Discord [Social Networking] App Description & Overview

Discord is the only cross-platform voice and text chat app designed specifically for gamers. With the iOS app you can stay connected to all your Discord voice and text channels even while AFK. It is perfect for chatting with team members, seeing who is playing online, and catching up on text conversations you may have missed.

Download Discord and experience modern game communication:

- Voice chat: Join voice channels and chat with your group
- Real-time text messaging: Share video, gifs, emojis in text rich chat
- Push notifications: Never miss a thing with @mentions and direct messages
- Instant invite: Easily add friends to your server by sharing the Instant Invite link
- Direct messages: Send one-to-one private messages
- Multiple server support: Manage all your game groups in one client
- Channel categories: Organize and customize your channel listings
- Roles & Permissions: Robust permission system that lets you assign customized roles to any user
- Video Chat: See your friends in the wild (or their couch)
- Stay connected: Access Discord voice and text chat while AFK

Have questions, problems, or feedback? Reach out to us at support@discordapp.com.

Information about Discord Nitro subscriptions:
- Nitro gives you access to cool chat perks, such as animated emojis and a boosted upload rate everywhere you use Discord, including the desktop app and at discordapp.com.
- Payment will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase.
- Your subscription will automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current subscription period.
- Your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current subscription period. Automatic renewals will cost the same price you were originally charged for the subscription.
- You can manage your subscriptions and turn off auto-renewal by going to your Account Settings on the App Store after purchase.
- Read our terms of service and privacy policy for more information.

Terms of Service: https://discordapp.com/terms
Privacy Policy: https://discordapp.com/privacy

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Discord App Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Rules

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Discord Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Added full light-theme support for the left panel menu in the apps. - Added direct sharing on iOS 13+! Now you can shadow content directly into your most frequented Discord channels or friends (yes we added a toggle to disable it). - Added proximity screen disabling when on voice calls (in human words, this means the screen now turns off if you hold the phone close to your ear :beep-boop:) - Fixed a bug where disabling CallKit integration would comically still flicker the CallKit integration - whoops. - Added jump to present message button in the chat - now you can scroll scroll scroll scroll scroll scroll.... and go back to the present. - You can now copy, text and links within the search results screen - saved ya a click. - Added quick message quoting and reply shortcuts across the apps!

Discord Comments & Reviews

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- I love discord, it just keeps crashing2 star

This is a really great app for talking to your friends and stuff, until it crashes. On Phone and computer whenever I open the discord app it crashes. It was working fine before about a week ago then I couldn’t use it. This has happened before on my Phone (it fixed itself). I’ve tried everything I could find online yet it still doesn’t work. It works fine on iPad though.

- Discord5 star

I like it because you can talk to your friends and have bots to have fun with Pls beg lol

- Great app would recommend but...5 star

Discord is such a great app you don’t even need it if your a gamer if you just want to talk to friends that’s ok too but I would love to see an update where you can see in DM’s if someone has seen the message cause I know it can be annoying because you may be in an important conversation and than they may not answer for awhile but I would at least like to see that the person has seen the message. Also sorry for any mistakes I’m dyslexic

- League1 star

Bring back league of legends connection pls, I see friends with league of legends connection so why can’t I do it now.

- Excellent5 star

Discord Is The #1 Best App For Communication I Rate The App 5 Stars

- Good quality5 star

It’s a good app theirs a lot of good communities to choose from theirs a few bad things here and their but nothing’s prefect

- The app is broken3 star

This app doesn’t even work if I sign in it just kicks me out

- Awesome app!5 star

This app is great! But I did remove it cause it uses so much space.

- Wow, everyone needs this5 star

Thi is gotta be the best chat app there is, there is a disco nitro subscription but you don’t need it if you just wanna chat to your friends. There are great add ons to get, such as Rythm, which, when commanded gets audio from YouTube and plays it on a voice channel! Much better than Skype

- Very good5 star

I love how you can talk wile out of the app

- Discord is the best for group chats5 star

It is superior with the design and the chat is easy and would be good for young people who are bullyed in schools or for people who don’t have friends well you can join me neo Imrie dragon 343

- the best5 star

Been using discord for years and have spent countless hours on calls on discord no bugs Flawless best app

- Absolutely love it5 star

Discord allows me to talk with friends whilst playing games

- Great app!!5 star

About 2 years ago, one of my friends desperately wanted me to get discord, basically to the point of him downloading it on my laptop. At the time I thought it was unnecessary as I could just use Skype to connect. I have to say, I was wrong. Discord is a great app, you can tell it has been made with gamers and the meme community in mind. It looks great aesthetically and runs well. I can’t imagine the amount of time I’ve been on call playing games like Counter Strike and having a lot fun. Additionally, the inbuilt bots like Pokémon and slotbot (just to name a few) add another aspect to the platform and make servers much better. Truly the gamers platform. I really think playing games with friends make games 10 times better. Discord makes connecting with friends easy to use, efficient and all-round amazing!

