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What is klarna | shop now. pay later. app? SHOP NOW. PAY LATER.
When you shop in the Klarna app, you can split the cost of your purchase from any online store into 4 smaller, interest-free payments. And it works just as easily in-store, with Apple Pay. So you can get what you love today and pay later.

Shop and save money with exclusive deals and discounts from all over the world, right in the Klarna app. Find a deal you like, claim it with a simple tap. And check back in tomorrow – we add new shopping offers all the time.

Join Klarna’s rewards club and get rewarded for all your shopping. Sign up for free in the Klarna app and unlock a $5 welcome reward after just 1 complete payment.

Get live updates with delivery times, pickup codes, and even photos of a pickup point to help guide the way. So go ahead and follow that truck, from purchase to pick up in the Klarna app.

Save items in Collections and never pay full price again. Each time you save an item, an automatic price drop alert is set. That way, when the price drops you will know. You can also share your Collections with family and friends.

In Klarna’s Inspiration feed, you’ll find carefully curated suggestions for deals, product collections, complete looks, and editorials tailored to your shopping. It doesn’t matter if you love fashion, beauty, tech, or whatever – we’ve got something for you.

The more you shop and pay later in 4 installments with Klarna and pay back on time, the more purchasing power you unlock which allows you to spend more. And, you'll also gain access to even more exclusive deals and offers!

Need to send something back? Report a return right in the app. We’ll pause your purchase so you don’t have to pay in the meantime.

Pay later without surprises. When you shop with Klarna, you get a complete overview of all your purchases and finances. And you can even make early payments or extend your due date.

No one likes to wait. When you buy something through the Klarna app, you'll see your purchase just seconds after you place your order.

24/7 CUSTOMER SERVICE. Get round-the-clock service whenever you need it using our chat right in the Klarna app. Try smoooth shopping in the Klarna app. It’s shopping like a VIP. Without an annual fee.

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Klarna | Shop now. Pay later. Version 23.3.22123 January 2023

The new and improved Klarna app makes it easier than ever to search, compare, and save money. Compare prices on 2M+ products from more than 6,000 stores in the blink of an eye. Catch discounts on the fly with automatic coupons. And watch your favorite products come to life with a shoppable video. We’ve also fixed some minor issues and made tweaks to give you the best shopping experience around..

Klarna | Shop now. Pay later. Version 22.44.25418 November 2022

The new and improved Klarna app makes it easier than ever to search, compare, and save money. Compare prices on 2M+ products from more than 6,000 stores in the blink of an eye. Catch discounts on the fly with automatic coupons. And watch your favorite products come to life with a shoppable video. We’ve also fixed some minor issues and made tweaks to give you the best shopping experience around..

Klarna | Shop now. Pay later. Comments & Reviews 2023

- Switched from AfterPay to this

I was using Afterpay for everything for a very long time because since I built an amazing history with them paying on time they gave me the option to pay nothing upfront and my spending credit was over 2,000. However I had to go out of town recently and my bank thought the charges on my card were fraud. So my bank put a 24 hour hold on my credit card and one of my payments with afterpay did not go through. I did pay it the very next day and I have never missed a payment in my life and I tried explaining the situation to them however they did not care and they brought my spending credit down to zero because of that. During that time I also missed a payment with Klarna and after I explain the same situation to them they were very understanding and gave me an additional 48 hours to make my payment with no penalties. I cannot begin to explain how grateful I am for that. I do wish that Klarna gave you the option to pay nothing upfront and make your first payment two weeks afterwards like afterpay however I will never use Afterpay again. I will always always only use klarna from now on.

- Great until they’re not

Let me start off by saying I love Klarna or used to. They were the og payment app for me. I have recommended them to everyone I know even though I also use affirm, quadpay, and after pay. I have been using Klarna for a few years now and have used their app more times than I can count. Seriously, I have had a million transactions through them. I have always had on time payments and most times paying stuff off early. For some reason lately they flat out won’t approve me for anything even though I have almost everything paid off through them so far. I have borrowed over a thousand from them in one transaction before but now they won’t even let me borrow two hundred. My credit score has significantly increased since I first started using them so that can’t be considered a factor in their decision. I should be able to borrow their max amount at this point since I’ve beyond built that trust with them but lately they seem to be treating me like I’ve never used their app before. I’m just beyond frustrated with the service I’ve been getting from them recently. I have started using affirm and quadpay instead. Even though I haven’t used those two near as much as Klarna they still give me a significant spending amount and I never have an issue with being approved for what I want. I wish Klarna would function the way they used to when I first started using their app. I don’t know what has changed but they’re starting to lose a lot of loyal customers because of it.

- Waste of time

This would be a cool app if it would actually work. When it does work, it’s awesome, I’m able to make larger purchases and either pay every two weeks or spread the payments out over 6 months. Here’s the issue, the app will work seamlessly then out of nowhere it won’t. I will attempt to make a purchase and initially I’m told I’m approved, I agree to the terms and go to the next step where my ghost card should be created but then it isn’t. I get this weird message telling me that my identity cannot be verified, so I answer the security questions, receive confirmation that my identity has been verified just for the system to do it again and ultimately deny my purchase. This only happens with the 6 monthly payment option. Then for some reason, a lot of merchants have stopped accepting Klarna ghost cards. Two merchants in a row declined my purchase because I was attempting to make the purchase via Klarna, super weird. I would love for their app and system to be updated to prevent these types of scenarios from happening going forward. I understand that they cannot intervene and make companies accept their payment, but the issues with ghost card inconsistently working is ridiculous. I have Afterpay and have never had any issues. They let you know up front how much you’re eligible to spend and you’re easily able to make purchases as long as you stay within your limit.

- So easy to get, but can’t get it!!

Found this app and was so excited to use it! I found a few stores we shop at on here and was excited to start getting some things we needed and be able to pay them off over a short period of time without worrying about a credit check or interest etc. When it came down to funding the ghost card, I first got a error message saying it couldn’t be processed and to either add another card or form of payment. I double checked I entered all of card info correctly and I did! So I tried again and once more!! Then it tells me I’m not approved?!! I don’t get it! So I call Klarna customer service and they tell me they look at past history, bank info and means of paying back the purchase. I’ve never had a Klarna account in my life and I’ve never had a negative bank account. And The purchase I was trying to start out with to try this out was only $53!!! I don’t get it?! The rep on the phone tells me there’s nothing they can do to over ride the decision and I’m just not able to shop with them I guess? Super disappointed. I read some other reviews and agree that you must be pulling other information on people because I have no other things against me to not allow me to find the ghost card to shop! I have way more than the amount in my account to find the ghost card first off and two, I’ve never had an account. I wanted to do a small order to test this out and guess I won’t be using it or recommending it. Super disappointed!!! Not very helpful either!

- THEY WILL PUT YOU IN DEBT (took $10k from me)

hi! this app is definitely wonderful, however, don’t let those google fools fool you when they say klarna will not affect your credit or put you in debt. this is false information that will actually definitely kill your vibe with this app. long, long story short: i went through an unforeseen patch in my life where i went from financially stable and happy years to broke in like a couple of days span. at that time, i had some payments with klarna that i had to settle. i owed them around $50, and they did have a really kind grace period, HOWEVER, they ended up sending me an email saying debt collectors would get involved in 24 hours if I did not pay my debt to them (this was a week before my grace period time was up, so i was upset about that). as said, i was in a really bad time financially, so i couldn’t pay. i’m young and assumed they would only take what was needed (the money i owed them), but they took $10,000 out of my account. i managed to get the $10k off my account, but it tanked my credit. i was able to file for bankruptcy and have my friend take the debt off my credit however, so no harsh complaints from me. THE ONLYYYY problem I have is the fact that they didn’t follow through with the max time for their grace period.

- Just keeps getting worse

Klarna used to be one of the best Pay in 4 apps and then started to get left behind others, until they added temporary cards that you could use pretty much anywhere, but then they went started to get worse over time. For instance, they are so picky over what “types” of cards you use to make payments, like many neo banks use “prepaid” cards but really that’s just the type of license they are paying for with Visa or MasterCard, it doesn’t mean it’s a gift card or something, but the people running Klarna don’t understand that, they don’t even have real US support, it’s just remote people struggling to help us because all they have are pages supplied to them with pre written responses they should tell you about. You will be forced to sign up for new bank accounts for cards that are not “prepaid” and then you have to move money around just to use the service, very inconvenient, and if you ever need any help from Klarna, they will NOT help you, I’ve known this, and have tried to be very careful not to need their help, although it has happened a few times, and as always, they cannot help you. There isn’t much to say about their Pay in 4 debit, I was so hyped for it, only to learn it’s just a physical version of their temporary cards, and you have to pay a monthly fee, it’s really just all downhill from here for Klarna. Just wait for Apple’s Pay in 4 service, it will be an easy alternative to Klarna AND their Pay in 4 debit

- Charged before processing

I was happy to get approved for the installments and have tried another app called Affirm with no issues. I wanted to get an idea of what I would be paying and thought to go through with it. I ended up backing out of the offer from Klarna to try again when I got paid. I never checked out on the order with the Merchant. Again I’m used to Affirm where they don’t process the installments until you check out. I got a notification on my bank of suspicious activity and when I checked my account I saw that Klarna had charged me the first payment. I reached their customer service to ask if there was a way the order could be processed through the merchant since I had gotten charged anyway. They said they couldn’t and that I would be refunded, no biggie to me. I liked the customer service so far for informing me. I know they can’t make the world turn for me so I’m ok with getting back what was charged. What I don’t like is that Klarna charged me the first installment without me even checking out on the order. That’s the only issue I have and advise they get that updated for people like me that can be indecisive shoppers at times. Not even that it could be an issue where our battery dies or the page refreshes or we set down our phone for a bit and it times out. I’d really like to see the Klarna developers make that update happen to keep up with mishaps.

- Use at your own risk, don’t expect help from them

Honestly hands down worst experience ever. I’ve used the app before and thought it was okay, but that was until I experienced an issue trying to order a refrigerator from Home Depot and Whirlpool never received my order so they never shipped it. I’ve been without a fridge for over a month at this point. My issue with Klarna came into play with their terrible customer service. Their only solution is that I had to get in contact with the merchant (which I already did) to have a refund placed for me ( which HD was struggling to do for the last 3 weeks) and instead of Klarna being helpful or understanding to my money being tied up in a refrigerator order never recieved that should of been an easy refund, Klarna exact words are “I can stop the payments until you reach out to the merchant. Us stopping the payment will give you the chance to resolve with them before we continue to process your payments. But we do not reach out to the vendors for anything at all, it’ll go in their queue and if they don’t respond we’ll resume your payments”. All in all telling me I pretty much just have to take it if Home Depot doesn’t see the message Klarna sends to their queue . Absolute worst customer service hands down. And the automated machine TRIES to not allow you through to a representative every way possible. Absolutely horrible. AND I’m still waiting on a refund weeks later !!

