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AdGuard Pro is More than just ad blocking in Safari! It’s the most effective adblock browser plugin with data tracking prevention.

With AdGuard Pro you can select different DNS service providers, which opens new possibilities: faster and more reliable internet access both for Wi-Fi and cellular connections, parental control, protection from phishing and malware and shielding your DNS traffic against interception and snooping. Add to this the Privacy module that detects trackers in real time and lets you decide which to block and which to let through. And all this on top of the excellent ad blocking in Safari, which has already proven to be of an unrivaled quality by the free AdGuard for iOS version.

Highly customizable AdGuard Pro will make your web surfing safe and fast!

NOTE: if you are using Pro version, there is no need to keep regular AdGuard app on your device.


AdGuard Pro is not just a Content Blocker — it has much more to offer:

— Firewall. Use AdGuard's ability to set up any custom DNS profile to shape your browsing the way you like. Select one of the tested and trusted pre-configured profiles like OpenDNS or Google Public DNS, or set up any of your own. Mind that this requires setting up a fake VPN, but your outgoing traffic is not being routed through any remote server.

— Privacy protection. AdGuard Pro detects all types of trackers that spy on you and highlights them in the request log for you to decide their further fate. Combine this with DNSCrypt support — hide your actions online on DNS level by using any one from the long list of DNSCrypt providers — and you have a level of protection that is hard to achieve by other means.

— Parental control — some DNS providers offer configurations that will protect your children from adult content on the web, often backed up with protection against malicious websites. Use AdGuard Pro to set up one of them and shield your kids from the inappropriate materials online.

— Flexible configuration. Request log allows you to easily track all DNS requests and blacklist anything you don't want to see; vice versa, add to the whitelist any requests you think are unjustly blocked by your current DNS provider.


As AdGuard Pro uses a VPN profile to be able to change DNS settings, it may have compatibility issues with some other VPN-based apps. List of such known apps:

— ExpressVPN
— Shadowrocket
— HotSpot Shield
— OpenVPN Connect
— Opera Free VPN


— Ad blocking in Safari. Blocks any kinds of ads; more than 50 (!) various filters are at your service. So say goodbye to annoying stuff like banners, video ads, popups and such.
— Includes popular adblocker filter subscriptions - EasyList, EasyPrivacy, Fanboy's Annoyances, Malware Domains. Block ads like a pro with the public and AdGuard filters.

— Regional and other filters. AdGuard is the first ad blocker that offers language-specific filters. You can now visit websites in different languages — all of them will be filtered.

— Blocking of trackers and social widgets. Special filters block all the counters and trackers to protect your privacy and remove excessive social media buttons.

— Speed acceleration. AdGuard removes tons of rubbish from the web. And clean pages open faster.


We develop AdGuard products for various platforms. For more than 6 years, AdGuard helps all of its users enjoy the safe and clean Internet.

AdGuard Pro — adblock App Description & Overview

The applications AdGuard Pro — adblock was published in the category Utilities on 2016-09-30 and was developed by Performix. The file size is 77.22 MB. The current version is 2.1.1 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

We really dislike releasing new versions that only contain bugfixes, but sometimes it is necessary. One of the bugs required our immediate attention, and we couldn’t wait for more features to come to release the new version.

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AdGuard Pro — adblock Reviews

rip x2018

The ad blockers really good  rip x2018  5 star

It’s worth a dollar but it’s worth the price

Mettaton D

GIVE THEM MONEY  Mettaton D  5 star

For the ability to form your own thoughts and browse the internet without being tracked every step.

David in Siam

The best  David in Siam  5 star

Finally, an app that hides ALL the advertisements in my iPhone 8!


Takedown imminent  JonPaul2  1 star

Needs an update to work with iOS 12/13. This app sets up a false VPN to intercept traffic using the local address. I like that part. The rest of the app is poor at best. Each feature actively works against iOS and Safaris WebKit. This was not the case in iOS 10/11 when cross-app tracking was still possible. The DNS providers list is odd and outdated, also no description of what the adguard dns servers point to or collect. Overall just a way to waste your battery while ads still find their way to your browser.

Leo of BORG

Best All Around Ad Blocker on iOS ATP  Leo of BORG  5 star

UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE: still working With iOS 12.3.1, works VERY WELL in tandem with Guardian Firewall (a “real” VPN). I’m thinking a lot of the problems other users have is with their (other) VPN vendor. ATP the best layered protection on iOS is Guardian Firewall + AdGuard Pro with a “Steven Black hostfile” in the > Privacy Module. I encourage the AppStore Reviewer reading this to try it. 😉 UPDATE UPDATE: Folks leaving 1-2 stars need to READ THE DOCUMENTATION. AdG Pro is for power users. Esp if you use another VPN service in tandem. If it’s not “blocking enough” then use the VPN and the “privacy module” with a blocklist like someonewhocares or Steven Black. Google is your friend. UPDATE: Pro features (including “split tunnel VPN”) still work great on iOS 12. No problems at all. I did need to re-install several apps but this is an iOS 12 bug. The older review still stands. It’s infuriating that Apple rejects AdGuard Pro updates, the App, using “split tunnel VPN” allows users of other VPN services to secure their iOS devices against (possible) VPN service spying as well as web trackers inside & outside Safari. If you use a “cheap or lifetime” VPN of course this could be happening. This is just going to force users to seek solutions outside Apple, I can either stick with solutions like AdGuard on macOS / iOS or I can buy/make a Pi-Hole & totally cut Apple out. Choice is theirs. Seriously Apple. You need to work with these Devs so that end users have best of breed security on iOS. Banning apps like AdGuard Pro IS NOT HELPFUL AT ALL.


