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Coolors is the super-fast color scheme generator!
Used everyday by more than 500.000 creatives!
Generate color schemes at lightspeed just by tapping on the screen!
Type in your colors to get nice matching color combinations instantly!
Browse thousands of popular palettes made by other cool creatives.
Save your favorite in your account or copy, export or send via email.
All the power of the Coolors now in your pocket!

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Coolors App Description & Overview

The applications Coolors was published in the category Productivity on 2015-01-18 and was developed by Coolors srl. This application file size is 3.91 MB. Coolors current version is 3.0.1 and works well on IOS 8.3 and high versions.

Sync bug fix.

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Advertorial    5 star

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Master jake   5 star

Great App. This app is fantastic but I really wish that the functionality in the browser version was fully implemented on the phone app. When you click on the grid in the browser it shows a selection gradient going from white to dark. This is hugely useful to me and a lot of the reason I use the program so I’d love to see that brought over in a future iteration!

AperCaper   3 star

No Palette from Image feature. I was disappointed that the app doesn’t have the palette generator from an image since the site does but does not work on mobile 😕

Cjso1293__   3 star

Problemas para exportar. Excelente aplicación para crear paletas de colores pero no permite exportar en pdf o JPG. Por favor de arreglar

mf11180   3 star

Hit and miss. The color editing and selection is great, but the saving mechanism is pretty bad. I’d love to edit and save over old palettes. Also, there’s no option to upload photos for sampling. This would be the perfect app if it just melded with the Pantone app.

Scooter 99   2 star

Coolors website much better— and free!. Not bad, but fewer features than the website. No support, far as I can tell.

dzbornakk   1 star

Basic Features Missing or Don’t Work. As a freelancer, design & creative apps are where most of my money goes. I purchased the coolors app because I love using the web version but half of the features that I love online don’t exist in the app. There’s no option to choose what rules to use for the palette (complementary, contrasting, etc.) and there’s no option to pick a palette from a photo. The export option to save a .png or .pdf doesn’t work either. I’m incredibly disappointed and I’ll be requesting a refund as soon as possible.

plums743   4 star

Great but.... This app is great, I love the simplicity. However, it does get annoying when the app keeps logging you out and you have to keep logging back in to get to your saved palettes. I hope this changes soon!

Burnt Kloverfield   4 star

Great for Palettes!. I really enjoy using coolors. I’m actually really frustrated because I’m trying to export palettes as a png or a pdf on iOS and when I choose those options, nothing happens. If it’s saving somewhere I can’t find it. Very confused. All the other features of the app are absolutely wonderful.

Teacherlala   3 star

good interface, but lacking the website’s features. Pretty annoyed that the webpage version of this product can show colors in copics, but doesn’t work on mobile, and to use it on mobile you pay $2 to lose that feature. Good interface and idea and works fairly well, but disappointed the paid version doesn’t have all the features of the free online one.

lvgrbwsk   3 star

Update please please please!. Coolors is such a great tool - please update the app for modern iPhone display. Myself, and many others, will be so profoundly pleased with the decision to do so! 🙏

stephlovespizza   5 star

Amazing!. I’ve been using Coolors on my computer for about 2 years, last year I purchased it for my iPhone. This app has helped me during the most difficult times I had rebranding my business. I was so indecisive with the overwhelming amount of colors there are. This app, is a definite recommend for anyone, literally. Anyone. Graphic designer, photographer, painter, interior designer. Even if you’re coloring in coloring books, or making friendship bracelets. It’s perfect! The only thing I recommend is adding more than 5 colors to a palette other than that it’s perfect!

candyshipper   5 star

Amazing. I love this app so so much! I’m a digital media character designer and while I can come up with my own palettes, this is so much easier and if I ever can’t come up with something, this is always here for me. The colour palettes are all so pretty and go so well with each other. It’s not at all random and it knows what it’s doing, it puts colours that balance each other out and go well and work. I love the palettes so much. Amazing app!

