Blood Donor American Red Cross

Blood Donor American Red Cross [Medical] App Description & Overview

The American Red Cross Blood Donor App puts the power to save lives in the palm of your hand. Donating blood, platelets and AB Plasma is easier than ever. Find nearby Red Cross blood drives, schedule appointments, follow your blood’s journey from donation through delivery (when possible), and create or join a lifesaving team and track its impact on a national leaderboard.


• Find local blood drives and donation centers quickly and easily
• Convenient, easy appointment scheduling and rescheduling
• Receive appointment reminders
• Complete RapidPass
• Manage contact preferences
• Keep track of your blood donations (whole blood, double red cells, platelets, and AB Plasma) to see your impact
• Get geo-targeted blood shortage alerts let you know if your blood type is needed in your area
• Snap a selfie during your blood donation and share it through social media
• Track your blood donation from donation through delivery (when possible)
• Join or create a lifesaving team, recruit other blood donors and view rankings on a national leaderboard
• Earn unique badges to proudly share your achievements via social media, text, or email

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Blood Donor American Red Cross Customer Service, Editor Notes:

This release includes the following updates: - Plasma appointments are temporarily unavailable for scheduling to ensure capacity for COVID-19 convalescent plasma donations - Other minor bug fixes

Blood Donor American Red Cross Comments & Reviews

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- Wonderful

This app is easy way to stay in the loop on donations and the process.

- Decent App

Good functionality, would be nice to have your blood work posted like iron count A1C and others even maybe selectable when you come in. In know we are there to donate but just wondering if it is possible. All in All pretty decent

- Well designed app

Easy to use and does what is intended. Set up my appointment, got noticed, filled out the rapid pass and arrived at the site and was handled properly. Very happy with the app

- VERY useful.....

for scheduling, filling out your rapidpass and general info about the blood donation process overall. i think it’s a great tool!

- wastes your time

Like the Red Cross website, searching for times/places to donate in this app yields locations that aren't taking donations that day. This wastes your time sifting through them when the computer could have done it for you.

- Efficient way to complete Rapid Pass before donating

As the title suggests, the app is an efficient way to complete a rapid pass before donating. There are two things that are a drag about the rapid pass process though. The first one is that it asks you the question “are you donating today” which implies that you need to complete the rapid pass on the same calendar day as your donation. It would be better if the question read, are you donating within the next 18 (or 24) hours so you can fill it out the night before. The other PITA thing is that the app asked you to enter the zip code of your donation center. I don’t know- you called me and asked me to donate and told me where to donate. Perhaps if I’m using the app to complete the rapid pass for an appointment, this info would be pre-entered into the rapid pass application. Better yet, how about when I use the app, it’s says, “Welcome (name), our system has you scheduled to donate tomorrow at (time) at (location), would you like to confirm this appointment and start your Rapid Pass?” That would be a huge improvement and show real customer service.

- Scheduling

Would be much better, if you could narrow down exactly when you are looking to donate. Also it shouldn’t show days/locations with no time slots available.

- Rewards tab

Am I missing something??? Everything suggests that there’s a rewards tab in the app but there isn’t?? And when I look it up it also says there is? It’s good for booking an appointment if you’re ok with harassing phone calls three times a week after but the app doesn’t have anything to show the most recent news on donating for like corona or promotional events like when they did bleed for the throne

- So easy

This app made the donating process easy to schedule and provided lots of helpful information. Love the Rapid Pass that can be completed ahead of arriving. And that it promotes me to schedule my next do appointment so I’m now donating regularly.

- Hard to book an appointment

It’s very hard to book an appointment on this app. When I try to find a location I enter the zip code where there is a Red Cross donation center and nothing comes up. Also, it won’t let me book an appointment to give plasma which I should be able to donate. Just a poor app overall

- Red Cross app

I like the app, easy to navigate through. All your info is available for the personnel at Red Cross during check in. Great app in my opinion!!!

- Easy To Use

The App is pretty easy to use once you find your way around and then they fill in your information for you. Make appointments look up all kinds of personal Information keep track of how many times and how much blood you have donated. I like it a lot !

- Great App

This app is awesome for keeping track of your health and all of the markers they assess. You get to know your hemoglobin, blood pressure, BPM and much more without having to pay any money!

- Love this app! Learn about Blood Donation!

