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Coolors is the super-fast color scheme generator!
Used everyday by more than 500.000 creatives!
Generate color schemes at lightspeed just by tapping on the screen!
Type in your colors to get nice matching color combinations instantly!
Browse thousands of popular palettes made by other cool creatives.
Save your favorite in your account or copy, export or send via email.
All the power of the Coolors now in your pocket!

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Featured on WIRED, Treehouse, The Next Web, Smashing Magazine, Codrops and many others...

Coolors App Description & Overview

The applications Coolors was published in the category Productivity on 2015-01-18 and was developed by Coolors srl. The file size is 3.91 MB. The current version is 3.0.1 and works well on 8.3 and high ios versions.

Sync bug fix.

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Makes my life so much easier!  Biscuitsngroovy  5 star

This is a must for all designers. Fast and fluid design. Finding color palettes is so much easier now. I only wish the app included the title of the color like the web version does.


ok  Kiraxkrueger  4 star

Great, but i wish it has the ability to add or remove colors. i could be wrong but i think you can do that on browser mode


No Support for the iPhone XS Max  Frankyisfranky  1 star

This seemed like a great site online but unfortunately the app falls incredibly short due to it’s lack of updates in over 2 years. You’re better off using Adobe Capture.


Wow  v.c.v16  4 star

Love this! I use Pantone and Color-Aid cards to plan my color palettes for my photography and this app is amazing for mobile brainstorming and trying combos you wouldn’t normally pair together (also a fun visual ‘game’ if you’re into that). A necessary app for any creative. I will say, my ONE caveat (thus far) is I wish you could choose how many colors you’d like in your palette. A few more customizable options like that would make this app perfect.

Buck Up Louise

Coolors, my morning coffee!  Buck Up Louise  5 star

As a graphic designer, starting the day in a creative way, is imperative. Ripping through some Coolors color schemes is my visual caffeine, and within minutes, the inspiration is pulling me to my office!


Great app, but frustrating having to have 5 colors  L3g3nd4ryG4ry  4 star

Love this app, truly do. I am terrible at choosing colors that go well together and this is fantastic at helping with this. My only qualm with this app is that you can’t choose how many colors you want for your scheme. That’s it.


Great app, but I want more  brunomarsmaniac:)  4 star

This app is great. As an architecture and art student, I use this app all the time to quickly look for color schemes that I know will be successful in a design or composition. I wish there was a setting where you can set the scheme to pick out colors based on whether or not you want analogous, split complimentary, complimentary, triadic, tetradic, etc. that would be super helpful!


Everything I want  Goobertall  5 star

This app is so clean and well built. The UI is perfect and clean as is the UX. But the real kicker is the features. My favorite being the lock and multi lock. Perfect for creating tangential palettes for accents and such while still meshing with the base palette. The web app is even better. Kudos to the team of designers and devs that built this. Really well done. One consideration would be example content like generated using the current palette to help visualize. Not needed. But a cool thought!


Love this app!  CosmicEvolution  5 star

So far a very useful app to play with colors on the go. I love to explore color palettes in different situations when my mood is affected so this app comes into handy.


A Creator’s Must Have  Prittyamazing  5 star

If you’re constantly creating but need to come up with a color scheme and don’t want to spend days searching for colors that fit together in scheme, this app is for you. Artists, digital designers, interior designers, print. Any activity that needs colors to be generated and the output is given in any format you want, this is a must have. I rarely review things but I realized today just how heavily I’ve depended on the 100% free tool so I have no idea what the reviews about payments is about but this lets you create a profile and save your palettes/schemes free of charge. Don’t waste your time with the other freemium stuff here. Need a color generator? It’s Coolors or endless frustration.


amazing, helpful app!  AshRaeKennedy  5 star

the app is super helpful! all the palettes that you can generate are beautiful as well!


Nice touch  .:NextGen_Music  4 star

Very convenient!