- Call bugs4 star

Discord is a great app though there has been some bugs with calls. I’m just calling my cousin when I had to do something so I leave the call and do the job, I join the call back and even though my cousins speaking I don’t hear a single thing so I tell him to leave the call (Through DMs) so he does and then I start a call and it’s starts working again. Please fix this glitch Discord.

- Discord is very good5 star

Discord is very good for people over 12+

- discord machine broke1 star

yeah why am I getting popups for ‘what’s new’ updates from NOVEMBER 14TH every time I open the app? I’m sure I don’t need to explain why this annoying and so painfully frustrating.

- Verify4 star

It’s good but VERIFY me please.

- Very Noice5 star

Discord is really easy to use and chat with friends. When I set up an account it was very easy to use.

- yeah, somethings wrong.5 star

I sent a video that was 14 seconds long, and it wont let me do it. I mean— why!? this app’s still good but why? my friend tried to send a 10 SECOND video. “Your files are too powerful!” NO THEY’RE NOT. that’s like- 10 seconds long. I mean what the flip is wrong with this app? if it’s supposed to happen it’s pretty annoying. (this app is still good though!)

- Painful!!1 star

So hard to use!!

- Nag1 star

Nagged for review

- IOS glitches3 star

This is probably the best voice chat and text chat you can get. However recently i have seen gifs that break IOS and lag even the most tanky IOS devices. As funny as it can be it is annoying if someone spams this in a server.

- Where is tts?4 star

Needs tts on phone foe shoe

- Amazing5 star

Amazing but more would not be bad

- Seriously?1 star

The app integrates a calling feature into your phone making it so if someone calls you in discord your drum goes off, which was a cool idea until you realise there’s no decline button. I bet the cinema loved it when some kid called me 5 times while I was offline.

- Great app5 star

Learning something new every day!

- Great app just one suggestion5 star

There always that annoying person in that group who just keeps sending messages all night long and it keeps me awake their messages always drown the more important one so it would be great if the people who work at discord made a thing where you can mute one particular person

- Crashes and bugs4 star

Hey Discord devs and random App Store peeps, I go on Discord daily on my PC and iPad, and I love it. Everyone’s voices are clear and it’s great. However, on my iPad, as soon as I get on it crashes and completely resets. I hate it cause my computer is broken and I can’t contact my friends anymore. All my notifications are working as well as server pings, stuff like that. It’s just not letting me actually get on the app and msg or call people. I’m not sure if it’s my fault or something, I do have a lot of games, but it doesn’t lag or anything. It just quits, either straight-up or after a few seconds. It’s really irritating and I hope someone can help. Btw, if this helps figure it out, I have an iPad Mini 2. Thanks in advance. -A

- Role Colours3 star

The discord app is great! Being apart of a discord that’s continually growing in demand each day it makes it hard to evolve or divide sections of the team with the lack of role colours available. More role colours or custom colours would take this app to the next level.

- We need more colours4 star

Hey guys, long time discord user first time reviewer. Could we get some more colours for roles please. We’re maxed out and need more. Much love.

- Calls are troubling2 star

Dear Discord Community, I’ve gone through some technical difficulties with the discord calls. Repeating. Every Time I’m off the app and one of my friends call me. It keeps on beeping over and over again, until I get it on and turn it back off. This has been a problem for me for a few months now and now it’s getting annoying, well..it’s always been annoying, because it drains my battery, even though it’s charging! The removed feature. About four months ago a new update hit, with that new update came some problems. Which then I couldn’t control if I could mute my calls notifications or not. Before then, I could mute the calls and my IPad was silent, no ringing, and no beeping. In conclusion, all I ask is for you guys to fix this, or maybe there is nothing wrong and it’s probably a problem with my IPad 😅. Thanks 😊

- Discord is beautiful.5 star

I’ve been using discord on a day to day basis for years now, and I love it. I’ve made so many friends, and my own small community. Mobile discord is great.. but still has room for improvement. You can’t make roles have custom colours, or move their position in the role list. Discord calls can be awfully buggy at times, with it acting as actual phone calls, but works more often than not. If small issues like these were fixed, I’d love it even more than I do. Mobile Discord should be able to compare to the desktop app.

