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What is coolors app? Coolors is the most loved color palettes app and website that inspires 2M+ creatives every day!

• Create your color schemes with the super-fast generator.
• Organize them in handy projects and collections.
• Export as image or PDF, or just copy and share the link
• Pick colors from your best photos with ease
• Choose by several layouts and create beautiful collages with photos and palettes
• Explore thousands of ready-made palettes to inspire your work

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How to contact Coolors (Coolors srl)?
Find this site the customer service details of Coolors. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

Coolors Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Coolors Version 4.6.225 May 2022

• Fixed minor bugs • You can now show HEX codes on collages.

Coolors Version 4.6.109 May 2022

Solved minor bugs :).

Coolors Version 4.5.819 February 2022

Bugs fix..

Coolors Comments & Reviews 2022

- The absolute best

I’ve been using Coolors for years and this newer app version makes it even easier to find the perfect palette. The generator is intuitive and always picks thoughtful sets. The ability to lock, swap, and adjust colors makes customization a breeze. I love the addition of a projects filter. I love exploring what other users have created. This developer is really out here working to make the best possible palette experience a designer at every level could ask for.

- AVOID THIS APP. Broken, flawed, and no local storage

Sign-in doesn’t work; have tried to log into the service multiple times. No errors, even—it just never signs me in. And that’s a problem, because crucial things like saving a palette—something that most other apps allow you to do locally—require being logged in. If you have no internet access, you can’t save any palettes, or browse any of your saved palettes. The app is useless without a data connection. That should never be the case for an app that allows you to create content. Imagine if losing internet access meant you couldn’t save any of the photos you took. Even if they somehow get sign-in to work, that’s a major design flaw in the app itself. There is NO reason to be charging $2.99 for what’s basically just a front end to their website. One major reason to even offering an app would be working locally when you can’t access the website. I really feel cheated here. It’s a shame—the actual site is very useful, which is why I trusted Coolors enough to purchase the app. Wish I hadn’t.

- Wish it was a one time purchase

I got this app a while ago, since I enjoyed the website but wanted it to be easy to access. It was only a few dollars so I didn’t mind and it already worked well on the website. I now just used it for the first time this month, working on a larger project that I need more colors for and find they added a subscription to a pay-to-use app. This is a bit infuriating for me as you already pay for the app, don’t make the user’s pay for “more colors.” While I will still use the app, it’s very aggravating to pay for something, only to discover, you have to pay more to actually use it.

- Super annoying sign in process

You need to click on a link in an email to make your account. The page where you enter your email and send the email to yourself is not the same. They do not helpfully confirm what email address the email is sent to. And even more annoyingly, if the email didn’t arrive in your inbox, you don’t know if you should then go through the sign in or login process. Super frustrating. It would be possible for the app to save ONE color palette for you to have a good first time experience but nope...any palette saving functionality is only possible after you create an account.


I’m an illustrator who has always been in love with designing color and making color palettes. Coolers makes creating delicious palettes quick and easy! I am obsessed with the generate button to help me get started on palettes I wouldn’t have ordinarily have come up with on my own. There is a huge array of tools to help collect the perfect tones, shades, and vibrancy. The new update is BRILLIANT. Minimalist design, total palette adjustments and color blind corrections??? I don’t know what I did before Coolers, thank you for this app.

- Love how easy it is

I saw this recommended and I tried it on the website, to see if I’d like it. I ended up finding a lot of lovely colors so I decided to pay for the app. I like that it recommends color complementary options and I think it’s easier to use on the app. Mostly because I was a bit confused on how to use it/didn’t read the instructions thoroughly. I am looking forward to using this for future projects!

- I would of given it five stars before the update

I used to love this app, and used it like every day. They added a “premium” feature, which just means they took away a lot of the reasons I used this. If you can afford to pay it I recommend, but it’s kind of scummy they took away features instead of adding new ones. I’ll be uninstalling it, because I can’t afford it. I understand that the developers need to make money, so three stars seems fair. Taking away even how many colors you can add is too far imo, but I hope it works out for y’all.