Jayminapolly   4 star

It’s great but-. Even though I would like it if the app have the option to create color palettes based off of uploaded photos like the website, it’s still a good app when I need to brainstorm colors for an animation pallet or illustrations. If the app updates for the option to upload based on images then it’s by far worth it to get.

lovelyilyds   1 star

Disappointed. I don’t leave reviews good or bad so this what I am doing here is unprecedented. I excitedly downloaded your app on March 22nd . I was more than happy to purchase the app as I had a very fantastic experience with your website. However, I was soon very disappointed when I realized that you did not have the opinion to upload pictures onto the app to create palettes as you have on the website. This particular feature is why I paid money to download your app because while there are similar websites that offer your service. I had not seen any that are 1) apps and 2) allow for photo upload. To say I am severely disappointed that this is similar for your app is an understatement. As someone who works predominantly from my phone something that I thought would be a fantastic purchase and investment turned out to be a waste of money I could have used elsewhere. I wish I could get a refund, but I am sure that’s not a possibility. So all I can do is have faith that this specific feature is available soon. Hopefully, I won’t have to delete the app and consider the money lost. Ps. I sent this same message to your feedback desk on March 22nd. It’s now March 25th and no one has responded to my feedback. Hence why I sent this review here.

MikesterAZ   3 star

Lacking a little. It would be really nice if I could specify whether I’m looking for a monochromatic or a complementary, etc....color scheme. Right now it’s like the color scheme lottery where you just sit there and hit “generate” until you get lucky. Not very efficient.

Dez Moni   4 star

Great & Functional For Designers. I love this app. The only reason I’ve given it for stars is because a few of the features online (I.e. choosing previous tags when saving a palette) are not yet available on this mobile app. Other than that. This is definitely a great way to keep and organize your themes and scheme ideas for projects.

Rachey B.   5 star

straight up NEED for creatives. Best app for brainstorming palettes! Best app for randomly generating colors when your stuck! Im an illustrator/designer using this for every project I tackle. Gets me going with a starting point to about that blank-page fear

Lepetitp2012   4 star

Good but should include the colorblind settings.. Basically as good as the web app but missing the colorblind settings. The web app is stupendous, especially for me as a colorblind person.

who_the_f*@k_is_that_guy   5 star

It’s idiot proof. It really is idiot proof

Bathtub Chicken   1 star

Can't copy and paste information into the app. App does not allow you to copy and paste hex codes and other information. Therefore, if your work flow includes needing to paste info into the app or copy info out of the app, you might as well save your cash and use the website

Naomeri   5 star

Perfect for what I need. I’m planning a 100 Day Project and I don’t want to waste time each day picking colors, so this is letting me set up all my colors ahead of time.

diiam0r   3 star

Great but.... I’ve used Coolors before on their website and It works great, all you can ask for a color generator however it seems that the website works better than the app which is odd seeing as you have to pay for it.

Agg b   5 star

Muy buena app!. Felicidades! el mejor dinero gastado una aplicación y no esta nada cara

Beheheehehe   4 star

Fire.. Love love love this app. I’m not sure if I just haven’t discovered it, but I think you should be able to hold and drag each section to reconstruct your palettes.

MadiStarlight   5 star

Absolute Must Have. As a graphic design student I literally cannot function without it. Everyone has their thing, this is mine.

alexanicoles   4 star

great however... please update for iphone X 😁😁😁 the dimensions are off. otherwise great app!

ShoeQueen101   4 star

I like this app a lot, but......... This app comes in handy for tech design and generating palettes. I really love what it does. However, the only reason I didn’t give the app 5 stars is bc I cannot take a picture and it generate the color. That’s a bummer and the result is I use Pantone Studio, which also generates palettes and codes, for free. C’mon guys that’s the only thing missing. If this ability is available on the app please let me know and I will change my star rate.

Biscuitsngroovy   5 star

Makes my life so much easier!. This is a must for all designers. Fast and fluid design. Finding color palettes is so much easier now. I only wish the app included the title of the color like the web version does.

Kiraxkrueger   4 star

ok. Great, but i wish it has the ability to add or remove colors. i could be wrong but i think you can do that on browser mode

Frankyisfranky   1 star

No Support for the iPhone XS Max. This seemed like a great site online but unfortunately the app falls incredibly short due to it’s lack of updates in over 2 years. You’re better off using Adobe Capture.

Advertorial    5 star

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IzzieMacBee   1 star

Disappointing and a waste of money. There’s no way to upload images to choose colours, as on the free web version. You can’t even specify a starting colour

Tsylord   1 star

Just Awful. Thought this would have more functionality and similar to the website which is still a great tool. This doesn't let you pick similar shades use pantone colours, give colours names. They're all just hex strings. Saving is also terrible because it just asks you to type a new name for your pallet. It also doesn't support new iPhone screen sizes. Looking now it's quite obvious this hasn't been updated in 3 yesrs, it's a shame because the website is so useful.

Spatial Pineappler   2 star

Not like website enough. I thought this would be much more similar to the website. Still useful and fun, but more of a slow toy than a fast tool like the website.

