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ArbiterMobile provides sports officials with access to their schedule and contacts on the go. To use the app, you need an active ArbiterMobile subscription.

The app allows you to:

1. Check your schedule
2. Accept or decline new games
3. Get notifications as soon as a change happens
4. Get contact information for partners and team or school contacts
5. Manage blocked dates
6. View your ArbiterPay balance and transactions and transfer money from your account
7. Read announcements from your associations

We built this app based on feedback from officials. Continue to share your feedback in our Product Feedback Forum (

ArbiterMobile App Description & Overview

The applications ArbiterMobile was published in the category Sports on 2015-11-04 and was developed by ArbiterSports LLC. The file size is 58.23 MB. The current version is 3.5.0 and works well on 6.0 and high ios versions.

Welcome back for the fall season! To help you throughout the season, we’ve released the biggest update to date.

New this release:

Push Notifications - Get a notification when games change, when you've been paid, and more!
Inbox - Review all recent communications from your association.
Postgame Reports - Complete your postgame report from the app.

Thanks to all those who have provided feedback! We're working on more great features for future releases.

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ArbiterMobile Reviews


Why charge?  Retreat21  1 star

We get charged a fee for the state. We get charged a fee our association. We get charged a fee to get our money from arbiterpay after we earn it. Now you want to charge for an app? Come on now. What are all the fees for??


Charging user fee a no no  DianeTerese  1 star

Arbiter charges our organization a fee for every referee and then the assignors charge a fee for every referee when it's not included in our dues. Not happening!!!

Unicorn breath

Waste of money  Unicorn breath  1 star

You release the app but don't tell people they have to pay to use it? You guys need your heads examined. Ain't happening. Edit: think that name was assigned by Apple.


Awesome Enhancements  Du57inD  5 star

Push Notifications (available in the app settings) are an awesome addition! Makes managing my schedule on the go so much easier! Not sure I could go without this now


Super Handy  Sleepy?  5 star

This is a good addition for having all the information I need on my iPhone. The partner information was much needed.


Push Notifications  Gdytdj  1 star

latest update offering Push Notifications isn't working.

Red14 red

Now that it's free it's awesome!  Red14 red  4 star

I would never pay $8 for my schedule but since it's free its awesome to have


POS  Fredman4  1 star

Waste of time! Not useful at all, well for $8! If it was free it still not worth it. Poor application.


Worth it  Gensen74  5 star

For all you cheapskates. On your phone it puts all your assignments right on your calendar app where are you can have an alert. When you're away from your laptop or iPad it makes it easy to see and call your partner or the school you're working at if you need to and does it quickly. Worth nine dollars a year


Life saver  Umpnump  5 star

Great app. Gives me everything I need. LOVE the pay transfers


Stinks  195purple  1 star

Very slow to load. Will not allow me to login now even though I am logged in just fine through the mobile website. App is terrible.

Dude McGinty

Avoid  Dude McGinty  1 star

1. If you can get it working, this has less functionality than the mobile web site. For example, you cannot bring up your partner's phone # in the app but you can on the mobile web site. After the game site location, that is the most important thing to have. 2. Clicking the game site location in the app opens in your OS's default maps program. For iPhone users, that's Apple Maps, which is not my preferred maps program. The mobile web site opens the browser's default maps program. That way, it's your can use Chrome and have Google Maps open. 3. Their customer service was horrible. I opened a help ticket with them about my username/password combination "not working" and it took them 16 days to respond. And that response was, and I'm paraphrasing, "Sorry we've ignored you...are you still having a problem, even though we did nothing to address the problem." Uh, yeah, the problem with your software that you haven't addressed is still a problem. 4. Their customer service was horrible, in another way. Their fix was to reset my password to my last name (all lower case) and then sent me that information in PLAIN TEXT in an email. There's a reason I choose to have hard-to-guess passwords generated by a password manager. I don't want anyone in my accounts. This isn't the 90s any more. You can't be that ignorant with password security. 5. It is completely confusing to download an app called "ArbiterMobile" with a red and black icon then have it install on your phone as an app called "Arbiter Sports" with a red, black, and white icon with a different design. What's the difference between Arbiter Sports and AribterMobile? Just more goofy and unnecessary branches of the awkward Arbiter tree. Funny, I never had a problem with GameOfficials.


Can't rate lower than 1 star  PhilCoulsonsLeftGlove  1 star

App no longer works. If it went back to working in the same way as last week I would give it a 2 star rating. Poor interface. Poor controls. Poor design.


Broken  Foote161  1 star

Any plans to fix this app that people pay $10 to use?

Shannon Petry

Ripoff does not work  Shannon Petry  1 star

The ap only gives you a black screen. No attempt to fix it has been made. I assumed that since there were reviews to this effect it had been resolved but no.


Doesn't work  CarlB112  1 star

Doesn't work


Update  Jjdqw15  4 star

Nothing works after update. Please fix!


Please Fix App  Cman231  1 star

App is not working, please fix.


Doesn't work  paannouncer  1 star

Black screen.....what's up? Just paid 10 bucks for nothing! Come on!


New update  Pyne01  2 star

Quit working after update please fix this

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