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"Decibel X PRO" is one of very few sound meter apps on the market that has highly reliable, pre-calibrated measurements and supports frequency weightings: ITU-R 468, A and C. It turns your iOS device into a professional noise meter, precisely measures the sound pressure level (SPL) all around you. This extremely useful and beautiful tool will not only be a great tool for many uses but also bring you a lot of fun. Have you wondered how quiet is your room or how loud is a rock concert or sport event? "Decibel X PRO" will help you answer all of those.


- Trusted accuracy: the app is tested and pre calibrated for all Apple devices. The precision is matching with real SPL devices
- Apple Watch support: see noise level right from your wrist
- Frequency weighting filters: ITU-R 468, A, B, C, Z
- Powerful, smart history data management:
+ Recording data can be saved into a list of history records for future access and analysis
+ Each record can be exported as hi-res PNG graph or CSV text via sharing services
+ iCloud support which synchronize all history records across your Apple devices
+ Fullscreen mode to give overview the whole history of an record
- Dosimeter with NIOSH, OSHA standards
- FFT and BAR graphs to display real time FFT. Those are very useful for frequency analysis and musical tests. Real time predominant frequency is also displayed.
- WAVE graph with 2 display modes: Rolling & Buffer
- InstaDecibel to capture your dB report overlaid on photos and easily shared via popular social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Messages, etc.).
- Support both Portrait and Landscape layouts
- Beautiful, intuitive and carefully crafted UI design
- Optimized for iOS 11


- Standard time weightings (Response Time): SLOW (500 milliseconds) and FAST (200 milliseconds)
- Trimming calibration from -15 dB to 15 dB
- Standard measurement range from 30 dBA up to 130 dBA
- HISTO graph for plotted history of the recorded values
- Real time scale level chart
- Display Current, Average/Leq, and Max values with both nice and clear digital and analog layouts
- Quick reference text to help you compare with real-life examples
- "Keep Device Stay Awake" option for long duration recording
- Reset and clear current recording at any time
- Tap on Max value to reset at any time
- Pause/Resume the tool at any time


- Please do not expect a quiet room reading will be 0 dBA. The range 30-130 dBA is the standard usable range and an average quiet room will be about 30 dBA.
- Although all devices are pre-calibrated, custom calibration is suggested for serious purposes requiring higher precision and accuracy. You will need a real external device or calibrated sound meter as a reference, then adjust the trimming calibration until the reading matches with the reference.

If you like it or have suggestions, please support us by rating and giving us comments and feedback.

Decibel X PRO: dBA Noise Meter App Description & Overview

The applications Decibel X PRO: dBA Noise Meter was published in the category Utilities on 2017-07-10 and was developed by SkyPaw Co. Ltd. The file size is 19.87 MB. The current version is 7.0.0 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

● Introduce a tab bar at the bottom and re-organize the layout accordingly
● Introduce a new minimal light theme and set the flat dark theme by default
● Fix an in-app purchase issue which caused some users to restore purchase every time opening the app
● Fix a crashing issue for PRO users when switching to "Modern Dark" theme
● Add support for running natively on Apple Watch. Decibel X will now measure directly using Watch's microphone instead of pairing results from phones
● Add support for the new iPad Pro
● Add show/hide usage tooltips button at the main screen
● Fixe BAR graph issue which shows incorrect frequency axes
● Remove the gap at the top and re-organize buttons
● Add left, right buttons to navigate among graphs
● Introduce fullscreen mode for graphs so that it is much easier to monitor measurements from distance
● Landscape mode now becomes fullscreen
● Re-organize settings to be more compact and convenient
● Various UI improvements to make the app clearer and intuitive
● A lot of performance improvements and bug fixes
● Component upgrades

Thanks for using Decibel X! Please be sure to rate this new version and leave us a review on the App Store. Your feedback is greatly appreciated. We're listening to your feedback and working hard to improving Decibel X.

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Decibel X PRO: dBA Noise Meter Reviews

weeze 63

Number one app  weeze 63  5 star

I install sound systems in Harley’s and have been using this app for a year or so. I calibrated it with a local bands measuring meter and was surprised it needed very minor adjustments. And no problem with ADDS. Also don’t know if it matters but I am using a iPhone 7 No BS it works great


Better than ever  CA-KS-RN  5 star

I’m just a hobbyist, so I don’t need extreme accuracy. That said, previous apps I’d tried didn’t seem accurate, and compared to a handheld (actual) sound meter, usually weren’t. When I found the non-Pro app, it seemed spot on, and while the ads were ever present, they weren’t annoying (unlike another app that lets you use the trial version for 2 minutes and then stops working and puts up a “buy me” screen with an almost invisible close button). But after using the “free” version for a while, I decided this was worth it. I’ve been enjoying the new features such as the frequency charting feature. Pretty cool seeing what frequency the drum beat is, or why band X seems so much louder despite being a lower decibel reading (more sound closer to 1500 Hz vs 300 Hz).