LeShaun   3 star

Desktop Web App is Great, But.... This needs more work. I’m sure it’ll be 5-Star material once it’s functionality matches that of the Desktop App.

Fhkfhjkkbccfc   1 star

A bit disappointing. I thought this app was going to be like the website. I thought I’d be able to import photos and extract palettes from them, but it can’t be done. You also can’t choose different shades for palettes like you can on the browser. It makes no sense to me that you would pay money for an app that has less features than what’s available online for free? I could just generate a palette from the browser for free and screenshot it into my art program? I thought this mobile app would allow me to use photos from my phone and extract palettes. But it doesn’t this app doesn’t really have a functional purpose that can’t be achieved through the browser. It makes no sense at all to pay money for less features? This was a waste of money and time

thacatspyjamas   5 star

Simple and Spot on!. It just generates colour pallets, and it does it perfectly. You can put in colours according to their hex value or mess with CMYK or RGB or let it generate colours for you! Easy to use, clean design. Only criticism is it’s limited to only a 5 colour pallet, no less.

Steaksaucerman   4 star

Works as Advertised. Great app! I use it to come up with colour combinations for my Hue lights.

AlleyCat61   1 star

Useless. This is useless to someone who does not already know how to work the program. No help options in the app, no explanations no guidance. I could choose one colour at a time but no way to create my own colour scheme. Colour rocket science degree required to use! 😟😟😠😡

bfsajdhkjashdfka   1 star

Requires Cloud Save. Shouldn't require cloud save. No local save. Cloud save doesn't work. Impossible to sign-up. Borken app.

Outof4mmo   5 star

Great tool!. Very fun and useful tool for graphic design. You can create some very interesting color combination in a second and save them. Not as powerful as the Pantone studio app that allow you to extract colors from images and photos but still one of my favorite design app.

scientifics   4 star

Useful. Super useful. Thought there was an option to choose palettes from photos but I can't find it. It would be a great addition, though.

Zarblatz   5 star

Fun and useful!. It's like having a highly controllable paint chip combination generator at your fingertips. I can see if that crazy colour combo I was thinking of actually works, and get some quick suggestions for what works better. I'm using this to pick wedding colours, but will probably use it for interior design, art projects, and quickly settling arguments in the future. My one thought would be that I would love it if there was an option to pick more or fewer colours based on my project.

Amtrx5   5 star

Awesome. Really helps

hka999   5 star

Interesting App. Helps in blending the right colours together. Very useful!

HoniSoit   4 star

Simple, addictive, fun. Got this app to try to pick some colours to match my walls. It's surprisingly addictive to fix a couple of colours you have and then start hitting that "generate" button. My eight year old plays with it like a game, but the palettes she saves make me think we should take her to a doctor. Or a designer.

DashingDan9902   5 star

Great app. Does exactly what it's designed to do and has a beautiful ui.

jenasiuk   5 star

Terrific. Useful as well as addictive. Likely going to use it all the time. Love it.

G soros   5 star

The color wheel perfected. Best and clearest color suggestions I've seen. Great for fashion designers/aficionados and interior designers alike!

Advertorial    5 star

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Joyseek   3 star

Logging in. The app’s a bit expensive but I’m glad I bought it :) my only complaint is having to log in all the time

Velocity-Void~Fang❕   4 star

Add more numbers. Thinking 5 might be too less or too much, adjust ing how many colours bars you want in a palette would be great

Hellyeahgirlfriend!   3 star

Pretty decent. Greatly designed app! I just wish I could have more than five colours than it would be perfect! Keep up the good work!

.j.r.c.1.2.3.   3 star

Needs tweaking. Overall nice simple app, but offers less than site version. I only got the app because the site didn’t like that my iPad doesn’t have a space bar. Not being able to copy hex codes is annoying and I wish I could set filters like a mono pallet.

mebla50   3 star

Can’t copy hex codes?. Would be nice to have the ability to copy paste hex codes.

AshRaeKennedy   5 star

amazing, helpful app!. the app is super helpful! all the palettes that you can generate are beautiful as well!

.:NextGen_Music   4 star

Nice touch. Very convenient!