- Great For A Bit

Let me just say that I used to LOVE Klarna. Just like some of the comments on here are similar to this so heed the warnings. At first it’s all great. I always payed either on time or before. I did not once have a late payment or even pushed back a payment by any means. However, they approved me to spend a certain amount, and over time, that amount changed (sometimes day after day) dramatically. We’re talking 1,800 to 200 to 600 to 200 etc. When you read their reasons, it says it’s based on payment history and outstanding balances. However, I can tell you from experience that is not the case. It’s always a surprise and I got tired of it. AfterPay is a lot more stable and I have never had an issue like this with them. It’s embarrassing to get a declined payment and have to switch to a regular credit or debit card. I honestly really liked the service at first and dividing payments into 4 made purchases much more palatable. However, I got tired of the inconsistency and when talking to customer service the response I got was: “it’s an automated system that NO ONE can override.” I was using Klarna primarily and AfterPay at places where Klarna wasn’t accepted. However, they did it again and when reaching out got the same copy-pasted response. So I’m closing my account and asking them to send me in writing that they will respect my wishes not to sell any of my information. AfterPay from now on I guess.

- Terrible customer service!

Company had a data breach back in March of 2021. When you logged in with your password and email, another persons account would open with their order details, card information, shipping address and a lot information. In August, I noticed an issue with my account when I was not able to make a purchase. The app told me that I have payments on another account. I only have 1 Klarna account so I thought that was strange. I chatted with an agent and she told me that because someone had my same name and birthday that the system thought it was my account. She escalates my case to a specialist. A MONTH goes by and I have not received any kind of notification so I reach out to them. A different agent gave me a lot of information stating that a women in California* I live across the country* (he gave me her address, phone number and name) was using my account and that she had multiple purchases that were not paid for. Since then I have spoken with about 8 different people and no one has been able to delete me my account or fix my issue. I have been dealing with this issue since August 2021, it is now December and no one has responded to any of my escalated cases. In addition to all of this my bank account was hacked. I spoke with customer service and again they stated that I needed to wait for a specialist to reach out to me. No one has been able to help! Don’t use this app!

- Better options out there.

Do not use Klarna. I purchased concert tickets through them and the concert has since been cancelled. Refund was done 5 days ago and I randomly got 2 much smaller amounts instead of the full refund so I reached out. First agent told me that it would go towards my Klarna balance and I’d have to request a refund. I said there’s nowhere in my account a balance shows how do I request a refund? They didn’t give me an answer said they were sending it to a specialist time and I’d hear back in 1-2 days. I still haven’t heard from them. So I reached out again yesterday and got a response that they had long hold times but someone would be with me soon. That was fine I just left the chat up and kept working but no one ever came. The chat is still waiting for a response 24 hours later but I contacted again not through my purchase and finally got a response. Now all of a sudden the rest of the refund is processing and I’ll have it in 5-7 business days. Why didn’t they just send the refund all at once? It didn’t take 5-7 business days for the random smaller amounts so why didn’t they just process the full refund? Also more than 24 hours with no response from customer service is unacceptable. I can understand being busy but 24 hours is ridiculous. I wouldn’t recommend using Klarna. Plenty of other options to split up payments which would be much better. 👎🏻

- Don’t bother wasting your time!

Was excited to use this app, but was very disappointed after downloading & using it. There are only a handful of stores that you can shop at, Everytime I saved anything to my wishlist or added it to my cart, it would disappear after closing the app then reopening. Once I finally added an item back to my cart and went to check out, I added my card information, then was told I was not eligible but wasn’t given a reason why. I chatted with an online agent & was told I would be denied for a handful of reasons (no prepaid cards allowed, card must not expire within the next 8 weeks, & billing address must match my bank account & what I entered into the app), none of which applied to me. My card is not prepaid, I have enough money in my account, billing address matches & my card doesn’t expire until 2023. I chatted with another agent saying I do not have enough payment history with Klarna to be given the option to use the app, which is crap because how am I supposed to BUILD payment history within the app, if I’m not allowed to purchase anything?!?! Neither of the “ agents”were helpful and just kept sending automated responses. I downloaded a different app that offers the same services, called AfterPay. Hundreds of stores to choose from to shop with & within 5 minutes of downloading the app, I was able to make the purchase of what I was trying to buy from Klarna. Would NOT recommend this terrible app!!!!!

- No longer working!

I was in love with this app before holiday season hit and was able to stock up on some presents before December! However, when I tried to buy some more gifts around holiday season I was no longer approved for ghost cards. I thought it was perhaps due to the amount of people also trying to order around holiday season so I waited and even now I am no longer approved for ghost cards and I’m so disappointed because I loved this app. I understand it’s all an automated system that either approves you or doesn’t I just don’t know what I did wrong because my card will have more than enough money, I have tried different amounts of money for ghost card approval, and have paid all of my pervious purchases off which is hundreds of dollars by the way. Now I’m back to using Afterpay which I highly recommend to anyone looking for a similar app. Only downfall is it doesn’t have as many options as Klarna does. If this app ever does change its ghost card approval processing I’d be more than happy to come back and spend my money with this app but for now this system isn’t working for me and many other and for that reason I will no longer be using it.

- It WAS a great app NOW not so much!

I have been purchasing from Klarna since July. I have purchased well over $1k worth of items. Perfect payment history never been late. Now here in the past week or so I can never get approved for a ghost card. It tells me to pay off other items. So I did that and still to not avail it’s kept declining me for a ghost card. I’ve changed cards and purchase amounts and still I cannot get approved for a ghost card. RIDICULOUS!! Is this how you treat loyal and good paying customers!? I’m not even going to bother with customer service because I don’t want to get the run around. Klarna you guys have to do better than just saying to people “keep trying” that’s terrible customer service. If a customer has established a good payment history with you guys-WHICH I HAVE. Then approving me for a ghost card should be no problem at all. Now I understand having tighter restrictions on newer customer but majority of these complaints on here come from well established customers that have paid you guys ALOT of money. I used to rave about Klarna but sadly that now is going to have to change. When Klarna works it’s great but when it doesn’t it’s terrible. I guess I’ll just have to stick to Afterpay.

- Beware!!!

Coach stores Klarna return process is the worst ever. I returned my items at the Coach store in Los Angeles. I was told returns are accepted in store. Well returns are not actually accepted in store. What they do is, put it in a ups shipping bag and give you the tracking number and tell you that Klarna returns are not “processed in store” we ship it for you and it’s ground shipping so it takes 5-10 business days to arrive at the warehouse. My return arrived at the warehouse exactly a week later and was told that my return would be processed within 5-9 business days. Well it’s now 1 week later which is two weeks from the day I made my return at the coach store. And my return has finally only been acknowledged as received by coach today. And now they will process the refund within up to 9 days. WTH!!! And of course once it’s processed it then takes another 3-5 business days for the money to be received by Klarna. And then another 3-5 business days for Klarna to process the refund and another 3-5 business days for my money to actually be received into my bank account. So if you have been keeping count of total time it will take to receive my refund from the day I returned the items directly to the store in person. It’s drumroll…….. 6 weeks and I’m on week 2 as of today. Again, do not make a purchase through Klarna if there is a slight chance that the items you buy will have to be returned!!!

- Futile

Klarna is another fintech fail led by young yt guy. Customer service is non existent. I mean so non existent that I was on hold in the chat forA VERY LONG TIME to be connected with a supervisor. How long exactly? Put on chat hold 12pm Friday and it’s now Monday morning with no supervisor in sigh. I tried asking for help repeatedly in that time frame in the chat and got nothing. Second off I recommend the younger folks trying this out to research how credit cards got started and why they are so popular with banks and profitable (hint: they prey on all of us to make it easy to spend money we don’t have and in return spend months paying back with interest - insanely high interest). Klarna is srsly sinister. It’s clear this app is designed for ppl who can’t afford expensive items but will literally go into a payment plan to buy them instead of traditional credit card where interest accumulates immediately. Tips: ~test out a few low cost items to decide for yourself if this works. Do this over multiple orders (at least 3 different orders) ~DO NOT pay with any sort of klarna gift card or anything that would make returns difficult or tie you into klarna further ~ instead of paying this app each week for installments- save up that money for each week you would already be paying klarna and purchase your item with money in the bank. If you can’t save money like that then you need financial counseling.

- Happy and satisfied customer

As a single man who never really had to shop before not only have you made it super easy you have made it so convenient. You have provided me with so many options and so many different companies. I was forced into retirement at 53, do to lifelong illness, muscular dystrophy although I worked as a master mechanic 43 years 20 plus years I owned and operated my own shops. Married at 18 years old I thought we where truly sole mates till at 53 and paralyzed from waist down the only women I ever been with and treated like a Queen said and I quote since I can’t work she would be better off if I was dead and gone. Well I’m not dead but I gave her what she wanted im gone. Leaving with only the close on my back I gave her everything. Now you know why I think so highly of this company. In the last 4 months I purchased a whole house full of furniture and everything you need to go with it. Also a new house Harley Davidson a horse and anything else I want. Once very hurt and broken hearted now one happy go lucky bachelor with everything I need 90% purchased and payed in full because of buy now pay later. Thank you one totally happy customer

- Disappointed

Honestly I’m very disappointed in this app. My cousin was the one that told me about and I was really excited about it. I finally get paid from work and I want to buy some things for myself. When I start wanting to make a ghost card, it says “I’m not approved. (Whatever that means).” My cousin and my sister had no problem making purchases but for some reason I went through so much trouble just trying to make my first purchase. I contacted someone through Facebook messenger and they told me that I had to have a debit/credit card, a real bank, and it couldn’t expire in like a couple days. I had a debit card from Santander and it expired in 2020, so this didn’t correspond. So the guy told me wait a couple days because the app can be iffy. So I waited four days. Then I contact customer service again, and a woman named Jessica answers, asks me what bank I use, I tell her Santander and then she completely leaves me on read and leaves the conversation. Then a man named Kristofer answer and he tells me the same exact thing the guy in Facebook tells me and I tell him that everything is good and the only answer I got was that they didn’t know why it wasn’t working and that I need to make smaller purchases. When my cousin and sister made the exact same purchase with no problem but for some reason I can’t do it. It’s like the choose who they give it to and who they don’t.. this is the worst app I’ve ever downloaded..so disappointed.