- Pay to have access to what I ALREADY had access to previously

I had already paid for this application! I have actually used it on my desktop computer without having to pay a dime. But I liked it so much I didn’t mind paying for it to use it on my phone. what I DO mind is having to pay for something after I’ve already paid to have this. I was already using it and now it has been takin away from me because they want me to pay more money. I want the access to the information on the prismacolors back. It is the whole reason I had purchased this application. I had access to it before. You can not take away a product you sold to someone after you offer it and it’s paid for. You don’t go into a restaurant and order a meal, pay for it. Only to have the chef come out and take your steak while you are in the middle of eating it telling you that you have to pay more to have it back. I know for a fact that it is illegal. I am angry, I used this a lot. I will not just let this go.

- Fishy Developer

The app is great for what it does: finding, saving & organizing colors. I bought it back in 2020 because that is what I needed. Now it turns out I need to pay again for the same features I had already paid earlier (and even worse it’s a subscription, not a one-time purchase). I understand the need to make money but there is a right way to do things like this: you add more features, you offer discounts, or just give a free lifetime-subscription to your first customers who ALREADY PAID for your product. But removing features and then asking the same customers to pay to get them back is fishy and completely dishonest. Shameful.

- I love...

So simple, yet so beautiful. I love the way the app is designed, it looks amazing. The UI is so freaking lovely to look at. I love the explore page, I love being able to save palettes. I didn't even know I could change the palettes to give me a monochromatic, complementary, analogous, etc. color scheme, which is super awesome. I've already used the colors provided for me to use for pen colors on GoodNotes 5 and for BeatSaber on the Oculus. Thank you for this.

- Doesn't work

I would have given it 5 stars if it worked! I think this must be a problem with my device, others seem to have no troubles with this app, but at the same time, I don't think it's my device at all because all my other apps work amazing. I have an iPhone 6S for reference. The problem is, the Explore tab has a loading sign but NEVER loads. Even if I wait over 5 minutes. I cannot access anything more on this app then the color pallet maker. I can't save my pallets either, because I cannot sign in to Coolors! When I try, it just tells me "An error has occurred. Please try again." but I've tried over 10 times. It's been weeks and this problem still persists.

- Love it- Just needs 1 thing!

I love how easy it is to use the Coolors app! I just need one change- to be able to shuffle my completed palettes around so I can see them in any order. It seems to default to oldest on bottom? Also if I could easily rearrange the color order on a saved palette without having to save a duplicate that would be great! Thanks!

- Doesn't work because can't create account

This app seems to be either a scam or abandoned. After paying for this app, I still needed to create an account in order to use it. But it is impossible to create an account in either the app or the developer's own website. The app gives a generic, completely unhelpful error, and the website sits there spinning and hangs without ever creating the account. Save your money and don't waste it on this app as I did. For an app with this fundamental of a problem to have not been updated in a year, I have no hope.

- Thank you so much. The developer resolved my issue concerning the application.

I had a problem with the app but they resolved it and I forgot to take down my comment. Problem (I paid money for the app it self. I don’t understand why I am back down to limited features. Me and other people are having this same issue. It should be fixed for us because we paid for the other version earlier. I know you have the information that we paid for it.) MY PROBLEM WAS RESOLVED I do want to say thank you so much for your amazing communication about the app. I will be editing my comment because my question was answered. Thanks so much.

- So confused

I love this app in theory but a major issue I had with the website was not being able to locate an existing “favorites” tab or section where i could view all the colors I had been saving to my favorites. It seems ridiculous that there would be the option to add colors to your favorites but then not have a place to view them. I didn’t expect this issue to continue into the paid version, but it did and it’s very annoying and will probably prevent me from using it.

