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Coolors is the super-fast color scheme generator!
Used everyday by more than 500.000 creatives!
Generate color schemes at lightspeed just by tapping on the screen!
Type in your colors to get nice matching color combinations instantly!
Browse thousands of popular palettes made by other cool creatives.
Save your favorite in your account or copy, export or send via email.
All the power of the Coolors now in your pocket!

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The applications Coolors was published in the category Productivity on 2015-01-18 and was developed by Coolors srl. The file size is 3.91 MB. The current version is 3.0.1 and works well on 8.3 and high ios versions.

Sync bug fix.

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Disappointed  lovelyilyds  1 star

I don’t leave reviews good or bad so this what I am doing here is unprecedented. I excitedly downloaded your app on March 22nd . I was more than happy to purchase the app as I had a very fantastic experience with your website. However, I was soon very disappointed when I realized that you did not have the opinion to upload pictures onto the app to create palettes as you have on the website. This particular feature is why I paid money to download your app because while there are similar websites that offer your service. I had not seen any that are 1) apps and 2) allow for photo upload. To say I am severely disappointed that this is similar for your app is an understatement. As someone who works predominantly from my phone something that I thought would be a fantastic purchase and investment turned out to be a waste of money I could have used elsewhere. I wish I could get a refund, but I am sure that’s not a possibility. So all I can do is have faith that this specific feature is available soon. Hopefully, I won’t have to delete the app and consider the money lost. Ps. I sent this same message to your feedback desk on March 22nd. It’s now March 25th and no one has responded to my feedback. Hence why I sent this review here.


Lacking a little  MikesterAZ  3 star

It would be really nice if I could specify whether I’m looking for a monochromatic or a complementary, etc....color scheme. Right now it’s like the color scheme lottery where you just sit there and hit “generate” until you get lucky. Not very efficient.

Dez Moni

Great & Functional For Designers  Dez Moni  4 star

I love this app. The only reason I’ve given it for stars is because a few of the features online (I.e. choosing previous tags when saving a palette) are not yet available on this mobile app. Other than that. This is definitely a great way to keep and organize your themes and scheme ideas for projects.

Rachey B.

straight up NEED for creatives  Rachey B.  5 star

Best app for brainstorming palettes! Best app for randomly generating colors when your stuck! Im an illustrator/designer using this for every project I tackle. Gets me going with a starting point to about that blank-page fear


Good but should include the colorblind settings.  Lepetitp2012  4 star

Basically as good as the web app but missing the colorblind settings. The web app is stupendous, especially for me as a colorblind person.


It’s idiot proof  who_the_f*@k_is_that_guy  5 star

It really is idiot proof

Bathtub Chicken

Can't copy and paste information into the app  Bathtub Chicken  1 star

App does not allow you to copy and paste hex codes and other information. Therefore, if your work flow includes needing to paste info into the app or copy info out of the app, you might as well save your cash and use the website


Perfect for what I need  Naomeri  5 star

I’m planning a 100 Day Project and I don’t want to waste time each day picking colors, so this is letting me set up all my colors ahead of time.


Great but...  diiam0r  3 star

I’ve used Coolors before on their website and It works great, all you can ask for a color generator however it seems that the website works better than the app which is odd seeing as you have to pay for it.

Agg b

Muy buena app!  Agg b  5 star

Felicidades! el mejor dinero gastado una aplicación y no esta nada cara


Needs tweaking  .j.r.c.1.2.3.  3 star

Overall nice simple app, but offers less than site version. I only got the app because the site didn’t like that my iPad doesn’t have a space bar. Not being able to copy hex codes is annoying and I wish I could set filters like a mono pallet.


Can’t copy hex codes?  mebla50  3 star

Would be nice to have the ability to copy paste hex codes.


amazing, helpful app!  AshRaeKennedy  5 star

the app is super helpful! all the palettes that you can generate are beautiful as well!


Nice touch  .:NextGen_Music  4 star

Very convenient!


An App for Your Design  Nova_NinjaBC  3 star

Peppermint spoilt me with it's different features, as well as giving me the ability to know the name of a specific colour. Coolor is more up to date with iOS but contains less features, no library of colour standards+names and no interactive colour wheel! At least, none I can see at the moment. In a nutshell, this app is a vintage room renovated to fit with a house of modern architecture (iOS 10), but the furnitures have not been moved in. Before this, I was using an app called Peppermint Colour Wheel. That app was also a colour scheme app, with image uploading, a colour library with colour names from various different places (even having Pantone Codes for colours) The only problem with that app was that it wasn't as compatible to iOS as it was before, even giving me the warning everytime I opened it saying the App is slowing down my iPhone. Thefore, I had to change the app I was using because that app seemed to have lost support a while ago


Excellent, helpful App  bookshistoryman  5 star

The App is extremely easy to use & 'suggests' colour palettes you may not have normally considered. Very happy with my purchase & I will definitely be using it on my next visit to the fabric store. There is just one suggestion I would make to the developer .. the ability, if possible, to take a photo of a colour, load it to the App & have the App generate a matching colour palette


I love it!  LostyesterdaySuccessfultoday  5 star

Absolutely fantastic app, thank you!


Simple and easy to use.  Azile2142  5 star

I have never before found a colour app as great at this one. The colour schemes are easy to generate and give an amazing range of choices. I rate Coolors 5 out of 5 paint brushes!

Lisbeth in Oz

Great idea; works well  Lisbeth in Oz  4 star

Very helpful for developing online colour schemes for websites. Quick, easy to use. More options to adjust colours (rather than replace) would be good.


Nice and simple  RichieRich1986  4 star

Does a great job for what it is. Good stuff


dude it's so great just buy it already  Eclecticat  5 star

trust me 10/10 would recommend you will not regret 👌🏼 and you definitely won't be bored ever again (also great for inspiration; not just for art, but for writing too✨)

Ed the Shark

The best color matching app out there!  Ed the Shark  5 star

Easy to use and no ads.


Why do I have to "log in" to save a palette ?  snapper-Z  1 star

In apps that are not free I cannot abide developer's insistence that I sign up and log in to have basic functionality. In this app it is not possible to "Save a palette" without registering. Ridiculous!

Brad Warden

Coolers is cool  Brad Warden  5 star



Pretty good  normalcomputer  4 star

This is a handy tool if you need help brainstorming some new options

K. Beckz

Amazing!  K. Beckz  5 star

I just love this app! It's easy to use and anyone of all artistic levels can use it! Totally download it if you do digital art!


Great app, would like the option to change the # of colors  Ari_Seb  5 star

Awesome app. Simple, clean, easy to use, and beautiful. I would love a feature that allows me to add or subtract the number of colors in my palette. Sometimes I want just one more or one less color.


Perfect  UltraLotus  5 star

I love it, it's honestly such a helpful tool. Whether for art projects or even home design I think.


Password problems  tt618  2 star

I have had to reset my password so many times to get into this app! So frustrating.


Such a beautiful app!  Camber7+  5 star

This is a great app for artists who want a challenge by taking random good looking colors and making a drawing of something with those colors! This is also great if you need help with color pallets for characters, this app really helped me try different colors and styles! I recommend this app to anyone who loves drawing! ✏️










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