Great app  PANIOLO12345  5 star

Was getting the “you won an Amazon prize “ AdGuard got it off my iPad. I’m happy now!


The best!  Motox527  5 star

If you know what your doing it is the best!! Even if you don't the preferences they have on here are so good!! Thank you guys!!


Discontinued but still functional  LordNyriox  3 star

According to AdGuard's official website, the Pro version of the official iOS app has been officially discontinued, due to current App Store policy regarding non-Safari content blocking. Meaning there will be no further updates, bugfixes, or optimizations to the paid version of this app. Despite being effectively banned by Apple, the final release of AdGuard Pro for iOS is expected to remain on the App Store for the foreseeable future. As of iOS 12.3.1 on the iPhone 6 Plus, this app remains fully functional. I will update my review if and when this eventually changes.


👍👍  oddhumanbean  5 star

Best AD-blocker around for iOS devices!


BEST ad-blocker ever!  BAR112  5 star

Accept no substitutes; AdGuard Pro is the only one that will block 99% of ads on Safari. No other ad-blocker works as well. Highly recommend it!


Worth the 💰  ___graygray  5 star

Handy app for blocking adds at the script but is limited to 50,000 rules which can fill up pretty easy. Far better than Adblock.


Great app!  rjorg06  5 star

This app is great for ad blocking and works as an anti-revoke This app also works flawlessly


Adguard  Swinging60s  1 star

Can’t work out how to use Way too complicated


LNP188  lnp188  5 star


Kts oe

AdGuard Pro Adblock  Kts oe  1 star

Cannot understand it at all

blake stall

One little problem  blake stall  5 star

Great great great app but how do i block ads on my youtube app thats installed on my ios device.


Waste  987Ray  1 star

Does not block adds youtube


Not good  pooiiuyytrewwq  2 star


Senior 39

The app is great  Senior 39  4 star

However, the restriction still hurts, wish that the 3 extensions work around to have 150k rules would be implemented (as a pro exclusive).


Very bad and Not a good app for Apple IPad.  Zumilive  1 star

I don’t recommend to anyone to purchase this app, After installing now lm getting more then before. So frustrating and angery


AdGuard App  Create-Power  5 star

Great Ads blocker app. You have all the controls you need to monitor your DNS traffic, block Ads, unwanted sites and potentially malicious sites.


Best AD block  DamageMelody  5 star

I had some issues with filling a ton of filters and Support was able to clarify how it all works in technical details so I modified my list and had no issues then. It does much for its price.


No update in 9 months?!?  Tout_pret  2 star

No update in 9 months? You still working on this? I’ve noticed ads getting around your guard...


Bad App Icon  fuhrer.17  3 star

Great app, works amazingly, however I would like the option to remove the ‘Pro’ label from the app icon. It ruins the aesthetic and makes me want to hide it in a folder.


Hello  mido.bodo  5 star

It’s amazing apps


App solved IPhone XS MAX BIGGEST PROBLEM!  EEwers91  5 star

I’ll make this short and simple. It’s very well known by now that apple knew the iPhone XS max HAD MAJOR CONNECTIVITY problems with, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and even cellular. Due to their use of a piss poor antenna in the phone. I’ve searched for months trying to find an update a fix anything. But apple appears to be ignoring the issue. Well if you have iPhone XS MAX and it has connectivity issues U NEED TO PURCHASE ADGUARD PRO’! The dns connectivity somehow bridges the gap created by the antenna and suddenly my internet speeds went up, to down as normally happens with a VPN service. Thanks AdGuard!


Worth it  pickrick!  5 star


jay ramsey

Love it!  jay ramsey  5 star

Takes away tons of annoying ads, makes the Safari browsing experience much less frustrating!

mss jerry

Doesn’t Work  mss jerry  2 star

AdGuard Pro is not what it sounds like!! I need better protection than AdGuard Pro offers!!


Acts as A Ltd Firewall...  BundlingSucks  4 star

I totally congratulate the efforts and innovation for this company, it’s vision and team. The amount of dns req’s these days are overwhelming, not only being “pimped out” by google, as expected, but by Apple, to whom we collectively give billions of dollars, pounds, yens and euros... This app actually can shut down both of them totally, and also twitter, facebook, akamai, and everyone else and their brother from glomming all your data... Kudos and 5 stars there... With that said I have one criticism of this app, being limited to 50,000 filter rules (where did that number come from, btw)? What that presents is the equivalent of a p/t networking job of going in and checking after you open a browser or app to see what new, “unlisted” stalkers have come in through the window... I think a limit of about 250,000 would be more up to par (as of now I have 211 manually blocked, which though easy, is three (3) steps each time. The other criticism is basically on the chrome extension — yes, I know, throw security out the window — the criticism there is that in chrome chrome actually overrides the rules on the pre-defined list... Someone re-writes the actual code to make blacklisting options disappear and makes up a little white list for you — yeah, wow... When you try to add your own rules, the rules are overwritten... Again, that’s not on iOS but on chrome...










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