- Great app but4 star

It’s a cool app but can you fix the bug cuz I can’t message anyone ;(

- Idk3 star

Sorry I don’t really know how to log in please help

- Great app5 star

Well, great app. You can talk with anyone across the world. It's great. My only problem is that you can't get this app for an iPad 1 I want to download an older version

- Share screen5 star

My friends and I enjoy using this app. This app is one of my main social media apps when contacting friends and all sort of stuff, but my main complaint is that I’m a mobile user and I want to show what I’m doing on my iPad and such (share screen). It’s a shame that you can’t share screen on mobile devices. I really do enjoy the app itself.

- It won’t let me call3 star

For some reason,everytime I call my friends,it won’t let me talk and I tried to refresh and everything but nothing work.

- Not working in china1 star

Why isn’t it working in china.


Every SINGLE time I try and play with my friends and call, IT ALWAYS SAYS “You have been disconnected from the call” EVERY TIME I GO INTO THE CALL AND TALK. It usually takes 1 minute FOR IT TO DISCONNECT ME.

- I love it XD5 star

Hello there. I love Pokémon, this is a really amazing app at the least. I remember having déjà vû this morning🚷 cuz I have 1000000 keyboards on my iPad XD, like turky Korean 호료표 кщышфб شقشزهذ bịy mắ zế sẹ γρεεκ âĺbáčěúxŕ すんあんこみるみ འ ལའིའགེ Language, see, ok then, I all ways chat to my friend on discord with the voice chat 💭 and also make my own groups I Am happy 😃 this was made I can have fun and get the latest updates of my video games I play. Thanks for reading and every ——> , <—— / coma you see please count it as one of these ——> . <—— / full stop And downloaded this!!! Thanks 🙏

- Better than Skype5 star

What can I say? Discord is perfect.

- Good way to scream at your friends when you lose a game but crash4 star

Me discord crashes. It happened when I was scrolling through a server, and it crashed. Now it just crashes whenever I open it. Plz help

- It's Great, But...4 star

Nitro. No, no, before you 'ugh' at me, call me 'cheap' and say the creator is trying to make money, wait. Nitro is fine, I don't care about it except the fact that it limits video sizes. Me and my friend have no other way of communicating, which I know isn't the creators fault, but since its meant for gaming... it ties in with our GAMING channel (which, sub to...jk lol) . We try to send videos and stuff to each other to do collaborations and such, such, which we usually can't and eventually have to download a whole other app, post it, view it, download the part, delete the app,... when it could be done a lot easier just by using Discord. Every other part of the app is fantastic, and I love how it's a social media app, yet there are no followers and it feels like normal message apps such as iMessage. Regards, Rosewell <3

- Best app out of all5 star

I have been using discord for a while and I think it’s the best you can join ur YouTubers discord,chat,and have fun I think discord is a five stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Please do something!3 star

It’s great and I love it! But.. I really need you to save me from deleting it again for the fifth time. Because I am just asking to put in 1. A delete conversation button 2. Clear conversation button 3. Unfriend button 4. Hide message button for you or for your friend

- Very user friendly5 star

This app is perfect for gamers, especially with the programability of it all.

- -3-4 star

Hi discord, I’d like to say something..That when I try to get a photo it says ‘enabled’ and when I go into the discord settings it’s just ‘Siri’ or ‘notifications.’ But overall I love discord very much! It’s the best. I rate it 4-5


This app is a piece of rubbish I didn’t realise I was talking with someone and someone else was listening to our conversation on a server. DISAPPOINTED!

- It's the best5 star

I have used this for 2 years and it's helped me a lot. Most of my friends use Xbox and for some reason Roblox and I can't talk to them so yeah this is a great app or platform

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Discord 3.1.10 Screenshots & Images

Discord iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Discord iphone images
Discord iphone images
Discord iphone images
Discord iphone images
Discord iphone images
Discord ipad images
Discord ipad images
Discord ipad images
Discord ipad images
Discord ipad images
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Discord Social Networking application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Discord (Version 3.1.10) Install & Download

The applications Discord was published in the category Social Networking on 2015-05-21 and was developed by Discord, Inc. [Developer ID: 658886503]. This application file size is 97.95 MB. Discord - Social Networking posted on 2020-02-04 current version is 3.1.10 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions.

Discord Advisories: Infrequent/Mild Profanity or Crude Humor
Infrequent/Mild Mature/Suggestive Themes
Infrequent/Mild Sexual Content and Nudity

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