- I LOVE this app

I use this for big purchases, and for sites like Etsy. It’s irritating when I buy one thing at a time, so I’ll pick a couple things and just pay it off over time. If you’re terrible at budgeting like me, it doesn’t make you wait until your due date to pay, you can pay right there and then. You can also extend your due date, I’ve never used this feature but I’m sure it comes in handy. With each purchase, your ‘purchase power’ goes up, it also increases every time you make a payment. If you stay on top of it, it’s a great tool. There are also a lot of stores you can use it at, but if it’s not on their list you can still use Klarna, like I bought a coat at L.L Bean but that’s not one of their partners. I was still able to do a one time purchase through them, you just search for it and then click ‘search on google’ and then hit pay and itll prompt you to create a one time card. Either way, there list is pretty extensive, I have yet to find a store that isn’t on their list so I’m not sure what some people are talking about when they say there’s only a ‘handful of stores’ you can use it at.

- The best (updated)

There are so many apps like this but none actually cover as many stores as Klarna nor do they make it as easy!! You can use it in store or online or through the app or even just through the regular site. It is a win win!!! Ok I have been using this app for a couple years now at this point. The way they do purchase is crazy. They check your credit constantly as I was just emailed about. They change all the time for no reason your purchase power and email you ridiculous things. I have purchase power and tried to make a purchase but can’t because they have certain cards they work with now although I’ve used these cards before several times. I was then emailed that I was denied because of my credit but keep in mind I have a purchase power and the message that prompted on the screen was about the card I tried to use. They basically said in the email they check my credit with each use and that is how they determine if we can use the app. I don’t recall them telling me that every single purchase required them to check my credit or my bank account. I have decided to leave them and continue with Afterpay where I have no problems. Also there is no way to customer service without an open order…who in the world thought this was a brilliant idea.

- No approval

I’ve been reading some of these reviews of people having the same trouble, the same auto-generated denial of a purchase, the same frustration and the developers response is always the same.. “we don’t know why”. The reviews I’ve been reading are from June-august 2019, it is now April 2020 and still no updates to their system. And these reviews are right on par with what happens when you talk to customer service as well, There’s a number of factors that determine whatever etc etc. My purchase was for $89; $22 every two weeks, not accepted by klarna, talk to support, he essentially tells me to just keep trying because he can’t tell me at what price that I MIGHT get approved, or what exactly is going wrong on why I’m not being accepted, “you might be approved for a lower amount, or if I try again later” tried it again for a $50 purchase same website, no go. There are at least 3 other sites that offer what you do and its none of the hassle. Why is this still an issue!? And no I don’t need you to go over your approval process with your customer service I already did that. It’s stated above and you were not helpful!

- Loved using their service prior, until they defrauded me for an order

Edit per Dev. response: No, there was no cancellation; having confirmed with the merchant, they never received their part from Klarna. The fact that they want to push the blame off on everyone else but themselves is clear indication that they’re unprofessional and unwilling to take responsibility for their mistakes. Avoid. As mentioned in the title, I’d used these guys frequently, and highly enjoyed the company. That is, until today, where they charged my card for an order they didn’t complete, and on top of taking the money out of my account, my “estimated amount to spend” greatly reduced (to the point that I can’t retry ordering), and given an excuse of “very soon” for my refund. There’s no accountability to be taken, and blame was instead put on the company the order was made through (despite the payment being taken /by/ Klarna). I’ll be closing out my account after this, as this is extraordinarily unprofessional. Edit 2: Fool me once, etc etc; today, after giving them the benefit of the doubt, decided to order something using their payment plan, and for the second time in using their services, yet again they had taken my money and did not complete the transaction. Unless you like loaning companies money for a week and waiting to get it back, I’d not run the risk of using this service.


I’m not one to go out of my way to write reviews, but I just have to express how amazing Klarna is. There is no company so dedicated to their customers and consumers as this one is, I’ve never seen anything like it in all my life. Their customer service is unreal, they are always on top of exchanges, returns, purchases, everything. Their social media is always on point-they are always replying to people, getting back to people with questions fast, being fun and funny, etc. The company itself is amazing, I have more than 15 purchases with them right now and have never had a problem with one. I will swear by this app/website for forever. Also want to recognize that they do Drag Brunches with incredible and popular drag queens from RuPaul’s Drag Race. They are so cute and entertaining, especially during this time. And if I’m correct, I believe they are fundraising events as well, for people who are affected by the virus. Just wanted to put my two cents in to demonstrate just how amazing Klarna is, and how I don’t see why anyone would use any service aside from theirs. So loyal to their customers, even newer customers! Love 💗💗💗

- Good to start but gone off the deep end

I liked Klarna a lot at first, but then they changed their policies to be more on the side of merchants than customers. I bought something online from an independent seller than never arrived. I reached out to the seller for a refund and they refused despite my showing proof that it never arrived. At first, Klarna took my side and cancelled the order. Then a few months later, they tried to charge me again, so I reached out and they weren’t able to give back the money taken, but they did put a stop on the payments. Just today, I got a notification saying that I would be charged for this item once again. This time Klarna refuses to stop or cancel the payment and said it was due to a new policy. On top of that, one of their reps told me to just go to my bank and have them stop payments to Klarna. When I explained that this would cause my bank to stop ALL payments, even the legitimate ones, the rep basically said “oh well” and told me to do it anyway. So I guess Klarna would rather have people go behind their back to prevent banks from accepting their payments than taking responsibility and just cancelling the order. Bad business practice, bad customer service, and an all around stupid AF company. So go ahead everyone, just use Klarna and then stop payment with your bank because they clearly don’t care about running an honest business. Use QUADPAY instead.

- Amazing app!

I absolutely LOVE!! This app. Aside from it being able to purchase from ANYWHERE I choose, the selection of retailers /boutiques/online stores etc is friggin huge. I do a lot of international purchasing since I purchase essentials for my business online, so it is a tad disappointing that I can’t buy fro certain international retailers. Like DHgate especially. Alibaba is great but the majority of items from them need to be purchased in massive quantities where as sites line DHgate allow you to choose the quantity you need, and I spend a lot** of money on that site so because Klarna doesn’t necessarily offer their services for that site(even though it’s on the authorized site list for purchases), I’m unable to use my benefits for something 100% necessary to my every day life/future. I’ve tried countless times to use it but the platform won’t accept the one time cards that the app creates. The other thing is the one time cards. THEY DO NOT ALWAYS WORK!!! IF THEY EVEN REALLY EVER WORK AT ALL. I’ve had ZERO luck with my OTCs. I love that i get to see exact numbers and details in regards to my purchases and purchase power!

- Purchasing power was decreased & keep getting declined on 1x cards

I have been using Klarna since 2019, and as of this year my purchasing power was anywhere between $2k-$3k. I paid off my last order last month and had no problems but have not used it since I am on a budget right now. I’m assuming this is when things started to go downhill with the app. I have tried to see how much purchasing power I have, only to not find it anywhere. Thinking I can make a one time card, I got declined automatically. I updated the app and saw my purchasing power was $450 now. I had tried to make another one time card of $61 but everytime I tried to submit the first/initial payment, the app would just reload the same page which made me submit it multiple times (luckily I didn’t get charged). That happened when I used Apple Pay so I entered my card info manually only for it to say they could not accept the payment method at the moment. I tried another card, same thing. It was the same on the app and website. Basically useless to me now, unsure why they’re trying to sabotage their clients and hide behind the lie of saying they shouldn’t allow people to have that much purchasing power when in reality, they lost over billions of dollar in estimated value since last year ($45b in 2021, now $6b in 2022). They’re probably going under

- Worst Customer Service I have ever seen!

Klarna works great and does exactly what it is supposed to - until you have a problem and have to deal with their customer service. I received a refund for a cancelled event back in September, but was shorted one of my refund payments. I talked to my bank and they told me exactly what the problem was. Klarna won’t even acknowledge my problem - in fact, they don’t even keep a record that there *was* a problem. I have had to fully explain what was going on every single time, including the fact that they saw where the deposit was attempted and then cancelled by Klarna. To date I have spent nearly 20 hours in chat or on hold waiting for “specialists” who can actually look at the full transaction records. When I do finally receive a response, they tell me to contact my bank and come back with what they say with no record or acknowledgment that I had already told them exactly what the problem was several times already. Want to tell the specialist directly? Nope they close the ticket as soon as you get an e-mail or response from a specialist. Specialist doesn’t reply? After seven days they automatically delete your ticket and you go to the back of the line. Do business with them at your own risk, because if there is an issue you can look forward to being ignored and ran in circles.

- This app used to be my fav

When I first downloaded this app I was very skeptical, but once I bought my first ordered everything thing was perfect and easy . The payments were easy and they had every store you can think of. I loved this app so much because it helped get a lot of gifts for every holiday that past without spending so much money at one time. I spoke highly on this app that I recommended it to about 12 ppl , a few of them were able to pay about 3 good purchases on different occasions and some only ordered things once. And they also spoke highly of them. But then one of them tried to start a new purchase and was told they didn’t get approved for the ghost card. I’m thinking to myself how can you not get approved for a card your funding with your own money 🤔🤨. She even deleted the app and reinstalled it and no luck . And she had been using the same BANK card since started dealing with them. Customer service was no help at all. And lately the last few ppl I had recommended to Klarna have not been getting approved for the ghost card. My problem comes in when I recently tried to make a purchase yesterday for my birthday and Valentine’s Day orders and it said it doesn’t support my card. 🧐 I’m baffled due to the fact I have used this card on several occasions with this app from last year up into my last payment last week. I’m HIGHLY DISAPPOINTED WITH THIS APP 😭😭😭😭

- Waste of time and effort, customer service not helpful and app is glitchy

Horrible experience. My debit card I had linked to my purchase was stolen and I had to wait for another to be sent. In the mean time I linked my bank account so my Klarna payment still could be taken from my account- but with out disclosing this when I added by bank account, bank accounts can not be used to make payments, only to pay off accounts in full- so I was charged a late fee. I spent an entire week trying to get this late fee removed by customer service spending 30 minutes a day for 4 days on chat asking for help removing the late fee. Each customer service rep said the late fee was actually removed and by a glitch I still saw it on my account. I was told countless times it was a glitch and would not actually charge me, then I was charged the late fee after hours of work trying to prevent it to happen. I am still waiting for my late fee to be returned to be and my case was closed and “sent to management” now what. Apparently they will email me on Monday but after what I have experienced, I am holding my breath. Lots of work for getting my $7 back. This experience was not worth the service Klarna provided and I suggest that others do not use Klarna in risk this same thing happens to them. What a waste of my valuable time and energy.

- It started out great, but something changed.

I used this app quite a bit and I haven’t missed a payment and always paid on time. I’m not exactly sure what happened and it seemed to happen to others as well in the same exact way. I had built my credit history to $2600+ and only use about half that. One day, I notice my purchasing power dropped to $0. I talked to one customer service and she said that I was recalculated (which I wasn’t) and another one (about two weeks later) told me it’s based on the use. I explained to him to what I mentioned earlier and he said uninstall the app and re-install it and wait 24 hours. Now I got $25 in purchasing power. As far as I’m concerned, they can keep it, there are others like them. I signed up with zip pay and already got a decent purchasing power. After I finish paying off Klarna, I think we will part ways. Response to the developers: I guess that’s the Canned excuse to give all your loyal customers. Don’t worry, after I’m paid off, you don’t have worry about responsible lending practice with me, I’ll be doing businesses with your competitors.