- Good App for Art

This app is great for finding good color combinations for art. I often have artist block or trouble finding colors for designs. This app helps tremendously in that, and each color combo is unique and usually nice to the eyes. The ability to easily copy these colors and use them in other apps such as Procreate is very useful. 5/5 stars! ⭐️

- I LOVE IT but..

I started by using the website and was so in love that I payed for the app. I do not regret it but I do think that the website had more options available like the color information and all of the extras with the color (color blindness, text appearance, contrast, etc) and I cannot use those on the app. Other than this, I use the app to paint all the time and really enjoy it !

- Absolutely worth the money

First of all, Coolors is a huge time saver for people like me who are creating style sheets for websites. The mobile app, dare I say, is better than the web app! I enjoy the ability to start with a color of my choice, lock it, and keep hitting generate until I get the result I desire. Great app and well worth the money.

- Color me impressed....

I’m creating my first Word Press site and this app does more than I imagined I needed. It’s intuitive, copies color codes, saves palettes, lets you create lists and sends you your lists in any format you choose (PDF, etc.) for easy reference and more... And it is addicting... if you need color palettes, this one is the best!

- The Best

Good UI. Nice range of features. Convenient, easy, flexible, precise, and fast. But this blows Adobe (and any other color tool I can find) out of the water, with one specific feature: the cross-referencing between different pigment systems! Pantone, Copic, generic CMYK—speaking as a professional designer, this is truly a pro-level feature.

- Love it, but...

I really love this app, it works amazingly, super fast, awesome colors. but on the website you can push the space bar on your keyboard an it would change the palette, but on the app you cant, and i really liked that, it might of been one of the main reasons I bought the app. Kinda sad, but its still an extraordinary app, who knows, maybe that’ll change in an update...

- Really fun!

I love everything about this app. And it’s super fun to create palates on it! The only thing is I wish you could be able to do is, adjust one color on the palate instead of only being able to adjust the whole thing at once.

- Amazing Resource

If you do any kind of design, this tool is amazing for creating and/or discovering color palettes. I love how you can “generate” and if you like some of the colors, you can “LOCK” those specific colors in and keep generating colors to match the ones you locked in.


None of the features under “other tools” work. Photos simply will not load. There’s not even an option to cancel when you see that it isn’t going to load a photo after several minutes. It locks up the app entirely. You have to exit and close the app and restart just to try again. Reached out for troubleshooting and to report this issue. No response yet. So far, not impressed.

- Tools for life Creation

I had been for a long time waisting time, ideas because of trying to choose colors, with coolors give me the such thing i need with multiple choices and perfect colors combination, you did a great work thank you

- Amazing App

This app is absolutely wonderful especially after being updated. I love all the options it has and how it can “translate” colorblindness as well! It also works with procreate pretty seamlessly. 11/10 would recommend

- Very Useful!

This application is very useful for choosing colors! The application is very easy to navigate with a little getting used to it, but I do not believe that it contains a method of finding certain functions of the applications. I may have just forgotten, but overall this is a wonderful application!

- Just the BEST color palette app

Professional designer, this app is a godsend. Its intuitive, easy to use, fast, and develops beautiful palettes. I use it all the time when working in Photoshop or Illustrator, more than any other apps. Super glad I found it. Really cool that they also have a complimentary website.

- Good app; minor complaints

I really wish the app would display the names of the favorite colors I’ve saved. I use this app to create palettes for specific colors of dye that I use. Even if I save a color under a name the app displays some other standardized name. I contacted the developer but didn’t get a response

- it’s really good for digital work

I really like this app i wish it was free though... i don’t understand the need to pay for this? but it’s really good for digital artwork which is how i use it :) i would recommend to purchase

- Worth Every Penny!

I am an illustrator that uses an iPad mini 3. I have to say that this app is worth every penny! It works SO well with my device and works with all my illustrating apps. As someone who draws A LOT, I always use this app. It’s great for professionals and beginners too. I REALLY recommend this app.

- Why are you hiding in app purchases?????