An App for Your Design  Nova_NinjaBC  3 star

Peppermint spoilt me with it's different features, as well as giving me the ability to know the name of a specific colour. Coolor is more up to date with iOS but contains less features, no library of colour standards+names and no interactive colour wheel! At least, none I can see at the moment. In a nutshell, this app is a vintage room renovated to fit with a house of modern architecture (iOS 10), but the furnitures have not been moved in. Before this, I was using an app called Peppermint Colour Wheel. That app was also a colour scheme app, with image uploading, a colour library with colour names from various different places (even having Pantone Codes for colours) The only problem with that app was that it wasn't as compatible to iOS as it was before, even giving me the warning everytime I opened it saying the App is slowing down my iPhone. Thefore, I had to change the app I was using because that app seemed to have lost support a while ago


Excellent, helpful App  bookshistoryman  5 star

The App is extremely easy to use & 'suggests' colour palettes you may not have normally considered. Very happy with my purchase & I will definitely be using it on my next visit to the fabric store. There is just one suggestion I would make to the developer .. the ability, if possible, to take a photo of a colour, load it to the App & have the App generate a matching colour palette


I love it!  LostyesterdaySuccessfultoday  5 star

Absolutely fantastic app, thank you!


Simple and easy to use.  Azile2142  5 star

I have never before found a colour app as great at this one. The colour schemes are easy to generate and give an amazing range of choices. I rate Coolors 5 out of 5 paint brushes!

Lisbeth in Oz

Great idea; works well  Lisbeth in Oz  4 star

Very helpful for developing online colour schemes for websites. Quick, easy to use. More options to adjust colours (rather than replace) would be good.


Nice and simple  RichieRich1986  4 star

Does a great job for what it is. Good stuff


Pretty good  Riadaisy  4 star

I love this app since it can sometimes be so hard to come up with your own color palettes. I'm only giving 5 stars because i had a big problem making an account using the app. I had to use my computer browser to do it. Also, i wish there was an option to make a palette of more than 5 colors. Other than that, an amazing app, i definitely recommend to creators of all mediums :)


Expect Better from a Post-2010 App that is Not Free  krees_tee_nah  2 star

If you have better things to do that wait on faulty tech and / or if you have any confidence in your sense of color at all, don't waste your money or your time. I loaded the app last night, watched it try to log in for a few minutes, and left it running all night long. It still has not connected. Whether I like the color combinations or not seems superfluous given that I can't save even one set of them. But if you're seriously considering this app, I find them to be repetitive. One set of colors is just a mild variance to the next, which might be good for a newbie who wants to sift through a parade of colors that vary slightly with each press of the button, but not a professional designer looking for more engaging / stimulating variety. Also, I've seen no metallics, textures / basic textiles, or different sheens, and there's no way I've found to request them--just one flat color after another and most of them are muted. If this app were free, I would be more understanding. But it's not, so I'm not.

No text?

Great, but it keeps logging me out!  No text?  4 star

I love this app so much. It's become my go-to app for creating color pallets for my OC's. It's well designed, simple, elegant, and incredibly fun to play around with. My only complaint is that I got an account, but EVERY TIME I exit the app, it logs me out of my account!

O momma

Awesome  O momma  5 star

Super easy to use and exactly what I was looking for.

average joe not designer

Just works  average joe not designer  4 star

Just works well. Would be nice if we could restrict the number of colors.

Cat P.-Cole

Best color generator app!  Cat P.-Cole  5 star

This app is amazing! It's so easy and exciting to make color pallets, very helpful when seeing clients!


Amazing  RickyTheIII  5 star

I use this for both visual design at work and for decorating at home. Great tool, easy to use interface.


Love it  nntroyer  5 star

I'm bad at picking colors, (which I have to do frequently since I'm a graphic designer), so this lets me flip through pre-made colors quickly to find matching ones. I love the design and functionality of the app. Great for my phone, and will probably be used more than my Google Chrome tab extension for choosing color schemes that I have on my laptop.


Nice  OrangeJuice_1  5 star

Is make job done


Helpful  winsorgertie  5 star

I am terrible at coming up with color palettes that look nice together. This really helps! I recommend it 100%










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