- I love this app!

This app is great for people that don’t have credit and are wanting for buy larger purchases by paying smaller payments at a time. There’s only 2 catches, which should be seen as a responsibility. For starters, you can’t just buy any item that you want and connect your bank account with no money in it. Your order will cancel if you cannot pay Klarna back and will limit your spendings or potentially enable you from buying anything at all. This is a trust app so don’t take that first time trust for granted. Secondly, you can’t start out making larger purchases that may be up to 100s of dollars. I started out using klarna for $20-$60 purchases and the more often that I used it, the larger my “purchase power” became. If you would like, there is an option to buy larger purchases and pay them off over time, but that first purchase is going to be more expensive than the rest. Personally, I like to build my trust and have the ability to make bigger purchases. Although, I always make sure that I am going to have the money for it at the time of automatic withdrawals.

- This app is a good idea, when it actually works.

I hate that this app doesn’t support pre-paid cards, cards that are through your work, certain banks, or simply denies your card for unknown reasons. My husband banks with Wells Fargo, Klarna does accept Wells Fargo but wouldn’t accept my husband’s card. We have more than enough money on the card but wanted to try Klarna out to separate the money because we do have a large family and bills and I just like to have extra money for emergencies. Was using Klarna to buy work clothes and instead of paying $130 bucks at once, I wanted to separate it into four payments, obviously. My husband gets direct deposit weekly and has money in his account, as I mentioned, but Klarna wouldn’t accept his card. My sister banks with Chase, which Klarna accepts. My sister used her card once with Klarna and it worked. All her payments were deducted and she never used Klarna again. Then when she tried to use the SAME card a second time in the future, they wouldn’t take her card. I tried using my bank, US Bank, Klarna denied me. Then I used my Chime card and Klarna says they are working to accept Chime’s bank but don’t just yet. I tried using my American Express card, Klarna denied that as well. It’s SUPER annoying but whatever. Paying full price at one time is better than the hassle this app causes. Obviously this app works great for some people but I am not one of them.

- Sounds Good in Theory

I want to start out by saying I’m sure that this app/service might work great for some people either with better credit or otherwise. Anyway, I downloaded this app because I wanted to buy some things for a vacation that was some time away and slowly pay it off. It didn’t matter if I tried a store that didn’t require the “ghost card”or did, the amount of the purchase, etc (anything they said to check or that was considered in the decision). It approved me for nothing. when I inquired about this I was told it was due to my credit history. maybe I am just not understanding the premise but it seems weird to say credit history is a factor but they’re not giving you a credit limit, you get a “purchase power limit” that isn’t guaranteed apparently? It’s very confusing and it seemed very straight forward: “pay things off, interest free in installments” but it has been so much more complicated and frustrating than that for me. it’s especially frustrating to spend all the time putting the cart together just to get denied right at the end when you go to check out. 0/10 experience. I’ve used Afterpay and other services with way less issues with clarity and otherwise. I was disappointed as I was very excited by the premise.

- My Best Friend

I love Klarna so much and it has been such a blessing for me! Although I didn’t get approved right away, I was patient and followed their advice. I’m so grateful I did because I was a dedicated Afterpay customer(supposedly in their 5% status)and had the privilege of not paying up front for two weeks. After several years of good behavior I had a situation beyond my control and Afterpay really did me wrong and dirty. I walked away from Afterpay towards Klarna and have never looked back! Klarna has been so amazing from customer service to the purchases they let me make and if I have a situation with a payment they are so kind, patient, supportive, etc…I can tell that Klarna wants to have a long and steady relationship with me and does everything they can to keep me from failing! I can’t say enough positive things about Klarna and I am a real customer that has struggled mostly beyond my control with my credit throughout the years and Klarna has allowed me the luxury to make purchases that I otherwise would not be able to make and for that I am so grateful and never take Klarna for granted!XO

- Customer service is useless, because the CEO of Klarna is a computer.

I paid off my Klarna balance 2 weeks ago. I have a 0 dollar balance on the app and customer service confirmed that I do not owe Klarna anything. However, when I have attempted to make a purchase I continue to receive a decline message stating that I need to pay off my overdue balance. There is no overdue balance! When I have called customer service about the automated system declining my purchase, due to an incorrect reason, all they do is read the same scripted answers and essentially parrot how they’re at the mercy of their automated computer system that obviously has a glitch. Computers are great, but they can only do so much. Computers are not capable of critical thinking skills, which is why human beings are supposed to take over when a computer is not functioning correctly. At Klarna, however, their customer service department can’t do anything except suggest that I continue to attempt to make purchases until the computer figures out that it is unequivocally wrong about me having an overdue balance. The CEO of Klarna is a computer and their customer service department is inept and unable to investigate or remedy their faulty computer’s glitch. It is beyond frustrating to call a customer service department, who can’t provide a customer with any definitive answers or any decent customer service!

- Good at First then downhill from there...

I started using the app a few months ago. I’ve been purchasing what I wanted, having my payments deducted from my card with no issues...everything was fine. I thought this app was too good to be true! BECAUSE IT WAS! Suddenly, today, I go to create a ghost card and it says I can’t use a prepaid card. That’s understandable. Except for the fact that this card, the same card I’ve been using since I’ve gotten the app for all of my purchases, isn’t a prepaid card and didn’t magically turn into one overnight. I contacted customer service and they didn’t know what to do so they told me call back Monday. NOPE! Payed off my pending items and deleted the app. Went and made my purchase with QuadPay with absolutely no issues. They charge an extra dollar for all installments, but it’s worth it to not have to deal with the bs! UPDATE: Now that I’m complaining publicly they magically remember there is a policy change on prepaid cards, but no one knew what was going on when I was contacting them privately about my issue. Didn’t receive a warning or anything. Nothing. Just pushed off on another customer service rep so they wouldn’t have to deal with it. Not to mention, all of the criteria for accepted payment methods are in the app and my card meets each and every one of them. Now I feel like I can’t trust them. Will not be going back.

- Changed…for the worse

I see other reviews on here that mirror my experience. I have used Klarna for a little over a year, and was for quite a while very happy with them. However, there has been a fairly consistent decline in performance in recent months. Now it will hardly approve me for anything, despite the fact that it shows me a large amount ($$) available in my spending power. What is the point of having an available spending amount, if you are going to decline purchases that are equal to or less than that amount? Bear in mind that all the while, I have paid down my purchase total substantially, so all indicators should be favorable. The bottom line to me is, I need to be able to rely on the information provided regarding purchasing power, so that I can make reasonable decisions about purchasing in life. If that information is an accurate as it is here, it is no longer useful to me. In my opinion, Sezzle, Zip, and Afterpay are all more reliable and trustworthy products, and none of them will leave you wondering if you can *truly* use your available buying power (clearly displayed in your home page). Save yourself the frustration, time, and embarrassment!

- Used to be great

Klarna used to be my go-to app for paying in 4. Now it seems that they have wet the bed, so to speak. I can’t get approved for anything through them, even though I have a “purchasing power” of 300. I guess the purchasing power doesn’t mean anything anymore. So many users, myself included have been very good at paying back our loans, on time or early. And all of a sudden, we aren’t responsible shoppers. I had a purchasing power of $750, that went all the way down to $0. After paying off some of my loans, I have a purchasing power of $117, but I’m still not able to use it. I get declined every time I try! So they need to do away with the purchasing power idea, and instead just make you reapply every time and let you know what your purchasing power is when you go to check out, like they did in the beginning, other wise it’s just a bunch of lies. Also when inquiring about this to Klarna’s support they told me to try contacting a credit score agency to see if something is blocking me from using Klarna. Why would I do that?? The app used to be seemless. You had a purchasing power and could actually use what it showed. Now they’re telling you to ask the credit companies because they pull from Vantage now. It’s just ridiculous. Will be taking my business exclusively to Zip Pay.

- It works for a bit and then just stopped.

I used this for a few purchases over a few months time span and paid everything back on time with automated debits. Then, suddenly it won’t approve one time cards or purchases saying that I need to choose a different payment method. I have a bank account, a Chime account, and my debit card from the bank account mentioned. Never lets me use the app any longer. I am always redirected to send a customer service message and it doesn’t let me just chat with someone. These are declines for a purchase; just tells me I need to choose a different payment method. So, it seems like they are now limiting approval based on payment methods even if they have been used previously. I thought this was a game changer and it’s just like everything else. Works for a short period of time and then just quits. Good luck in the long term. **update since the developer focused on only one part of my original review** I have a credit union bank account and debit card for that credit union associated to my account also. Maybe that’s unclear above. For the record, Klarna used to allow Chime because I have past auto payments from that account. But regardless of that, it no longer lets me use the credit union account even after I removed the Chime account. So, try again Klarna.

- Heaven Sent

I super super love using KLARNA. With the pandemic going on, a lot of us.. most of us... are struggling with financial hardships. It’s really difficult sometimes to focus on which we should be prioritizing first especially those who have family to take care of, bills to pay, rent ,mortgage , car payments and more. But we sure need to pamper ourselves too. With the tight budget, we cannot afford to buy things even if we really wanted to because we need to attend to our financial obligations to our family. Thank God there’s KLARNA. We can shop and we don’t have to worry about paying bigger amount upfront. Klarna helps big time with people like me. Because with Klarna, we can buy things and we don’t need to feel guilty about burning money in one time payment. The pandemic is triggering a lot of anxiety, stress, depression etc etc... but with the help of Klarna, we can do a little retail therapy to indulge ourselves or reward ourselves for doing a good job surviving this Global Pandemic. Thank you so much Klarna for all you guys do. Very helpful,very reliable, very efficient and trustworthy.

- Unsatisfactory

I downloaded this app to use as an alternative because others apps like Afterpay and zip pay where not working for me personal. To my surprise klarna had a lot of the stores and websites I Like to shop on and was hassle free..until I wanted to check out with the klarna one time card. It would continuously say “couldn’t verify personal information” and it became annoying. I chatted with customer service 3 times total for the same issue. First time I was told that it had to be because my information wasn’t the same as my billing address and I was upset because it shouldn’t matter. But I changed it to being the same, and to no prevail it still didn’t work. So then the second time I chatted with customer service they said to wait a few days before I try to make a purchase because klarna could’ve mistake my attempts as being used and thinks I’ve reached my spending limit. I waited for a few days and still the same issue!! I talked once more to the third representative and it was very sketchy, I told them the same thing as I did twice before and this time they had asked me to verify my information and asked me who do I bank with and a bunch of other questions of which did not make sense to be asked. Overall I’m very unsatisfied with the contact I’ve received and the app itself.