I didn’t know about the “pro version” until I tried to to make a second project. Having a pro version is fine but can a make a couple projects first?? Every other app lets you make at least 3-5 things before you have to get pro. And you don’t mention it on the App Store AT ALL!! Please fix it

- Incredible art hack

Ive used this website now for years to choose color palettes for my art and now that its in an app which is just so amazing. I love this app and I think its a necessity for all artists

- Needs instructions

Seems like a great app but it is not user friendly. I’m not sure what all the options in the settings do and there’s no instructions in the app. A quick little instruction bubble on the screen for various buttons / settings would be a great improvement.

- Not suppose to work on Mac

People are idiots. This app is not verified for Macbook so it's not going to work on Macbook. Doesn't deserve low ratings. Use the iOS app or the website. It works perfectly there.

- App stopped letting me sign in

Love this app but recently it stopped letting me sign in so I couldn’t use the features I paid for. I also wish there was a way to get some ratios of the colors which would be useful for artists. (Like how much color should be used, 60% green and %40 blue etc. etc.)


Love love love the Coolors app!! I’ve been using the online one for over a year new and it amazing new features. I just bought this app for the iPhone without a second thought. It is a MUST HAVE for all designers.

- Fantastic App, some issues

I love this app. I have been absolutely obsessed with color because of it and it greatly helps my graphic design process. However, every time I open the app I get signed out. Please fix this issue.

- Amazing app

this app is very useful when you want to create something but you don’t have the exact colors you want. it is easy to use and has various color pallets to choose from!

- straight up NEED for creatives

Best app for brainstorming palettes! Best app for randomly generating colors when your stuck! Im an illustrator/designer using this for every project I tackle. Gets me going with a starting point to tackle that blank-page fear

- Holy wow, mega upgrade colorgasm!

As someone who struggles with choosing good color combinations, I’ve found Coolors very helpful but the service and app became increasingly buggy. Well the new update is beyond awesome. Everything I need in a fun, easy, breezy, ui that tickles my ux. Bravo!

- Great for work or just for fun!

A great tool when browsing and/or creating custom color schemes all in one app! 10/10 would recommend!

- Nope,nope,nope.

I’m sure that this app is great. But to get to use it to find out will cost you 3.99/month. If you’re going to only allow a user one project before springing a charge to use the app in “pro”mode tell them up front. If you’re going to charge about $4.00/month tell us. I’m sure that it’s a great app but I’ll never get to find out because of the cost.

- Refund?

Okay- the title sounds wrong but, My dumb and stupid self accidentally bought this, (i’m not saying it’s a bad app) Is it possible that you can refund me? Thanks for reading this, ^^.

- One of the best overall Design/User experience in an App!

Coolors should be used as the benchmark app, for students learning how to design future applications.

- Great app!

I really like this app! It makes finding a good color scheme really simple and fun! I make friendship bracelets and sometimes struggle with picking out a really nice coherent pallet but this app helps a lot!

- Great App

Very useful. With this app I finally got some colors that make my software’s UI shine! Feature suggestion: ability to name colors within a pallet. E.g. I’d like to name my colors things like “text-foreground”, “photo-shadow”, “button-highlighted”, etc. Also, I’d like to see a more full featured Apple Watch app. That you made one at all is awesome. But I’d love to see more of the iOS features in the watchOS version. Very nice app!

- Love it

Nice and easy to use, simple as the site and doesn’t require a monthly fee to use if you don’t prefer

- Can’t believe this cost money.

Only bought the app so I could save palettes without having to fill my photos with screenshots, but every time you save a palette, it doesn’t actually save that palette, it saves a completely random color assortment instead. Have to screenshot anyways. Use browser version; Save yourself 3 bucks.

- error creating account

I just paid for this app and then found out I had to create an account to use it. Not pleased, but attempted to create an account. Repeatedly getting an error, so I can't really use what I just paid for. Not happy. I'll try again this afternoon and if it still doesn't work, I'm returning this app.

