ArbiterMobile provides sports officials with access to their schedule and contacts on the go. To use the app, you need an active ArbiterMobile subscription.

The app allows you to:

1. Check your schedule
2. Accept or decline new games
3. Get contact information for partners and team or school contacts
4. Manage blocked dates
5. View your ArbiterPay balance and transactions and transfer money from your account

We built this app based on feedback from officials. Continue to share your feedback in our Product Feedback Forum (

ArbiterMobile App Description & Overview

The applications ArbiterMobile was published in the category Sports on 2015-11-04 and was developed by ArbiterSports LLC. The file size is 55.93 MB. The current version is 3.4.0 and works well on 6.0 and high ios versions.

Manage your ArbiterPay money right from your phone. With the latest update, we've made it easier than ever to stay up to date on your officiating payments.

1. View the transactions for each of your accounts in realtime
2. Transfer money to your ArbiterPay Prepaid card. Funds are available immediately using the Prepaid card.
3. Transfer money to your bank account. Funds are available within 2-3 business days.

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ArbiterMobile Reviews


0.0  Everywhereness  1 star

Unfortunately, I couldn't even get this app to load up or open.

Not cold

Should be free.  Not cold  1 star

Who needs to buy an $8 schedule on their phone? I'd just like to know when I have work.

Steve from NY 1414

Waste of money  Steve from NY 1414  5 star

Dont waste your money use a laptop or desktop computor there us alot you cannt see on the mobile app


Baseballump  Dyeast  5 star

Much improved and very functional. Appreciate the format and especially ref pay info


Terrible  12345678936771478  1 star

Basically an $8 schedule, the online site is way better, don't waste your money. I would like my money back if possible.

Giggly piggly

TERRIBLE  Giggly piggly  1 star

I bought the in app purslane and didn't get access into the app itself want a refund asap


Thanks  Pcccll  1 star

I agree - not worth the money.


Save your money avoid this app!  Fipppy  1 star

I bought this after years of having trouble dealing with arbiter on mobile device. I thought it would make it easier to do all the things we have to do. Blocks? I guess but not intuitive. Game reports? NOPE. See your schedule yes but big deal. This is NOT WORTH $9.99. I wasted my money don't waste yours.

MarkB in VA

LONG way to go  MarkB in VA  1 star

Missing too many necessities to be useful: **Pre-defined filters are too limited. Would be nice to have a filter to see only my current and upcoming games, or games within a user-selectable time period, or games that I need to complete a game report or peer evaluation on. **USE THE NOTIFICATION FUNCTIONALITY NATIVE TO IOS. Your email notifications for new games still don't work, and you only offer an iCal feed which doesn't notify me that I have a game to accept, only sticks it on the calendar. **Photos of my partners are too small, and can't be resized. **Can't send a text message to my partner(s) from the interface. **Can't do game reports. **Can't do evaluations, or see evaluations done on me. **Can't block out more than 1 day at a time unless its consecutive days. **Calendar view doesn't highlight assignments with a different color, so you have to touch each day to see if you have something. **Profile doesn't allow me to edit my profile, only view it. I already know who I am. **Only links to Apple's Maps app, I prefer GoogleMaps because it's ... better. **Has none of the functionality of non-assigning groups, like NFHS' testing or electronic rule book. **Can't email all of my partners with one click. Have to click on partner name, then click on email, then do it again for next partner. **Details from my profile are missing, like multiple phone numbers or emails, or my notes saying which phone number to use. **Can't block anything other than date/time. Need to be able to modify travel distances. **Doesn't give the MOTD messages that are posted to all members. My assigner uses them to broadcast messages association-wide. **User interface is too cluttered. I tried to click on one partner, but it has no space from the other partner or my name, so it takes multiple tries. **No TouchID Better than the old Arbiter mobile web page, but all these shortcomings mean I am still forced to use the web page on a computer.


Question  Antoin96  4 star

I think the app is pretty cool but the main reason I purchased it was to use self assign. Is there a reason why the app doesn't have self assign?


Terrible  Rebby56  1 star

The app was accepting my user name & password, and now I can't even login. Was not notified game was cancelled it didn't pop up until after game time start. Not worth the money!


NOT WORTH IT!  Pic4me  1 star

Limited functionality, for over the top $$$.... must I say no stars rating! (After my review, couldn't send it without rating at least 1 star.


Awful  bubblebut2000  1 star

Awful app, terrible reliability.

Humble field hand

Awful, needs a lot of work  Humble field hand  1 star

One would think for a $10 app would offer more and operate better. Poor functionality, poorly integrated with maps, calendar, etc, don't waste your money until things are upgraded and fixed.


Terrible app  laxboy612  1 star

Worst app I have ever paid to download! You can't do anything from the actual app, or even find out specifics of the game. I wouldn't even pay $1 for this. You are much better off using safari to use the online site.

sierra alpha kilo

Bad  sierra alpha kilo  1 star

The execution of this app is noteworthy for its glaring flaws. One example - when you are assigned to two games of a 3-game linked set, the third games still shows up on your schedule. Seriously? And you can read the numerous other reviews here listing a multitude of other problems. Stick with the mobile web site - don't waste your time installing this app - you're likely to end up in the wrong place at the wrong time.

CNY Lax ref

Lots of issues  CNY Lax ref  1 star

Needs some work. What is on the desktop and the app does not match. Fix it please. The home and away game are swapped in the App. Should have a link to the directions in the App. Also should show my partner in the App and ability to contact directly from the event in the App.


terrible  Speedylou21  1 star

i can tell by the login screen that this app is poorly put together. With a 9.99 price tag it's just detourring me away from the conveinience of having my referee schedule on me all thr time.


Should be zero  Shellztt  1 star

Home and away are reversed. Need to see partners. Arbiter on safari much better.


Do not download  softball_princess15  1 star

This app is 'free' but costs $10 when for first open it to get actual use of it. A cheap ruse and waste of data to download.

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