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Logile Connect [Productivity] App Description & Overview

What is logile connect app? Logile Connect simplifies life for both employees and managers by providing the ability to complete task- and schedule-related activities anywhere.

Employees can:

View schedules
Swap shifts
Bid on posted shifts
Submit requests for time off
Submit availability changes
Submit punch requests
Complete assigned tasks
In addition, managers can:

View department schedules
Post bid shifts
Respond to requests
Monitor task completion
NOTE: To enable this application your employer must have Logile’s Employee Self-Service, Employee Scheduling, Time & Attendance and/or Execution Compliance modules configured. Individual features must be configured by your employer’s system administrator and may not be available. Contact your system administrator for details.

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Logile Connect Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Logile Connect Version 3.2.818 November 2022

Welcome to 3.2.8 Here's a Summary: Addressed some visual inconsistencies between mobile and desktop Corrected a few typos Fixed bugs in the following areas: Schedule Calendar sharing Timestamp in messages Labels within text field.

Logile Connect Comments & Reviews 2022

- Hire a new UX/UI designer for this

To begin with, a few buttons are too repetitive and misleading along with the confusion of using the gray color for “save” and the pinkish for doing the same thing I just did. This app is not as user friendly as the devs might think it is and the UI could definitely be improved but it also doesn’t look like the pictures provided before downloading the app. I suggest taking these reviews to consideration as many people from 18-50+ might use this app and not everyone has the same tech savvyness you may think they have. Create a new prototype and test it on different age groups to see how they handle it along with having specific tasks they have to accomplish to improve this app. I am still trying to figure out how to do certain things and I consider myself to adapt well with things like this but I cannot grasp it 100%...

- Alright, but easy to see ways in which it could be improved

So please, improve it. Make it easier to swap shifts with a coworker, and make requesting a day off a more intuitive process.

- Not getting schedule

I am not getting my schedule when I should be! I am getting a “Warning” error message saying”Failed to find schedules: Schedule is not ready for FRONT END DEPARTMENT on the selected version: Current” but that is not true! 1st of all, I get another format of the schedule on Thursdays (which I did, in fact, get yesterday) & here on Friday mornings. I use both versions in different ways so I do use/need both. There is absolutely no reason whatsoever how/why it is “not ready” here when I know for a fact it IS really & HAS been posted when I already have the other version.

- Unacceptable

Everything about this app is terrible. It’s confusing, slow, difficult to navigate. There are arcane options everywhere that do nothing useful but nothing you actually want or need. I don’t want to be forced to see news before my schedule. Putting in requests or modifications is needlessly complicated. So many buttons with unclear functions / descriptions. Seeing the schedule by week instead of the available range is frustrating and useless. The app is bad at the one main goal of viewing your schedule.

- This is why we miss TimeForge

1) TimeForge had notifications. You could receive a text letting you know when you worked. 2) TimeForge integrated with your phones calendar. 3) TimeForge was easy to use 4) It doesn’t make sense not to be able to see the entire schedule so you know who you are working with, who should be coming in to cover, etc. Logile is difficult to navigate. The app is not user friendly. You are servicing an industry (retail)where schedules constantly change. There is an absolute need to be able to quickly track your schedule in a way that makes sense. Trying to log in with two factor ID is frustrating. That’s why having notifications and calendar integration is important. It also makes it easier to share your schedule with your family/ friends/ co-workers.

- Worthless red tape

Absolutely useless app, it was simpler to put requests on a paper calendar. The app is clunky and hard to navigate with possibly intentionally mislabeled and improperly descriptive functions. The request off section is not intuitive seems like it was designed for a specific person and that person is the only one who knows how to use it. Stay away from this overpriced program. Oh and it probably tracks employees against their knowledge as well. This app is garbage and denies me even having days off requests for Vacation Days.

- I would give zero stars if I could

This is absolutely the worst program. My job switched from a perfectly good program to this absolute $h!+sh@w of a program. It’s impossible to get payroll done on time because this program is constantly crashing. It’s slow and glitchy 95% of the time. Yesterday it decided to have a complete meltdown and clock everyone in for their shifts for the entire day, even though it was only 10 am.

- Not User Friendly!!!

I don’t understand why my company left Time Forge to go with Logile Connect. This app is not user friendly. The new time clock in the break room is extremely slow!!! I miss having the ability to view the entire store schedule on the App. Time Forge allowed each user to view “Other Schedules”. This gave me the ability to know who I would be working with each day, manager on duty, etc. Not user friendly!!!

- Why fix something that wasn’t broken?

Missing Time Forge, Logile’s connection is more often than not unstable to the point I can’t log in. I can’t view the whole month and have to cycle through week by week. Took me forever to figure out how to put in time off requests. Don’t get me started on the new time clock. I have a feeling this was more for managements convenience. Will improvements ever be made?

- Terrible

This is the worst app with the worst user experience I’ve ever seen. I can’t believe so many large companies leave it up to this terribly designed app to do such necessary tasks like change availability and take days off. The fact that a group of people who designed this app thought this was acceptable to put out for people to use is CRAZY. Just fire all of them please. Thank you.