I personally really like this app. It gives u fun things to do and learn regarding your blood donation. I learned on the app that if every eligible donor donated blood 3x per year, we wouldn’t have to worry about blood shortages! You can track how many unit of blood you donate over time so 3x per year is my goal! 🤩🩸

- Doesn’t let you find an appointment

I’ve been trying to use this app for ten minutes in order to make an appointment to donate blood. Every time I try to search, it comes up with a bunch of results without any appointments available. I keep pushing the date back to see what comes up, and it says the same. Why don’t the results only show locations with openings? Then I would actually be able to make an appointment.

- Well organized app. Easy to use.

The app is well designed and easy to use.

- First timer

My first time for donating in my entire life, was fairly simple and straightforward, the personnel were professional and courteous. Treated me as if I was an old friend come to visit.

- Hard to find an open appointment

App works, but it’s very difficult to find an open appointment. It lists all drives, whether there are available slots or not. It needs to be able to filter by availability.

- Great App

Love the ease and the digital card with my whole history.

- Scheduling is Broken

I love the concept of the app - and I love making a difference by donating, but scheduling an appointment simply doesn’t work. No matter the refinement criteria in a search it always shows donation locations in the search results that really don’t have available appointments. You have to click on the location and then it says there are no available appointment times???? Don’t show the option to schedule at a particular location in the search results if there aren’t really options to truly schedule.

- Scheduling feature needs work

My local donation center is regularly booked up for days or weeks out. I wish there was a way to see the next available appointment without going through each day one by one.

- Not very useful

I originally got the App to follow my blood journey. 2 for 2 it has not done that. Also, most recent donation it acted as though I never did the rapid pass- it worked for my appointment but then wanted me to do it again when I checked my phone hours after my appointment for any information that others are saying displays for them. You would think it would register that my appointment was completed hours ago. Also, scheduling in app is not as comprehensive as I thought it would be. There was a blood drive in two days and close by that I learned about in my e-mail that did not show up in the app search unless you entered it by a special code from the e-mail. What’s the point of having the app to schedule if it doesn’t have all or most of the drives close by listed or searchable? The only ones the app kept showing were ones with no more appointments available and ones at their Farmington CT home base ( way too far from me) Not sure the app is worth the space on my phone .

- Needs abillity to exclude (filter out) all blood drives that are booked solid.

During the COVID-19 crisis I have repeatedly heard that there is a dire shortage of blood. Local news routinely encourages folks to donate. So I thought I’d schedule an appointment and donate regularly during this crisis. The app is a great concept, so no offense intended here to the developers. However its usefulness to me right now is nill. When I got to search for an appointment it lists all the locations and dates. I go through dozens of them and they are ALL booked solid. There should be a way (actually this should be the default way) that a query only pulls from date/location events that ARE NOT fully booked. I imagine due to heightened PPE requirements the time burden for volunteers taking blood is much higher and the process is much less efficient. Perhaps this is an area where National Guard units and such could be employed to increase blood drive capacity.

- Very well designed - Super intuitive app!

Organized! Into sections. Very user friendly. Everything is within the app. Very informative.

- Joyous and Blessed

It has simplified the whole process and saves time for your appointment with rapid pass and digital donor card.

- Love it


- Super easy

Makes donating easier than I could have imagined.

- Get the App

This App really saves time and helps the workers get the info they need to get you ready to donate blood! Not sure why I didn’t get the App sooner:) And did I mention it’s easy to use as well? Bottom line, “Get the App”👍

- Bugs

It keeps popping up a “kcl error domain error 8” that won’t let me see the blood journey, won’t let me smart schedule, and limits other functions. It would be awesome if it worked properly.

- Great App!

The Rapid Pass process is great, saved time, and I can scan my donor card from the app.

- Not Easy To Find Next Available Slot

Downloaded the app to make it easier to schedule appointments - unfortunately instead of just presenting what the upcoming available dates and times for a given location, I have to click on each day over the next 2 weeks only to be basically told ‘Not Available - try again’. Poor design, not helpful.

- Great to have the donor card and scheduling on my iPhone

This app is great. Using a phone I can schedule and check records. I cannot ever find my donor card or remember previous plasma&platelet donations. This makes it easier to plan and execute my donations. Thank you.

- A little buggy but overall decent

I’ve been donating for years and noticed the appointments you schedule on the app may not be recognized at the location if made on the same day as the appointment - so call to confirm. Also, the Rapid Pass on the app is very slow sometimes - but other than those 2 items, it’s a nice app! I like the ability to see past donations, see the local blood drives and their distance from me, access my donor card and see my past blood pressure and heart rate numbers :-) Keep up the good work!