- What was once great, is NOT any longer.

I used Klarna successfully for months— big purchases and small, always paying on time or early in most cases. For the last week, I am unable to create a ghost card— regardless of the amount and I’m doing everything right— I have a regular debit card from Wells Fargo, available funds, ensured my billing details match, and cleared my browser cache and cookies, uninstalled/ reinstalled— it’s disappointing and diminished the great experience that I originally had. Customer Service was completely unhelpful, and were unable to help or give a clear answer. What a waste and terrible way to do business. Just read all of the recent reviews— there is clearly an issue that Klarna is unable or unwilling to resolve. AfterPay is a fantastic alternative, just comes with the limitations of available retailers. I’ve also heard about Quadpay. To Klarna- this is where you’ll be able to find your ever growing list of unhappy customers you’ve wronged until you can make it right. Update- I did try to chat with the support team as told and they were again not helpful, telling me that now I’m being decline for applying too often...? I feel like now Klarna is just saying things to fit their narrative and treating their customers like we are dumb. Can I even trust your support team— vinita told me I was “write”— And I’m the one being treated like a dummy.


I have used Klarna for some time now and it was great I had 13 payments and 9 of them were payed off early so with a good payment history your balance should go up right? WRONG I tried to buy an item using a one time card which I had to cancel because i accidentally hit “continue without adding tax and shipping” so anyway when I went to do it again they asked for a down payment which was way over what they offered at first so I exited out of that and tried again and then I received a error message so after getting that about 3 times I just said forget it all together I go back to my Klarna and it updated to “$0” estimated to spend when I had about “$400” estimated to spend from the beginning keep in mind I bought nothing and had no outstanding purchases I go to talk to customer service and they say that it is “supposed” to update back to my original amount just give it some time which I did 3 days later nothing I contact them again and they say the same thing only this time they say they “since it’s a automated system we do not have enough access to make changes in the app” which is ridiculous it was great until it had a glitch and basically cleared all of your progress this is a horrible app do not install or use they are pathetic!!

- It Was Great Until….

So the concept of Klarna is amazing, however, their customer service and policies are trash. I had used Klarna a number of times in the past until I tried to make a purchase and was denied. When I contacted customer service I was put on hold for over an hour, to then be told that I had to wait 30-45 days for an email response to find out why my transaction has not gone through. Prior to this experience I had always made my payments on time and never had any issues. When I finally received the email 30 days later, the email did not provide any detail whatsoever as to why my account has been put on hold. I called customer service again to follow up and see if I could get more info and the rep had no clue why this was happening or how to resolve. When I asked to escalate the case to a manager she said she was unable to transfer me to someone because Klarna didn’t do that. I’m actually pretty annoyed that there is no way to resolve an issue that seems to happen to a number of people using the app. Figure out your policy and procedure protocol, figure out a way to troubleshoot issues properly and provide details to customers looking for answers. It feels a bit “Scammy” to be honest.

- UPDATE Problem Solved!

It’s crazy how you can pay your payments on time ,before the payments are due, pay more and now after paying your balance off you get more purchase power just to be declined! I don’t understand I was always ontime with my payments now I need to verify my bank information which they don’t have vantage or chime! Plus I have to put more down upfront when I try to pay in 4 really??? I don’t understand why do this a few days before Christmas?? i was looking forward to using klarna for more gifts but I just can’t anymore with this app and it’s service for people who do right by them just to get tail in off the stick! Klarna do better this is sad!! I was so mad at klarna as you can see above but after 2 customer service representatives Lucy helped solve my problem, now we are back in business!! It was just a simple updated phone number with my bank that was different from the one I provided Klarna with. If you are having issues with the bank just make sure everything is updated and your good to go…

- Don’t use this app, you will just get your heartbroken

Exceedingly disappointed in this app. I applied for a very small priced item, $100, and created a ghost card. My payments would be $25, and I would make the first payment the day of purchase. I had the first $25 (and second too!) ready to go to make that payment. Ghost card was created, and $25 payment was immediately taken from my bank account. I truly, wholeheartedly thought this meant I’d been approved. I went to purchase the item and I filled in the ghost card details only to be repeatedly told it was declined by issuer. At first I just thought it was a glitch but after doing some research I am finding that it means my application has been declined. I have been reaching out to customer service for hours through the app and have not received help at all. Still, the $25 is taken from my bank account and not refunded. It is absolutely ridiculous that they don’t tell you whether you are approved or denied while you are creating the ghost card. It gets your hopes up only to be heartbroken and embarrassed during check out for the item. I also am frustrated that I had to dig deep to find this information. Klarna is not straight up about how it works, so it’s very confusing. Would not suggest to anyone. I can accept I was denied, but I wish I had been told sooner in the process.

- Horrible

My 1st couple of purchases went well. Made another purchase and the items NEVER arrived. Looked up the tracking and it showed being delivered several blocks away to an address not even remotely similar to my address. Went to that address and the people say they didn’t receive the packages. Okay, fair enough. Can’t prove they did or didn’t. I then contacted the shipping company and all they said was it was delivered and there was nothing they could do. I then contacted Klarna and informed them of the situation and even gave them the PROOF that we NEVER received our packages and that it was supposedly delivered to another address not even close to mine. They told me there was nothing they could do cause the shipper claimed it was delivered. I asked for a refund of the payments already made and not only was I told that they don’t refund but they continued to take future payments. This is not good business by any means. I even did ALL the investigation myself and submitted them the proof that I did not get my packages and they still took the FULL amount. If you get your packages, good but don’t expect anything if your packages never arrive. I only wish I could rate no stars cause I work hard for my money and my money to be just given away to a company that doesn’t care for their customers.

- Extremely Disappointed

I’ve been using Klarna for almost two years now. Until now, I had had an excellent experience with it. Then a few months ago, I tried to purchase something, and after offering me the payment plan, it suddenly tells me the plan has been adjusted and I have to put more down up front. My purchase power was not even close to being depleted, which is the only reason Klarna has listed for why they would ask for more down. I thought it was a one time thing because of what I was purchasing, because then I bought something again about three weeks ago, and it went through normally. But now I go on today, and despite having more than enough purchase power to cover the item I was looking to get, it again changes the payment plan and asks for double what it originally told me. The best part about this app was it allowed you to get the items you needed, and pay a price that worked best for your budget. I have NEVER had a single late payment, and have paid off many things through the app. It’s extremely disappointing to see that now, even when you’ve been a loyal customer and always paid your bill on time, they choose to now jack up the upfront costs without even giving notice or a valid reason for it.

- Good Idea, Bad Execution

The app could use some work, as the ghost card installment plan option is misleading. It allowed me to spend hours looking at merchandise without ever mentioning that I might not qualify to use the services. That is BAD customer service. I won’t ever get that time back. If time is money, then by my calculations, Klarna owes me. Additionally, as a current customer with two large installment loans with Klarna, (with my last payment due in about a week), I was appalled at being denied a ghost card for $160. That is BAD customer service. I have a proven track record of payments with Klarna for over a year but the system identified me as a risk? For $160?! That’s BAD customer service. It is unfortunate too because I used to love Klarna and highly recommended it to people I know. I was looking forward to continuing that relationship with this app but due to the treatment I’ve received, I won’t be a returning customer. Furthermore, Klarna’s response to this is abysmal. Writing it off as an “uncontrollable automated system check” and encouraging people to “just keep trying”, are cop-out statements. It’s a simple fix, Klarna. Just have the app prompt users ahead of actually shopping. Ask them how much they are looking to spend once they enter a website and run your checks based on that. You could save customers hours of time and disappointment.

- Worked One Time

It worked the first time I used it(Aug 2019). Got the ghost card, made a purchase, and made my payments on time. I tried it a second time(Oct2019). Got the ghost card, clicked the purchase button and was told afterwards that klarna didn’t approve purchases with the retailer (a gaming company). Ok, that’s fine. Check my bank account and I was still charged the initial payment. I spoke to a rep and they told me the money would return within 7 business days and it did. Great. I figured I’d try one more time (Dec2019). Got the ghost card, hit purchase, got an error message saying try again later. Checked my bank account and once again got charged the initial payment with no purchase. Guess I’m waiting on my refund at this point. My main suggestion would be to update your in app browser to block any major sites that you don’t allow purchases from, that way we don’t waste time shopping for nothing. That or have the app check the site first before generating the ghost card and decline if it’s a retailer we can’t purchase from. I feel like this would save some headaches from initial payments being taken but no purchases made. I liked it the first time I used it but since it has a low success rate for me I don’t think I’ll be using it again.

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- Honest review

Ok so Klarna is a must for me. I’ve seen so many negative comments and I understand why because I had the same issues with the app but Klarna team solved them. Very easy to use and quick respond. I did my 5th purchase through Klarna and no regrets. It took a while for me to review this app because of the negative reviews. Only bothers me that you can’t make an another instalment earlier if you want to pay earlier you have to pay the whole amount but anyway managed to get expensive stuff for my baby true this app. And this worked for me well. Good job Klarna and keep it up.

- Difficult transaction

The klarna used to displayed the purchase power of our account. However it’s been removed unfortunately. On friday last week, i tried to create one time card for $500 purchase. Unfortunately there was unpredictable card fee that incurred after inserting visa card that created around $18. Transaction fee is commonly happened, the worst experience was I needed to cancel the card to create card and recreate one time card that equal or over the order total. However the system refused the attempts even until today, 1 week after that $500 one time card created. I couldn’t add up more money to the card. The customer service also unable to return the purchase power and exactly nothing either klarna and me can do to return the purchase power. It made the transaction process very difficult and longer, any unexpected card fee would give you hustle to fix up the card balance. However, step up by commonwealth bank and afterpay are so much practical than klarna. At the end, the purchase isn’t done and shopping becomes a bad experience. What can be learned is, i need to recalculate any potential card fee above the total transaction by myself and add it up on top the total transaction cost. The system fail to advise and educate the customer about this additional fee would happen during transaction. I spoken to 2 customer services before, it was on monday and today, i am feeling left behind because my account still disabled to create one time card.

- Worst instalment pay app

I was with CBA and this was recommended by the bank when it was launched initially. Tried, and failed. Created a ghost card only was told after that ghost card can’t be used to pay bill. So okay never mind, new app so it’s understandable. Then after a year I moved to ANZ and this app kept updating, so I thought let me try it again. Tried to create a $700 ghost card, used ANZ card, failed, then tried 28 degrees, it just simply told me I can’t create ghost, choose another payment method. Plenty of credit on my 28 degrees. I ended up paying with my credit card directly. Not want to feel defeated I contacted the customer service through the app. Couldn’t generate a new chat unless I choose a transaction which I obviously haven’t had a transaction. Anyway I luckily didn’t delete the last chat a year ago under the previous ghost card incident. So managed to get to someone, only was told the same prescriptive answer, oh sorry we try to be responsible lender and each transaction is assessed on its own merit those kind of useless bluff. If you has a lending criteria, be transparent to your customer. Putting up a responsible lender face without substantiation only damages your brand.