BryGuy.xcv   3 star

An App for Your Design. Peppermint spoilt me with it's different features, as well as giving me the ability to know the name of a specific colour. Coolor is more up to date with iOS but contains less features, no library of colour standards+names and no interactive colour wheel! At least, none I can see at the moment. In a nutshell, this app is a vintage room renovated to fit with a house of modern architecture (iOS 10), but the furnitures have not been moved in. Before this, I was using an app called Peppermint Colour Wheel. That app was also a colour scheme app, with image uploading, a colour library with colour names from various different places (even having Pantone Codes for colours) The only problem with that app was that it wasn't as compatible to iOS as it was before, even giving me the warning everytime I opened it saying the App is slowing down my iPhone. Thefore, I had to change the app I was using because that app seemed to have lost support a while ago

bookshistoryman   5 star

Excellent, helpful App. The App is extremely easy to use & 'suggests' colour palettes you may not have normally considered. Very happy with my purchase & I will definitely be using it on my next visit to the fabric store. There is just one suggestion I would make to the developer .. the ability, if possible, to take a photo of a colour, load it to the App & have the App generate a matching colour palette

LostyesterdaySuccessfultoday   5 star

I love it!. Absolutely fantastic app, thank you!

Azile2142   5 star

Simple and easy to use.. I have never before found a colour app as great at this one. The colour schemes are easy to generate and give an amazing range of choices. I rate Coolors 5 out of 5 paint brushes!

Lisbeth in Oz   4 star

Great idea; works well. Very helpful for developing online colour schemes for websites. Quick, easy to use. More options to adjust colours (rather than replace) would be good.

RichieRich1986   4 star

Nice and simple. Does a great job for what it is. Good stuff

k_owen   1 star

Don’t upgrade to 3.x. This app used to be perfect. Now it has become unusable. Where before you could save palettes without any friction whatsoever, the app now (1) requires you to create an account, (2) logs you out constantly, and (3, infuriatingly) makes you name every single palette. So what used to be a single tap has become a whole song and dance if you’re not logged in, and even if you give in and create an account, it’s STILL a song and dance. It has a tiny x to delete and asks for confirmation, instead of using a swipe to show a delete option without a confirmation, which also increases friction. And syncing (unnecessarily, from my point of view) makes everything so much slower than it was. It would have been possible to add syncing async, and only for people who actually wanted it. It also nags you to rate it. So I am. I wish I could give this app negative stars.

APKLYPZ   5 star

Perfect Color Tool. Simple minimal app that does one job really well. In post Adobe Kuler world, this is the easiest app to create color schemes and save them. I love having a library of color schemes in my phone ready to go as I design. I can easily reference them or create a new color scheme for motion graphics whenever needed. Love the app, I would enjoy seeing some more tools included like a take a picture and it pulls out the colors to make a scheme, but there are other apps for that. For any designer, this app is a no brainer.

AvieSea   5 star

Amazing for art. Whenever I want to draw something but can't think of what to draw, coming up with random colors is the best way to start drawing! This app makes it so easy to get a color pallet! The only thing that I don't like is that the website is free but the app costs two bucks. But I guess you have to make your money somehow.

Lateenah   3 star

So so. I like the different color combos and being able to save them. The main reason I downloaded was so that I could create palettes from my saved images. Unless I’m doing it wrong, I’m not able to do it.

Daddyshart   5 star

Great App for all designers. I have worked with color palettes for years and have never found something so useful that allows me the flexibility to pick colors at the tips of my fingers. Great job!

BreyerRocker2000   5 star

Love it!. The more colors the merrier! This app helps me with my art and character design. I was hesitating to pay $2 for it, but it turns out I was ok with it in the end lol maybe add more options though? Get funky with t!!

nineteenth   1 star

Obnoxious prompt for a rating. I've was using this app for exactly 3 seconds when I was prompted for a rating. Another 30 seconds and I am asked again. It is bad enough that a paid app forces you to immediately register to use the app, but the obnoxious ratings badgering earns this a one star.

The Accomplice   5 star

Perfect partner for Philips Hue. I have a few Hue bulbs and could never find the right colors for the mood I was in. This app makes it super convenient to create a palette or find another user-created one that fits what you had in mind. I run the palette through an animation app to create some real atmosphere.

Where did my app go!   5 star

bless this app. I love this app so much. I'm an artist and am constantly trying to challenge myself with making my own interesting palettes, and I've finally found the perfect app for that. It's simple and easy to use, and unlike other apps with similar (or worse) features, it's free!!! Very thankful to have this as a resource. I highly recommend this app! From complementing tones to skin tones to making a statement- this app is good for anything!

rowen2   1 star

Doesn't work. MThis app worked well for a short time before I was unable to lock colors and to arrange the color bars even after deleting and reloading the application. Will wait for a revise.

l.Rogue.l   5 star

An absolute essential for designers!. I use this app both for personal artwork and when I'm in need of inspiration for color schemes for websites. An absolute must for anyone looking to understand color!

marlat1112   5 star

Easy to build color palettes. Love this app for inspiration! Love that everyone shares there combinations.

torch_55   5 star

So easy. Works really fast & easy. Just nice!