- Chris

I know we are going through a tough time right now but you guys want me to donate however the days I can there’s no time slot. Do you want me to donate or not? There has to be a way to do so.

- App needs work

Does not allow setup to continue if you don’t have your current donor ID!! Even though the APP said you could, it would not continue. So after getting my donor ID (which the Red Cross changed for me without my knowing), I began the setup again but could not continue because my username was attached to my email and would not allow me to pair my ID number because MY USERNAME was associated with ANOTHER donor!!! Which is me!!! So I hit the help button. Typed in my password that I had put in earlier, and BAM!!!, the username and/or the password is incorrect!!!! It finally worked when I put in a new username: YOURAPPSUCKS!! and a new password. Can’t get that 45 minutes back.

- Gets me donating

I can't say enough about donating blood but In usually too lazy to remember to do so. This makes it easy to set up an appointment and make sure I donate. I love that it even automatically adds it to my calendar.

- Helps out

Helps to keep track when I can give again and where I can go local. Like being able to do the fast pass on here too before my appointments

- Appointments

Can’t seem to find any drives that have appointments available. I have searched so many drives in my area there is no way they are all filled. I think there is a software issue with scheduling.

- Give us back the ‘me’ button on impact!!!

I don’t care about the impact of however many thousands of people, only in what I’ve done. This app seems to take one step forward & 3 steps back with each update. If I could get the stupid computer at the donation center to accept my donor card, I’d delete it. I unjoined the group I was in & still nothing about my individual impact. What garbage!!!

- OK but room for improvement

The app does the bare minimum that it needs to. I’d suggest: -add a “challenge” feature to allow donors to compete with each other. -Build in a 1-handed game that can be played while donating. -Allow connecting the appointment to user’s calendar so that appointments are automatically added with a reminder.

- Great App

I loved the tools within the app and found it very helpful in my donation. I’ll be using it for my next donation as well. Keep up the great work!

- Hit or miss

Things I like about the app: - never crashes for me - makes the rapid pass really easy to use - I adore seeing where my blood goes - provides some info about prior visits - I’m a sucker for the badges Things I don’t like about the app: -the blood selfie part only works on Twitter. If you want to add a blood selfie to any other social media app, you just get a link to the donor app. -searching for an appt on both the app and the website suuuuucks. You may want to refine your search by something other than the standard option. However, once you open one of the calendar options, it resets itself to the standard ones again!

- Useless

Waste of time, not linked to the main computer so when you show up, having filled out all of the forms for qualifying...another computer rejected me and said I had lived in England....NEVER! So I waste half my day rather than being able to fix their errors in I said - useless Ap.

- Appointment not connecting to Journey

Great app, especially helpful for scheduling appointments. I just wish the appointment connected to the Journey section. I guess next time I’ll have to make the appointment in the Journey section. Will see.

- Availability

I’m seeing all of these blood drives and go to sign only to find it filled. Almost all I check are filled which is unusual even a Red Cross center. Clitch?

- Easy and efficient

The App was easy to use and covered everything I needed.

- Can’t Create an Account

Everything I’ve tried to enter as my username results in a pop up claiming that that name has already been used. I’ve tried some very unusual combinations of letters and numbers, all with the same results. You’re better off going directly through their website as this app is completely useless.

- Great app!! Very helpful.

Very useful for checking available times for a donation.

- Next Appointment

It’s very frustrating trying to “guess” when it’s permissible to donate again. I know it’s 56 days for whole blood, but PLEASE adjust the scheduler to only provide appointment dates that I’m eligible for. ☮️➕❤️

- When is the next drive near me open??

Very difficult to find the first dates open Too time consuming and difficult to find slots You really should check and fix this

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The Red Cross always needs donors even in this absolute shit show life is now. The app makes it super easy to find…

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Blood Donor American Red Cross 1.11.4 Screenshots & Images

Blood Donor American Red Cross iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Blood Donor American Red Cross iphone images
Blood Donor American Red Cross iphone images
Blood Donor American Red Cross iphone images
Blood Donor American Red Cross iphone images
Blood Donor American Red Cross iphone images
Blood Donor American Red Cross iphone images
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Blood Donor American Red Cross (Version 1.11.4) Install & Download

The applications Blood Donor American Red Cross was published in the category Medical on 2014-08-29 and was developed by American Red Cross [Developer ID: 529160694]. This application file size is 40.55 MB. Blood Donor American Red Cross - Medical posted on 2020-05-21 current version is 1.11.4 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions.

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