- Glitchy and frustrating

My first ghost card worked like a charm. Was for nearly $1,000. After it was fully paid, tried to use again for a smaller amount but I had insufficient limit even though there were no outstanding transactions. Waited to see if it would reset itself, nope. Then took over a week for tech issue to be fixed after I raised it. The original chat was frustrating as the person couldn’t understand my issue. I really had to persist. A couple of small transactions recently both went OK and then this morning I’m refused credit. Check my credit report, nope all good there. Small balance owing on one transaction, payments all up to date so no issues there. FAQ tells me Klarna reserves the right to limit my shopping in certain categories for my own good. I was spending less than $200 on a well known gift website, surely that’s not the reason! Klarna are your algorithms really this rubbish or is it another glitchy tech issue? Went searching for help but you made it too difficult. Used my card instead. I’ll probably delete this app after I have finished my final payment owing.

- Good at first but turns into scam

Biggest scam!!! You will think it’s good to begin with trust me I did loved it for a few weeks. But then they will stop letting you spend and when you question it you will be told you have a late payment but these “late payments” they never actually show up on your account or let you know of them nor even show up in your purchase history and you will be made to make these payments to start using you account again. This company either have something completely wrong with their app (in which they do not want to help the customers with or even recognise) or they are just completely lying to people and scamming them for late payments that aren’t real. To tops matters off the customer service are completely rude and come up with the silliest most unrelevant excuses for everything, I felt like I was arguing with a 2 year old.

- Trying to find your (hidden) approved credit limit gets you blocked.

There is a hidden approved credit limit (not the $1000 advertised) that you have to try to guess. If you guess wrongly, too many attempts of trial and error in finding the said limit leads into a fully automated temporary block (support cannot do anything or even let you know what your individual limit is). This quickly devolves into a vicious cycle wherein attempts to find how much credit you can apply for by trial and error leads to your account being temporarily blocked from creating Ghost cards, making the app completely unusable. Users should be able to know what their actual approved credit limit is and should have to play this ridiculous guessing game, and support staff should be given more power to remedy issues caused by the app.

- Happy customer!

I’ve only used this app once but I would be comfortable to use it again in the future (and probably will!) The process for me as a customer was easy (which is important) but the nice touch that I appreciated was the friendly emails sent out regarding either an up coming payment or one that has been paid. It was a nice personal touch. The app and payment process was user friendly and I liked that this company gave me an option to purchase something from a business overseas that I wouldn’t ordinarily have paid outright. Happy customer!

- Don’t use this it’s a scam 😡😡🤬🤬🤬

I have had this app for a few months always had trouble with it it keep saying we can’t approve of this and that and whenever it did work I always payed on time not once missed any payments and suddenly today they kicked me off the app and wouldn’t let me sign back in this is the worst app ever and when u email those people that r in charge of klarna they never get back to u and when they do respond they are useless they just keep saying turn my phone of and on but nothing happens because it got nothing to do with my phone it’s your stupid app that is stuffed never using it again and I recently purchased an item costing 700 bucks and I received it but still owe 630 bucks well good luck getting that money cuz I ain’t paying for it

- Difficult to use

Honestly I have never made App Store reviews but I needed to make one to say save yourself time and headaches and just go with afterpay or zip pay! Klarna is being advertised through my CommBank app so it seemed trustworthy. Credit check is pulled when you sign up however, you have to jump through so many hoops to make 1 purchase. Tried to make my first purchase but kept being denied as over limit despite it being my first purchase (over $35 under $1000). Support has advised I have to make many small purchases first to build credit history, which if they’ve pulled my history through CommBank they can see I’ve never made late payments. They want you to make lots of small payments first but you can’t pay them off early... anyways users beware.

- Why are some so negative?

I’ve been using Klarna this whole year, and it’s been a smooth as experience, which is exactly what they’re bragging about ;) I haven’t had any negative experiences and their support is outstanding and understanding. It seems a lot of negative reviews are from people who were hit with a late fee from not paying on time. If you don’t pay on time you have a 3 day window to pay before a fee is placed. If you can’t pay on time, you can snooze it for another week (however this seems now unavailable for a while). Great work, Klarna!

- Credit Check without Consent.

I was prompted to use this app because I bank with commonwealth. I currently use Zip for my interest free purchases and would recommend it highly over this rubbish. To use the service you have to create a “Ghost Card” which is fine however the app pulls your credit file and leaves a credit enquire on the file. Zip does the exact same thing however informs the user (Afterpay doesn’t if you want a service that doesn’t pull your cc file). However Klarna doesn’t even mention anything about a credit check in the app. If I knew, there would have been an additional credit check, I wouldn’t have even bothered making an Account, I would have just stuck with Zip. Extremely misleading and appalling that you include that vital information to a consumer.

- Great until a policy change to limit to 10 transactions

Klarna was great and mostly easy to use, plus the rewards are a bonus. Started back in September last year and built up credit by paying in advance, even paid everything out completely once. Loved using it for almost any store, but then this week I couldn’t make any more purchases as they have limited the number of active transactions you can have to 10 only. I didn’t receive as policy update notification, and the pop up when I tried to make the card only told me that I didn’t have enough purchase power. I understand that Klarna has the power to refuse transactions, and they have a ‘duty to their customers’, but some warning would have been nice.

- How on earth does it work

I hav zip and Afterpay and find this app really odd it won’t tell me my spend limit or give me like a card to use in store it didn’t even ask me for my details can’t even find my name in my profile can someone explain wth I verified my email is that all it needs I’m so co fused it usually needs at least a dob 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️ so is it Russian rullette for every purchase?? Or is there a general amount you can advise and is it available to use like zip in every store say coles for example I found the information that says u can but I wouldn’t even understand how I would do it I store such a mess how it’s created I’m hoping this goes more in the direction of zip or Afterpay it’s so much less confusing and I’m worried about I store being denied that’s pretty ruthless


I switched over to this app I believe a few months ago and I absolutely love it I think the one time card feature is the most innovative thing I have ever since seen done by a third party app I’m absolutely loving the benefits and the customer support has been amazing I get quick responses every-time I just love how you have so many stores to choose from and refund are such a breeze there so fast I would recommend increasing the limit of it I just love this app ahaha !! Highly recommend it !

- If the app works, it’s good

I haven’t been able to use the app for weeks. It used to work fine but now when I try to create a Ghost Card, it’s saying I have overdue payments. Not only do I NOT have any overpayments (not have I ever), I paid things out early. I contacted Klarna and they just said it’s one of those difficult things that might be hard to fix. And that’s it - can’t use the app

- Horrible horrible app

I have an account with Humm , bundle , Afterpay , zip pay . Everything is fine with them no outstanding amounts . I thought I’ll try Klarna as CommBank app recommended it . I signed up and made a purchase of $785 .. I’ve been paying it off since 23 February . Taking the payments on time never missed one or anything . I even payed it off 2 weeks early . Now trying to get things worth $500 and won’t approve me ? What’s the point of being a good customer and sticking to your payments in time only to be told by customer service “sorry we don’t control who get Approved it’s not us “ Worst worth worst experience I’ll bel sticking with the other apps as they have loyalty to there good consumers and reward then when they make payments on time and early .

- Hate it . And angry

I just try to use .. because I just get the email say “ have $50 off for 4th instalment” . I already have Afterpay, and very happy to use it .. I will try to use “Klarna” because I want buy some item from apple store . And they not work with Afterpay, and it’s all the nightmare start it .. The app started ask all my details.. come on .. you already link to my commBank account. What’s else you need to know ? And first order .. you just can use under $1,000 ? Ok .. so I done everything.. and try to Pay it and make the 1 time use card . I can’t believe… they check my credit. And say I not allowed you to use it .. and decline me . I just double checked it on google, they say “ The credit check will not impact your credit score but will be visible to other lenders on your credit report” Why ?? If apple store work with Afterpay.. I will never use this app .. and now .. it’s cost my credit report .. I already deleted this useless app, but where I can delete my account?? I will delete it … and never use again .. Just use my Afterpay..

- nothing special and hopeless

thought I’d give them a chance seeing as I use afterpay, zip pay and humm. It’s the most unorganised app ever. I tried checking out and it wouldn’t let me, but yet it still took the first repayment. I spoke with customer service through the app which weren’t helpful. Kept telling me to try again later.. well it’s been nearly 5 days and still nothing. Then got told the website I’m trying to check out from doesn’t accept ghost cards but yet have that shop advertised on their app (which I found interesting and I’ve seen on these reviews that someone else was successful with that site. Hmm) I also speak through Facebook and again, nothing. This “service” is the worst I’ve come across.

- Nothing Smooth

From the outset of using Klarna nothing was smooth or helpful. On signup it asks for an email or mobile. *Enters mobile number*. Error, message saying you must enter email *sigh*. You can signup using any postal address so it’s clear they are not doing checks for vulnerable people. Every login then asks for an email to be sent to you for you to actually login, painful especially when it’s going to Junk folders. Most of the pages on the app look like duplicates and there isn’t any information on how to actually use anything (wish I could share screenshots). Cluttered and seem like they are trying to do too much instead of focusing on making it a simple and user friendly experience. Uninstalling

- AVOID. Klarna stole my money.

This is my first experience with Klarna and after placing an order via a merchant last night, my order was declined but card charged with the first payment installment. After reaching out to the team, they had no record of the transaction despite me sending screen grabs of my account being charged. Customer service is unhelpful. They are not available to speak on the phone and won’t provide a reference number for the investigation. I am going to the police to report a theft. There’s plenty of these buy now, pay later services available. Try another one before giving Klarna your personal details. Avoid.

- Amazing!!! But I’m having trouble with my account

Hi there just wondering if I could have some help to recover my account. I continue to get emails from my previous Klarna account to one email and when I log in it says there’s an error and it doesn’t let me. I have made another account somehow by accident with another email but I cannot access my first one so I have no idea when things are due to come out of my account. Nothing is owing on the second account. Please help 😩

- Absolutely waste of time

Please don’t trust the good reviews i installed the app tried to purchase something for the first time using this service first error was “you have already reached your daily limit” I logged out logged back in next error “we are sorry we cannot lend as a moneylender due to your credit history” what!!! I have a pretty good credit history and I’ve been using other ones like after pay with no problem. I deleted my card details and re entered and it just won’t add my card “sorry we are having difficulty please try again” just useless. Need to delete my account urgently!

