARE!

- Doesn’t work

This worked for the first few days. Paid for the ad free version and it worked for another day or two.....then nothing. I now get the thermometer with NO READING. I uninstalled the app and change. Waste of time and money!

- Nope

So I downloaded it this morning a few minutes ago. It won’t tell me the temperature, it’s saying the town (but won’t say The temperature) I live in not inside my place, already so many adds. Wish I could share my screen shot showing this

- Accurate equal to my weather app!

Love it - quicker than cking you weather app!

- False advertisement

Does not work as a thermometer at all. All this does is finds your location and tells you the outside temperature. Used the same temperature as any weather site or app. Don’t claim to be something you are not. False advertisement at its worst!!!

- completely useless

there’s zero need for this app, just use the weather app your phone comes with. Thought i was getting a real digital thermometer instead of something that just relays already known info

- No longer works

Worked perfectly for getting outdoor temperature for past few months. Now doesn’t work at all. Very disappointed

- Thermometer

I was really looking for something to tell me the temperature in the room that I am actually IN, This one gives the outside temp. Works fine for what it is.

- Scam App - not a thermometer at all.

The positive reviews are fake, I don’t know how the App Store allows this type of junk to exist in the store. It does NOT give you ambient temperature readings, only the outside temp that you can get with any number of weather apps. Total junk that serves up ads.

- Accurate

Accurate and a great little visual- easy peasy to use!

- Take my temperature !

Good local temperature reading. I hope iPhone XII has real time temperatures !

- Review

It couldn’t be easier straight to the point temperature, love this app

- Thermometer

Good accurate thermometer. I use it quite often

- No good

This app is not a good tool ,they ask for your location to give u the temperatures , if not it won’t work, after you give then your location they give u the temperature , that mean they copy that info from any Weather apps ,👎🏼

- Too much advertisings.

Too much adds.

- Thermometer

Works instantaneously and is accurate. Great to have handy and so many circumstances.

- Instant access

Very handy to instantly have the temp a a touch

- Does not read ambient temperature!

Total LIE! App claims to read ambient temperature including indoor temperature. All it really does is look up outdoor temperatures for your geographic location from an online weather site. Total scam just to get you to buy a paid version.

- Simple weather


- Misleading

This description is misleading. This app just gives the same temp you can get on accuweather app. It does NOT take a measurement of the actual temp in your actual location. It is 75 F in my home but the app still gives me 94F which is the outside temp.

- Great APP!

What a great APP. I enjoy knowing the temperature and it is always correct. Inside or out. Whoever invented this should get a raise.

- Could just use google instead

I wanted to be able to know the temperature inside my house because I need to know it. This just gives the same temperature as google. What’s the point. I want my money back! 0 stars

- Thermostat app

Great, quick tool to find the temperature in any area.

- Crazy!!

Ridiculously accurate!!!

- Recommended !!!

Simple app works good does exactly what it’s supposed to do

- 80 degrees feels like 80

Just downloaded this app to check the room temperature in my office. Right now my hands are so cold I can barely grasp my phone. The temperature in the room feels like 50 degrees or lower. The app is accurately reporting the outdoor temperature of 80 degrees not the temperature in this room.

- Love the App!!!!!

This App is awesome! It’s fast accurate and perfect for my needs!! Thanks very very much!!!

- Only gives weather forecast temperature

Downloaded and this app does not give current temperature in the space you are in, just the weather report temp outside that I can get from the weather phone app.

- Pointless

This basically takes info from another source and gives you the temp in your city or geographical area. It won’t tell you the exact temp where you are.

- Peacemaker

This App has concluded several disagreements about the temperature in the room. Thanks!

- Not so good dissapointed 😔

I was looking for an app that could take my temp as in a fever and all it told me the temp inside and it was apparently 95 farinheight but the thermostat is my house says 83 drastic difference

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@WSJ He isn’t wrong. The new left agenda of colleges have dumbed down America. They remove common sense from everything. I’ve met ppl with more degrees than a thermometer who are absolutely useless in the real word. @elonmusk Good call


Watching a nationwide cold wave, a huge thermometer was spotted Monday in Shenyang City, NE #China's Liaoning Province, reflecting the real-time temperature of the city.

i'm just a 🗡️rogue🗡️

@MaeNena73 @RTsFromTheVoid I always have the thermometer next to me and then play the "is this a real fever?" guessing game. 🤔


@BLUEBOUNDED No real reaction to come... expected of someone such as Red. Silence... then a beep as the thermometer read his temperature. ...he was cold, 93°F. Yet he seemed to be tolerating it nonetheless. He knew he wouldn't have much choice in the matter of answering for himself; he ->

fucking suggestion

fuck me again with a thermometer and call me a real cool dude

^__^ 谢谢 ^__^ありがとう^__^

Looord my brother put the thermometer on 50! 50 of all temperatures! What in the heck! Imma have to cut the oven on like back on the day! The struggle is real! Lol

mrs. montana

Made a betta bed out of an Anubias leaf (real aquatic plant!). Attached it to my thermometer w/ plastic string instead of buying a whole fake one from the store. Bettas like to sleep near the top of the tank bc they need to breathe air too

Peter Dalmaris

How accurate are thermometer sensors, from the #Arduino Peripherals series: Is the temperature reading from your sensors close to being real? What is real temperature? What are some of the main considerations?

Seena Toroian

@bopinion break that thermometer open and you’ll find some real magic, kids

Victor M. Sáa

@F1 This is a real thermometer of the season.

Erin Carpenter

@UrsulaSaqui @writesloud I have real trust issues with all thermometers (both human and meat). My pork loin was tough and the thermometer read 150. The digital ones I have gotten end up glitching and I feel like I’m replacing batteries to try to fix it.

Steve Bassam

@MaeveSherlock @beccadean @margaretmasson That meat thermometer is s real bonus. It always helps deliver perfectly cooked turkey in our household. Merry Christmas Maeve!!

Erik B.

I never thought I’d go full Dad Mode and get jazzed on a remote thermometer, but here we are, jazzing away over real time monitoring of my prime rib temps.

keeping flor spoiled 🌿

For real. Where do I get my own Paige? I got a thermometer for Christmas.

Stacey Eddie

Meat thermometer distrust is a real thing.

Real Thermometer 1.3 Screenshots & Images

Real Thermometer iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Real Thermometer iphone images

Real Thermometer (Version 1.3) Install & Download

The applications Real Thermometer was published in the category Weather on 2017-08-23 and was developed by cong qi [Developer ID: 1272049392]. This application file size is 58.07 MB. Real Thermometer - Weather app posted on 2019-04-27 current version is 1.3 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions. Google Play ID:

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