Thanks for bug fixes  DaBigBadOtis  5 star

Updating review after bug fixes


Fun and good  Waitcho  5 star

I have advanced ear training and worked in studios for a few years. I am by no means an expert but I’m more than an enthusiastic hobbyist. THAT SAID. Love this app. Helps w my new party trick called How Many DBs Are We At Right Now. I don’t go to a lot of parties. Great app.

earpro 100101

Fantastic app; Analyst friendly  earpro 100101  5 star

This is a fantastic app! For someone who works in OSHA hearing conservation the ability to take a photo with the metadata alone is worth the price. Being able export the data to a table is great! The only recommendation I can give would be to include, in the setting, options to customize the metadata for your csv export and camera, specifically, a time stamp (DTG) and frequency, and location that way we can isolate harmful frequencies and conduct a more thorough analysis.


Waste of money  IranIran  1 star

This super overpriced app is missing lots of basic features and doesn’t record correctly. Even with sleep mode record option on, it stops recording when the device sleeps. I want my money back!


Shuts music off when streaming Bluetooth  LowToneNashville  1 star

Defeats the purpose of the app for a lot of users. Please fix.


Musician tool  Dp373  5 star

Great for monitoring Spl exposure.


Video lacking  Shap08  3 star

This seems like it could be a really good app. The problem I have is I cannot turn the phone upside down (mic is at the bottom) to take video while holding the phone upside down to avoid hands being near the mic. Also can’t turn it sideways. Some bugs on the video function cause crash as well. Hopefully they add this functionality.


Fixed  LED4GOD  4 star

Bug was fixed that was causing it to crash. Works well.


Excellent tool  AussieDoc  5 star

Useful for OH&S documentation. UPDATE 19/12/18 update now crashes on launch every time. Was 5 star rating before, now useless until fixed. UPDATE 24/1/2019 Crash on launch now fixed. 5/5 rating restored.


App now crashes loading and have no screen  bahfurirbejfushdvfv  1 star

App crashes on iPhone X


Crashes on open. Doesn’t work.  shouck10  1 star

This app crashes as soon as it loads on my iPhone XS and IPad Mini. I reported it to devs. Still not fixed, so now here’s your 1-star review. I’d recommend not downloading until this crash is fixed.


Db sound meter  appsey  5 star

I am unable to open dB sound meter. It flashes on when selected but disappears straight away. Very disappointed with this app.


Latest version won’t run  tryanothernickname23456  5 star

I have used it for some and it is a good app. Last update won’t run on my iphone xs. Can someone help me please?


Recent update crashes  MiklDD  4 star

Was very happy with app over the past year (five stars). Updated around 20/12/2018 crashes on iPhone Xs max and 11” iPad Pro when using ‘modern dark’ theme. Stayed up but didn’t record when using ‘classic’ theme on iPad (one star).


Measure of sound energy  Awimaway  5 star

Love this app. Helps me decide to wear hearing protection or not. Give feed back to my surroundings when appropriate.

Rocket Bunny

Comparison to sister app gives complete different readings  Rocket Bunny  1 star

I compared to their other app which is also $8 and has ads. Both give totally different readings. Wasted $$$


Nice  LeeSib  4 star

Decent sound meter. There’s some UI issues such as, when in dark theme, the main top nav bar is still in light grey, the Done button in settings truncated when changing to the dark theme, and in general some of the button icon choices are unintuitive. Functionality wise it’s good for my needs, although I’d love to have a video recording option rather than just a photo option. Being able to record a video with live histo overlay and dB level would be much more useful than a static photo to me.


Craig  117foot  5 star

Wotta great unit. So handy

Mazak Mark

Great app for accurate information  Mazak Mark  5 star

I used this at work to test the noises of cnc machines. I also was curious with road noises of my new aggressive tires. Before and after.

Texas OD

App support  Texas OD  1 star

When I try to contact app support I get this. “ This Account has been suspended” How Nice.


Works well, convenient, accurate  Dublinbiker  5 star

Very convenient, easy to use, tested its accuracy against machinery I have with factory tested dB levels and is very close. Can’t beat this for $5.


Broken with iOS 12  xyper  5 star

The UI is unusable with iPhone XS and iOS 12: all controls are gone, the only thing visible is a bit of the graphs. Wrote an email to developer, no acknowledgment so far. Was great till iOS 12. Revised: the app now works with XS. So five stars again.

bored again bored

Basic  bored again bored  1 star

Works yet is way too basic for $5.


Crashes  458079  1 star

Crashes way too often. Paid 4.99 for the pro hoping that would resolve the issue but it didn’t.


Added video  Bekuz_Ikan  4 star

Brilliant and thanks for adding the ability to take a video with the dB overlaid, would it be possible to take landscape videos in the next version ?? :-) I do though wonder if the majority of people who use this app realize the value of being able to take a video with the DB overlaid.


Excellent  AnotherGolux  5 star

I’m very pleased with this app. I have one small suggestion: I would like to see the app start in Pause mode instead of Record, or perhaps offer this as an option. Thanks!

Pizza is my favorite

Worth it! Good App!  Pizza is my favorite  5 star

Don't have much experience with this but the app does what we need it to & does it well to check volume inside our haunted attractions.


Works and Looks Great on iPhone XS Max  Moleman55  5 star

Time to change my rating: The latest update fixed the App and it’s now working as it used to on the iPhone XS Max and iOS 12.0.1. Great App! Old Review: Decibel X Pro does not display properly or work on iOS 12 on the iPhone XS Max. Hopefully, an update is not too far off! My rating will change if or when corrected.

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