Eclecticat   5 star

dude it's so great just buy it already. trust me 10/10 would recommend you will not regret 👌🏼 and you definitely won't be bored ever again (also great for inspiration; not just for art, but for writing too✨)

Ed the Shark   5 star

The best color matching app out there!. Easy to use and no ads.

snapper-Z   1 star

Why do I have to "log in" to save a palette ?. In apps that are not free I cannot abide developer's insistence that I sign up and log in to have basic functionality. In this app it is not possible to "Save a palette" without registering. Ridiculous!

Brad Warden   5 star

Coolers is cool. ;)

normalcomputer   4 star

Pretty good. This is a handy tool if you need help brainstorming some new options

K. Beckz   5 star

Amazing!. I just love this app! It's easy to use and anyone of all artistic levels can use it! Totally download it if you do digital art!

Ari_Seb   5 star

Great app, would like the option to change the # of colors. Awesome app. Simple, clean, easy to use, and beautiful. I would love a feature that allows me to add or subtract the number of colors in my palette. Sometimes I want just one more or one less color.

UltraLotus   5 star

Perfect. I love it, it's honestly such a helpful tool. Whether for art projects or even home design I think.

tt618   2 star

Password problems. I have had to reset my password so many times to get into this app! So frustrating.

Camber7+   5 star

Such a beautiful app!. This is a great app for artists who want a challenge by taking random good looking colors and making a drawing of something with those colors! This is also great if you need help with color pallets for characters, this app really helped me try different colors and styles! I recommend this app to anyone who loves drawing! ✏️

Maria Trevor   5 star

Great!. I have been using it for 5 min and had to write a review! A great app so far. I had a hard time finding color coordinating app, there are lot of color matching apps out there, but not apps that show you complimentary colors to the primary color of your choice. So far it seems like a great tool, since you can keep generating new color schemes until you find what you like and then save it. We just moved to a new house, painted each room different color, so this will be great help with coordinating colors of the furniture, bedding, curtains, showers curtains etc. Looking forward to using this further!

JackHelean   5 star

Ahhhmazing. This is one of the best design apps ever! It's not just a necessary tool for designers it's also a complete joy to use every time I use it. It is beautiful, clean, snappy and so simple and intuitive to use that the included tutorial seems kind of silly. I don't know who designed this but cheers to you whoever you are! Apple should hire these designers to lead the iOS design team because it feels like what iOS aspires to be. I'm not exaggerating.

kjhowse   4 star

Best Color App!. This is by far my favorite color application. I use it for everything, and I have the add-on in my Adobe CC account. It's so simple, versatile, and well-worth the investment!

Capdicfreshbiscuit   5 star

Fantastiche!. Fantastiche!

Riadaisy   4 star

Pretty good. I love this app since it can sometimes be so hard to come up with your own color palettes. I'm only giving 5 stars because i had a big problem making an account using the app. I had to use my computer browser to do it. Also, i wish there was an option to make a palette of more than 5 colors. Other than that, an amazing app, i definitely recommend to creators of all mediums :)

krees_tee_nah   2 star

Expect Better from a Post-2010 App that is Not Free. If you have better things to do that wait on faulty tech and / or if you have any confidence in your sense of color at all, don't waste your money or your time. I loaded the app last night, watched it try to log in for a few minutes, and left it running all night long. It still has not connected. Whether I like the color combinations or not seems superfluous given that I can't save even one set of them. But if you're seriously considering this app, I find them to be repetitive. One set of colors is just a mild variance to the next, which might be good for a newbie who wants to sift through a parade of colors that vary slightly with each press of the button, but not a professional designer looking for more engaging / stimulating variety. Also, I've seen no metallics, textures / basic textiles, or different sheens, and there's no way I've found to request them--just one flat color after another and most of them are muted. If this app were free, I would be more understanding. But it's not, so I'm not.

No text?   4 star

Great, but it keeps logging me out!. I love this app so much. It's become my go-to app for creating color pallets for my OC's. It's well designed, simple, elegant, and incredibly fun to play around with. My only complaint is that I got an account, but EVERY TIME I exit the app, it logs me out of my account!

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