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Thumbtack helps you find new customers and grow your business. The process is simple. Customers tell us about their needs and we send you the details of their requests. Use this app to understand what the customer is looking for and to submit a custom quote and work out details with the customer if it looks like a fit.

By connecting customers to the right pros, we enable independent professionals to grow their businesses and do what they love. We’re proud that many of our pros have doubled or even tripled the size of their businesses through Thumbtack.

Thumbtack is available nationwide for more than 700 project categories.

Thumbtack for Professionals App Description & Overview

The applications Thumbtack for Professionals was published in the category Business on 2015-01-20 and was developed by Thumbtack, Inc.. The file size is 91.40 MB. The current version is 59.0 and works well on 9.3 and high ios versions.

We update the app regularly. Get the latest version for all of the available features and improvements.

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Thumbtack for Professionals Reviews

Ops B Rad

Integrity  Ops B Rad  5 star

Great app I have nothing bad to say . Thumbtack has definitely helped me in my field ,was skeptical at first, like most apps , but so far I have been very pleased .


Bad very sad and disappointed  Soldaniela2428  1 star

They just take money from your bank account and you don't get jobs, they sent quotes without prior authorization and just charge to your card. Not good really disappointed.


Contractor  Devroy67  5 star

As a full time carpenter looking for side jobs this app is amazing. In less then a week I've found endless jobs and already been hired to do 3 little jobs! Love this app!


Go Pro-Assist!  JiMickey  5 star

I’m a self-employed business owner and have gotten most of my clients through Thumbtack. They have an option to go “Pro-Assist” now which matches the client to the pro. If the client is interested in the pro, the pro pays a little (I’m not sure what the client does), which has been worth it, because I’m making a lot of client connections! Also, customer service is great! I’m super happy to have Thumbtack!! *Thumbs up!*


Owner Titan Property Service  stockroom03064  5 star

Tripled our business in the last year hoping rhe prices stay nice and low so we can afford to use this service going forward


Fake leads westing $$$  Wolfxxxx9  1 star

Worst service ever, unprofessional service Fake jobs requests all the time Contractors get charged without receiving any contacts from the customers! thumbtack never scan the requests and they claim you got your money back which not true, unprofessional support team! U always get charge even if you never receive anything from the lead it's a scam Such a west of time and money


Glitches  Granth123  1 star

I try to push “add service” and it doesn’t work everytime..I bet it would be a good app though..


Yes awesome  Heidizzfoshizz  5 star

Great app so far really loving it!! Nice job


Need to inform better  K8te100  4 star

Great app! Just wish the people who are looking to hire need to better understand that they need to be more serious about their inquiries because it cost businesses to send quotes.


Great way to make money  Catwoman72  5 star

I do jobs for Thumbtack and it has been a great experience. I recommend it to any professional.


Rip off  Guest209  1 star

Paying $20.00 for a potential lead, that you are in a pool of possibly 5 other quotes, and Probably will never be chosen, is a huge rip off for a lead. Someone is making some serious great money on this app.


Great way to fill gaps between jobs  Chefjer  5 star

Good small jobs on here.


Best lead program out there!  Beastiness  4 star

Thumbtack is affordable. It’s great to see the nature of the lead before having to pay for it, if you so choose. The verification process is and profile set up is great to distinguish my company from others. The only issue I have is that the app doesn’t always work correctly. I often have to reset it as it won’t load from the main screen when I first clicked on the app. After that it’s just fine. Sometimes the notifications stay on there even though I don’t have any new notifications in the app. That’s a little frustrating. So, if everything would work more fluidly as it should, I would give the app five stars hands down. Despite the glitches, I still almost gave it 5 stars but I would like for you guys to get some of these simple things right. I highly recommend this app to anybody else with a business.


Crashes often/ Need to allow users to set boundaries.  Longifolia  2 star

I have to reload this app at least once a week to get it to work. But my biggest complaint is that we cannot set boundaries, zip codes so fourth. I am a Notary my commission is for one state. I live one hour from a state line and often get request for out of state work. Also I will not drive for one to two hour for one or two signatures they will pay more for my travel that for the service.


Great site  Shadowvv  5 star

This site can really work for you, If you pick and choose your Job carefully and bid the job fairly you will stay busy.

BC Ray

Great App  BC Ray  4 star

The app helped me on both ends. It help me set my photography business up to meet new clients and it helped me schedule my clients in an orderly fashion!


Great app  Emmsey79791979  5 star

Great app for building a small business


Wish I would have started using this a long time ago.  borbafett  5 star

Gone are the days of Craigslist and other gig service websites. Thumbtack has allowed me to earn more money and get new clients with ease.


Efficient way to generate leads  wnuMarcela  5 star

Thumbtack puts you in contact with people that already use and want your type of service! It is up to you to quote and establish the relationship with those leads. Very targeted towards your intended audience!

hate scamer

It's a scam  hate scamer  1 star

Please, it's a scam. Never have any legit clients come to you or call you. They create fake clients. I will report this to the police or FBI to do the investigation.

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