- Stuck on loading screen

Every time I try to log in it gets stuck on the loading screen. No amount of deleting and re-downloading the app or restarting my phone will help. I even tried downloading the app on my iPad to see if I could sign in that way, and nope. I contacted my company’s IT to make sure it wasn’t just a problem with my login info and they said nope it’s an issue with the new version they released.

- The request off feature needs work

My company has been using this for scheduling and requests off but recently it has denied me a request off that I put in a week or two before I had to get it off. Manager was supposed to fix it, but it still shows that I have to work on the day it denied me. Fix this because it’s unreasonable.

- bro what….

This has to be the worst set up ever. the whole app is useless. Not only does it not have a clean sleek layout it’s super slow. I would rather check a wall calendar than to use this app. I miss timeforge, being able to check what employees are working and easy glance schedule. omg the actual clock in machine takes so long to clock in and is an eye sore 💀🤢

- Can’t even register

My new job uses this portal and I can’t even register because it stays stuck on the security questions. It won’t let you pick a question, it just spits back “question 1*” and won’t let you move forward in the process. I’m just trying to view my schedule

- Won’t open due to server url missing

We have tried unsuccessfully to download this app onto two iPhone and and ipad. Each time we get a message “Warning Please type one valid server url” and can’t go any further.

- Sometimes the calendar syncs, sometimes it doesn’t....

And when it doesn’t, there is no way of retrying. This is extremely annoying.

- Awful user experience.

It’s easier to simply go to work and hope that I am scheduled than trying to use this app to check it. Requests and clock-in edits are practically impossible here. Do not make your employees use this.

- Request doesn’t work

Whenever you put your request in weeks in advance it’s doesn’t except your request and you end up having to work that day instead. The request part needs to be updated!

- Can’t login

Does not let me login with Coborn’s SSO. Just says “Please wait,” and nothing happens. Used to work in iPhone 6s, but not on iPhone 11 now. Please fix this issue, please and thank you!

- Can’t get the app

It keeps saying I have to pay for the app. I just wanna see my schedule

- Login in

When I try to sign in it times out and it was working before this update Thanks

- Trash

This app is horrible for requesting off time or updating pretty much anything. It freezes, repetitive buttons, not thorough. I do not understand why companies use this app

- Waste of time

I have this app because of my job. It’s clunky to navigate and hard to find information, very similar to the rest of Logile technology. Why is this so bad?

- Won’t let me leave settings

I’ve tried multiple times now to leave the settings page, but it only lets me save the information with out it leaving the page. HELP!

- Awful

Terrible app, difficult to navigate, definitely not user friendly. Unfortunately effects all aspects of scheduling: swapping shifts, scheduling minors, overtime, etc.

- Not recommended

Probably the least coherent and user-friendly app ever designed. Clunky interfaces, overlapping borders, you name it, this schedule app probably screwed it up.


Shouldn’t have to put in the server url every time you want to log on to check schedule or request time off. App is useless to me because I can’t remember the URL 😡

- Text message

How about adding an option of getting a text reminder of a scheduled shift

- Not working.

it keeps taking me directly to the settings page and it’s not letting me leave.

- Bad. Bad. Very bad.

I think this is the least user friendly app I have ever used. Seriously, you should close your doors and cease to exist as a company. (:

- Server url

I don't know where to find the server url ? Help someone ??

- Don’t waist your time

Since when do you need a url to sign up for a app!?

- Nightmare on App Street

Confusingly Maze like, wake me up from this nightmare, App reminds me of 1990s internet nightmare. AOL, Windows 98’ I think my Mom could create a better App.

- Very clunky

Difficult to use, buggy, whenever I open the app it pauses my music

- Stopped working

Stopped working, no support.

- can u stop giving me ten hour shifts as a minor working part time


- No help when needed!

I use this app on my android no problem. I can’t even login due to no log in screen comes up! I looked for some kind of help and it offers nothing.

- Definitely not an easy app

I have not had a good time with this app which is unfortunate because the job I have has switched to it for all scheduling information and requests. First off the main thing the app is for is to be able to communicate scheduling issues with ease. Instead, it is confusing to use and has not worked any of the times I’ve submitted requests. It continuously forgets my username and I have to go into my email archives to find it which is annoying. Lastly, I only use this app because it is the only way for me to check my schedule, please don’t force me to read all your bulletins for several minutes before I can even see my schedule.

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Logile Connect iphone images
Logile Connect iphone images
Logile Connect iphone images
Logile Connect iphone images
Logile Connect iphone images
Logile Connect iphone images
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Logile Connect (Version 3.2.8) Install & Download

The applications Logile Connect was published in the category Productivity on 2017-06-01 and was developed by Logile, Inc. [Developer ID: 1238896363]. This application file size is 124.51 MB. Logile Connect - Productivity app posted on 2022-11-18 current version is 3.2.8 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.logile.rtm