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- A colour-lover’s dream come true

To all artists, aestheticists, anyone, you need to get this app. It’s amazing.

- Excellent, helpful App

The App is extremely easy to use & 'suggests' colour palettes you may not have normally considered. Very happy with my purchase & I will definitely be using it on my next visit to the fabric store. There is just one suggestion I would make to the developer .. the ability, if possible, to take a photo of a colour, load it to the App & have the App generate a matching colour palette

- An App for Your Design

Peppermint spoilt me with it's different features, as well as giving me the ability to know the name of a specific colour. Coolor is more up to date with iOS but contains less features, no library of colour standards+names and no interactive colour wheel! At least, none I can see at the moment. In a nutshell, this app is a vintage room renovated to fit with a house of modern architecture (iOS 10), but the furnitures have not been moved in. Before this, I was using an app called Peppermint Colour Wheel. That app was also a colour scheme app, with image uploading, a colour library with colour names from various different places (even having Pantone Codes for colours) The only problem with that app was that it wasn't as compatible to iOS as it was before, even giving me the warning everytime I opened it saying the App is slowing down my iPhone. Thefore, I had to change the app I was using because that app seemed to have lost support a while ago

- Pass on this one

This app is not even optimised for the latest iOS devices. Save yourself some money and use the web app for free. No updates in 3 years for a paid app, shameful.

- Simple and easy to use.

I have never before found a colour app as great at this one. The colour schemes are easy to generate and give an amazing range of choices. I rate Coolors 5 out of 5 paint brushes!

- Needs tweaking

Overall nice simple app, but offers less than site version. I only got the app because the site didn’t like that my iPad doesn’t have a space bar. Not being able to copy hex codes is annoying and I wish I could set filters like a mono pallet.

- Makes generating colour schemes easy

Easy to use

- Great idea; works well

Very helpful for developing online colour schemes for websites. Quick, easy to use. More options to adjust colours (rather than replace) would be good.

- Add more numbers

Thinking 5 might be too less or too much, adjust ing how many colours bars you want in a palette would be great

- Pretty decent

Greatly designed app! I just wish I could have more than five colours than it would be perfect! Keep up the good work!

- I love it!

Absolutely fantastic app, thank you!

- amazing, helpful app!

the app is super helpful! all the palettes that you can generate are beautiful as well!

- Can’t copy hex codes?

Would be nice to have the ability to copy paste hex codes.

- Nice and simple

Does a great job for what it is. Good stuff

- Best palette app out there!!

think I speak for most artists when I say this but finding nice looking colour combinations can be a bit tricky , this app just takes all that hassle away!!! The randomly generated palettes are amazing for inspiration or just really nice to look at, the options to change the colours also helps make some lovely combos! Most my art used some of the palettes I’ve generated The inclusion of its Prismacolour and Copic code is awesome for traditional art, also helps me find the exact or closest colour for certain things! Can’t wait to see what future updates come to this app!!!!

- Nice touch

Very convenient!

- Love it

This is exactly what I’ve been searching for. An app that allows you save colour combinations with the Hex code attached, plus generates for you. Also has attached with palettes information which is brilliant. I’m impressed - Thankyou !

- I.LOVE.IT!!!!!!!


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- Amazing!

So easy to use and such a valuable tool to help with colour palette decisions for my projects. I will be using this a lot. Thank you!

- Worth paying for

I felt like paying for such a simple app was kind of a rip off when buying it. But if your like me and picking your own colours ruins your projects, this app is absolutely worth paying for. I can’t wait for my next project to not look like I coloured it with an 8 pack of crayons.

- Please Add Contrast Ratio

The APP is amazing, please add the contrast ratio to the app so we can compare the contrast to see whether it’s above 4.5 ratio that passes accessibility test.

- This is the best tool ever, love love love!

This is the best tool ever, love love love!