- Disappointed

I originally loved this service! However the past few weeks I have had the same issues as many of the reviews. I have purchased and paid of many items on time. I now have no outstanding payments and yet I am still getting the message to “reduce your balance” when I try to make a purchase. I followed this up 3 times with customer service and no one was able to fix the issue just telling me to “try again later” or IT is looking into it. Afterpay’s customer service is much better and more reliable I am so disappointed in this as I’ve wanted to make purchases and the products have sold out!

- Add a limt area

Love this app but wish the creators wound add a area where you can see what your limit is. It says $1000 but each person I know is different and some people can’t even pass $600 overall. If it was added wound be easier for people to know what they can spend instead of trying heaps of orders at different prices

- App does not work

I’ve downloaded and deleted the app 4 times today because even though I previously had it on my phone signed in and working when I went to get into the app yesterday it asked me to log in again but before I even got the chance it had a screen pop up telling me to choose my country, but upon trying over and over again to select a country the app wouldn’t respond at all to me touching my country or any other country that was listed either fo again I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app again due to not being able to log in

- Rubbish app, rubbish service.

You cant see what your credit limit is despite google saying you can. So youre always guessing and hoping you can buy something which 98% of the time, you cant. If I knew what my credit limit was I could plan ahead and buy gifts for christmas with it. You cant. Stay away from klarna, its too much of a headache, stick to something like zippay, which I got recently after the constant troubles with this app, got zippay and zipmoney, thats $2000, and I know that's my limit and I can always see how much I have left and can plan ahead. Learn from zippay, klarna, your app and service is patheticly annoying to use.

- Once was a happy customer - now couldn’t be more unhappy

Where do I begin… multiple complaints.. 1. Purchase Power - randomly drops off - no notification of this happening stating it is “temporary” - 2 weeks later with no communications on when will be restored when contacting customer service - after 2 weeks it’s not temporary anymore. 2. No matter how much you contact customer service your query is not answered. Same generic responses not resolving a thing. 3. Rest assured you can still make purchases while purchase power isn’t visible - Lies. I have a great history making many large purchases also.. my limit was around the $2k mark now I can’t even make a $150 purchase when I even made additional payments to reduce balance when should have still had $1000+ available. Absolutely disgusted with this service now - couldn’t recommend against any more if I tried.

- Annoying Purchase Cap

I have a perfect payment record and have the maximum $2000 limit (unused), however purchases are capped at $1000 per item. If an item like an Apple Watch is $1010, I am unable to use Klarna for payment, yet I can make two different $1000 purchases, WHY? Also tried contacting Support, there is none. Update After Developer Response. As I said, I can and have purchased 2 separate orders, at the same time, totalling just under $2000, but I can’t buy an Apple Watch worth $1069 when I have the full $2000 balance as Klarna has a purchase cap of $1000 regardless of approved limit.

- credit check + leaves enquiry without notifying

I downloaded this app as I wanted to purchase some things for a birthday gift, I saw this app and it sounded great! Not once did I see a credit check advertised nor did it state a mark will be left on your credit file, I find this as really bad service, especially when no eligibility requirements are to be seen. Also customer service is limited understandably to covid-19 but there’s no where to leave a query or a contactable email address. Very disgusting service. If someone could contact me about this it would be appreciated.

- Possibly one of the worst services of its kind.

When applying for Klarna I was given a set amount. I have been a good customer and always made payments early, however my limit decreased significantly over time despite this. I contacted customer service and they blamed it on a system update but the issue has been happening for months so this is quite simply a lie. I’ve seen all over the internet that other people have had the same issues, it just doesn’t seem like klarna is very fair to their customers at all. Definitely go with Afterpay or zip pay.

- I didn’t know much about Klarna.

I wasn’t sure because I didn’t know much only from word of mouth that people have got positive things to say I already am really liking Klarna I checked it out nice app easy to use excellent repayment time after the first purchase I feel comfortable that I’m going to stay with Klarna Cheers ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Useless & Stupid

This App. and Klarna in whole is a terrible shopping and reward system…. There is no explanation on how to purchase in store and then how to earn reward points… They offer you 1500 Flybuys points for the first time users but that does not exist; cannot even add my Flybuys Card number; does not even ask for it, nor there isn’t any option to add. When I click on the rewards the ‘explore’ bottom never active… useless… Never explains how to shop with it and so how to split payment into 4… Setting up ‘On-Time Card’ is also useless, at first it asked how much I wanted to spend, but then after I did not complete it, it never does it again , only useless saying to go to my favourite shop… terrible! I signed up for FaceID and the third time I wanted to log in it wanted me to verify my email again and sent me to a link… again… Only deserves 0 Star!!!

- Great but one thing needs work

The refund process if a company needs to cancel an order (I.e. no stock) is not trackable and you spend time following up with customer support. Klarna really need to work on that whole process to make it easier for customers to ensure they haven’t paid for something they didn’t receive.

- Payment problems

Hello My name is Abdullah Bin Jawaid, The reason why I’m writing this review because it was my first experience with this application and it was so bad I bought a Nike Track Pants on the 4 instalments plan and my first instalment was charged from my account and I haven’t receive any notification, when I was trying to contact with the no one wasn’t replying me. Then I called Nike customer care service they helped me in that but still my amount is in pending and now no one isn’t responding me. So I suggest everyone don’t use this application it’s better we stick with Afterpay that’s much better.

- System getting crazy

I have account with zip. After pay. Over $3000. I wanted to open an account with klarna looks like this app joking with customers. Couple days ago klarna approved $500 for me I didn’t buy my item from eBay the day klarna approved so after couple days I apply for $500. It’s says sorry you aren’t approved for ghost card. Then I try lower $400 then I had the same message. Again I try for $300 also didn’t approve by ghost card. Swear to god I try $20 also didn’t aprproved by ghost card. What a joke app 😂🤣 klarna go learn from after pay. And zip pay. If you want more customers.

- Love the app but…

I love the app but would love the feature to select multiple payments at one time! I find I have to go in and out of the payment section cause it selects the wrong purchase and is very glitchy. If I could just select all the payments I want to make in one go it would be so much better. Otherwise easy and pain free to use.

- Poor communication and odd approval rates

Having been approved to spend a substantial amount and paying it all within 24hrs, so very early on payments, I then went to make another purchase of less value and was declined funds, to which I then reached out and asked why, when I’d paid off such a substantial amount so early. They responded saying their “specialist team” would look into this and get back to me within 1-2 business days… 2 weeks later, nothing. Very average app and service. After pay is the go!

- Money stolen

Thought this was a good service and have been using it for a bit now however today noticed an extra transaction taken out of my account, so paid for one transaction twice, customer service are not very helpful and basically just have to wait to see if the money (50$) will come back in to my account and if not to contact them after 7days to get a different team to look at it . I will no longer be using this service once paid up .

- Fantastic App

I really enjoy using this app. My only complaint is the sign-in process - I wish Klarna would accept a password instead of emailing a link. I would also suggest making an iPad app as I’m sure most people would enjoy shopping on a larger screen. Otherwise, Klarna is a pretty good platform.

- When it works it’s great maybe a bit buggy since it’s new

So I try to go into the app today after I made a purchase with it yesterday and it asks me to confirm my details. Problem is, when I type in my details, it doesn’t allow me to press confirm, I tap the confirm and nothing happens. This essentially makes it useless for future purchases until it’s fixed

- Izzy

First time used, at first I wasn’t sure how it works but after when my ordered was successful completed, i received an email. 2 days later I received my goods. I love it. I’m going to keep using this Klarna app from now on instead of after pay . So quick and it’s convenient. Very happy 😍

- misleading

i installed the app cause it was within my commonwealth bank app so i thought klarna was quite legit. Then after u done register they will tell u get certain amount of credit. When u ready to shop then they started to asked some documents to be verified and in the end they told me i’m not qualified. They should done the verification before and not after u are about to make your first purchase and did a bad record on your credit report. Really disappointed with klarna. I stick with AFTERPAY which is more straightforward.

- Super easy sign up and quick no fuse purchase

Super easy to use and only took a couple of minutes to sign up.. I just made my first online order with Woolworths without any hiccups. I even went through the checkout using the ghost card payment method and it was simple and fast.. super happy right now..

- Miss leading. Not trustworthy.

First encouraged to jump on the platform by getting 30 dollars discount for purchase over 100 bucks, when did all registration process and tried to buy online the transaction get declined for many times. Get in touch in business hours next day & I’ve been told can’t buy anything over 100$ becoz new user and that’s why! Complete joke and waste of time. Kinda insulting can’t use my own account through them. Miss leading marketing. Not trusting in you when you trust them!

- great fast credit in minutes not days

I am very happy with the app I think it is working fine I just used the limit max and no more than sufficient to be treated as such a breach of trust you saying you have to guess I amount of credit is your limit ..

- Good, but …

Some feedback on the app 1. Where is the app feedback button? Would be easier instead of starting a customer service chat 2. Can the ‘used’ rewards display differently on the main screen? Currently it’s hard to tell if a claimed reward has been used unless you click into it.

- Very unfriendly App to use

It is a terrible app to use!!! When you signed up on the app, it would send you an email for verification. After you filled in all the information, you wanted to use the app. The app sent you another verification emails. Then you clicked the link and it would take you to the website. But if you want to use the app, it sent you more emails for verification again and again! The app seems like a scam just for collecting all your information! If you don’t want to waste your time, please do not try it.

- New Convenient pay Method KLARNA

I found this app and have been able to use in so many shops both online and in-store. Easy repayment system. Love the concept. Just trying to understand how to know your full credit amount available.

- Used to be a really great app

One of the best features of the Klarna app used to be the bookmark function and notifications when saved items were on sale. This feature no longer works and there are constant changes to the app layout - large thumbnails, tiny thumbnails, grid, list, lots of broken images. The app screen design regularly changes so drastically and I have to find where basic functions have moved. I now only use the app for interest free payments.

- Dissatisfied

Thought it was a great app at first the first payment went through in full easy. Now I keep getting declined with no explanation as to why. I have no idea what my spending limit is as my purchase power has been unavailable for months. Tried to chat with someone and they said it’s being updated? Know one knows how much you are able to spend and so you have to guess by continuously trying to pay via Klarna or creating one time cards

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- So convenient

So helpful to stay on top of all of my purchases and payments. I just bought a house so it’s also nice to not have all of my purchases for everything hit at the same time.

- I didn’t have an issue with Klarna

I jumped on my last review. I read to many bad ones and expected the worse. I did end up making the return because I wasn’t a fan of my boots. I believe Klarna stated in my email that it could take up to 9 business days for my refund. It only took 2. I didn’t have any extra charges and quite pleased how everything worked. Of course the only think I don’t like is the government ID that was needed and the Co2 trail that you make which is kinda bogus but I do know the whole purpose of it all. Do I agree? NO. Can’t I stop what’s going on? NO. Does AI have all of our info? YES. Can we stop it? YES, if we move to a bush and out of society 🤷🏼‍♀️ The payment system did the job properly on my end so I can’t complain. I do give it 5 stars for my 1st purchase/return.