- I love this little handy dandy app

Create palettes. Move them around. Save them, export them, share them with friends and colleagues—what’s not to love!

- Cool app and very helpful but not tested good

Please fix small bugs

- Love it but it needs paint colour conversion & glitch opens on its own

I’m an interior designer and thought this app would be really useful when on a job. However, the accuracy of the select palette from photo depends on your lighting. ALSO, they give you HEX, RGB etc but not paint colour equivalents. If there was an easy way to match paint and find it in a preferred brand I would say this is an excellent app. PLUS it opens on my iPad whenever I click to open Chrome and forces the browser behind it. How odd? I hope the developers fix this or i might uninstall. Very annoying.

- Incredible tool for any visual artist

The ability to immediately import colors to procreate, not to mention the color match abilities for various markers and paint in real life. I really just love this!

- Perfect for UX design

I am a student going into digital design and this app is perfect for making anything digital! From working in computer science to designing websites this app is simplistic easy to use and has all the features I could want and more!

- Gradients

I can do gradients on the desktop but not on app. Can we get this added so it’s easier to work on the go?

- It's a niche kind of app, but also useful

I use it to find color palettes for my paintings, idk if this is what the creators were going for, but it's what I went with. It's saving feature is also a blasting, as well as be the sharing feature, allowing me to see other palettes from other people.

- Beautiful refresh bringing parity with web version

Awesome update that brings feature parity with the web. Super smooth interface. Only wish we could export colours to code palettes!

- Gradients?

I bought the app because I’m an art major going into college soon, I know the website has a gradient creation option... so I’m just wondering if that will be added or if I’m absolutely blind and just can’t find it on the app? If it isn’t then that would be all that should be added and it’d be perfect so far.

- Simple and Spot on!

It just generates colour pallets, and it does it perfectly. You can put in colours according to their hex value or mess with CMYK or RGB or let it generate colours for you! Easy to use, clean design. Only criticism is it’s limited to only a 5 colour pallet, no less.

- Just Awful

Thought this would have more functionality and similar to the website which is still a great tool. This doesn't let you pick similar shades use pantone colours, give colours names. They're all just hex strings. Saving is also terrible because it just asks you to type a new name for your pallet. It also doesn't support new iPhone screen sizes. Looking now it's quite obvious this hasn't been updated in 3 yesrs, it's a shame because the website is so useful.

- A bit disappointing

I thought this app was going to be like the website. I thought I’d be able to import photos and extract palettes from them, but it can’t be done. You also can’t choose different shades for palettes like you can on the browser. It makes no sense to me that you would pay money for an app that has less features than what’s available online for free? I could just generate a palette from the browser for free and screenshot it into my art program? I thought this mobile app would allow me to use photos from my phone and extract palettes. But it doesn’t this app doesn’t really have a functional purpose that can’t be achieved through the browser. It makes no sense at all to pay money for less features? This was a waste of money and time

- Simple, addictive, fun

Got this app to try to pick some colours to match my walls. It's surprisingly addictive to fix a couple of colours you have and then start hitting that "generate" button. My eight year old plays with it like a game, but the palettes she saves make me think we should take her to a doctor. Or a designer.

- You have to log in EVERY TIME.

Very helpful; however, you have to log in every time you open the app to save pallets, which is a pain in the neck in light of how easy and accessible most apps are now.

- Disappointing and a waste of money

There’s no way to upload images to choose colours, as on the free web version. You can’t even specify a starting colour

- Not like website enough

I thought this would be much more similar to the website. Still useful and fun, but more of a slow toy than a fast tool like the website.

- Desktop Web App is Great, But...

This needs more work. I’m sure it’ll be 5-Star material once it’s functionality matches that of the Desktop App.

- Great tool!

Very fun and useful tool for graphic design. You can create some very interesting color combination in a second and save them. Not as powerful as the Pantone studio app that allow you to extract colors from images and photos but still one of my favorite design app.

- Works as Advertised

Great app! I use it to come up with colour combinations for my Hue lights.

- Useless

This is useless to someone who does not already know how to work the program. No help options in the app, no explanations no guidance. I could choose one colour at a time but no way to create my own colour scheme. Colour rocket science degree required to use! 😟😟😠😡

- Requires Cloud Save

Shouldn't require cloud save. No local save. Cloud save doesn't work. Impossible to sign-up. Borken app.

- Fun and useful!

It's like having a highly controllable paint chip combination generator at your fingertips. I can see if that crazy colour combo I was thinking of actually works, and get some quick suggestions for what works better. I'm using this to pick wedding colours, but will probably use it for interior design, art projects, and quickly settling arguments in the future. My one thought would be that I would love it if there was an option to pick more or fewer colours based on my project.

- Useful

Super useful. Thought there was an option to choose palettes from photos but I can't find it. It would be a great addition, though.

- Awesome

Really helps

- Interesting App

Helps in blending the right colours together. Very useful!

- Great app

Does exactly what it's designed to do and has a beautiful ui.

- Terrific

Useful as well as addictive. Likely going to use it all the time. Love it.

- The color wheel perfected

Best and clearest color suggestions I've seen. Great for fashion designers/aficionados and interior designers alike!

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@sleepingbonnet I love this for finding new colors homie

Tay |

is the GOAT for creating color palettes. Super user friendly.

Cristian Estrada

@_fbrz Thank you so much for developing Coolors! I've been using for a while now and it's been super useful!

Akash Nagaraj

Thanks to @_fbrz for helping me through many freelance projects and many designs. Thanks for making to go-to tool for colours You guys should definitely go take a look at this one.

MICHELA𓇚 waiting for 2021

Fuck you favorite color,, what’s your to-go tricolor palette @ artists e non Im weak for a primary colors palette BUT with a twist eheheh✨🌝

Mohamed Sellami

@yashquote i used a palette of colors from but i will look for better combination in adobe Thank you Yash😊

Bhavya || Commissions open

@nicterhorst for color palettes is my go to for color palettes sometimes! You can export the color palettes to Procreate and Adobe

memai @ OC heck

@nicterhorst and colourlovers are so of my favorite tools to use for looking up palettes!

kuryumi ♡

@nicterhorst hi :) here's some lol - (super helpful in you need a certain method like monochromatic or triadic) hope these help out a little!

yamato brainrot 2.0 ✿ semi ia

@anbuaizawa creds to coolors

Maxwell Cowan

Designed some fake beer labels using color palettes

Aadit S ☲

@arizkeshwani @thisiskp_ @AliAbdaal @coolors_co @Bose Of course man!

Ariz ⚡️

@aadtshth @thisiskp_ @AliAbdaal @coolors_co @Bose Thanks man :) the support is appreciated!


another one #blackandwhite #grayscale #like #follow #art #artist #digitalart #digitalartist #digitaldrawing #digitalillustration #illustration #drawing #palette #cosirisdraws #gray #scale #coolors #bittersweet #grullo #colors #colours

Aadit S ☲

@arizkeshwani @thisiskp_ @AliAbdaal @coolors_co @Bose Big fan of your no-codeCheatSheet @thisiskp_ ! Great edition @arizkeshwani — found great value and some resources (your notion templates). Keep up the good work :)

Coolors 4.6.2 Screenshots & Images

Coolors iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Coolors iphone images
Coolors iphone images
Coolors iphone images
Coolors iphone images
Coolors iphone images
Coolors iphone images
Coolors iphone images
Coolors iphone images
Coolors iphone images
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Coolors (Version 4.6.2) Install & Download

The applications Coolors was published in the category Graphics & Design on 2015-01-18 and was developed by Coolors srl [Developer ID: 1255486996]. This application file size is 20.91 MB. Coolors - Graphics & Design app posted on 2022-05-25 current version is 4.6.2 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: co.fabrizio.coolors