- Ugh what a hassle

What a hassle, I contacted support mutiple times never really got my question answered, app keeps saying I have overdue payments when I never purchased anything, it’s like a constant headache I was super excited to use this app, but not worth the time

- Garbage payment system

Probably the worse payment system I have ever used. I’ve used flexing and affirm and both are superior than this trash app. Was trying to make a purchase on Etsy it takes me to this app which I registered for and linked my card. Each time it says sorry we can’t complete this purchase and then after a while it says I have reached my spending limit? I haven’t bought anything on this app as I just registered. Not only that but I had to sign in and get a code texted to me every time it took me to cart. DO NOT USE THIS stick with affirm or flexiti

- Fraud app

I never buy anything from them but when I used it for first time they are saying that clear ur previous amount on our app. I downloaded and check on app and in app its showing 0$ but when I try something to buy its says clear ur previous charges. They just need ur info and to download their app. Better to go with someone else

- Not a fan.

I have been using both Afterpay and Sezzle for over a year, never an issue and all my purchases get approved. Klarna has NEVER approved a purchase for me no matter what the amount is. I'm definitely not impressed and it's a 1/10 do not recommend for me.

- Read before getting this app!!

This company is complete garbage honestly also how is this rated 5 stars literally every review I read was rated 1 star so 🤷🏻‍♀️. First off you need to be approved by Klarna with a credit check which I had no idea that’s a reason they can deny your purchase amongst many others . Age , credit, quantity of purchases , cost of purchases, approval, time using the company , credit history, and the obvious debt . This company is a joke at best do not use them do not store your card with them if you do use them and check your cards frequently. I hope this company goes under they have been zero help and for that matter how can they be in business when they don’t tell people anywhere until after your denied that they don’t approve all purchases. I have no debit I have never used Klarna except to try to make a 150. Purchase . Maybe because I’m in Canada I honestly have no idea why I wouldn’t be approved to make a purchase. Retailers should be weary when partnering with this shady company!

- terrible

used this app for ONE purchase for sephora, had no issue whatsoever. then i made a second purchase from the same store which i had cancelled 5 mins after my order was processed, they took 22$ out of my account, never got a full refund back and it’s been a month i did contact them and they kept trying to blame it on my bank saying it depends how long they take to process refunds, told me to wait 24hrs 2 weeks ago, never got my refund. i tried making a purchase last friday and now it doesn’t even let me use klarna as payment method, been talking to agents to figure out and all their suggestions are useless since i still can’t use it as payment method. very disappointing app don’t recommend.

- Pure Trash

App not working, not finding any stores. instead of spending money on collabs they should invest on app structure. Also, only Klarna’s system put 2 pending holds to card…so be aware!!!! fishy scammer behaviour… paybright rocks

- Pretty useless

This app is not working as in is only a browser and you cannot see that split payment

- First time trying, no good

It’s my first time trying and they wouldn’t let me make a purchase!

- Good Credit, Denied

Even if you have a credit score of over or equal to 700, this company will not approve of any of your purchases.

- They charge late fees and well as sub charge fees whatever that means

They charge late fees and well as sub charge fees whatever that means

- First try and last try

Refusing a 300$ purchase to someone with a good credit score and bank history is stupid

- The best payment plan app

Klarna is the absolute best payment plan app. Best range of stores, it has superior usability and functionality than other payment plan apps and the app itself is much better and more friendly than competitor apps. No hiccups when placing orders. Reward program is a great bonus. Arguably the model payment plan company.

- The worst app

I’ve tried using Afterpay and Affirm and they worked wonderfully but Klarna on the on the other hand,is the worst app I’ve ever used. The payment was not approved and, mind you, it was my first ever purchase with them. When you try to contact the chat support to help you to solve this, they tell you that the decision is final and you’ll receive an email in 25 days about it!!! What the heck is this? I decide to close my account and let y’all know please don’t even waste your time. I recommend using Afterpay, Affirm, PayBright. Klarna is a waste of time and space.

- Worst customer experience

I am shocked by the terrible customer service I received by this joke of a company. Messages are not answered and when I finally do get in touch with someone they shift the blame and take zero responsibility. Honestly, stay away.

- Wow. Couldn’t be less impressed

Tried to buy something one of a kind from Etsy for my daughter’s bday & almost lost it while fighting with this ridiculous app. Just a runaround making me re-enter all my info multiple times. I msgd the seller to let her know she should get rid of this. Sent her screenshots. Now I have to wipe out my bank account because I can’t pay in 4 payments with Klarna. It keeps saying I’m over my spending limit and I have to make a payment to them. I’ve NEVER used it before.

- Useless

Cant even create an account. Doesn’t send verification email after trying muliple

- Really Smoooth!

This app is really intuitive and easy to use! I can build lists of items I want to buy later, use it as a browser (just like Google chrome) and keep track of all my different deliveries in one place. Highly recommend it! Wow, love it! 👌

- Klarna Button greyed out…😓

So like I tried to use this app to buy something off of eBay and guess what? The button stays grey no matter what I do…I tried to put in a new credit card…grey…go to the checkout screen…grey😠 Maybe it’s just an eBay problem…I’ll like try it on Amazon…grey😑!!! Okay, either I’m stupid🙄 or this app is totally broken…it works for sites with the option to check out on the website (that works without any app, so the app does nothing!) but it won’t work for any site that’s suppose to be supported (both eBay and Amazon show up when I type them in)… So maybe it’s because it’s a repurposed US app🧐…or they can’t be bothered to fix a broken app😖…but that button on the bottom of the screen is completely useless! It’s super annoying and you should fix your app😤

- Puzzling

Many of the stores the app links to -from the home page and the search- do not actually seem to have options to pay with Klarna. Not sure if this is buggy or what but it’s been a bit of a waste of time

- Garbage

Signed up and tried to make a purchase but it was over some arbitrary spending limit they set, even though I provided my credit card details. Total waste of time. Don’t bother.

- Delete personal info

How do I do it

- Simple and super helpful

Makes paying for things so easy and love that I can split up my payments!

- Sucks

At first it was great. Now, there is no way to report a return (which I need to do) and no way to extend a due date. Those options have disappeared. I have to now contact customer service which is extremely inconvenient. Annoying.

- Poorly designed .

I decided to try this app to see if it would work as it claimed. I ordered a pair of boots from Frye through the app. One week later the order was still processing so I contacted customer service at Klarna. I articulated what my issue was, no information about the delivery, the app only said my order was processing, and I wanted to know when my order was coming. The agent then directed me to contact the boot company myself and seek the order information myself. So I contacted the boot company customer service. Within the hour a refund was issued for my order no explanation or apology. Word to the wise , don’t use this app.

- don’t use if in canada

this only works on 2-3 stores in canada and you can’t make a one time card nor can you purchase through online retailers.

- Featured Nike

what a joke i downloaded the APP and saw nike feature went to the website followed all steps but at check out it will your CC and no other options that says USE KLARNA OR WHATEVER 😂😂😂

- Robbers!!! Read this before!!!

This company is a fake company, they only have the app, if you have an issue and want to talk with a real agent over the phone- they provide you with a phone number that takes you nowhere and makes you wait in line “30 more seconds” forever. They stole my money, they promised me a refund by cheque- a month passed no cheque, I message the live chat and they said I got a refund and now I have to go to the credit card company and get them to write a letter stating I didn’t get the money. This is robbery in broad daylight. Don’t use this company at any cost unless you want them to take your money and never give it back

- Fantastic all in one app

Big improvements have been done on the app. Love how you can wishlist things and know exactly which of my favorite stores are supported.

- Best Shopping App + BNPL

Super transparent and beautiful app. All the top stores I love to shop from! Klarna is truly leading the way in BNPL space. LOVE Klarna!!!

- Love it to keep track of prices

Been using it for a while. So far the saved items is the most useful feature imo.

- Nice pay in 4

Bought something from Lancôme for my Mom. The pay in 4 works like a charm. Nice reminder along the way!

- Great little app

I used Klarna in the US and they have awesome features there like being able to pay with Klarna anywhere. Moved to Canada in the fall and slowly but surely seeing some of the US features come here.

- Klarna

I bought something at coach just now sign up for this app for 4 easy payments it didn’t go through instead charged my card for a full purchase 😐

- Not working

Every time I put something in my cart. Klarna insist that I’m purchasing from America which I’m not. On top of that when it shows the “pay with klarna” button it won’t even let me press it… someone fix this problem

- Garbage

I went on the sites that is supposed to be partners with it, and it’s only with the US. So it’s completely useless for Canadians. A complete joke since I signed up and gave them my info too. Very upset with how poor this app is made too

- Don’t waste you time!!!!

Klarna was not even a payment option on literally every single store that I tried to purchase items. Big waste of time.

- Pink screen... crash pink screen... crash

New update makes app completely unusable.

- Can’t add multiples of the same item to your lists!

The Klarna app itself is awful to use. I need to organize multiple orders because I’m ordering for multiple people, but they do not allow you to add multiples of the same item to a single collection/list. Absolutely useless.

- Crap app

At first I thought I was pretty happy with the app until I went to go use it to make my payments and it wouldn’t let me and then it completely erased itself from the payment option. Tried to use the 24/7 help but then it said it’s closed. Erased the app and I never hope to see it again.

- Doesn’t work

Not to sure what I downloaded but if this is the app than it needs a lot of fixing. It does not work at all don’t waste time downloading.

- What’s the point of this app?

It doesn’t seem to have any function. You can’t purchase anything or set up a payment plan. Kind of pointless.

- App doesn’t even work

There is no option to even pay with klarna app is so useless!

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Klarna | Shop now. Pay later. 23.3.221 Screenshots & Images

Klarna | Shop now. Pay later. iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Klarna | Shop now. Pay later. iphone images
Klarna | Shop now. Pay later. iphone images
Klarna | Shop now. Pay later. iphone images
Klarna | Shop now. Pay later. iphone images
Klarna | Shop now. Pay later. iphone images
Klarna | Shop now. Pay later. iphone images
Klarna | Shop now. Pay later. iphone images
Klarna | Shop now. Pay later. iphone images
Klarna | Shop now. Pay later. iphone images
Klarna | Shop now. Pay later. iphone images

Klarna | Shop now. Pay later. (Version 23.3.221) Install & Download

The applications Klarna | Shop now. Pay later. was published in the category Shopping on 2016-06-22 and was developed by Klarna Bank AB [Developer ID: 1075880092]. This application file size is 238.74 MB. Klarna | Shop now. Pay later. - Shopping app posted on 2023-01-23 current version is 23.3.221 and works well on IOS 12.1 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.klarna.app